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Wichita eagle. (Wichita, Kan.) 1886-1890, March 20, 1888, Image 6

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Tl -sr3r-' - . 5 "--v.j.
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eSPHjipgBsEi a5srA-, w
New York Money.
New York. March 13.
MONET On call easy at"2M33 per cent; closed of
fered at 3 per cent. Prime raccantile papers
(15W. Sterling exchange dull, but steady at, U-'i
for slttv dav bills and 4.S7V tar demand.
STOCKS-gulct but steady- he total bales of
stocks today w ere 174,835 shares.
i percent coupon's U-h
ii per cent coupons
t" per cent of '93 J;'
Missouri fo '"J
Chicago & Alton J;
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy '-'
I Lackawanna li'.A
Krie 24V(
Lake Shore T?:
Missouri Iaclllc .
Northwestern ''$
Now York Central iji
Heading "'
Kock Island.'.'..'.' 1.lM
Vnlon 1'aclllc !.&
Wabash hf
"Western Union "
Chlcaco Grain and Produce.
CHICAGO, March 19. In spite of the fact
that receipts of all grains -were larger than
the estimates, the opening liour on Change
today was marked by firmness and slight
ly better prices. The little bultre was of
short duration, however, and before noon
grains sold at, or below, the opening
prices. When there was an upward ten
dency there was fair activity, but with the
depression in values came dullness.
There were a good many foreign buying
order-, in the wheat pit, and these held the
market steady earl-. Uut when it was
announced that the decrease in the
visible was but -105,000, when twice
that amount was anticipated and that the
receipts in the northwest were very large,
the tendency was downward prices, de
clining c. May opened at ?fcc.. ad
vanced to 78c, reacted and closed at
T.s c.
Corn was only moderately active today,
and trading was mostly local. The feeling
was firm early in the session, there being
a fair demand for shorts iind prices were
advanced about 14C- T'he advance brought
out more offerings and prices gradually re
acted. .May opened at TliatT)lc.t ad
vanced to ."lJjC, reacted to Hlc. and
closed at .11 J4' bi,Tc.
Oats were dull and heavy and very little
change occurred in values. May opened
and closed at ;llc.
Little interest was manifested in the
provision market, and no particular
changes occurred. Oil'erings and demand
were light and fiunctuations were confined
to narrow limits. May pork opened at
c-14.15, ranged between $14.10 and $14.17
and closed at 14.10r14.1'J1. May lard
rold at $7.52fJ7.r7i.' and closed at 7.57
The statement, of the visible supply of
grain on March 17 as compiled by the
.secretary ol the Chicago board of "trade
was as foilows: Wheat, 30,2.".,J,0i4 bu.;
decrease, 407,012 bu. Corn, 0,2;!S.'J0 bu.;
increase, S5.SSG bu. Oats, 4,207,510 bu.:
decrease, 129.4S0 bu.
The leading future t rre as follow s.
- . e
ii V n f
E - S j
O C J y
M.uch 71 71 73K 73S;
Ml &i 7S 7S 7"s
.lime Til 79U 7sf, 7sJi
lulv 7'J 7HJ4 Ty(, "yH
t urn -
M.iy 51-H. 51ft r,m blH
.lune nut, si'u M)i 'mi
li'lt 61fc, & 51 61H
May .11 si,m ."ii si
.Inn 31 31 SUji 31
Slav 11 11 II I7U 11 10 11 10
J'inc 1121 11 22.v 11 15 1117
April 7 5". 7.r, 7Sfc 7:.J!4
Maj 7 fiS V 7 Cm 7.17k- 7 07.H.
.ItMie 7 G7''. ".Wt 7 tUU ;
July 7 7MJ 7 7'.".. 7 70 " 7 70
Cash quotations were as follow;
I'l Ol K-Qui.i ami uni'liaiued: winter wheat,
t2.S0.4.". spring yi.7-Vtl.-K: ryo J2.70.il. 15.
. WHEAT- No 3 M)r!ni;74i'!i76&:; '" 3sprinff, ;
N2 nil. s s;i.c.
I H-u. 2. viijo,
OATs-No. 2, 27' ftJIOo.
i:K-No. 2.. Is'i..-.
RAHLEY-No.:!. 77(SS1c
1 1 WM.ED-Xn, 1. il 1.1.
'1 IJIOTHV sEKD-Priun.', J2.51G2..12.
akticlks. Kcceipts. Shipments.
Wheat 2.(t) l3,nuo
'rn Hil.tWj !';,U00
'ts .st.,tri(i &;.miQ
JU'TTKIt-rirm; cieamcry, 223Uc; dairy, JS
hljOS Finuen 14K1JK.
New Yoric J'roducc.
Xi:v Yokk. 31 ircli 1!.
WHEAT Heavy, (kc lower. No. 2 red, U1K
914 dell'rd.
lOHN-'v.tc lower and dull. No. 2 OOe eleva
tor. tlic lellered.
OAT stead. Mixed. .'Initio; white, 4iai5e.
COFKK "ol neuk, loe, options ojiciknI Wrong
er, closed In. av and lower. iale.-. 9J,aOJ bags.
l f.AK-Steaily.
J-.UGS Klrnu.t M.alS'jc.
It! I'TP1IVIpii- 11...
t HhESlI Dull and nnehansed.
Kansas City Produce.
ka.n-as flTV. March 19.
WHKAT-Steady; No. 2, soft. 7.sc; soft. ca-h. Tfc;
Jlaj . 7S-''ic askiil.
lOlt.N-MeaiU: cash. 4 c iusked; April, He asked;
JIa. lllii- bid. llie a-l;ed.
o 1's. -Xo. 2, cash. Si'Uc iikcd.
KdliS -lii'.
IH TTKIl Weaker for creamery fancy at 2;; jrood
2"27c: tine d.Ur, lsa2Jc. storo choice, Ma-ls; poor
jinil low crade, V.'-V; roll, fanc,20c; cood to choice,
1 . 17c
roi'I-TKY Live chickens receipts liberal: large.
4- ''. small. J2...t2.Si. roosters, t2.2o. turvt'A, 3c.
rLOl'H-Qulet but er linn. XX. siic; XXX.
(1 iil.O... Itiiully. fl.l'.125, choice, tl.50l 0!;
l.v.ic, flfiVll 711; elra fane. J1.7.'jjLS.l; .iient.
t2.UN.i2.10. rje Hour. M.40il.(U.
COiiX .MfeAl.-v4rwn.ftjc dried. $1.03.
t oKX tllOI' Yellow. ". lmlk::Ocackctl.
SHIP STITK Kc b-ilk; 77c fsuked.
11HW" s.u.klHi;,-c.
H 1-iriii, t.uuy, small baled, $10; larso baled
1 1 -hi.
! L.KKD-1.2j.
C IIEKsn-Twins; lie; younK America, 13ijc.
II Ms, sugar cured. hic.
1JKIK1) lll.Kr-ftc.
r-tIOtl.Uh.1- Dry silt, Jj.75; lone clear, $7.15;
cVat lib. ; 2o-. short cle.ii.J7.50. smoked siioulders,
$i .), liuiK ciear. J7s5; clear rib, ;..3, s-hoit clear,
. viUK-.U.OO.
