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Wichita eagle. (Wichita, Kan.) 1886-1890, October 02, 1886, Image 8

Image and text provided by Kansas State Historical Society; Topeka, KS

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'- v- jw;'rvT- f?
Sftfc 'QSXiclxita gailu vlqz : g aturcTay Stovniti jctolter 2, 1886.
;r- "? t"
- "ir ii
cw. .'v .
M. M. MntnOCrCt ItltO.. Proprietors.
The following are the real estate transfers
recorded ia the oilice of resistor of deods yes
terday: J Kiramerle to H -Stephen, lots 14, 10,
Mead avo, Sankey & McCalla's add.
M E Fawcett to county comnilsioner,
7Jft on s side lot o, College Hill add.
No consideration.
C C Kenyon to H Grau, lot 45, Chicago
L mis to D Xliompon, mv qr, J,
25, le
S OauiiHHJil to (J F liellfcry, lot :W, blk
10, Euclid ave, Allen & Smith's a4d.
J J Stoner to C P Hellery, lots 32? 514,
h"r 10, Euclid ave, Allcu & Smith's
G joruutt to C A Stafford, lot 01
"Wichita it Wattermans 1st add
A "r Wji8am to M II Ilruce, lot l'.Vi
Main st
Win jiathewson to L Beciit, lot 13
Cleveland ave, Mathewsou's 4th add.
O Zimmerman to 1 Getto, bag at a
point on w side AVater st 25 ft n of
section lino between 0 and 29-21-1 e.
II Williams to C Commissioner, 7 1-2 ft
off n side of s hf lot 3 College Hill
add. No consideration.
O Zimmerman to 1 Getto, lots 100, 103
blk Is. Onne and Phillips add
M Bryan to A E Peblisou, lots O, 71,
72, 75, Laura ave, Hvd.'s add 1725
J S Snuthsou to 1, -M Sicily. 709 fto.T
w side reserve A SimtWjn'.-; add ... 1
G H Blackwcldcr to 1 D Garrison, lots
10 17, Blackwc-1 Jer's add
R J Bicrsr to J M Hereford, commenc
ing 100 ft s of ne cor lot 8, blk 4, Ber
r .i u; rneimu w to A T & S F
It 11, mv to a point directly w rail
way; thence to beij
L A U iilis to A E Johnson, Jots 39, 41,
4-5, Valley Center
II Carrollon to 1. A AVillis, lots 17, 18,
blk 2 Carrothor; add
J Sch" to It S Clark, lot M Douglas
avo Greiffinstcins add 12,500
1 . i'aacc to il J Williams, s hi lot
3 IIilKide ave Collese Hill 200
D H Deviu to W Hartmau, lot 50
Third avo Akhu add Clearwater
GarGeld university to G AV French,
JoU !. 47, Glenn ave, Uuiveivsity
Place add
M IJyeiN to II Roach, lot. 22. i. Laura
SRayioG II Shiley, lots 2, 4, Lula
ave, Hyde's add
H M Daii to H Stem, even lots 33 to
JS, S- -I'ud st, Davin' add
Come pud v the tj-.t of my combination
hand u-aai li'.in.hy dothos washer at the.O.
K. laundry, 1J5 North Lawiencc avenue,
Monday, 'I 10 oVlo ! I shall remain here
for uviu2. ani eslablish a manufactory for
laundry and amii va hjr. Agents tohtrnl
lo maHiine wanted in every count v c-t,or I
will s'll cj.iaty or ;ilo riut. Sec combin
ation b"fo.j buying. H.e or address mo at
European hotid, l).jiivn, H. JI. Tut
tle. 117-fc
I herebv vvithdr.iiv my propers.' from the
market ' 117-2t E. S. Gnop.Gn.
Tlio Dunlnp ilat.
Goldstandt at 2J1 Douglas avenue, has the
cjlebraj 1 Dualan hat for sale. d 1 17-2:
All the fashionable shapes in silk, soft and
stiff haw at Go.htaal.s, 201 Douglas ave
nue. dll7-2t
Go to tlie '.'0o store for s'.'i'S and tinware.
Notice to ISuildcr.s.
All kinds of building stone constantly on
hand. Call on the Augusta Stone company,
702 East Douglas avenue. dll4-tf
Scaled Proposals.
