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Wichita eagle. (Wichita, Kan.) 1886-1890, October 30, 1886, Image 4

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Jafitwteb- WCoJcitinQ, clater .30, 1886.
35uj ISBfctcftiift gailir
Buslnvs ilr.ncRcr.
31. M. MURDOCH & BKO.,
Publishers and Proprietors.
All litters ri-tfiifllns 1o l!'s 'tasjacss of the priuUm;
looso or biuclerv, or J or inform V.loa of aiitertislnt:.
should bo addressed to tbc Lunine3 manager; all
sther communications to the editor.
The oalv TXUlr Taper In Soatnwcrt Ivansas or the
ArJjars."j." alley rccaivini: boili Uio day and night
AhsocIcUsI Press reicrt in full.
TxfuMsor hvnsciuiTioss.
J5AH.V ET Milt.
Oas copy, one year. -
One cop?, f Izraontl's
Onocopy, threea ...1.S
Oaa copy, o nc mt .xh
Ry carrier, per year.
By carrier, three mont3
Hy carrier, ono month
Twenty cents per rcr!r delivered ty Kirrit
city. I'etaa prepaid.
... 1
... J
... 75
... 10 W
... i tO
... 60
. In tl.e
Ona copy, one year, in too Mate
O.ia ccjy, six month.?
Our i-i-tt-. for ad crttlr.s thall be as low M tl oo of
any cli.eriai.tr of c-yuul v&laess an advertising rae
aiaiu. . . , , ,
All IranMout advertlsoatcnU muit bo 11I tor In
Ent.'rcilntbcr'Ostcleoal Wichita as recond-class
ja.-.ttsr. rnd ciueiod for traDfemiealva through tee
mails us ti.c)
niNr.irs oj-siia l'ouse.
2. 51. CH-V.VKOHD,
MONDAY a:'d tcesdat i:::xi'G.
Xjvcmber 1st aad 2a.
Tjj Uistlagtltsbed American Actrc.
And h.r lalaiitcd conuisny, in tJe highly siicec?
ConKil r-I) raiua,
SyJ. CMtOACH and
J. AiUiOIiY KXOX frc2asirt:.iss.)
iiaSaltHscnt Ceitunics by W01U1.
Vcr- c) Saa. " teats and SLfy.
t all r.. , ) i-cutf .
To tto Vv'ttrg of fiodsleU County.
I o.i a candidate for Uio ofiiea of county
tTijK'.irirndcut, subject to the docisiou of the
moot lr n i, tho ir;lis. ?itfc:i Imva been triven
l,.r.r-T.r, rtHT rr. T, tl.lt -l,, f T l.om,C?t. LfHT !
were disabled in the service of tise country.
If thus Ijo the credential for ofiice, I left
lather and Liothcia on the field of latl1o wlio
tdl Li defence of tho Union, and because of
I heir irreparable lo -s. my .Lo3o life asjira
tions and ambitions were forever disabled,
even an education was obtained by a terrible
struggle against fearful odds. Tho field of
occupation for women is limited, though tho
harvesters arc many. 1 respectfully asl: your
support on the ground of merit alone.
MES. ?f. 13. LUAFK.
Ta Vis Editor ol O.a Eajle:
Plass announce (J. "W. Stcczirtxlaau can
didate for lleprosKitativeof tho S3rd District,
subj- I to tho decision of tho people at the
L-tall o::
Mnr. E. 1'.
her ftthcr.
citizens attend llic dedication
llovev i-i at Ctu-h City visiting
tt. Ahniius church will be dedicated to
morrow by Bidliop 1'ink.
Mn. Richard Htbdon, of El rss', III.
fhegtut oEHts. George Z. Tobia.
Pro.". Sneer. iriucinal of the Augusta
Speer. principal of the
was in the city last night
J. W. "Wilson, of tho Bon Ton restaurant
returned yesterday from a visit lo Indiana.
Tho corner stone of All-Hallows' Sitters
academy will be laid Monday, November 1.
Attend tho laying of tho corner stone of
Ail-Hallows (sisters) Academy Monday, Nov.
Father Gleasou, A. J., will preach tho ded
ication torinon at tho Catholic church to
morrow. Mr. J. IL Freeland lias returned from
Nebraska and will now becomo a permanent
resident of tho citj'.
