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Wichita eagle. (Wichita, Kan.) 1886-1890, September 18, 1886, Image 5

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g-usfr.-i.T.aafc s
Efte WLichm gaili ga0s: Saturday Pomitig, September 18, vb86.
Ad vertteemenls in this column will be charged for
at the rate f KIvc Cents per line per week. Ko ad
vertisements taken Tor less than 25 cents, and will
not foe inserted until paid for.
TT"AVrEl) A boy frora 12 to 14 years old to do
W housework, color no objection. Apply at 23)
H Emporia ave. 103-tf
WANTED A girl to cook in a private family, call
at S K eor. Lawrence ana Elm 6U. W.A.
Tliomas. 103-tf
ANTED-Three day boarders at S03 S Topeka
avenue. 116-tft
ANTED A few more Rood boarders at $3.50 por
weck.334 : water street. ivj-ol-
WANTED A man to take cliarcc or a farm; must
understand feeding cattle, 7 miles from town.
Address box 42. 30r' r,t
WANTED-Even body to calf and Ret prices on
low in ltocfc Island addition. 1. b. Smith, pw-r
Wells, Fargo express office. Klj"cl
WANTED-Everyfoody wants lots in Iek-Mand
addition, the best location In the
wholesale houses. Forprice see P. h. Jsm,t",lfr,f:t
Wells Yargo express office.
ANTED-A No. 1 woman cook. Enquire at 244
N Water.
WANTED-Day fooardws at 214 N Water; price
i.W per week.
TTrvTm- ix.-IUon for a middle aed widow
companion tian old la-ij """"" ior-(itt
jj Wintleld, Kan.
VIT STE1-A cood ioy about 15 years .f asc. An
WlyatlicV:3I.C.A..roirw It-tureen 'J and .11
tills iiiorniug. i-iit
;T VTFD A man that can sell medicine on the
V Kinit' must foe sober and industrious; one that
iii play ami sing.. GUI at 13 Douglas ave. SU-t
WANTED One or two furnished or unfiimKlitd
rooms with hoard for gentleman and wire. In
strictlv private family and good neighborhood. Will
ray liberailv tor good accommodations references;
I'.nWss Home this ofiice. UK Ct
"ANTED Situation as bill clerk, ropiest or gen
eral oltlce work; relercncc given. Address It
WANTED To sell a hair-fare ticlat from Flor
ence to Athens. Ohio, via. Cincinnati, good un
til Oet.tf. Address lock box U.K. lUl-Gt'
-,-t i .. n.'..nt-1..ni4iil linr!w-nr KflleMllflll-
Address G, W.'jliller, Arkansas Cliy. Kau.lW-Gt
WANTED r. good solicitors Immediately,
commlFslons; s-alaiy $75 per month and i -renscs.
Enquire at irb N Main m, between hours of
u and WUsu in. and 2 and Ki. in. W-
ANTED A flrtf clara 'hand at dress-inakinir.
imn.jAliatcly. SLJ. yocLSlS Main. lUl-Qt
TTTANTED-An experienced and competent afo
V stractor or titles; pe. jnanent situation to hucls a
person guaranteed. Address i'. li. Albright &U.
WinlSi'ld. Kan. "" tf
a v-ri.-n v lil about Pi years of age to do lh;lit
housework. 247 n Emporia ave. 1UM
TtTANTED A good responsible and first class lw
V Herat Statlord, Station! county, Kan.. .JJ miles
w.-st of Hutchinson. Good references or don't npply
A gooI man can secure a long job as soon as ha ar
rives in the city; an American preferred. Alva leu
cock. StalTonl. Kan. 10J('1
ANTED-A girl t.lo general housework. En
pilre at H'J ma r. e. --
-.YTANTED-Cook for restaurant, inan or woman,
W togol.-. ii II. out. Call at Ceo. Turners lunch
room opposite the marble works on Main st. lU,tt
ANTED -Employment by a'party able to work.
Experience In several lines. Speaks Engl sh
and German. Address A. II. Ahrwis. llW-ot
,7-ANTED-Agoodgirlfj work In small ''.'
WANTED-:! cooks, S dining room girls or boys, 2
IiiHiraiiceineii.fl girls for liiivate fumily. 2
men to w.llclt for ready made clothing;:; seamstress
to like work home with them. K) lutioi-rs at SLSO
per day. J. 11. Kenwcrthy, M Douglas ave. HT2-U
"TIT ANTED Anartnerwith SSI); will guarantee
W $!."- Vrolit llrstsix months; In a desirable and
pleasant business. Address G. A. W.. this offlco
VNTED -A gii i for general housework in small
family, So4 N Lawrence. "-
WANTED-Immed lately, a gonl boy to drive a
delivery wagon. Enrpiireat A. E. Sliobcw. 5
E Douglas. m11
WANTED-House cleaning, upholsterlnsand old
mattresses to renovate over; carwts .-ewed ani.
laid, old caV-ts taken up ami repaired and fleanwl
n rigii al colors restored; furniture repaired, var
nished Or oil Hi ished. All work neatly and promptlv
executed eastern prices. Good references lor work
afm'dy doneln this city, lejive orders at h. DaniHs
Second Hand Store, 214 N Hain st. J"-
irrA vTj:i--s.ieciilators tocill I or piic.'S on f ol -X
lowing: 1 lot on Douglas ave, SW docks cast
ol .Main st. Several lots in J 1 sb U
on Fourth avenue, r. lo s on L Itasa '"''
. : M-rl-ft --t For price's and terms call on 1 . o,
SmVlh.at olticeor Harris, Harris ft Vermillion. Ite-C
I rANTED-lmmcii lately, a good barber (white),
V ..,.,u. -,rtL- !' irt week. Addrcs- John
Dohrer, Medicine Lodge, Kan. 10"'1
-VI rANTr.D-A capable nurse can )' sccureil for
V dav service at reasonabhs rates. Can reJer to
phyicia; an.1 others; 11;.
oraddiess Mis. 1!. lck box 1., W iohila, Kan. tUM
-Vtr NTED-A graduate of a New England College.
W A It '77 A.M. '. and or Iowa State University.
I II. 'KJ. wants to teach a winter scl.cjol. Has taught
25 terms-, and holds first gradc ccrtilicatc. Ad lies.-.
1 A. Stamwood. Garden city, Kan. ""0
W VTFD-All ambitious ladies and gentlemen to
Mlend the night school which opens at the
ntlfwcVtcrnuslm-ss college 0cl.4th. 1BSC dlGl-lm
-SVTANTED-Afii I and complete use 01 i.t ."
