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fte mtcfrita gailij gacjle : msdujcstag gporufog, August XSf IS86.
R- v Kraimir.
Business Manager.
31. M. MURDOCK & BRO.,
Publishers and Proprietors.
All letters pertaUUns to the lmIncss of the printing
house or binilerr, or tor information of advertising,
should Ijc addressed to the business manager; all
other communications to the editor.
The only Dally Paper in Southwest Kansas or the
Arkansas Valley recelv Ing both the day and ulght
Associated Press reports In full.
One copy, one j ear 6 s J
One copy, six months j
uno iJ)V uiruu mumus -.
One copy, one month .';'
IJy carrier, ier j ear .,rA
By carrier, three months -
By carrier, one month .---; .,w'
Twenty cents k.t week delivered by earlier in the
city. Postage prepaid.
One copy, onejear S 00
One copy, bix montlis j'J
Our rates for ad verlllns rhnll be as low as those of
any other paper of equal alueas an advertising me
dium. . , ,
All transient adt crtisements must be paid for In
Entered In thepotofflceat Wichita as second class
matter, and enteied for transmission through the
mails as hucl
To the Editor of the Eagle.
Please announce C. II. Luling a candidate
for clerk of district court subject to Republi
can convention. l."b-3m
To the Editor of flic Eagle.
You are authorized to announce that I will
be a candidate for the ofiice of count- attor
ney subject to the decision of the Republican
county convention. Ciias. Hattox.
To the Editor of the Eagle.
TV. T. Buckner will lw a candidate for
probata judge before the Sedgwick county
Republican convention.
To the Editor of the Eagle.
I am a candidate for clerk of the district
court, subject to the Republican nominating
convention, September 4, ISSfi.
D. T. Dunbar.
To the Editor of the Eagle.
Please announce mo a candidite for the
ofiice of clei k of the district court. Subject
to the decision of the Republican county con
vention. A. B. Wright.
To tlio Editor of the Eagle.
I announce myself as candidate for county
superintendent of school, subject to the
Republican convention.
J. D. Caldwell.
o the Editor of the Eaijle.
Please nunotiuci D. S. Pcueet of Wichita
township, n candidate for the ofiice of county
superintendent, subject to the decision of the
Republican county convent ion.
To the Editor of the Eagle:
G. W. C. Jones is a candidate for County
Attorney subject to the decision of the Re
publican county convention to be held in
Wichita, September -1th, 1NS0.
To the Editor of the Eagle.
I am a candidate for re-election to the
ofiice of county attorney, subject to action of
Republican county convention.
.1. 51". Baldeiistox.
To the Editor of the E volk.
I am a candidate for probate judge subject
subject to the decision of the Republican
county convention.
E. B. Jewett.
To the Editor of the I.glc.
Please announce that I will be a candidate
before the Republican county convention for
the ofiice of superintendent of public instruc
tion. J J. 1). llAJIMOM).
To the Editor or the Ealu.
Please announce Dr. II. C. Tucker, of
Derby, a candidate for representative of the
Slth district subject to the Republican con
vention. To the Editor of the Eagle.
Please announce me as a candidate for the
ofiice of commissioner of the Third district
subject to the decision of the Republican con
vention. J. H. RlIOADE".
Tdrs. John Ilagornum hs- returned to the
Sun stroke; are in order now, but none re
ported thus- far.
Jlr. Frank Todd bus accepted a position in
th- old Yfichiln national.
j. C. Hamilton returned yesterday morn
ing from a short viit to Kansas City.
.Tudgo Lambditi of Caldwell, and Sir. War
ren of El Dorado, called yesterday morning.
The collector for subscriptions now due on
the. United Brethren church, is abioad in the
There were an unusually large number of
strangers prospecting on the west side yes
terday. Tb. jwoplo on South Emporia avenue a:e
haying blessed are the city council for filling
up the old ditch.
A York on the foundation of the new
Baptist church on Emporia avenue was com
menced yesterday.
Councilman 7oeph Allen and family aro
at homo again. He was delighted particu
larly with Colorado Spiings, with Salt Lake
City and with Frisco.
N. V. Niederlander, accompanied his daugh
ters, Marion and Elfie, as far east as St. Louis
yostenlay. The young Indies will makoa
protracted visit to fi ieuds in New York.
The Ladies' Aid society of the Christian
church will meet Wednesday at ." p. m. at the
residence of Mrs. V. P. Campbell, on North
Water street. Mi:. II. G. Tolek. Pros.
K"gular mooting of the members of tho
Ladies' Benevolent Homo will le held today
(Weduosday ISth) at ; o'clock p. in., at tho
Home on North Main st reot. A largo at
tendance is requested.
