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' Country Correspondence.
Uncle Johnny Click hai relumed from
tie Strip and report loti of people, duit
and beer to drink, His chances are
bout one In lixteen but they are as good
i the next fellows.
The dance at the hrtll wai a happy
success in spite of the thteatcned rain,
Miss Mary I'urcell has been working
t Mrs. Click's In the absence of Uncle
Austin I'ricer was a vi&ltor nt l'retty
Prairie Saturday.
Ceo. Nicholson commenced to cut fnd
dor last. week.
Lou Drolle In disking is ground In
stead of plowing it us usual,
Jamey Selgelvcnders has left the coun
try probaly never to return. His many
friends bid him a fond adieut. He did
not mention his deslimitiun as he docs
not know it himself,
Geo. Click is missing, probably kid
napped? A suitable rewurd will be given
to the one who discovers the abductors,
School nmrmi are thick as bees, the
roads being lined with them,
Miss Kena Fdick lms recovered from
a serious illness, a gathering in the ear,
She has been ailing for sotno time past,
but is cured without a doubt. Thanks
to the services of Dr. Clark.
The Woodman ice cream social was
j;lvcn Saturday evening.
We are glad to note that so many of
our young people have secured good
schools (or the coming year. Among
the noteworthy ones might be men
tioned Miss Ruby Zin.mcrmanand Miss
Margaret Emory.
Itusincss Is brisk in the metropolis.
(roily Prairie.
Threshing is going on In fine shape.
Miss Julia Ilaker has been the guest
of Mr. and Mrs, llaydcn Long for the
past week. Miss It.iker is one of our
leading teachers and expects to teach
this winter,
Jamey Henry is digging a well, hop
ing to strike a large flow of water,
Corn is ready to cut and Is very light
this year.
Dick Lackey built a granary on his
place near Lerado, to hold his wheat
for better prices. It is presumed that
the old gentleman will also build a house
and bring his wife from town and spend
their declining days in ease and com
fort. C. M. Day Is going to put out another
monster wheat crop, having out I loo
acres last year.
Mr.' Barton has finished threshing his
wheat crop.
Royal Dafforn has deserted the stand
ards of General Funston, and is working
for the Winfrey thresher company,
Jimmic McClcllan and Ilennie Mercer
were doing businc-j in town Saturday
and Sunday,
lien SchUler is the guest of Mr. Mer
cer. Dave Shredcr Is wanting to thresh,
but threshers are scarce.
Oscar Fields and his gang is at work
on Mr. Rosses place, Clem. Mercer is
plowing wheat land on Sec. 3.
Mr. Geo. Drolte is going to disk his
wheat in again.
Mr. Miller is stacking his bound grain
He is asi-tcd by Hob Hcrry,
The Strippites are returning home to
mother and friends,
School Notos.
School officers arc flooding the county
supertendent's office with inquiries con
cerning the qualifications of teachers
This is a good sij; n.
It the "Luiic Observer will come
to the office of the county superinteti
dent ond examine the records he will
find that "the ax lias fallen."
The majority of the districts have
hired their teachers,
Castleton, Zion and Franklin districts
arc preparing to build during August,
Article 4; Sec. 1 of the constitution of
the State of Kansas says: "All elections
by the people shall be by ballot, and all
elections by the legislature shall be by
"viva voce." Some lawyers in giving
advice to their clients should have some
regard for the above.
The following teachers have been em
ployed: W. S. Sharp Distoj Chas. Davis 125
Ella Southerland 2 Mollie Portel 27
Mary Seyb 31 M. Sheridan 137
J. G. Janney.,,137 1'. McMttllcn 30
Austin Jenkins.,.. 48 11, Cochrane. ,84
Mae Janney 84 Anna Kalfus. .21
J. Kuykenilail...()2 J. A. liouck. . .23
C. R. Ray 20 J. Gcesling... 05
Maud Sharp... 146 J, C. Seyb. ...61
D. McClelland... 94 M. Williams.. 18
M. Ledger wood 33 L, Champion 41
J. F. Croft 42 I.ulie Uillcy . .42
C. Stcinhauser . . 106 Carrie Ilixtcr 1 1 1
M. Anderson.... 1:8 I.olo Moore 144
A. W, Hamilton ,t) Coo. Tcdrick 1
Will Cole 136 C Hall 13ft
C. C. Hombakcr. .() Mabel Logan 00
Grace Sibbett. ... 102 J. A. Steele 102
H. D. Cole Co CassieDunn 13')
Ella Hartford.... (V Mrs. Parks. ..17
MaAura itt .... 1 56
Prof. D. A. Hattghcr goes to Edwards
county next week to conduct a cotinty
.normal at Kinsley.
