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Cfet tMkjttta (jfaglt.
M. M. MURDOCK, Editorand Proprietor.
For President:
'or lire I'tetffrnt:
ok MAs..ciirs.i-TTs,.
County Central Committee.
Tito Krpiiblican Ccntial Committee of Si dgw ii k
rounti are reiim-sted to mcl l the parlor of the
J msl i Att'iiuo Iiki-.p, iii Wichita, on Moud.i ,
Augiixt .Mil, 1872, at I n'chK k. A full attendancc
is desired. C. (J. NICHOLS, Chairman.
J."M. Srnctr., Secretary.
Republican State Conventions.
A republican stale contention, to nominate
candidates for sot crnor and state olbci ri, and a
ttocfntr.il committi c, will ho htbl at the ity
f Tc.sika, m
Wt4re:l7, Co-Uatt: i jtiT,
I li t 'clock, noon.
A republican state contention, to nominate
ircml n of congress ami jir-ilt 11ti.il electors,
will le In Id at the city of laitt rence, on
VdtKlay, SsplKtlsr Iii, 1S72,
at II o'clock, noon.
The republican voters of Kansas will, in each
rcprcsentutite district of the Mate, on Thiirday,
Auiiitt 2!ith, in mii !i manner as mar be prescribed
by the district committi e, tlect ttto dtlcpites
anil two alternates to the comention at lojxka,
anil two delegates ami two alterna'cs to the con
vention at Lawrence.
Itynrdirof the republican state central com
mittee. 1). Ii. AXTIIONV, Chairman.
John A. Maktiv, Seen tart pro tern.
As will be seen by reference to an
other column, a republican club has
been organized in Wichita. Some
thing more than one hundred and
twenty-live names have been added to
the roll, of such men as believe in the
doctrines of the great republican par
ty; who belicc that in its mainten
ance alone will peace and prosperity be
preserved in the nation. The club has
raised the old flag on the republican
ramparts ; a banner that has inscribed
upon its folds emancipation, human
liberty, rights to all men, honor to
patriots, the payment of an lione-t na
tional debt, peace and Grant and Wil
son. Wichita is all right. Those who
think that a majority of the men of
"Wichita ami Sedgwick county are go
ing to entrust the great interests and
principles that have been evolved in
the regeneration and purification of
this nation, to a lot of mongrel sore
heads, who alone seek power and place,
arc much mi-taken. Following the
cxcitmeiit of the late Cincinuati-ISalti-morc
!rusion, and the unseemly jum
ble of principles and men, many stooil
aloof or talked for talkssal.e, but the
second, sober thought is returning,
and the solid men of the country are
announcing that they can afford to
take no such risks as proffered by the
democrats and sore-heads. Under the
administration of the great patriot and
soldier, U. S. Grant, which has been
marked for its honesty, for its econ
omy and for the rapidity with which
our national obligations have been
discharged, all will be well, as all has
been well during the past four years
of financial trial and political and gov
ernmental reconstruction. No man,
110 republican at least, who glories in
the results of the lat eight years' his
tory, who loves principle and loyalty,
can afford to desert the republican
party for something he knows not
what. We bid the republican club of
"Wichita God speed.
Our liberal friends iu Wichita have
been whistling again to keep tip their
courage. Another public meeting was
held on Wednesday night at which im
ported big guns and small home anvils
made some noise. The principal lights
of the occasion were Maj. E. G. IJoss,
W. Perkins, esq., Judge Stribling, of
Texas, Judge Sumner, of Eldorado, and
a couple of turpentine lamps and a' few
dry goods boxes, nil of which and
whom blazed. Mr. Perkins opened
the meeting by complimenting Grant
in the highest terms sis a general and
patriot, but expressed a doubt as to his
fitness for the chief executive of the
ouniry. Judge Stribling, of Texas,
followed him iu congratulating the
people upon the "continued peace and
prosperity of the country,"' to which
every republican present responded a
hearty mental-ameu. He siNo honored
Grant as a general, but deprecated his
way of managing alVairs in the south
ern states, denouncing him as a Caar
or a Nero. Nearly all of the entire
harraugiic was in the interrogatory
form, nothing being squarely asserted
but, "my friends, is it not so?' Major
Uoss' eflort was a rehash of what he
has been ofl'ering at other points. He
complimented Grant a- a general, as a
policy man, -and a shrewd financier,
but complained that be had received
presents and rewarded some of his old
army comrades with office. It was
amusing to watch the varying expres
sion of the mixed crowd, made up. as
it was, of Texas cattle men, northern
democrats and old time abolitionists
upon the one side, and out-and-out
Grant and Wilson men upon the other.
