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Country Correspondence.
Commissioner Myers received a enr
load of seed potatoes Wednesday.
The Knaphlas boys lire having no
trouble in disposing ef their cane seed,
Cecil Obee moved to Lincoln town'
ship one day last week.
A box supper was Riven t the I'oplar
school house last Wednesday nlj;ht for
the benefit of the Sunday school,
Horn to Mr, and Mrs. I.. II, Chlhls a
boy March the 4th,
P. C. Reger and wife returned home
Sunday afternoon from Hot Springs Ar
kansas. Mr. Keycr.says his health is
E. W. Lovclaml Is visiting relatives
in New York state and Vermont.
Sam Spickard and wife visited Mrs.
Spickard's father u few days last week
P. C. Reger.
Mrs. Rains of McFarland, Kansas is
spending a few weeks with her daughter
Mrs. W. I, Hamilton.
Miss Ella Commcr was married last
week to a "Skiff" which will be o. k. in
high water,
"Ardelia" seems to be aflcrlho pupils
of the Poplar school pretty strong. We
don't believe they arc as toiiRh
as "Ardent" would have us believe. The
facts are this school was without u
teacher the first two or three months and
the pupils were allowed to run at large
and do as they pleased and of course
looked pretty tough to "Ardelia" when
jhe passed that way.
It seems to us our friend L. S. Kent
was hard up fur a politicul home to join
the republican party,
Grand Ma, Fair Is in bed of cryiipelas,
There was a foot race at Salt Creek
school house last Friday afternoon. It
was not in the program or the crowd
would have been large. Was
NOD Til t'LAYl
As spring has come ngaln, each far
mer should sec that all the preliminary
work is done so that when he begins
farming In earnest he will not have to
stop nnd repair fences, harness and ma
chinery, cut down trees that he wants
out of the way and numerous other
things that can be done now as well as
when the grand rush conies.
There Is not so much moving here this
spring as there is sometimes, A few
removals have come to our notice Mr,
De Water has moved onto Mr. Cochran's
cast eighty; Mr. I'liilipps occupies Mr.
Foley's place, and Henry I'.ales has gone
onto one of Mr. Gibson's larms vacated
by Fred Schluppwho has brought a farm
over in the Valley.
Mr. Taylor and family of Arlington
were visiting Mrs. Taylor's mother. Mrs,
Woodson, last week.
A. L, Sicgrist, wife and babies went
over the river to visit his mother last
The common school examination for
diplomas was held at the Maguire school
last Saturday, Only part of it was sub
mitted at that time. II. P, Goodell con
ducted the examinations.
We see a few have started the plow
Marry Mill, who has recently returned
from the medical college nt St. Joseph,
Mo. is teaching the remainder of the
term nt the Obee school on account of
the sickness of Mr. Kay,
John Sanders and family drove over
to Mcpherson last week to visit Mr.
Sander's sister.
The Misses Alice Hill and May Fos
ter visited the Kent school last Friday
Sam Van Sickle has sold out to K. H.
Clayton Hill is going to farm Mr. Fow
lers laud this year.
1!, A. CnKKKSt'OMll'.NT
A letter has been received from I'ncle
Jim and Aunt June Mating tit lit they had
arrived at McMinville Oregon their fu
ture home 0. K. Aunt Jane felt better
than when she left home.
Last Thursday w ay an up to date
Kansas blow out.
Our Millionaire farmers arc all looking
for the assessor to come around soon.
We predict that there will be a terrible
shrinkage in property values, h) fact
some of us won't be worth shucks; we
will have on our oldest, most ragged
suit. Have corn bread for dinner aiul
other things to indicate pro-vcrty wheo
the tax man comes to sec us.
