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gtte micfctta gatls gagli: S-Steatlesua. S&oimiUB, ctnBer 27. 1886.
'y vfcr;-tj
M. 3L JIcedock, I E. P. MrasocK,
Ediur. I Buslnera J-an8-
Publishers and Proprietors.
All letters pertaining to tbe buclness of the printing
bexute or bindery, or for Information of lulTertlsinR,
should be addressed to tho Iraslccsa manager; all
oilier communications to tbo editor.
Tb only Daily Paper In Southweat Kansw or tho
Arkanxas Valley recelvlnjr both tho day and night
-Associated Press re rorts In full.
Ob copy, one year
One copy, sir inoattw
One copy, three it-i.Ls
One copy, one mo. Ji
By carrier, ier jear.
By carrier, three months -
$ S0
, 4 0.
', 10 00
By carrier, one montfi ""; ,, .
Twenty cents per woc-fc delivered by carrloni In tho
rjr. i'ostage prepaiu.
One copy, one ye? r. In tho State,..
Cuaaoiy, six mouths
Our rates for adrertlslnp shali bo as low as tl'wo of
any-other iaper of eiual r&Kwai ca advcrtl-lag ine-
AU transient dvertlsemectu must be paid .or In
Hntred In tScpostoffleo at YTJ-li'.t.. cs seccn 1 class
Blatter, ami entered .for translation tlirough the
malls to kucl
Ji. Ji. C'-lAV.i Uia, liuuascr.
ilO-.'DA"- AX.) TUESDAY r.VI.riNGS.
Xovcm'aar 1st and 2d.
Tno DUtlnsuhhcd American Actress.
iiiss iCAT?. roRsynr,
And h.r talontod company. In the Iilgl-Iy successful
.: i.AItCi:i.Li :
By J. c. KACH rf -ov KSQX (T suaasfi
. Ma?iiaccnt Costumes by Worth.
ncs.rve'J FcatA. 7- ccntr. and $1.00,
Uallery, 5J cents
To the Vttcrs of ficdfviclc County.
I am a candidate for tbo office of comity
superintendent-, subject to tbe decision of tho
people at tho polls. Men havo been given
lucrative offices in this county bocauso they
weroditablediu tho service of tho country.
If this bo tho credential for office, I left
father and brothers on tho field of battlo who
fell in defencoof the Union, and becauso of
their irreparable loss, my whole life aspira
tiuiis and ambitions were forever disabled,
even nn education was obtained by a terrible
struggle against tearful odds. Tho Hold of
occupation for women is limited, though the
harvesters aro many. I respectfully ait your
support on tho ground of merit alone.
Zilns. I.L E. Lease.
To tha Suitor of tho Eule:
Pleaso announce (J. W. Stcenrod as a can
didate for Itcpresentativcof tho Sird District,
subject to tho decision of thu peoplo at tho
Tho first story vrall of tho PclerGetlo
bud ling aro almost completed.
Fairview hotel on West Douglas opposite
the planing mill, was opened yesterday with
J. P, IIowo proprietor.
Thos. J. Blocher, tha popular representa
tive of tho P. J. Sorg tobacco manufactory,
was in tho city yesterday.
llenry Ilegwer, one of Hutchinson's most
popular and substantial citizens, spent an
hour iu tha Eaglu olllco yesterday.
Tha forco at Gaudolfo's has been increased
by two cooks aud two waiters, secured by
tho genial proprietor during his slay at
E. Finlt, a young confectioner of St. Louis,
is in tho city looking for rooms in which to
commenco tho mauufactui c and salo of lino
candles and confectionery.
James Longmiro left last evening for a trip
to his old homo in Iowa. Mr. Longmiro is
entitled to a l-cst, and will no doubt bring a
number of lowaians with him.
Tho Ladi.' Aid society of tho Christian
church will meet today (Wednesday) at 2:U0
p. in. at tho rendonee of Mrs. Brool., No.
1517 S. Lawrence avenue
Capt. TV. A. ltichey relumed last evening
from hi. trip to Pittsburg. The captain says
ho had a great time, buL is glad to get back
to the lifo and enterprise of Wichita.
