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YOIi. V. 1STO. 148.
123 and 125
uMuj lUu
Win I
20 dozen Misses I lose; black au J colors, all wool, regular made; sizes 5 to
3 1-2, worth 30 to 45 cents a pair according to the size, all at the uniform
price of 25 cents per pair.
50 dozen Ladies Hose, all wool, not menao, black and cplors, regular made,
fnil length worth 40 cents per pair at every store where they have thcin at all.
at 25 cents per pair.
10 pieces of Carnelette. 42 inches wide,
les3 than 80 cents in tho regular way; tno
per yard.
5 pieces Camels Hair, 50 inches wide, greys and browu3 with handsome
borders, ionnerly $1.25 per yd. They won't last long at GO cents per yd.
10 pieces plain colors and 10 pieces stripe boucle to match advertised last
week, at 29 cents, did not arrive. They will surely be here Monday and will
be put on eale. Don t miss them.
T? nnlra
50 children
75 cents each.
cloaks, sizes 4, 6, 8, 10 and
40 pieces good heavy canton flannel valued at 10 cents per yd. We have no
place for them in our regular line and will let them out at 6 l-4c per yd.
Speaking of Towels
Here ie one for you! heavy line German damak, knotted fringe; a small
lot of 25 dozen at 20 cents each.
10 dozen black farmers satin skirtb 6 in. quiltel bottom at 39c each.
10 pieces feather trimmings, nice shades of tan, brown boigc. blue, myrtle
and black all at 19 cents per yd.
2 pieces black satin Rhadame warranted to wear . orood value at $1.25 per
yd. We know this to be a good si.k aud put it on sale at an even $1. per yd.
All the bargains in Linens and towels advertised last week and not closed
out then will be continued a little longer.
A new Hue of black and colored Faille
popular we have in silks this season, are
Three new lines of dret-. trimming to open now, buttons, Galloons, aud
black aud colored beads, all of the latest designs, aud prices reasonable.
Dress Goods.
Another line line of novelties in dress goods, more hair line stripes, more
popular black and white patterns, and new greys in home-puns.
We will sfill run our ladies' scsrlet
them left after last week's sale. You
for the money.
We are still in shape to provide on with blankets at the same low p
which wc have besa nmniug them: the very best goods for tho least
Next week we have
Vll AV
Main Street.
all wool, new coloring never sold
biggest thing on earth at 49 cents
years, all at the uniform price of
Francaise silks, the newest and most
now open for your inspection.
ve - ts at 69': there are not many of
will not see again this year such goods
prices at
our opening
of Fine
Wait for it.
VIA ' k 'i AHA
Noi Any Doxibt About
The Besult of Tues
day's Election,
In Kansas The Republican Ticket
For State Officers -Receiving
The Usual Comfortable Majority "With
an Unbroken Delegation to
the Fiftieth Congress.
The Legislature of Indiana and ew
Jersey in Doubt. New namp-
shire Delegation Divided.
The Illinois and Minnesota Legisla
tures Serenely Republican.
Ditto Colorado
Special Dtepatch 10 the Dallj Ea;lc.
Gi:eat Beo, Kan., Nov. 3. The re
suit o the election is not deQnitely known
at this writing, 3 p. m., on the state ticket.
Moonlight has a small majority, probably
130. Gov. Martin ran behind his ticket,
while Peters, Republican candidate for con
gress, ran ahead of lib, ticket. The balance
of ths state ticket was elected. The Dem
ocrats elect their representative, county
school buperintencant and circuit clerk.
The Republicans elect the county attorney
and probate judge by sm.iil majorities.
The election was very quiet and orderly
and a good vote polled. C.
Special Dispatch to tiia Dzlly EaIe.
Exsgxxs, Kau., Nov. 4. The follow
ing Republicans are elected in Khuman
county with a majority of from 100 to 200:
County attorney, fc. S. Ashbaugh; probate
judge, G. Y. Willis; county superintend
ent, Frank Robeson; commissioner 3d dis
trict. 7. D. Cannon. For representative
contest was exceedingly close and will have
to be decided by the official count, although
thc-election of Mr. Frank Giliett is con
ceded by both parties. The Democrats re
turned Mr. Bart tnr.ole for uistrict clerk
and elected R. S. July as commissioner for
the 1st district for White township. In
the city of Kingman the following were
elected: Trustee, C. F. Means; treasurer
Geo. E. Filly; clerk, L. J. Johnson; justice
of the Dsscc. 3LL. Nccck.