AV mproved farming laud for sale. lani.
ct' 1 fi-h.nrn 1111 M.'lhl St. UU-ll
9IIMI11 V vwtv -
W VNTED All iiersons having eit; proijcrty for
wile to leave the same with us. rarnum.Simms
.-!-.,. linMnlllCf JOllIUl
cv utuih. w ....... --
tTANTED-r.vrry farm in Fedgwlck county for
V i..i.. .,., n,,-i,,,iV. larnum Uimr.is Gcorce.
r... - 101-lm
-ITTANTEn-A position by a practical druggist;
V capable of taklii,a-!iaive;iu'bJ.-tloii tP"'J
tocsmntry; n-gUtcml. Address Dnii'glst, cai. f
IV7 VNTED-Gocd cook, man or woman; light
work and good wages: It. miles fr.m city on
Fort Scott II. it. J. I- Wood. Clearwater, Kan. i01-t't
r ANTED -A bov to feed job presses; steady c:n-
.' . . ..., ....l.tr. .,.! lit, iiiimIi ;l li I
pio.Mlieni, can ill uini'-. .......v.......--
IAT VNTIID-Two dining room bovs; wages Su i-er
W week, at Leland hotel today, Caldwell. Kaiu
Vir ANTED-S cod.s. 2 dishwashers. 3 men for din
V inV room. 5 giils for dining room.- 7 girls for
..Ji7-.il t-.I.i iiii.Vx ; houekeeiH'is. It) seamttreascs. .
rarm handf Call on if.' Hatfield, m N Main
1VTKD A cook.
Apply at V.. CT. U. ijwb;
VTT ANTKD-Imestow and speculators to Know all
AV alK.ut t he W ieh.ta Gardens. Enquire or As .foe!
Welch r-sleblock1 HILL1
WANTED-We want you to know that jour own
merest reoulresjou toimcM in Uw Idilla
Ganlens before the price foes up. AshDel cleh.
,- ... i.i...- i.i-.i
J-IK" ""
-ANTED-A girl to do general housework, W
lM.awroi.ee, oi t-i.n..-.
T ANT!" D -Housc-s to rent. Drukkcr & Hoge i:.l
4111 ""urti.
-Vir VNTKD-Two or three furnished rooms, with or
AV without privilege of light housokecptnK.by man
and wife! .Call on or"addn& J. Kligour. US North
Main st.-cet. . . I':'1
"VITANTk'd Two uk nif, one or both furnWiejj.
fi-rlb-M IiouMkeeplng-.must be.In gmnl licali
tv. willdntlvoor ten inimilis v.alk of 1 . 0. Ad
dreiss . W-. eaie of the Eagle. Iwl'1
- -xt W rr.D To place loans on long time on farms
W or'fouslness l.locks or on short time or chattel or
real tato n-curity: niKsl.iw and prompt attention.
AshbJ Wt leh. liagle block. UVl.l
VVTANTF.D A goxi honest, educated, single
V woman, between the ages of 2o and :r. years, to
take charge of a small family. Heferc-nce required.
Applvtlr Wcndel's ofllce. over Citiren's bank
Wiclilta. Kan. szjl
IT WTED-lnsurance of all classes. I can give
V vou tiTe lH-st rates in the most reliable coimn-
len. nQil'i'l Welcli. uagie uh-vk. Zll
7-VVTED-A bargain In North Park add. We
I -"' '... n...i.-vrA Hivv. lMKainst.
naveauujci. ."- -- lOMt
,T ANTED-A gocHl girl at W F. Recce's 22:; north
r,uiHii ict'
well acjualntetl,
AV HvV v tVwllctlo?. not afmUl to work. Ret:
crce re:iuKrATH..VK. 42. E Douglas ave
T-ANTED-Those having ical estate to sell , to
VV leave it with Di-kWer lloge. 151 Main st. WU
WANT1-The Wichita Ganiens are iKwmlag.
and we don't want you to get left. pyllr5 "r
the princijial ical estate dealers or of Ashliel w oicn.
Bagle block. !i
"rAN TED Teams and men to work on D. 31. &
W A. li. R, at btuffonl. Kan. Goc wages and
jtedv work. Apply at Stafford, on the work. "W m.
vi irr. Contractor. dJvni
WANTED-Woman to do washing at hons' one
day each week. Mrs. H. lliackwelder, Sl
Emporia ave. g-
ANTED To buy stock cattle of all kinds. J. A.
Belmer, at Horse and Mule Market. ilsw-tf
nrfANTED Borrowers for money; we place money
W at the lowest rates ou all kinds of chattel se
curity loans, and also ou second mortgages on farms.
Wichita Riuklng Co., nnd Farmers Bauklns Co-.No.
1IC Wt Douglas ave. 57-tf
ANTED Boarders at the northeast corner of
Third ana awrence ave. aa-n
WANTED To loan $50,000 on buslneM blocks and
residence property, within the next thlrty
days. Kansas Loan and Investment company 12Tlf
rTANTED-To loan at lowest rate. 100,000 on city
VV and farm property. Money nmdy any day.
. V. Cooper. 137 Mala it. dtf
&itijK '
WANTED-Bookkccpcrs and business men to
know Oiat tho.National Accountants' Bureau
otTers unsurpassed facilities for the procurement or
tirst -class men and women for positions as booK
keepers and accountants. Business men who want
eflicient help, and exiert. bookkeepers who cangi.e
flrst-class references, and want situations, wouia uo
well by addressing us. Office for thotate of Kansas
at the Southwestern Busiuers College. ,ch,t1,ar l
TpOKRENT-For cash rent for the lJ
J? longer, a flrsUilass foo"on,,'?5 "1 ffl
creek. In Butler county, Kan. Address wm. Jior;
Leon. Kan.
T70R RENT-Roomsnlcelv furnish I with grwlth
Iout bourd. InRojs bui.dins. omce mi ""ifjit
-r-n ncT-Furn!shedroom for 1 or 2 gentlemen.
TT . ... .. r..-L).al . JU C
17OR RENT-lroni rooia ...l-v,.. . " "kJ; gt"
Market st.
t-'ou RENT Nice front jiarlor bedroom to four
Jj young gentlemen with Ijoard. EiKinire at 214N
V'ater. lfti-Ct.
suitable for
V dry goods.