Bids will he received by the undersigned
up to noon of Monday, October 4, lSO. for
tho rental of the room adjoining the iew
post oflico room in the Grand A: mv building.
15. II. Dow.vi.Sg.
Wichita, So;.:. i-S, ISSV,. dl!3-5t
Call uu Icr Citizens' bank and see p:ood sil
ver mo:mt"d show case for sale cheat).
1 havo some aero Jots that I would like to
trade lor inside residence or business prop
ort Call on .7. 12. lluni)lirey Jr., with
Lombard Mortgage Co. dll3-tf
Tor ale. Some lioico acre lots. Call on
J. E. Humphrey Jr., with Lombard Mort
gngoCo. dll.'J-tf
S.j the !onan.:is on tlu 5, 10 and 15 cent
count".-, at tho OiL- store, No. Ill West Doug
las ave. 1 11-2 fc
The httjit aj-piL-itiu to the New York
Millinery Store, 1.5S Main street, L, the ar
rival of iliss Guio.i, of Chicago, who is late
fioni Pans. She i-. one of th. most accom
phshe 1 milliners- of Chicago, and will now
orci:v.' the poitiun of head milliner. The
nrm lias also secured the .services of Miss
Alice Owns, of this city, acting m
Karl App, instructor o!
Peni-ineiitlv lo-ate.1 in
; piano ani organ.
Wichita., and pre-
pared to give icso:n at
1 -': bov 713 orTromoa!
reasonablj prices,
house. 10?-12t'
Don't fail to call on tho 00c store for l'r;h
lay aud .eddiug pres.nts, No. Ill Test
Douglas ave.
Beforo buying your winter clothing give
the Qu-:en City Clothing House a call, exam
ine their goo K and get prices. Corner Doug
las an 1 Topek.i aves, Wichita, Kan. 1C0-U
The Now Yoik Millinery Store, MS Main
street, is daily receiving the latest fall styles
aud now offer a grand selection of ladiesfelt
audstiaw hats and fall trimmings. Mrs.
Olto cordially invites an inspection, assuring
promptitude iu the execution of orders, and
most reasonable prices. dill
You can buy silverware of tho Rogers
make 50 per cent, cheaper at the KV store
than any house in the slate.
Telephone your
hack or ivery
orders to I
Yeeiuau for
at "Williams &
Try the O. C.
Udall flour
Choice residence lots ia Hiatoa's addition.
Lai-go fiuit and shade trees. Only three
blocks from Douglas avenue. One aud a half
blocks from tho Third ward s-cbool house.
Per sale cheap, one-third cash, balanco on
time at s por cent, interest. Apply soon as
thev w ill not be Ion? on the marlcet. P. V
Healy. " dCO-tf
Se- ihel)3i' casto.s at th
West Douglas ave.
l'lauo Tunlnjr.
I L. Sheldon, from Topeka, will tune for
il who order per postal card or leave
i .Thos. Shaws music store, Main st.
leave orders
4oys expi-oss wagon at tho 150c store. Ill
West Douglas ave. dllG-2t
Bin bargains in tinwaa
Mcrklo Supply Co.
at Stcinhauser-
Most of Wichita's people know the class of
work that Brittingham does them. General
verdict was the best workman I ever had.
d-115-tf. Roukrs' Photo.
EverybOtly iavitetl to come nud see our big
bargains in tiuware at Steinhauer-Merkle
Supply Co. dllO-tf
Picture fnimas cheaper than ever before
at the M- store. 111 West Douglas ave.
Wanted on our books for sale, Main street
property for sale. Coiao & Riddel!, 15G N
Main st. dll5-0t
Everybody invited to coma and see our big
bargains in "tinware at Steiahauser-Merkle
Supply Co. dllG-tf
AVantod, College Hill property oa our
books for sale. Joiuo & Riddell, "15J North
Main st. dll5-0t
I have succeeded m securing Mr. Britting
ham as operator agam. Rogers' Photo.
Hydraulic Tressed Brlc.
The fiaest brick in the country for fronts of
buildings and residences. Also lst qualities
common brick. Call at the AA'ichita Coal
and Fuel Co., CIS East Douglas avenue. Tele
phone i0. d-70-tf
C. A. Alitcn, ot Galveston, Texas,
the city.
A. II. Olcott came
from Iingu.ua
Frank "Wilson, of Indianapolis,
is stopping in the city.
