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E'.i u '.ierqi
VOL,. V. KO. 81.
WHOLE 30. 704.
Today! Today! Today!
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Seams and the quality of the muslin: fine and soft.
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The Verdict of the Trial Jury in
the Celebrated Anarch
ist Case,
Returned into Court atr 9:45
O'clock Yesterday Morn
ing, Says
Tlie Defendants, by Kame, are Guilty
of Murder, and by Benson
Seven Must Hang: by the Keck Until
They are Dead, and One
Serve a Term of
Fifteeen Years in State's Prison
Efleerof the Terdict Upon the
Accused and the Crowds.
made of fine Cambric
Hamburg, 25 cents.
and trimmed with fine
io Dozen Chemise,
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tucks, 25 cents.
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Everything is being Rushed off as fast as possible to make room for the
Hew Goods that are daily arriving for the Grand Opening of the
New Part of our store.
The Jury Render Their Vtirclict, Arc
Congratulated by the Court and
Discharged. .
Chicago us. 20.--The veidict of the
jury in the aL'tf ehjsts trial is that all are
iruiltv of murdci'. and they arc bcntcneed
to death except Necb& Tivo has been given clined to converse with anyone but his at
had been told. She is also a sii
ter of Schnaubel, the alleged bomb
thrower. She was carried to "the air by
the police and so revived. 3Irs. Parsons
looked haggard as she started to leave the
court room but maintained, a moderate de
gree of composure.
The crowd remained outside for an hour
and half after the reading of the verdict.
It is now understood that the authorities
now propose to move immediately against
all connected with the Haymarket riots for
conspiracy, and on account of this many of
the socialist leaders are preparing to leave
the city.
All the relatives and pergonal friends of
the condemned anarchists immediately left
the cauit room shortly after the swooning
of Mrs. Schwab, with the exception of
Airs. Parsons and her female companion,
who after leaving the court room returned
and seated themselves by Gen. "W. II. Par
sons of Texas, brother "of one of the con
demned. The trio discussed the outcome
among themselves and dwelt upon the
possibility of a reversal of the verdict by
the supreme court.
The eight prisoners were conveyed
through the covered ironway which
leads from the court room to the jail
and were at once placed in the cage, a
small compartment near the entrance to
the jail which is heavily barred and very
completely covered with thick netting.
They u ere joined there shortly by their
four attorneys, who extended to them what
J encouragement was in their power of the
reliei Pii appeals, bpies divested himself
of his coiii, and seemed the most thor
oughly composed oH the eight, lie de-
$ rts'svt e. ' r r r n kJ
Ui V H
Main Street.
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Men's Working Suits, $4.00, $4.50, $5.00
Boys from ages 13 to 17, $3, $4 and $5.
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Children's Suits for School $1.00 to $3.50.
fifteen years.
At 9 this morning there w'cyc twenty po
lice in the court room and several repre
sentatives of tlie press. The court oGicials
decided that the relatives of the prisoners
should be allowed in the court room, and
at 9:15 the sister of Spies with another
young woman made her appearance. She
moved as though she would proceed to a
close proximity of the chairs heretofoie oc
cupied by the prisoners, but was motioned
to a scat on the opposite side of the court
room in the rear of the line of the police
officers which indicated that the prisoners
would not be surrounded by their admircis
today. Shortly afterward the mother of
Spies, accopanied by a younger son, aIco
entered the court room and took a seat on
the back bench. The jury left their
hotel at 9:1G and took their way
to the court house and weie
conducted to an inner room immediately
adjoining the main court room. At 9.20
yi rs. Parsons entered ihe couit room with
her reticule, accompanied by a woman who
has attended her thioughout the tiial. She
was given a seat between two policemen
and with two policemen immediately in her
rear. Whether this precaution was to
guard against any extraoidinary exploit in
the com t loom or not is not known but
'-eats accorded the female anarchists was.
deemed significant
By 9:CU the crowd in the court room
numbered about one hundred and was com
posed of the persons named and the police,
court bailiffs and pi ess repoilers. Mrs.
Black, wife of the chief counsel for the de
fence, who has been in court daily, pro
ceeded to lake her former seat near the
prisoners, but was requested to take her
seat on the opposite side of the couit room.
