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Wichita eagle. (Wichita, Kan.) 1886-1890, November 18, 1886, Image 5

Image and text provided by Kansas State Historical Society; Topeka, KS

Persistent link: http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn85032490/1886-11-18/ed-1/seq-5/

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Site imizhitVL aiXtj gacjte : STxttrsdatjortting, goxJciiilJeK-18, X886.
r -e mollis In tlus column will be charged for
-.t,- ,.f Hve Cents per line per weelf- No ail
r..-it-talren for less than C5 cents, and will
- 'it-erred until .ud for
' VNTED "Br centleman and wife b ard "nd
lolling in ul.r.mt. family near thecauiwhw.
Reference-,. Address F, H. Eale oiliee. I-t
ArANTE-teit and po-Jtl nas boo'ikoecer
11 or otherwise lu Wi.-hita. by a competent man
of twent e-ir, experience. a buy r. -air-man, bill
clerk, iwtkt:ee$y-aiid manager in lare estaursa
Ttients. Have monev ready to Invent,
lta.. box -fc2.
"WANTED Byl L. Bojd. principal 5th ward
cnhnnl n.i vat Jnhns .n' Kn&vcloseula. lJ-
s-r ANTED i railroad men to
.bin to Ft. Smith,
iirkjii-aCfrce as o the worlccme anJ r
miu It you - at t- po. fr 1 hi wld bo our lat
lst-r sotu It you
J.I.. Kenwortay,5'JblJUgiasave. .
.vrvn-niim.vl w. rtraen to send to O'ilaho-
.."..,.m.!r7ui r-lt'-.tnil CTidr. Will hlP 3?"
urd y mornlno
jood. J. R-
U'U,;UL ave
-i- i N TED 4 -tone .uKeo auim3'0tS.i'?'?SJ. !
at-ty. J. R- Kenworthy jiJQimJ c-
work in Wichita. Call
a t" ANTED carpenters to v
dim; ociee ut owx.
DotLjIJs a e-
funtsli m eirr
rvn-SiKiinters tor coram " " "- "-;.,:
i cu IM .. .... ntirfr imfn will
..-ir. - f-"BW, frum otner town-
do wed To come. J.-?- Kw.wv.-toy
r- OTTED -arhamber m-.kl-, 4 roh! Rlrbfor prl
t- rlm.lle- Help of twery Kind can and cm
It by Jl.lre-sti5 xvjtfa-tamp or calling ouJ
...... K. ruulrlx AVf ljo-l
ti. Ku.vorttiv 5DagIa3 ae
i -c tan TED Bv ayoan kwly -itenos;rpler auUev
.-t t De-wrMrf-. a rtn tion aaiamw i's's In a
hJ.i oSlS. Addr.s se,Tapber, irx box ftA
rvn-ttn. rvit fimi o olnls Rj.ker 1mm
itelV ue-jrw -aialtt. H.-pr, Kan IV.
xr NTSy To bind -mt 'wo bnys ow ill al the .
o her tea y tM.r- old. Pertlfci wthhtng to kdoiit
t n -ill at 2 5 3upci at. rtf th ward. I5o-f i
ArAN"TED-Board with rlate family y two
t..h.r, in nobUc wlKf Prefer oe Pe-
f central aad west ul i.njpora
, agie oftt e
Udres- A.
-PlanotBt to travel with dramatlf com
, r..nynowoa the road. Lady prrf.,
r red H Whes;JejrjBainia.er w. j
Ad i-
(- .NTD-iitO to i.0ft vacwirt lfa; fme - ,
n.t Ioh in ?ll parw ft tee f. I e.pt to
-. ..rth.- .. berore tn tint . - :. r:
..'a .u b .ni n DrXJUs a.
A Ught secoiKl hsd -prinjt war-n and
fB, miable fur small ronW (all
' NTMt--A
S f !Th)- liarn--"
at . l j Lwre:.e avrnue t.ortn
'.T-'IN TF.D-Poo:Uon and l" Sfrf m
t u-U t u-eriei ce with best of refereac. AMre.
-T 1T
1-Th pariv tb.t a ole the aHwnt imni
-"sruth i.mp"ria
III ce .twfciAj .......-.
No ueoti-ns asie.1
i xti umglhpct
vNTID V yuac man well pastel with the
y realeitand tBMtfa-e w-." ""-tj
. cr.rt Address in full B. B-, Uua oRlce. 15-M
- , .,. , ,i '
ir NTFD-&pecll ldBrMjt. for a .er uayn ,
V ,u w.. ....-ts .ilrbl-cotwx- b'U P"p-
i - . t- h "-I.U1 nt a S .crtrt e It Is t uttr int. rt s' to
c ,1 .t kjuftna 1 ; E-t DookL.? aveune. 1
-iir o TED A -itmuiOH - se-tm-tre-o o to do Iwht
h .u f work li - n-ivate family whrre I will
n beeaporc. AdtLeis P. R.. ctty. any megtht,
,.r Trn . i.i. r.te.rY? mrftr. .u .' ...
k. A;'iri .inri. .rtbe d-v. No 25s North Xdln
dl -i-i
t.ur-. room i4
ti'OI ED-A flr-t cl dry jcmx13 ahn"n ir
" . a .t. TTaa ir Willing !
,,' j,,"rHj w.-gs f-r the right man-slug.e mat.
p--ftrl A'i.rrh at n.-e. Kimj
ilnl; .ur &. son. Newtin, Kn.
rcfe ences. b.
tt- NTFD The WHiiui Gardens are booming, ana
T w'ediu"twutou to get left Inquire of the ,
Dr . ip.il real estate aeaiers or wi i-..o. ;;;y" i
iMJ re
-M- Nr-.D-Dre-fnaking-VHy one winning tine
Te-.es mad?, o- -vlrt mail" and trimn.eU
. .i L -n tn .-ivll on Kr- E Piilllp- room 5. up
sta.r .n tac A biuitn blcs. No HS V Main C .ittln?-Mtl-:
-uccialty. Mrs. E. Pnllilp. dresmaker.
-rivNTED-A nwa to cut hedges and clean up
V Ind. Apply to Hardy fcoloaion. St. nUs
rir TED V warm f crabbed room for the "inter
W up i"s are family by a finale man. AMre-.
I I -j 1 .ck ... 9.1, citr Ui-o".
N TED .!-I proi-o-itioos from property
wner. for rufitrleni laud not les- than I'M It.
.i 'i to bund a pwmannut Benevolent ilon.e
-., tal ProiMj-itloas to be--ent to the oiu v .r
ivolent Home. VS N. Hi St. U$-tr
-Vl ANTtD-We nav-r. twentv -r-od salesmen v.th
S gp.,-ltlons Apply Wichita b. Wes tern Lm
r mr.tBu.t Collection Aewj t5l,Tf-b
3U n
up si airs
l NrKD One ! al-snian. jroo-i nwi innt.