Tho following now students enteral the
Southwestern Business collego 3-estcrJay:
Harry Jones, Wintersot, Iowa; E. J. Golds
borrough, Chenoy, Mary Simpson, Augusta.
The ladies of tho O.ik street Presbyterian
church will givo an 03-btor supper and social
entertainment at tho church Wednesday eve.
27th inst. All aro cordially invited to at
tend. Eugene Garnet, a young man of Chicago,
I1L, is building Mio Is and arranging grounds
at KXX) East Douglas, for a lumber yard. lie
intends making it a wholesale and retail lum
ber depot. 1
The:o will bo a iuectmg of the sulci ibers
to tho Idaplo street brido at tho office of
Judgo W. II. Campbell on Thursday evening
of this wcok, at 7:30. Important for all to
turn out
Hr. Win. lachcor,Vilor and proprietor
o! the Ninnti-cah Herald, spent tho day in
tha cuy yesterday vainly endeavoring to
find tho laud marks of two years ago which
ho says have all disappeared.
Messrs. Connor, lloed and Williams, nil of
2onia, Ohio, rind old friends of Professor
Campbell, gentlemen who canto out to veri
fy what thoy had hoard of this city and val
ley made the Eaoij: a call last evening.
Excavation was commenced yesterday fel
ine Cracker factory on Fourth stm.t l.e-
tweoaDouslasandlMit. lmswasuono mj
spile of an injunction serve I to restrain the
removing of a house standing upon tho
ground that had beeu routed and the timo of
tho loaso not yet expired.
Messrs. lleshburger aud Colisch will svm
open at iSJ 11-ist Douglas avenue a wholssaio
cigar s.ore, and intends stlliug the iluest
braadj of cigars. Mr. lleshburger is from
Sterling, Kansa, whero ho has been cngitred
in tho toliaceo basiuos for some time; r.-hllo
hispartaer, Mr. Caliph, comes from Now
Yort City, with fourteen years oeqjerienco.
Tha Guild of bt. John's church rill givs a
social next Thursday evening, October CSth,
at tho reeidenco of General li. B. Eggleston,
comer of Iwronco a enua and Pino street.
Tho ladies will present to th'ir friondsa
short program, consisting of music, recita
tions and tableaux. A cordial invitation is
extended to all. By order cf the president.
Prof. Wflch, of tha firm of Welch &
Welch, attorneys of Topcka, and -who was
formerly iha very succoasfnl prosidsnt of the
State Korvral school, spent the day in Wichl
taycaterday. Prof" Hammond was showing
him tho wonders cf tho wonderful metropolis
ia great shape and we doubt not that tho
profoisor went away dtdy impressed.
Given by the German Lutheran
Church Opened Yesterday at
Memorial Hall.
Hall I-cautlfcUy Decorated Troth Flass
and llantlnc-A Good SUowlas
of Exhibits.
Yesterday was the opening day of the
German Lutheran fair at tho G. A. R. build
ing. Tho morning hours were spent by tho
various committees in getting tho different
booths aud oxhibits in place and in decorat
ing tho hall. It was a busy scene, with
hatchets aud hammers being applied to tho
nail?, and everyone urging Ilia rest in getting
his part of the work done.
Tha afternoon found everything ready fcr
exhibition. Tho hall presented a beautiful
scene w illi its elaborate decorations. The
attendance in the evening was larger than
during tho day. The crowd was as lanre as
was expected for the first day. It was suffi
cient to place courago in the minds of all
connected and assure them that tho cnter
nriso would provo a success. Tho eiforts of
the .solicitors for the different prizes to bo
awarded met with cheering success, and it is
safe to say that no one can complain of hav
ing no opportunity to get a chanco at many
desirable articles. Tho dimo that wauts to
vacate tho purse hoping to havo tho lucky
number will not bo at a los to find an ener
getic, rosy-cheeked little girl to givo it a
welcome reception.
Hear the center of the hall stands tho offi
cers booth. It Ls laotcf ully decorated with
flowers, evergreens, flags aud bunting. With
in will bs found a largo collection of silver
ware and many ai tides of valno to bo voted
to popular candidates. Tho officers of tho
fair remain thero most of tho time, and
leud advico and instruction wherever de
sired. Tho following is a list of tho officers:
President. Mrs. Jacob Bissantz.