St. l.ouls Produce.
rr Lons, March IP.
n.orn-nroi but dun. xx, .'jmco
fai uly J2 c5i-14); choice. JJ25tJ.l a. patents, f; ll;
4 -
WHL'AT-Opaul Ilrm and ad-!inced teadili w 1th
llv. l tr.uURctn eirly nioinhs. in Lite nioaths 4lie
mi ii'icf was neaxier. imi
the i l"-e. elosine; ;e hic'ier;
b'Vvi Mi.y. S2s."je. eloiii r.l
cio-.n. s',v .luh. ,', u7si, el.
ii'icf was neaxier. imi leactotl toward
; hiK'ier; ii 2. red. cash.
r.t s-.'M;r June Miy,
ClOsllllJ .6V1: All-ll-t
iiiv at ..sc; Devemoer. 15l(J.
cusii at Sle.
tC'HN Ver dull; cah. 45?4 May 40S16Mc clos-lnv-
at J'c; .lui.v, cleinK at 4CUc; July, clusln at 47c.
O.VT- Ka-ien cash. ots,c. May. '3i0o.
lt'i E Higher at 02c.
riAin.E -;j4s;.;.
n Y-rnchanced; prime timothy. fl2.C0317.00;
praine. Js.OlU.i..
ULlTfcU Klrnu Creamery, SlSCOc; dairy 2iVt
I.EAD-t ommon. 1.5fc; rcflned, .1.
W HISkY-s-uaily. Sl.W.
1'fiOX IsIOXs-Wtak.
POHiv il4.tVjbll.2j.
Wheat Stronger. May. jS'mjcs July. TTiCc.
COKX-Quleu April. 4.Vv May. 45(.c; July, 47Kc
Oats-DuII. May. 23hc bid.
Kansas City Live Stock,
Ka.nas City, March 1).
The Live Stock Indicator reiwrts;
C ATTLE Heeeints. 77 shipments, none. 5Iar
ket slow, weak and unsatlsf ji tory. Good to choice
corn fid. fl.OAAl.PO; common to medium, fiiic
4.4 v Moikers. Jt2.uV2.tiU feeders. Js5.tMrfo.HJ; cou.v
HOUs Itecelpts, 5.C00; shipments, none. Market
stiady to shade hicher. i.iikh1 to choice, ,5oX
5,:)0; common to medium, $1 i'v5.15; skips and
pigs. 1-3.(1 K4.l.
s-HKKP Receipts, sv; shipments, none. Market
stiunj; for rooi! to choice rauuons at J1.t:j5l40; com
mon to medium, -2 I0vt4.an.
St. Louis Live Stock.
St. Louts, March 19.
CATTLE Receipts. l.CU); shipmeiius ?U Market
lower. Choice heavy natlvi- steers. ?4..ii.V.: fair
to jrood native stt,., JijrikolU: butcheis. ie-i--.
fair to choice. $.Ua4.1U; sioekers and fitHior.
medium to sood, J2.uiisa.2j; ranBers, rdinary to
rood, J-2.2iV?s0.
HOGS-Recelpts. J."vi. Shipments, toi. Marke
esy. Choice heavy and butchers" selections, J5J
.l.lo; packing, medium to prime, $5.:0Go.l0; llsht
grades, fair to best. J-1.10(5.).lo.
SsllEEP Receipts, 0,100: shipments 700. Market
dull: lair to choice, $4.u05.SJ.
Clilcajjo iflvo Stock.
Chicago, March 13.
The Drovers' Journal reports:
CATTLE Receipt?. 12.jy0; hhlpments, 2,0)0. Mar
ket weak and Ju&IjcoH. Steers, 3.tt)flj.2.): stock
ers ami feeders, f i35Q3.0C; -cows, bulU and mixed,
t2.00&i.W. Texas steers. f3.95i$f..&.
IIOGb Receipts, 1S.0U0: shipments, 7.000. Market
stead. Mixed. ?-1.1r.,1.:5; heavy, 5.US5.50; light,
5.!iva..1 l, skip. $.kWg.1.00.
SllEEP Receipts, ;;.(; shipments, 1,003. Market
sndy and stronp. Xative fi.M3fi:S; western,
,5 ii(K!.iXl5. Texan-. MA05JW: lambs. 5.5OS.i5.50.
Chicago. Kansvj A Nebraska.
(Rock Island Route)
No. r Kansas City St. Louis and Chicago,
through Mail and Express. dav. an Ives
at 7:.Hj a. m departs 8:10 a. m
No. 4 Kansas City, St. Louis and Chicago
Night Express, dally, arrives 8 :50 p. m, de
parts 8:33p.m.
No. C2 Accomodation, leaves daily (except
Sunday) 9.15 a. m
No. 3 Kansas CItv. St. Louis and Chicago,
Express, arrives 6v.' and denarts 7:10 a. m
No. 1 Kansas it. St. Louis and Chicago
through Mailand .Express. arrives 7.20 and
departs dul'y 7:4op. m
No.i. Accomoaation leaves dally (except
Sunday) 12:50p.m
Elegant free reclining chalrcarsonmornlnetrains
Pullman sleeping cars on all night trains. Tickets
told and baggage checked through to all points.
City ticket ofllce 200 E. Douglas avo., and depot cor
ner Mead and Douglas avenues.
C. A. RuTUEiironn, Ticket Agent.
Missouri PacWc-tort Scott Route.
Knn-as City, St. Louis and Eastern
Express S.loam 11:30am
Knnsa-i City, St. Louis and Eastern
Express 0.00pm 720pm
Conway Springs, Anthony ana
KiowaExpnss 7.-C0pm X5am
Conway springs Anthony and
KiowaExpnss 11:13am eJOpm
Wichita A Colorado Division.
Hutchinson, Sterling and Geneseo
Expre-s U:'5am f:45am
Hutchinson, Sterling and Geneseo
Km- s- CWOp m :25pm
All trains run dally.
The Mlv-onn Pacific. "Kt. Scott Route." run
thiough I'nUni.in sleep.ng cars to Kansas City and
bt. Louis dally; also through fite reclin
ing chair cars on both night and mornm
trains. Tills is tlio shortest line to St. Louis, by H
miles, and tLe popular line to nil points east north
and south. Connections aro made in Union depots
in both Kansas City and St. Louis with all lines
liom these points. Ticket ofllce li7 North Main St.
N. ". KrEUA,
Pass, and Ticket Agent.
Wichita & "Western.
.. 9.10 am
.. 7.40 pm
.. 1:1 j i m
.. Silo am
.. t.lipm
No. 2
No. 4
No. 1
No. a
Mail and Express
Mall and Express
V. D. Ml unoi h,
Freight ..nil Pass. Agent.
Kansas Midland Railiray.
Passenger leaving WIrhita dally at 7:01 a. m
Passenger arrhes at Ellsworth 12.55 p. m
Preight leaves Wichita e.01a.m
Pi eight arrl os at Ellsworth 4:50 p. m
Passenger from Ellsworth S-OOp. m
Preight from Ellsworth 3.00 p. m
The Kansas Midland Is the direct line to the north
west and is the cot and shortest route to Oiegon
and Washington Termor points.