Prof, I, H. Jackson has cancelled his
engagement at St. John for Normal aork
in August, Tie will devote hit time to
the Interests of the N. N. C.
MlsiWillard is visiting her uncle in
Mcl'herson county this week.
Those who raise fnillH nnd Vfg-
ctalili'H for Hit' imirlvt't find It to t licit
liilvuutairw to tie
Aduliil to III "
v e I o p vii rlt't les
Market. whjl,h w bet
Mil ml rdilpiiirnt. Thin dors not noces
snrlly nifiin those which tire bent In fla
vor, nays 1111 authority. A toinnto, 110
mutter how iIi IIcIouh, that become
"mushy" under 11 few bourn' nluililng
In a freight our, In unprofitable, ex
cept for IiiciiI markets. The niili'oiulH
huvc iiiinle llic rune of supplies for
every region ho wide tlmt the first
rcqnlHlio of any perishable article Ih
I Iim I it xlinll be U "u'ontl shipper." Scl
ent ille iiurlciillurlMH are now bending
their 1'iicrgle toward neciirliijf, by
CTOKM-hrccilliif'l a c 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1011 of (It'll
ciic.v of flavor and of jrrt Inivcllnjf
quality. They have already accoiii
pllMhcd iiiiw Ii. lOvcry year sotnii new
fruit or vegetable enters the general
markets, and bctlcr viirletleH of tlio
old are Introduced, In tlii'HC Hiiicn
not only the pillule but the eye iiiiihI
bo hiillsllcd. Celery iiiiihI be white,
hItum berries must be red, and an ap
ple nt tractive In color, Any new va
riety, however exeollenl, 1iat docs
not conic up to t Iickc htiiiidnrds cannot
expect a wide market. Then nature
put "trii(h'-iiiiiil(K" upon certain va
rieties, and ho ureal ly aids t heir coiii
mrcliil HitceeHH. The "navel" In one
of Hcvcrnl kliulH of seedless oranges,
but ll Is ho distinctly iiiurked an to
have acquired ulmoMt u moiiopuly of
the field.
In 11 ret t article by I)r. Andrew,
of Philadelphia, who ha seen :.',tn
ICn.r- with Wl.leb ""t,,H' ,lll,t l'''.v
hIcIiiii nay h t "I
M"" ,M' have found that
persona of clean life, of honorable,
upright, religions chunicter, not only
do not display an Indifference to the
approach of death as those of grosser
life do, but welcome It us a relief
from care and toil. There Is some
thing about the approach of death
that reconciles men to It, The senses
ore dulled, tltt) perceptive faculties,
urn blunted and t he end conies qui
et ly, painlessly, like a gentle sleep.
In this condition I menu on the ap
proach of death those who retain
their faculties ,o any degree become
more or less philosophers. They
know that tlciith Is Inevitable, that It
Is only u question of hours, and they
accept the verdict without any dem
onstration and In a philosophical
way. In till my experience I have
never round a case in wnicn a (ty
ing man or woman complained
against the Inevitable, attempted to
fight Its approach or even feared it.
It Is only In good health that we fear
death. When we' have become ill,
when we have sustained some Injury
of it very serious nature, the fear of
death seems to disappear."
There was n novel combat the other
ditv at. an Illinois high hcIiooI. The
,,, . ladf sophomores
The Kilncnletl !!
desired to wear
uil Her Muscle. t,)U BL,ho(), coorHi
and the lady juniors said they
shouldn't- there! Whereupon
they came to blows-or rather
to ' the scratch and strings and
but tons Hew. and half came tlowji,
11 nd tender faces were sadly marred,
and even delicate shins wire fiercely
kicked. Tiny chased one another all
over the campus, and only gave up the
struggle when exhausted. And the
lady sophomores. 11 they pinned them
selves up, holly declared that the vic
tory was theirs, and the lady Juniors,
us liny vusflined their scars, were
equally certain that tlx- sophomores
hud been Inclorioiisly routed. No
wonder, ob-erves the Cleveland Plain
Di aler, Unit a timid college professor
advised the voting men of his classes
o lii'Mitre of the cduculed girl.
