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Hutchinson Gazette.
K. O, MCTTI.KTON CO., I'llbl.
The legislature passed I no bills; 270
Iiouno and 100 somite bills.
Wilder 8. Meteulf, of Lawrence, led
onooftho divisions In the inaugural
The penitentiary wagon trade bill
died In the commlttco on mines nud
Train loads of lola cement are being
hppcd to fill order from New Or
leans. The bill was passed authori.iug
county boardi to purchase and uko
voting machines.
During the Into snow storms n ccn
tral .Brunch train wuh 1" hours getting
over 43 mile of truck.
Morris Fralcy, of llrown county, U
Mill living on tlio WO Here claim which
be pre-empted In 1S,"7.
A gas company has been organized
at Sedan and the worlc of drilling will
commenco Immediately,
dipt, Schilling, ex-henator from
llrown county, In Htlll cooNldered to bo
in a dangerous condition,
Alfred Harrison, of Kl Dorado, usu
ally tukes a trip every year, and this
year expects to visit Hawaii.
A Spring Hill woman on licr death
IkmI told her husband where to find
licr savings, amounting to 9100,
Two hundred and lifty resident and
visiting citizens of Kansas attended u
reception to Sen utor .1. li. llnrton.
Judge David Martin's reinulns were
taUcn to Mechunicsburg, Ohio, to be
burled beside those of his parents,
Cities of the lirst class oro authorized
by tho new law to pay the mayor S ;, out)
year and councllmen ?.'") a year.
Tho stuto board of health reports
about 1,000 case of smallpox In tho
stale, fully ono hulf of them In Craw
ford and Cherokee counting
Judge R II. Jewell will remain at
tho head of the Wichita postolllcc force
nt least until sometiino In May, before
netively assuming his position as war
den of the penitentiary.
At n gathering of farmers' wives at
a farm house In Klley comity, llfteen
in number, near neighbors, eleven of
them had traveled abroad, through
Europe, Egypt and tho Holy Land.
At tho oratorical contest at Ottawa
Itobort Loofburrow, of Halter I'nlver
hity, won first place, and John C. (Julnn,
of Ottawa 1'nlvcrslty, second. Tho
Halter man was only one point ahead
Tho Frisco depot at Arkansas City
has been robbed by blowing up the
safe, und SV.iH In cheeks and 5:i! In cur
rency taken. Tho robber throw tho
checks away and they were recovered.
As there aro some who think tho bi
ennial election law of county ollleers is
unconstitutional, a case will bo pre
ijarod with tho view of having the Hit
promo court pass upon the r(iicstlou
before tho full election.
There will occur something not alto
gether agrccablo to tho hoodlums who
break mail boxes on rural delivery
pontes and nso them as targets. Severe
punishment Is provided for destroying
them, by federal laws,
Under tho law creating free employ
ment agencies tho control of that busi
ness Is takcu away from the cam mis
sinner of labor and given to a now state
olllecr, appointed by tho governor,
with a salary of 91,200 a year with noo
for olllee expenses.
0. ChrlsteuRon oneo lived In Marshall
county, Ho Is now u prisoner In St.
Helena, having been captured while
sewing under General C'ronje, the lloer.
Hereafter Sumner and Moutgomory
counties will have township registra
tion of voters, Its success there will
likely extend the system to all border
Walter fscott, of Atchison, who was
at work at Fort Leavenworth on anew
building, fell from tho roof and broko
his neck. Ho died at tho Fort Leaven
worth hospital
The co-operative store nt Canton has
been broken into and burglarized but
nothing was missed save a few cents
taken from the money drawer, and the
hand car which the thieves went o(T
'Mrs. W. D. Clay, of Wellington, be
Ing affected with a disease of the heart,
had been warned to avoid excitement.
She was frightened by the scattering
of a trash fire In the yard by tho wind,
but.controlled herself for a time, but
when about to sit down to dinner she
fell dead.
The legislature appropriated MX)
to start tho litigation upon the Arknn
Has river water supply for Irrigation,
in- the case against Colorado.
