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Wichita eagle. (Wichita, Kan.) 1886-1890, November 12, 1886, Image 5

Image and text provided by Kansas State Historical Society; Topeka, KS

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ue BSCichita SaiXtj gaglc: grMntj sxxv&aQ, ovnixbtt: 12, 1S86.
A 'vertkcineiits Jn this column will le charged for
.' thcrcUs of rive. Cent per line per week. No ad-,
erli. Miont taXt-n for less than 2j cents, and trill
not li lr.sertv.1 until paid for.
,' ' ANTED G I rl for general house work.
TT photographer.
"TTTANTED-Everyoae to know that Brittingham.
the finest operator I ever had. H with me until
after the holidaj s. Rogers, the photographer. 15i-6t
WANTED-A good saleslady.
V U.ilalnup stairs.
Call at once. 131
132 et
TTTANTED-T) good waltors: also 1st and 2d cook.
W Call at once, 151 North Mala st up talrs.W6t
"XTTANTED Young man to work in laundry. 151
W '-Mala st-upstairs. 1---5t
WANTED-A Ktri wishing a good place for the
winter, with light work and good wagw. to call
at No. 115 S. Lawrence, up stairs. "
-VTT ANTED-Part of small store, or space In front
VV window for candy on 'n orDnSlM e.
Address, D. S. Uerry. Hutchinson. Kansas. 51-tt.
Address. J. A. Barnes, Wichita, Kansas. 51 ft.
box 471
lnmitlon. Ad'
need not apply
TIT ANTED- Parties desirous of engaging In a per
V fectly safe and Immediately protltable bulne3
call on or address, E. It. urusu. -im. .-. .Mam "'
Ita. Kansas.
WANTED The man who drove a miiic team iyer
Cblsholm creek on Central uve. on Tuesday
afternoon when a buiy wa up set. would oblUe
and call at I. KaafmanV. a!3 East oonjlas ave. ..1-t.f-
-YTTANTED-Mr. A. M Ford. Si5 -outh Mala st .
Y wishes the tad is or Wichita to know that she
does fashionable dress and cloak cu; tiH? and making
and qlvta special attention to the design of torn-
ln cxr-tunicJ. '
T A.NTED A plrl for general house work. Call at
53 South i'Ji ave. J'1
-VCTANTED V responsible person to drive team on
V shares, call at IS bouth 4th ave. &''
trado a good farm for city property
i by the owner, :WJ South -Stli aye.
sell cheap
TTA'.TD-To reoair furniture In any part of the
Wcfty. CaUor.-vLtress.J.W. We-tou, 2.3 bouth
th a e. ZZ
Spring!. Kansas.
-rTAVTED-Employment as gardner or on a farm;
, v in worse on shpres with tnc right party. Au
dreys H. P.. Eagle oRlee. i5t'
"V5TAVTED -Bargains In city rroiorty . for cash buy
V cw by MillerV: bheppard.fui East Oa!t st. O0t'
-vrr ANTED-A situation by an f xperlenced general
V a-'ent. or 111 entertain .proposition for -
Sp in bu.in.-ss. i-mju.rc m .- -. -""- iZii
rlrl for honework
13T North To
-T-rANTED Anyone-wanting a nicely furnL-hcd
S room for the wint.-r. with feather Ud. can tlnd
oao at 2 ti, 1st and Meadow e. mt
'V'TAVTED J'o-ttion by voiuig man as either boo.-
V KoK.r or f rtlesmau. or any permanent i-ltua-
tlon. tour jcars cxier!nce on the rodd. bwa
habltsand Indutrlout. Address L.1-.. Eas.e. -M.t
- u
-rTTANTED-Two Kt-ntlemen can
chs ro-am a id
YY board at 4'
S. Emporia, 3 blocfcs souta ci ire-
'?-6t I
VvNTED. A girl at 321 Waco st.
Good wagi
-tt- v-T-r-rv
- V young man of buslueai exper'ence
Wants to itiMst $a. in sk, -v,,;?,H!Ibl;
m-!-ni(i.!iin brokerage or fcomeinii.
Address, . b. P.. Occidental hotel
fr ANTED. 2 first-class coat makers immediately
V Moaiir ur.rl: nr.il liGM onifi mu. .""""
dres. Ullie & Bru
merchnnt tailors, 143 N
Main st.
-TTXT VNTED Permanently two or three fU'iNheil
V rooms wl h tire, nenr Manhattan hotel. -?'-v
E. H. J. Manhattan. 1 L
T NTED At River-ide hotel 1 cook, 1 second
V ioA, 2 ilinlag rojm hands, 4-bt"
Xl NTED Hv a vcung Indy, a room mite. I
V have u beuutlfutly furol-h.-d room in .1 Jrs.
ri.-s.sra:nlU; ltof city reference re4uh.fl. A1
dr.-s L. N "thi- oaice 48et
-TTTTANTED-: acres to plat. Owners and not
V ascnts w.tl tind a purchaser. Address wit
; rx ad full particulars, tl. L. D. Lagle office. 4d 6
-vrr ANTED I want 1 good brick la
Wond street. C. A. Parsons.
K Soc-
i;t .NTEI) I-idi room mate at SS2 N Main st: one
V employed during the day preferred. 4j 6t
"TPfANTED A situation by a young man of busl-
V ness experience, good salesman; good witlwen:
on the road on- jear; five years In drmj busfSesj.
Could ran-a drug store, or would take partnership.
Address. W. S. P., Occidental hotel. ---
TTrvNTED By vouug married mm. nlco room,
V furnished or unfurnished. ttUh board Prlt.nte
famllv prefereI. Call or nddreoa Mosler Safe and
Lock Co.. 127 Main st. ' 6l
-sTt-t t vteo Cattle. We have lomo line Untl, no
W incumbrance, to trade for cattle,
tlon; line farm, to trade at cash rrlcts
Jacques room 5. No. 311 K. Douglas avo
-T-vr ANTED A gool cook at tho Nlrkl- I'lato Rt
V taurant, Wellington Kans. King & Co. 4. -ft
"A1" NTKD A stock of goods-grooerien preferred.
V We have some good, improt ed inside property
In Wichita to trade lor a mock in H"v " i". r
reiuln.l. Mtoeley Jactiues. room 3,
No. 311 East
Douglas at e.
