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Site zraiicfcita 3ailij gagle: 'gvuVdij movmna. ftouenxltcr 19. 1886.
Ertltor. j Bueiri'" innaKT.
Publishers and Proprietors.
All U'tters. pertaining to tin- l.tiMm-tf of the printing
bonne or blnderv, or for Information of ttiivertisini:.
in mid be addrWed to tlie busine-s manager; all
oentr commiiulcitlons to tlie editor.
rti ouly Daily Paper in boutiiwot KausuH or tln-axKansa-s
Valley receiving lth the dav and nUtu
AM-MX'lated l'rts reports in full.
One copy, one ye.ir. S 8 Uj
Anitnv oft llllllltl
Oue copy, three it ...l.s....
, "2 Go
Uik- oopy, one nio .n ... i i
B carrier, per v ear ",'
B carrier, three months
Twenty cents per week delivered by can-Jer in the
One copy, ono year. In the htate,.
One copy, six inoutliM
SI 00
Our rates for advertising shall te as low as those of
auy other paper of ejual value as an adverltsin me
dium. , ,. ,
aU transient advertisements must bo paid Tor In
Pi,iri in thcivKtifflwHt Wichita o8 socond-clasft
fflHtter, and entered for transmission through the
mull tn MiCi
I,. M. CnAwroisn. Mnnagcr.
Conquest & Pettifs S15.0fiMiO Melodrama In Four
Acti, eiitliicr:,
Introducing lc iiopulir chaiecler comedian.
Tlie charming emotional actre-s,
And a Mf-erb c inp.nny if Si people, a ton of beauti
ful Mvmrv aii'l me -liauical tft.l xUi the i-el-elira
-l "letmpolitaii Dragoon liaml and Or
chestra, led by the re-'ouned solo.Ht,
The wlioV j)r(Kluet!on on a f-cale of magnillcf nt
Brn iucr Wj.tt.li for grand street iarado on date of
apiiear'nce. -
fl-Prl es of ulinf-Floii Sj and Ti cent. Noetra
ciuKc f;r icferv ed j,euts now ou sale at Union Tick
et oiil e.
I., si. CKAvrror.i), manager.
One Wcelcand Samiday Matinee,
T.v Peojileri Tavorites Everywhere
And the handsome and charming Commedienno
and Vocalist,
In a carefully selected repeitoire of favorite standard
plavs, nupported by an excellent diamatlc
Tlia CeK-brite I Union Square Surce.
fjrPeojIe'sp pulr.r prlc R. Aflml'-sion, 10. 20 and
tccni Poilvtl.v no higher Noetin. A majnii
p nt Mlver water pltcliei will lx- tUcn away Satur
aj nhlit. DMrs open at 7.'5. o Mure at S.15 sharp.
Bwoureticats I advance nt Union Ticket ortlee.
C. M. Robbhi3, of Eureka, i hi the city.
Geo. J. Broaikutiu, of A11U10113, is in tho
iL R. Grant whs in lrom Cherryvale yes
terday. W. V. ilcConu ami wife, of Inha, are in
tbo city.
W. II. McLaughlin was in from Jetmore
A. A. Harding woufc to Douver, Colorado,
J. II. Miins, of Ft. .Scott, is registered at
tho Manhattan.
Mr. Orton, of tho Schuyler Electric Light
Co., is in tha city.
A. A. lt and wifo have gone to Kitr;
niau on a short visit.
J. T. aims, of Pratt Centre, was in tho cit'
yesterday on bu-dne.-i.
Dr. Blakaley, mauager of Union Grain
comjiany, is in the city.
Daniel Y. Wlfceler, of Richardson Drug
company, St. Louis, is in tho city.
C. W. Smith, a buines. man of Denver,
emu to take a glance at the metiopolis.
Roliert Mulbon, of the Campbell & Cut
ler Glais company, of Kansas City, is in tho
Our old friend N. E. Stevens, of tho Leav
enworth Timos, dropped in yesterday, lie
siiil ho just called aiouud to remind us that
Ljavenworth was still in the state of Kansas.