A special Santa L'o train was run
from xopeka to Atchison lor tho ac
commodation of those who desired to
Attend the funeral of Judgo David Mar
Tho old lady of Wichita who attempt
cd suicide by eating heads off from
matches will either be taken care of by
her son, a Mr. Millison, of Fort Worth,
Texas, or be sent to the Insane asylum,
Kansas raises more cotton every year
than Kentucky,
A ((."1,200 drug stock wus burned at
Frcdonla on March 10,
Tho KUis.' circus at Fort Scott netted
tho lodge almost 81,000,
J ml go Thcodosltis llotkln denies that
ho is going to Utah to live.
The Santa IV leo house nt Florence
is burned. It was full of leu,
The I-avenworth postofllco sold 878,
00,1.2 worth of stamps in February,
An Osborne county has a team ot
mules that has served him for 24 years,
Topcka Is having one of tho dirtiest
tricky municipal campaigns In its his
tory. John Hcatou will again bo a candi
date for governor ou a resubmission
The law to provide seats for women
clerks will be lu force us soon us pub
lished. Kingman miller gets orders for
flour from l'hlladelphiu lu three car
load lots.
Tho Wichita mattress factory re
celves its supply of cotton In lots of
five curlouds.
Warden Jewell says he started with
tho olllee of police judge and lauded In
the penitentiary.
Tho mill at Halstead took In 14,000
bushels of wheat lu four days, paying
.18 cents a bushel.
An elevator of 10,000 bushels ca
pacity at Clourwiiter will be ready for
use In a short time,
An end was burned out of a flouring
mill at Hope, which caught from a hot
box In tho machinery.
Chicken farmers In Ness county get
15 cents for capons In Denver, when
ordinary chl jkeus sell for half as lunch.
Tho first reported prosecution under
tho Ilurrell law occurred In Sallna. A
saloon was raided and u considerable
stock was conllseutcd,
Farmers find that tho written per
mits they give strangers to hunt on
their premises are liable to turn up as
promissory notes In some bank.
Tho Hutchinson school board has do
eldeil to provide a truant school, to
which to transfer unruly scholars, and
to gather In young loafers on tho
Heavy rains und hall lire reported to
have occurred on March 0 "all over
Kansas," amounting In some places to
almost a cloudburst. This sounds
strange in southern Kansas.
An administrator of an estate In
Cowley county iimdo settlement there
of recently and divided among tho
heirs moro money than the estate In
voiced when ho was appointed,
A drilling outllt has commenced
sinking a hole at Ottawa near the Syl
van Springs. If gas Is not found at
that place tho Ottawa gas l'rospccling
company will try a number of other
places encircling tho town,
The legislature provided for an agent
In every county of the state to hunt
homes for children of tho orphan's
homo. They are appointed by the
state board of charities, and aro to re
ceive 8il a day for lime employed,
Among Mr. Carnegie's latest Is tho
promise of S'.Ti.OOO for u library build
ing and a new library for Lawrence.
In all his library contributions there Is
a provision for the receiving city to
provide well for the maintenance of
tho library.
Two highwaymen held up six men
In one store at Olpe, Lynn county, and
robbed them. The six men were then
inarched to another store and guarded,
while two mure men were robbed
there. The eight men and four others
were then marched to a bridge at the
edge of tho town and told to "git,"
Judgo Theodore llotkln, of Hutchin
son, Is said to have decided to remove
to 1'tah and settle cither In Ogden or
Salt Lake City.
F. M. Ilea, postal clerk on tho Kngle
wood branch of tho Santa Fc, was in
lurcii white switching at .sniunti, lie
will have to lay off for somo time.
The high winds which were general
on March 4 was a hurricane at Mcl'lier
son, where tho new round house just
completed by tho Missouri Pacific was
demolished, Its largo timbers being
twisted and broken,
Mrs, Orant Gillette is in Kansas.
She says that the recent stories about
her husband aro untrue; that he Is not
expecting to come buck to Kansas soon;
that he has charge of a mine in Mexico
and Is doing well,
Tho SH I, 000 appropriated to pay tho
Juantrell raid claims will all go to l.'O
persons who have bought up the 2.10
The Catholic church In Sallna which
was something grand in tho early days.
Is to be replaced with a new one to
cost 825,000.
Tho big extra edition ordered by the
legislature of Secrctury Coburn's re
port will not be out before August, as
the work of tho stuto printer Is great.
The contract Is soon to bo let for the
erection of the Y. M, C, A. building at
Coffcyvllle with money furnished by
Miss Helen Gould, the Missouri l'aeltlc
and citizens.
