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73 .
Tlie Irish Delegation to the Meet
ing of the Irish National
Received in Chicago "With Great
Eclat by the Reception
Congressman Pinnerty in Answer
Queries, (SLves :i Succinct
Insight Into
The Plans and Purposes of the lrisli-
Ainovicans in Their EH'orts
in Rcli nil' of
Homo llulu for rrelaml and tlio Clen-
eral Management of Irish
Interests, A Portend.
For Sweet irelaud's Salco.
Chicago, Aug. IT. Delegates to the
Irish National League Aere at living in
great numbers during the day and tonight
it is intimated that fully 1 ,000 arc on the
giound. There was active caucusing
about the hotel lobbies lespccting election of
oilicers bm neither element in the conven
tion laid b.ue its hand. That theie an 111 be
a .shaip passage on the eomention
floor appeal-, now to be assured. An even
ing paper say that lepreentative fiom
Ireland who "will an ivy this evening are
placed in an eMiemely delicate position.
They will be Awaited upon by representa
tives of both icception coiAnittees and
upon their attxm in the acceptance of the
invitations of either party an ill be fore
shadowed tin. suet ess or failuie of the
other at the eomention.
Mr. l)aitl : aid to be greatly annoyed
by the Ogde" Uiovc declaiations and has
p'ositivclv declined to interfere in
the disputes cacii Ailh a icw
(o llieir adjustment. It is
theieforc certain the matter must be fought
out on the iloor of the convention. The
signal for ihc onslaught Avill be the nomi
nation of Alex Sullivan for the presidency,
and it is understood that it Aill be done in
order to gie the latter gentleman an oppor
tunity of rofiu ng, as a a indication ot his
character, and the opportunity Aill b util
ised for the promised e.posiues.
.Mr. John F. Pinnerty is favorably men
tioned as President Egan's successor, and
others an combatting his nomination in
view of his recent physical foice utterances.
Mr. Finnerly himself xiys he does not de
si iv his name to be nut forward. "With re-
gaul to his .speech in Ogden Grove, he made
The following explanation today: "We
have no desire to foiee the hand of Parnell
or to drie the Irish people into Avar unpre
pared. All that we demand is this and avc
will bo satisfied Avith nothmjr less: 1 liat no
loader of the Irish people avIio is supposed
to speak for them shall commit himself, or
them, to accepting as a final settlement, bills
f rnlii'f imworthv of the dhrnitv of
Ireland's national demand.
We are perfectly Avilliug to see them ac
cept such bills as that of Gladstone's as a
settlement on account, but that must not be
accepted as closing the transaction. "We
sec no wisdom in it; it loAvers the tone of
the Irish cause: it low crs thespirit of the
Irish people. To ask them to subscribe to
a mere species of provincial life is an out
rage on their struggle of seven hundred
years for liberty. "V"e admit it may be
'00d policy on "the part of Mr. Parnell and
Sir. Davit t to be w hat is termed moderate
in tone, but for us who represent the na
tional idea nf the Irish ixople it would be
Avorse than follv to conceal our sentiments.
"We recognize that Ireland is incapable of
lighting England at present. We do not
Avaut-hcr to iicht England except in some
manner :is ""will be safe to her, and
whatever risk she may take now or in the
future she Avill lind that avc are sincere in
our dcsiOJ to help her in her struggle for
libertv, and 1 cannot conceive Avhat the ob
ject of the distinguished Irishmen is avIio
differ from Mr. "Sullivan, Mr. Egan and
myself, and charging us Avith trying to
force the Irish peoplelnto unprepared re
volt. 1, at least, have emphasized my de
sire not to place the Irish people in any
such position, though 1 have been equally
emphatic in condemning that other jwlicy
which Avcakens the nerve and demoralizes
the spirit of a people. But s0 far as the
charge of attempting to condemn the policy
or to force the hand of the Irish leader, 1
have never at any time in my career done it.
and I ucA-cr Avill.
The national committee lipid a session to
night and decided to name Judge Fit.
gerald, of Cincinnati, as temporary cliair
hwb. Judge Fitgerald is-regarded as con
servative and it is expected the nomination
oci will eet with the approval of all the ele
'te in the convention. Owing to the de-
' 'ay o treasurer O'Reilly in arriving and
he cowequcnt delay in "preparing the cre-
xr mjitkknf delegates, the eomention will
1y be Ued to order until 2 p. m., to-
tore. lVhmm.
offloekpjj-jjeorijjjj ti,e jnsh parhament-
dwegrtK from rew l ore was met at
Michigan Cit' at 8:20 this evening by a
Michigan Central special, containing a del
egation of about fifty from the Chicago ic
ception party. The reprc-entatiA'cs Gf the
Iiish pailiamentary paity to the Chicago
convention aie: John E." Redmond, Win.
