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gfee ?fctcMla Sails 'gfitfit: meduesflau ZfrortiiviQ, (Bctofrje: 20, 1886.
K. M. Hvrock,
K.P. MRoor,
ausluca Xacager.
Publiakers aid Proprietors.
All letten pertalnlr.;? to the biulneu of the printing
kouM or bindery, or for information of adiertising.
koala fee addressed to tlis business jnaaagcr; an
tfeer communications to the editor.
Tho only Dally Paper in Southwest Kansaa or the
Arkansas Valley recciTlng both tlia day and night
Associated ITcss reports 111 full.
dailt nir iAn
Oaacepy, one year..
aeoojiy, Klxinoutlxt
Oneoopy, three rju.ii
. 4 00
. 200
UM Oopy, cue IBU..ia . ;
Bar terrier, per jear..... J '"
By carrier, three laontha -
Br earrier, one month v""". .v
Twesitycenu per week delivered by earriom In the
it?. Postaso prepaid.
One eopy, oae year. In tiio fetaie, 5Ji
Osweopy, six moutliK "
Our rats Tor .vlvertklnB shall be as low as those of
ay other pper of equal valuo as au advertising me-
All transient adxcrttenienta muat bo paid for In
Enteral in the postolTlee at "Wichita as pecond c!aa
matter, and cntcml for transmission through the
Biailri as fciicl
V. 1.. C.
What m c taw aud
Co!. Fraouixof Eraporl.i,
Coi. St. Cx.mu of Pell I'lr.inc.
A. it. I!cr.ori:tl Hull, Hcxday E(i.!uf,, Ji'ocii
bcr 1st.
One week only and Saturday ilatluev, commencing
Stjnd Grand Ai.t.iul Tour of
A. It. Wll.liUIl'S
Under the Manngraieut of
Heor-au!zcd and Mrcnglhcued.
A consolidation or dramatic talent uncquata.1.
ProiJeuueed b t)ioiic&bof thu whole country to be
Ike meat complete urK.uttzallon on the ro.id piaj Iuk
at iNipul.tr juice. lliu following eceiitionaliv
strong repoitoiru .iil l)jpriL'uted.
louiijis PEARL Or SAVOY
luirljv llCKfclOsLKAi:MAJ.'
Thur.da).. , lMlCKXLV.
i'ridiy DANlIEb
biiurduy 3'INIC DOMINOES
batarday iUtince. J p. m HIDDEN HAND
AdinlKMoa 10 and at edits.
A tbc matiuec a beautiful doll valued at $10 will
bo f,ien to the elilld holding the lucky number.
On ialurdav night a beauuiul siUor pitcher valued
ntSi'iVtill bepHbCiitod 10 tl person holding tlie
luety number. Nuinbern i 1 be i;leii away each
oeiua,r at the dorK Pt r& r , liaviiijr 10-tent tickets
wbl reeeiw one number. '1 -. purchasing aH-cut
tickets w ill lie entitled to l o numuers.
likened teats at Lnion Ticket Oflice without ex
tra charge. Tlie re"-ere rale wiU open Friday moru
las. At old the ruh and reiene J our suai in ad
To tlie Voters of Sedgwick County.
1 am a candidate for tha office of county
superintendent, subject to the decision of the
people at the polls. 3Ien have been given
lucrative offices in this county because the'
tvore disabled in the servico of tho country.
If this ba the credential for office, I leit
fethcr and bi ol hers on tho field of battle w ho
fell in defence of the Union, and because of
their irreparable loss, my whole life aspira
tions and ambitions were forever disafj'd,
even an education was obtained bv n terrible i
Ftruj.aciuns.tfeaiful odds, Iho Jield of a
occupation xor w omen is limited, l. J '
-' m U J. II. t
harvesters are many. I respectfully ask your
sjpport on the ground of merit alono.
Mrs. M. E. Lease.
To tiic Editor or the ljlo:
Pkase announce G. W. Stcenrod aa can
didate for Representative of the &Jrd District,
subject to the decision of tho people at the
Ai L Known, to our local readers, city sub
scribers aro furnished the Daily Eagle by
a contracting circulator, who in turn cm
ploys his ov. u carrier force. Mr. Dowdell,
who has been with tho Eagle since the start,
having engaged with the postmaster a car
rier, he Eagle has secured tho services of
L. G. "Whitlier. who was formerly with the
Beacon. Mr. "Whitlier secured a large num
ber of the E.r.LUri city subscribers when the
paper first made its appearance as a daily, fo
that ho w ill not be a stranger to many. He
is a p'utleman of great energy and push, and
we confidently expect a more acceptable ser
vice than wo have had for some time past.