City Union Ti.-kct Office 122 North Main street.
Union Depot Oak street and Walipsh .ive. Station.
YV. 1) MniKoc k.
Freight and I'ass. Agent.
St. Louis A San Fiancisto.
Going West. Passenger O30am
Going West, Pa.s-enger 5x0 pm
doing West. Freight l.Mr p m
(.oIti- Fast, Passenger 0 2.1a m
Going East, Pnsvonger SVOpm
Going Kat, Freight 1020pm
Going East, Freight 8Ja m
ThoFilscoisthoonh lino running two solid ti.nns
daiH to M. Louis without elniige from Wichita.
The only line hating morning and night Pullman
sc r Ice from V lrhlta to St. Louis. Two trains d ill'
to Arkansas and Texas points. Free reclining chiir
cars on all niglu trains. City I'nlon Ticket Ofiico
122 Noith ilaln street, and Union depot. Oak st,
rieight and P.iks. Agent.
Atchison, Topeka A Santa Fe.
The following time table w 111 go into effect on the
A.. T. A S. F. K. R. August 14, from Wichita, Kansas
north and lastward;
Texas Express
..10 '0am
.. 7:46 pm
.. fiO-1 p in
I x in ess.
( Gum
mlo and California Express
Fiolght Accomodation
Texas Express
Kiowa Express
Caldwell A Arkansas City Mall A Express.
Fiehiht Accomodation
r.ffl p m
i:30 p a,
'lhes-nntft Felsthe onlv, line running two solid
trains dallv from Wichita to Kansas City, with
niornlns- and night Pullman service. The short line
toiolorado points it It h two daily trains; It Is from
21 to A hours th shortest line to California, with a
through service of Pullman and free tourist sleeping
cai The shortest line to Texas points with a
ihiougli daily service of elegant dav coiches and
Pullman cars. City Union Ticket onic- 1" North
Main St., and Union depot near Ock tieet.
W. D. Murdoch:,
Freight and Pass. Agent.
TlieNlnnescah Route,
MailA No. 3. Xo. .1.
STATIONS. Exn's. Exp's Mixed.
Lv. St. LoulsSt, L. A- S.F g lOAJti S Zi r.M
" Kansas City. AT A SF, 9 4U1-M 10.il a"
" Wichita, U D S mi! 7 40 I'M
"Douglas At o !"' " " " 1 S 1I
" Clielie 9 52 " .sis" 3.11 "
Ar. Kingman '10 .11 " 9 3011 .125 "
Lv. Xinnescha 11 11 " 11 10 AM
"Saratoga 1151 " I2T I'M
"Pratt 12 0) M in "
" CtilUson 121 I'M 151 "
Ar. (ircensburg .. 1 ') " 1 10 "
I No. 4 .
Xo.2 I Mail A I No.fi
STATIONS. ' K.)rcss.'Epress.' Mixed.
Lv. Gressburg 2 .') I'M 300 AM
" CullLson 3.15 " 4 47 "
"Pratt 3.13 " 5 34 "
" Ssratoga 4 0.1 " 5 4'J "
"Xinnescha 410 " 7 57 "
"Kingman 630 AM 5 3D " S 2.1 "
"Chene 7 11 " 6 10 " 9 52 "
" Douglas Ave S 12 " 7 (U " 12 15 r.M
ArWIchitaUD 82.1 " 7 1.1 "
" .st. Louis. st. L A s, i 6. am fi 00 t'M
Ln wvei s Rooms 2, 4 and G, 203 Nortn Main street
Wichita, Kutms. dlL4-tf
J-twyer and collector. Bitting block, room P. 134
E. Douglas Ate.. Wichita, Kan. difi-tf
Attorney at Law. ! West Douglas avenue, up
Attorney at Law. rooms 5 and 4 Fechhelnier block.
Specialty Land Titlo and Corporations. dl2
w. U. Rriden nAiron. w. h. Rauch,
Attornets.ind Counsellor- at Law. Rooms 5 and
7at 205 North Main at. Uf-Jit
Attorney at Law. rooms 5' and 6. 150 N Main street:
1 business promptly attended to. can furnish, best
of references. dl4-ti
Attorney At Law, oflice 1 South ilaln street
Attorneys at Law.
1SU N Main Street, Wichita,
W. S. Morris. j. jj. Hatuakee.
Lawyers. Office 113 N Main street. Vt lchita.
0. D. HEX,
Attornev at Law. lioom 3, U.S. Lnd Office
buiidlng. Wichita. Kau.
Attornevsand Counselor at Law. OSita No 139
North Main street. HS-if
Attorne3 at law. Commercial block. Wictuta.
Attorney at Ijiw and collodion -vgent. No. 14 Mala
re. WicuUa, Kansas.
Attornev at ltv, 211 N Main t Wichita, Kansas.
AH business promptly attended to. 122-tr
Attornev at I-aw. Attorney for Wichita Collecting
Bureau, Santa Ft block, rooms j, 3, and 5, 140 North
Mala st- -U4J-U
tHicBottft Da gagle: Sneptontttfi-Ptoixk 20, lJ3l8.
Attorney at Law. Wichita, Kansas.
H. L. Gordon. chas. f. Cones
Attorneys and Consulors at Law. Office 10 and 11,
Fechheimer block, Wichita, Kan. 110
W. P. Campbell. jas. L. Dtkr.
Attorneys-at-Law. Wichita. Kan. 105-tf.
Attorneys at law. 1U N 3Ialn St.. Wichita, Kansas.
John w. adams. G. w. c Jones. Geo. w. adajjs.
Attorneys at Law, Offlc first BtalrTay &st of
Wichita National Bank. 115
Late U. S. Attorney.
Lawyers. 12 N Main street Wichita, Kan. Ul-tf
German physician, member honor of the "Virginia
State College, live e.irs professor of surgery, for
merly batalllon surgeon of the 1'russian army, fif
teen years experience. Treats all chronic, surgical
diseases and private matters. Ofllce 2y East Doug
las avo., corner Law rence and Douglas. Consult in
Englisn, German and French. dl02-lmo
Physician and Surgeon, general practise, special
attention given to the diseases of women and chil
dren and obstetric. Office No. 230 North Main St.,
rooms 3 and 15 Hsller block. Dav or night calls
promptly attended to. OCico hours 8 to 10 a. m.. 1 to
0 and 7 to 'J p. in. 6S-lm5
The noted Magnetic Healer. Is located at No, 621
North Market street, where the sick and suffering
may receive tr lne.lt of her wonderful healiug
power. Charges, f 5 a treatment. dS7-lm
Christian .science Healer, 321 N Topeka avenue.
Receives students for Instruction and patients for
treatment. Hours 9 to 12 a. m., 7 to 9 p. m. 82-lml
No. .7)2 North Topeka avenue. Receives students
forlinstruction and patients for .treatment. Wo
claim God all powerful and treat from that faith.
Cfflce ho :rs, 9 a. m. to 1 p.m. "Science and Health,"
by Mrs. Mary H. G. Eddy, on sale. dSl-lmo'
Phvslelnn and Surgeon, ofllce 329 E Douglas ave.
