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VOI. V. JO. 89.
S I I hi I i T i ll1"TiiiB'-- ii m Mi l1Hii I'l ii I i llilnimiai imtin minimi
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I t.
J -
123 and 125 Main Street.
In order to procure the following Bargains it
will be necessary to come for them on
tlie days they are offered.
ON -
"We will offer a Bargain, the
will send everybody hunting
See Friday's Papers.
Opposite Postoffice.
' - ii J IJ L
1 f 4rtr e-U BjSP'
7-. . .W
Now you have let an opportunity
secure those All Woolen Worsted
$10.00 which went like
give you a chance we have, after some
trouble secured the same goods and they
will soon arrive and be opened on our coun
ters . at the price quoted before this week.
Don't let this opportunity slip.
Anotlier '.-
Mammoth circus and Menagerie
will arrive next week, and to ive everyone an
opportunity to go we will give to very pur
chaser of $10.00 worth of goods one ticket.
Call for particulars at th
328 Corner Douglas and Lawreaoe Avenues,
On Tuesday Morning, August
31st, 40 Dozen All Linen Towels
size 14 by 27 inches, and. well
worth 10 cents.
On the same day. 50 Dozen
Damask Towels, 19 by 36 inches,
plain or with colored borders.
Have been cheap at 20 cents.
On "Wednesday morning, Sep
tember 1st, 2,025 yards of a pop
ular indigo blue print, sold every
where for 8 1-3 cents.
On Thursday morning, Sept. 2,
ONE CASS Canton Flannel. The
same quality has been called
very cheap at 10 cents.
On Friday morning, Sept. 3d,
over 2,000 yards of Plain land
Checked Seersucker. The same
has been offered as bargains at 10
biggest of them all, and
for their Loose Change.
hot cakes. But
Pointer ! f
store room ask to be
line of Cassimeres. As
Making Trouble With
Police Three More
Geronimo Again' Monkeying
With Gen. Miles Says
He'll Surrender.
An Explosion of Fire Damp in
PennsjiTania Coal Mine Kills
Seven Persona.
Another Sensation Reported from
Mexico An Alleged Indignity
to Gen. Sedgwick.
Capital Budget Concerning the Pay
ment of Bonds Treasury Offi
cials in a Quandary.
Weather Report.
Washington, August 31, 1 p. in. Indi
cations for Iowa and Missouri : Fair
weather; northerly winds, no decided
change in temperature. For Kansas and
Nebraska: Fair weather; variable winds
becoming southerly warmer.
More Anarchists Arrested.
Chicago, Aug. .30. Louis Juhl, a tailor,
Henry liaise, a stone mason and Win.
Kloth, a cooper, have been arrested for con
nection with the anarchist conspiracy. In
Kloth' shop was found a regular arsenal of
impro cd firearms. Men have been drilling
heie for some time and been seen car
rying mysterious packages, supposed to be
dynamite. Kloth admits he fled from Ber
lin to escape prosecution for anarchism and
openly boasts of his sympathy witli the
condemned anarchists. The police say he
was connected with the llaymarket riot and
was locked up for six weeks, but was dis
charged for want of evidence.
More Shamming.
Nogai.es, Ariz., Aug. SO.
lias sent word to Gen. Miles he
him at San Bernardino ranch
terms of surrender.
will meet
to arrange
Terrible Mine Explosion.
Sckvnton, Pa., Aug. SO. A fire damp
explosion occurred in Fairlawn colliery
this morning. Seven dead bodies have
been recovered and it is reported ten men
arc still in the mine.
Later Jno. II. Ilosie, and J. Gallagher
were standing at the head of the slope at
the time of the accident and felt the force
of the explosian as the rush of air came out
of the mouth of the mine. They at once
started to gain and ascertain the etent of
the damage. The August quota of coal
had been mined last week and ;is men were
employed in the mines. Word came how
ever, that a party of live or six men had gone
into the mines to clear up their chambers.
Inspector Blewitt happened to come along
about this time and he and Gallagher with
a party entered the mines, going down to
the third and lower vein and followed the
air course, stopping to repair danieges to
the brattice, etc. , as they went along. Their
progress was necessarily slow and the course
they followed took them to the right hand
of the mine.
"When they learned that groan; had been
heard in the east gangway they worked
over that way and found the party who
had gone in the mines before the accident
near or about the entrance of one of the
chambers, a short distance from the foot of
the inside plane, about fifteen feet from
where the heading branches off. Three of
them were alive and three were dead.
