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Jpc MMtita gailij gaglc: Jbroilaij pfonuwg, fjfeeft 16, 1890.
MjiUuifWi.uiMiu ;jiCi-iWvtwoaB!38w4MeaaagPi'ri'i'iiiJiy
Governor Nicliol?, of Louisiana, Ee-
fiises Proffered Funds lo Check
the Floods.
A Bound Hundred Thousand Tendered
by tie Company for That Purpose
and Returned.
He Doss Not Desire to Place the State
Under Obligations to the Institution
Pending an Effort to Eenew Its
Charter Tensas and Madison
ParUhee, Louisiana. Now
Being Hoods Tha
liver Beporte.
Signal Office, Wichita, Kan.. March
15. The highest temperature waa 3" ;
the lowest 15. and the mean 26s, with
fresh northeast winds becoming light east
at night, colder, cloudless weather, and
higher followed at night by slowly falline
Last year on March lo the Inchest tem
perature vai57. the lowest 2S and the
mean 42s, and the lowest temperature
during the mouth of "tftrch last year was
17 on the 9th.
Fred L. Johnson, Observer.
Wat: DnrAirrMKXT. Washington. D. C,
March 15. 8 p. m. Forecast until S p. in.
For Missouri and Kansas Fair weather,
southerly winds.
Louisiana's Goyernor Refuses Money Of
fered by the Lottery Company.
Xrw Orleans, Lu., March 13. The. fol
lowing correspondence explains itself:
Xrw Olil.EAXS, La., March 15. 1SI0.
1 o Ins E ctellency, frauds Nichols. Governor ot
Governor: At a meeting of the board of
dhcctoisof the Louisiana Lottery com
pany held at their office this day, it was
resolved that the president of the company
be directed to forward to j-ou the .-urn of
?100,000, to be u-ed it. your discretion to
protect the people of Louisiana against
the inundation now apparently so immi
nent, in consequence of the threatening
condition of the rivers. In accordance
with the resolution, I therefore enclose
the company's chuck on the New Orleans
Xatioual bank for $100,000.
Very respectfully,
AI. A-DAcrnix,
President Louisiana Lottery company.
Governor NichoN answered as follows:
I A Dauphin, President Louisiana Lottery com-
Sir: I have received your communica
tion of this date enclosing 'the chccK of
the Louisiana Lottery company for $ 100,000
for levee purposes. On the eve of a session
of a legislature during which the renewal
of your charter will lx acted upon by
questions vitally affecting the interests of
ihis state, I have no right to place the peo
Ole under obligations to your company, in
however small a degree, by accepting a
gratuity from it. I Herewith return you
the check. Very respectfully,
Fjjaxcis Nichols, Governor.
Eight Peet of Water Plooding Madison
and Tensas Parishes.
VirKsnuno, Miss, Match 13 A tele
gram from President F. L. Maxwell, re
ceived at 10 o'clock tonight, states that the
lueik in the Raleigh levee, which occur
red at 5 o'clock, is now 500 feet wide. Air.
Maxwell also requested that the residents
of Louisiana in the Aladison and 'Icnsas
parishes be notified by telegraph, and to
w..rn them of the serious results
1 ho water from the break will
po directly back about ten miles
into Bear lake, and thence by
two outlets into the Tansas river,
one directly west from and the other
through Jjukf One and Koundaway bayou
into Bayou Vidal and Alill bayou, into
Tensas river in the western part of Tensas
parish. At Old Kichmond, about two
miles west of Tnllulah, Bush way bayou
inns into and from that Into Koundaway
bayou. The water will here How- into
Lushway and from that into Walnut
luj ou where it will oveillow the garden
sunt of Aladi-on parish and will seek the
low amis in Diamond Point and the lower
tortiotiof the parish. Iater telegrams
stale that the volume of water going south
lii in the break is abaut 400 feet wide .ind
average depth of eight teet.
Memphis, Tenn, Match 15 The river
1'ere rose two-tenth since yesterday aud is
now almut stationary at 36.(5 leet, two
tenths above the highest water recorded.
The situation betweeu here and Helena re
ma' ns unchanged. Just below Helena the
!eie is rejiortcri sloughing off somewhat
1. is no apprehension i felt.
Ntw OiiLK VX. La., Maich 15. At Brus
lij landing. West Bxtou Houge, the river
loll one iiuh last night; stationary all day.
'! Up whole parish is aroused and every ef
fort lieing maiie to hold the ievees.
PL.vytKMiNE, La., March 13. Fine
wt.itl.er tod:iy gave encouragement to our
planters. New.- from the trout leports all
.. vee safe ami able to stand two feet moie
water. The river fell nearly two inches
tT. Joseph, La., March 15 The river
Ae one-tenth; It U uow within a few
jnches of the great flood of lfc$2 awl 1SS4.
"V ork has been commenced on the whole
of the Teufcas front and every levee is, be
lli.: raided aud carefully guarded.
Natchez, Mist)., Aiarch 13 The river
1 is risen one inch; now only oi e-tenths of
n uot below the water of 1SS2. Planter
ir Concordia ami Tensas parish-are remoy
1. u tlieir stock to the hills
B Mux Koul'E. La., March 15. The river
is .statiouxi . No breaks rv port ad any
i.l re ne.r this point.
