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PRICE. 25 c.
Do not forgot that DEFIANCE
STAKCIl lius no equul either la qual
ity or quantity! 10 ounces for ten
Ever notice how long Home monBtsnJ
at the sunie street oornor and "tulkV"
Koep tuom wlilto with Rod Crona Dull Bine.
All grocers soil lurgo i on. piiukiigo, ft couts.
A bnseball pitcher is a power behind
the thrown.
Art Too Uslac Allan's Foot KaesT
It Is the only cure for Swollen,
Smurtlng, Burning, Sweating Kcet,
Corns and Bunions, Ask for Allen's
Foot-Eiiso, a powder to be shaken lnte
the shoes. At all DriiKglxtn and Shoe
Btores, 25c. Sample vent KREIf. Ad
dress, Allon S. Olmsted. LcRoy, N. T.
Our grnudmothors never pluyed golf,
but they had their toa caddies,
Mrs Wlnaltm'a Soothing Syrup.
For clillilrcn N'HJiltiK, mflcmi lh sums, ri'iliicca In
fltiiiiuiHtlon, ulluyit pulu, curi'H wind cullu. Wc a boitlo.
Most people seek sympathy when
they ask advice.
The Magnetlo 'Starch Mfg. Co. man
ufactures the DEFIANCE STAHCII,
put up 73 packages in a case., each
packuge contaiulng 1(1 ounces. more
Btarch than Is put up by any other
manufacturer. If your wholesale house
docs not kcrp It, send your order to us
and we will see that they deliver you
the goods.
The theatrical mnnngcr likes to gut
a run for bis money.
Ladles Can Wear Minus
One size smaller after uhlng Allen's Foot
Ease, a powder. It makes tight or new
ahocseaRy.Curesswollen, hot, sweating,
aching feet, Ingrowing nulls, corns and
bunions. All druggists and shoe stores,
2!io. Trial package FREE by mall. Ad
dress Allen 8. Olmsted, I.oltoy, N. Y.
Two weeks Is as short In a vacation
as it Is long In jail
Plso's Curt It the bunt medicine we evor used
lor all nfleoUons of the throul and lunits. W
O. Endsi.bv, Vunburen, lnil., Feb. 11), tt'Od.
A drawing card a dontiM's adver
tisement Hull's Catarrh Ciiro
Is taken lutorually. Price, TSo.
You can't tell from a rami's clothes
how much ho owes his tailor.
IlouRpkeopcrs should not forget that
1 1 1'. I I A M K n 1 A K.1 , 1 1 IS ftllKnl MUM V LMIS
best brand of cold water laundry
starch there is on the market and in
stead of getting premiums which are
of little or no valuo with a ten or
twelves ounce package which retails
for ten cents, DEFIANCE STARCH
is put up in packages of sixteen ounce;
a full pound for ten ocnts; one half
pound package for five cents. If your
grocer does not keep it, drop a postal
card to the Magnetic Starch Mfg. Com
pany, Omaha, Neb., and they will see
that yon get It,
W.:i2l Thompson's Eye Watar
STOW KM, '., ir ry nmil. a.-. i-nii.
HflHBBHMSU0BHMSi t'liarlf llown, MlMf.
write, to NATHAN rEnoin
I P HH'KiKl, Yihlitirtii. n. C, they
II will r(M,lvMUlckii'Hrs. H. Mh N. II .Vols
stuff ;oth Conm. Prosecuilni Claims since 1878
A FiIMIm SI Trutant of Dr. O.
Ph.li. liinwn't r.rsai krmmlv tnt
Pltl.ftalleMvftntl III Nrvon )Lelrl. AttdreH
0. puklts bKOS, llr4w, Iakark, tt.X.
Buy of
the Maker
Nnw ratn.
IniriiA rfmilv. finnil Drt
stamp tod we will mull you one,
314 Broadway, NEW YORK.
High o'er his head tha Harry flaf
But on his breast he wears the saffron
Our prison bar aeourely close around
Thoimli. MIho, friend, the name we
have enrolled.
