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Wichita eagle. (Wichita, Kan.) 1886-1890, October 23, 1886, Image 6

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Toocl for Ujo Poor of Various Xaiids A
Traveler's Experience.
Tho extent to -which the olive is used varies
greatly in different countries. In northern
countries it is used chiefly as a relish eaten by
itself, or as a sauce, seasoning or stuffing for
meats, fov. Is or game. It is on tho tables of
tho lieh v.hat the French call a bors d'eeuvre
that is, a side dish or table superfluity.
But it is far otherwise vi ith the poor in tho
south of Europe, to v. horn ifc is an important
article of diet. In ancient times tho poor
made an entire meal of bread" and olives. It
is still the same m tome j.ai ts of Europe,
where a easant thinks himself prepared for
n journey v. ith a piece of bread under his
arm and a handful of olives in liU pockcL In
fcouUieni Italy no meal is made -without
olives. Tho olive me: chants pass rejrularlv
at supper time through the pooler quarters of
tho city.
It is tho .Spanish habit to eat oih cs "at tho
end of a meal, bat not too many. Three or
four a: o ncnally thought enough, or if they
aro -ery good. one may eat a doze. A:i
Italian author recommend the pi curving of
Spanish olives that i, u Iho-c gron on
Italian soil but picf.rs thosj calkd t.
Francis, ivhHi is conjiiou at Asroli, vrL io it
attains theseof a..nluL It is, ho; c. r,
generally agiced amo.ig gourmets that the
smaller olives are sast for eating. The man
ner cf treatment ha. reerJlitlj-, pjihatw
somelLmg to do w ith the coil rc quality of the
SpanWi olive lieu fomid in tho ieiiin ula.
Olives aie nresci ed in Italy, as ciso.; hei e, in
rrenk hv or biine. The- G1'e also biuised,
stuuod in Hie JSordeaux maimer or diloJ.
In cnstriu countries, whence tlK'o'ivpcauie,
the fruit forms .tfll an important aiticleof
diet. A traveler lolaUs that he found de
licious a meal of eggs, oliveT raid gsayes
offered him by the monks of the monasterj
of Jlojnf LIbanus It is traditional in tlic
Catholii church that Hie monks living m tho
desert fo 1 pi mcipally on olives. Tin oughout
Turke, AsLi Idi-.or, Greece and other coun
tries about the Mediterranean the olh c has
remained, as in Ike moL ancient time-, a sub
stantial ai 11 1 of foo 1 rind a r.cce&ai y meain
of cristc". io the tailing millions Cox. Sau
Franci"o t Iuwil-'K
Sedswick County Abstractor.
The Oldest and Largest House in the Citj.
Wholesale and Retail Druggists
BD ALLEN, Rotary PaUlc.
- .i ti J
Allen, Grahanl & Jones
Nos. 138 and 140 Main street,
Hov. Zlmpiies ITu.mj Ileon IV.un !!.
Theio niv a fiw Tacts that impi.-v. the im
aginatka utw in l-ginuing the t-tud3of
phjsicaliLiv than th. lain of the skele
tons or - i V , h.c a Ofi.itiimc ceael'ssly froi'i
thosuifi .ttnc'a to the oxan depths.
Out of J - 'hiy ixhus of mirii'M nfc N
formed tV i' i;y uoa nf the o oa.i bed,
makers d .13 nniblu Hint i-Uo'L1. The
young jii iik sin 'Tho Cr.iis" cf tin- Jkic-
1Vcl In 1
abandoi ,
that th
till ever
bed hoi
is a sti j
rain of
pie sea
like iii
tho nit
and a t :
way. A : '
Who w
C011M .
