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I M. KTJaSOX, Mitor sns1 Jrojnnor.
Emporia as & Competitor.
Those who nrcin the habit of noting
the rapid devolopmctit of this state,
nud who pop-ess tlic ability to inter
pret the aijrtis of the times will coin
fide w'.t'.t the conclusion expressed in
the head of. this article. Thej must
at least acknowledge that there is good
reason for the prophecy. Wc write
this out of no ill feeling towards To
peka. .Our only desire is to call the
attention of the people of southwestern
Kansas to the cud that their represent
atives and senators may give the mat
ter careful consideration before voting
any further appropriations toward
completing the capitol building al
ready commenced.
Ah all know, who know aught of the
geography of Kansas, Topcka is east j
of the center of the the northeast
quarter of the state. Cut the map of
the state into eight equal squares as
nearly as may be, and Topeka will be
found to be located near the center of
the northeast eighth.
We care not what may be said by
those living. cast and north of Topeka
about the barrenness of the west
ern part of the state, or want of pop
ulation. Our assumption of the fu
ture removal of the capital of our com
monwealth is based on a proposition
that lops off one hundred and lifty-six
miles of the western end of the state
or to a point as far east as Ft. Lamed,
as uninhabitable. But is it i With all
that cut off the center would not fall
far from Council Grove, in Morris
The southeast quarter of this state
will, iu another year or two, if it is
not already, be a densely populated as
the northeast fourth, while the south
west quarter will have in ten years a
population equal to either, and far in
excess of that of the. northwest quar
ter. We conceive this statement to be
true and one that will be conceded to
be a fact by all before long. Upon it
wc base the prophesy that Emporia
will bland a good chance to become
he future permanent capital of Kan
sas. Junction City is not geographic
ally much too far north, but as to pop
ulation t.be probably will be. Saliua
e is nearer right geographically, but too
far wct for the future center of popu
lation. Emporia, will he,wit bin fi-e years,the
nearest the centre of population of any
considerable town, while to-day she is
about as accessible to the great bulk
of population of Kansas as is Topeka.
"With the completion of the Carbondale
road,from Lawrence; the Iloldcn road,
west from I'aola. and the Solomon or
liVpublicnu valley roads north from
Junction City, Emporia will be far the
most accessible of any point iu the
state. Xow, all southeastern and
southwestern Kansas has direct con
nection with her, as has also all the
larger cities of the tntc, together with
the Kansas vallev west of Junction
C'Hy. .
Kansa? has four grand distinctive
alleys in the State, the first of which
in importance is the Kaw; the second,
the Arkansas; third, the Neosho, and
fourth, the Ilcpublk-au. The three
first of these valleys are already con
nected by rail with Emporia, and the
last Is virtually so nt Junction City.
Take your map anil satisfy yourselves
upon these proportions.
Wc oarc nothing for what may be
said about the expense consequent
upon such a removal. The people pay
the tax and the people do the voting.
To a wealthy state like this will be in
n few years, the extra tax to a "rcat
The editorial excursionists over
whelmed us with brains, tobacco and
a slight sprinkling, on their vihit from
Emporia here on Wednesday last. Our
citizens rolled every movable thing
depotwardB, including a few bar
rels. To take them around was the
climbing effort of our citizens, and
they were took. A tine band of music
accompanied the tripodNts and they
were received amid the acclaims of
our citizens. Editors arc always wel
come, and if they ain't they always
reconcile themselves so that a casual
gazer would think they were.
A superb dinner was provided them
at the Empire House, and amid feast
ing, toasting and hilarity many n
uoupie-ngnt-angle-triangular meal
went sousing into a grateful stomach
long unused to epicurean diet. At
four o'clock the excursionists took
their departure. All regretted that
they could not stay over and take a
sh, many of them exhibited such
strong piscatorial tendencies. The
benefit that will accrue to Wichita
from this visit of the editorial fratern
ity of our state will be almost incal
culable. All of them, including the
ladies, expressed themselves as de
lighted with our valley and surprised
at the magnitude of our city. Many
rcgrctcd that this place was not selected
as the place for the convention, ex
pressing their preference to Wichita
over Emporia, "because," exclaimed
several at once, "your people seem to
be all alive'
We congratulate the editors on their
selection of wives and sisters ; both
were the best wc ever saw. The men
were good looking and intelligent,
and the woman vivacious and pretty.
We could obtain only a few names
which we dare not publish for fear of
showing partiality.
For such a matter as two weeks wc
arc, by authority of letter from Marsh
Murdock, to attend all business mat
ters, and to assume the editorial con
duct of the Wichita City EagiI:.