Hon. G. W. Clement has returned from
Ohio, bringing with him a bister of Mrs.
Rev. T. S. Hodgson, who will spend several
weiks in our city. Mr. Clement was quite ill
during his absence.
Mayor Reiley -.VuS in tho city yesterday.
After talkius with him regarding the silver
find, we believe there is no doubt but there
isMlvcr there. As to the qiyintity that is
3'et to be determined, but it is there.
That wholesale and retail honey firm of
Ru'hoy ic Stanley ou Main street, have the
miguolia blossom honey oftho outh, the
whit clover honey and the California honey.
TIi magnolia houej is the richest honey ever
produced by bees it seems to iu, or to seemed
when wo ate some of it the other day.
Mr. M. Block laid upon our table yester
day inor.img two perfect and tanned pelts of
Artie foxt-s. They were as white as snow
an 1 ih. lur was two iuches deep. Thee
beau lful p-lts were presented by an ofiicer
of tlie revenue cutter Bear to Mr. Foich
h 'iiiuner, a nephow of Mr. Block's, in Snsi
Fran '1st. o, and are very valuable.
Mavor Stout, of Fort Seott, iu company
with C. P. Rector, the general pasaongur
agent of thj Fort Scott and Wichita rail
road, made us a pleasant call yesterday.
Mayor Stout says that the sorgum sugar
works located 111 that city will prove, he
thinks, an undoubted success, m which ease
the Migar iuterots of this country will be
Colonel T. II. Anderson, of -Cambridge,
Ohio, made us a call yesterday morninp ia
company with Mr. Hixou, who is an old ac
quaintance. Colonel A. started out with
Colonel Taylor, tho congressman from hi
district, to make Kan-is a visit and especial
ly to soe Wichita. He says he hears of
Wichita every placJ he goes, and whether at
Kansas City, Omaha, Topeka, or where not,
when it comes to talking of coining cif.es,
Wichita always seems to leatl in the conver
sations. Colonel A. parted with Mr. Taylor
in Illiuois, but oxpect; him on in a dav or
Mr. S. M. Scott, of Ray & Co.'s Collection
and Loan agency, and who L, an old Louis
villian, is in receipt of a letter from a large
and wealthy packing firm who want some
figures an 1 facts bsfore their representative
comes out to Wichita to look up the matter
of an etendve packing business. The an
swers, no doubt, willboentirelv satisfactory,
Mr. S. says the finn is one of the stillest and
rnDSt successful of w Inch he has any knowl-
Ue ami that they mean busineis. The
vr k le matter was plaued in the hands cf the
president of tho toard ef n a le by Mr. Scott.
During the late illness of the editor of this
paper a communication signed "Broker,
severely criticising some action of the city
council which it seems was proposing a tax
ou real estate dealers, was laid on his table.
The communication was accompanied by 110
responsible name, and was not found by the
editor until yesterda'. Tho writer claims
that the real estate men made Wichita the
pre-eminent city that she is, rather than that
the city has made several real estate men.
If the real estate men made Wichita and
"Wichita didn't make a multitude of real
estate men, we suggest to our correspondent
that when real estate men can no
longer afford to go on making Wichita that
there are a hundred other towns in Kansas
anxiously waiting to La made, and which
towns will not charge the real estate men
ono cent, singly or combined, but freely con
cede them all that they can make out of the
enterprise. Our observation leads us to the
conclusion, or our conclusion leads us to tke
observation, which way you will, that none
but live towns support real estate brokers,
and that all the real estate men in Christen
dom couldn't resurrect or put life into a dead
town, and not only that but in attempting
such a thing they would starve in the opera
tion. If from the lack of brains, or of enter
prise, or of business or capital, Wichita
should cease to grow the real estate men
would pile out of the town like rat from a
sinking ship, and our correspondent would
probably lead the procession. Of course
little of this applies to such real estate men
as employ capital in their business, capital
and brains, as other business men employ
capital and brains, but it will strike between
wind and water tho greater number whoso
ouly capital is chin and cbeek.
Some sleepy chap by the name of B. F.