Vice-President. Mrs. Henry Bolto.
Secretarv. Mra. A. Wiegand.
Treasurer. Mrs. F. Summers.
Cors. Sect 'y. Mrs. A. Lucdicke.
Committco 01 arrangements. Messrs. F.
G curing, Wm. Tusch, aud 'ra. Meyer.
Entering tho hall the first booth discov
ered upon tho right is tho fish pond. It is
presided over by Misse-? Julia Summers,
Amelia Eissanzb and Emma CJribi. The
fisher can find almost any species ho desires.
Ho don't usually have to wait -y long or
quit talking and is never infringca upon by
a falsa alarm. This is proving 6no of tho
attractive features of tho fair.
The faucy work booth is undor ths control
of MesdamcsA. C. Weber, Amelia Tusch
and Agnes Summers' In this .department
cau be found all tho varieties of work in
that lino and a visit to it seems to bo espe
cially entertaining to tho ladles. Many of
tho exhibits are pronounced by all as espe
cially fluo.
Tho doll department is managed by Miss
nortenso Miller and Frida Kleutr.. This
booth is well supplied with exhibits in that
liue. Tho littlo wagons and cradles woro not
Tho Spanish booth is presided over by
Misses Albertino Bilhnan and Amelia
Franke. Tho large display of candies and
fruits, almost delicious enough to make an
honest man steal, speaks well for thoso iu
charge. Tho musical instruments of Spanish
shapo and tona aro to bo found thcro, and
make it one of the attractive booths of tho
hall. A twelve pound pear, which was
brought here from St. Louis, catcher tho
eyes of many spectators.
Tho domestic booth is superintended by
Mesdames H. Tadgeuhorat, F. Wiscnfluh and
It. Schumacher. This collection shows in
dustry on tho part of tho committee. It con
tains almost everything hi their lino of ex
hibits. Tho west booth on tho north siiro is called
the curiosity shop. -It contains a number of
antique exhibits. The old tuno dressing ap
parel and household furniture is represented.
ltebccca at tho well is presided over by a
change of ladies. Last night Miss Anna
Gribi supplied tho thirsty with lemonade,
aud despite tho fact that "Jack Frost" was
about to capturo tho out world atmosphero
t'ae sales seemed to bo unusually numerous.
Tho fortuun wheel makes a turn every now
and then and usually "of toner," and many
articles aro given to an unexpected owner.
The coHeo and cako stand is carefully at.
tended by Mrs. A. Lucdicko and MissMinnio
Paul Theso articles aro served in a most ex
cellent manner, and their virtue is discussed
by tho many who partake.
The supper tablea are presided over by
Mrs. Win. Tusch, Mrs. F. Sclmiteler, Mrs. F.
Meissr.er, Mrs. A. Bruhu, Mrs. Scheuler, Mrs.
Springborn, Miss Aunio Holler, Miss Fannie
Beck aud Miss Minnie Yollmer.
Everything necessary for a good sound
squaro meal is erved thero. A good busi
ness was started last night; aud tho ladies are
reasonably sure of holding their customers.
Nothing Wiisrafikvl oil last night, butauum
ber of articles will find owners tonight. Tho
candidates for tho gold headed cauo, Messrs.
Wm. GroifTensttin.and II. D. IIeierman
have not loomed up very ouorgotically yet in
thit department, but some iutcrest from
that section is expected before they reach
ths home stretch.
Tho plug hat candidates, Messrs. Fred.
Hoffniaster and C. B. Stocker are still upon
the anxious scat, each apparently afraid to
make the opening campaign effort.
The candidates for prosecuting attorney
are out on tho prairio cha?iug tho fleeting
votes, but will no doubt havo their interests
repeaicd in that section.
The tally kecjwrs of tho balloting are
Messrs. John Knnobianch, Henry Ivalte
mayer and Henry Schiitzler. Messrs. Otto
Hel'ter, A. Lucdicko, Hnry Bolto and E.