Telephone at office No. 291. telephone at residence
No. US. Residence 1213 N Market. 134-tf
Kclectio Phsiclan and Surgeon; treats all acute
and chionic diseases; cure of piles guaranteed or no
pay; ox gen treatment given when Indicated and no
charge made if no benefit follows.
O Jlc e hours 9 to 12 a. m., and 1 to 5 and 7 to S p. m.
Office 25S N Main street cor. Second, Wichita.
Physician and Surgeon, 114 N Main street; tele
phone for office No. 2i, for residence 12'J. Dr. Ter
rill, general practice, diseases of women and chil
dren and obstetric. Dr. Sliults, consumption,
catarrh. all throat and chest diseases, piles, rup
tures, blood, skin and chronic diseases generally.
Consultation free. 107-tf
Chris'lan .scientist healers. Oflice hours, 1 to 11 a
m; 2 to 4 p. m. 1S5 North Emporia ave. Wichita
Kansas. dlOl-lmoi
J. F. Oldham. T. a. Graham.
Residence corner Market st. and Central ave.
Calls attended promptly day or night: otfico 221
Douglas a"e.; telephone residences, orace 310, Wich
ita, kansis. 102-tf
Homceopatblst. Ofllco 1.71 North Main street. Resi
dence, 101 1 North Fourth street, near Lniou depot,
Wichita. Kansas. Office telephone No. 203. Resi
dence telephone No. Ill
J. 0. DEAN,
Dentist. Those of my patrons desiring mv ser
vices can find moat Di. ceeljes oaico.oter Hitting
Bros'. d75-tf
Saving the Natural teeth a Specialty. Vitalized
Air administered. Drs. Ciedetor A Duckwalter,
Dentists. No. 3UU N. Muiii.
Dentist. All work guaranteed first-class. Office:
118 K. Douglas atenue, oter Barnes & Son's drug
More, Wichita, Kansas, d!51tf
Dentist. Office Fechheimer block. Corner Doug
las and Market. 3d floor. il3S-tf
D. W. Smith.
U. S. Hougland.
Dentists. Eagle building, Douglas avo nue, Wich
ita. Kansas.
?f. TERRY.
Architect and superintendent. Rooms 1G and 17,
Bitting biock. Tclcphouo No. 136, Wichita, Kans.
Architect and superintendent. Room 17, Meyer A
He lserman building. No. 211 N Main st, dy.-tf
Architects, rooms -1 and 22, Fechh elmer block
w lcmuo, Kansas.
Architect, room 13, 315 N Main St.. Wichita, Kan
eon. 117
111 North Main stroot. Room 9, AVlchlta, Kansas.
Architects and superintendents. Office In Roys'
block, Wichita, Kansas.
W. T. PKouDrooT. G. W. Bird.
Architects and superintendents. 021co ln Feich
heimor block.
Ofllce ln the Clement building. Rooms 6 and S, 2S-1
N Main St., or lock box 73. J. A. McMahan. supt.
American Reprint Ninth Edition. J. M. Stoddart
Co , Publisher. Mrs. L. S. Carter agent. Otlice 407
E Douglasat e.. rooms i; and 1. Wichita, Kan. t all
and examine the work or fend for specimen leave.
Contractors and builders. Shop and office corner
Svcamore and Chlcaco avenues. West Wichita
dwelling 25j Wabash avenue. Sl-tf.
Graduate of Chicago Veterinary college.
nj c. jjougiaa are.; iiuepnone -o. j.
Wichita. Kan-
The Photographer Pictures in all sires and styles.
He alo carries the finest assortment of picture
frames in the city. Give him a f riendiy call and ex
amine sample
E. Y Mansell. M. D- ITop and neon. L. S. Munt
I sell. 31. D.. su.-geon In charge. Of2ce No. 203 North
Main M.. wicnita, Kas. C7S-tr
The celebrated Henry F. Miller grand, square and
upright pianos, are used b the cr".u -rti-t of the
day. and endorsed by them. The acency for them
for this terrltorv has bc-en seoured by Mrs. Mart
New-comb, of this city
The-e pianos are used ln the Collese of Sluslc at
Garfield I'ntt crslty, exclusive of others, al-o bT
Prof John W Metcalf for hS own private ne. he
hiivtnc ued them for the last six Trars. Thes
Binos are noted for their fine quality of tone, dara
illty of workmanship and power of remaining Il
tune. Orders mav be left iia Mr. Mary New comb
Room S . North Boarding Hall Cnlvrs t? riaoe or
with Mils Blanche Newcomb, Garfield University.
Free reclining chair cars are now rnnning
on all trains on the C, K. & X. railway,
"Kock Inland Koine," between, Wichita,
Topeka. Kansas Citv, Su Joseph, Chicago,
St, Louis. v ti
Tho Wondcrfal TVork Done by Ants.
Earthworms What Larral Insects Ac
complish Activity of the Crayfish in
"Wet Ground Observations.
Although tha earthworms are undoubtedly
very important acrents in overturning and
breaking up of soil, it appears to me that
I they are most effective in the tilled fields or
in the natural and artificial grass lands. So
far as I have been able to observe, these
creatures are rarely found in our ordinary
forests, where a thick layer of leaf mold,
commingled with branches, lies upon tho
earth. The character of this deposit is such
that the creatures are not competent to make
their way through it, and the-, therefore, in
tho main avoid such situations. Moreover,
wherever the soil is of a very sandy nature
earthworms are scantily found, if they aro
present at alL These worms aro practically
limited to the soils of a somewhat clayey
character, which have no coating of decayed
vegetation upon them.
As the greater portion of tho exisiting soil
has been produced in forest regions, I shall
first examine the action of various animals
upon tho soils of wooded countries. The
mammals are of all our vertebrates the most
effective in their action upon the soil of
forests. Twenty species or moro of our
American mammals are burrowers in 'the
forest bed. They either make their habita
tions beneath the ground or resort to it in
pursuit of food. Of these our burrowing
rrwlpnts nrn nnrlmnc t.Vo mnct. frWtivn hnf. n
lnrreniimhflpnfnthor! mnmml! rsnrt.
to the earth and make considerable excava
tions. In forming their burrows or in the
pursuit of other burrowing animals these
creatures often penetrate through the whole
or greater portion of the soil covering. Tho
material which is withdrawn from the bur
row is accumulated about its mouth. The
result is the overturning of a considerable
amount of the earth and a consequent com
mingling of tho material with vegetable
matter. "When brought to the surface and
left exposed to the action of frost the break
ing up of tho material is greatly favored, and
thus the formation of tho soil is facilitated.
Considerable as is the effect of burrowing
mammals, the principal overturning of tho
earth in our primeval forests is accomplished
by the invertebrate animals. Where tho
woods aro not very dense, and particularly
where tho soil is somewhat sandy, our largest
species of ants are very effective agents in
working over tho soil. Their burrows extend
to the depth of some feet below the surface,
and each hill brings to tho air several cubic
feet of excavated matter, which, as slight in
spection shows, is much commingled with
vegetable matter. "Wherever these aut hills
abound they commonly exist to tho number
of a score or moro on each acre, and tho oc
cupants o each hill, in many cases, bring as
much as a cubic foot of matter to tho surface
in tho course of a single year. The action of
rain constantly operates to diffuse this nfa
terial on every side of tho hill. "Wc may often
observe a thin layer of sediment extending
for a considerable distance from the elevation.