Wood, at Win field, saj-s, through the Conr-
ier, that "Wichita is in the midst of an un
healthy boom."' If the erection of eight
hundred buildings, involving an expenditure
of two millions of. money iu a single season:
if the doubling of our retail and the quin
tupling of our wholesale trade; if tha quad
rupling of our manufactures and increasing
by thirty per cent, our population, all within
tho same brief period, constitutes an "un
healthy boom,"1 then Wichita has got it bad.
As a boom it is no doubt a little too feverish
and energetic for the quiet nerves of our
sleepy friend, but its a boom which
has iu an increditably short time
made "Wichita the greatest city in Kansus
and which will within a brief period make
her the greatest commercial center west of
St. Lowis. Wichita's boom is an unheal ty
one, no doubt, that is, it is an unhealthy one
for her would-bo rivals, which WinGeld is
"An unhealthy boom!" Yes, very. We
know of towns whose people, without regard
to age or sex, have worn tho knees out of
their breeches praying for just such an '-un
healthy boom" and othor cities, notably
along 1 10 Missouri river, whoso business men
havo howled themselves baldheaded for a
liko calamity to fall upon them.
The Commonwealth in alluding to tho
hanging which is to take p'aca in this city in
February, sajs that prominent Wichita real
estato speculators made a determined but un
successful effort to have th hanging made
public, and that "tho Wichita peoplo were
sore displeased at tho action of the officials,"
as they thought that a few poople might bo
attracted to tho town and that it would be
quite a boom to havo a public "hanging bee"'
in their midst.
Wo have no idea, in the first place, that any
prominent Wichita man ever made any such
a request. The assertion, however, that the
Wichita people wore sore displeased, wo pro
nounce a lie, out of whole cloth. Wichita
people are refined, not brmtish, educated
christians, not fiends, ghouls, or devils, that
they should seek a gain from such an exhi
bition. As for tha intimation that a few
people might be attracted to the town, we
have only to say that should tho crowds of
people, wUo come aud go daily iu Wichita,
st-iko Topeka, her denizens would stai d
arjund with mouths agape wondering wheie
t jo big excursion had come from anyway.
Tho gas company is making an experiment
with an Albo-carbon lamp. Some weeks ago
four of that kind were placed in Talniage &
Todd's queensware establishment on North
Main street. They have been examined by a
numbjr of persons and seem to give perfect
satisfaction to the proprietors of the firm.
Tho new light allows the gits to pass
through a pijK' which is heated, raising the
temperature of tho gas, which theu enters
into a receiver filled with carbon. The latter
lends richness to the gas before it reaches
the blaze. The carbon makes the ilamo much
richer, and it is claimed is much cheaper than
if gas alone was used.
Tlie invention appeal's in tha minds of all
who are versed on questions of that sort to
be a decided success. It is one of the lute
efforts of those interested in the gas industry
to compete with the many different light.s
produced by the electric light companies.
C. H. Fink & Son. the nurserymen and
llorists and dealers in ornamen.al trees, late
ly located here from Lamar, Missouri, are
o?cupyirg a plat of ground near the east end
of the bridge on Douglas avenue. They hare
on baud a spledid lot of potted evergreens
for homes which cannot be frozen or killed,
and which will leud cheerfulness to any
home. Some of these are five feet high.
They have alo a large assortment of other
stock at the same place.
One of tho jolhest partio that ever left
Wichita for a hunt started yesterday morn
ing for the Indian torritor They go to
Arkansas City, where they inset their team
and outtit, w hich loft hore some time ago.
The party consists of B. F. Strader, Coleman
Rogers and Frank R. Cunningham, all of
Madison. Iud.
Thi trill Ue the boy first introduction to
"tfce territory and camp life." and to make
it merry Fink Fonts. Frank McKee ami Cal.
Fur,eion have volunteered to put them
through ami introduce them to the wavs of
the wild beasts and "Foor Mr. Lo."
Thsy have made preparations to stav
twenty or thirty days. Such a trip is only
to be enjoyed once in a lifetime and is one to
to be remembered in vears to come.
A C.M.1.KI1 MKKriXG.