The enso of Half Stark, tho young
Topckan found guilty of trespass in
ouo ot the Nation raids, will be taken
to the supreme court, and an early de
cision is looked for.
The MsfsiiaM.
McCj.uiik'b March number has an ex
haustive charactor sketch of Kdward
Vlf, written by the American,, corre
spondent of tho London Times. It li
profusely illustrated, Italso has thirty
reproductions of photographs and
paintings that form a complete picto
rial souvenir of Queen Victoria. Vie
President Theodore Roosevelt con
tributes an article of great Interest.
There aro other articles of as great In
terest with a flno selection of stories
by favorite wrltors,
Thk Lawks' Uomk Joi'iiNAr,, during
1000 received orders for 20 columns
more of desirable advertisements than
could bo accepted, It will accept 70
columns only sor each Issuo regardless
of tho 81,000 a column which is its
price. "The Ancodotal slilo of Theo
dore Itoosevolt," which was promised
for the March number, is presonted as
freshly told by his closest friends. It
is something no one should miss. Ed
win llox writes on topics of widespread
interest as usual. Music lovers will bo
delighted with tho musical Betting of
Luge no Field's "Armenian Lullaby,"
and all women with the showing of
femlnino fashions,
Tmk National, always first with
timely articles, served up hot, procured
a communication from Mrs, Nation by
telegraph, for the March number. Jot
Mitchell Chappie describes the rush at
the vhl to house while army and navy
appointments and advancements were
being given out. This ho does In the
stylo peculiar to him, which everybody
likes who reads his articles, and who
doesn't read them? The National 1b
conducted by Mr. Chappie, who has
had newspaper training, with that
snap and finish which has given suc
cess to our best newspapers. Tho
March number excels its predecessors,,
if that Is possible In this regard,
The March Hkvikw of Rkvikwb con
tains timely articles on law breaking
crusades In the alleged interest of law
enforcement; an article on future rela
tions with Cuba showing the ncod of
amplo tlmo to complete tho work tho
United Slates government Is carrying
on there; au Illustrated article on
"Scenes of Country and Town in Aus
tralia," another giving facts showing
that tea culture is a success In the Uni
ted States; another which summarizes
"Agriculture in tho Twelfth Census,"
showing progress attained; another
giving the latest facts and figures of
tho beet sugar industry, and others of
equal geucral Interest.
Outing for March draws upon three
continents for Its seasonable sports.
Quebec's sleighing, snow shoeing and
tobogganing are fully Illustrated; a re
markable scries of photographs show
ing tho national sport of Norway; a
story of carrying tho malls over the
Andes; expert flguro skating in the
Swiss Alps. Then there aro winter
sports in Louisiana and Florida, "The
Need of Trained observation" is an ar
ticle by Theodore Roosevelt. These
are but a fow of tho good things in the
March Outing.
The Money Nat Ktorlllrml.
Baltimore's sanitary barber shop
contains sixteen useptlc chairs, and
the list of rules for sterilization la
long. But tho customer can offer a
ragged and flsh-llke dollar bill in pay
ment. It goes Into au unstorlllzed till
and soon resumes Its odoriferous trav
els. St, Louis Globe-Democrat.
To brent KnlibU-hkliM.
To dress rabbit skins try this plan:
Take ono heaping tablespoonful each
of sail and alum, mix and rub om tho
flesh side of the skin, fold this side
together, roll tightly and let remain
for two days. Then with a knife-'
blade you can scrape off nil greasy
particles, leaving the Bkln clean and
soft J
Clever Arrent ot Drerter.
One of the neatest arrests on record
was effected 'by a policeman near
Bourne, England, not long ago.' Sus
pecting two men of being deserters,
he stepped up behind them and called
out sharply, "Attention!" Taken un
awares tho men sprang to position In
true 'military style, only to find them
selves the next moment In the arms of
the law.
Tho chorus girl Isn't necessarily
light-hearted because she sings ut her
A ranatllan fankee. ,
It wiw, strange to say, not a YanTipe,
but a Toronto man, who conceived the
Idea of hitching baby's cradle to mam
ma's rocking chair. Of courno a wovi
an In' a rocking chair must keep in
motion, and that, you see, puts the
chorub to sleep. It's a great Idea,
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.