UvYorS.uu. La.. Aiarch 15. Th river
r uue and one-half inches. Morganse.n
2 ee it. reported ail right, s'uee repairs
wire made lat night.
A.jkaxsa City. Ark., March 15. Tha
pi uge reads touiglit 42: rising rauidly.
Tne weather is clear aud cold. Everybody
is out that wages will hire and lighting
hard with sand bags to hold the levee.
Kansas City, Ma, March 35. A special
from Kirksviite, Ma, says: Fire destroyed
t he eutire south portion of the business
blotk at an early hour tnis morning. It is
supposed to have started from ati over
turned stove In a room near the bniliiing
ttcupiod by B. T. Iankin, drv goods. The
t tal loss is about teCKUWO; insurance e?5.
ft1 LanKin is a loer- to the extent of
fiO.UOO Seven buildings ami the First
National bank were completely destroyed.
'J. be block will be lebniltat once.
New Orleans, L., March IS. An
Deals, Fla., special report the killing of.
, 11 BirchfteW by his 15-year-oM son.
1'irchtinld had hever&lv chufettsuA iW !)
:;.4 had taken up lite goo to shoot his
v. lie. wnen u wvnrew a phiim ua snot
Lis lather dead. BircbSeld is represented
jls & dantjerone character.
London, Aiarch 13. The attention of
Mr. Sergisus Stephinak, the Russian
Liberal, was called to the fact that some
had expreed doubt as to the authencity
and trustworthiness of the recently pub
lished4 accounts of outrages to which
political prisoners in Siberia had been
subjected. Air. Stephinak said that the
main features of these accounts were
rully corroborated by such portions of the
official report compiled by the Russian
government has been given the public.
"It is almost impossible to exaggerate
the suffering of political prisoners in Si
beria," he said. He expressed the .convic
tion that the agitation in American on be
half of reforming the treatment of politi
cal prisoners in Siberia can not
fail to have its influence with the Russian
officials from the czar down. He feels
coufident that it will result in mitigating
the severity of treatment which is now
enforced against political exiles.
Flaunted their skull and cross bones,
their ensign, defiantly at the masthead.
Your modern pirate, not on the high seas,
but upon the high reputation of standard
remedies, skulks under various disguises.
His hole and corner traffic Las never to
any degree affected Hostetters Stomach
Bitters, although that standard in vigor
ant and corrective has long been the shin
ing mark at which his shafts have been
directed. Cheav local bitters, composed
of fiery unrectified stimulants, with an
infusion, or extract possibly, of some tonic
bark, are still sometimes recommended as
identical with, or similar to, or possessing
Virtues kindred to thote of America's
chosen family medicine. These perish
speedily, while the great subduer and pre
ventive of disease pur&ues its successful
career, overcoming malaria, dyspepsia,
nervousness, kidney troubles, constipation
and rheumatic ailments, not only on this,
but on many continents.
PITTSBURG, pn) Aiarch 13. Frank Groet
ner, living in Allegheny City, last night
murdered his step-daughter. Annie Refi
ner. The child's remains were discovered
in her bed ioom by her mother. The room
presented a most horrible sight. The fur
niture, ceiling and walls were bespattered
with blood, uiid from tufts of hair found
on the walls it is thought Groetner took
the child by the legs aud dashed her brains
out. Groetner w.is arrested. He refuses
to gtye any reason for the horrible deed.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla will remove that
tired feeling, aud give new life and
Fr.EDOXlA, Kan., Aiarch 13. Sheriff
Alantien returned to this city today from
Arkansas City, Kan., having in charge W.
D. Barnes, a prominent local politician,
ex-justice of the peace and loan agent of
Lafontaiup, this county. Bnrnes is charg
ed with forging two names to a $100 note.
The foicery was Grst discovered upon be
ing handled at the Wilson county bank
here, and it is understood today that he
admits making one of the signatures.
Philadelphia. Pa., Aiarch 13.The court
of common pleas No. 4 this morning ren
dered its decision in the base ball suit of
the Philadelphia National League club
agaiust William Halfm.tn. The court re
fuses to grant the injunction asked for
to restrain Hallniau from playing with the
Philadelphia Players' League club and
sustains the Players' League club, a de
murrer to the National League cluL's bill.
The decision invalidates the reserve rule.
Alyriads of cases af rheumatism aud neu
ralgia have already succumced to that
wonderful remedy, Salvation Oil. Price
25 cents a bottle.
"A month ago I was happy:" is the de
claration of Bryan W. Proctor, the poet
So were lols of other people who are now
telling people in decided nasal tones "Got
a toad iu my head." But there is still
happiness to be secured; a bottle of Dr.
Bull's Cough Syrup will cure any cough or
PlTTSIiUHG, Pa., Aiarch 15. Rev. Dr. T.
B. Alansell, of the AIcKeeysport M. E.
church, who has been on trial on charges
of lying and defamation, was found guilty
this morning on the first count aud acquit
ted ou the second one.
You will derive more benefit from
ncod's Sarsaparilla now thau at any other
season. Try it.
