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350S5P' -- v VefS-gr
xz SEicTxtta Sailij S0 ' EecTiicscTau doming, Sjecemfou 29. 1886.
resu.-jt u;
! The fclbwiug are tha real estate transfers
rocoruo I iii the oQlco of the register of deeds
f H Sch weiter to C A 7Intkin!, lots Go,
C7, GO. 71, Si), 91, 93, 95, Lulu ave,
. . Lincoln st add 1430
' E J auwant to F O Kress, lots 60, SS,
Texasave 1425
t, ME Rouse to E Stevens, undiv third
t interest in oven lots from 2 to 10 and
i evn tiom'.IS to 13(5 Woodland ave,
y lots 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 51, 53, 55, 1C9, 171,
lots even Jront zb to us uroivn st,
odd Irom 9 to 73, oven from 2 to 74
Riverside ave, all is Riverside aadd.
C S Campbell to C Rogers, e hf of u e
R U Deimiig to G J Gray, lots 1042,
1041, 1010, 1048, Larimer st, Gnffin
steiu's 10th add 2000
II L Smithson to J Wolf, lots 39, 40,
hlk 16, Junction Town Co s add COO
J R Meade to H Drerer, com s e cor lot
20, Fmh ave, Mead's add, thence n
GO ft, w 140 ft, s GO ft, o 140 ft 1
II L Ward to E Dulaney, lots 17, 19,
21, 23, Head ave, Viola add 500
P Brazier to W E Hutchinson, lots 24,
20, Williams st, Griniustotus 4th
C Stout to R A King, lots 170, 172,
Mead ave, Ransom ( Kay's add
If F ZSTeiderlander to C M Garrison,
lots 75, 77, AVichita st, Keiderland
er's add! CO)
M Mathewson to J D Lease, lot 18,
New York ave, Mathewson's 4th add
J Hagermau to M G Lutes, lots 99, D2,
Lulu ave, McCormick'& add
L E Thomas to II E Sayler, lot 45,
Seneca ave, Akiu's add, Clearwater.
Sherman Town Co to A Tied, let 1, 2,
blk9, Andalo 190
N F Niederlander to II Layton, Jot 17
blko, Andale 40
C Mathewson to A H Wood, lot 7,
Prospect ave, Clearwater 30
S M Crocker to M Tapp, lot 3, Crock
er's add 100
M Tapp to P Baruett, lot 3, Crocker's
add, Colwich 350
H ftomveittir to C A Matkius lots 05,
C7, 69. 71, S9. 91, 93, 95, Lulu ave,
Lincoln st add
H L Smithsou to J Wolf, lots 39, 40,
blk 10, Town Co add
M Greifonstine to R O Demiug, lot
1042, 104-1, 101G, 104S, Lawrence ave,
Greifcustine s 10th add 1000
R O Deming to G J Gra', lots 1042,
1041, 1046, 1018, Greilenstine's 10th
G B Armstrong to A J Russell, lots GG,
G5, Fourth ave, Eaglo add
J II Blackwc-lder to J C Byrbee, lots
HI, 33, 35, 37, 39, blk 8, Fairview add
J J Starr to B O Graves, lots lo, 17.
Park Place ave, Iler.-ey's add
H W Lawrence to W M Kaeiser, lots
2, 4, G, S, 10, 12, Martinson ave, Law
rence's 4th add
T E Biggert to B M Cutter, lots 2, -1 , G,
8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 21, blk 8,
Grant ave, Allen & Smith's add
J H Coleman to G W Miller, w hf of s
e qr 17-20-lo
TV D McCormick to L I) Westgate, lots
iu, is, 14, 10, is, zu, -st, -'i, Ida ave,
McCormick's add 830
G L Rouse to W K Taylor, lots 1242,
12M, 1240, Lawrence avo, Bush's add 3300
C S Caldwell to C Rogers, w hf of n e
qr, 10-27-le 12000
C C Orr to E S Orr, s e qr, 31-27-2e. . . 2000
J Rosenthal to C E Coweu, & w qr of s
w qr, 3-27-le 12000
A J Cook to Frisco Heights Improve
ment Co, u e 80 acres of s w qr, 14-27-lo
T Hunter to A L Fuller, com 29 ft n of
a pt49(5 ft o on section lino from s w
cor 20-27-le, thence e 50 ft, n 110 ft,
w 50 ft, s 110 ft 2000
C II Hupgood to A J Cook, s w qr, 14-
27-le 1SS0
D A Mitchell to L L Lawrence, 15 tt
off s side lot 14, Laura ave Mead's
add 3300
C J Mosher to J S P Gordon, lot 108.