The killed were Hugh Conners, of Bellc
vue, Edward G.igham, Michael Prill. The
fust man brought to the suiface was John
Nairn, who is badly bmned about the face
and arm1?.
John Kerrigan was alive when found and
talked the strongest of all, but he died be
fore being brought to the surface.
The next was John Connor; he has two
large scalp wounds, a bad cut on the knee
and another on the arm. His face and
hands are badly burhed and bruised. He
was taken to the hospital.
The body of Edward Pierce, the fire boss
was found about one hundred and fifty feet
from the others.
Patrick Conner says that he and the
others waited for some time at the mouth
of the mine for the fire boss;
at last he came from another
vein, lie said he had not been in the
lower vein, but told them to come on and
ho would see if everything was all right.
They went to the foot of the new load
When Pierce went ahead to where he had a
box with some lamps and oil in it. He
carried a safety hunt) and they had naked ,
They stood there waiting for him when
suddenly there was a Hash" and the explo
sion followed quickly. He fell flat on his
face; he felt he was in a too exposed posi
tion and leaped to the side of a pillar. To
this action he probably owes his life. "When
tlie explosion was over he called out to the
men m total darkness. Kerrigan. Natin
and Prill answered, but no word came
from Gaughau or Conners.
Kerrigan wanted him to go with him to
the foot and he rose on his "feet to do so,
but he felt so sick that he could not go and
had to lie down again. They waited there
in the blackuca of night, sick, wounded and
helpless, with their dead comrades lying
near them. At last they heard voices and
Conner called. Presently the voices came
nearer; then the saw light approaching,
and soon the rescuing party were with
How the fire originated is a mvstcrr.
Lawrence Exposition.
Luvr.nxcE, Kan.. Aug. 30. The final
meeting of the directors of the Western
National i'air association before the open
ing of the exposition was held here today.
These was a full attendance of representa
tives of Kansas from all parts
of the state and tne arrangement
j for the great Kansas state fair were all com
l pleted. The exposition opens at Bismarck
t Gmvn mi MiViiImv. Si'nlnmW flrii nnA v.-ill
continue i.r six day;. Over eighty entries
have been made in the speed ring, including
a number of scntional racers from the
past. The exhibition space lias been
so fullv cnrra-ied as to ruarantee the crcat-
! est exposition ever held in the state
ilomeutous Movement.
Saraxac, N. Y., Aug. 30. The presi
dent's party left Saranac this morning for
the upper Like region for a few day's hunt
; ing and fishing in that remote territory.
j With them went Col. Belo. of the Galves
i ton News, and Henrv M. Brown, of Phil-
I adelphia. It is not yet determined whether
Mrs. Cleveland and her mother will go into
! the woods or await the return of the party
! at one of the hold, oa the edge of tint
y1086 - f " "r .ywni
"Washington, Aug. 30. The Capital
says: Accounting officers of the treasury
department are in some doubt as to what
they will do with the accounts of certain
public officers who have been appointed by
the president since congress adjourned.
They are those -whose nominations were
not voted on by the senate. It is under
stood to be held by a Republican senator
that section C9 of tie tendre of office act
prerents the reappointment of a man ap
pointed to fill a vacancy before the late ses
sion of the senate, whoaa nomination was
not acted upon. The president has, how
ever, reappointed a number of men who
were in that condition. It is understood
he examined the law in that case carefully
before doing so and rests hi rights to make
j these appointments on the last clause of the
secona section 01 me second article of the
constitution, namely:
"The president shall have power to fill all
vacancies that may happen during the re
cess of the seuate by granting commissions
which shall expire at the end of their next
session." The construction put upon the
words "mav happen"by the president is un
derstood to give them the effect of the
words "may happen to exist." This has
been held to be their real meaning by the
department of justice under several admin
istrations since the tenure of office act was
passed; but some of the accounting officers
of the treasury arc not certain it would be
safe or them to approve the accounts of
officers of the class under section 1,72. re
vised statutes, which provides an imprison
ment of not more than ten years, or fine of
not mora than 10,001.), or both, for allow
ing accounts of persons appointed contrary
to the provisions of the tenure of office law.