Mrs. Flunk Garst of New
rive in the city thus eveuiuj
lives for "01110 days.
Mexico will ar
, and visit icla-
J. T. Harris-, the lucky speculator cf Yin
cenncs, Intl., ill locate in "Wichita in two
weeks for permanent residence.
Rev. J. D. Hcwctt has sold his interest in
tho Topeka avenuo livery stable. Prinot
naifd, but it is safo to assume ho lost noth
ing. Mr. D. II. Abel!, of the C, B. & Q. eating
houses, with headquarters at Burlington, la.,
is in tho city. Ho will probably remain some
da. .
J. Carst, Esq., of Dayton, Ohio, is in the
city attending t somo legal business. Ho
will probably leavo on return trip Monday
The V.. C. T. U. wish to extend their
tliauk to tho Singer Sewing Machine Co.,
through their agent, Mr. Hiukle, for a sow
ing machine to aid thorn in their mending
Tho most solemn and impressive ceremo
nies ever witnessed in the southwest w ill tako
place tomorrow at the dwlieation of the now
Catholic church.
"W. C. McCuue, accompanied by Dr. C. C.
Alien, left for Scott couuty, Kansas, j-estcr-day,
having loeu notified by telegraph of
the dangerous illness of his brother, Oscar.
Charley Guycr. tho Democratic candidate
fo." clerk of the court, laughingly showctl up
at these headquarters with tho anuouuce
111 :nt that ho considers himself still in the
Tonight the Republicans in the town of
Augusta and "vicinity will have a grand
rallv. Attorney Haste of this city and a
nuit'ocr of others aro booked as the orators
for the occasion.
Prof. W. .T. Speer, snijerinteudant of the
public schools of Augusta, aud Mr. U. S.
"Webb, assistant teacher in i he same schools,
wore in the city last evening attending to
some business matters.
Col. T. J. Auuersou. of Topoka, stoppcl
ovvr in tho city last night 0:1 Ids way to
Kingman. Ho leaves by tho morning train
and w ill be f ollcwed by tho f anions "Modoc
club," which will assist iu the grand political
meeting to bo held there this evening.
A grand social and benefit Kail will be
given at Excelsior hall Wednesday evening,
November JX1, under tho auspices of tho
Plasterers' International Union of "Wichita,
for tho beno5t of a sick brother. A cordial
invitation Is extended to all.
Mr. L. A. Brown lias decided J.o build a
rosidunce ou North Market street It will be
si two-story frame, costing nearly $4,000.
Tho plans and specifications have already
been decided upou and -work will be com
xocacel at an early date.
43 wir J 'frsnaSb?
C. A. Walker leave1; to-day for TTinnepcs,
Manitoba, to give evidence in the trial of
Stewart, the defaulting Western Union man
ager at this. city. Ho will be accompanied
by Prank J. Connolly, E-;q,, who represent
the Surety company of New York, by whom
Iha cas :'.- Luin pushed so viorcudy.
Mr. J. Addison. o Indiana, arrived in the
city nearly three -weeks ajo and has been
emplov ed in tho mercantile busiuess. Thurs
day morning I13 was much surpris-d to fled
that a new suit of clothes had left his room
at the Hotel Gandalfo fomo time during the
night. As it fcapt-ened ho had removed his
pursu from the suit and placed it in Jiis trunk,
v. bieh was locked. Nothing elo was stoku.
He lins beeujon the lookout ever since, but
uo traces of the propert- have been found.
1'OMt'fi COL'KT.
Charley liillcr was chargoi with a.-aiilfc
and bctteiy and fined 3. He was commit
ted as he lacked the necessary amount.
"William Howell, who engaged in a, littlo
fight in front of the Occidental grocery
Thursday night was charged with disturbing
the peace, and fined $3, which he paid.
Thomas McAdanw was drank and assoosoJ
the usual fine; exccution,Jiowcver, was sus
pended long enough to aliow him time to
leave the city.
J. W. "Weston, for leaving a horse un
hitched in the f-trcet, was fined So. He paid
it and went away, it is hoped, a wiwr man.
TIjc ."pw Cathedral and All-IIulIow'o Aca-rnij-.
The dedicator' ceremonies wui"h v.'ill bo
opened at the Catholic church on Sunday
morning at 10 o'clock, and conducted by
Bishop Fink and several visiting father.-? and
dignitairics, will no doubt prove as interest
ing as they will be significant and imposing.