., . ,.l..tht. c--j nlrtn len ' sun "" -' "
..n.ewi.rk. tw"hamber mai(t-
, fir cusb 1ks
A; 1 1 -1" 1 1 "''th lain -t up stair.
' ANTED -r.lrl for general hou-e work
Y r 'lotonraph-r
iNTED Servone to know that Brittlnshim.
1 the ti. rst operator I ever had. l- w4ih me until
rtiei.. lUUs. Holers the pboKaInei 15J-t
OTF.D-A g rod alrstady.
N ain up talrs.
Call atotw-e. 151
-nANTi-D ;oodalto.-s also 1st and 2d cook.
Cllatonce, 151 North Main st. up Ul. 1 .J-nt
f ANTED-Tonai man 10 tvotc
In laundry. I1
Maiu it uptairs
Jtlrl xrishlm: a giwi place lor tne
iatr. with iisht w.M-k and good wages, to call
, v r iwn"tv. un stairs. 1. fe
--. -Tr-...-, w..m vmi t fcnnw that our own
Y -terrVt requires ou to lne-t in the Wichita
Garlic is h-for the price goes up.
1 j-1- bloc
A eR-h,
xr vN rr -to ptac. ? "l","c " ,.V,"7
i r vN Tr U To place loans n long time on !"rn
,-.tar--eCurtt. raie i ,..- --v.h.-nTel.-h
F.-gle t.lo-te. lv,i.
-11" rrl Ine-o-s antl -peculators to know ail
W an. m th TKWla Gardens. Inquire o. A?1
n. ta? It Wocfc.
les preferred
money '
v VNTBD-A few wore boarter-t zs.rin uw
- uo stairs. G.jsrfaccomniodationsand pla
-TED Scraper holders ami team-wrs, thlrtj
. ..dirt. tr iimDMimi.uwuni ..-.-.
" . t tenthai t the tH,iiihem Kansa.- railroad.
1 1 1 oarine. rmiirviaw nwu .m.
dlJT lm"
"tr,r. of the ssmtbern luu- ralruad
aA Apply i
Hampr-on. rUnail ominoiv.
rf r :.
J. X. i
' s, rtl To buv -twk calUr rf all ktod-.
rim-r. at Hor-e and Mule Market.
-IV NTED ft-vrowers for mune ; e ptec nuwiy
" at the to-t rate on all kinds of chattel -e-
cnrirv l.wn-.an.j alsoon -eeoo.1 OMMrtgage- on f
W -hitAR.in'r.tna-1 o .- u r-t i-.--- - - ,
I-muj c .'! btptne-" Mocto- and
nroferty. within the nxt thirty j
V nsw-w proerty
dftvs Kan-A- i.nn and Inve-tHvetit company Ci.u (
xir VNTL1-T. ln at o-j rate. jivifn. i
and farm pn-jery. Honey ready any day. j
ami business iw.i to '
m W a W fV V.-sw-vV 'a-Mil(N
V f t3 thattbe Naoonm .M""-r3 !
i V.l a J ---- s.. .- D,....,
off. --..n-rp.-e.l wmw.ir At''VC
. . ... ...... 4 H(UltoH fOr POM
P. . .i ,nt,nt. (te-ine-c. men who
i, ant I
cwrirrs iiuu ' ' .,...-. --. ..... .... .
, ti hv .idre--iug us. i .fllce for the -tate
&VnSKh .-.TenrBus-n CUege, ffto.a.
! OT IBf mw w rwJK-w- i
--T-rA'HTED I-idie-,an.i centlemei to know U:
W .1., ., the s.Mithue-tern bn-tne-s csrfle
'luacf-. .".i ., thrJ.U. thus avoklinc
rreroIr7i-V.t Per-on attend the day or
et e-rnVsc-ston.- tth equal trdvaHtagr-s. --tf
rv . .n.s -irl for familv vZ thrs?. 1H N
i viw rt "'" ,-ki.:.
K u i
T T 31ra srU ae. v. 1- i .-
HA board.
T F BFNT Nlcrdy rura-cei tw "
X s. west Secowl tnst-
17" KRENT-OneortvvfnrHshra-wA oc
rTTh.Hit board. 4WJ so Empocta ve. btoc
st ath Tremoct hoteL
I" 1R RENT- v larg" cneerf-i fuml-hed r0. east
' ftvVrt wiu clrSf. tSreeWfcs fn-m nc-tn--en
ter. no,ulre t S.9 south La reuce a.v. tafr
'OH RENT New honse
f six rootns. reaoy in a
X f-wd".ys. .pPyto K. Sieras. 2S Et DkUs
156 mt
J7OR RENT-rumisbed rwonts ittMS. tawrence
1 !.! 1J-
-nVjRRZNT-One lans- fr-ttois furnished roo
JL tother with board suitable for Rentlemsn aau
wife, artno entleiea. Scutheast corner Laivrence
avenue aad Ufa .t. . Mfrttt
-p-.iRRENT x nicely farnHhed frnt room -with
JL fire suitable for one or tivo gnt. reai-naWe
trlsj-o-.lv tvro blocks fnwn Docckn ave Call at
!& south Market st &-
Iu:H BENT New hone of S room, batli aad clo
1 et ia all room, water In h-se; never been occu
pied, north part of therftjtfas wsr moats. K. O.
Tlcr. tio-Rt.
"T'oR REN r-Furnfsheil room at 1M South Topefct.
t-yg RKVT Oae larjt" sow farcUied roca for
JL rest. cor. M U. and If osley ae. D. T. Duntr.
f'Or. EIKT A meat, cov coitae.
erve4. well furnished. Apply
register of deedtoSce.
i roeau. 1 i
to "IeTr
TTOK KENT Two fine furnished roonu. comer
V Water and Third. dl-tf
i7f R RENT Tro first class -tore room.
Hardy Solomon. SIT Dos ave.
Apply to
ITiOlt KENT Fu nished rooms by the day or week.
. Inquire at 611 East Dcilas avenue, room 1 np
tal'sorat lis West Douglas, room
clothing store. Mrs. J. SL star.
JT'OKREST Fum-'aaed reo at 153 .
1 ave.
FOR REN"r A new house of six -rooms.
the photographer.
FOR SALE-!) feet comer lots In West iz
litwem Lawrences br-cfc store and the new
I s-hnol hunwcheaik Price !..-. J. ti- aumaj u.
j. ilahi street.