How gingerly did Mr. ltoss speak of
the emancipation of $1'2,000,000 of
property, (4.000.000 of men), and Gree
ley's noble part iu bringing it about, and
how sober looked one element of the
crowd, and how softly did Judge Strib
ling denominate 11. G. and his Tribune
the great educators of the century,
'frilly have we fallen upon wonderful
The affair proved sleepy enongh,
void of any show of life' or interest
save the stir created by the executive
eomittcc of the Grant and Wilson club,
w!io were taking the names of such per
sons as had concluded to cast their lot
with the party of union, freedom and
progress, with the party whose admin
istration has madeoui nation since the
late civil war the wonder and admira
tion of the world.
We cannot give a truer idea of the
animus of the meeting, ot the points
attempted to be made by the speakers,
than by borrowing a Greeley idiom and
saying: Anjbody who says that Gree
ley ain't a true democrat, or that the
Union was not preserved by Jeff. Davis
Sc Co., or that the democratic party did
not emancipate the colored race, is a
villian, a horse thief, a scoundrel, a
liar aud a dirty dog.
The meeting wound up by giving
three hearty cheers for Grant ami Wil
fon, which the liberal fellows declared
was a put up job. but which we believe
to have been purely a patriotic vent.
Senator Koscoe UouUiiig addressed
a large and cntlitiMastiu republican
meeting this week at Cooper Institute,
upon the subject of Grant and his
defaincrs deeds ngaint works. lie
said: "For twentv vears it has been
my privilege to address my neighbors ' banks before, but into none or them,
upon political issue-. Too much ar- he wiys did he enter with such Hat
dor bar. perhaps been among my faults, teiiug prospects as into this.,
yet no canvass has ever stirred me so Many of our leading citizens have
much as this; no election has ever ap- taken stock in the company, thus iu
pcaled so strongly to my sense for fair suring their care and support, and
play. No convass within my memory making an additional guaranty to the
has ever been so full of foul play, in- reliability of the institution,
justice and malice; none has ecr more The bank is organized under the
strongly tested the common sense and state law, will do a general banking
generosity of the American jieople. business, and is to have a capital, when
Eleven years service in congre-s has
made me a doc observer of four pres
idents and many public men. if
among them all there is one, living or
dead, who never knowingly failed in
his duty, that man is U. S. Grant.
There was forecast in giving him the
name of Sidney, for his greatest
qualify is his magnanimity. If there
has been a high official ever ready fo
admit his errors and correct them; if
there has been one who docs wisely,
firmly and well the thimrs irivcn him in
charge, that one is the soldier iu war,
and the quiet patriot iu peace who has
been named again by every township
in forty-sixs tatcsand territories for the
great trust he now holds. Yet this
man, honest, modest and proved by
his nianv deeds to be endowed with
generosity common sense, and moral
qualities adequate for the gratcst af -
fairs: this man who saved his country ;
who snatched our nationality and our
cause from dispair aud bore them on his
shoulder through the flame of battle,
in which, but for him, they would have
perished; this man, under whose ad
ministration our country has flourished
as no one dared to predict; this man
to whom a nation's gratitude and ben
ediction are due, is made a mark for
ribald jet, odious and groundless
slanders. Why is all this ? Simply
because he stands iu the way of greedy,
ambitious politicians aud schemers.
That ecclesiastical wine-bibber, that
hankerer after Vic. Woodhull, on a
back roof on dark nights, that preach
er of morality but practiccrof the black
art, Theo. Tiltou, who lost his place on
the Independent and in the estimation
of decent people long ago, is just now
writing Golden Age Horace Greeley
campaign tracts. We have been made
the recipient of a few specimens, in
one of which he hays that his paper
was the first to mention Greeley iu con
nection with the presidency. Of course
a man who would prostitute his pen
writing eulogies of a woman like Vic.
