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The Wichita city eagle. [volume] (Wichita, Kan.) 1872-1883, April 12, 1872, Image 1

Image and text provided by Kansas State Historical Society; Topeka, KS

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litu facie:
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cita dk.
TVj)brr,Alt.S'KK YKAIl7 IN' -UiVAXCkL
TIIK 1JATKS we have ctnhlih.?oridv.'r-tvingillbeMricll.vu.lhTt-.lto
in tirrv in-
"' '), re " low as chutyi-.I lv n majoriti
of llu- rnxrs in the Wwt, and ai low as mil- 11.1
ikt runiNli.il m a linn iiml latins hasis, with u
lanre circulation, will lo biiiiu-M. We think
liu-int- men ran Ret i alue ri-ctii til by mlu-rtit-injf
m illi UK. Wc ask no one to patronize ns out of
charily, ana do not want a man' nionvv unli-M
-Ji give inm value recti vil. We could toMly
Jill our columns with foreiRn aiht-rliMiiieiitr.
lmmliujrs, iateiit medirines, etc., lit less thai! our
icpilar rates. Uut we hone that We never will lie
PfirniuJIml ... .1.. . . . .
iniKuiumini, -.oiiuiik speak. mi Men lor a
toun and the enterprise of its citizen- it growth
and prosperity as the columns of th" local lum-r
Wfll tilled with home advertisements or home ' I't his soul marched on, the fanfaiii said,
tnule and business. We shall charm- all alike, I fur the soldier in blue can never he dead!
.Bi. "-! oimwiaji nt.i ueviaie iroui our
vMi.lilii.licd rates. So display tie larger than
1 ira will be Used in these columns, and in no case
will cuts, or black and unseeuiy illiiMrutions be
iidmittol Into this iwiiier.
The following description of n buttle, written
by 11. K. Taylor, has never been ej.ci lied bv the
best efforts ofthc m.isters or the oet's art.). "
Then the rattling roar of the musketeers,
Anil the nmftii-d ilrums anil the rallying cheers,
And the riflis burn w ith a keen desire,
Like the crackling w hips of the hemlocks lire,
And the sichinjr shot and the shrieking shell,
Anil the splintered lire of the shattered hell.
And tfic great white breath of the cannon smoke.
j ... md-llHM ...... . ... .1.,. .... ; -
.. '". ...- i me iiuuenes spoke
In eyllnhlei dropped from the thunder of God
The throb of the cloud where the drummer boy
And the ragged gaps in the wall of blue,
here the iron sunre rolls henvik- thron-h
That the olotu-1 builiU with a bii-ath again,
As he cleaves the din w ith 'Clo-s; up men 1 '
And the groan torn out from the hlarkened lips,
Andthepraer doled slow with the crimsoiu-il
J And the beamy look in the living eve,
l -is unuer me cloud the stars go b I
Wfde4y aad rridf at S x. . ' '
WtCHyAtri?M TSjs, Tliursdavsand
rt"rd-! ' " 1r Mondays, Wednes
days and Kridavs nt 1 v. M.
London and Vellington Arrives Tuesduvs and
rida.s. Departs AVednesdavs and Satunliivs.
IJry Cn-ek, Clarion and Clear Water .Vrrive
and depart M eilnesdavs, once a week.
Caldwell Arm e and depart Thursdays, once
H w eek. '
Kastern Mail ria NVutnni rri .in.. ..
UiiA.M. Departs dallv at 1 r.M.
Iliimbiildt (ia Kldorado) Arrives Mondavs,
Wednesdays and Fridays. Departs. Tuesdays,
Tliiirwlaj s and baturdavs. " '
First rrotyterian Church;.
I lllfifkV It;
Sir vires in ihiir!i lniililliirr rtn. vLi.
and .Second streets, eery tabbath at IU'; o'clock
a. m. iiml;;; r. i.
M. J-.. Uiurih J. F. Xkssly, pa-tor. Sen ices
at the school Ilou-e cterv Snlilialli at I0l, o'clock
a. i or '; r. m. Alternate with J.pitc.iiial
episcopal Churh-I. 1 IIiltiiv, iiator. Ser
vices at the Mhool Hote eiery .sahliatli at 0f
o clock A. ji. or7J, 1-. m. Alternate with 31. 11.
And the troopers sit in their saddles nil.
As the statues carved in an ancient hall,
.nu iney watch the whirl from their breathless
And their spurs are close to their horses' flanks,
And the lingers work, of the subre hand
Oh, to bid them lite, and to make them grand!
And the bugle sounds to the charge at last,
And away they plunge, and the front N pa(,t,
AndtheJackrtsYiluegrowreitinthei ride.
And the scabbards, too, as the' clank by their
And the dead soldiers deaden the strokes iron
As they gallop rigfrt on o'er the plashv red sod
Iticrllt llltO the clout rifhl ti,.-rtr,,l m,,l lim
Itight tip to the guns, black-throated ami grim,
Itight down on the hedges bordered with steel,
1 tight through the ileme columns, then "rig
uoout Hiieei:
Hurrah! a new swath, through the harvest aL-ain!
Hurrah for the Hag! to the battle omen!
and kindness: quite the most pleasant,
the must renial, ami the most intelli
gent, man there. He behaved to me,
too, with a certain quiet respect which
most of the others dispensed with, and
which is rare indeed anion"; the Bog
mine.-. How could I help beiii": triad
when thi man drew the lucky lot, and
won as beautiful an Englisli lever as
one need wish to Ree!" liut. with a
hearty cordiality the man offered to
have the lots drawn again ; he could
wait, lie said, and some of his mates
had set their hearts on it. I negatived
this proposal at once, objecting strong
ly to it on principle, and the watch
Went idowly the round ofthc table for
admiration, while its owner took this
opportunity of going out into the vartl
to tell the ostler who was a friend of
his that he had won it. L did not
wonder at this at the time, but after
wards I understood it. I put up the
remaining eleven watches and packed
and tied the box. After enjoying the
not, supper at winch L was a heartily
welconied guest and the stcainiulr
mate. You've nothing to do but pass
us over those watches you brought
from the public house, anil yourwatch
and chain : wc happen to know they're
worth having. Come, do it at once or
it'll be the worse for you."
'I wonder whether" you understand
that the descriptions and numbers tire
all taken?" I said, as easily as I could,
just still for the purpose of gaining
time : "and I wonder whether von un-
ed to htm. and I could not breathe 1
longer in the doubt and suspense. !
curciy i could start now. I tried to
uerstanu that the police will beat once down, but t nUvnv
on the" track of the thieves? You'll j footing, and alwavs the dog waited for
wish the watches anvwherc then but me.
on i your persons, I'm thinking." j '-Little use. I fear, old fellow," I
I believe I said it as coolly as any J said, thankful to hear the sound of mv
.iie coiuu miner me circumstances: own voice, and renting mv hand on hi
iny knees ; and the gale rose, and the
snow fell faster every minute. Anoth
er hour's painful effort. The glarin"
snow lay all around me, unbroken bv
a sin-rle track, and mv sight was grow
ing dim and confiise'd; Mill I fought
on against the killing blast ofthc gale.
Now and then it blew me coinnletely
count n-irain mv
The Soldiers' nnd Sailors BilL
The following i a copy of the bill
ii-fi-iicu uui-r uciiiir lost in i in rfimw
but it seems to n'ic that J have never l
seen one so near dead as this. I
..,.!? i t aie rm,,,.' , "Is hngers open the shutters, but mv lingers tretu- J,,s' Vm by Congress to enable lu.n-
tio., ,, ti ' . . . ' i V.: - -a ' Ta, s" " VKH7 "'t I hurt them in r orably discharged sailor, and ...Idie.
r. ,.ii.V r l i i . t .. ""- l,1J ',,-mougn icouia not niw it.
1L ,.,.1.T.1Jot-. ,I."nrT?" l'V'i.to " I Rave up the attempt, and
.. ............ t.,m uvv. inm : i ueii i uiKe went out upon the stair. I heard
... inuuiti n 1111: siwuki; lliiw. mid i nu- r n.r il l... I...1I
troubled that he itu.not help m. out Gcorge'tTvi'iij:: vet never for a moin.-nt
but I could see that the men were lit
tle impsessed by the import of mv
"We'll settle all that between our
selves." the hostler said, Avith a grat
ing chuckle; "and as you don't seem
inclined to hand that box over peacea
bly, we'll just help ourselve. Go
ahead, mate.'"