KR 5 .LE 10 lots In Attlm f-r sl or trade for
."tchlta oropr-y. SO acre oa east DonlM on
the market fjr a fe date. S-j cret oa ea.-t Cen'ral
ataba'cain. 1SJ acres on Frisco ave at a bargain.
I'tcreB2bIocKse-tof HllHd. 1 acre 1 blocfe east
ilim-ide 2 lots i a Prk Place. A fine brci real
denceon nnrth tawrence. Call on Allen. Crahatn Sc
Jones. 4Ueat Doaglia. . 156 lit
77uP. SALE-Atabaritn, a vr lo!
with a flve
J room house, coo-l cellar. exil noue, wa'x
vlchtta. An Uiliery, L3 ilaic st.
-.--,p c-.Tr-i inr r,n ,.H?, -,. n.l i i
i. burner .cearlr nw Ecoulre of E. J. ?c--
ter, 2i9 Douglas ave.
FOR SALE phoebe,, bay mare fifteen an I oae
half nand hth. foal'd In lS-i sired bv Abdam-d
Allen, son of Wood want Ktnan Allen, (toll bro her
of Daulel Laisbert.) Phere Ls very bands erne. b
Inabie tohowaf-n.lipand will maSi wlnrr
If ptjperiv handled, khe is a kalf sU:er of Sr.
hod'i fat mare, Lady Gazelle, joii A. ValL VA 6
1 7OR SALE lltsiS) S. r ir.pori ave.
X1 $l') i-mmn i George, 110 Malj
eft.'t.front, for
H ct. Ia3 St
X of LiiKIn srte: school, pric--, SM.j. !io cash,
bsla'w-c In payn.ent t. mlt punbaser it S prr c-2t.
Intere-t Address. Jenkins, t.a,'ieoaice.
"TTViIi S-VLE-Two story bulns bloekon Main rr,
Jl Jvtween Dowglas xnd Ut St.; bargdin. rarmim i
George. 1M) 1L.1U -t. 155-6t
"OR 5 LE-Thf I
t ture, f,r siO t
Siti 4 a' oac, lare k
Kennedy feoteL furnltur and
tti-ttia. A larze dtnaiug room
ttLhen and. 'face room, a lre
co.4u.sraiu.'--iadfHirhtaJtlng stoes, sleeping de
p .ruseet fr & inea, 14 rMim, 1 basv'Jce wx'tn and
aae -llir. p'nty vanl roma and otuh'ayes. ar
at the diner, k3fc-- until May !. text Known for the"
tisJ Ave ear- one f Mie be-t locawoa-. In the city.
Aoott s.t o. li fcoatn h avp. r.6
17-OP. SALE An ofilo on 1ot floor. de-irnbHo
Jj catton. enquire at Kaufman s real estate oflce, j
i3 EaM Doof;ia$ avenue. 154-tit
J""OP. SALE Seven room f''jon, ood bam, 60 foot
J of verant. SO inot. hut, on Woofe north of
loacta,aveaa,rfoted for ftS ppr month. Terra
ii, 4 M-'i down. b!ftn--e in ona ami two years.
Call at SH North iln In weet. d TM4t
17OR SALE At a; Ixir-Btn, it sold tats ueefc. two
V lts on Alienage, eju-t i rrnit. as fet nth of
Oak streo, one wocfc from street ear !m for j-ias
Brtt S"i i .-h required . balance time Gill at-
& BrHgeH:an, ! Nortli Xaln. dl34
JL nt at a bargain. Can .it 115 Nortii Lawrence
avenue. VK-41
JOR SALE IWtxISJ. east front on En-p-irta, cor
X f er, only -ix 11 .ks fri-m IugUis ave, all fen.ed.
PriiV, ki I'U Farnjura & George, llo Jf aln st. lio-
1-OP. aLEOP.TP.ADE-A well improve.! farm of
j. ac,e) lj Se,u.wcfe. oountv. Klin . wonW
trad forgool rami In central Ilhnol-,. Address
j, utner, Greeu a ich. K..n. dUWw
T7oR SALE. FOR RENT OR TR X.DS City at.d tarm
X property, farm -took ana mercnani;i- at no- ,
i eral term. ..ronjpt attention '3nu; in iour liU and i
loe-t pri. t- to in-ure quick le-' Kauf.nanS SH i
X property, farm -took and merchandi- at llo-
hf-t i t .! savenu".
I 6t
iport SLE OR TRAD-: V full Wooded Imported
A Percheroo .Normin stallion. ii--r omi, weigns
irf) rwund-". Will trade for town lots or house and
lots. Enquire of S.P Tavlor. Mi Wet Doutla.s av
enue, ictiita, Kan., or 13., Mkln itrrec dl54-6t'
77-OR SALE The gar Icn 'pot of the world, ethe
t wi-e Known as tne Wichita Gardens. For lnfc
.riiiH.rfi nt.lv tn tht- ttrmi'irvil ral estat dealers.
matim. api'jy to the prin.-ip.d ral estat dealer, or
to A?hbei Welch. Earl W-'. IVl-tf
TiOP. SALE 2V or Q ac-es lots in the Y Jchita Gar-
x dens on W.-aiR(rton enu. north of th rltv. by
the linelpal rel estate- d-ler. or Ashbel Welcc,
rjie m v-.. - "
TT7i SALE T lotf- east Ti oat. on "outh Lnwrs.-.te
i near Lincoln scoj !, eaij 51.0 Farcuai X
e.r,-e, 110 Main st. 1SJ it
1 r"OK SALE Cull at once while the prices are low.
1; no better bargains can be h.1 tnan in tks Tlch!tj
uardeas Ashbel Welch. Eagle stock. t53-tf
170R S..LE An eltgunt neu- top delivery wagon,
i neer heen run. Inquire of Henderson, room 15,
2taainst. 153-St
TopekR ave
1 milch cow. No. 327 South
-J70R S.LE 43 lte oa sasv Una?.
JL grapher
Roper", photo
Uit "17,ORs:ALE Two 4 room !:ru.-e hi IfO ft lot. cellar,
I barn. et-. Si sere- utrtli of IjiwrencK tve. It
will ikh tocali.it I. Kaufman's, 313 E. UoagUs are
-,OR s ,
ji Hf
siT.E Sol.1 s.r-ain. a Smrre Dlat oa Cullee
a great bargain. If you want to max. tuoney
he time. D- not delay- Call at I taufman'-
is the
3 J East fXiHghis ave.
t-".-)l SALE A rare ooportunltv. I -ill offer for
A ten daj m. one-half lntere-t In 'ore-t Ciy hard- Oats
ware. .' N. Miln st Re sons f.r belling, fdiliBir v.. ..
health. O. L. llunn. Wtenita. ov. 3th, 1fc. 'oatt i-cc .. .
