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Wichita eagle. (Wichita, Kan.) 1886-1890, October 02, 1886, Image 5

Image and text provided by Kansas State Historical Society; Topeka, KS

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&fcs WLxcXxxtti ixxxy&x&t: Sutnvflm pCorniug? October 2, vfcSis.
jrfflE-SS"' ViiU: .
4? c,-i.
fv ''t
Aheri;-.fiipius u; ih?oliinm will be ulisr!il for
nt t!o ii'. r :'i'.c t cnu jvrliiic jier week. No r-cl-v?r:ii.,r.ie!tit;iUcn
for le.-s than. " cents, and will
tn.t V" in-.'f.i'il mail iiaiil for.
"X7ANTXD A lsdv to rent an tm'tirnUhcl room
or take It lu company with a young girl, J s.
fourth avenue.
"DtrANTED One bllllanl aiul out; pool table. A1
Yt til ess X tlil3 ofllec, for lx days. 11T-C1
ANTED A boy H years eld wants a job of
work bad. Knul at 429 S Foui th ave. U i-Cl"
"TTrANTEi) Ai. experience! fi
call at r N Kourtti r.ve.
irl to do bcasev.-drl:.
" VT ANTED-: teams at $1 to $3.5!) per day to -Sl
V to KU Smith. Arte; ili ollk-o itts and tree
transiwriatlOii to thcvvorlc.
50i Douglas ave.
ITTANTED-n a.riKntcrS to Kp 10 orK inaiei..i"
ly. J. it.Kenwortay, wwwous"--,--
Central ave. I r. OMIkmij.
TTT"ATED- Three Ktllclters.
' iar bloi-lc btweni the h
nult com - well r. -coMBioaJwl.
CaitJtt room S Hel-
ioiin.of 9 and 11 a. 1:1 ;
-ei'Ai::i-A position by a;i experienced -.!(-
lrdv;Ustor referenc.- siven. Address L.L.
.vtcti my! Imrlii-r. twhitel: waM Si 2 1T
W irai-iicilv in". Address John Dourer, 3IeiI-
ciue Lodge, Kfin.
vtr XTED Feathers to renovate. I have engaged
Y aViCutn feather renovator for one month only,
nud will clean foati-cr beds and pillows, hair mat
tiebses etc., and will chow better work than has
ever been done In tuts city. Leave orders at once,
while tlu Hiiil!ie Is in town, at 1'. Iar.ies' Ceond
hand furniture btore, 2U N Main St. lliVOtt
rA.vrEl) -A slrl to do iieucral hour owork. In a
V niial! family. Enquire at tills ofilce. U'. Or
-v- t- VNTED -Lvervi'Otiy to unow uiui j. ji. wiu ""
V hns lust received a flue line of fjr and tdunii
lap rolios, liorse blanucu ami tiu
cl'jlhiuj USWest Douglas Ave.
ol horse
TfTAKTKD-A iiosSIion of any kind of outside
V work oonslrtlng orwllettlBKor dedvery wajron.
Iii :.t of reference. J. D. U., box. 423 care cf i-feiier Co.
-T-vrAVrtD-Three r four .food carresitcr. It.
TfrAVTKD -A situation by a first clsws blach.
V wn.tnanil horse-shwr; will take a shop on
h.:. in a kk1 location; U trietlv teuipeiau. ..u
ii"v -. It. T. 1 O box 22, Mound Valley, lan. li j-01
-tTVNTF.n-An oxj-jrluced laundry hand. Ad
V lrVs with reference, :5am U oodsoa. Inland
Hole;, Caliwell, ICan. 'L,'b"
Tir ANTED-A few day lwarders in rrivatc family.
Y a'loiekaave. - 11-'"1
r ANTED -Ofilce work by a lauy; con.i;i-"';
V boo:;keeiK-r. Aiiurcss ooi-m. "
-STrArED-T!irocsool tailors; one Tor cout, oi.e
V for pants, and one for vests. Iiumedmtl.-. Jiav
Scl'ii.e'rhT. liei chant Tailor, opi.ositc U. b.Land or
Jlc', (laulen City. Kan. '''"''
sr ,x"--D A hllu:itIo:i as nlt;lit watchman: refer-
V ciiccKlvfu and security if lcqulred. Apply at
301 Douglas avd. n-:
-IT M'fcjj-lIouse& rorient. We aie paying spec-
V iai attenti'iii to renting housed i.nd guarantre
the prompt la mentof rents as they tali due . .ilo-e-
lv& Jacques, room 5. ail E Dougb.s ave. Wichita
Kau. ll
"1 SLANTED A timber claim, a homestead and a
V preempt! n, located In any good western eoun-
ether. Cml at 3loc!ey & Jacquos. room .o. L, .ill j.
Dousi:u ave, Wichita, Kat;
IT ANTED- Situation by a good baker: country
V town i.ref erred. Address Laker, box lt2 Wich
ita, Kan, - " "
T-r.TTl.'n I. if j fn 7feie4
idultlou. we havo
V iliivt-r: ral'l at onrc. John B. Ulover it Co. Mir
ley bl;i; roOiii 8. up stairs.
-4AT ANTED- Four live, energetic men totilk if) he
V business n.o. of V:eh:ta. App;;.' at 2JH N 1 Main
st. bet. b and 10 oVIoek a, m, J. il. i oithiuitoi .
IT ANT-;y-:Ss3leMiienatS30i;r montl',5 agents
atS7j)er mouili. fl ghls tor pnvaie Jr.nuiies
hotel nclj). tan., hands. cte- Don't lay around am
sav voliciiu't t-et work when .v oil can gat ail vou
waul by cailins on or iKldresslng wit!i-lamp, A II.
Hrn-tileld. WiL-hita. Kau. 01Ii-tf 114.N Main. IKl-U
"? TAN'TED -An experienced salefiuau. 4 co-iis, 7
V V girls for dining room. 2 dlshwali;r; and& .arin
J-.au.lsTi nimedlately. 1 1 : Main St. V, ill 11. ItoltU'ld
TT 'ANTED-A female cook ami ilinlmr room girl at
r theejefciiderriiatttuio,iiiJ.ud2JtA J11'.
V i.:r ,:Tj vii-it.'-r a few hundred irrfectly
he.ilthy sheep with them on fair, leru.s owners 10
pav rue along or at shear inn. as suits them. Address
Ve- iao, tagle oflioe. Wichita, Ka.i. IU M
TVAM'lj) -A eoupleoC rooma uaar 10 ouei!-.
V bulloblo for .light housekeeping. Address IE
I). this oilier.
"O T ANTED Hmi'cclfanlng. upholstering and old
Vf m:.lut-(se3 to renovate over; carpels sewed and
liin old canseta taken up uud cleaned and rrpalieJ
lli-s-t class seiinistresfl, no otl;er nce-.l
Mns. Nje, Uresmakei'. 17 U Kaiutt. up
r ANTED -A oo,l girl for family of three; U1 N
Kmpoilu ave. u. L. l'ratt 112 if
-A man to canvass and inannfrc can
tu control all sules of the lucanurstviii
t.'-hi MitiPlioa.) cauiltos lu WkhifH. lor partleu
T T v.s
1...' f.ii. rtt su:dn-hs iCLUiiuuK.eni i-amp i
Plttsbnrrfli, l'n.
-I aNTFD Any one. wanting lretldlng made r to-
paii ed or family trwmg done iU leaiour.ble
rate., call at Mrs. E. a. htcrduts' 7U2 U -- nf
HFaVIM) "-YiiHUnniw r all cia-res I can sive
V vou the '.est Kites inihe most lettable compan
k. Ashbel WHch. HaifSe btocSr. 1 1 -.'.-I
l' WTI.D-To plr.ee loans on long tune on farm
V or bOMnc blocks or on short time or eluaiel or
real estate seem lly: rates low and prompt i.cull.m.
As!:h-1 Welch, l.aIe blH-k. M.!'1
vrNTr-Tlii' Witluta Oanleii" ai looming.
V mid we dolft want .vou to get left. Inquire f
the principal real estate tieakisor 01 Ashlicl ch.
liiRle blo'. It-J
r A-N'IrED- c want v ou to know that your ovvti
y merest rciiuires vou toinv.-s-t in be Vl.chi a
Garden b.-rore the price goes up. A.hbel Uelcb,
RiJoJdock. il-1
r NTFD- Investor and f poculntors to know all
V J.lx'ut the Wu.ou Caidcn. Enquire of Al'bcl
Welch F-iIe bt.vk. 11-1
-IV ANTED- Aboyrrom 15 to II years cM to do
V iinusework, color no iih.t!oii. Ajipi. at -j"
SEiiiKirlavo. 1Uj"
w VNTFD- A girl to cook In a private fam;iy, call
'nt K K cor. Uiwieaio :u..l Elm Ms. . A.