But never once h seems to hear the
That areola the story of a victory won
And cart no whit that wa are ail
When news Is brought us of a brave
uoea aone
He sits apart and sines, with sweetest
oadenoe, . ,
The soims learned long ago In sunny
We cannot ohlde him, for wo love the
Our gold' ennary from the Bnnntsh Main
-Lucile H. Thurston In Boston Kvenl
It la a woll-eatabllshod law in breed
lng that animals long bred la the samu
line without change of latltudo, en
vlronment and food tend to become
shy breeders, while In the case of an
imals consangulneouBly mated (In
and-ln bred) sterility more or loss
complete Is no uncommon result of
such unchanged admixture ot blood.
This subjoct has been explained bo'
fore in this department. It has boon
stated that long contlnuod foodlng of
corn as a well nigh exclusive ration
bos made the Poland-China breod of
swine noted for remarkable dovelop
mont of form for lard production, but
that the present cbaractor ot the breod
has been attained at the loss ot the
desirable Qualification of largo litter
production. la short, It haB boon
shown that the Poland-China sow is
usually the dam of a small llttor of
pigs, whereas the oltMuahloned sow
brought forth largo litters of strong,
healthy pigs and furnished a bounte
ous supply of milk for tbotr simta
nance. Taking these facts Into con
sideration It has been suggested bore
that the way to Improve the breeding
qualifications of the Poland-China
sow and Indeed any breed of swine is
to go back to natural methods of
breeding and feeding. Lett to nature
hogs take from the bosom of mother
earth a number ot different foodlng
materials and from tho Joint amount
acquire all of the things nocosgary
for perfect maintenance and full de
velopmont of bone, musclo, blood, vim,
vigor, vitality. Exercising as they do
in tho open air every function ot the
body Is perfectly performed and the
blood at all times is perfectly clrcu
lated and oxidized, so that tho animal
Is vigorous and healthy. Undor these
circumstances the males and their
mates are active and vigorous. The
sows bring forth after their kind not
three or four or five pigs, but a large
number at a time of pigs that, like
their parents, are ablo to rtwtle for
a fnng In the open. Buch swlno have
not the modern perfection of form.
Their backs are built for their bur
densIn other words, excessive ex
erecise in gathering food dovelops a
form sultod for such work, and to this
shape has been given the suggestive
name of "razor back," Thoy have
deep chests and well dovelopod thighs
and Btrong bones and stand up per
fectly upon their feet. They have,
moreover, romarkablo snouta, emi
nently well adapted for deep shovol
lng after the hidden roots and other
vegetable treasures of the earth. They
combine, In short, a tow good things
with a lot of points that cannot be
commonded. Their vitality, vim, vig
or, virility are, however, attributes of
high value in any breed and just tho
ones that tend to vanish the modorn
environment, close breeding and ex
cessive use ot corn, To some this may.
seem mere theory; plausible upon pa
per, but not corroborated in practice,
The tacts mentioned cannot bo denied;
tho deductions from the facts require
corroboration, and this is forthcom
ing. At the Wisconsin Agricultural
station may be seen some wonderful
specimens of the "razor back" breed
of bogs. They were discovered and
corralled with assistance of dogs In
Indian Territory. Thoy look strange
and uncouth among the pure bred
swine of the station, but they are
there for a purpose and they have not
disappointed Professors Henry and
Corlyle. They were obtained to prove
the correctness of the suggestions out
lined here regarding the results ot, line
breeding and corn feeding. It was
hoped and expected that anlnfuslon
of their blood with that of the indo
lent, corn loving, fat forming Poland
China would Increase the number of
pigs In the litters and at the samo
time Infuse new vitality and vigor.
