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123 and 125
Opening of novelties for
Evening and Wedding
High class novelties at the
lowest prices ever known
We have just visited the imrket and obtained "bargains
in thess goods, which we offer to you at a smali
advonce over cost. Oome and see.
Be sure and come whether
you wish to "buy or not.;
A child in Fairyland or a rejected and despondent lov
er in the soft embraces of his relenting loved one
neither could feel more delightfully dazed
than the visitor who gazes for the first
time upon th's feast of splendor and
magnificent glow of colorings
for adorning the female form divine.
Come and
The End Is Not Yet.
Another Week of Great Excitement
To make room for large purchases made by Mr. Munson
who h is j J3D returned from the Est, inXmas novelties
and other fabrics wj will this w ek: offer in addition to
the bargains last weoii our entire stock of
Ladies Muslin Underwear,
Consisting of G-owns, Chemises, Drawers, Corset
covers, and entire setts to match at 10 to 20 per cent
less than actual cost. - ss &i '... JL--
This opportunity to buy your Muslin Underwear at
almost 50c on the dollar will not repeat Itself during this
or next season. , ,. :
"ANOTHER GREAT BA-R&AIN" 50doz. Ladles IjWhite
Merino V"e3ts andDrawors will worth 45c at 29c. "MraJ
STILL ANOTH 3 R DR I VE -LmejOf jDhildrens JScloaks
4 to 12 years at 30c each.
PI 8 111 Oi
himflQmhiQ tnPD
Corner Douglas av. and Market St.
ft i
our 5D86M Darffaiu
Tliis Week.
One lot 42 pair of full 12-4 all woo!
White Blankets for $5 a pair, fully worth
$10. These are the largest size made and
an extra quality.
One lot 84 pair all wool 11-4 Scarlet
Blankets which we will close out at $3.50 a
pair. Never sold before under $6 00.
One lot 10 pieces fast color Turkey Reel
Table Linen 25c a yard. It cannot be du
plicated at 50c.
One lot 33 dozen Ladies and Childrens
All Wool Red Mittens at 10c a pair,
S. W. Corner Douglas
Main Street.
See -COM
Aye. and Market Si. j
The Proposition is Renewed to
Remove all Political
That Ex-Confederates may be
Eligible to Military
The Attorney General' Annual" He
port Details the IluiiaeS:! of the De
partment of Justice for the year.
The Secretary of the Treasury Sub
mits a Volume .of Estimates of
Appropriations Necessary to
The "ralntenauce of the 'Government,
And of the Amounts That can be
Profitably Expended Upon
Public Works.
Washington, Due. 7. The president is
somewhat improved in health today and
was able to piesido at the regular cibmet
The com t of claims last I.iy decided
fa voi ably to claimants on general princi
ples applicable to the Trench spoliation
claim1. Since then the government moved
for a rehearing and argument on thii mo
tion lias been iromir on ior some tuo
weeks. Yesterday" the court decided the
motion against the go eminent.
Hayes Grier, of Pennsylvania, and W
J. llilligerass, of Indiana, v. ere appointed
chiefs of division in the peiiaiou olhce.
Thomas J. Walker, of -Missouri, ac
countant in the olliec of commissioner of
railroads, has resigned.
Senator Ingalla today introduced the
following bill-, uuicudalory ot the pension
laws: To meiea,-e the pension for los ot
an eye to $o0 per month, and for pattial
loss of sight to a pioportionaie amount.
Po increase the pension for loss of one
hand or foot, or for tolal disability of the
same, to $3?i per month. For tlie lo-s of
an arm within the inches ol, or above the
elbow joint, or hss of a leg within m
inches of, or ab ne the Knee joint, or total
disability of the same, to S10 per month,
and for loss of an aim within six inches of
the shoulder j int, or a leu; within eight
inches of the hip joint, to i-ir per month.
Also providing that the pension-, of all
persons now on the pulsion mil-, and all
person hcieafter granted a pjiision In
sped. d act of congress, aliall commence
from the date of ilischaige from thes-er
vice of the United States, piovidt-d the
disability was contracted in line ot duty in
the seivhe of the linlul States.
The bill introduced by Seu.itor Beck to
lay for the K-tircmenl of United State
legal tender and national bank notes of
small dimensions, is ucaily identical with
an amendment olfeied by him in the sun
Iry civil bill at fhe last session of ruiico.