Any failure to receive the paper hereafter if
reported to this, oflice or to Mr. Vv'bittier
will K promptly attended to.
E. M -loville aud
the ciu.
wife of Chicago a:e in
J. l'Vaneis caniu to the city from IJabtcad
Frank SIullj of Shannon,' H!.. arrived in
tho city yesterday.
Mr. T. M. Fuller h.is been confined to his
room for some days.
Henry Wellman, Esq., of Kansn
in tho city calling on friemK
W. C. Newvomb and Marslm 'McCauu
went to Kiowa county yesterday.
Mr. C. D. Plank, of St. John, was in the
citv vivtcrdav, calling on friends.
Colonel Taylor has moved hi office to 2M
North Main street in the Robinson building.
E. F. O'Conuor of Cincinnati, O., camo to
take a look at the famed city of the south
west. Mr. Hamilton, a business man from Well
ington, intends coming to the metropolis to
Thomus and W. G. Penuypaokor and -on,
of Wilmington, Del, arrival in thd city yes
terday. Mr. D. H. Sal'msr left last oveniug for
St. Joe. where he will bo engaged in busi
ness for some weeks.
Mrs. Betsy Hadacro was taken very ill
about 11 o'clock yesterday. ad is now lying
at the point of death.
Charley Cas? and his daughter Jennie re
turned last night from a visit to Charley's
oil home in Massachusetts.
Robert A. Doming, of Oswego, came iu
last evening to spend today in t. live town
and see" his old friends.
S. B. Patterson, II. G. Pierce aud J. P.
Cheyney of Philadelphia, arrived is the city
with a view to investing in real property.
Messrs. Harry Dunbar and Will Grainger
will start out in tho grocery business next
week iu the Hodson building on North Main
Miss Maft'ie Jacobs Led to tlie Altar
by Mr. John W. Sew ton.
The Isupii&l Ceremonies Performed at the
Fi.t Presbyterian Churrh. Marriage of .
Mr. C. T. Hagor and Miss Elli
The New ton -Jacobs nuptials at the Presby
terian church yesterday afternoon was a
brilliant social event. Tho bride, Miss
ifaggie Jacobs, is the charming and accom
plished daughter of J. L. Jacobs, of Hay
town, Fa., and has during her stay in tho
citj' mndo many friends and became very
popular in the highest social circles of tho
city. The groom, Lfr. John TV. Newton, a
I young druggist of Newton, ia a popular so
ciety and business man of that city, and has
also many warm friends and admirers in
Wichita. .
At o:o0, the time announced for the cere
mony, carriages commenced arriving at tho
door of the church and unloading the invited
guests. At four the bridal party
came, and Mrs. B. E. Terrell began Mendels
sohn's wedding march, the bride leaning on
tho arm of her father, and preceded by Mr.
Eph Hoffman with Miss Belle Cohu, and Mr.
I. II. Hettinger with Miss Mattic Fabnque
came down the left aisle under the escort of
Messrs. "Will Hoffman and Fred Swctt, ush
ers. Tho groom, escorted by Messrs. Bruce
Priddy and Charles Miller, advanced from
the right and met them before tho altar. Tho
father then gave his daughter to the groom.
Rev. Hewitt asked tho blessing of God upon
the two young people who were about to bo
united, and afterwards in a neat and im
pressive ceremony of tho Piesbyteriau
church, joined them in tho holy bonds cf
wedlock. y
The bridal procession, precoded by the
newly married couple then marched down
the aisle, and were driven to No. 157 North
Topeka where a reception wa3 held and Mr.
and Mrs. Newton received tho congratula
tions and best rashes of their friends. An
elegant repast, consisting of tae delaciesof
tho season was then served.
Tho happy couple left last evening by the
north-bound Santa Fe for St. Louis, where
they will remain for several days in tho en
joyment of the honeymoon.
The dresses worn by the ladies were very
fine and elegant.
The bride was arrayed in cream Mirrah
silk with real laco front, low"
conago trimmed iu orango blossoms;
wcro diamonds, a present from tho groom, '
and carried a bouquet of looso satfarone rosrr
Miss Conn, ona of the bridesmaids. More
white satin and illusion dress with low cor
sage and elegant corsage bouquet, and car
ried Marshal Neil roses.