Wyle are the appointed doorkeepers.
ProL M-jissner au i orchestra furnish the
muic for the evening-. This L: onj of tho
entertaining features of th3 fair.
, Last night two horses attached to a lumber
wagon were ieit standing oa Market street,
neir Douglas r.voaue. Thoy, finding that
running was cheap, started north undsra full
head of steam. Oa reaching Second street
iu a short timo.
Several teams were passed whil the wagon
was attached to them, but no ono hurt. Iu
t.ro instances wagon, were grazed and the
drivers scared half to death.
rinKl-AN's UALL.
A Fireman Ball will bo
il will Im given at tno u. v.
7mg of November 1th,
tho G. A.
It Hall on tho
.uder the ausoice. of Kcsa companies 'ia 1
au . 2 and thoFiith Ward Honk and Ladder
Company. The boys ptct to havo a grand
the waeon was taken in by a tro and the ed upon since mar found out ha was capable j amount of that kind, but Srdgwio: Co. was
horsw liberated. Tluy kept up the run ( - Q kSwadV wrt. the s-m-! ccrti5nI ia Ih!Ilv:: iist- lhi5 AM 1CG
toward tho north and tha latest di-patchas j viiam's plotting, separ:Vtion"and the him to brieve v ichita had taiea tbe lead 53
show ia'Uest-O-ts of their arrival in Canada fhiai triumph of virta'' eo:ac. tbe ele- i mown. Future repcrta caused him to he-
Among tho latest schemes that have made
their little tow into tho city is an asphalt
roofing manufactory. The question has been
under discussion for a number of months.
Mr. J. S. Biser, who ha3 for sometime been
engaged in laying asphalt sidewalks, and who
is familiar with questions of that naturo has
been giving considerable attention to tha en
terprise. There has been a utoek company raised
with a capital stock of 25,000. A charter
has been applied for. Tho following gentle
men aro connected with the company: C.R.
Miller, J. O. Davidson, E. P. Hovey, J. S.
Riser, and Messrs Niedler and Wray, of Ean
sasCity. A site for the plant has been do
nated in tho southeast part of tho city,
and at an early date work is
expected to commence on the building. It
will havo a forty foot front and be ono
hundred and twenty feet deop. Tho -sides
will be built of carrogated iron. The use to
which it will be applied docs not call for but
a single story, which will b near fourteen
feet high.
Tho cost of machinery and tools and tho
necessary teams which ic is proposed to start
out with will possibly not exceed $3,000.
With this capacity tho manufactory will
furnish employment to twenty-five men.
Tho success of tho plans will determine
whether tho forco will bo increased. Tho
prospect, however, in tho minus of thoso
most familiar with tho business, is flattering
enough to cause them to believo this force
can be doubled when tho material is onco
thoroughly introduced into tlw country.
Tho company propose to work tho schemo
for what thero is ia it. Tho facilities for
getting all tho necessary rough material here
aro considered good and the company will
supply all the adjoining counties with tho
rooffing. First-class gravel can bo secured
but a short distance from whero tho plant is
located, and taking everything into consid
eration, it is believed that tho roofing can bo
manufactured as cheap as in any other city.
It i3 not kuowiTdeflnitely when tho plant
will be ready to commeco work. It is pro-
posod to commence tho eroction of a building
in a fow days and tho necessary machinery
is already ordered.
Tho two members of tho company from
Kansas City left last night for their home.
Thoy will return in a fow days and make ar
rangements to mako this their futuro home.
That bricks of a good if not of a superior
quality can bo and has been mado at the
yards of Wichita, the many fino brick resi
dences and business buildings, tho walls of
which aro constructed from material burnt
at tho kilns of tho city, aro tho best evidence.
Ono of tho latest additions to this industry
was called to tho attention of areporterwhilo
in tho northern part of the city.
It was tho yards situated between Seven
teenth and Eighteenth streets near Chisholm
creek and owned by Jolmathan
A7ilsoa, a gentleman who recently caino
t) the city from Lawrenceburgh, Ind.
About twenty men aro employed, five
mills are operated and over 10,030 bricks
moulded daily. A massivo kiln, containing
about 500,000 bricks, i3 burning and will
soon bo ready to cool. Another as large was
baing built.