It j)rovnles that hereafter no Uni.nl sn.ilcs
iotcs sliall be i-sMicdof a denoiuiu.itui.i les
ihan ten nor more than lhe bundled dol
laivs; that the denominations higher than
$30 bhall not exceed one-fourth of tli"
..ilueot l.ie t tal amoiint o'Usianding. and
iot more than one foui th of Hie .iluv ot
ntint'd Ivmk (iri-e! tion o'lNtand
ing at any time shall be ot 1.--.
dcuoiiiin ilion than .10. in ah
...r. l-siit.-, con cvmhvatcs snail be Mibsli
tuMl for g ld and siHer certificate wheio
cver either is authorized to he isied inidei
'isting laws, and all gold and silver eer
tincate' now outstanding shall lie ictird
a. soon as no i.ed and cm certitic.tU- can
be iss-ieii in tin ir stead The scre'ir ;
the ti- astin is authorized and lcquiicd to
issue coin ceititieates in denominations ol
1, 2 and o d.illais on all the .surplus com
and gold bullion held at any time by the
Treason a-, the piopuly of the Lulled
Stoics in excess of one bundled million
doli.us. and pay out the same in di-cltargc
of all the obligations ot the United Mates
except such as bave been heittolore untie
payable e.vpies-ly in gold and silver coin
it shall be the only of the tte.isiircr A the
United states upon uciipt of eci tilicates of j
deposit statinij thai golti coin or .--tan hud
.lvrr dollairt in the sum of -f 10 or mul'i !
les thereof have been deposited at suiv j
s ib tra-urv, tt) oithr pavment of a hue.
a nount in coin oertilicates in Mich d. 1.0
j '
illations a-, would be requested of not
in me n r m rc thin .7-0 )0. wbi !i sh.t
be redeemable in gtld or silver at the 00
lion of the Uiiityl Slater AH eerriiieaif
tuitnoiiztl 1 this bill v. hen paid into the
irea-ury ahull be leissiutl or uev
certintnus .substituted for such a
ne returned i-eeaue of tiehig mulilatcd
ordetneed. Ko etin cersitieates shnll be
-siKsl f,,r a greater denoniinntion than
.000, and it least two thirds in value of
nh ctrtifioties outstantliug at any tim
ixll he of titnoiiiiuaii'ins not e.et etiiii .
The bill intr-wlnoetl by lieprestntatiw
barker, of Xew York, to nuntal the ik
itiMrgHrine an prpo-ed u fix the tax on
that eomitiiKiiU .it .-ix tints k-t ponnl
did stiike out of Uik original act the clause
orfi iiiug to the Uuheii Sotle iJeomargt
rnef'und to louudn K letcriuus inart.-
Mr Citkii. of Tt-vas introduced r ioim i V. 5IWipi ryr from Dta Moin.s Ilap
r. suluti . in the u,hi today utoou 1 -! h s tom ",!h "f. l' ':":m: r- )t,000 for
.he irulc- ..f nut-ting of ougres, to the I
ecod I'lier-Uv in Jnnunn.
The bill intmhim! b. Ri-prc-sentative ,w .In.r ''"proving aaroor" in ine ,uiw-tf..tlw-rt
m r...nP e, ri"i.i jmlitw-ril rli-. i -Pi "vr below Cairo; $100,000 forcon-
Nliiies. pr-.vidvs that no law or rvgulati-.n j
j..,il ii:.mi.fv n..r-m. ..; rfi.i.iifi! in
section y of the foureenlh n.Hfadimtit t'j j
the constitution, from holdtn- office in the 1
mr nmon- Th,. inicM nf ihf. hill is irt
The intea; of the bill is to
.We elL-ibSe for appoiot-
tr.idacid br Representativ J
make ex-cnfe
ti... k:ii :. ...! n,.. n,,
Pt-ters. of Kansas, to prt.vkie for tlie de-
nosh of r,, id or silver coin or bullion as
sruritv f.r ntkl tank drenJatioo. 1-
ihonxt the Imnks to droosii cin to 1.
;r v.Iue of United Shts b..i n.w -
tnui. r-r t A iXit bullfaa sutli- .Pwl i" ,lt?1 year ob sch of
Heut in v' e v. citrrrot pnets iae nP.U i ffirk meotioocd.