. - . Jan...-
t"sORSU.E 3 lo's on North Topeka bef een 3th
awl Otit street- for ?i,W ea..y term-, must be
sold this u e k. Faruum a. Get rye, 11 J ilain st
inR .LE S5 seres on North Lawreu. e -.ve. ad
' joining the cit , at a barsriin. F-raum x Gwrge,
1 U) ilain st l3S-S
T"OR S KlJC In one of the boomtng cstit.s of south
j? ern Kan-", a well e-tabtthel bK.k. stationery
and mu-ic bu-ii.es- Tn-e meaning business ad
dr-s V !ab. ichlta. K.m-s w itdUS-Uf
l""OR sAI.E'-Bu-ine's kt on Chlcrfco ave.. West
l Wichita at a big bargain for a fmv days. Fanium
i George. TW M.uust 15''t
I hlf .ri'inin. srfvhi imtirovement--. iroo.1 buUdlnr-.
two wells on. farm, all niinoth tillable lund, about
2!iac-t-' under culti.ati.m. large bearing orchard,
situated between ureeuwieh and Hcnton. Price.
:.h rood terms, llo-eley & Jaeiue, 311 Ea-t
Douglas ave.
7,OR S.X.E On north ilain.
lots between Tenth
l4 and eleventh, il.fiii; part time; a snap. Taylor
1 and eleventh, I.mi; pa
1 ay lv.r. rtxm I. 'J54 itaia st.
1"OR SALE A well improved farm near the city;
I one hundred amt slxtj jscresta special o-rgain
fr a fexv Uay
Call at iiaray totomous real esutie i
onK-e. r roaga- ave.
i ."VR SALE aut't'jwn totn In Urden City. j.-vel
1 bargtUns. afc) dev tad land adjoining the elty. O
m .jra.ldre-s E. J. Pyle, real catate agent. Card
fecial i
r. Call i
Citv. Kan.
IC-ln. I
.bvtlV Ciiufimi IU..VE Hill tnrrlVMt -It
H . . . ... .W...-I ww tHM.l a.
acre-,n pastun- w ill xve toog time oa part and
will takeia mide bor-e-or cattte. Inquire a probatp j
wxbW- oct. t l-W
-OR SALE A s-ctel bnrl-I acr-v mite
I"" ... .--.v i-i- in r S . lt., to -nit
,v- wh.m.m - wv.t-. '-v-
otfe or 5 ae e lot.- to -nil .
T - " ..i.
t iiar-nper.
Terws ltbaraL J. E. Humptarey &Sw, i
Eagte bhk.
21 tf
TOK SALEOne hnusirec ft trout wiin two
V room aoa-e-, on Waco a.enoe between 1st aad
At -treets. Fw terats call on J. E Hmnphrey a. Son,
; Earte block. 2ttf
iOR S.VLE Old pafersTil thfe oSlce
it 2S cenir a
ToP. sale Team of aenJ
F and wa-on. Enquire of ei
raft horses, tarcrs.-
andwa-on. Enquire of r.r-'lie. Ecke A Co Si;
N 31aia t . Heller block np la
- - "
svLEw aH
?& 5
pare hating property
3 orth Main st
1-OR SALE-Partie- fan vtoc tJt, T
for -ale wOl
V ait tbe.r iBte,-ts bj caHinjron
Heal h--fte eo. i Nona Main t-
153 &ti
a eatoer for mmr good
The e-r-wf onl Real stat
15t -. - "- . t-- '.-
L o .3- North Maw st
V.,r lrf. mod ,taer of
I ctoxb. In CaMweU. -van
The Crav
E-ta'e Cx 3- North Main si.
170R s,jllew own all of tnfe pne erty and w 111
1. r-ell any of It on nui tkiywent r. oaiance jb
usree or ft ve ears. All of it is ns towrn and is no- ,
lKly'- future great addttlon i room h- n.e and two
. Wtcaica -t. S room ooe and on- we. Water -t, ,
t aortn. room noose aa oe kk. ai-r . nn.
& rcom hn-e aod one lot. "A ater -t. north. rood
1 teott-e aud one lot Market r-treet. north; i siocle Vo&,
Bonn .tarjes -ciTre.
ft front ecn ; lot No 43. 91.
i tL . 1. tts. lSh. !, Ntib Water st each S ft
! frtsnt; lots . ji. 4i. 4e.
Si. 3i i Hi L . t?. 58. .
s ft finr W-hhtET-on n. D.mri- add on corner:
... . . . U-.......W - riA.,.'A. .. .M.-..
i.--Vo. 11. IS. 1 TnLteentb -t. Hover", add; lot- Nn
MJ and li Fourth ave. Tine A Pnilllp add. lot
o s. Kmp-TriK ave, lrnie &. PhlUlps" add. or fall
information apply to Lew Tieatn or Hirry Stewart.
E 'OR SALE A Sae nreedlas Jack, for the sura of
3K0. Inqnatre or write t Pint Poots. JBif
(TKia SALS. Good re-4deoee and bBstecs properqr
j-'OltSALE flO tine farms in the rxlnlty of Gol- Eassa.1 Crrr. Novembers.
r dard. swlgwlck county. Kan. Vricesranirfns i rom 7heatTtreipfci. 6a. -hipments. 1 eu In -tors.
.-, to $J5 per acre Conveynnc free. Foster A 'nil i red S.-h. ft. bid. Decemlrer, IM
Sutherland, real estate and loan agents, Gorfdard. 1 iSry W ia. 'Uu
Kan , t .., . KH.i..t. .Ijrt. hlL.mects. l.r.r- ts tre.
V in town of oearwat-. atso a swi uca cu- dm,,, to good, S2SWSS4 m
cTH;cwsecitofCoiiauehnrv;wfitr3deforUicjKw J.v luln y$, .-,Tizie&t3, 'J&: flrm;
to city property inqun ia . jian.es -uvts.
-i-niR s US- LtMb-e. tis-; And
nC weH es
I' t,hil.i-rtI hotel a bfc narrate if ol st one?,
TOST- . swk! wire baad braceSet. The under wl
TtTalwWyrrwarded by ieavtae it at L-oSloe
or Hi Wlcalts t.
V- nsr A re' leather pocket book wa two t '
1 dtls and nvo i-txat po-tasetapp la It. Finder ,
fTrllrtlvrewarile.l forleavlajK at Jo. A. S
Sier's Uor stop. 27 E Ioul ave.
.,.- .,....i.i.rhr Aii Paul Jene I
h??v IfirlSS:
jtnci tKi " rVU2ii- rvlfe Flit crorv
3.5J FTfl?!0 SSC1-' ml
TT'OR TRADE Gcoa new two-eeu csre lor
X? xood single hoe or pair o f poalao. I). . Bun bar.