O'ljiien and Jas. I), lleasy. They Aere
accompanied fiom Xcat Yoik hy a small
party of avcII known land leaguers, among
Avhom Aveie Patrick Ford, Rev. Dr. G. "W.
Pepper and Dr. Thomas O'Rielly
Mr. Pinnerty AvelcomedlhoA'isitois in a!
biief address. The visitors weie visibly
alictted by the Avelcomc extended them and
Mr. O'Rncn responded Avarmly.
The train reached Chicago at 10:20, and
the delegates went ?it once to the hotel
Avhere the balanc of the icception commit
tee awaited their arrival, the lateness of
hour and fatigue ol the party prevented
any speech making and fin ther Avelcoming
Avas limited to hand-shaking and inter
changing of good a ishes.
Xational Irish Lenjruo.
Chicago, August 17. The committee
on airangernents for the convention of the
Irish National leag ic of Ameiica on
AVcdncsday and Thuisday at the Cential
jLusic Hall, and a mass meeting Friday
cA-ening at Uattciy "D,"held a meeting last
evening, Alexander Sulivan presiding. All
1 lie sub committees rcpoitcd that they had
made complete airangernents for the con
vention. A committee Avas appointed to
cseon lite officer f the leag'u; and I' ish
delegates to Central Music "ilall "AYednes
day morning to Avait upon Arch Ri-hop
Feehan, and invite him to open the con-A-ention
A.'ith prayer and make an addiess.
A telegram announced that the liioh dele
gation had left Xev. Yoik and Avould ar
rive at Chicago at 4 p. m. today. John
Finneit, chaiiman of the icception com
mittee, aa ill proceed to La Porte to meet
the delegation.
A telegiamfroin Gov. Oglesby said that
other arrangements Aould puwent him
from presiding at the batteiy "D ma
meeting Friday night. Alexander SulliA-an
was elected iifhN stead, aurice F. "Wil
bur, of Pennsylvania, a national delegate
to the A. O. II., and Dr. Scanlon, state
delegate to the A. O. II., hac consented to
make addresses at the meeting. The invi
tation of llaveily for the conA-ention to
visit Chillenham" beach has been accepted.
They Avill go in a body on the Steamer Dix,
Could not llesist.
Boston, Mass., Aug. 17. The fact that
AA'illiam Gray Jr., tieasurcr of the Atlantic
and Indian oi chard mills corporation, is a
defaulter to an enormous amount, created
great excitemens here. It h believed his
stealings will amount to over half a million
dollar-."". Gray Avas deposed from the treas
urership several days ago. The assets of
the two corporations are more than $4.
000.000, and it is not believed that the 2ol
vencv of either is impaired. The capital
of the Atlantic mills is $1,000,000 and its
assets $2,000,000. The capital of the In
dian Orchard mill is 000,000 and assets
are neatly three times that sum. Gray had
been treasurer of the former for ten j-ears,
and of the latter eight, and had occupied
the fonnost position hi business and social
circles. He lived magnificently, and Avas
regarded as very Avealthy.' He owns a line
cutter A-acht, and has be'en commodore of
the Do'rchester Yacht club for several years.
He is about fifty year old and ha a Avife
and two sons.
The managing directors of the Atlantic
mill are still engaged upon the books of the
corporation in i elation to the shortage -.f
AYm. Gray, Jr., late treasuier. but the
exact amount of his defalcation cannot be
learned with certainty; it is believed it Avill
not exceed 00,000. "
A ScreAV Loose.
Fokt "Wayne, Iud., Aug. 17. Quite a
ripple of excitement has been caused by
Judge Sinclair lining Dr. J. Y. Young, :
prominent physician 25 and sentencing
him to ten days in jail for contempt.
Young has antagonized the committee of
Tri-State Veterans :issociation regarding
the approaching re-uuion hen.1. Extensive
advertising has" been done by the commit
tee, and Young has distributed throughout
Northern Ohio and Indiana, dodgers claim
ing, as an official of tlie association, that
there will be no reunion, and that the prom
inent generals nnd others advertised to be
in attendance. a ould not come. The com
mittee, through the superior court, had a
restraining order issued, which Avas ignored
by Young, and this caused the line and sen
tence. The committee also circulated
posters advertising Young as a
forger, convict and fraitd, for Avhich Young
hascommeuccd suit for criminal libel.
"o One But Cowards.
