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VOL. VI. KO. 22.
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123 and 125
How Handsome Thay Are.
IPSilPVoo Lovely
,:k ' zkc$k "ne nnen noe paper envelopes and
-&S regret cards, worth $2 at $1 each.
lllfll plush
mI hrnri7P
ISPSeach at
Opening of novelties for
Evening and Wedding
High class novelties at the
lowest prices ever known
"We tiavo just visited tlis mariefc and. obtained bargains
in ths33 goDds, which we ofi'er to you at a small
advoace over cost. Come and see.
Be sure and come whether
you wish to "buy or not.
A child in Fairyland or a re.iected'and despondent lov
er in th? soft embraces of his relenting loved one
neither could feel more delightfully dazed
than the visitor who gazes for the first
time upon this feast of splendor and
maguificent glow of colorings
for adorning the female form divine.
Cok and
Philadelphia Store
Corner Douglas av. and Market St.
Four Special
This Week
One lot 42 pair ol full 12-4 all wool
"White Blankets.for $5 a pair, fully worth
$10. These are the largest size made and
an extra quality.
One lot 84 pair all wool 1 1-4 Scarlet
Blankets which we will close out at $3.50 a
pair. Never sold before under $6 00.
One lot 10 pieces fast color Turkey Red
Table Linen 25c a yard.. It cannot be du
plicated at 50c.
One lot 33 dozen Ladies and Childrens
All Wool Red Mittens at 10c a pair,
S. W, Corner Douglas
Main Street.
Plush Boxes full of
$6 Mirrors, two feet high,
1 5 inches wide, beveled glass
frames, mounted in
nnrl cnlvpr wnrfh c no
2.50 each.
See WE.
Ave. and Market St.!
Representative Peters Procures
the Passage by the House
of the Bill
Opening 2sTo Man's Land to Actual
Settlers For Homesteading
Tlie House Also Passed a Bill Por-
feitinjr Large Unearned Grants
of Government Land.
Tlie Sundry Civil Appropriation Bill
was Discussed, as was the Silver
Coinage Proposition.
The Mississippi and Missouri River
Commissions Submitted Their
Annual Reports to the
Secretary of War.
Hon. 3T. 31. HurdocI:. Wichita:
Washington, D. C,. Dee. 11. Have
just passed the bill through the house at
taching Xo Man's Land to Kansas for ju
dicial and land oilice purposes.
S. K. Peters.
The president, although still suffering
from rheumatic pains in Ids knees, was
able to resume ollicial routine today. He
received an unusually large number of
congressional visitors in the forenoon.
About noon he repaired to the east room,
shook hands with members of Gabriel K.
Paul post, Xo. 101, Grand Arm- of the
Republic, of New Jertey, now on a visit to
the city.
The annual report of the Mississippi
river commission for the fiscal year ended
June o0, 1826, was transmitted to the
house of representatives today by the sec
retaiy of war. The report shows that no
field or survey work was done during the
year beyond the care and preservation of
property and small unnaiis. Xo construc
tion work was doucWaow Cairo owin- to
the failure of the appropriation. "The
value of the government plant employed
between the Des Moines river and the
head of the passes is approximately stated
at .-51,001,000, which is :i'cdu:-tion in value
of $20,000 since the date of the last repoit,
representing the deterioration duiing the
period of disuse.
The operations between the Des Moines
river aud Cairo were confined to the con
struction and repair of dams, revetment
work and minor work of short protection
betweeu the Illinois and Ohio rivers. Ow
ing to luck of rands operations were con
lined to such repairs as were necessary to
prevent loss, and additions that seemed ad
visable in view of the action of existing
works. A minimum channel of eight feet
has been maintained for twenty-two miles
below St. Louis, while a least depth of five
and one-half feet is reported in that paitof
the river which has not been improved.
The work in the Fourth district (harbors
of Xatchez, Vidalia and Xew Orleans,
mouth of Jtlie Red River and Chafalair
harbor) was confined to the mouth of the
Red river. X new leveo work was done
during the vear.