St. Louis, AIo., Aiarch 15 Advices from
the lower Rio Grande country in Texas
say that live stock of all kinds are suffer
ing severely from si lack of water. Fears
are entertained that if the dtouth contin
ues much longer the loss will be very
JACKSON, Alich., Alaich 13. A terrible
accident occurred on the Alichigan Central
air line crossing m this city this morning.
Henry Purdy, accompanied by his wife and
daughter, while attempting to drive acrobs
the track were struck by an engine aud all
three killed almost instantly.
Every mother should keep Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral in case of cioup and sudden
The Work of Organization Completed and
the Prosram Outlined.
fCopyrihtd 1890, Iy the New York Associated Pr$l
BERLIN, March 15. The international
labor conference assembled at 2 o'clock
this afternoon in the famous congress hall
of the chancellor's palace. The proceed
ings were of the simplest cnaracter and
were not attended by any ceremony. Alost
of the delegates went to tiie palace on foot.
An immense crowd outside of the palace
watched the arrivals in sUence. It was
noticed that the blinds of the hall were
kept lowered as significant of the chancel
lor's desire to keep the results of the
sittings private for the present.
Shortly before the time fixed for th con
ference to open the emperor visited Prince
Bismarck and had a long interview with
the chancellor. Baron Yon Berlepsch, the
Prussian miuister of commerce was sum
moned to the conference and received in
structions before going to the congress
hall. The opening address to the dele
gates had no distinctive characteristics.
The delegates proceeded to elect officers.
Baron Yon Berlepsch was chosen presi
dent by acclamation, and Herr Magdeburg,
Prussian under secretary of state for com
merce, was mace vice president. An ad
ministrative bureau was appointed-, con
sisting of Fnrrst, French counselor of le
gation; Dumame, secretarj of th French
embassy Iwie, and Count You Arco Val
ley, scretaiy of the German embassy at
The sittings will beein daily at 11 a. m.
Prince Bismarck declines to permit an of
ficial report to be issued until the proceed
ings sIim U have beeu protocoled. Tbe se
crecy of tbe sittings will not prevent the
stcuriug of nceouute. of tbe proceedings:.
On Alonday sections will lie formed to
discass special questions. Planary sittings
will be held afterwards for recording tbe
resolutions of the -ectioos.
Th emperor will give a grand reception
to the delegates and tbe whole diuiomaiic
body. It i exptcted that live plenary sit
tings will suffice to register toe special
aecistons, most ot wricr win nave au aca- j
demic character. The conference will ter-l
inmate at the latest on March 9k
AH the documents were ordered printed I
in French aud German The discussions j
will be conducted m French. Votes will
be takeu by calling the names of states in j
alphabetical order. Each state will have j
oue vote. S
Tbe court festivities will feeftw en March j
Ml A chapter of the Order of tbe Black f
Kaarle will be beM oa March 33. Au ordett
fest will be given to the Priace of Wale
and Prince George and a succession of
court dinnera and receptions will be held.
The negotiations over the formation of a
Cartel-clerical majority progess. The
emperor accorded an nudience to Dr. Wind
thorst, the clerical leader.'.on Wednesday,
and Prince Bismarck and Dr. Windthorst
had a prolonged interview on Thnrsd-iy.
The terms of fhc "entente" urged by Dr.
Windthorst incaided intervention in favor
of the pope against the quirinal. The em
peror is credited with advising Dr. Wind
thorst to use discretion in his demands,
saying that he must not forget that he had
a, steadfast ally in Italy.
The general committee on the reception
of General Alger wiil meet at 7:30 on
Alonday evening, at the Aletropole. The
chairman desires every sub-committee to
be present, and especially the committee
of the board of trade. Bv order of
J. AI. Baldehston, Chairman,
Aleefs Wednesday night. All persons
who have made application to join the
post will please present themselves for
muster. All members are requested to be
present as tbete is important bnsiuess to
be transacted, and arrangements com
pleted for the reception of General Alger.
II. T. KltAMEK, Adjutant.
Regular meeting of the Warwick lodge
No. 44, K. P. Alonday evening at the I O.
F. hall, North Alain street. All visiting
members invited to be present. Work in
second rank. C. E. Jackson, C. C.
There will be a regular communication
of Wichita lodge No. 39, A. F. & A. AI.,
tomorrow, Alonday evening at 8 o'clock.
Work in the AI. AI. degree. It is especially
desired that all the older members will be
present on this occasion, also all fraters
are cordially invited to be present.
Peaks' is the purest and best soap eves
A Frosted Flama.
Bays Algernon to Arabelle, "Don"t callers often
stay '
And bore you till you wish they were a thousand
miles away J"
"Oh, no.,1' she says; "mamma well knows tbe
friends I like to see;
When bores arrive then she drops in and talks to
them for me."
Alas! Into the room a moment later coldly sweeps
The kind mamma aud seats herself as though
she's there for "keeps."
Socn Algernon secures his hat and slides out
throuph the door:
He's very sensitive indeed. He calls on her no
more. Chicago Herald.
Iloxr She Said It.
Harry I wonder if Kato is really fond of
Dick I know she is; heard her say so.
Harry You don't mean ltl
Dick I do. though. Well, she didn't say
so in so many words, but she intimated as
much. She said that she loved even the
meanest of God's creatures. Old boy, let
me congratulate you. Boston Transcript.