47 IStt
--r NTED A KOC-1 sfelrt trimmer, will pay a good
price. Mrs. L. J. Nuel. 3JI b. Mitfket st. 4. C
-VTTAVTED A few more boarders at 232 North Mala
V st, up stairs. CoodaceommcHlttlonsandpleas-
nn'rrklnil. "
t 'ANTED A girl n family of two persons.
TV quire t 4U. est 1 ntru streeu
--"T-aTED Jicrapor holders and teamster:, thirty
inllw south of Camp bupply. Indian Territory,
on Klotta cstentlon of the boutnern Kansas rallroa-i.
Wrd & Courtnev. railroad contractors. du.-lm'
-rrr VNTED Kl railrcatl laborers on the Kiowa er
V tension of the Southern Kansas railroad. Apply
to J H. Hamj-on. railroad contractor. d 37 Ha
"t IT ANTED To buv stock cattlo ot nil
VV Relmer. at Horse and Mule Market.
buv stock cattlo of nil VlniU.
J. a. I
lacc money
chattel w-
jgags en iann.
Wlocit.1 Rankin
; Co No. 1'6 Went rK.naUis at e. 37-tf
11 r ANTE1 To lixm J-VXUXj on bushier blocks and
VV rwldence property, within the ne.xt thlrtr
at u. Kansas Loan and Invfstaif nt coapttny .I-.tT
e- r VTK To Ic-tn at owest rtt.sj. $11.0,00) on clt j
VV and farm property. Jioney ready any Uv.
5. W. Cooper. ir. aainsi.
TVrxNT'rv-Kookkeepers and buslnef men to
V know that tre National Accoantanto Bureau
of ers unsan'as-cd facilities for the procurement of
first-class men i.nd women for positions an boo
kccDors and Rccotintants. Bn-ine-s men who want
pnicieni help, and exp-rt NTokkeetvrs who asif
rirst-cljia5r-.-ferenct.ad want situations, would do
Wellbyaddress'ngus. Offlce for ;the state ofXans.
at theonthwrsten Business College. Ichita. Kar.-
-w-. V.-T-T-T. t .0 ml cvr.tlemen to know that
VV :rn,i,n;tilic Southrstrn btflncs college
arn iastrncted privately at their desk, thus aroldlnt
JmtarS6me..i. F-rons cnu stt-nd th da; -or
eveulng serious with cinal rtvntagwrf.
3f tf i
--rrTr2D Evert bo.lv to kuow that thenewiip.
W -;, offln. of the W chlta C0..I nd V urlisi.
town o2c of the '
M.nr V?"X- IV Srth sri&
Conveileat to postonice.
. LJ tJV-31'W "-" -
TT ANTKD A good idrl for family of
VV EmMrii ate. O. L. ITatr.
three; 1UN
70R RENT Fumlsned rooms at 153 N".
7"OR RENT A new house of six rooms.
the pnotegTaphez
TTtOR RENT Hcalrable furnished rooms rea.oo.b;
JL at 4S0 South Market St. &61
bur:e. plcxiant.
furrd'tro. front
Jl? room with lre closer. outbeast cun-eric-'Ca.
Kntjulre a. S3s Suth Lawrence a
T Wit r.KVT-A niKlTfnmL.t! 'ront room fSita-
Jl fate for two KtM.tJemea. one block froai strr.:
railway. Enquire at 1 .nh Vtio ave.
J.Ott RENT To ura!fccdroom :wu fcU--ci! frtwi
"ort kcoil depot, oue and one-haU blociJ rioin
X o)S.
R KKN'T A. srzc burn very cheap. Ir.qjlre
Tort-Ka. -ttr
7ort RRNT.-A three rcm home on Lzursc. 137.
ini!TVTl fnmUix! fnm! nm-rino.-nnln-
JD on Dorcb: two bUV irvnn Fther Sxin.-tfm.:
U: two Diocis iroin Mier tHnlin,-
4lCa month. Euae, .& .North -
i. --. - . - . -. ... t ...-. . v .1- . .
hoa-o; rnt.
"TAT TJVVT Vfilv f,iT-nlS.! tflflnt in rrT..i
I hant- vrThin!' ntv tJ.ilv fr.nr hlrkok-.fr,.?..
IfouU' uro, Teniu ressonLbZc to pemianent inirty.
Apply at rC Waco U 4ML
1r-OR IUCT A l!rt-cla fnralsheI fr ct rooia
. Jowa italrs. Ianuiru at Sws i uth Vater '
-r-5-iNTEn-Ow iters of city or farm property to
know I am ready to take sales, rentfnr houses
or .jv real state bufcine-., in a pushing "'-'
1'iutu.an, -Ui'z. Douglas ave. "-
"VVT ANTED To buv k hors- and Jmgy. or eepr is.
fjr tae owner through the winter, or trade iW
city pr(..i,trt, uoumo sens, pieierioj- -.'i-. --.
Kaiu'iuau. 31 1 E. Douglas a-v. 4'l"
TTKJR RENT A houso of two rooms anu bj:cU In
X2 31 block south of Douglas ovenue. bet veen im
porta and Fourth on Watennaa. inquire alSr.ui
Lawrence. . .-
17KJR KENT Two vervpleaaiJtHnfurnbbed rooms
2 or one furnished room; southeast aud west ex-
nesarc. Four block from Ov.-cmeniai cotei- """,
UfcaVonablc to right partiM. Kef erenccs excfcajwu.
KENT A well fcrnL-hed room.
423 South
I TOR REST Two Urst cla store rooms.
2 Hardy Solomon. 327 Dougtai ave.
Apply to
n0p RENT Furnished rooms by the day or wee..
FtoqSw It 6KEt Douglas avenue , rooin i up
t 113 WesTDouroom 1. over Petries'
clothing store. Mrs. J. 3L slager.
TT'OR SALE W tots on easy ii;.u.
V grapher.
Rogers, photo-
KR SALE Two S-room houses in 10) ft. lot. cellar,
am etc. SO acres north of Lawrence ave. It
will nav to call at LKaufman'a.ClSE. Douglss avo
r. ... j.-. ,. 12-f
OR SALE Sold araln
acre Dlat on College
Hill, a great bargain. It you want to make money
v N the time. Do not delay. Call at I. Kaufman's
313 Zast Douglas ave. 152-St
TPOR SALE A rare opportunity. I will offr for
JD ten days mv one-half Interot In Vorost City hard
ware. 3J0 X. Jlaln st. Roaons for selling, falling
health. G. L. ilunn. Wichita, Nov. 9th, 1SS6. 152-6U
-r?np. 5?AT.n Panorama of New York aid Boston,
2 ualntcd on canvass ery line. Will sell, ex
change or accept partner with small capital. I. b.
