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formed in the preparation of the sched
ule preparatory to the enumeration ot
. ,he population.
( In the year 1900 will occur the centen
nial anniversary 'ot the rounding ot tne
city ot Washington lor the permanent
capital of the government of the United
States, by autnority ot an act of Con
gress, approved July 16, 17U0. In May,
isoo, the arcnives and general oincea ot
the feaeral government were removed to
this piace. un tne nth of isoveuiDer,
lbUO, tne national congress met nere for
the hrst time and assumed exclusive
coutrQi of tne feaeral district and city.
Tnis interesting event assumes all tne
more eignincauce wnen we recall tne Cir
cumstances attending tne cnoosing of tne
site, tne naming oi tne capital iu noudr
ot tne tatner ot his country and tne in
terest taneu by him in tne adoption ot
pians tor its future development on a
maguincent scale.
'iuese original plana have been
wrougut out witn a constant progreub
ana a signal success, eveu oeyouu any
thing their framers couia have rorcseeu.
'ine people of tne couutry are justly
proua ot the distinctive Deputy ana gov
erument of the capital ana ot tne rait
instruments of science and euucauou
wiucu here nnd their natural home.
A movement lately iiiau0uritcd Dy the
citizeus to nave tue auuiveisary cele
brated with ntung ceremonies, Including,
pemaps, trie esiauiisnment ot a liauu
touie permanent memorial to marit so
historical an occasion, and to give it
more man local recognition has been
met with favor on the part of tne pudiic.
1 recommend to Congress tne granting
of an appropriation tor tnis purpose anu
the appointment of a committee from Its
respective bodies. It might also be ad
visaoie to authorize the President to ap
point a committee from the country at
large which acting with the Congres
sional and the District of Columbia com
mittees, can complete the plans for an
appropriate national celebration.
'the alien contract law is shown uy
experience to need some amendment; a
measure providing better protection for
seamen Is proposed; the rightful appli
cation of the eight-hour law for the ben
efit of labor and of the principle of ar
bitration are suggested for consideration,
and I commend these subjects to the
careful attention of the Congress.
The several department reports will
bo laid before you. They give in great
detail the conduct of the affairs of tue
government during the past year and,
discuss many questions upon which the
Congress may be called upon to act.
Executive Mansion, December C, 1898.
Official Election Figures.
(Continued from pane 1.)
Congressman, Second District:
J. D. Bowersock (Rep.), 20,914 1,900
M. S. Peters (Pop.) .... 19,014
Congressman, Third District:
S. S. Kirkpatrick (Rep.), 20,556
E. R. Ridgely (Pop.)... 21,737 1,181
Congressman, Fourth District:
J. W. Miller (Rep.) 20,307 2,898
H. S. Martin (Pop.) .... 17,409
Congressman, Fifth District:
W. A. Calderhead Rep.), 18,972 2,470
W. D. Vincent (Pop.) .. 16,502
Congressman, Sixth District:
W. A. Reeder (Rep.)... 16,831 2,100
N. B. McCormick (Pop.), 14,731
W. O. Holler (Dem.)... 2,333
Congressman, Seventh District:
Chester I. Long (Rep.).. 26,985 2,120
Jerry Simpson (Pop.)... 24,865
Judge, Eleventh District:
A. H. Skidmore (Rep.).... 9,296 1,205
Thos. H. Stanford (Pop.)... 8,091
Judge, Twenty-second District:
W. I. ; Stuart (Rep.) 6,250 253
James Falloon (Pop.) 5,997
Judge, Twenty-third District:
Lee Monroe (Rep.) 3,2481,611
A. D. Gilkeson (Pop.) 1,637
Judge, Twenty-fourth District:
P. B. Gillett (Rep.).. 3,362 132
O. W. McKay (Pop.) 3,230
Senator, Seventeenth District:
T. J. Anderson (Rep.) 6,1202,896
F. W. Frasius. (Pop.)...... 3,224
Senator, Thirty-second District:
R. B. Ward (Rep.) 4,048 695
. Gomer .Ti' Davies (Pop.)... 3,353
In aft Vases.. where, no Democrat nom
inee iaB&owaj the Populist and Democrat
nominjeiwaai the same person. The fig
ures tatjwj right in each case are major
ities oBttfriilit,ies, as the case may be.
lyery one can bow buy dress fronds of every de
scription d from one yard upwards for last as little
morny aa the largest merchant can buy I ft quantities.
