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it would seem proper for the editor of
the Capital to revise his statement
that "the price of wheat has adjusted
itself to the equation of demand and
supply." Ho says he is "as anxious
to vr$ are to see wheat advance in
price." He thinks "it would be a
good thing for the farmer and would
injure nobody." If he is eincere in
this, let him cease to m&Ke every
thing bend to the interests of party
and endeavor to learn the causes of
the decline in prices and the reme
dies that might be applied to these
disastrous conditions.
He innocently asks "if people have
been starving for the lack of bread
with wheat at 60 cents per bushel,
how is it going to be possible for
everybody to be fed with wheat at
1. 25 a bushel?" He is too party
blind to see that the same causes
that have reduced the price of wheat
and other food products have like
wise deprived millions of willing
hands of the opportunity to labor,
and thereby rendered it impossible
for them to buy bread at any price;
and, of course, if he cannot compre
hend this fact he cannot be expected
to understand that suoh a change of
conditions as would supply labor to
the millions of unemployed and as
sure to them the legitimate proceeds
of their toil would enable them to
buy bread, whatever the price might
be. It matters not now if wheat
were only 25 cents a bushel if a man
is unable to get the 25 cents. Give
him a fair opportunity in life, protect
him from the legalized plunder to
which he is now exposed, and guar
antee to him the possession of what
he is able to produce, and it will not
matter to him what the price of
wheat may be. He will be able un
der such circumstances to have his
share of it. The farmer, on the other
hand, realizing better prices for his
products, will be able to consume
more of the products of the manufac
turer. This would in turn increase
the demand for labor, and universal
prosperity would return to bless all
the people.
The editor of the Capital ridicules
our fiat money ideas as one of the
remedies for the evils under consider
ation. If our remedies are net sat
isfactory to him let him suggest some
thing better. It has become apparent
to the people that his remedies what
he is pleased to term "sound money,"
which means, of course, the single
gold standard, and the kind of pro
tection which the republican party
has given us, are entirely inappro
priate and inadequate. Under the
operation of this republican 'policy
the decline of prices has been con
stant, and labor has been reduced to
its present extremity. The fact if,
the protection of the republican party
protects the 'manufacturer in his
prices, but it leaves the labor market
free. There is a duty on imported
goods, but no duty on imported la
bor. The American manufacturer is
protected against the product of Eu
ropean pauper labor, out the Ameri
can laborer is not protected against
the immigration of that same pauper
labor to this country to compete with
him for his place. This is the kind
of protection that vultures give to
lambs. Evidently we must have bet
ter remedies than these. Let the
editor of the Capital "quack" at this
for a while.
We are grAvely informed by our
esteemed Eighth street contemporary
that socialism received a severe set
back by the recent decision of the
supreme court of Minnesota, declar
ing "an act of the Ignatious Don
nelly legislature for the erection of &
grain elevator" unconstitutional ly
this act, it was proposed that the peo
pie should erect an elevator of their
own for the handling of their own
grain. This the Capital designates
as "populist devilment," and glories
in the fact that a hireling court has
decided that the people have no right
to erect elevators and handle their
own grain. None but corporations
have this right, and the people must
continue to submit to the robbery of
these corporations backed by venal
courts. The mistake made by the
Capital is in supposing that suoh en
croachments as this upon the liber
ties of the people will act as setbacks
to their socialistic tendencies. The
effect will be just the reverse, as the
hireling press and the venal courts
will ultimately learn.
Lawbino Mass., January 27. The oity
government last night voted to inoxease the
payroll on the relief works $100 a week,
making a total of $1,600 a week. Press
This is paternalism. Isn't it awful t
Some court ought to step in here and
declare this business "unconstitu
tional." "Fbu coal" doesn't mean that fuel will
be any oheaper, bat merely that the miners
of West Virginia mast work for less wages
and buy less Kansas flour and beef. Em.
poria Gazette.
Bats! The wages they get now
are as small as they can be and en
able them to live, and as for Kansas
flour and beef, they have never seen
any of it West Virginia miners are
doing mighty well if they get small
rations of wild hog of the long-nosed
Virginia variety with a little hominy
every day.
Thi Advocatx is urging Mm. Lease to
oome on with the proof of her charges
against the administration. Why cot prod
Lewelling a little and get him to dig up
those affidavits? Emporia Republican, Feb
ruary 1.
Lewelling hasn't said anything
about any affidavits. We have made
some inquiry about "those affidavits,"
and, so far as we can learn, Mrs.
Lease is the only person who ever
heard of them until she mentioned
How do our John-Sherman, gold
standard, Kansas republicans like the
attitude of the republican congress
man from the First Kanaka district
toward the Carlisle bond scheme!
Mr. Broderick says the scheme is il
legal and is a result of the determin
ation of the Cleveland administra
tion to place this country on a gold
basis. Mr. Broderick is treading on
dangerous ground.
And now congress is about to tackle
another anti-option bill, by the same Mr.
Hatch, of Missouri.
William E. Gladstone, ex-premier of
England, has followed the example of
Congressman Hartar, of bhio, and re
eigned his seat In the British parlia
ment. There is a email income tax attach
ment to the Wilson tariff bill, bat Cleve
land will attend to that if it doesn't
disappear before it gets back from the
George W. bhilds, the famous editor
of the Public Ledger, and founder of
the ChildsDrexsl printers' home at
Colorado Springs, Colo., died at his home
in Philadelphia last Saturday.