In obedience thereto, even now we arc
swinging our delicately perfumed ped
als between the floor and the posterior
rcceptical of the high editorial chair
of the above named, and gazing long
ingly out into the blue hyperian trying
to think about something we've been
thinking ubout; but alas! too few. How
ever, wc arc persuaded that people
who arc offended are easily made mad,
and when they reach the.-e stages arc
apt to be hasty and get hot. We
wou'd, therefore, state very frankly to
all such that if anything of a sangtiin
ary,provoking nature, appears iu these
columns during Mr.Murdock's absence,
keep cool, he will only lie gone two
weeks. Bully two weeks ! We had a
notion to insert the names of Jf. G. and
G. B.; to nail them on our forctop
mizen poop, but it's too nautical, be
sides we are afraid the next Insertion
would be in the region of one of the
above named nauticals. The local ad
monition on "big head" "am busted ;"
those who have been familiar with us
will be known by us no more for two
M. M. Murdock, bydNpatch from T.
J. Peter made Brig. Gen. of the ex
cursionists, came with them Wednes
day and flew off again and will con
tinue to fly around excuiioninga week
or two, when things in the office will
assume their proper level again. In
the meantime Mr. Fred. A. Sowers
will have charge of the editorial and
business management of the big bird.
Correspondence of (lie Kci.k.
majority of the voters would be but
a few cents, and would not have the
least influence, providing two or three
millions of money is not expended on
the present building before the ques
tion is tested. Topeka was far west of
tiie center of population ten years ago.
Xow she is far north of it ; soon she
will be far east and north of such
center. . .
The present building was brought
some sixty miles to its present site, the
material being carted across the river.
It surely could be taken sixty miles
But we did not start out to discuss
the proposition, only to say that wc
had been thinking the matter over,and
to get others as much interested as
ourselves to thinking also. Topeka
may hoot the idea and the eastern Kaw
valley laugh, but the Kaw valley is
fast becoming northern Kausn, and
the first time that an appropriation of
two or four hundred thousands is
aked for building another wing of the
capitol, this question will be .seriously
discussed, and the next thing the peo
ple will demand a vote upon it.
A remarkable fatality has fallen up
on the evergreens over a great part ot
the country during the past winter or
spring. The young evergreens of var
ious kinds have been killed to a fearful
extent, either by severe frost or sudden
thawing after the frost. The cause is
still a matter of speculation, but the
fact U one which is witnessed to a fear
ful extent. Some nurserymen have
lost to the value of from ten to fifty
thousand dollars worth, and others
have suffered the loss of hedgcMind or
namental trees and shrubs.
The old State Jtccord is to be re
vived again as a ninrning daily after
the Philadelphia convention has an
nounced its nominees. We are glad
of this and can assure its revivitlers
that at this particular time and iu this
peculiar locality, they can swell iu no
inconsiderable measure their "sub"
Dispatches from London under date
of the 27th inst., announce the death of
Sir Henry Lcighton Bulwcr, aged 68
years. It is noticeable that 1872 thus
far gics promise to bo as -prolific
with deaths of eminent persons as last
On Monday last ground was broken
at Topeka for the Topeka & Lawrence
railroad. A grand pow-wow was held
at the A., T. & rt. 1 II. 1L depot. A
roccsioti of head-lights moved amid
fiddling, beating of drum? and nil that
sort of thing.
EiitouEaolk: We arc having quite
lively times in our burg across the
raging "Backensack," and a few lines
from your occasional may not come
amiss in your paper.
Long continued rise iu the river has
given an impetus to trade this side
which causes us to think a well estab
lished business here will pay. Our
single grocery store has not been able
to supply the demand for supplies, and
any one wishing a good business loca
tion cannot do better than to call at
West Wichita. Mr. Aley, our wagon
maker and blacksmith, has been crowd
ed with business for some time past,
and as he docs all work iu a business
like manner, is sure to build up a thriv
ing business.
We notice the town site has been
surveyed more completely of late, pre
paratory to a vigorous growth the
present season. Loth are given away
to any one who will improve by build
ing, and the company are holding out
good inducements to all such.
Wc miss the social and cheerful mer
chant, Mr. J. S. Hughes, from our
streets, who has disposed of his proji
erty here and left to try his fortune
elsewhere. Mr. H. is was one of the
first residents here and had establish
ed a good trade. His son-in-law, I).
McCanlas, carries on the business at
the old stand.
Wichita may boast her fine serena
ders, but wc arc favored with splendid
music on this side also, which cannot
be surpassed by many of the larger
cities. A favorite tune seems to be,
"Will you walk into my parlor said the
spider to the fly."
The recent heavy rains have been
very favorable for hedge, and all kinds
of fruit and shade trees, which arc
looking well. Corn and other crops
are also looking finely. This causes all
to feel encouraged, and all are sure
that the valley is a success us a farm
ing couutry. Eui:y.
A new dwelling belonging to Dyer
Smith, in the southwest part of the
city, was struck- b lightning durinir
Correspondence ir;he Kacle.
Oxfokd, May 22, 1872.
Hear liim but reason in divinity
And all admtrinsr, with an inward wish
You would desire the Mug were made a pre
late: Hear him debate of common wealth affairs
You would nay, it hath been all his study :
List ids discourse of war, and vou aball near
A fearful battle rendered you fn music
King Henry V.