You will receive free by mall, postpaid, book of
sltty cloth samples of latest things In all kinds of
Dress Goods, at ti4 to U6 per yard, also full in
structions bow to order, etc.. If you will cot this notice
tit and mall to tbe bl reliable bouse of Sean, Roe
buck A Co. lino.), Chicago.
At F. of L. Convention.
The annual convention of the Ameri
can Federation of Labor, which will open
in Kansas City, Mo Monday promises
to be the most important in the history
of organized labor. It may takfe radical
action looking toward political action
of its members Independent of the organ
ization; a strong effort will be made to
bring this about, at any rate. It is well
known that most trade unionists are
socialists or have a strong leaning that
way, and efforts will be made to have
them endorse one of the two Socialist
Resolutions favoring and adverse to
expansion will be "broughl" before the
convention. Other resolutions against
the employment of women, remuneration
for machinists and others who worked
overtime in navy yards and arsenals,
the reference to the Supreme court, for
decision on constitutionality, and other
matters requiring Congressional action
will be brought up.
The friends of President Gompers
think that he will again be elected, along
with the rest of the executive council.
Secretary Morrison left Washington yes
terday for Kansas City, and President
Gompers and the Eastern members, of
the execeutlve council will leave to-morrow.
The present officers of the Federa
tion are as follows: President, Samuel,
Gompers; secretary, Frank Morrison;
treasurer, John B. Lennon, Blooming-,
ton, 111.; first vice president, P.-J. Mc
Gulre, Philadelphia; second vice presi
dent, James Duncan, Baltimore; third
vice president, James Connell, Chicago;
fourth vice president, M. MV Garland,
Pittsburg, Pa.
William Thorne, general secretary of
the National Union of Gas Workers and
General Laborer? of Great Britain and
Ireland, and William Inskip, of the Boot
and Shoe Makers' Union of England, will
represent the million and a quarter trade
unionists of the United Kingdom at the
. The Federation headquarters will be at
the Hotel Savoy. A ball will be given
for the delegates Monday night, and
Thursday night a big Banquet will be
given at one of the hotels. Receptions
by the Commercial club and Manufac
turers' Association, a theatre party and
a drive about the city are attractions the
reception committee will offer.
Kansas Crop Yield and Live Stock
Report for 1898.
( Continued from pane 1.)
Horses 777,828 $2r,r8,324
Mules and asses 84,223 3.2(10,474
Mlleh cows 605,925 19,3X9,600
Other cattle 1,998,140 61,951.640
Sheep 207.4S2 570,573
Swine 2,766,071 12,447 p3.)
Total value $113,227,933
Grand total .; 265,U0,twti
The net increase in value of this year's
agricultural productions over that of
1897 is $15,587,459, and of live stock $19,
153,048, a total net Increase for the year
of $34,740,507, or slightly more than 15
per cent. Ih two years the increase in
value of Kansas' agricultural produc
tions has been $35,632,706- and of live
stock $39,662,032, .or a total increase dur
ing the biennial period of $75,294,738.
Kansas State Alliance.
The Kansas State Alliance will hold
the eleventh annual session at Lincoln
Post Hall, Topeka, Kas., January 5 and
6, 1899. We hope for a good attendance
and invite all old members to meat with
us and assist to make it one of our best.
The program will appear later and whi
entertain you.
Will reform papers kindly copy this
notice and get it before the people?
State Pres.
The Missouri Pacific will sell tickets on
December 24, 25, 26 and 31, 1898, and January
1 and 2, 1899, limited for return January 4,
1899, at rate of one fare for the round trip,
between points within 200 miles distance.
Minimum rate 50 cents.
