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"All governments derive
thel r J ust powers from
the consent of the
'All men are created
free and Equal."
NO. 10.
VOL. 12.
Juit n AnarohlH.
Tho report of the specialist, who
i-xiunlned (JzoIkohx'h bralit and tcavo
tlio opinion that ho was not Insane,
jior a doifonernte, U ono of tlm most
r,onvliicln arguments iitfitlnst tint
limner of the teiiehlne-s f anarchy
that could bo written. It Is as fol
lows :
"C,oIkisz whs wilier, Industrious,
nml law ablilliiK until lio was 21 years
'He was as others of his class, a
liellever In Hie government of his
country. After lie cast his II rat vote
lie made the ncinialntanee of Anarch
istic leaders who Invited him to there
meetings. II" was 11 Ustoner,
and In a short time he adopted their
theories. lie was consistent In his ad
Jiornnco to anarchy. He did not bo
llcvo In government, therefore ho re
fused to vote. He did not believe In
marriage, because ho did not bellevo
Jn law. He killed the president be
cause ho was a ruler, and C.olgos. be
lieved as he wan taught, that all rul
ers were tyrants, and that to kill u
ruler would benetlt the people. He
, refused a lawyer lieeauso he did not
liollevo In law, lawyers or courts.
"Wo come to tho conclusion , that
in the holding of these views, Czol
go8 was sane, because these opin
ions were formed gradually under tho
Influence of anarchistic leaders and
propagandists. In C.olgosz they
tound a willing and Intelligent tool;
ono who had the courage of his con
victions regardless of personal conse
quences. 'J'hc most careful quest Ion
Ing failed to discover any hallucina
tions of sight or hearing. He had
received no special command. He
did not believe that ho had been es
pecially chosen to do the deed. Ho
always spoke of his motive for the
crime as duty. Ho always referred
to the anarchists' belief that the
killing of rulers was a duty. Czol
gosz'B was not a case of paranoia,
because ho had not systmat.lscd de
lusions revert I nit Lo self, and because
he was In exceptionally good condi
tion and had an unbroken record of
Hood health. His capacity for labor
bad always been good and equal to
that of his fellows. These facts nil
tend to prove that the man had an
unimpaired mind. He had false be
liefs, the result of false teaching and
not tho result of disease. He Is not
tobo classed us degenerate. Tsychlcal
Jy he had not a history of cruelty nor
of perverted tastes or habits. Ho was
the product of anarchy, wmo and ro-Hponslblo."
There seems to be some hope of a
revulsion of feeling In Great Britain
against tho horrors and savagery of
the English In Uie Boer war. The
London Dally News takes up tho re
conccntrado policy In tho following
way : The Dally K-ews today exhaust
ively surveys the concentrado camps
In South Africa with tho conclusions:
The truth Is that the death rate In
the camps is Incomparably worse than
anything Africa or Asia can show.
There Is nothing to match It even In
the mortality tigurcs of the Indian
famines where cholera and other ep
idemics have to bo contended with.
Statistics are produced In proof of
this assertion. The government's
advertisement for teachers for the
camp children, setting forth that
"the term of employment will be one
year certain," Is prominently dis
played as evidence that the authori
ties have no intention of ending the
'wholesale dent ruction of human
life". The. Dally News urges all
humane men not to wait for olllcial
reports but, to insist on the camps
being broken up mid the people dis
tibutod among their friends or re
moved to districts where a fresh at
tempt can be made, under competent
organization and with some regard to
the preservation of life that, or ex
termination and an "eternal stain on
Hie name of England''
It now develops that the big suit
in Illinois which resulted In having
a largo amount of eorjioration prop
erty which had been hidden, listed
for taxation, was Instituted by the
Chicago Teachers. When you get'the
sclioohnarms thoroughly a going they
are hard to stop even by corporations.
The Western School .lournal 'says:
"Tlio. victory won by the Chicago
Toucher's Federation, under the
splendid leadership of Misses Marga
ret Haley and Catherine (logglir, Is
one of the most, notable of' modern
times. Hacked by the teachers of
Chicago, they brought a mandamus
suit requiring certain sped lied fran
chises and stocks of corporations to
bo assessed. The circuit court
granted tho writ, and the supreme
court of Illinois on October 2llh, af
firmed tlx) decision. It Is estimated
that 2llH,lHH,(KHi.wlll bo added to the
assessed valuation of property In Chi
cago, and tluit the Income of the city
will be Increased about 2,imh),(Iihi.