Tha Advisory B jant is requested to meet
withj.be director of the Ladies Benevolent
Home. Saturday eve, Nov. -J0, at 7:35) p. m..
at, Mr. Collings' office Temple Block. Im
portant business before the boar1.
E. M. PACKElt, V. P.
The air is full of schemes. They seem to
cul mnate in the all-absorbing theme of
rapid transit to the suburbs.
Mr. J. A. Sohn has returned from his trip
to the east looking after tha interests of t he
Crystal Ice company. He visited the manu
facturers of artificial ica of Knui City,
Chicago, Toledo and Cincinnati. He has
made careful examinations of the different
machines used and says he is highly pleased
with the machine which tho company has
decided to use. He thinks it is by far more
desirable than an- other machine now being
Mr. Sohn on his vi.sit not only examined
tho different-ice machines, but made a spec
ialty of investigating all the details con
nected with running successfully an ice
The machine to be used is now being made
at Cincinnati. It is thought that the com
pany here will be ready to commence work
by the middle of February.
Yesterday the lots on which the plant will
be located were deeded to the company.
They are on tho west side immediately aorth
of the passenger depot of the Fort Scott rail
road. The site has a front of one hundred
and fifty feet and one hundred aad thirty-five
feet deep.
The building will bo 100x120 feet. A part
will be four stories high aud tho remainder
two stories. The plans for the building are
completed and work wilfbe commenced im
mediately. DON'T CRY, HUH.
There are evidently some very evilly dis
posed persons in the city w ho are wicked
enough to impose upon tlie credulity of the
innocent reporter on the Eagli: staff. Bea
con. It is very evident that the readers of the
Beacon wish that some one would bo kind
enough to impose on the Beacon reporters in
the same manner and give them some news
now and then. Doubtless they are tired
reading news poorly copied from the Eagle.
All who are familiar with both papers know
that theJJencou has suffered an ignominious
"scoop" in every item of local
interest that has happenened during the
last six months. Yesterday's paper was only
a fair sample. Scooped on tho sale of the
water works. Scooped on Nave, McCord &
Company, wholesale jobbing firm. Scooped
on the jail delivery. Scooped everywhere
and scooped every time.
It is not remarkable that those reporters
get scooped, but it is funny to witness their
efforts in trying to make their readers be
lieve that they do get some first hand news.
The Resident is honest enough to admit the
ability of tho Eagle in gathering news, but
the Beacon reporters stand off and whine
liko licked curs-.
Scarcely had tho three prisoners made
their escapo from tho county jail than tel
egraph and telephone messages were sent all
over this section notifying of their mcape.
Sheriff Hays was in Comanche county on
business, and as soon as ho received the intel
ligence ho knew who the escaped culprits
were, and considering the condition of tho
jail lloor, was not surprised. Yesterday he
was showing upon the streets a piece of the
iron broken off by the men. It was old,
rmty, and appeared to have beou broken off
by tho pounding upon it with their boot
ho ils.
Robert McMara was the prisoner who "it
was most desirous to recapture.
Carter, who is being held mainiy as a witness
would have been released yesterday, and
Ross, who was in for only a pett offense,
would have been freed Saturday. Tho man,
then, most sought for, apparently walked
right into re-arrest, and after hardly a day's
freedom was again in the hands of tho law.
About S o'clock Thursday night a man
came to the door of M. W. Dewing, a mar
shal of Valley Center, and begged for some
thing to eat. Mr. Dewing believing from tho
intelligeuce ho had received that this was
oue of the refugoes, immediately tu
rested him and brought him
to tho city on tho night train.
As he surmised his prisoner proved to bj oue
of the sought lor and to be McNara. He
was-givou ?20 for his diever capture.
Mc.Mara was yestorday breugh; into court
wLh another new charge hanging over his
held. Ho pleaded guilty to larceny and wai
sentenced to the state peaiteutiary for eigh
th c a months.
Yesterday forenoon about 10 o'clock tho
fira alarm was souuded, and th fire depart
ment wa3 soon out.
The cause of the alarm proved to bo a
small blazo in tho butcher ihop of C. G.