Tho sand used was dug near tho mill and is
said to bo excellent for tho purpose; it ap
pears to become better the deeper gono
down; but on account of tho water tho exca
vations aro not over sovon feet deep.
Thero appears to bo a great demand for
this land of building material. Mr. Wilson
said that his bricks are disposed of sometimes
oven before they are cool enough to handle.
His experience ia this regard ia tho same as
thai of many others of tho owaors of tho
largo yards of tho city.
'DON'T L.K1 IT OUT. ' '
Yesterday a couplo of prominent gentle
men of tho city thought to ceaie from busi
ness for a timo and discus3 politics for a
change. Neither of tV em were sworn sup
porters of either of tho two great parties, but
incliued to be "independent." They had not
been engaged long until a question was sug
gested upon which ueithor was very' pain
fully "independent.'' Soon 1111 animated dis
cursion was the result. Tho forco of tho re
marks increased rapidly as tho moments
passed, aud soon both were occupying a
staunch attitude while hands on their gesticu
lativo errands did not miss tho fares but a
few 'inches. This distance diminished
very rapidly until ono of them camo in con
tact with a chin. Tho owner of tha afore
said chin took immediate action for the lit
tle demonstration and a straight cut and out
scrapping match resulted. Tho gentleman
in the adjoining room had a volume of
Blackstone in his hand and was attracted by
tho disturbance. Tho cessation of hot words
aud commencement of blows was the signal
for him to attempt "to bring about peace
among his ofii-e neighbors. Ho mado haste
to do so, and was joiued by some others who
assisted in increasing tho spaco between tho
belligeients. !No one killed and tho word
said quietly, "dou't let it out.''
Last Saturday morning this paper stated
that H. G. Leo received a telegram from
a doctor at Xyack, X. Y., that Mrs. Lee,
w'ao had been visiting there, was dangerous
ly ill with pneumonia. The sad nows was
fljtMijd baek OTer tho wires yesterday morn-
log that Mm. Lee had cued batunlay morn-
iag. Thcro vrsrc no othor particulirs fur- j to Tcq:airQ jond or CTen a third repetition,
t'aor than that ths funeral was fixed for yes- rplQ success that attended their first ap
terday. Of course Mr. Lee, who started Fri- pco bo; lead the young ladies to con
day night, did not roach Nyaek before Mon- saai a tconti I)Crfoniiance next Friday
day. Mr. Lee informed us before leaving evenj.j,r
t'aat Mrs. Lee expected to havo left New
York for New England on Saturday, so that i A GENTLEMAN captivated.
the sad news was all unexpected and all tho j
the sad news was all unexpected and all tho
more terrible. On tha receipt of Mr. Les's
telegram ytttcrday morning his ofiico was
closed and the gentlemen connected with it
t him a disnatch of sympathy. Mrs. Lee
was of dedicate mold, refined ar.l spiritual,
and her husband is left overwhelmed with t
sorrow which in its depth is like no other.
Tha Eagle joins his many frien Is in tender
ing a heartfelt sympathy.
Miss Kate For.ijth U to bo congratulated
cnthe nrt.or. with which sao te
iivi , -kiaiLuiiv, - w -,.--.. - r -" .
!. tlnf.!in ' rrftT-A rfWftTTfv FIT nTrnvs
The string' that havo been harp-
ho waa capable i ,
diQrult part of the wfo mrjustJ
by her bniband and the vktlm cf the vil -
lian's wiles. It is one of those characters so
from the story cf the play, but last evemug
ic wasmaucrocioso ircm us iwn.-s --Y'
irCLh -ml
y-s &ctin. The- applause was
j wt.il bestowed. Chicago -Sews.
