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glxc tgEictata 3ailij 35aglc: ?Triclaij S&ortiiiuj, gjcmcmftcr X9, 18S6.
M. M. JIL'ICDOCK, Kdltor.
E--Preidcnt Arthur is deL Men vill
ha called, and many of tlfiSrn, to llll the
presidential chair, but whether by election,
by choice of the houc, or through the
death of the president elect, there will be
few the peer of Chester A Arthur. A
superb American gentleman, a loyal,
broad-guaged executive officer and a con
servative and patriotic man whom not one
half of the American people ever appre
ciated for near his true' worth, as quietly
steps out of this life as he stepped into the
notice of the world. Modest, almost to
diffidence, and so retiring that he even en
deavored to keep his last sickness from the
public, he was yet a man whom if oppor
tunity had ever offered would have proved
great, Those who appreciated him the
n.ost highly were the men who knew him
best. Peace to his ashes and honor to his
name and memory.
The freight rate fight against the "Wich
ita country" inauguiatcd by Kansas City
and -whi h was to have been settled at St.
Louis, Las been transfer! ed to Chicago, to
which point the St. Louis board of ex
change sends i6 committee. It is under
stood that the in a tier will be settled within
a day or two, that is for at least one year.
-The Post-Dispatch prints the argument
which will be pre-ented by St. Louis. It
oLar,es that the whole scheme is one gotten
up by the Santa Fe in the interest of some
twinn Ivans-i-. City jobbers, who want a
rale that v. ill lesult or tend to make Wich
ita tributary to Kansas City.
The thing may be done so far as printed
rates and schedules are concerned, but not
in fact. "Wichita will never again pay in
freights the Mini of two locals, at least not
for more than a few days at a time, and
after June next never even for a short time.
Both the Missouri Pacific and the Frisco
from St. Louis to Wichita haven maximum
haul, as will the Hock Island from
Chicago, and no combination of interests or
of lines can afford to pay Uio roads an
amount that would indemnify them for a
minimum haul and its resultant rates.
'The animal's c es are sol."
President Cleveland's excuse for reinstat
ing theMissouii democratic politician who
had been suspended for a violation of the
president's civil service order will make
every honest American citizen bluh. He
suspended at the same time and for 1 he
Kama icason a Republican, but nothing is
said about reinstating him. President
Cleveland admits that Benton bad violated
the order, but he says a man who writes so
frankly ought to be excused, and lwsides a
few campaign speeches which did
not interfeic with the duties of his office
should be and are overlooked and that
therefore he icscinds the order. The truth
is, Henton not only entered the campaign
in Mishonri a a leader, hut the papers con
tain a long list of appointments made by
him which he would have undoubtedly
filled but for the order of suspension. Pres
ident Cleveland by his action in this Ben
ton r has shown himself insincere and a
,o for as his civil service is con
iowii that it was but a subterfuge
him to get rid of officials whose
e don't happen to endorse.
In pi e
to Mi
His Candidacy pr the Speakership of the
To In" 1 (ltorof the Hatrlc.
Your correspondent had the pleasure of
visiting this lively young burg last Mon
day, mid after calling on the Eaoi.ksuI)
scribers and also securing some new name,
for both the daily and weekly, we thou
tojknlook over the improements that
luivt. been made here since our last visit,
ii 1 found that they consisted of two com-
dioiis anil attractive looking hotels,
sa ral fine store buildings, and a hand
somttwo storv brick Mructure for the Bank
of Coivieh, besides a number of large rei
den s (,iv ieli is scaicely a year old, yet
it lias ahmly grown "to a place of no mean
pr )portiou, and as a trading point equals
some of thu,i(i,.,t towns in the county
outs; le eif Wohhn.
There i. alst.n good variety of business
h m-.es- here, relented as follows: Dry
go K and grocer,.. Maine & McConnell,
Tapp Bro-., II. .l.llnskhi-; groceries, Geo.
Ste nro.l; hardware .mid tinsmiths. Swift
& .M.mcoff. NichoK., Bursit; druggists.