Gerry. Hutchinson. Kansas. 51-Sti
TpOR SALE A very complcto steam laundry in
JL? Abilene, in best of condition and a big bargain
for some one. Emjulre at room 15. 2'A 2Iaiu st. Hen-
aeron. -"
TT'OR SALE A full and complcto outnt for a new
stam laundry.
Call and see me.
room 13, 231 Main st
TTOR SALE 2U to 30 a-re plats, choice College
X1 Hill prorrtv." Joining the collfge fttc; also some
nortli of Douglas ave.: a bargain for a few days cn'y.
I. Kaufman. 313 Eat Uomla-i ave. 51-brt
A flue saddle hors.: oungand stylish;
JC v
well broken cud easy galted Enquire at xteglster
of Deeds' offlre. w
170K SALE Two fino driving horses. App
West bide drug store. No. C2; V,'e.-t V.'icliiu
Apply at
h. jr.
"IV)R SALE Parties ha In
citv nronertv to Fell Ct
bargain to call at Miller & Sheppard's, '.01 East
Oak st. J)Jj"
TT'OR SAIX Or est hange for country or tovn real
J -st:ite. 1U shares of ftovk In r. newly Incorporated
stock company, capital stock S-SOVO). full paid and
r.on assessable. Addrea K. B. ileixeli. Wichlt.i K5..
or call r.t Valley House. SO-Ct
TT'OR SALE I lots in KAIrvIew add. for S1.10. $1
12 cah, S7W in one ear at 3 per cent. 4 ea-it front-
InFalrvi-wmld. forSl.llkl cash. 7 1-ns facing Doug
las ave. for 2,0. At Thomas Co., Ill Nottn Main
ht. -l
T'OIi h".LK tJIots in I.lncoUt Street add. ranging
,1 In price from .$'25 to 2f. Two lots on Douglas
ave. near tie new Rock Island depot for S:2.0fl. Ten
acres on North Lav. reneo ave. for S3.0V); at Tl.omas
& Co.. lit North Jl.iln st &Xt
TT'OR SALE Flft-v'n acres of land in north ptrt of
city; aUo lft acies ailJolnIti the city nt a bargain.
Callatcnce. Thomas Co . lil Main st. j-i-Cf
1701: SALE Small bllllird hall, only ono in town
; of &l Inliabitunts. Reason for telling, rauit to
w. est Vcrv cheap f r ca.-h. Inquire o C. T. Muden
2CJ E. Douglas are.. Wichita Kau. -t Ct-
TiOR SLF.. In one cf the bo'im'ng cities of aouth
.1 frn K.ina, a well e-ta'illshed bo.!c. stationery
and mu'ie burlno". Tnoe meaning bInes ad
dress K. Swab. Wichita. Kau-.dS. w-M-2tdH9-l.lt'
TT'011 S.LE 2,Cto2')acrc plats cliolce Co'Iego Hill
X ptotxrtv nt cpeci.il inducements for this v.eofc
only. I. Kaufman, 313 E. 1)ou,:1-ls uvo. 43t
OR SALE Acre property in Mat'hev.-son's add.
Che-ip i fold sn. 2 butue lots justesst of the
Santa Ke railroad on Douglas ave. at a nargatn. -ie-Calla
& Miller, III Main sc. room 1. 4-'-Kt
Wb -if" senlng mat-hit e, as gotxl
Call 413 North laniiorla. 4T-tt
j X1 anew,SJA.W.
"TT'OR SALE Anew confecIotr-rv, bakery and ie
j1 taurjnt, all new. line location i-i a line room and
doing acocxi ousmess. i ncv mv itraie. uuuu ica
bons for selling. Rothenhofer i Co.. Arkans .s .City.
"TT'OR SALE Cheapest farm In S.-dwIck cousity. A
i' half section, gool Improvemiiits, g-ol buildlmrs.
two uelixo farm, a.l suootl t.llcblo huid, about
20i)acies undir cultiut!.ii. largi- Leading orchard,
situate.l between wreonwieh nad Jtenton. lTico,
er.uir ir-vo.1 terms. M ,'.ley A Jaenuc, 311 East
Douglas ae.
47 12t
I tu-.ii nntn-li.i .n.l KIr-t. exi-ttUCional facilities
for liamlilng freight irl sit-1-.- wholes lie or ware
house business. McCalia &. Miller. 1! I Han st. 4b 6
"ITIOR SAL-: Lot--In Licoolu street add. Tir S'.'"
X' cucli Si to. -53.1 below MarVtt prli'. Al-o lots
within one block r M-hool Iioum; and -t-e?t esr-. an'l
one mile of Dojgl.is ate, ut $''. and tnca..t lots
nnd business jt tp. rty in every add. tlon nd on
ever--rtretii the city. McCiIIiilUr. ill Mali
ur" t. ro- u 4. 4' ,?
tx)!l :-AlJ--0:i north M.dn. 2 lot-l.e wei.:i Teutii
A and le enih; 5'..i'-. lart time; a snap. Taj lor .-i
1 aj lor. room 1. i'.; Main st. 4t-tf
""oriSALi: 2cuinis iilocKso.iiitm t-t oetw'.u
! I1 Doula an 1 Firs, sole.idid perma'.e'it ine-t
nie'lt. reaso.i -Die jri'-e viiu
Mlll-r. 1H Malnrt ro-.n4
d terms. McCaUa A
1 rOR SALE r.i
farms in the Vclnily of tiod-
i1 dard. m.M? Ick cent
..Kan. hri.v-. ranging xro-m
$15 to 6.5
Ier acre. ' nv.-j.anee tree, ijoit-r .1
real estate and loan afcent, Ooiliianl.
" .""OR SAIJ-: Business iiuti&es on Main strtet bo
X tttcn Klrt and becond; tac-.nt lot lttteen fc'e -jnd
and rt'r.l, and ttto houses nd Ioti. bet v ecu
Thirtl a.id er.tral. Get tiguri-s and terms of JlcCalla
& M.ller, 14 Main tt. ioom-4. 1-ts :
JT"0R SVLK A welllinp'-oveI farm near the city;
i one nu.-idred a:.d ftxty ucrs. a social larg-ili
for a fftv rtaj s. Call at llanly Solomon's re-ilestaiu
ofilce. S27 Iioiiglis ave. :'- tf
T'ORbALE One hundred and fifty feet eor. Thir.l
1 it. nd Fourth Ate., at a bargain tjt thhtt dayi.