Miss Fabrique, tho other, was dressed in
cream satin, trimmed in real lace, with
Queen Anne corsage and bouquet, and car
ried Harmose rose buds.
The bridegroom and tho gentlemen pres
ent all wore conventional black.
The presents were numerous and costly,
among them may le mentioned: a complete
silver set and $100 check from tho groom's
mother; a p'iano from tho bride'jj parents;
diamonds to tho brido from tho groom; toilet
set by Mr. and Mrs. M. "VV. Levy; vasa by I.
.11. Hettinger; wall cabinet Simon P. Ligut,
Lebanon, Pa.; brass caudle stick'; and
complete l,ea rooni son " -"'
ail' - l
-tr t. Martin, oZ rim-
adelpma; fruit ensn by wr. mv ,y "
tea i-ot, Hisses Millfo ft Jloorc, Laura, d
coek, Mattio Fabrique, Craco lkrv- -J,Ll
i. .. . . T- - -.. vii:iiiiv;- si v
Supi-enfield, Lillian Br&ndom; napkins. Ella j
Eagle, rAbcline: tablo linen, Oscar Belong:
table linen, Mr. and Mrs. J. .SmLtar, Har
riettn, Pa.: napkins, Miss Saddle Lauck.
York, Fa.; lambcrnuins. Mrs. Ilockuiau:
silver berry spoons, Dr. and Mi". Fabrique:
pickol castor, Mr. and Mrs. Colin; lace cur
tains, Prof. Jacobs and wife; plu-di banner,
Miss Bear, York, Pa.; picture, ''Flirtation,"
Mr. ami Mrs. W. C. Hay ward; picture,
"Henry VIII and his Court,"' S. F. Woolard
and Chas. Miller: silver tea service, II.
Grecmbaun; folding mirror, Movers Bros.
Di'UU Company, St, Louis: silver spoons,
Mary and Ella Stanton; parlor lamp, T. II.
Albright aud mother, Whitield: silver butter
dish. A.-T.'Buseh and wifo; era vy boat, Mr.
and Mrs. E. L. Hoffman; opera glass,
Fied Sweet, Grant Hellar, Jam;i Mead'
Bruce Priddy; vase, Mrs. J. 1'. Furlong
and Mrs. J. 11, Ton 111: tablo cloth, Mr. and
Mrs. Bohu, Marrictta. Pa. ; cut glass goblets,
Mi, and Mrs. J. Bowman; also samo from
E. E. Lindcrworth and wife: finder bowls,
L. l.inderworth; set of irons, M. M. Hoff
man: fruit dish, Mr. and Mrs. W. Z. Hoff
man; water sot. E. Z. and W. G. Hoffmau:
silver pitcher, Dr. Rusrf and family: card
receiver, Mr. and ilrs. II. P. Sheldon; book
by Miss Kate Murdock; berry spoon, Miss
Anna Barr: jewel casv, II. L. Osborn aud
Frank S. Ford, Kansas City; lamp, Theo
dore W. GrifT; one do.. Miliums extra dry.
Prof. Lippctt:of Mnytown, Pa. ;wiuo service
E. Grove, Maytottn.Pa.; Russian towels,Misa
Ora Jacobs: vinegar set Mr. and Mrs. W. G.
Fuller: set of spoons marked '-Newton."
Last eroniug tha residence of Mr. Daniel
Sloser was the scone of r. quiet but elejant
.redding. His daughter Ella boiuj united in
marriage to Mr. George T. Hagor, only the
family relations being present. The ceremo
ny was performed by Rev. W. F. Harper, of
the First Baptist church. Th- bride wore a
baautiful blue satin dress trimmed with point
lace, with diamond ornaments. The groom
was attired in the conveution.il black. After
congratulations aud a bountiful supper tho
newly wedded pair took tb 7:10 train for a
brief wedding tour, expecting to return next
week, and will be at homo to their friends
after the 25th iust. at 2-J3N Lawrence avenue.
A. N. Deming and wifo returned last eve
ning from an extended tiip east, meeting
Mrs. Doming in northern New York, his old
home. They then vbited Vermont. wh;re
Mrs. D. had spent the summer with her
friends. They then took in Boston, New
Yo: k. Philadelphia, and many places of in
terest iu tho Allejhsny Mountains. Thence
to Washington, an 1 after taking in the sights
there, called on President Cleveland and had
the pleasure of an interview and a hand
shake. Took in Richmond, tlie capital of
tho Old Dominion; visited Libby prison and
very many places made historic Tby the late
unpleasantness. Sa- quits a number of the
old battle fields about Richmond. Called on
Governor Lee. "While at Washtnstoa visited
the old horns end tomb of Washington.