1 oughl. ) '
"vhoi. .
first !L-' .
caii. t
nol. !:'
thebr ,
'ii;Z of uur island empire in tho
. 1jh.1i M-ime pro,osc v.o should
. inJipiai.tly: "Wa ir for this
1 'j'hL. warolnkui and ictaLnn,
. andovcry toot of the Oi-eaii
k ton fit an Englishman'' li
.v, .uid .suggest he. "What a
'1 :.-lefon. ihrough these jnr-
.is v.hich, haidemng 1:1 lime
. rjz of the ocean iloo, form
j ' 1 inpiiol It is a gieafc thought
'i , allium 'h gi-im enough in it,
. hi is aio fou led on skeletons
'i . Io rear .1 lhionu 1.111st use
ifouiiikitiou. TJio cattiu tou-
. ivaied pylamids of rkulMmt
iiLo'l the universal liulh. Ho
!U.iu to bupi 1 jino dominion must
1 who arc willing to siKow their
! -ikh! cs building maleiial. The
ri j ilihei-s At by w ci c mil bed into
.1 i h thc M1ti'c oMihead, mci.l
in or. 1 tl, si thooo wlio came after might find
th .a p i . 1 .ith the crowns of their dead
conipa ,'- . head-', v.cio but olfoiing i"
mo hoi 1 ibio fashion tho samesaci Jd'-c win,. li
ail men iti toller whonould found iiyjCr,
or, indeed, do anything else of ;.eiina'R-;:L
andrjhdv.oiih. Thopiico of ' rty, s-? or
cmiiiv, i , hie. And ho w ho is nor iriiaiig iu
rase ci need to loose Jus L -" never atr-in
to those IhLigsv.luV!. mke lifc-iivu-th
Jiving TV 'IT
ilellf, 1.0 IJiii.'t ll.it lie.
Tho poihihi kalhumaiioj thai the deal
er 'atur i .1 !i madly to the fashmub'e c.i
eiJo and Ih'ig themselves in Ihf croli.ig v.a 0
villi an ji.tinclivc mother impuU divsn't
I oLl v.af , so to &puik. otilido tho Mvid mi
agiuatiou ol ropoiteis v. ho liao a gift lor de
scnbiu undrapud limlis.
"We :u. jwrfecth willing," 'id a bdlo
i i"' -ii".- ju a jiioiufai ol iec:.io 011
Real Estate and
Investor :-' of ;- Capital.
Business Lots and Sub-Dividing Acre
Property a Specialty.
. .
C TPvAlsTGERS visiting the city with a view of investing, will find
it to their interest to call at Room 2To. 1, Noble Block, Corner
Douglas and Topeka avenues, and see plats of the Three Inside
Additions, all of which are within ten minutes walk from the
Business Center.
Sole Agent for these Additions.
-buy and sell-
Make Loans on Farm and Chattel Security,
Office 414 Douglas Ave, Room, 1.
Wichita, Kansas!
The following is a iclect'oa from oar larw list 6f improved and tmlmprovjd firma, for
sale by us, on terms to suit purchaser. We aIo have large stock ranches In this and al
joiaing counties ai very low prices. Grazing lands from $J to 10 per aere.
I am prepared to offer to Investors some Rare Bargains m Wich
itaReal Estate. Now is the time to invest; if you hold off tor
lower prices you will be woef ully disappointed. Prices are still
daily advancing and will continue to do so.
Below is a Partial
of our Bargains and Sure to
For the Investor.
make Big V
75 f et f roab on th3 aornsr oif Tenth si,, and Wabash Ave.
50 feet front on Main st. in Fairviev addition.'
1 acre in Perry j addition; good location and a Bargain.
75 feet front on corner of Emporia and Kellogg sts.
100 feet front on the corner of Emporia and Lewis st.
Sofeet front on Fourth ave. 4 blocks south of Douglas ave.
10 acres in Tarleton's 3d add, very cheap; suitable for sub
dividing. 37 feet front on Market St.; new house, 4 rooms.
We liave some very fine Business Property
that we can sell at Great Bargains.
X Imeoi'Cinvla Hr-t Jlas
Nu C.u i iai;.'i nico J)rJ Ii Hoie
vL-o Stj!)lo ouSjutli Wator sHyM. nott to th
w ill bo found lirst lass Turn out-.',
D U-jUi Aieaiu IC ntl, w-lierc
errtliinmn an I fir,t clasv Ghemaacall.
Improved and Unimproved City Property
on the best improved streets in the city.
Lots on the inside on street car lines and in
outside additions. Suburban lots on the east
side in Maple Grove addition.
Business lots and business blocks for sale
at special bargains. Several fine tracts near
the city for sub-dividing- and plating.
Improved farms and grass lands in all
parts of the county ; also ranches in this and
adjoining counties.
All parties vishing to buy
to call and examine my list
The Oldest Real Estate Agency n Wichita.