Thonia.". -
ViTAMTI'-An xiH'iIenced snd competent ab
tractor ot litles: vimaiit smtHttontosaci:-
perlon "nra.:tecd. AOdrcis P. H. Albright A Co
lnlleid. Kan. ,l "
iTANTEn-AH ambiiieus ladlesand gcntlctneu to
; t'tend ti-.e' right f hool w hleh oIkts at the
Soetbmsuin Fie-iiress college Oct.4lh. 1&S. dl'Jl-lm
T A v, s i
Ml 1 crou; linvtnir city proporiv ior 1
;v propertr for
W' .,.. 1 v.. tiie s.n.ie witn US
'' M,r,.,, vViiiht l'inim
A George. 1 ." Slam m. .
.. . 1.. S..lr.,.-lrtl- .-nitif.- tiF
vttaNTI D- l.vcry ! " .-s-.'.--- ""---- 1
:.,i.. .mi oar books, i-arnum siimn .v t
:"vnti- C gooii honest, cducstf.
Alvl' .-. ... ..... ... ..r .. .,.ljI rr
V womar. Letwcen the ages r?,.?.??.JS,J.0
t4cta"gooVaw:U family. lCtere:-v
Atd"vnt Fr Wcudcl's nffiw. ovr Cltly:
llrlereinv n-ouiret,
; if
-vTl'DT.wussd niouto work on 1, il. &
Tl P U at "afford. Kan. Good w.iscs ami
stilly work!' Ai.ply Rt.Staont.OU thowork.m.
O'Leary. t'.Mitrsctnr. '
-. r AN I FP"-Woman to do ;"M! J'IJ"?
y d.v oj,ch wctk. Mrs. u- mactnum.,
34! N
EmiKiri.i a'
TlANTtD- To buv-stock c.-.rtlo of al kinds. J. A.
Bcl-mr. al Horso i.nd Mule MrsCTv, il
VTANTEl-Tol.wu$.-AHi)onbr.Bm.n bkicfcs and
V nssuieiMv pn'ifty, vvnntn tne "f-i '-' 'A
days. Kansas Loan aud investment comply U.i.f
s' r avi I'D- To l:in at lowest rate StUUny of. c :y
V " and firm. i roperty. ney ready auv osv
S. ii,LL - -J
it "JlNTKW lUKjUktfiK'i-s ami !iu.ir.-s re-' " i
V know that the National Accour.tar.ts Kuresti
cT,.r. unsurpassed facilities for the procurement oi
Slrl--5as men and women fvr positions as Loii.:
bei.'i'rs and in-coiinMut. Iiuslness men who want
er.lelcnt netp,ande5iH'rt bookkeeper!) who can give
tlrst-cIas- retcrenccj!. and want situatloiLS would do
well iiv julilr.ivc.lu us. Ofilce for tho state of Kansas
. .vs-...l...-v.,.n, t;ii. 4 fillitr' Wichita. Kau- I
TIT ANTED Now is your tinns foran a'l wiuter
V job; SOJ men to work on the ft. bujltli anl Ai-
kiuiKM III U-. SiUS) to SI 83 per la. $ ' ,fvnd
Iree transportation to ilia worn, . i Kcawor ''ji6;.
..-,,. ,, i.,t.. ,.t ..rr.jiMjToviiient '"
V on meat once, for 1 want eo c Hn 'V '
help. Sirs for every branch, and co Id 1I1I an
more orders If 1 could proc.u-e t, e 1 f'l- l,l
wit., a.a.iin. J.IL Keuwortny. a--. Dougiasnw 11. .
TtrvSTED H. K. Kail, a young man from north
V ni Illinois, would like a position as bookkeep
er in a Kiotery store or In real estate olbce. He Is
a irnKiijate 01 the Gem City ISuMiiMW college, of Quln
r I'l and sood ieemimei.'lationB as to Uian-etcr
can be B! wnf Addres, 1 O box 271. W Idilta. IaWt.
i.nl c,r.Kir.al colors lesioreo; innmu c ,t-,.."".
:i:-hc-l r oil MilMieU. Ail v-ik really and promp.l
eeeut.d i.t enM-rn pi tec, uito "ii"-", " ".";?
nh . ..y oone in liie city. 1 ave orders at a, Duuh'L-.
t eor. Hand Store, 241 N lluin stv "-
-" . -.i-r.tt.-n.? i nMM' ivrvt.i- ci.rkik: w wv liifiiisiset. ! i .--... -i--.-, i-..v .-v .-vw .
V Aii,T?5SrSSLI.?nr ikf.s of Chanel s- Sprin- a g.cd cMmh.- r.-.-war obo;' Wmi for sell- j -, , y..-er!-y.
etirlty iVmia-ikI Lso on second niorwa on inrw.'. . iSji on -- - - '??a Ctet were Miy wlta very ,
vtihnfcHikigr-kttd FaimewL-mklu. tO .??-; i-i :-. clft;laf.Icett.:wnK.ft4r
1111 Ills, IKHIlsair. i fMJrw di.0 J1J SlUin Ol KIVVI ii WW. liVitinbilMt- 4 ,.,. . . . ...w . .
,n ,'JX)m- fr,- ,-!! Sill tnr r.!, miv, sts l Ike taH-tir- the raav of
-.'.'ANTED Boarders at the nortutast corwju. i .--- f ..x wfilreat totfrrtKs. J-sr br,l wUhclasUw nriotHat I P.
ii iiiinifeiiii iti.rc.icc .i.e.
FOP. JIKXT A Wellington, Kan. brick store room.
cor.Scvsnlh auil Washlng.oii ave. opposite l'Ml-
ups nouw. inis nona -.r the n incipal uusmess cor
ners in v.-clIIn-t..a;iwostfi-y brick, pl-to glas front
and a well litjlitcl b isemeat: suitable for any busi
ness. Enquire of V. il. .staffclbach. Weillticcon.
Kan., or . Stone, Pt-.losepb, ilo. lli-r
IOn KENT Two llht well fu aishcl rtHjaw. sulta
' ble for tv.-o or fou persons: only a "loci: from
Douglas avenue, hnquiro at Su7S Lawrence. Ui-m
ITiOU RE.VT-l'artef store; suitable tprdrc mak
: ins; on Jlain st; best location. Apply at 1J8 Main
-57011 i:ENT-Two tarnished room?, eh suitable
U foroneortwo. ceullemen; rclerencc given awl
minlrcd; ca S Emporia uw. I"'"
TTOR KENT A three toom houe. Ir.;ulrc tUfr
I sepli Feachj s city gardens. S FourUi ave. IU-Mt
5-".OI UENT Afuralthed room l:i dwirabto pr.rt of
JL1 the city, lerms reasonable, U5 N Iwreucu
avenue. . .
i-mt r'-'NT Funilshcii rooms at 153 Noith Toje!;a
h ' J 11U-61
i,iiiv!l fur?i-l-iHl r('in kiiit?'b! for
ij tv.T en'leii'.en;
rch aiiu eniraiice tov.'urdii I
etlM-t. nc' Iiouse; r-:'iti.. Kil" " ici;uiiiu
Inquire tt 311 ft utral aeiiU3. Il.-'c.
17.nt K'.sr-i'-.
ii'u!:p I r'i-ai3
the day or week
X: InTitre a'
, l )a);v' r.v j, :
juni I, upstairs or
at !li '.V U t-.i;!n:vvf. r.:.n 1 ever iVtriCA eliithiai;
Ptore. ?I'S..T. M.Magcr. lil-lmt
I7OU I.i N T-Oae large ban JMne.y f urnlpied low-
Xw-r front room on Oct. 4; aNo one lucdim.i sized
nicely furni!.ed boil room larce enouclt for two :
tlemen. Inquiiv at 25J N. Emporia Ave. 110 lwt j ,
T'lTt I8EXT To rmi" or two "i"'it!i'i'pii
11 nicely furnl.-hetl Vront room. IZattulreJcr further I
jartieulars at 423 N, Market at.
TT-Olt KENT Two nicely furnished rooms
lth or
X without board, it. L. Siiaw, iZi S. fourth ave,
117011 ItENT Furnished room to rent oil reasona
JL b!e terms, for gentlemen; block and a hair f ro-n
btrcct car; 22S Ellis ave. 113-Ct
77011 KENT A goo'l stock and grain farm of 4S0
i. acres bottom land adjonIu
tj:e city to rent for
cash, Address lock box vll.