This it has done In every case. The
writer recently examined a number ot
fine litters of half bred pigs from pure
bred Poland-China sows mated with
these boars and was pleased and In
terested to note their excellence In ev
ery respect One sow that had never
brought more than three or four pigs
at a time had nine to the first service
of a "razor back." All of the pigs
were of fine type and all of remarka
ble robustness and vitality. All of
them showed good feeding qualities,
and all that could be detected as In
dicative of alien blood was a length
ening of the snout and slight reduc
tion In blocklness of type. In carry
ing out the experiment with this in
fusion of fresh blood from original
types possessed of natural, vigor and
constitution it has already been dem
onstrated that litters are Invariably
Increased as to numbers of pigs, and
the pigs are apparently little If at all
depreciated In type, while all are char
acterized by added vitality and vim
and a capacity for good consumption
and assimilation not seen in the pure
bred Poland-China. It has further
been noted that the razor back boars
are an Immediate cure for shy breed
ing and that non-broeding sows usu
ally prove in pig to them at the first
Bervlce. '
Af rlrnltnrul Organization! In Franc.
U. S. Consul John C. Covert, Lyons,
France, in a report to the State De
partment, gives the following Infor
mation In regard to agricultural or
ganizations in France:
Associations ot farmers, called "syn-
dlcats agrlcoles," have been organized
all over France since the passage of
the law of March 21, 1884, their alii)
Out-Crossing for Prolificacy.
being to further the economlo, Indus
trial, commercial and agricultural In
terests of their members and to at
tach the farmor more closely to the;
country, Thoy are organized under a
general law, which authorizes any
twenty persons of one trade, or of
soveral similar trados, to combine In
a eocloty, Tho duos aro fixed at. from
10 cents to $1 por month.
There bad boon established undor
this law and wore In oporatlon Janu
ary 1, 1900, 7,079 societies, divided as
as follows among 8,501,085 furmers
and farm workers of tho two sexes 'In
Syndicates of employors 2,157
Syndicates of workingmon 2,085
Employors and worklugmen
mixed 170
Agriculturists 2,007
Total 7,079
This is an Increase of SCO over the
agricultural syndicates of 1800. It
was almost evenly divided betwoon
the workingmon and owners ot farms.
Of tho 1,102,200 moinbors of the
various syndicates, the farmers num
bor 512,704.
These furmers' syndicates combine
and organize in a largor socloty, called
a union, of which there are ten In
France. Over those unions is a cen
tral body in Paris, to which all tho
subordinate unions roport and which
represents their lntoresls before the
French Parliament, railroad compan
ies, and the public, generally. K union
has all the rights and powers ot the
syndicates, except that It can not sue
or be sued or hold real property, pre
rogatives which are conforred only
upon the syndicates and which thoy
can not dolegale,
The special objects are to favor the
discovery of new agricultural prod
ucts; to obtain, at tho lowest cost, the
boat fertilizer and seeds, tho best ag
rlcultural implements and animals;
to IncroMO production; to make labor
easier; to diminish the coot ot pro
duction and of living in the country;
to give Instruction In agriculture by
Iecturos, tracts, books, etc.; to buy or
aire uie pcsi agricultural lmpicmonis
and rent them at a low price to mom
bors; to facilitate tbo sale ot agrlcul
tural products at good prices; to ad
vise on all questions relating to farm'
lng; to provide Judges and experts for
the settlement of differences that
would otherwise go before courts; to
offer prizes; to Insure men and animals
against accident or douth and to se
cure mutual aid, co-operation, loans,
and, In general, to co-operate for the
amelioration of the condition of agrl
The number of farmers' syndicates
has Increased since 1802 from 863 to
2.0G7, and the membership from 313,'
800 in 1803 to 612,794 in 1809. Tho
most potable growth was during the
last four years, when the member
ship rose from 403,201 ot the end of
1805 to 512,791 In 1898-99. It Is be
lleved that In a few years every
farmer In France will be a mcmbor of
a syndicate.