The following circular was issued by the
Ueasury department this afternoon: lotice
is hereby given that on the loth day of
September, 1S8G, or at any time prior there
to, the department will redeem at the treas
ury ot the United States in the city of
Washington, D. C, or at the office of the
assistant tresisurer at Iew York, paying
par and accrued interest to date of redemp"
tion, any uncancelled United States three
per cent" bonds to an amount not to exceed
10,000,000. Honds forwarded to Wash
ington for redemption should be addressed
to the secretary of the treasury, disvision of
loans, etc, "Washington, I). C, and all the
bonds should be assigned to the secretary of
the treasury for ledemption, The assign
ment must be properly dated and properly
acknowledged as proscribed in the note
printed on the back of the bonds. When
checks in payment are desired in favor of
anyone but the pave" the bonds should be
assigned to the secretary ol the treasury for
redemption for the account of (here insert
name of person or persons to whose order
the check should be drawn).
(Signed) C. S. Faiijciiild,
Acting sScretary.
In the case of J. Harris llogers Attorney
General Garland, Governor Harris and
others in connection with the Pan-Electric
telephone contioversy, the plaintiff today
filed a rejoinder in demurrer saying that
the bill was good in substance and petition
ed the court to put the cause on the
Well, What of Ji?
City of Mexico, Aug. 30. Reports
have been current here since Friday night
regarding the treatment of Mr. Sedgwick,
the American special agent in the Cutting
case, who was on that evening one of the
guests at a ball given by one of the clubs of
the city. .The club in question is one of
the most aristocratic in Mexico, among its
members being government officials of the
highest cl.-iss, and representatives of the
oldest and most distinguished families. The
members of the club gave Mr. Sedgwick
an invitation as a special honor to an Amer
ican representative.
He was received with marked tokens of
respect and everyone endeavered to
make the evening agreeable to him, he
being the mo-t honored guest. Toward
the fcinall hours of the morning there was
the uual flow of champagne and numerous
toast-, were drank in one of the rooms set
apart for gentlemen, a careful investigation
shows that Mr. Sedgwick while undoubt
edly participating in the convivial enjoy
ment of the hour was in no way treated in
solently. Tiie members of the club and its
managers strenuously deny that any dis-courte-'
was intended or practiced toward
Mr. Sedgwick v ho made an excellent im
pression. To set at rest the injurious reports regarJ
ina; Mr. Sedgwick, it is propo-ed leading
representatives of the highest society of
Mexico to give him a series of dinners and
receptions in order to make it evident th.it
he has the esteem of the Mexicans. Since
the rumors became current large numbers
of entirely ridiculous and unfounded re
ports have been in circulation, but no per
son of reputation or standing in the com
munity supports them, LaiTt evening Mr.
Sedgwick is as a guest at a private house
at dinner at which there were present Mm
isterMarscal.of the department of foreign
relations, and Minister IJominio Rubbio, of
the interior department.
Mr. Sedgwick is conferring with Minis
ter Jackson and investigating the laws of
Meico b arin; on the Cutting case. He
is having translations of the laws made and
when through here he will go to Chihua
hua, and then to Pa.o del 7o:tc.
In an interview this afternoon Mr. Swig
wick, the American special agent, emphat
ically denied the stories against him in cir
culation in the United States. Leading
representatives of the Jolly club who have
Ix'eii interviewed on the' subject express
themseh cs as sorry that the good name of
the club had lcen called in question j
They s-aid that Mr. Sed-.;ck wa-. a con-1
spicuou. gue-t at their ball and that he Ix-
haved a- a gentleman should. j
The Races.
Giuveskxd, N. Y. Aug. 20. Brooklyn
Jockey club winners: Barnum, Gleaner,
Precissa, Bessie Jane, Millie and Marsh
Brigiitox Beach, Aug. 30. Winners
Fanatic, Competition, Rallal, Harry Rus
t1. Roderick and Burr Oak.
Eall and Eat.
3. ' Baltimore, Brooklyn 3. Baltimore '
Detroit Boston .T Detroit 2 Dnnvor
Denvcr 10, St. Joe 2- LcadvilJe 4 Lin- j
cole. 3. Cliicnso-Chicaso 13. Phitolei
phia 10. New York-Athletics 5, Metro-!
poiitans, 1.