John Stewart.
"70R SALE A College Kill property. IW telow
V Market valui. A nue home. read, for occupan
cy and clieau. McCalU A Miller. 114 Miia st fiKim 4.
J HStlt
TKJR SALE "jtKi tow
lots In Garden City; special
JL barg-.'
on or di
bargains, :tso
ains, :LsO C
vd.sl land adjolnlnrt thecltr. Call
on or suitress J.. J
Pyle. real estate aent, (jarner
City. Kan.
J1 acres .od plow Un.l. 40 acres good hay land, -J
acrps go.Ml pasture. Will git e long time on vrt and
w HI take In trade horsea or cttle. Injulra at probate
Judge's ottoe. ',,f
TL70R SALE-Lots In Minneapolis add, with s.utli
J2 frontfige on Douglas ave. .1 each: caeao-s;
thing or thnaveuu'j tte-toftho creek: held at 4-l.oW
just'eoro th strtet. McCalia & Miller, lit .Main
tr't, room 4. 14s-tt
TTtORSALK V r..fv.lal birga:n-2I arns. H mile
t from Caret's Part in ote or 5 ncte lots to suit
purchaser. Terms li
Eagle block.
eral. J. E. liumpurey tvi:..
TTfOKSs.Ll-Ono hundnil r-t front ttlth ttto 4
1 room hore.s, on Waco a ei.u letn eon lt ana
2d street.. I'or ternii call on J. B. Humphrey .t bou.
Kigle bliH:k. 21-tf
JpOR SALE Old jal-rs at this oHlcc at 23 cati. a
' hundred
TT'OR SaLE Mv etwk of groceries and queeuwjrL- j
JU at Anthonv, Kan.: trill e'.l for cth only; -toek j
will iuvolco for 44,l. 1 tUl lent tothe fartle but I
In.-, the building, which Is 12ti rM-t with Ltvd cllar.
I I. R. Fo-. Xn'ionT. Kan. 47-lf
17OR SALE I have two full blooded Siberian blood
X; hounds for pale; one ts two j ears old X Icihw
high, and tho other U obmt S niouths old. tall ot.
John Kell, 4J) S Water st iSt
JTsOR SALE. O.KS1 rtsi.lrr.c. &nl !ia;r.fv pro,-srty
JL In town of Clearwter, ab-o 3 good farm oer
countr seat of Comanche county: will trade tor Wlcli
1U city prorerty. Inquire tiJNKsrltet streeL 15tf
17H)R SALE Wo own all of this prorertj
nd will '
A2 sell any ot it on small pat meat ilov
itru: bilants. lu
thri or rlvH t rar-. AH of It Is In town nr.d In no-
lxdt fnture itvst mlilltlon 3 room h- use aid wo I
lotsl Wichita st: 5 room hnu. and one lo. Vt st. ,
north; 3 room r.ou and one lot. Watr st, ccth; I
3 room house and "ne lot, 'Water st. north. 4 nvm
home and one lot. Jlt-kft tr-t, north: 4 slng'e lott, '
north Karicet tiet. S ft front each lot? N'o 4 '.
141. ll". 12 1. 1-A '"y. North Water -t. earn t ,
front: lot N - 3 , 41. 4 -. ai J2. ... ?3. 2s, 43. za. V.'J.
Wichita st;lut No 7.. 'ii. Waco,av- lo No. ), 3 end '
5, X ft front. Washington ivr, pam" add tn corner I
lo:N"a. 2 and 4. Wabash jitc. r)CH-n d1, cora-r; I
lotj No. 11. 13. 1 j, Thi teenth t, Hovp-. sdd. Ioti No j
6. S 10 end 12. Fourth ave. orme I'nlllir'S dd. lot
So. '.0. Fmcorta -ve, Orme A Phillips odd. tor lull !
Information apply to Lew lVuni or Karrv-S:ewrt. j
"TT'OR SALKI ts In il.'nneapolls add. eft front,
1 it ithlT oi.n hIo.-k of laslasave. at :4X) ear h.
McCiUta Jt Hiii-r. lit ?iam t. n n. 4 its-ot
JT :
?QR S.VLE A tn t'rws.11nc Iccfc. fn;
the um :
ii. in.pnre -w nrttr to 1 "ntz ion.
TTOR TR s rn Htm md lot la Onrden City Kaa
X' for .vichtta ;-.nert t . i;oge
;er-s pSwtogrnher.
RTtf TfTotfl riirtiih.1 In VkI'-t- C.-nt
V for Wichita nwluenc. prop- rty, or ieJI for 32.2tTi.
fart timr. fatlnr .t Tat Ntr a5j Main 14-tf
"TT'OR niAPK a a.-es, Ktogmin cocn-y: " acres
JU In cultivation, well naA llviag water. budt.;g
worth tl.C" . A g-i Usiy or iaad. Kt$ar cf
$lo can lyassume-L Wit. traie for Wk-sH Irop-
erty. iuqquf of .ft. C Strown-. i1KVtm
I "'OR TRAPF At R 1Tnto V. ili laprufni f-rn
1 for a ns't.'nce pro?rr. Eckzrut Jt s-.-stt. at
s-anta ro irtferr. mvtt 1
i imk TRARS-Urtfrr Mlik ami ifcr sKiUr- outfit
. X ! bnataes. woot JTatfao: errybiaz !
Wfct. Kn. H ,
-rOUNI-Tte.tet rail c-tate oSeo la th-city t
t -. ?', ." .,V.iT7- iUL- w t? Vr STtT-
""'r:. rrfMinT rfven u icenu sie a iur
tl.ul"'ll. ft. B2t
..,-, . .iTiy.- T.iir!i . mi vt.i r
nnviwtt bill Ulwa Docrfis w. ui trt st.
I Jl 0crir-. Etl. 1L iLidtom. WJefeJuu Xa3.
briiig ti.em to tlie K'JsIti 3to.TiTe to- . '. XX.it
Dou,;I- ave. P t
j OTORAGE For hooeto5jJ w.U r oicncaiib-i. '
k knTi,i nr ii.. ii ou Lka.ex i.iji.1. w svt-
-r rTnTrrn rjv etoro and tae Citlsens Bmk,
JLnCnlght Templar 'ciann with name engraved.
