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Suggestion to the Marion's Eeligions Edi
tor and Speaker pro tern.
We hope the "crowd" that shall constitute
the next republican state convention will be
simply a big, whooping, enthusiastic crowd
of intense republicans determined to redeem
this state from the grip of the socialists,
anarchists, boodlers and criminals who first
humbugged an honest following and have
since been disgracing the state in the eyes
of the world. Ia suoh a contest there's
room for but one "crowd." Let the repub
licans of Kansas send their cleanest, ablest,
wisest men to the contention filled and
thrilled with this one great purpose, re
gardless of Tom, Dick or Harry, who want
this or that offlae. It will be grandly re
deemed if republicans are unselfish. All
the combinations possible to be made
against us cannot beat us if we are patriotio
and wise. We can only beat ourselves.
The above article ia taken from Ed
Hoch'a Marion Racord, and we have no
doubt that El'a desire will be fully real
ized and that the next republican state
convention will be exactly what he
wants in ever) particular; but in order
to enlarge the number of "whoopers," we
would suggest that they import the
same gang of thuga and bummers that
was gathered in Topeka last winter at
their instigation, fill them up on some
of the rot-gut whisky they used on that
occasion and there will be no discount
on the "whoop" part of the convention;
and to redeem the state so effectually
that it will never have to pass through
that ordeal again, they should be sure
and send as delegates their "cleanest,
ablest and wisest men" to the conven
tion. Let us make some suggestions a9 to
the personnel of these individuals who
have figured so prominently in the coun
cils of that party in the past and who
still continue to direct its movements.
Take, for instance, the official who
was discovered on the roof of a bawdy
house in Kansas City in rather scanty
attire, and under whose fostering care a
young woman, while employed in his of
fice, gave birth to an illegitimate child;
and the other state officer who, when
sent to Ohio on a campaigning tour, got
gloriously drunk, participated in a saloon
fight and was arrested for being drunk
and disorderly; they should attend as
representatives of the moral and virtuous
wing of the party. And then the "gen
tleman" from the mouth of the Kaw,
whose very name is synonymous with
corruption and boodleism; the secretary
who pocketed the fees that passed
through his hands (into his parse) dur
ing his four years of service to the state;
the auditor who collected commissions
on the purchase of bonds by the state
for the school fund and allowed exorbit
ant fees to sheriffs for conveying prison
ers to the penitentiary; the treasurers
who have loaned the state funds for
their own benefit; the prominent leaders
and candidates who have conducted
their campaigns and lived in princely
style for years on the depositors' money
they borrowed from friendly banks, that
afterwards failed, and left the duped
people, who placed confidence in them,
out in the cold; the "way up" aristocratic
financiers who have organized bond and
investment companies and, after robbing
the people of everything they possessed,
failed with liabilities running into hun
dreds of thousands of dollars and no as
sets; the individuals who, while in the
employ of the state, received thousands
of dollars for their services and who
now, when the offices are no longer in
their possession, are unable to meet
their obligations. This "crowd" should
be there to represent the honesty and
integrity of the party, They should, be j
properly termed the "stand up" and da
liver "orowd." And D. R. should be
there with his scalping-knife and four
teen columns of biography to see that
his beloved "cousin George" does not
carry off any of the plums; they would
be the last remnant of the old crowds.
And to be sure that all the elements
can participate they should send to
Oklahoma (as was done when they
wanted a member of the legislature), and
bring up the murderer of Sam Wood,
and while there, they should invite the
ex-judge that Douglass scored so un
mercifully in the senate impeachment
trial. This list of leeches who have fat
tened on the miseries of their fellowmen
might be extended indefinitely, and
when they are gathered together we
want Ed to remember the story of
Sodom and Qomorrah, and to be one of
at least five who will save them from the
wrath of God. To look upon such a
scene would cause the angels to weep.
Of course the crowd will be enthu
siastic Like the Israelites of old, they
hunger for the flesh pots of Egypt, and
are already scrambling for positions. If
any of them have ever been engaged in
any occupation, except to hang on to
some political job, it is high time the
people were apprised of the fact. And
these are the men who are going to re
deem Kansas. ' May the Lord deliver us
from such redeemers.
If Kansas has been disgraced, it is such
a gang backed by the lying republican
press, that is responsible for it. Such
bare-faced malicious falsehoods as are
contained in the article quoted, and sent
broadcast over the land, would disgrace
hades if it was populated with other
than republicans. And yet the editor
who penned those lines knows, if he has
a thimbleful of brains, that the present
administration has conducted the affairs
of state with more honesty, more ability,
and a greater degree of eoonomy than
any we have had in the state for years.