The syndicates are neutral abso
lutely shut out from all Influence of
political parties. No Instance Is yot
known where an agricultural syndl
cate has boon made use of by a politi
cal party or by a candidate for ofllco,
The furrows are emphatically of the
opinion that the usefulness of tholr
organizations would bo greatly lm
paired, if not entirely destroyed, if
politicians were permitted to use
them. There has not been, since tho
organization of these syndicates, a po
lltlcal movement among the farmers
In France.
Ponllrv llrlefn.
It Is estimated that tbe value of
eggs annually put in cold storage In
the Unltod States Is In excess of 120,
000,000. The amount Is of course In
creasing from year to year. The men
that have gone Into the business on a
large scale have not all, by any means,
made a success of It. Some of the large
companies built costly plants for re
frigeration, and before they could reap
enough harvests to render tho work
profitable, fullod, A good muny mis
takes were made. Some put in cer
tain systems, but Anally had to change
them at great expense. One of the
reasons for failure has been the neces
sity of running a large plant while
doing a small business. Evoryone that
has looked through, a cold storage
plant knows something ot the ex
pense that must be caused by Its run
ning. The ammonia mashluos aro
not run except at c6nsldorablo ex
pense, and labor too Is a considerable
Item. It Is therefore necessary that
the business done be large. The profits
on a small business will not pay ex
ponees on a largo Investment,
The lack of fertility of eggs Is fre
quently laid to the activity or inac
tivity of tho malos. Doubtless, it is
frequently due to the females. From
analogy, drawing the lesson from
other animals, the feed has a great
deal to do with the question of fertil
ity. Science has not yot found out
Just bow the elements In food, the
potash, the phosphorus and the ni
trogen nffect the life-germs, but we
know thoy do affect them. With the
present amount of light shining on
the subject we would perhaps attach
more Importance to the presence and
distribution of phosphorus than of
any othor eloment. It is as yet a sub
ject shroudod In darkness. There is
a difference, too, In the manner In
which one hen disposes of her feed
compared with another. Two hens
may eat food containing the same
amount of say phosphorus. One may
distribute It throughout hor system.
The other may pass most of It with the
droppings. We know that of two hens
similarly fed and treated, one will
pro.duce tortile and the other unfer
tile eggs, the latter through no fault
of the cock. This quality of produc
ing non-fertile eggs is one that Is
transmitted, and can probably bo
largoly eliminated by careful selec
tion, The process would, however, be
a long one, and is not likely to be
taken up by any person, except one
having a considerable capital; as ft
would mean the sequestering of each
Individual being watched. Sometimes
perhaps a change of food will remove
the sterility. We know that when a
ben gets too fat she becomes storile,
and in that'ease the trouble is duo to
tho feeding ot too great a proportion
ot fat-forming foods.
Maud: "I'm one of ber oldest
friends." Eva: "Ycu look It"
KBglaniT Pat-BaaraUk
Mr. Alfred Austin, England's poet
laureate, is slxty-slx. He was bora
In 1835, and It will soon be fifty years
since, as a youth of nineteen, he wrots
and published his first book, "Ran
dolph: A Tale of Polish Orlef."
Automohllrs Traiiaport Wagons,
Experiments In France havs Droved
convincing, and the Kreneh liollflve they
as certain to play a roB of much lm
portantt In moib rn warrara. It Is odd lo
note tho Ulfterunt urn lo which nutura
nil aclrnes arn put. On the battlulleld
hy (Ik li t for the ileal runt Ion of llfe.whlla
throughout the country HoHtotier's Stom
ach Hitters ItghiH to preaurva It, For
fitly years tin, lmiurs hua horn curing
dyspcpHiii, ImlHfi ailun, conatlpuilon and
blllouBncm, It will uIho prevent malaria,
(over und ague.
The lumberman has to work for his
bos.' il,
DKFIAXCb KTAUCII will give bet
ter satisfaction than any other brand.