Mood-Woodhull et al., a woman that
has spent years in exhibiting her shame
to the world, would not hcitatc to as
sert what he knew to be a lie. We
claim no particular honor in first advo
cating old white hat for the presiden
cy. We were honest in our desire to
sec him the nominee of the republican
party, upon the platform of "universal
amnesty, impartial suffrage and spe
cie payment,' five years ago, but this
same Tiltou who is now so loud-niouth-ed
in Greeley's behalf, then laughed to
scorn the idea of his name iu such a
connection. Hear what he said in the
New York Independent of the first
week of January, 1808.
'The Osage, Kansas. Chronicle nom
inates Horace Greelci for president as
the .successor of Andrew Johnson, and
nails the name of its candidate to its
masthead. Mr. Greeley is already pres
ident of the American Institute, where
he exercises as beneficent an influence
as he could perhaps if he were nrcsi
dent of the United Slates; still, 'if he
should be nominated by the Chicago
convention we will make no ery vio
lent objections. The Osage Chronicle
is satisfied with having nominated a
presidential candidate, and very mod
estly leave to the people the selection
of vice president. O! Saoi: Chkoxi
o.i:. Ar. V. Independent.
Is the memory of the ex-minister,
then, so short ?
Through the courtesy of Capl. W.
A. Shannon, the receiver at the U.S.
land office of this place, we are ena
bled to lay before the readers of the
Eaoi.k a table showing the exact bus
iness of the office of the Arkansas land
district from October 20th, 1870, to
June SOlli, 1872. The table was com
piled with great pain, and at a cot
of many hours labor. It shows the
total amount of cash received, the
number of acres entered under the
homestead act, the total number of
acres entered, both of public and
Osage lands, etc.. etc. Capt. Shannon
has our thank
item :
October. .
December . ...
January... .
February . . .
March . ". .
April. . ..
Oct utter
No ember
December . .
April . .
for so valuable an
Y.i.WA 44
i:i.I(iS 10
ll.'.HKi :i
i77s ta
tt.srj mi
ll.4T.-5 SJ
2i.4i:: id
l!l.l!J tKI
2i.:'i:t lit
42,7i$ IS
Jti,i:te lti
2t;.i4$ a
40.77(1 28
4J,Oi't 70
:n,i:7 7o
27.4!ti -J'i
$!!.." 0T
W,8i7 8i
ll..Vsi 12 I
.(0,1147 .VI
:sS,ts44 :?2 !
lS,.Vl!l 77 I
17.::ti m i
40,445 04 j
20.:WiS la
.17.M4 !;
St'?.1? i
" '" "
u.v Hi
rci'ifi 4
''! J;1
."tro ai
4tiU.S0 ( $fc.Vi,?,ig 07
Sold for caMi acres
Amount cash, revolted
Entered under the home-toad act
Total acres entered, iiuluiliup
0age -Indian lands . .
Declaratory statements filttl on
Osage lands
Declaratory statements tiled on
public latid
Number of homesteads issued
4ii2.$.TO ti.1
9i.s..ts) !7
40.1.VU GO
cW.S 32
Gen. Schurz made another attempt
in St. Louis, the other night to hold glowing with the welcome of warm
the strndy Germans up to the Greeley j hearts, generous impulses and good
rack, by re-delivering hi tld speech. sense. I am compelled to drop tears of
He charged, iu ell'ect, that he had been J gratitude that God let me live among
offered official patronage by the presi- the nobility of the laud, (for such as
dent or his friends to vote agaiut his i till the soil really arc). Call me weak,
convictions of duty in regard to the J if -. on will, but tears will flow a I re
annexation of San Domingo. It waylaid t count the ten thousand genialities of
before the president by Secretary Bel
knap, Tuesday morning. The president
pronounced the whole statement, as
far as it attempts to reflect upon him,
as absolutely unfounded, in fact, and
in no way was any one ever authorized
to tender to Sthurz, or anv other sena-
to tender to Sthurz. or any other sena-'
tor. the control and use of any partron-
age for him. '
As noticed in our lat week's isuo,
the Wichita Savings Bank ha been
organized and Minted in our city. Mr.