The ordinary rite3 and ceremonies of tho
Catholic church arc impressive, but o:i such
occasion.; remarkably so. Father Casey
says all will bo made welcome so long as the
church will contain them.
Oa Monday at about same hour the corner
stone of AI!-HulIowj academy will bo duly
laid vvith all appropriate ceremonies by tho
BiShop and attending clergymen, at tho site
Lee building, on tho Yvesi Side. To these
cei emonios tho public are cordially invited.
a- ojj; DRovr.n peau.
Leo Pope, sou of L. M. T. Pope, a man
well known in this city and community,
brought yesterday tho sad intelligence of the
death of his father. L. M. T. Popo went lo
Texas from Tcnnesco when very young ami
was through tho early struggle cf his adopt
ed state and also through tho Mexican war.
lie was-ouo of tho earliest drovers, and trav
eled the trail from this section to San
Anlouia as carl' as 1ST0. For many years
afterwards ho was so engaged, and became
known all along the line from San" Antonio
to Wichiti.
A short timo ago he retired from the ac
tn ity of this life and lived upon his farm
near EUlridge w here he died on the 2'Jd inst.
in his sixty-eighth year, after a short illness
of bright'-i disease.
nnoT TO HIT.
It will be lcmombercd that Wednesday's
Eagle made mention of tho fact thut a hot
was fired on East Douglas avenue about 10:00
o'clock on tho previous night. At that time
it was impossible to find tho seat of war or
anything about it. The fact was tho caue
of considcrabls talk on tho streets tho follow
ing day but no one seemed to know anything
about it.
Tho wholo affair is beginning to leak out.
It seems that the shot was fired iu a two
story joint. An intoxicated lad pulled the
trigger hard and meant for tho ball to hit ibi
A party w:u, out on a treating tour
and had become considerably braced up on
tho average. "When in a certain den sam
pling the stock, two men c-imo in, one of
which wan not on embracing terms with two
of tho members of tho party. . After a salu
tation common on such occasions, a first
da row resulted. Two ou one was the pro
gram, and tho latter relieved his hip pocket
of a staunch friend usually presented under
such circumstances. Ho pointed it at one,
but before it fired his chum lowered it, anil
on firiug tho ball took rcfugo iu
tho right leg of tho intended victim. lie is
now showing duo respect to tha wound and
hoping to recover. His injury is not pro
nounced dangerous-, but the ball has not yet
been removed.
"WliMi tho one thot had been 11 red the pis
to! was captured and tho wounded man cap
tured tho attention of the crowd. The result
of the row scared tho participants into a
good old-fashioned friendship and it was de
cided to "lay low"1 and tell but fow.
As was expected tho attendance at the fair
last night was larger than over before. The
hall was crowded to its utmost capacity.
Tho crowd was variously estimated, butmost
of tho guesses placed tho number over one
thousand. Tha energy displayed by tho lit
tlo girls iu collecting the fleeting dimes was
even greater than, on any previous evening.
Tho proceeds from tho booths was sufficient
to satisfy all.
A few of tho smaller articles were rafilcd
oiT, but as tho fair will not clo50 till tonight
the more important aro on tho list.
The blarklward last night showed tha fol
lowing: Gold headed cauo:
"Wm. ariffeusteiu 100
H. D. Ueiserman 101
Silver-headed cano:
G. W. Clones :
G. F. Conly 3)
Silk hat:
F. Foirmaster 0
"Wm. Myer -. 100
H. M. Noltcmeyor 59
O. R. Stoefcer ."
Silver cup:
E. Bolte 7
Carl Fleimyer
Ladies' gold watch:
Albertcna Bilhnan
Amelia Bissantz
Young ladies' cloak:
Dollio Sehuitxler. ."
Charlotte Schuolcr
Gold necklace:
Johanna Luedeckc
Annie "Wiegand
A violin:
Carl Somcer
Richard Frank
Gold bracelets:
Amelia Franko
Annie Gribi
Suit of clothes:
Otto Hellar j
John Mtilcr "
Near 11 o'clock last night tho grand inarch
was called hud it was estimated that a hun
dred couples were on the floor.