"Lome, look here, you fellows." I
soft warm head : "it is oiilvtogive it
01 ieu, ami lay tiie poor unconscious
gentleman in hi warm place. There
is but slight chance of mv being able
to save his life; but that chance must
be tried to the uttermost. 1 take my
orotiicrtlown in u blanket to the old
ill up a little further on. Good, horn- i-on.-l. m n. l-;mi.,. i., i. . Vi... . v ","'." '"'." ""
fill fell iw " ' ,.:i iV .- i "V""v" ', iiicu x ; 10 oegin ine iiinstm:
On ,, , ,..! .in .... !...... :.. ..,, ... ,.'Z:,1" ",c, nri,,( anu . would Geoi-ge think of
. ; --hii v,u hwun" jii mi iui v
tne witie expanse. My pace had slack- me
ened to a ennvj. and all hope of reach- st
ing home was 'gradually dying within one hand or foot at a time out ofbi-.f
me. l knew well what fate awaited r chat, it with dhenowl have brought
me unless I could roach a human habi- in a bowl. As soon as the tire is ready.
union eoon. I Knew that tin tnt.-il ami I iii-iii-i.tmi-oil ; t ,1,,. i,;... -:n
their widtws and orphan children, to
acquire houte.-'tead-on the public land.-
ofthc ITuitcd states. A thi paper
will be devoted to the intcrct of the
settler in 5?elgwlrk and siirrouudiu;
counties, it is particularly gratifying
to be able to present ?o important
a measure in the lht isue: It read-:
Io it enacted by the Senate and
llouseof 1'eprcscntative- ofthc I7nttcd
State.- of America in Congress a t-iit-blcd.
That ewry private stdtlier and
illicer who has served in the army of
tin 1Tniti-i1 Stt-iti.ki in tl... ....,..... ...".I...1
Isue. One look at my hu.-baud had lion for ninety davs, or more, anil who
chasci everything else from my head. ' was honorably dUcharjred. and ha-
xjeauii, gnastiy wiitte, lie tood pnq- , remained lovnl to the Government, in
otui uouoi tnai i sliouitt sou him tiit
when T opened the door. Mv tinger.
did not tremble now. I couhl tlraw
back the heavy bolts and unfasten the
chain. The face.- in the s-trect would
be bright and fresh full of happine.-.-
is Ila what
mine when li
. -.. ... ,;....,-, .IU i-tiiiu , vuuiu ueorge iiiuiK oi mine when he
ae a cheerful, crackling tire to help met it? The door was wide open;
le.and focomlort him. Then go up the chill, grav light crept into the hall :
tair again to my invalid, and, taking ; and in an instant I forgot mv own pale
111 linllil fir fiwif- .if- .I ft,,... ,. ..41. ...I 1 -w. i . . - . .
Ninth Judicial District W. V. Cami--
Hoard of County Commls-iinners S. .1. Hknt
lky, U. N. Xiklkv, -sol. II. Koii.v, Chairman.
Comity Treasurer S. S. Jfiii.Nsuv.
4J.MJMIV f;lrk I'hmii. -.uHAfrKiiH.
Micrili I.mv JlEAfiiir.n.
Clerk District Court Ioh.n Mclvon.
J'l filiate Judge Wu. IIamiwi.v.
Miliennteiiilent l'ublic lustrui'tion W
Jtegiiterof IlttilsJoiiN Mclvoil.
Cfiunty Attornev II. C. M.L-&-.
Oiunty J-urTefir .Iim.v A. Scuocfk.
C. Lit-
. ItOAUKK, II. V,.
iliiyor K. 11. Allex.
I'oiice Judge J. M. Atwooii.
City Treasurer CHAHI.KS A. 1'nu.Lir.
Marshal M. Mi-AOiiiat.
Ju-tlces of Uie l'eace H'ji. II
Constables-.S. h. Oiimkut, Geo. DeAmolii.
Council rirst Ward Hit. Ow ess, Cii.uii.ks
ciiatt.nku. Second Want Ias. A. Stevilnsov,
II. II. I.tMi-EV. Third Ward I. JI. Jl.innx
A . J . Lano-i-oki. Koiirth Ward I. C. Viiakek,
Mm. Smith.
Iianl fif Education First Want N. A. E-U-.ii,
Xixsiix 5JcCi.k-.-i Second Ward K. 1.
Matf.iiman, W. C. Wooduax. Third Ward
J. . ItEEVES. it. S. West. Fourth Ward A.
The wind blew keenly from
north, and cut like frozen kpivos.
in the darkeiiinjr street mv horse
gig ; stood waiting, and the December
iwuiiii gatnereu.
"Why, bless me, Annie, I might be
going to Japan," L exclaimed, button
ing my great coat hastily; not caring
to show how unwilling j was to lose
the warm touch of mv voting wife's
loving hands. "Kc quick, de.-r, and
hand me over the case of watches from
the hall table there."
"I wish you weren't goii g alone
with these in your pocket, Jcorge,"
she said, looking from the compact
Geneva x-in her -Imiid up ti un
lace; "it is worth more than sixty
pounds, and I'm sure it isn't safe for
you to carry it."
"Who knows I carry it ?" I laughed,
as I packed it into the'long iunerpoek
et of my overcoat. "Besides it will be
worth less when I bring it back, so the
danger will be less. Cheer up."
LMi, George! its nearly dark al-
"' " "" I"0 " JKA " I S?"11 tk,e" "lt : cool I temptation to sleep was creeping over . uncon.-io,,- wi hue ,,,f ot V t K V "' 1. . !Zi? .f?",'!:.?. "'C : r,U,,i "T'.'Wlw '""cretl it,, the
'j - ,r(tc AjLii,iU II114 IIULIUIIUU JL tllli;illf?. ""I KlinW Villi I1MTII M'f'll i mo mil 1 .... I T K .1 a. ..". . II t ' ' ' . v..... y . inMUII. HI- ITIWIIIU? MTV f I inP I lltTPlI SfMflW Kl triti.i.
silUlflv and safely iifioss inv-,..i -itt, ,....,i. ,l , ;. , .... :'. i, .'::"": ?VS" .V,,m nm "'""J?1." " J,!,r "Con in lied alliuwt an hour which looked till different from what I nf tl... H.I.-.1 ij..r. J ' .....Vi.-liVi..
thebox in its long inner jacket Ju-t a y j d in lin'da d J)o"-' vou j LZ iZT', FT ' u ,, "" u? 'rri."MW"e,!- ""J ,,ild overseen them bcn.re-hungabout "A ac mak , - a ,ro a lo, '
then the ostler came in t'o me with a thii would be thlwisest pin. t6gd w 1 J a vt lone ll' ?,, lt' t v", u d'' ' look I. IS ".vr"""' "mwA ' "l T Wd W-HH-ine.!: completing theTefe!,c"lofa"vhiS
puzzled face. My horse was lame, he oil' before youv'e seven years' trans- Starved, be, , e a. "s e I -W .J e m n"L tvnuu,-... ulhw.uaimAmul.omSmtvr'lro h?" lU to.,, and for other .urpo-es."approvi'd
told me : "dead lame, and would not i,nri,t,n.. t . i,,i- f.wf ..' .T...'i '.i'-. . ... V . . .. ".. ..Ml VW li., .'-'""I lie-tammeietl. "Hae hands groping feeblv towanl tin l-Vbrii!ii.-tlitrtl...i.ii. ..;i.t.u... i......i.....
it c:..j ' ' r- .........M.,v,,l.lli. , Miii-'im on in uie teeiJi ol t to storm. 1 Iicen to ef in t hi- l ' lu-itin-iw V" 1 -..,. ,...,. .....l ...:..i:i...i i ----;--.. r......iiM:iu..i
1 ill my exclamation M lncruduilty '-..Vll luok nflcr onrsdv.'s vlicii vi ' ihlc foiit".l" n'-,i which I I.KiSta h, iTS1 ttl"?n ,l!r"-P"lli ''' "'" X,,,7"r ""' l'""1 s'"- r '"
Uut not believe it. and hastened to flu. at.i. cin.n, ...win ,. 1...1 r.i.: ... ..... "". c w.i- oni , in,, .iiiuo?. cieain. Hunk jou, hut 1 when I saw his weakiic.-.s "lumn- t i-ntitlml A ,mt r-. . i i
uid hi.- mnci if ,. : i . ""I " .,......s... ...... .,.v.v,a.. ,.VH, ,.,... .. iiiepecuuarenertot the wind, and that must go on now. home. The mix etv last " I ..,,..1,1 ., r :..;.. ".".'""": 7 "". "" '?
jollowiiign J" Wd? Vherrthe i!orse Z!,U, stop that ridicu- jf't rdl.rtrll-d'tne - " V .'-n- quc;lio,,b,g. n,r iesrthmbt: couhl ml i, a,V ,m,nda,,!ry YCSSS' as
! ', 'ft,d ,a," ils, ' s.t';r '! lous dawdling." ,,ut in the other man, 'deep snow. r l,and were m - ,le ,1 "Vot vet It will not be d-ivli-ht Si 1 i V 1'T iT a"l '. " lo-'eiuafter moditied. be .".utitletl t -
said. Iherc was no chance of his tak- sullenly. "I won't wait a minute long-, to all feel liii- V ulil not hiT iMiV-!l! for three hour' ve J ,,, !h storn f ' !"ok1wl lrh lWrHro!riiKe into tin ter upon and m-eire pat.nt for n
ing mo home that n r it. nt am- r.-ite. ,. ,ln-'.n;...r !.,.,. ;., fi i.i a., i?.. .,. V . LIIIT' f o" ot MMi guiMi ioi tunc liouis et, hut the stoi m ha , wandering eyes. "Home at last, dear umintitv ofnnlili.. I.....I 'r..... ,..t in
' --- - - -- - .m.- hi i ii.iii linn iii-ii . ni'ii I'll i iik- i.iiiroi'L. ri'iisen
ready," broke in Annie. niteoiilv. :is
she shudderinglv turned. in from tlu
u. s. ivxi oi-'fici:.