Ftiidcr please leave at my stcre. Liberal rewero.
Wm. Kasc!. PiiL.
erty la advancing every
-W yt-?" T n. 1T-.t.lfW-nV.n fl . Il.-.rrtjr n.t?.
Jjlas and Second, package containing two dresses.
Kinder pleaso leave at room S. Br. Furley'a building,
snd recci ve reward. 149-fitt
X OST Between city oSlce and StateNaticnalBank I
j-ia ounca or Keys, ttnatr wiu ne rewaraeu. it-a..
Glenn. Sor.g,lbcC, 0-6tt
3" OST One blaci cluster onyx deeve button.
iFinder will be suitably rewarded by leaving with
C. Mosbacher.l03E.Doaclsave. 146tt
T OST A knltDnrse in frontrof 313 E. Douglas ave.
XJcontalnlng Si.Wr Finder please
icontairung si.'Mr dinner piea
return to
Mounts' restaurant and get reward.
Bargains in Keal Estate.
Linnll rirtnto
Also 200 lots In dry finely located and In good
neighborhood. Special terms to those wishing to
make homes. , ,
Also suburban property. For further particulars
see Chris. T. Pearce, agent for Wm. GreUenstcln. at
city osce.
of Hall Bennett,
Gives special attcntlen to Diseases of women. Blood
and Skin Diseases and all troubles of the Urinary
Organs speedily cured In both sexes. Office over
Woodman's Bank, North Main street. Consultation
day or night Foes. (Read Drs. Hall &. Bennett's card
in this paper.) 121tf
New York Money.
New Yoec, November 11.
51oneyoncallcnletat36 per cent., clcainj; at 5
tsked. " ,
Prime rasreanthe paper ii. ,.,.
sterling exchange dull and unebtEgedjactual ra.es
liW for t&day bills and 4i4 for demand.
t.ove;nment bonds dull and Btcady.
Staf" li .nds quiet and firm.
Tae evwj of the day ws not generally of a char
acter to aficet -alBM on the stock exchange, and the
usually actire shares presented little feature cf ira
IKirtance throughcu; tha day. The extraordinary
interest developed in low-pilccd Southern and
Soiltlittcsi;m fullered no diminuatlon. The market
ttas active and fuvtrish In the early part of tho dcy,
over one third the entire day's buslncw being trans
acted. In the first huur. Prices were v eak through
out almost tho entire day.
S-per -cent t
-1 pr-vent': ,
6-per-csnts of "Ji
ChUago & Alton...........
Chicago, Burlington &. Qulncy
Lake Sfu re
Mtv.ouii Pacitie
New 'iork Ctntral
lioct Uland.V.
Union Paciflc -
Waba-h -.
Western Lnlon
Total sales of stocks today, CS.CCl sharsa.
.... .
.... ru
.... IOvj
New York Live Stock". .
New Yo sic, November :L
B-eve receipts. 6e0; no tniulng in beotes. dre-sed
beef ruled I nner at 't:c per pound for commo a to
Uit sides, and 5.afcnc tor Te..o and Coloraoo.
.e r-itrct lots, 7.4W;; good demand for theepand
easier for IjaiW oS.Mi; per louu 1 f ur saet.i ai.d r
ui.jie tor lamb5. ,
llogs Pa-oeipr-."!-'' g.l f rierlngs way be quoted
atcCa-SJI Sfc. Hog killers hat o resumed ttorx.
New York tlrasn and I'rotisions.
Nv,- YoWi. November 11.
Wheat -Lower; ungraded ted, 7J-3f: No. 3 red,
S..SRi. elevator, v;, abo; i-tloat. No. 2 red, Not.
&Ji3-, closings 5, -eccaib-'r.brJiiV"' .,
1", S-Cngraded. 4-,;i s, 15,: No. 2, W; eje v. ispr, ?;
atloat.No. 2. .o.emU--r, 4j; Dcce:nLei145-?tio-
oata Mixed tvesieru, :UJ.; waitc do. -JitJ J?.
Butte. Firm at 12tS.
C.itcse W es'ora flat, ltii-i
Lgs bieadt,
ICausas City Oiuic and Provisions.
;:.tiA City, Ksremter 11
Vh.i Rcctintb, 10,000; Bhiptnntr, 6,f.W;
n.slore, Icti.ooo. gale;; M. -' idl, cjsh. C0,'
bd: Dcemlirr Hi lid; .(ciiti-sry, C!X bu;
Mav, ia ulst. o 3red,C-li bw, 1.0 a3kcd.
,,,' -J - It, UJ tii, i-pcrial. .
i'iirr. :. pla. J.'.aO; thli rr.enta, Wi n
Store. IS0.1W biccly; N... 2. cm, ; LJe
.en br, 2u;-Jsuua:y, S0) bi..; ai.'.. j; -o.
iWf.lt-, C-b-l, -l ilsUr-ll.
u..ts No. 2 C..2I1 '-3'; t:l.-lK r.-Lo l.Ncve n
lnr, -.;J bid, 24 ttsked: l.'ecem Jrr, 21 nii.
ilj o. -, CaU.3b bid.
Egg?, batter itttl huy ttr.ch.-.rge'l.
Laiisar-. city Lit a ilook.
;. N-AStiTY, oeml)cr II.
jptjecpirti, 4.03.'.: fh'iniieati, 1,1'i);
stfftivjvos-! t choice, tl Vwi -; ij.nt.inoc
tOlU'il Hi, 5 Mtkii 0J. BtO-AfTr, S2 '.aJ-t .Jt
fee. ii it !i3, S- S'GS Cu; cowa, t :.&sz- i
grn s r i .-e sts.ere. 2..'5 -0.
jl , ecelpt-. c,51i: bhipment3. none;
str.ttlv g.io t to ' lioiC'-, S C5s; 7;,; c.niiiic:i to
snv-: Ueo'iptf, 1 HD; sblpments, tbiehdj ;
pood to choice. 5.2 .VJ.iS300;conilUQii tu n.ediajn;
$1 5 'fcS.2 i5.
,t. Iouls LIeSiock.
t. I -jcis, K .tenijer II.