Roush on North Main, between Oak and
Tho department could find no plug near
the fire, and the bucket brigade was put into
action aud soon extinguished the flames
without much damage, save the destruction
of a stove, caused by the falling of a chimney
Durinj the excitement, of tho fire some
snsai thief stole about $2.50 from the money
drawer and made away with it undetected.
Tae clerk had fortunately earlier in tho day
takttu all tho mouoy, about ?10 in amount,
from th drawer, leaving the abovo small
amount in change.
Mr. Glen Miller, formerly of tho state uni
versity but who now holds a responsible po
sition ou the C. B. & N. railroad in Wiscon
sin, is the guest of Mr. Bonnie Mead. Mr.
Miller was in the city near eighteen months
ago and like all others who have been away
that long expresses himself as much surprised
at tho wonderful growth of the city. He
He says he had made allowance in his own
mind for a booming city but the suburbs are
much farther from the center of tho city
than his calculations would admit. He re
grets very much to be compelled to abroviate
his visit but is compelled bj- business matters
to leave this evening.
The teachers' examination which it was
decided to hold today and Saturday has been
postponed. It has not yet been definitely
determined when it will be held, but it is
thought it will be before holidays.
It became evident that an examination
this week could not be attended by all who
ere expected to be present, and hence the
Last Wednesday evening while Mr. Ed-
ridge and family, who live at the corner of
First street and Emporia avenue, were at the
supper table, a thief entered the residence at
tho front door and captured a numlwr of ar
ticles of value from the parlor and adjoining
Married, at the residence of the bride's
parents, No. 417 North Market street, by
Rev. J. C. Pot, Mr. Edward .XL Brown and
Miss Amelia J. Dunlap, both of Wichita.
' Joe Simons, of Myer Bros. Drug company,
Kansas City, was in the city yesterday.
It will be remembered that a few days ago
the Eagle gave an account of the death of
Mr. Warren McAboy, of Towaada. A re
reporter was told last evenmg something
more of the circumstances which doubtless
caused him to committ suicide. He came
to' this city from Pekiu. Illinois, j While
there, his half brother, Press Perrel broke
up in business and succeeded in getting Mc
Aboy to lend him $1,500 which was all the
money ha had. With this money he com
menced high life aud tho lender as unable
to recieve as payment a siugle dollar of it.
Falling a victim to a rascal of a half-brother
whom he had befriended bor heavily upon
his mind, and he was compelled to again
start from the beginning. He then came to
this city, and afterwards ended his troubles
as stated. By far the most
startling fact is yet to be told. No ordinary
low down specimen of humanity can hear it
without a blush of indignation mingled with
rage depicted on his countenance, yet the
half brother was the en? man in the whole
scene. When he had suic.ded a gentlemau
at Towanda telegraphed the fact to Perrel
and asked what to do with the body. Notice
the reply:
"Bury him and send me the rest!"
In the languigo of the multitude, verily it
is true facts are stranger than fiction.
Last evening the l'erpsichorean club gave
their first social hop at tho G. A. R. hall.
About fifty couples, all invited guests of
the club, assembled, aud tho evening was
most delightfully spent in dancing and social
The program, consisting of fourteen
dances, was carried out under the mo.st skil
ful supervision of Prof. Louis Mahler, mas
ter of ceremonies. Tho floor committee,
consisting of the following gentlemen, Sol
Summerfield, B I?. Pallock, L. B. Solomau,
M. Jacks, S. J. Wertheimer, put forth every
effort to make the affair a suj'esst and they,
as well as all the members of the club, may
well congratula'e themselves upon the happy
The club, which has but recently been or
ganized, has tho following membership:
David R. Levy, Leo Walker, Sol Summ -r-field,
B. Pollock, Joe Hir.sk, Sam Wertheim
er, Lewis Solomon, Monte Jacks, Jack
Block, Morton Wollnian, Sam lies--, Sam
Friendick, Al Solomon, M. Frieberg, Cha
Fechheimer. Their object is pleasure and
social intercourse; and they expect to give
hops now and theu during tho winter season.