DOIX.I.AS AVKXUE. near comer or law-l-ence.
A. Akin, Itegister; W. A. Shax-on-,
lteceiier. Ufliuu hours iroui to 12 a. m.
nd from 1 to i r. M.
ATT.JltNi:Y-.T-I.,.YW. Will jiractiee in the
Statu and Federal Courts Oilicc 137 Main
street, weft side, Wiehitu, Kansts.
james Mcculloch,
ATTOltXKV-AT-J.AW, WirhiU, Sedgwick
county, Kansas.
ITOlt.M.'Y.S-AlVI.AW, IIC Main street, Wi-
1.U111H Ixiught and sold and
open doorway. "People oughtn't to
nom cuius on uiinstnias Jive. J'm
sure after attending to business all the
week you ought to be left to rest and
enjoy yourself on Saturday evening.
And I'm doubly sure that after attend
ing to it all the year vou ought to be
left to enjoy yoiii.Ohri.stmas live."
"I shall enjoy it, dear," 1 said, as
cheerfully as if the words were not an
egregious falsehood. "I shall enjoy
my drive, and my hot supper at the I like to a-k ine for
-uiier j.rnis, ami one or two other t ntfht."
tilings, ii it Had hecii an engagement
for this one night only 1 might have
I had not lived through all my boy
hood at a farm without understanding
a little about horses, and J felt certain
that there had been foul plav here. 1
could have sworn that a pick' had been
run into the flesh under the knee, and
f kncAV that the animal was useless
indeed now. I could not prove the
deed, of course, but I felt .'llmnst. a
I confident of it then as I did four hours
aiicrwanis, when 1 could leel certain
who had done it.
"You'll have to stay here till morn
ing, sir.' the landlord said. "We'll
make you as comfortable as nossibb "
"liniiossible !" I answered, thinking
a hundred thoughts at once.
"I5ut isn't it a case of necessity, sir?
There's no other conveyance "in the
"Xo horse!" I exclaimed, knowing I
could not for a moment entertain the
proposal of staying.
"None at all." except mv own pom-,
sir. I couldn't uossibh- let. vim luive
. i.r... t . .. -
i nun, oceanic nes got to carry me
twenty miles as soon as it's davlight.
to spend Christmas dav with ihv old
"Have none of you a horse here ?" I
asked, appealing in de.-peration to the
miners. "I will nay vou anvtliino- von
the use of one to-
No; no one, had a horse
posal, or at his own either
it my dis-
and thev
Ikfifi-iniil .4I' !. ..... . .... .1 " j . 1
m .., .,,,,, on sec, near, it is me i could but join in mine host's perstia-
StT'Ti .na ?Ti" II?!,.W,"l I M""" i"0 to sleep at the ilinei
-.ilndi 1 should not like to lose Ii Anns. "Even if the horse is incapable
deed it may go on tor years, and we ! in the morning, sir," thev said, "ami
arc not rich enough quite yet to car.) , you've still to walk, it's "be better in
to refuse a good prospect. Eh, love?" I tins daylight than now in the dark
I don't know anything about it. ex- There'll be plenty of snowdircctlvand
cept its disadvantages, lretted Annie, it's likelv to be a" frightful ni-dit."
"I will explain once more, dear." I ' Not n.'r ...... ,..,..7.... i....!,i. .i:.i T
- w . .... ...ay ...I.....L. ...(. .1.1. ..... I
-rhita, Kansas
abstracts nirnisheit'
Wichita, Krnsiis.
tiiswercd, knowing she would like the
few minutes' delay, though I believe it
nesitate when 1 thought of Annie: of
the anxious ni-rht she u-rml.l si.nn.l
:,. 4i... i i...i ....i',.i,! :. ... . . : "" ":
... I.....U en iii.li jiiuuiii uinei iiayo waiting for and vainly expecting me;
lloiie SO. Twelve of the men m! tl... . ,.c il... .1 1 ...... ,.?..
.. . . " .. . : ." ""."-" mvHiuiiii oawniiiir oi ine i;in-i.st
AATT01EXi:vs-AT-LAW, Km.Hiria, Kansas.
ill iiruclice in nil the Federal and Inferior
K. 11. ALLEV, M. II. A. II. rAllltirjCE, M. I.
1. Allen's drug store, Main street, Wichita.
E. B. ALLEN, M. D.,
NIXG ISUItOIIOX of the U. S. Pension
iirtment. liniee at Allen's druz store, on
)HY'MCIAX, SUItGKOX and Aerourlier. Of
llce at the Empire House, Wichita, Kansas.
MCXGElt HOUSE, 1). t
lor, WirhiU, Kansas. ;,
oeiis. i wo dollars mt day.
Jfog mines have formed a club, which
is to meet on the night of every fourth
Saturday at a little public house called
the Miners' Arms. Jlere 1 am to join
them with a good choice of silver
watches mi approval. They each pay
to me ten shillings, then draw lots, anil
the winner has a watch of the value of
six pounds. There will be one winner
every night, and one watch sold, so at
the end of the year each member will
have a watch. " They all go on paying
through the year, but those who draw
'the lots of course get one less in num
ber every month. Any one can have a
watch of higher value than the six
pounds by paying extra, so I take
mas morning for her if I did not keep
iny promise. True. I could not be
home at midnight to let in the Christ
inas for her as 1 had promised ; but the
delay was not my own fault, and at
least I might let it in for her at dawn,
and prevent it breaking sadiv and
drearily for my wire. I never vet had
shrunk from u fifteen miles' walk, even
in the dark; so I said good-night to
tne miners with a laugh, which was
iiiieiitted to prevent their laughing at
what they evidently thought a Quix
otic intention, and started briskly,
while they called a "good-night, sir'
cheerily after inc.
"""J on 1
won't hand the things out without any on the dog beside me. )Iv si"'ht. 700
i isS, we ii no u aii ior nun. ana (to it i was surely going. I saw the faithful
miiiiii. j te up ins mount with the mastiff only as
namiKcrchic and pas nm tin cord." -My
mouth was gagged in an instant,
as it seemed to me; and, while! fought
frantically at the ruffians, thev seized
my wrists and bound them roiiud and
round with thin cord, nicrciiiir the
flesh iinti tlic blood came. j
"I've gotTT'iil nafe enough and Til tioJ
'em so," muttered one fellow, with a
jeering laugh, while the other had his
great ugly hands tight on the breast of
my coat. "Hold hard one moment."
T J. Al 1 1 "' v,.... w in 1MMJV lit. It LHII
Just as the man spoke, and tied the Under some sheltering bank, perha
first link in the cord, there came toward; where the snow was deep and soft
us cl.. it-It I....... 11... Iiml..-. ........... ....!.. 1,1.
a great black mastiff', his shaggy head
raised, and his sharp gray eye, shining
i:i the dim, weird glooniof" the snowv
nignt. Me hesitated a moment before
lie reached us: then, with the shrill
bark with which a mastiff' generally
prepares inmsell lor an attack, he j dog! Good
rushed utioii the fellow who was hold- i i-..i7 ..
- . . .- - -VlW
ing me, seized linn by the throat, and
throwing him down upon bis back,
stood with his fore paws on his neck
and chest. Shall I ever forget the
man's abject, craven fear, as the dog's
fierce eyes met his so closely; as the
dog's white fangs gleamed between his
drawn lips, sind his angry panting
breath rose and fell upon "the man"-?
own ghastly cheek ?"
"Call your bloodhound off'," cried
the other man, drawing back from me
in terror.
Of course I saw it was best that thev
should think, as they naturally would,
that the dog was mine : so 1 aiiswcrcd
with a light, satirical laugh. "You
don't know much of ina.tiff's if you
think that such a one as that would" Jet
his master be. waylaid. With a word,
I can have you sprawling there beside
your rascally companion."
I spoke it confidently enough, feeling
that both mv file and
"Thank Cod I shall be in time."