Special DLpatcIi t3 the Dolly Eale.
Wellixgtos, Ks., Nov. 0 Returns
from nearly all the precincts in Sumner
county are in. Martin's majority for gov
ernor about 100; Peter for congress, 409.
The county ticket is mixed. .T. T. San
ders, Rep., for probate judge carrici the
county by 700. J. L. Grider, Dem., for
county attorney has about 400 majority.
John W. Nyce, Rep., district clerk. 300.
C. E. Hitchcock, Rep. superintendent of
public instiucticn, gees in by a small ma
jority. John A. Murray, Rep. elected
representative in this, S6lh. district by 22
majority. Levi Thrailkill, Dem. is elect
ed in the STth district, and it will proba
bly take the official count to determine
wether the 3oth district shall be represent
ed by Bottorll or Markiey.
Kiowa Moonlight's majority. 47,
George's majority, 62.
L'iCvgne At a special election held to
day a frccdrnan was elected mayor of this
city to fill vacancy.
Kingman. Martin and Peters earn tin
countv bv about 4C0 majority. Republi
cans have probably elected representative
bv a majority of 6 and county ticket except
district clerk by small majorities. Return-,
have been ery slow in coming in and not
all complete as yet,
Topeka Chairman Bonebrake gives the
following as to the election: bixty-two
countie3"arri heard from officially or bv
! careful estimates since the election. Of
thu number Moonlight has a plurality in
five counties, to-wit. Atchison. Davis,
Dickinson. Leavenworth and Wyandotte.
Governor Martin has a plurality in fifty
nine counties. In he sixt-two counties
Martin has a plurality ot 20,922, Moon
light 3,439; Martin's "plurality to date
u.j,4bi. There are ninety-live counties in
the state, and should the same rate of
plurality continue for the entire state, and
there is'no reason why it should net, Martin'-
plurality will be otJ.OOO.
Garden City The returns are all in from
all tue various precincts of Finney county,
and H. R. Mvlon, regular republican nom
mec for representative is elected by 143
plurality. Buffalo Jones threatens to con
tent. The returns from Morton county jut
came in and shows 002 republican majority
out of 945 votes cast.
St. Lours. Nov. 4. The official returns
unofficially announced from the Oth con
gressional di-arict give Glover, dem., a
majority over Frank, rep., of 103, and as
sures the former's re-election. Harrington,
dem., candidate for sheriff, re-elected by a
majoritv of 200. A speci-.l from Fann
insrton.'Mo , to the Po-t Dispatch states
that complete returns from the iOth con
grcsiional district give Hardy, dem., a ma
jority of betweeu bOO and 90o. Ilia oppo
nents were Ledereerter, rep., ami Rates
ford, labor.
Trenton In the 2d assembly district of
3Iercer county. Walter, dem. lias been
elected l 2 majority. The Republicans
will ask the court to" order a reount on
tho ground of alleged fraud.
St. Louis Additional returns frMJiib
interior ot the state conarm in a gener
al way la-t night's statement regarding
the congres-ioBel districts. Ail the dis
tricts excepting the 5ih aai 13th return
defnecrais by fair to iarge majorities,
Ctenry in the 10th and Barns are cut dowa
nearly one half, but the remainder receiv
ed nearlv if n t quite the ucai dexeoerntic
BttorRiec. Docfcerv Las 4.4M majority ia
tlie 3d. In the" 2d district where
Meosar aad Hale, both Democrats, ran, ,
Mfrasrar ih rwnilar nanuaee. has about
L3Q majority. V ade. rep, m the 13a:
T ... , .
ldforiei.TriU hve about 1,56 ajajomr.