Last evening the Clark Comedy company
put upon the stage Shaughraun. The house
was ( ro vded again, and tho play was mot
enthusiastically received.
Miss Francis, as Claire Ffohott, scored an
other success; the life aud vim she put into
tho character made her a favorite from her
first appearance upon the stage.
Conn, the Shaughraun, was most cleverly
acted by Mr. Oglesby. The many happy
hits that the play permits were well made bv
hiru aud highly applauded by the audience.
Mr. Percy Meld m took Captain Molineax.
antl gave a good representation of the char
acter. The other parts were all well sustained.
Tonight will be given tho Banker's
Daughter, the dress pieco of tho repertoire.
The costumes worn by Mass Francis and the
other ladies are elegant, aud no pains will be
spared to produce the play in the finest and
most acceptable manner.
G. W. Smith, of red-ngiit fame, got into a
row Wednesday niht with an inmate of h 3
establishment, and her threat to send for a
policeman caused him to jerk the wire from
tho alarm box and played smash with tho
property of the At D. T. office generally.
His action broke tho circuit on tho route in
the south part of tho city on which was near
fifty boxes. Tho company soon knew tnat
there was trouble somewhere, but were un
able to find out where it was uutil yesterday
near noon. During all this time the south
part of the city was without service, and. one
can readily see where trouble would origin
al; uuder such a state of affairs.
On finding out the condition of things. Mr.
A G. Maiden, superintendent of the A. D. T.,
appeared beforo Justice Walker and caused
a warrant to be issued for Smith, which was
immediately given to an officer, who started
on the hunt for him. ami 111 a few hours ap
peared bofore Justice Walker with the iden
tical Smith. Ho was given a preliminaiy
trial and placed under bonds of $200, and the
case continued.
Last evening a man dripping with mud and
his face covered with bioo I came up Djuglas
avenue from the bridge asking for assistance
to find his way across the riuer to the east
side. Officer Clark, after a vain effort to
convince him that he was upon the east side,
started him towards his home, which he said
wits on Mosley avenue. He aceouuted for
his appearance by s iving that he had been
knocked off tho bridge three times "by some
villain.'' The officer, however, did not take
much stock in the drunken man's story, but
is inclined to think he lost his equilibrium hi
attempting to cross tho street car bridge and
landed in a mud puddle on the bank of the
There was a slignt disturbance at the
university last evening, but o-mg to the
request ot the president of the institution we
suppress all facts connected with the cae.
The above note appeared in the Baaxn of
the 17th inst.. and as it ha3 been misleading
and caused much inquiry reflecting on Gar
field University, whether so meant or not, 1
feel it my duty to sny that GarSeld Univer
sity has so far met with no reverses nor lias
its board suffered any inharmonius.
President of the board of trustees and
business manager.
Mr. K. G. Lee ami a number of gentie
meo connected with his otfiee, together with
Mr. O. C. Daisy, sought the pra tries for a
hunt VrednesIay. The entire ootSt succeed
ed in downiaj: two ducks, which ware tri
umphantly brought to the city. Mr. Lee
appointed one of the hunters ysarday to
dish out game to callers. It 15 reported t&it
the job became exceedingly tiresome before
1 the day was over.
HASH hi UN Tilt. CITY.
Mr. J. Beohin, of Qatney, IlhaoK is in
the city. He is a capitalist of proportion,
i and has become somewhat in lore wish th
j city as the real estate colu ma show.. He
contemplates commencing business here not
' later than next Spring, and probably before,
j Ee contemplates entering into the wholesale
! leather badness.
' The Wichita boat club held a short raeet
jing last evening at the county bnikSin.
J Soase routine business was attended to.
3IcMjra, Edmonds and Wilson sentenced to
ihcSiat- Penitentiary.
Thos. McMara, the escoped felon, was sen
tenced to the state penitentiary for eighteen
mouths for larceny from person.
Frank Edmonds, who was convicted of
grand larceny, stealing goods from Kohu's
New York store, received a two year sen
tence. A verdict of $400 for plaintiff was return
ed in William Parker vs. Leroy and Western
Railway Co., aud a verdict of $:i50 in favor
of plaintiff iu Chas. Hellbrecht vs. same.