Address Holdridg &. Goggln, Anthony
OR IlliNT 1 un'Jshed rooms at 155
N Topeka
glass front. . Enquire at Occidental grocery. IWtf
170R RENT Three nice rooms In a new house in
" the north end close to tho street cars; will rent
cheap: call at ltf! west uougias avr. ioh-l
ITOR RENT-Two rooms, one handsomely furnished
1 lower front room, large and airy, three windows,
porch on front; one large nicely furnished room;
wardrobes In both rooms; board furnished. Apply
at 230 N Emparia ave. W
I710RRENT A small
: Welch. Eagle Block,
OR RENT A small stable.
En:ulro of Ashbel
I7"0R RENT A first class room for rent, suitable
4 for three gentlemen; with hoard, by the 2Uth of
Sept. N E cor Lawrence and Third. -"-t
TrTOR RENT Furnished rooms at 4UK.Mbln street.
JL? and also a large barn. 1--Cl
hotel,' Douglas avenue. Apply to Mrs. Candolfo. room
No. r. up stairs. "Bbtt
ITOR RENT-One fiiniihel room between Oak and
XH Fine on Fourth. 71k S10 per montn. Mrs. U.lw
T70K RENT Half of a. store room atlS3.. Main st.
1 In the best location in the city. Room well
lighted and plate tdass windows.
J7".OR RENT Nlcelv furnished front rooms; large
' and airy; southern exposure; In a new house, r-n
ciuire at 422 west Central ave. i-11
170R RENT Furnished raoics by the day or week
1 Inquire at No. 15 East Douglas ave. room No. 1 up
stairs, or at lWWctt DoualasaTC. room No 1 1 over
l'etrie's clothing store. .Mrs. J. 31. Stager. dSJ-lm
1,-OR SALE Lots on the west side, a bargain if sold
at once. 1. S. Smith. 10X.t
170R SALE I3ts in Rock Island addition; the best
1 real estate bargains ever ottered In Wichita. V. $.
Smith over Wells Fargo cxjiress onice.
170R SALE Choice lots on Iiwrence avenue Iwtii
east and west fronts. 1'. S. Smith, over Uells
Fargo express ofiice. iuj-w
70R SALE I havi
fni- .Tto lots in all narts of the
1 city, both residence and business- lots. No trouble
i'show property. Call and ws us. 1'. S. Smith, over
Wells Fargo express officii. iww
XnOR SALE Those de-Irlng a Jlrst class five room
i houe hard and soft water. In. 1 good neighbor
hood, will do well to call on J. L.-Kennett. at Abraci
Smitu's carpenter shop, comer Third and Jlaln
170R SALE A Sfi.0 stock of hardware for cash. In
Mho best town in the ttate. Addiess 1. O. box
CI, Arkansas City, Kan. 'll4-'jt'
-lOR SALE-A blacksmith shop and tools, a wagon
l1 f,ho!. and hou? andlofcIeap;-frpleiidlil location;
must sell. Address W. H. Mel'ncrsou. Torrance.Cow
loy county. Kan. 1"-u
I7T0R SALE About 35 feet well matie paneled
1 counters, suitable for any retail business. Apply
at'oftlce of W. W. Johnf-ton ic Co. lui Ct
OR SALE Two tickets to f. lcuis cnecp. on-rm.
Tremont houso. un-m
nnR SAIJ2 At a bargain. New two story eight
r room house, completely furnished. Terni3 easy;
mmodiate liosscsslou; street ears pass tho door. En
tire on tho premises K E cor. Oak and Cherry sts.
I70R SALE Furniture and fixtures for agooil lio-
tel at verv low figures; also a lease until the 1st of
Mavnext;one or me oesi iowa.ii.- " '"-"'
ply at 11." S Fourth ave.
10J Ct
I70RSVLE A. L. Austin offers. 2i) acres or cliolce
lamUon College Hill for the next few days at a
bargain and ho can bo found at his residence on uie
said land.
170R SALE-OwJns to sickness the parties will sell
1 a first-class restaurant and boarding house doing
a good business; 23 to Mi legular boarders i;ayliig $.
per week day board. Rare chance, inquire at -;Jl
17'OU SALE For lots in Junction addition to Wich
i Ita seel'. S. Smith, at cilice of Harris. Harris Ac
Vermillion, over Wells Fargo Express otllee. 102-12t
17VJR SALE Three line blark driving horses. En-
quhe at West Side Drug store. No. 027 Douglas
ave. E. L. Ortt. l--5t
170R SALE-Call at once while the prices are ow ;
no better bargains can ho had than hi the V leh
ita gardens. Ashbel Welch. Eagle block. ltA)-12t
7K)K SALE-Saddle iionies; some broke to drive.
.? S. T. Major, eor. Toiteka ave and 1 eiith st. Ja-tr
1rOR SALE Choice business j.roporty on h Doag;
las ave. Call on Parker S. Smith, at olllco 01
Harris, Harris & Vermillion. Ji-us
ITIOR S1LE Will sell with lease and furnitunOlO
' rooms at Union block over Palace barber shop.
Applv to Mrs. Gandolfo. at Union blocc. '.' tr
17OR SALE The Wichita Gardens. The biggest
1 thing now offered in the market. Enquire of
principle real estate dealers or of Ashbel eleliEagle
ITtOR SALE-The garuen spot 01 ue , .M'i'
H !,. L-nrm-n .is the Wichita gardens, ror Infor
mation a
pplv to the principal real estate dealers or
I Welch. Eagle block. lW-Ut
to Ashbe
TOR SALE 20 head of .". and 4 year old steers: good
X grade. Inquire of O.Edward Rcembach, 4 miles
southwest of Garden Plain. d'Jo-121 w.-5 a
I71OR SALE 1 have some special bargains in farms
i from two to three miles from Cheney; PO acres
three miles from Cheney. 1) acres in cultivation; .J)
acres in corn; one acie in potatoes; house, orchard,
stable and well, nice grove, small fruits, etc., all Tor
S2.:i0. Also l.hWacres, two miles from Cheuej; 4uu
acres under fence; throe hous.is: orchard, grove, liv
ing water all bottom, $19.U. These are two sped
mens of thousands of acres lor sale by ino.. Inquire
of John Coffey, Cheney, Sedgwick county, Kansas.
IT'OR SALE The finest land to lie found. In -hi.
1 and 10 acre lots on Washington a,v,;7,.crc i? "V
money lul t If you buy now. Asabel elcfe, Kagu
block. "'
IT'OR SALE Old pajicrs at this ofllce at i
23 cents
TT'OR SALE Anno bretnliug Jack, for the sum of
JL? S'.W. inquire or write to 1'lnk Fonts.
