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Kansas had live snow storms In No
. - Wlnflold la to have a co-operative
creamery plant.
Goodland has shipped 210 cars of grain
during the past fall.
The Twenty-first Kansas will be mus
tered out December 10.
Clay Center now has telephone con
nection with Kansas City.
Two lieutenants in the Twenty-third
Kansas (colored) have resigned.
The Kansas colored soldiers we're not
1b the recent trouble at Santiago.
Ness City papers are advocating the
establishment of a county high school.
Judge E. I). Pfost Is being talked of for
the nomination for Mayor of Kansas
The Smith Center Pioneer (Rep.) fa
vors the abolition of the office of oil In
spector. The McPherson bank, which failed
about a year ago, has only paid 15 per
cent to depositors.
The United States Express Company's
safe at Almena was robbed last week.
The burglars secured $3,000.
i Comer Davles revives and gives space
to the old story that the Central Branch
will be extended to Denver.
The Wichita & Western is to be sold
under foreclosure proceedings under an
order from the Federal court
Will White says that the need for a
new national banking law is greater than
that for a new set of Islands.
It takes three or four clerks and as
many stenographers to take care of Mr.
Stanley's applications for office.
Will Maddox of Kingman Is a sailor
in the navy and is on his way with
others to reinforce Dewey at Manila.
W. H. Coulter, editor of the Western
Veteran, is a candidate for department
commander of the Q. A. R. of Kansas.
The Luray school house insurance pre
miums were reduced from $27.75 to f 18
per annum during McNall's administra
tion. The American Banker thinks that
Kansas people insist on too many restric
tive laws regulating the banking bus
ness. Will Stanley abolish the Board of
Pardons? Will the politicians allow him
to leave any office now In existence va
: cant?
WIU White says that Breldenthal is
the only man who can make the race for
Governor Interesting to the Republicans
In 1900.
The Emporia Times thinks Breldenthal
should be nominated In 1900 for Gov
ernor and the Oskaloosa Times indorses
the idea.
Republican papers think that Populists
will object to Webb McNall as a candi
date for Governor because he don't wear
a' necktie.
It is now stated that the alleged Dem
ocrats must have Gene llagan's indorse
ment before Stanley will notice their ap
plications. - Chairman Mort Albaugh's personal ap
pearance would lead to the belief that
he had been dieting on stewed snowballs
for sometime.
1 Martin Mohler, who was Secretary of
the State Board of Agriculture for sev
eral years, is now organizer for a new
fraternal order.
The Sterling Democrat favors Webb
McNall for Governor, John Breldenthal
for United States Senator and Claude
Duval for Congress. -.
Ex-Governor Morrill can think of no
subject upon which legislation is needed
except that of printer's fees. All Mor
rll is or has been came to him through
newspaper publicity and now he wants
to rob other legislation and knife the
Chanute may buy a city building, but
as the announcement Is accompanied by
a statement that no bonds will be Issued
the story sounds fishy.
A Honolulu paper says that the offl
cers of the Twentieth Kansas are the
youngest who have yet passed that city
on their way to Manila.
Having secured assurances that a tel
ephone line to' the county seat will be
built, Almena is agitating the construe
tlon of a skating pond.
On the first day of every month an In
ventory is made of all the State property
In each department at the State house,
Another Populist reform.
A few Republican papers seem to
really believe that Stanley will intro
duce civil service regulations in the
State charitable institutions.
Barney Sheridan says he don't want to
be Railroad Commissioner and that the
story that he Is going to buy the Atch
Ison Champion Is a pure fake.
The Board of Pardons Is not approving
many applications for pardons, and, In
fact, has approved a very small number
during the past administration.
Dave Leahy says that Wichita's Re
publican police force permits a saloon
to run in which there are 187 electric
lights and a $500 picture of Dewey.
Stormy weather don't serve to head off
the big crowds which are visiting Stan
ley every day. The applications for
places are far in excess of any time in
the past '
Col. Tomlinson's dally whoop says
that Stanley is "an unknown quantity
at this time." That means that Whoop
is not certain yet whether he is going to
be in it
Stanley was bluffing when he talked
about abolishing the Board of Pardons
as he is considering the applications for
places on that board. He will not abol
lsh anything.