In the afternoon John Wilson and Tom
Minor, two pickpockets, were brought into
the court. Minor's case was set for later in
the week. Wilson, after hearing the indict
ment charging him with stealing $15
from the pockets of Chas.
S.-hults pleaded guilty and was
sentenced by the judge to two years hard
lalor in the penitentiary.
St. Louis aud Fort Scott Railway Com
pany vs. Leroy and Western was dismissed
at cost of defendant.
Elizabeth Johnson vs. R. Branstetter was
Information wdl soon be filed in the State
vs, McKinney, the Valley Center murderer,
and a jury will be impauneled Saturday in
the McCliutoek case.
The flrt case to be called this morning is
State vs. Keeper.
Yesterday afternoon one of the boldest and
most deliberate of robberies was attempted,
but owing to the grit of a young man the
robber was comietely frustrated and
handed over to the authorities. Last
evening, while Mr. Hillowell's family were
at supper, a man entered the house, picked
up a trunk full of clothes and valuables,
shouldored ic and started to carry it off. He
was seen and pursued. Wuen closely pressed
he dropped the trunk, seeking refuge in
llight. Billy Ilollowell ga'e cha-e, overtook
the man and after a struggle captured him
andhandeJ him over to Oificer Clark. He
g-ive his name su Stiles. He is now in tho
the cooL-r and will have a hearing tomorrow.
Mr. Wni. Bullard and family, of Louis
vil.e, arrived in the city Wednesday aud
will make Wichita their future home. Mr.
Bullard viaited Ih city near five weeks ago
and was convinced or' its importance and do
ciled before leaving to make this his futuro
home. He went to- making arrangements
immediately to that effect.
The following is a programme of the enter
tainment to be given at the high school, this
evening. Everyone should attend and assist
the scholars in procuring a library worthy
of a high school:
Music The Distant norn is Sounding
School .
Recitation 1"im Mariner's Dream
Cora Milligan.
Original Poem Legend of Nonen Worth
Anna Mason.
Music Piauo Duet Qui Vivo Gallop
Misses Herring.
Shadow Pantomime An Hour with Distin
guished Authors.
Music Vocal solo A bird irom over tho sea.
Clara Dunbar.
Essay Fn st Novel Writers
Bertram Sherman.
Music Quartette I he Minute Gnu at Sea.
Misses Dunbar and Oliver,
Me.sar.-s. Shull and Sweet.
Recitation Rock of Ages.
Eva Black.
Music Duett Oh Yah! Don't Dob vas Fiue.
Stella Mitchell aud Boo Sweet.
Paper Dave Staffoi d
Music Cornet solo Prettv Birds
Lela Neff.
Jargon Misses Smith, English, AVHson, An
derson and Holcomb.
Music Gently Sighs tho Breezes.
J. Giles Smith, the leading plumber and
contractor of Indianapolis, is looking over
the city with a view to locating if the field
will warraut moving his business. Ho says
the amount of building now uuder way is
far in excess of what he had expected, from
which we infer that he may soon bo a citi
zen of Wichita. His friends here know him
to be very proficient in his line of business.
Tho revival meeting at the Emporia Ave
nue M. E. church, orner Morris street and
Emporia avenue, is increasing in interest
and attendance. The pastor is to be agisted
by Mrs. Smith, a successful Evangelist from
Ohio. Let all persons interested in the suc
cess of this church rally to its support and
attend and enjoy these revival meetings.
From tho locals in yesterday's Beacon it
would seem thai Colonel Sam Scott, the king
1 bee of Kansas City real estate operators, was
the persoual property of homebody. His
m inner would indicate to the averago citi
ze 1 that he is the principal owner of his time
anl taleut.
Sam Jones, who htu been with the Georgia
MiustreU, arrived home Wednesday evening.
i Sam says he has sen enough of tha world,
and is now home to stay awhile. He was the
favorite among the minstrel boys, and ere
lon vou will see on the street the old band
h tded by the great bantoue player.