To the ordinary observer there
oes not seem any relationship be
tween old iiialds uud canary bird.
Put the Philadelphia Record shows
that there Is: "The demand for
canary turds is regulated oy tne sup
ply of old maids," said a Ninth
tivet bird dealer recently. "Mien
the old maid market I strong we sell
lots of canaries, Men bate Yin. I
don't Know why they should, but
they do. Consequently married wont
en seldom Indulge in canaries. Of
course there are exceptions, but most
of the women who buy birds are old
maids. They now seem to fancy the
canary even above the cat and the
parrot. It used to be that every old
maid had cither a cat or n parrot,
perhaps both, but now the little yel
low fellow hw the call, The more
old maids there are, the better it is
for the canary market."
The following unique letter has
been received by the Philadelphia
Record: "If my wife writ cn.v stttf
to you In regard to a young T.tidie in
vtter city do not writ her up in yuer
paper us the ladle will bring slander
and damages against the Reekerd if
you do as there no need of my wife
being Hons of that bailie as that
young Ladle is all right and n perfect
A certain married woman who
"glories In her sex" confesses that
there are t lines
l.onalna; fur . . .
when she envies
ner husband, With
s business suit and u dress suit, he
says, he is "prepared for any oeca
alon.g and to choose such convention
al clothing costs him hardly a mo
ment's thought; whereas with every
changing season she imist complete
ly rearrange her wardrobe, not the,
gowns alone, but the "gewgaws to
inutcli," The older she grows, the
woniuii nays, the mora heavily does
this burden weigh upon her spirit,
Although she Is not a society woman,
says Youth's Companion, she meets
ninny people; It seems u duty to ar
ray herself In the manner that the
general judgment of her sex ap
proves, and to do this demands time,
money and anxious meditation. She
admits that she likes to feel well
dressed. Yet what a relief It would
be, she adds, If, like the sisters be
longing to religious orders, women
would put on uniforms and make no
change except, say, from t hick 'gar
merits to thinner! At first thouu,h't
this seems a reasonable proposition.
It would be so if applied to the other
sex; for man already poys nn esthet
ic penalty for his efforts to save him
self trouble in choosing his clothing,
Members of secret societies evade the
penalty for on hour or two when they
decorate themselves with Hashes and
swords ami feathers; but every other
assemblage of men Is necessarily a
somber and cheerless spectacle. The
members of liny melt gathering are
clad so uniformly that one might log
ically d and they put on uniforms.
Iliipidly woman's Instinct penults her
to be more original. Probably the
only reason why one particular wom
an suggests a uniform is that some
penurious man has charged thnt she
and her sisters sinfully waste their
time and money on dress, Hut thnt
Is not true of many American women,
For one family broken up by the
wife's extravagance, a hundred ore
ruined by the husband's folly. More
over, the woman who takes pallia to
show herself ut her best does tl good
deed, since she adds just so much
more to the charm of life.
Runaway marriages are becoming
so common thnt It is Interesting to
recall a stern parent of Philadelphia
who refused to ever again see his
only child, a daughter, who had of
fended him In this manner. Years
passed, and the time came for his
death without, having brought to him
any softening toward the girl. As he
was a man of great wealth, consider
able curiosity was felt to know
whether slip would be mentioned. In
his will or whether In death, an in
life, she was disinherited. After many
and generous bequests to charity the
following clause In the will wu.i read:
"1 give, bequeath and devise to my
daughter, .lane, the sum of five dol
lars, in order that she may purchase
some strongly-written tract on filial
Morrlstowu, N. J., has 11 justice
the peace who nets promptly mid ener
getically, uud has the courage of bis
convictions. A w ife complained tohliu
that her husband deserted her three
years ago, uud that four of her six chil
dren had died of starvation mean
time, but that she now hud located the
husband In Morristown, where he had
been living for six mouths with an
other woman. The justice hud the litis-
Hind arrested, took the keys of his
house from hiim put the woman out,
mil Installed the wife la the domicile
with her two remaining children, tell-
nir her to use it as if It were her own,
mil not to tear, a ne wunui onum
:icr. If not legally right, the Justice
was morally so, and his action will be
generally commended.