Miss Forsvth will boin this citv next Mon-1
L 5- -- :!..-
i jask LUV.UI.
meats m "Aiarcens. -u.s .u-.-i ---; -v i;.-. .--i,,,i t-j,i ?. i?iii -! it lnl reuil ,
hard to preserve from burleme. mil ye: re- r -T a gtn tl'jrai-J, and says ae can scarcely '
mxiring a high degree of emotional jnteasg . Z ho a dtr ca.rIUtl up so rap- j
tiirongicut. It does not seem-as if the part," - . - ,-L
itself -vrxs made to stand out rcry vivid iy . mly. Hcvraalzs. evemns comparmg se
day and Tussdav. The theater goeri of this esta: eitnsr. u.TOiiw-ij;-i.c-. u.
who have not heVrd her are doubUass famil- evening aud return, when he will decide nt
ur with her grit suocoss a? an astras. on sims busds&a Etters pjrmaiwntlv;
A prominent Kansas City business man,
who spent eovoral hours driving about the
resident and business streets of this city,
stated yesterday that Wichita had made a
greater growth this year than had Kansas
City during any single year of her history,
especially was the fact observable a3 to the
resident portion and line homes.
Last night about 8 o'clock the notorious
Ironclad sent in another periodical police
call. The officer responded with his presence
and found that a couplo cf innate toughies
were holding a picnic over each other's
bones. Everything was in a flurry of ex
citement U3 though pistols and knives had
never been seen in that locality. Tho cala
boose opened its doors and allowed a few
more lodgers for the evening. John Doa is
en deck for today in tho police court.
2d"r. Wilson Myers wa3 out driving yes
terday on tin West Side and had occasion to
hitch his horso to leavo him for a short time.
On returning he found that the carriage aud
horso was gone. A short timo after ho
learned that ki3 horse had' dropped dead a
few blocks from thcro while- engaged in a
first-class runaway. The carriage was also
considerable damaged' but did not die over
the question.
"See here," said a corpulent gentleman
yesterday, to ono much smaller thau himself.
'I want to put you onto a littlo schemo so
you will know not to blow it when you hear
by accident some day a fellow talking about
it. A fow of us fellows in this city are go
ing to build a brido before long, and wo are
now working up tho Eubscription."
The sub rosa talker then gavo the locality
of the bridge, but that part of tho conversa
tion will bo withheld, as it was tho only part
that waa not known to the humble scribo be
Although thero was a large attendanco at
his honor's reception yesterday morning,
they wero as seedy ami wretched looking a
crowd as over appeared before tho bar of
Pat Holland, Johu Dohanoy, Thomas Mc
Aclams, Thomas McDonald, Thomas Kear
ney and John Moran, wero all fined 0 for
being drank; to McDonald's aud Kearney's
fines were added another -53 for resisting tho
JTot ono of the prisoners had any money; so
all, with tho exception of Dohanoy were
committed to the city prison.
Tho following marriago licenses wero is
sued: John W. Mooro, of Eutler county, and
Alcinda Baxter, of Sunnydale. Charles
Millno and Jennie Swayne, both of Wichita.
Frank Haneou, of Wmfield, and Mattie E.
Mooro; Itichard Jeffrey and Lizzio Bohall,
both of Aftou township.
Lillian Bertha Cnmiady was legally adopt
ol by M. E. and T. B. Young.
Elizabeth Davis was appointed guardian of
tho estate of Mary E. Davis, minor.
William H. Livingston wa3 appoiuied
guardian of Virgie.D.lTyre?, minor.
A petition was filed by M. W. Lovy, to bo
appointed administrator of tho estates L. M.
Pono. deceased.
Thero has been laid upon our table's little
folio sheet entitled "The Searcher," published
br Dr.s. Breen and Wilson, of this city. This
paper starts out with the observation that
"It is a matter of profound regret to us a3
well as to thousand of other truo physicians
aud surgeons, that our co-do of Medical Eth
ics will not alloiv a legular practioncr to ad
vertise. As specialist.-;, therefore, being very
conscientious, we propose to do our duty."'
We never could appreciate tho old school phy
siciau's code touching advertising. Dr. Breen
who has spent years hi fome of the largest
ho-'pitals of the world whero the eye, ear and
thi oat only are treated; namely: tho Royal
London Abthalmic hospital, Morfiold, Eng
land ; tho New York Eye and Ear Infirmary,
and tho Illinois Stato Eye and Ear Infir
mary, Chicago, surely does the proper thing
iu informing tho public of his ability and fit
ness as a surgeon to treat especially diseases
of tho eye, ear and throat. Dt-. Wilson is
the inventor of popular surgicai device.-, we
believe. These gentlemen can bo found at
their rooms, 151 North Main street.