T be coBipiexkm of the JeWatere cannot
yet be given, nor the Uemocraac aaajonry
.. L. - MK tiu. T'Yn.AMAn .i i. it i
i the state t:et be efinuoen.
i era says. k.c wm. n. sarfxswi, bb). " i w ajtww -
bisftt. swiL Utrea, the plefaIewKirauabati aaa
era says. C4. Wa K. loimo, toeagm.
of TKOKTHaala i
I pruteggrag to repreaeM me agasg w uu -
- z i, y . - T
bor and other labor interests, were in the
district ten or more days just before the
election, hiring and bribing snch as could
be hired and bribed, and continued to con
solidate in Bakers interest most of the labor
element, in proof of which hiring and bri
bery we have Jarrett's letters. While this
was going on the democrats were declaim
ing for a pure billot.
Ciiicgo, III, Nov. 4. The Journal!
makes the following compilation as to the
Illinois legislature: Senate, 32 Republi
cans, IS Democrats and one Labor; House,
73 Republicans, 65 Domocrats and two
Springfield Referring to a dispatch to
the associated press sent from this city yes
day by Hon. William Springer, upon the
result of the congressional election in this
district, his opponent, Major James A.
Connelly, this evening furnished the fol
lowing card for publication:
'Mir. Springer having announc
ed through the associated
press that his virtual defeat was caused by
money sent into his district by protection
ists. "I mean to say, that one of the noto
rious facts of the campaign just closed is
that my battle was fought without money,
while Mr. Springer's workers were
abundantly supplied with money un
til the fast vote was polled in Jhe
Democratic counties of Morgan and San
sraniori, where he and I are best known, of
the Democratic city of Springfield, where
he has lived 20 years he ran behind the
most. lie is the " only Democratic candi
date for congress, as I am informed, who
has failed to carry Sangamon county since
Abraham Lincoln carried it as a whig 40
year-- ago. o; one ecus ot money was
'cut to my assistance from any source and
this attempt of his to uass as the victim of
"protectionl-t gold" is an insult to the in
dependent voters of this district who made
a vigorous, honest and open effort to rid
themselves of him. Signed.
Ja3."A. Connelly."
IXDIAXAI'OLIS, Ind., Nov. 4. It will
kake the official count to dav to dceide the
standing of the legislature.
The Democrats, claim it by two majority;
Republicans by six.
No change in congressional delegation.
Indianopolis. No positive statement can
vet lc made about the legislature. Gen.
Gray said that while the present returns
continued in ratio the Republican gain
would elect Republican state ticket. It
would require an official count to deter
mine whether Republicans or Democrats
had carried the legislature. The Republi
can state central committee says that bas
ing claims upon returns from more than
one half of the counties, the Republicans
will elect Hie state ticket by five thousand.
Tliat the legislature is in doubt is con
ceded. The Republicans eipect
to gain it and Democrats
held to th- claim that it will be anti-republican
by from 2 to 4 majority. The con
gressional delegation is unchanged since
vesterdav. the full list being as follows-
1st district, Alvin P. Ivaney, rep.
2 1 district, John Iloneal, uera.
od district. Jonas G. Howard, dem.
4th district, S. W. Holman: dem.
oth district, C. C. Watson, dcin.
0th district, Thomas M. Browne, rep.
7th district. W. D Eyrum, dem.
Sth pistrict, James I. "Johnston, rep.
Oth district' Joseph B. Earle, rep.
10th district, William D Owen, rep.
11th district, George W. Steele, rep.
12th distric, James B. White, rep.
13th districLjj. P. Shivelv, dem.
The republaSnygaitt 3tfetricts 1st, Oth
and 12th.
Indianapolis The republican state cen
tral committee has official returns from 82
out of the 92 counties ia the state which
show a net republican gain in the vote of
18b4 of o.GL Estimating the ten remain
ing counties on the bases of 1S84, give a
republican plurality on the state ticket of
3,112. There is no fuither change in the
legislative situation, the committees of both
parties insisting on their respective claims,
the republicans claiming 78 members and
the democrats 80. The"lcgL-lature consists
of 100 meiniicro of the hou-e and o0 sena
tors, and Senator Harrison's seat at Wash
ington is the prize to be contested for.
De.vvsu, Nov. 4. Returns continue to
come in slowly from outside counties with
Democratic gain. The state without doubt
will give Adam, dem. for governor, a ma
jority of 1,300, which will be a gain over
two Vearc aso of 7,000. ThU is conceded
by Republicans. Return also indicate
that the Democrats have carried the lower
house of the general assembly and possibly
the senate.