Mr. Eaolk: The press of our coun
try is a wonilerltil educator, "ana yon
are another." Would you believe it,
since our lyre was lastly tuned, to
earthly symphonies, one of our distin
guished professionals, whose tile we
thence decried, has donned a bran-new
beaver, revolutionized his toilet gen
erally, and is now as trim and well-favored
a limb of the law as you need to
look upon. Indeed, the effect has been
so wonderful that we learn he is even
contemplating retiring from the legal
ranks and entering the clerical profes
sion. May his proselytes "beat the
Jews," in number and kind. Wc very
much need a reinforcement of clergy
hcrc, as wc have no resident regular
minister. The Baptist people have
taken steps to organize and build a
church, but have no pastor. The Pres
byterians arc in the same condition,
except that Rev. Mr. Boggs, who re
sides and farms in the vicinity, preach
es occasionally. The Methodist con
ference sent a minister to serve a soci
ety here and at Belle Plain, but having
a farm and other engagements some
twenty miles away we have seen him
but once this year at his regular ap
pointments. So, with the exception of
transient visitors and local ministra
tions, which being gratuitous are little
prized, the people are as sheep without
a shepherd. Wc hope soon to see a
good, live man come among us with
the true apostolic spirit, leaving farm
ing, etc., to us wordlings. and giving
himself wholly to the ministry. Such
a man would be well sustained, ap
preciated and successful. Any other
is of little use. Still wc have a most
orderly, Sabbath-keeping, quiet and
moral community. Sunday school,
church services, lectures, day school
and other beneficent means arc regu
larly and well sustained, and very few
now places can boast of so many good
citizens or so few excrescences. We
have but one rum-hole distinctively,
and hope and pray for its removal
soon. It is slowly doing its damnable
and deadly work. Here and there al
ready it has poisoned the life-blood of
otherwise good citizens, husbands and
father, and every day wc ore sadden
ed to sec the bloodshot eye, the flushed
and inflamed check the lineaments of
the beast being developed and mark
the inevitable tokens that ere long
their wives and children will bend
with anguish over the bloated, beastly
remains of a loved husband or father
who has gone to a drunkard's grave
and a drunkard's hell. Who can deny
that the mau no, the creature who
can wantonly desolate homes and ruin
hopes, for a little paltry gain, is an en
emy to his race, dangerous to society,
and ought to have nictcd out to him
the extremest rigors of the law ? Yet
there arc men, even christian iu name,
who will apologize for such fiends in
carnate, and even sign their petitions
for license and join in tabooing or os
tracising thoe who wonld make an
effort to rid the country of such curses.
Our legislators have made excellent
laws to punish these vampyres and
stop their death-dealing carnival, and
it only remains for good men to com
bine and stand firmly together, refus
ing all licenses and prosecuting every
sale, to shut up effectually these vol
canoes and mnlstroms of hell. Aside
from the mean, dirty, loathsome whis
ky trade, of which wc have less than
almost any town in the state (but just
one too many), we have a most enter
prising and thrifty class of tradesmen,
all in legitimate, honorable business.
Xo billiard rooms to encourage habits
of prodigality and indolence; no dens
of infamy vestibules of perdition to
allure the foolish and unwary to sure
and certain ruin, and no gambling hells
to swallow up the results of the toil
and economy of our young meu, we
are laying the foundations slow and
sure of a flourishing and prosperous
town. One drug store, two dry goods,
two hardware and tin, five grocery and
provison, jeweler, dentist, millinery,
two blacksmith and wagon, steam saw
and grist mill, brick yard, cabinet
store, several cabinet shops, surveyors,
land agents, lumber dealers, agricul
tural implements, and other men of
business. We arc well prepared for
work, and all are at it and have plenty
to do. A new bank is soon to open,
and a new drug store. We have a
model bakery, confectioner and re
freshment house, a first-class boarding
l house, and one of the best enuinned
and most commodious hotels in the
Southwest just being opened and a
man that don't like the pleasant faces
and fare of mine host and his accom
plished lady is no judge of ginger.
Then, Mr. Editor, wc have just what
your genial nature would like good,
neighborly, home-made sociables.
Once in awhile some of our youngsters,
whose bettei-life education has been
slightly neglected, are tempted to bring
out the devil's spotted, unbound testa
ment, but they have breeding and re
finement enough to keep them in the
background and put them aside when
any of the clergy come in. It will be
a good time when there is such a high
christian civilization in our new coun
try as will effectually banish this relict
of barbarism and substitute a culture
and a thirst for something more clcvat
iniraml ennobling than tempting, time-
destroying, senseless pasteboard.
But before closing these quickstep
notes wc must remember our bright
and happv little ones. Under the
Washisutox, D. C, May so, Ists.
Regitter end Receiver, Wtehita, Xante
Gextlemes : I Inclose herewith a
copy of "an act for the relief of settlers
on the Osage lands in the state of Kan
sas," approved on the 9th Inst.
The first section provides for the dis
posal of the Osage trust and diminished
reserve land excepting the 16th and
36th sections to the amount of 160
acres or one quarter section to each ac
tual bona-fide settler, qualified to cuter
government lands, for cash only, at
$1.25 per acre, in compact form as re
quired by the pre-emption law. This
modifies the "square form" require
ment of the act of 15th July, 1870.
