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Mat 27,
About Kansas.
The State House doms la 2S5 feet
Ford county Republicans are against
Atchison coal mines employ nearly
100 men.
A Kansas City politician has become
a preacher.
Abilene wants the Republican State
Leavenworth and Reno Democrats
fire for silver.
May 22 was flag day at the Soldiers'
Home at Leavenworth.
Senator Leedy looks something like
the late Senator Plumb.
The grand lodge of the Foresters
met at Leavenworth last week.
Chancellor Snow says that 1.15 inches
of water fell in an hour May 19.
The Prohibition National convention
is in session at Pittsburg to-day.
Sedgwick county Democrats are for
silver and demand resubmission.
The railroad assessment reduces the
valuation in Phillips county $9,079.
The Eldorado skimming station han
dles $1,000 worth of milk per month.
The lola Friend says that Allen
county is for Senator Leedy for Gov
ernor. Bank Commissioner Breldenthal re
ports that the bank of Argonia will
pay out.
" The Populist papers of the State are
accepting the lireldenthal scrip on
C. F. Johnson, candidate for Sena
tor in the Douglas-Jefferson district, is
an lngalls man.
' A. II. Burtls has been nominated by
the Republicans of Finney county for
Ex-Representative P. II. Dolan was
chairman of the Populist convention
In Saline county.
There Is a deficiency of $6,457 in the
fund for the payment of the salaries
of District Judges.
A three-story business block at Ilia
watha belonging to Governor Morrill
was burned May 21.
The Burton lieacmi has been changed
to a 8ii-column folio. Its appearance
is very much improved.
The Populists of Cowley county will
use the Crawford county system in
nominating candidates.
Jerry Simpson has written a letter
in which he declines to be a candidate
for Congressman-at-large.
T. J. Iladley, who was for years an
editor of the Olathe Mirror (Rep.),
has joined the Buchan bolt.
Joshua Wheeler of Nortonville, an
old, prominent and respected farmer
and public man, died last wees.
Topeka joints are still running. Mor
rill's redeemer administration is mak
ing no effort to enforce the law.
The Executive Council will have the
State House elevator run when meet
lngs are in session in the building.
The decision of the United States
Supreme court against the KansaB re
demption law was a unanimous one.
A Republic county citizen has raised
blue grass in that county measuring
thirty-live locoes in beignt tms year.
A large delegation of members of the
Kansas City Commercial Club made
an extended tour through Kansas last
W. M. Douglas of Willard, Shawnee
county, has announced himself as a
candidate for Democrat nomination
for Congress.
By appointing a Trlckett Police
Commission at Kansas City Governor
Morrill bas Incurred the eternal enmity
of the Buchan people.
The- PopuliBta of Wichita county
have nominated W. B. Washington
for Representative. The Republican
nominee is F. E. Grimes.
The Sedan Lance says that the Pop
ulteta of Chautauqua county are for
Lewelling for Governor and Botkin
for Congressman at large.
The newspapers are full of talk
about candidates for Congress on the
Populist ticket in the Second district
will be filled with reports of the elec
tion of a good Populist who will be
nominated June lb.
The railroads will have a hearing be
fore the Interstate Commerce Commis
sion at Kansas City, June 5, on the
matter of rates to the gulf.
The Hiawatha Democrat, with its
usual enterprise, prints a complete
and detailed report of the cyclone that
passed through that locality.
Francis Murphy was holding tem
perance meetings in Topeka last week
while John Hoenscheldt was organiz
ing resubmission lodges there.
Neosho county Populists instructed
for J. M. Allen of Erie for Congress,
and A. S. Lapham of Chanute for
Judge of the Court of Appeals.
S. A. Riggs of Lawrence la being
prominently mentioned for the Popu
list nomination for Judge of the Douglas-Franklin-Anderson
The Democrats of the Second Con
gressional district have called their
convention at Ottawa June lb. it is
the same day and place as the Populist
The examiner who investigated the
books of the Treasurer of Stevens
county could find nothing the matter
with them. He was elected on a Pop
ulist ticket.
County Attorney Sutherland of Jew
ell county believes that W. E. Bush of
the Mankota Advocate will be nomi
nated for Secretary of State on the
Populist ticket.
Johnson county Populists nominated
county ticket, elected delegates to
the various conventions and instructed
for D. II. Hefleblower of Miami for
State Treasurer.
A South Africa business house writes
Secretary Coburn of the Board of Ag
riculture for information in regard to
merchants of whom Kaffir corn seed
can be purchased.
The souvenir edition of the Topeka
Mail is a very fine one. It is devoted
quite largely to Shawnee county and
contains a large number of pictures of
prominent citizens.