This famous victory, won wholly
by womon'sliows the Immense power
of an organized foero wisely directed.
Waluwoiki Report.
The city council met In special ses
sion last Monday night to receive the
report of tho committee who con
ferred with the representatives of the
Hutchinson Water Light and Power
Co., In Chicago relative to fixing a
purchase brlco on the plant.
The committee reported that the
company through their representa
tives were not ready to name a price
on the plant and works, but Instead,
presented a plan which they thought
would be Just and fair to both sides.
The company's plan was for the
council to make a selection of five
expert engineers, capable of making
an unbiased valuation of the' city
water works, and from this five (lie
company would select one to make an
appraisement of their properly here.
If no sale should result ul'UT lio vid
ua) Inn, the company agreed to pay the
cost of the engineer, so that the city
would lie out nothing financially.
This olTer of the company Is a very
considerate one as will be seen. A
competent engineer would cost from
25. to $50 per day which would mean
an expenditure of from MOO to $1,000
for a complete appraisement and
should no sale bo made and the city
have to pay the cost, It would be
throwing Just so much money away.
The council accepted the report of
the committee and Instructed them
to go ahead with the matter of select
ing an engineer. While In Chicago
tho committee looked up a number
oft he most reliable engineers and
have their list about ready to submit
to the company for a selection. The
ciiolcu must be a iinui o" abwhilc
truthfulness nftl honesty for upon
him depends un 'appraisal fair to both
sides and Judging from the way the
company. has acted thus far the coun
cil has every reason to bellevo that
the company will do the right, thing..
Tho following letter from a Hutch
inson business man to the chairman
of tho Water and Light committee
will show some of the more Impor
tant duties of the engineer selected.
First, to have whatever engineer
you select report on the gross and net
earnings of tho company and cost of
ruining tho plant for the past fiscal
Second. What Increase per annum
In business could be reasonably ex
pected during the next five years, un
der city management, if well man
aged. This Information would prob
ably bo based on experience In other
Third. To give what the running ex
pensoof tlio property for ono year
would be under economical city man
agement, regardless of what. It has
really cost to run the plant.
Fourth. To report on the advant
ages and disadvantages of city own
ership, with citations from other
towns of of like size within his know
ledge. Fifth, Whether the present prices
for water and light are reasonable and
compare favorably with the other
towns of like size.
Sixth. To ascertain whether any
repairs or Improvements of Impor
tance are needed at the works now.
Seventh. What expense could he
done away with under city manage
ment that Is now Incurred In any
way In running the plant.
Eighth. Whether city ownership
will tend to inceaso tho patronage of
the people, based on experience In
other cities within his knowledge.
Ninth. To investigate tlio contam
ination of the water during the past
summer and to suggest an cffecllvc
remedy and what such remedy would
After completing the evening's
work concerning the water works, the
council took up the matter of ap
pointing a special health odlcer to
look after small pox and like conta
gious diseases. It was left, to the
mayor to attend to this, and It Is un
derstood that he will appoint Mr.
Flsk who held the same position last
year at a salary of 8-10.00 per month.
Marriage Llosnses.
The following marriage licences
have been granted by the probate
Judge since our last issue:
George M. Lowery to Mabel Kinney,
both of Hutchinson.
Gus Brown to Ada Belle Coleman
both of Hutchinson.
Tht Grnnc' fcalral Block In Rulni.
Friday, at midnight, the city lire
department uw called out to grapple
wllh a lire in tho old Grand Central
Hold block on Second Avenue West.
The lire which had gained consid
erable headway, was not under full
control for a number of hours, and
was not abandoned by tho firemen un
til 10:110, Saturday morning.