KB TRADE Hoase and lot In Garden City. Kan-,
r Wichita property. Roj-rs, photographer
FOR TRADE Hotel, famished. In Valley Ctcter
fur vi ichita residence property, or sell for ZlHM
Part time. Taylr ATavlor. i Wln IUlm
XT0" TRADE 3 acres. Kinsittia coanty; 45 acres
1 i lncuui-tln, well and Illr water. bnlidiJijb
1 worth $LCjO- A good body cf laid. Mortae of
?1 Sfcanbca&suined. YT trade for wlcai prop-
trty. lnqnlreuf Uo. Citroar
T7"OR TRADE At a bargain Well Improved fans
X. for a resilience iiropcrty. Eckardt Scott, it
bacta Fe hafcerv. 1H tf
17OR TRADE Livery stable and the entire oatiit.
good business, good locatltm; everjthin be
longing to a ftrst-cla.'vi Uvery -tcble; situated In the
city of Cleveland, Ohio; will trade for land in west
erri Kansa?. For particulars address loeir box US.
Wichita. ICan. 1H tf
TT'OCSD Tee best real eite offlce In the city to
i. bur or sell clt j property or rarms. Ail onsines
tranRacted thronzh the bank. Brins in yoarlkfc.
attantlox given t tnem. v-mce ci3 Kasr
taA ave. m-vi
OTRATXD OP. STOLEN" Ob the I2lh of this month
O a bay orie and sorri-1 mare wlth whit fac
h.wl han.'ess on boih. siraed from Meade avsnue
Tue gnder will raIv liberal reward by leaving
the saute t Fom's bra, n Mala street. d4-6ti
Bargains in Real Estate.
A 2ne agricultural and stock farm, thref and one
half miles from city, about IS acre, broke, one quar
ter section fenced for paiure, plenty of water and a
small" hoa-e. .
AUo3 lots In city finely located and In good
neighborhood. Special terad to those wishing to
niuke homes. ,
AUo snbnrban prorrtv. For further particulars.
e Chris. T. Pearce. agent for Wm.GreitTcnstein. at
city oflce. d 76-tf
cT Hall i Bennett.
G!es specU attentlen v Diseases of women. Blood
and Skin Diseases and all troubjea of the Urinary
Organs speedily cared In both se-cs. OCic ovr
Woodman's Bank, North Xalc street. Consnltr.ttoa
day or night Fszs. (Read Drs. Kail & Bennett's card
In this paper.) - 12Uf
'hmamf AN-n nn.ViNiFRr:F
l n..nwi t-
New York iloncy.
N sw Yoek, Noetaber IT.
2Tocyoacallqttle$at3 T per cent., closing at 2
1 "rtice iBi5rotBtUe paper l5.
Stsrllag -xcane dal! and aneJian-diacttiai rates
ill for dy tttls ami 1-A for doomed.
Gov-rnment liotnis duM and stead v.
State bunds quiet and firm.
Stocks were actfvs bn: advance in prices! .-aa
checked. Rradtag was leader, but after nvokinr far
ther advance ia morning finally clft-ed a fraction
lower than Ia.-t evening.
3-per-cecfa v --
4 jwr-cenrs
4ft-per-centj -
opercenta of Vi.
Chicago A Alton
.... IW
.... 1252-,
... .. 9tj
rn, Burli
t' ,,n,
Burlington i yuiacy
Late hiiore
M.ssourl PactSc
New York Central
Rock Island
Utdon Pacific
Western CHion
Total sales of stocks today. 51,113 shares.
Chicago Grala a.id Previsions.
( ricago, "'TeH'ber IT.
The loading speculative markets were mom active
tntlayandtqe opening wa-. stronger, but towards
theclo-othell.lt weakened and apxances sained
w ere Generally lot.
Cash qaotatlocs were as folkm n
No 2 sprint wheat HH
N.. -'reti :44f-fe-.
2 corn &&,&
No 2 oat! 35H.
i Barley zi
Prime Mmothy 14li0.
lle-s port S t53 W
Ijrd a bo.
Sh Uadln? faturea ranged as roaowst-
... M
Hay . . . .
37 &&
2 -3
I Jau .
Jlay ..
Mess Pork
Nov IlTJs
Dec 9-s;
Jan Wn
Hour TSTiX).
Wheat 1
Corn T&X)
Oaa 15J-
Re jm -
tsarl-y 7.A0
ii rj
.. . . iuu
.... 7A.A--
'ew York Grain and Provl-don.-..
Ncvr Tons. NoTpmber 17.
Wheat Firmer; ungraded red, TSH'ft-'j; o. 2 red,
iji, e!ator, -Si -,,ti:, afloat, N.-.2red. NovaiaDer,
Si li-cembr. m'6 ....... , . , ,
torn-Lngraded. ih "f.o. 2. -.; elrvator, 4,.
afloat-No. 2. December. '
Oot XlNed western. 4 3'. white do. SVJtS.
Butter Firm at lixi-
Ccecw n'ern nat. llftty .
Eggs Western. Jt25. -
Kansas City Grain and ProvLsious.
ire.tfv stronger No 2cash.Hl bUiUecember bid.
Januarv.3!, Mity X
uh'k-Xo Jcn.-b.4H --.ed.
Eye. No. 2 "-suh S- bm.
T-a liitniir nrul Kv 1! f hnnietl
' , -
Afternoon Board ,. , ,, , w.
r br ai Kt-. sx. u iii.'J t T-i.
SI 13: cnOICC 31 JOei - mm-l-. - J"7-l "
-,-t. 4.1 aw;i rP. tLmtent. SI S&s Ki
Wfieat--5re.LT:?bri):No-4red 4itbl.
,-.. 'Vrt . ,J A..mK.r. ?7 blfi.
um D-ccmber. 2 a.-tti; a ay, -t xwr. J
Kye November. 2S? bid.
lr. .vision- -Round lots sujar cotpiI bans lfiacon
i-. pried lieef. 10- dry sawcle1sr nr ., a J?V.
."'- - - - . .. .. -fc . j... e rrt.
dear. JJ in sonmers w. ---i. vk-i, -- v-,.
rlrir. 41 5j st.mKSers a. ar cier.
sino-ed clear rib -Mes, ti,icng ciea..-j -nwu
tiers. 5 53. shwrt dear. 5
Jlesj. Pork-5 3-'-
LantChOrCe tierce, W Oa
31 dl Stuff -vjulr-i. .
Corn Meal -"tc. W: firfH., .
Chop. 'V t-Uow. o. bait. TU.