Denver. The eler tion of Adams, dem,
for Governor, by plurality of 2000 is con
ceded by the reps. All but six counties in
the state have been heard from giving the
returns on congressmen about even. The
counties yet to come in always have .been
Democratic, so indications are in favor of
a small majority for Reed, Democrat The
Democrats of "Arapahoe county elect si
and pos-ibly 7 out of S rep
resentatives and one senator,
this is sn increase of 7 in lower house and
1 in the senate. The Iegi-Iative and sena
torial tickets in a majority of other coun
ties were aiirk-d by the Democrats, so that
there i? little doubt that they will hare
control nf the lower house, general assem
bly and pa-ibiy of the suiate. The re
mainder of the "state ticket except the state
secretary, auditor and posabiy the attorney
general "an- claimed by the Democrats
St. P vcl. Mixx.. Nov. 4 One hundred
aad fifty numbers of the legislature were
balloted for m Minnesota, ot wnora 4: are
senators and HKi represenuitives. Repnb
licans will have a majority of at least -tit
on joint ballet.
t. PauJ Returns all day have been
generally favorable to the Democrats aad
mot sanguine Republicans are not cow
claiming tee election of 3IcGill, as gover
nor br more than .1,000. wnile the Demo
crats are chted and conndent tliat Dr. Ames
I will be elected by
returns are cocun
of precincts
telegraphic communication, and it k ocite
probable that it may take the official coont ;
irirKi toere -
n. 'grfijog this the Republicans claim
extensive Democratic t rands ta tois tieoae-1
I pta county. V heUjer jleulit k ejected or
not th? Rcbiksn irtete ucket, aa wftose,
certaioly 5l
Philabbxphia. Jgv. 4. Officml re-
PHtLJUHXTBlA Nov. 4. Officml
. - . -- Awft
ram frets MX counties eonsprtKOf lae
congrtjaijitut district, show the eieccott el i
jobo I'aMeo. rep. . or- j fc. r .
irlMV. t3 iCLja.i l 'kt. ... rbft. i.X
uts. t mz, najurat. itm ura
ue pa sjs ywiia mm oeea kjswohbi vj
t crgsa aui vae coowrewsonai lusrtcxs ia inr
t. ia
1 ieraecrcp.
a small maj-.rity. The tJi sKTl- X-TC: 7j2tji 'avorabfe
Kin slowlv iandred3"t''f,dw
in the Stale are remote from j ariBc wj "
to cecje in ncaovpui wuui , uic uumu t gy,. i JorJCa ofcftrjcx. uaTJtiv, , -;
of Dr. Arse?, fcme I , ballots fr him l efected by at leat 3.0JW majorwr. toe,
eri thrown out it is sami, oecatwj ic-risar in OTerwisctsBKK ucsmKimx,
xnrM "I jtbor Tickets" were nrinted there-1 .kUw iuunniv th i4ecaoa at a Democratic
Joint Jarrett, of Pittsburg
The Dafeat of the
Free-Trade Leaders Morrison,
Hurd and Tucker Last
Tuesday is
Not the Result cf Extra Efforts by
the Champions of Protection or
the Liberal use of Money
But the Keflex of a Growing Popular
Sentiment Throughout the
Country in its Favor.
3Ii Powderly Denie3 That he is
Free-Trader bnt a Protection
ist From Head to Foot.
A Growing Sentiment.
Pittsbcrg, Pa., Nov. 4. John Garrett,
ex-president of the amalgamated associa
tion cf iron and steel workers, has returned
from the west where he had been conduct
ing a brief campaign against Morrison and
other free traders. In an interview Gar
rett stated that he didn't so on the mission
of his own volition, but was sent as a rep
resentative of the American Tin Plate aso
elation, of which he is secretary. So Tar
as he could learn, the iron and steel ruaau
facturer3 of this section had not contributed Placards about the building offer the fol
a cent toward the defeat of free trade in the! lowing prices to new men: Skilled, 20 to
west. Uarrctt attributed tue ueieat oi
Congressmen Frank Hurd, Morrison, aud
Randolph Tucker to the growing sentiment
in favor of tariff in the south and west.