I-01t SALE-TRADE-OR RENT-The Mulvane
1 Flour JIlll. For terms. cnll oner eddre J. L.
Humphrev & Sen, AVIchlta, Kaus.
iORSALE 2':or 10 acre lots In the Wichita Gar
dens on Washington ave. north of the elty, fo
principal re.il estate dealers or Ashlte. H elsii,
;le block. ""-
IOR SALE-S10.1W will buy lixl40 ft with house
1 on 4th avenue, just south of William street, iUfta
ble for wholesale or agricultural implement ware
house; a side track can ho put In ery cheap. -1-and
L. R. Cole. 3211 Douglas ave. dns-jr
i !., fnml rrn Vnhlnirtnn nvotiue and WCi-OB
Moslev avenue, are covered with tine fruit and shade
treos,and will lie sold on easy terms. Call on Bunnell
Morehouse. f"
I7OU SALE Grand Central Hotel. Geuda Springs,
1 Sumner count v, Kausa., the great health resort or
sunny, southern Kansas; doing a good paying busi
ness: evervthlng nice and new; newly furnished this
Miring; a good chance for some one: reason for sell
ing, age. Cull ou or address 11. C; Love, Glcuda
Spring. Kansas. d61-tf
IT'OR SALE 6 lots on N. Waco avenue, between
1 Fourteenth nnd Fifteenth streets; wiU be sold at
a bargain. Inquire at 151 N Main st. 50-tf
IT'OR SAI.E Mv stock of groceries and queensware
" at Anthony, Kan.: will sell for cash only: stock
will invoice for $15U. I will rent to the parties buy
ing, the building, which is 1J0 feet with good cellar.
I. B. Forties. Anthony. Kan. -tf
IT'OR SALE I tune tonic very choice bargains In
1 cltv propertv and rarms. Call and get the price
before' thev are gone. Ashbel Welch. Eagl? blk. KXHi
17OR SALE OR EXCHANGE A 10-horse power
threshing machine, all complete; will given bar
gain. Address Win. Morti. I.on. Kan. lUXt
7WR SALE M town lots In Garden City; spechU
1 i., incuui lnn.i -,u, .!!.,,-. i,-.h- if,,ii
on or address E. J. I'jie, real estate agent. Garden
City. Kan. . m
17)R SALE-190 high grade sheen, or will trade for
Wichita city property or for cattle. Enquire 119
E Douglas ave. A. T. Buckeridge. diS-tf
71 T
-7K)R SALE-li acres of land on the wet lonk of the
J bigArkansas rlver.6 miles northwest of Wleh!taS6
acres plowt and a small orchard; no buildings: bal
ance fenced with wire, watered by the riven all good
bottom landrprice S per acre ltsold soon: part rash,
balance to suit at S per cent. Inquire by leuer. J. B.
Brlniey. Wichita, Kan. d35-wtf
T-OR SALE Lots In Dodc" addition west of the
I? Fair grouml. half miles north of the Unlris'slty
irronud. Tncse lou are the highest and" best "In . the
clt Time will Ins Rivtn to those wishing to build. If
dslred. For further particulars inquire at the kto
cenrstorc o I Dodge & Hughes, W Douslas avenue.
IT'OR SALE. Good residence and business property
In town of Clearwater; also a sood farm near
rountr neat of Comanche county; will trade for Wica
IU. ty property- 11 ia N'-arfcet ttreeU ltf
FOR SALB-15 high irrade Hereford boU oe aad
two yean old. Inquire at RockCreek ranche. .
mllwet of Andalcor at Red Front Shoe rtore.
Allen - Lewto, Wichita. Kan. avStf
fob sale. inntWTAYFIT frnTipfD IDTI
F ritt 5at E Fine farm near Mt. Hope, Improved, 80
aloodplow ld,40 acres good hay land. J
acresolMBture. WUl give long time on part and
wilftakelntrade horses or cattle. Inquire at probate
judge's office. . aniu
I-ORTR-VDE Two farm. 44d acres with good well
and improvements, ICO acres with running Water
5i'cre In cultivation, to exchange for merchandise,
hard ware preferred. Address locK box 16 Crisfleld,
Harper county, Kan. 105-lmt
ITOR TRADE At a bargain-Well improved farm
1 for a residence property. Eckardt Scott, at
Santa Fe bakery. lOt-tr
FOR TRADE A 10 room new brick house with C
lots io south part of Wichita: for farm property
and cash difference. J. R. Kenworthy, Wj3 Douglas
ave. . iftW
FOR TRADE Farms, town property, stores and
stocks of goods to trade for teams, cattle, goods:
.lty property, etc. Ashbel Welch, Eagle block. 100-12
FOR TRADE FOR STOCK A first class bottom
farm in Butler county. Kan., consisting of SCO
acres situated on Hickory creek. Address Wni.
Morti, Leon. Kan. lOO-Ct
1710R TRADE Livery stable and tbo entire outflt;
1 good business, good location; everything be
longing to a first-class livery stable: situated In the
city or Cleveland, Ohio; will trade for land In west
ern Kansas. For particulars address lockbox 133.
Wichita. Kan. m-tf
"IT'OR EXCIT ANGE Wc have a half section of Scdg
I? wick county land, partly improved, which we
will exchange for Wichita property upon very liberal
terms. Bunnell & Morehouse. tr ,
STORAGE For household goods anu merenanoise
at23C3!ainst. Cheap rates, by Cox -Stanley.
STORAGE For household goods or merchandise,
boxed or loose: ir you have any goods to store
bring them to the Wichita Storage Co.. No. ilC V- est
Douglas ave.
1TAOR EXCHANGE 3 story, 20 room brick hotel. 2
Store rooms on tirst door, renting for 30 ier
ye'ar. Will exchange for Imprpvi-il or unimproved
land or clt v property, Box 411 A ichlta. VS K
Quick Sale BarRans.
5 lots on North Topeka. between 13th and ICth; ier
lot. .'5390. , ., , , ,r-
4 lots, cor. Washington ave and iSth; per lot .?1j..
4 lots on North Main: per lot, 0.
2 comer lots in Allen & Smith's addition; per lot,
$ 2'east fronts on Allen ave, Allen's add: per lot 7r..
You wilt never get lert on any f f the above, 1 hey
are by all odds the cheapest bargains offered,
are Oi a-i ouu uncTKKEU & I10GK- 3Sl Kaln s"
3?fti'iraiHS iu Real Estate.
A fine agricultural and stock farm, three and on.
alf miles from city, about 123 acres broKe, one quar-
tor section fenced for pature
plenty of water and a
small house. .... , , ,
Also 200 lots In city finely located and in gool
neighborhood. Special terms to those wishing lo
make homes. , , ,
AUo suburban property. For further particulars
see Chri . T. Pearce, agent ro w :u. creiiicusieiii
city ofllce.