Took in the St. Louis Exposition on their
way home." With fine weather for nearly tha
entire trip mads it very pleasant.
Dr. Crabtreo has at his o3cc an unusually
perfect specimen of a iwtrified tree stump
found recently about eight miles from the
Our Congressman to Make a. Speech In Wichita.
The announcement is made that the faith
ful ana able congressman for the Seventh
district, the honorable S. R. Peter?, will ad
dress our people on Friday evening of this
.week. Judge Peters is more than au ordina
rily fine public speaker, on occasions elo
quent, and a solid, entertaining and instruct
ive talk may be expected. Tho place will be
announced in due time. But comparatively
few of our people ever heard our congress
man, Mr. Peters. It Avas hoped that he and
Governor Martin might appear en the same
ovening, and it may be so arranged yet.
The second appearance of the Wilbcr
Lyceum company was last evening greeted
by another large house. The play presented
was the melodrama Ticket-of-Leave Man.
It has an intensely interesting plot and held
tho close attention of the audience from the
time the curtain ros on the first act to its
fall on the last. Bob Brierly was acted by
S. S. Simpson; and Hawkshaw, tho detective",
by Francois Xavier. Harry Rice's rendition
of Malty brought down tho house, aud Miss
Taylor's Sam "VVilloughby was well received
Ti,.fv,u,t,r,vi nn,i ti, ninr
put on in a very acceptable manner.
"Work on the new city building will com
mence in a few days. It will have a front of
twenty-five feet and will bo eighty feet deep
and two stories high. There will bo a bell
tower the top of which will bo sixty feet
The lower room in the front will bo occu
pied by the hose carts. In tho rear will be
the sleeping room for the members of tho fire
department. The city hall will be in tho
second story, and will bo twenty-five by
forty feet Immediately in tho rear of it
will bo the city offices.
Tho contract specifies that tho building
shall be completed by the twenty-fourth of
December. Within forty days tho new hoso
carts can be placed iu the building aud tho
fire department have its headpuarters there.
Last evening, a lady who at the Union de
pot was awaiting the arrival of the 'Frisco
train, easfc,yiad a gold watch aud a purso
containing some money snatched from her
person. Tne tnieve3 mauagca to mate tneir
cscapo through tho crowd. A gentleman
w ho saw tho robbery said it was committed
by Mexican Al. and another man who he
did not know, aud they jumped upon the
outgoing train as soon as they had taken tho
Tho Mexican is a well known character
who spends much of his time loafing around
tho railroad track on East Douglas. Ho had
been ordered out of tho city by tho police,
and had returned yesterday in defiance of
the order.
Quite a large amount of looso real estate
changed hands yesterday for which no deeds
were given. The wind blew furiously from
the south, and on the street not frequented
by Mr. O. C. Daisy's spriidtlers one was sub
jected to a sand bath. Shortly after noon
the gale began to subside, and by the evening
hours was fairly i cspectable.
A number of beautiful shade trees of tho
city wero injured. Thu sigus along the
streets were tossed about rather vigorously,
and a fe r: started to accompany tho visitor
out of the citj'. Tho gentleman wearing a
white collar was as likely to bo relieved of
his hat as any one else. Tho stiff hats, how
ever, seemed to bo a specialty, and it vns no
uncommon thing to see ouo rolling along tho
street as tiin'JS lftdic?i driving skittish hor?es
was not a common thing.
Chas. Hauibrow, the Fifth ward police
man, escorle.1 before his honor E. Swenzcl.
and charged him with beiug drunk aud dis
orderly, lie was fm;d $7 and went out with
an officer to find the money.
Officer Jap Marlatt thou turned iu $27 a
piece from both Richard Roa and IT. Dolau
for violating the liquor ordinance, and $10
from both Jessie Baird and Dollie Milton,
In the afternoon Jap brought up from the
cooler a small, aud what at one time might
have been a good looking woman, and charg
ed her- with being an inmate of ahouio of
prostitution. Shs gave her nanu ns Ted
Morgan. "Ten dollars, Teddie, will pay tho
bill." "I havo but nine." "Wo make no de
duction, take her back." At the foot of the
stairs she reconsidered, paid $!, deposited a
ring, and promised to leave for more con
genial climes last evening.