Market st 15000
H C Williams to TV O Harvey, hf in
terest lots 270, 272, 274, Mamst Hvdo
& Ferrcll's add .". , . 550
C L Ilibarger to J Kenworthy, lots
1001, 1003, TVaco ave Lewellcu's add. 2600
AProutytoGS Miller, lots 55, 57,
Oak st Jones' add , 1250
S Mile to II Wollman, lots GI, 63, 65,
Fourth avo Mead's add 120'J0
J b McUIuug to J L Ne.vstoller, lot 42,
Waco st Waterman's add '
T K McLean to A TV Chamberlain, lot
30 Douglas avo Martinson's add 2500
M 1 J5oyd to V T Freelaud, lots2(i, 2S,
Eaglo st Jones' add
C B Campbell to J Swanner, lot 2, blk
8, Lawrcce's add
A ICatz to TV M Kaeiser, s-hf 5 ft lot 4,
blk 5, Lawrence's add
B B Pollock to J C Vogel, lots 29, 31
Lawreuco ave, English's 1st add
A M Massam to C S Parker, 13, 15, 17,
19, Topoka ave, Lawrence Avo add.
Garfield University to T Co p, lots 1,
3, 5, 7. 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, Hiram avo'
University Place add
E Phillips to R L Bostick. lots 101. 103
Douglas ave r00
G M Boyd to T R Keefer, lots 72, 74J70
78. blk 3. Marouis add :?()
J L Smitlfeon to F Phelps, lots 42, 44,
40, 4S, Ionsdalo st,
J L Sinithson to D Vanghan, lots G, 8,
10, 12, 14, 16, IS. 20, Smithsou stj
.", ., 1 I, AW, JiU.U.UU M4
"VV O Uren-ttiT to G W Hutehinsou.lots
17, 1, 21, 23, Faauie avo, Brewster's
Mhrimau Park Laud Co to C A Van
Aiuleu, lot 1, blk O, Marimau Park.
W O Brewatcr to J T Shelton, lots IS,
20, 22, 21, Faniiio avo, Brewster's
13 Phillips to C l: ?largeutbalur, iots
117. 110, 121, 12:3, Douglas ave.......
G 31 Boyd to J M Seehrist, lots 11, 13,
15, 17. hlk2, Marquis add
II Ij Wsml to Duiauj-, lots 17, 19, 21,
23, Tead ave, Viola add
iu, i, ji, in, jonsuaje st.
Judo Crozier, of Leavenworth, spent tbe
day in Wichita yostcrdny. llero is a man
who has been a U. S. senator from ICansas,
who is a present occupant of one of her judi
cial beiicli s an-I who has bal much to do
with the stite nrst and la-t, but who, in his
say on, acknowledged that ho had never been
iu U'ichita, the state's great central empor
ium, before. The judge laughed all over in
acknowledging that ho hadn't heretofoie the
slightest conception of the magnitude of our
city. Ro had come dowu simply to see it,
and he returned homo hv,t night his miud
fully made up never again to uistitist any as
sertion of the Eagle touching AVichita. "
II. IL Allen, an attorney, and S. II. Miller,
a cattleman, of La Junta, Colorado, are in
the city on business.