570a KENT Two nicely furnished ,1
'X: N Lawrence live.
ooius at 212
"70It KENT 3 rooms, pat.tryaiMl closet, suitable
X1 for lio:ufkecping, two blocks from Douglas ave.
Enquire :u 2.58 S. vater. 1-Ct
"17-Olt RENT Newly furnlthcd rooms in prhate
Jj house opposite Occidental gicery, S43 Main s-t.
"r70ItRF.ST Store rocm 011 NZIrlr. st, C'.xO. 1 l&te
1: e'esh Irobt. l.uquiie at Ccclcct tal ntctij. !i4tf
Tf7-OK KENT Strictlv HrhtM:lags fcnibvhed rooms,
Is largest ami most cbuveiileu! in Wlrhlta. in L'nion
block, over I'aLice barbershop, next 10 Commercial
hoiel, DoiiKias rt eime.- Apply to lr... Uandoilo. room
No. 5, up staii-s. difi-lf
77OK KENT Two furj'lshcd rooms for lent at 4j2'S
Jj Emiicrlu ave, 3 blotksscuth of 'I itmoia hi.tel.
770I: itENT-PIea.-aut fi out room at iW
.1 street. '
f Main
1701J SALE The o'lly newspaper In a growing
ij tovii of TM luti-tbltants; town iir.s two ituiroads
compli led to it. wltn prospect of a third soon I'.ijier
iiavsinuaS'Ot'JShUiH.v month. Will sell lor tl-:0
L'alt or address thtsoilice. 317 Of
IT'OR SALE For a few days. Three lots in the Jion
V tezuma block, a full two story brijk .jiuldhig 40x
UMlcet and addition ot cornigated iron building l'
feet, under rent at 73. par 1110 ilil; prie.!vUJJ, p irt
011 tline. Address W. .1. Newton, Anthony, Jirtrper
county, Kau. 117-Otf
?7(R SALE A private telephone all complnic. In
i' eluding 1!" imle f v.he and call bells for ach
cud. i Cuniringham, 2 S M im st. 117-Hr
"70K SALE A hoi-seand bimgy; jutrt cash, balance
X1 in pajmcnls. For iiartlcuLirs callaf.'ilN' Fourth
ave. or 3i"0K Douglas ave, Wieliita, 115-Ot
77-OIt SALE fcomi-fine .ouug Canari s; lino song
P stertiaud beautiful plumage; will be old eheaii.
Oil Douglas ave. - Ho tit
37.IKSALK At a bargain, 1 set light double ha
L ue also buggy pole nea: ly new. .
1.3 .Main si
"17OK S3ALE Busir.ci.'!. The furniture, etc.. of 17
X funilhwl looms en Mr.in st. paying a splendid
piotlt; good leasor.s for te'liug. l.ntjiure cf . K.
Reeves. iVJ Douglas ave. atJIai.uattan Billiard Parlor
T70K SALE Law text books and reports; mint bo
X1 Bold. Apply or w Hte to J. 1. Hir.-cl.ler, Newton,
Kan. l"-l-tt
170H KALE Four tickets from Wichita to Gray-
X v'lllc, lit. via Kansas City i.m! Pccila. Chll ntSll
N Moslcyavo. . U-tf
17OP. SALE Vj section, range 4 west: also some
XI lowa propertr. Enquire of M. Ylfce, on west
side, ' mile south of It. E. Lawrence. llJ-Ot
17OK SALE A hind warrant,
j ' Kupt. water works.
B. Eggleston.
U70il SALE The garden npot of the world, other
X wise known as the Wichita gardens. For infor
mation apply to the irlneiploreal e-tatc dealers or
to Asliliel Welch, Eagle blo-jlc. 113-lt
170K SALE A verv clioici; bottom farm at alow
X price for a few da s only. 1 have many bargains
in citv and farm project;.-; call and got prices. Ash
bel W'elch, Eagle block. 112-i2t
t!70U SALE Drugstore doing S12i.u ier m')nth casli
t business; stock will invoice about S1.VU. Good
reasons tor telling. Addrees P O bu.c 17, Florence.
. new frame dwelling-house of seven
ro.ms- papered and finished in lirst chiss manner
In all ropticts; a Roi.it cellar and barn;
aln iu Yvlehitu; must be sold within '
lajs. Apply to J. J. Park, atfy, rex.
the next ten
00m 3 Temple
block. "-'i.t
77OR SALE Kcm.wly house, cor Douglas and
4' Fourth live; furniture and tixtr.res mid all that
belongs to Hit1 house, encap. One of the b.st locu
tion in the city; also a le-se until the 1st of May. Ap
ply at 113 S l'oiirtn ave. 112 t-t
"T"OR SLE Call at once while the prir-cs are low;
X1 io better lmi-gains can be liad than in the Wich
ita gardens. ASM-.-1 Welch, Eagle block. 112 I'l
17011 SALE 1 have some special bar.;aiusiu larms
I; from two to three miles from Unenej l'-O acres
Uirec miles from Cheney, H) act es inciiltl. ntion; W
aTes in ccii'.; one acre Jn pntat'cs; hoti-e, orchard,
stnbleaiul well, nh-e glove, small irults, etc., all for
-iV-O. Also l.l'Jt.ion-s two miles troin Cheney; l'0
aeivs uni'.er fence; threr houros: orchard, grove, liv
ing v. ater all bottom, ?l!,t). These -re two speei
n.er.s of th'.usaii.ts of acres for sale b;. me. AlsoKil
a'-re 3 miles from Cheney, 40 acres under cultivation
.it a rare liargnui. ijqiurcoi Jouucosiey, i. neiiev.
Sedgwick county, Kansas.
- li !; M.E 9s,
1 acre lota in the W1
i dens on Wa,.;iiuglon ave. north of the city, by
tiie principal real estate ilealurs or
lel Ve8!i
iiagie ui-ici;
TOR SALE On ingto slcknenc the parties will fell
X1 the le-se and t i'.-:-rtuie of a f(.c-l to; ii(il house
1 .ioirn .-run! iititiiif.u. witti n to so iioanuia. r.rv
ckuuec. Enquire at 4il N .Main,
ly ii:
.volt 55ALE Tbe Wichita Garden. The biggest
X thing now .Tcit-d ia the market. Knquhe or
principle real estate dealers or of Ashbm V, clehKugle
bl-ck. L!
i tt.reshbi- mncbi
'X'UlANfrE A 10-bnrse ix.vver
ic, alt complete; w ill give n liar-
ain. Address Win.Morti. Ion, Kan
X70R SALE One thoroiuhbrcii Berkshne ow, also
IL" 4 thoroughbred boarshoits larne ciiougn for ser
vice this f-tl. Er.qui'o at 11 Douglas ave. o.-on cor
ner of Third and Washington trs. Joseph Stover.
! im
70r. AI.E--The fmest land to bo found, in ?., 5
X and PJacre lots on Washington ae. There is oig
money Ini t ii vou buy l'ow. Ashbcl iVelch, ha.le
block. 112 t2t
X70R SALE Owing to ficl:aeS the parties will sell
a first class restaurant and boarding house doing
a good business; 23 to 30 regular hoarders Jiajlng S3,
iier weekday board. P-iro chance. Enquire at il
Douglas ave. , 107-:'st
37OK SALE Special bargains; fine building lot:
' CMJ to $150.
a acres for subiKTirting, aiQ.
10 6S.WJ.
20 gl2,iX.
Jll " ' C10.HO.
These acra iile-vs are cloe to the city and very c!c
rlrahlcasan lnve-tmcur,. sure to yield handsome
preltts; terms easy.
W. D. McConnlck. 12. K Dought-s
I7f.K .SALE Saddle pcules some lroke to drive.
X: S. T. Major, cor. Tojieka ave and Tentn st. 3s-tf
T?0K SALE-Will sell with leaso and furniture 10
J.1 ixiom nt union block over llilece baiter
Apply to Mrs, G&iKtuI.o. at L'nlon block.
1 7"OR SALE Oldpaitjiat thlsofUcc at 25 cents a
' .tundrevt
77011 SALE-A flue breeding Jftck. for
jj j..,a ,,!Jujre ,,r wrtle to j.ln5- j-0:.