ITte agricultural department is
icndliig to experimental florist a
ilaiit that Is a wonderful novelty. It
as been mimed the artillery plant.
I, grows to a height of 12 or 1 Inches
itul Is covered with pale red buds.
They do not blossom. When a show-
r comes or water Is poured on them,
iv the moisture, the buds swell rap-
dly and explode loudly and a tiny
ring or snioue rises, vincn ti mine
plant, covered with hundreds of buds,
s sprinkled, they all explode simul
taneously nnd a considerable cloud of
smoke ciwi be seen.
In the bottom of u strawberry box
opened ut Hutchinson, Kan., the other
iuy this was found written: "1 am
3oru Marsh, aged 10, of Logan, Mo.
Never been kissed."
Comparisons are odious, most par
ieulurly when thei' are accurate.
' , in .... a lt,ki'maS-'"f "-a-" Jtt'l'il hii Jrrmitoi
A recent decision by the supreme
court of the I'nlted Htates concerning
ni.u- Preferences In
bankruptcy is
tauter DeeUlon. ,1,, something
like consternation among merchants.
The bankruptcy act forbids prefer
ences to creditors, requiring any cred
itor who bus been preferred to sur
render what ho has received If he pro
poses to prove any claims or receive
any dividends. Ily the recent decision
It Is established that the receipt of
money by a creditor within four
months of the time when a petition In
bankruptcy It filed by or against the
person making the payment, consti
tutes a preference. Thus, If A sells to
11 a bill of goods amount lug to if-VW,
and Is paid In cash, and thereupon sells
him another bill ut goods for f 1,0111) on
1)0 days' credit, wllliln which time H
goes Into bankruptcy, A becomes a
preferred creditor. If he proposes to
claim his f 4.0(10, he must give up his
$U,000. If he wants to keep his $2,0(10,
he must give up his $l,uii(i. The fact
that he hud no Intention of obtaining
u preference, or that his debtor hud
no Intent Ion of giving him one, Is Im
material; the luw presumes the Inten
tion from the mere fact of payment.
It Is suggested that business men
should bestir 'themselves to have con
gress amend the law so as to lessen, if
not completely do nwny with, the se
verity of this provision,
Of course, rich men have a right to
Jo as they please with their money,
ind can select their own beneficiaries.
Those who contribute to the cause of
education do wisely and well, Put
would It not be wiser anil better, sug
gests the lltitTiilo Times, If some of
this vast amount of money were ex
pended In establishing kindergarten
and playgrounds for the children ol
the poor, Instead of lavishing It all
upon the "higher education" of the
sons of the rich?
One of the officials of the Philadel
phia mint suys: "There Is always a
scarcity of pennies In the west and a
superabundance of them In the east
Kvery little while the bunks out there
set up a hoot and cry for pennies, but
our banks here arc ever glad to rid
themselves of their surplusage In
these coin. It Is difilciilt to see why
such a state of things should be."
Judge Jciiks, of the New York su
preme court, told the law school ol
New York university the other day
that "the man with furrows in his
brow wins ugainst the man with
creases in his trousers every time."
A niiw woriUneurpuruted lathe Kng
lish language, especially in exposition
literature, Is "pergola," which I de
fined as "an nrbored colonnade, "
The small boy's Imagination seems
to have been excited by the reports of
the magnificence of the Fun-American
exposition. Y'onngsters are running
away all over the country, and the
police In ninny cities have been kept
busy looking for juvenile tourists who
are needed nt home. It would prob-
lably be n good thing for most of these
boys to carry out rhelr plan. They
1.1 ,:.-., ,, f ...... ... i,,,h,i
would receive a great many hard
knocks and endure some privations,
and the experience would in many
eases operate as u permanent cure for
the runaway fever. Put it would be
difficult to convince the parents of
That was n smart Michigan woman
who, when her husband filed suit fordl
vorce against her, went to her niu's
and had a notice of her own death in
serted in the newspapers. The hits-
band's affections revived, and, instead
V . 1 , 1. fV....!JV. 1.