No need to tell of mv useless nerstta-
l dllll blot UDon the SlOll. entreaties, fouiuinnds. reiienteil
mizzling wiuie. l oegan to fancy that. , again and again. Thev are of no avail,
though I eould-sce no house in all the Every plea I urge is turned aside, every
wide expanse of glaring snow, there argument is disregarded, every persuti
inight be one even close to me which I ' sion falls unheeded on his car. " As long
should pass unknowingly: and then a , as i can 1 keep him, and it is almost bv
great babyish longing came over me to force : but my weak old Avill is coiiquef
c0' ti cry- witlrtliClcTclcsTiiil'Irupoii ctl by hisstenniastncssori.urpoi-e, and
my eyes. " 1 am obliged to let him rise and dies-.
And now all my strength was ex- He would put on his own soaked and J
haustcd, and without knowing at all frozen clothes which I have bun"-be-'
licorgc; and I ve a beautiful fire, and
hot coffee, and chops: but I think
brandy will be bet now because vou
are so so cold and and "
Mut my weak attempt broke down
here, in frightened throbs and kisses.
"A happy Christmas, darling."
The tone was so unlike mv hus
band's bright ami cheesfiil tone that I
dared neither answer or look up. 1 .
wasliteitilly carrying him umv up tin
light stairs I who that niniiiiiM-'
how far 1 still was from home 1 knew
that Vim end of mv work had come.
would rest. I was worn out and must
sleep; the desire was irresistible and
Somebody was waiting at home for
ine 1 knew that, vaguely and dreamily
in, iiome a long wav oil. "111 go
presently when I've rested. Hood
faithful fellow! Vou want
Iteside a roadside "ate.
half buried in the snow. I fell. 1 felt
all the pain and anxiety iroimr from inn
i as I lay helpless and, motionless in the
snow: and I yielded at once to the fa
tal temptation to sleep, which I hail
resisted as long as I had nowcr to do
fore the lire, and the steam from which
tills the kitchen but in this matter it i
is I who conquer. Clad in mv best '
clothes, I let him go at last. G'od per- .
don me if I have not done what I can j
to keep him. I have tried and failed ; I
aim l begin to flunk there ma be some i in"lv into his dim
urgem reason ior going which I do not hint the hot I
iimierM.'iiui. i toliowed inm to see I
him on hi.- way The snow still makes j
it light about u-, and he will not take ,
a lantern. As I make 'my wav across;
the field, with immense difficulty. I
pray ceaselessly that he may not be;
hastening to his deaeh; anil o"nce more
I appeal to him before we separate:,
miserable when I listen to his broken i
words of thank-?, and wishing with all ,
my heart that I was not too old and
exceeding om-'huudrcdaiidsivtvn.-i-e
or one quarter section, to he taken in
compact form according to legal sub
dnisioits, including ih- alternate re
served sections of public hiud-i along
the line of any railroad or other pub
lic works, not otherwise appropriated,
itml other lands subjeet toentrv under
the hoim-st. .ml laws of the 'United
States : I'lOri'.tnl.TUM said homestead
eeiiier -nan be iiJluwctt,Mx muutJi".ui
ler locating Jus homestead within
which to commence hi.-settlement ami
improvement : Ami provMrtl. ihn.
That the lime Ahich (he honie-tcatis
settler shall have sen cd in the Ann v.
Xavy. or Marine Corps aforesaid shn'll
be deducted from the time heretofore
required to perfect title, or if tli-chai-g-
ed oil account of WOUlld.S rereiveil in
ilim eyes. I had given , disability incurred in the line of duly,
uaiidy and water, mid then the term of enlistment nlmlt l'.
was waiting anxiously now for the . deducted from the time heretofore re
physician. And- the chiming of the quired to perfect title, without rcfer
l hnstmas bells went on, and on, ami erne to the length of lime he may have
"- ,..,.. ' rved: 1'rovidcd. however, Tllat no
'Me has saved my life three times, patent Shall issue to anv home-tend
Annie; from robbers from starvation settler who has not resided upon im-
and fromdeath in sleep, lie good proved ami ciiiiivated hi.- said home
to bun. deai" -lead for a period at least one M-ar af
"Indeed, indeed I will." The wan- ter hi shall comim nee Ids inmrovc
denng eyes were a little quieter now. incuts as aforesaid.
would have said that to earrv him one
steji would kill me!
"Don't forget the dog, Annie."
whispered George, slowly, rising in
bed to speak to me the more earnest
ly. "He good to him and feed him
and warm him."
" es, dear. I said, sinilini
The dog, which had until that mo- . ...me to fake bin. to hi., journev's end, ,ilf ' t -Vs m r V " 7- !,, d-ril , t, 1. ,,,!?' VT"! VUU- "U'
kept close beside me. ran at the to the home where I knew there inns I ... a !?..!' ". r;....?.. 'iV:.t... " V1.." ' 1'" ""'" ol li'-J"ego.ugse.-
1 ... ... .i . .. . ........
gate ami leaped jt. while I watched be a young wife dearly loved
A hapyv Chris
l os. iu-t in
f, darling.
to be in
- 7 ' - " ......v. .......-.-.. !-..,.. .. .... 1.11. V
fV mo-i .Hist iii tun.. II.. ....-.,.! ..... ... i... :.. t t ... ... . --.-
T 'S IT ,",,,?.,!: ."j"1,.. -I fc J!"1 ,c,!.f . "? .! 1 ::. A Wy-md ly.tlA,,!..r bmncstcad law ,, ,, ,V o'a I Z
nTuVt.ta smiii-Tinneiirwh; is o , j ftP"rW firt K. Zll'Vr1 ".r""".5
ears, growing more and more coT.fusc.i. . half turned from me: then he stops, f ! a Sy ' . " L , ,w S.l . ftl , "i" "'" '", '"'VVl-
My eyes were dosed and the .snow -"'d movi hi, weak hamls, softly and IUVMtK."Kh.f'S "V" ' l,,MV . H! .!..! t.ti... '".I,!,,,,, la".1 nVvl"'n
flakes covering them, when with an slowly, with an old inoyemenf "which The crocuses ,-,. l.l,,,,,,,!,.., 5 I , l. Ii ... . ' .''' 'V J,,''v,",,,.v ,"'':
eagerbark thetlogjmt his head through "'"inot umlerstand. almost as ifthe wi , lows , wad ( 'f Z, Z im ,K t , . " T' """ ,l"",lr,,,,
the bars of the wide gate (seatteringas . idea, though unnatural, will come into " , "vi lilic to r -d th IV,-! " trT' " r ., -, .,
l.o .15,1 ha !.,. a.w.,.. Ti... i i "... mv l.eo.l Z i ...t..i. i.: i :p.""""1 r"1 n,t I'H'.itli Jin I.esh M.f. .. I hat in case of the i. -ah o
..v . .-w iv- riiwu Uldt 1.1 til '111 fill " -. Miill 11 illlil. .11 11 111,1 lit) i utiPiiwr .lie naul .....!. 1...... I.. ... 1
I iilipniir ... .....I ...1. I .1. ...
fl.n...' .....1 ....li .1 "i .' . 1, ........... : ii ,. i !' ", iiiiu-ii ninr ine woods
...v...; ...... . iu.i ni coin, -iitiKiug ii ;- "' ..... ssiuj; ;i i.iij-c nog. HO are S OW V bli' iteniin' into .Meei.- lmf
hastily ami impatiently. I was only bincv i- born perhaps, of hi- Ivhuu, ,B ,, ,)!;. IVfutJi " ,7 , f II ,'
dreamily coii-cious of his motive, ami '' it vanishes while my weak, dim I niditV MillVriii'' -uid the 'lorn' ill iie-s
it was more to avoid the worry (ban to . '.v,s foIIn him into the white gloom j .lat followeil "Ah ' nl.i.t -. i?.,. V1...1
obey bin. that 1 rose with one la-l ef- ofthc nigl.f. The furious, ,-n ing wind ' f , .'.". ...:,-' '..'. ', ' .! .'
Ity person who Would he entitled (..-.
homestead under the pro isii.ns of Iho
lir-t seclion of this act. Ills widow, if
unmarried, or in case of her death or
marriage, then to bis minor orphan
..1. 11. 1 1 it . . f .
. 1.11. .i.-ii. nt 11 "11:11 1111111 iniiv
JjIIair-cutliiiK ami .lressiiu; ilmic
stj le fir art. llath. hot orcohl.