.vfTi.; K!T7 ,f M--0 E" ,
lV.n-1 lowvrinc .fjv-itr-ri ttin i "w . -- J i
V -,-..-. V4.i.Vl ..., -..,.v,.... ,
I Mtmn "til -li-vf-a frv?n Jr. tt rt - f
,il Iio-o in.A, Tr. o T-T-r- ;-.-.- T
:....?. i .. . - --n I
mg game,
I ". 4 r, a 7 S
a .. 0 1 a 0 -J 0 0 0 I g
. uv a yure xi o io .j i io;;uwrs: i
Leavenworth. ..0
0 0 12 0 0
J 25 j
Mirabile Dictu.
St. Albans, Vt., Aug. SO. yesterday
Congress hall, a summer hotel at Sheldon
Springs, was broken into, and $1,500 in
cash, bo, stocks and aotes rr rtolea
fro-acoM T he awm. W- 7. ifoa, f
Cfcago. ThMr fc m dm to .
k'vsvr'n-v Vr :I- nil Tr-.hin-- ' street ia.
ton '5, Kansa' Citv 2. " St.' Louis St. , S"" J?nK' A"S
T-iiw 7 't-Vnrt-::- T'm-r.!: in Hi'Twin. the Belt Line held a
British Grain Trade.
London, Aug. 30. The Mark Lane
Express, in it's weekly review of the Brit
ish trrain trade, says : The week's splen
did harvest weather has materially altered
the position. Much crrain has been secured.
Thc old English wheats were neglected: j
y-i-ra ie iutt; ioraign weais were
tid cheaper. Beans, peas, and barley were
steady; oats wrere weaker and the demand
was slow. Foreign flower was 6d cheaper.
Round corn was 3d lower; flat corn was
very scarce. The market closed dull and
weaker. The crop in early sown districts
is in fine condition, while late sown crops
are rapidly maturing. Another week's
sunshine will probably cause a big drop in
prices. The sales of English wheat during
the last week were 30,362 quarters at 32 s,
2d, against 32,701 quarters at S3s, 3d, dur
ing the corresponding veek last year. The
lower grades of flour are Is, higher. The
fervid summer has depressed foreign
wheats Gd. There are no buyers. There
were three arrivals of wheat cargoes; one
cargo of Oregon was sold, 3 cargoes were
withdrawn and one remained. Today
sunshine overpowered to markets.
War to a Purpose.
PiTTSnoiiG , Pa.. Aug. 30 Return
tickets to Cincinnati over the Pittsburgh,
C. & St. L. R. R. were sold on the streets
of this city last, night and today for 25
cents. This is thc"Iowest rate ever known
to Pittsbuigh, the regular fare to Cincin
nati being $9.50, and is result of a fight be
tween the B. & O. and the P. C. & St. L.
railways. The former company ran an
excursion from Cincinnati to thfs city on
Saturday, round trip for $3.50, from Col
umbus lor $2.50. and the P. C. & St. L.
did the same yesterday and these two roads
brought into this city upwards of two
thousand people. The tickets are good to
return until tomorrow but one-third of this
number do not want to go back so soon.
As a consequence there were several hun
dred return tickets for sale. The ticket
brokers soon purchased all they, wanted
and the remainder went begging for ale on
the streets at prices ranging from 3.00 to
25 cents, and some could not be used at
The St. Joe Fair.
St. Joe, 31o., Aug. 30 The eighth an
nual meeting of theSt. Joe inter state ex
position had an auspicious opening today.
The weather was magnificent and the
crowd the largest ever known on an open
ing day. The exhibit of blooded stock,
agricultural implements and domestic pro
ducts far exceeded anything of the kind
ever seen here before. "All of the different
departments are :ui improvement over pre
vious exhibits. The great interest center
of course was in the races.
First race Three-quarters of a mile, for
two year-olds, purse $100: won by DaveS;
time 1:22.
Second race One mile dash, purse $150:
won by Billy Bowling; time 1:47 1-12.
The fair will continue all the week. The
black horse cavalry, of Leavenworth, fol
lowed the last horse race with a drill,
which called forth nnlimited praise.
Friends in Deed.
St. Louis, Aur. 30. St. Louis is about
to offer aid to the inhabitants of the drouth
stricken districts of Texas, whence come
reports of great suffering for the ordinary
means of sustaining life. A committee of
the members of the merchants exchange
has been appointed to solicit and collect
subscriptions and they propose to secure
subscriptions of seed," wheat, flour, meal,
clothing and other necessities of life, which
will be scut down in charge of a committee
of distribution, whose duty it will be to see
that the supplies arc placed in proper hands
and distributed where the greatest need ex
ists. It is expected that a train consisting
of ten cars loaded with provisions will be
sent to relieve the sufferers,
Their Turn at the Teat.