The Lutheran Benevolent society will open
a fair at the Grand Army building next
Tuesday, which will be continued during the
following three days. The society has been
putting forth an effort for some weeks in
getting everything ready by the opening day
and no care or pains has been lost iu supply
ing the hall with a fine variety or exhibits.
Each department has been placed under tho
control of a committee wnoso work it is to
make a fine showing in that line. A gener
ous t ivalry among the diiTerent committee.?
iusuros good work from all and satisfaction
to those ia attendance at lhe fair.
There willl be on exhibition a fine collec
tion of fancv work. This no doubt will have
a decided tendency to capturo the ladies, business to attend to, gunlea nis carriage
The committee in charge is doing every- J against another in whici wa3 a lady driver,
thing in their po.vcr to make a fine exhibit and did considerable iiamago to tco carriagi-
in that line. There will ou exhibition china
and silverware and quite a cclleation of Kau
sau fruit-.
The fortune tellers ai the usual number
of side shows will 13 ou hand with full varie
ties. A .iiiiiwt nf finn .artif;? will ba votai nn
A cold-headed cane stands first on the list,
The candidates arc: Messrs. Wm. Grehlen
steiuaud H. D. Heirman.
A silver headed cane will be voixsl to the
most popular candidate for prosecuting at
torney. A gold watch will bo. voted to tlie most :
ronular of the four following latli-sS: Mioses !
.Niederiander. msa, Uissantz anei ifliinuu
A gol 1 necklace awaits an owner anion- the
little girls.
A silk plug hat will be thrust upon the
most popular member o taie congregation of
the German Lutheran church.
Thts hall will not bo ready for occupancy
until If ondav- Tho cki-nil committee .con -
tsting of Messrs. G. Gearing. M. Tusch'and
music every evening. Friday night the sod -
of i-will rivA rhm.-v.
Tl..-. nrwvA nf th- f a.ir will be rivon to
v . -n 1 1- -. j
, .. .-
eritma church building next spring.
cuarcu uj .!. m
jievers. nroncsa ro nave evcrvimuir iii tae mei tcate ai iu.-tiuiuu - t . . -......... .
r .. lr : 4 .1 a. Z -. .....I .i....n.-n .-...?. .v. - in t r 1
by Tuerfav iaonun. j l isiteu fetate. j ' . . .., ..i-.-mv
-'- I ..-w Tr ; a strtictnre r.-t:n;r uroa ejo-
------ - i : . .-I fh r.T fj . mi lain uie r-sca oi tae
aarementa will b male for giving una I ', -, .t t ,.. ,s. -
I. , :n r. ;. f!.n, -rtl Ha clirtAMr,-. match at tfcs anwu iotoub,4m . -u.,, . ..
5 meals auu aa uiXJicsua " ""'"--" t.v. .. ... - .
A bell weighing between thirteen and four
teen hundred pounds is being placed in the
tower of the First Presbyterian church build
ing. Another new bell has been purchased
for the Oak street church of the same denom
ination. The building on the west sido will
be furnished with the bell formerly used for
the First church.
Keepers-, who was some days ago arrested
for alleged forgery, has waived a hearing
and was sent to jail in default of bail.
D. Rigga, a jointest, was introduced to
Judgo "Walner yesterday charged with man
ipulating the beer faucets. His case was
continued until to-day.
Something of dimensions is expected to
come up today in tho court. There is a good
showing for some light to bo thrown upon
tho perpetratora of some late robberies.
The Wichita equal suffrage convention
opened yesterday with an afternoon session
which had a good attendance aud was ad
dressed by Mrs. Saxon, of New Orleans. Tho
evening session was favored witti a beautiful
overture by Miss Gertie "Winch and Mrs.
Georgie McCoy. MissEva Cave sang so ac-
coptably that she was obliged to give an en
core. An aaorcss or welcome was uenvcreci
by Mrs. M. S. Collings, of "Wichita, and re
sponded to by Mrs. Laura M. Johns, of Sa
lina. Miss Susan B. Anthony was expected
on the 7:30 train, but the train being an hour
late, Mrs. Saxon made an address which won
friends for herself and the cause. She held
tho large audience enthusiastically attentivo
during an hour and a half. Steps have been
taken towards an organizatian which will bo
perfected tomorrow.
The convention will meet this morning at
0:30 o'clock, and in the afternoon at 2
o'clock. Tho day meetings will bo held
at tho M. E. church. Tonight Miss Susan B.