Notice to Contractors.
Proposals will be received up to tha 10th
hist, for the erection oncl completion of a
two-story frame residence building for L. P.
Douglas, on lot 72, Waco avenue. Plans and
specilicatioiw can be seen at the office of Rush
&: Gile, architects, at V2T, East Douglas avc-
n,m tl92-tf
The Frisco line will sell round trip excur
sion tickets from "Wichita to Danville, Iu
dianapolis and Plainlield, " Indiana, Scptcm
Gth, 7th, 10th and 11th, good to return until
September IJOth, at the low rate or $21, and
to Richmond, Indiana, round-trip tickets
for S2:J, tickets on sale September 10th, 11th,
17th and ISth, limited to September oN'), 1SS0.
This is a rare opportunity for our people to
visit their friends east at little expense. Pull
man palace sleeping" cars an trains leaving
here at 9:23 a, m., and free chair cars on
trains leaving here at D:20 p. in. daily. Tick
et office at 119 N. Main st and at Union do
pot. fiy4-tf
Hydraulic Pressed IJrick.
The finest brick in the country for fronts of
buildings and residences. Also best qualities
common brick. Call at tho Wichita Coal
and Fuel Co., 018 East Douglas avenue. Tele
phono 99. d-70-tf
100 Keward.
Stolen from Wichita, Sunday morning,
September 5th, 1SS0, one light sorrel horse,
sixteen hands high, several barbed wire cuts
on breast, bald faced, a little thick winded,
eight years old, shod all round. One light
bay horse, eight years old, about sixteen
hands high, star in forehead, one white hind
foot, fistula Inark, weighs about 1,100 pounds,
trots in harness "and paces under saddle, shod
.-ill rmnirl. .5 dollars each for return of
horses, or "5100 for horses and thief.
City ar.-hal, Wichita, Kansas.
reeding Steers for Sale.
Two hundred head of :5-ycar-old grade
short-horn steers, good stylo and colors;
will weigh eleven hundred or more. Address
Geo. E. Rhodes, Anthony, Kan. dSv22tf
oan Register.
Philadelphia, July
Wichita Eagle. Wichita, Kansas.
Gentlemen: We have seen one 01 your
Mortgage Loan Registers at the ollice of the
Philadelphia Mortgage and Trust Co., tins
city, and shall be obliged if you will scud this
company one similar in all respects at your
earliest convenience, and remain
Respectfully yours,
dtiVtf Secretary.
All goods warranted as represented or
money refunded, at Kali's jewelry store, 12(
North Main street. dl02-12t
Acre Lots.
Acre lots for sale in Stewart's subdivision
one and a half miles west of Arkansas river
bridge-, near Garfield University, the cheapest
and most desirable residence propeity l
Sedgwick comity, terms easy. Enquire of
A. T. Owen, at lTatton& Ruggles, ofiice over
Wichita Natianal bank, or Rayley, Bros. &
Co., 1 1 North Market street. di'i0-tf
For Trade ! !
TTi.rp. ..'ivk of eeaeral merchandise, one
1-1 I.An.n nsu.-r rif'!lt nml tlirolllll lliaOillC
two valuable patent rights' shares In several good
growing town in western Kansas, several good
pre-emptions an.l timlH-r culture claims In the har
den Citj land ditriet. farms and town proj-crty iu
all the eastern and wiuthcrn states, airo western
Kar--:is land and a great many vacant lots in west
ern Kansas towns all to trade for lots In Wichita
or Imnmvcd farms in Sedpnvick. ltutler.CowIey, Sum
ner and Iteno counties. Thieegool lmprovt-. farms
to rent for 3. We maUe a specialty of trading. It
vou have anvthlng to trade or sell lring the descrip
tion to our office; we can get you a trade. Town lots
for sale on credit. Oltlce 31!) rt Douglas avenue, up
stairs, front room. .,..,
WM. HALL. 2. P.
J.E. BENNETT, j!. D.
Drs. Hall & Bennett
Continues to successfully treat all dieascsof women.
He does not do general practice, as he gives his entire
time to hi specialties. In the two years lie hai loen
In Wichita he has cured hundreds or ladles In tnLS
city and adjoining towns, any of whom will speak in
the highest terms of his successful cure and gentle
inanlv treatment while under his care. If any penon
afflicted with any of the following diseases will con
sult him first, time will be gained, money saved and
disappointment averted:
MISPLACEMENT, or Prolapsus of the Woiab.
causing too frequent, painful and Irregular mertru
ations, LEUCORRHCEA. etc
He also sccccssfullv treats all Rldncy and bladder
trouble of male and female, such as,
PrtrvJn n.V.iis In the Bladder and Urethra.
,.,f.fMnMt4iJ rn rint and all
causing two frequent ana p-ui unnau . aau
i forms of TRIVATE,
,' CHRONIC, and
; uch as Spermatorrhea. Imrotency. and all tho nn
J pleasant results of such troubl
i SVrHIUS positively cured and entirely eradicated
I fro, tac Sys;en
-,..,. rc ,. i r , . tVr ir-t riir. o-
. GONORUHCEA cured in from three to eight days o.
no pay-
GLEET and ST1UCTURE cured la patient of years
j standing.
l.rivs and other diseases of the pMiito-arinary or
gans quickly cured. He guarantei3ll curable cosvs.
If he cannot cure you he wUl plainly tell you so. .
PR. BENNETT devotes especial attention to tho
treatnienr of Epilepsy or Falling Fits, which to treats
bv the latest and most approved niethot and In
which he guarantees a cure In all cr e. He
lin cItm ntwvUI caro to the cmre of those rrrso i
Iwho arw adfaed with the ODlum or morphin habit.
Cases of connndmeat attended promptly, carcfoily
and successreuy.
Patients In ireneral practice receive jproiap an.
careful attentlo.
BwVf tkat fce st M at lMXM-tn
Mraet. var KMdau'i Bak. or ed-rwi ! t kz
----- n iiiii 1 111 1 n rv la r r
HUlilllUliiL lliLLiUlltilll
Lokdox, Sept. 17. The marquis of
Londondery will leave London tonight for
Ireland. He will take the Irish mail train
at Euston Square station and reach Dublin
early tomorrow morning.
The cabinet met today and discussed the
Parnell land bill.
A rumor is current that a plot has has
been discovered to assassinate Prince Alex
ander and that two men have been found
who were paid to commit the crime.