New Yoiik, Aug. 30. Daniel Mngone,
the new collector of the port, assumed the
duties or the office today. The custom office
was formerly turned over to Mr. Magone by
the retiring collecter, Hcdden. Being inter
viewed he slid: It would bo very lash to
make wholesale changes without " investiga
tion. I believe as the president, that a public
office is a public trust.
Gen. Newton also took possession of his
office as commissioner of public works to
day. He appointed as his deputy D. Smith,
which is sharply criticized iu some quar
ters as a fatal mistake, some journals de
claring that Smith is worse than Squires.
Innoeuous Maneuvers.
Yonic, Aug. 30. Superintcndant
J. Lucy of the New York Central Railroad,
today said he had lrvird nothing further
from the Knights of Labor cmploj cs who
asked for an increase of wcges.
It was his purpose, he said, to deal with
his employees as individuals and not as
members of the Organization of Knights
of Labor. He thought no trouble would
ensue as the company expected to deal fair
ly with their employe.
There is no change in the clothing-cut
ters lock out. Employes arc trying to fill
their shops with nos-union men
An Assassins Shot.
New Oklkans, Aug. 30 A special to
the Time-Democrat from St. Joseph, say:
This morning as Judge J. B. Elam and
Joseph II. icholIs were in consultation in
the law office of the former, Col. V. S.
Reeves stepped to the front door and fired
the contents of both b,ureLs of a phot
gun into the head and shoulders of Nich
o!Ls, killing him instantly. Col. Recces
surrendered himself to the authorities and
was lodged in jail without bail. He claims
to h:vve acted in self defense. Nicholls was
a son-in-law to Col. Reeves, and some kind
of family trouble is suppose to hav boen j
the origin of the difficulty
Fire iu Chicago.
CmcAuo, Aug. 31. Two four-story
brick building on West Wsshineton -treet,
near Clinton, occupied by the U. V. Swin
ney manufacturing company, anil a num
ber of smaller espHhmetit$
loi a innureu nature. cauyni
fire about 1 o'clock this morning 'Hie
structures were toon in a mass of rains.
A rough estimate of the total lo places it
at $7.j,t00; insurance unknown.
lway 3fattcr
. SO. The employe of
jneeiinc tonight snd
"P"d much dis.-itfcfsc:kn over the
CW time tabic. TbCT y it U impobl-
1o raake six "P3 on " lia- an
I,31-a re-arranganent of the time table,
TIie-" -" tije;' "!rni ? w tJ,c inks lf ther
nemand not accoedca to.
KissctflindMle Up.
..,... , ..., Tl. J.rV,
- i. JS ii , v. , u. ""- n, v.iirsi
case airafit W. S. Canneliar ws dkiniaat-d
jtodav, no one appearing
I Allan O. i.eyers, who hsd
. . -
Ift TiriY-w-mrtt
d. a hearing on .
the c-barge of perjury in the same connec Xi
I tiou, was cijcharged. it appearing from
evidence thai he did not intend the arrest
of Cappellar
PorMntB, Pa., Aug. 30. Th Dcm-
- -M-W-l C4UpMOI- (J-
ff, P. y 1.
The Irish Moonlighters Practice
Bulldozing Upon Tenant
Belfast Rioters Sentenced to ImprisonmentForty-Nine
rests at Galway,
Princo Alexander Welcomed Home
With Wild Demonstrations of Joy
by Enthusiastic Bulgarians.
The Bulgarian Ministry Dismissed
and an Anti-Russian Recency In
stalled in Their Stead.
French Politics Austrian and Aus
tralian Crops Cholera Scourge
in Italy English Excerpts.
Loxdox, Aug. 30. It is retried that
the Karaeloff ministery have been dis
missed, a regency consisting of Stambu
loff, Slavcjkoff, the national joet, :ind
Stravesky, taking the place of the minis
tery. The Bulgarhn cabinet ha been remodel
ed and is now strongly anti Husian.
M. Nachevies, the foreign minister was
the leading spirit iu the movement to coun
teract the Peakoff plot, by which Prince
Alexander was forced to abdica'e.
It is rumored that King Milau, of Ser
via, litis expressed a desire to renew diplo
matic aud amicable relations with Bulgaria.