Clark, the president, lias had many
years experience iu the buiucs. 'i"1
lias started half a do.eu successful
I paid up, of $100,000. Judging from
the prosperity of banks here, and sim
ilar organizations to this elsewhere,
it will be one of the most profitable
investments iu the country to its stock
holders. Sol. Kohn, the vice president, is too
well known as a practical, systematic
aud successful business man to need
comment from lis. He will always be
found at the bank, overlooking its af
fairs, and ready to welcome his many
Mr. Hyde, the cashier, has had many
years experience in the banking busi
ness, and came among us well recom
mended. The directors for the first year are
A. M. Clark, Sol. II. Kohn, A. A.
IIj de. W. P. McCIure, W. A. Shannon.
' U.S. Hills, Win. Greiflenstein, W. A.
, Thomas and N. A. English; as good
business men, probably, as there is iu
the country.
The examining committee arc J. II.
Todd, A. J. Blake and J. II. Mack,
who will see that the books and ac
counts of the bank arc kept straight.
As to business, sec card.
In pursuance of the call issued, a
large number of the voters of the city
of Wichita and vicinity assembled at
the Southwestern laud office, on the
evening of the 201 h inst., for the pur
pose of organizing a republican cam
paign club.
W. R. Kirkpatrick, esq., was chosen
temporary chairman, aud II. C. Sluss,
On motion of Dr. Allen, a commit
tee of five was appointed on perma
nent organization.
After a short interval the commit
tee reported the following as the per
manent officers of the club: Jas. A.
Stevenson, president; J. M. Steele,
W. R. Kirkpatrick, vice presidents ;
II. C. Sluss, secretary ; M. M. Murdock,
corresponding secretary, and M. F.
W.iight, treasurer; which report was
unanimously adopted.
The president then appointed the j
following executive committee of the '
" i
club: Dr. E. 15. Allen, Dr. A. J.
Longsdorf, J. M. Balderston and Con
rad Vcsperinan.
Committee on rules : W. C. Wood
man, W. C. Little and S. M. Tucker.
The roll of the club was then signed
by over one hundred voters. The ut
most harmony and good feeling pre
vailed. No speechifying, no hurrah
ing and no gunpowder, but a free,
general exchange of opinion. "We
mean business" was manifest iu every
word and act of each voter present.
On motion, the club adjourned, to
meet again at the call of the president.
J. A. Stkvkxsox, Pres.
11. C. Si.rss, Sec'y.
W. C. Webb has gone liberal. We
arc glad of it. We were satisfied long
ago that he was a demagogue and po
litical shyster of the most sneaking
type, and now we think so stronger
than ever. He came within an inch of
being boosted out of tiic legislature of
the state iu which he formerly resided,
for fraudulent practices, as the jour
nals of the house, we think, plainly
show, whereupon became to Kansas,
since which time he has been attempt
ing to run the state; and he has fallen
little short of his ambition as far as
the executive is concerned. We
ask Governor Harvey how he feels
now? Didn't we all tell you so?
Can't you see by this time that too
much bull-hcadcdiicss is not always a
good things.
This Webb is a first-clas blather
skite he ha the "jammers"' to a fear
ful degree, and is a regular old politi
cal dead-beat,who litis pulled the wool
over Governor Harvej's eyes to such
an extent that he holds the best office
in the state that of insurance super
intendent. He also managed to get
the reporter's place and salary iu the
supreme court.
It is due the republican patty of
Kansas that he be kicked out of his
present position, but whether he is or
not, we arc glad that Webb has left
Crresiondence of the Kmji.k.
Cowskin, July 18, 1872.
Mk. Kditoi: I like the Mtirit of
y''r paper, and a you said in your
I"1" iHSe you would like to hear from
the country, I will say to you. I find it
a pleasure to be in the countrv, living
on a claim.' I have never been a
farmer's wife nor a "school inarm,'
but if Providence permits I shall live
on a farm and be a farmer s wife, for I
i believe they are the cream of the world.
having, cream-like, the power of rising
iQ tne gurfacc ami contracting all their
secret forces in some one or several
directions, forming a class of utilita- i
riaiis. without whom, I verily believe,
the world would be to-day fifty per
cent, lower in point of physical stam
ina aud native intellectual strength.