Lock & Fmdeiss have opened a nice stock
of boots and shoes in tho masonic building.
Their stock is new and complete, direct from
tho factorie. They ask a careful examina
tion of their goods and prices, feeling confi
dent that they can sa'ibfy those wishing to
purchase. See their advertisement on this
Councilman Richcy has the courage of liis
convictions, if in his judgment any prop
osition is not in the iuterost of tho city ho
doosn t mince his objections but makes them
at onca and square-toed. It has Ikvu tho
boast of Wichita for years that she levied tho
smallast taxes in the state; capital conse
quently has sought investment here. We
hope to soo llicheust as still in tho back
bone with reference to the salary grab.
Will our authorities please see that the
principal street of tlxis city are cleaned up
immediately and kept clean.' There are sev
eral localities wlnh also must bo disinfected
with lime or something else. Keep tho re
fuse of watermelons out of the ditches. Ar
rest every offender.
Tho Art club will meet at '. a. in. Thursday
at GrielTcnstine's Purk, and it is hoped every
member will be present. Each member is
requested to bring a basket of lunch, as it is
intended to make a day of it, and have a
pic-nic dinner at the park after the regular
lesson. Ella G. Shields, Soc,
' feHSHiJBiHflp -"v''i
Capitalist and Kc.il Estate ISi-oker.
A Little Talk la AVlilcli Tax Pa era aic
The Eagle objected a year ago to Wichita
being organized as a city of the fir&t-clas on
the sole ground of extra expense and extra
taxes, with no better government. We now
call the attention of the tax-pavers to the ac
tion of the city council night before last look
ing to an increase of expenses for simule
salaries alone to the amount of thousands of
dollars. Four ofllcers are to set one thou
ssnd dollars each witli the members of the
city council yet to be provided for. The peo
ple of this city want the streets
and gutters cleaned up a great deal
worse than they want any mere expensive
show. With the present unhealthy weather
the tax-payer will favof thousands for health
but not a cent for salaries, except for such
officers w hose whole lime is taken up in the
discharge of their official duties.
Notice is here and now given that if the
salary bill proposed night before hist is adopt
ed, that a ticket will be advocated next
spring made up of influential busi
ness and heavy tax payers, who
will agree to serve the city for
nothing not for nothing either for tho
prosperity of the city means the'prospority of
every individual business man, and of every
tax-payer. Wichita is not ready yet to pay
fifteen or twenty thousand per annum to
msii for filliug positions, tho work pertaining
to which is not more than any public spirited
man would be entirely willing to do for
nothing. Wichita want.', no non-taxpayers
sitting around figuring up how much
the property owners shall pay for
this and for that. 'There has been
to much of this kind of polities already. A
big tax-payer, who is at the same time a
level 'headed business man, and by the dozen,
can be found who will seive this city as
mayor for nothing and take no account of
the feu- nights in each year that he devotes
to the city's and to his own interest. A doz
en big tax-payers can be found in each ward
who will serve as cou'iciimen, their only pay
the chanco to officially conserve th'j best
interestof the city, and therefore their own
interests. Who don't know that such men as
Aldricli, Carey, Healy, Allen etnl. would so
serve tho city solely from a selfish stand
point if not for patriotism or the lienor of
tho thing. Of course they would. Further
we dont belioe that the eity engineer, treas
urer and attorney of the city earn an' such
amounts as w as proposed. Pay them nomi
nal ralaries and then good pay additional
for all work actually jwrfonned.
In other v, o; ds, and in short, the tax
payers of this eity don't like and won't en
dorse an high salary scheme, nor do
they endorse the movement which
looks to it, and if the thing
is urged. :is we intimated, a ticket will be
gotten up of solid business men, pledged to
do the same work and in as acceptable man
ner, for nothing, and tho Eaole will be for
that ticket and so will be the men who havo
to foot the bills.
Nov.- we are not conscious of personal
craukism, don't beliee that we are particu
larly nan ow as to thete matters, and w ould
not be called small when it comes to muni
cipal matters, but we do want above all
things to see taxes kept down, as low taxes is
tho winning card for Wichita.
The mayor and city council together with
some representative gentleman of tho eity of
ElDorado, who baiLbeen down to Anthony
and Winlield to tee the city buildings lately
erected in those towns, with a view to erect
ing ono in ElDorado. that place having re
cently voted ?10I0 for such purpose, ar
rived in Wichita last eening. Truth com
pel Is tho assertion that the aforesaid digni
taries are anything but a slow crowd. The
following namod gentlemen comixj-eu the
Mayor E. N. Smith, City Attorney Lafe
Knowles, President of Council Boydeu, mem
bers of council, II. H. Gardner, J. T. Old
ham, Juo. MeGiniii, J. C. Rodgers and Ben
WiKon, together with Alva Sheldon, editor
Walnut Valley Times, and W. M. White,
representing the Daily Republican.