Meetings at the Baptist church will cou
tinus through ibU week at 7:S0 p. m. Last
evening there Mas interest manifested by
several who were seeking, and the evening
before one, who had m former years believ
ed in no God, united idi the church, giving
a clear experience. All interested are in
vited. I am closiug
less than cost.
out my stock of candies at
Call aud get bargains at
Here Wc Art?:
Seedless raisins; (new, lCc per lb.
Currants S lbs 25c.
Citron 30c per lb.
Choice eating apples Al. 15 per bu.
Choice northern potatos IKK: per bu.
California raiiin cured prunes 15c per lb
JTew figs lfc jht lb.
New dates 10c per lb.
Choices Florida oranges 40c per dozen.
Comb honey 20c per lb.
Extracted honey, pure, Sc per lb.
Mince meat 10c per lb.
Puro'fruit preterveslOc per lb.
Pure fruit jellies Sc ier lb.
Look out for the big price list.
Steinhauser-Mtkkle Supply Co
Already the wrestlmg match, which takes
pla"e tomorrow evening at the opera house,
i attracting a great deal of attention, not
o ny in spoiling, but in general circ-les, and
a large amount of money is being wagered
upon the result, and pools are being sold rap
i llv everr evening at Schnitzler's billiard
parlor on Mai kefc street.
Testerday afternoon 31r. M. TV. Lev3',"of
the Wichita National Bank, received a draft
of 6100 from Mr. J. F. Smith, as a forfeit in
a match for from $503 to $1,000, between the
victor of this match and Charles Moth, the
Kansas City wrestler.
Already at least 5,000 has been wagered
and put in bank on the result of Thursday's
match, the betting 1eing slightly in favor of
Scheller,the victor in the last match between
the two men.
Both Scheller and Shields since the last
match have been in constant traiuiug and
are in as perfect physical condition as a
human being can be, and there is no doubt
but that the contest will not only be ono of
tho most desperate and hotly contested, but
one of the closest ever wrestled in this coun
try. Both men are determined to win, both
are evenly matched, and oach determined to
win afrall hazards.
The match will be a five style one and will
call forth every effort of the contestants, and
will not leave any chance or ground for
either of tho men to put forth an excuse.
The match will be to the best man, and it will
bo intensely interesting to witness this strag
gle of the giants for the championship of the
west. There will also bo several sparring
matches, and two other wrestling matches
between local celebrities, which, as all the
tho contestants are picked men will add
much to the interest of the entertainment.
The prizes in thi local contests will be 100
and an elegant silver cup to the winners.
Already a largo number of tickets have
been sold and there is no doubt but that the
opera houso will be more crowded than even
at the last contest.
The members of the cast of this delightful
opera will meet at the parlors of Col. Stew
art this evening at 7 o'clock sharp. The last
rehersal was so well attended, and so thor
oughly enthused all the participants in an
opera that will lay everything in the shade
heretofore participated in by our best local
talent, that a notice of meeting to the cast
may seem 'like "Piper's News," but as this is
designed to eclipse all former efforts by
amateurs since Wichita took rank as the
best show town in the state, it is the deter
mination of those who aro "pushing things"
to slight nothing that will add to the com
plete success of the play, or result in liqui
dating an indebtedness guaranteed by n few
old soldiers, who are abreast of the times and
pecuniarly interested in Garfield hall, (soon
to be Garfield opera house), desirous of kill
ing the traditional two birds with one stone,
viz: building up the local interests of the G.
A. R. and at tho same time catering to the
public taste, in giving them a cosy home
like opera house that will command such
talent as the Emma Abbott Opera Co., who
have already been secured for the "new
opera house," and also other companies of a
high order of merit who are only waiting a
little competition to play to a Wichita audi
ence. Until thero is competition, Wichita
rates with cities one-third her population,
nnd the writer of this admonishes you "not
to forget it."
As I have concluded to send my boys to
school, I will dispose on New Year's day, at
3 p. m., of my blue ribbon burro Pansy, also
dog cart aud harness. Ono hundred tickets
at 1 ier ticket. Tickets for sale at Sam
Wiuche's book store, on Mainrstreet. Burro
and cart on exhibition at Dr. Snook's livery
stable. Drawing to bo at time aud place
abovo mentioned. Gross receipts of said
l afile to bo donated to the Ladies' Benevo
lent Home. John Fisher.