Mrs. Black remarked to a reporter as she
laid her package of newspapers as:de:Well,
they say it has all gone against our men.
They take it very well, though. They
seem to expect it. Tney ictu-cd to allow
any one to see the prisoners, and no one
was permitted to visit the jail after the
case was given to the jury yesterday after
noon. Tremendous interest as taken in
the outcome of the trial and the iindiiisr of
the jury was illustrated by the crowd that
gatheied in front of the court house.Xcaily
2.000 people gathered in front of the main
entrance gazing up at the windows, but the
police kept the crowd moving, however. It
appeared to be composed almost entirely of
simply curious people.
2s ed Foster was the first of the counsel to
appear, having arrived at 9:4o. lie was
followed short! v afterward bv Mr. Solo
mon. Judge Garry arrived at 9:47 a. m.,
and almost at the same moment Capt.
Black and Mr. Zcisler, completing the quar
tette of the defendants' counsel, ai rived.
Capt. Black remaiked to his vrifc, when he
entered, I have just had a talk with the
prisoners. They have seen the pipers and
know what the pi obable outcome will be.
They will laugh at death, said tlie attorney
with a half tragic air. lie declaied they
would show no excitement.
Quite a number of attorneys were allow
ed to come within the railing.
The prisoners were brought into tlie
court room at 0:23, and were seated in the
noithcast corner of the court room, on the
same side with the benches. Court was
called to order at 9:31. The prisoners were
not observable to the eyes of but very few
in the court room. They presented about
their usual apjearance, though Spies and
Fischer looked deathly pale. They arrived
at 9:03. There was an impressive silence
as they tiled in. "When the jury appeared.
Judge Garry enjoined absolute silence.
There was a whispered consultation be
tween tlie judge and the clerk, when the
verdict, :is follows, was road:
"We, the jury, find the defendants,
August Spies. Michael Schwab, Samuel
Fieldeu, A. 11. Parsons, Adolph Fischer,
George Englc and Louis Lingg, guilty of
murder as charged in the indictment and
fix the penalty at death. "We find the de
fendant Oscar Xeebe guilty of murder as
charged in the indictment and fix the pen
alty at imprisonment in the penitentiary
for fifteen years."
Captain Black aked the jury to be polled.
The "jurymen answered and with a linn !
voice Captain Black said he would desire to
make a motion for a new trial.
torneys, but stated that his late was sealed.
Engl'1, who has maintained a very quiet
air throughout the trial, appeared to be the
most thoroughly depressed one of the lot.
He sat on a bench with his hands clenched
in front of him, looking at the floor. He
did not 2 en look up to respond to a re
mark from one of his companions.
Lingg, the young bomb maker, walked
about the cage somewhat nervously, but
would not lespond to a salutation by a
newspaper man. lie had lobt his smile and
displayed the effect of the excitement of
the ordeal of the moining by a complete
loss of color. Parsons, who had given
himself up for trial, looked disconsolate
and broken down, but joined in at intervals
with questions directed at the attorneys.
Fischer, who had lot kid very badly during
the trial, having an almost absolutely color
less face, had in a measure rccovcied him
self, and smoked a cigar as lie listened to
the interchange between the counsel and
Fielden, the Englishman, sat on a box by
the side of Ensile, and ottered very little
comment during the talk. Schwab stood
near Spies, taking in the conversation,
but offering no i emark. Neebe, who was
given fifteen years, was thoroughly com
posed and seemed to appear gratified that
he had escaped the death penalty. .None of
the friends of the prisoners had appeared
at the jail up to noon. After the attorneys
had departed the prisoners were put in
their cells in what is known :is the mur
derers' room.
The jury, after receiving their pay were
driven away in a car-risge to escape the
crowd outside.
Mr. Zeisler, counsel for the defense, said
he believed the verdict was against anarchy
and not agaim-t the anarchists on trial, lie
he thought t he verdict was a great surprise
to Staters Attorney Giinnell himself.
People- stood in gioups on all the streets
leading to the court room and eagcily pur
chased various editions of papers, which
followed each other rapidly.
