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Hutchinson Gazette.
George V. Powey, ft cmiisln of Ad
miral Dewey, Ih nslcing to be appointed
postmaster (it ("hnimte,
Nhuwnoo county voted against tlio
proposed levy for 'fixing itp th" -state
fair grounds at Topcka,
Chase 'county apple growers aro lio
cninlngdospernW', They cannot Hud u
market for their apples,
C. .1. Miller, if Obcrlln, lvhllecuttlng
out cuttle was thrown from his horsu
Mini dragged to dragged to death.
Thofl;'nil report of the Kansas su
preme court will he" ready for those who
want it, orrn-tiMio In December.
.Julia V. V. Harris, of Wellington, Ih
Ihc only wottmn lawyer of Khiisiih who
practices before the supremo court.
R( ports arc out that oil has been dis
covered near llliii'liHtoni!, Sunnier conn
ty, between Caldwell and Anthony.
Tho plow of Physician lit thn Insane
asylum at Topcka is vacant and linos
arc out. to llnd the best nmn to 1111 It.
A new Congregational church Ih to
be built lit Osborne. It. will boof stonu
ami will cost between 8:1,000 and 84,000.
Throw hunks of Siillnil hold deposits
amounting to Sl.llll.UM.r.il. which Ih
nver 47K for .every Inhabitant of Saline
Thirteen bunks do the business of
the M,0m )c(iilo of Hrown uimnty,
The combined assets of these IiiiiiUh Ih
Galena Is trying1 the I'nitod StatcH
courts to further the ollWt to force
down water rates 40 per cent, accord
ing to the city ordinance.
In and within three miles of Cherry
vale there are 30 gas wells with a pro
ducing enpaelty of UI0 million cubic
feet daily; equivalent to li.SOO tons of
coal, or 400 carload
Tho Catholics are building now
churches ut Frontcnae, Chlcopco and
Grecnbush. Work has commenced on
& hospital ut Pittsburg and a newsehool
building will be built there.
Tho binding twine plant at the .Kau
nas penitentiary will start to work
alxuit January 1. Warden .lewett has
secured enough sisal to keep the work
going through the winter months.
Superintendent Church proposes to
rigorously prosecute the Mercantile
Fire Insurance company, of Chicago,
n ml Its agents In Kansas for doing busl
JnesH without a license uud for refusing
to scttlo losses.
The counties of KUnton, (Jrant, Mus
sel. Morton, Stephens, .Seward and
Meade , and a part of tho counties of
Hamilton, Finney, Kearney, limy,
Ford and Clark are not within tho
Louisiana Purchase.
Hev. P. IT. Anderson has just re
turned to Abilene from tho Klondike,
where his mines have this year given a
largo fortune, anil bus purchased sev
eral farms In tho county and settled
bis relatives upon thorn.
Tho present term of the supreme
court has on tho docket 114.1 cases. It
will take the court a year to catch up.
There arc about 40 new cases coming in
monthly, which would make 1,000 cases
in sight for the next year.
The old law suit over the mineral
springs properly at Carbondalo has
reached a verdict In the Kutporiii dis
trict court for 817,000 damages for tho
Jlurillcks. The case Is against the Car
bondalo Investment company and it
has been in the courts for 1 1 years.
Hd Winchester of Leavenworth, bus
has had a leg amputated. It was the
result of Injuries received In u football
Cattlemen are buying up tax deeds
and unsold school lands in western
counties, taking every acre they can
,gct hold of.
II. L. Jones, lined 71, the tlrst mem
ber of the legislature from Saline coun
ty, is dead, lie was the original "Buf
falo Jones," representing a large section
of tho state which was then covered
with buffaloes,
Reports received by Superintendent
Nelson from 'J5 of thu lll.'i counties of
tho statu show that 1.10 new school
houses have been built during 1 1)01 .
Tho second jail delivery within a
month occurred at Great Itend. Four
prisoner? took a stone out of tho wall
ami the next day were dodging blood
hounds, lllucklcg among young cattle In Sedg
wick county Is attributed to sudden
change of tlie stock from grass to pas
turage on early sown wheat with a
rank growth.