12 100. 133 In cultivation, hotuo andstsbls,
pood orchard; fenced Into 40 and s0 acre
lields with water running through and
conveyed Into every -10 acre tract. One of
the finest grain and best arranged stock
farms In Kansas, one-half mile ofcliool.
two and a half miles to good railroad
town, 11 miles to Wichlti; S12.C00, one
tnirdcash. balance tosalttuirchassr.
2-2160. 1.10 In cultivation, r.O acres tame pas,
10 acres timber, Kood house and stable,
fenced; IS acres la hopr lots and carrnl3,
good "well, pump and wind mill, good or
chHrd, good spring: 1 milo to school,
threo and a liairralles to Derby, on rail
road. Cue farm. $0,103, on good terms.
'J$ 1C0, 00 in cultivation, house stable, cilb'20
in pasture, fenced; 2 wells and crtek.good
orchard, 00 rods to ecliool. IK ndle to
"Wichita; $4,rc, Kcash.
ZlVi loO. l."3in cultivation, house, stable and
crib, nice young orclusnl. fenced: Well,
pump and Mind mill; li miles to Valley
Center, choica bottom farm; $(1,050,
-1C0, GO in cultivation, hou-e. birsi, crlba j
and cralni'ry,4-tonatock tcale,nice young
orchard, goodwelis; fel.000. terms.
3tC sO, SO In cultivation, house and et.ible,cri.j
ancgiacery, heSgeil all around, 0 aero-
ofgixid fruit, i gjqd wHl?, aarodjtu
school; l,tCw
357 ISO, 2W incultiTation, 2goodhouf,got.l
barn, fenceti all around, rastar? fencod,
Kood orchanl. 1 mile to eehool, 7 mile to
Wichlt-i, very fine farm and verr chein,
$l'2.C0O, timeoopart.
SSSIGO, ltrtIcnItlvtion, houe cndFtable.C
rod-s of good hedge, well, goo.l orchard;
i ,-uniue w E-nooi; SJ.rw), I.uWdua Oct.
13, Operct
) CW 1G0. ft) in cnlllvation. hon3 and stable,
i well. 40 rods to school, ."! mile to rail-
roHi town; special bargain and special
terms; $J,'.0o.
Jb7 lfO, 120 In cultlVKlIon, house ud stable,
grainery: fenced lnto4uttcrcflelds;2well
goodorchnnt or all kinds or fruit, gio-l
Jtarm; Sl.OwO, part time
."72 UV), (X) in cultivation, house, Hable ami
grainery, well and spring, Mme orianl,
2e miles tor Irond ton; $J,2(.0, taitA
C2 ICO. 30 in cultivation, smsll house and tta- ,
ble, crib and grainerv, j,ono irult; 1 mile j
to school. SK mi lei to railroad towo, 10 sl
much to Wlcblta; ?J,o-J"J.
7." ISO. -iOO in cultivation. .T aorea pasture.
fenced; good house, barn and fchfd,2mllea .
to railroad town, iliulle-tto Wichita; ,-.7-(j, SM In
$12,000,,'; cash. " ftn'd gruli
320,uo(!se. barn, buggy Elicdandgralnfrv,
all fenced, good carrali and fted iJts
fenci-d; 2 miles to echooJ, 1 mils
ccurcu, s-s.oco.
1G0, 70 In cultivation, house ami barn, !.
acres pasture, icni; ys milo to scliooi.
:J miles to Andovcr tn J'rico road;$J sou
ooo 4 jrs,iierc..
0 S20.110 In cnltivaticn, iQ paslu e, fenced:
n!c joung orchard, 2 we!l3, cistern; i
mile to Fchool. .1 to one and 1 miles to an
other railroad town, SKmlle to "Wichita,
cultivation, good houfc. barn
nery. fenced and cro?a foucid.
feed lotb and carrals leacctl; runnirg
wattr and three good wella, line orchard,
5 mlloi, to Amcley, 3 to Kdgecomb;
would do well
before buying
W. S. COU8ETT. President.
A. TIES?. Vio Prc-sldent.
J. If. BLACK. Secretary and TreaurT
' immi
SS&Ii.v .
sZiOM . - inAQT
r35i rl. rJ '.