The Wichita Commoner suggests that
in the last few years England has got the
best of the United States in everything
except prize fighting and yacht racing.
It might have added Asiatic cholera and
In Michigan Secretary of State Joa
chim, State Treasurer Hambitzer and
Land Commissioner Berry are under in
dictment for perpetrating frauds while
canvassing the vote of 1392. What
party? Why, republican, of course.
The silver convention, which was to
have been held at Dea Moines, la., Feb
ruary 22 and 23, has been postponed tb
March Si and 22 on account of the meet
ing of the Pan Bi-Metalio league at San
Francisco, which meeting had been pre
viously arranged.
Tne Oklahoma Representative, a pa
per which succeeds the West and South
at Guthrie, is published by Leo Vincent,
formerly of the Nonconformist, and
Fred. L. Bailey, late of Wiohita. It is
unnecessary to add that the paper is an
out-and-out Populist sheet.
J. V. McNama, the "ex prieat" who
stirred up a row in Kansas City a few
days ago by making scandalous charges
against certain members of the Catholic
church, was convicted of criminally
libeling Rev. Dalton, a priest in one of
the churches there. MoNamara claimed
to be lecturing under the auspices of the
American Protective association.
John D. Rockefeller, the Standard oil
king, closed a deal on Friday last by
which, in consideration of a sum be
lieved to be in the neighborhood of f 10,
000,000, he obtained control of nearly all
the valuable iron mines in the Lake Su
perior region. It is said that the Lake
Superior purchase embraces every iron
mine of any consequence in that region.
Nelson O. Nelson, a wealthy man of
St. Louis, dressed himself as a tramp
the other day and applied for assistance
at the office of a charitable society. A
ticket for a bowl of soap and one for a
lodging were given him, and he ate the
soup and had a talk with some real un
fortunates in the lodging house. He
concluded from his experience that more
people were out of work than usual, and
that the relief extended to them was in
adequate. Two special congressional elections
wire held in New York on January 30.
Both districts were democratic before
that, but one is now republican while in
the other the democratic majority has
almost disappeared. In the Fourteenth
district L. E. Quigg, republican, suc
ceeded to the seat lately vacated by
John R. Fellows; Quigga' majority being
001 over Brown. In the Fifteenth, Mr.
Strauss, democrat, succeeds Ashbel P.
Fitch, by 4,500 majority. The most sig
nificant fact about it is that the total
vote fell off since last congresiional elec
tion nearly cne-h&lf. In ths Fellows
district only 26,000 votes were pollad,
against 43,000 in 1802. Another case ct
stay at home, on the Kansas plan.
I The commander of the Salvation Array
in Chicago has issued a summon U
Robert G. Ingersoll, "Prince of.Pfis&l
iam," which is as follows: "You are
Commanded to appear at the court rodm;
Princeea rink, 538 West Madison street;
the 8th day of February, 1394, at 3
o'clock p. m., then and there to testify
the truth in a matter In suit wherein tne
Salvation Army is plaintiff and Satan,
alias 'The Serpent,' alias 4Tne Devil,'
alias 'Angel of Light,' alias 'science so
called,' is defendant, and that you then
and there bring with you and produce at
the time and place aforesaid, to be used
as evidence, the Bible which you blas
phemed and the manuscript of the lec
tures with which you uphold the dsfsnd
ant; and this you are not to omit undaf
the penalty of the law of conscience.''
Several thousand subpeonaa have bosh
issued for other eminent sinners.
Bemaikably Faithful.
The meekness and fidelity with which
some people live and vote in the interest
of others is amazing. For instance,
there are poor men in Kansas whose sole
concern at election time is to see that
"idle capital" of the east finds employ
ment in Kansas at a remunerative rate
of interest. And at other times they
are in terror lest Populism should pre
vent the capitalists from getting their
pay, though Populists, ss a rule, are
as much if not more inclined to pay
their debts than any other class. This
fidelity to an imaginary master is only
equaled by that which imbued Uncle
Mose and ftake as described by the
Youth's Companion!
It was just before the war. 'Squire
Johnson had been to Nashville, and on
his return brought 4'Ole Moee," the
favorite slave on the plantation, a new
hat. Moee was very proud of it. Ths
next Sunday the 'squire was driving
home from church with his family, and
the carriage overtook Mose and his 'ols
miss" trudging along afoot. It was
raining slightly, and the 'squire noticed
I that Mose was bareheaded and was care
fully protecting his new hat with his
"Why don't you, wear your new hat,
Mose?" inquired the 'squire. "You'll
get that old head of yours wet."
"Dat's so, Mass' JohnsonJ" replied
Mose, "but dat ole head's yours and de
hat's mine."
The 'squire had another slave named
'Zakiel, who was one day detailed off the
plantation to help throw up some earth
works. The enemy observed the de
fensive preparations and began to shell
the place. The first missiles went wide
of the mark, but after a few rounds the
range was found more accurately and
the shells began to burst uncomfortably
close to 'Zekel.
lie stood his ground as long as he
could, but at last dropped his shovel
and ran for his life. The officer in charge
of the operations met him a little dis
tance down the road and, halting him,
ordered him to explain his flight. Zeks
was trembling with fright, but found
breath to say:
"Day's shooting over dare, and Mars'
Johnson he's a pooh man. He paid $000
forme in Memphis and he can't afford
to have me killed." And with that he
took to the woods.
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