Query Since John Fisher has advertised
his burro for sale "on account of sending his
boys to school," I, as well as the public,
would liko to know how many boys he has,
and where they are. Hank Heiseuman.
Now lot up, keep your girls home,
For John's boys needs no society,
And when the time haply comes
They will meet their fatality.
Now really, yes, "show up Hanky,"
March your vagabond crowd "to Sam
Don't sit around, bo so sour and so cranky,
Bo lucky and on tho wild burro tighten the
Do not pose as A jack(ass) defying the light
ning, But consider hopes your caustic is blighting;
L-t tho world know that you are no grunt
ling Keep quiet while portenty these '-chestnuts"
aro hunliu:;.
The following program will bo given by
tho Y. P. A. at the Congregational church
Wednesday night, December 29:
Piano iolo Scoth Airs
Miss Lulu McCabe.
Song Comin' Thro' the Rye
Mrs. C. H. Brooks.
Reading 3Tau was Made to Mourn
Miss Mai d English.
Violin solo Echoes from Caladonia
With imitations of the bagpipe, Prof. Wolff.
Quartette Will ye no' Come Back Again
Mrs. Parkt-r, Mrs. Abbott, Messrs. Cald
well and Coates.
Song We'd Better Bide a Wee
Mr. A. L. Crawford.
Recitation The Execution of Montrose
Mr. Thos. Anderson.
Piano solo Gems of Scotland
Mrs. A. L. Crawford.
Song Bonnie Bessie, the Maid of Dundee
Mi'vs Artie Earl.
Reading. Scotch Words
Miss Kate Kanoue.
Quartette Hail to the Chief
Mrs. Parker, Mrs. Abbott, Messrs. Cald
well and Coates.
Violin solo Scotch Selections
Prof. Wolff.
Song ami chorus Auld Lang Svnc
By quartette aud audience.
After the close of the entertainment a
wedding ceremony will be performed.
Admission 10 cents; entertainment to com
mence at 7:45.
The Schuyhr Electric Light company at
nine o'clock last night turned on the steam
fromthsir new boiler and trouble from that
caue is ended. They have labored under
great disadvantages lately from the fact
that the boilers were taxed to their fullest
extent and it has been impossible to keep up
steam with the quality of coal to be had.
With the present capacity there will be no
further trouble for want of steam should
there be no more hard coal this winter. A
new 14 by 20 Russell engine was shipped
from Massillon, Ohio, Mondav, and a lot of
clutch and other pulleys are now at the de
pot, so thai it will not be many davs lefore
tho company will be rcadv to put in addi
tional lamps for customers vT ho have applied
for them. r -
Licensed loved was yesterday issued to E.
A Venstra, of Clearwater, and Athena
King, of Van Cannes, Ind.
George M. Wheat, of Grcecsburg, Alice
Huffman, of GoJdard.
T. L. Beans was appointed administrator
of the estate Mollle D. Hays, deceased.
Last night at jlnnoaal hall the German,
ciub gave the flrst-of their series of Germans
to be given during the winter season.
The dancing commenced at 9 o'clock, and
to the fascinating strains of Shaw's orches
tra the members for several nours most en-
joyablj followed the figures of this delight
ful dance.
At 11 o'clock a collation was set by that
prince of caterers, Gandolfo.
The ladies were elegantly dressed, among
those present were the Mesdames Frank Oli
ver, Ray Oliver, Col. Inues, A. M. Clark, TV.
W. Johnson, and the Misses Neiderlander,
Maud Struble, York, Murdock, Clara Lynch;
the gentlemen were Messrs. Frank Oliver,
Col. Innes, Ray Oliver, A M. Chirk, Will
Hilbish, Eugene Garnett, Wilson Bering,
Harry He?s, Dallett, Howard Case.