Ui bf tU 'er.' " -i l ; i& wvreUuy of tfeej : j
treasur as .a equal Uk- full Vakw f! Ticket 5wki!r Csurht. j
their bT.mk, and Ibe seenrtary fe a&por- New York. i- 7. The statcrpiisac
ertd to -urrder the bttods to liunk when pc-rn wht rfentljj s.ll .000 -r.rth of '
coin r bull t to feaOifrpttsitt'd. U8thtrij&ri :i' ,..-t for fhe Pt:i coart j
Gvixrat Jua. MKre fca arrsriefl it, ia the tliy . f tt-xiflo. hs bden capirwi j
Wshirtoo ftosn Sn Fntacfr-cii afti tod. ' is Ik livt d by Mtrric&u iitt-o;tVc2. From 1
a-euoini the dutius uf ufeoB g-nsra! f , dt-jwrt-- rn eivd t "AWfej's otHce ves-1
tbcurm.. tnisy, it iiMtstii lite wiatikr has i
The swrst.ei,t Kit! t ram-mi t to ooagn-s fawn totzuA !.i,iu hiriT puie of the City
inKflw x nj.n fr m the svev&mry r,f SJein .- awm l -ps-! u, U. ,
stale in rreard lo the Bsberies ia the wa ) one Cturks Brurin. aih-' tsi Parisian I
Ur atijafvut to BriiKh nb Aaarrka aoi !
copies f the crfTes.poodaog which ha
;keu ftlace during the present yenr ta that ,
iiject. ,
of Attornev General Garland contains a
detailed statement of the business
of the department of justice dur
ing tiie last ticcal year, together with statis
tics of crimes airaiiist the" United States.
During the year GZi suits, aggregating in
amount $3,300,000, have been brought uu
der the ordinary jurisdiction of the court
of claims. The total number of such cases
pending is GDI, involving 23,000,000,
Under the Bowman act 1,230 cases have
been transmitted to the court by commit
tees of couirresa; these involve a large
amount. Tnere is now pending 1,140
eiises, the amounts involved being .J60,000.
Under the saint act 2S claims to theamouut
of $-100,000 hare been transmitted by the
heads of departments. Of these nine cases
involving $1,500,000 are still pending.
In addition to the above there lias" been
filed under the French spoliation act 2,130
cases amounting to $2,000,000. It is thought
that 500 more eiisto will be tiled and the
amount increased to about $15,000,000.
During the 3'ear -125 suits claiming $17,
709.42d were brought to trial. In 300
suits claiming $lG!),0t)3,540, judgment was
for claimants for $967,3b'j.
During the year 1,370 civil suits to which
the United state.-, was a party were termin
ated. In the circuit and district courts of
tho United States the number pending
July 1 was 2,820
'1 he number of criminal prosecutions
terminated during the year was 14,479,
about one-half of which were for violations
of internal revenue laws.
The aggregate amount of judgments
isiidered In favor of the United States in
civil suits was $8-21,137. The amount ac
tually collected was $202,172.
The amount of fine.s, forfeitures and pen
alties imposed in criminal prosecutions
during the rear was 5307,031.
Cm! suits to which the .United States
was not a party numbering 12,320 were
tcimmatou during the year in the United
States ciicuit and district courts.
The attorney general briefly urges the
importanc e of legislation on the following
matter, the neces-it' for which was pointed
out 111 his last annual report: lees for
marshals in terntoiies; pay for deputies;
leusionof the fee bill; substitution of
liseal for calandcr year; chief supervisors
of ehctions, protection to ehil oilicers and
witnesses, fees for witnesses and jutora in
territories, and a leorganization ot the jury
sstem in the Districf Columbia.
ile devotes a chapter to the subject of
united States prisoner and the general
(utesiionof convict labor, and advocates
the building of a government penitentiary
and lefonnatory at an early day; he rec-
ommcirls the appointment of a cominis
sion to inquire into the matter. lie also
lenewb tho recommeiuiatitm that authority
be given the judges of United States courts
to sentence, 111 tiieir discretion, pris
oners convicted of first offenses
to such leformatories, or graded
prisons as the attorney general may select
lie also urges the necessity of additional
United State jails, and mentions Atlanta,
G.i., and Louisville, Ky., as cities where
such buildings aie much needed. The
number of United States prisoners in cus
tody June 30, l$, was 5,929.
Mijtplementan legislation icspecting the
leslor.uioii of ourt records is stiongly
urged by the attorney geneial aa necessary
lor the preseivation of records of great
value. It is impossible, the attorney polic
ial says, to over estimate the necessity that
exists for a change in the judicial bysteni
to mi el the conuai.tly increasing business
of the c luiur, aid he urge that some
thing be done to remedy the evils com
plained of on all sides.