. 01 unending tne lunertu 01 nis w uc, ne
found her uud his mother-in-law in
the Jlosii, a watting mm w itn open arms.
The telegrams add that the delghted
husband hugged his wife fondly, omit
ting all reference tohis inother-ln-la w,
who was, beyond doubt, the suggest el'
of the little game.
One of the American consuls In Italy
has discovered that the finest kind of
macaroni produced In that country
made from American wheat, which ex
cels for this particular purpose the
wheat of every othercouiilry. The Im
portance of the macaroni industry Is
hardly appreciated in the United
States, but, it really 11 1111 units to a great
deul and tncuns a new uud big market
for our wheat.
Once there was much made of the
Idea that a subtreasury should be es
tablished ot every crossroads. It
L'ume to nothing, but a Wisconsin con
gressman proposes to start steum
laundries at points convenient to
farmers' wives. Power, it Is said,
could easily be supplied in connection
with the numerous creameries and
cheese factories.
Thcrc'a always ft food
market ana a gooa pricu
for tibucp if you place
them right. 'c know
bow to t;ct the top price
every day, uml arc ready
to tell you if you will
write or call.
Wo rn.ir ll: lnrcrnt rrlllnit
ntiil Iiiimiiix i:iiihtii'9 In tl.j
vurlit nlwuriMit vmir 'r?lt'o
t'tllicr fur win k uriiui'.my,
Uiuisi't) Ciiy M'H'k Ynrda
Knnsnn City, rilo.
and lu order to double our sulos of luut season we are making LOWER
PRICES THAN EVER. If there is anything you want In the line of
Uuildlni, cull at
Snyder Planing Mill,
IS, 20, 22, 24, West Sherman. Hutchinson, Kan,
Long-range wenther prediction has I
vet to show that it is or u.e. Kiigiu-
esfc value. Probably the June just
ended has been In the Mississippi vul
lev the hottest on record, Y'ct If fol
lowed an unusually lute spring. The
hciitcd spell dropped down without
an intimation of any kind. On ftun
iluy, June HI. the maximum trniwa-
lure suddenly soared up to lH.r, ami
there have been but three days sliis
with a maximum of less than ml. The
average maximum since the middle of
the month has been lla.rj. Last year,
for the wiine half month, the average
maximum was k. Perhaps this Indi
cates a hot summer, and perhaps it
doesn't, 'Nobody but the charlatan
pretends to know anything liboitt It.
There I onu form of wealth which
is distinctly reprehensible, the kind
that distributes big tip along the
summer routes of liavcl. It Is done
fe iffsnluv. The mail who has Hindu
u strike wants to show off, and his
way of doing It Is with rlve-dollar gold
nieces, or liiunillcenec of thut com
mon sort. The extravagance simply
demoralizes waiter. It Ih no good to
the hotels or restaurants, anil it
makes everybody else who ha not
live-dollar gratuities to distribute less
Hpeolnl Units vmarent Mock Islmifl
I.oulsvlllo, Ky., tickets far tills meeting on
alu Autruot U. ii and 10 at rate of one fare plus
two dollars for tin round trip, roturn Itm
Soptumbor 'Jnd, time can be oxteridecl by !
porillng tlcketi with Joint sseti until 8ept. 10.
Lew rntes art alio In effect to all principal
cltUi In the east, nnd to all points In Colorado,
For further purtlculum eull ouor address,
Toallpolnli In California one farf plus 2.f0
for tlio round trip tickets on calu Aug, 0th and
'JCth, good tu return 21 duys from date of aule.
To Denver, Colo, Sprints or Pniblo $15.00 for
tlio round trip. Glcutrocd HprluifK, t-i for
tlio lonnd trip, Ogden and Suit Lake City 11)0
for the round trip licked 011 rslo Ai.gun let to
lliifrulo and return fill 4r for ten doye from
dule of ulo. U.tKJ good lAdnys from date of
ia!o. $10.1)0 good until Oct. ulct slop overs at
lowd eaat of Chicago 011 lutter olure tlokot.