But on account of his narrow minded
prejudice and intense partisanship, he
would rather see the state sink into the
depths of hades under republican rule
than to see it grow and prosper and be
populated by a happy and contented peo
ple with any other party in power. He
says they should be "thrilled with this
one great purpose, regardless of the per
sonal interests of Tom, Dick or Harry,
who want this or that office," and he
should have included in the number,
To those who have studied the prog
ress of the human race, the references to
socialists and anarchists are mere idle
words, carrying with them no weight or
meaning. The man who is an independ
ent thinker, and desires the advance
ment of his fellowmen, must expect to
be referred to in terms of derision and
reproach; it was ever thus. Christ was
charged with being a wine biber, and a
friend of sinners, was reviled, abused
and spit upon, and finally crucified, be
cause he denounced the robberies and
hypocricies of his day, and on down
through the blood-stained pages of his
tory we read of numberless men and
women who have suffered martyrdom
for opinion's sake. Even in our own
time, Lovejoy was murdered, Wendell
Pnillipa mobbed, Garrison had a price
set on his head by slaveholders and was
dragged through the streets of Boston
with a rope around his neck, and the
lamented Lincoln was represented by
one of the metropolitan illustrated pa
pers as a horrible gorrilla; and if the edi
tor of the Marion Record had lived in
the days when these scenes were enacted,
he would have been among the first to
have cried "Crucify him I crucify him!" I
U enjoins nia party q patriotio '
and wIb9, end yet, after they hats ruled
this country for thirty years, the result
of their vicious legislation ia seen in the
number of unemployed (3,000,000, ac
cording to Bradstreet), entailing an
amount of destitution, misery and want
that makes us shudder when contem
plated. And with three one-hundredths
of 1 per cent, of the population of the
country owning 20 per cent, of its wealth
(Geo. K. Holmes in Popular Science
Monthly), if they are imbued with the
spirit of patriotism, and follow the dic
tates of wisdom, they will shun the men
who have brought the people to the
verge of ruin as they would a paatilance.
Rescue our government from the hands
of the despoiler, Gave it from destruc
tion, make it what its founders in
tendeda government of the people, for
the people and by the people, and prove
to the world that republican institutions
can and will survive. Yoxpopuli, vox dei.
Demo-Bepublican Theft.
Editor Advocate: I take the follow
ing statement from Senator Jones', of
Nevada, speech on the repeal bill, in the
Congressional Record, January 22,1804,
page 8708, as proof positive of the extent
the Demo-Republicans in congress have
robbed their constituents. Senator
Jones is a republican:
From 1862 to 18G8 con
gress ordered bonds la
sued to the amount of.$2,049,975.700
Amount received for
same , 1,371,424,238
Profit to purchasers. f 678,551,4G2
There has been paid In Interest -
alone 238.000,000
Premiums! on hand 58,000 000
Principal of bond paid-. 1,75(1,000,000
ia rune
1 All tiiideujj uuiit
where. Before yen bay,
send .tamp Ibreetalone t
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So. for the f 1371,424538 received the
people have been rubbed of $5,130,551,402
Democrats and republicans speak of
the "colossal French, canal swindle," yet
have this theft rubbed under their nose
ever day by their congressmen appal
ling! Jim M. Kane.
Oaawatomie, Kaa.
First we demand a national currency, safe,
sound and flexible, Issued by the general gov
ernment only, a full legal tender for all debts,
publlcnd private, and.that without the use
of banking corporations, a just, equitable and
efficient mena of distrlbutlou direct to the
people at a tax not to exceed 2 per cent, per
annum, to be provided as set forth In the sub-
treasury plan of the Farmer)' Alliance, or a
better system ; also by payments In discharge
of Us obllgatloni for public Improvements,
We domand free and unlimited coinage of
silver and gold at the present legal ratio of 16
We demand that the amount of circulating
medium be speedily increased to not less than
150 per capita.
We demand a graduated income tax.
We believe that the money of the country
should be kept as much as possible In the
hands of the people, and hence we demand
that all state and national revenue should be
limited to the necessary expenses of the gov
ernment economically and honestly admin
istered. We demand that the postal savings bank be
established by the government for the safe de
posit of the earnings of the people and to facil
itate exchange.
Second Transportation being a means of ex
change and a public necessity, the government
should own and operate the railroads In the
Interest of the people.
Third The land, Including all the material
resources of wealth. Is the heritage of the peo
ple, ana snouia not oe monopolized ior Specu
la . ..,,. .nl .liar. nvn.nKIn nf ImrkA
should be prohibited. And lands now held by
railroads and other corporations In excess of
their actual needs, and all lands nowowned by
aliens should be reclaimed by the government
for actual settlers only.
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desirable information relative to the fa
mous winter rt sorts of Florida. It is the
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City, Mo,
I arlet! Ulih-Cia, ftartaehknA.
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hints en Poultry raisin, treatment !
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Feed grinder.
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with Tlireo Jiurnt. Cen
ter Draft. Qui fxt at-tiu'lit-ri
to any inakpof
IMuiplng Wind Mlli
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tTas on Exhibition at the' World' Fair.
Puts Fat on Cattle, Hog and Sheep.
The "Drainage and Farm Journal" says of
e.rerlments tried: "Feeding crushed corn and
cod to milk stock increated milk flow on&fulf."
Special circulars sent on'appllcatlon (dvinz
report of Prof. Hhelden of Kansas Agricultural
College. Also analysis of cob and cob by
AVV rror. wuey. unitea state
J ' iZTV agricultural chemist,
r.-'.' '. .... A"'"
TUs. isoa: Feed Mill U warranted as repre
sented. Grinds 10 to 20 bushels of feed per hr.
A, O. BODWJ!LI, Rorttr,
BUMoalA, KinislCtty.Wo,

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