Main street, Wichita.
went, f imikiiiir lmeiU' ...i...i ;,, ,.,...,. ..ii' : .. r...
lear asdl totthe di JvintSS- a .i 5..? ??., V?LlT$" LthM H' I1" ," '1.1't ""cUi.VMltHfrf
will make the best of it. even on a bit- l ;. ..V '"J":'"'. "' ?. " Y"""'" '''. ake vour dog 0 i; plea-e, Go
ter December night." ii.'i.;; ' .' . .'i"lvl ,l"ra;lu" ami let us get back; wove been long t
, -. "Uiiin It I- i- -Hllllll I1ISMI-.)I - IlI t!i llllllllifli jrn.. .. .l.. 77 .
r.s. "Ueorge but George." whued An- T c, ,., i...i p" " .. ...!" ',,"",:," v" """ "ll il A"- . . '
nic. asdsiualaftermys-itisfiefoi-vf.v LSu" . , l . iqiai.y, siiotuing .-seeing that the maiis fear was mo,t wj,
. ,r. vn,urT.:. ! ,". "l; ',,.' ?., ,. .. :U',0.Il.ex- ''"li'tokeepiiiywlfwnniiaawell as thorough and unfeigned, f looked the
, amiiiean !I Zbr ". ,:."", " ... .. 'AV. ' 'V' f wn"'.. Ami, when I was tircdof dog steadily and kimllv in the face and
inasEveherlTnone" l that, i wh stled old familiar airs, and whistled. "l knew Unit it was such a
-:m -! : "li.. m-ll .III aiOIie. lUinrolsed eeeenteie v.,r;.,i;,., .... ...i.:.i i ,
"V. "Olllv a few hours "iftei-nil T cl...ll i :.. . ----....... ....o. ..- . uimic as m on niiogs ii-cn 10 uuucr- .
. . -". ' "-11 IIOUIS, .llltl till. L Shall tlllllg to shoi-ten til., li.ll.r nnir cf....t..l. i 1 1.. ...;.. ..... f 1 1 . -
be home at in dniir it to let von in tl. ..-,; ,i.:. ...::." "','.;.."?' J",,r:,V,l-'V' r'""" """ """" r. l" "l ine om nays inia
Christmas, never fear" " i.'.n I ". "... " r ! ."''""? to. mt,J was not without a sickening fear eve
shavinir. i !.. i.oi. ..,.. :n -. I, . """. ""o I'luttniK uiasi oi niai. ine animal, Knowing me a stran- wo
r.m .'. i ..wii t HVllUIIJ lllll llll. Iilliriri IMfl 1llili ....! ... -" . i''"
.'xH They will keep you, or it will snow, or I hi. f ,.., ,. .., &v'? m' ca"'.I,d "1 I H'
something; and it is a lomr lift -en ,n.. .- .. "Vi.'", ,f""r"M ".,1 ".'V"mk m rescue 01 110 elect. Inn.
m'.i.w .1 ..;..;. ,...i -.'....;...... i... V. "'.,l-"- x oo looisiepsoii uie aiowiv tie snook his great hack hem n
-" .j ..... i .i. j mi ran l oe 'nun iii.i.....i ,..n at.. ;.... :.. i..- I
- " ....... ....-. L. ... si iiiiiiiiisi: lis i
niObcrtv Were 1',.1-t ,.f 1..1....1 l. ,fo ..,.,1 ..m.....i .... is re-tin.- now- l.ni tti.. !.,. li. ...... .,f.... ..-...' ' ", --" .1.... n.i-. . . 1...1.-1.. in 11 gnai innn tlillv JHiiitmif-
i,f I, -"I TAlI! !.!' l-W. mv guide.- Xuauowl I- covered, with the dangerous . KSJ imZ?S ,ffS Z X" lA". Ill"1,?.. lt
; , - " .. , l: '" ' " ' l '" " ",r ls to crawl through, as well as over, the go nan; into my house, too anxious a-'ain-t me ami I rmllil 1 h .. 1 ... 11 o 1 V . '
'Call lm.i oft " he cru-d again, shiV- M,ow that hat! drifted here dcVper to think of going to be.l myself, too ' ' ,i JL, w ? ...K-" i,V ... I 11. ... V ,1 i" '.''V11 '!t,',,V'', ,,,, 'S f.n
enngas he looked at the dog. who- ,,,, out in the highway; ami for he ' ''fh trouble lo beat rest save as I tell ' , .,, "J '" . ',.,.?, , ' :;"'.' iIm I 1 . , V I , U "" ,"'" ,rof-
evidently and uninistakaby ready to last time battled fiercely -uid determi mv beads. ,,Vi,-, .,' " " ti" let meg., tolum sioiis as to settlement and ii,.p,m,.-
spring to the assault in a nioinent", as . "wit the et e .V w , -h , r ' ,, n, 't '"'.T' '"";.'"' " , innitt flu-n-lii contained: I-.vI
only a mastiff can-watched every J v f tl.f l U mil, . ,1, I 'tnl in the utter exhaustion which fol- That if such person died during 1,1-
moVcinent of one man, while I,c held eadii.Sm,. bun 1 '" ,S ' TineoTe'i.-iv, I.li.Vl"" V ? k,IH,1 ' Th llaU '"Hf' ""i'1"' tlu' ul"1" '" ""
the other, his t R! v-lmir,,! . , ' .!:'-.. !A.V";"."I.A?.-9. .. .r',dlCI Tliiuii nakkativk. our little baby boy beside h,i, and his enlistment ?hall be deducted r......
chest heaving onicklv. "Hm Z ' V. .. "".'iNVVV" 11 '.".. Vr..,1 . Iiml never In my life spent -ui-Ii a f aw the gentle, happy smile upon his the time hctetofore rciuircd to i.erfi.e.
"Yf,ud be safer vou mil your cursed ;.n- r ...: . . V ' u'wl' -'Vi'imig before. I think I ncv- . Il!',. ' gieatlul gladness in bis eve: the title.
acc,inplicrif'youWe X ?r Mt " ;7"tMy pn--.; yet j ' IJ,(?,tL,l,,, "'" "' l"!1 , v.1" T,,nt ","-r" " I H.r
now," said, almost jauntily. " j, tc ", ,, , from v Vlff ,,5 ' .k'"'W ' T""1'1 '",t :'" "r' ,M'",I.M,,e . Jf .', V ,"ik "". ow,i",,i,'V ,""ll" " r'lI' 'r.v or,, tract of'bmd ,,-
"Xow, then, sir, take him off," the "fclE f.ifh ' -'p- lj:Hl.priniMl to be liomi; with my f.u.lmnil tin place that I never dcr the homestead b,sf or Mibse.,,,,.,,,.
man answered, suddei.lv affecting a jo- fl f -K-J 11 white H d o i"' aI,.I,IHl1"-"' !m,! ,,c ,,wl Ilt,-V,,r 1,m- ' Zl l"'" '" l,'aV'''" 3I' ,"'Wfi,sir ' '' .lwt . actually ,hW and
eund innocence. "Wo w'creonlv frigid- h te White . lellvi h its 'Jc , '" ' Promise to iiiemice .-,,,, we 'h;ng are over now; I ,,, recall emnloved in the Ar, or Navv of the
t.uU.r.vii-.tafc-.up.iJui!lr-' I ....- :.vJr' ! '..!.... , ,"1,1 JU f i,""t ' known each other first. This ex- MJ'"1 "'r-'ld 'Ven with gratitude: but Cnlted States. hU sen l.-i tl....'..t,.8.-n
.1 ...... .i;n..f. ...-f . -m r-"-." si"im in iiiui; ""-ouiiiri'-ro ws rnn .
. ,-" . 1. iiiu.iisiiiini 111.it iiDin TrtKrT
Jiwii-ro ws rnn
-solitary nlace to ill..
J. rave friend 2 leading me
pectation took me on through the long
.... .... : . 1
1 pours which he and 1 ought to have i
. ami
went down slair- to bid
our men good-nignt, and wish them "a
TKEXCII .li:WKI.KK, and CJolitsmith. Satis
1 racti.ui Kii.iraut.e.l as to stjies ami cluirces
Any ilisi-n or pin, riiiR or charm made on short
notice. Main-st, -nil iloor rrom Alilridi .tsim
inons's ilrtu' ston-, Wichita, Kansas.
Kepairin? neatly done on short notice. .Main
street, near the imst-otlice, Wichita.
A'J iu raucy U.xhIs
as soon as out.
The latest stiles rii-.iw.l
Wichita, Kan-as.
latest rashions. Dealer in tiinev puoiN anil
. rjj Kast si.Ie Main stivet, m-af -inl, Wich
ita, Kansas.
X Vclean ami neat. Meals at all hours rot" up 1111
hi.rl notice. Xo. 31 Main street, Wichita.
hours, tuppers nirnit-lnil ilancinc pintles on
rt notice. Mniu-st. npsi.itu M. imis Ilunl
i arc store, Wichita, Kansas.
-No. .SI Main-st.. Wichita. Mrict attentinn
iiai.l to the sale or all kimls ot inen-lianilise ami
Ileal Kstate. I.ili.-ml aiHiinrinuliN iii.iitconcoti
f isnniepls or gOfiils or ever ileseiiption.
sure to be at home."
"I can, and will, dear. - AVhv, how
down-hearted you are: I don't "think 1
ever saw you so before."
"I shall" be so dreary and lonely and
sad all night, George.'
"Xo. you won't love, because I shall
be home by twelve to let in the Christ
mas. Tk-'re, that's a promise, and vou
know whether I've ever Woken a prom
ise to you. Xow let ine g. The shop
is to be shut early that the men may
enjoy their Christmas beef a-.id pud
ding and songs. Uut I hope they will
have dispersed before I come hoin at
"Quite sure you'll be home, then?"
pleaded Annie, still detaining n.e.