Anthony will lecture at the G.f A. R. hall.
A despairing spirit seemed brooding over
our happy valley yesterday, all day. The
heavens were darkly threatening. Weiredly
the trees tossed their branches of fading
foliage, and, as with a wan and lustcrless
face, the sun &auk amid tho heavy floating
shadows which fringed in gloom the low
western horizon, tha winds seemed burthened
with whispered recitals of tho dying season.
In them wo caught tho echo of tho song of
the bird that had flown, and the departing
sigh of tha bloom of a summer that is gone
forever. Fateful dirgo of the year, solemn
portals of the night, spectres of a life's hopes,
apparitions of all aspirations, how they fall
from the tombro folds cf thy robes, oh,
Mr. Chas. Fechheimer, the San Francisco
capitalist, of whom this paper made mention
the other day as removing to this city, ar
rived Saturday night with his family. Mr.
F. who called yesterday, said it was hard for
his family to break away from the social life
and circles of their native city, but ho ex
pected they would nil find themselves happy
and contented in a short time. Mr. F. is a
brother to M. M. Fechheimer of this city;
and his wife is a sister to M. Block.
"Toronto already knew something about
Hon. George R. Wendling as an orator, but
it is safe to say that tho largo audience
which gathered in Shaftesbury hall last
night and heard his magnificent eulogy on
the great apostle of tha Gentiles, gained a
b3ttor appreciation of his powers than had
ever previously be?n afforded them."
Toronto (Canada) Globe.
lr. John A. Zorn of Wheeling, W. Vn.,
who has been in this city for some days.
leaves this morning on his return trip. He,
liko everyone else, is highly delighted with
tha city, and is willing to concede that it ;
the commercial center of tho grcac south
west. The improvement siuco his visit here
last February seems to him almost marvel
ous. S. II. Stevens, of Anthony, was in the
city yesterday. He went over to EIDorado
h'st evening for the purpose of witnessing a
public test of the now gasworks of that city.
Mr. S. informs us that the Border Road i?
pushing on in tho direction of Anthony, the
right of way commissioners Larring been ap
pointed to condemn the line through Harper
countr. .
H. C. Caulkeus, western agent for the
Mississippi milLs, of Wesson, Miss., is in th
city looking after tho interests of his house.
They are tho largest manufacturies of staple
goods in tho south and talk of establishing
branch house iu this city. He seems to full.,
understand the future importance of Wichita
as a commercial center.
Mrs. Whitii'-y of Adrian, Michigan, v. he
is visiting Mr. Alead's family at Kingman,
called in company with that gentleman yes
terday. Mrs. W., who camo in to do some
shopping, observed that it was entirely st
perliuous for people to talk about Wichita
becoming a city, for io was that already, anu
a very live one.
The Seventh Day Adventists hare succeed
ed in rearranging their auditorium. It ex -cupies
the same place thai it did during
their camp meeting. It is quite a'tracrtiv
a. it now stand1. Services will be held iL
the tent every evening this week: aLo tlurins
the dav Saturdav and Sunday. Subject fa f
this evening, First Angel Message of Rv. 14
Yesterday a professional gentleman v.hc
was thought to be driving fast in order U.
make it appear that, ha for once had some
of the latter. It i; thougut ho may be caned
upon for a repair bill.
El Dorado Republican: Mr. Jay Gculd
was in Kans-is Cit3 last week, nnd from the
accounts in the papers printed there, we con
clude that the whole Gould family will take
up their readeara there.
Mr. Gould told us
tha; he would send George and ins wife to
Wichita, so there must be a story out some
where. Mrs. C. R. Ruggles and her daughter, Miss
; Helen, who have been visiting friends at
Kiown, reutraed home trignfc wtore last.
While absent ihey with a party made an ox-
wvsi0lx iuto ae wiMsTf the Territory ancg
lbo honig au j oo-ijoys, witnessing a
) ,,!.
j J. C. Cmbtrot, a prominent rasu ot Jack
i soaviUe, ILL. who ha? bsen traveling over
many of the states for the past year, wa in
1 the ctt- vtsterdiT- He says thai, menu
La3 a most remarkable growth, aal is today
! West Wichita fair grounds tomorrow,
i home ci b is exptt.d to tarn oat i
ia fall
' force, wh3e a number of crack shooters from
)a ttir!