Under the second section, any actual
settler on these lands who failed to pay
for his claim iu the time allowed by
the act of July 15th, 1870, is allowed
three months from May 9th, 1872, in
which to place his declaratory filing
in the local office, if not already done,
and until the 1st day of January 1873,
in which to prove up and pay for the
tract so filed for, with this proviso,
that such settler be required to pay in
terest on the amount due from him, at
the rate of five per cent, per annum,
from the time, such payment should
have been made,up to the time of actual
You will therefore compute and
charge the proper interest in such case
in permitting entries of this class.
The third and last section of the act,
allows the party who may have sold a
claim on these lands prior to April 26,
i l, tnc ngnt or entry on a tract on
which settlement has been made sub
sequent to said April 26th, 1871, upon
satis factor-proof of good faith in such
subsequent settlement.
The second proviso relieves
certain restrictions of the law,
settlers actually residing upon
lands at the date of its passage.
Very respectfully,
Willis Dkummojtd,
AX ACT for the relief of settlers on
the Osage lauds iu the state of Kan
sas. Be it enacted by the senate and house
of rejrresentatire of the United States
of America in congress assembled,
That the Osage Indian trust and dim
inished reserve lauds in the state of
Kansas, excepting the sixteenth and
thirty-sixth sections in each township,
shall be subject to disposal, for cash
only, to actual settlers, iu quantities
not exceeding one hundred and sixty
acres, or one quarter-section to each,
in compact form, in accordance with
the general principles of the pre-emption
laws, under the direction of the
commissioner of the general land-office:
Provided, That claimants shall file
their declaratory statements as pre
scribed in other cases upon unoffered
lands, and shall pay for the tracts, re
spectively, settled" upon within one
year from date of settlement, where the
plat of survey is on file at' that date,
and within one year from the filing of
the township plat in the district office
where such plat is not on file nt date of
Sec. 2. That any actual settler upon
these lands who "mav have failed to
Eay for and enter the land settled upon
y him under the act of July fifteenth,
cightecu hundred and seventy, shall
have three mouths from the date of
this act iu which to file his declaratory
statement, and shall be required to
prove up his claim and pay for the
land before the first day of January,
eighteen hundred and seventy-three.
And in case of failure of any party to
comply with the provisions of this act,
the land claimed by him or her shall be
subject to the settlement and entry of
of any other qualified person: Pj-ovid-ed,
That all the persons availing them
selves of the provisions of this section
shall be required to pay, and there shall
be collected from thcin, at the time of
making payment for this land, inter
est on the total amounts paid by them
respectively, at the rate of five per
centum pef annum, from the date at
which they would have been required
to make payment under the act of July
fifteenth, eighteen hundred and seven
ty, until the date of actual payment:
Provided further, That the twelfth
section of "said act of July fifteenth,
eighteen hundred and seventy, is here
by so amended that the siggregatc
amount of the proceeds of sale received
prior to the first dav of March of each
year shall be the amount upon which
the payment of interest shall be based.
Sec. 3. That the 6ale or transfer of
his or her claim upon any portion of
these lands by anv settler" prior to the
issue of the commissioner's insructions
of April twenty-sixth, eighteen hun
dred and seventy-one, shall not operate
to preclude the "right of entry, under
the provisions of this act, upon anoth
cr tract settled upon subsequent to
such sale or transfer : Provided, That
satisfactory proof of good faith be fur
nished upon such subsequent settle
ment: Provided further, That the re
strictions of the pre-emption laws re
lating to previous enjoyment of the
pre-emption right, to removal from
one's own land in the same state, or
the ownership of over three hundred
and twenty acres, shall not apply to
any settler actually residing on his or
her claim at the date of the passage
of this act.
Approved May 9th 1872.
Ilotelstole a revolver from the satchel
of Ja.W. Coleinon, Esq.. of loin, who
was a guest at the hotel, on the night of
the 20th inst.. Eavens wa9 promptly
arrested, convicted and sentenced to
fifty days imprisonment in the jail, and
a fine of fifty dollars. lie is an old offender.
The British government arc about
to call in the silver four-penny picceV
now in circulation, so as to avoid the
confusion which arises from having
two salver coins of similar appearance,
the three-penny pieces being of nearly
the same size.
A female infaut was found ou Sun-
We are informed by the Burlington i Price street". Germantown. and finallv
i? .... -..:.,.! . 4i... - 4 i '
ii"i 1 1 iu i iiu ucnuaiHunu poor uoue.
where, as its name was unknown, it
Patriot that Mr. Jordan, of Burling
ton, was drowned iu the Marias des
Cygncs, on his return from moving a
load of goods for Mr. Johnson. He is
reported to have driven into the swol
len stream with his team, when the
wagon uncoupled and the team reached
the bank iu safety, but the man, un
able to swim, was drowned.
The Leavenworth Cull says Xathan
Frakcs, dangerously wounded Frank
Hyde, of Doniphan, last Wednsday,
I it was registered as "Dollv Varden.'
"Boy." said a visitor at the house of
a friend to his little son, "step over the
way and see how old Mrs. Brown is."
1 he boy did the errand, and on his
return reported that Mrs. Brown did
not know how old she was.