At the beginning of the fiscal year the J
balance on hand was n.1,2i8 for surveys
and sll."5,S71 for general improvement. It
is estimated that for the next fiscal year an
appropriation of $100,000 will bs required
for survey work, $100,000 for expenses of
the commission, $5,000,000 for continuing
tlie improvement on the Mississippi river
and 51,0fl."i.(00 for the improvement of the
harbors of Columbus, Hickman, Memphis,
Greenville and Xew Orleans.
The report of the Missouri river com
mission is also transmitted to congress to
day. After detailing the work done dur
ing the year the commission recommends
that at least $100,000 be appropriated for
continuing the improvement of the
river in addition to any other
sums which congress may see
fit to devote to the work at special" locali
ties. With a smaller sum than this it is
said it will be many years before the work
will cover a sufficient extent of river to en
able the proper estimate to be formed as to
its c(t and value to the country. Xo en
gincerius: difficulty has as vet presented
itself to suggest any doubt as to the possi
bility of carrying the work to successful
completion. ror surveys, examinations,
salaries and expenses, the commission re
commends an appropriation of $130,000.
The estimate for the general improvement
of the Missouri river from its mouth to
Sioux City, la., is 100,000. On July
IS'0. there was an available balance
hand of .$90,300
Rear Admiral Jouett has returned to
Washington. He inspected the guns of
the Dolphin yesterday and report that
thev proved highly satisfactory, particu
larly the econdarv batterv; the Mx-inch
gun diil not work a? well a it might. Al
though the speed of the Dolphin was not
tested, he reports that she readily made 13
knots with little motion, and gives promise
of going OTer lo. While going at 13 knot
the order to back was given aiul in 12 sec
onds from the rinsing of the bell she was
backing, not shoving more than a length
ahead from headwav.
Iliram D. Kitt has been appointeel spe
cial inspector of foreign steam vessels at
Iran i-mncisco, vice .nartin Hull
The resignation of Geo. H. Hart, clerk
to inspector of steam vessels at Portland,
Oregon, has been accepted, but no appoint
ment to till the vacancy will be made at
3Iaj. H. T. Stanton, of Kentucky, was
today appointed a member of the commis
sion to allot lond in severalty to the In
dians on the Omulita reservation in Ore-
rvin. 1
In the matter of the torfeiture to certain 1
i..Lrv.- j.i.ii,tvi iu mc -v, i.. 1 . ik. ik. w uuu as-cLs at nearly toe eaiEc 1 -""- c"j - - - -
their restoration to the public domain by' Botok, Dec 11 V. Private meetin? of lilirille. Clajtoe. Giaiboro, Willfaua
theact of July G. lG. the secretary of creditorpf A. B .Martin & Co wiiore!Ura Saiera and Wocdimry. wMch are
the interior has approved the recommends-' tv ally failed wa held todav The fieare ' 0Oi 1sror'Ii0? under the regnlsiiofts of the
tion of the commissioner of the genera! Uubn:i:;esl show liabilities at -3lC,6l,T KaiSfatB of 1-&br"
land office, that so much of sakl litnds as ;ia,i Jts&eis aj 35 -,1 oyj ' ' ' i
lies within the territonr of Xew Mexi ! - -J Coal .Miners Strike.
should be at once opened to entry and set
tlement, after due publication of notice.
but holds thai as under siatiurv retrula
mai as umier siatkry regula
price of the lands must, be Axed a: j
than $2.50 jr acre the pric !
Id and even sections should be
tions the price of the lands rati
sot less
of both odd
nxetl at that sum. With respect to the for
feited lands in California the secretary has
concurred in the recommendations of the
commisdoner. that the opening of said .
lands to market shduld be deferred for the
equable determination of the rights of the
Southern Pacific railroad company to those
lands lying north in the common limits of
the two roads, the grant to the two com
panies having been made by the same act.
Comptroller Trenholm will appear before
the -house committee on banking and cur
rency next Wednesday by invitation to ex
pound his views relating to the national
banking system. Several members of the
committee express a determination to se
cure action if possible on some remedial
measure touching the relations between the 1
national banks and the government.