A. E. Cooper, of Baxter Springs, an-ived
in the city yesterday.
Ja Paullir.of Co: ryvalr, -rosin tho city
forxi short time yesterday.
"William Spear, of Houston, Texas, was
among yesterday's arrivals.
J. E. Fruitt, of Edwardsville, 111., was
among the arrivals yesterday.
Jacob Shetling,a prominent and wealthy
citizen, of Salem, O., is ia the city.
J. S. Mathows.of McKinney, Texas, is in
the city a guest of the Manhattan.
Mr. Flowers, of Cairo, 111., is in the city
a guest ot His lnenu, waiiace .utiren
Charles Puzh. of Indianapolis, is in the
city, looking the real estate map over. ,
E. A. Humphrey aad wife, Fayette, O.,
were registered yesterday at tho Tremont.
.T. H. Dunn and wife,of Medicine Lodge,
are stopping over in th city for a few days.
J. II. Arthur, of Burlington, Iowa, stop-
pod j-estcrday to take a glance over the ci
oa his western prospecting tour.
,, ami-.
Every lady aud gent in A'ichita to know
tbat J. T. Holmes has the finest Berlin coach
aud team in the city, esecially adapted for
ladies calling. It is upplied with bell, speak-
in? tube, card cose, hand mirror, etc., m
f act everything that goes to make up a first
fln r-irriae-o. Telephone: Oilice No. 115
South Main street; residence 50J South AVater
street. d-107-tf .J. T. MOU-KS.
Tliore is a great run on
Jiam & Nesse 's.
O. C. at Wil-
Look for my new
Drift in ham's latest.
thow in a few days,
Roghi'-s' Photo.
T.4i3 tJio l'risco J.lnc
For tho St. Louis erpodtiou. Double daily
1 rain'; i nu solid to St. Loui and the onry line
that can offer this unsurpassed service.
Pullman sleeping cars on trains leaving union
depot every morning at 9:25, and elegant
ue.v redlining ch-iir car- oa trains leaving
evcrv evening az 0:20. For tickets, etc., call
at Frisco ticket oilice, 1 10 N. Main street, or
at anon dect. 105tf
100 IJew-ar.l.
Stolen from Wichita, Sunday moniing,
S.pte'iibei'5fh, I'sVi, one light sorrel horse,
sixteen hamUhig'n, -several barbed wire cuts
on breast, bald iaed, a little thiJ: winded,
eiht years old. sh'U all lound. One light
Lav hor-e, cigat yea.- old, about sixteen
hand-, high, stir m fuixh -a 1, on" white hind
foo. fistula mark. weighs about 1,100 pound-,
hots m liarc-s an 1 pa.e-s imder saddl", sliod
.ill round. .-." dollars ca-h for return ol
horses, or S10J lor hdl-ses nnd thief. Address
City Marh.il, Wichita, -Causa". d00-tf
I"or Sale.
A good card cutter in firstrdas o.vier.
AYill sell cheap. E:u,u're at thi-. office, ds-tf
Cheap I'cus!on itatcs to tlicSt. Louis E:.posi
tionia Trlsco Line.
The Frisco line now have oa sale round
trip tickets to St. Louis at or y low rates.
Please bear in mind that the Frisco is the on
ly lino from Wichita that runs doable daily
trains solid to St. Louis without change of
care of any kind. Pullman palace cars on
trains leaving Union depot at 0:25 every
morning, and elcgaut free reclining chair
cars on tiains leaving hero at 0:20 ever y
evening. For further information call on
W. D. Murdoek, ticket agent, 110 North
Main street, and Union depot, or F. D. Rus
sell, general western agent, 327 Douglas ave
nue. dl07-tt
Clicaii i-e!!i-sioa Itatcs to St. louis Exposition.
Persons dc ii injr to attend the St. Louis
Exposition .should ar in mind that the Fort
Scott route is fifty mile? shorter than any
other line, and that r.tV3 by this popular
people s route are alwavs a3 low as the low
est. For lull particulars, call on E. A.
Smith, at city ticket oiilce, 100, Main street.
C. P. Rectoh, Div. Pass. AgU
Dr. C. C. 1'urley.
CoulintutM in the regular practice of medicine
aad surgery.
Oflico in Fui ley building, opposite tho Man
Residence, 1011 North L-i.vrenee avenuL-.