Hon. W. M. Dtguon of Topeka, president
of the Wichita Wholesale Furniture and
Carpet Company, in company with Dr. J.
B. Hiblwr, left last evening for Topeka. He
sa3"s ha will have his stojk disponed of and
will be back to Wichita by January 1, 1SS7.
The Woman's Relief Corps will hold their
next regular meeting on Friday, Novemler
19 at 3:30 p. m.. in Odd Follows halL As
this is the last meeting before the election of
oiiiicors a full attendance s desired.
A hydrant at the corner of Oak and Law
rence broke yesterday and flooded the cor
ner. It wa, however, yesterday evening
mended, jrently delighting the pedestrians
of that vicinity.
We are ileft-d to aunoonce an improve
ment in tlie condition ot our friend . r.
NiederhiBder. He wiH probnbably be oat In
a fow days.
Ettao Sw4t, of Cheney, who is attendis
I tku SoRtfewfe-tern Business eoHeg, has been
j deauncd at home for same time oe account
I of wckmsss.
I The pnymeurfec of b Ft Sees arrived la I
i the city yesterday, end tfce boys ar eorrc
1 ikkhHbkIv happy-
Marriage toctme wm yesusrday tMiod U j
I Edward JL Brown and Atmelia J. JJwafap,
! both of WfcMto.
i ? L. Bail. ihuurieWK- of BaB bou, Ktng-
man. shopped ovr m -be eivr oe iaa rsrn '
I from Nf York.
The police ha v ia tfctsr charges spotted j
pav. wbK they wi-d the owner to call for. j
An Enzli-h melodrama entitled -Bouel to ;
Sneers!, the joint prodncijoe of Corjqnat ic
Pettftt- hxrh bad a uccef ul ran iarval j
London theatres, w preMOted iar the fim j
a. ja thu citv at Nitdo's Garden last errn- I
tag The play Is foil of iuxztg situation, ha f
plenty of d.sh &nd go. and was received with j
tU3UiC3 lt evening, the t avorwi actors
bi5 called lefore the certain. The Even-
lnrTelegraax. ;
Just Received, a Beautiful line of
Sills, Satins, Surahs and Plushes !
For Evening Wear,
For Reception Dresses,
For Wedding Costumes".
In all the delicate shadings and tints now in vogue in the great
fashion centers of the east. "We have also an exquisite
selection of
Pearl Beaded Guimps 1 Ornaments,
Consisting of the highest novelties brought out this season for
the trimming and embelishment of evening -wear.
Our Dressmaking Department
Is prepared to furnish their customers at the shortest possible
notice. The well known reputation of Mrs. Tibbetts for elegance,
style and perfect fitting is a guarantee that we can please you in
that department.
Cloak Department f
Is unusually large; the very latest in style; the very cheapest in
price; the most durable in fabric. We are offering a
Seal Plush Saeque For $15.00 !
The White House
Children's Cloaks.
The White House is Headquarters for Every
thing in Dry Goods, Carpets and
Oil Cloths.
It Pays to Trade
We Will Positively Save You
Clothing, Hats m Furnishings.
We are crowded for room. New Goods
Crowding us every day. Come and
get bargains while you may.
Temporary Quarters 216 Douglas Avenue.
Gentlemen !
"When in need of the finat and best Shoes mad2, call at
C. E. LEWIS & CO.,
11 o Main vStreet,
And make your selection from the foUovrlnj? cll known mtfkora
Genuine Hand-LIade Shoes:
The C. E. LEWIS & CO'S Shoe.
Th e BURT & ME rLtf. Price 57.00
The L. BOYDEN & CO'S. ?rtCO$7.00.
The LEPPMAH & LS3S3B, Price 7.00.
The JOS. L. JOYCE ic CO., Price S&f
The STACY. ADAMS & CO.. I?rice S9$.
In all Styles and Widths, A to E. -
Our Line of 15 Slices are Dnequalet ,
Give us a call and vre nil ?ie you honeat values and
Jovee& prices.
O. B. LEWIS & CO.,
1 1 0 Main Street.
Headquarter for Good Goods it Low Prices.
is Headquarters for
at tlie lite

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