Two sets of h'irs and tho state of
Kansas are trying to get tho property
left by John Gainer, of liutlor comity
The state's claim in based upon the
alien law which was In force at tho
date, of Gainer's death.
Hev. Thayer, who ban been pastor of
the Congregational church of Wichita
for a number of years, during which
the tine edifice, now occupied by that
congregation was erected, has resigned
having been chosen to succeed Hev. L.
I', Broad as Held agent of the Congro.
Rational Home Misuiouarv society.
Eplzootlo is 'prevalent among the
liorsos of Saline county.
Mulvitno recently shlrped 3,500 bush
shuls of apples to Texas,
Tim Catholic cathedral to be built in
Wichita will cost 8.10,000.
Many Sumner county wheat Holds
show a growth of T-i inches.
Harbor county cattle are being taken
for pasturage to Pratt county,
Typhoid fever cases arc reported In
almost every paper in Northern Kan
sas, Captain Admit), Clark, of Lawrenee.,
bus boon appointed a lieutenant lu tlwi
regular army.
The Kansas state lodge of Sins of
Herman Is to meet in Topeku, Novem
ber It) and Hi,
Indian Agent Hound) has paid 910.
H00 to the hatidfull of Indians still in
Franklin county.
Old Kith Kansas veterans are trying
to get the survivors of that regiment
together In a reunion.
Dispatches from Anthony get pult
lishcd which Indicate that the Orient Is
rather slow in its ocrutlons in that
Tho supremo court did not decide tho
Topcka mayoralty contest last week as
expected, Neither did it reach the
eight-hour ease,
Fire destroyed at Hutchinson, the
lllue Front livery barn, the (irand
Central hotel, a laundry, a printing
olllco and a restaurant.
F. I. Mead, of Dexter, a cattleman,
has boon Indicted for putting to bis
own use money sent him by a Kansas
City commission man for expenses.
The Kansas cotton mill at Indepen
dence has boon leased to a new com
pany and will begin operations in a.
few days, It will employ about lull
men during the winter.
The free employment agency in T
peka has made up quite a list of purtic
who have oll'cred bribes to be put in
good places. No olio on this list will
ever be helped by the agency,
(!, W. Proctor, a juryman at Fort
Scott, in a criminal ease, was arrested
for taking a newspaper into the jury
room and insisting upon reading an ac
count of tho trial to the jury,
Pearl Pagett and Frank White left
llelolt for Denver to buy 3,0110 Mexican
lambs. J, W. lliggins, of Cawker, Is
Interested with them. They have made
sheep raising a successful specialty.
The Wells Fargo company has com
menced building a pressed brick struc
ture In Hutchinson, for their own use.
It Is to be by l .'O feet and two stories
high. They will need it all, especially
during the fruit season.
Two men of Marysvlllo, with eastern
capilal to back them, propose to have
by May next, the largest plaster plant
in thu I'nitod States. They have taken
a 30 year lease on a ((uurtcr section in
Marshall county which Is rich In gyp
The supreme court decides that :,chool
district warrants are not affected by
the statute of limltatloif, and must bo
paid. The Importance of this decision j
Is great as there arc thousands of dollars
of unpaid scrip and warrants which
were issued in boom days.
The sbuep upon which grew the llccco
that gives Kansas the world's record for
heavy llcece is a Merino, born mid bred
In Sedgwick county. His llcece, when
2 years old, sheared 3".'j pounds; when
3 years old 44 j pounds, and when four
years old M pounds,
Kansas claims the biggest horse In
tho world, He wus raised by X. i
Stout, of Troy, Doniphan couniy. Ait
average horse weighs 1,000 pounds, but
this animal is twenty hands high and
bis weight Is just '.Ml'.' pounds, making
hiiu us big as two horses, with more
than a third of another to spare.
The new Mitchell county court house
at llcloil luis a room especially designed
for a rest room for women of the conn
t v who come to town.
The California Limited wilt pick up
the fast mull cur ut. Newton and take
It to La Junta , and the returning lim
ited, No. 4, will take It back to Kansas
Henry Williams, of (iaylord, Is be
coming quite wealthy by fattening cat-
tic on alfalfa. This your he has 400
head in his feed lots which he will feed
this winter.