The watlng line In front of Stanley's
office is so long that It takes about three
days to get within speaking distance of
him. And yet all of the office seekers are
In the Populist party.
The Kansas City Journal (Rep.) is
running every Populist It can think of
for Governor. No person has yet said
that he would be a candidate and none
will for many months.
Phil Knowlton, formerly of the New
ton Kansan, and George E. Kyner,
County Superintendent of Geary county,
have begun the publication of an even
Ing paper at Cripple Creek.
The recent snow storms have taxed the
Ingenuity of the people of Kansas in the
matter of providing suitable rigs for
sleighing. It is safe to say that no prac
tical scheme was overlooked.
McKeever of Shawnee, Hoag of Wyan
dotte, Osborn of Saline, Henley of Doug
las, Beneflel of Montgomery and Rem
ington of Miami are candidates for the
caucus nomination for speaker.
Webb McNall appeared in Federal
Judge Williams court last week as at
torney in a case which he won easily.
It is the first time that Williams and
McNall have agreed on anything.
The treasurer of a Belolt Sunday
school has suffered from a terrible ner
vous shock, but it is believed that he
will eventually recover. He found a $5
gold piece in the collection a few weeks
Learning that Webb McNall is worth
about $20,000 the Ottawa Herald (Rep.)
Jumps at the conclusion that he made his
money out of his office. Webb has about
1,100 acres of good land when he was
appointed, but only owns about 1,000
now, one tract having been sold since
that time. His estate conslets almost
entirely of this land, and none of it was
acquired out of the income from his
Ex-State Senator Meachem, of the
Jewell-Mitchell district, was killed last
week on a train in Colorado. He was
passing from one coach to another and
after falling was ground to pieces on the
The Kansas City Gazette (Rep.) says
that It 13 general gossip that the Repub
lican national committee "blowed sev
eral thousand dollars' among the can
rushers and Joint loafers of this city
In the past two years."
In giving the number of Populists and
Republicans elected from each Congrea
slonal district, J. C. Starr, of the Scott
City News-Lever classes himself as a
Populist notwithstanding the fact that
he was elected by Republican votes.
An Increase of pay for privates In the
army was demanded in the last Populist
platform and the government is getting
ready to ask Congress to make the in
crease. It Is said to be impossible to se
cure enlistments at the present scale.
Jim Fike, who engineered the Hoffer
deal, wants to be Railroad Commls
sioner, Jim has voted and worked for
the Republican ticket oftener Blnce 1890
than any other Democrat in the State
and ought to be recognized, by Stanley.
Ex-Chief Justice Horton used to be a
Democrat Ingalls ran twice on a Dem
ocrat ticket. Senator Luclen Baker sup
ported the Democrat nominee for Gov
crnor in 1890. John Seaton was indorsed
by the Democrats for the Legislature
Frank Nelson has appointed ex-County
Superintendent D. W. Little, of Wallace
county, as Assistant State Superinten
dent A. V. Llndall, of Topeka, will be
bond clerk and Miss Rudolph, of Abilene,
a niece of J. R. Burton, will be stenog
A fool Republican paper refers to
Grant Glllett, the bankrupt cattleman,
as a Populist As a matter of fact both
Gillett and Cross were radical Republi
cans and did not belong to the party
composed of "business failures and in
competents." '
Topeka papers talk in plain English
about the saloons which are running In
that city. The whoje thing is under the
control of . Republicans who were mak
Ing all kinds of noise a few months ago
because Leedy's metropolitan police did
not enforce the law.
The Washington Watchman has been
sold to Veatch & Son, the present pub
Ushers of the Post-Register, and the two
papers will be consolidated. This leaves
Washington county without a Populist
paper. George Higgins will stay with
the paper temporarily.
Westmoreland Is figuring on securing
a railroad from some point on the Union
Pacific on' the north. Bonds will be
voted if possible and the road is to be
in operation July 1. It is the only county
seat in eastern Kansas which does not
have some kind of a railroad.
A Santa Fe conductor had $2,000 in
the Kirby hank at Abilene. It failed and
he got 45 per cent, of it This he de
posited in the First National at Emporia
It has now failed, and he don't know
where he is at. He may insist on voting
for postal savings banks next time.