Dissolution Net tec.
Wo th9 undersigned composing the firm of
Corner, Fsrnum & Davis have dissolved by
mutual consent this day, C. TV. Davis retir
ing. Dec. 22, 1880. TV. J. Cokner.
H. R. Farnum.
C. TV. Davis.
TV. B. Hanscome has purchased C. TV.
Davis' interest. The busme-s will be con
tinued under the firm name of Corner, Farn
um & Co. d3G-iJt
I hereby withdraw from all real estate
agencies the sale of my lots, 57, 69, Gl, 63,
South Mam. 36-1 1 Robt Jack.
To all real estate agents: The west hf of s.
e. qr of tec. 34-27-1 e., is hereby witbdiawn
from the market. N. A. English.
dsG-lt W. D. McCormick.
Parties having bargains in in.'ide business
property will please notice ad. in want col
umn. Money ready; also bargains wanted
m any kind of property. J. R Snively,
d3G-2t 122 North Main st.
Notice to Real Estate Accnta.
All mv property is hereby withdrawn
from market. I. N. SIiller.
Wichita, Kan., Dec. 28, 1SSG. d36-lt
Business Opportunity.
There is a first class chance for the invest
ment of S2.000.00 in a safe, profitable busi
ness in this citr. The advertiser can furnish
half this amount and would like to meet
with a young man who could furnish the
other half. This is a splendcd chance for a
live young man with business experience.
Address, Sahl. tt hitney,
d3G-lt Manhattan Hotel.
A young man with energy aud first class
business ability is desirous of going
into business in Wichita. Can furnish 1,000
capital, and would like to have a j'ouug man
join him who could furnish a like amount
with business experience and a resident of
Wichita. Or would like to purchase an in
terest in some business already established
that can bo enlarged with the addition of
this amount of capital. Address T. S. TV.,
Eaglo office. d36-Gt
Masquerade Costumes
For Sons of Herman ball New Years eve.
Elegant new goods. Come early and select
your suits. Open evenings. 24S N Main
st., rooms 11 and 13. Vredenburgh,
d36-2t Costumer.
Elegant new designs in jewelry coming in
every day at Kassel's. Como in and select
at once.
I will offer special inducements to purchas
ers for the next thirty days. Receivors sale
at The Fair, 147 Main street. dlO-tf
New goods, new prices to be found at Kas
sel's jewelry store, corner Main and Douglas
avenue, Lawrence's drug store.
Notice to Builders.
All kinds of building stone constantly on
hand. Call on the Augusta Stone company,
702 East Douglas avenue. dll4-tf
New Years Calls.
This office is in possession of a full lot of
samples of Now Years calling cards. Parties
wishing calling cards must call in timo to or
der from the sample. 26tf
Business For Sale.
Small stock of fruits, confections, tobac
cos, and novelties. Good location; rent 15
per mouth. No other expanse. Store now
doing well. Other business cause of selling.
A splendid chance for any one, lady or gen
tleman, with small means. Will average at
least 2.50 per day on investment of 250
150 cash, balance 30 and 69 days. Inquire
509 N. Fifth or G07 Oak st. d31-tf
Dees it stand to reason that a barber could
know as much about diamonds as a pawn
broker, (a real live natural born pawnbroker)
necessarily must know.
Weep, ye poor competitors, weep;
For up with Post ye cannot keep. 32-5t
To "Whom It May Concern.
Notice is hereby given that on Jan. 22,
1SS7, at the office of tho Wichita Mining and
Investment company, rooms 2S, 29 aud 30,
142 N Main street, the stock books of said
company will be opened for the subscription
ot stock. E. J. Beattie, F. Girard. L. T.
Ewen, J. Edwin Davis, L. F. Sherwood, O.
C. Daisy, W. A. Richey, directors. d32-Gt
Having disposed of our Douglas avenuo
business property, we will discontinue busi
ness after Jan. 7, 1S87. All persons know
ing themselves iudebted to us will please call
and settlo at once.
d30-tf A. E. Shober & Bro.