Tho pleas-1
urcs of tho dance were participated in until j
a late hour. '
Yestsrday morning the tkiver of a miik
wagon left U" horss unhitched standing
before a house on North ilain. The animal
from some cause become frightened and
started up the street at a very lively rate,
distributing milk on both tides at wholesale.
Afeer going about two Piaara?, the wagon
was uiet ami completely wrecked. The
horse becoming tangled in the hame&s wa3
easily raptured and restored to the driver.
Joe Ellremoro was driving a horso l;c
longiug to Mr. Johnson, tho blacksmith, cat
East Douglas avenue. At the Santa Fe
crossing the animal hscamo frightnea at
the engine and commenced kicking and
plunging. Jir. Biakemoro soon lost
control and tho runaway rushed wildly out
tho street. J. "W. Walb, a young man em
ployed at tli3 Santa Fo restaurant, valiantly
ran out, grabbel tho animal by tho bridle,
and in hi3 effort to hold hiui was dragged
about flity yard '. The hor:-e. finally, re
leased itself from the young man and run
ning into soma buildings was stopped. This
is said to be the scoaJ time within tWiast
wee1 that Mr. "Wall, at the risk of fSPttfe,
has endeavoi ed to capture runaway horses.
There are a couple of curbstone ivjal estato
men in this city that have succeeded in get
ting somo eastern friends to allow them to
buj' and sell property for them with their
capital. They have made several turns and
made thyir friends some money, but retained,
it lately appears, tho lion's sharoof the profit
themselves. They have given the considera
tion in the deeds the same tw reported to their
customers, but received moro than that
Their littlo scbemo was suspected some
timo ago by one of the gentlemen
who jo money they were handling and
he took advantage of 'tho first opportunity to
look the matter up. Ho has seen and re
ceived letters from several of the purcliasers
and got onto thsir racket with both feet.
They made tho amounts small at first, but
the last haul showed up an even 300. Tho
gentleman who has investigated tho transac
tion made them a proposition.
Ths real estater.i are worked up over the
turn of affairs and are making "letup" prop
ositions. They succeeded iu gaining tt prop
osition which will allow them to go free if
the grablcd money is paid.
Mr. J. A Sohn, who i3 connoted with tho
Wichita Chrystal ico company, has just re
turned from a lour in tho neighboring towns
soliciting orders. Ho says ho did not visit a
town where they did not readily tako the ice.
He took as many orders as was safe with tho
present capacity.
Tho following is a list cf tho towns that
will UaO tho artificial ice: Hutchinson,
Hawn, Mfc. Hope, Andale, Colwich, Anthouy
Harper, Argouia, Conway Springs and Nor
wich. This strikes tho company as favorable in
dications. The building has not yet been
commenced, but work will begin as soon as
tho plans aud specifications- are received
from Cincinnati. '
Yesterday afternoon Policeman Lilly ar
rested a man at tho Santa Fe depot, on East
Douglas-, for complicity hi tho lobbery of a
laundry at Emporia ti short timo ago. Tho
man afterwards proved himself to bo entirely
innocent of tho charge and was released.
In tho evening two men very much intoxi
cated and answering tho description, were
found at thesame place and also arrested.
They too proved their innocence. One was
released and the other was locked up for lac
ing drunk.
Dr. I. SR. . Kirkland was arretted yester
day and marched Ix-foro Judge Walker,
charged with being a vag of tho first water.
Ho douiod tho accusation aud his trial -will
commence this morning at U o'clock.
It is intimated that somo rare, rich und
spicy evidence will bo given to his honor for
consideration .
H. T. Sherman was arrested, charged with
assaulting Mrs. Emma Brown. He will bo
given a hearing todav.
Georgo Shirley has recently purchased of
Farmer Doiittlo two lots at the corner of
James street aud Central avenuo, near the
Riverside park upon which ho intends erect
ing a fine summer hotel, for the accommoda
tion of visitors to tho pari:.
Tho building will have a front of fifty feet,
bo three stories iu height, and will be fitted
out with till the modern conveniences that
roiv-titute a first-class house.
Mr. K. C. Noble his commenced woi k on
his addition to his block at tho corner of To
peka and Douglas avenues. It will have a
front on Topeka of oG feet aud will extend
back 30. It will be three stone high and
tho front built of St Louis pressed brick.