Plan's Fickle Fancy.
At three we love our mothers best,
Our fathers best at seven,
While holidays and sports of zest
Aro dearest ct eleven.
At fifteen we're in lovo with dress,
But soon in strange commotion
Our sweethearts in their loveliness
Claim all our deep devotion.
At twenty-live wo love our wives,
And later on the babies.
But every day throughout our hve3
We're sure to love the ladles
Chicago Herald.
It Wasn't si Change iif Heart.
ATame Why. only last week you said that
nothing your father and mother could say
would ever make you marry Rob Bobbett,
and now you've engaged yourself to him.
Why did you do it
Lou It was something Rob said himself.
He hadn't asked me last week. Louisville
"aturo Is Wise.
'Tis said that thirty inches span
The average woman's waist.
And just so long the arm of man.
So, when "tis snugly placed
Around the damsel whom one treasures
There is conformity of measures.
How admirable are thy vtorks.
Oh, Nature, kind and dear!
For, spite of all the kinks and quirks.
And various doings queer.
Thou moldest waists of proper bias.
With arms to fit thou dost supply us.
Too Far Ahead for Them.
Alaude Just think! It is predicted that
in fifteen years horses will have become so
intelligent that they may be driven without
Alabel (regretfully) Yes, but what good
will it do us? We shall be too old to go rid
,iiig then. Lawrence American.
"Ulooiuem" Outbloomed.
Tbo "3trong minded" petticoat
Is bound to make her way
Into every w Oman's wardrobe
At no far distant day.
And the man who wants to win the race,
Must make a mighty "spurt,"
Or the girl will surely pa.ss him
In her bifurcated skirt.
Mario Overton in Puck.
Helplnr tho Tcaclmr Out.
Little Tommy had spent his first day
at school.
"What did you learnr" asked his auntie
on his return.
'Didn't learn anything!' said Tommy.
"Well, what did you do?"
"Didn't do anything! A woman want
ed to know how to spell cat,' and I told
her." London Tit-Bits.
Couldn't Forst-t It.
"There is one face that is always be
fore me." said Clarence, as iie stroked
the golden lochs of his month old wife.
"And that is
And then the timid creature hung hex
dainty head, while the heartless wretch
"My own." Yankers Statesman.
The Softest Place.
They were sleigh riding.
lie I always pick out the softest place
when I upset my sleigh.
She Why, l' should think it would
grow monotonous, always falling on
your head. St. Louis Magaziae.
The Old, Old Care.
"T am getting awfully gray, doctor.
Is there no possible wajr of stopping it?
"Yes, mads.ni; you sbookl diet care
fully. Harper's Bazar.
Musical riain. I
Tae veS known experiment of aiaidsg
sounds by holding a tube over a jet of bora ;
In? gas (uca&Uy brdrofcea) is often omitted ia .
eb3i!ry ol&sces because no suitable ntbing i
is at band, says a corrpooont of Science, J
and add: A faet not noted in any text book
I have feea. and unknown wall se&caerstaat .
I have consulted, nas bees broagat to light ic
my et&&ss, vis., a bottie viil serve in place of
a tab. A "pbikwait r afcBdJe properly :
oararar wiU rieada nneiioonrf tfeasrad br f
wide cMMtfeed bottle, a a quutne boie or I
large - Of coor, umumcoorns !
to :fce principle of aeoosoc. fas fc
ttrsttgs t no test beet ctvi fe.
1 T-
They Havej taken Part Iu Many Playa.
"Mr. Dnrliuc's Performing Lions.
The appearance of trained animals as act
ors in. theatrical productions is anything but
a novelty, yet somehow it generally proves
to be a "card." Dozens of dramas depend,
for some of tlieir most striking situations, on
tho work of animals ranging in size from a
dog to an elephant. In "Shenandoah" a
horse dashes across the stage, supposed to b
bearing Sheridan on his ride from Winches
ter. This forms the climax of one of the
acts, and generally arouses unbounded en
thusiasm. In Neil Burgess' "County Fair,"
a horse race takes place on the stage. In
Den Thompson's "Old Homestead," realism
is added by the appearance of a yoke of
In "Around the World in Eighty Days" a
caravan of elephants marches ponderously
across the stage. Frank Frayno's pieces are
full of animals. J. K. Emmet hfcs several
times introduced dogs into his plays. In
"Kerry Gow" carrier pigeons bring news of
the race. Tears ago, in "The Laplander,''
a thrilling situation was created by having a
team of real reindeer, ostensibly running
away from a pack of howling wolves, dash
madly across the stage, dragging a sleigh.
Everybody is familiar with tho dogs which
add so much to Eliza's escape across tho ica
bound river, in "Uncle Tom's Cabin," aud
with the comicalities of the donkey in the
same piece. There was hardly an animal not
represented in the long procession which
passed before Adam and Eve in the "Drama
of Eden," recently produced in Paris.
When "Rienzi" was brought out at tha
Metropolitan opera' house in Now York a
horse appeared on the stage in peculiarly try
ing circumstances. There were fully 300 peo
ple on one side, all singing in a mighty chorus.