There are 490,000 persons of school
age in Kansas, and the school attend
ance is 381,123; 11,913 teachers are em
ployed, and $3,499,391 is paid in taxes
to maintain the schools.
Gove county Populists elected E. C.
Prather and J. W. Hopkins as dele
gates to the State convention and in
dorsed the course of Senator Peffer
and Congressman Baker.
Kansas City Star : "The Scottsville
News wants to know what has become
of the 'middle-of-the-road Populists.'
If the News will look again it will find
that they haye got all the road."
The Almena Plaindealer and the
Glen Elder Sentinel speak in very fa
vorable terms ef the candidacy of Dr.
John B. Dykes of Lebanon for the
Populist nomination for Congress in
the big Sixth.
Wichita Eagle: "If Farmer Smith
sues Leland for libel, Kansas may be
confronted with the horrible situation
of a Copeland hotel bell-boy put upon
the witness stand and compelled to tell
all he knows."
The Populists of Saline county in
dorsed ex-Superintendent II. N. Gaines
for Congress and R. A. Lovett for
Judge of the Court of Appeals. The
resolutions score the present redeemer
The Arkansas City Dispatc?i is en
ergetically pushing ex-Kepresentatlve
Ed x. ureen for toe nomination for
Congress in the Third district. Mr.
Green is a farmer and made a good
record in toe Legislature.
The Democrats of Lyon county
passed resolutions roastinsr Cleveland
and his finance policy and declared for
free coinage. Delegates to the Judi
cial convention were instructed for
Judge Randolph for renominatlon.
Engineer McAllister of the Rock
Island was recently elected Mayor of
Herlngton. The company has a rule
forbidding employes from accepting
oiuce. McAllister was relieved, but
resigned his office and is now on duty
The Spring Hill New Era (Rep.)
would rather see John T. Little nom
inated for Congress by the Populists
than any of the other candidates, and
it speaks in complimentary terms of
him as a man and as a political op
ponent. The Capital feels somewhat indis
posed over the defeat of Overmyerby
the Democrats of his own county. It
is natural that this paper should hope
to see men in charge of the party who
would use it in the interest of the Re
publican party.
The Topeka Mail's souvenir edition
contains the pictures of a large num
ber of public men, but Governor Mor
rill was left out. This may be due to
one of the two following reasons: That
Morrill is ashamed of Kansas, or that
he voted for the Capital for official
state paper.
President H. M. Brandt of the State
Dairy Association is very much pleased
with his tour of inspection of Iowa and
Minnesota creameries and dairies. He
feels that he has gathered many useful
ideas, and that while the .business in
Kansas is young, dairymen here are on
the right track.
Railroad Commissioner Joe Lowe
was beaten in the Democrat conven
tion of his home county. The dis
patches say it was because of his
views on the money question. Per
haps the fact that he recently signed a
Murphy total abstinence pledge had
something to do with it.
Washington county Democrats voted
down silver resolutions by a vote of 46
to 16. It is a curious coincidence that
this was exactly the same vote as that
against Overmyer in the Shawnee con
vention. Railroad Commissioner Joe
Lowe insisted that the convention was
packed and he threatened to bolt.
The Capital printed an editorial one
day last week calling on the Republic
ans of Shawnee county to nomlna e a
man for County Attorney who would
enforce the law. One who read the
Capital would be led to believe that
the Republican who is not in favor of
law enforcement could not be found.
The apportionment of delegates to
the Judicial convention in the eastern
division of the southern department at
Chanute June 11 is as follows: Allen
2, Chautauqua 2, Crawford 8, Labette
6, Montgomery 5, Wilson 3, Anderson
3, Cherokee 7, Elk 3, Linn 4, Neosho 4,
woodson 2, Bourbon 5, Coffey 4,
Franklin 5, Miami 4, Osage 7.
Frank Lockard of Norton, an ex
State Senator, at present Clerk of the
Court of Appeals and a confirmed
office-seeker, has been appointed to
succeed Walter N. Allen on the Board
of Charities. Lockard broke up in
business a year or two ago, and is a fit
subject for appointment under this
"business" administration.
The Beloit Gazette says that the
finance resolution adopted by the Sixth
district Republican convention was
garbled, to which the Smith Center
Pioneer (Rep.) replies: "This is not
true, but whoever was the author of
the plank used a whole lot of words to
say nothing, and we do not see how a
copy could be any more 'garbled' than
the original."