Tho Peak sisters entertainment given at
the opera house last evening by tho young
ladies of the Methodist church for tho organ
fund attracted quite a good sized crowd, and
was highly enjoyed by those present. The
cast included many of the leading local ttl-
ent: Sucky Jerusy Ann Petthujill, Miss i
Lillian Braudom; Ar minify, Miss Lutlrcll;
Betsy, Miss Laura Woodcock; Dorthey, M;ss
A. L. Burroughs; Eliza, Miss Mary McCoy;
Hannah Blindy, Miss Kato Murdoch;
Jenimy, Miss Blauch Brandom; Katury,
Miss Grace Bear; Lucindy, Miss Maud Eng
lish; Mirandy.Mias MattioFabriquo;Narcisy?
Miss Estella Russell: Ophely, Miss Mattie
Tha enteitainment consisted mostly of
comic and amusing songs and recitations.
All were applauded and many of the per-
.-,,. ,-.-,, V0)i so heartvan encore as
Mr. J. Wilds, of Buffalo, ::. Y.. arrived in
the city Saturday evening. Eeisapromi-
nent business man of his city anl cornea
here saying that if menoy can be mado
faster in Wichita than there he will not ob-!
jsct to join tho brethren. Ke says ho ccm-
manced seme years ago to hear about Wichi
ta. The reports favorable Anally led him to
take down his map and take tho geographi
cal bearings. Ho said that looked to him
1 Terr favorable. He then made an-examma-
. j0 t0 sno -svUero tho rich land in th:3 state
j , m MaraitSkm. he savs.
.-- j-
j caused him
susract there was
't -
th- proportions cf a thriving city.
Ke was shown the city Monday and vester-
t busimssj of the wt-.t with the east, rmd was ,
' mu'x 5Ur-Ki over tb state of ailairi
I TT t.inV rrttilv- of eilri- bai-i
H thima riotsly of catering basiue-3
hsxc He does ao5-sm to be afraid cf real
rr nTCiViVArl "" i
Yesterday's assignment of case3 was dis
posed of as follows:
W. H Smith vs. Board of County Com
missioners; tried by jury and a verdict re
turned for $135.
Onmmings Bros. vs. S. K. Collars j contin
ued by consent of parties.
Bank of Commerce vs. T. B. Terry: ap-'
peal of defendant dismissed by court
Chicago Lumber Company vs. Mrs. An
trim; tried by court and taken under ad
J. F. Bradshaw vs. William Grief eastern;
judgment for $-10.
Citizen's Bank vs. J. H. Chaso, iu which
defendant denied execution of note, was
given to jury about 5 o'clock.
A new Money Loaning and Insurauce firm
piako their bow to the readers of tho Eagle
this morning, in tha persons of A. Viele and
Henry V. Shepard. Both of these gentlemen
aro from Saratoga Springs, Xew York, and
both have chosen Wichita because of its
promise "and attractiveness, and not from
necessity. Mr. V. left a flourishing undpay
ing business to mako this his home, and Mr.
Shephard, who is a lawyer by profession, is
a gentleman of means. Mr. Yielo has had
twenty years experience in the business aud
the arm will represent a number of tho best
companies in Europe and America. They
will make fire, plato glass aad steam boiler
insurance a specialty. Their arrangements
for eastern money are complete. Tho Eagle
takes pleasure in assuring its readers that
they will find the gentlemen composing tho
new firm of tho highest standing and unb'm
ited backing.
Bogers, tho photographer, has placed a
number of new pictures in his show case,
which attracted considerable attention yes
terday. Among other prominent individuals
whos3 photos aro to be seen aro Col. Wood
man, Rov. Hodgson, tho bridal picture cf
Mr. and Mrs. Grant Hatfield, Miss Graco
Bear and Katie English.