Judge Har.cn, of Shawnee county, de
cides that an assistant attorney general
cannot punish a witness who refuses to
give him evidence, under the inquisition
law, which gives that power to county
attorneys only.
A combination of Baptists has pur
chased Campbell university nt Holton,
and have changed Its name to Campbell
Collegiate Institute.
The Scottish Kite reunion In Topcka
will bo November 20 to 29 inclusive.
Tho out of town Masons will be enter
tained on Thanksgiving.
Otto Miller, chief of the Springfield,
111., lire service, visited in Topcka re
cently. Twenty-seven years ago he
was with Chief Wilmurth In tho old
volunteer lire service In Topcka. Wil
marth is there yet.
November 4 was the 20th anivcrsary
of tho pastorate of tho Rev. W. N.
Page, of tho First Presbyterian churcb
of Leavenworth. There were 1(13 mem
bers then of whom theru aro left only
41, During his pastorate Mr. Page
bus received 1,700 members. . The pres
ent membership Is i'7.
Ai Having rumhSMHi tha UUhuiiMt
I'upura - freedom for IMahoiiaat Frees
ail Muaala far lloiieel. Trend Is tha
AUu mt CwjMtraUoua.
Thn attempt of the plutocrats to
muzzle a free press and free speech Is
an old as the government. Hamilton
and the Federalists tried It and wero
so thoroughly defeated that as a party
they disappeared' Irwn the stage of
American politics, hut their teachings
tinfortunutoly did nut die with them,
and now appear again under the stress
of natlonul misfortune, taking advan
tage of popular excitement to again
rear Its IiIiIcoiib bend. Tho Nashville
News well describes this when It says,
An arbitrary government mid a freo
press can never agree' together without
an explosion. This Js a self-evident
fact, and Is the touching of history,
It Is as well known to the gentlemen
who are seeking to monopolize the In
dustries of the nation and lax till the
people for their Industrial benefit as it
was to Thomas Jefferson or any other
of the founders of the government.
Froo speech Is eHBeutlal to a freo pco
plo, and the one cannot exist without
the other, Undoubtedly tho blackest
portend of trouble In the future which
bus recently shown Itself is the dis
graceful attempt of tho organized cap
ital of the country, through Its subsi
dized newspapers, to use tho sentiment
aroused by the mittouul misfortune of
tho murder of the president, as an ex
cuso for an attack on the freedom of
the press, If this wero an Isolated case
It could bo put down to the Idiosyn
crasy of some hysterical editor, But It
Is national uiul shows unfortunately
from tho number of papers engaged lu
it, that an enormous percentage of the
dally press has been acquired by tho
same' Interest which now controls prac
tically nil the transportation lines, the
ooul oil, the ships, tho Iron, tho stool,
the coal nnd the agricultural machin
ery plants, and which Is reaching out
after a monopoly of the hardware, the
rot.ull dry goods buslines and the fed
eral Judiciary. The order has been Is
sued, uud from Maine to California tho
chorus of yelps and howls from the
pack has answered vociferously. The
burden of tho song Is tho same in ev
ery case. Tho cry Is "yellow Journal
Ism," and the (lemiind Is that tho gov
ernment be allowed to decide what
may be said and what may not he suld
In u newspaper about public affairs.
Tho civil government In tho Philip
pines which was established on Dec
laration Day to emphasize that a cer
tain amount of freedom had been in
augurated and to carry out promises
niado to these Filipinos who surren
dered, Is a farce. It now appears the
military claim full authority and have
ordered tho deportation of n civilian
who on appeal to the Supreme Colin,
that the civil end of the dual govern
ment has set up, has been ordered re
leased under a writ of habeas corpus.
General Chaffee, however, holds that
tho court has no such power und Is In
fact a figurehead to please the Filipinos
nnd fool tho American peoplo Into be
lieving that peace exists there, and has
nppeuled to the war department, who
Is, through the president, the real
power under the extraordinary Spooner
The trouble arose from the fact that
the government has been trying to
carry wntor on both shoulders, to bo
prepared to truce Its authority to
either sourco as legal exigences may
."em to require with a view to meet
ifce constitutional questions that are
before the United States Supreme
Court. If the civilian can be deported
by the military commander there can
certainly I.) no civil government In
the Philippines, and tho expensive one
that has been sot up is worthless.