As is well known to all those who have in
spected the soil within virgin forests, tho
earth is occupied by a host of larval insects,
principally belonging to the group of beetles,
but including also many orthopterous insects.
These creatures in the courso of their life un
derground displace a good deal of soil, a por
tion of which is thrown upon the surface, tho
greater part, however, being merely dislodged
beneath tho surface. The effect, however, is
to commingle and to break up the soil, and
thus favor its comminution. Although tho
rootsof trees do by far tho larger part of tho
rending which is accomplished in tho soil
layer, they do not bring about much com-
mingling of the soil
"Whcro tho woedsrare wet and favor the de
velopment of the crayfish tho effect of this
group of animals on tho overturning of tho
boil is extremely great. It probably exceeds
that which is accomplished in our ordinary
fields by the action of tho earthworm. A
single crayfish will often bring in tho courso
of a single season's activity not less than half
a cubic foot of earthy matter to the surface.
In certain districts where these animals
abound there appear to be not less than 1,000
to each acre of surface. If such bo their
number it is evident that not less than 300
cubic feet of matter i3 brought to the surface
from a considerable depth in the course of a
year. As this matter is generally of a rather
fine nature and easily dissolved in water it
rapidly washes away and forms a thin sheet
on the surface. I am inclined to believe that
large areas of our wet woods and the open
borderlands along our Streams are completely
overturned to tho depth of two feet or moro
in the course of half a century by the actions
of these animals.
In open grounds, in natural prairies or
grass plains, the smaller species of ants are
extremely effective agents in overturning
the soils. Wherever the ground remains for
some time unplowed it becomes occupied by
theso creatures. In the sandy soils of east
era Massachusetts tho overturning accom
plished by these creatures assumes a geologi
cal importance. For many years I have
been puzzled by tho fact that tho glacial
terraces and plains of this region were ex
tensively covered to the depth of a foot or
more by a coating of fine sand and very " perfectly at tery small cost, without incon
,, J ,, , , . , . , ., , .. . J tenlen.'eto the owners. Address Wro. Forsythe.
small pebbles, wlnlo below the depth of a t 43s N, Topeka Ave. dl(ic
foot pebbles of larger sire are very numer- j , - :. -
ous,and tho spaces between them but im- I WrllT3F$Sl
perfectly occupied with any material. It is i
i-K;ou- 4mTJUc,M tn o-r-T.lni'n tl,0s J!.
tions through the action of earth worms, for
the reason that these creatures are rarely J
found m soils of this description. rom
much observation I have become convinced
. t .-i : . t .l., ..;..l .-
that this coating of sandy material is to a j
creat extent to bo explained by the action of !
. . , i . ., - ,, I
various species of ants, in the forest condi-
tion by the work of the larger black ants,
and in the condition of open plains by that
of the smaller species. Professor N. Sj. Sha
ler in Popular Science Monthly.
te's Attack at GettysbarR.
c,, ,. ., i.. 4 .
Gen. Slocum commanded the right of the
Union line at Gettysburg, caving ms head
quaters on Culp's hill. In speaking of Get
tysburg Gen. Slocum said:
"It was undoubtedly the greatest battle of
the war. Gen. Meade said to me on the field
that if Lee attacked him at a certain poms
he would beat him. It is a singular fact that j
the attack was made in just the way that,
Ato ir,n' , ,t Pirl-t's elmrrn trc '
-UVV.W ..MUWV.V. .,, UUU ...... ... . &w -. -J .
dehvereil at the very point that Gen. Meade
indicated in his conversation with me. I was
Komewhat apprehensive regarding the result
of the fight, fearing a successful flank move
ment by the enemy. If Jackson had been
there this would undoubtedly have been at
tempted." Brooklyn Eagle.
Originated In Amcrlciu
Of all the common garden vegetables, only
two of them, the potato and two kinds of '
F-t-.MVs.i7 w AAvnil -ns-ti -- n Tt T"ft nrTnn- i
., v ;uii "" -
aieu in --ijnerica. ju tnc oiuc, uiuca iu
sweet potato be also excepted, were intro
duced from Europe, and Europe got much of
them from the East. Good Housekeeping.
Tho statute forbidding car companies xo
have been on their horse on Sunday is well
known, but a tiny contrivance, by which the
law is observed, is not. It would b expen
sive ana troublesome to remove tne tnou- ,
sands of bells, and o at midnight on Satar- j
day a tiny rubber band, similar to these used !
on umbrellas, is qutcklv slipped around each '
, . , , "- v.- tv vtu ,
clapper, and this explains why tn txiii en
the harness on Sunday give out no Jingling. .
r?ew York Sun.
Tt may take er cnart man ter be er raskfl,
yit, arter aJL wldou' an dax nl nc
hrffifstr. I
All notices of Employment or Situations Wanted,
will be charged for at the rate of five cents per line
P- week; no notice for less than 25 dfents.
All For Sales or other business notices -will be
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no business notice taken for less than 50 cents.
rANTED A good girl for general housework in
small family. Apply 405 Waco. dl03-6t
11T ANTED To sell Inside lots, all on time, to
W parties who will build. C. B. Jacobs, 12h N.
Main St., upstairs. dUAMt
ANTED To Trade Unencumbered lots for
snan horses or single horse. Call at 124 S.
Lawrence. Peerless Grocery Co. dI05-Ct'
"7 ANTED Good girl for general heuework lor
. T family of two; good waes. 413 S. Market.
TTTANTED Two first-class solicitors; No. 1 men
. T only, of good address and experience; J100 per
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Call or address 403 E. Douglas, room 1. dlOtH
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. Hitchen any energetic man can earn $200 a
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it Market st. dl05-6ti
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offer address P. lock box 21. dl0o-6t
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Preferred. Residence 1123 N. Onio, or address glass
ox 2il5. B. J. Burton. dlOS-tit
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Apply 451 N. Waco at. dllW-tf
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tory, by competent workman; country no ob
jection. Address J. H.. box 601, Abilene, Kan
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i steauy places: men tor stone quarry ana ev-
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sire concerning the labor market, for I have been
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worthy. 522 E. Douglas ave. 105-6t
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ated between Douglas atenue and Oak and not
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201 N. Main street. 105-ti'
TT ANTED Buyers for six thoroughbred Scotch
Collie pups at corner of Main st. and Douglas
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Lock Box e'J, city.
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horse and carriage era dehtiry wauonatWest
Wichita Mills
rANTED A situation by a practiced nurse, a
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Call trJ N. Lawrence.
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. . Wichita Mill. tvl-lt
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can at ill r,. Douglas.
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Amelia Wobeott. care H. .1. Addington. dUH-Ut
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Somo guod notes to trade for something. One lino
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I !iJl' 10 y- Mal" &u
nlbiis to trado or selL Creller A- Cow -
room 2. dlol-t-ti
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for the pj-stunige of horses for the season.