Powderly's Denial.
New York. Nov. 4. The World prints
a card from L. V. Powderly.
Powderly writes t correct the statement
ia the "World" that he was a free trader.
lie says: "I am a protectionist from the
top of my head to the Iwttom of my feet.
I have experienced no change of heart of
sentiment on the question of protection.
This country is not ready for free trade,
and m til it is I will be protectionist. Fur
ther on in the report I am quoted as fol
lows:" " 'It behoves you to do your duty to-morrow
so that longing eyes that are looking
to New York, shall see that this man is
supported until he shall take his place in
the white house at Washington.' ''
'That language is not mine. I did not
mention George's name, nor even refer to
him in connection with the presidency.
It was ury advice to continue the work
they had" begun until the example set
would enable industrial men. to name the
man who would occupy the presidential
chair at Washington."
Dztkoit. Nov. 4. The latest returns do
not materially change the Republican plu
rality for governor aud the full returns will
make the ligures not far from 7,000. Full
returns show the election of the following
congressmen with the pluralities mdtcated:
1st district, J. Logan Chepmain, dem, 1,
4TG; 2d district. E. P. Allen, rep, 1,012; 3d
district, James Donnel, rep, 4,711; 4th dis
trict, JuluisnC7urrains7,,rep," ii,'oL3; Jih
district, M. II. Ford, dem, 499; Oth district,
Mark S. Brewer, rep, 1,930; 7th district,
Justin Whitney, dem, oaG; Sth district, T.
E. Tarnsev, dem. 510; flth dislriet, Ryron
31. Catch'eon, rep; 1,500, 10th district,
Spencer O. Fisher, dun, 1,736, 11 th dis
trict. Seth C. Moilett, rep, 3,500. The
latest returns give the tate legislature as
follows: Senate, Republicans 22, Demo
crats 10, house, Republicans 05, Democrats
30, Labor party I, doubtful 3.
New York.
New Youk, Nov. 4 The uncertainty
attending the outcome of the election for
congrc-sman in the 3rd district (Brooklyn)
lietween Deacon S. V. White and Captain
James L. Bell, is attracting considerable
attention. Errors that crept in, in tele
phoning police figures on election night,
arc being corrected as official returns come
in. Yesterday's corrections reduce White's
majoritv from 143 to GO. This forenoon.
Bell, dem, leads White, rep, 19 votes.
Two districts yet remain to be heard from.
ew Jcracy.
Tr.EN-ro:.-, Nov. 4 The result as to the
legislature is still in doubt, both Republicans
and Democrats claiming a majority on joint
ballot. The Democratic state committee
fL-drns that Green, dem.. has between 9,000
aud 10,000 majority orer tlorrey, rep., for
sovernor. Republicans Have Yi senators.
Democrats 9. Democrats have 31 out of
50 members of the assembly and the Re
publicans claim the same number.
Milwaukee, Wis., Nov. 4. Telegrams
aud letters are pouring in o Gov. Tiask
from leading men all over the country con
gratulating him at the triumph of law and
nrAt-r orer' t!ie anarchist asnUitors. From
complete return.? from all the legislative j
districts tlie beEttan ngarea tnai me ite
pubiicsas will hare a rosjorHy of 33 over
all cKKweitkra in the legislature on joint
.Veir Hampshire.
Co.vc. N. TL, Nov. 4. Tie election
of MeKenoey, dee, to cowpress in the 1
ifwirtrt nrrer Marm. reo. h concCfieu orn
- - .- . t , r-
ohiraHtv of 150. This is a deaeocrasicKain
of one man and equally divides the :sew
47JXUtCSli V'VtTS,
Ciscisa.vri, Nov. 4. Nothiog deaaile
can be stated ia regard to Carlisle's election
until the otSeial eoat fe coeBpfcied-Thia
will hrin Fridav aftcraooo. The nmes-
- - . - t.
JinrOTVILLE. Pla.. 2OV
I. Ia
1 k nnnrttv
j ggsoz lo axeted Joaes.
Kent ncky.
ijai-w.vri.i.R. Nov. 4. The
lAcimuuL ov. 4. toe to!Mr-
fjooraal recermi the fbBowiBg to-aikt'
1 Corraoro, Ky.. Kosr. A. I aa elect
! td by imm sm to wajuy.