Mr. Samuel H. Walker, late major and
superintendent of police, has written a long
letter to the district commissioners asking
that he be reinstated. In one of the open
ing paragraphs he says: It is a self-evident
proposition that no man can fearless
ly execute the laws and give peace and se
curity to the community, who is himself
besmirched with crime, or who has any
affiliation with those classes who are direct
ly the subjects of the watchful care of the
police department. He then goes on to
say that his administration of "the depart
ment was without fear and with
out reproach; but notwithstanding
all this the commissioners, after
expressing entire confidence in him, asked
his resignation on Xov. 2-i, without pre
vious notice and without consideration of
the evidence. Besides this, by persistent
urging and with the assurance that their
report would justify him, the commission
ers induced him to date his resignation
nine days back.
Mr. Walker asserts that the commission
ers did not fulfill their promise, and asks
them to reconsider the whole case and re
instate him.
Mr. Trenholm, csmptroUcr of currency,
received today three petitions from bank
ers and merchants asking for the retention
ot 3lr. fccnua as bank examiner at ow
AorK. i ne comptroller m a lenjitny an
swer to the petitioners tells them why he is
unwilling to retain the examiner, and
closes his communication as follows
Pressure, with political, social or financial
bearings, is a dangerous element to be in
traduced into so dlicato an adjustment as
that ot the relations between the comp
trailer and the national bank examiner.
Washington, D. C. Dec. 11. On mo
tion of Mr. Peters, of Kansas, a bill was
passed extending the laws of the United
States over certain unorganized territory
south of Kansas known as the Public
Strip, providing that this land be subject
to entry under the homestead law.
Mr. Randall, of Pennsylvania, moved
that the house proceed to the consideration
of the sundry civil appropriation bill, but
the motion was lost yeas 119, nays 121.
In the morning hour Mr. Payson, of Il
linois, on behalf of the committee on pub
lic lands, called up the bill declaring the
forfeiture of the Ontonogau and Crule
river land grant. In detailing the circum
stances of tlie graut Mr. Payson declared
that from the organization of the Ontono
gan and Crule river company no steps has
ever been taken by it which did not indi
cate that the organization had been purely
speculative aud effected for the purpose of
getting land from the general government.
It had been an attempt at barefaced rob
bsry from its "commencement down to the
present time. The bill was passed without
division. It forfeits 3S4.G00 acres.
The house t tia weat into the committee
of the whole, Mr. Ihimmo&d, of Georgia,
in the chair, on the .itindry civil appropria
tion bill.
In the course of the general debate Mr.
Lanham, of Texas, made an appeal in fa
vor of the redemption of the trade dollars,
and alluding to the standard silver dollars
he declared that its coinage would never be
suspended, no matter who might recom
mend to the contrary.
Mr. Herbert, of Alabama, said that while
the sundry civil bill appropriated less than
the bill of lat 3'ear, the decrease was at
tributable to the fact that the committee
on appropriations had surrendered
jurisdiction over the items for
navy yards and the new naval obser
vatory, maintaining that these
items could be provided for in the regular
naval appropriation bill. He contended
on the contrary that the appropriations for
the objects named should bo made in the
sundry civil bill which would then instead
of showing a decrease exceed in amount of
appropriations the bill of last vear.
Mr. Randall, of Pennsylvania, anrued
that the naval committee had proper juris- j Dchiiv, John Dennv, GeorccSHvey, Frank
diction over the subject of navy jards, , Wmrlit and K E. Denny." They will be
but pointed out that even if they weie pro-! tried on a charge of interfering "with di
vided for in the pending measure, the bill i tiers ujn government lauds in Douglas
would still carry lest money than that of county. The affidavit of Caleb At-
lat vear.
Pending furthf r discussion the
tee rose and the houc adjourned
Cattle lien in Council.
St. Louis, Dec, 11. Delegates from
live stock exchanges of Chicago, Kanis
City, Omaha and St. Louis met at the
Southern hotel at 11:C0 this morning in re
sponse to a call by the Chicago live stock
exchange. II. L" Xewmau, of St. Louis,
was elected chairman and A. P. Wood
bury, of Kansas City, secretary. The res
olution of the Chicaeo stock' exchange,
under which ihc meeting was called, was
read. The roil of delegate-, was then read,
and on motion of T. T". D. Audrews. of
Texa-. all prominent ranch owners were
invited to sit in the convention. D. C.