The Populist Congressional conven
tion in the Second district will be held
at Ottawa June 16. It is recommended
by the committee that the primaries
be held May 30 and the county conven
tions June C. The apportionment of
delegates is as follows: Allen 6, An
derson 7, Franklin 10, Douglass 9,
Bourbon 11, Linn 10, Miami 8, John
son 7, Wyandotte 16; total 84.
Speaking of the suggestion by friends
of the name of O. L. Lennen of Ness
Cily for State Superintendent on the
Populist ticket, the Ness City News
(Rep.) says: "The gentleman is being
put forward by friends outside this
county, and it is to be hoped that they
may be successful la their efforts, as
it would certainly be a credit to that
party to honor so wortny a man."
John B. Park, the "kid" candidate
for Superintendent of Clay county in
1890. died last week. Park was a rus
tler who never lacked the energy nee
essary to accomplish his purpose. He
was more than a matcn ror redeemer
politicians, though less than 30 years
old, and to his efforts is due the credit
of making the Clay Center Dispatch
a first-class Populist paper. He served
torn inrmi a a Sin
county and made an enviable reputa
tion as an educator. At the time of
his death he was City Superintendent
of Schools at Corinth, Miss.
The Populist papers of the Sixth
district seem to be very much pleased
over the nomination of Ellis by the
Republicans. They will doubtless re
joice over the nomination of Parker
for Senator in the Thirty-ninth. If
there were any chance for the election
of either the Republican party owed
it to the people to nominate represen
tative men, but as they .are merely
named to fill up the ticket" it makes
little difference.
J. B. Watkins, the Lawrence capi
talist, has published a pamphlet enti
tled "The Tru Money System for the
United States." He believes that gold
should be demonetized, the greenbacks
withdrawn from circulation and can
celled and that certificates should be
issued against all bullion in the treas
ury. That all silver be coined in sub
sidiary coin; that the national banks
be empowered to increase their circu
lation, and that 100-year 1.825 percent,
bonds in small denominations be issued
and sold to the people.
Kansas City Gazette: "The Con
gressional swindle in the Second dis
trict was carried on entirely by proxies.
The nigger thief who stuffed the bal
lot box in the Third ward of Kansas
CKy, Kas., held a proxy for a county
committeeman. The white tough who
acted as Chairman of the Committee
on Credentials at the Lawrence con
vention was also a proxy. George T.
Anthony was never elected a delegate
or an alternate, and nobody ever saw
any proxy. Parties directly responsi
ble to the people shunned the job."
The Fort Scott Lantern presents the
name of R. II. Galloway for the Pop
ulist nomination for Congress in the
Second district, and says: "He is a
whole-souled, big-hearted, sensible,
sound, earnest and patriotic citizen,
than whom there is no better. He is
always to be found in the councils of
the party, and he never goes back on
amend. The boys slap mm on toe
shoulder and call him 'Rod,' as he is
familiarly known, and when elected
to Congress they will strike him on the
back and call him 'Rod,' and know
they have one true, sincere friend and
representative in Congress who cannot
be bought, bullied nor cheated."
The Paola Times (Pop.) presents the
name or lion. u. u. iieneDower as a
candidate for State Treasurer, and
says: "He was formerly a Democrat,
but was a Peter Cooper Greenbacker
and a third party man all these years.
He has done more for the party in
Miami county perhaps than any other
man and stands high in the councils of
his party in the State, and was the can
didate for State Treasurer in 1884.
Mr. Hefiebower is a man of independ
ent means, and everyone who knows
him knows that the cash of the State
would be in safe hands if he should be
elected and that the office would be
conducted on legitimate business prin
ciples. Mr. Hefiebower stands high as
a citizen and as a neighbor. He is re
spected alike by all who know him,
rich and poor."
In commenting on the Yates Center
Advocate's article favoring Senator
Leedy for Governor, the Burlington
Courier, his home paper, says: "The
Courier indorses all the above and be
lieves the Populists of Kansas will
make no mistake In nominating Sena
tor Leedy for Governor. The growth
of Populist sentiment not only in Kan
sas but all over the nation makes the
outlook hopeful for a victory this fall.
The mistakes of Morrill have demoral
ized the Republicans and they go into
the campaign disheartened. If we use
discretion in naming candidates and
then make the aggressive campaign
we are warranted in doing, we will
elect our ticket. Senator Leedy has
not been an office-seeker. He is con
tent to do the work intrusted to him
in the best way he can. If the Abi
lene convention places him upon the
ticket he will not be hampered by
pledges to place hunters. He will give
Kansas a clean, able and honest administration."
Why not make a few more Populist
votes in your locality by sending in a
few 25-cent subscribers to the Advocate.
Toward the latter part of the year they

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