During the reading of the verdict the
prisoners were completely hidden from the
view of every one in the couit loom. A
souad of police completely surrounded
them, and whatever the immediate effect of
the reading of the verdict had upon them
could not be discovered. The precautions
of the police were appirmtly directed to
guard against any demonstration by the
prisoner or their friends of any character
Motion for a new trial it is expected will
be heard early next month. If over-ruled,
Judge Garry will pronounce sentence and
fix the date for carrying out of the death
penalty. The case will then go to the su
preme court for reiew. The generally
expressed view of lawyers is the supreme
court will not interfere if Judge Garry re
fused a new trial, as the court it is contend
ed ruled with great liberality towards the
defendants' counsel and read to the jury
nearly every instruction asked for on behalf
of the defendants'.
AVc had our veidict made up before 7
o'clock last night, said A. B. Black, who
was one of the first four jurors accepted.
I don't think I ought to tell you why we
did not reach a conclusion sooner, for we
resolved not to make public our delibera
tion". "What speech had the greatest weight
with the jury?
GrinucH'. It was not an ornate speech,
niii u snoweu me nonesty ot me man: j
lish: I wish I could go down and make
those fools a speech. Just as the jury was
was coming in Parsons looked up a"t the
policemen who were fanning him and said:
I don't want to be stared at by those officers;
following this with tlie remaik, soto voce,
I didn't come here to be be made a show of.
As the verdict W:l5 Wul P.irsnns fiirnwi
his face to the window and whistled softlr I
through his half compressed lips. Schwab
fell back in his scat slid clutching Parson's
arm gasped in German: My God, we die,
and Xeebe gets but lo years.
As the condemned men were being led
back to jail through the elevated iron pas
sageway, Fieldenlrequired support; Lingg
and Eugle walked out firmly and showed
little emotion; Spies and Fischer looked
pa e but retained their strength; Schwab
loitered behind Parson, but it was on
Xeebe that the blow fell heaviest; he bad
been confident of acquittal. While Ecaled
in the bailiff's office last night, he was ask
ed by the bailiff: "What will you take right
now as a compromise sentence?
Xot one hour, stoutly declared Necbc, a
he entered the jail.
On the march from the court he looked
like a corpse; his haggard countenance
spoke too well his unutterable woe.
The court room was quickly emptied,
the crowd pouring out to join the cheering
multitude. The effect of the verdict upon
tlie friends of the condemned was as posi
tive and varying as on the defendants
themselves. The wives of Schwab, Englc,
Parsons and Xeebe, with the female rela
tives of all save Lingg, who is friendless in
America, occupied seats left of the judge.
All were pale as death when the finding
J CI tile jurv" "ttfts read. Xo demonstrations
attended the CZ!inS except mat jits.
Schwab, the sister of ScnJa'-lbelt and wife
of the sentenced anarchist whoVe uJme S!1C;
bears, grew livid, and closintr her eves snJ
sat motionless ami speechless. She had
fainted at the thought. The fact was not
discovered until the court room was almost
emptied. She was revived with water,
and regaining consciousness continued to
moan and shriek for several minutes.
Mrs. Englc asked to see her alleged hus
band, but was denied the privilege. The
other ladies hastily withdiew with hot
cheeks and closed lips.
Mrs. Parsons remained for an hour con
verging with Mis. Black.
The scenes in the streets about the court
building were interesting. The first inti
mation leeeived of the veidict was brought
in startling fashion by the appearance of a
tall young man wit ban expression of in
tense excitement on his face, his hat in
hand, lie went bounding through the tier
only to be sei.cd by a dozen policemen,
Drop me, I'm a reporter, gasped the young
man, and being instantly released lie r
sumed his mad career only to be caught
and held half a dozen limes by passing "of
ficers. Befoie he reached the corner the
crowd had experienced a small panic at this,
and was recovering when a man appeared
in the window of the state's attorney's
office and .shouted the verdict. A great
cheer was raised. The thiongs pressed into
Clark street and stood there for horn's.
Three companies of police Avcrc on the
giound and made a wide cordon about the
locality. Other policemen and undress
officers mingled in the crowd and kept a
vigilant watch.
August Krumme, the anarchist who tes
tified that he had lighted his cigar in the
alley just before the bomb was thrown,
stood directly opposite the main entrance
of the building, lie was kept under close
A man who gave the card of A. Smith,
jeweler, 75 Ilud-'on street, caused some
excitement as the jury was being taken
from the Hevicre house to carriages to take
them home. lie refused to get out of the
way and grew impudent to the police. lie
was at once hustled from the scene, while
the crowd, ripe for any excitement, ran in
e ery direction.