TclephoueNa 11(5. d52-eod-2m
Big bargains in tinwaie at Sioinhauscr-
Merkle Cupplj Co.
Acre l.otH.
Acre lot-s for sale in Stewarf'.s subdivision
cn and a half miles west of Arlcansas river
bridge, near Garfield University, the cheapest
aut mo-s UeMivioi. resiacnce tuopeiiy
Seilgwick countj', terms casj'. Enquire of
A. T. Owen, at nation.. Kuggles, olnceov
AVielii-i Natianal bank, or Bavlev, Bro-.
Co.. 110 North Market street. " dGO-tf
IlniSists St,itcmcnt.
Druggists liquor sUitments can lo pre
cure 1 at this odLre .it .1 per thou.an 1. po-t-
ugo extra. d05-tf
l.nn Kogistci.
Piiilai;:li'iiia, July 2d, loSO.
AVichita Eagi.e, AVichita, Kansas.
Gentlemen: AVe have seen one of 3'our
Mortgage Loan Registers at tho oilice of the
Philadelphia Mortgage tint! Trust Co., this
city, and shall be obliged if you will scud this
company ono similar in all respects at your
earliest convenience, ana remain
Respectfully yours,
TjiEOnor.T: Fuotiuxgiiaii,
d05-tf Sccretarv
Notire to C.trpentersatid lliilltlcis.
100,000 pounds sash weights from 4 1-2 lbs.
to 10 lb, at ?1.75, at Globe Iron AVorks.
Sweepstakes In File Art.
Roger?, the photographer, took first pre
miums on tho best display of photographs
eraj-ou portraits, India ink portraits and the
best display of pictures of all kinds at our
Jato fair, which our people should keep in
mind when wanting first-class work. "His
No. is lOo Dauglas avenue. 1 12-Gt
Ths rrl-co Line
Are selling very low round-trip tick"to to
St. Louis. This is the only line froai AVich
ita that runs its trains solid into tho Union
depot at St. Louis. For full particulars call
at the Frisco ticket office, 110 North Main
street. dlOo-tf
A chance for a bargain ia a fine twenty
acre tract of land on College Hill. Call on
. L. Austin who is going to California. lOJtf
Closinjr out our stock of tinware at 25 cents
on tha dollar at Steiuhaur-Mcrkle Supply
AVill soil milk nt 4 cents per quart nt the
milk depot 307 East Douglas avenue. d5S-tf
1 arties contemplating attending the va
rious excursions will do well to call at the
AVichita Tnmk Factorv, No". 125 AA'est Dong
las avenue, and provide themselves with a
substantial truuk. valise, satchel or hand
basket . dUO-lra
For your traveling equipments call at the
Wichita Truuk Factory, No. 125 A'et Doug
ias avenue, ana you C3U procure
you usod at very rea-ouable price.
Closing out our stock of tinware at 25 cents
t the dollar at Steinhauser-Merkle Sunnlv
Xoticc to Contractors.
Proposals will be received np to the 10th
iast. for the erection aud completion of a
two-story frame residence building for L. P.
Douglas, on lot 72, AA'aco avenue. Plans and
specifications can be seen at the office .of Rush
i5 Gilc, architects, at 125 East Douglas ave
nue. dDS-tf ;
See premium of AVilliam & Nessley for the
best loaf of bread made from the popular O. i
a Udall flour. dl02tf j
The O. G Udall flour at Ailli; & Ness-1
ley gives universal satisfaction. dl02tf j
Harper will .sell bonds for a park.
Top.ka is wrestling with the dipthcria.
Il is noted in Kansas this year that the
walnut crop is good.
The Salvation army has converted seven
persons at Lawrence.
The army rifle contest begins at Fort
Leavenworth ncxt3Ionday.
There is a prospect of enlarging the
grounds of the Soldiers' Home at Leaven
worth. '
StiiT winds have been blowing at Garden
City from the southwest for two or three
The statistical report places Eudora on
the list as the wealthiest city of it size in
the state.
Ex-Governor Robinson has opened up his
campaign speaking at Fort Scott last Satur
day evening.
Kansas had eleven commanderies in line
in the great Knights Templar procession at
St. Louis on Thursday.
Leavenworth has a soloou for every 130
people. Topeka has only one drug store
lor every 700 inhabitants.