London, Sept. 10. Mrs.. Chas.. worth
whose enlistment in the Salvation Army
against the wishes of her parents, and de
tention in the ranks dispite the protests of
her father which led to such an outcry
against both some time ago, was married
today at Clapton, to Gen. Booth. The
marriage ceremony "was attended by thou
sands of persons. The Salvation Army
will have a great torch-light procession in
London tonight in honor of General Booth
who departs tomorrow to the United States.
Mr. Gladstone notified his friends that he
will arrive in London Sunday morning and
be present in the house of commons Mon
day. Roumania.
Bucai:st, Sep17. M. Bratina, Rou
manian prime minister, was shot at last even
ing by an assassin. He perceived the man's
intention in time to spring-out of the path
of his aim. The bullet struck M. Reobes
co, a member of the chamber of deputies,
wounding him. The assassin was arrested
and locked up. He confessed that for po
litical reasons lie intended to kill Bratina.
The attempt to assassinate Bratina pro
duced great excitement among the people.
Crowds surrounding the building occupied
by the only newspaper here, which litis
been opposing the prime minister, blamed
the editor for inflaming the hostile feeling
against him. They smashed all the furni
ture and fittings belonging to the concern,
savagely attacked and wounded two mem
bers of the staff, and were proceeding to
destroy the edifice when the police became
masters of the situation ' and dispersed the
This morning a large crowd assembled at
the police station where the man who at
tempted to assassinate Premier Bratina
was locked up, and prepared to sieze him
when the police attempted to take him to
court for arraignment and lynch him.
The authorities had, however, taken all
necessary precautions and were enabled to
disperse "the crowd and protect the prisoner.
Paws, Sept. 17. At the French army
maneuvers the Russian general congratu
lated the commander of the Twelfth army
corps upon the splenditl appearance of the
men, saying, "With such troops you have
nothing to fear from any one."
Due de Gaze, who serious illness was re
ported yesterday, is dead.
Madwd, Sept. 17. Three, .officers be
longing to the Spanish army at Barcelona
have been arrested and imprisoned for
leading a band of soldiers to join the Car
lists. 9
Dublin, September 16. United Ireland
suggests that iu view of the probable rejec
tion of Parell land bjjl all distressed ten
ants in Ireland resort to the work house.
While it is disgraceful, says United Ireland,
to enter the work house it would be in the
highest degree honorable to occupy the
work house as encampment against land
lordism. Russia.
St. Petersburg, Sept. 16.---The of
ficial gazette publishes a dispatch from the
Russian consul at Solia, stating that ou the
czar's fete day (a feast of Alexander, his
patron saint) delegates representing the ex
archate, all members of the Bulgarian gov
ernment, and a larirc number of deputies,
to Sobranka, went to the Russian consul
ate and presented congratulations to the
czar. .M. Stambuloff, president of the re
gency, sent a dispatch when he called, and
expressed in the name of the regency feel
inirs of devotion to the czar.
Berlin, Sept. 16. The Bundcsrath
agreed to prolong the miner state xf siege
of the city of Berlin.
Sofia, Sept. 16. The Sobranjo has
adopted an address to the czar praying for
his protection over the independence and
liberty of Bulgaria.
Seized for an Infraction.
Ottawa, Out., Sept. 17. Inquiry at
the custom's department shows that the
fishing schooner Peal Kelson, was seized at
Princetown for having landed twelve men
during the night.
More Li;rut.
Paola. Kan., Sept. 17. The Paola
company struck gas today at 300 feet depth
which is live times stronger than cither of
the two wells that now supply the city.
The pressure is over three hundred pounds
to the square inch.
Wholesale Cigars.
For the Franklin CiearCo.. of Philadelphia, has es
tablished r-.n oirce In the Hartwls building.
Room IS, DoucI ave, where he has ou
hand a frih stock of
At Prices that Uefr comjwtltion; and quality that
will recon.inend Itot-lf. Would he ple;ised to show
saraie. lti-Ct
Established 1872,
l3the Place to get Evcry.hin Ktpt in a
First-Class Bakery.
! vT5T Q?SiH:T.
Ccmer cf Emi--rii Avirj rn Wllllara Street
south cf IJU?i i Atcsj.
Wboles&Ie and UeXsll Dealer 1-
tamtor? of Music
ew York Money Markets.
New Yoek. September 16.
31oney-On call easier, ranging from 4 to 7 per cent
Prime Ilerchasule Paper 45 per cent.
Sterling Exchange Weak and unsettled; actual
rste-tSW forl(:s hills end 4t? for demand. E
Government Bonds Dull and steady.
State Bonds Bull and heavy.
2-per-cects '"""i-sJ
4-per-cccts ,,,
4.U-per-cen iii
6-per-cents of "X
State Bonds Very dull and steady.
Missouri Os -10C
Stocks a-ain engaged the largest amount ef atten
tion. The list was active with general good feeling,
advances were established ia nearly everything.
The total sale of stocks todyr were VoM shares.
Chicago & Alton "i
Chicago. Burlington Quincy
Lacawana SS&
Lake Shore ,vL,
Jtisscuri Pacific Jjrj
Northwestern Jiiv
New York Central 'iJ
Reading '- Q
Rock Island Jjjg
Union 1'acUic ' f,Q
Wabash j?
Western Union "
AT &SF IstTs lZi
DoRR '
New York Grain.
New York. September 1G.
Ungraded red. S1K nc3 iwLEJcrotor.S
white western, X40.
Barley fcteauy. .-,,
Butter Firm; westers, HV9.12.
Cheese Finn, western. lo-Suit-Eg?s
yirui; western fresh, !v.
Chlrauo Grain and Produce.
Chicago. September 1C
The tendency in the markets today was toward a.
!,,-.., t,-,. 't nric-v Wh eattradlns was more ac
tive but largely "on local account and rii-'S were
lower; fcrcisn advices quoted dull and ca-v. iue
market opened HhM lowcr.-sold off -K and clwcdat
one o'clock under yestcnlay. Com ruled weak
-,rvi imvor under verv free speculations the market
declined li;.f and closed ?i31 nnder yoterday.
Flour steady and unchanjced.
wneai oaies ransm. . . ....
Septemlier. 7tM'51?- ciesed .Ufi: Nojcnibcr, i,M
tS,;iciM.ni..-,l.. - -i""-o ii.SL Vl,..,) Sr
cxrn, ..mj: oe;ni:iii.., ,-." --,.. ,
Oats-Casli. and August. U; September. ?4?X
Rve Stead v. No. 2,casn..
Itirl'-v Weak; No. i 5S.
Flas Seed StnuiK: N'o. 1. gl W.