Tin: sEcuuTAUv ok the ikuasuky
h;n sent to congress the estimates of appre
ciation required for the fiscal year ended
June 30. lo- The total amount estimut
e I as required for all cpen?es of the gov
1 rn.uent is ..25.1trT),79i. which is $11,
ly5.73tt less than the sum called for in the
stimate- submitted last year, and $3,272,
S91 less than tho aggregate of appropria
iions for tho present fiscal year. The
estimate s for ISi are made up of the fol
! lA'ing itemi. Legislative establishments,
SJjO.boJ, e.vuitive establishment. $18,-
lrf.Goa, judicial establishment ?110,
2y.; foreign interceursc, $1,933,722,
military (stab hhment, $25,847, 0s9, navy
t-tablisluncjit, $30,039,756; Indian affairs,
:?.",GtH,o73, P nsit.ni, $70,252,500, public
w -iks, $27,40.),G9l; postal service, $4,
729,553; miscellaneous, $24, 13d, 659; per
manent annual appiopriatioiis, $110,099,
622, grand total, $325.1e3,7$4.
The estimates f,,r the executive, judicial,
mil Jury and naval, establishments, public
w oiks and postal berrice are in excess of
the appr ipri.ition for those objects for the
(uncut fiscal year. There is an increase
of about $100, OtVJ for public works; about
r ) t.O ;0 for th naal establishment; about
si to 0 Id f.jr tlie :':ib::in f.n.l r.-allv 100.-
0 f r the 1 o t?.l service. Th-- iir rc.eo in
1'ie oiuer uen s are amrtii
Tie c uuait'A :.rc hs-than the appro
i.rixtior.sin the follow ing instance. About
$2d,0H) for the Initiative esi.ibliihtr.ent,
v.r $5.fluO.'KH lass fvr foreign interest,
aoout 20,0U0 las for Indian affsirs, over
G.OyO.OuO le.- for pensions; nt-arly 2,000.
ks for poreiannt iiittiial appropriatloas,
aivi avfr2 (MM 0-JJ !e" for mtscell-nioiia
obj. cv hitbtdsd la Sho ec-timrtts-; one
for$1.50u for tho vilary ot an a-jistniit
-ietar of re.'-. X 1 v limate is sabmit
wi tot an .si,;at cretnrv of the navy.
Tlia eiumte- for p xhx buddings under
tneiriMsur. sit (iniiHitt nir.vMtMt w 5-j,-414,014
Th oaimaiis for river and bar
.ar unTit ut u's ag.eiTttU.- $30,2.53,749
The prineifi-il Uf m- 1 thrse cslimates
i-oS- de 35 ',ti fr fiiinoi river, Illinois,
3J.Ot" f r the Mis.i-ippi rii'or from St
Paid to De-. Moint tirtpidi, Sof.uou for
- "'1 Umyu r ?'.00'T l?Tje
xi-M-ippi rm-r iichm- uairo, his .-?..
;iuing the purvey of Ih iHe-Ia-ippi river.
llw.wO for the sabin aiid ex
'""? of the Mississippi riicr com ,
awn; sI.loO.OOQ for improvements j
ue iaun nn-r Iron its mouth to
-loux J.. !: S.OOO for removing ob
stnictjons in the itiitsipi nvcr. -$13-1.-
?3 fof e Misscuri river from Siuux
na ioun river from its mouth to
' ' - f'- ". OJ . ,
llrfjeKimntfl an. not f.irnuhed as &
n 'tbe n,,'al .wiU for the public
,rr?,,ie' b,t ar -rttsd in the buuk 01
iwt '" 5Qe HiunLs, meordmg to
j urna..-t, -?u ItfwJ at ?.. 5S t linu-n
iJace ia thi- ettf forii fw weeis Jat fall, j
Ii i tinu-riit Mere is a cr" good chance j
for the recTcry of the money. !
Tlie Second Session of tne Forty-
Ninth Congress at
In The Senate Bills Were Intro
duced to Provide
for the
Substitution of Coin Certitlcates for
Legal Tender and Uauk 'otes of
Small Denominations;
To Exempt Imported Snar, Molasses
Lumber, Timber, Etc., Prom Duty;
Also Sundry Resolutions.
A Xumlier of Kills and Resolutions
1V"ere Offered in the House Both
llousea Adjourn iu Respect to
Deceased Members.
forty-:m'tii congress.
"Washington-, Dec. 7. The credentials
of Senator Cheney, of Xew Hampshire,
appointed to fill "temporarily the vacancy
caused by the death of Senator Pike, were
presented by Air. Blair, and the oath of
oriiee w:ts administered to .Mr. Cheney.
Mr. Beck introduced a bill to provide
for the ictirement of United States legal
tender and national bank notes of snuill
denominations, and for the issue of coin
certificates. Committee on finance.