Cdwice, io M the men wilc about our! 5? r?JMMjWiE.3P R R. ' '" '
uaimtw.i'-.cinsioamuliwm.ljiitt'iiofiLtl f &i fMW, WWVi Pi IB a ;"
ivnllyis that it would by impossible for a m?SaS.tSlibM TBfeiiWV'
woman ir. i ojwr form io nttoiiml fon-li a mU."t 4a5T!mfc'lSffR5
Ihinp. It simply a imlter of calculation, 'iWPSP 'r0K '
rmlif 3011 Knm. am thing about ihcmji-- frtlS&pl 'ftWJSSjS
i. 5 of a worn mi in proper lonn you can liiio U&gp&r Wt Z&Mlw'Wfci K'
n up umni n. jC wo.ua mice jier at I t ' -Vjf ,Mp2?x? ' jSuAJPi UA''f 'rKah?ift
t to lioiu-s r.u.1 a half to dress for ilio K !., M$&2t tZl1 mtf
the.i two lioun, at least (o Ui oa, for the v ... : Tk V'Hw-"
i.-i i .... . j . . T . .. . l . I ' 55jiVfS5afcviiir& a CX"""X. I
jioi i. a:: i zv o ' oui-s ana a Jiali to wt luv h to I " SS?52aK2SSS.'LJ ' oil in X
Restaurant : in : Kansas.
anil 3IAIN" StreeU.
UA.NDOU'O UOSSI, ITopriitoi.
l!ram.ii Hou-e, Not iviowi, Kan. i-
a hotel cxtettiim?. That would be tun honn
3iwi3 one lialf of the twenty-four. iSo, s.ir;
i a prell,. fable, and it's a pily to ilcalioy it,
1 it's a inblo. A lady of society uiiinot
liatlie any nvx-o Mian she can play a trombone
or open o.n -M ;.": vju Ciir.l.le "in Nm Voil:
A New 011:1:111 oiiiiig Jl.iehiau. 1
ArcmaiLable step in advanr- iu bhnplify-j
.n?T tlioscum inu'hiuo lias boon madobyl
11 ta'iiimi gonluman, and tho practical
"latureof tlicnnontiou 11 as recently deaion
stnilxL The n?w jiiadiinc bas not a w heel in
it. and may Ih ilescubed as I ho v. 02 Ling pails
of a pood sowing macliiuo tlipiiwd of-all ex
tra tooii1; (.'('tails, anil eouduisod within the
Emallcst possible compass. Ifc uKasnsea only 1
cilitiutliub liigu byalout io incho wide j
ana one im.li ilwp. It is iittel at rho foot j,
w ith a ; uvv. 1 lamp, by v hie b it 1 an be fixed
loinu wo 'n a uiuie, aad l-iiiynoriieu !y
a child. Tho -n orLing motion uKisiVts of a
vcitical plunr prcs?ed downward by tho
iiu-er fiom ilo toil, tho plunger being 10
tuiued into po.'mon for the net puahbya
s-prmg. it malvisaivifoct loclt .stitch. aiiiL
will h?w all LimliOf fabric, line or c-oais,)
a ithin certain reason ible limits. IJeyond its 1
cfiicienc, it ijojsastoi an advantage v.hich'
apleals to all, linmrly, that of economy in I
1 11 v So small k its. cost that it can be jjur
iLaxl for about ". London Timos.
J. Orders for ICC CUKA3I In aii llsor noek
oulds or Bulk, piomptlj Hlletl.
A, II. r'LVXWELL. Xotarj- TuMic.
Real Estate Dealers.
WetaPydeMraIltytaU.ecltp:aIsoaIaW'ilst of Farm Property,
our office pou can gct.our ))rlce3 and tee our property free 0: chaw.
By calling
OrricE.-nooM 4 eagle block.
I'lrst stairway east or 'VVlc
lclilta National Bank.
Wicliita Grocery,
-Succc$50rs to ilAJOr. & HOLLIDAY, Dealers la-
No. 227 E. Douglas Ave., Wicliita, Kan.
A Xw loik X'.Uliiijr.