Spring water and shade, two miles ot city. W, F.
Circen. 103-tf
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Also gentleman desires room-mate. References re
quired. KlTt-6!
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original color restored equal to ne; upliols-
terlng anil mattresses renovated a specialty; awn-
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IUIU IIUIISJI IUI S.IJC. .1. lUlkU, til .UlllI .1111111
street. dl02-a
ii .a lr,i,alt,uauonDyayoungmr.n in grocery
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jnivv.1 viil llUiii:i nubUil. jUJ uuijcsi. inj- i
some small Business, Lily reference or cash se
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enmerv. r,K.m h. 11RW Main street Wiry, r, v,n
ANTED Know everybody, who have leaky
house, within 3 blocks of Main and Douglas streets.
Address bookkeeper. Eagle office. dllB-,'
ANTED Position by an experienced boo!
aJJ, .Jft $ refereaces rfim.
TV-ANTED Boarders and roomers. First class
' wwru anu uuve, wui lurauowi rmmv prices,
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P'T: have one large and one small room connecting.
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Waco aTe- "-i
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barn. d'A-24t
xVANTED-A good houseglrU at 13XN. Lawrence J
atenue. e u
t ,-. VTrnr...vj ... i.v. ,t,
rooms with first clan
.. ,.. , Lu a ... WWV
board for two adults ln a nrl vate family North
ern part of the city preferred, cr would rent farn- J
Ished house. Add Board, P O box i, city. S3 tf j
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1 Good wage will be paid for experienced cooc
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5. W. Cooper. 137 N. Main St. StVtf
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"TOR s
SALE For caxn. grocery stock ln Englewooi
-- 4ws . .'
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wolfr. rental ag-ii. room S. 11 North Kartet
slr" 1:
T"irANTED-C0nte4of fat se. Incclre cf E
"WANTED-C0nte4of fat &?.
' J. Healy, 42 Dozlaa avea'ce.
.. , ,
U&S?ttg2?JZT. u S
- C4-tf r 1
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ave. dS-tf
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Barker. lTtf
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Kan. ps-tf
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Business College, students receive personal in
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FOR RENT-Only 120 per month for aT-room
hou-e. northwest corner Oak and Cherry -.ts..
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Also barn
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Ave .vacant after Annl
Appry at .. r . Misier-dlO-l2t
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Home. 11 rooms. Inquire of J. B. Brlnley. cor
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erence they can icure a. pleasant home, situated ln
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box 020, Wichita. Kansas. dllH-CU
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JL dry store Inquire of J. M Allen A. Co. dltlltf
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J. iS per month. Call room 7, 251 N. Main street.
dllM Lt
I70R RENT Two large unfnrnished rooms, suit
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23S N. Main bt. dioi-tt
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vetlon, half in gra is, hojss and stable, one mllo
north-wst of Riii net 11'- s;a .on, twelto miles
s 'Uth-we-t of WkhiM Call on or adilrrss nifnl
427 south Lawrence At enuo, Wichita. Kan I.ifay
ette Hillls. luw
I?OR RENT Two eight-room hoti'es. one lx
J. room house with barn. Rogers tho l'hoto
grapher. llbl
J70R RENT On Grace street, ln Black addition,
holf block from Douglas atenue. street cars.
seven-room house.
Applt to Walker A Flenlnr.
Business room No. 113 South Law-
X rence atenue. Ju
south of Douglas. 25 nor
Bunnell .t Moon-house. dllCtf
FOR RENT Two nice ofllce rooms, ot rr Steele's
hardware store. No. 117 North M lin St. Bun
nell & Moorehouse. dl()2if
FOR RENT -To llrst-class pirtv S room house,
choice location; liath. water, gas, furnace; will
reserve two rooms .m.l want IkiihiI for thru- people.
Will sell all or part of furniture. Apply room .1,
Stock Yards Exchange. dl(XM
FOR RENT Two nicely furnished front rooms
with oath, single or en suite, w Ith board In nrl
vate family. Call at 431 Waco ave.
"T70R RENT 3 flats of .'
rooms besides closets and
J bath room ln 1
ich Hat. and also I "tore room 1(11
foet deep In the Bntler building. No. 217 South Main.
Address 1311 Wichita street or enquire at flat No 10
11. R. Butler. d'i-tf
37OR RENT -Splendid new two-story house with
11 rooms on s Main st. good barn, cistern urn!
well, ready foroccupancv April 1. l"b-(. Enquire of
E. E. Ford, Lee Intestment company office. i7 ISt
J70R RENT See here, do you w ant to rent a new
7 room house. If so call on C. F. Derby, at II. G.
Tolers. under court houe, Derby has H dozen (mo
new houses that he will rent to good tenants wtfc
out small children; location central; rent from Tl5
to 1.0 per month invariably ln advance. C. F. Derby,
agent. d'.rt-tf.
FOR RENT-Onr S room house. No. 7ifi N. Empo
ria, bet. Pino and Oak sis. One 7 room house, cor.
Park and Waco ate. Will glo lease for a ear or
more. Address H. T West, 250 N. Emporia KUtf
170R RENT-A good room about 22x40 ft over Hot
. liday's grocery store, on Dougias ave possession
JIarch 1st.. R. II. Ilos, 217 E. Douglas ave., room A
f70R RENT-Store room No. 203 Douirlas ave.
Barnes A Son,
' room 1, 407 Douglas ate.
EOR RENT Furnished rooms
Water sU.
cor. 3d and
67 tf
j -170R RENT-A good store room 20x00 in the town
nrf nluTh fi th pV v
settled country all round:a
splendid opening for a merchant to do a good busi
ness. Call on or address O.F. Taylor or B. P Mc
Nalr Colwich. Kan. dO-tf
TTiOR RENT- Farm. SO acres southwest of city, all
1 under olow. house and barn. Call on t,eo L
Boyd, cor Main and Flret street, uj. Hairs.
J70R RENT The buMnes room No. 22 Eant
A Douglas are .corner of Dogla and Lawrence
J'GeMlon Bltenaoout Marcn L it II. Roys. 517 East
Douglas or 1127 North Lawrence ate. d4.-tf
FOR P.ENT-J B.Carey offers for rent his fur
nished residence on corner of Lawrence are.
and English street, two blocks from Fourth National
bank. Enquire at Carey Lumber Co. office, d-2-tf
FOR RENT Plans of roomt and storei in tho
Sdgw!rk, with prices can now be inst thu
office of G. H. BUckwclder.'AOE DouUa. P J.
Collins, agent. &ZM.
-poR rent-Do you
J roora.. furnished or
want to rent a nous or
or unfurnlfhrd' If to. call on
Jacknn &
Wolff, rental agent, room S. 115 N
Market gt.
T70R RENT A news room houj cor. ith ate. and
X 10th tt, to good responsible tenant only. Inquire
of Innea A Ross. 3 tf
JOR RENT-Office iind sleeping room in Richland
: bloci. Barn 4 son. u7 DougUm atc
FOR SALE OR TRADE Thre Norman stallions.