1.1111)11 LOOKING .tllKAII.
The steel strikers appear to have
if.'Wiied a lesson from the result oi
tlntr late repulse by tho steel trust,
for their organ, the National Labor
Tribune, In discussing tho effect of the
strike, says: Now, us a mutter nf fact,
there is never likely to be a tlnm when
tho steel corporation can afford better
to precipitate a fight than It could the
past summer. What it fears, and what
every other trust fears, above every
thing else Is a public anti-trust agita
tion which will nffeet tho elections,
and either bring about hostile legisla
tion by the existing congress or bring
Into power n congress representing a
hostile political party. A year from
next month a now congress will be
elected, Two years from that again
there will be elections for not only a
new congress, but for a new president.
The best time for a strike, from the
company' standpoint, Is when there Is
no political campaign In progress. Tho
worst time, from Its standpoint, Is tho
time of a campaign of some Import
ance. Till.: COAL TKI'MT.
The coal trust, it now appears, can
work the double twist on the price of
coal. As the trust controls the rail
roads that carry the coul and nlso owns
tho coal mines, they can, when they
have raised the price of coal to the
top notch, give it an extra twist by
raising tho frelsht on coal, "ull the
traffic will bear," as the following in
terview in the Washington Post shows:
"While the recent combinations of rail
roads in this country have not mate
rially advanced freight rates so far as
coal Is concerned, they have resulted
In the price of coal being Increased,"
remarked Mr. John Duff, a coal Jobber
of New Bedford, Mass, "You tee." hi
continued, "All but about 15 per (mi
of the total output of coal of the Unit
ed States Is controlled by the railroads,
Prior to the consolidation the roads
owned as many mines ah they do now,
but It was Individual ownership, and
competition kept the price down, Now
there Is no competition, and as a re
sult wo pay Just about $1 a ton more
for coal, both hard and soft, (ban we
did one year ago,
"The Lehigh, the I'll! hole phi i and
Heading, the Delaware, Lackawanna
and Wostern, the Jersey Ceutrul, and
the Pennsylvania roads in the big Mor
gnn syndicate own practically all the
coal mines In this Kaslern section,
They secured them by Increasing
freight rates to the mine owners along
their lines, thereby compelling them to
sell out. Railroad rates for shipment
of coal are ubotit the snnie, but they
stay down because tho companies don't
have to put them up. 'They put the In
crease on the coal Itself, Of course we
here In the East ship most of our con I
by water, but most of the barge com
panies aro controlled by tho railroads
of the combination, Rarrs have not
advanced for water shipment, because
an Incrense would Immediately drive
many vessels now carrying other prod
ucts Into the coal business,
President Roosevelt In his Minneap
olis speech dollvered but a few weeks
before his accession to the presidency,
said: "We shull tlud It necessary In
future to shackle cunning as In the
past we have shackled force, The vast
Individual and corporate fortunes, nnd
the vnBt combinations of capital,
which have marked tho development
of our Industrial system, creato now
conditions und necessitates a change
from the old attitude of the state nnd
nation towards property."
To which the Kansas City Star re
plies: "These aro pointed and direct
sentiments Inspired by conditions to
which no thoughtful and sober-minded
man can hu blind. They are not
littered In any spirit of Intemperance
agitation or any false alarm for polit
ical pui poses. They come from an In
fluential member of the party which
capital In modern years has regarded
as its chosen champion. They do not
proceed from a poison who bus ex
cited the suspicion of the conservative
element by the radical character of his
If President Roosevelt tries to
shackle the trust and corporation,
which are ull noted for their entitling,
he will split tho Republican party Into
two camps. Ho will have the common
peoplo with him, but the Republican
politicians will bo ugalnst him, at
least tho most Important of them who
are maintained In their places by the
money of tho combines. Hut Presi
dent Roosevelt making a stump speech
and Roosevelt as President may be en
tirely different persons.