"Quite sure, my anxious little dar
ling. What troubles you this evening?
Are you afraid of that funeral-looking
quadruped outside running away with
ine, or of a dead and gone Duval run
ning away with mv property?'"
"Ami you promise to coiiie and let
in the Chri-tmas for us. George?"
"I promise, ves. Now .good-live iu
1 took mv scat in the gig and drove
"I'UDertisiiMuv 1 1 .. ;...!
fill VOiee lift 'I'll ...... nl.. .. . " . m
..(V ......;, 11,- . ..,!.-., .... i-..,. ..... .: I ....... , .1 ... . "'"" Ul. V1. "C CIU0
v.. .... ...... ... ,....,v. i,. lw. ...1 inn.-, iviio 11:111 iiifm. f.t ..ii ..
to turn and wait for the society of any
traveler who might be journeying on
my way; but my second was to quick
e:i my steps with a nameless fear.
This impulse 1 followed resolutely, vet
blindly: but as I hastened on the steps
behind uie hastened too.
Xo house or human being was there
within sight or earshot. I had valtia-
hle oronertv about me. ami not even n
stick in my'hand. I saw what a ran
dom fool 1 had been in starting at all
irom the Aimers' Anns to-night. 1
saw it all, with a flash of pain and des
pair, as the steps behind steadily gain
ed upon me. J hnrried on, trying to
believe J only did so-because of mv
...v' 7 ""wi " t Knew 1 was i fast-deepening indeed! Every mo-
.--.... iiiii 11 1111-11 iinii-Keiief 1 iii-iii-..or 1. 1 ...- .. f..ii .i.:.i 1 .... - ..
...I . . r..-. . .1 i """'" 1 ... " it-ii uijcKcr ami iiiiCKer. J-.ach
ailll ll.-r fol tsteilS. lllOll.rli fe.-lr ti-mc ... ...........:. 1 1 , . ,
-,-, -- -(... .. ......,,,, i.iwiiiuui 11, i:iv iieeoeraiio neener iuui..i-
l."ll':itioii wjitli mo. Tim I.-.....1 . ..... : l ...- .'w I .
..v.. .. , in. iiiuo .eei i.ir I s Iireil nlrenili-
ned; 'as 1 never remembered to have been
lllC. . before lifter i.nl.- .. fl...,. ,..;.... ,...,!!-
flllf. loillllirr ..... .... ...1 f.l .... .'.... . . . ..--. """ ...lfv.
f- ees M ere " ""l"u.'" ?" , ' """' Ul,I-V UlW ,U"W ,n'0,, y(!t' aI' twelve
f. nes weie loyercd with black crane, .miles to come. I fhfew awav the
I . ,1 CWl,eHn n, ." Ft0;,, l!ck !? ,,i5 ,UBl,ch l ,1 "PWl enab.: ,,e to
i.tiiii. linen the lirst M.......f,..l ..... . ...... .1 .1... .: -... ......
will. -. cI.im.s . v""" .""- " " "j;ie.s on me mue-toue. and
My poor In-other is s eeiiii.f 1 ke .in
nt. There lingers not in this sleen
in a shadow of sull'eriiig 011 the dear.
rn face 1 kneel before him. kee
nly Christinas Vigil. Midnight
passed four hours; but I cannot
ri- of'nii. iir.iv...v .. ..;.!.. r....i:....
and shaggy breast, raised his fore feet 1 so grateful for in'v brotherV ease fc.-fL
deliberately one at a time, and turned ' ing so deeply in mv own calm heart the
to join me. Ihe man on whom he had ! peace and promis'e of the flirisiion-
1... ... . A... T .... . ... . -
oce.i M.'iiuiiiigsiiu .ay prostrate 111 the 1 morning. 1 can hear no Ioii"er the
snow, too much terrified to attempt to ! crving of the night wind, as ifdrives
rise while the auimal was near. j the snow before it against mv w i
"Good dog! noble fellow!" I wliis- dows. The fury of the storm ha" worn
percd 111 a low. caressing tone, which I itself out. Through all mv cb'htv
knew that tlo-rs were keen to under- J years 1 cannot remembcrsurh liMi.Tdfii
stand ami ouick to annreciate lie -mil tei-i-iii.-.r-iif. i...r...... 1 ........ i.. 1
1..-1....1 .... -.. r. ' ... . ! . r"" '- "- ""ii'iti nun
1..US.CU iiji iiiHi mv iace wiui as mrich , long this comparative calm will
of an answer in his eyes as I had ever Hark! It is broken ;ili-e:..n-i.v .
Willi every power I po--eM i! .-.- I hat
ll.f ....I. fr t Ii.... . .!.... ,. .1:.! It . i. ..
. i-- , .. .... . ---,.-----! J.. ... ...I.
ne An: what is it .' 1 one,, the ivimniv for-
; A correspondent of the Whcuimiii
' J-'armrr says: "I have four stand- of
the barberry hedge, eight year, old
each stand originally from a single
seed. The canes of each stand now
number seventy to one humlrc d.thrown
from a single cenlre, jii.-t a- the twtntv
to thirty rye straws proceed from
1 single gram. I hese canes proceed
i a curve ai nr-i, tiien assume a t
dieiilar, the top of the common
rising each ear til! a height of ten feel
is attained, after which there npjH-ars
no further inerease of height. fj.
breadth, each stand or cane- readies
about two feet at eight ear- old. I
think the plants xlnxshl- in; set about
fourteen inches apart. There is 110 Iif-
111 uie noun,,, stratum oi -ni.t l...i...
sfead laws, Im construed to be ciiih it
lent, to nil illlelit- i,n. tilirpOK-H. to-'lf-
resiihiice for the same length of tinm
'.,.I.'"".lJl.",,n"'t " -'" '"h I'ro-idi'.J,
ihat if his entry bus been i-aiuelh-d ,r
reiisou of hi-absence from ld tract
wiuie in the militar or htnal nerv!rV
oftherniied Slate-, mid -tic, tract
has not been dixpo-ed of. UU eidrv
shall be restored and confirmed : And
...........1 nii-uicr. 1 im i )i Mi,!, tr,lt
e....... 1.. ...... 1... ...
'tinKr iii-iei soi'iiks 01 II 1)1,1 ujt.i a
wondering awe which half l..-v-;i.l... -
li.tr... .....i..li.ifr.ii.......i..i '!... .. .... 111. .1 ...l.;..i. r ,1 .. . . . '.
lieliinii1 M..1 ......... ii . :: " i"-"l""fi "ffiiuiiy inm merrily ""-' """ " " ' "'" "over uo uiilii in
. ". " -!-"- 'wu u to.ret i.er. I went i inrn it.i i-. t.. I.;, I uuilcrstaml.
s.tiius aiiij iitiiiiiio in e gloat
If. 11-11 ir. . . ...'. r-'' ..
.. i.'f'Try t hn-tiiias," ns they di-pered THE BAEBERRYFOR HEDOES.
.ti...- !.,.;.. .,.. : .1..... i i" T.i i
j...... ...,,,. r.. .. ...inn-. uii-ii i inn inn
back gladly to thesilting room. stirred
the tire, re-arranged the coflee-eiips,
ami put George's slippers exact h in
the right place for him, for midnight
was. striking from twenty clinks at
once as every hour does on our pretii
' isci ami he would be home dircctlv
now. I sent the servants to bed. Xo
one should let iu the Christmas until
George brought it. though we had al
was done it before while the clocks
were striking ami the chun-li bells
ringing. The bells were ringing now,
of couihf, jet f could not hear them for
the terrible wind that -bricked about
the house, and scattered wildly and
weired! Ihe snow that wa-filling -o
fast. It was no u?,. j,ty li-tcning for
his step- I knew be uould leave hi.
norse am, gig ai the iivrv .-tahle- ar.tl j 'V. I ""." ' '" r "' "" I'nng. ment d improv-menu on the i,V,
seen in my old favorite's, and then ' s,..m,l -iilw..,t l i " T. ":"""' """ '""-J" "Men . -m -s. . HLT-, ri 2 tl.er.alUr fulfill all il. e. t.-l
walked on beside me. so close beside ler". r ' ,' ;', ,,,w;r ' l""?. ' ' l ' J V. f f, , , ' ''' fthl-art. '
mc .that I could feel his soHhair touch;, If )i yiUaZlrl :S!'S'- duri ,, 'l''I:!": ..- V.mMn ..t
nil iiami. .-JIICIITIV ami wale ill. v in I -n.......l lo .1 V I ....... n. ...!...i r'.. .. .:."""" "v --" "n , -, --y .-"."... n- ine i.eiierill l.niKl IJflif..