Loxnox, Aug. 30. A jKirtion of the
trial heats to decide who shall be the con
testants in the international sculling sweep
stakes on Wednesday were named today.
The weather was scorchingly hot. In the
first heat Neil Jlatterson, of Australia, and
Wallace Ross were the contestants. The
course was lrotu liattersa to Hammer
smith. Matter-on got an advantage of a
few feet iu the first half minute, but before
the first furlong had lcen covered, Rov.
drew up level with him. At the end of the
next furlong Ross led by a length, and
when a milcvand a half (or almost half the
distance) had been rowed he w:is two
lengths in advance. Directly after reach
ing this point Ross almost slopped
:mu Mattcrson went ahead and
at Putney bridge led by
three lengths. After this the nice was
over, Mattcrson running leisurely iu 18
minutes, 41 seconds. Bubear then rowed
over the course scoring a bye.
The course for the second heat was from
Hammersmith to Kcw. The contestants
were John Teenier, of the United States,
and George J. Perkins, of England Teem
er w.-is thefavorito,Tie to one being offered
one him. Teenier at the start rowed rather
a snaleln stroke, enabling Perkins, who
had the best water, to gain a slight lead in
the first few hundred yards Teenier
then M?Uled down to a longer and
steadier stroke and soon got a level with
Perkins. He drew steadily ahead and
when Barnes bridge was reached he lead
the Englishman by four lengths Teenier
won eventually without effort, finishing
three lengths ahead; lime, lb. 10.
The third heat was between Win. Beach,
of Australia, champion of the world, and
George Lee, of the United States, The
cour.-e was from Kcm to Hammersmith
Lee led by a couple of lengths for the first
quarter of a mile, but after that w.ts leaten
At Barnes' bridge Bench drew away anil
won the heat easily by three length".
The betting was two to one iu favor of
Beach. Tw-ice during the heat Lee got
over into Beach's water and the second
time he fouled hirn Beach claimed the
foul and it was allowed.
London, Aug. 30 In the hoime of com
mons this evening Sir J. E. Gort, umler--eeretary
for India, defended the annexa
tion of Bunnah on the ground that it was
necessary for the safety of India. lie states
that as Foon as the cold
season 'tts in the government intends to
mass a force in Burundi to subjugate the
The Radicals supported two amendments
to the address, condemning the annexation
of Burundi The amendments were nega
tived by majorities of 70 to 73 respectively.
Mr. Clark, Kndical, moved thnt the dt
bate on the address bo adjourned.
Lord Churchill opposed the motion, .tat
ing it was not cono ived with a view to
public ad vantage, and that the government
dr-ircd to express it? opinion to that effect
(Cries of "withdraw ") Mr Illingyorth.
Liberal. lik'-ncVl Iord Churchill to Satan
correcting sin (Liughter). A lively seen
followed, the lions; finally adjourning
122 against adjourning and' 197 for
Lord Churchill then agreed to adjourn
the debate.
In the commons the speaker ruled rut
of order llr. Pcctons am'ndn?iit dx-laring
that the result of the recent electoral con
test, while it howed thnt the rounlry ob
jected to the land parcha-c scheme, did not
decide the qu&ttiun of a parliament in Dub
lin. The Daily Telegraph any there are
50,000 dervishes a short distant south of
Waddy Haifa, on the Nile. Fugntfre
stste thnt there are two ingmhmen pr-
oners a Oindnratnan who strayed from
Stewart" decrt cjIiibib, one U jKHnibly
Gordon, a mlsmng special correspondent
Dcxlix. Aug. 30. Gen. SirBnlltT left
Dublin thu morning for Iralce Ik safd
I wish to distinctly f-mif I ha e not acccpt-
el a dragooning mwion. nor tbsJl I at
in cfirticm. My tak will be s?mj!y to U'
prc?3 moonlighter end insure the -afcly of
tiff and properly I propose to effect thb
by means of flying petroW who shall bo
able U commnnicate sfsctdHr with a regu
larly organized sytcin of sapjytrtft. i ki
ar-t know -a hcther rny jrfen will prow a
success, but I mean to do tny thtlr.
A report lnw been received thfit a mna
iMmcad Brosian v,r shot at Cstl i-biiid-
j county Kttt. at midnight, jui the ctrcum-
sance oi iie mooting art not tiu.