No. 414 W. Dougbw ave- Block .ile barn.
17'OR SALE New proposition to a few whoejm
JD spare the money to build, but not to buy lot !
and balld; propos-tlon requires no payment for thre 1
years, lots located north or south and near rr-t
cars. Henry K. Tuller. 112 N. Main. dXK-tf
"T70R SALE J.2TW fa.sh will catch 0 by tift.
JD with S-room house on hteoben st.. north of 1
Central htc . ea.t front, te-st Uarjraln In Wirfclt. 1
Geo. Gay, 12 N. Main sV. room 2. d ls'-Ai
X about 17430, lt
TRADE sto-k of dry gwi
f ilTVrmllr VmVoTevt ?
Aruoi C Itv, Kingman. Augusta. WSrblta prop-
rr.H-""1" i.n.i.7K-.'i.' ""!'!"
TTORSALEOR TRADE A drug ttore, b-st loa
X uon la city Rent IS. A registered pharmacJ't
wtth Ilul cpltai cn do good bostne. Mast be
old it once Address Geo. Y. Eerry. Newtn. Kas.
FOR SALE A bT2lnss property paying 45 ;..
test per sanun for sa. Rare tnrgsln for
I VW C. A. Wrizht, 4 door east V. O. 4X-C4
FOP. SALE A number of vacant resident lt In
Junction Town Co ' add- e lou crer of 4tft
Ave. and 1Kb St- also 2 vacant lot on Martln5
Ave.. cloe to Maple M.. to le kjW by admlnUtrator.
a!o lmprwrel property for ISTefiaat or tomes.
Ward, Varner a. Heacey,2.7 E. U:ila Ave.
a X-5J
FIB SALE Famltore of OUo Horn: 14 bl;
food location, cheap res, gota- cnl ot tnststm.
eli enea?. d!SW
T"nrt SALE Cbean. a restaoraat and fnsri
Jj connter nowdaio a rl laine. Ooo4 rei-
son for eelilsg. Apply to J.
i-inc.U'wti. St K.
TJVJR SALE I have a 2ne Ta-mlly crrti;e team
JD w.irhlsg aboat tftSi eattj for Ale. i ajt um
la perfectly gentle; uev act afraid of ear or
braM band. 7hy will drive lonb Is X mlsates
Anybody can drive either aisjle. J. t, Drer zsi
N.Mals. cijKM.
TTOK SALE OR TRADE Fifty fe-t cm &r!hTo
X ykTeae!, between Plrst al ?seetd est
frost, tiof six rooms. Ste ha4e and JraJt tre-.
":mVeeJLypaymnU. iyjeire on pres-.lves.
Si rth Top. IC-Jm
TOB SALE Two fall Mcoi J-rwyccr-s. ebeap,
X EavrwreatQj Wktloetoa,, iy
J? wet? Us-atMi J ralnage, an4 tavlii (U'&
eesrf and fj-t-i.s machinery. I-iusr- at 14$
sorti JUls street, c? tuzn. room 2, or l!cV. bot i
FOR SALE A well established second-hand busi-nes.-
The owner has got other buslnes. on
hAr.d. Nothing butcash wIllljaDille It. Only those
meaning business need apply. Cheap rent. Call
after 7 p. m. at 423 east Douglas ave.. Wichita.
FOR SALE CHEAP 6 room house, with lot
fOxlfln. piano, rearl Inlaid; square grand. I7at
light spring wagon, also bicycle. $13. Ultv.5th ave.
Parties going to California on account of health.
IOR SALE For less than half price and ln good
shape: '
1 wall tent. 40 ft by 60 ft.
1 w all tent, 16 ft by U ft.
2 wall tents. 14 ft by 1C ft.
1 wall tent, 10 It by 12 ft.
This week only. Ileum C. 144 rtTMaln St. 123
FOR SALE 2 lots, 4 room house, Martinson Ave.
easy terms. .2.19.1.
2 lots, 6 room house. South Topeka Ave, easy terms,
2 lots, S room house. Park Place Are- easy terms.
4 lots, corner Ohio and 15th St- cash f l.COk
4 lots, corner Ltura and Zlmmerly. cash 1:4X1.
15 lots on Wabash Ave- -Washington" add. easy
terms, tt.'fa
4 lots on Eilxabeth Ave- "Ualt-vTslty" Place. eny
term. I22SM.
1 business Jot. north Main St., easy term. t-lCO.
1 business lot, DougUs Ave., near Market, easy
terms. 21.nn.
2 business lots on Douglas Ave., cor. Washington
Ave., easy terms, T2o.
Information free for cheap farm or citv property
by addres-lnc J. R. Dutton. Wichita. Kan. OCSco
It.' North Main su, room 9. dl02-ot
FOR SALE Cheap Bttggy and slncle harness,
good a new. Inquire at room 20. Ulttlnc bnlltl
ng. 10I-t
FOR SALE See what a bargtin:2H reldnt low
on North Waco avenue above Ninth street
s. each. flft) cash. balance on
time; e.tst front and corner Iota, neir Mock Ex
change hotel. I2j0 each. Mutsell at once. Irtel
Bros., resl citato. 414 K Douglas ave. '. tf 4
IOR s.aE- For tlmter claims, foreu setslltcci.
catalpa, box ciders, maples, mulbirry, : .,
'.lOU for S.icres. Iwtea and uu cars in good onlr.
ctsts ou ,27, for 10 acres. IvU. Gaarauteetl by best
nursery in Kana. Tt ra Montgomery, lis north
Main, room 6, Wichita, Kan. UT4
17OR SALE I hare lust received a car leod of
? street sprinkler'. 1 have two good ones for sale.
O. C. DaLsey, W lchita. Kan. 97 tf
17OR SALE Old papers for sale at thU offlc forZJo
J par hundred.
IT'OR SALE Cheap, a complete sod factory In
perfect onler. Enquire at N. F. NlederUnder's.
or at S21 s. TopeVa Ave. d-tf
IOR SALE-2H0 lots In Glendale. University pUc
and EawnfieJd additions on 5 year" time at s ;''
cent Interest, and Uui street car tickets f ree to thus
who improve the property this Miring. Imiulrt D
M. Ktrkbrlde ,v Co- Xi N Main st. Wtf
1?OR SALE OR TRADE-To sections of gol
land in Edwards county. No. I lanti, with living
water, J line residences ln West Wichita, and IPS
lots on College Hill and Central avenue; good ltvtlde
property For further Information call on A. J.
Edgew orth. 221 North Main L, room A ifitf
T7iORSALA large. 5 year-old lll.ick Warrior
? Jack, or will trade for young stc"r cattle, Nh.
Pope, three miles southeast of Goddard. Ktnsai.
J?ORSALE-I.otsat prices within reach of all In
theticlnlty of stock yards and packing house.