Teiai Gave Them a Surprlnc.
The fruit, vegetable and flower ex
hibit at Houston, Texas, was a revela
tion to strangers as well as to the
people living In the state. It was not
expected so fine a display could be
made In these lines.
American HunMhoM In Africa.
The horses ridden by Lord Kitchen
er's flying cavalry to chose the elusive
General Dewet across the South Afri
can veldt aro shod with shoes made In
Pennsylvania, the contract for their
construction having been made through
the instrumentality of the commercial
museums in Philadelphia.
Snuff doing Out or
Last year a large decrease In the
manufacture of snuff was reported. In
1899 nearly 18,000,000 pouuds were
manufactured and loss than 14,000.000
pounds la 1900.
Extracts from W.
Tho trailo papers aro beginning to
realize that tho consolidations and
combinations which are now absorb
ing most of tho grout industries of the
country ore hastening the day of anti
trust legislation. The Metal Worker,
whllo making a defense of the now
steel trust, yet sees the possibilities of
legislation which will muke such com
bination impossible It suggests that
the undertaking was "forced by tho
desire to protect existing Interests,
sorloiiBly threatened as they were by
possible warfare, rather than by a
doslre to unload the properties upon
the public nt Inflated prices." It thinks
It sees an advantage In tho trust In
tliut "tho concentration ot power in
tho hands of ono largo consolidation
Is expected to bring about a decided
steadying of tho markets,"
It speaks In a commonplace way of
one of the great evils of tho trust, Bay
ing; "As a competitor, so huge an
organization could develop very dan
gerous strength by waging war In ono
territory and drnwlng the sinews
therefor from uncontested markets."
Tho Metal Worker evidently under
stands the methods employed by tho
trusts-methods which some, strange
to say, seem to regard as legitimate
business. And yet the paper Quoted
cannot refrain from a prophesy of
trouble. It says;
"It will toko clover management on
the part of the consolidation to meet
and brcuk tho force ot aroused public
opinion. Imagination is sure to bo
inflamed by tho colossal undertaking
now about to bo consummated, and
there will be many who aro eager to
fan the flames."
And again:
"It Is certnln that tho new consoli
dation will lend much support to the
anti-trust agitation, and will be its
shining mark. Keen eyes will watch
every move, and unscrupulous dema
gogues and an unbridled yellow press
will distort even tho most trivial In
cident." It will be seen that even the defend
ers of monopoly are conscious thut
tho storm Is gathering. Although
they consider It "unscrupulous" and
"demagogic" for any one to condemn
a trust, yet they are nblo to measure
the force of public opinion when once
It Is aroused and they are fearful lest
tho reign of monopoly may, after all,
bo short-lived.
The Snnoncr amendment to tho army
appropriation bill vests In tho presl-
dent power and authority which ccn
be exercised only by on emperor. By
voting down the amendments offered,
the republicans placed themselves (n
record ns In favor of tho exercise, of
arbitrary and Imperial power by the
chief executive. No res'-ietlons nro
placed upo.i him nnd no lime limit Id
fixed to his rulo. Ho iu s'ipvomc; he
con appoint whomsoever ha pleases;
ho con vest lcglslotlvo, Jud'clal uivl ex
ecutive power all in one prison, nnd
that person is under no obligation to
obscrvo tho constitution In dealing
with Filipino subjects. And this is
done In tho name of liberty? This Is
the policy of a party which sprang
into existence to apply the Declaration
of Independence to men entirely black!
History presents no Instance of a
transformation so sudden and com
plete. The provisions in regard to fran
chises are of little value, because tho
president must rely upon the repre
sentations of appointees In the Phil
ippines and their statements will be
ex-parte. Only tho men who want
concessions will be heard the Fili
pinos will havo no voice In the mattir.
What advantage Is there In having
tho franchises termlnnto one year af
ter a civil government Is established,
If that government Is to be colonlnl In
character and administered by foreign
ers? . ,
It that provision has any Influence
nt all, It will simply give a powerful
iri-nun nf ennePRslonnires Decuniary 111-
t-vest In postponing the establishment
of civil government, It may stimulate
campaign contributions and lead to
tho establishment of a bureau In the
United States for the dissemination of
literature prejudicial to the Filipinos.