Ca'tie r.e.:cii ts. 1750; ti.ipment-. 4'a"; st.aJj
ulta8tnn-dttn.ttid for Oecir&u c lyail-ri and
.slockerf; cloic aj-ti.t. et-o.-s, SI .".'t ..j,
common to good ahtm-'ni:, S i t-.-J4 -; bu.ch-en-terrs
lfir to choi-. .: 10-jSl U; ireuer.
fmr togcocl.S2 5:?$ 2) Tpxjs SiU ItU.a'.E
etnuiK.ttopf!me.;-:o3 tsit.
Jlojs Hecdp 3. .V00; 3hiFnieii,5, 1 10.; J.l
rsdes cleaned upvir. rs'.dv hgr.rc3 e-.7
Varkbn.eraaTe e.s.J.1. :n tie msiw;; c;oi'-e
nravTit'Ja butcLew' o:civ., Wii.W3i,
lacker fair to te-t, 5V: .0; ike.
medium to chol .-, sr. W1 d. 0' c.m
nico to goo i. $2 '.Or. Si 40.
Sh.ep-i:.celpi3, -,l ., s ilpmesiU, 0.0; blow ;
common to choice, sl tigs '-'
St. I.oah. l.ta.in and l'ro !.leu-.
V! ,nr Otint: stet'iy sa .iticutngeu.
Whedl- Dallaaitc
.y:'. 2 ..i, cu h iiy,;
De.-niber, 7ai 5
7751'77;1, civ -iits
,, J5tCA TCV; Jaastary,
,;Mcy, sl.-sl-j.cujeiutjr.
C'n fc airly R0t:-e; No. 2 mixed cah,
i22,, Uec-mbiT, 2o?; itny, 3:?.
' ..-L -s'lr...; i.0J0.-,' Wi.
liarley bcbt:tip.',
l.ta: Du'.l and n m.nr.
tTealcCr Xt St 10
aiked fjt an Tut-a. . .,.
j'.n.te Ki.m; erisuierj , '..: . .Gj UBlry, 12.a
EZZeZlllh. j.; Is J.
v nlshey stia ly nt $1 13.
Provisions .-.tivr A.d etrouger.
rVrk-m?her;33-.' r
Lard SttonK at 1 .OiC -47
Uec-W.ts Kl .i-.Ti."v. t-heat. 24,0-A); vjrn,
"t OtH; oats, 14,0uw, re J),M: barley. lijU1".
"",, ,,,,' - - 'u O- iiett, 1 iOj; c
i annum t.t - - -u " , ' . r.ori'T C,-.CL.
j '.OvO. O , i'.'H);... ' ' Df J'
Chicago Grain and rrovislons.
t.iiiUAG, Moco"ibr 11.
Cab qu-taion" wera .11 lo'lows:
No-2-frtrtgh r.t; 7df75Y.- 'o, 3 sprir.
heat, i33-?vd: o. 2 ri! vrt.et, Z?4
No 2 Arji SoH
No. 2 ct -2t"..
..-irse alK.
S. - brty 51.
l'xlin tiaioihv 1 C-VJ.-1 &t.
Vffcs lo kS40ai'j 53.
Itt,, .-, 0..
WhSkr Si Ie.
1 tie leaiititf, fcture- r.trpl a- follows:
SiUh t. Ltw't. C-'o'tl
. J2
. -O"
... SiS
... S12,
.... 9 :j
. . a
.. :
.... rw
4 1J
-a a
; .i&an-tr; ..
ii .
4 IK
1 .ecms;r ..
Janniry -.
Jlsv . .".
'. t etsDer. .
' rai er ..
Jia7V... .
1 Ls,-j
( ' . f
12 K
j t-.tftTi3 t soar, 2 w;iis.j irr,.t. c-.rR,
J 17,S.: t ,vS:r - , OA..y, t5,f
J bl2i,i. tlat -.. TVBffeT, lt,tt : .r,
fi-, 0i,CKJ; re l.'; bnrt?T, i ffc-i
'.u:;. so. V-.Trajber 1!-CiUJe-K'Crlj.U
3 Zii: ;anmeat. 3 O';
, ,. .,..ter ad vfrv 3 0j5S i f m-
iUi asnt ndtwJ, St WSJ , -n St 3
' Si 9 ;ztvaz v-V s..vr; -j i.- 2 ;4tsi 1.
Wf.;a TrCTr-'f; r.-ttvei 3irt! hf
I bt-r. 5a .?
' "T V
, ,rj.
u'-n-'.te d ftxas. Si $
l:3 ir.Uil; )iiniit-t?, :7frX-
TOtrv. ci,-Si I r. h.wrr; rn ten j! it xi
3ix55;5; 3wiiir &ta rhv i aiias
-0 ii?ht. $3 33S: 75, rl.i,.., ti 2T,,r3 19"
ir-i -r S.'!tn4'i. Je-.Bi t if-wiS b-
London;, Xot. 11. The race for the
Liverpool autumn cap of 1,000 sovereigns
was won by Lord Ilasting's 4-year old bay
colt Melton
General Eoberts has left Rangoon for
Mandalia to assume command of the-army
of occupation in the place of General 31c
Pherson, deceased. General Roberts' will
at once begin active operation to subdue
the country.
Mr. Gladstone publishes a letter inviting
the Liberals to reunite. He says: "After
reading the Marquis of Salisbury's speech,
it seems to me that we have arrived at the
testing situation for all Liberals really
desiring a liberal union. We
have no right to demand, when
the government have produced their
plans, that they shall pursue an altered
course upon them, but we have already
tolerated a long delay in the production of
these plans. The beginning of new delays
in February will virtually be making in
definite the production of the plans. 1 am
unable to understand how anybody pro
moting or inviting such delay can be said
to desire the reunion of the Liberal party.
Reliable advices from Vienna say that
the czar declines to accept the election of
Prince Yraldeniar, but will not oppose
Prince Nicholas of Montenegro.
A brutal championship prize fight for
100 a tide took place today at Harlington,
Middlesex. It is reported that one of the
combatants was killed.
Severe storms have swept over Spain and
numerous wrecks are reported. Tele
graphic communication is interrupted.