Wagner, of Chicago, addressni the meet- j
ing on the subject of contagious disca-cs.
He favored the adoption of a resolution
callinsr upon congress to aonoim a Lniud
StjitH-s mmmiv;ifmnr iv1i-icj. dull- ir -fwinVI i
be to'look afu-r nil ca- of 'mntmrinn I
Others addressed the meetins on the sub
ject and a committee of five was appoin' d
to draw up 6uch resolutions. D. C. War
ner, of Chicago, then offertd tie follow
ing resolution, which was adopted:
p..,1t-, t'i..,. ., .-...... t r :
each of the 'live stock exchanges here rep-
mmee to report at thi meeting.
The meeting then adjourned to 1 :30.
Borne Down.
Ci.vcii-KATi, Dec. 11. The busiaes?
public was sartled todav bv the anaounc-
ment of the failure of .John and
Howe A Co., insnufacturr of
un, ..... ..j ; : i
Thev eHmate their liabiKtie i 1 000-
Ah Sin Muit Go. !
Net ark. X.. J.. Dec. II. A move fei
being mace bv Knichts of Labor to drive I '
Chinese lauoJrie from the city and com -.
ty .if r Ca-cb-ilt, proprietor of the Belie-
ville laaaeiry. has agreed to discharge the "
beiac made bv KnichLs of Labor to ririv J
- .- .
several hundred Mongolians in his employ. 1
This is considered a rreai victory bv the S
a great victory by the j
the" first place" in the I
Knights, as it was
east where Chinese labor was employed.
resented le apiointed to frame enable OTUUv "iw-i.-" - ,... o
resolution looking to the formation of a arc bere l, defend the county property.
Y.tinnoi i ,v.. .fi. i ..-, One hiiwlrcs'' zxim nohceraen have been
1 ,-Lti L-u k.Hti:iv i'.ALit.iiJ!'c. iijti i iiii- r
Shrewd, Saucy Carrie Metz, a
German Girl, on the "Witness
Creates a Flutter of Excitement
in the Court Room by Point
ing Out
A Number of Persons Implicated in
tne Broadway Railroad Franchise,
Whom She had Seen Enter
McLaughlin's .Residence on the Night
the Famous 'Combine' is Said to
Have Been Consummated.
The Plucky Little Teuton Stuck to
Her Story Despite the Efforts of
the Artful Attorney to Tau-
tfle Her.
The McQuade Trial.
Xew York, Dec. 11. In the 3IcQuade
trial this moruiui: the reudiug of documen
tary evidence was continued. At the close
Clerk Toomey was cross-examined by Mr.
Xewcomb, but nothing new was developed.
Carrie Metz, a servant, testified that in
188-i she was in service in the house adjoin
ing that of Alderman McLaughlin in which
t.ie alledged 'combine" of boodle aldermen
was formed. She testified that in the
month of June she was called the
door by a riug of the bell.
On the steps were live men who inquired
for McLaughlin's house; the went into
McLaughlin's house. A week later three
men made the same inquiry; later iu the
morning several more came. She saw
them come out of McLaughlin's later in
the evening. Witness was asked to look
at the audience and see if she reognized
anyone as one of the callers. The little
German girl, after glancing around slowly,
finally pointed with her linger saying:
Yes, sir; that gentleman is one ot them.
Every eye was centered upon Alderman
Jno. "O'Neill.
Is there anyone else in the room whom
you recognize as one of the men you saw?
There was another gaze about the room
and then the finger pointed at the prisoner.
Fulgratr was also identified. Then Mr.
Xicull brought out the fact that he had
called upon the witness and she had ideu
titled in a group Fulgraff. Dempscy,
O'Xeil, Reilley and McQuade; also that
yesterday in the court room she had iden
tified Fulgraff, Duffy and McQuade as vis
itors whom she had seen at McLaughlin's.
Mr. Xewcomb tried his misleading tac
tics on her, but the witness was too sharp
to be caught.