It contains ( more starch for tho same
money and If not satisfactory your
money will be refunded,
A steady job la better than half a
Tbo greatest of professional athlotes
UBe Wizard Oil for a "rub-down," It
softens tho muscles and prevents sore
ness. It's the early worm that gets on the
fish hook,
Antlqna Fnrnltnre or Vajna.
In 18C8 a ploce of antique furniture
was told by a gardener of Oeneva
Switzerland, to an antiquarian for un
der 11, with tho reservation that If It
was sold for a higher price the original
owner should receive a poj'tlon oj the
samo, It was recently sold to the Swiss
Historical museum for 1,250, and
now the hoirs of the original owner
are claiming a share ot tho above
sum, Tho furniture is a unique speci
men of tho llcrnols art of tho Sixteenth
Snifll of Matall.
Borne metals have a very much more
pronounced smell than others, Tbe
smell of tin especially when newly cut,
Is unmistakable, but It Is a moot point
whether gold or platinum has any
smell that could bo recognized by hu
man olfactory organs. Of tho rarer
metals uranium and nil Its compounds
give tho strongest smell and this gives
us the reason why metals should have
an odor. Uranium Is always giving
off what arc known ns the Ilccquercl
rays, consisting of streams of exces
sively nilnuto "corpuscles."
Six Doctors Thli Tlina,
South Bend, Intl., July 29th: Six
different doctors treated Mr. J. O. Lnn
demnn, of this place for Kidney Trou
ble. He had been very 111 for three
years, and he despaired ot ever being
Somebody suggested Dodd's Kidney
Tills. Mr, Landemnn used two boxes.
Ho is completely cured, and beBldes
losing all bis Kidney Trouble, his gen
eral health is much better than it has
been for years.
No case that has occurred in St.
Joseph County for half a century, has
created such a profound sensation, and
Dodd's Kidney Pills aro being well
advertised, as n result of their won
dcrful cure of Mr. Landeman's case.
There Is no man sn deep but that he
has at least one (.hallow spot
The golf player not only has to mind
his p's and ('s but his tees as well,
Mountain Dratrol and Mnnntaln Sports
Available for Thnta Who Would
Kieape tha Slrt'lng lUat.
Out beyond the plains of Kansas,
where the snow capped peaks raise
their beads, In Colorado, Is the Mecca
for sweltering residents ot the Hot
Dclt. There has not been such a sea
son ot torrldlty for more than a third
of a century, and It Is beginning to
tell upon the powers of the people,
Their minds are less active, and their
bodies aro tired, and their systems de
bllltatcd. The best remedy is close ac
quaintance with nature, fair, and
robed in cool greens, and swept by In
vigorating breezes and fortunately
the opportunities are at band and may
be taken advantage of by everybody.
Tho Missouri Pacific Railway with its
syBtem resembling n net work of lines
in tho great goiiUlwest, runs fine trains
of palatial cars by a direct and agree
able route to Pueblo, and there con
nections are mnde with America's
most popular scenic route, the Denver
and Rio Orundo Railway, In whose
cars the puLllc are carried Into the
very heart of the great mountain
range, through canyons of dizzy depth
and along the busy sparkling waters
which came from Snowland and
brought Its coolness with them. There
are very many delightful places in the
Rockies and plenty ot sport for the
hunter and fisher. He displays excel
lent Judgment who steals some time
from his business and uses It In the
pursuit of a favorite sport and for the
benefit of his health. The Rio Qrando
Western is a natural connection of
these two systems already mentioned,
carrying their passengers still further
toward the western outposts, Into still
more remote sporting country, and
where forest and canyon wear their
natural beauty the longer, and so, to
tho Desert City by the Great Salt Lake.
