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Preferred Against Harrison's Secretary of
the Treasury.
Special to Cincinnati Enquirer.
Columbus, O., January 2G. Charges
that will cause a furore in politics, both
state and national, were filed with Got.
McKinley to-day. They are of a very
grave nature, and are directed against a
republican statesman of more than ordi
nary distinction. He is none other than
Hon. Charles Foster, secretary of the
Dr. F. S. Wagenhals, a prominent
Columbus physician, is the complainant
lie asserts that Secretary Foster has
been guilty of breach of trust and viola
tion of law in connection with his office
as a trustee of the Toledo insane asylum,
and demands that he be removed from
that position.
As was stated in the Enquirer some
weeks ago, Secretary Foster's action in
voting for a democratic candidate for the
stewardship of the institution
Of many republicans. It happened that
Mr. John Wagenhals, a brother of the
doctor, was a candidate for that position,
and as he was au active republican poli
tician, his defeat at tne hands of a re
publican board of trustees seemed to
have stirred up the whole Wagenhals
family. The doctor, immediately after
the election of Mr. Hamblin, the demo-
cratic candidate, began a systematic in
vestigation or rumors concerning
Secretary Foster that had been afloat for
some time. As was exclusively announced
in the Enquirer soon after the investiga
tion commenced, Dr. Wagenhals found
documentary evidence in the office of
the auditor of state to the effect that
large contracts for the Toledo asylum's
supplies were being filled by the Harter
Milling Company and the Toledo Gas
Company, in both of which corporations
Secretary Foster is said to be a heavy
The inquiry was continued by the
doctor, who obtained positive evidence of
the exact amount of the secretary's stock
in the Harter Milling Company. He en
countered some difficulty in getting at
the facts in regard to the secretary's al
leged connection with the Toledo Gas
Company, anc, concluded to make no
specific charge on that score. As the
law makes it a criminal offense for any
trustee or officer of a state institution to
be interested in purchasing any of its
supplies, the significance of the charges
filed with the governor to-day will be
readily appreciated.
"Hon. William 31 cK inky. Governor of Ohio:
"Dear Sir Permit me to call your at
tention to volume 1 of the revised stat
utes of the state of Ohio, containing the
"Sec. 628. No trustee or officer of any
benevolent institution may be either di
rectly or indirectly interested in any pur
chase for or contract on behalf of such
institution, and in addition to the liabil
ity of any trustee or officer violating this
inhibition to respond in damages for any
injury sustained by the institution by his
act, he shall be forthwith removed from
"Sec. C04. Any trustee, superinten
dent, clerk, physician or matron who
shall conceal or convert to his or her own
use any money or other property of a
value of $35 belonging to the institution
or belonging to the state, or who shall
cheat or collude with any other person to
cheat or defraud such institution or the
state in any manner whatever shall be
deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and on
conviction thereof shall be imprisoned in
the penitentiary and kept at hard labor
not more than ten years nor less than one
year; and any trustee, superintendent,
clerk, physician, or matron, who shall be
directly or indirectly interested in any
contract for the purchase of any building
material, or article of furniture, supply,
provisions for the use of said institution,
or for any building or improvements,
shall, on conviction thereof, be punished
by imprisonment in the penitentiary at
hard labor not lees than one, or more
than ten years.
"As Mr. C. Foster, of Fostoria, O., is
holding the position of trustee by ap
pointment of the Toledo insane asylum,
and is a stockholder to the amount of
$5,000 or more in the Isaac Harter Com
pany's flour mill, which has furnished
flour to the Toledo insane asylum as fol
lows: Jan. 8. 1892 150 barrels $ 578.74
Mayl8,l892. 150 barrels 598.50
Sept. 7,1892 150 barrels 598.50
Nov. -.1892 150 barrels 598.50
Total 600 barrels $2,374.24
"I hereby charge that Mr. C. Foster is
holding the position of trustee in
As quoted, and demand his removal
from such position as trustee of the To
ledo insane asylum. Respectfully yours,
F. S. Wagenhals."
Gov. McKinley was on the point of
leaving the city when the charges were
filed, and consequently it is not known
what action1 he will take in the matter.
The governor's attitude of displeasure
over the appointment of the democratic
steward, as pictured in the administra
tion organs when the selection was
made, places him in a peculiarly em
barrassing position, in view of the turn af
fairs have taken. It would seem that, to
be consistent, the governor must remove
Secretary Foster, even if he cares noth
ing for the law and the facts in the case.
A bit of political history is both inter
esting and pertinent in connection with
the present republican predicament.
When Secretary Foster was governor of
this state, he summarily removed Hon. C.
P. L. Butler, of Columbus, from the po
sition of trustee of the Central insane
asylumbecause the latter was charged
with having a $50 share of stock in a
company furnishing a small quantity of
flour 'to that institution. It eeems that
consistency must sometimes be a loath
some jewel.
Luck in Seeds.
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Justice to All
It is now apparent to the Directors of the World's Columbian
Exposition that millions of people will be denied the pleasure of becoming
the possessors of
World's Fair
lOUveitiir Soles
The Official Souvenir
of the Great Exposition
The extraordinary and growing demand for these Coins, and the de
sire on the part of the Directors that equal opportunities may be afforded for
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To relieve themselves of some responsibility, the Directors have invited
Throughout the Nation to unite with the Banks in placing Columbian Half
Dollars on sale. This is done that the masses of the people, and those
living at remote points, may be afforded the best possible opportunity to
obtain the Coins.
of SOUVENIR COINS will be those who are earliest in seizing upon these
new advantages.
$10,000 Was Paid For The First Coin
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Go to your nearest merchant or banker, as they are likely to have
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Send instructions how to ship the Coins and they will be sent free
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Treasurer World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago III

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