On the other side was stationed a mammoth
orchestra of brass instruments. Tho horse
made his appearance between them aud went
through his part, uuconfused by tho bustle
and uproar. In "A Run of Luck," six Ken
tucky thoroughbred,., all of undoubted pedi
gree, took part, first in a fox hunt aud later
in a running race. A paok of thirty fox
hounds appeared also in the fox hunt.
Theie are also many shows on the road
which are hardly of tho circus order, but
which consist entirely of trained animals.
Soino years ago a troupe of educated horses
was toured throughout America in a veritable
equino drama, and similar enterprises have
been carried out with dogs and monkeys as
nctors. A company of trained cats was not
long ago reported from Paris.
Rut by far tho mast remarkable exhibition
of animals is that afforded by Air. Darling (an
American) and his educated lions at the
Nouveau Cirque in Paris. These lions go
through a really remarkable performance,
sharing honors with a splendid and intelligent
They play at seesaw, ride velocipedes, are
harnessed to a chariot in which they draw
Afr. Darling about the stage with as great
docility as would a team of aged donkeys. In
all their stage work thoy are perfectly docilo
and tractable.
Something About His Life &i.d His Strug
gle Against Disease.
Tho long struggle made for life by young
Abraham Lincoln developed a sympathy for
tho lad entirely outside of the interest felt in
him as the grandson of the martyred presi
dent and son of the Un.tcd States minister to
England. The
boy's seventeenth
year opened with
bright promise. His
health was fairly
good.and he showed
many of tho per
sonal qualities' of
his noted grand
father his meth
ods of reasonmg,
fe?". his droll humor, hu
handwriting being
ABRAHAM lincolx. noticeably like
those of President Lincoln. He was unusu
ally well advanced in study when taken ill,
though not considered precocious, and had
strong elements of personal popularity.
Robert Lincoln married tho daughter of
Senator James Harlan, of Iowa, and their
on Abraham was born in Chicago early in
1673. He was given but the one namo. bnt a
fort of reverential objection to its in miliar
use grew up in the family and among f riuds,
and still more to tho use of "Abe," so the
loy was universally called Jack. He soon
became quite a leader among the boys, and,
scon af tor learning to read, showed a strong j
preference for histories of the civil war. He
studied out all the details of the principal ;
campaigns with the aid of maps, and hu
minute knowledge of Grant's Virr irna earn- '
paign was a surprise to all who talked with
His first schooling was in Washington,
while his father wa3 secretary of war for i
Hayes but most of bis education was ob- :
taioed in Caicago, where tbe family lived. !
He was well up in the classics, and was soon
to have entered Harvard bad not Ins father j
betn appointed minuter to England. There
the don was atBicted by aa abecea nod w ,
taken to France for treatment, bet the r- '
tubs were not Rood. Blood poisoning foi- '
lowed an operation, and after retvming tc
London toe patient failed rapidly.
A Cold Hay lr Terrapin.
Honorab (droppint: tiie last one oui of
th wmiew TV huuriijr oo s afther
rfa-j' 0 j, mke on m. ma am.
E iefr bnfcfecia A' bswment wid x
rf(lBlii(ll - B1tss -
"Pf Personnl appear-
5$o-i5iSg0v2 mice, iuu even uia
f j
friarltiaa at-? -
Sore Throat, Diphthsrias
Use the Extract promptly. Dclsv 13
dangerosa. Eshcf assured.
Sores, Sprains, Bruises.
It fa cooling, cleansing, and Healing.
fofows:! Pond's E-rtrnrt is cienr
Ualdi III, pscd for Catarrh, Cold ia tho
Head, c. (See paro II, in BtoIc of Di
rections -wispped aioandc3t.h bottle.)
Rheumatism, Neuralgia,
No other preparation Im cured more
cases of thee oitresang complsiats than
Pond's listract. Try it I
trolled and stopped.
PtldC Pond's Extract is undoubtedly
I iiCOj the bft rcmedv known fur Piles.
The use of Pond's iTvtract Ointment
in connection with the Esiract i highly
recommended. tVi;. IS, Book of Direc
tions wrapped aronnd each bottle.)
In Bottles onlr. Prices, GOc, SI. S1.75.
-Vote our name ei crv wrapper end iabei.
Prepared cnlv l POND'S EXTKUT CO.,
5S "& J"a
osa fci ua a b
It's rouiarkablo specific
action upon the affected parts
gives it bupremo control over
Piles, however severe.
Also for Burns, Scalds,
JZiniplicns, Salt Rheum &-c.
Testimonials from all classes
tjprove its efficacy. Price 50c.
Sold by all Druggists or sent by mail
on receipt of price. Put up lonly by
POND'S SSTBACT CO., 76 6th ve N. Y.
Should you conclude to do some paint
ing don't fail to call on the Kansas Paint
Co. "Will make any desired shnde and of
the very best material. Factory corner of
Third and Fifth nve. 193 2t
Urine in Your Farms At Ones ami I.lst Tliein.
At a meeting of the Wichita Real Es
tate Exchange association on the loth inst.
the rules charging a listing fee were sus
pended for thirty days to allow all proper
ty owners to list their property free. Es
pecially do we want a long listof farms, as
we are having many inqniiies daily for
farms. Bring your property for sale to us
and you will have ninety real estate firms
at work with all the benefits of their ad
vertising. If you will put a reasonable
price ou your propertj we can sell it.