I range
has been dispo-.-d of, said party umv
enlcr another tuic; subject to etilrr
unilersaid lntw : and his rltbt to n.i
eetl in ent therefor -hall be deiermined by Ihe
"rpen- . proofs touching hi resideii.i and i,u-
ri.iiiu livallot. Of Ihe Iir.l teii.-t ...,.l l.l, ..1.
seme ihen-fnim in ...irh ser, i .
Si;c. f. Thai u -tildbr. wiilor, ma
rine, oflicer. or other peivou comiii"
within the pit-.jiou, UU net may
an well b an agent a in perioii, ..tr
upon said homestead: l'rovlded, That
saitl clufmajit in permit, nl,.,. 5UiIt.
Iiclllty in frmiiii" nhiii, j (n.... il... ......1 .. .. .- .. ' .
bv b.,.ti.r .. i. V r. 1 """":"" -'"-J'rwfTiih.i, commence m.1
.....11 1 I". 4... -... . .
u.iiMju, ins step uiieriy noiseless on
the fast-deepenimr snowL
Fast-leepening indeed
...... ...j 10 isiejis, it.oiigu iear was
a usual ...n ation with me. The ti
behind '.vUkciiedN-Ls mine iuicken
and pre-eiii y two'ineu overtook
siiiin.u iiipuii on mv toilsome wav
.i...i...i ..1........ 1... ..... .....
.............. .. ...iw -i i.i me ui eov mii.s
VV Iliimestlc in.-s, I
Jxrs, OCMaiu-st., AVichit
kissing mv hand to Annie as she stood
in the lighted doorway watching me
off. Down the gaily" lighted liigh
street, through the busy, slatternly su
burbs, then out into the wide, "chill
t drove on until the mines were round
me. and I drew up my horse before the
low public house where I was to meet
the club. All the members had assem
bled in a long, well-lighted room, with
a sanded lloor and an immense fire
J roaring 111 the chiinncx. While I stood
1 moment, and distingui-l. only a faint
rubbing or scratching against the cot
tage door, i-oinethiii", surely, is
wanted: some help. p. rhap, wliich
Our Lady, in her infinite pity, will al
low tne to give iu her name.
I clo-c our bedroom door softly, and
pa-s down the narrow stairs as jiiickl
as I can in my lameness and mv feeble
old age. Without waiting for "a light. ,
I open the outer door. ainFthorc.in the
light Vihich the siiow gives, I -cc ;i
man lying alone and dead upon tie-
threshold. Iic-id. I II. ink in mv lir-t
the rapidly drifting snow.
K. ouJd George brejk hi.- promise to
of failure. 1 liiiie ,i't.... !.,.ii,....f ..... ...
........ ...;. 1. ii.i.iir.: ... --- ..... .w. ...... .....,.,..,..., ...
inc.- line o cock: I cannot hear one riners my sererai liarherrv nirim!,.. -...t....i ..... . ...
iril ncl'...l !. .: ,...T..r.. . --.,--., --.-- - ,
o clock. I think it i- the loneliest hour
ot all the night. It terntics . to hear
the solitary strokes from the docks
below, even when George is v. ith me
:.. .1 :..i . - -. F .
m mi- nigiii. .iiw i: .-inicj: m." UKe a
ami asictit llieir opinions as !o Mheth-
eriney would luni -lock. In everv
nisi tfievlisve said it would beini...J.
for any uuiuinl to go throti"li. no.
( sllllll tr.v.i ntl-
thorily to iiinke sill ihmi Ifnl rnl.., r.1.,1
regulation to .-arry ntoefrevt ihe pro-
less 1
etice compelled ;and iu eiir li
I would
Vn....l l.i... ..- T j- . - . . . . ---."-
. . itu .111 isi ii 111 i 01 opeiieiiui.r .i..!.' .....i ..;.i.:.... ...:.i. .. ... . - . .-. .. ... -.. ....... ...... rivsi..., mi.. ..j.
entertain me at the Mint," .-.,,c ..,,.1 ! .t, ' "A"".. " I V i ""i ," '". """ nce; out wiicii 1 rai-e him with, are i,i rxshe.l bv will. sue. , U.riel
!. 1....1 n- 1 . ....... ,.111111. 111.111 111,11 l 1, an oeen ail naliil- :nu tpiiiirrne-a i. ..fn.!... w..i,; . . . . . . : . ----- -..-.-..
nixe vtuces. rarely deceiving ,. a,r,l lSv cl n-cd V fa e -n? " klU,,,V,1l'.,ie.0-,e,H !'l '- ,"'' Kw J br.-n out in ti,. wind and snow.
' the voice of this man w-is t.eci.li.r 1 rii e KV 1 , '"?t ln ro"1"1 hu" m v;n li-'wildennent. Thn-e o'clock'
I Ijefore his insolent spL KuTXnl In .0 recall the hour,
1 the second man broke in, and I felt S.to.i until it , , ,1 J. Si t ! ', 1 . P u" ihm ". I,M ,!??? -lY I.!.iny v.-rv hirt-bt- ,-a-e.
coith defect the voice of the hosfler : -,ve bee , 1-. tli "n , vi , '"V1 ., f 'i0'1 ,ook',,Ir!'," -rrliin-fly while Th.-anguish of that night I know will
who had told n.e of the lameness of inv Yet irid ally l."J. V. I",?,,t ! " -'-'-w.-P. womlc ring whether . live through all life -,he long. vain.
"'. ' !,.!.' If.iV ,,'?'.,ot nor',hnn fc man lym-r llien-m the .-now had belpl ..atriiing. Ikncwihal m.fhin-r
1 ... . j ... .. .iviii. tiiiii 1 ; 1 iii-iiii. 1111 11 rd irri.!. i.v. . .. .. , . . . .. . . 1 r 1
f ..... ...
nric u ivuiii-r. lriri. ..
violence compelled: and in ciifh n.ioklo l ...i- 1 1 r... ,...'. ,"..,
grca Ihroli ot pan,. Could G-orge w :" ' 'iiw prefer at-, ,y darling so patiently I'd in,l-a
break hi-promise to me? That wa- ;P Weaku,- down the rfronge. j right rl.li.. l,-r .-bignoti, '. " ,",V?,
-till my doubt and cry. bc.-ansc it was ';. '' rirk.M. though small and ami o black, IM haml brrtt.t!,tmM?
better 10 ihink that than that anr ac- 'U-tiurrjiri exccliiigly hanlaml-hani. nor -pill it down her b-.el2 I ,.
ciib-nt could have liff,jyiitd him. I M nglit angle- with the run.. r woubH... wsr, .-rfjldiiittf lul v til
op-m-d the shull, r- once. biii;i!n -tr. I ,,3r'' tbusj.re-etmg a ...,,. f fixed the tiidw.t praiyi . Jiirk4i til
was -o nbiie and solitary, and the baoite. gold-'ntt fon.'ii);.e (-it rt' VA
wind rushed by with such a shriek z " tic Jei- brralffb.... i.." i. 1,.
bi-K3r weet. m tltntdlr An ntkH
mv for onie ja.rr- Housed jdg'4 u-i.
Till my p-i.jf, uonlii 1 u,tnn me,
like the Ijgl,iit, tlmiili flnI.,h.
at hrr iit fol JLnfrlmg. iHogJotf
iI.jttii her roruwl Irt-i-f hi. I'd bresth-s
H'v;r ,K,,"i?" ."'. before" it, restoring life to inv petrified
, I.iiiuors , 1 otucco niul ii- 1 .. . 1 .. ill.- i',"
dim, Kansas. feet and fingers. 1 looked round at the
"M'Ji"VT -,.,K', two ilixirs bclmv K-t-.r-
.mlliIL?,;, ";?''!' aln-ayonlian.l. Call
anil see iu. M..iu Jrv ,,i0 , , ,.lir tnlllj:
liinff p:ilr ti, ie, , rioilic
hulhliiip, W Ichita, Kuiistw.
riONKUV. wr.ni.
lieuls, etc., jo4t-or.
AXOrA-lL-Hi:n Ol' Clrt.Mts'
.-" 1 olTtllila j.I ..!..,. f -
- --.....,.- ,,, 1-Iif.tlM Itir ! II. Mr 1
.... - " ' ' " 'JT-a
UHX IU h t? j'
n i"
I UUH. HUchf., trie
V KliiU
Jhe '
dozen, men who had their places at the
table, and 1 voted them a set of kimllv.
noisy fellows, llut as the evening
wore on 1 modified mv opinion. One
or two.were sullen amluioodv. thwart
ing every amendment, and drinking a
great deal in a kind of (n-iifT and greedy
silence. One or two were boisterous
and contradictory, dropping readv
oaths continuum from their litis, and I
! an hour, and "l had made no progre
, worm speaking of. though verv little
strength -remed left to 'me. l" could
llOt look till How :w I tit-....r..l ....
. . .. " "-- I'.vv.. '..