Tho first floor will bu occupied by two store
rooms. Tho second story will bo used by the
Southwestern Business college and ths third
by offices .
Oatloy vs. Wichita & Western R'y Co.,
was cu trial all of yesterday. The examina
tion in chief was complete! by noon. Iu tho
afternoon rebutting evidence to prove dam
ages was introduced by plaintiffs attorneys-.
Tho case was given to the jury at 4:30, and
as they had not agreed upon a verdict at the
timo for adjournment of court. wro dis
missed until this morning.
The Peak Sisters last evening repeated
their delightful entertainment. Besides a
program similar to the one rendered at tho
proceeding performance several very pleas
ing features were added; recitations by
Misses Anna Boyd and -Marga English, a
k)lo bv Miss Efliie Gave and a musical per
formance by "two rnub?rs of t "ic Wichita
Glee Club."
tii e ta uirr Qirnsrio.v.
The Hon. Rodolpb Hatfield will address
the citizens of Wichita tocight on the tariff.
This Ls one of the leading questions in na
tional politics today, and the speaker has
r .L. ..1.r...- An..-..,! ..4-Av,"rtr, nr.i) - t
competent to draw the proper conclusion
from the data in hand.
Mr. R, Ridell secured a permit yesterday
to build a r&idenco on North Mead avenue.
Mr. L. S. Brown was granted a permit to
build a handsome residence on Xorth Mar -
.... .. i !
km strecw
Mr. A. Vide has decided to build a resi
dence in Park Place addition. It will bo a
two-story frame and cost over G,QCXl It will
bo heated by steam, and supplied with all j
the modern appliances.
B. O. Davidson, of Hutchinson, is in the
Ed. C. Davis, oi
Springfield, Mo., fc in tho
IL M. Dunbar cn.l wife." Danville, Ky., ar
in the citv.
J. It. GriGith and-wii'e wore in from King
man yesterday.
The Firemen are making great prepara
tion for their ball Nov. 4.
Mr "W. Holbrook, of Falls City,
rived in the city vesterdav.
J. Btirdich, a young man from Topeka. ar
rivctl in tiie city I:i5t evcaing.
P.obe.-tS. Carter, of Itoekford, III.. tme
to the city yesterday en business.
Lister Howith. of Buffalo, IT. Y.. was
among tho arrivals in the city last evening.
H. L. Daugherty, of Jjermiughampton, N.
Y., came to look over tha metropolis yester
day. I lev. D. B. Shuey was ericttd to arrive
last evening in the interest of the Reformed
JohnE. ?iIcClure, General Western passen
ger agent of the Santa Fe. passed through
the city going w est yesterday.
J. D. Hutchings is on the sick IteZ again.
He thinks the way of life is a bard road !o
travel with perpetual ill health.
J. A. Dunn and X Randolph, of lilcom-fk-ld,
la., came yesterday to tako a look at
the famed city of the southw est.
Mrs. C. V. Morrison ami hsr daughter,
Mts Nellie, arrived in tho city yesterday
morning lo mako this their home.
Messrs C. "W. and S. "W. Griffin, E. T.
Brown and J. T. Wickersham. left yesterday
morning for Raymond, Kan., for a grand
A traveling "special" for one of the insur
ance companies says there's no use trying lo
rate tho town. Hate 3 are no sooner estab
lished in any locality than it is necessary to
turn immediately on the same ground to rate
a dozen or more brick block' in cour-sj of
Richard, L. Denton, of Aldrich J. Brown's
drug establishment, received a telegram yes
terday morning from his old home at Bloom
ington, Indiana, announcing that his moth
er's death was hourly expected. Mr. Denton
left on last night's Ft. Scott train for tho
Training for the foot raco to take place
November otli, is now progressing at tho
"West "Wichita fair grounds. GiboOi: is in
fine trim and tmdergoing a sovore and sys- t
tcmatic course of training in tho hands of
Archio McCombs. who is himself a very
swift runner. x
Dong. A. Pierce came down from Wichita
yesterday on his way to Burden, to witness
the marriage of his sister. Miss Roso E. '
Pierce, to Mr. Frank McLean, tho ceremony
lo tako place this morning. Doug, will go
back to "Wichita in a few days, where ho is
engaged at work 0:1 tho construction of
buildings Winfield Visitor. ' (
John E. J.IcCluro of Omaha, the western
passenger agent of the Chicago, Milwaukee
& St. Paul railway, was in the city and
called yesterday. Mr. McClnre says it looks
as if thero was no other way but for tho
"Omaha & Chicago Short Lino'' to get into
Wichita, and that at the eai liest day possi
ble. We guess as much ourselves.