Shlt -tnC. hacked il'-tii
Vm T.-steadv. small balfl. S3 ifc large. $S .
FIax aeed.-l2si.
Batte-. Steady, creociry fancy, 2S: good. TSi Ene
ChMe.- FuU cream, 13M-. 7J; yoeas Amwte.
ISA. Kaua sfT
fallow.-v !.3TJ,iNo.l,i .. .
Hid, Dry Sint Mi. 1. K o n mm sum
r--ursw . sS &S&
! .. ..l.lrc .-!
Bn-m Cora-hort. 4, r-en hart. 5; self work
. 4Vt5i: tons course. 33U rrooirO. 1m.
tag. 4,1
Kicxs City Lave. 5iock.
K.sssCiTr. November 17.
r-,.V-rRs-fdts. 3Jf. hlBniiil. ill. actir.
! S"1 ac
:. e. j. 6u to.-,- tem-dmra yi w
tS4 w;,
k jri .4Wrk ee-, 5J ?4
5-1 Ml" CO
Moss.-cvr-.s , ""-""-. " I .T
fnX-Kec,nt, &;.. -. ..,..
-I to camce. 5 5-s' J.
SCl4f,Si 3).
ouineos to nsdiaa,
St. Leal-" Live Wnci.
.7. Luci, ot einfcer 17
-Scceipts.lfiV;8nirBent-. 30.t'8U5
d for dsrirb e tedrs xv.
. wita ttTOO Ceiaai-
t .w.7 f-noif-e
teera. St S$4 fa
' cOtllTOOa to ,rHd htp IBC St & -S, S'CC-
f.!rt rtrwv,! is 50'. ISTexaus sad ladtai-s
. . . r .lw MM.,.- mm - ..WS-. 1T . rT " 7
comia-n wpri. i5&53 7
. , ,1 . . . ..1. r(mar.S MlR
Sd;5c?U aifr'cneruayonaciaar of bn? aboat to"! j
itcitn-' rei"i"e sS v5iS 6. ' srap; ia a diia, was eisaa-sta teaay by,
tioss r.refius, u."t-j, cw,..-
acsive. ant
l,w n,. Htl".fcT .
nai-k-rs fair to N-t. sd"3S0 Tert-r
medtn.ni to
cuce, s.i?- "s- s
, - , r0,-e
j coiansoa to choice, 1 S0ol W.
i r htr-ir-o Live Stock.
tmn.tM Vcv-aUe-17 !
.! CU!e-Keip3. 3.W8. shipments. l:j
j lEartetclOsett steady; -B'pp'r ste-ra, w .-. i
1 S fiO; slociera and rder, 52 S&3 45; enw-, J
; balls and mltpl, SI 4oi3 ; tnl. Si CO-a. 5
: lQro?t1 5w 1--. " d hllf
! we-tem ranper jdonr; nati.to and hxU
oreeii. a; s .j; uaiiieici i -- -
i -PheeD Kec Dt.. 6 CO; sttie-S. It
L'em. GO; Tea,
marset slow a; stey; ca ive. aa ja- w.
I wesem. i &.
Iamb,. 3 ft. j,
mark-: -troar.dr jro-d; rocb saU"! n:nrtl. ,v v ,rd ciitui Por i FZZT1 vam'
St iiAs s. pv-ln and thtpptnc M ; "" ... , , - .. . ,., ,-- i - ..., s," . - .j
i" . SI O-.. ll.r.T in .vsl frt iklt-i S S . I a-. C1U UC t.uJj uv -.. j .., ,r TT.I
New 1'orfc Live .steefc.
Nzw Toee, November IT.
Beeves Kecelpt. S'-S-'; very dull and wwk.
na ive steers. S-t aiaA5 Ox
Sheep Receipts, !. "1 shade bister; sheep. $3 tt
6ts Wl; tamos. 5J .,30 -a
Hogs Rseeipw. 1 v: corn fed hogs. 34 3J4 63.
St. Louis Grain and Provkdons.
St. Lons. November 17
"Klinr Quiet; stea ty a. 1 nnc5.inrd.
j AVh- t- AKive nJ h'g'er. t r d ca-b7fi;
' Deceme",7Sli7-f, ct. atuj 76J.: Januirr,
! -r-t
; Jlay, fc4-4(aMJi clo-ia
a , .,
C ti Hall ntl ea7; N'o
niixel "sh,51Ji
!5; Way 3di.
December ! bi : Janes'
Oaia-l'u'l an en-v - -h.
cm wr ait. "ay 4vx($six.
hye Stea vat Obnl.
Uarley Utidia' geit,
IS'I Utul an! cjiuinally westr at S4 CO
akrd for . I .radea-
imte Firm; r-7r.trjr 23-27; dalrv,145ti4
Fpg. t'irtu j.H01J;
w hl-ey steady at SI 13.
Pp'Ti-Ioos ctive and stronger.
P.irk Huberts Jf
Lsrd Firm at S3 S5 M
Kecelpts KIu . 4.ifl. het. 25,(W: corn.
63.,l:at3 35 4.0 rve 4 0CO. bariy 40,Ort.
I hipmet H"ur 3,n,0: wheat. 3 OOd c ru,
i 3, (HO, oats 10 0 0; ry', B, 0; barlev , i i 0
W.V5HLNGTON, D. C , Nov. 17. The
president today made the following ap
pointments: To be consuls of the United States: Chas;
Jonas, of V.Tieonin, at Prague; C. T.
Grellet:, of California, at Alsiier-; Edmond
Johnson, of New JiTst-y. at Kehl; Alexan
der C. Jone, of Vest Virginia, at Chin
Pay director .las. Fulton, TJ. S. X, to
be chief of the bureau of provi-ious ami
clotliinir, and pay master jrenoral, U. S. x.
The attorned ireneral has irivnn direction
to the United States mar-hai at St. Loui- i
to investigate the report that agents are at
work amoa? tne uueinplmet! lauorera m
inat City to secure Fecruii mr an aiieget; r
Dlibusterinir ev:pedilion airain-t .Mcxie.
The correspondence in the Benton case
is made public by the president tonight
Under date of Xovember 10th M r. Beaton
writes Attf-rney General Garland setting
forth that he" performed faithfully and
carefully his duties as an attorney for the
western" District of jlrisouri during the
time of the recent political campaign; that
he attended all sessions of court ami hen
necessary to that end cancelled political en
erasetnents. 3!r. Dentoa savs m makiii'r
spctches ire relietl on the clau-e in the pres
ident's letter of July 19, which sas that in
dividual activity in political afiatrs
is not necessarily condemned. The
president today writes a reply to
Sir. Benton's letter. He says its frank
tone convinces him of the truth of Mr.