The second and third battalions of the
Twentieth Kansas arrived at Manila De
cember 1. All were well and no deaths
occurred on the trip. The first battalion,
under command of Lieutenant Colonel
Little, is about ten days behind and is
now somewhere between Honolulu and
Henry A. Young, son of Senator Henry
W. Young, has been appointed as a cadet
at West Point by Congressman RIdgely
If he possesses the earnestness and de
termination which are characteristics of
his father he will have no difficulty in
accomplishing the work ahead of him in
a creditable way. .
J. S. Hoi linger, at 70 years of age, was
a wealthy retired banker at Abilene
About a month ago he bought a big in
terest in the Gillespie Commission Com
pany at Kansas City. Thirty days later
the Gillett collapse came and his com
pany was bankrupt He is probably
worth nothing now.
George Cam pell's organization to build
a railroad to the Gulf to be conducted
by the producers of the West was rld-
one of these editors has opened his head
Iculed by Republican papers, but not
in opposition to Longstreet's govern
ment railroad from the Missouri to the
Pacific. If Republican leaden were to
One thousand styles and sizes.
For cooking and heating.
Price from $$ to $70.
Often Imitated. Never equalled.
Best Cookers. Strongest Heaters.
Last Longest Use Least Fuel
Vade only br
The Michigan Stove Company
Largant Makers of Storm and IUngM
la th world.
. SoU Everywhere
declare to-morrow for every radical Pop
ulist principle ever enunciated the big
and little bosses in Kansas would tumble
over themselves to get In line faster than
they did when the gold standard was approved.
Republican papers are discovering
that the old soldier, who has been ig
nored by their party for two years, is at
last having an inning. Frank Grimes
has appointed one as guard in the Treas
urer's tffice. His duties are to sit up
all night alone and watch for persons
who may be inclined to covet the State's
Candidates for the Populist nomina
tion for Congress in the Seventh district
are being announced by their friends.
Those now suggested are Representative
Fairchild and W. L. Brown, both of
Kingman and Sam Amidon of Wichita.
The latter is a Democrat and the others
are Populists. Simpson will likely be
urged also.
The State of Kansas now has an elec
tric light plant in operation at the State
house. ' It cost $f,500 and will save half
of that amount in the annual light bill.
The State has all the fuel necessary to
run it and no additional help is necessary
to run It The move is in line with many
other measures of economy which have
been adopted by the present administration.
The Kansas City Journal says that
there are applicants for places on the
Board of Pardons under Stanley who
would let out any one whose friends
would set up the drinks. Then It says
that there are others whose price would
be $5 or $10 while others would be
higher. It adds that out of the lot it will
be hard to select a board which will not
be open to suspicion.
Mayor Fellows wonders if the people
of Topeka will permit him to serve an
other term. He ought to be satisfactory
to everybody as he enforces the prohib
itory law about half the time and lets
the Joints run the other half. His police
force, which was burdened with plenty
of instructions to close everything, Is
now allowing almost everybody to run
a saloon who wants to.
In the last Advocate and News an Item
appeared in this department which
might be construed to mean that the In
dependence Populist, Henry W. Young's
paper, was made up largely of matter
which was stolen or credited to Ex. The
facts are that the Populist Is made up of.
matter which many other papers , are
always ready to reprint with proper
credit, to credit to Ex. or to steal bodily,
and the matter reprinted is always
worthy of the attention It receives.
It is impossible to State whether What
little conscience the editor of the Kan
sas City Journal (Rep.) has left is troub-
ling him or what is the matter, but m
the following that paper takes back, a
lying story which was persistently pub
lished by all of the Republican papers
of the State during the campaign: "One
of the funniest things in the late cam
paign was the persistency with which the
Republicans declared that B. P. wag-
gener was a warm supporter of Governor
Leedy. Somebody started the story on
Waggener a3 a Joke, but when he found
that It made the Populists squirm, he re
mained silent and allowed it to work its
horrible mission. Every time Leedy
opened his mouth against corporations
someone was sure to call public atten
tion to the fact that Leedy was being
supported by the biggest corporation at
torney in Kansas."
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