If the republican party Is powerless
to protect the peoplo of the United
States from monopoly, how can It bo
expected to protect the helpless In
habitants ot remote Islands?
In tho campaign of 1900 tho ropubli
, ctmniiniiuiv denied that they had
any imperialistic intentions and their
donlam deceived many, out nere
proof that cannot be disputed. Tho
president is an emperor, and will re
main bo until the republican party re
verses Us policy or until the peoplo
retire that party from power.
Tho Kniwns Citv Journal complains
i.n.niiD a o r nr rpRnnml en t likened
Utttauoo " - :
Charles A, Towne to Daniel Webster.
The Journal says: ' It is too had tnat
wohoiei- In not here to enjoy the joke."
The republican organ plnces a poor
estimate on the intelligence ot uie
American people If it imagines it can
j..i, fnnta hv chean wit. This
country has not produced an orator
superior to Mr. Towne; lie is logiciu,
scholarly and eloquent. Those who
n..,r, tn him nncn are anxious to hear
him again, and the well-informed, even
among the republicans, win aissciu
from the Journal's estimate. If the re
publican papers will seriously attempt
to answer Mr. Towne's speech they
will appreciate his ability as well ns
the weukness of their own cause.
Because he obeyed the plain man
dnte ot the Dlnglcy law nnd raised the
duty on Russian sugar, Mr. Secretary
Oasn Is being roundly denounced by
the Chicago Inler-Ocean. which same
miner was quite sure the country
would go to ruin Immediately In euso
the Dlngley bill was not passed Just
ns It came from tho wnys ond means
President Hadley of Yale Bays the
old-fushloned Ideal legislator! was a
place where Ideas were exchanged.
Old-fashioned, certainly, but hardly
the Ideal, according to modern definitions.
J. Bryan's Paper.
The action ot the administration In
Insisting that tho Cuban constitution
Bhull define thut Island's relutlon with
the United Stutes, is without Justifi
cation In law or morals. It implies a
threat that the United States will vio
late the written assurances given by
the president, tho resolution of con
gress and the treaty made with Spain,
If tho Cuban representatives refuse to
concedo what the administration de
mands. Tho title to Cuba was relin
quished to the Cubans it was not
transferred to this nation. Wo have
no right to demand that Culm ahull
now make a treaty with us before we
comply with the trenty already nindo.
Culm is our neighbor, a sister repub
lic; wo helped her to secure her inde
pendence and we have every reason
to believe that sho will show her grutl
tndo In evory proper way If we act in
good faith. Hut why orouse the sus-
I.IV.IUU ui uer pcopie or provoiio them
o anger? They are entltlod to the
liberty for which tlmv inimhi mwi tho
republican leaders ure sowing , seeds
of discord when they acknowledge, us
ii KriuiBinKiy, uio independence which
was unanimously nroelalmcd throe
years ngo.
At tho final session nf fhn Pnhfin
convention words wore Bpoken which
Indlcntcd fear on tho part of somo of
the Cubans thnt this nntlon was not
dealing frankly with them, and It
milSt be Confessed thnt thni-o la in-nnml
for their fears, but does the adminis
tration reany represent the sentiment
of the American peoplo on this sub
ject? We cannot Afford In lli-n ft'nm tho
rolo of a good Samorlton to tho rolo of
a dictator. We can understand how
tho Cubans feel now, If we will only
Imagine Jiow the colonists would have
felt toward Franca If she had de
manded In hnvA lha 1-alnHnna h
France nnd the United States ngreed
upon ueroro withdrawing. Honesty
and fair dealing are all that are nec
essary to InflMl-A nnnr-fcnhla onil iw?-
vontugcous relations with Culm, but
wr some reason the republican leaders
prefer to pick a quarrel.
In a recent number of the Saturday
Evening Post Congress Hull of Iowa
undertakes to Justify the now army
measure. Ho began by Baying that the
fight for tho reorganization of the reg
ular army had lasted four yeors and
speaks of "putting the United States
In line with the rest of the world In
the matter of organization of tho mili
tary and of tho government." That Is
a statement which no republican leader
would have made during tho last cam
paign. Tho reader of the nrtlclo Is
disappointed to find no mention mado
ot tho number ot sons Congressman
Hull has among tho commissioned olll
eers of the army. It Is also to be re
gretted that the gentleman from Iowa
did not take tlmo to enumerate among
tho reasons for tho large army tho ne
cessity of protecting the syndicates
which ore being organized to exploit
the Philippine Islands. Being the
president of the Philippine Lumber
and development company Mr. Hull Is
In position to give valuable Informa
tion on this point. A prospectus of
the company, Issued last summer, set
forth the fact that his company had al
ready secured valuable timber conces
sions and explained thnt the lub.ir
problem was easily solved because of
tho abundance of Chinese lubor.