Lawyer Xewcomb then addressed the
jury. In openiug the case for tho de
fense, after scoring Fulgraff and Duffy,
the informer, he outlined the defense. He
had an important witness who was
out of town on the first trial
on a hunting trip. This witness would
swear that he entered the public
door of the aldermanic chamber after 0 a.
m. on August 30th, 18S0. Reporter Ker
nan was mistaken; he would prove that
Kernau never went into the cloak room
nor tried thS public door, he would prove
that Kernau heard the story in Morrow's
barbershop and congratulated himself on
having a "heat" on the reporter.
That gentleman, she said. McQuade
arose with his hand on his bosom and
pointed to himself: Yes, look again; can
you see any one elc? The witness half
arose again in a moment her eye rested and
her face brightened.
There is one, she said, that gentleman.
This time a big man near the rail "arose, but
the witness was not positive, and all efforts
to make her say different was futile.
Another effort was made and she pointed
to McLeary. When he stood up she said
he was the man she meant.
Rad Raid Kuobbers.
FousYTiiE, Mo., Dec. 11. Seven mem
bers of an organization known as "Bald
Knobbers" have been arrested in Douglass
county ad taken to Springfield, Mo., on
affidavits mad by Caleb T. Atwood and
Hujrh Rollief, homesteaders. Their names
' -irr JnrL- Silviv Sr .T.ir-L- Silwr .lr Fllinit
wocu statts that lie iook
! homestead S'lairn and settled
up a
'About 12 ex-lock one night
j a crowd of men broke mt his cabin,
I dragged him from I cd with a i'pc around
1 hi nrfk to a tree near the house, where
they bound him anil kept him tied till he
promised to leave the vicinity within thirty
days or pay the m m Jack bilvey the cot
of previous improvements upon the claim.
Investigation proved that Silvey never set
tled upon the claim. Atwood reported the
facts to the authorities and Silvcy's arrest
followed I Inch Rollief nfiidavit is sim
ilar to that made by Atwood. He reeot-
1 nir.ed the Mrven inn mutionerf above a&
I the crowd who ihreatentd hint. After
( they were all arrested the pri-oncrs gavr
, bond each in tne sum of ?3K) for their ap-
pearance before the United Suites commix
siocer. Their trial- will besin tonight.
.Mobocracv in Minnesota.
St. Pacl, Minn.. Der. 11. A special
recvivctl frum Brown' Valley. Minn., al
midnight, said: "Report reach here this
eve-niB"- tltnt a Wheatoa mob 400 stronff
ars marching upon this place to take the
countv record. While the report is not
belu-ved. nrenarxtion are being made to
n, J nK,b lhal ms.r xme- A .f lbe
swora in to protect city property.
Glacs Itlowers Troubles.
Philadelphia, Dec. 31 The execu
tive board ni the Green Glass 13lower,
District .ataiblv Xo 140. was in rsioit
. .... Ji ! .U ..,t. i.
"re ye9erua. ui-lu-ikj; un: :nuu tu
ewJ""-y "factnrits a reported brDb-
tnci iair vi orKman Atr. ep
Were tsen to aST1: " whole orce ot the i
Sha305Cis. Pa.. Der II. A strike of
miners employed at Bear Valley bbaft, 1
owned bv the Pbiladeipb and RiiBg
Ceel sad Iron coraoaar. waj iBacyaraiaJ 1
this morning in cvo--ecuence of a. redaction
oi ten per eenl in waec. The Knigbu of
Labor ordered ike miners to cursiimie wort
pending arbitration, but the men refused
pending arbitration, bui
: obey. Six bendresi
men and bav are
Weather Report.
Washington, D. C, Dec 12, 1 a. m.
The following are the indications for Mis
souri: Rain, followed by fair, colder
weather, with a cold wave; westerly winds.
For Kansas and Nebraska: Fair weather,
colder, westerly winds.
California Excursion.
Special Dbpawh to th Dally Eale.
Kinslet, Kan., Dec. 11. The first of
the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe's cel
ebrated excursions to California and Ore
gon for this winter passed here this morn
ing and stopped for breakfast. The trains
consisted of about twenty Pullman palace
cars with baggage cars, etc., crowded with
excursionists from eastern points.
Trades Congress.
Columbus. Ohio, Dec. 11. The Feder
ated trades met this inoruing and adjourned
sine die after resolving to enter the new
Federated Trades of Xorth America when
the organization shall be completed.