Mr. Van Wck introduced a bill to ex
empt from duty imported sugar and mo
lasses, also imported boards, lumber and
timber. Same reference.
Mr. Morrill offered the following resolu
tion: Resolved, That the promise of making
any revision of the tariff in spirit of fair
ness to all interests and not to the injure of
any domestic industries, but to promote
their healthv growth, so that anv change
of law must be at every step regardful of
the labor and capital involved and without
depriving American labor of ability to
compete successfully with foreign labor.
and without imposing lower rates of duty
than will be ample t' cover anv increased
cost of production which may cvist in con
sequence ot a inglier rate ot wages pre
vailing 111 this country, appears so obvious
iy hopeless and impracticable that any fur-
thei attempt at revision by the present
congress in contravention to the foregoing
cardinal declarations, detrimental to a re
vival of the trade and industry of the
country, lie gave notice that he would.
day after to inoirow, submit to the senate
some letnarkson the subject. Laid on the
table until tomorrow.
Mr. Dawes offered the following resolu
tion, which was also laid over: Hesolved.
that the committee on finance be instructed
to inquir e and it port as toon as practica
blewhat specific reductions cm be made
in customs, duties and internal taxes which
will, in their judgment, reduce receipts to
the necessary and economical expenditures
of the government without impairing the
prosperity and development of home in
dustries or compensation of home labor.
The Pacific railroad funding bill was on
motion of Mr. Hour made special order
for Tuesday. Dec. 21, at 2 o'clock.
Mr. Ingalls made a stattment as to the
withholding from homestead entry of theJ
Atlautieaud Pacific lailroad lands in Xew
Mexico declared forfeited by the act of
July G, ISbti. intuuatiug that the fault lay
with the commissioner of public lands,
u ho seemed to regard tevcry pre-emptcr as
a kleptomaniac, bound on pillage and
plunder, and offered a resolution directing
the tccretarj of the interior to inform the
senate whether inch lands had been ie
stored to entry, and if not so restored the
occasion of delay. The resolution was
On motion of Mr. Fry the select com
mittees of the senate as they existed on the
day of last adjournment were revived and
continued during the present session.
A preamble and resolution offered yes
tenia by Mr. Mitchell, of Oregon, calling
on the secretary of war for information a-
to the change of engineers in charge of
certain improvements on Columbia river in
Oregon and Washington territory, and as
to the ciuse of delay in execution of such
works was taken up and after a long dis
cussion. the preamble was- withdrawn and
the resolution being modified by the omis
sion of the clauses in regard to the change
of engineer was adopted
Mr. Blair gave .notice that he would to
morrow ask consideration of a joint reso
lution proposing au luuemiuicnl to the con
stitution extending the right of suffrage to
A message from the house announcing
the death, 3'estcrday, of Mr. Price, of Wi-
iisin. was taken up. A message of con
doleuce was adopted. Messrs. Sponer,
Manderson and Blackburn were appointed
a committee to attend the funeral. A like
message from the hou-f announcing the
death, during recess, of 31 r. Beach and Mr.
Aniott. of .New 1 ork, wa-, also taken up
The senate, out of resiect to the three dc
ceased representatives, adjournal.
After reading tiie Journal, by unani
mous consent the stales were called for
introduction of bills and resolutions when
the following were introduced and referred:
By Mr Herbert of Alahana: A re-solution
authorizing the tvrnmitiee on rukw
upon one day's notice to designate any
meAsurc for con-rieraiion of the house.
By 31 r. Adam i of Illinot-- To change
the law In relation to the amount of United
States bond required to be kept on depo-it
by national banks as iecurity for their cir
culating note.
By Mr Peters of Kaniis For the de
posit of gold or silver, coin or bullion m
security for national bank circulation.
By Mr. Lyman of Iowa: Authorizing
the 'construction of a bridge between
Omaha and Council Bluff.
By Mr. Parker of ew York- To
amend the oleomargarine MIL Referred
to committee on agriculture.