The Wall street sharks and their
side partners, the bunkers thereabouts,
should keep u tighter muz.lo 011 some
of their number or buy up some more
of the newspapers that are npt to let
the cat out of tho bug. To work their
graft on the United States treasury
they should all stick to the same tale,
or the people will be Rsklng with
more emphasis than they are now, why
tho treasury should be run In tho in
terest of tho banks and the Wall street
gamblers, The bankB of New York
made a demand on Secretary (in go for
money. Ho gave it to them out of the
United States treasury in order that
the money stringency might be re
lieved. Now comes a banker of New
York Forgan of the First National
who says In the Chicago News: "At
tho sanio time our deposits are keeping
up In a highly satisfactory way. Conn,
try banks are not withdrawing their
balances und this Is doubly gratifying
when applied to the Institutions In the
northwest where heretofore thu de
mand at this time of the your has
necessitated a heavy diminution of the
moneys deposited In thn reserve cen
ters." I'nder the circumstances w hy do
you suppose Mr. Gage was so ready to
extend aid to the New York blinkers.
The financial organs of Wall street
uro hinting that another combination
of capital will soon be announced that
will be more startling than the enor
mous Steel trust, but they do not toll
us what line of enterprise Is to be
monopolized. The consolidation of all
tho railroads Is about due, Instead of
the community of Interest plan they
are now working under. In vustuess
of capital and the number of men em
ployed that combination would bo a
fearful menace to our political Institu
tions which would make thousands of
votcis at the beck and call of one man.
The Inevitable result of the Imperial
istic tendencies of tho government Is
found in the annual report of the
heads of bureas of the army and navy,
They all demand moro officers und
more men, and tell of the great, dan
ger to the country If their demands
are not complied with. As the army
has been raised to a maximum of 100,
000 men and the naval force largely
Increased by the last congress, the
formw at all events far beyond what
Is necessary, these demands for a stlil
greater Increase Is pretty good proof
that the Democratic charge of militar
ism is rapidly being accomplished.
A report Just issued by the English
Hoard of Trade gives statistics of the
changes In rates of wages nnd tho
hours of lnbor. Tho great feature is !
tho rise In coal miners' wages, which
In the different districts rango from 36 '
to 43 per cent. No wotider tha English
nre unable to compete with American
coal, with our lower miners' wuges and
much lass value of coal lands.
aataa Clly,
CATTLK Hvjf I 4 7 (
1KK1S Chnlnsto hntry tm Ut
WHKAT-Nn.ll hard met
roiiNNn.il MUbiI iu 4
II A Y-Clinlni) tliimlhj II! fx I 14
Cliolra pritirl U iki r,t
nt'TTKU ', 17 i
fcXJUN (j
wliKATNo.lliar4 7X H
IKHIN-No. S ut
OATH-Nd.9 40 U it
nt. I.onli Mva Nionk,
Hdiri'lllCltNSTEliHrt l 7J
6 Ml
n no
111 1 '4
it 4'l
4 4(1
4 Ml
4 7-lM
Wichita drain,
'linn. I'lnw.
Illvh Tatar Vilay,
W 5M,
7.1H 7;'J 71V ;n
? 71114 ;iw
hD'i Wi IWM ,VH
11.' 1 ;' tux in!
.110; HSS Jfi'i
IU'( 4 1 a 4l. Ho
Mitr .....
I leu
WIcMla Lira NtuH,
HODS t ,1 411 ',' IS CO
Chlnano Live Mliink,
dOOHTOI'HIMK 1 11 ill n AM
rows ,t IIKIKKK I .' f ,1 iki
STOCK KHH A PKIillKKfl.,, I) ml S 41
TKXAS l-'KU lIKiiVICH .Ilia ,7D Inn
IIOOS II mi ;j
The t'nlon PnclHo is putting In the
block system from Kansas City to Den
ver. The Is-cf packer arc looking forward
to higher prices In the neiii' future re
sulting from the decrease of the vlsiblo
supply of cuttle,
J. J. Frey bus resigned active rail
road operations In Colorado to devote
bis time to the TrutiK-Miixloin railroad,
of which he Is president,
LI Hung Chang was placed lu the
wiiue costly eotlln of teak wood, beauti
fully lacquered, which he took with
liiuion his trip around the world.