In the Trades conference, local trades
unions were urgeti not to appropriate
money except fnrtiuly authorized strikes.
Office'rs will be elected aud final adjourn
ment take place this afternoon.
At the afternoon session of the new
Trades Federation the resolution was
adopted declaring that while they favored
S-hours for a day's work and believed it
would be ultimately adopted, it was first
necessary to secure nine hours iu all
branches now working ten hours, and in
those trades working more hours to reduce
still further. The "conference committee
that met the K. of L. committee submittal
a written report purporting to contain what
was said aud done at Friday's session. It
was said there had been no agreement, that
me iv. 01 1 j. cuiBiniiicc "" 1 ei us
ed to consider the trades com
mittee and recommended the execu
tive committee of the newly organized
federation to issue an address to the public
on the subject of differences between the
organizations. The constitution adopted
forms a new federation on a much
similar basis to the Knights of Labor,
placiug the power in the executive com
mittee, consisting of five. Officers were
elected as follows: Samuel Compers, of
Xew York, pre-ident; Geo. Harris, of
Pennsylvania, fir-t vice president; J. 31.
Smith, of Springfield, Ills., second viee-
; II. G. McGuire, of Philadelphia,
fcecretarv. and
G. E. Mon-ton, of ash
ington, D. C,
the next year.
treasurer, v ho are to serve
Great Fire iu St. Louis.
St. Luis. Dec. 11. Firo broke out in
the exteiibive establishment of the A. T.
Shaplev and Cantwell Co., on the corner
of Main and Vine streets, at 2:20 p. in. and
has now obtained such headway that the
entire concern will doubtless be destroyed.
The roof has fallen in and most of the
floors have already Iwen burned. It is re
ported that some of the clerks were injured
by falling lloors.
"3:03 p.m. It is now definitely known
that many jcrons were badly injured, 12
of whom 'tis expected will ie.
The firm did a large business in fire arms
and gunpowder, and had in .store a quan
tity of dynamite. Some of the latter ex
ploded "when the roof and lloors fell in.
The names of the injured cannot yet be
known owing to the great confusion which
prevails in the vicinity of the fire, which is
still burning liercely.
another account.
About half nasi 2 o'clock this afternoon
upper tloor uJ'Jie A. F. Shaplev fc Cant
well Hardware Cos. extensive establish
meut, occupying stores numbering from
414 to 422, Xoith Main street, fell with a
great enr-h. This floor was covered with
heavy agricultural machinery, and its fall
carried down the third tloor stacked with
shelf goods, and the second tloor filled with
sample jroods. In a moment or two the
debris caught fire, presumably from over-
lunieii movb.. or ,h,ssu,,. ..m. ....- .m-
nace in the basement, and with siarthng!
rapidity the fiatnes shot up through the
broken limb -rs in the roof. 1
There were fireballs between the differ-
cnt store rooms, but all of them had o-)en, !
ings in them through which the fire madly ,
rushed and in a vc'r'y short time the entire 1
building was a muss of fiercely burn-
ing Haines and every window and door
wSsMching great cloud, of heavy block 1
smoke. Shortly after this the roof over .
.no.. '1.1 J.x 11 .... v'i..,. ..,.. ,.,
pled over, the interior floors following in
rapid succession, and by 4 p. in. nothing
wis left but wnlN and a great unwof burnt
goods and twisted and destroyed ma-
iwuuuuif uuiui "' ""-. ""'-V "''
The-fire was confined to the Shapley
building, and surrounding pro;Krty which j '"- "r"- ", "' '",' CT SZZl . ,
before tic walls and roofYell was In immi- ctar?1.U,Bl lf V, 1 UTZuVt
nent danger, but was onlv sHghllr dam-1 ! bv o.n mm! puWte b wild , t
age.3. Ai the time the cfd, ame er?JlW
fiftv employes were twittered throughout . r'f ,b" affir lhflt "? T!i 1) r
.1 - i..i.i.-' . t.... . f ... , ..?.. u- warn wad never urewod by bit bbad - f
for. and it h thought that those two will
turn up later. Several of the men received
SlljriH injuries 1 lW nv n uuinrawi vm,
,. ,. : . . .,. ..ri i ..