. .
sum of
in, j
K. 1
I .IT' ... ... . .. ,, . ... !.!.... I
I or,
Iluraphre'y A Son, Wichita, iCnns.
x. riourjiiii. ror teruisi,c4.i iisit uuvi-.s i
T 7vrtt:SLF.-liI'ils In TIII. i-s. 9lditioi These i
--1...'. .. w .. w. ..T
rrs, .ind "Li be ,ld or. en,
ve.-rvs. CA'.t n Kci-jvetl
5 Mol-'h-iUst
- j
-T-CR SALE-Grand Central Il'Ctel, G3ia Siirtups. j
Xltniattrrctwnry.Kiiaw.j-..--cru.ilwU rc-o,vf
S'iUi , hiiuiui . ii i-Biwun--. iw i 'p;v4 i'iyiiQi jj
tn. te bulltilriir. wljh Is IS) tVet 'da pood cellsr. j
I..r.rw :-JfJ -t .i
v- e i vv-ki h!!i iilii ii"pii. or will '- f-!
TTIUy rr.jvro? rSafc ;"h7u '
. f. nuclei luge
i:-tf 1
r- "-'- - -
- -
.-.ddttton wet J the
vv Vttirrmucd.half mlirs nurta of the i;tvelty
crinim. mei'iiwa"""-".""i '-' i-.i";
ctt v Time w 111 be javen to tho- wtim :o Kcrkt. if
djsi--d For further partK-uI-r iuiuire at the -o-eery
-itc're blEodco A Huiw, :2 W Louglas avesce.
oil dr
L uMM?tttr,&nt. suita-1 tjcr ftc oiterfngtbeprke broke eft to TTfibut r,.!-
Lie for whblewle or acrseultu ii im5emeut vnro- j 1KI under a wa'vcjf K i buylns1 oi($i and st"
SmluSt.MV,a 'joMuckclccUatpe-rly outside nur Inttc f-
. lemtKm the feotira betaaie romewlist no&vr agIn
county sea
ita city pro perty.
Inquire 123 N Market street, lloti
FOP. SALE 35 his srade Hereford bulls, one and
two years old. Inquire at Rocic Creek rauche, 7
miles west of Andale.'or at Red Front Shoo store.
Allen ft'Lcwis. Wieliita, Kan. . dTStf
FOR SALE Fine farm near Mt. Hoiks, improved. SO
acres good plow land. 4'J aci-cs good hay laud, 4!)
acres itood pasture. Will Rive lous time on part and
will take In trade horses or cattle. Inquire at probate
judge's office. d!15t
IpOlt SALE 7H ceres northeast cf ICth Et. and
1 Lawrence ave. suitable for tubdlvidins'. Also S
acres north of Carey Park. AV. D. ilcCoimick. 122
E. Couslas Ave. lle-llho
I7OH SALE A bargain. Two lots on Fourth ave.
. one block south of Carey hotel. Call at once.
Also lirat-clas? business property on Jlain st. aufl
Douglass avenue. E.T.Brown, .127 Dougixs ave,, room 2
IPOIt SALE Several 5-acreticcts north, south and
etiit fu! table f-r Kaidenlns or subdlvisi n. One,
r and 10-aerc ti-acts on the ?el side cheap. E. T.
Brown, 3?7J. Douglas ave., room 2. 116-St
X70RSALE No. 417 S Topeka ave., 73 foot front, 2
1 small houies. Lots lilh and dry. Inquire on
premises as I: Is not In agents liands; only 4 block3
Irum Douglas ave. ' 113 Ct
; 170.': SALE .".ioed t
I 3J c( Kiowa, Barter
three room houses in the city
county. AIo acre property
Ju,u; rliiiV. sa acres of choice farm land 2 miles
1 ,.,- ,hl;fV-of f,ru(Ki For terms-and full do-
scrliitiouaudress A. .S. Clark, Pratt, Kan. 113-lm
i Jleai e Information at 2.-7T 2i Market si. 11 l-Ot
ri'r :,.o!! lilrL- ,ik.i! itn-i lrrrl(r ri:n. I3!ir.sn
T" OST A shawl, black yround, purple 1 cr au-l red
border. The Under will luVasc leave It at IJIttini,
15K.S.: tultablo reword. I. II. Hn-wn. H2-ft
X OST Pair of gold spectacles on Tuesday. Eej). 0.
jj v reward of SJ will be gixen on leaving same at
111) II Market or Wichita Foundrry. HS-Gt
T OST SIO KEWAUD A small gold scarf pin,
XJhorsehoes)iaped, with f mall oitmoud tetting.
SID toward for its return to this efllce ami no
questions asked, 112-C:
'77OUND A ooe'setbook containing some valuablo
j ,pap-K. Tiie paitles cttiliug ai this odico and
paying for this notice can get the information de
sired, - nctr
T7.OITND A p.-v.kctbook, black Morocco, with valu
j cb'ep'-i ers to thaowi.cr only. Call at Gnndol-to'sfr..-
,,1-Oiierty. 112-Ct
OK EACHAKHr ha"iFR lauds lor csEtera prop
orty. Farm lands for city property. E. T.Brown
Douglas i.ve., room 2. ll.'-3t
T70K EXCHAN'rE IXt.tcI and two store roams, oil
.1. railroad 2.'. miles cast of St. L011H; icntliig for
$3i0 per year for land iu Kansrs. Address box -ill.
'77OK TRADE FOP. STOCK A first class bottom
X 1 arm in Butler county. Kan., ccuKlttlcg ot VAJi
acres situated n Hickory ucek. Addiess v m. Mor
tl, Letm, Kan. I(S-i;t
'57OII TRADE-Farms, town jiroperiy, uorcs and
JJ stocks ot gtKds to trade for (earns, cattle, goods:
city property, .tc. Asiioel Welch, Eagl. block. 112-12
'I7OR TRADE Two farms, 443 acres with good well
X and improvements 1W cent; with running water
30 :icrcs iu cultivation, to exchange for merchandise,
hardware preferred. Addiess lock box ll Crislleid.
Harper count;, Kan. lOVImt
17.OR TRADE A.ta bar;;iiu Well Improved farm
X for a residence property. Eekarat &. Scott, at
Santa I'e bakery. 104 tf
770R TRADE Livery st-.blo and the entire ouit;
X. good busines?, good location; everything be
longing to a llrst-class livery stable; situated in the
citv of Cleveland, Ohio; will trade lor land in west
ern Kansts. For particulars address lock box 130.
.Vicl'li... Kan. Ht-tf
STORAGE For household gocxls and merchandise
O at 233 Main st. Cneaj) rates, by Cox & Stanley.
4'TOItAGK For household yoods or merchandise,
O boxed or loose; if you have any goods to store
bring them to the Wichita Storage Co.. No. 110 West
Douglas ave. i-tf
Bargains I llareaiu-!
4 lots on N Water st. at S1C0 per lot.
4 lots on N V. ater st. at S1)0 pec lot.
5 Pits on N Mosiey at 8213.
2 lots on Ohio at $3t per lot
5 acres just north of Cirey park $30i.
151 acres adjoining Frisco Rights, $100 per acre.
7 acres adjoining College liill, 4 loom house and
small barn, .;,7U0.
10 acres ll. mites north of Douglas ave, SUM per acre.
45 acre., ons wqrof lh-stsec east oi Frisco ilight-?,
S15J per acre.
Above can ba platted to advantage Immediately.
Also several cheap "arms in trie market. Porter.
Button A: Noble, ortlce over 131 N Main st. 115-tf
Quick Sale Uarjrans.
5 lots on North Toceka, between 13th and ICth; per
lotT &w.
4 lots, cor. Washington ave and l.".tn; per lots.3,.
S lotsm North Main; ir lot, SJKX'.
2 corner lots in Alienee Smith's addition; per lot,
2 east fronts on Allen ave, Allen's add; per lot 62i.".
You wilt i.ever get left ou any of the above. They
nra bv all odds the eheepest bargains oirere.1.
1W DUUKKKR 1IOGE, 151 Main St.
B.ivjraius in Real Estate.
A fine agricultural and stock farm, three and one
half mile from city, about 123 acres broke, one quar
ter section fenced 1 or pat ure, plenty of water and a
small bou.-e.
Al2ii lots In city finely located end in good
neighborhood. Special term., to those wUning to
make home.-.
Also suburban proper! v. For further particular
see Chria. T. IVarce, ascut for Win. GreltTcnstohi. at
cltyottlce. d:7ts-tf
ISew York Alouey Markets.
N.iw Yoi:i:. Ottober 1.
Money-Oa call loaned a.57 par cent clonlug at:
Prime Meickantlle Paper I rr cent.
Sterling Exchange Dull and ur.C-:ai;cd,
Guvernnielit lioi.ils Dull and sleady.
State Bonds Bull and heavy.