K-r. V ,r 4 Tbe Mwaehast
, .-j-'. gem 35 KenuUtew,
Vn knm 1 Jtsmbtteea. W
- - J
llAmtmmOK Oter-RweMfaaa
h:..-.Mttl.M rrwv-iricr rflrt ttfil cnAEirC
ov. 4. me
Democrats to-
ntrtl the election ot .John A.-
McShano," first Nebraska Democratic con
gressman, oy a Ui ioruauui puwuw -".-.
reception of the victorious candidate.
North Carolina.
Raleigh. Nov. 4. The 2d district has
been carried bv the Republicans, Abbott, a
negro, being elected.
A Political Quarrel.
K.VX8A3 Citt, Nov. 4. Journal, Sali
na, Kansas, special savs: Adam Head was
shot dead by Wat Chekou" last night in a
political quarrel. Both were prominent
fanners and politicians. Head was a rela
tive of Gov Foraker and a native of
Jimmy Madden, who escaped from jail
in this citv last Monday, was shot to-nigh:
by Detective Bryant while resisting arrest,
after attempting" a burglary. He is net
dangerously hurt.
Chicago Packers.
Chicago. Nov. 4. No further strikes at
the stock yards this morning.-allhcugh it is
intimated "that cita at otherliouses besides
Swift &Mon is' may go out, as many of
them are dissatisfied" at being compelll to
work ten hours.
The strikers are quiet; the only act of
violence on their part was an attack last
night on Henry Levy. Mcrris ncrmew. who
was beaten almost into insensibility on 4Srd
street. Swift & MnrrL have signed uu
agreement asaiast eirht hoars a dy. The
firm will import, it is said, expert work
men from Boston and other eastern cities.
The beef men at Swift's and Morris are
.... j-. , e ...:...-.... I
tic essf to be slgnghtered. Swift commence-1
operating today with new men
who are coming from all quarters.
45 cents per nour: ueet earners, ? rent
per hour; laborers, 20 cents per hour.
Latei: The strike at the stock yanls
took a new and perhaps very serious turn
tonight. Tomorrow will probably decide
whether or not there is to be a collapse or a
protracted and more general struggle. The
result depends upon the action taken to
morrow by Armour & Co's butchers on a
mandate issued tonight by Master Work
man Butler, of the Khirrhts of Labor.
This evening, in the dilfcrcnt assembly
meetings an order was read from Master
Workman Butler, calling out Armour's
men tomorrow. It is asserted bv many
that Armour's men are to disregard
the order and stay at work, a3
their refusal to stay would make
them liable to expulsion from the
Knights of Labor. It would, however,
doubtless settle the strike, there being little
question that in such an event the employes
of Morris and Swift would at once apply to
be taken back, bhjuld Armour's men
obey the order to strike it is generally con
ceded that another general strike f all
classes of labor at the stock yards Is almost
Important Conference.
Philadelphia. N?v. 4. An important
conference was held this afternoon between
the members of thr aid committee of the
Philadelphia Manufacturers association
and the general executive board of the
K. of LT by which the Frankford troub
les are practically settled The K. of L.
were represented by General MaMer Work
man Powderly, and Messrs. Hayes, Ailcs
worth, and Carleton, of the general execu
tive board. While nearly all the members
of the aid committee were present, on be
nsir'Gf the manufacturers, as a result of
their conference the following statement
was given out.
Atthe meeting of the aid committee of
Philadelphia Manufacturers Association
and the general board of K. of L..
we have withdrawn all the
grievances of the trikers at Trouth's
mill with th? exception f one, relating to
the question of wages, which will lie re
ferred to arbitration. This was agreed to
bvthc aid committee. This practicaliT
settles the diillculties at Trouth' mill, it
was abo agreed that the srroera! eieeutire
board of the Knights of Ldror, in connec
tion with the aid committee of the Ilulv
delphta manufacturers association, have
formulated a set of rules which shall gov
ern them in the settlement of all further
dilliculties lictwecn emplojes ami employ
ers, to the end of hereafter preventing
strikes and lockouts.