Elmer is now connected by telephone
with the out side woild. llcury is do'
ing a land office business. Is shipping
so much grain that the railroad can't
supply him with cars fast enough. No
wonder people in the east are enquiring
about the city of Elmer,
On last Saturday eve as the wind and
rain in a tempest rage beat upon Mr,
and Mrs. S. S. Leighty's mansion n
knock was heard ;t ilic door. Th
family no doubt thought it must be Toe's
raven or a gohhlin of some description
but as the knocking became louder the
door was opened and in stepped n bevy
of young ladies and gentlemen; come
through the Morm to surpris-e their fel
low school mute Mr. Steve Leighty and
to do him honor on the eve of his de
parture for Wichita where he expects
to complete Ids education. The spacious
parlor of Mr. Leighty' home was
beautifully lighted and the young people
played crokinole and other games, A
lino lunch was served by Mrs. Leighty,
Steve was not only the cynosure of all
eyes especially the ladies but had to ad
mit that he was greatly surprised,
Now and Thus,
A Uootl ('outfit Melilelna lorCbllrirca
"I have no hesitancy In recommend
ing Chamberlain's Cough Remedy,"
says F, P, Moran, a well known and
popular baker, of Petersburg, Va, "We
have given it to our children when
troubled with bad coughs, also whoop
ing cough, and'lt ha always given per
fect satisfaction. It was recommended
to me by a diugglstas the best cough
medicine for children as It contained no
opium or other harmlul drug." Sold
by all (liuggists.
mm mmi
Great Clubbing Offer.
There la uo better farm and stock
Journal published than the "Old Reli
able" Kansas Farmer, of Topeka, Kan
sits, which guve Its readers during the
past year IWU pngeB of select and prac
tical mutter covering every varied In
terest of the farmer and his family and
the agricultural and live Block Industry
of the West. Any ono of Ita "Twen
tieth Century Specials," to be Issued
during luoi, will be worth the annual
subscription price of one dollur a year
Sample copy free. Clubbed with the
Gazkttk, tiolh one year for only $1.50
An liniieai IHnllfilne rot I.rtlrlpe
George W, Waltt, of South Gardiner,
Me,, says: "I have had the worst cough
cold, chills and grip and have taken lots
of trash of no account but profit to the
vendor, Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
is the only thing that has ever done any
good whatever. I have used one bottle
of it anil the chills, cold and grip have
all left me. I congratulate the manu
facturers of an honest medicine." For
sale by all druggists.
mm mi
Exchange your butter and ecus
seed potatoes at Ed. Sweet & Co's.
Bryan's Commoner.
This paper la in receipt of a commu
nication offering clubbing rutea with
Mr. Bryan 'g new paper, the Commoner.
Tbe Urst issue of Mr. Bryan's paper
will appear Boine in Junuary. Ia his
announcement, Mr, Bryan wishes to
have it understood that he will em
ploy no traveling agents, and will thus
eliniluute possibility of fraud. He ex
pects to rely on clubbing arrangements
with local papers and resident agents
for subscriptions. The posted rates
for the paper, which will be a weekly
edition and published by Mr. Bryan
himself, will be f 1 DO a year. But in
club with the Gazkttk, It will come at
(1.7.1 u year for both papers. Subscrip
tions may ho left at this ofllce.
Plenty of alfalfa and cane seed and
Kaffir corn (or sale at Ed. Sweet & Co's.
flpenlal Excnrnlon lo NortliweaS.
Vis MIio'irln Pacini:, His following rutci
will apply from Hutchlnaon:
J'i.iiJ AiiiiiMriila,Buttc,nolcni,(lurrlou,Mon
Opdcn und Salt Lake City, I tali, sua Informed
tale polut.
Ijll.ooto Portland, Ogn Hruttle, Tucoiiii nnd
Hpoiune, WhhIi, Vancouver ami Victoria, II, C.
unit Intcrmeilhitc polntr.
Ticket on nalo tliu following Tuesday! Mull
lit, III, in, April J, 9, 10, i:t. siid xnth, nwr
For fin tliur particulars nu P, J, Leluibueh,
Our Remarkable Clublng Offer.
Probably the teat weekly paoer for
our readers in this Stale for general
reading and news Is the Kansas City
Times. The Times ia making a special
effort to Increase the circulation of Its
weekly and tho Gazkti k is anxious to
mukk lis entire list paid in advance.
We have theiefore decided to offer to
all our renders the Weekly Times free
tor one year to ull who will pay up all
back (iccutints and a )ear in advance
on UiedazicTTK. This gives you the
two papers ut the price of the one.