IKi-P'T cents
li-per-ceuts of "J3
Missouri Cs
The confidence exist!-. In higher prices for stocks
lnsft everdcg was shaken t'jii tni-niins. by iudustri-u-Iy
clrcu!atdstory that the Pen-yl-unla road had
withdrawn from the trunk line pool; another rumor
stated that commissioner Fink has resigned his posi
tion as commissioner Of the' pool, but it was after
wards lea ned that he 1 ad resigned as arbitrator
only. The rumors of ticwsfcch as It was. caused a
pressure to yell..
The total sale of stocks tolay were 445,S3 shares.
Clilcagoft Alton
Chicago, Burlington &Qutiicy...
MlHSouii Pacitlc. ......
Northwestern. . .......
New York Central....
Rock Islind
Union Paclllc
Western Union
AT A F It7's
New York Grain.
New York. C en ber 1.
Ung tiled re-.l.74S57HNo. 2 red. 35'x elevator. ?;rc
Cora Spot lots sh It higher: options on er. cios-lnc.steiul.v-,Ungra.-li-tl
t5-J7;No2 4rir-.e:e-ator ilH
Oats moiti'tatlve active, mixea vrc-stern a:33
white western. 35I1.
Isirley Steady.
Diittor Finn; vvestern. 30tl2Sj.
Cliees l-'lrm. wet-tern. 354J15CJ.
Eggs Finn: western fret. &!.
Chicaso Grain and rrodnrc.
Caicvso-Octflicr I.
Tlic cubic advices prcvEctliH; a ih-si ble rupture
between Ku s!a aad Ant ia. ttfgether w lth a decllae
In l'f itlsh conels served t. make a s.rot: market ia
f j wheat 4t times toiay. Ncveailr whi..".t vas selllui?
at 7i, ut tt- starting pr.ee In tee 7! wnj T.
ami Ktl ilsnirre Wtrt onlv a a!,
p hichfr ttitn tcs-
durt thon viflaK. of
.. ..... !. . " .... . .V.. . . . V. .11
,, lV C.U. UIH.TWM l lV Sll.. ..1
.lour ar.ii wfcrat lath L'skcd ELimtdoni -era ti'-
mated to b .OCW IQ bu-hofc lr. thsa law jeer.
c raruh- stcay am! rni trgh j;ecala;loa
light Cactuattozii and
ftlcss -ao th r .ilr
r. vja
ovaw: .. .
ftocwrtwr 77f
November.;. -S5?
November ....,
Kts Fork
Ncv'eratK.-r. .. ..
.... KTVi
..,. J-
Oct.ber Ci57ti 557Jv37JX
Nfivcmber 530 & t53
Afternoon Borrd
The markets generally ruled firmer and ths follow
Ins wers the closing prices:
VVheat-; Oct. 7; Kot. T;H; Deccmter, TTJ. STay.
Corn Oct. &X; Nov. SSK; Dec 2.
Oats-Oef. 24; itay Sl.
Pork Oct. J2..-. Nov, S4k Jan. VE2l.
Xard Oct. 5UJ; Nov. KKJ.'; Jaa. any..
Whiskey Steady, SI 15-
Butter Firm; creamery, 1532C; dairy, ISSli'.
Uotatoes Firm. 31 S32 00 per barrel.
Keceipts riour, 9,Vxr, wheat, T7.aW; com. 27.000;
oats, 27,tj; rye. lO.ajt; barley, &I.WJ.
.Shipments Flour. 7,UJ; wheat, 1C0,0W corn.141,000
oats, .;..; rje. HW: barley. 6.UUJ.
Kausa.s CItT Grain and Produce.
Kjlssas City. October 1.
9-JJ0-.fmili- 1 ILV.,1! l.V phoirn. fit 111-S1 My. T.-iIli'V. f
SlOKiji 7ii;u3tcut, S2 U.V52 10; O e flour. 91 iu&l 7u.
wheat F.eceipts lO.tCC; shipments 3J.00G; in stcre,
447,i !i!U.
Sales ranged: N'o. 2 red casli. f-SJ bid; October
63 May bid. No. 2 rof t, cash 6iJ bid.
Cora Sales ranged: No, 2 cash. SI bid, asked
Nov 31W; Mayt C7S37H No. 2 white, cash
34 bid.
Oats Very dull a2d easier; czsh 24; October
Kye Better. 39.
Hay Firm; fancj- small baled. S 30,
Milt stuff juic:.
Butter bteady: creamery fancy. IS; good, 13; dairy,
15; store packed. 10; common. 6.
Eggs Steady at 13Jc.
Corn Meal Ureen. &3; dried, W.
Corn Choj Bulk, 70; sacked, 7
Sniestutf ;7fe32c.
ltran Bulk, J7; sacked. S2.
Cheese Full cream. 10; flat, "t&S; Young Astcrlca,
10M; Kansas. 5igi7. ,
l'oullrj' Steady; old hens, S2 30; old mixed, $1 .a;
spring chickens, large, 3 s, sman. i -jj-st. tw.
Dried Aoples. 1&.X; peacnes. 2isie.
Wool M&souii. uuwashed heavy tine, 16Q13; light.
1SS22; incditiin comblnjr, 'ig.24; coarse. 2U321; low anil
c-iriH-t. I5t17: Kansas aad Nebraska heavy Hue, 135l;
light, Wvg.21; medium, a2:J:tub washed cholcc.3133;
niie.3J3j;diugy and low, 27w2li.
Hr(Km corn liuri, 10 self working, CC7; common,
r; crookni. 3Jjj'.i S.
Hides Dry dint. No. 1, 13; No. 2; 11; bulls and stags,
S; drv salt. No, 1, 10, No. 2, b; green alt. No. I. i5. No.
2, 7; greejl uucuretl. No. 2. 7, No. 2, (J; calf, 7S5; sheep
pelts, dry, 1012.
Tallow No. i, W-; No. 2. 3.
Provisions Suipir cured hams lSjbreakfast bacon.
10; dried beef. 11; lry salt clear rib sides, W 15;
hwir clear. Sr 03; sin u!ders, S3 fij; short clear, ? 30;
sinoketi clear rib sides, $7 t'l; long clear, 35 60; short
clear, C7 W; mess pork, ylO w, shoulders. G 25; lcef
1,-ird Choice tierce, SO 35.
Max seed ittcteSl t0.
St. l.ouLs Grain and Produce.
ST. Louis. October 1.
Flour-Quiet, ur.chatiged; xxx CI 2082 SO. family
SJ4Vg';55; choke, S2 Dtk&J lit aucy, & MtS3 30:
extra rnncy. S3 .1 & ; latent. 1 4VKil 3).
Wheat lteci'luta. 15.7';i: sldpmeiUs - 13.70a!; In store.
! :2',M3), 1:1 irl-et woalter No. 2 red, cash. 71.'
r.ovler tlifi7H
Corn No." i mixed casb. Sitf: Nov ZjU '
Oats No. 2. cash. COi i- October H
Ke No.2ciisti. trlH
R'ulev No mnikelr
Lead Dull; rcSncd, Si 30; chemically hcrd;&isn.
l.juer- vmei, ciea:i::i'. 21(24; dairy, 2v&21. .
Lfscs Finn, ll'ie.
WiiLskev Steau.v.Sl 12.
Pork-Steady; $10 W.
Lard Firm; 3d 0.
Recelpu -Klo'iur. 30; wheat. 10,(X;cora. ,lftXR
oats, 22,(i; Rve,2i'; barley. H5,vQ.
S'1-.lpments Flour. (:.'; wheat, 3,000; corn. SHJOO
oats, e,uj rye,5!W; barley, iiu.
ICaiisias City J.lve 3tock.
KA.vsAsCiry. Ocloler 1.
Cattlo Receipts 2)3 shipments, non; fat stuff
S'trong and a shade hlhengrass range of good quali
ty steady; common cull; choice, St if)cl 50; com
mon to medium. S3 ;JJ.J0); stojkers, S2 25
fe2 7'.; feeders, $2 8ofc3 10; cows. Si 502 W;
grash Texas steers, V- 2Vii-i 2i).
Hogs Receipts, 542h shipments 219; choice;
lirm, others steady; good to choice, 31313,4 0(1
common to metlium, SI 23,1 23; skips aud pigs,
$3 T3r.t3 95.
Shei'ii Receipts 4!I3 : shipments 202: steady,
gooilto choice. 52 503 0): common to medium, 51 Sn
Louis Live Slock.
St. Louis, October 1.
Cauls Receipts. 2200: shipments, 1300 market
linn; good to choice shippers, iM 2u;5d 73; com
mon to fair. $3 75c.l 25; butchers steers, : 25(j3 73
cows and heifeis, S2 25-'j.3 50; Ihrougii Te-tans, $2 Uj
ifM 03; Indians. S3 OiivH isi.