Miss Stevens, a beautiful blonde lady
preacher, is creating a profound relig
ious sensation in Georgia. She is said
to make oil the masculines feel like
while ouarrelliii"- about rmvi.i.r fr i embracing Christianity, or at least its
some liquor. Frakes was duly'arrlsted j locnt and advocate.
and had his preliminary examination "Jim." said one youngster to an-
aud was bound over to the city court. I other on the Fourth. "Jim, lend me
Calvin McElroy, of Falls City, went U SZ S
I i-.-i r.iM...i t . .... . .
to his rest as usual on Saturday even
ing, and was found dead the next
morning. He had been a soldier iu the
war and was highly esteemed as a cit
izen. The following is a pretty good gag
on the bond croakers: "Within the
past few weeks the M., K. & T. R. 11.
company has' paid into the several
county treasuries along its line the im
mense sum of $164,000 for taxes. These
taxes on this road must contribute
largely each year toward paying oft"
the connty debts."
We arc informed by the Xeodesha
Citizen that Williams, who killed
Starr at a dance ou West Buffalo, some
weeks ago, an account of which was
published in the papers at that time,
was tried for murder in the second de
gree at the late term of the district
court and acquitted.
A stock dealer, named Vaughn, of
Stcwartsville,Mo.. was instantly killed
at Lawrence, on Thursday evening, by
bcing run over by a train on the K. P.
R. R. He was endeavoring to climb
upon the train after it had started and
fell underneath, the cars passed across
his breast. He was intoxicated at the
Leavenworth City has had another
tragedy. Mr. Camper, carrier of the
Evening Call, stabbed McManc, a liv
ery man and an ex-county commis
sioner, last week, inflicting several se
vere wounds in the right breast. The
affair grew, out of a nuisance created
in the neighborhood by the burning of
McManns' stables some time age. It
seems McManns struck Camper over
the face several times, and Camper re
taliated with a carver.
The Lawrence Journal informs us
that at three o'clock Wednesday morn- !
ing the stable of Mr. William Elam,
two miles and a half northeast of Bald
win City, was struck by lightning and
the roof was burned. The stable being
of rock, ns all stables should be when
practicable, the walls remained stand
ing. A span of young mares were in
the stable, and one of them was got
out, but the other was burned up. Mr.
Elam saved bis harness, wagon,
other movable property.
to be
I didn't think the dav was going
2 so long.
A woman of Williamson county,
Texas, obtained a divorce at the last
term of court, and was married again
to another man in five minutes afterward.
Four states Illinois, Iowa, Ohio and
Missouri have passed laws taking
away the disqualification of jurors who
read the newspapers and from opinions.
ruwwiTum. I m
:f. KaroEPTEie,,
Stmtctmrrr of and Deafer in
2TO- 13 -M-ATKT S-p
OCBcr Furniture made to order In all tvlrt.
Repairing and rrrtln(t Cane Chairs done fwau.t
ly and neallj-. V-ly
Manufacturer of and dealer in all kind of
Parlor, dumber, Dwelling lad Kifcken
Xearly all slang phrases have some
basis for their use ; thus the application
of the galvanic batten-for nervous dis
ease makes the patient "steady bv
jerks." ' '
Women, under the name of "assist
ant pastors," do pastoral and mission
ary work for several of the St. Louis
churches, and receive compensation
We keep the largest and best assorted
stock of lumbrr in Wichita.
Cut or rough cheaper than natiic stone in
.Sedgwick County.
Fvrt Scott, Oeage City ihat, Carbondale and
Bmlihfjamt Coal.
We publish what appears under the
head of "mob law scandal" the follow
ing from the Sumner county Herald.
We do so for the purpose of getting as
near as wc can the side of justice, which
always inclines both cars that both
sides may have a hearing.
For the last three weeks quite a
number of the papers of the state have
been spreading the report abroad, east
and west, that Sumner county is in a
state of general insurrection, and iu
fact, the impression has become so
general and popularly accepted as true
that not long since Gov. Harvey ad
dressed a letter to the sheriff of this
county asking if there was any need of
military assistance to quell the mob.
Xow tliis whole matter has originated
from the unwarranted and totally un
founded reports spread by the Wichita
Vidcttc and other papers" of like ilk.
Sumner county is to-day, mid has been
ever since the hanging of Lynch at
Wellington, as quiet and peaceable as
Sedgwick or any other county in the
state. The Vidette. under "dates of
May 9th and 16th, takes advantage of a
few" scurrillous reports circulated by
some unknown or discreditable person's
who are evidently seeking a disgrace
ful and ungentlcinnulv revenge upon
tnc honest, sober ana industrious com
munities of this section without the
slightest foundation for such reports.
In justice to our fair young county we
think it behooves the papers of" this
state, after learning the utter ground
lessness of the "mob law'" humbug, to
make some retraction or apology for
the injur)- such reports are liable to
inflict upon our people.
We have avoided a collision with the
Vidette so long that forbearance has
We are prepared to furnish Ahler facing, wa
ter table, window gilU, window caps, atruiplit,
scpnent or circle, corner blocks, door ailta, cor
nices, stringcourses, columns, sidewalk flagging,
all sizes, wall coping, key stone, hearth stones,
imposing stones, pilasters brackets and paving
blocks on the shortest notice aud on the most
reasonable terms. ..
A Full Line of Undertaker's Goods.