Mr. Gnnnell, his assistants Ingham,
"Walker and Furtham, Mr. Foster and
Inspector Bonfield sat in the state's attor
neys office chatting an hour after the ver
dict was rendered. I feel very sorry for
the jurors, said Mr. Foster impressively.
If the day ever conies that the ropes are
placed about the necks of these prisoners,
the jury will not be out of danger. I
have arranged to have all thrir friends ex
ercise their iutluence against iolcncc be
tween now and the emfof the case.
T want to say, interrupted Inspector Bon
field, if any violence is attempted by the
friends of these men the lamp posts of
Chicago will bear them up. The police
will be powerless to quell the people, and
vengeance will ue summarily wrought on
nil the friends of anarchy.
John Capelone, one of the anarchists in
the county jail indicted for conspiracy, w:is
released on jsoOO bail today. Wm. Schny
der and Thomas Brown, two other anarch
ist prisoner-) were perfectly overcome when
the news of the verdict reached them in
jail. Schnyder cried: my God, it is horri
ble, and continued to moan for two hour:.
Cant Black is reported to have expressed
his contempt for a jury that would render
ship, -with which it is accompanied,
ever dearly prize- them as souvenirs of oM 1 J
days, of old friends: but more as tokens oi'Jt j
the confidence of my fellow-workers in, tM
national cause
My humble services have indeed eer
been given as free offerings at theshrire ot
Ireland's national cause and it is to saa
source ot sincere conf""
sucUaerv- ,'
auimon that -while
(Capitalist and Memr of thy City CV unc.U
1 IN
Devoted Sons
Isle are
of the Emerald
Still Vieing
Enthusiastic Determination
Tide Their Native
Heath Into
The Harbor OflsationalliKlcpoIn-ucc
E'er They Coaso Tholr "Warfare
Against Their National IAjc
Touching Tribute 1'aid to Patrick
Egnu lor Jlis I)evolion,.in Exile,
to Ills Oppressed Country.
A Tidal "Wave Sweeps Over (alvus-
ton The City Fifteen Poet
Under "Water Great Loses.
Interesting proceedings and Incidents
of Yesterday's Meeting.
We could fill a newspaper with prices
that would astonish the oldest inhabitant, but
we ask vou to call and see for vourself.
M Goods
Marked k Flak Fiaires.
And no discriminations made between anyona
" cheap as a man, and we will find it no trouble to show
you goods. An early call is requested, by your obedient
Corner Douglas and Lawrence Avenuea
State's Attornev Grinncl said it would be
imposi Die lo dispose ot the motion during j walk, m front of the
the present term, but by agreement a motion
could be argued at the Scptrmber term.
This was agreed to by the defendants.
The couit let the motion be entered and
continued until the next term and tlie de
fendants w ere taken kick to jail.
The court then addressed the jury- as
Gentlemen of the jury, sow have finished
this loug and very arduous trial, which has
required a very considerable sacrifice of
time ana severe hardship. 1 hope every-; around his throat, stood at the door of the
thing has been done to make those sacri- ( court. lie had no sooner heard the verdict
ficto and hardships as mild as might be per-1 than he f.nrlv hurled himself down the
mitted. It does not become me to say any-; iron stairs and ras;h?n- im tm on r.t tW
i thing in regard to the case that you ha-.e J officers at the door breathlesslv exclaimed:
tried or the verdict you have rendered, but They hung cven. Those In the frost
-a. uuy Uixil Duy as i men compulsory serving a a jury, as you ( ranks of the crowd heard the words and
showed how earnest he was. He made such a verdict, giving way to popular
prejudice. 1 am not at all surprised at this
verdict: if there is any surprL-e in me it is
the fact that the jury did not hang Xeebe
as well as the others' I haven't the slight
est doubt but if the supreme court follows
the legal precedents it is committed to that
thii verdict will le reversed.