1I; Receipts. 2; silipments, liXXl; market active
and strong; butchers and best heavy. 4 23jU S3
mixed packing. S4 105U 45; light, S3 75&4 U).
.Sheep Receipts, 23i0: shlpmeuts 7'; market
steady and unchanged; S2 W).333.
Aiive Stock.
Chicago. Ociobcr 1.
Cattle Market stead v; shipping steers S3 5t 3 1.';
stackers aud feeders 2 '23i5,';cow.s, bulls an mlxil
SI 4Ufe3 13 bulk S2 4'ft2 Ok through texas SI 83e2 50;
Sheers S2 f.S5, wintered 1 exaos 2 U0;3 50.
Hugs Receipts, 2:W; shlpinenls. Hum; tnatket
strong; good Iititc:ier3 to Im-si heavy $:5P'4 o.
packing and shipping, 4 O'fcSI.'O, light, S3 0 . 4 ..
Sheep - iteeeipM. 2,n'. Miipmuts, I ): i!.n,eC
stead; natives, $2 2;.4t0: wi-stern, $3 4CS3C0; Tex
a'us, y2 4'J.ii3 1j iambs, $'! 7 4 75.
Iv'cw York .Live Stock.
New York, October 1.
Beeves ReDeipts incliidtng 0 cars'for export 42 f;
913.-1 inr the webk. Market dull and lower; native
teur. Si 0 5 25; Texas and Colorado $ 5 (5-31 23
hticup Receipt. HlW; luarKet mill aim was ai
S3 .'i"it &0 per leO liis for siieep aud $5 00-S5 30 for
Hogs -Receipts, 12,700; market slow and steady at
'JO (cft3 2.) per ewt.
Ioscow, Oct. 1. The Gazette declares
that thirty Jjiilgarians have been
whippetl ly death for ex pres-sinir sympathy
with Jiuhpia's action in Uulgaria.
St. Petersburg, Oct. 1. The Kovoe
Yretnya p.tblishuo a telegram from Mos
cov; which says the litiltrariau crisis has
paralyzed trtufc and checked a revival of
lMi-iiiess which good harvests incited.
Moscow is- prepared for any eventuality.
The present condition is as bad as war if
not worse.
Vienna, Oct. 1. The entire' press of
Vienna approve Premier Tiza's speech
made in the Hungarian parliameu at Pesth
It is suited positively that Gen. Kaulbcrs.
in consequence of hints from St. Peters
burg, has mudi-cd his altitude and has be
come ruorecoueiliiitorv.
London, Oct. 1. General IUihvcr will
proceed to Ulster next Saturday. He has
been invested with powers similar to those
given to General Sir Jtoiensrs Bacller iu
county Kerry.
Mr.'Parnell has gone to East Bourne,
Sussex, where he will remain iu quiet.
Mr. Joshua vTunn, formerly American
vice counsel general at London, is dead.
The death is announced of the Iter. Wm.
Ilepworth Tonipson, D. D., F: S. A- He
w:ts in his ?7th year.
The Austrian" military attache at Sofia
has been instructed to encourage the Bul
garian regents to resist the Russian de
msmds v.-itli a hint of eventual support-
The St. Petersburg papers have been for
bidden to publish certain portions of the
speech made by "the Hungarian premier
1 err 'i'isza's speech in the Hungarian
diet yesterday h interpreted at Pesih as
meaning that Austria would remain neu
tral if Bulgaria should submit to Russia,
but if Bulgaria should resist Russia thai
Austria would prevent the occupation of
Bulgaria by Russia.
Sofia, Oct. J. The jwoplc throughout
the country have held meetings and adopt
ed resolutions bt-gging the government tu
retrret General Kau ilier'a driiir.nd.
Fioods and Rattle- 5n India.
3LtmiA-, Oct. 1. FlotHis .ire devasta
ting the Gcd: Varj- districts. Sonic vi:
lasers tried to cut a.dain to re!ivc theii
water at the expense of
A. fierce lirht ensued in
f Willi 1 ..
i trtnr- mil Til
tchich 110 natives weic hilleti.
There ere Cu:tdition.4.
mv Ha2.v, Conu.. Oct. 1. The state
ment in Gea. ilile o'Srial reports of lh
Aracli? etimrtfeien made naldic at Wash
nton volsrdav that Gercn'uno Vras not
capiurol bui surreridtrrl Ctjcdttionaily, is
eoairsdicseti bv C anL Iiwt.'n, rrho vras in
j com-ni of the United State? lro-pa M
tho time of capture. In a private lelegrau.
dates' Albuquerque. N. iL, tod&r t'apl
Law ton explicitly drnis that the surrvndi i
of Gentr.imo wa coupled with any condi
lion whatever.
Twenty-six YeAra and Out.
Uo-rroN, Oct. 1. Judge Julius Rock
well of Ixcox, who bss "serretl as juttice
of the superior court since 1S59, has re-shrsctl.
Royal Arcii Masons.
Washington, D C, Oct. 1. The gen
eral grand chapter of Royal Arch Iason
at its meeting toa.T completed the elect iot
of officers :md selectetl Atlanta, Gn., as its
next place of meeting1. Tiie. following art
the otiicers elected todnv:
Keulien C. 2rem'mon,bf Ohlo,"G. G. T.
Christopher G. Fox, of.Buffalo, N. Y.,
G. G; S.
Benjamin F. Heller, of Tennessee, G. G.
C. IT.
i Roger 3L Woodberrv, of Denver, G. G
Lansing Burrows, of Augusta, Ga., G.
G. R. A.
Svlvestcr S. Bean, of Crcston, O., G. G.
31. Sd v.
Ilenrv S. Orme, of Los Angelas, CaL,
G. G. M. 2d v.
Hiram Basset, of Ken tuck v. G. G. 3L
1st v. , "
Ball and Bat.
Pittsbcro, Pa., Oct.l. A movement
has been started here to form a national
league of colored base ball clubs and a
meeting will shortly be. held in this city to
perfect an organization. The iemruc will
j embrace clubs in the cities of Washington,
Baltimore, Philadelphia. Cleveland, Pitts
burg and Trenton, N. J. The projectors
are contident. that they will ma"kelliL' ven
ture a success and propose to put lirst-ciass
nines in thctield.
vTew York, Oct. 1. Detroit 8, Nov.
Yorkl. Phihidelphia G, St. Louis 2. Bos
ton Boston 12, Kansas Citv '.I. Pittsburg
Pittsburg 7. Brooklyn 2. " Washington
Chicago '6 "Washington 1.
The Races.
Bfjguton Beach, Oct. 1. Winners:
Triple Cross, Young Duke, Unique. Delhi
Beach, Sam Brown aud Harry Iaun.
Cincinnati, Oct. 1. Latonia Jockey
club .winners: Sis Himgar, Ligan,. High
Plight, Grissette W. aiufliightawjy.
All Quiet at Charleston.
a slioclc here about 1 o clock this morning,
but so slight it was not felt by a majority
of the Hcople. There were sliirhl shocks at
SumiKerville last night, but none of them 1
have been more - perceptible than the
tremors felt almost every day since August j
ulst. All reports of heavy shocks ami' tidal ,
waves are absolutely untrue. Weather
bright and pleasant; the city full of work-!
men and everything as quiet aud confident I
as could be wished. i
The Gage Assignment. i
Chicago, Oct. 1. The store ?f A. S. f
Gage c Co. re opened at 10 this morning i
by the assignee, who, under an order from !
Judge Pendergast v.'ill conduct the bust-!
ness for Hie benelit of creditors, pending :t j
settlement of tho affairs of the embarrassed j
iirm. Liabilities and tisscts have not vet
been scheduled, but the former is estimated
at S-UO.OOU and the latter at over $1,000,-
000. !
Indicted for Bijramy.
Jersey Citv, K J., Oct. 1. The Hud- j
son county grand jury iias found an in
dictment for bigamy aga;ns,t Bdward Se- j
lem. husband of Lillian Russell. They j
were married iu "May, 18S.1, by the Rev. j
Dr. Ehrich, pastor of the llobokeu Loth-
enm church. ijOiih Ballcn and Clara j
Ehrich were witnesses to the marriage. i
A Pool and His Honey.
Kansas Citv, Oct. 1. William Warner, ,
a well-to-do oili.cn, wa3 induced by a c.ii- J
ritleitce nian to go to Lawrence, Ivan., yes-;
terday and pay six thousand live hunctr.-u j
tlollars for two gold bricks, which it was !
taid liad been found by an Indian in Iv.:w j
Iexk.o. On returning here today the in
genious speculator found his bricks value- j
less. j
Maritime Tournament.