Tho pnpers aro discussing tho duty
of tho Christian powers In China, and
all sorts of opinions aro being ex
pressed as to what punishments ought
to be permitted nnd what not allu.vcd.
It ought not to be difficult to forntu
Iato a rule. Whatever tho Christian
nations do ought to be dono according
to the customs prevailing at home.
What China does ought to be dono ac
cording to her customs. It la not tho
buslnesB of outsiders to forco their
civilization upon China, but they ought
to set nn example for tho "nstructlon
and enlightenment of tho Chinese.
There Is a suspicion that bouio ot tho
allies, In trying to do like the Chinese,
have done worse,
Senator Allen took occasion to ex
press his own opinion, and, It might
be added, the opinion of the country
also, on Sampson's letter to Secretary
Long. Tho admiral seems to think
that some men are born to "lead men
among the crew," while others are
born to lend tho german at social gath
erings. But tho people at large aro
not yet ready to soy mat a man ot
merit can be excluded from any branch
of the public service because In Jils
youth ho lucked "certnln natural ad
vuntages." nr nil tim mean trleks nlaved UDon a
confiding people, the ono played by th
British government on uie Kinu Am
erican friends who subscribed for the
British war loan Is tho worst. No
sooner does Great Britain get the Am
erican dollars for British bonds than
Great Britain turns around nnd exacts
an Income tax from tho holders ond
takes it out of tho interest.
Admiral Sampson has vindicated the
i,i,,mnt nf those who onDOsed his
promotion over Schley by protesting
ogulnat the promotion ot ensigns on
tho ground that they nre not sufficient
ly uroll ncnnnlnted with "social
graces." Whot the navy needs Is fewer
nion like 8ampson and more commis
sioned men of good, hard American
horse sense.
Senator Jones gave the republicans
on nnnni-tnnlty to redeem their prom
Ises on the trust question, but they
would not even consider the measure
passed lust summer by a republican
house of representatives. And still
some republicans will Insist that their
party is opposed to trusts.
"Tl, !!nltn:1 SllltR will not Set little
Cuba ndrll't without pilot or lifeboat,"
says the Kansas City Journal. No. in
deed, if the republican leaders have
n,ui- om,v culm will not he allowed to
go near tho water until she Is wllll.ig
to take second class passugu on unciu
flam's ship or state.
Tlta Ineraaia of CltUi, .
A comparison ot the roll of cltlesT
now with that at the time of our first
census, In 1790, discloses some strange
mutatlonB of fortune. In 1700 the
fourth city In the United States was
Ch&rloston, 8. C, now the sixty-sixth.
The seventh was Salem, Muss,, now the
one-hundml-and-tonlh, Thore were
only elx cities of over 8,000 inhabi
tants; not even a village west of the
Alleghunles hud a place on the census
roll, and oven In the east there was no
Jersey City, Newark or Washington.
Saturday Evening Post.
taw Again! Short Guoi.
As finally passed, the new law In
South Carolina OKiilnst the d Is tol -car
rying habit makes it unlawful for any
person, except a peace officer, to carry
deadly weapon less than twenty
Inches In length or four pounds i
lllg I'rixliiot of Mohair.
It 1b estimated that there are about
400,000 Angora goats In the United
Stutos and that our annual production
of mohair is about 1,000,000 pounds.
Although vory little hus been said or
written about Angora goats during the
lust forty years, they havo been en
tonslvcly bred in the westorn states
and terrltorloB, especially in Texas,
Now Mexico, Nevada, Florida, Cull
forula and Oregon.
Was Clavar EnaiUhman.
Dr. William Pole, tho English au
thority on whist, who died a few days
ago, was not a physician, but a suc
cessful civil engineer, and his doctor
ate wub a degree for music conferred
on him by Oxford university. It was
a proof ot his cleverness that he wrote
an able trcatlso on the method by
which Uie eye discriminates color, al
though he himself was color blind.