Pork-Cali, C-U '-S O " - October $U 11 j
clo?edSlt S21- .
Inl-Firm; cash T 3Tc7 40?; Anstist, $; 5M2.
closwisr 32: September, SV -V7 :j. clotetl & i;
October. SO STtj.
Whiskey Steady. SI IX ., ,.,
Butter Firm; creamtry, Hij3.; ualry. ltcjA-.
Hotatoes-Firni. SI 6"A2 CO per barrel.
ti-,1.., vim..- t(ii- wheat. TT.'JAl: COTII. .l.'W;
oats, a7,av;rye.at; bar toUl . ... ,.
haininenisr-i'iour. i.wr, nraviiv,..-....,."-
oats, 'JS.IW. rye, HW barley. C.UO.
Kanfts Cltr Grain and Produce.
Kansas Crrv, September 16.
Flour-Steady; quotations in car lots: 11 . 73c; xxs.
S5l3c; family. SI Utel 13; choice. $1 .91 W; faiicj.
SI WS1 70; patent. S'i IM-J 10; Oe Hour. !jl 4jjI 7U.
wheat Receipt-: i),fC0; slilpnieuts ,&'; la store,
Sales' ranged: No. 2 red cash. KbIJ; October
C3Mav bid. No. 2 soft, cash (5)1 bid.
Corn-S.-,l.s ntued: No. 2 casti. ..IVsbld. aked
Oct :; May -5 bid. 42 asked. No. 2 white, cash
"oats-Very dull and easier: cash 21; October
" j;ye Better. ijf.
llav Firm; fancy small baled, $S U).
Jllil stnrr-Qulet.
Butter-Steady; creamery fancy, IS; good, 1j; dairy,
13; store packed. 10; common, G.
F.kks Steady;at 13c. - .
Corn Meal-cJreen, 83; dried, 90.
Corn Chop Bulk, 70; sacked, i5.
Shlpstuft I7&52C.
Bran Bulk, 47; sacked. 52.
Cl,we.Full cream. 10; flat, 7S; ouns America,
10; Kansas. 57. . , . . .
Poultry-Steady; old hens, $2 50; old mixed. $1 13;
spring chickens, large, $2 25, small. 1 251 50.
Dried Apples. l3c; ieaches.23J4c.
Wool-Jlrssouri, unwashed heavy fine. 1&S1S; light.
182!anedluni combing. 2224: coarse. 2H2: low and
carpet. l.V17: Kansas and Nebraska heavy fine, 15$1S;
llglit. 1!21; mcMllum, 2023;tub washed choice, K5;
flue, 3i(ij.:Ci; dingy and low, 2729.
Broom corn-Hurl, 10 self working, C.; common,
5; crooked, oat.
HidesDry rllnt. No. 1, 13; No. 2; 11: bulls and stags,
8; dry salt, No, 1, 10, No. 2. 8; green salt, o. 1. M. No.
2.7;greeiiuncured,No. 1.7. No. 2, b; calf, .&'.; sheep
pelts, dry, I012.
Tallow No. 1. 3; No. 2. 3.
10; dried beef, 11: dry, salt clear rib s des, $1. U;
long clear. $T, (fi; shoulders. $. CO; short clear, , $G 50:
smoked clear rib sides. 7 f. long clear. $fi VH sliort
.1.-.-.J-. ST 10: mess ixirfc. S10 UO; shoulders, St. 2o; beef
S3 50.
l-ira c noico tierce. o jj.
Flax soed-ySce$l J.
St. Imls Grain and IVoducc.
ST. Lock. Septemoer 16.
Flour-Quiet, unelianged; xxx $2 JSi.t2 :). famllv
extra fancy. $:: .0(. Ki: patent. 81 tOfejl A
:3,0: market weaker No. 2 red, cah, ,4?4
October 75?x.,75$f .-,,,. .,-i
Corn No. 2 mixed cash. X bid: Oct .?.,
Oats No. 2. cash, 2 Sept 2. October 23fv
Rve No. 2 cash, 5ft
Barley No market: .-,.
lAd-Dull; relined. $1 60; chemically hard:$l7H.
Butter yuleb creamer-, 2525; dairy, l!i20.
Ews Firm. UK-'!'-''".
Whiskey Steanv. $1 IP.
Pork Steady; 10 S7.
lrd Firm; 8 W. . , , ,.-
Receipts l'lotmr. Ot; wheat. 79,f0:corn, 33.00:
oat. 77,0; Rye.'AO); barley. 2.0U).
Shlpments-FIoiir.'JO.iH': wlnt.151.a0; corn, 5,S0i
oats, 3,000; rj-e, none; barley, none.
Kansas City Live Stocfc.
IC.s5 Citv. September IC.
Cittle P.ccelpt!, SSI shipments, lft 0. fat htutT
strong and a shade liIghercj.Ta raiiReof cxd nuall
"tystoudv;cotuinoa dull; choice. SI (t ifl; com
mon to medium. 1 f.S3 '); Mfkcrs. 2
(h T: feeders. 93 9Kfi H cows, SI M-"A OJ:
irrass Texa- steers, ici 3V.l 2."..
floes Hcc?Ipts, SSTth shipments '.OU efco.cv;
flmifothers steady; j?kk1 to choice, $. .WtSX
comnion to me-Jluin, l 206 1 k; tkiis and piss,
"Sheep Receipts, if ; fhlpmonts. aii; Mendy:
Koo.lto choice, .-' &-3 W". comntoa to tnediuni, $1 JO
2 -" . .
J. IiOuU Live Stock.
Sr. Is. September If.
Ctttle- Receipt. T;c ?hlpmcntf,l: market
firm; okkI to eW fhiPl", $". &rt
moutofair. j;57rr; butchers Steers 4 5W W
"in" anil heifers. 2 2.,3 Of, through Tc:ai. 1 i
C!i 73; Indians, $" "iVa.1 V:
Kosx-tU-celpts. Sill: shlpru'-nt, &: market ncthe
ar.dMioi.fr: lintel:, is ;, HVfV4 '
'nixed iMcklnz. SI S5; Hell'. $ 10?t TU,
"sherp- l"-?eipt.. 2:1-)-. ;hlpme.t. TW; market
steady and UiiclianKed; ?i ''2V.
Chicago lre Stock.
Ckicaoo. Septetntr 1.
Cattle Market cadv; shipping s'1'." :ipa:i ,T0;
toCo andreederv 2 rkS nc.cowj.. bulls ajjiidid
?1 UXf 0. bulk 2 2-.2 ?r. throURh texas . Mv it,
cows 2 nvA (tr, w Ictered Traar. .V U)--. Ji.
nv-Rcceir.t i0.'."; hipmenU-. "-. market
troiisti l.utchers Ui IxSt teavy SIJ''I.'.