R. C Fisiitii. sgont,
Personally conducted
homeseekers' excursions to
California, AugtiBt 0 and 2d,
September 3 and 17.
Only one fare, plus $2 00,
round trip.
Through tourists sleepers and
ct air cars.
California is an open door of
opportunity for the hustler.
Visit Grand Canyon of Arizona
en route.
C. A: WALKISB, Agent,
Atchison , Topeka & Santa FoRR
llutoliltiaon, Kansas.
A $350 Ludwig Piano Free.
The Kansas City Daily World by Mail
One Dollar a Year.
For every dollar paid on a mall subscription two hundred votes will
be credited to the candidate you -.
" er ye'and this special price of $1.00 per year fou ninktv
! . ,.0 v v un.1 amdles only to mail subscriptions.
Tills Is li i n I portunity to solicit subscriptions and try to
. i.l no free for the most popular lady In your vicinity.
Z:Z$2 diX will be Published euch day in the Kan
sits City World.
Our Many Successes
Designing and Building Resi
dences and Publlo liuildlnsa It
convincing proof of our ability
to do all lines of work satisfac
torily where architectural skill
Is required. Combined with
thin we have the ml; J'LAnino
mill ic this section of the State
whore they can do first clans
wonic Just now we are making
s specialty of
Door and Window Screens
1 vif ffi'fxrm
Cheaper Than Ever
IJttlljr .Tiin lSlh to
BniiKiintytrlO, 11)01.
Missouri River roints to Denver,..
Colorado Springs and Pueblo,
CI R fHV'uiy 1 ton. Ci Q nn .time into
$ I a.UU sept. 1 lo .0. I vU July 10 to
Aug. 81.
Similar reduced rates on name dates
to other Colorado and Utab tourlut
Hates from other points on Rock,.
Island Route proportionately lower '
on same dates of sale.
Return Limit, October 81, 1001.
The Superb Train,
Leaves Rnnaiia Cllr (tally at 6:110 p. 111., finish
5:l p. ut., Ml Joaeph 6:00 1. m. arrivals; l)nvi
11:00 a, m. (lolnrailo Springs (Msnllou) 10:UAa.
nt., Pueblo 11:50 a, ui.
W'rlto for detail ond Colorado literature,
K, W. THOMPSON, A. O. I A, Topoks, Kan.
m aora Improved ITrao fnr a Hlioce
Farm, a ColK'ie Kd-
.lOi wild- UMU"tf
ncntlon. ID lllurarleii,
For particular addreas APAKAL TO KEAHOI
(Jlrurd, Kaunaa.
tXM Via Santa Fo Uonto to Chicago snd rc--turn
July 28 M SBih.
IP YOU wlvh to Invcillpito tlio mln
srnl wealth and fruit orchards of
Arkan-H" anil Mia ourl, auu the rloli
farms la Oklithi'in and Indian Territory
or so on a gutuiuor's wutlug", talis Ui
For health, weslth or ptcaurfl, ws aur
pitas all othrrs. Arrangemutita nava
wea niailo whrrrby we oau now aull
tlokata through to Yollvilk, Ark,, the
center ot the richest niluttriil difrlctof
Arkunaaa sail Misaourl. bummer rates
Eureka Springy,
The Famous Health Resort,
Are on sad tlokota limited tonlnetvdaya
can be procured st any time. Wo Bro
right in lino on cheap ratua to:
Detroit, Mich.
Loalsillle, K7.
Memphis, Tenn.
I. Fnul, silua,
Milwaukee. Wis.
Cincinnati, Ohio.
Ban Frauclaco, Cal.
Bnfl'alo, H. T.
Washington, I. C.
And all other Important points.
We will doera It s plesanro to fljnre
with you on any oontomplntod trip and
will inuoiir bent omloavors to rendor
courteous tronimont, unBurlng you of
5 a aatlafiictory journey.
5 Any other Information will bo cheer-
5 fully Rlvon by the nosrent Krlnio sirent
S or drop s curd to either of the uudur-
5 llllYAJi SXTIKB, G.P. A.
r, St. Louis, Mo.
5 or n. F. DUNN.
5 District Pubs. Agt, Wichitn, Ran.
(4, t i''' 1 j
VJcS- -v

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