Bv Mr. Cos. of .N'cif York Tjo amend
tectloa 51, R. S o a to reztl, "whenever
a vfccanc v occurs in either house of 000
grcfc by death or otiierwKe of any ineoitwr
or dekrfiite ekcted or appointed thereto
sfter the commencement of the ooogrere to
which be ha-5 been elected or appointed, i
uu: irr?n n m tw k s iii t ,
iHTK- he u elected to nil raki vacaiicy. Pro-1
kH rs j a .n r jr.a r ati arwi Trs T inu
vitltA that he sJai not rtrceive nov while 1
the law which authorize two sakriei. one
to a eooffrssmr.n and the other to aa o3 j
cor, such ai minister, it it underwood
that Mr. Cor, who i umJer the Uw ea:i-
tied to two sdanes, m:eci- to comply wr.h stnecsl freibt aeaU A rod tmtitimn&i
the provH& of thc act, even though it U ia Smitaers Kkba bc4sP-i oomaA u
not enacted into a law. i day for a reriaioa of rates sad raarsAOtz-
iJy Mr, iierman o Uresoa. A rescucttc
callisg on the secretary ofw&r for informa.
lion as to the delay in resuming active op
erations for the improx'ement of Columbia
Committees wvrc then called, but no re- f
ports were submitted and in the moruing
hour Mr. Braig of Wisconsin called up
for action the "senate bill for tlie relief of
graduates of the military academy. Bill
Mr. Bragg then called up the bill appro
priating two hundred thousand dollars for
the establishment at Fort Kiley, Kan., of
a permanent school of instruction for cav
alry and light artillery, making a further
appropriation of one hundred and seventy
rive thousand dollars for barracks and
quarters at Fort D. A. Russell. "Wyoming,
and Fort Robinson, Xab. Passed.
The morning hour having expired Mr.
Caldwell of Tenneee called up for con
sideration thu electoral count bill, w hich
was the special continuing order.
Mr. Hatch, of Missouri, antagonized the
motion with another providing for consid
eration of the bill to cularge the powers,
and duties of the department of agricul
ture. The home, however, decided to con
sider the senate electond count bill. The
hill would decide that the power to count
the vote did not reside in tho president of
the senate, but resided in the two houses of
congress, which should count and decide
the legality of the votes cast.
At the conclusion of Mr Caldwell's re
marks the house at 2 40 adjourned.
The "Wabash Receivership.
Chicago, Dec. 7. Judge Gresham in
the United States district court for tho
northern district of Illinois today, gave a
decision in the Wabash railway receiver
ship case. In the course of his decision he
was very severe upon the present receivers,
and the methods they hud employed in the
management of the system, as well as up
on various other prominent owners of the
road The decision recited that in May.
1SS4. a bill was tiled in the circuit court of
the United States for the eastern district of
Missouri, by the Wabash Railway Co., for
the appointment of receivers of the sys
tem. That court assiuning jurisdiction.
Solon Humphries and Thos. K. Tutt were
appointed receiers, who qualified it St.
Louis May 29. lfeSl.
A similar bill was filed in the circuit
court for the northern district of Illinois
on May 2S, lbSI, which appointed the
same receivers, the appointment conclud
ing with the words, "And this court fur
ther reserves to itself power to make sue h
order in the premises as 111113- '-ccm to be
Judge Graham then gave a very lengthy
review of the entire litigation respecting
the Wabash road from the time the re
ceivers were appointed in lbSI to date, to
gether with the leabe by the Wabash com
pany to the St. Louis and Iron Mountain
Leave was therefore given to the mor
tage bondholders of 1MJ2 and 1871) to file
a bill in the United Stales district court at
Springfield asking for lhe receipt of their .
property. It was held that the apphca
lion for the appointment of a receiver for
the Chicago division could bo -filed here
and would be entertained.
Trades Union Coiitcps.
Colvmuus, Ohio, Dec. 7. The federa
tion of organized Trades and Labor Unions
of the United btntes and Canada opened its
annual session today at noon
The meet
ing is held in this citv owing to the con-
vention of national Trades union which
c in vi nc3 hi re tomorrow. The session w ill
hear the report of the legislative committee
this afternoon.
Gi.dton Penrcc, a repnetitative of the
State Trader assembly delivered an address
of welcome. President Goinpert replying
reviewed the pitftl work of ;iad union.
today to the enlightenment of nil and nil
being conservators of public peace. Ad
joiirumeiil iu taken to '.' p m.
Some excitement wa created in the hall
by Julia II Winders, of Sin Frnnisa, rt
the head of the International Tyjv-ogniph
ical union, lieginning an Kgitation for the
e.xpuldon of W. F G Price, orrejoml
etit of the New York Tribune, which he
denounced as a hading "rat" oJfice. The
question will bt- brought up thi afternoon.
The Boll Telephone Case.