The New, York world speaks of Kansas
as the poor man's home. It is also a very
good plane for a rich man to make his.
The Garden City Sentinel thinks editors
come nearer telling the truth about people
who are alive thau they do about the
The Edmund Times make3 this predic
tion: "Inside of ten years western Kansas
will be the most densely populated agricul
tural portion of the state.
The Leavenworth Times thinks Attorney
General Bradford will succeed in closing
the saloons of that city. Tue old red noses
of the place will mourn the act.
General Black, pension commissioner,
was at Leavenworth yesterday on official
business. IIo met ex-Governor Glick. lie
w ill go to .Milwaukee and then return to
Atchison has an establishment devoted
exclusively to cleaning poultry for the gro
cery .tores. The Globe intimates that the
concern lias a capacit for turning out one
dressed chicken for every hour of the day.
There were Jive acres sold aad taken in
Kansas during the last fiscal year to three
in Dakota, and the same number ia Ne
braska, the total number of acres disposed
of in Kansas being 3,037,000, in Dakota
3,700,000 and in Nebraska :),o32,000.
THE lM:.'rOi'"BUn71)DG Ul
riom tne Chlc.go Inter Ocrcan.
There is no reason why any earnest Re
publican should listen more patiently to
blurs cast al his party now than he did in
180S or in 1S72. There were men to talk
then of the work of the party being done
as though the conquering of the rebellion
was Uiu "only work the party was organized
to do. All men now know that the work
of the Republican party was only fairly be
gun in 1SGS, and most men feel that there
is still a great work for it to do.
The Republican party was from the first
an up-boilding organization. Its mission
was not only to preserve, but to develop
and create. It wis distinctly Amer
ican iu its philosophy and
policy, as all its measures were
directed to the development of the country
and advancement of the people. People
are prone to forget what the Republican
policy did for the west and northwest, for
education, for industrial interests, to say
nothing of the work ia preserving the
union and abolishing slavery.
The national sentiment of the party
made possible the union as it is today. The
industrial and protective policy built up
the manufacturing and trade interest now
so important. The homestead policy
created, as the dispatches fiom Washington
have it, "an empire larger than Germany,"
in what was an unsettled country. The
homesteads taken in the west in ten
years would make in area two states like
Illinois. The homesteads taken since 18G3,
when the law wtis passed, would make
three states and a-half like -Illinois. The
public land that has gone into the hands of
the people in ten years through purchase,
pre emption, homestead, timber chum, etc.,
measures loS,S'J2,12g acres, an area greater
than that of the German Empire or of
Through the homestead policy ofthe Re
publican paity great commonwealths have
been cieated, peopled by honest home
makers; and through its public improve
ment policy the greatest railroad .system in
the world has groV.'n into shape as the
means of developing a country counted
years ago as no better than a deseit. Pro
gress under the Republican rule has not
been along one line. The constructive era
of prosperity and progress did not
depend on the success of one idea
or one measure, but on the many
that have been the outgrowth of a policy
based on general principles as vital and
necessary to national existence and growth
now as they were twenty years ago. Al
ready many of the Republican measures
have been reversed. Many principle of na
tional policy, regarded as settled, have been
questioned unsettled. There is a growing
hostility in Democratic circles to the home
stead laws, because they contribute to the
growth of the Republican commonwealths.
The industrial policy that has done so
much for the country st large is openly
menaced. With the south in the saddle,
with the Democrats preparing to undo all
the work of the Republican party,therc are
Republicans who find excuse for acting as
the cat's paw in the hands of the Bourbon
Hydraulic l'rcss itrick.
A"o have the agency for tho above named
pi ess brick and can furnish them oa short no
tice to any contractor or builder. The best
brick iu the market for nice fi oats of budd
ings. Call on Hacker & Jackson, corner of
Fourth and Douglas avenues, or 117 AVnter
street. clSotf
.Money to I,oan at Silit.
I can close a good city loan at lowest rates
in three hours anv dav iu the week. S. A".
LCooper, 1ST Main street d-U-tf
Williams & Neslv offer a special premium
of two bundled pounds of flour. uO. C"
brand, Udall Mills (valued at .G,) for the best
loaf of bread made from this brand. .'XKJ
West Douglas avenue. dl02-tf
Car lead after car load of new coods ar
riving at Steinhauser-Merkle Supply Co.