.i. -..i.w.-.. turn. orr-t.A There
will be a shoot on every Thar,lay.
w; uaj,uitj. " - ,
The boys at Ieiderlanders report nu
merous sales within the last week. The fall
trade seems to have commenced in earnest.
College Hill seems to bs the favorite locality,
much of it bavins changed hands within the
last few days.
Mr. Seibold, who has been connected for
some time with the reportorial forco of the
Chicago Mail, and who previous to that was
a member of the staff of tho National Repub
lican, is in tho city and made us a call yes
Dealers report but little game coming to
market. The day of the prairie chicken and
grouse are probably numbered. Hogs, cattle
and corn now hold possession of their de
serted haunts.
The regular meeting of the Ladies Benevo
lent Home will not meet as intended, Oct. 20,
in order to give tho committees more time
for their work. The meeting will bo called
for Wednesday, Oct. 27, at 3 o'clock sharp.
Mrs. Z. M. Johnsox, Pres.
Hon. Georgo R. Wendling will lecturo at
tho Presbyterian chnrch, on Saturday night,
Oct. 23, commencmg promptly at 8 o'clock.
Tickets on sale at Union ticket office price
30 cents. No extra charge for reserved seats.
Mr. S, Keller, special agent of tho Wcs
chester Insurance company, is in the city and
will probably remain some days. Ho seems
to think that Wichita is nioro business like
than Leavenworth his home.
Rev. A. C. Barnes, of Marion, Ohio, an
old frieud"of A. C. Pajmes, of this city, hon
ored lie Eagle sanctum with a call in com
pany with tho latter gentleman yesterday
"It's an ill wind that blows nobody good,"'
but what's tho good of such a storm of dust
as visited the town yesterday? It was the
disagreeable day of the season thus far.
The new up town office of tho Wichita
Coal and Fuel company, is No. 151 North
Main street, instead of 133 as was reported
some davs since.
We announced in these columns some
weeks since that the stockholders of the
Farmer' Loan and Trust Co., at their annual
meeting, had voted to increase the capital
from one hundred thousand dollars to two
hundred aud fifty thousand dollars. Tho new
stock, wo are informed, has been placed iu
New England. Pennsylvania and this state,
and tho subscribers to it are now paying in
the par value of the shares, one hundred dol
lars each. By the first of November this
company will have a solid full-paid capital
of a quarter of a million dollars, making it
(one of i) the largest financial institutions in
the state, and one of such magnitude as would
b3 a credit to any of the older states.
The business of this company is the nego
tiations of loans on farms and city property.
It has had extraordinary success, v. hich is to
bo attributed to the well-directed energy and
sterling integrity of its officers west and east.
T. O. Moffet, tho president, is a clear-headed
business man, and is honest to the core. He
is also the head of the Ashland bank, and he
has just completed, to tho popular satisfac
tion, two terms as treasurer of Harper coun
ty. John F. Reese, tho vice-president, is ono
of tho wealthy citizens of Wichita, having
made bis fortune here; and although but a
young mau, has retired from active business
affairs. In him are blended the oouserva-
tivism of the native Pennsylvanian, and tho
broa I views of the adopted Kansan. James
M. Bent, the secretary, of Anthony, is w idely
Lnoinn iu southern Kansas, aud is admirably
fitted for tho performance of i ho intricate
details incident to tho duties of his position.
He is a prominent official in tho agricultural
sociot at Anthony, besides being interested
in other enterprises of public usefulness. T.
IL.Stevens, the treasurer, is a pioneer settler
of Harper county, and has been a commis
sioner of the county since its organization.
He is president of the First Natioual bank of
Anthony, and. is also interested in mercan
tile pursuits there. Frank Evans, formerly
of Wellington, but now a resident of Wich
ita, is the general examiner of thy lands
upon which tho company loans money. He
is amply qualified, by long and successful
experience, for this important tntst, and is
recognized as a man of clear discernment
and perfect honesty. Moreover he is univer
.;:dlv nomilar. cii.iovin'r tho confidence and
esteem of the thousands who havo had deal
ings with him. cither as borrowers or lend
ers, during the past fifteen years. In a
word, they aro all men of unimpeachable
character, whoso every intsrest is interwoven
with this.stato. who have "grown up with
tho country, and w iihout whoso co-operation
a-id support no movement, circis, sucim,
dnancial or bouevolent, is inaugurated in the
localities where they are known.