The Farmer's
mtmllnmtmmMMlmMmmmlm'Mhim' ti.i i nnn. n u;u.j,
wwaywawtiMywiir .irUllHJlri
I ' .ill--'' 1 -J'-. i-ai'tili liTrjai'-ajii IIMMIl'i-l IMala 'aWa MlilMillaiiMllltt ialal MM 111 h laaiaT-
Is good bums, sheds, granaries and outbuildings of all kinds,
H tiny of you peopN nre lUmiiig mi lining Hy building this .
Hpimg. iif muklng any lepaiis. we want to talk business with
you. X on want the bi-st Jitnber you ctn go' at the lowest
possible ptlees. We'll give yon b.Uli. Unfore buying, run lit
und let na show you the kind of Lmnlitr e sell, und tell you
our prices.
Will 1Kb I.UMHhR YARD, Hutchinson, Kansas.
at I lariat
A, T.AB r, B. R.
California Kx
Cailaiirnlu Mm
Colorado A Utah Kx.,,
Mnxloo A California Rx
I SlMlpm
II S 00 mil
n r. :111pm ftfttpiu
Ml', hilioam DiHoara
7 11:08 pm
SI 7iW, am
Nir.7nfviHr ST7
II Ii I ii) Hill
8 IKI pin HiHll pm
a 11: .in It. 'junta
8 I in 1 6 pm luil&pw
lU "TiMaiii ' Hiriii'a'm
freight "Sunday Only"
Atlantic Ki
Chicago Llm
Kan a 0, A Chicago Ri.
tUiii. 0, A Chicago Kx.
No. 1, California Kz, Leave SiKii pm
J. Atlantic Ki, arrlvit 8:llem
a, California Limited leave h:ii iiiii
7, Mexico Calif, K. leave Ii: lupin
'Ml, Aonoiumnduiliin, leave S:M am
mj, Aofoiiitiiodntlun, arrive S:M pin
No. M7 l'aHngcr loa.ro,
Ml freight, except Bnmlay S 00 a. m.
nniNii voriTii, AniiivaH.
No. t l'aeiger 8 tr- p. in,
6110 l'rilghl, except Hunduy S ill) p. m.
Except Sunday ,
No, bl oarrlee pumnngors from rtowton to
Hutchinson Sunday only,
Train No. two and All I dally except Hunduy.
for full partlculara call oo or addraai
W.J. Ulavk, 0. 1', A, , Topolm.
0. A. Walxik,
Agont Santa Fo Itouta, HutchlnioD.
No. 0, K. (J. Mull and Expro. ,
No, HI, HI. Ixm I ii Mull ami Kx., ..
No, 4IM, MIxoJ Kn. Hun.
7:M) p, m.
: a. c
1:10 p, m,
No. 6, K. U, Mull and Rxprras..
No, 8, Colorado Mall and Kx
No, HI, Freight Kn.Hiin ,
9; W a in.
0Mb in
Hi 5 pjni.
No. II.") dwsa not carry paaaouKori eatt of
dura run through to St. Loula wlthont
Cbalr Can to Di'nvir froo of charge. Tall U
tho thort Una to all points weat.
P. J. LaiMBAcn, Agent,
It. C. Towndknd, Oon. Paa. Agent.
No. 30, Dally Mall and Rxiireaa.. U;;io a. m
No. 14, Dally ex. Hun. Night Kx. 8:IHp, m
No. till, " " " KrightAe 11. 1(1 a, m,
No. Id, Dally Mull and Rxprvaa.. 7:(fi p. m
No. as, Dally exHunUodireClty Rx 0:'-'0 a. m
No. SI, " " " Freight Ao 8;Hlp, a,
No. 10 rnna to Pratt,
No. us rum through to Dodg City and
I'alnlcfs extraction of teeth
with Nltroui Uxldo On.
Office: CoruorMuIn and Shormun,
Boomt 1. 9. and 8 over Midland Drug Store.
A. L, Hoi.l.owAv, M.D.
Hoi,ai3E Flrat.
8. 8. IIoli.owav.M. Ii
Boi.Sot A Baat.
Phystotana unit Surgoorm,
)ffloe: No.fj North Main Street.