SIONS. On December 20 and 21, '98, the Kansas
City, Ft. Scott & Memphis K. R. Co. will
sell round-trip tickets from Kansas City
and all coupon ticket offices on its lines to
points In Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and
the Southeast generally, at rate of one
fare, with return limited to thirty days.
On December 24, 25, 26, 31, and January 1
and 2, tickets will be sold at one fare be
tween all K. C, F. S. & M. stations, lim
ited to January 4, for return. - N.o round
trip tickets will bo sold at reduced rate
lean than 50 cents.
By sober, Industrious man of several
years' experience to take editorial charge
of a Populist or independent paper In some
town In eastern Kansas. Best of references
given. Address "ID," Advocate and News.
1' iivJ.,FSJ. I,
New Improved
Elects Celts
Warranted to ntr
without medicines),
' the followlngdlsssjes.
X rural gin
Heart Trouble
Spinal JPiuMwef
Torpid lAver
Throat Troubltio
Kidney CotttpVMnl
.Ycrrowe JtrMUty
JDmc Vigor
Cold Kxtromitie
JFVmalo Complaint
Painm in tho HatsH
and Umtt
All leakne in
Jim and
to rrt the
23. KSI'E'S
$20 ESzclrte
Is good for jj .
if sent with an order
tor a fio.oo &eitt not
later than thirty days
from ddi of thisl
We make this SperUl Unprecedented OftVr to Quickly
Introduce and Obtain Agents In New Localities.
To onlcklr fntroduo and obtain agents in aa many bow localities M poaslble
for Dr. Hornet New ltnprovwl IlfrtrtoiWu ul sppllnncm, w It dscidnd tot ,
Mil for SO dtv onlr, our No. i Dr. Honw'i Haw Imprortd RttnUr l'W.00 Electris I V
Belt for only (tl.OS, sprit tht willmtkstt MMtbl.fortnrr praon rraxlinrthlij'"
dertiwmn to s ou ot our dm! Belt! si a nominal pries. eer U tie ,
tij ef ear SaalM kats w ssVn4 to sell tkla Sell si seas s srics, but we want 'i
tn aent In your looallty, and we bailors that if Jron buy s MX you will bs as well
ploaned with It that yon. will oithot aet as surafenl or helps toiotons. t
Beaeeiber, the Belt wo tro offerlnfyoa for only Sfl.Hlaour Va. 4Dr. Boms' h
Row Improved Kefular tJU.OU Combination Bell for men or women. II adjuat-iV V
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aula belt Ilia the beat Dell wo manufarturei In foot, theBeetoaltarth.and wel'
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m in R3 Risx a mun with n.
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Ci llszs immi Gilt a lm$ Ci.
112-114 &ZAXSS3I ST., UltkU, III., U.S.A.
P. . tf you havsnouaofor an BeotrleBlt pleaaohand or mall thla ad rev
tlaement to aoros on that you know, who It not onjoylng good health. By doing
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wo can give steady employment. We only employ tone who havs naod out Bolts
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RU'EKCNCES: is to our reliability ws refer to any Iipmaa Company, twrr'
any Bank In Chicago, and th many thousands ail over the United Htetes whs I V
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Meution Advocate and Nwt when writing this alvertUmr.
j., YOU CAN MAKE 810 TO f 30
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P Exhibition CutllL
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Army snd Navy suit ths sibl
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tiHU to brlnir crowded housas
St good prices (or sdmtaalon.
We rer.l.k tkoosaipfetoSBlSI, Is
Slssisff II Csban War TMws, High ilnd Rlerenptleo., larg
(UxSl) Idrert lalag Pseters, IdailMreBTIcketa, eta. for s lluis
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Cut this ad. out and and to us and
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tmM, pay ths r thread sgtrat snr ooeelsl
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liiiipinK weight Is 156lls. and the
frelxht will averane 75o for each
600 miles and ws guars 10 ssfs 4s
llery. Tbsacat .,
far farm, stars vrftv Hi
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the best plat
form scale
made, (ruaran-
xeeanveyeara i , ? rm
lifetime. Will welirh sM lbs. by ulnr all weffthta far.
nlahod. Brass beam weighs 50 Dm., nas levees' Braes
niMlagreie. riatrormis li)X2Jincnc,Iwilin(ron anjuei
able chill ben rings, has Ienton steel pi vol , mort seinal
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klng. Address,
SEARS. ROEBUCK k CO., (Inc.) Chicago, 111.