George a. "Worth, Sec.
dl03 It wl 4t
A Change.
Mr. and "Mrs. L. M. Combs, who have
been residents of our city since '63 and are
well and favorably known here, have taken
charge of tho St. Lawrence, at 243 North
Lawrence avenue. They will renovate the
house throughout and make it second to
none m the city. If you want a nice, clean
room and first class table fare, so to the
St. Lawrence. They are also prepared to
accommodate transients. Prices reason
able. 103 It
Pillnc It On.
Prisoner (to prosecuting witness) Can't
you lend me 25, sir?"'
P. W. Why, you thieving scoundrel, you
etole 7.j from mo yesterday."
'Prisoner I know it; but I needed a hun
dred. Washington Scar.
A DicourasS Itrply.
Affectionate Relative Why do you sit so
far off, Cousin Jennia' Come over here on
the sofn and sit alongside of me.
Cousin Jennie I'm thinking that for a dis
tant relative you are near enough already.
Texas Sittings.
Where He Getn His Chfstnnts.
Mrs. Curaso (reading) "F. G. Kant, who
lives near Wheeling, has a complete set of al
manacs rnnning back to tho yor 17S&"
Cumso Kant ! I don't recall any minstrel
of that name --VVr,,tvi. ,.- A
A I.;r:il I-xjierionco.
She What profesiou do you think of en
tering? He Oh, I sbnll embrace the law.
She (with a sigh) I wish I was bound in
P. S. She was, in about two seconds.
Burlington Free Press.
My I.npy's HIiifT.
I (rreatly envy Lucy't muff
Whene'er her soft, white hand is la It;
Twonkt give my poor hart joy enough
To hold her haitd on little nimtte.
Rot this I cannot understand
I couid not do no. I enuffw it.
How Lacr's lauff can hold her baad
And never dare to gently pres it.
Chicago Herald.
His KttKMin.
Mabel Hal, dear, what makes you always
call nu your bttle bimb
Hal Because you always rattrrn to tbe
Ami be opened his arms with nil expectant
and satined look upon bis ftmiimg face.
First Omaha Mamma
-Your tmbv ie a
very strong child.
Second Omaha Mamma Yea, when it
has the colic at night it raises the whole
hotw Omaha WY.ria-Rprald.
jRE FVWZftCE Thai tk bleed is
wrong, and that nature is emdeav
0rtMg to throw off tlu impurities.
Nothing is so beneficial in assistimg
nainre as Swift's ipeific S. S. S.)
It is a simpU t tgttaoie compound. Js
harmless to tne most tUlicate Mid, yet
it forces ihs poison to the surface emd
eliminates U from the blood.
I uwt:acted a arver rase of Mood psftwn
that anf ited mt for Oaat-. '.or ioar years. JL.
lw butties of fcw'rs --- - v. s. &) cane
StaTitaa AzraBrirta-a
riiui o
K I R A & T
ii I m T B E
jsn y& a sa a
JJeware ot Imitations, thereisOlny Ono
fiiiih to o
i JL
!..-, rtfcfV " -wa fftwil tmrnr.
.-j - , twiu tftim't I
jm-w-- rtrrma Mat mt I
wuns.-i- tjtsnarfem, jj ,
TgSSSSf anc'sec assasaww ua, ,
js 1
z&o y. zTAix a t . irxczrxxa.
compelledXq Demand 25 Eaeii.
.Redaction of I'assencer .Rates via Santa Fe
Are now in effect to St. Lonis, Chicago
and eastern points. Also to Pueblo. Colo
rado Springs, Denver and Colorado points.
Free reclining chair cars and Pullman
nalace sleeping cars on all trains.
OS tf "W. D. "SICRDOCK, Agent.
Take stage for Stillwater at Orlnndo
W. "W. Snyder, Manager. d44 tf
Reduced Prices Previous to Romeval.
Green Gage plums, gallon cans, 23 cents.
Sorghum 25 cents per gallon.
Seven bars Cherub soap 25 cents.
P"p eorn 1 cent per pound.
Package coffee 'M cents oer pound.
Bushel baskets 40 cents.
Asparagus 35 cet.ts per can.
Dill pickles 15 cents per quart.
Kraut 5 cents per quart, at
333 North Main street.
After this week in Occidental hotel
building. 07 0c
For sale or Trade.
Three hundred and twenty acres good
laud three miles west of "Valley Center at
$13 per acre. Only $1,000 cash required, or
will trade. Fine residence on "Waco street
between Third and Central, east front, at
a very low figure, small cash payment.
Fifty feet nnd ten room house on Emporia
avenue, one nnd a half blocks south of
Douglas avenue; small cash payment. Fif
ty feet and ten room house and stable on
New York avenue between First and Sec
ond streets, for sale very cheaD on easy
payments. Northwest corner Fourth ave
nue and Central, 75x140 feet, forsale cheap.
The Shepard ic C'hapmax Mortgage Co.,
02tf :J03 Sedgwick Building.
Emigration to the West.