Telephone! Reatdonce No. 14, OOoe No..O
Hutchlnann, Kansas.
Uumcepathlo I'byslclan and Surgeon
nivoa In connootlnn with medicine the beat
.actrlc trtmtmant of all dlaoaaoa.
OiHee: Corner Main and Sherman Streets.
Rosldonoo US Flrat Arouie Kaat.
HKNltY Z1NN, lowoler and Solnntldo Optl.
clan, oarrloa a no at line of ladlea' and
untt watohoa, aolld gold rliiKH, flue opal rlngi
"lld gold upoctaoloK, uto. Makoaa apoclalty o
teatlng eyea anil fitting aprctaulea.
Nrlllrra Kalea VlH Fork laliinil route
To Ilelonu, Untie, AniK'ondit, Mlaaoulu und
KullKpell, Mont. Ogdi'ii und Unit I.Hku, I' lull
and inti'rmeillatu points $.'.'l:uoor 1 1", tor tho
inuml trip. To ull point In Montniii, Iiluhn,
Vnlilii,'loii,()reHn unit llrlllli Colun.lihl west
ol Helena, Mutto, Ailsi-oiilii, Kullapell ami t'ocii.
t lliiS,.'.v.unrjil5 On for tho roiinil Irlp, ticket
mi tola Ft. U, Id, and Muruh nib, l.'th, lllth
mill '.Mill nl-o April II, IU, and llnili, lor p:ir
tli'iilnra cull on or address E. ('. KMier At'cnt.
Chief Delight
0 0 0 0
H l AT mi mY
7 HANKS to a discriminating public, this store cont in u e s
to grow every day. In fact, there is not a clojhjngjon;.
ganization in our State that can show such an amazingly
rapid growth. Remodeling the front of our building is
another monumental expression of our progressiveness.
Our Great Rebuilding Sale
Throughout the House will make this month the greatest injur history.
With our Spring Stocks complete and larger than thoy woro a year ago, wo look for record-breaking eales
in each respective department, Tho opening of tho new spring goods at the "Star's" prices always spurs tho buy
ing Impulso of economical shoppers. Wo liavo taught the saving buyers, by practical und continued illustrations
that our prices aro at ull times absolutely tho lowest, aud tho marvelous expansion of tur business shows that tho
greater part of Ilono county's buying public appreciates our etl'orts to rcduco Uio cost of tho better grades of mer
chandise to tho lowest price point .
We still have remaining on hand
200 Hen's Winter Overcoats,
Which are reduced from 25 to 35 per cent
1,500 Hen's Winter Suits,
$7.00 and $7,50 Suits Now $4.95. $15.00 Suits Now $10.00'
Every winter garmont (outside of black and blue suits) have been rcducod to a point where somo econom
ical buyers prefer to iuvest their money for next winter's needs, fur nowhero cau they make 25 to 35 per cent oa
their investments for so short a time, We nre practically compelled to clean out our full goods for two reasons:
First Room for spring goods, Second What remains on hand are broken lines and sizes, and it's a business
proposition with us to carry a full and complete line bonco, sizes broken, the PRICK CUT to clear thorn out. J
When down town drop lu And sco tho Improvements being made,
Ask to see tho Suits, Overcoats, Hats, Etc.
No trouble to show goods Save money by trading at Tho Star.
For the latest designs ia
The correct shapes and tints ia
Correspondence Papers,
. Call at .
Campbell's Book Store,
20 N. Main St.
Where you will also find the best stock of
TlrrtV Ever
Brought to
School Bcoks i Supplies
Agents for Reno County.
Nan Fronelaco nnd l.oa AuClca' S'JS
Via Missouri Pui'lllc, On Fi'branry K'tll. and
each following Tuesilnjr tho Mlmourl Paclllo
will soil ticket Ilutchlnaon to Cullforul Com
mon points at iibovo niton. Call or write lor
lurtlt'Ular P. J. Lclmbnuli, Afci.t,
H i
If rw J
'-it i rrc j' iw .i
peel within FIVE YEARS vou get YOUR MONLA UAt-K, mis
backed by a 200,000 capital; If vou don't like the way this Is worded
have your attorney draw up one and I will forward to the manufac
turers and have It signed. For further Information and price, call on
Snyder Planing Mill,
18, 20, 22, 2 1, West Sherman. .