"With no small degree of pride the Eagle
has been epiotiug the many flattering and
commendatory notices of the press through
out the state, of the proposed candidacy of
Hon. Rcdolph Hatfield for the speakership
this winter. And this matter is not alone
the Eagle's, but is one in which our peo
ple arc well nigh unanimously interested
and concerned. And it is all the more
interesting and gratifying that these notices
were not inspired by hi3 home papers, but
that they have come of the conviction of
his eminent fitness for the honorable and
responsible position; come from men who
had marked his course and weighed his in
fluence in the last general assembly of the
state, of which he was so bright and Con
spicuous a member. "We will not deny
that it was our intention, at the proper
time, to urge his candidacy and election,
solely upon the grounds of his ability and
his generally recognized superior qualifica
tions foi the position. In addition, we no
doubt would have appealed to the members
of the west and southwest, urging, per
haps, local considerations and all that, but
in all this we have been forestalled, gener
ously forestalled, by leading papers, which
have placed his candidacy upon the
broader, the unselfish, and the more ten
able grounds of personal fitness and con
spicuous ability. His party here at home,
so unanimously recognized these reasons,
not only from the able manner in which
he acquitted himself on the floor of the
house hist winter, but from their personal
knowledge of his worth and stability s a
citizen that he received his re-nomination
unanimously and iu the absence of any
opposition of whatever character. Accept
ing this wider platform offered by our con
temporaries the Eagll now earnestly calls
the attention or the people of the state at
huge to his candidacy and enthusiastically
urges upon the members of the house the
election of Mr. Hatfield as their presiding
olliccr. We do this in the fullest assurance
and under the calmest conviction that he
would not only prove a wise, sale and con
servative presiding ollicer but one whose
actions, decisions nor rec n would ever
cause the Republican part;" or the immedi
ate members of the house a single after re
gret. In recalling his votes, speeches and acts
on the floor of the last house we do not be
lieve there is a single thing in his entire
record which would be set down as a mis
take, as a blunder or as an intentional
wrong. Take his positions on the labor
question, the various railrosd bills, and the
matters which touched the farmers' and the
productive interests of the state, and he
left even no room for criticism. In edu
cational matters he was the peer of any
leader. By work and voice he aided in
every possible way the bill granting the
Salt lands to the State Normal School and
the appropriation of $50,000 for the ety
mological department of the state universi
ty. He introduced and secured the
passage of the arbitration labor
bill. His superior qualifications
for a presiding officer was fully recognized
by the speaker, who called him to preside
over the committee of the whole house
more frequently than any other member
save possibly one.
Conservative, fair minded and not in any
sense factious or clannish, he would make
a most popular presiding ollicer. And
while, no doubt, ambitious, he would not
use or expect, to make the speakership a
stenninir stone to other or more
exalted positions, but attempt to
fill the measure of his ambitions
in the plaudits and commendations of the
men who had so signally honored him by
making him their presiding officer. In
short, as a candidate for speaker he has no
enimies to punish, no interests to serve, no
localities to favor, and no ambitions to for
ward. He goes into the contest without
anv feeling against anv other member who
Throw their doors open
Main St., where they
Marsh Murdcck, editor of the Wichita
Eagle, who, it was conceded, had done
more for the citv than any other man. He
has devoted "his time, brains, m
fluence and money to this end,
to make "Wichita what nature has intended
her to be and what she soou will be the
greatest citv between St. Louis aud San
Francisco." Next, I was told that Jay
Gould, about three years ago, asked of
Kansas Citv some grant or privileges for
the Missouri Pacific lines, which they re
fused to give, and that every since he has
been using his influence to build up Wich
ita as a rival to Kansas C ty. Be this as it
mav, I saw by the Kansas City papers
there is quite a jealousy there of this grow
ing city and an endeavor to belittle its im
portance. Now. as for railroads, they have
the St. Louis and San Francisco, the Mis
souri Pacific, and the banta Fe all
through roads, and a branch of the .Mis
souri Pacific running west, with four
more new roads in prospect aud
an assurance that two of them will be
built within the next year. So, with her
railroad facilities and her present import
ance as a citv. all roads built in southern
Kansas in "the future w ill strive to reach
this point, and thus make her the greatest
railroad center of the state. Before clos
ing, I would say I was struck with the
amount of bottom laud in the state, which
I nee estimated at one-half the area. A
little stream, that we would call a run
here would have bottoms from one-half
mile to two miles in width, 'these bottoms . . J 1 J U,.-
are very productive and seemingly ; Which are now arriving daily ana oeing
IiallStlOle. illO UOIIOIII3 Ul lacivmeui-.w
river average five miles in width, and it is
known that not one-half the water that
flows in the river can be seen. Under
neath the river and bottoms is a strata of
sand through which the wat. r i dilates-,
and winch secures the most complete
svstem of underdrawing in wet weal her
that could be imagined, and also just as
complete a system of sub-irrigation during
dry weather," which was demonstrated this
drv summer bv immense fields of corn on
these bottoms,' which will yield from forty
to sixty bushels of shelled corn to the acre.