Now York wnn and upoiteis luvvo a
iinnia f ..r lining t he ord "s n L" If a man
is drowned in 2foithrnet ho goos dowji-in
the watery 'vihl." If a neh man breaks, he
links in tho 'swirl of iimmcial luin." If a
girlgoe.5 astray, the is lost in the ''Murl'1 of
sin and "ice. ."Caught in the swirl' is tho
fj orito oxprcr-iou. fcocieiy li2 its "owirl,''
fo has gambling and wild xx-ulations. If
there is a storm, tho 'mad swnl' of theehv
ment- is simply indi'p.-iL'vible. At Buffalo
35.11 s enU'itainm nt th surging crowd was
il uIUla.sn villi" i f Lmmuiity. Tho cir
cling fligltof pii-UoWV.s alluded to as an
'impetuous s ul " A sxjwrter who cannot
nvtrage at least soi en bi iris a week is simply
nowhere, hi net, tho '-bwirl'' has grown to
bo a regular stai.dby, being even more useful
than thoonco popular butnowclToto 'dull
thud.' Andwomaynxld that it is likely to
become altogetlwr as tautabxing and monoto
nous. Baltimore Herald.
Now is the time to buy lots in this addition
while they are cheap.
Street cars and large brick
School house in connection. For further in
formation call at 6n S Market st
Thero arc now sold in tho United States
about ?2GO,000,000 1 orih of paints every year,
and raw materials to tho amount of lialf of
this sum are consumed in making them.
Putty is made by all tho big paint factories.
It is made out of whiting and the skin of liu
Hd oiL It is put up by the thousands of tons
iu i.Tgs and skins, and ccs!s about 1." f rents a
pound to make it. Chicago Times.
Wholesale Groeer Company
Nos. 233 and 235 North Main St., WICHITA, KAN.
very cheap; $3, COO, H cash.
9-3320, '210 la cultivation, houso. eUble and
grainery, good well arid creek, 1 mile to
school. Jl mIle3to Wlchits; good corn
farm; $7,50,ternis.
lOt 1G0, SO iu cultivation, house and stable,
fr alt and forest treos, fenced; 'iOacrespaa
tnre fenced,-!; miles to railroad town;
127 1M), 110 in cuttiiatiou, Z r.crc3 pasture,
fenced; house and barn, Hog and cattle
lots fenced; tome trnit; 5 mile to "Wich
ita, fine view or the city; $S,500, terms.
155-1 2." in cultivation, 2 acres timber, gcod
house aid! barn, fenced; wells, orchard,
."i niilen to n-ilroad town, y milvs to
Wichita; SO.lt-0.
1C5 ICO, 10 la rnltivation. liouae, ham and
rr!h fenrittl mid p.rrPM fiirpil ; 10 nnr.s TflH-
tnrp. cooilorchar 1. 1 mile to school. o f
miles toiallrrfid town; 91.WJ, terms.
-Z0i 1W, 110 In cultivation, honse, etnbio and
crib. nil, somo fruit; Jff miles toirail
road towns, l-'milc3 to Wichita; 43..VJO,
Q)) . vObi,
"We will offer for next, thirty days our very large stock of Soring
work, consisting of one very fine Vis-a-Vis, one 12-Fassenger
Hack, a number of fine Carriages of different styles, also Surrys,
Phgetons, Buggies, and Spring wagons in great variety,
S AtlCost In Our Repository.
This is no advertising scheme, but a notice to the people, made in
good faith, in order to dispose of a very largo stock before the close
of the season "We will, to accommodate persons who are not quito
ready to buy, take a small payment down and hold goods for a few
days. Will also take good notes on reasonable time.
221 lfio, CO in rnltivation, houEe, gralr.cry.feta
ble and crib, fenced and crow fenced, .50
ac.03 hog tiRht; .5 good wella and nlco
creek, lino orchird; 7KmllM lo railroad
town, 2j; miles to UoacIIill; 3,.'iC0, pnrt
2-21 So, u0 in cultlv&tion, hitfio, t moLe hou,
stable, grainery, crd and fenced; -well,
good orchard: one and a fourth mitcB t
church. 2 mile j to V. O , b miits to rtil
road town; $2,000: $1.00o on time
270 lf-0, 70 in cultivation, house, stable, cribs
ai d 2carral3, feed lots and fenttnl; good
orchard; 5Jf mllc to railroad town;
$1,000, term-
27J 1,."20, 200 in cultivation, well Improved, all
feneed and all vfircred, fine grain and
etockfftrm; .'5f mil"S to railroad town,
two-thlriloorithottom; S'-M.oco, terms
271 Iff?, lfK) in cultivation, fenced and cross
fenced; good honee, btabU and erlbfl,
plenty ofgood fruit, good well; $.",0W),
27t 1C0, Win cnlth allon. good bougie ami litrn,
young orchard,:: miles to Goddard,$5,UH),
I S3 tltO. Ci) in cnltivaticn. good grunerv ,K
luiles tornllroad fown,vry fine Ira I; 12
iuile3td Wichita. $l,lhxj.