Undertaking done on short notice and In the mot
Corner Douglas Avenue and Main St.,
Dealer In all the latest styles of
Our experience the past three years In supply
ing the wants of this part of the State convinces us
we can still glre as good satisfaction to our cus
tomers aa heretofore.
Our grades are well known to be the best In th
market. We shall stick to our grades, and hope
to set all our old customers.
We trilt maltlil-eral indatementt to cash trade.
E3"UXDEirr.VKEU AH slirs of Cofflns con
stantly on hawl. Any style of work nude to order.
On completion of railroad I shall hare on hand
the largest stock In nonthrrn Kansas, and I shall
be prepared to All all wholesale ordT at aa low
prices aa can be bought elsewhere ami laid ilown.
Anr style ofgonls wanted and not kept here I can
onfer from my house at Topeka
Terms at wholesale and retail strictly cash.
Cornrr Main street and Douglas arenur.
Office with shcllabarjvr &
I.eidigli, near the
Exclusive agents at Wichita.
wicuri-r a..
Are in full blast, making soothing beverage for
the thitrty public, and arc prepared to supply the
country for fifty miles around.
Wagons will run regular once a week to Eldo
rado, Augitita and Wlnfleld; also to Ilelle Plain,
Wellington and Oxford.
Orders punctually attended to. Lock Bos M.
nn 10-lr
Carpenters, Designers and Builders,
Vo. 15 Afiln Street, near corner Dougtat Av.
All work executed in the mMt durable and mod
ern style, anil warranted to give satisfaction.
Hans and spccillcations fumihed. Jobbing of
all kinds done to order. my'l-ly
For Sale.
One hundred and sixty ncres of f1rt-cla bot
tom land, tenmilt-cnlof Wlrhlta thcMXithweft
otutrterof section S3, town 27, rangr 2eat. Onl
big pprtn,;, nice stream orilving water, and with
in half a mile oftimlier Corn, oats, iwitators and
garden tungroingon the plare. Will sell cheap
ami give immediate j'lMession. Call on the un
dersigned on the prrmises.
my3I-4t AllltAM KELLY, Jr.
Wholesale and retail
Keep the largest stock of
In Southwest Kansas.
Wholesale and Kttail Dealer In
Sample room In the rear of wholesale depart
ment Is supplied with the very bett Old Kentucky
Uonrbon and Mooongahela Ky Whiskies and Im
ported Jlrandles and Wines.
Having a desire to rlisnm my bualnesa f will
offer great IndurttnenU to the trade for the next
sixty days, obligating mysclr to sell at Lravrn
worth or Kansas City price, freight added.
Call and examine our grader. We will not be
undersold. Lumber delivered Inside city limits
without extra charge.
r , City of Wichita.
IleforeH K Van Trees. J
L. W DavU, plaintiff,
Janws ;. ISarnurll, defemlant
In attarhmetit Plaintiff's demand till.
ceased to be a virtue. It is one of,
. thoc sort of reformers who arc irener- 1
tt .1 11.. n 1 si ..
any luuiiu 111 me cuinjmin ui .lcx.ui MOTICC
roiijrh'S. and consequently i ahvay state OK KAX"A,
loin mm iiiiiiu 111 111 ii:iiu iiivni jiiui ' ..-r..... ..i..-., , . ,
abn-e a moral and peaceable people, t
Lynch was a character well known on
tlic Southwestern frontier, and some
I years since flourished hi weapon of
I rutlilessncssinSouthwcsternMi'-sonri.
e arc not an advocate of mob law.
, or even capital punishment for crime.
I but we do advocate the summary pun
ishment and eradication ot all ucli ruf
fian and dctnrado(!g as have hereto-
shooting affray that occurred at Max- ' fore pi;cd their infernal depredations
ter, on Wednesday, growing out of an on our southern border-, from whence i
ntionmt l.i- ti.o Mtr mnrcL-iii in ni. ' thev retire into the territory for safety.
. . ,',, , ,. " - . i Theonlvwav to do thi i bv mean of ., ..
lect a peddler's license from a enj)- . pmtl fnr t- ...r.Tnn. to ,:ritlLr Sllrh Notice.
1- - - ---j-- f,
1 character to justice before the civil
1 law would be rnakenir mere child'
e learn from reliable authority
that the iron bridge at I.elloy, in Cof
fee county, during the late freshets,
fell into the river and became a total
wreck : also, that the iron bridge at
Elk City was completely carried away
during the lr.te heavy rain.
The Fort Scott Monitor tells of a
Ofite and yard on Ifngl-ie ttmor, nar IS'pot.
Notue l hereby given Ilwt on tb- Ifttiiilayof I
Slay, A I liCi, the alxive. named Justice of the
Peace lued a Minimum and order ot attarhment
In the above cae, which order of attachment was t
served on J I" Hilton, a garni. hee, for th earn
of one hundred and eleven MM0Q dollars, awl that
said cae will be heard on theM day of June, A '
I) liCi. at 3 o'rlork a m , when and wh're the
j.lsinliff will take Judgment for the amount of hi
said dt-nuitd If the defendant fail to appear !