There Is no more delightful short tour
and It can be accomplished with com
paratively small expense. Sizzling
over a desk In the heat of summer Is
unprofitable and unremuneratlve self
sacrifice and should not be endured
when coolness and health are so near
at hand. These railway systems make
travel a pleasure, and nature, ever
kind, Is tho gseat restorer. If you
have not yet decldcM to taxe a summer
trip, decide now to do so, and get out
of the heat Into the coolness of Colo
rado and titan,
One-half the world smiles at the
frowns of the other half.
Oat Rod Cross Ball lllua, the best Ball Blue.
Lurga 11 os, packuge only 5 oeuts,
All flesh may not be grass, but some
people are equally green,
If you have not yet tried DEFIANCE
STARCH do so at once and save H ot
your money, 10 ounces In one package
as against all other starches having
but ten or twelve ounces, and you will
also sec uro tin) very best starch on the
re used by the best shots In the country becsuse they are so accurate,
uniform and reliable, All the world'schamplonshlpsandrecordshsve been
won and made by Winchester shells. Shoot tbem and you'll shoot well.
Has No Equal.
And Cleanse the
Scales, and
Shampoos with
n ft
j' r ;i T Ann..
And light dressings with CUTICURA, purest of
emollients and greatest of skin cures. This
treatment at once stops falling hair, removes
crusts, scales, and dandruff, soothes Irritated,
itching surfaces, stimulates the hair follicles,
supplies the roots with energy and nourishment,
and makes the hair grow upon a sweet, whole
some, healthy scalp when all else fails.
Millions of Women
USE CUTICURA SOAP, assisted fcy Coticura Ointment, the
' great skin cure, for preserving, purifying;, and beautifying;
the skin, for cleansing; the scalp of crusts, scales and dan
druff, and the stopping- of falling hair, for softening, whitening,
and soothing red, rough, and sore hands, for baby rashes, itchings,
and chaiings, in the form of baths for annoying irritations and
inflammations, or too free or offensive perspiration, in the form of
washes for ulcerative weaknesses, and many sanative, antiseptic
purposes which readily suggest themselves to women and mothers,
and for all the purposes of the toilet, Bath, and nursery. No
amount of persuasion can induce those who have once used
these great skin purifiers and beautifiers to use any others. CUTI
CURA SOAP combines in ONE SOAP at ONE PRICE, the
BEST skin and complexion soap, the BEST toilet and baby soap
in the world.
Complote External and Internal
I acaltii and rotten the
TUB fiCTI" Dioou. A binoi-k BKTis otten tuincieni to cure me mont tortus
Ins OKI Inff, dlaflrurlnjr, and humiliating skin, aculp, and blood humours,
With lone of hair, when all elie falls. Sold throughout the world. British Depot: F.Nkw.
Bnir a Sons, J7-S8, Chartortouse Sq., London. i'orTAu jjhuo i cum. Con?- Sol
fropa., Boston, V. S. A, v
Juaaa, Ua Pais tha Fnlakt, Blafuaata,Il!t
'8uconiirijliy prosooutna cirii
l,atlriiiijMl llaardlnnr II A.iiluu flui
I J yialaulvll war, Uauillcatlug ulaluii,atl
bonlnyTeif-nmill Wef)AV CJ
Want MliIlK Hai.khmkn I AI WMhIt
Suva NwMrr, LaultUaa. M.. DtaatlUa, N, i,
Vara Answering xarertlscmests Hlidlt
Mention This fauer.
The BEST starch Is
Defiance, The BIGGEST
package is Defiance.
Qualify and quantity
mean Defiance Starch,
16 ounces for 10 cents,
Don't forget It a better quit
Ity and oncthird more of it
Scalp of Crusts,
Dandruff by
Treatment for Every Humour.
Conaiiunr or ciiTiruiu KLf, to dentine the akin or eruat. and
tmrlcned cuticle, cuticuka ointment, to
tnttnntly alliiy Itching, tnflnmmatlon, and Irritation, and tooths
and heal, and Cuticuka Kkbolvknt. to Cool and clcanae the

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