Dexvkk, Col., Aug. 17. An Aspen
special to the News says: A double assas
sination Avas committed here today. John
Fenton had jumped the ranch ot liarry
BurroAA-s, and employed Jiicnaet Kyan,
who yesterday began cutting hay. Bur
roAVS warned "the man not to cut the hay.
Fenton laughed at Burrows, who went
iwav. Later KA-an ana renion were suui
in thn lwek. Before dving the men made a
statement claiming that Burrows and Doc
White did the killing. "White was arrested.
Burrows is still at large with the vigilantes
in pursuit, who will probably lynch him if
You Hot They'll Go, Too.
XnAV Yokk, Aug. 17. The fever is rap
idly spreading in this city as avcII as in the
county, and the Texas emigration commit
tee leceius dispatches from various places
announcing that regiments are to be organ
ized and kept in readiness to moA-e if Avar
be declared. The enthusiasts here hoav
have their headquai ters at Xo. 17. Center
street in the rear of SA'ckles' bar room.
On the wall, aboA-e the dek at which the
military dispatches are Arittcn, hang the
stars and stiipes. A torn flag that has seen
service in the field and Haunted on the
breee of icy Greenland, AA-as seen at a gath
ering of notable ev-military men in the
loom yesteiday, and the smoke fiom their
pipes and cigars filled the loom fiom lloor
to ceiling.
Colonels were plentiful as bees on a
honeycomb, and the majors and captains
sufficient to command half the army of
the states, crowded to the desk and volun
teered their service. The enthusiasm
and pairiotism ran as high as foam on beer
glasses Avhich a corpulent bar tender avas
bus' passing around. Col. LcAvis Pike, a
long-haired man from Texas, was in charge
of the preparations, and A-ith his corps of
colonels, majors and captains, discussed the
best mode of procedure. After Avasting a
pad or two of Western Union Telegraph
blanks they decided on the following mes
sage to Governor Ireland:
"In anticipation of trouble betAvecn Mex
ico and the. Unite 1 States. th tuidersignd
members of the committee appointed at a
meeting held by the A-ctcrans of the late
Avar and last war Avith Mexico, offer yon
our sympathies If. in your discretion,
you deem it necessary to accept our ser
vices thev are at A'our command."
Railways at Outs.
Chicago. 111., Aug. 17. The two Ohio
rier pool roads, it is stated, aie making a
12 1-2 cent nite on pro-ision, and packing
house pioducts fiom Chicago to Memphis,
The general Height agent ot another load,
a competing line, authorized a 15 cent late,
the lowest liguie at Avhich theie was any
profit in the business, but failed to meet
the two loads, they preferiug to carry it at
a clear loss. One of the-e ha- a contract
Avith a big Chicago provision house, by the
terms of which it guarantees the lowest go
ing rates, and the "firm, by shrcAvdly play
ing one line against the other, has managed
to"gtt rates to the point first named, the
railroads evidently prefeiring tonnage to
profit. Thesame low Kites pievail out of
Kansas Oil y to Memphis and the southwe-t
railway association lines in order to profit
their traffic have been forced to make a 10
cent rate from Kansas City to St. Louis on
through business against twenty cent local.
It is suggested that a meeting of lines inter
ested be held with a view ofrcneAving the
old agreement which fixed the tariff at 22
cents"from Chicago, 2:1 cents from Kansas
City, and 10 cents from St, Louis, and
some con espondence has been had on the
subject. It came to nothing, however, as
officials haA-e lo-t faith in each other and
have no confidence in pledges not backed
by penalties.
He Stretched the Hope.
Cincinnati, O., Aug. 17. A special
from Huron Station, Lawrence county,
Indiana, on the Ohio and Mississippi rail
road, says: Early this morning a tramp
entered the station and becoming offensive,
I. F. Davis, agent, tried to ejecf him. The
tramp resisted and stabbed Davis to death.
The neighborhood soon caught the tramp
and hung him to a tree. He has not been
A Fatal Storm.
Annnni:r.N. Aug. 17. A hcavv raiu and
Avind storm again visited this vicinity and
swept over a fifty mile radius, doing more
damage than any previous storm. At New
ark, thirty-five miles northeast of here, the
suffering is heavy. Four persons Avere
killed. "Among the victims are the Avife
and children of John Oakcs, and Mrs.
To be Honored.
Chicago, 111.. Aug. 17 The National
League managers have in store a testi
monial for their- president. Patrick Egan,
at Battery "D," Friday night. It is a
massive silver service preseutetl in behalf
of the League in Ireland. The testimo
nial AA-as to"have been presented at the Bos
ton convention by Parnell, but as he did
nor m there the presentation Avaspost!oned
until now. The Irish League have cabled .
to Michael Uavitl to maKe uie presentation.