If you have friends in the east who con
template comlugwest, or if you gre going
east, remember you can save time and
money, likewise our friends, by buying
tickts over the Missouri Pacific railway,
the shortest line between St. Louis and
Wichita by4S miles and over. Two hours
the quickest time. This is the only line
giving you choice of two routes, either via
Kansas City or Fort Scott. Eletxnnt free
reclining chair cars between ichka and
St. Louis, also between Kansas City and
Wichita, without change of cars. Pull
man sleepers on all trains. Be sure that
your tickets read via the "Missouri Pacific
railway and thus save annoyance of
changing cars and unnecessary delays,
Remember also that no charges are made
by porters for riding in chair cars. These
porters are paid by the company and are
not allowed to charge any one, bo they
local or through passeugers. They are
lured to attend to the wants of the travel
ing public.
City ticket office, 137 North Main street,
Wichita, Kan. E. PI Blbckley,
Passenger and Ticket Agent.
General Passenger and Ticket A sent,
St. Louis, Mo. 10fi tf
On nnd after Sunday, March 16, all
Wichita & Western trams will leave from
the new union depot at DoukUs avenue,
Wichita, instead of the old union depot as
heretofore. 102 lOt
Cobs for sale at the Zephyr Mills, SI. 25
per load delivered. Telephone 1W. J-t
Cut With The Knlle
"And Knocked Out on the ery First RnwiMl.
The Missouri Pacific railway knocked
them alt silly when it announced cut rates
to St. Louis and Pueblo.
Remember, commencing March Tth,
cheap rates will go into effect to St. Lonis
ud points beyond, also to Pile bio. Denver
nnd other western points via. tbe Mieeour!
Pacific railway.
If you are going east, west, north or
south, buy your tickets via. tbe Muutonri
Pucific railway.
It is the shortest line to St. Louis by 48
miles and over two hours the quickest.
Llegant new reclining enairears jwt re
ceived from the Pullman Co., ou all trains.
These chairs are free to all patrons of
the Missouri Pacific railway. Come and
get our rates. We aro here to stay City
ticket office 137 North Min street. Depot
corner Second ami Wichita atreels.
E. K. Bllcklbt,
Passenger and Ticket A cent, 137 North
Mam street.
Cut Ratet via the "Great l(ek Nlnsrf Kettle."
Commencing Match S tbe Rock Island
Route will sell tickets from Wichita at tbe
following ratet:
Chicago, first class, $14. 15; second clast,
St. Lout's, first cla&ft. $11.15.
Commencing March 10: Denver, Pneblo
aud Colorado Springs, 10 75.
Remember the Rock Island is tbe only
line running through vestibule reelintttK
cbatr car free. Trains lea ye Wichita 7:40
a. ni. and &:& p. in.
If you are going north, south, eaet or
wet call at tbe city ticket office, 109 Kt
Douglas avenue, and get tbe lowest cat
rate. C. A. IiL'THEBFOBD.
97 tf Ticket Agent.
IVInter IJtiirwom via ta Santa Fe Koal.
1be "harvest exeorsioo" seasoo ia past
and tbe Santa Fe route, pleased with it.
success in each of tboee excursiooft, aals
couies to toe iroii wiu at ni aootuer ion
duceinent for people to travel via tha
popular line, io the way of round-trip ex
cursion ticket, at greatly reduced rates
to principal pointa io Old Mexico. Xw
Mexico and lexaa: also Aiken, K C..An
gutta, Ga., Biruiinktbam, Ala., Brona
wick. Ga.. Callahan, Fia , Cbarleetos. S.
C. Jackson rUle, Fla.. Mobile. Ala.. New
Orleans, La , Savannah, (ia., Tbotstas- i
vill, (in.: nmltad toretorn not late than
June 1, le&x iransit limit to pointa in
New Mexico. Old Mexico mod Texas will
be 4 days each way. to other points named
above, tntaait Unit wilt be t days ewee
Tickets are aSo now on sale principal
....... M.frM I., f. Iif n.i. l.. T?i in .it.
and Pnncott, Artx.: Portland. Ore.: oomt '
for ix moatbs, with going Unit 4ft day. ;
Ijm Vegas Hot hpnofo. V M-. ttgtkra and
r-alt Laae City. L tab. Idaho and Mositaea. '
good for 90 day: transit limit 4 day each .
way Mop-over prrniese auowed on aj
! toartst tickets within tranait haiu.
I- on mtonnatlcn cneentuiy anreri re
! t'tr- to route and rates. Fide-tnp rates
, acd other reciai rates to Botnta on tbe A.,
i T & . r K. K. gaoMv! on appiir jttoa :
I Meeptntf cr mecomnvxUuiaom ser-ttred and ,
! bmaer fcd JMtum-. l t? ,
I in muu , u. .niiwt, eoau, '
Mate skcest aad t'aiow dspeA.
1 G. P. T. JUA.X eVia. If. R. H.
Tdfteka. Kasaae
1 To t-Trtwujss nsarhta work ioraicreaawd
ibtwor, a tte ltstMka Armwm Msa4aW
' wcTfca, Xo. 2 Indiana arto 4I .