1. .-ia ..t.;K ..,,1 mm.
sr: ri .t " v" zzw.zizj
TCrep.i"tal n dynamite" crtridge Urtii
no exploded steins U haw no JHind-
tion. . . ,
1 fie house cmmeti a mcrtt nun.
st $Tij0.000, wbut jrt of tlti. if aor. is
fvtfl is no; known, tmt um jprotA antics
are it fe all rubied. The iommtur: auuuatt
to 900.000, and fe divided among 100
companies, cbfetly eastern and foreign, ia
Mima ranging from ?2.500 to fw.COO.
A llnllroad Keooramend.
St. Pall. Dec. 11. The ilinaesoia
raiiroad comaife-iHer in their bieial re
port made public lodfiT. ppw for co
.Ieration of the legislation a kw cocOahv
inc etecal elemenu of the Cnllotn bill
introduced into the fi-aaie of the United
States bv the conunittee on inter -J; enm-
meree, -ith snch cbaajfe a are necceaaarr
to the propd regnlaUon of the rnstroade
or state anujoniy. the ea waa faeafn toiaf
j Volnry Jk tfaamtwii ioe mft .
IVoolen MIILj named. I U most. vxttmfr part pmrk'T
Clitos, 3!kh.. Dec 11 The exit- ( They are rbarfed by Joes Y -
Mve woolen mills of Uifc rUiage bwmed nJi nremiioj; tbc ae f L
hi. mino ! 15B.MC A JWfciBrtBof I-iiKwia. (hubbrtuj .V
jArr bii barbed, silliag one rooaa wkh
sas. ridie Cc4alH5. a boofebin boy,
west into the nam w X a ir at 9 ,
o'clock and the eiptedoo foHowrd. Tb j
are spread rapidly over ta wttt. l53yi
wu LeutdltrKL The bii vmtAtffxA j
.3 itffofe- and rem t pro&abfe taatitmaas. .
b'av!d HamUtoa. ,4 lUn, - nmprie-
Keed, the I!cklea lUUrolcr.
Boston "-ZJP:
treawrer of the bowtli iMatoa raUfuad, -was
rrafcra a nrt and pled gftoy to av
till next week. Item! app-jartd vary ! oMe
and broken in ?iriu.
Failing in its Efforts at Diplo
macy and by Purchase
The Santa Fe People Try
Little Game of Bluff
Their Dreaded Rival, the Rock Is
land Company, in 11 Make-lleliero
Move into Illinois Territory.
The Reported Advance of East-Rouud
Freight Rates Officially Denied by
Central Traffic Commissioner.
Dissatisfied Switchmen on the UUcn
X. Detormined to Strike for an
Advance in Rates of Wnj;es
Denied Them.
A Game of Rlnff.
Pkoria, 111 , Dec. 11. Article's of in
e'orporation of the Chicago, Santa F.e and
California railroad company have been
filed with the recorder. The capital htoe k
is $3,000,000 The incorporators are
Xorman Williams, John T. Thompvm,
Charles S. Holt, A. I). Wheeler and
Abram Pool, all of Chicago. It is pnv
posed to build a line frour opposite Fori
Madison, Indiana, to Streator, HI., another
from opposite Keokuk, Iowa, to ?trimtor.
and a third line from Pekiit to Rotk
Island, all to connect with tho Chicago nm!
St. Louis railroad. It is surmised to U' n
part of the plan for the purchase of the
Chicago and St. Louis railroad by the A.
T. A: S. F. R. !!. comjHiny, 113 heretofore
False Statement Corre oted.
Chicaoo, Dec 11. Commissioner G. II.
Hlauchard, of tho Central Trallle hsxh m
tion, returned from Xew York today and
corrected a stfltem'-nt published there an
nouncing an advance in east bound freight
nite-t on Wednesday, Dtxrcntlwr 20. Tho
local committee took immediate action by
adopting the following notice to shipper
All property consigned from the west di
reel to jtoints in the cast previous to I e
cember 20, and upem which shipping direr
tions have not been changed, will go f. -ward
on rates in effect previous to Dec m
ber 20.