Telephone 107.-
American Steam Laundry.
12& and 127 rest Sherman
HJ is J I II j ,
Ideal Tours Through
Fir ope Inclement winter weather at home
by Joining Ute' eiubtl annual peraonnllj
ooudnoteil tuura Ihroufjli pltlurumiuo Mex
ico, leaving CIiIckko via Nauta Vo Route
Feb. and -D, 1UU1. Lniurloui apeclal train
ot Pullmans, oh.orvatlon and dlnlnir car.
Tiokeia Include til traTellDgexpenaee, guide
etc. Uo via San Antonio and Monterey! re
lam via El l'ao, Lea Vega, Hot Spring,
Colorado Spring, with lde rldo to okamu
canon or anir.oNA, Special arrangement
for vlHltlnffCALiroaNU. A fmolnatlug land
abounding In lunjnincont aoeucry, ancient
ruin und novel foreign type Number ol'
piaacng era limited, llluitruted duaorlptlva
A. T. S. r. m j. Ticket fltTJee.
or W, J. Black, U. V.A.Topaka.
in thk nisTnicT coiirr oP'reno
Floronco Cmnpbi'll, 1'InlntltI,
I.eroy Cninpbclt Dcfondmit, J
Publiollon Notice. ,
To tho detemlnnt, t.eroy Campbell, Take no
tlco.tluit von hiivo heon atiod In the above un
titled aollon j the philtilitr, Florence Campbell,
who hit tiled her ptriltlon in the oftlce of tho
Work of the above court, und you must answer
the inino on or before tho iwth y ol April, nmi
or It will be tuken a true, nud Judgement ren
dered uocorillimly, giiuiliiig unto Hie pliiintiir
nn almolutodeereo of divorce, nnd reitorlllg her
to her maiden mime, Florence l)eniil.
Srai.1 Attorney for plaintiff
AttcHttJ. W, Wyninn,! Icrk.
IFIrst I'tibllcnllon Miireh 7, 1WM.1
A well painted house is better
than a poorly painted one.
Snyder Sells
the Best Paint,
Youafk whyV llecatise they
give the best i t suits at the low
est cost; results are what you are
after, and it's so with every
sensible person. With every
purchase ynu buy here you net a
written GUARANTEE if tbe
naints eblt). crack, blister or
Hutchinson, Kau.
No. 5 iNortli Main St reel
For the Asking,
Cora L. Damord Und A. K. 1
Kent, PlalinliT. j. No biV)0
D. V. Kent et nl.Dofendant j
' Publication Nolle.
To the defeLdiint above named, T. J. Kent
and M. I,, Kent, tak notice, that you have been
wed In the above entitled cane by the plaintiff
above namnd, Cora L, Onnford und A. K. Kent,
who have Hied their petition In the ollloa of the
olorkof the abotn oourt. which you numt an
swer on or before the SotU tiny ot April 1IKI1, or
the uma will be taken aa true, and Judgment
rendered accordingly, viioatliig, annulling, Bet
ting wide and holding for imught that portion of
acertaln purported u'td of convoyHiice, dated
eVbrunry II, lhU7, nnd purporting to beexeouted
by S. K. Kent lo K. A. Kent, Gcnveylng tiia
north half C4)of the northwest unartor of ec
tlon twenty (Vu), townahlp twenty-four CM)
range lx(il)woat. III Itenooounty, Kaniaa; alao
gnuitliig to the plalntlS euch eijullable relief a
may he right In the premlseai :
' II, Piano, and "
miAi. ' Vaxukvkkk ft Maiitik.
Attorney for t'lulnllir.
Attest! J. M. Wyman, Clerk,
(Flrat Publloittlnn March 7, Mil.)
In the IHMrlct Court within and for tho
County of llrno, In tho Sliiteol Kiiuk.
Phoenix Mutual l.lfo Inaur- 1
aneeuoiiipiinv, (a lorpo
rulloul.l'lalntlll, VK.