Coi.umuus, Ohio, Dec. 7. The oppos
ing counsel in the Bell telephone case nn
peared in the United State iircuitcouit
today, and the motion of the government
counsel to dismiss the case without preju
dice, persumnbly with the intention of
bringing another'suit in the MaswichuiM-'tUj
court, was argued at length, Senator
ThurniHii apjiearing for the govern
ment and the defence being rep
resented by Senator J. E. McDonald,
of Indiana, and J. J. Storron,
of Boston. The c ounsel for the defenre
contended that it was not proper to imike
the proceedings in connection ith the
plea as to jurisdiction, which was argued a
short time ago at Cincinnati, a part of the
transiript on appeal or retnoml. The
were, however, ladured to viekl A re
conciliation wna effected and Judge Snge
onlereil the case dismwsoii without pn jo
dice ami without record a far it stutua
in the Oh.o district is concerned
Indiana Election Intbrollo.
Inianai,oi.ir. Iu1 . Dec . 7 The fail
ore of the federal grand jury to return in
diciinents in the Manou county election
fraud rases has resulted in proceeJb,g
bein begun Icfore U. S. counriUker
An nf.ldu-.it wt SUrd this afternoon before
Coinmnuder Vn Buren by Dr. T. A.
Waggoner, representative caadidatf
for coroner, in which coowptraej
in manipulating election return f rhmreA
HgRinM. W K. A Berubeinur, hoaon ('jr.
J no. CouncfiBMiu and Henry N Sfxatii
Corarai ioner VanBurrn, aftw hexriug the
stfiilavit, dirvcuxi that write be ioeri
against the defendant naioed. and lbs; the
saine are retumaWe on ThurdT next.
The Jury Coublu't A-ree.
MiLWAtKEK. Wi.. Dtc. 7 In the ove
Grettkan -aid Moowon-er. 3IiiwoJte
earcea rvtersf the jorv ceme fa s.ymi 11
and reported disagreement. The jodff
ent them barfc for farther dcttberaUoB.
Genersi opicioo hi that there wOi b 00
Toofzht the jury refKirkal that they
cockl not agree after balaMiag ioz ti bom
and were 'dfeclMfirred. The 8ml ballot
stood Qto S.
Ilnrood Alive
O je Crrr. Kaa , Dec.
A aali
tin a remote part of n burned thh.
tae a&oo: z octrwrx.. it oa
and occupied by aa old nrgro sad hi tfr
waoae caarren Ttmio wtre iawn o m
Hk uac M Ceo Clarke. $
Tears old
lie vres front Virgiata aad hr
bad 'ak . Aa, S"9
f sigaa of I ol pfaiir wv dicaerad. The
H"" - ---
. " r f . . , -
" WfS9 wnw tw wicnww.
Will Form a Vw J'ool.
KltysAS CtTT. Dec 7. A
j Uon o the new pool lot session
1 continue several d&j$.
Sunday's Storm on the Atlantic
off the jSTevr England
Said to he the Severest and Most
Destructive Ever Ex
perienced. A dumber of Vessels Known to be
Wrecked and all Trace
Crews Obliterated.
lteports Continue to Come in of Seri
ous Disasters From Kuuuiit
Hales on the Lakes.
An Important Decision "by Jurt.r'
Gresham, of tho U. S. CourtA
Shootiujr AfTtir at Arkansas
Weather Keport.
Washington, I). C. Dec is, I a m
The following are the indications for Mi
souri: Fair weather, somberly win-N,
slightly wanner.
For ICntKa. Fair weather, southerly
winds, slightly warmer.
Terrible Experiences of Sutwnuu .r
the New England CohjU Dur
ing Sunday's Storm.
Boston, Doc. 7. Many disaster to . s
sols of tho coasting ih'el and sceno-f
great suffering are reported as the result f
Sunday's storm all along the const east f
Boston. While loss of life is iKtlnn.
the damage to shipping interests wav.n
large. The sduoner Savannah tru t i'i
rocks off Miirblehend and is a total wr ,
the men abandoned her nod after n tern
expirienco readied shore in a tmaii but
Further down thu const at Okl On .1 .f .
the storm drove the fishing soh'HHer N' s .
Florence unto the bench after drift..,
about for three days. The crew f j t
men were in a pitiable condition w
rescued. Being in the habit of mi.
trips of but one day. they hwl n pi
nous on bond sairo u few era. k-t 1
some potatoes. I'r thrae day tbt . U
managed to live on this. The choon r
a total loss
Unknown Viail IJndnr Wnli'r.