3lr. Foster said he was not at all sur
prised, but completely disappointed in the
jury, wholie had considered a !xdy of men
capVole of freeing themselves from the in
fluence of popular feeling and public
clamor in this ca, and doing their whole
duty. "Wht-n I kiv that f am'not surprised
that thi? verdict was rendered, 1 must ex
plain by saying thai it is simply a culmi
nation of popular excitement which com
menced with the throwing of the fatal
bomb on the night of .My 4th, and ha 1
been fanned an-! kept alive bv the poli'xr I
-e j department and public press of Chicago. j
j Do yon think, Mr. Foster, that thej
supreme court will grant a new tnat?
That I cannct say, I fear the won?.
Chicago, Ang. 20. The Arsiter
tunc apnsar? this af tsrnoon with the
lowing head lines: Shameful: feven
everything so plain we fell into his way of
looking at the case; but in doing that" we
were only obeying our judgment. 1 think
at the conclusion of the evidence and with
out any speechmaking at all we would have
arrived at the same conclusion.
The excitement of the crowd in front of
the court house was something intense
while the verdict was being awaited. There
was none of the joking and laughing heard
on the only other occasion that brings a
mob to a stand without those dreary wills,
the execution of a convicted criminal.
Each man seemed to he holding hi breath
and such conversations a? were held in low
tones, related solely to the one topic, the
probable conviction of the eight prisoners i
who were waiting for the hour which was I
to mean life or death to them. There was
a cordon of police stretched along the side- i
outer stairs of the I
A dozen blue coats mingled with the
crowd and more stood guard over the little
gale in the alley that leads to the jail yard.
Detectives and policemen in citi7ens clothes,
were everywhere to be seen. There was
also a regular guard at the street entrance
to the building and a denutv sheriff and two
Chicago, Aug 20. There was another
great outpouring of lrish-Amciuannt the
spacious artillary armory on Lake front
this evening to hear the address of Michael
Davitt and the Irish Parliament delegate's.
Crowds of sympathizers with the league
movement had been unable to hear the-e
gentlemen peak and it wa afforded by
this occasion An admission fee wati charg
ed, the money to be applied to the nai Ha
mentary fund.
Jjcfoie S p. m., tfierc was between 10,1 0t)
to 12,000 perou present with a waiting
crowd outside. Theappearunec of Davitt
and the Trish nobles was the signal fur
uproarons cheering. 31 r. Alex Sullivan
The :noJ interesting feature of the en
tertainment wftsi the presentation to ev
Preident I-gan of a fine silver tea -e-l by
Mr. Pariiell and o:her distinguished Irish
men. The set Is inclosed in an elegantly
constructed mahogany case, lined with wa
tered silk of the national color. The fol
lowing inscription appears on the sah or:
"Presented to Patrick Egnii, Esq , late
treasurer of the Jrih National Lengui by
a few of hi numerous friends and admirer
in Ireland, as n slight mark of their respect
and esteem for his devotcdnc and cour
age, and hh signal self denial during the
tight for his country''i cause."
The large coffee urn h a triumph of art.
In the center of each piece is engraved a
mobt curiously and artfully designed mon
ogram including the entire name of the re
The following address was read from the
Aillrijj Io IVttrlck Fsran. late jtrmMcnt of tl; Irfelt
Ieaijue, on ojcIIc in hU country' enim'. July. is$
Dear Sir Upon your return to Ireland
last December after a prolonged political
exile many of the foremost cilieim of
Dublin were desirous of entertaining you
at a banquet, and thus manifest alhc cor-
dialitv with which vour fellow citizens
were eager to welcome vou home Iltit the
intention was laid asiue in deferewc to
your earnest intimation that, scourged as
Ireland was with coercion and darkened
with the hideously familiar shade of fam
ine, the moment was not one in which you
could be a party to festivities in vour
"While yielding to your wishes in thii re
spect, it was impossible to reprc.vs the anx
iety of your friends to tnkceome method of
signsliang the gratitude and esteem which
vou have earned from vour countrymen by
long services, as modcptly given as thc-y
were priceless to the Irish eanw "Without
i any public intimation of the object friends
from every part of Irclanu sought partici
pation in the compliment. They have
made us the medium of tendering to you
the accompanving f-crvice of plate, the
more valuable in your eyes becau-e brought
by Iri-h hands. "We beg vour acceptance
of tlie gift a? a pledge of your countrv-
men appreciation of your afc'riingi
qualities an an Irishman ami friend,
of those fur which you for?ook ;t pi:tiim
of ca-'-'-snt! took up an onerous and thank
1 &. oflice in a crisis ef ingn!or lUfRmhr
and danger: of the ir.tcgritr with whirh
ces have brought down upon me"
, uie hatred and vituperation of Ireland's ca
emies, they have been deemed worthy tie
warm appreciation of Ireland's friends, t
lyg you, sir, to convey to the numerous '
signers of the address and doners of tlw ,
presentation, my warmest assurance that ia-
the future as in the past, whatever part t
may be calleil, cither to take part in na-
tional movement, mv e-lTortS'sJiall bo directs
cd toward keeping the green llaj; of Ireiwl
Kiui-ii iu uju uiikstiiuau. uopmg uiai ai ho
far distant day we shall seti it wave over
the Irish parliament on College green and a
happy Irish nation. Yours, vurysineercij,
I'atkick Euajj.