Dora K Vnnoekcr, Mabel
Vnocker, Hrncat II. Villi
nnbt.p. klmnr II. Van I
ocker, Minulo Vunooker, f Uo, 8,1118.
Irn anorker, and Horn
K. Viinockeran (iiiunllnn
of ad Mnbel Vunoeker,
Krnet H. Vatioeker, El
mer 11. Vunoeker, .Miuiilu
Viinocknr, nnil Ira Vnn
ni'kni InrriiitH. and (1 II.
Klrihner. Del'eiidunl J
The mill defendiint, Krnest ll.anooker will
take notlie thai, theauld PhiHiiix Mutual I, Jo
Ineiirnnce Company, n eorporntlon, plnlntltT,
did, on the null day or Kelirimry, IIKH, lllo it
petition In raid dletrlot court, within and tor
the county of Ri'iio, in the State of Kiinana,
iiguliiflltho ld Kruel II Vunoeker and that
the aiild Kineat. II. Vunooker muet un
awpr kiiIiI petition llleil aa alorcaald on or heloro
llie lllth day of Arll, I'.Hil.or eiiid petition w It
bo taken aa true und u Juilgment rendered In
Mild notion agiilnal; mid delenilant. Horn h,
ainii)kei', foriheeiimnf si-veil hiiudii'd dollar
Willi lutereat thereon at twelve (Itfl percent per
unniiin I ruin the lal dny of April, IKiiil.und the fur
thor nun nt thrnu hundred dolliii wlih Inler
eotut ihoratool tun ( 111) per eent per nniiiira.
froiii tho llrat dav of March istil; und niruinat
Ihefiild KinuHt II. Vunoeker and ull the do
leiitlunta In aulil action, for the foreclosure nt
lei lnln inortgapo upon tho followlint i eaoi llnul
realeatale, to wit i 1 lie kouiI) hulf of the north'
weft uiiaiter (Vi nnd tho norlhenat iiiarler CO
or the nnrlliweat iuarten'.()ir KCMitlon twiMity
four(JI) In townahlp twenty live (JM aoutlutif
rnngo ten inn wont nf tho Hlxth urlnrlpiil me
rUllun, anil tlieoaet bnlf(M) of the mnthweat
iiuurter (i4)nf wet Ion ihlrloen, (lil) In lownhli
teutv-rlvo c.'fil Houlh, of nmge ten (Hi) went of
the Klxtn principal nnrlilliui, lying nnd eltn
ated In llie county of Iteno, In tlio Suite id hen
mis, and adiudvInK that tho aaid plalnllll ha
the drKt lien ou Hald pri'iniaoH, In the ninouiil
lor which linlginent will be taken nn Hloroald,
nnd ordering eiild prunlae t lie aiild wltbnut
appraisement, una tho proooeda apidletl to the
payment of the uinonnt due plnlntlff und coete
of ault, und forever burring and fnreoloKlng
mid defendnntii, undeneli of ihcm.ol and from
II right, title, ratine, Interest, property anil
equity of redemption, In or to euld premise, or
uny part thereof. .-,,.
DKAiiiifi.ni. ui,
u.,.l UL"r'i.ivir At IlKTi'lNIIKII.
Attornay for PlulntltT.
Attest: J. M. WvMAN.JCIerk District Court,
First publication February as, llKll.
T Vnlll'uriiln tor Hit.
NiimcroiiK prolltablu hualnena optiilngi In
California, liny n liomo eeokera ticket via
Suntn Fe Itntitc nnd Investigate Gondlllona there
Only Hiitcliliiaon to Callforiilii: Tne day,
to April lllth. I in in 1 10 ttt Dnpil,
Very Low Itrftea Kt Cnlllnrnln.
Th i Smtu Ka will soil one way 'onti'lnnUH
i.uuanL-n" lli.k.'tj In eoinliinii nnlnM In Cnllfor
nla it rataof Tli'kota on nile Tuesday only
... 1 1 . . I - ).'.. Ik-L ..,. ,1 l-.u
runruiiiy ii.ii i" ,eiu .,"... . ... ,..........",
nil oniir aiiilreta C, A, Walker, Agl Santii Fo

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