Knv, rout', R. L, Oct. 1, The weather!
betmr favorable, it was decided to sail the j
match race between the fcachem and i-n-glkh
cutter Myranda. The Block I.siand
course was chosen. At 11:28 both 3'achts
tack cd to the starboard and it looked as if :
the Sachem was two miles ahead. The j
Sachem won at u:55.
Xo Stouffliten Uottles. !
St. Loris, Mo., Oct. '1. The Prohibi-
tionfcts of this city met in convention lut
night and nominated a full city and s.i.itt j
legislative ticket. The following nomina
tions for congress were also made: Eighth ,
district, James H. Harris; Kitith tlMtkf, !
Wm. C. "Wilson; Tenth district, Emerson j
R. Grant.
TJesult of a Grudffc.
Kansas City, Oct. 1. James Dcmitt
threw a rock at Geo. Evans tonight Irae- j
tunng his skud and inlltcting n mortal
wound. Evans had testilil r.naiiist
Demitt in a larceny case her.ee the latter'.--grudge.
Both are colored. Demitt Jure
been arrested.
Why So Sly?
Si'itiKCJFiKLi), yio., Oct. 1. There was
an important secret meeting of the Spring
field board of trade today at which were!
present representatives of a syndicate irusn
abroad. nrot)-.n to build a railrftad from
Topt.ka, Kan., via Springfield to the souih, j
an.t to bo called the I opeua, opnaguet-i
and 2"ew Orleans ntilroad.
They Found fo Fault.
Kansas City, Oct. L in the 31. Ti
conference today the committee appoint. j
lo investigate char!;e3 against W.F.Wrieht, j
reported that no trial was necessity. i'he
report was adopted by the committee's rec
ommennatitm. The charges agtiinst Dr.
W. C. Goodby will lie investigated.
Tne Eaole printing r.d blank book -thblihmoni
is preprcd to tio all "kinds ot
job priming and blank book rnkini:, gu.ir
untoemg their work to bo tirst-cls.-. in uvrj
reripeet. All counter work, cher, bondf,
rerforHted, r.t:mbered or loote at firice.
equal to ruinsx. City -or St. Louk.
Tke Wichita EAt?r. printing houso keqw
in stock a complete lino of justice and legal
blanks ami towuship blaxtks of all kinds
Township Qfiiccra.
Rer.d and Order -vrhat you t?honld j
H,vs to Comply with the Ipvst. !
Each Tcwnahip Trustee should i
Hive u i rn.-icv - iucru, i;oai iccora.
i'oor Kecrtl and a 1u!l set of l'owii
shi) Blank'; nUu ou:e btaiioat-ry.
Each Tc-rnsh5p Trc&surer hu!d
hiive a Treasurer1 R.'cord
Each To-wru-hip CIsrk hoM
hav.-u CSerkT Record and Vinmpi
Each Juaticaof the Peaco hoM
lave n l.'iil Docket, (Jriimual Durferf.
Each Cortatablo rtiCMiUl have sn
as riinnt of IJiauks .
S-rav llrci-rd, Tntn-rfipi?, Capi!l
?iw- of liSo. fend a full a.?orirw:itof J
STThc abore j-ht-uld Sje furuishtil
to xhf uiiicor oi caci wcm riu-iiii
rtwijslip,s: the xcn-t: ut tno : uws-
hip- The E-v-OLKha-s the tuoi com
ylete Books aud Blank? no.r pub-.heL
Ech Road Overeosr bontjl hr.ve
n oad (Jver-ccr's Account Bok. Uc
-im Book fjr Iibor. Keccint Book
r Estra Work, mid a Ileceipt -Book I
for Maiensl Uieu.
Decoram at Their Social Gathering.
Starting a Coavorsatioa 'TIuH Jiin"
and His Ist omcct Tho I-tst Ccttpte
On tho rioor The Feast.
Daxtcing cinong tho Crackers is tua!ly a
solo rjorfor-tance. Tho reel and breakdown
9oraethcs Includo ssvcral particinants, bat
tha "pas seuP ; mora popular than tho ballet
As in "raeetiny tho men sit ou ono ado of tha
bouse and the women on tha other. The sama
lino of doco-am is preserveJ in th?ir social
gatherings, tho men dttiur or standintr in
cliques at oaa end of tho rooi at apart for
tho entertainment, whilo tho girls occupy
chairs or benches raugctl against tho wall en
the opposita side, maintaining n rigidity of
position, vrith their anas foldcl anil their tix
fired on tho same plank in tkef floor, wMch
would do credit to a well drilled military com
pany. Tho young men are ordinarily pain
fully bashf rJL No girl would dare address a
word to oao of tko youths until ho presents
himself beforo liar and inalrcj a remark to
her, or asks a qaestioa whieli demands a. re
ply, anil to do this tho young swaui must havo
timo to mxlio up his mind, first, whether ho
can sufficiently overcome hi baahfulacss to
do it at all, aad, socoadly, what ho shall say
when ho has made up his mind to say som-
thing a dibnuaa in which more fortunate
speakers than Crackers havo not tmfrcquent-1-
found' themxlvci This ro:nark which oc
casions such djcp ccgttatidit ',-aries, cf course,
with tha taste aad character of the speaker.
If ho h of 9Ctintal turn of miud ho ncrvca
himself to tho oruerjienc, and, standing lo
fora her, t5iL her that "thar's a. powerful fiat
chanco o' dawootl blossoms on tho crock, ant
he'll fetch her coa:e if sho wants them."
Tho m:udon, boing tha. Cr-t oao addrcst
replies timidly: 'Tni 'blaegwl to yon, John; I
like doj'.vood blossoms powerfully."
Another speaker now ventures to srlect tlic
object of hi admiration, ecrews lunsalf to
tho sticking point, aad, jxssessing a mental
o:-gani.ntion of an entirely practical cbariie
ter, prcsoata himself with tho wonls: "Miss
Susan, you a:;xfe seen okl Brindlo lateij-; she's
got tho purtiest atlf i.i tlic settlement, and I
want you to name it."
''I -DDLIN' Jill's' A?i 'EARANCE.
To this implied compliureat iliss Susan an
swer., iith a LIu5h:
"I'll pick out tho purtiagt uaiuo I knows on,
Sam. Haybo you'd like to namu it after
3'our sweetheart"; aud with this bpcach abe
significantly glances in tho diroction of a rdrl
who i iKwsibly her rival in Sam -admiration.
Here, as eLiowhore, it ii tho first step which
costs; and as these two specters havo had tho
hardihood literally to sot tho ball in motion,
conversation rapidly ensues, aad tho revely
is fairly begun. "Fiddmi' Jim" sooa makes
his appearance; important ljci-sonagcs movo
lowl', and, realizing that thc:a can bo no
ilancing until ho rrrives, tlii? distinguishol
individual consume as much timo and brings
expectation to as sL. ip a point as ho chooses.
Seating Lir.uelf in C chair provided for him,
he be;;;, j .o "tunc .tp." This is a ecrioui
opcrai ; . 'V:, thaL of Paganim, crmo not
neart.., . ;:! Tho kiatrumeat which, by
tho w. . ::-..t a Civioaa, but oao tho Iss?
priacd ' ; U tha: is thauiticd from nock to
brid j., .; "tii britlgo to end, in process of
b?iii- t..i. Tho musichm screws up ja.
btr: y ii hLt "fiddlo" to his right ear,
then v . . . ws it a littlo antl he!ds it to hh
lcfL c.', .-i ihb being dona witli tho utmost
gravity .i 1 a digmGed cxpresiioa of cotmtc-liau.-e
whiuh plainly vziyz wltac ho has often
declared is woitls, that ''ho ain't nowhar be
hindhand in tho raul science o' playin' a lhl
dlo." Finally a dolibcrato piazicato movement re
veals tlio favt that tho fiddle i3 in proper con
dition, and.nn audiblo and vuiblo excitement
is seen among tho young coplo.
CJit your ixtnorsi" ccrcamr. 'Fitldlin'
Jim," drawing lhiia vlolont cti-olas of tho
bow, and uttcrhif: tho command v.ith a
marked jhythmic accont on each v.-ord.
Tho "fiddlo" and tho tt?rpickorcau tempta
tion hao put all lhfuiness to High;; the
most awhward rustic can .!: a girl to dance
under tho effect of such inspiration, aad
'hands actus and down tho midillo'' shake
tho cabin to its foundation-. Tho (inCh r
jilays and lookr. liko one in a sort of ecstasy.