Wm. Dal, the banker at Mt. Hope, who f
was in tho city yesterday, in incidentally J
speaking of Thos. A. Randall's candidacy,
j said if ever thtro was au houest, conscicn- j
tious citizen, Randall was surely one, and it
as a commissioner ho ever blundered it wotdd
be a mistake, pure and simple, as there was
not enough money iu Sedgwick county to
corrupt Mr. Randall. That is tho way we
like to hear nir-n talk of our Republican nom
inees. A reporter of this paper at the residence
of Mr. Bergamau Bohiuson, of this city, met
a very cslimabio lady with whom ho was ac
quainted long years ago iu McDonough Co.,
111., Mrs. Lydia Jonas, who is S2 3'cars old
and able to get .".round nearly as well as
much younger peoide. Mrs. Jones' brother,
J. H. Copningcr, whom she had not seen for
twentj years, mot her in this city yesterday,
and tho two old people talked over the
scenes of thir childhood days. Mr. Cop
pingur lives somewhere in tho eastern part
of this state, aud is one of the early settlers.
W. J. Wilson, a partner in an extensive
mercantile firm which haa several jobbing
establishments located in tho west, has been
spending a couple of days in the city. Ho
says ho came here with an ej'e to concentrat
ing their establishments at this point into
one huge mammoth affair. He fays ho finds
tho determining of tho future center of busi
ness of this city a very distracting problem,
and that he bad about givrn it up. We
tried to show him that the business center of
this city would navcr shift, but simply spread
and enlarge.
"Ain't it amusing to hear some of these J
fellows croaking about these new buildings !
uing so much of the street and sido wall: I
with material," said a gentleman yesterday, j
'These men who are putting up fine business
houses don't sweep off the sidewalk every
evening of course but I think they should be j
given a good deal of poetical license on that i
subieet. You never hear a thorough busi-'
nessman do any kicking on that subject.
They will go on the opposite -ide of the street
if necessary and say nothing against, but
mako some favorable remark about the
building. It may be very uncomfortable
for dudes, and that sort of stuff to wade
through a crowd of bir-y men but that won't
knock the boom.'
Partial Price List For Spring of 1S87 j
J. Benson and Bros., Prop'rs.
Apple. ihrcMra" -
two years "rfd..
ooeyarotiL --
JVsrs. tvTOjCJrsoIi...
Cherry. tnx yfiriOa .-
Plura. two year cm.
Inr4fi!. .. . . ..
Aprk-ots . . -- -
Comma .
Grape vl2
Ufc:e Itaat" ---
RnsbcirtEDi iihssibcrric
. ...
StraTrbtTTiCi. .
TVehavealsoi TTVctf Urs ! trc
nlisTf iha cm srouad la VTchl srxi ; a
SwCtSi OI lie MT jifcs-.-;
wXsiIl -
! Drs. "Hall & Bennett.
I Continues to successfully treat all diseases of women.
He does not do ceneral practice, as he gives bis entire
tinietoldssneclaltiss. In the two years hefcasbeea
! In Wichita lie baa cured hundreds of ladles in this
! eiry and adjoining towns, any of whom will ppeak in
the highest terms of his successful cure and seatle
i manly treatment while under his care. I aay person
J afflicted T-.im any of the following diseases will coe-
fcUIt him tlrst, time will be gained, rnor.cy .sa'w-d .aad
j disappointment averted:
I i:;txa3diatiox. ulcehatuk:,
UZSPhA.cr.Vr.ST. or Prolapsus of tho "Womb,
cauiingtcofrcficent, painful and lrresalar n-.castru-ntlsns,
Ii also successfully treat3 all kHuey end bladder
trouble of male and female, such as,
Porclgti Bodies In the Bladder and Urethra,
caiiilns two frequent and palnfal urinntias-, and all
forms cf PRIVATE,
Euch as Sjcnrintcrrhei, Impotency, and all tho us
pleasant results of such troubles.
SYPHILIS positively cured and entirely eradicated
from tho systeai.