TlmfV it." s.-ii.? tl... fie. " ' w im. uai iiicraiiy seemetl to
1.. .i-.. -V- -v -- .".in. mm- i-rreun '
111. iiii i - i- ri'i r - -nv. -. t- m . 1 .
-., . . -,-- aitav l Li lTt,:iIII.' IIO kllAti 1.,.... ..j." i t
added. addressiM , !... ,.r.-,"T ;."," '" "V"l " "wmsi tne gales am
'o be quick about it." '
"v ome. sunt i,pr" he said. Wind's
tbeuseof talkiur to him? He's only
got to baud over Jhe watches; we want
lioiniug more oi jum."
bringing down their fists heavilv upon
the deal table to enforce their rough
unit noisy words. And others
1 que
i Jel:,
10 no wiui me
uestion enough :lut I cam-lit at .mv
. - - -c, . - -,,.,j
ii .aMj, aiKf.f.1 i. univrotecteil. he
tween the two stLm-r Aui.'l.u---l.ul
...... r-- .-,.-..- ......
were miners. witt ilu-ii-i....cl-.i r. ...i
A..:..4 ....1 ..... ... .. : - . --" ...-.- ......
'i""'. orueiiy jiten. with very lew their stout, sticks
a verv iieiincraio ' "it s no use ior vi
liut among them what we .-a v. the
ia-.ii passed me, and drifted the
iu nciins asramst t 11. mii n.,
hedges. DM I ever remember such .1
sudden, blinding snow storm as this
111 my life before? Never. I plunged
fill" limiil.. .1. - a - .
norance of what i-.v men,, ... r;:?: :. " V" u,t'I' '' ny pocket, to
t.lv asked them wV.t VL. " . L . V. ' U,V? !'"' " tl,eir thirl
- . . . --..... ..... ., lt, - w.llil llIlli:!T 5TIOV.i
""-' -- Muiiui ami iiciniess
I saw one thing, plainly enough. It
would be of no us- to nfc to feign ig-
thcy were bcimiiilx-d
b'H'u alone, ami so I know then" Imd
liceii no dog r.t' him. I see that lti
mind N wamlering. so I onh tell him.
soothing.-., that tin dog i- all right.
"Let him in." he says, moving back
to the door with a pit'eous smile. "I
hc your dog? He lus Iscim very good
tf m.."?
I turn aside the ijin-tion. I cannot
tell him we have no dog. nor that there
i no other house near here, for it
would lietrav the alienation of bl-
wbicb I rould Ikitc-leci!.-tjtn.riiigihrn
with George would have Iitcii w Iwnl
for m to Ircnra-(lit. a. I i-ltf-d
! hml kpf one of thes'-naitls ot, but
I -hr-iiik from iiilling Iwr. I bad sMit
liicm to bed in the full exjiertation of KvcrrlKIv ha IiKan!
.Men ny .Vonu-ii rau't ki-rp a fci-ref.
It is ju-f thi f.-verc: woitieti can. men 1
can't. Women carry with them Jo their '
gray.;. -eeref that would til? not . ......
... - ....... ,...... - -. - .... H ......
v oman never tell; man always doe-. . 'J jov. h'tcoI a st,t a .bun-Hoi,
The woman stifl'r-rs ami dic; wp blab 'lc wljil- Am- sat with HHtnr h; liar
ami lire". 3fen rsmiot keep s secret: wjMtl'.aflW-lJ'-n iu Jot ye. W!i-r'i!i
women cannot make it known. What "' J'l waller. Ieanb'd ami l.eavr
U fKrt to the man i. death to flw ?mi COn. when tw. lively r?f of'
woman. Adam wa a sti.-ak. V.r- "-:''l re b-okiu; doivii on IrluiL -
cold have kfpt the app- a rr.t, 't""' r""''"-. wy nboufder, trt worfe-""
He re fruitful. Who evrr huri a ""r)y pa. a-;,e mornior-, 'ifrj,
woman talk about her love, lis.-,,.? 1"-J niH, and -".m- Kior- apltf
a ffVI-Ttn it ! rmc
iin nu-oami romingaireriit alter iin-y Lm delight- in telling of hi IHiVh .
.,a: leu ie. s,, ow 1 rl,um not rtiis conqu-t: woman wrttild cut out her
....... ...v ...,.,. ... ,-t,.-T b wi i'-u tu j(juUfiirfL. jvirri iriKft.f triktMHi f.s.t int
fl - i . . 0ft .. . - "ir.tv.t .t..t . --,
Ml. 4IJI JU rfV Ii;. Jilt Mfirill J tail 111 II 1Iar ftP Lrv-. k-L -. T...I. f..t.
.- ... - W'-wm, . . -' UUlf
! before
zneti i ji aij;
ttw Cawu drrv? near, and
i -r-tst-t i 1tm v.tT..
- - r4it.
jou"nr wo mt-ruli jegaj r In a rtipcot
10 nmrTaiton nf -romm fiifTrjL'I.!
room talk; . Ju'Jtnply id; "For my oi tdrt, I
were failing. Xtne
iiiinii. 1 rhitf... Tf.f. .tnr.r iri.r .. cMf..v. .i.r..i -.... .1 . . . ..
M strength ami-pint- him, and he.st,l!smtH.nedbv nirann. sJroll3,ofH,esava.1,.ir..llm.l ...
i..ni-L ,.-!. ... .,i : !. '1 . .. '.. :. - .......
jivurt: 1 rotllfl -all tlic (n-n-snl tin now. atwl
fir Tr-ii ir..... ...
,. ... v ..... ,..... .
natK een vet iofor l..-n..rt - ni.
en; aim
look- with me out into ij.e
words to say. and
way of saying them.
all I noticed one most oarticuiarlv
i'ar above hi? cu-npanion. ?n lordiaH'ti.
VI f .lIltll -. ll..ti:..!t- ..11 ..,,. 1. . .1... f 1 c, ". ,. .
it seeuied as if 1 ,i.!. "". i:u-Kirx.il. "J "r:.:, ..""'." r"",c",,.JIM!,.,r?"-.'"'n
J.ff'j.lpliii,. , tlieiwth bnt no do: is ).re. I rio-e 'the dfor r-d v
o quibble over
rst iii.-m i.nt ;..
ouickly : -it on y wtCs tiii.- a.,d we
d. ;il ..iu li .. id hiicb in st..; ..,;.
make anv
of the furious iriud.
Detorc tho-c nine
and in
.mil 1
I felt that Iwi!f .'hasfilv. iiist as mv vikltoi Inc
H- rt.- a..M A-. ... I . ...,. j-i 4
" n mm.- unvt jMiu-x-riiHcionTie3 UIi a. 1 am.
or ti wm aud wbit. a- if J fca-I Iwn ill j kecj';
all for a month, a mi I bat Ibey w;r fright-y-'pn
ed she road wooi.i iw. Y. ..-. "V,' l" "S. 2 ,." . 'Vi .l"" 7.' .a'"' V"r " "-! "" '-- wia-ii n.er Paw nwr. " John'
,r... .1 v u..r-.-.-s.v,-.i jii wui nun upim-s-..rs, lift mil i tin v
hKi . J?5 t'-aI,!U,-wl l.'ifs.7rt.-liglityou,uIIow.witba delicate, -honbt
hick.r fh. s.,,.,1, p n. 1)?""'!' ta- v.h 3.s ,nn .,
somen rcrnieu tn tliwr parlor couvcr. lvc ,,, indlvidtiallraiidioeiiyeIy,
iiV """""iranirii womti i"-ii"naa women; ami nt, i em nr,
WliRgof her Jorcr-? Who ha not dV rrcry on- of mr jo-Si if ifeer, Uka
llt-'ticl to the dbxipatioj, f the men? ' vanlti ultrr sm-ir rwd .-ntlwtt.
V omen never t:i! tafr out ,f School; I m teun. MusU,ufr jc.tV rkv-
mrn arc alwaw babbling. 5 down tloo ami improvement iban wonia-if
with another old adajj-. Woman nan ad tjUr-r inife wrsi-a-
cr.. and her ability J . Mimtim
roved by tht cOuduct of St. T'f.v".Ke t i....J.3l.r!ri.- ,
.iV.rV:...ll.s.t vf. .; .."'""'. ..w,...-.. .'"-' ''
tLsd in!.! t,... t!,.rt I :. .1.5..t ... V....N ",.""'.-"' -"' '""'" ' r,'.rfi, hu n,ff nf-ugm
----- -; - - .".-'"o. " .- "t iuv-t -iw va wortJi PHr.iiititei.sr.-j3is-s-r.-
-- Mlly'JfcrV " S!1 & "" - --
ronie at fast. I knew liiat i look-
not have
' 'irn
AnA- Xs I
i r
- 1
, -iU. r W-lBiJ
HMHWi'ifi.fc - :?.H
, ' K - " -,
. ' "-ash
. tsaSk
-. i
A'-riSSlPSCSM vV. tfft JT SsrZa

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