AYith the silA-er service is an illumiuinated
address signal by Parnril, Justin Mc
Carthy, O'Brien, " 3Iichacl, Davitt and
.Vuother Candidate.
Clay Cittet:, Kan.. Aug. 17. The
lirst number of tlie Evening Times AA-as is
sued last CA'ening by Dr." A. Valentine.
The paper is a sre" column folio, supplied
Avith telesrraphie news and has a good tield,
being the" only daily published in the. Re
publican A-allcy.
IILj :Last Jiff.
Le-WEXavorth. Kan., Aug. 17. Eli
Barney, a farmer living near Tonganosie,
this county, was found dead in his barn
this morning, haTing committed suicide by
hanging, fie leaves a large family. Dis
pondency on account of the failure of crops
the cause.
Oliio Democracy.
Toledo, O., Aug. 7. The city is
crowded with delegates to the Democratic,
state convention. "The attendance is large
considering it is the oil year in Ohio poli
tics. Tonight the district delegates met to
select a nreident and members of the vari-
1 ous" committees of the convention. It has
! been decided the convention shall have but
one session, beginning at 10;00 a. m. The
indications arelhat its deliberations will be
j harmonious and the entire work completed
early in the afternoon. There are several
! candidates for secretary of the state, but in
dications point to the nomination of Boston
G. Young, of Clarion, though John Mc
Bec, of MaaMllon, the present representa
tive of the Knights of Labor, will give him
. a close run.
Judge Follett will have no opposition for
I rcnomlnntion for supreme judge, nor Cruik-
shank, the present incumbent, tor clerk of
the supreme court. John P. Martin, the
present incumbent, K the only candidate
mentioned for the board of public works,
hence the only real competition is. for sec
retary of state and commissioner of public
schools, there being some half dozen aspir
ants for the latter place.
The convention will probably pronounce
stronslv for a revenue tariff.
BrioCIJut Lively.
Dovni:, Del., Aug. 17. The Democratic
state convention assembled here today, and
after several hom'S of indiscribable con
fusion effected a permanent organization
( and proceeded to ballot lor a candidate lor
goA'ernor. The riist ballot settled the mat-
I ter, resulting in tlie nomination of ex-Con-
i gresbinan Benj. T. Rigg. Another hour
of excitement resulted in tlie nomina
tion by a viva A'occ A-ote of John B. Hcn
nington. of Dover, for congress. The
platform a as then speedily adopted, after
Avhich the convention adjourned.
Grovev Cleveland. Et Al.
Saratoga, August 17. President Cleve
land and Avife, Avith Col. Lamont, Dr.
Ward, of Albany, and three other friends,
Lpassed through heie on a special car at
tached to the .Montreal expiess at l:oU this
morning bound for the Adiioudacks.
Pkosi'kct HorsE, Aimijondcks, N. Y.,
Aug. 17. The presidential party arrived
here at 4 o'clock this afternoon after a con
tinuous and uneventful ride from Albany.
The party comprises President and Mrs.
CleA'eland, the latter's mother, Mrs. Fol
some, and Mr. Samuel B. Ward, of Al
bany. The midnight train on Avhich they left
Albany Avas an hour late in reaching Platts
burg. " Upon reaching Rouse's Point this
moining the part' Avere a ithin a mile and
a half of the Canadian line. A special en
gine and single baggage car were coupled
to the president's c-ir at the Point and was
quickly pulled of sight, greatly to the
astonishment of several enterprising gentle
men Aho had been sitting up all night
waiting for that car ,'uh the determination
of sticking closdy to it until it reached its
At Moira, on the Ogdensburg and Lake
Champlain railway, a doen miles beyond
Melone, the special Avas sAvitchcd off on the
Northern Adriondack railway and was
draAvn into the .uldrness a distance of
thirty-four miles.
As the piesidrnt and his Avife stepped
upon the platform of their car to lea'e the
train the .Aloha frass band began to play,
and an hour later when the "regular train
came along the i.nd was still playing.
Asca'cu inil3;jsnie ria"broughflhe partA'
to Paul Smith'snn" St. Rega's, lake. Mr.
Smith provideifa lunch, and the party
Avithout leaA-ing their cairiage ate the sec
ond meal of the da-, Avhile Avaiting for
an exchange ol horses. Seventeen miles of
carriage riding brought them to the Sara
nac inn, formerly the Piospect house, and
the' Avere given quarters in a cottage ad
joining this house. They Avill take meals
in the public dining room. Tonight at
Mrs. Cleveland's icqiieat, the whole party
AA-ere lowed oa-t the lake by tAvo trusty
On the Turf.