The buildings wero the property of
the New York Life Insurance Co., of
New York City. While part of the
walls and lower floor are left yet, it Is
genernlly conceded that they are In
total ruins, making the passing of
another of Keno county's land marks,
Nearly every busslness enterprise
of any Import, from hotel and gen
real merchandise stores to distillery
and Joints, has been represented In
this block, and to say that any other
block In the city has seen as many
business changes, would be slighting
Its reputation. A number of fires
have started In tho building during
Its life, each time, however, to be
put out with considerable surprise
to every one and small damage to the
Spontaneous combust Ion Is the
cause attributed to the lire, which
had Its origin In a hundred tons of
coal which were stored by the Cent ral
Coal and Coke Company In nn old
stable at the west end of the block.
The coal was valued betweeu IX
and 700 and while there was no In
surance on this, the company expect
to realize at least one-half the value
of the coal by sale.
Tho first room of the block was oc
cupied by the Metropolitan restauant.
Most of the stock In this place was
saved and less damage was done to
the building at this end than at any
I other quarter. In the next two rooms
was the Model Steam Laundry, oper
ated and owned by .1. J. Iloehm.
Most, of the movable machinery was
saved, the engine and overhead shaf
ting being the principle loss. It Is
understood tlw stock was Insured for
1,IMH). For tho time being the Amer
ican Steam Laundry will do their
work. Tho remlander of the block
on the ground floor was occupied by
the olllce. and press ' room of the
weekly Observer, and by the paint
shop of the Jones Bros.. Most of tho
goods wero carried out during the
earlier part of tho fire, but never
theless It will be a heavy loss to Mr.
Tllleux of the Observer. The typo
must have been badly pled In the
hurry of removal, although Mr. Tll
leux says he will soon have it In good
shape again. He was unfortunate In
having no insurance. The press was
gotten out without any serious dam
age. Tho entire second floor, con
sisting of some twenty-flve rooms, was
used by Mr. Slreeter for lodging pur
poses. It Is understood that about
one-half of these rooms were occupied
at tho tlmo of tho fire, but did not
learn the exact loss of life.
The entire stock of furnishings
on this floor was consumed by the
fire, hardly a single piece of furni
ture remaining. The goods lost here
were valued a little above J400. of
which one-half was covered by Insur
ance. Chief Stout and his men worked
hard and long on this fire and are to
be congratulated (Mi the untiling en
ergy they displayed. Had It not been
for their good work the. chances were
lu favor of a still larger lire.
County Attoney Carr Taylor was
In Leavenworlth Saturday arguing
the constitutionality of the Kansas
autl-t rust law before Judge Hook of
the United States district court,.
This Is the case In which the grain
dealers are interested, as If will deter
mine whether they can be summoned
bemre a district court and compelled
to testify as to the purposes and
workings of their organization as was
attempted to be done here in the in
vestigation brought by the Fanners
Elevator company of Haven, In
this case the Slate supremo court was
completely Jumped, and the case
goes Into the federal courts for set
lleinent. Should the law be sustained (In
grain trust will probably carry It to
the Culled States Supreme court.
Their side of (bee case was argued
before Judge Hook by G. A. Vanile
veer, and Mr. Taylor was unassisted.
A Wysterbu Confession.
Sheriff Long Is lu possession of some
peculiar Informal Ion thai was sent
him by the chief of police ofJSI. Louis.
It states that a niiiii calling himself
Callahan had been arrested in thai
cltv, and had voluntarily given them
a statement that lie was one of three
men that blew open the safe and rob'
bed tho Turon bank about two years
ago, He gives Hutllcieiit details to
make sure thai he knows something
about the affair at any rate, He tells
how after the robbery they captured a
hum1 chit mid made their get away.
He does uo tell who his confederal es
What Is hi purpose In making this
confession, Is altogether a mat ter of
conjee I inc. The only thing suggested
so far Is that he Is afraid of being
taken on some worse charge and
thinks if he Is locked up on this one
It may help him to escape the heav
ier penalty.