The far-seeing sagacity of the solid men of
hoCeast decerned twenty-five years ago
the golden opportunities of safe and profit
ablo investment by advancing money secured
by the bread acres of the west, and th states
tnis side of the Mississippi river rejoice to-
day in a prosperity largely due to a stream
if New England capital which Uowed hitfc
erward. A. C. Go-s. the general manager of tho
company lias his office at 3oston, which fe
now the great market for the disposition of
wanern securities. ' Ha has the advantage of
exr.cu'-e in mercantile pursuits and a wide
acquaintance with the numorou' savings
bnks of New England. Mr. Goss' great sxc
cess the past j car in marketing the secure
t.es negotiate I by the Farmers" La?m and
Trust corny any, stamp him as eminently the
right man for this important place.
Tae varied raotirces of Pennsylvania its
agriculture, coal.irou. potrolcum, timber anil
natural gas, with tho giant "railroad and
manufacturing interests which have grown
out of them have made Philadelphia
a center for accumulation ox capi
tal, much of it idle. This is look
ing westward f-rr active employment and
adequit return. Henry S. Dotterer is the
manager ia the Quaker City. Ho long hekl
a responsible and confidential position with
the firm of Peter Wright & Sons, of Phila
delphia and New York, who, besides con
ducting an cxtensvv e foreign banting and
foreign commission business, control a larger
number of trats-Atlantic steamers than any
other Aiwrican house. Mr. Dotterer has
also recently beca laanat-r of the "pooP
(now disIvoJ of the maauractarr3 of
wrocht Itcz. pipe in the United States, -with
hcadqearters at New York City.
The organization, sepjorted by largo capi
tal oT the Farravrs Loan and Trnst compaay
and kiodnrd coacero, Iffing.-; the rwlamxact
vealc' chasm, over vrhich capital laay with
coaSdcce ccraa to u., scatter iu bk-ss-in; f
ovtroar far-reacbiag prairist and ia dnsj
time rv-trrrn to its cr-aer neni; iroga-w
with the treasure, .athi h.
MONDAY, OCT. 18tli,
Commencing at 1 O'clock and Continuing
It Is our intention to make this the
Finest Opening and Exposition
Over 500 Imported Garments. Over 1.000 Domestic Manufac
ture will be placed on expos tion and sale. Ladies who wish to pro
vide themselves with their wintc: wraps will do .welt to attend this
grand opening, as we will bring on lor this occasion the finest nov
elties manufactured for any community.
Garments Arriving Daily Short Mantles, Mantletts, Peluces,
Newmarkets, Seal Sacques, Plush, etc., trimmed in all tho different
furs, skins and novelties.
In addition to our present large Cloak Room, we will occupy our
Carpet Department for this occasion.
Don't Miss This Opportunity to Procure a Wrap.
Boys' Seersueker
Regular Price, $1.00.
Temporary Quarters 216 Douglas Avenue.
Plymell & Leighton's Stage Line.
v Fare? Sprilrji.
Vsstcngrr 'r Uerui Center, JiainbcU. Wet Plata.
!l-tinia. Forgo .SprlDwvirxIall pn'.stt In taath-
w,:erii Kan&tM. H1 tavf tlmo ami
nrcne-y by going via
HcaxJfjnari'Tr.t Cimarron anl Garden CUjr. IVdh
ilny asu uigbt Irzliu novr Mop nn&th tit tfcevj joints
Furnisher, Hatter
and Shirtmaker.
Noble BlocV. 402 Douglas Ave
th Money. Low Ka
! i
vzinisjuv. oirrs to jay or? v i&rziLXZsrs.
Chattel & Persona! Loans a Specialty j
oct- rc. Vich'ta, Kans
iftrra-. Ci.
I A.T.&S.?A.B,h
9 A
'1,. s. . crv'
. - -jaii
Ijiieortal urn
& Ross.
N. X. T. P. 0.
For Bargains in
Eeal Estate
Call on
Pure Drugs, Medicine
and Chemical,
Allen's Drug Store,
lTTir ea V t fuJ lJtiv Jtclc f
Paints. Oils, White Lead, Litzed
Paint, Varniehas, Window
Glass, Putty, Etc
Toilet Articles. PerfnmarySboui-
der Braces, Cnest Protectors,
Spongea Soaps, Trusses.
IT siio 3Jt iM isf j jrf pater sa4 nM.&H&
Patent Medicines.
Tofa-J3 Mverl wr 1lt f.ira-. . w.w
lfcttr jtri t"t Mm Ivts tJi!r'ea Jtit. u4r
wl a air w.l fili tc, 41, ire VooW at Hut

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