A later dispatch from Catle Lttaod fmra
that Bret-nan, who i. a farmer. wts siiot lV
moonlighter-. The wound h not consid
ered dangerous The moonliher. nfttrr
leaving jroo, vat tod the hoewsof farmer
li&xyy, entering the dwelling, pulled
Rooccy oct of lad, Un! s-iVcml AiA ovt r
hi head and forced hua to a wesr he wouki
not pay Ms reaU. The police heard the
'hots 2irc fir ilm raoaziu.'htcTK, lut frilled
to wake snv arre U. General 1'iukr will
invttisatf1 the outrsirea uu his arrival in I
Kerry Gunboats hare been pbcal in the
river Shannon to enable General Knllcr u,
vi!t the cx-s. quickly
Barliff has lx-en nearly lAten to tlcath
i near Li-towel, County Kerry. An fnforma
tion leen sworn agaii-St the staios
' nvtr, who St fuppoa-. to 1ut conusittcd
tte awaulft.
BH-r-uBT. kmf. at. A uvmbm mi - -
who were engaged in the recent no'
been sentenceU to terms ot unpnsttt.
ransring from two to nineteen months.
G.M.W.VT, Aur. 30. Fortv-nine anwfci
hare been made of persons who resisted tWj
ponce at rorlurana, in their endeavor ttH
evict tenants from the ctato of Loul C"C1
DuoLix, Aug. HO. Night. Four
rests have been made in connection
the moonlight outrage in IvenT.
Buller is at Killarncy and has made' lkt!
headquarters at the Railway hotel. Ith"i
propose! to lOTCOtt the house hecauvj J
proprietor reccivcu liuiicr as a gucv. j.
RusTcrtCK, Aug. 50. Prince Aleskr1
line lwn u'iittipiI Tn tL-j Trvfmttnn. ?iii
possible attempts on his life by Kin SlaT4
tanatics and the followers of the raqtropal-cl
itan clement, whet-e party has nmiificatiom-j
in me interior oi uuigana. rnnco --j
under arrived at Sistova at S o'clock '
morning and his entry in the town and Mti
progress through it was cue contrauoH
triumph. The people lifted the prince froa
his carriage and carried him on their;
shoulders to the Greek church, where a To:
Deum was sung. The prince aftcrwanlM
Parted lor Ticruova aud arrived there tfch
A manifesto has been issued hy lriac''
Alexander, it approves the mcmreM
adopted by the Stambuloff regency, coh .
tirms the existing mitiistry aud the uppei&
ment of ilutokcrott ha c6mmander-in-chif '
of the armv. thanks the people and army..
for their udehty and rooluto attitude IB
favor of independence, impious God's I
blessing and urges all to unite in promoting,
theweltare of luiJirana.
The populace of Time crave Princo Al--
cvander an cntiui-hslic weltiun'. Vtlvice?!
from Sofia viy that the city i excited anli
some disonlcn. have occurred. Z;uikor
the revolutionary leader, wa ntlnckcil by
x mob and nearly killetl It U expected
that the inilit.tr plotters will be oecuteil
and that auinotv will las granted to th
other consiiratoi.
Paws, Aug. '.JO. M. .InUs Simon had
published a letter iu which he predicts that
Fnaice will eventually become a cm"-.rv-tive
republic, which "he declares to 1). tlw
onlv stable government for Fnuiehmeii.
It is stated that it is the purtKWi of if, Dt
Frevcinet to remove from his eabini
three radical members, including Gen.
Boulange, minister of peso. :uid teiegrajh.
Vihn.s'a, Aug :J0 In a collision at
Mailling, eight miles from here, seven mr
pons were killed anil twentv two wounded.
The 1 1th international corn and c
market has lieen ojK'ned here The hunre4
reports for Austria Hungary hhow that lb
yield of wheat N from ."i,G0O,00O to0,000,00
hectrelitres lielow the average
Romi:. Aug. :i0. ihc cholrra rcturn
for today are. Bartellia, 10 new (i"ert and
2 death's; San Guiovna Kotund.i, 1 new
(Lses and S deaths, JlIoIIelTet, 10 new caseA
and b tieaths, Ravenna, 12 new ca.'-e am!
12 deaths. In five other towns an arerag
of o new cases and 2 dwitlu
Sr PttTKifWuo, Aug SO - Noto
Vrcmya considers Prince Alexander' r
instatemenl on the throne :w very rpit!oi
New Hon Hi Walea.
Sidnkv, Aug. SO. The harvests of New
South Wales are crv promising, the bet
yield since 1870 is expected
More Olllcial Crookeilness.