Shober's stock of groceries at cost. 519 East
Douglas avenue. d25-tf
The New York millinery has been literally
thronged with customers over since the com
mencement of their reduction sale, and all
ladies have spoken alike, it is the cheapest
establishment in the city, and where most
ustouishing bargains can be secured. d26-tf
Go to The Fair, 147 Main street,
want a nice fi amo made to order.
it you
Sterns, the ticket broker, has removed to
No. 150 N. Main st. lGtf
Two Gold Watches.
I w ill have to move on Feb. 1st, and every
thing must be sold by that time regardless of
cost. Further, in order to show my appre
ciation of the liberal pntronago the people of
Wichita and vicinity have bestowed upon
me for the past six year. I will give away
on Feb. 1st, two elegantgold watches. Every
purchases of three dollar's worth of goods
will be entitled to a ticket.
Agnes Sommer,
22S Douglas ave.
Safe, fixtures and show caos for sale.
All the old customers of tho Fair aro solic
ited to come and take in tho bargains that
will be offered for the next thirty days at
receiver's sale at tho Fair, 147 Main st.
If you want a frame, haugmg lamp, veloc
ipede, bird cage, basket, jewelry, engraving,
etching, artist material, boy's wagon, brack
et, panel picture or anything else go to the
receiver's sale at the Fair, 147 Main st.
30,000 worth of diamonds and gold
watches to bo sold at a great sacrifice, by A.
APost, at No. 428 Douglas avenue. 22-tf
Sbobers stock of groceries at cost, 519 East
Douglas avenue. d25-tf
More diamonds can be seen in A. A.
Port's window every day than there is in
any two whole stocks in Wichita.
At cost, at cost, Shober's stock
nes, 519 East Douglas avenue.
of groce
The undersigned having been appointed
receiver of the stock Of goods, No. H7 Main
street, known as Tho Fair, all persons in
debted to the firms of Combs &: McCoy or
Combs & Roller, will ple.ie call and settfeas
these accounts must be closed at once
S. T. Major, receiver.
Wichita, November 27, 1SSG., dlO-tX
Desiring to close out my entire stock of
watcher, clocks, jewelry and silverware I
will offer them to the public frora now until
Feb. 1st at less than manufacturer "s prices.
Agnes Sommers. d23-tf
To eloseOdds and Ends of Stoek
$1.00 EACH
Of eourse every one cost more
Anyone wanting a eloak
Can Seeure a Bargain.
New York Store.
Now is the time to buy lots in this addition
while they are cheap.
Street cars and large brick
School house in connection. For further in
formation call at 6n S Market st.
CAPITAL, $100,000.
Farm Mortgages, Interest at Low Rates, No Delay.
DAVTD ROBISON. JR., Prekdest, Toledo, Ohio. JAHES J. ROBI30N. Scccetart.
OFFIC3, 127 l&J-T2$r STBSET.
0. B. ST0CKER,
.Fire Clay,
Fire Brick,
lime, Hair, HeTv York and Michigan Plaster.
Louisville and Portland Cement.
TiKD and OFFICE: On "VVntrr Street, between
nnd jTrst btreot.
Improved and Unimproved City Property
on the best improved streets in the city.
Lots on the inside on street car lines and in
outside additions. Suburban lots on the east
side in Maple Grove addition.
Business lots and business blocks for sale
at special bargains. Several fine tracts near
the city for sub-dividing and plating.
Imnroved farms and prass lands in all
r -
r3rrQ nf rri rnnnrv
pairs UI me county,
adjoining counties
All parties wishing to buy would do well
to call and examine my list before, buying
The Oldest Real Estate Agency in Wichita, j
Doula Aenue
Wichita, Kansas
. o
slcrn ranrrlP in fhi an f first and second floors have fresh water pumps placed In each
aibU ranuiicb m uik nLiZS1TOomsolh&zyKthrzin-v7&VQTr.atresh water is supplied in
Holiday -:- Goods
Our Mammoth Holiday Department is Thronged with
Thousands Everv Day,
I am determined that everv holiday article mu st be sold. I
will not put one holiday article back on the shelf.