MXi iro, 120 in cultivation, homo, stable, cri'.
grainery and crrnls, fenced and cnvn
ienccd;2 wella. pumpandwlnd mill, line
and large orthnrdor till Jdndi of fruit; '
mile to ecliool. S mlloj lo .mlovcr on
FrliCO latlrojid; $.',a, part time.
i2t ICO, 110 cultivated, now S-room house
puntny and cellar, uniok house; fenced
and cross I encod, good hog lot. 2 good
wells, i ico young orchard, S) rodi to
school, AS milfs to fcrbv, Koso Hlh t
milea Sfoo
42o ll, 1C0 In cultivation, house, Ht.iblo An t
crib. Eomofonce. well, creek; a mtliMto
Garden l'lr.ins, 10 rodd tifchool; $J,oto
li7 ICO, fcO In caltlvallon, good hone, 1 r.rn
and crib, 2 well, oi chard: 1 mlfet
frchoOisl mileo loChiney on lallr od,
&!,00o, term.
12S 7G0, IM In oultivallon. hoiue. barn.grnlii
ery, J90 acrei feiued with 3 wlre, 1
svervs hog tight 7 wlnw, wells, eplng
and river; 2Jf ncre of choir b fruit, bot
tom land; 22,SX, $!?. ca?h, Iml&nrr
at 7 perct.
251 193, M in cultivation, ."-room honse., alablo
pasture fenced; 2mlbs to inilroad town,
$l,eC0, tsrma.
Now is Your Chanee
vehicle at cost. Come early while the
t from. Remember the place,
To get a good vehicle at cost. Come early while there Is a large
stock to select from. Remember the place,
2S2 W0. suitable for subdividing, thrae milrs
lrom Wicnlta; price and tenas on apidl- (
233320, flOin cultivation, house and KM,940
fenccl for pasture, good iclJ; f niUea
from Wichita, special lurgtitn; &7XX), ;
2c$ 1C0, 1W in cultivation, house, stable, cribs
etc, pastnrc, fenec-d; bearing crobard,
flrst-cIr.rB bnttom land, K mile to tohcol
2 miles to railroad town; 7,r
25 SO, 40 ia cultivation. 2-roonihon3e.T.'ccr
paatnre, fenced; orchard, well tml Xir.-ne-cah
river bottom; $1,000
ISi 160, 1C0 In cultivation, email booae, I mile
tOBchool, Jj; mlloj to railroad town,
4 to 520 acres ITS In cultivation, good boti e,
largo burn, fenced; 2good wells, 1 wltd
mill, r.ero orchard: t mUes to rllrcnd
town, fc milea to Wichita; 9,Cfif, vry
4l Kyj. unimproved, ttccd .spring, 't m btti
raitrond town; $3,0d0
1W 1C0, 70 In ridtivalim, 2-tory "-roo n
hon-e, good bsrr, f.luo other tabling, !
ncuod pasture, feiccd: wells, line y ji.n,
orchard, ." mtJe" to rnllroud town, t
Wichita; 93, WJ, i:,oK)cah, batnnee n
117 1', 20 In cultivation, 2hougii. "2 tiprliw,
; m!Io9 to railroad Button; $l,toj,tvun
4iiy ei). COtn cultivation, iv; titory house, s'ti
blB, well fenced, 20 ncrf-i pavtare, fence I,
txui.efrult. it mlliiJ to V. litilt; il !".
iomc time
2y to, iHin cnltlTAttoti, until Ikhmp. w '(,
I -aofl trejij, 2(X) forest trewt. H iuVUa to
raitrsad townj SI,.vj, part Unto.
t 131 8S0, 2 In ctiltivati-m. bwj1 '2 t.rjT i t. .