Benton's statements. When he (the presi
dentl issued his warning to office holdT-
he anticiDated designs on the part nf hi-
political enemies to annoy ann embarrass;
him concerning indulgence oi appointees
of the administration. In pernicious activ
ity in politic- he did not intend to condemn
incident speech making, but he thought an
official could not properly lend him-elf to
systematic campaigning.
" A nrinted list taken from a pewsD.iDer
and submitted to me contains enmmemeuts. !
to speak by your consent daily for quite
long period, not unfrequently twice a ua
in different parts of Mis-ouri, and I was lei
to believe on many of the days specified the
court at which you have duties to perform
w-as in session. This teemed to me to pre
sent a case of fragrant, defiant neglect of
official duties, and even with the explana
tion civen vour course appe:ir- thoughtless
to sav the" least, and are-ubjVet to criti
cism; but the statement in your letter that
you did not let campaign engagements
interfere with the performance of orfieiat
duty, your satisfactory discharge of such
dutiesduring your- trrm and belief in the
truth of your allegation that ou honestly
supposed" you might properly do all that
was actually done, have induced me t
rescind the order suspending you from
office and reinstate you to" the same.
Yours truly, Guovei: Cleveland.
Ease Bail Business.
Chicago, Xov. 17. The board of di
rectors of the Xatioual League Base Ball
association held their annual meeting today
and duly awarded the championship of
1SSG to the Chicago club. X. E. Young
jvas elected secretary. The plaji ing rules
suggested by the joint committee were
read and accepted by the league. It is
rumored that the St. Louisclub tendered
its resignation as a member of the league
and the resignation was accepted. The
disposition of players has, it is said, been
left to a committee of three Spalding.
Soden and Stearns and they have decided
that the players shall be divided between
the Kansas Citys and Washington. The
report that St. Louis has resigned was de
nied by the league officials, u ho alw dis
countenanced the sossip concernins tn
gas City being denied admission. 'The de
nials in bth cas.? were, however, aay
tlring but emphatic.
Eacourasrinsr State of Atriiirs.
PiTTSBeRC Pa.. Xov. 17. For the finai
time in several yettrs there is uo strike of
any consequence in PiMsbur or the sur
rounding districf. Everr faraace, iron
! mill, glass factory, tannery. oleotnargrte
lactory. tounury. iosiper siiop. ok aiwi-lerj-
nid otlier factories arc in full opera
tion, and if the coal mines are ikh runuing
if is fr mint .-. Tcsitor not rtf ordtTJ L-
bor leaders claim that there is larger pro-
portico of the workmen ot rntfcburg em
pkyl at the present time than in any i
other city in the union. They attribute the j
absence of strikes principally to the intir- i y
dactmn ot natural gas aau e overnaieci
of the workiagmen of thfe kjcahty by slkl
imr or vearlv scales.
A jlethodicnl Search.
St. Loct, Xov. 17 The Adana Bi
presB company has sent a confidential cir
cnlar to the bnks. merchants and brokers
,- f .u KfVQtJs srH oojep sukra frotn
, their express car oa the St. Lone and Sn
Francisco md on the night of Oct-ez 2,
11 f.l. ,, -, -.!.- in:
e3 to mtve pertraseti the robbry- it
thouiffat that m tht- way tae roor3 may
i he apprehMieL A. snitabJe rewarti will
be siven to set one who will furni-h Ae
company wirfi "informatioo tht wtH kd m
the arrest oi the rotroer; or tes tocaaxi ot
tfi stolen property.
7 t.ttA 'T'rtji Prariftnc
I RICHMOND. Va.. Xev. 17. The ease
aaia-t LToQ. Geo. D. Wise, arrested res-
t . .. ..
i Police Jostice rltcaardsoa. it aic-ears
fthat v, arress s sretnatore. a war-
.- -r..,. s-cm. tit r-r.; Vfcrt i1 '
rants were fosurf! h asiHfc-O -e awl ?
j CoJohel L&sib ha appreheosfeja of a hostile ,
1 nsctin. and it was ao iateu dd that tHcy !
jsbocld be scr-red cniess Lamb sboaki
I come to Richraoad. Frosn. present indJea-
! tioo-s tnre arc no prospt-ct of' the raoiter
rr tin T iitl. Ws:f
rnAR.i.sTox. VT. Vs.. Xov. 13 iHtiiei(fn
I passeiiser condnclors nn. the C. S: O. rail-
vices woald not "be cttcied after today.
The rnvsterv existins aonr the rasa
'VTiat is the Tencal"
A Novel Suieifle.
Boston. Xov. 17. Edgar Lombard, of
the firm of A. C. DKnbard's Sons, one of
the lx.-t known shipping firms in this part
of the country, commnted suicine tui
innrnhig in a siranjje inanni-r at Youmi'
hutel while Iawirinunder a fit tf de-pind-ency
cuu-ed b family troubles. At shout
11:30 o'clock the odr of ocapimr, jras wa
traced to jIx. Lombard's apartment, the
dnors of which were If-ck"d. An entrance
wa eiTected throujdi the tran-ont, when it
was di-covered that derea-ed had cnteretl
hi-, bathroom, and taking a nihber drop
Hirht tuse had fa-tenetl one end over the
ri burner, thtn putting the other end in
to his mouth, lay down and inhaled the gas
until he was asphyxiated.
CaUle Men iti Council.
Chicago, III.. Xov. 17. The Consoli
dated Cattle Growers' asswintlon of the
United States today numed the delibera
tions, of their annual convention. By vote
the extermination of iaferted cattle was
recommended, and inoculation with the"
virile of infectious di-ea--iw:i disapproved
of. The following resolution wa adopted:
Revived. That it is ihe sense of this
convention that 3Ir. Hatch, the present
chairman of the agricultunii committee, is
responsible for lack of proper legislation
ctmpt'tcnt to srapplc with the pressing
need of the sreat cittle indu-trv of the I
National Grange.
Pnil.vDSLPHiA, Xov. IT. At todavs,
session of the Xatioual Grange Patron. of i
Husbandry, a resolution was submitted auI
referred to the commute on tlie Good of j
the Order providing for the holding of all J
future annual se---ion-. ot trie orange aw
Washiugton. Hermit ion were jxv-sl
nrovidiiTif for the hoRiimc of the next an
nual session at Lansing, Mich , ami Elmira.
X. Y. A re-olution w:ts defctttetl nmking
provb-iou f..r obtaining !egihition from
Couirress in favor ot tlie tanners oi tne
TtieVeventh nd highest decree of tlie
Order was crmferreil oa B'. C liarrison, off
Alabama, Actiur IIirh Priest.