The Men 'ot Satisfied.
L01 isvim.r, Kv., Dec. 11 It wtvs ru
mored here tonight that freight bmkrnu 11
on the Louisville & NahviH road would
go out on a strike to enforce their demand
made some timo aqo for a rate of pay of
two cents per mile run. Gould. rcrtt.ry
of the hdgi of the Brake man's llrothrr
hood, stated that tlicniii were not wUis:nd
with the agreement made with the cum
pany in October. He claimed that men
would go out on several divisions to en
foree their di'tUNud for two cents a mile'
About ?'H) men concerned.
General Manager Harmhan states that
several division rijueU Irove been mad
by freight brskvtncn for a tlxtd ntte of pay
at 2 gee'iitn per mile: lhJs was not grunt d.
but it waM plained thut the new rates .u
put in eire't December 1. and lwsl on the
trip, would be given .1 trial ai Xhmo raUs
give an averager increase of abotit ten per
1 cent over former imy. 1 he comjuolor
had made no reip;el and liter wm ai u;M
tation among any cln of employe ''xcijt
freight brakemeii. 1 Ic lied up U JO o'el k
this morning received no advices f n
strike Inring ordrm! to enforce the demand
of hmkemen.
T, Campbell uivoroo caao.
I?ih.n. Dec . 1 1 -Lady Colin Cninp
1 r?m . lMr ' r
af1'"" ir ly . ftlt U.nf CV,,n
f '! Imvlng evor pok. n
nC Ir . '"" tn '
IH'rsm juloptod to prevent rmleniltw
" hnwtj id -WeW to rontiwue rJa
tons uf h Lord C olio because of the pl,y
J1 ' 'n?li m?(iru Sl T'?i
Jcr- hhe UW Jxni CuMu if hr mr um.1
forec tu compel a roilfnuanc of the r
i,j 1. ,l.iu,...l.,un ,... (,.l
! n " " "
' ng morning.
J" h;n
j hadsuffcred at hblu
itueft hnd told I
HlHJii9 J!U O WHHt Jlffl ; UUAH UI Hf '
wotihl tnnch nre-f r
ml to Mttffortng he
hud suffered at hi hnnd
Witocm hnd told LordC'oHs frtbr that
! 'j'" preferred u lire apnrt frow '-r
"" -r
In lf3
On croflexatmaation aJw aaki
1 l 1 .J.ILJ'-
the b.- k
book jr
WTOn uj ner wm n uf n
, t,t'j K. tr-t ft..K,.v .. ,1
1 sne wouro rfwn'isn wnciw warn mur
i i' f w -temped
to 1.
ottrapy fee M Mnmnmi
( bm- ,,
Don ! phi Short O Ml r.
Caxttxxqoha, Te , Dee. tl. J
night a mob of BMflted mm rWtei OV ;
in Kiofold, CnUem flotmty. Om., a!l '
ur orerpowerinf tie jaJkr. tok mt t
prisoner oaraed Un h. Hank ami It '
roe Soahh. both bmitm, aftd tmkia )
1 to a Jioiot near tire rtiUoad tootb of tr
hsogf-d them to t tuna ute ar'-a
nave been engaged in robbinf aad hwtr
aooH!i in Korta Gverzi for anaae awaiitL.
I and had own to be the terror of lb -r;
mojtbr. Smith trmiomd mm eMH 1
whkJt' Um two ImmI tm s4Btjr.
Utility, a Chanrol.
Roro.-. Dec II. liar tofj m
i-wtriim t-riorr tv m I Cxmke idgr
tt)4tj broogit ta a rrsdlrt t f , -8tj. tl
. trr
m fcii;
nito with tie crime rf ptrjsn
I awa-ate; U th ponina .
-,.,. . a . m.
, . ,, t. ufatr,
AtXe. 3,. iHx. U.-TW Salw Jr
Army plKM Uv teatf mim
and n Hftejrf wwi?ffw2T
jltoatetne My v narfcfrf wttfc JW
j V MX- J
sbtonxio ike Hfc ob.i.
, J it j. ,...
1 2J w YoDae. H-X '
ar- d-tte a wmxmMor of At
I -? peer P-

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