Several Broken lleada.
Ocebfx. Nov. 4. -Tbc wlvntion
in anticipation
of more serioiB
adjournal their iiKCtinr last nitiht. It ap
pears that the disturbance of Tuesday
night was of a more serious charaUer than
was reported. After the ineelhw: waaorrr
Rev. Mr stobkaf rr :u 1 for three cheer
for the mavor. aad th-y were givt-n with
a will. After ienring th" hali the ana
blase kept up shouting. The police wrr
all formed in liac and while in this position
were aUaekl by the mob which a.mdHl
tlicm with atoned and other niLacU. Three
or four officers had been enrrely injrl
Tvlien tlie order to charge was given. The
crowd rallied and charged on the polk,
who, however, acted bravely, the remit
being several broken heads fr the ob
and two arrests.
"Boodle" ifeCaJfrc Lnaaac
N'ew York. Nov. 4. The trial of B
alderman Francis McCbe. to aseertaia the , V
qaestioB of hi sanity, befo thk afteroooo pn '. '
bt the court of general smbmkis. 3lcCal Ms i
is ooe of the "boud!':' aldraaen who nr- d-r oc
cepdMl a bril ic conoecrfo with thelt.,jr- f
Ifroadwav Baflroad fraochae. H twno . - . . i
?d t ia'the pka of bwaoitj whm Mr ,
r-.u-, ,- amini.x( for trfaL A aaiabT
I Vi 3 . . - - -
. .. ,,uia tht Ma mattr -warn m
t , --mfictic. aud aot liaWa to mike
j the yt 4dttm
Ia4eei, hi wwdJ
soon becoew imbedk, aod they thocaiit be
oooJd be aetter crvd f by hk faattUy
i,.n .1 -nv nohiif uMtitotioo. A Bowlwr
tho al aav oobuc mUtmrm. A tmmmr
of other txperu ga wmiiar tMiaMoy
The B'miiici Attoeaey expsewod hbwwdf
as aatfefled that the pHtocer wag tmmt.
and the jury bnwgiit in a rucdki to that
effect. HcCsbe was the tafeea to t U
eobi street jail
The Only Way to Avoid It.
St Loci, Nov. 4. A a joie eatrfer-
escc of the member of the socthwsMrB
sntl rerjro-cfiUaiTaFj ot th 11
roed held tin swjralax. threo ?epocs cre
sebfakttid W the commiUce xopoiMadye
tirrAtr tn tKaeat a sfea for the aettiaafss
of erfetias: dlflfeoltiea. Cumwliiifwr
iUdgtey f tb all Mum ion p-erai
pbtas for acbltratioe m w ba4 fr
rwt .vn th. Vmm. hooefce-. akhc -e
MtM. f iK. TMwirt ce ralmA voot n
tKttSed tf athHfiaa. Ifepeetai.rf
t roiahi ia waited i & impmtt . .i
umtMu, thetmrm sad 0 i u ' "
V vl a Batrt rate war
Thoy trs ta i.iaa
f CaAo, yiif. 4. The W(snl1telsi
miubiii Tter&i aot
te wtth l&e rrsrsi av- -t prausrspm
HJCTFt8fc -"V rr - .- - -
fasd ur Uu- - -?!
are at
WHOLE NO. 773.
Smith, of England,
and Biely Dunn
Have a
Pugilistic Encounter in Nev
Jersey Smith Knocked
out Three Hounds.
Senator Logan Gives his Opinion or
Election Just Closed and
City Mayorship.
:Ha:iU3,an Apache Chief Jumps From
a car Window "hilo En
ron to for Florida,
Captnred in a Short Han.