Sm:atog, Aug. 17. This a.us the
third regular day of the second summer
race meeting. The attendance Avas large
and the Aveather cloudy and thieatening.
The tiack Avas fetlock deep Aith mud.
' First race Purses 400, for tAVo-year-olds,
maidens alloAcd fourteen pounds,
three-quarters t a mile: Kizie Kreps and
Besie June rau away from the others, Liz
zie Kreps Aviniifcig under the pole by Iavo
lengths Avith Bessie June second twent
lengths before BIeser third; time 1:19.
Second race Free handicap sweepstakes,
mile and a fuilong: Bessie took the lead
j immediately afjcr the start and hold it to
the finish, Avinning by a length. Lad'
ayAvard second, halt a length in iront ol
Mhidle-ev. thh 3. time 2.00. "
Third race 1'ox.hall stakes, for three-year-olds,
one mile and five furlongs. Solid
Silver Avon, Inspector B second, Elwood
third; time 3.0 U-2.
Fourth racL For thrce-vcar-olds, one
mile: Ada D st. Red Girl "second, Port
land third; time 1:43 1-2.
Fifth race Three-quarters of a mile:
Estelle fir-t. Bankrupt second, Shamrock
third; time 1:21.
Chicago, vx. 17. This Avas the open
ing day for th'e Nortlnvestern breeders :is
sociation. fr
Summary 'Three minute class
Sir Knight! . .,
Opa! -.
Johnnie V
...1 1 1
4 t
Aunt Molale o. distanced : time-':24
1-2, ti:2T, 1-2.
Four-Avar-old stakes:
..1 1 1
.Teanette ; 2 2
Knisht, distanced: time 2:2S 1-4. 1:S5. 2:27.
UtIc, N. Y., Aug. 17. This Avas the
first day of the grand circuit raca? here.
Attendance good; track good
Summary 2:33 clasCtrotting:
Arthur. 3
1 1 1
2 ' 3
? 2 3
A. G 1 2
Anniversary 2 '
Tune, 2:34, 2:23 3-4. 2ci 1-4, 2:25 3-1.
Two twenty-one clas. trotting:
Belle .-1 1 2
Nobby :..,
2 1
Charlev Hilton 2 4
Judge Davis... 4
Judgelindley. 3 ." 5 Z 3
Tuus2t2U 1-4, 2:21, 2:20 3-4. 2:20 1, 2:21 1-2.
Madame Marantelle with her running
team made a mile in 1 :49 1-4.
Base Ball.
Chicago, Atur 17. Chicago 13. Kansas
City 1. Philadelphia Philadelphia G, Bos
ton 2. Detroit Detroit S, St. LouU 2.
Washington New York 10, Washington
S. Pittsburg Metropolitans T,Pittsbufgo.
Wlio KnoAVa?
Citv ok Mexico, Aug. IT. The news
received here that it ii denied at Wash
ington that Minister Jackson has resigned
causes surprise, as it is firmly believed'that
his resignation, addres-ed to President
Cleveland, and dated June 30. was cnl to
Washington -when Mr. Jackson was in the
United States on a leave of absence.
By Acclamation.
SrurxoFiEU), O., Aug. 17. Tlie Re
publican convention of the Eighth congres
sional district nominated Lieut. Governor
R. P. Kennedy for con great by acclamation.
Capt. Black Makes a Last Appeal
to the Trial Jury
in the
Anarchist Case and Presents
Strong Summary of
the Evidence
Against and For the Defendants,
Proving by Logic and Analogy
that they are Guiltless.
Three Several Attempts to Vreelc
Trains on the Lake Shore
Suspects Arrested.
Notes From the Capital Political
Points The Mexican Mud
dle Sporting Data.
Weather Report.
"Yasiiixgtox, August IS, 1 p. m. Indi
cations for Missouri: Local rains, A-ariable
Avinds, nearly stationary temperature.
For Nebraska and Kansas: Fair Avcather,
north-east Avinds, becoming southerly,
slightly Avaruier weather.
liice "Want. Railroads.
Special DMwtch to the Dally Eagle.
Lyons. Kan., Aug. 17. The bonds for
the Kansas Midland railway company Avere
carried today in Yictoiia toAvnship, Rice
county, by a large majority. This makes
the ninth bond election held by this com
pany since the sc'enth instant, all of Avhich
haA-e been successful.
Of the Anarchist Trial but One The
.Jury Calls for a Hast.