Now, I have triven a very imperfect pic
ture of WichiTa and part of Kansas just as
I saw it, and if anyone wishes further in
formation thev can get it by sending their
address to M.M. Murdock, Wichita. Kan.,
who will send the Illustrated Review of
Wichita, which gives a history of Wichita
aud some of tts first settlers, a well as
its present importance.
Daniel Cr.vwtohd.
Kansas Furniture Co
at their old stand 132
will welcome their
patrons and friends, and invite them
one and all to call and examine our new
stock of
Dry Goods, Notions, Eta
The grand rush of the past two weeks has
left us badly damaged, but still in the ring
with some 20,000 yards of carpet.
A Judicial
the State of
Hanging in
placed on our counters for inspection
as fast as received.
1 mrfc a. n m
M Ob d
132 MAIN
UUl U u
t 3 5 s
I n no
i AW
may be a candidate. If defeated, no one-
will ever detect a stmrk of revenire; if
elected, his greatest and only coucen will
be to fill the place in a satisfactory manner
to the house, to his party and to his friends.
An Answer to tho Questions of "West
Bound Citizens."
From the WetUUll? , Ohio, Kuview.
Cannon's Mill. Nov. 9. 1SSG. In an
swer to Wcslurn Bound" I viiil endeavor
to tell what r know about Wichita, al
though my observations only extended a
few d.iys. and consequently I am not pre
pared to aiisw er as fully or correctly -us
some of the old settlers could, who never
From the Commons valtii.
Yesterday Deputy United States Mar
shal George Sharriit departed for Wichita,
where he goes to prepare for an event
which will be somewhat of an anomaly iu
Kantas a judicial hanging.
On the second da of February next
two murderers will be hung at the city of
Wichita, and the object of Mr. Sharnti's
visit there is to put up a stockade to keep
out the crowd.
It is understood that prominent W ichita
real estate speculators made a determined
but unsuccessful effort to have the hang
ing made a public affair. This was done
with the anticipation that perhaps a tew
people might be attracted to that town on
the strength of being nble to witness an af
fair of this kind.
But the United Stater officials were deaf
to all entreaties and refused to hear any
idea other than to make the hanging a mere
private allair. The Wichita people were
sr n!il':isi'd at the action of the ofii
cials. as they lecognized the fact that it
would be quite a boom to have a puhlto
"hanging bee" in their midst.
The following is a history of the occur
rence for which the two men are to be
huug: John Washington and Simmons,
two Seminole Indians, aged 21
and 23 eais. respectively, crossed oyer
into the P tuvfotomie nation in the Indian
Territory and came to the house of James
Hartlett.'a cattleman, who was away at the
time. There was no one at home except his
wife. She at, the time was pregnant
several months. The first intimation
the lady had of the presence of the
two men was vhen they entered
the door and began to make motions
and speak to her in Indian, bhe supposed,
from their threatening attitude, that they
were going to murder her and stalled to
run. She was seized by Washington and
Simmons got on the outside of the hou'-c
and nulled the door to, holding it and
standing guard. She finally comprehended J
the base design of the savage and made a i
terrific struggle to make her escape. Wash ,
ington finally called in Simmons to avist j
nun to overpower nci. uitniuunura
finally overcame her and accomplished
their'hellish designs.
As soon as she regained her conscious-
f I ncss she left her house to sect her nearoii
neighbor, three miles distant.
Being crazed with flight and hamc, she
lost her way, and was found wandering
over the praire by a stage driver carrying
th Uiiiie 1 States'mail.
He took her into his conveyance and
carried her to a place of refuge, where she
related her revolting experience. Pursuit
was then instituted and the two brute,
were captured the next day in the Seminole
nation. They were tried at a recent term
of the United" States court at Wichita and
convicted of the cimeof rape, the jury
being out only a few minutes, as the evi
dence w;i-, of the strongest character.
John Washington it seems was a des
perate character having served a term iu
the penitentiary, and having lieeti
convicted twice under the laws of
Goods, First-Class fork and Bottom Prices
Are wliat we depend on to make ns what
we are. the
Mm Moid and Carpet Eiorioiii
We are Headquarters for . '
Oii Cloths, Mattings, "Rugs, Ete.
ManhaUan Clothing Co
On Wednesday Morning we will place on
sale 3,000 yards of
At $1.17 a yard on your floor.
Kansas Firnilure Co.
Now is The Accepted Time !