Nuw VoitK. Aug SO Supervisor
Lurkm, Carroll and uill.igli r, of thu
JrooUlvn (KMinl ot upirvivn, were
served today with wnrranu dirr ting them
to apjwar before IVliee Justl Walsh to
answer a marire of ennnpiru v tn defraud
the people of Kings comity Tln defend
ants hearing of the cornplnint went to tho
police court and were permitt"! v go upon
their own recogniance.
'Till the Cloudrt Roll Ky.
Ivans CiTr. Aug SO A Tin Jcffcr
koii Citv. Mo . sncrinl kivm S'nti Adfiit.int.
Generu! .lameson ban inra nv or 1 r direct-
ing that no more militia r mpanlcH li
fnm-I nt iinsent. J hi is in i iivnuenc
of Judge Steven rert'iil ruling at Kana
City, that the state mltftln f-Hlc rs cannot
enforce dBipune under thi- existinc laws.
Step will lw taken for a n vision of th
rtntnlc by the next legislntun'
K. or V. Convention.
Bcktai o, Aug. SO. The national ccw-
vrntion of the S;i of Vftirans to bo held
in this city during the premit week will
ojv-n tomprrow meniing The firl u-nlon
will xi confined to roiitine r.iij In tlw
evening a public mwiing will Ik h h Th
citv i Txiing gaily decorntod in honor of
tiie visitors. Cominacdrr in f'hi-1 T Qt
Carltnle and blaff hate arrived
KiiJiritlrj;: the Women.
Cmcvno, Aug '). ilrs Kllzabctfc
Rodgers, wife of Organfer Osirge lUxlg
c, tins twen clio-eu mtwi'r wnrKtnnn oi
Dintrlct 2-i. K. of i. J U lh" f.n
wornnn to receivi Midi distinction
From Ute TJ f ant .
The govcntiDTOt Lo liav Liken th
imutu step towanw ofxtuny u.nthtl im
large lixlma i-rvaJkm u nv ".cm, an
the probnbilitk- are that Dklil.umn will
coon U: lumi inet for the u' i wttlen.
A WaiMnicton dttntU h w r scfretarr
of thf Jnt'rwr itan ajrovj t'. it:ap4 t4
Uii' Knima Sontwra Itsul'waj 'rrrnrKttiTl
wiiielj v;hi cmrwftnl u iui 1 tlirouri
bouthern iiU-;-jSttu w iiKiian Krrifcry-
The rwl runs Itttm YtUhitu Kin . am!
jKrnft:xlwt the very In-art of that
ortion t)l the Indian Territory whfcli
It ls kKw; 1-cij prfJi-J t
loy off lato the u-rnU rr of
Okl-honm It h hlnU.il at Lh" Ir.tirior iU-
partmenl this to n et!v.t OfitHnt
the pobcT of Ui fwewut adc-lcttiraiion rtl
iIt to fmlkn ro"rniJkwi A-wjpling to
the kwl report tf tkr fjsnjr.i'-'joner f (
Indi-B ailrs, the Indian n " ttuimxi m tin.
Lnitd buite eonuun 21'j.ly'. n miJes'. I
m alwut JW.TS'1. 570 nen ' Unit A It m
&nibie kfNiI. Ob ikv re-erva.' u err aakH
to If 250.221 ntlxt. 1ml n. cru-1 h&f nlj
ixca taken for wrveriil ry&r anfl itbL-J
Hrtii tfcl lie cmlr itaily Isas tltaJt
th Uorwevcr tltat may I. Owl
admtnMr&tion I-litrv the isaJ a r
more Shaa Js newlrd for Use piortcJ
the Ismans. aol that the rcrfak.n
be rttJucol v.iih nroflf in the EOTcrtriC
and thi India..' I Iitrr tsrt-1 itt on kml
Ilie iaaller of zMotaxnl m otr
altr luw alrcn.ly !x.-en put Into the hssaU tl?
a cornnstim in jjt-jaia of the mnfi
ol the tnll w11l wis cooTt SCi
joimed, and the wit asion will Io p&
a law cjcing a rprluetioa ox li W) qtt3
mile ia the Largt of Jfrcar, r4
rkmx rMrvst-os ia D-Jte. aJ UA
aed wfcW t!Job vW ml
ijrU - - B
z3$mm?&.ru.i- r1" --m wj?'.j

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