His foot keeps timo to tho measure of the rol
licking tuao, whilo hi-j eye; eoem fired upon
tho bluo qmco which iiccts through thc?f racks
of the roof : if his soul were fioati:;ruf,
borne aloft upon hb ov.-n harmoniiu- !.:.-. iias.
To tho cultivated car it is c-acraLl?, it i tor
ture; but "FiddlhV .Ihn" Iiaa passed b-y-nd
theregiotia of criticism uo th'? unal'oyjd
bliss of oao who sacs aud kcowj r.o hjt ord.
Uy and by th-3 reel U fiai;!i.' 1, and only t!n
champion danc?r remain on th" Hoo-. Thn
begiui tht tug of w: T:n tm (ir k i
r.-eil ln:o.vn, and caeh C9ntcet.it lusa hia or
her bovy of adnurcrs.
v.i:o lasts Tan Lo:;crT.
'Nor for who lasts tuo 1 r.vs, . !" vrnru
'Fiddlin' Jim." "".'ho kecr.4 it t.io river r
TWsl.-i.defLitintirrof'a;rr it vr.'-rtly
intclligiblo lo tho corajT-ny, v. ho f-j'r r.p.-t-ciate
thoirrioat ia'-onvt-'t-ttco whi-'h t r-.
into tlicir Hvswht tho river it tin. Bumin-r
Homo and swolloa rivprs, however, do n.i
interrupt cnthu-iccti; fiddlers and tkui' r.
After start ling fts of agititr on lb" part of
tho men, aad many graceful evolutions oa
tho pas-t of tiifl girl"!, mist of tho datxr--; arc
cxltau.sts and take their ssit3, leaving o
counlis in possssioa of iba lloor. Thcj t we
cro "to do nor.orto tho orcasi- i. Tho IkliJh'r
is now brought lack fnKti hU divine casy
to the reaJitias aroard him, antl himvJlf ln
comra an ardor.t lartiiin, e-Kiuifng tl.eas)
of the girl, cf courts who perliap in lwr
dandng carrvsr luts sbin her Lnndrodi.
"Danco up, Kitty; dm't !. afcer'd," gays
"Fiddlin' Jun'' cm3i:ra;anly.
iJraco up, ftam. or 6n llag j-ou, old xel-
with inton3st inlero.it aad curioity. Tha
dancers prow rnoro.arl raoro oicited. Each
cstoaiUung feat iyirfrtrr3'l by oao snggects
oao itfll raoro afctonLhing oa tho jKirt ot th?
ot!?r. Sam friontij ap,lauJ, and Kitty'i
fricuds applaud moro V tally.
"itako h licad swim, Kitty," fjisseta
"Fiddlin Jini," whow-t Kam's "nthiadas-j
liSgiaaiDg to flag. Thh IT;tty proceeds to d'
by taming rapidly ruad and round, trhlch
&eris or cvoSationt S-vs; Is boaad by nil tbrj
rules of tho floor U toitovr. Thit, jrhap,
britJ tho dance to a contl-rfaa. cs Kitty is
able to rovolr longer sad vxm rapidly thaa
"Se-t trai alius eortr lh-lit headed, hot lw
hail it oa ths jn:np.r ramorks oa cf Barn's
friK!s, scoiowticaily. As rry tlcfected
yooth i3 "errorded th? gsikatry of liarlng
surrctKhrnl 'An IriuCTjrfi quite trnrrluctnt!r
to a girl, Sim R31 1itty nstira fa t.h InJ of
httatora. After lho dastmctxac ttw feast,
ftljrh in all prtAchilitf , is a -Ikj bycj," at
whkis !& iviudkj chsei pia dirklvt tfes
Iwcwrs with :. tre-wedr-j; '"pjach rbbfer."
Afhrcnt dwl", cscaliy occnr daring tho
frait setJKir.. tber? it no J.i'-k cf frt&Lbm, ap
pje- ad! vratPrKKlocs, w ttkh arc tlat-icS as
prodigal iK-ofa&Jcm. Anaost; Cra.kf.T nhti
aru wt tWy dfsdaatsr "in-I2- cxavktiOBt,'
thai h, sinclJy hfysX to tha Intra azd rtaku
Vkms ofihu rcifejiosrj tody tr trhirh tbbo
taag tzxxss are mom tj tsUtoa than daactsr,
&3' oil ycftg neop, ?Uz2i? 'Jay daacs or
rr6, tes pan iu tfer5 c-tOKSat& Oaiasi
ens so - to bo piayej ifsr a "qailthi,' aftd
bylheiEci- dmri oi thcCrarfasr sotthv
ts-at r& intiikril mr?sv digaiasJ ned far
dove iaao-j UrssakJ rn KaiiiK..
A 1 CO-TrOM Je-rsjapir.
La (xazxztita -R:h Utnt dbrntfe3 nZ JJ
Lcayf two isyirwfch asu.rrsry, hi tea
she? rrjxhnr a trjjjy of TLe Aibry Ca?t:
(ctr'&t. 22,17S5, watcxjsi- Itfcrtfejir
yty.--.t-- raric'tr of typo od U chwrfol
ccxsriciii- of make--? thus dsTti -11
R-ja:r;r of that sk Eureka- wrw-,
coart isntsrs, raasway alsvo dvsrJhaMtJ
tad ti.Sbsslh-J2icts wens mixl ioeiUr
as iliKti tha maU" iJ lc ihovekd Into
tha fc-sa.Chio I&r-kL
Plymell &. Leighton's Stage Line.
c w
Fargo Sprijii
rten.vr3ffirS;r2tl Center. lUlnhotU Wcat rta.
llcrtia-x. Faryo Sprlnfacand all polr.ta Us Siuth-
vvestcra Kaas.vj. will mix; time asii
money by potns r!a
ITostlqutrtcrat Cltuarron ceil lana 1tr. Coth
.lay au4 isL.ht traln-t t-.w ti.isto;-h of slits... polotn
k EYiJ, Ji-Ev
fcj AXI- ViC'
Syes, Hoso, Throat, Catarrh, Ears,
Surgery and Deformities.
as. -!r. 3w-rrrisrsEihi. jv. xi.f
Proprietor aaU Surccort In Charso,
trorth 2Iaia Stj-cci
The People's Line.
lb Ure.it Free Talifi ilennuns feir fjr Vs!?,
St. Lsnis, Fi. Scott I Witllita,
In conc't'n with Mo. Pac. Ry.
Is ainv ratinlKR inoniSiiu nittl vwte5 tmlus la.".'f
iuetuUlMK .SutHl.. tu
SiAill-NlT JJOIU'l'S
Without Change.
IVr-h i'afitCr y.nB (' Of Ew rti
TheShortst Routs toSt Louis.
The Only Short, Direct Rotdo to
i:y wWoli the jki Muatsrr Mrfil tni irvr',
tItpot tnutsftjr aiid twcaOotts ili'lavs.
Al! Texas Points Local to this System
wmi. nwi.N,
Gc!icra!"TraniiMMisf,M. li', V.
It. C. TO'BN'sKM'.
Cen. I'rjt. nml Ttuket At.iU s I -.
a 1. UBCTt'H.
DtIImt rMMviittt'r .tmt Tltlt Ajiiil. Wh-li: I.bi-
lust ntnlli of t!i iK'!i-Hlnl.
caswcll ni'cjcLr.r.
tfantifni-t irrr-' f .;I.ii-1 li'n ' t I- " 'tl,
Inmatul M' Y.r nun. Ii.r t r-l-l win-f ,
pnirliw, KinterlLa and HKiuiiir Ouue vtisn r. .: , tu
.nil ilfs'cli.
;srBtlmatti ami ! ; fwrl.i-j' r.n lr 1 c r
PureDrugs, Medicines
and Chemicals,
13 AT
Allen's Drug Store,
Wfcer ea oka In tmti a vs iv '
Paints, Oils, vmite Load, Tix a
Paint, Garnishee, "Window
Glass, Petty, Bta
Wc &t7 k- Vl a Jnj-6 .
Tone- Articles, ?erf-aary, Srs .;
der Brac-s, Cham. &rat& u t -H
V?e ai rrre He mM fnyliral rrii-.' 1
Patent Medicine-.
Vr pMrmjs tor rttiitoiiitiM. tms. "
vthtft&U S4 SttsHJU'tJrr fa
v ' r fe
I g )IW
S"s v. vs. ,i J-' . 1 .t ,-jr
il& ' clr-
s?f?iPU ft' r5r-'.r''J'v ,' - l" kt
J1''Jh Tvf T" QSiL't. '?
9 m H m hi $ is
"l "cvt.M4.. s.v. o .i,.s.r I f"(?v- Vnn.

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