It is? ami has been for years, evident to
every observant man, that tha sidewalks
along Douglas avenue are too narrow. They
ought to be w idenod at least six feet. This
wideuiug ought to bo provided for right away
permitting every new building to so -n ideu.
The present fraud in the way of guttering
and curbing will soon play out is now about
played, and if the council will make tho pro
per provisions the grept jam on tho sidewalks
of this avenue will not only be relieved but
the street rendered much more attractive.
can't in: did.
We are in receipt of a communication
sigued bj- thirteen denizens "ami inauy
others," (all licuitious names but one) beg
ging earnestly but respectfully that we give
the public the name of the author of "Enoch
Henry.'' We are sorry, but we cannot com
ply with the request, principally for tho rea
son that the names -igned to the mjuest
would more than likely cause our young and
brilliant contributor to commit kari kari.
Whereas, Ii hasswmed bast to an ali-wit
God to rt?mo e irom our midst, our Iriend
and schoolmate. Harry R. Taylor;
Resolved, That in him our high sekool ha.
lost one of its most ardent students, ami tho
Emersonian society oue of its mpm rsitiifai
member?, and its Honored president; j
Resolved. That while we mourn oar loss
we bow to submiviou i'o the wtOr Divnv
Resolved, That we extend to tho parents of
our beloved brother, our warmest sympa-
thics in this their sad hour of Iwrvave-neui:
Resolved. That a copy of these resolutions
Lo presented to the fanuly of tha deceased.
ana bo published in the city rapers, ;
Harky C. Dcxbas.
Rosa Oliver,
Mr. Arthur Miller, who has for some time
been employed by the Wichita paper com
pany, met with a painful accident yesterday
morning. He was assisting in unloading a
wagon load of paper when a heavy weight
fell upon his left foot breaking several of the
bones. He suffered intensely for a few hours
but last night was resting easy.
Mr. J. L. Byers, of Leavenworth, who
came to Kansas thirty years ago, was in the
city yesterday. Mr. Byers was gazing with
admiration upon one of the fine brick blocks
now in course of erection on Main street, and
in a short conversation Mr. Byers expressed
the greatest surprise at the rapid growth of
the queen city of the west. He has not been
in Wichita for two years, and so grsat has
been the improvement and change in th at
time that it hardly appears the same place to
Some of the contractors of the city have
formed themselves into a society called the
"Rascality Club."' The membership com
prise some of the choice spirits of the city
w ho will cany their motto, "fun and good
fellowship" to the fullest extent. The officers
are Thomas Hahn, president; Al. Thomas,
vice-president and Jack Green, secretary.
Tho club has already made several excursions
and will keep the thing up. If the meetings
be as harmonious and jolly as the impromptu
one called for the benefit of the reporter they
are glorious.
The proprietors of the Roj-al Spice mills
are very anxious to meet a certain lad in the
city who claims to be intimately connected
with them in business. He was a few days
ago making the rounds and claimed to be an
agent for tho company for retailing their
merchandise. He visited several places
soliciting orders, claiming that he could save
them the profit that fell to the retail dealers
who bought of the company. The proprie
tors of the company deny any business rela
tions with the lad and feel sure that if he is
disponing of goods in their line they did not
come from their establishment.
The residenca of Mr. E? Dumont was vis
ited by thieves last Sunday night. Before
retiring he had deposited his pants on a
chair ami in the morning found they had
been moved to the window. An examina
tion showed that his pocket book had been
taken, but fortunately nothing else was to bo
found. His coat and vest liad also been ex
amined by the visitors but before retiring he
had fortunately placed his watch in a
drawer and they did not find it.
Only a few dollars were in his book, so he
considers him-elf fortunate that all is as
well as it is. Nothing else was taken.
Some weeks ago SheriiF Hayes took posses
sion of tho hardware store at Clearwater be
longing to Mr. A. B. Phillips, lie suspended
operations in the establishment and expeeted
shortly to open it for general purposes.
His modus operandi was by far too slow
for somo lads, however, and they a few
nights ago made w ay with a window and
gained an entrance. They appropriated un
to themselves a considerable amount of the
goods and made rafe their escape. Xo one
has as yet gained information that will lead
to the arrest of the guilty parties but strong
suspicions rest upon some parties who, it is
expected, will find themselves guilty some of
these days.