$40,000 Biazo In Mem
phis, etc, etc
Nxvr Yosk, Nov. 4 The bea J w e'gbte
Jack Smith, of Eugbtad. wh-iwcajast
vear th cbamofcuisaip of tlw N'.v York
athletic club, and Rielry Dunn. tL ha?
snccessftiHv encountered Jnrk Fi ami
other jrad'raen. fought a rn &
IVpw Jprspr thM racrmmr la neural
wand shfi i i- i
his antagonist's left cheek and partlv dazet
him. The call ot tunc saeiliii-J iron
further iniary. One of the J .nte o
Smith's first finger was d-d cated
In the second round D-mt
became very aggressive, and Smith trux
an uppt-r cut in return giving a r'"rr
the rib. and folbwal it up by three goot
ones about the neck, when time was cV
ed. Smith was doing capital work n
opened the third round by swlagtn- hi
right on Dunn's left eye, bringing ilr
blood, and Dunn suddenly swuty: hi
rijjht and landeit it dircctlv under ht
opponent's left ear. Smith was kncke
completely out; he ltad not rrcovrred c -seiousness"
when time was aillcl uu 1 th
purso and battle were awanied tiDnn
Senator Logan's Opinion.
Chicago, ov. l. IhcInUru; nawi
ptiblish tho follow ingtuuMrrw G n L
gan was chatting witli a nnmtvr f ft nc
atthe Grand Pacinc lintel est rXj an It
response to enquiries exf racd ln-'tif o
die results of tec election. In hv t ; lot
it w.v? Iwcomicg as important t ) L.tf
good mayor for" ga-at ciiftt. as u w.m
cnf-t gooil governors. Indeed in jcaxr i
stances the mayor of a great cit w.v t tU
on to exervtoe more jtHlftmcut .l l ui r
than the gen-ral. The fnquent ri ! ll
muUcmies of ccadism ami anarf hi. n n
those ivere btit argument.- f r ti
election of good strong mayors nt.J tustc
who were not only ambtbie t t . '... 'v
but to a strong, tmttl party f r a' 1 1 Hs
conduct. In lib opinion the Rr :J t -party
taiay occupied in every niH t U
strongest oseible position, and if it .i
Sands firm and docs not waver fa m its t
tablishctl line of principle the f.itun'jva
will lring to it manv more grand r
Above all things the Republican r
wants to stcar clear of all the iw ar
fooli-h cries that are .slloat to tt p U
jeet socialist idea into l3 p'ilf rw.
pander to nav element, howt. r f rr r g
may appear on the fj of '. . -n
vlilch tioOT not regard t!x: i .1 .
life. Hl"crty anl proKperfly 1 . . " I
a single one of the principle- " U
iican pany woufcl Uf to ri ':m " i .
mbtake. "Let the Deniocnith p' '
iu ah tli !'w elements of .- ' r ! '
Imt W the RpRWknn ataad n
old plat form Tltcre i n rr.t- d
Logan will, why tho Ke,w .-. n , t -1
elect Ue mayor of Oh"UC4 i H-1
The general trongiy adv cat. . .
natioa of ex Coorremn t It ti i a
well i the Kepubhcaii i I z t
Blj,' IJn Ale.
KA-?Jirf Citt. 5ov 4 YU-. ' '
chief of the Chirfcahue Ap?w h
teen bucka awl aquawa paatk '
under guard lo!ay esiuota t J '
Fkmiia. WWJ the f irty -throtiirh
CoJorio, Mfl ' j '
acar wuidow nod ran p ! i
he aa recptnrel If- tk. i
korfe ami stabbed bb -- I u. a
plsr3 inllicUnir r u "j'.
aiorniog he attacked itlrr '
lag ih'i man about tb t J w . '
!aoolibri. D "-. th
uproar the train started jbtj i
party except the iBierpfUrr,
bebd and veil! follow tooi?
i t
h '
s A fKK) fllatr
at noon bumeri the Chiea-
enmpmnf wort, on fit ''
aIOMoalMBKfad tkootan-i
wired for tibftj th.r T
atl ia th lnj-
with '- i: rapM
Firf at bt rj- s
if,. Mi'. '
l ' .
In- --"
by ".' j
Ak j
i.1 & i'i
i rh:
1 UttMni'
I a'Sh' 1 m br ', "
r ?
'- 'r?
I part of u
i ho'- '',
.-ioasc! -i :
-lor !-
Conrt Hnfi'
1m1tistkmgai i
a eafifftiee of
hkh the fears t.
I mAtFfn aad rof
wow bsiraoA Lf '
1 1.9 aauf
c p, j j t i r 1
, I Mb .
iZ -
. I P'
9d ti-
fthe r-
e act '.
VZ.J - .,
lV1Q"1 f?"

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