(jjrn--'ianu net, nsy ior ni uerrKk, 2
good vt1I, cltrn, ?f( acre fmsrr 1 I ,r
jmetwre, good bcsrlngoralmrd, 'J ;;il Its t
Wichita, X miltr to school; $lt5.ow
291 lflO. 1C0 cultivated fenced; mall hone.
stable and crib, gjbd orch-snl. well, pump
and wind mill; 6 mllt-a tornllroad town,
CO rods to school; $J,2uO, tcrin
2C'2 bO, 70Inrultivation, ho.u,e, ctabla. cribj.
-tc., rencd Into 1 fields, jrood young or
cbarl, i? mlls to Wichita, 4o roda to
school; tS.yO.
18. fie In cnttivttion, rnnli liottte, i
railntMd ttntion; $l,K.y. UMon tbnf
472 )r,, Coin colli ration, good houe nd am
lio frsf; :rej, sro forott tre; w, w,
73 1R9. m in oat liT.t tint, how ami ntab4r
Join the town of BIurdoL, Klor.an
-103, Win culthatioa,
xw lmjrxcnief 5.
47710). 75 lo cultivation, h&tite and U V
ei,); ltinp Hint.
n 19U nalraprtrred ; t,29; fo ttw-
477 K0, w) in cuHiratlou,goO'lbottttn') t
ttle, to cre. rtictd,tiniat04h farm, i
H csuh.
j 7 JOo. lie In oUit alloc, ftottfv and U' 1-.
orchard; SUM; jarttHnr."
CAPITAL, S100,000.
Farm Mortgages, Interest at Lov Rates,
V.ZVjO. 10-1 in cultivation, good ft-"room hoiue,
gootl)arn, grainery for l.tfj mi
isccii: sgoouwellp. andcrce
yimWc to school, i milts to Goddard and
Garden I'lalns; special bargain; SS.S&ny,
iI,fX) IvhG pert:.
No Delay.
DAVID P.OEISOK. JR.. Pnnnonsr, To'edo, Ohio. JAJIES J ItoLISOS. Sevtietxst.
OFPIC3, 127 3r-A.IJSr STEE3T-
ad Dcsl- ta
ut ! nl.il t lli.f. n i n
jgz-sWsxgs&i woou, uiotn ana meianc cunai bases
liave two aae hearse A rJ"lT.4t t I pbace direct tiVTIrhlta CfTaeterj. Office alwaj-s open co Ikiu;!a3
fcvtnue. "Wiclxiui. KaaKii. romtt .itwniion to ortl.-ys by Telegraplu
T. r. CUr.0
ft', orphan,; J"" '" U,C'M'
. g
-ltv, 110 In cnltlratlon. hni, stable and
orchard; I mtletrt ecliool, 6ml left lor!!- i Sro5I UirJiiM in oil
road town; $5, JXi. j erty.
-820,250 In cultivation, small heme, Tfan- '
sraeUible, pcutisra, fenced; ae orchard,
i jimc vwecnooi i nw to Vnrtty,
.ii? iUiill, l-..1., .tfT2I.
l lf, IVt in cuUirntton. hOt. him
ffencl, Kelt, f.'iailMtO ralfroad Vr.n
7 mil's to WlfbJt, hhryhUs; K . ,
l,r'n ii.
nd iidwxiian i'Or-
Cbean ZXsir lots caCJlf Hill.
rivflacd :-nacre trct nltBbk r jiUttg
and nsmitslng,, razj low ya imett t" - '
lictinrse Ijts en Mala al Dmuff st sTf
We do not ma&c special efforts to sell in .any partlcnlitr locality,
. because v.e have special bargi-inu
On Chattel Mortgages and City Property,
Wichita Banking Co.
Real Estate and Loan Agent
Office south side Douglas ave, 2d stairway w of Lawrence.
and we desire to give our customers the pri7l3ge of
Gliooif - Tkir - Own - Locai
u - tj
I tnlvrhiGh to Wy. Wtakogreatpleasure !a showing property, both
city, and farm. "'
Will deliver ICE to any pan of the City.
Order by mail or give orders to drivers of our wagons.

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