They must go during the three da,vs regardless of Value.
Don't Miss It.
Toys, Dolls, Plush Goods, Books, Eic. Everything in the
ine of presents can be found at
Tlie Enterprise
Onlv one Plush Sacque leff. You can have it ftr a mere
song. Only a few Newmarkets left. You can buy ihem at
less than manufacturers price. Short Wraps and Childrens
Cloaks the Same.
Stamping Done Free
lempie or economy.
138 -Main Street.
Positively the LAST WEEK
We are vacating our premises on January 1st. and
Must Sell Our Whole Stoek.
In order to close it out entirely by
Trimmed and untrimmed, -which
prices. Our Trimmings,
and Tips will be
At Less than
No lady should fail to make use
I ha.ve for sale on Patty avenue,
enue, two lots 25x140 feet. hiving
dwelling aox34 reet, containing six large rooms and ono bath room
and one buttery, and each bed room having a good closet and Hue
communications with each room, also a large bay window, also
18x18 foot cellar, well walled with
in the kitchen have pipes drawing
and are supplied with discharge pipes; there is on the kitchen porch
a clear water pump with 34 feet of sink pipe, with good forre pump
connected thereto. The large rooms In lower stry are connected
by sliding doors, theporchesand bay windows have Mansard roofs
with entrance thereon from second story rooms and have beauti
ful but strong ratling around them. In fact the house In all Its make
up and adornments, both exterior and interior. Is one of the most
beautiful and convenient residences In the city of Wichita. Thero
is also on the lots a 24x26 ft stable and barn.u-iso- a good coal hou so
and all necessary outhouses. The premises can be examined nt
any time between 9 a. m.. and 5 p. m., except Sunday. Terms of
sale made known by the owner on
at time of sale lr required.
S.T. JOJNJUb, Owner.
Tne subscriber also offers for sale a larger building on tho lot
adjoining the above on the south slda There Is with tfrs bouse 100
feet fronton Patty avenue and 140 feet front on Prince street; the
houseis 30x44 feet, three stories high: exterior entrance to tho
second story from both fronts; also
is fourteen good rooms m tms nouse, atsoiwo oaui rooms anu two
sanitary closets, Bach room has direct communication with good
double brick chimneys. The large rooms on the firt anu second
floors have large folding door openings; all tho rooms except third
story have transoms. Tbe house Is built so that all communica
tions oetween tne nrst ana secona
pleasure, allowing each floor the seperate use or one fcatn room,
one sanitary closet and one washroom and one buttery; the house
being so constructed that each of the f inland second floors h&vo
a room for kitchen and wash room purposes, also a parlr and bed
rooms on each floor. There is a Eeveaty.f ive oarrei cis.ern bo con
structed that rain water Is carried
the building. The pian and workmansmp oi tne omming ootn ex-
jterlor and interior is not surpassed by any In the city. There is a
good I2x 12 ft, stone eel ar wcU ventilated: tnere Is a 22x2W ft barn
venient for either purpose. The
at any time between a a, xn ana o p nu except, surtaay. Tenms or
sale made known by the owner on the premisea. Iwlll also re
ceive orfera for the lease of the building; posaeeeion incase or Ue
or lease to be given January 1, 1887.
iliH !
that timo.
"We have a large and
stock or
wo offer at Marvelously
Fancy leathers, Plumes
sold equally low.
Half Priee.
of this splendid opportunity.
within one block or Douulas av
on the lots a two-story frame
stone: the bath room and sink
water direct from the cistern
the premises; possession given
from inside stairways. Thero
rioors can oe aiscontujucu iv
to washbasins in bed rooms
CUaiiiilU toy HOU5U, XllO OUUU-
or large boarding
of the city, is con
premjsare open for inspection
S. T. JONES, Owner.

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