We are soanars toat w are hrntisi
v ry ennMsfen&v from the adrntsstaar m
A-e heYi-ss lately frew aws-eral qsartent
v, e .i re nMb obliwd Im tbe aa, bmt
m- ?r Kilting to rfU reward to SavJ
r party or twrtirs tfcau wrtto t aoooy
u 'i letter etaowd -febloper and smO
t -m to u. neroo of tfe axarkat.
'-'f VArvat at fiKTAJC.
.ia i Mii
mAtMm ft mt Mw
liir" olli 1 l ll
Jest competed and for eala. ATTORNEY
POi KET DOCKET: can ce asl in anr Mate ana U
any turt. CopTrli&ied 1SSS 1 Tho n: comjlsti
lttcleteYertmhtkhed. PAGED and with two la
Ni V. IS D FIX umra! for indexlBSr eas alDai
locally and by months and days The Docket U
of in.oo-renUnttieto carry In the pocket and t
hiadsoroely hoocd withexib! back. ENDORSED
Docket. St30.or-Tt31e kqj postpaid to any addles
epon receipt of SI "
Wa aUe cat-rv a complete line of all kinds of Legal
Blanks. Order by watt promptly atuaded tc
E. K. Po wax. PrwWat. H. T. Btav V. Prea.
P.W. Waiu.brJk, CuiUar.
Fourtli National Bank
SURPLUS - - - $16,000
K. T. Bean. B. R. PaweM. O. D. Barae. U ?. CH
Aases I llwcfc. T W. waiter, 3. V7. Latrlmer. Jet
Xooa, B. O. Orates.
YERS everywhere endorse tJitj
Eaglb'8 "Attorneys Pocket Dockj
ecaa be used in any court and
in any state. Price, $1.00. Bjj
mall to any address, prepaid, upon rsceipl
of $107. Address tbe Wichita Eagle;
Wl-bita. Kansas.
Z. LAWRSItcr.Prem. O. MAK7IM O.Y, T.r
J. A. Davison. Cu er.
M Side National Bank.
CAPITAL, Paid Up, $100,000
It. E. Lawreaee. O. MurUn-an. II. L.
H&UMd. M. Staatea. C. r. Coleman. C
L. 3unpM, J. A. Da vise.
Smlthjon. K.
B. OampWl,
Vkc Presides.
Oat Ml
AstMaal Cuhfe-.
Stale National Bant
3 80,000
John n. Cat
att Vt. Wetter.
Tf r. acta,
P. V. Heaty.
V A Jiff. k Harrta, J
J.O.DAYIDSOXPrrti. r A.WA.I.KEK.VJce-f-.
JOHN DEK.ST. Cashier.
citizens bank;
Paid up Capital - $ 500,000
Stockholders Liability 1,000,000
I-arrest Itf-ap Capital efaay Baa ta tftessMeof
C, Jt. MMIer. A.W. Mtttaw M.
& U Datrhtoon. W. X. btaaley,
Jofca T. Carpeatar.
Do a seanraJ aankina
Coejr. tewa aiid MnBtetsai
II I T 1 Tl' W...'a
w.flu VAK.V-.pr-
L. A. WAUTOH. 9uLUta
Paid-up Capital,
fcLTOI-. kl TtTTL-t. MrKIHDA.
DATlDeorr. j c kvta.
a Genera! Banking, toflectJflg
and Brokerage Busiaets.
aSsvatsrn aad Foreign aicbanga
boogliT, aad woML
U. S. Bontte of all danomiriaUons
Doognt and sold.
Coctatj, To-w-nst-tlp and MttnJdpal
BotKSs booghL
S 0 P JE B I N T S N D E K T g .
Mm mmtt0tm mm fer v at tst eav
S ImaxLmm Aftuaup f- mam a, lMii, mmA
( rVur.'na.. r IMIJUX. ITT aMl MAaDtri
M-Houi.H. Cm a ataaxrea lsttA u
tg a eeai . arry la ta -cl h. Mawi
is t Jatr.. a taatr. ftao Jaw tua. sal ay w
tmmttf aJSrx. ase ratacat tmu far ciatji .(
JI r Tor a! at4Sa ttrKt ay auA w rb
Xaw ntnaflna,
WieiseTA. XAaixa.
' ateksa'lfiatr
-s.'Wiehita" Eagle.
Contains Mora State al &QT1-
era evrs &aa Baatera Dte-
patcJaas toan aay papr in cb
I S.mmi T w
i One Year, - $1.0C
Six Months, - 50
cms Mm
A ksndaosBw iafAaanasoa mmm at tMooitr.
eavattaUtt tbe swJtuea of aJl toe atesaajja,
omL. Mcm awad swbfic bwSdAaW
! note., etc. A cowapiese aswa twwIeM sn-
I Iftawo inrbos. on IMw pmpmt, a bo sd
I at taw. oaos ir ioortsiswt. &
1 - Jt 2 . L, lafA-f S-
tT7 OJsnl'i.1 is- nt mm .Ml af Cnll
OMklav HKb bear was mi aat Vll x,aM
.mmtnm mt Mmr&i!. aVraew. wusasji
am JsWefM, kaatf aaviira. XeaOry fm
JhacaataMl waaaa, GtMMa OaaSu. fxa hu
Wmw & mmm m aw moi, Or.
asasyoxOiwiwiiraj' -rssul mm Amm
WIiflTA. XAJEkxa

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