An Arizona lucident
Ph..'Enix, Ari., Xov. 17. t Antelope I
last ni-'lil three 31exieaas rode up to the
aore of C. S Stanton. Two of theln eu
terel the dore and opeuwl fire on Stanton
ami another man named lvrllv. The titird
.Mexican tired throtidi the wiutlow. btan
toa wa iiisttictly kiTletl. Kelly returawl
the tire, kilrintr "one Mexican. The otber
two, sex'iutr their companion fall, burriedlw
tlid Mantun was implicated m the liar
ney Martin raassacre a few months ago,
and bore an unenviable reputation.
HudJu on Frauds.
St. Locis. Mo., Xrv. 17. Delegations
from art relief xmrds in the Masonic order
in the Uuitrd States to the Mtwnic Relief
assoiation mK this morning at the South
ern hotel to dl-cuvs pintle for the more ef
fectual work. The object of the associa
tion is to prevent the commission of frauds
upon subordinate lodges by those who are
not worttn oi renet.
Laying a Coruer-Stone.
St. Louis, Xov. 17. The corner stoue
of the Odd Fellows temple, now being
constructed at the corner of Xinth and
Otiye streets was laid this afternoon with
the usual impre ive ceremonies attendtnr
Mich events. The building is to te a inns-
sive and co-tlv .structure of modern style.
and will be (sue of the tiaet in the cii v
That's; tli.j Sttiir.
Montpelier, 't., Xtn 17. The Iogis
lature (both houses) paed a bill pnniding
that all hotels or restaurants u-intr oleomar
garine shall put up Iarjre signsnotiyfingthe
public of it.
Up a Little.
PiTrsBCRG. Xov. 17. The nail manu
facturers of the west met liere today ami
decided to advance nails five cents per
Left em IJurehmuied.
Xbw York, Xov. 17. The firm of Levi
T. Smith & Co.. hats, 13G Green street, a
signed today. Preferences jJS.iKK).
London. Xov. 17. A call was issued
this afternoon by Marquis Salisbury, has
tily summoning a meeting of the cabinet.
One hundred" Cossacks have been lost
while endeavoring to quell the revolt of the
trilie in Canea-Us which the author itu-s
ried to force into military service. Anxiety
is felt in Russia lest the "movement spread
amonir other tribes
Conservatory of Music
Corner of Emporia Avenne an William Street.
-Kith of Doflla.- AenB.
WU! do all sands f earf-itir ami Jotner wk on
aert a-ir Stair. Stair RaJfcaiS. Snub fron.
H)wds. Uior a WWaw Frantrs awd 'lere'n.
r--Sljop, UR ifato strt RcMiiaci on Lawreccf.
aveai" near OntraJ. pcstoCfr"' Kot: 3T.
. w. kpJjLTm Trc Hw- " -T-
-Prdni--r 'A all Ksnd a-
Building Stone,
PTlCSS .TimiSQea Oil ppiiCa.iiOU.
j Orders Solicited.
I rW7t"T7Cll
Gsal, Lime and Pfastenng Material.
i-i Doarlxs ave
Vrchitaj Kaasasj
Partial Price List For Spring of 1S87
J. Benson and Bros., Pr&p'ti.
:3P f 'n
... s i
... 3Q
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Do Not Buy.
TomorroAsr or any dav during tnls reelc until you have seen, the
OAferings now made at the
We are now daily receiving by express and
freight new invoices of the latest and best
garments made this season, all bought re
cently for spot cash from manufacturers anx
ious to realize. An inspection of these beau
tiful goods will amply repay those whoever
contemplate buying a
low ngure.
Special Drives in M
ix r
I" uu
228 Douglas ave. Cor. ljawrence.
S. H. Nelson's Bargain House
Saturday, Oct. 30, '86
See Some of the Bargains Offered.
Larga Gob Jet-,
Uolorad Tumblero,
Lftrg: r ickle Dishes,
" Silica Dtsheu,
" Bu c-r Oiabofl,
y Covfrsd Dishos,
" Cream 'itchere
3a&r Bowlrs,
" Spoon-holderu,
Ou as,
2 Quart Parts,
3 Qna't P.ns,
B -ad Pnna.
2 Qr. G-jverod Buckets 10
8 Qc Covered buckets 10
Dmner Bucke'e, 25
I also carry a full line of larga'r sKl
scods at 10 cents apiace.
To-wel Racks,
Hat Rjctea,
La-pe Screvr Drivers,
Rol.ins t-in-,
Koife Bx-s.
jLarnpis larger ize,
L pi Extra. Finished,
Soep. 3 C&k-a in a Box,
Soao, 3 Cakes in -. Box,
Three C hind's Handkerchiefs
Lxdiea r- and kerchief- 5 cents apiece,
ladies' finakerc- i-fs 10 cents apiece.
Gents' Handkerchief. 10 ents apiece.
txtrH-AIi-Lict-nToeLs 10 cents -spkes.
Large Batli To-arrls 25 cents apiec?.
Fin-sAsi-ortni-nt of Backets lOto 60 osnta.
Fin- sortraen:icfVeJ 15 cents to S1.50-3-a.dies
Gos-:mer3 Fxtra Fine $1.00
Fine Arwnrasnt cf Album- 25 centa to .OO.
Fnl Assortment of Scrap Albums 10 oeats to 52.
Dec rated Ssir, 44 piectre, -56 p-r set. '
A Lisrwe Wa.-hboTR-J and Pitcher for 1 .
Coal Or Stoves 51 Bch.
Cbii r-ns Trunks from 80 Cents to tl.2o
Dolls, AU Sizes from 5 cents to $2. -,
L&rgo Assortment of Decorated ops ana Saucers 35co! .50
L,ar?o Ast-ortment of Decorr,tel China JMnsr? 5c to 40c.
L.arg-6 Assortment of Ladies' comb nd Brcsh C&sa
JLarge a -ssortcent of Ladies' Work Boxen
Gents Fur top Ol ve3. 50 Cents a Pair.
Gents Srsmle-a Half Hoaa 1 0 Cents a Pair.
Fine Assortment of Porlcet Cnives.
Hair, Cloth and irho Bruoh-s.
Fine Aasortmeni of Aate Ware
Fine Assortment of Wnite Granite Ware.
Other Goad of Every Dccr.pon in Proportion.
I Invite all to Call and be Convinced
an Overeoat
fine garment at an un
and Children's Overcoats.
5 Cents Apioco.
5 "
5 "
5 "
5 " '
5 V .
5 " ' " -
5 Cents Aplos4.
5 ' '
5 '
5 "
1 0 Uenta Apiece.
10 "
10 '
15 "
25 "
50 " ,r
1.00 "
5 " A- Bor.
5 "

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