Stookmeu assert that the unfavorable
methods of administering the public
lauds Is causing a serious shortage of
the beef supply of the years to follow.
Franco and Russia are Mild to huvu
agreed to Invite all the powers ton con
ference for agreeing on common action
for reforms In Armenia and other Tur
kish provinces.
.'Senator W. A. Clark bus refused
8:,(HI,lim,llim for his great United Verdo
mine In Arlonii, It. Is estimated that,
it, has two and a half billion dollars
worth of ore within mining reach.
The Young Women's Christian Asso
ciation, (International) owns property
to the amount of SI. '.'.MM ion, During
the hist fiscal year the association re
ceived 8S'.'.-,,0'.'.. nnd expended SH.noo.
Tbe American church committee In
ilerlln has decided to break ground for
the new cdillee. The building fund
now amounts to $4l,(iuu. The lot,
which cost S.Kl.lKK), has been fully paid
Tbe Santa Fe bus 'ihi miles nun f
road. It Is tho connecting link from
Ash Fork to Phoenix, Arizona, which
has just been purchased by the Santa
Fo and which is said to bo the .second
largest dividend paying road In tho
United States.
(Ion. (iroelcy, chief signal officer, re
turned from Manila by way of London
where ho had a conference with telu
graph and cable companies, and made
an agreement by which toll paid by
the United States will bo reduced about
Adjutant General Corbin recommends
the. abolition of the U. S. transport ser
vice, to and from the Philippines. Ho
thinks tho service can be done cheaper
uiul with greater satisfaction by com
mercial companies; and that thlscnurso
would build up a better commercial
Tho comptroller of the currency at
Washington reports 21 new national
banks organized in Kansas since March
1, with a combined capital of SO'.m.ono,
Six of them wero converted from slnto
The California limited of the SuiiU
Fe Is made u fast mail train on tluit,
partof Its run between Kansas Cliy
and Chicago.
Tho Pan-American exposition was a
losing game for the stock and mortgage
holders to tho tune of three to four
million dollars.
Port Huron, Mich., lost two grain
elevators by tire, full of wheat, corn
and oats. Loss on buildings, Sl'.'.l.tSIOi
on grain 8175,000.
President Ripley, of the Santa Fe,
while at Los Angeles, said there was
nothing In the report of an ullianco be
tween tho Santa Fo and the Pennsyl
vania R. R.
Porto Rico nsks for protective duties
to build up the coffee interests of the
island. They ask the United States to
place a S cent duty on coffee from
countries other than Porto Rico.
The Herman Imperial deficit has here
tofore been estimated at 100,000,000
marks, It Is now assorted that tho
budget will assume a deficit of 140,000,
000 marks. A Gorman mark s equal to
'.':ij4' cents.
Al S. Rankin, for many years chief
clerk to various general superintendents
on tho Santa Fe system, has been ap
pointed train insdector of the entire
system. This Is a now position just
created. Rankin has been in bad
health for about four months, not being
able to be at his desk much of the time.
Moaanaat "Dlak." Blaaa.
Ton uonument to th mamory t
Richard P. Bland, to U anottd PjJ
Lebanon, Ma, by tat eltlianf of t&Af
place, will eoaslit of a baa of whiUj
bronse, surrounded by a fries mai
as If from silver dollars. Tbe base wlllj
be surmounted by a Ufe-stt figure of
Mr. Bland In bronze,
In one sense the matchlea man la
the one who remains single.
Some young men fall In love and'
some jump In with both feet.
Myall Had.
,M! can't understand It," tutd the man
with the heightening brow; "I can't
understand It at all." "What's put
tUng you 7" "The fact that my daugh
ters seemed so content during i th
summer with bathing suit and tben
came home to trunks full of clothes
snd said they had nothing to wear."
Washington Star.
Wultlnf and l.earoluir.
"What good does your college edu
cation do you If you can't cany a
bowl of soup to a guest wlthul put
ting your thumb In It?" said the sum
mer hotel proprietor to the student,
waltor. "Oh, well," was, the reply,,
"you must remember I have two years
more la college,," Yonkers Stalesraaa.