Sealed Lids will le received bv the board
of education for ten davs from date for the
purchase of tlia brick school building oa
-brth Lawrence avenue: aL-o for the hot air
furnaces, pines and brick, now iu the second
and fourth ward school buildings, as the
lKard desires to sell the same at oace. Bids
may be left v. ith the undersigned.
Chm'u Com. on Buildings and Grounds.
Wichita, Kan., Sept. 17. dlG5tf
Hay No Tickets
This morning for the St. Loui Exposition
until you have first consulted the agent of j
the -Tisco line, at ll ortn im street.
"Wo desire to inform our patrons and the
general public that lr. C button is no
longer in the cmploj of the Scliuvler Electric j
Ligut Co. Edw. J. Welsh. j
dl06-tf Sup:. S. E. L. Co.
Car load after car load of new goods
riving at Steinhauser-Merkle Supply Co.
Te Tewnship Officers.
The Eagle Printing house have in stock
all tho blanks that are used by them in their J
business, also justice dockets, civil and j
cinninal combined, at as low a figure as any J
establishment in the west. -w7-tf" I
Friday '.-.'Morning,
-October 1st,-
Will Put on Sale 956
Strictly All "Wool
Worth From $10
Will Close the
At 50c
Will Close
Be Sure and Attend the Sale.
Groceries, Specialties, Ms, Its !
And All
Fancy Groceries.
ICE Always on Hand at Depot.
Orders for Shipment and Citv Delivery
Promptly Attended to.
Telephone No. 128. S0HN & WILKIN.
Ten Thousand Dollars worth of G-oods Damaged
By tlie falling of our Shelving.
Goods Musi be Sold in the Next Ten days at a Sacrifice.
Our 1.39 Black Silks at 83c.
5000 Yards Standard Prints torn "by the fail wtdcii we have cut into remnants so as to
take out all "bad places, that we sold for 5c, 6c and 7c, all to go for 2 l-2c.
An equal amount of Blue Indigo Prints that are in the same shape, always sold at 7 I-2c
now go for 4c.
Our all wool Fancy Flannels which we sold for 29c goes in this sale at 19c. And many
other goods which we cannot just now get at to see how much are clamagad. as we have had
all our force at work for past 36 hours to get stock arranged to open the store.
Come early as all the Damaged stock must he cleaned out at once in order to make room
as we intend buying new stock
In visiting the BOSTON STORE don't fail to examine our
Which is proving an Immense Success.
t Childrens Jerseys
and in All Colors,
to$24per Dozen.
the Entire Lot
Kinds of
" " " 98c.
" " " 1.09.
" " " 1.18.
Our 69c Colored Cashmere, all wool-, 39c.
Linen Crash - -" 6
Towels - - '
98c Comforts
.48 White Blankets
White Blankets, all wool,
Grey Blankets
Our 1.29
6 l-2c
For the benefit of those who did not get one
of our beantiful Oil Paintings this
summer I have suceeded in
Which rill also bo
Every person purchasing goods to the amount or FIVE DOL
LARS or over "will be presented, free or charge, a handsome Oil
Painting on canvass, size 14x22 inches, -which we guarantee is worth
to buy at any art store more money than you pay for your goods.
Remember this picture is, as represented, a genuine work or art, pro
duced by hand at considerable expense, and to show that we mean
what Ave say we will give to any charitable institution in this city
If any person will prove to us thit the painting we give away is not
painted in Oil Colors and by hand.
We have contracted with a large frame manufacturer to supply us
with frames thatwe propose to supply every customer who
gets a painting at about one quarter of what you will
have to pay to any picture dealer.
Everything considered we have the largest and best selected stock
of Ladies and Gents Furnishing Good, Fancy Goods, etc in Wichita
and at the lowest prices.
Our 5 and 10 eents Counters
We guarantee will astonish everybody. Never again will this
offer be repeated in Wichita ! We do this to advertise our business
And it takes money to do it. What is our loss is your gain.
Ladies, cut this out and paste it in your shopping bag, and never
leave the ENTERPRISE vithout your painting; it is free.
Velvets, all wool, 33c.
- - 3 1-2C.
5 c,
All Wool Jerseys 75c
Fur Muffs - 89c
Napkins - 18c
Brown Sheeting 4 l-2c
another lot.
the Opening clay of our

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