(Boars, UtHbuCkMC srs thrgkly rellaMs. -muss. .
With of without lower cable barbed. OsblM Pn5tir,
Jlnrdra and Kabhlt Fne, Hteel Weh I'lckct IF tmo
or lawn and cemeteries, bleel Uates and Poets.
Bond Hedomption Notice.
To the holders of bonds Irmued by Saline
county, Kansas, to the Chicago, Kansas
6t Nebraska Railway Company;
Pursuant to the laws of the State of Kan
sas, and an order of the Hoard of County
CommlBHloners of Saline county Kansas, I.
Henry II. Eberhardt, County Treasurer of
said county, hereby give notice that tne
following described bonds, with accrued In
terest thereon, Issued by Saline county,
Kansas, to the Chicago, Kansas & Nebra-'
ka Railway Company, to-wlt: Bonds num
ber one (1), and number two (2), and num
ber three (3), and number four (4), and
number five (5), and number six (), and
number seven (7), and number eight (8). and
number nine (9), and number ten (10), bear
ing date December 28, 1887, and of the de
nomination of 11,000 each, will be paid on
the 10th day of January, 1819, at the fiscal
agency of the State of Kansas In the city
of New York, State of New Jork; and fur
ther notice Is hereby given that from the
10th day of January, 1839, said above de-,
scribed bonds will cease to bear Interest
County Treasurer of Saline County, ivafl.
THIt f 10 CATAl!t3U( CONTAINS 1120 Mltl l tiJ Inches In siss.
eontalu o ver M),im u. nutation, W.uoO UltKtratlunr, the lrKt, niwt .,
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10WI8T WHOlMalf CHIC190 MICII M f mij!Np. Wudiiut :
SverrUlnn in ireeertei, fire, Dry tWoa, I ollesa, llotklaa;, i'Uaka,
Pres.., Kl sad It keen, Wstebr, Jewelry, Sk(, Hardware, Sle.ee,
Sgrfcsltaral tastetsesla, rsraltsrs, Msrawes SsdS'les, Batiilee, Belg '
aakks, Croskory, Orgaaa, Plassa, Vsakal lasbnaaMsl, fsnslaklwgwoeda,
aims, aoeslTors, riaklaf Taakks Meysl, Photsgrsskls Uewle. ots. Tells
JustwhatyourstornkoeperathumeraiMtpay foreverythlni hebuy , .
and will pi event him from overchanrina you on anything you buri
explsinsluathow to order, how much the freleM, etyree or Ball will ,
bonnythins;toTonrtown. THE IH 1031 COSTS US NEA8LT SI
thspoetftff alone Usiloents. .
Stamps to hel p pay tno M mu pwtacs sndtheBlgBookwill be sent
to you Htm ky stall ptsM, and It you don I say It Is worth M
times the 16 cents you ssnd. a a key to ths low wholesale prices "
of everything-, say so, and w will iaasMSiaMly relsra yes 1 seste.
'it Is a monumeul of business information." Minneapolis
OUnn.) Tribune.
"A wonderful piece of work."-Wsshlntrton Ifstlonsl Tribune.
Thcaloru is a wonder. H Manchester (N. H.) Union. , v
mean, Koehuck Co. I one Of the largest house of Its kind In
The bl eatadomie forms one of 'jm nnest shovotnaT mmliiuns that oould possibly be seat Into district." , ,
Botces Monthly, thlcago.
"Their oataioirae Is a vast department store boiled dow."-Atlanta Constitution.
The catalogue la certainly a merchavndlss encyolopsndla. Chicago Kpworth Hsrald. -.., ,
LMre:3,SEAI.3, nOEDUCIt Ct CO. (Inc.), CHICAGO. ILL., U.S. A.

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