Chicago, Aug. 17. This is the fifth day
of the arguments in the anarchists tnal.and
Captain Black, the leading counsel for the
defense, began the closing plea for the
misoners. Captain Black began his argu
ment soon after the jury was seated, by
May it please your honor, and gentle
men of the jury: On the morning of May
oth, the people of Chicago Avere startled at
Avhat happened at Ilaymaiket. Fear is the
mother of cruelty, and perhaps that Avill
account in some "measure lor the bitterness
Awth which the state prosecuted "the ease.
The serious question which confronts
us, however, is to Avhat extent you gentle
men in your deliberations may be
influenced "by passion or prejudice.
On the the night of May 4th a dynamite
bomb Avas thrown on the Haymarkct in
this city and exploded. It caused a ide
spread haA'oc anil loss of human life. The
bare moral icsponsibility for the dynamite
doeaiiot iest -with the socialists. This e
nlosive was sriven to the Avorld by science.
We might a ell stand appalled at the terri ,
ble result this agent is capable of preduc- j
Captain Black reiterated that-dynamite o
far as the origin and manufacture of it is
concerned had no connection at ail Avith
the doctrines of socialism, and he laid doAvn
this to be a rule of law. The jury should
follow closel the cidence in their delib
erations a hen a man is charged with a crime
a in this case. The people must show how
the bomb Avas thrown, avIio did the
deed, and must show that thes, di
fendants were connected direct! A.itu
the guilt man. He then proceeded
to enlighten the jury that the state
mistook" its functions altogether. Tin
speaker said that the counsel forthe state
were Avrong when one of them advised the
jury that upon them it Avas dcicudcnt to
maintain laAV and government because the
defendants a ere against the state. They
were revolutionists, it Avas said, but that
Avas not the truth. There could be no rev
olution except when the heart of the peo
ple rise to rcdrcs some great Avrong.
Continuing, the counsel ga'.'e a -eientific
account of dynamite and experiments Avith
it as an agency of modern warfare, and
then declared "that dynamite Avas in the
world to stay and that these defendants
wen- in no Aav reswnsible for it. But the
II.ii-.n.T-l.-(.t lir.TTlll W'W tlirniVtl (III tllf n5rllt
of .May 1th. and murder 'resulted from it.
AVho Avai reiKn.siblf .' I he man avIio threw
the bomb and no one else
He argued that these defendants should not
bee-onviited as aeceory before the fart
He said that the state all through had at-
tempted to sccre conviction by appealing
to the jun-'s prejudices and p.issions, and
L,,. ,w;,,,t;. .in.nWl aii Hip mmi.li.
ment of these men
Captain Black then took up the line
adontwl bv the attornev? avIio nrceeelcxl
him for the defense. lie urged that Gil-
more Avas not to le credited, and that while
Thompson's story was less Aiilnerable, still
it had been dircctlv contrjidictefl in A-ariou
f-eatial, bv four Avitnev-e, for the defend.
-', z,.v- n i ,nrn;n f s.,rt
..: ttamnnn r..,r.rr-! Or. k tuii.nnn.'
nf t t'r,r,i;tl, .. rrlnr Tl.nt xvhtis
uinumiuu.muu.Hi,. . ..,. ...v, i-,uuu.
I Ul '-I iJllltll, A -' -V - MWiJ
was instnieted bv his pnper to take oalv
theintiammaton-'partof the speeches at the
IlaA-market The foiloAvLn- was reid a. a
o.,:t r,ui.., it TO Ar. .
....., ,...- .. :.-, ..,i t,;m.. t ri.t.
m , ..c- .m uiuuiui ...
from hunger, to arm yourcHes m the m -
terest of vour liix-rty and vour nclits
The .speaker held there was nothing in
t1. nlV:n rrr.r.i thni Pnrwins WS
! there speaking in behalf of the alleged eon
Do not the cireumsT-inces i)jve
Kt- A h.miM w2a-. -r-- rk irorn ftf tlf
mting held Aui'ist 3d? "do they dot
prove tliat he conlif have lud no .simre fa
the desien of that meeting, with the one of
dence certainlv did not prove Lsnsg gave
Uiebombtol thrown at the llaymarkrt
meetin- Referrimr to Zelinger totimony
tmi)cachinr Linsir. ih" speaker sharply
nmlm'.-l ,l.n nrrvi.tlltrm Tftr VcUfA Ut' tfTin
edmakinca bar-ain with an old and ex j
periencedriminal in order to put tbc nr-e ,
around a bov's neck, and reonlinr the
testimonv of "accomplices Captain JJIacfc in-
formal the larors uiev rau?i cieras me
utmo-t caution.
t tlits point several of the juror re-!