Boi ion. Mjiss., Dec 7 A dstn
from Hull nih lhe steam en! tier that w
lying in Xniita-sket roods druj eil mi. i
this morning and went ashore on lb 1 .
end of R deoek's Island. o nii m
receiviHl. Capt. liliiuvelt, of the Mui
Doiniiilon n-ported llmt itl p 111 .
da three milt north e.isl "f Htn u
1 he w.vel a cunkeii rw k hh h ajj
to be a chooner f aiut SftO Uhm. )
top iiuwt Mood fiftii-n feet out of wt r
A Three-.Mnbt ScIhioiht Slink.
Salem, M ww , Dt. 7 -A-a uiki-tlutH-uMM
whixiK-r i rwufHiett k i
miles eat of twed'a flaiMt4 WHh 1.
atanding throe feet out of water. '
iuga of lwr crew.
Scbooiior Tm1oii At.tcly.
Chicago, III , D-c. 7 To rk
today the Canadian k!. r . !
K ft if mi k-ft CbM-ajju for t'tlllnjf ..!
has not et n-nctwd her deatitiatknt. u
ix'lieve tilie haaooe to the Uitloin.
lail hr urd from the Neelun waa wtw:
arrived at Sbefcojgan for ibr)trr,
lefore last. The Xeelon munim
tons and ia vahifd at $!V,MQ bfce
comifiMnded by Capt. A. Jtftttfan
Kingston, nod carries n crew of i.x m
A Ciew In I'orfl.
Atlaxtic CirT. ;" J . Dee. 7 An
known sehooner k ailiors on m I
here. The efi ia very hary tnt a.,
tempt to roscua tlieerewof the wafat-J, .
are in the rigging, have tbtM far bwo
A Crow Ifat
AsuncitY Pakx. 2". J , Dec. ?
two niMxiorf M'hxrr John T. Iw
New York, came n4m at ( thw ea.r
ppo-.te Life Nttviug Stthm No -tweji
eabright ami the Uiitiau'
Nave Sink hurf U ruonm ny
but the 1 rew of the aUMion -ond".
t-jarding tlie rxmr. Tbey tMtad .
lj; on boaru. it U u;Joae UhI tin
kWt-pt ivriiard by b-ry aaaat. I' Ik -
I ia now brewkiug over the eaUre h-oji
f the M-hoomr'k deck Hhe will pt.-
jtroe totai loss.
A HejiuirkaJfrlu Sittrai
BoqTOJi, ic 7. The wind statin
ban Uutd ail dav and Utm urea act-'
itd by a bratry fJJ uf . ft la f-.
that bmot dtmtr hie aiaaoie t '
rpriUll aa ih ,to4 -nv g..
Hrotag of the aporw4i of the -which
m aooe rafncta ia oac of ifc
renurkbk ever kanwa tm tUa
CitivrtMf. .Um
Rtrim!ti, Va.. f
dWxied t'A. to louri.re
. llama.
with Uu j
twt of the eourt ia the
of l lav
either by omamoiatioa or tmrUm,
iXKCutkm wilJ lake paarrt Wtttim. '
apoikati'ta fr :tMte i aavk, Jaki
1 eoaaiidered bj the jfTern.
Patterning AJtor S'i9ltU.
Staa taaftin vaa aa aaata.
Amkaja Crrr. Dec 7. A aaa b.
name td Hmum ahot a woeaaa tinta,i.
hi his wife, shoe U oeiocfc Orfa mut
ne ball froaa the iwaHer eatrrad Jm
low the left aippja, aad atrathaf a
jrfatacarf aad paaad acooad aad caa
oaderthasra The irwwiri la fA '
lodered a daafltMaja oaar. The aaao
j waaaaa Uxh ciaiaa the ahtuitatf araa ..
&nridatatlj. hat thMatarr k not t
orated by other aartloi. Haana ;
1 ,4
1 .-, . . -. v, , , i.t
j -j- jj ajiajfcif: tamx
. t. lj. it 4at fc .
Oaeal-fa the MBtheL.
'- - - --"- - mm wrw w 1 t
Th toa ia atifi fawaafaaf a4 m
ditioa are put uataa the ttaitatt '
The rrariur tmetmy h a fnaai a r .
Th ti.h, door aad afiad tttttmttmm t
boy . aad tar J4arfry aad aaadhaa -
h- -v ti rarjr tm eaheti .
n, -.- .- .v r rsfWfcy. 't 3 -
ithvi K- '.' i iWtafiwaj Mk.
aim l-t' 1.1 -- ' iraaNMW"'
' - r' i - iamtham. JE -
i AhiewKiW jVhix stc tf?uim upaud -. .
& JJJiJrJ bvuioc
A)WJOfct mus;
J V-

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