Cornatalk Jalra aa Mquor.
Farmers about Cortland, N. Y., i
prohibition district, were puttied to
And that their hands got. drunk with
out any visible liquor upply. They
Anally discovered that the employes
bad tapped tbe silo for the juice of tbe
greon cornstalks, which, fermented
makes a liquor that Is pleasant but
most terrible.
I. lability For flny-Ropa Nolaanea,
A land owner Is liable for a nuis
ance created by another person, ac
cording to a Massachusetts decision,.
In the cue of a derrick with a guy
rope strotched across a highway so
low us to be dangerous to travelers,
where tho land owner pormltted It to
remain after ho bad knowledge of It,
though It was erected by a llconseo.
Metric Pyntam CnniiiiUory,
Consul Haynea reports from Rouen
that the metric system Is now compul
sory In twenty countries, rcpresentlnj
more than 300,000,000 Inhabitants.
These are Germany, Austrla.Hungary,.
liclgliim, Spain, France, Greece, Italy,
Netherlands, Portugal, Roumanla,
Scrvla, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland,
Argentine Republic, Hraull, Chile, Mex
ico, Peru and Venezuela.
In lllluula Sliilrmnitn Tullt a Ooml
Story -Knew lilt Futhor'i Son
Would Not I,la.
The Honorable Alva Merrill of Chll
Icothc, member for tho Twenty-fourth
District, State of Illinois House of
(eiresciitiitlves tells an Interesting
Some two years ago Mr. Merrill
;uvo a testimonial stating that Dodd't
isldney Pills cured his rheumatism.
Phis with Mr. Merrill's portrait were
published in thousands of papers all.
iiver tho United States.
On the train returning home from
Springfield one day last wlutor were
tho Honorable Mr, Merrill and sev
eral other members. After , a time
one of them said: ,
"Merrill, what time do you get to
This attracted the attention of sr..
old man who had been apparently
iwaltlng some Identification of Mr.
Merrill nnd ns soon as he heurd the
name he rushed up to his scat ninl.
.'xtendlng his hand said:
"You are Alva Merrill and you.
saved my life. I was moat deud with
Lumbago and In an advertisement I
jaw your picture and your recoinmcn
latlon of Dodd's Kidney Pills. 1 knew
your futhnr, and I knew his son wnulil.
.lot He, and therefore I decided to try
.ho Pills.
"I am satisfied that Dodd's Kldncv
IMlls and nothing else have saved my
ifo and I have un waiting this op
jortunlty to thank you personally, for
lad I not soen your recommendation
( might never have been led to ti sk
ills remedy, but, thanks to God.
hrough your honest name and tlu
tonost medicine which you so beurt
ly recommended I am still alive.
"I have been watching you since
ou got on the train at Springfield and
.nought I recognized your face aa the
me I hud seen In the advertisement,
tnd as soon as this gentleman called
,'ou by name, I knew you were th
.-.an I had to thank."
China and tba KaUar.
We believe that the original propo
sition was that the Chinese delegation
to Berlin should prostrate themselves
before the Kaiser and bump tbelr
noses nine times on the floor. We
think an American dolegation would
be more Inclined to tumble the kaiser
over und bump his nose on the floor,
Our Dumb Animals.
When a man comes opt of u joint be
Is not. guilty unless he Is wiping bis
Mm Wlnalaw's 8ootliln Syrup.
for rhlldren tri'tlilnu, fl(in tho Kiimi, rniliiix In.
llmimtlou.iilliirpiiln.'iiriiiwliH! culm. i: a liiii.tlti.
Lots of verso writers Imagine they
wero born poets.
Some grocers ay thry don't krnp Df
flunce Slareh. This Is beeauso they hava
a Block on hand of other brands contain
ing only 12 os. In a parknRe, which they
won't ba sblo to sell Hist, because Do:
ttnnce contains 10 oz. for the Mime money.
Do you want HI oz. Instead of 12 ox.
for mrae money? Then buy Dell&nue
Kturch. Require! no cuoklng.
Lots of mt iu. us rr uoi as briad at
Sey are iouj;.

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