Pestii. Iov. II. After the election of
Prince Waldemar to the Bulgarian throne
yesterday, Austrian and German ambassa
dors at St. Petersburg were instructed hy
their governments to inquire of Russia the
name of the candidate she favored as
Prince Alexander's successor. If Russia
icfub.es to accept the election of Prince
"Waldemar, or to nominate another candi
date, it will be considered that she cuter
tains designs against Bulgarian independ
ence, and in this event England, Germany,
Austria and Rally will arrive at an under
standing similar " to the one that existed
among them at the period of the Berlin
Tiunova, Nov. 11. Prince 'Waldemar
has sent a telegram to the regents, express
ing his grateful sense of the honor conferr
ed on him by the sobranjc electing hitu
prince of Bulgaria. lie states, however,
that the decision as to his acceptance rests
with liis father, the king of Denmark, and
adds tuat other duties mat" prevent his as
suming the rulership of Bulgaria. The
tK ronlv la rsr:t.wTornfl fl tn nrW'1
"-!".' J .-"-."...... . - j,. ...,-
his rt-fusal to the throne.
Rom:, Nov. 11. The rivers Po and
Odigu have oversowed and submerged the
country along their courses. At Albenga
th high waters of the Po dislodged the
railway bridge while a train was crossiug.
precipitating the cars aud passengers into
the river. Five persons were drowned.
The town of Comosumto is submerged.
Paris, Nov. 11. A report in circulation
here declares that Prince Waldemar will
not accent the Bulgarian throne.
Copex:iagh2v, Nov. 11. Danish papers
generally advLc Prince Waldemar to refuse
the Bulgarian throne.
Anti-Saloon liepublieans.
CuiCAC.o, Nov. 11. Tiie national com
mittee of anti-saloon Republicans was
called to order by lion. Albert Griffin, of
Kansas, ccainuau. A statement of the
work done by the executive committee
:uco the national couftti-ace on September
10, aud an outline of the sit
uation was given by Mr. Griffin.
"From east to Most," J-tdd he
the most encouraging reporfs come. The
anii-saloou address written by General A.
ti. Nettlcman, which was published on
Oct. 13, has been favorably received all
over the country through the Associated
Press, the Chicago dailies, the Newspaper
uubn, Keliogg's liat, the temperance and
religious journals and large circulation of
pamphlet copies.
The address has reached the mass of peo
ple and ail over the country it stands as the
leading temperance document of the day.
Indeed it ha been editorially said in oue of
our .stalwart Republican dailies, that it is
the strongest political utterance on behalf
of the temperance cause, which has been
made in the last twenty-five years. I w:is
airrtcably surprised at the rapidity with the
betin.ent against the saloon is strengthen
ing in the east. While in Massachusetts last
week I w;is informed by leading Republi
cans thai the anti-iloon element within the
party had undoubtedly prevented a Demo
cratic victory. Mr. Estrabrook, of Ne
braska tiuii ilon. P. II. Wood
ward, of Connecticut, were elect
ed members of the national
committee from tneir respective states. On
the motion of General Nettletou, it was
unanimously voted to remove the execu
tive committees headquarters from New
York. Some changes were made in the
committee and the members are now a
follows: Albert Griffin, chairman; F. O.
l'oppencc, secretary; T. L. James, treasurer;
Gen. 'I Los. Comrav, Judse Noah Davis,
J. M. BundyofNew York, Dr. II. K.
Carrol of Plainiield. Wm. Jame, High
land Ptirk. His.. Hon. W. W. Brown of
Bradford, H C. Mctcalf, Patucket. R. I.,
Hon. R. H. "Woodward, Hartford, Conn.,
F. II. Rarstcll, Boston, Gen. A. B. Nettle-ton,-
Minneapolis, and Chas. S. G. Leade.
Topeka, Ean
Missouri jKeturnd.
Kasas Crrr. Nov. 11. The Journal
Jeilersou City special says: Returns have
now been received from 103 counties and
the city of it. Louis. The vote stands for
supreme judgi; Brace, Democrat, 220.674;
Cravens, Republican, ' 171,742; Jones,
Greenback, 12,22$; Orr, Prohibition, '),!.
The counties making returns todav were;
-Urace, l.nOl; Cravens, 1,613;
GrecnbacK, 120; Rruaibilioa, 13. Con
gress. Dtjckery. 1,417; lianvooi, 1,623;
.jonian, 181.
CecJar Brace, 1,564; Cravens, 1,364.
Conreio, SJokc, 1.36tf; Kimbnll, 1,344.
Cra'.ifon'i Brace, 1.823; Craven, 1,007.
CongrtSa, Bfcjrit;, 1,U96; Parker, I.U77.
Howeh Brace, 1.3c:3; Cravens, l.GSl;
Greenback,?. Ci5rca3, Walker, 1,32-2.
DavKiioa, l,0bU.
SL Cbtir Brace, 1,708: Crivei5, 1.414,
Grtxiiback, lt5; rrohibitioE, 7. Coacrcss,
Sieve, 1.7i3; KimtMiii. 1,433.
Tha above ouiiiks dect rejsenta;ives
s laova: Crudwdl D. R R. Hstrlaml,
KiSM:bicia,Cflar W. B. Lewis, liepub-
1m3; Crawfon! T. ilarweH. Deuseral;i
tTowwl C. L. Vftiie, Democrat, 31. Ciair
Jacob H. btuitfa. Democrat
Tne ouunties from vhicb no rcturas have
yet len rtxsivwi arc Barjon. Mriier. ifor
;an. Pike, Hex aL.. aud Wavne.
He Uecliaei.
Chicago. :Nov. 11. 31r. T. B. Chattcc.
geani pasieaser ujcni of the O. :5L
road, ioGhv furtcailv ddiiitl ;he cocsmia-
iioiierrhip of Ibc iSoaihvretiem PaeasrtrL Tvindoinwrttof e.-j-iitr i ytexz wt
a5tX3aitu.i. 1 ae comaiiuew la taarr Oi j gj iMJfK. -d -ssdo rxs xsuU&anx.
.he maitcr at oace entered inlo aectitiau'oas . M . . o . ,- t -.
ni',3 aaj3cr srentletlian. rtae sear CtrL PoUC.Se tor 347.
Dairymen's Convention.
Chicago. Nov. 11. There was a very
large attendance at the dairymen's annual
convention this morning when President
Winsor took the chair. Ths president
made a short speech congratulating the
dairymen on their success in securing the
passage of the oleomargarine bill.
Governor Stephenson of Idaho sent a
letter of encouragement to the convention
in its work and the secretary reported that
there were seventeen states and Canada
represented. Then the statistical reports
from various markets were read and the
convention talked about them.
Has a Record.
Machias, Maine, Nov. 11. Calvin H.