After the presentation tit Mr. Egnnthe
reading of the following cablcgram"caused
FiuseraUI. ctutrmau.
I thank the convention of tho Irish Ka
tional Ix'ague of America for the encour
aging message which you send. The rat
iticntion by "the convention of our policy
and action", the order, union and modera
tion of the proceedings have created a pro
found irapres.sjon here and add strength to
our cause.
Ciiakles Stuwaut Paknki.u
Wm. O'Brien, editor of United Irehml
made a strong speech which was received
with great enthusiasm and listened to with
marked attention, as were all! tho) who
made addresses. Hew Charles O'ltcilly, of
Detroit: Father Mclvenna, of Massachu
setts; Hew Geo C. Iktts, of Louisville,
and Col. John Atkinson, of Detroit.
When Mrs. Pnrncll arrived and took a
scat on the platform the great audience
greeted her with continous cheers.
The arrival of Governor Oglesby and the
Hon. Samuel J. liandall was recogauanl In
a similar manner Governor Oglesby ipoko
brietly and was, followed by Randal!.
A Gulf Storm.
Gaiaxsto:;, Aug. 20. A violent cist,
crly gale prevails; the wind is blowing at
the rate of forty-live miles an hour and in
creasing in velocity. The whole southern
and southeastern portions of the city are in
undated by water nud many families have
been driven out and compelled to feck
shelter and safety down town. The city
wharves along the beach have been torn up
by tho water of the gulf which are now
breaking over the lower galleries of Ileach
hotel. .Much apprehension is felt for fum
ilics residing at eiKcd points and for
shipping anchored in the outvr roads.
St. Lous, Mo., Aug. 20 Meagre dw
patches to the telegraph oJHeo received to
night from Galveston, state that a territje,
storm of w hid and rain has prevailed there
all diy. It commenced nlioul ! o'clock
this morning from the oust. The city Is
said to have been complete!) inundated' by
two feK of water in the heart of the city
and fifteen feet on th gulf tide,
the water reaching the M-rond Hour or
many buildings. Many house, w oa tlo'ited
away; all I ho iflegraph" wires onlJay Bridge
were washed down or blown away, but
some of them have in-en restored, and cam
muieation with tho drowned city renewed
about (J o'clock this morning. At l.est ac
count the water was suiciding. Sk live
are reported husi
Troubloms IteniinlHcetice.
New York, Aug. 20. A cablegram
the Tribune says- T. P. Gill. JL I'
about to bring action for libel against Wll
Ham Kidgeway, the Picndilly publisher, for
issuing a pamphlet charging Gill and other
members of parliament with connection
with the Phoenix park murders of Caven
dish and Burk. The pamphlet accucs
Paruell of using the Fenian brotherhood Jo
tret money, etc." It af cues James O Kelly,
M P , and Gill of taking the oath of alle
giance to the Irish republic and with giv
ing encouragement arid Infcrmation to El
MahdL It charges Ilynie's wife with ear
ning knives for the Phocnh. jvjrk murder
from Hinuinghnm to Dublm, and wrys tlj.it
the passes to the galleries were given by
Iri-h members of parliament to Daly, who
bad come from Paris to thmv mnri into
the home of commons
It also charges T P O'C-uwior, M P ,
with receiving nnd enti'rtnmlngthc Informer
Carey in the lobby when he w as beingpought
by detective.
Frank Byrne, arcsSed in Parw as I4tslari
head center is now here and nij he always
understood that the knfviw uxl at Khocnlx
Park were bought In Geimany, bv Dr.