This treatise caused him to be elected
a Fellow of the Royal society.
Hn, E. A. Deacon Tolli of a Caaa Wlmr
I.ail Wui In Tills Norloua Con
dition, but Vint Saved,
Eost Randolph, N. Y March 11.
(Special.) 'Mrs. 13. A. Deacon of this.'
town Is Vlco-Presldont of the local
Women's Chrlstlnn Temperance Union.
Sho Is a lady of splendid capabilities;
and these sho has always directed to
wards the uplifting of humanity. What
Mrs. Deacon says Is accepted In Eaat
Rundolph without quoPtlon. No om
has ever doubted her truthfulness or
honesty of purpose.
airs. Deacon snys: "My attention
was first called to the remarkable cur
ative valuo of Doild's Kidney Pills,
through tho cure of a literary lady wh
was a friend ot mine, and who from
mental overwork was on tho verire of
Insanity. After tho failure cf her phy
sician to help her, her husband was
advised to hove her try Dodd's Kidney
Pills, which sho did with gratifying re
sults. She used fivo boxes before she'y
was completely cured, but at the end
of two months' treatment, she was her
own happy, brilliant self once more.
'Feeling languid and worn out my
self, I thought they would perhaps be a
holp to mo, and I am very glad to say
that two boxes made a new woman
of me. I feel ten years younger, am In
the very best of health, and appreciate
thnt It wus entirely through the ubs of
Dodd's Kidney Pills. I give them high
est Indorsement.''
Thoeo coses are becoming very com
mon In CattnraugiiB County, and many
ladles have had experiences similar to
those of Mrs, Deacon and hor friend,
What Dodd's Kidney Pills have done
for these suffering women, they will
do for anyone who gives thorn a fair
They are 60c, a box, six boxes for
2.50. Buy them from your locil
druggist If you can. If he cannot sup
ply you, send to the Dodd's Medicine
Co., Buffalo. N. Y.
Work klllH fewer men than the worry
of having to llBtcu to other people
Stats or onio, citv or Toledo, i
P nink J. Cheney makes oath Unit no I tn
sonhir partner of tu II rm of l- J. imnnoy reo.,
doliiB business In tin) City of Toledo, Cimniy
nnd Statu iiloreKiuil. tinii lime sum nnn i n pay
tho sum or ONli HUNDHKU DOLLARS lor
each nnd every nine of Catarrh Ihut cannot a
cured by tho use of $; 'f; N,Ey.
Swin to before mo nnd sulworlhccl In my
presence, this 01 a day of Deoombor, A. P. lsa.
SEAC . ' Notary lnbllo.
Hull's Catarrh Turn in tiiKotl iiiturnniiy. una
acts directly on the blood and mucous surface!
of tho system. Kcml for testimonials, free.
V, 3. CHHNEY A CO., Toledo, O.
Sold bv DniKitlHtH, 76c.
Hall's Family Fills are tho host.
Loafers seem to have a grudgo ogal nst
all men who aro busy.
Don't Get IfonUorel Get FOOT-HASH.
A ccrtoln cure for Swollen, Smart
ing, Burning, Sweotlng Feot, Corns
and Bunions. Ask for Allen's Foot
Kose, a powder. Cures FroBt-bltes and
Chilblains. At all DrugglBts and Shoo
Stores, 25c. Sample Bent FREE. Ad
dress Allen S. Olmsted. LeRoy. N. Y.
Many a woman is forced to stand up
for her rights In a crowded street car.
When you buy bluing, ask for Red
Cross Ball Blue. Large package 5c.
Sure things are more or less uncertain.
By taking Garfield Tea, the danger
of contracting La (Jrlppe Is lessened,
for the system Is cleansed, tho blood -purified
and tho digestion perfected by
this great herb cure.
The-most of our mistakes come from
beinir In a hurrv.
When cycling, tnki a tT of White'! To. :
catan. You can ride further auj eauier.
Some actors appear at their best in
a dying scene.
Dropsy treated free by Dr. H. Ii. Green'i
Bom, of Atlanta, Ga. The greatest drop.iv, .
specialists in tbe world. Head tboir nJver- V
tiseuifiit in another column of thlipipor.
Nature made a mistake In creating
men who live for themselves alone.

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