Graves and Jas. McFarland, both of Han
cock, Maine, are without doubt respective
ly the principal and accomplice in the mur
der of deputies Nile and Hill. Investiga
tion establishes the unmistakably identity
of the men, both of whom are still at large.
A boat is missing from the landing below
Ellsworth, and the men may have made
their escape by water. Otlieers are out in
all directions in the eastern counties. It is
said that Graves once murdered a man in
Indiana, and his reputation is not good.
Chicago, 111., Nov. 11. The record in
the case of the condemned anarchists was
expected to be presented to Judge Garey
today for his signature, but, owing to the
cloudy weather the photographs of the
scene of the bomb tnrowmg could not be
secured, and signing of the record was
therefore postponed ttll tomorrow. It was
ascertained today that previous to depart
ing for the east, Col. R. G Ingcrsoll posi
tively agreed to associate himself with the
case, but will only make argument before
the state supreme" court at Mt. Vernon.
Southern Kansa3 Pool.
Cntcvno. 111., Nov. 11. The following
officials have been selected, as agreed by
the several parties in intersst. to arbitrate
thebasing rates in the newly formed South
ern Kansas iool: Geo. B. Blanchard,
commissioner of central traffic association;
E. P. Vining, commissioner of the western
trunk line pool; J. Waldo, commissioner
of the Texas traffic pool, and Wm. Dun
can, general freight aent of the Ohio and
Mississippi railroad.
Two of these will probably favor Chi
cago and two St. Louis, so the selection of
1 a fifth arbitrator will become neces-ary.
In a Deplorable'Cenclitton.
Acbckx, N. Y., Nov. 11. Dr. John
C. Johnson, who was the ex-banker's
physician, called on Jarnes D. Fish yes
terday, and together with the prison phj--sician
made a medical examination of his
former charge. Johnson stated to a re
porter that Fuh was in a deplorable physi
cal and nitntal condition. Johnson's re
port will be incorporated in the petition to
President Cleveland for Fiah's pardon.
Itcturnetl to Work.
Jersey Citt, N. J., Nov. 11. The
strikers at hogs abbatvir, on Rackcusack
Meadows, all went buck to work this morn
ing at an increase of wages. The company
refused to dismiss twb foremen -a the
'strikers demanded, also refused to treat
with a committee from the Knights of La
bor. After a conference with a comp.ittee
of the strikers, the bosses sneered tl in
making an amicable settlement, both par
ties making concessions.
Twenty-flfst Annual.
Philadelphia, Nov. 11. The twenty
first annual meeting of the general com
mittee board of the church extension r f
the Methodist Episcopal church was held
heie this afternoon. A committee com
posed of bWiops of the church, thirteen
ministers from different sections of the
country, thirteen delegates from thcboaid
located" in this city.
A $73,000 Blaze.
Chicago, Nov. 11. The entire stock of
McLaughlin & Co., in the buil ling on the
corner of State and South Water streets,
consisting of coffees, teas and spices, was
destroyed by fire today involving a loss of
$73,000. Fullv insured. Loss on building
only from 1,000 to $2,000.
Bratemen Strike'.
Whf.kli.no. W. Ya., Nov, 11. The
bndcemeu on the Cleveland and Pittsburg
railroad left their trains yesterday. They
refused to give any reason for their move,
but say they will meet the road officials at
noon Saturday.
Positively Denied.
Philadelphia, Pa., Nov. 11. The re
port that the Pennsylvania railroad com
pany contemplates buying the Northwest
ern "is positively denied tu headquarters.
Pure Drugs, Medicines
and Chemicals,
13 AT
Allen's Drug Store,
XVbera caa also be fotiad a lar;o stoci of
Paints, Oils, "WTilta Lead, -Mixed
Paint, Varnishes, Window
Glass, Putty, Etc.
VTe !so ktp on biuvl a Jarjo stock of
Toilet Articles, Perfumery, Shoul
der Braces, Chest Protectors,
Sponges, Soaps, Trusses.
We a2o wive the nKt poptUar asd rrfiAltjls
Patent Medicines.
To will thtvrorc rrt no csttsrerfit or IraHaOfta
ToecrniiaT friends Trho hTe rarorl with
tbfcr patron?? fr the tot ibirttuajve. e t
put xtoeere t&anfc. nd to U- it Jf?1 ".St
cot fcr: our roo-i Ivrtnnn :o it-at & sj Oat
pirii-ct ss&facCcii.
! !
1 v-u l
I u
u- -
Wffl cll acta all are "i Hat rrcrs r JJ vi j
eii-- La4- sesx r&rtj Ut &ZS? bwxatej
Tomorrow, or any day during next week un
til you have seen the offerings now
made at the
We are now daily receiving by express and
new invoices
made this
cently lor spot cash lrom manulacturers anx
ious to realize. An inspection of these beau
tiful goods will amply
contemplate buying
usually low figure.
Boys' wi Children's 0
Gross, Prop,0or. Douglas and Lawrence.
One Price To All.
(Only 3 rr.ore days remain before
Am most beautifuilv located.
front of it. Street cars run
and the elevation is 12 to 14 feet higher than Douglas
avenue, and has the finest water in Kansas.
Carey Park Lots
;oday at $225, $250. $275 and S30C
price for choice corners.
Are helngsold today at $225, $250. $275 and S300 each, the Latter
price for choice corners.
Carey Park Lots
"Will he advanced in price by the Land Company on tho 15th or
November 25 per cent. If there are any lots lef tby that time.
About one-half have been sold.
Carey Park Lots
Are the safest Investment, at the extreme low prices that wo arc
selling them, of any residence property in Wichita.
Is right in the lino of all the fine residences cf the city of Wichita,
and will always te. Te hiph aLd dry sandy Icam.andtho
elevation and pure water, as&nics it. Fcen new
houses will te built there this ifi.1!. Forlurther
patticulars call on the
At the office of E. C. & L. K- Cole, 329 Douglas ave.
P. S Anyone buying lots in Carey Park todays sure to make
25 per cent, as our prices will advance on and arter the 15th of
November, 18S6, twenty-five per cent. Don't forget it.
Pure Fruit Extracts.
G. A. Blinn& Co.
2d. St. bet. Ualn & Market
j For S b7 Grcryr OsfrxBr.
Lumber Dealers
Wichita, Kansas.
i Wichita, ilayfteltL TTeiilngtcn,
i TTarner. AsxIcsl Garden rD,
s Antbonr. Arkansas City,
1 dale and Haven.
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