Quested the termination
the dav and adjournment wa.- coftsenaeritly ,
CanUiin Black announced thai he would i
finish tomorrow forenoon, and in the after- special xy- Coasn! Brougluan i waiUng
noon S:e"s Attorney Grinnell -will be j the coming of Gestra! S5lgwick tad U
given the clodns arcumenL l prepared to gh'e him sll naitI aiiance
- I in making amo4 ikorouzh invcUgation.
3Iichigran Grecnbacker.. j Cutting vsr he will le able to prove lo
Ghaxd Rapids, Miciu, Aug. 17. The! Generai Sedgn-kk's cssrire satirfaction that
Greenback riale convention met tonight he never circulated any copies of the EI
W. D. Fuller Avas made temporary chair-j Paso Ilerald containing Uiead libel in
man. After the appointment of commit- j Paso del Norte. Upon xh persooAl drea
tecs the coaTention adjoaned to meet to- j lation hangs at presort ibe Mexican cladia
morrow. o the kgmlityoi Cutting' kaprisoBiscttt.
Capital Budget.
"WAsniXGTOX, D. C, Aug. 17. The j
secretary of the interior drew warrants on
the treasury department for $7,7."52.4o0 on ,
account of quarterly payment of pensions, ,
and some time ago Acting Secretary Fair- j
child instructed Ir. Krites, chief of the!
division of aumdoned property, to canyl
into effect the nrovbious ot the act Ol con
gress authorizing the secretary of thc.trea-; forwanledto the
im- tn (l.lit-rr tn'tlio rirhtful oAA'ners certain i ommendation to
articles of jewelry, etc., captured by the
United States army during the civil Avar,
and denosited in the trcaMirv dep.trtment.
3Ir. Krites has accordingly prepared rules j
and regulations aaIucIi wilt govern tlie res
toration of all such article, and lia jut
concluded an examination of the deposits.
Thev are contained in iavo large boxes
and "consist of siher Avare, jewelry, por
traits, etc. One of the boxes contained
nearly 000 watches, gold, silver and bra,
and a number of jack knive iocket books,
letters, etc. These were mostly taken from
prisoners of war a1io died in hospitals
around Vashington, Caie Lookout and
Elmiraand AAere deposited in the treasury
by General Eetchum. Some1 of them,
him ever, belong to union soldiers who dienl
during the Avar near the places designated. !
The other box coutaiued a Jot of articles
captured bv General I lerman's troops m
Camden, South Carolina, in the early part
nf iM5."i Tlnv (insist of family nlate.
jewelry, etc, AAhich had K-en deposited in
a bank at Camden hy Jlcliae ana outer
we'althy re.-idents of " thai section. "When
the union army approached the town an ef
fort aa as made to transfer the articles to
a place of safety, but it
did not succeed as tlie troops came ujon
the scene Avhile the transfer av;l-. being
made. Manv of the principal articles be
longing to M"r. Melioc Avere restoreil to him
by a .special act of congress in lbSO. An
inventory lias leen made and it is thought
the articles can only lie identified by their
owners. They Avifl be restored upon appli
eation accompanied by s:tisfrctory evi
deuce of ownership. The two boxes refer
red to contain all property of the character
described hoav in the United States treas
ury except possibly the presentation swords
belonging to Gen.Twiggs and captured b
Gen. Butler in New Orleans-. It is an un
settled question as yet aa hether these sAords
can be lCstored under the provisions of the
act referred to above. All the other articles
mentioned Ahich have not been re
storeil by April next Avill be adver
tised and such as shall still
remain in the treasurer for one year from
that time Aill be sold at public auction.
It is expeeted that the formal exchange
of the copies of the extradition ticaty lc
twecn the United States and Japan Avill be
soon announced from Tokio and that its
promulgation by the two governments w ill
take place immediately thereafter. The
Japanese authorities are quiie entliusT.i&tic
over the consummation of this treaty but
not so mui h on account of its proNiotis
Avhith are similar in general terms to tho-e
of the existing treaty Jietween the United
States and Great Britain, :is becausr of the
fact that it constitutes a step in the progress
of that nation tow ard a position of equality
Avith the most enlightcneeJ nation- of the
. .
la I J IF o8bBb
Third Time the Charm.
Cnicvuo,Aug 17. There Avasa jtnait
deal of quiH Avork anl many mysterious
movements amr.uj: the ollieittfe of the RoeR
Island and Lake Shore railroad Ufchty of
three distinct attempts to wreck two pas
senger trains and a freight train Inat night.
The detectives, of the mails Avere at work on
the case all night. One of the attempt
was to wreek the Chicago ami Roek
Islancl train whirh left tin? Van IJurfen I
' ...... ,!., ,., in.ftt 'nlnnlr l..of nii.Ii!
l , , f 0inR,m Qml CoiJncU i,. Tll
' . .