GOKORRKCCA cartd ia from three to eight days or
r.o pay.
GLEET and STRICTURE curtd in patier.t or years
PILES nnd other diseases cf tho geiiito-urinary or
pr.ns quickl v cured. He suarantees all curable cases.
If he cannot cure you r-e, will plainly tell j ou eo.
DR. BENNETT devotes rec!al intention to tho
tratincnr of Epilepsy or FaliiuR Fits, which he treatu
by tho latest and most approved n.ethods and in
v. hieh he guarantees a care in nil curable cases, He
jiIso gives especial care to the cure of those nr'OKS
w ho are afilfctcil wirii th onlum or morphine habit.
Cases of confjidatcnt attendeil prcniptl.v. carefully
and KuaccGsfulIy.
l'ntieuls in Reneral rrccties rccdve pron:rt asd
cariful attention.
Remember that ho l- at his old ot2ec at lS3NJrala
street, over 'Wocwlmon's Bant, or cilibrevJ leck boa
Sir. Ttlepiiono 25. diw
miitii uierwear.
U J.
arnisher, Hatter
and Sliirtmaker.
Block, 402 Douglas Ave
. Specialty.
222 Douglas Avenue, Wichita, Kan
Lumber Dealers
Wichita, Kansas.
"Wichita, MayfieW. Wellington,
Harper, Attica, Garden Plain,
Anthony, Arkansas City, An
dale and. Haven.
JIfinu'ftctureri of Galvanized Iron Cornier. Tin,
Iron and Slate P.ooKn;; by erperiencf-d workmen, ro
palrincr, nattering r.nd 6poutin-- done with neatne-sj
und dispatch.
J2TEntlmatcij aud design's fumSfthed on short not Ico
Juft north of tho Ocol lental.
Everything Kept in a First-Class
Drugstore. .
Wichita, Elan.
Style, Fit and VVeah',
this well-known
ake of men's shoes
our stock: OF
Men's Fine Boots aad Shoes
Is now Complete from the
best mannfactnrers, and
they will suit you in
Price, Style and Durability.
i t
Do not forget to give us a
call, as "we vrUl guarantee
satisfaction. Yours Resp.
John Braitsch,
120 E. Douglas Ave.
irtr AU jiewi5 rea..i
W3I, nALUK. D.
I 'W?-,VV'
IDUK1I f ! - J-Jrrrp
JC -'t
JL JLllnal-..". V N
Are prepared for
That is
Ycu will shiver for
Niee; Soft, Warm Blankets,
"When the cold wavo comcth.
Buy now. They are cheap in price anil good in quality. Try ono of otr
Double Heating Lanib3 Down Miuueeota Blankets." They produce
tho same heat as a baso burner. One square inch is worth
more than a wholo bale of cheap stuft" called blanket?.
We Don't Sell that Class of Goods.
Have you bought your Wcolon Underwear. If not, doift delay. One suit
of our Lambs Wool will r-ave you money. Thcynrc very much
cheaper thaivr. large doctor bill. -
A new Jot of lovclv dcst:is ami high novelties iu the '
Carpet Department,
Just Received.
We arc olTeriug special attractions in new patterns and colorings not found
in any other store in tftis city. Oil cloths in all width?, Jlcautiful
desigii3 in Linoleum, tho jcd tiling made for iloors of store?,
restaurant and kitchen. Our stock of rugs is per
fectly immense. Tho mot complete line shown.
Mats ! - Mats ! Mats r
Cocoa, Cane, Hope, "Rubber, t r.-. v
.M . i . 1 he 1
It rays to
Only Good Honest Goods Sold.
We Will Positively Save You
" . -:ON
CMMm, Hats and Furnishinffs.
are crowded for
Crowding us every
get bargains wmie you may.
Temporary Quarters 216 Douglas Avenue.
c. e. lewis &
In all Grades. Styles and Prices.
Our SOUDAN, and Pocket Edition, are
the neatest and most comfortable Boot ever
worn. Our line of -jeavy Boots is the best
ever offered for sale in Wichita. Call and
.examine them.
C. B. LEWIS & CO.,
110 Main Street.
.HBadqoarters for Good Goods at Low Prices.
tho want of one of our
the only agent."' for the new Vfhc
mir made.
at tlie
e, Horn

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