Helton William., of Gnm Point, h I .
but declined lo talk alwut hU wife having;
taken them to Dublin, idtbutigh Up km! she
had swallow ed the h-tU-r he had -Just tv
cefced when the deter fives cnMvn her
house. Byrne rays Daly was arretted for
carrying bombs Into the bouse of comrwiiM
as a friend of John DeVoy, the moral
force advocate in the Chicago convention,
1'rcakH of a I(tperalo.
N.1MXVH.I.B, Tenn., Aug 20 In Stx;sr
art county Saturday, Million) Verbifies
waylaid his wife, from v, bom be had re
ccn'tly separated, arid fatally shot hersLsUr,
Mi,s Keai, as they were driving along the
road. He WBsnrret-d but wen UMXxVtxl.
Wednesday be wax again captured at Hen
derson, after a hard fight, and lodged ia
jail Ycstfentov lie attacked th' IniW mdz
fought him and the watchman tifj f he bitter
shot him In the bend. Though terribly
wounded h to Iwndetjifcd and atsrttd on
the train for Guthrie. The victi m nied
suffering terribly tern bU wound and w?u
you fulfilled ti great traa and of Use noble j apparently dying, ami th guard relsxwl
and unHeraiVhed reputation which Itaa uns
tained vou through the fitrra
their vhrilwifc. When txar Guthrier, while
of obloquy j fhe ;rain w& ruashiff twentv he milr on
hour, he sudden iv sprang tltrotigb the win
dow, Iiflndcuffcd & be sw. and quickly re
covering, triple for tlie wpd ffe hoi not
and vitupcnili.n by whir b you have txr) !
honored by tin enemies HT Ireland Jn j
whatsoever further sacrifics the future mav I
you may ren assured of the sympathy and r fceen retaken.
confidence of your Ituow countrymen, and '
of their prayer that your great devotion j TVH1 3!.ako It Sweeping,
uujv i reuru unuij viw; uav CltlC&OO. Ag. 20 At S orlOCX n. large
fo!. nrncfis and prcKjrity in an eafrandiiwd iioJW oi Jirr&i at the Chicago
officers were stationed on the iron stainvav ! lhe acciied condemne.! to dcss.li.and Neebe yours.
i.,t:.. . , .1 . . tn fiffn vftflryr to iJif tvnit'nfrv. "WVilmn .' ISlg
Ireland. "SVc remain, dear ir.
ending to the court room. A
hatless and with his coat buttoned up
rounf man t to fifteen years in
noA in tlirM 1 for a new trial made.
the pentteabry. Motion
Commenting on the verdict, that paper ,
toys: i ue newi which is conveyed i the ;
alxjvc head Jinc-s was communicated by
Osborne. foTLman of the iurv. to Judre '
Garrv. "Snotifr" who ba.1 ininnm ItSigntd aho:)
among the crowd in ihz tlreet broko into a Hon. C. S. Parse!!, M. P..
hurrali when the announcement ws made, Ju-ii1 JicCarthy, 3i. P..
Alfred ebb.
Y. B. Meagher.
J". K. Kenney, 3L D., Treasdrer,
.L H. ifalonev,
John Clancy, Secretary.
have done, deien-e some recognition ot the gave a cheer, and the rest r.f the wastes ! v1 " 3Ga?' osame qciie pstneiic waen t -f. y. "ih" S." .?
I sen ice performed besides the meagre com-( took tip the hurrali when the new ws " himself had expected it. arid Gnnceih Jifli,Ji.-i
Wiition you have received. " communicatci to them and repeated it manv 1 ,wk?sed: r nunaiily he tad reasons for Wiariw Lssaoo. i. I .,
j The foreman of the jury aid: The jury , times over. It srandi-d like a deatli knell 1 a . f J l!,jln'
'lmedeputeiitometheoniysgreeabledutyltotheDrisoners, bat it was an assunmce to? saa men of b stniv i. u. Ora,, Jl. I .,
I it is our province to perform, and tliat is to ' tlie tired juror, of what thev mnt have a!-1 nave ffincn cnhia2lcd ey. V list do ; . J wSF Uilf ,
j thank the court and counsd for the de-1 mon known all alon thanhe interest of ' tbc P0 7 J verift? They con-' Was. Uitoea. . I..