WkinKnnd xhlptring. 4 73h'' ": IWit. ft-.at-sa.
Sheet. - Iodpts 2l-). chlpmcnt. t-rt market
itead: native?. $i (i-.J((V. w.-!i, 3 3VJJW, Tc
aus. C2 XA 13 lamb?, $ 5V-r fO.
Kcw York Live Stock.
NF.w yoitS. S-ptemler JC.
ppvef -r.."lpts Inctollug 20 caro fr export tjt9:
r. ... .v.. .. .t- Vo.l.t ,ll! n.l lftrnrr r.atlVM
Kterrs ?S '.."i5 i'K Texat wvl Colorado K 4 y
rJ i tpr iti,- vxzjrm .-..... i .... ...... .-"--. .--
Kh-e l'ipt. tmv, niors'i. "" -r .
, ;r4 1 63 per IHJ lbs lor sheep and SI ..C V tor
' Ho Receipt. 12.71J1: rcaikct lo-.rand Mrty at
A Classical and Scientific School for
Both Sexes.
-vriLL ore" roR the school trak- -
. n--4-.l.-T, Cl, it:
'Ml mmw wu, i
y:r. rAi'-nccLAJt- on catalog ue adspjss-.
Prof. J. M. Naylor.
Rev. J. D. Hewitt,
Wf. t-
Roofing Paint.
Walks, Drives, Cellars and Cis
terns, ALSO AS AX
Application to Iron, Wood and Stone
For Further Particulars Apply to
OFFICE: Corner Market and William Streets.
Oraddro-sLcck Lci, Wichita. Kansas.
flt Lov;est Rates and Ready for
'Come let u- li iv.ith the child: en." TrccU'I.
1 ji r .
Will Open
Monday, Sep. & 1886.
On Second Street, hetween Lawrence and Topeka
avenues, conducted by Miss Ilakey, a Rraluate of the
Chicago Kindergarten Normal, r or urnisspply t..
MUs HalM-y at school room or Mrs. Miller at . C. T.
U. rooms. UJ(J
Just north of the Occidental.
Manufacturers of Oalvanired Iron Cornices, Tin,
Iron and Slate Itwitlnv; t.y expcrfcnciil workmen, ic
paliliif,', RUiterimcand .;oi!iiiis done with neatnrtR
and ilbipteh.
;5Khtli.iit.-i and tIctl?r.B lurnlfl d n tl.or: n lice
Will do all kind? of carpenter and Joiner worh on
short notlc Stairs. Stair ILiIIIiik. Hai Doont.
IJIind.-, Door and Window Iraniei and Screens.
pyohop. IX Jlaln -et, IJeoldenc; on iAwrcncc
avenuii near ("clitral. l'lrtiotTUvs lox 347.
The People's Line.
The Greii Free Palace rieflininir Oliisir Car INi-fe.
St. Luis, Ft. Scott i Wichita,
In conc.'t'nwith Mo.Pac. Ry.
15 now runnlns mcniine n.i creRlns; traits italljr.
Including Siindaj. to
Vithout Chance.
Pd 'can r's'fl'e SSeepinsr Cars o Evtmns Trf
The Shortest Route to St. Louis.
The Only Short, Direct Route to
I!y which the jrfuwnsrr 3ToM extra UTI.
CrVK tranfr and rexattoi delnrn.
All Texas Points Local to this System
Ocj5rrkITraffV- Krr. St IsnU, Xo.
n. c. rovrsaxsD.
G- PaM- a-d Tlckf Air-Jt. Si. Utui. Ko.
C. V. VSrtOK.
OlriMco IAvstr and 7fii Apat, WlchiU- Kan.
Drs. M. and H. BRAN00M.
Twin Brotliers.
and Ear Infirmary
5 5fc Qurrriml Inctltllfn.
"v.-C-y ww.e.--.
'"S ForrJrof Dwtcr IB-
: sa Ett risU -. -na-u. k
r.H.iirrl.K3.ie -f tb Tto Jro2rt ?
H-daInttn tVrt-attero rS?j Vf
VtM - --X cotr UC cmM J1"?.
c, I frrl tt my dctjr to r to J-?ff fZ
cTw.Uot hrif. CU tOteiTUa.
I will rrirr jt- to . few "1IfrSia?L'
nrria rank. Wlc-tta. -; ArUnar i. Aldo.
Plymell & Leighton's -Stage Line.
' FrgSgriig.
Passengers for Mead Center. Rslnbclt, West Plt.
Xertllla, Fargo Sprlnssnd all points In SouU-
weateni Ksntas, will save time and
money by golnff via
Kf-dquarter at Cimarron and Garden City. Botii
day and night trains now stop at each of tbte polata
Eyes, Noso, Throat, Catarrh, Ears,
Surgery and Deformities.
. T CT3TSE, IC. X.,
Proprietor and Surgeon in Charge,
Kort -Iain Sti.-er
PAUL - JONES, - Druggist
xL... ...jg. Prescriptions
! vfe?er f
m Specialty.
222 Douglas Avenue, Wichita, Kan
For Bargains in
Keal Estate
Call on
I have an accurate frt of I neks ted rm rl'd to
V-.-: make full nnd. .
JComplete Abstracts; of Title i
T.ar.y proj-crty In Sedgwick County.
" Onk'oOvcrlKJlulii Strevt
Wichita, - Kan.
S V O- ' v RANE.
General : Insurance : Agents
(0rr Ilanie' Onisr Storo.)
Largest Agency in the Valloy.
Druggist and Grocers
First Block west of Tremont House
The Eye, E-ir and Throat.
Dr. BREEN-Oculist and Aurist
t - .tt r.'lht .
that an l" hJ-l m
1 jTe 'itU . l -
inr t'. v." .
-..ll fun.l J.- ' .
l'ul.' t-m
-mnMv. yVvi at Hbrt smw
Dr. E. M. Conklln,
OWICK-Ctf' Malnsj.4JvWHdtrt
Wichita. - - Kansas.
lr zrtnl Untiir tWBrf-tHa, MS JuVtlr
tntln sot-trl awl JMm'h f -rtnu nf
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ant iro;ts nr thk womi,
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Pioneer -:- Lumber -- Man
or HZfJ.Tic5t c&t&'Tr.
EstuDUsbed In 1870..
A Complete StocV of Pine Lwr.t '
Shingle, Lath, Doors, Sash, etc
always on hand.
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