Now is the time to
mains unbroken.
buy, while our stock re-
: 'v-3
T T 7
We can
tline of
One of the finest laying additions to the city of Wichita, lying
one and one half miles South of Dousdas avenue and comprising
OneHuudredand Ninety-two (192) lots, east and west fionts. on
Mosley avenue, which will be sold at prices so low that any man
can have a home on very easv terms, and great inducements to pir
r.ifis who will build at once. We h3.ve the building boom and inten i
l!!!sii Rovs' and Children's Overcoats in a
OLri CCU L.tli T i UU UOU uno vvv wv , a (j.iivtiv vi -- --
neso portion of the city.
Come at cjnee and secure a choice building site
show the
8700 will buy lOOx 1 50 in the first block, east f "ont.
3850 willbuv 100x150 rt. in second block, east or west lronts.
8800 will buy 10oxl50 rt in third block, east or we t fronts.
$430 will buy lOOx 150 ft in fourth block, east or west fronts.
We do not sell any corner unless the party agrees to build a
good house on the lots, thereby obtaining the bui.ding boom.
Come everybody and haveahome of your own.
-..:,. c- .,,,.-. n , r, , let a cunnoi' sun 10 miii: u-s mivtuHJitrcs anu
. --'-. '. .,(. jVtlllVL. ilijivi. .. . r .1 . - p .1 -...-..-- --,
Ft 'I -house E TaniA ,,-onricto- Co-n 1LMe, ami m iaw uuu i one 01 u e lhe Seminoles for the crime of rape, com
j.1.,1 louvL. 1, 1.1pp. p.opneto.. Lo.n gr0iU CaUH.3 of lls prowilj. the people miUl.(i in thc Seminole nation. His ia-t
mere il Iiouk .J. UiUor. proprietor; lam-j working together as one man tor whatever senK,nce waj eHitr lashes upon his bare
Ikt vanls. liivue & t., PomKt Co.; hvill leuelit their town. They do not quar- back to he deliWed bv the strongest man
IJ ink of Colwirh, E. P. tfofnir ci-hier- ! wl aboul the tost l-f ,,hVir whool or -lwo1 , of the Seminole police "force. Lie w:is tied
Yikwnrth itnM..u.t iinl,. ' "wv,v ""- -":' " ""- "" """- "' . io a MfiKC ant; liie sentence 01 me uomi m-
an ,,n ti.nn dement house, , tll,.ir smet m:rovements. and much ! n :..... ,1
; ' j Hi villi.
tes over voting wmu-, ior new i Th, is a notnhle c.ise. in this, that it is
railroads, being fully aware that the first sentence of death ever paed by
money spent m this way will j tllc j;njte;i sutcs di-triot court of Kansas,
return ten-fold. Wichita is the county ' t. ..m tlw tirst iiifHcwlh:in-inL' in ICan-
wick county and is situated on ; s iri0 ,, . nf th- erv un-atis-
at the junction of the fM.t0rv law that is now on the statute b.xik
furaiture. .1
Smyth .t Sou-; billiard m pool room.
Xonnun Harper. Brides thesA there are
two meat markets, two livery :lnd sale
3iaou- auu iu ituurisiiiiig Jiut. , v.eat of Sed
Darns: our brief stay in Cohijeh we the Arkauis rive
were very cordially entertained br Jlr. i l-ittlo .rKua. wnieii divides vt lcuiia
JlcC jniull of the dry goods tirm oMfoiiie" ; from West Wichita. The towns arc con
!c McConnell, and Mr. McXair, cshio of nected by some hilf dozen bridges. We
the C't'iwich lwnk. Mr. MrNair vesv ( eroded one of the wiron bridges about
pV.VJ.jntly showed nhifo.ten-iecollectio ', o'clock in the afternoon and the two
ol pic'iire. consi-tiugot over three hundreds irai'K uri nearly lull ot vehicles trom
of il-i odde.-ts.peciniensofadvcrtisersart.aud "e pud io another, giving evidence of the
comic i'.lu-t rations. le.-ide-a lige number , m-iae-s of thc city, which strikes the
of othi-r pictures of proiuiuetit men and wnser with wonder when he
subject's. Tin- rare pictuiv gallery is j knvus that sixteen years ago the ground
spread all ov-r the wall- of the bachelors theiv was a bleak prairicT The Wichit-i
den used bv thc Ikv in the hank, and is Eac.lk, in a recent issue. said: "Wichita's
coi'st.-mtlv 'being added to by their fair ! oro" l is he result of simple derelop
friomls, and with so much .success, that i wnt, natural resources and location. Long
the I n s w ill soou have u build an addi- y1"3 ?. before a white man found a home
tion to their room, or limit the enterprise, i '.,ere meu Wt'rc wout to Pl '"" finger
-r r v uown on me map ai me junction ot me
A largo quantity of iKgc.s. butter was Little and Great Arkansas rivers and re
seiredat Davenport. Iowa. Mondav. for IurtrK- insl l,c pwee ior a wg town
. , .- r .. , ... or citv some dav. situated a it is.