It Is generally admitted Unit more building will bo
done ln this portion of theclty thanuy other tlm
comtng summrr Call nt once before price ad
tanctv, Israel Hrcw., real estate broker. 414 E. Doug
las Ave. d'JI.tf
I?OR SALE Five or six acres fine garden land for
. sale. A bargain. AddreM Garden, Knglo
ofllce. Mrs. L. E. Webster S7 2lt
17OR SALE 13'2.i Park Place ave., good eight room
1 house; bath, pantrv cellar, closets, t'to or four
lots 17.r feet ln ilepth, at a bargain 011 easy terms. An
exceedingly pleasant home ln the most deslrabln
residence portion ot the city. W F Harper. 3IJ N
Emporia ate. Sltf
EOR SALE Roller and engine in good onler. np
rjght boiler, at Mew art, Coney A Co, Iron
Works. X12S. Fourth ave.
IOR SALE Machinery, englnesand tellers. uteam
pumps. Iron ami wood working machinery, meat
choppers, siusnge stuffent. lard pres-ses and kettles,
thnfting. puilevs. hangen,couiilliigs. etc.. etc Cor
respondence solicited. Albert Fisher. ? and .0 Mcr
win St.. CInt eland. O 17-tf
f2-lnch Columbia expert bicycle. goo.t
L as new. at a bargain, address "lllcycie." at this
t. at it
FOR SALE A stock of furniture and 'indertaklng
goods In Jetmore, the county neat of Hoilgtuau
cminty. Stock new and In good order. VR sell th
stock and rent the building or HI biiilillng with
stock. llulldlngls20x7U. Stock tvill Invoice at pres
ent about fl.(U). ood reasons for selling. Aduren
C. W. Hopkins. Jetmorn. Kan. HJ-tf
1?OR TRADE-Short time perand s.,nie calt for
. OUiigiatlle. hogs or sheep. Geo. Gin , L'6 N.
Main St., room 2. iu..Jit:
l?OR TRADE-A .Vv) acre Improved bottom farm
i In Ijilette etiuntv. to trmle lor Wichita nrnner.
ty. I . A. tt right, 1 iloon east ixistorure.
Have an improved M) acre farm It
X1 mile
from Norwich Junction for rltv propertv
or a good drug stock. A. F. Romlg. 411 L. Dougla-s.
T?OR TRADE Oood string wngon for a
hinrv. Iimtilre of Snueiiinker at Slum 1'
312 East bouglas ave,
IOR TRADE Good business lots In a county seal
town for h re nntl phii ton or li'nm nd tmicc.
Apply to Dr. Ftiriey, room 5 Furiey block. lOt-Ot
"T70R TRADE-AM acre farm eight miles from
l Dodge City for vacant city property,
only, address lock box 1U. city.
IJIOR TRADE e han itnumlr of deslrablo
1 farms which wo will trade for city proi'rty
Dunncll A Morehouse dll-tf
FOR TRADK Have nn elegant eight room Iiohm
ln the center of the city Equity f-tn. Will
trailo for first or sonil iimrtgiiges, will take wim-i
orerduo paper or part vacant lots and mortgac.
Addrens. with dencrlptlon of securities. lock lt Vu.
city. HI negotiate Ith principals only. dLU-tf
FOR SALE 320 acres on the Nlnnescah river,
bedgwlck county, for l,'"h pmall house, t'J
acres in cultivation, on good terms, or will rent l
gooil pnrtle. J. A. Miller. 151 N Main ot 77-tf
OTORAOE-Che.ipeetand bent nlnre in Wle.hlU
to store all kind ot goods. Call at .til N Uln.
OTORAOE For household goods or merchandl
kl Ixixra or Uxjv;. Iitou Iiavo any giMi to u
bring them to lh Wichita. Storage Co- No. lit! V,'
Douglas ave.
T OST A large brown morocco po-kt book with
J.J valuaOle pjpei-o itb
i ofilcn of Croswn
Kudd.211K Douctiut.
J OST- Irlh setter dog. Answers 10 the name
i of Prince, bratscoll.tr. hIm rope collar on hit
nerk Pleaj return and gel reward. F. F. E-t,
V:i N. Main. dliS-Ct
fpAKEN PP-On t-rear-old stray red and white
1 heifer, with small, short rop on r.erk, at first
houe wetof AllH.Ulows academy. 1 D. wllker
son. dlW-tt
rpO EX CHANGE Vacant lot centrally Io-irP
A ctAt. for improvf-l city property, lll xivii?
a small Incumbrance. Gr. ay, lA N Main t
riom Z. . dlittl
riXJ KXCHANOE-ImproTe-l farm" and wW Und
JL In Knsae. Improwl rjtr property In cine
dlfferDt cities In K2t and ilo. Cattle and heri
es, stocks of i-rneral niTcbandbxi, l'islno pro;--.
'y. wll renteL Anything you want to ichnr,
fline In If you mean bualnK. J. Vt. Kerr III ".
Main, room 3. Jt-Mt
rrO EXCHANGE Eor first raoryaees on etty
X Vvxnj farms la McPb-ron, Reno, Fdwk,
( ovley Hcd lnrj-r counties la Kauaa, and John
son county. Nebraska. Nose Irvt prlftrlpal cee.1
apply. Inquire of It. it. Eirkbride U Co- "St. N' Valo
Stre etlf
FOR EXCHANGE GlitevlfeaTacant property on
North leiwresce. nar Tenth n, i on HltUkli
and Highland stftiOM. (Scs. eleratloni on Ky
tar are in Mapl fro addition, aa4 otbr l'j
tlon, e.ll ciear Wnt priJuvtl s4de proerty
In V.'V-hita. or d mortae papr. liht ti a
No. 1 property In Kan City. Chlcayi or otcr
g-jod eaatern city. R, JL Roy,217 Et Isuti:!a ae.
IOB KXCUAVnK-tUMGM wortl of U. bet
J paIce ly,'c In a Ue. Co.. Don-ajiesUs. ty
Indebtedness. w t arass dlrtdecd to three to
Ce month of tlttTA Wt Want land or V.-lctKdtr
property or basinee property In oU.tr orI te'n:
most t-s free from eacambranee; wiU icnaag' b
amount to tall. For partlcataecall on or writ to
J L Allen & Co.. 112 E. Doyjlaa at aoe, Wichita
Kt 471 tf
tt the I'abllc.
Tony Iirahn'8 barter hop now In fulj
blaAt. liath rooms the flncetln the land,
never ran out of hot water. So 111 N.
Main st. d 101-12
Call upon S. Ll DarJdon ilortiti
company for city loans. Wl-U
Th S. L. Davld.ujn Mortjpiic company
have plenty of money to loan oa imnror rd
dty property. 101-tf
Money to Loan
On strictly choice lnide city property and
(rood iraprovstl farms. Monry on hand.
lntrest ptid annually. L. W Cuxrr.
'A-KL 107 a Main.
The S, Lu Darfdaon Mortaj;e company
hare plenty of money to loan oa improved
dty property; 101-tf
A complete history and ffuldo of OklA
bonu IlItJAtraUd with actional map of tea
Indian Territory, by Col. E. C. &.
Evtrybce-ly contempUtin itotnx to that
conntry Bnoald haT one. It U the only
history vtr written of that wonderful
coitntry. Pric-. fiOc nd 11. by mll- Ok
lahornA I'ublUblntr Co.. Wichita. K&n.,
and news dealer. geaeraDy. dtf

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