II ( Mn, ettomer for plaintiff
IH3l-3w Ir' fee I.M
:ro:msr braitsch,
the storm un Sunday afternoon. The 1 training of friend Daily it would do
house was just completed and was not i vou good to hear them sin?; in a wav
vet occupied. Hie liirlitninir struck
the chimney, rending it iu twain in the
handsomest style, smashed a few raft
erSj knockinga portion of the plas
tering oft nearly eery 100m in the
house and then passed into the ground,
us if fully satii-tied w ith the damage it
had accomplished. Fort Scott Monitor.
A Wilson county jury has just taxed
a young man sfliOO for failing to com
ply with his promise to niarrv a young
woman, whom he had betrayed". Al
though we live on the "bonier,' yet
thanks to the good inlluences of our
earlier associations, we. have not for
gotten how sacred the marriage rela
tion is. We honor that jnrv. A mo
tion ie on file for a new trial. J'rcdu-
hiu Journal. I
pled man, an attache of Dan. Rice's
circus, who was engaged in selling can- ,
dies, nuts, etc., in the circus pavillion.
Member of the company say that the
man had previously paid hi licence, ,
but the marshal, who wa outrage
ously intoxicated, insisted ou the re
collection of the amount, drawing a 1
revolver to enforce his demand. Mr.
Spauldiug, one of the proprietors of
circus, interposed, when the marshal
turned and fired ou him, three shots
taking effect in different parts of
his bodv. Spauldiiiir also drew a re
play over their cold-blooded deed.
These desperadoes have for a long time
been thoroughly organized into band
and league in the Southwest, and at a
few day warning can call to their
rescue as many witnesses am! revolver?
a they deem iwc-sary.
As we said before, miico the hnnirins
ofLiich at Wellington, thi count
has not been the scene of cold-blooded
carnage, and we do not presume it will
be again. We would re-pcctfitlly a
sunfotir worthy governor that Sum
ner county 1 in no manner needing
the nrccncc of niilitarv force. Her
to delight even Mozart himclf. The
man who learns children to sing, and
who helps to cultivate a musical taste
in any community is a real benefactor,
and though he may not find it the most
lucrative employment, yet he can have
the fatifaction of feeling that lie is 1 evening, stating that hope are entcr
contiibuting very largely to the moral tained of his recovery.
volverand returned the fire, wounding' people arc quietly attending to their
.1 1 i 1 .1 a 1 r t, t own business-, and iiidutrio'iIvdcveI
the marshal who then fled from the J " lhecolden resources of the -oil.
tent. A policeman present also fired
upon Spaulding, inflicting a fourth
wound. It w:is feared that Mr. S.
could not survive hi wound, bnt we
hear that a telegram was received last
forces that are lifting up arid blessing
humanity. The child or man that
learns to sing good "songs of joyous j
oping the golden
At a meeting of a parish, a tralght
farcd and mot exemplary deacon sub
mitted a report, in writing, of the des
titute widows and others who stood in
need of assistance from the pari1-!!.
f ''Are yon urc, deacon," aked an
I other o"!cmn brother, 'that you have
embraced an tlie widows .
He said he believed he had.
The editor of the Lexington Caucas
ian advertises for an other rebellion.
He must have been iu the quart ermas-
praisc' is not near so likelv to soil his tcrs denartment dnrintr the late un-
liiis with nrofanitv or his son! with ! nleasantncss. or else ''he's -rot wuins.5 . the use of the steel-headed rail, and
guilL God bless the teachers and Wc credit the Garnett Plaindetrter I report that twenty-five per cenU of
... , ,. .. ,.,... . , laose rM- 'am on mai roau :.- uuu.
The chief i:rini-cr of the I'hiladcl-
rphia and Heading railroad condemns
learners of the heavenly and divine I with dealing thus
science and art of music prays ' ment that a young
Mozart. Eavcu, night watch at the St. James bodj
plainly m its state- tobc 3 beout-c the teel hrad
man by the name of ha been found to separate from the
kih k Ou'vrr, 5
tteforel! K Van Tree. J P , 11 rr of Wichita
James II Dagner, plaintiff,
J y Doi.hsm, defendant
In attachment Ilaintiff derasnd 5 f)
otire i hereby given that on the l"th day of
May, A l IsTS. h shove nsmed Jn.tlreot the
IVaej urd a rummnns and nler of attainment
in the slxitt- rae, whirh .aid order of attarhment
has Iwen levied upon certain gwods awl chattels
of ald defendant, and that ald e will be barrf
on th 24th day r June. A I 1 "71, at o'clock
am, before aid Jutic, wtw-n and where the
plaintiff will tale iadment for tb amount of hi.
am rirmiiwi 11 tijr ueirrvjani rail to appear
Wichita, Kan , Mar Sib. K.t
II f -ln, attorney for plaintiff
my31-5 IT'S fee i o
Notice of Attachment.
Milt f ralgrojle, plaintiff,
..liwi . 1'ui.h.mii, .irirrr.j.1 .