Col. B. F. Sheets of Oregon, Illinois, lias
been in the city for a few days, and yester
day as he started for the depot on his way
home Mr. II. 1'. Reed saw him for the first
time in twenty-one years and recognised
him. Mr. Reed had been under him during
the late unpleasantness for three years and.
was mncli surprised and over-delighted to
sci his old Colonel, and they spent a few
minutes very pleasantly in talking about
"old times" and the many people known to
each of them.
Col. Sheets said as he was examining this
toi n and the west he became more and more
convinced that the mistake of his life was in
not coming here twenty years ago. Ho
seemed to grasp tho greatness of Wichita and
the w est generally.
Some of the prisoners at the jail are get
ting very industrious. They don't seem to
think it is entertaining to put up with their
present condition, so Monday night they
made a long strong pull to vamoose tho
ranche. By some means a razor and a few
case knives had gained admittance and were
persistently used, but as the fates would have
it the bars were too large and tough to yield
to their laborious efforts.
It is not known how they received their
supply of implements, but is supposed that
friends interested themselves enough to make
the contribution. They were successful in
cutting into a few of the bars, which task
was enough to show that a detei mined effort
had been made.
As a result of their attempt, the sheriff has
arranged things differently, which will give
them additional trouble if they repeat the a
tomtit to make wav for libertv.
'Its hot,' was the frequently repeated re
ply to the question most popular among re
porters, :is they made their rounds yester
day. The opinion met with as little opposi
tion as airything that was discussed. Not a
few complaints were boiled out and the idea
prevailed that the frost bad about diaj
penred and it would bo safe to Let that no
more would appear for a week or two. The
report that a cold wave was coming before
the fall season was the most entertaining
subject that could lw mentioned.
A gentleman who has kept an eye on a
thermometer every hot day thii sum
mer, stated that yesterday was tho
most tropical day of all by oue
degree. Monday showed the mercury up to
107 degrees while yesterday took it on an ex
cursion one degree above that. One would
imagine that but little business was being
transacted but it was always observed that
on approaching a, crowd located in a shaily
place they would in a short time speak of.
k.i ntliin-r that had a. business rine about it
and would decide to immediately, or "just
.. -sin as it moderated- ' The look into the
future spirit did not seem to be entire
pqueiched as it was asserting itself whenever
it was thought proir.
The excessive heat was quito an inconve
nienue to those laboring in the ub. "Work
for a few hours was dicontinued on
a number c tho brick buildings. The hands 1
thought it bfsi to leae the field for a time, j
i1m tin roofing business wa.s aL-o at a dis-J
count. Se era! men quit work from noon
until 4 o'clock in the evening. One gentle
man near noon reports having been bnrnwl
by a piece of tin that hail been exjOsed to
the sun for some tune where the air could
not lend its cooling inSutnce. The boys were
disposed to doubt his assertion, but a blister
of the "burn snecies" was nrer.ared for exhi
bition which, with some, was convincing
luciace iiii ms siaieniem was correct.
Tuesday, August 17th,
Place on sale two large and complete assort
ments -of Ladies' and Children's
Muslin Underwear
These assortments comprise Ladies' Night
Dresses, Chemises, Drawers, Corset Covers,
White Skirts, Long White Aprons, also
Children's Mother Hubbard Dresses
CWMte Cambric and Turkish Red.)
Children's Drawers and Infants Long Slpis.
Garments all well made of good materials
and width trimmed.
2,000 of Them at 25 and 50 Cents Eaeh.
See the display in our show windows. You
will find the same goods on sale, a thing
unusual in some houses.
Sale begins at 8:00 o'clock sharp, Tuesday
morning, August 17th.
Innes &
i lilldillul Jillcl l) I'UI (3
Corner Douglas .av. and Market St.
Everything in
shape of Summer Apparel, will
be closed out regardless of Cost.
We have still
Which we will
half our former prices.
& Ross
N. X. T. P. 0,
our Stock in the
a nice line of
sell at just oner
jl. i A Zj.
Fall Goods
Our buyers have
iDeen Bast for past 30
days picking up bar
gains in all depart
ments which will loe
announced shortly
Watch for the
boston :-: Store S Sales
AH Summer Goods MUST GO as
we need the room.
Our 1 0 and 121-2 eent Lawns
for 5 cents.
White Goods in Proportion.
Tireless and Restless Workers for Trade.
We must have the
room our trunks are
taking up; come and
get them at cost.
Temporary Quarters 216 Douglas Avenue.
2sTow Is and I am determined It shall continue to toe
the most popular trading place In this flourishing
city. I have given the people
Sver since I opened and it is appreciated.
I am now making preparations to"go to"Nev
York, where I will devote my time in securing the
latest and best goeds for Fall and Winter. In the
Will he Sold
Defying -:-
-A G-3L
Arriving Daily,
at Prices

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