A livery boy waa driving Mr. Wm. Mai
tin's horso and buggy west on Douglaa ave
nue yesterday and when between Market and
-Main streets one of tho wagons run by tLe
Wichita Cracker company run against it
breaking ono of the front wheels. The wagon
was hurt but little.
Mr. A. Joues was out on the streets yester
day, tho first timo for threo weeks, owing to
an attqek of intermittent fever. Hg is by no
means well yet, but thinks ho will be ablo to
pull through in a few days.
Tho?. Guest, formerly proprietor of tho
Guest houavliuffalo, N. Y.,, -is in tho city
purchasing lino horses audmule3 for tho ex
tensive ranch of which ho is now proprietor
in Texas.'
Arthur Harburg of Kansas City, arrived
in tho city a few days ago and is now iu tho
employ of tho Model cafe. Ho has already
mado several successful investments in Wich
ita real property.
Mr. L. G. Lapham has returnod from his
trip to Lexington, Kentucky. While there
he purchased live very fino horsco which ho
will havo ou the track next fall.
JgMr. and Mrs. John Faruey, of Sumner
county, were in tho city yesterday. Mr.
Farney says his section of country is iu a
prosperous condition.
trr-ir-r--";aae'f"i w t i um-ejaa
Xnnufacturpnr of Galvanized Ircn Cornices. Tic,
Iron and Mate Rnolini; by wciKTloni-eiJ workmen, lx
paiririK, putterlux and bpcuting dono w ith ncatuus
and dispatch.
IVEhiiniaU-s and dtiras I tirnlshcd on stort notice
EAG-LE cohnice works.
st north of the Occidental.
ros Stylc. Fit and Wejr,
Men's Fine Boots and Shoes
Is now Coaaplete from the
best manufacturers, and
they will suit you in
t-v fit "I T l !
Mmm TV ft 01( I Ini") ) ll TV
Iliblj ULjlv llilU 1UlUUilllli
Do not forget to give us a
call, as we wm guarantee
satisfaction. Tours Resp.
JoIul Braitsch,
120 E. Dougla3 Ave.
X2T All Goods Warranted. 135-t
Plymeil & Leighton's Stage Line.
T? J oiLitJJiy'
T&nb .TUsJvtA$ " ' "
..1f $a
T .V,chV:n
K --.w .
X .
f v
J '
Frg. Sprfj-
I j d tit.t -r tow p kta uumm ywxm
(burt) ffmsm
w 1
J6 J
That is
You will shiver for the want of ono of our
Niee, Soft, Warm BlaDkets,
When the cold wavo coraeth.
Buy norr. They are cheap in nrico and good in qnalilv. Trv one of onr
Double Heating Lambs Down Minnesota Blankets." They produce
the same heat as a base burner. Quo square inch is worth
moro than a whole bale of cheap stuff called blankets.
We Don't Sell that Class of Goods.
ITavo you bought your Woolen Underwear. If not. dou't delay. One suit
of our JLambs wool will Kavp you money. They are very much
cheaper than a large doctor bill.
A new lot of lovely designs ami high novelties iu the
Carpet Department,
Just Received.
Wo aro offering special attractions in new patterns and colorimra not found:
iu any other store in tins city. Uu cloths iu nil widths, JJeautifuI
designs in Linoleum, the best thing made for floors of stores,
restaurants and kitchens,. Our stock of rugs is per
fectly immense. Tho snost ro:-npleto liue shown.
Mats ! Mats ! Mats !
Cocoa, Cane, Rope, Rubber, rt Wo ki-p tho only agenta for the new Wire
Wat, tic Ik j1 ibing made.
It Pays to Trade
Only Good Honest Goods Sold.
We Will Positively Save You
Olothing, flats-a,,d FitfuisMiigs.
v- )
We are crowded for
Crowding- us every
get bargains while you
Temporary Quarters 216 Douglas Avenue.
In all Grado, Styles and Prices.
. Our SOUDAN, and Pocket Edition, arc
the neatest and most comfortable Boot ever
worn. Our line of pjeavy Boots is the best
ever offered for sale in Wichita. Call and
examine them.
C. B. LEWIS & CO.,
110 Main Street.
, Headquarteis for Good
& Boss.
Are prepared for
at the lite House.

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