O.mpiirnt in attachment Plaintiff demands
Jfotiee Is hereby given thai on the fcj day nt j
Mar, a I I(. Willtara n. Eftarke, a Jostle
oftbe Peace of Wichita City, edgwlekfoctr, j
Kansas. Ued an order of attarimvnt la te I
above named ca- for the mm of one hundred aod J
six dollar., and that said eoe wPl b herd on j
tbe 23d day of Jane. A. I Ki. atS o'clock a. m. ,
3IILT CKAItiMTLK. llaiatiff. flAMLL
mjC1.5IV fee 3J
Notice. j
t . Lort Ottjcx. J )
Wjcwit,. Kaiuas, Jsay W, Ki j
t frtnt.Iifnt havbur l.en entered at this oe bT '
-arab A IKUke ayalct 1 C Herd fur adven
O-asr aling S atta, 4ati! OrU.ber JW, j
1"71, upo Sly nortawe quarter f mrttif .
it, towiw&lp rfVrb, raage S et, la Sedgwick J
raa!rt Kansas, with a view to th raaeella- '
tioa of rant Sting, t&e said rti- ar bTeby
Mlffi3aiOrl in iftfmr at UiU oCre ua the Ztiii day
of June, 1CJ, at 1! .'l'k a w , to rerp.ad aed
forni-a IeJlmry e.niioi aid alleged ffflag.
,NIKr-V AK1.N, Uegirter
W A "Itixsog, Ucelr uiySl-11
3Iaoafacturer of ati kinds of
sT. H. DAaNBR,
Wholesale Ijealer la
LT H Lsan Orrirr,
WirMITs, Kansas, May 4, Kl
Complaint havinr been entered at Oils A by
Allen llraruMHi ag-aTnst fear Halley lire atfaAlon
Injrhl. bitretead entry Hu fill dated January
SI, 171, npofi the eaet half f It, wothweat far
ter tfTaeetioa K, township B south, ra !,
in Batier aaty, Kansas, with a view t Us can
cellation of said entry, the said parties are hereby
nmnwfted to appear at Oils oe vm tfce Kth day
fJone K,t, at. o'clurk a. , l rrrvfui !
furnish teotlnouy rwmliif said alleg-ed ahaa
i.iimi.n Asi.i, siefiswr
W A ', Keeeltrr
Fine Wtrk and four Prim my motto.
AH work warranted t rire satisfaction or no
sale ftepairinr done neatly and promptly.
Tiro dswri nvA of tkt Firrt SatfrwAt JUl,
ilU Mrtrt, WirXila.
V A. Laaii Mti.i
Wicmits, Kansas, May t. lr?2
Cnrnptalnt haviaa; hesi esWd at this by
C M. TVwnas aait Preens r H"rrt Uir
abandoning his nossatead ntrr 5 U!S, dated
February , MJl, ym tn atwt quarter nf
tertlua , tewnafcjp jk anssts, raofe least. In
llarrey ewwaly, Kansas. wlIJ. a vlw b tVe eaa
eellaJfoai of said ntirf Use asJdMfllea are hereby
mibakoard to appear at tab) oatVe. o the lit 4mjt
of Jnsw, 1473, at J o'clock a rn , to erfd asrl
ranusfi tefuft"y eiemir mi aiieji abs-
MIIU" AeU.s;, Kejp.lrr,
Vt. A twsro, Receiver
V Lat errtl'r, t
Wif-ntra, Kaiwas. April 9, 1TJ (
(ycapialct bailor brn rWed at this uttrm ,j
A U f'eek awaio.4 I, W atsitk t'-T asxbssJar
his huroretead entry 17 dat.-i Jnlj 17, ir.l,
Bfnm tb boTtaeast (jnsrte f sseli Jt brsrrwklp
rasure 1 l. 1 tua-wle my,
itti a view to tbe csMSMrliatlMS t eaid eatry
One aaJa partle aa
at this Jfc tm tk era
ebT ma-eased Ut aafwar
ay "t wone, i;i, ai II
0. M v.1 ..m-j . wz. .,., ...
I Vb.k a , b r-uad asy fraU bxstimntir
eimcrrnlni said aJUl nLmernVtcimmX.
AXVUr.i AKIJt. Kefler
w it ii4(iit, Keefer wy-
I' La tttrvx,t
Wicwsra, Ksjmhm, April t!,ts
CaaaAaint havta W entered S til. tae Vr
Jofca Knikeabwrs- aaie Alfred Uswley 1 ad.
verse Oeate CUar . I, dated r . tel.
j JKe the MOtWarf jaarter of S " Vt'
i Ur sssd ue .Jfb.f quarter f a-fbM
1 anariTtreai K. Wasdilp X MO. raaae I
' weat. la edrsrtck r. avasssa. wit a trw
f b tte eaasr.aatbsa it aaW ewtry, asOd tssrva
are serrbr nmiuael w apjiear at rfcis t.ice mi
' Xh ! day fcf Jaae, JvTJ. t .ehk a aa , in
resyua-I a1 ftmUafc testm" wri- L3
aliened aba-si'fa'S.n.etif
Atf'KKW AKI Kerfetrf
W aaM Keeo-iver rfJ-
r i
i r
it i
.J j
..it .-r-imni -".. - ""
AwrtJSsi, 1 JMgmi&:&r'''
sSW?Kw j.

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