! train oonMfctol "f engine with flve
, c cache and two sleeper, allied with
paais . A tluee-pomted iron wwl.
was placed m tlie guide near the r-ylmr ,
I ?"" f i e ne.ni mu ocnt tie
, fnuirc ol the guides, totally disabling the
While this Avas lH-iiJcr done the theatreJ
train. Avhich left an hour later, pieced the
' Omaha train, when an attempt Ava.-, made
. '" - " hh.u, r,-iw, ., , ;
rear, and it as-.ts only rllerl by acd-
flrttit in titnrt In rxrir-'nni tlif ( trrtfthn trfiln
from crahinr in behind. I
The third attempt, wltieh -nw wsfl. i
1 on n ircifiiii ai riuy-nm n.
i 3i r GtatnlHTittin showed a rerwrter a
1 AvcdiTe at In otflce tnw nwrninjf and Mid, :
, . ,.. , ,. ., ., . . . . . i t
imui .o B KB Mt B' ffl OB UnKUmUTMl)
J . . J i
" l Wr Zlin .x p "T .T
ln wf rhirtrofoUt reet where there
$ oc,nirwI a -widrn slwck. TV r!im!crj
heisi were -?rtow ot nd thei
, franK- of the evttte lwnHj bent
th.! . !.M, J ,U . l-.l.l,.
' ""'T" " " ;" in '
, wiouie. as as '"aj t L.i - i r s
Tl up to Ure tg. stoch knd from
, KoTty-WTntb U Fifty fif tm. IttMi IieW
SfIV,,. JJ3E
i""" - " e" -" " "."
the engineer and iSrcutsn arw
iraii in
'r?J P n y? rck ml I
J ibink kw tte mwjjwi; from
npto iey J xjhl bu
Uiiiifc. I &ui iac tupisuit. until ujr uc-
! mrast
,":'c' -"-'-" - .c -.
r t m- la? ,n u" 77 at l,
i "S Lake Shore swxtcnw at TliirtjMhjnl
Ueiweea 12 and 1 o'clock Ihi? aftcnMK'U
tlie polwe at teoiitli Chicago fotm.1 a bomb
e trk of the Like hlvm railway t
near the dtyol a dial fawn. Jt of
p? pipe, otghtaa: ipdit. ong. both N
""" i'--'--" -" "-- " t.s-
,.wonia uie otswrwy wo ,
, , , . ; . -..'....:.-'
occe wo: a train sen iook U-txnwjo:
v.-,.w. ,......, T
Th 3Iexfcan 3Iuj
Dexter, Col, Auk 1?. An El Paw
A Sort of Precursor.
Sexkca, Kan., Aug. 17. Tlie advance
shOAA-er of Foster's predicted. August deluge
reached Seneca at 3 o'clock this afternoon.
It rained nearly an hour; the first raiu for
six aa ecks.
.;,.,. v...!-.
Mr. aquirte. Kdairc
jABtt I Ulitv, .VUg. II. .H.lkUl Vftui.
governor tonight the rec
remnve Mr.Spiires as
commissioner of public works.
The Itebel Brigadier.
Pecati-r, Ala., Aug. 17. At the Dem
ocratic convention of 'the Eighth congres
sional district held here today General
Joseph Wheeler Aas renominated.
The People's Line.
The Gre.il Frea Palace Rediain CLiir Car Roaie.
St. Loois, ft. Scott & Wichita.
In conc'i'nwith Mo. Pac. Ry.
U now ruunlag morulas jirul cveutnj; irln tlally.
taohlhc sumlaj-k, to
siaiiiit ill o rums
Without Change.
I'ulinan Palace Sleeping Gars on ErtDftsTntist
The Shortest Route to St Louis.
The Only Short, Direct Route to
Dyr whiuli t!cj p-wiP!r nrstiH s(xn lniI,
iloiwt trniisfcrantl s ora;ltw ditty.
AN Texas Points Local to this System
M. n xkatoax.
, acaeratTrnfflc iiawjKr. J it, Mo.
rtoll j,)VW .,, ruiV-t Agm st. iiuu. ..
i ,TO f f. UKOB'R,,.
DlvlAton Vassenger ami Tklsot A sent. Avu UltA. Kmi
New Goods Jiist Received.
-A S&wnMMlK UN.
EsGiirial and
Oriental Laees
In Flouncing and all Overwidths,
MX) a xiot line or
Crinkle : Seersucker
kaots6me e
We are not selling goods at
COSt, bowever yOU Will find OUT
prjces reasonable as anywhere
tbC' Clty'
Everything Kept in a
VST "fgB&:
'tPs? ' e sSfcjftJaP" 8te

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