Yik.ia-i..u ci me ,a w men provider j aboul e30 niiUs5 from -an cilv
mai me packages ot tnese suo-tances
Hiust be sUinip.xi with the name of their
which practically docs r.way with capital
le ia accurate f t oT boots sad .-un prepwrl to
make full nod
Complete Abstracts of Title
To nay property In Sedwlcic Coucly.
Offio-OTer K3 Xota Strv
viTichita, - Kan.
it was
s coucedod by all that a city must spring up
r i here somewhere which would le a dwtrib-
uting xint to the west and soum. Quite
"Ve cer-"settU-d facb," everv dav in re-! Wellington, of Sumner countv. Wichita! Dupq U'i"mr h Ylr?)P,tQ
gard i the Chicago e.t-n-kn of the Santa i and Newton, of llnrvov coiintr, each - "lu liuiu 0-ixV.ui- wvuo.
bc. The latest '"MUtler" i- to the effect clainmur thev had the natural mivantaces i
that tu. new nue -km (r uie 3ii-sisMppi and must step to the- trout and become the
river at Keokuk or Fort Madison, and en-' metropolis of the west: but about three i
ler Missouri iu the northca-t corner, cro-'vears aco Wichita commenced forging
ng from Lee wun;" Imva. into Clark i ahead and now has three time the iwmi-!
ountv. -Missouri, ana run in an almost air latum of either of the two comiH-titors.
k a
ON & U
i i V fc t.
ky JL swys, ji. jx.i. jx. jv.
Office with Parnum & George.
From S2.50 up to the finest tailor made ones, and will give you
better value for your money than any house In the city.
CA ?
422 Bast Douglas Avenue.
Druggist and Grocers
First Block west of
Real -:- Mate -:- As
OFFICIV-fioatbea' cttjt Dnsslft and Tojxjfca
arm, tc Casw r'irulnire Co .1 boldtns.
Wholea!e and Retail Dealer In
Colorado k Pennsylvania Anthracite
And all kind of
Canon City, Trinidad and
Osage City, Blossburg,
Pa., Piedmont. W. Va.
fcAMister, Fort Scott,
Cherokee, . Rich Hill
and Pittsburg Coal.
Lowest Rates and
Ready for
liAyryAcrcRSD bt
Jne to Kansas Citv. There will be a branch
rom tjue-uiain line to bt. .Louis, and two
ithcrs to Atchison and bt. Joseph, com
peting the system. Champion.
Xow there were several influences at work
to caue this result. First, thc combined
effort of all the citizens to place Wichita
j m the front of the other two, headed bv
G. A. Biinn& Co.
2d. St. bet. Main & Market.
For Sile by Gnxxsn Cmecnr. "
sr hai- hi?.stt.
vicHrrA. K.v
Lnm"ber Dealers
Wichita, Kansas.
Wlcnita, Mayfield. Welllnston.
Harper, Attica, Garden Hain.
Antnony. Arkansas City, An
dale and H&vem.
, Plaster, Cement, Bick, Side
vfdXk and Building Stofte.
F7ICE5S.-B!? IJ S1. IX3irl&3 a- a f ,
77 vter C'i. i"- u"-" . -
Por Bargains la
Eeal Estate
rilling Co
Oil, Prospect and
We, rtrBlc In .r P"l of tbfW '.ten . U I M Ut x Attj. "' taL USSmZl
L.aj."'Ki..;.-A;;ata,i'Ic.r... ... 9
. fc imZ7 wJ -- m. .... wi-.--i- -- . -- , - . .
Thr aiiertiw nf C fleer
rh. maoBltcturlns, tui lAc sr txulltj
ptvprriiT t
jokw a. COZLVZ.
Tr-v 1
Keai Kstate Affencs,
Cty Pnjyerty
Correspondence Solicited
15C T. MAXrT ST.
and Farms for Sa'e- -Rents CoHecred and Ta f -
8umess PromptV AttewJ,
E. H.
Call on
4 '

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