Ths Womin'i Fsrdsatlon,
The Seventh District Federation
of Women's Clubs met In this city last
week. The meeting was called to
order at Hi.'IO Thursday morning at
tho M, E. church by .the Fodedat Ion's
president, Mrs. Weatherly. It was a
good audience which comfortably
tilled the large church which greeted
tho visitors. Mayor Martin was to
have delivered an address of welcome,
but. he was compelled to send his
regrets which were read by Mrs,
Wliians, At tho usual time for the
welcome It was passed over because
of the absence of Mrs, Forsha, hut a
little later Mrs. Mantelle delivered
an address which gave the guests
feeling of tlio hospitality of Hutchin
son. Mrs, Com G. Lewis of Kinsley,
wifo of James Lowly editor of the
Graphic, responded In a felicitous
speech which of course had Women's
Clubs for Us theme, Mrs. Lewis is a
favorite at all women's meetings
and her addresses are always listened
to with attention.
There were three sessions Thursday
and two Friday. At, these different
sessions there were various papers and
discussions on such triples as elevate
and broaden tho mind. There was of
course also the usual business of such
meetings, committee work, reports,
election of officers, etc. But It was
mostly talk. Now that may seem to
bo eminently In order at a women's
convention. In fact It Is not out of
order at a men's convention. And
after all It Is tho principal purpose
of conventions generally. The discus
sions of tills convention showed that
the Seventh District of Kansas has
some very Intelligent and able women,
women who In culture will measure
up very favorably with any other Ixidy
of a similar kind In this or any other
Stato. The Seventh Dlstlrct Federa
tion Is the largest In the tate. This,
when tho fact that so much of the
district Is so thinly settled, Is a some
what remarkable statement. The
larirest club In the district Is the
Hutchinson club which has 110 mem
bers. Tho Seventh District Federa
tion Is composed of forty-three clubs
and the number Is rapidly Increasing.
They were represented at this meet
ing by more than nlnty delegates, and
the delegates and those taking part
on tho program wore entertained by
the Hutchinson club.
Before leaving our city the federa
tion elected the following oltleers:
President, Mrs. Cora G. Lewis, of
Kinsley. First Vice President, Mrs.
Merrick of Wellington. Second Vice
hvshleul, Mrs. Weston of Pratt. Sec
retary, Mrs. Kinney of Newton.
Treasurer, Mrs. Shalliick, of Sedg
wick. For their next meeting the. la
dies will go to Dodge City. Ilefore
iidjoiirnl ng also I hey passed t lie follow
ing resolutions:
The commit tec on resolutions pre
sented Hie following through iisclialr
imm. Mrs. (iiiiinell. of Great llcud:
We, the representatives of the clubs
of the Seventh (llsirici, here assem
bled, do hereby resolve: That a voir
of thanks be extended to our presi
dent and olher olllcers of this herler
at Ion for the able and Impartial niaii-
iir i' In wlileh tills ineellnir has boon
conducted and the diilies of their
olllces discharged during he past year.
That, we regret exceedingly the re
moval of our nreslrleiit, Mrs. Weuth-
r-riv. from the Seventh district, anil
assure her that tho hearty sympathy
nml annrec atlon or the "lug Mov
ent h" will follow her to her new
Chrlitmai and Martin.
Do vou realize that Christinas Is
only six wer-ks off? Six short, weeks
In which to make your preparations
nnrl to decide what to buy. The pre
diction is thai we are going! to have
a liit o but a severe winter. Lu
dniibtodlv December 2".th will be se
verely cold. Then stop to think of
the a'dded pleasures a happy Xnuis
will In. to l hose about vou. Make the
homo cosy: keep the lire going and ar
range your trip to Hutchinson as
(iiilcklv as possible. There is one big
ii,,,,.,, in uiiimlv vim ir needs
Their buyers have been hurrying over
the Eastern markets to pick up tin
eholee novelties and toys for tlio Hoi'
ldav season. That store is Martin?
ono price cash house.
Six dezn
'Dundy' Dmt
Hiiiel(l,(, per
pair, 5c
(Trltiiunng Depart uieut.)
Men's, Women's
Cloves and
The value of , our merchandise to you la tho service
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pair OUC
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tens, closely knit, sligle or
p'S!8.."1:.... 10. 15. A 20c
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Hutchinson. - - Kans i
Jj Freight paid on all B . 00 mall orders within 100 Miles. Catalog frco t
Worster's Dental Parlor.
Kansas for years.
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