tintJCrciy nvfnni neiY.rv xtntirm xintliir ftttntnaml of
I Iutpcctor Capt. Sehaols, sad s lifiliJ faicr
s Chief Eberind arrivrd. It b the carrct
rumor tarouto'l Unru that the pJj hare a
list confining Iw ftataes of csuly 300 mca
who wie esgaesd is the nazsibi'1 ces-
I piracy asl tliat brIese; arrrtc will
fceacslorth be the r!er n t rrfed
taei the mane of Mr. Lucy Parxm a-'xl
ilri IJrie llohsicn &tv awrmz ting fcr
fs-hoai varran$3 hnvn Uxst 1ipi.
fenseand for the prosecution for vour! flncsro in thftl !". , -n-i -v. , ssderpd imposile. te ab3 coiild do.
I kiudiv care to make us as comfortable a , the momin" of Mar 3th i ke'deve the firat news true until it wes con
i possible during our confinement, we thank "Whm tHr rrwwrB mtv.i tk r-nir , Crmcsi later.
I you. thev were ,hown tn ihr-irP-ar vt nrr ih Captain Bla& st once zoomed for a mv
Tl. rvwrt 7v.irw-mrtvl fori-tirWitr Tha mc T.. t ...a .a x i trial Grirmell did koI obcl Jtinzn
..w.-... a.w-j,'v...i... , . , ).. -. v-i tni. i UiXJilA. 21ir3I-lPll IiV LIDUIl : -- rf . o - ,. - . ,
rtriboners had filed out during this inter-1 in ib t-vvM rnn-? -.i .a -j Garry vill hear the motion at the bctnem-l-w-5 insnmen.
., ,, v-..WIHb7 wvp.-Vi feU niUfVU .A . - -. . 1 B.a-Ba
llirti imor thA rmrfTifv of n IwilTiT Hirrllir I !V l,--1l-l,rr . ;-jj-.. Oftl term. If lie TVlU4 tllffH llM?TC TtT2aU& I JHTU
-w ..-w.'w. -w KVuutMtvv. -w wu4iu.k4Ui-ii I C4iA 1 LL1A1.1 11 f k M tlXL. Ill 4.111? UiniHlU EIDtl! " ' " ZT --- -
had the iurv left Uie room when a mcrcing I forml into hi fui sw,-t !-. -- nothing but an appeaL u e arc crurseros
shriek was beard, accompanied by the falftkj verge of a ctIsme, ank neoa a beach,
, ,":?-SsFb. ? lle fiflor-tp-13Syics a Uule, le Jr fkawd into tie
bcaci too much excited to sy More .today.
ito Uie
The Tiaacss toeaorrow w&ljdjtxially:
ComrKjtltire Uxawlnatfoa.
Atcsij-ps, Ksa. Aug- SO. Tir exam
ioatiOfj cojsdt:cti here today by lr f. Tit
pstridc, Conatv SifiTintenoeat tes-J, &sI
i Ion, It 5L 'VHlisic. ; caiyJJdaie hir
admiios to &t P&ii, rmaitsd ;a th$
choice of Henry A hnuth of th! pty,
t who stootl 2Z 1 2 paU aifad of asy otfiw.,
A HfhoIeiKiSRe Stimulant.
Chicago. Aug. 20, Ths cottni trG5c
-tAOcUfJoo km cnkrwi tfc akroaUon ef
Ta VieM &rtt--i at: 1 $iV&me cawp i j-cr p- v sm
My, mar Irieta. It u wHIl feeifagft a I Tin wll Jtr ia wl mm vm jywyw
KMMtaMft picaMwe tat i nmvm ih reary j graw wmww w mm
ftaHMJaadaotattt iim iiimmifd mrkml MkmOM tfct Jiif iwwtf
3Dcba-l Daviti,
Xiios. Sexton. 3L I..
Iter, lather Ileeley,
Her. I. 31. Furkmg,
Kev. 3L Toomar. '
And about two Hundred and fifty other j
.fm -"
tf(M -.Aytefei
srS-o -
' ., t . '.I -N;iiflSnfK,
aad ternjf lo FwTm rT:. ia ; Enf-
.!-. - .' V-fc

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