A memory flits back over the inter
vening years, it stops, sjtell-bound,
among the friend of a country home.
lliose day, strewn along my path by
friends, mother and sisters. a natur
ally as the breeze waft the Julie per
fumes across the prairie, and I can but
lookback through them with smiles of
gladness and 1iok. as I remember
many of them, at least, I shall meet be-
many of them, at least, I shall meet be-
yond the river.: But I did not de-
sign to drift awav into eestaci over
I the courtesies of country life in the
past, b;it to tell you something of the
1 present. As I said, I am on a claim,
and away from the stench of Main 1 court in ruhi!go:it the Kuth letter vir
strect and filth of Market street, on a , tually renders a conviction impossible,
nlnini wi.st nf Wirliita-and inst npross ' There is but littlo rWtlit that he nmr-
the Cowskin creek, high and dry,
breathing the pure air; a corn-field
one side of 11 that is so high I can but
juit reach the top. and eating fresh po-
' tatoes by digging them. AVe see every
; :: ,.i.:..l-,.. ,.,1 .. I
' llllll IIUIX 111. Ill 1U Ulll.l".3) aim v.-
1 ..nE;..,....iw- fW m.,1 nnMoiif.. n,,,l t.-ikn
the subject in all its bearings, a rattle- j rcpM'" vote for Greeley, and the
snake, the most unwelcome sigiitu'Web""1''1 n I" ut. of the
do not mean to be aristocratic "ri'nlv , .democratic vote against him. If Grant
on the rock of rcafiiierit, with hearts ' hil 8fJ00fl majority ir. 1868, and loses
pure and heads high; a rock hewn, ! 10,000, and "'c gains 270.000, his ma
carved and polished bv our own hands, IJori,v wi bu 42V00. To this add
- and individual labor-not bv wealth,
j fine feathers, or positions earned bv
, hard-w orking ancestor-.
I AVe like reading, and get time to read
voiir paper evcrv week, ami nianv o'th-
' ' . ' . .
crs, and try to keep in view the gen-
eral progress of the times.
x-,.- r- v.i;n ;r ,-,... ,.:n .r.,..n
-Sow, Air. iMlitor, il oi will some
'. ' -
tiay take your "Hotter nan into
your hat) Ours is a plug. En.,
and you shall be remembered. The
very elite of the citv pass this way
a carriage and take a drive into tne moiit.Sept.S :MaiueSeit.9;Co oraclo , "T? i'"rams """' w"i '"f"m-
ii 4 in t . t l- I vr I and all kinds of new and repair works for flour
COUIltl-V, Oil!' melon patch Will be ac- Sept. IU : U.'lKota, llUMami. Iowa, JC- mills, cotton and woolen mill, printing houses,
,.,' i!m ;. , . !,,. braska, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Pis- coalmines, etc.
cessible in a little time, (a, w c hae t)..(.t foohim)1fU Qc'u g. s)n(h Cop. REAPERS, MOWERS,
them now most as large as the top of ,; Oct. 16: West Virginia. Oct. 24: . srl,arators. and even-description of Agricultural
: of the citv pass this liiiv';'-'"",' s:'.-a""V",. --,r;l,,
, , j Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Ne-
wc are on a good traveled i,raska, New Jersey. New York, Ten
More anon, S. K. nessec. Virginia, aiid Wisconsin, No-
often, as
Corc-pondence of the Kaole. I
Cm:akWatkk. July 23, 1872.
Mk. Editor: Were vou ever a conn-
try correspondent? If so, vou can
...... . ' , ,
sympathize with me when jou look
back at those days and remember how
you racked your brains and scratched
the top of your scull till the hair came '
out, iii trying to find a subject to write
upon ; where everything is about the
same to-day as it was yesterday, and
the day before, and week before that.
Our crops, under the favorable
growing weather, have every prospect
of an enormous yield ; superior in tip-
pcarance, we have been told, to many
to even that of your far-famed val
ley. Hedges, on many of our farms,
arc beginning to assume the appear
ance of fences ; in height they are al
ready so only needing the strength
given by growth and age. Many ofj
our farmers have broken ground,1" var-
rying from four to live inches, for the i
purpose of setting out orchards this
fall and next spring. The corn crop
will be enormous ; iu some fields stalks
fourteen and fifteen feet iu height can
be seen, upon which well-filled cars
were growing to the height often feet.
The potatoc crop will also be good,
notwithstanding the great plagues of
flies, caterpillars, gophers and moles,
which have fallen upon and under
them. The wild plum on the river
banks have been abundant, but arc
now pretty well gathered by natives
and strangers from the "Queen City,"
and these, we presume, were happy to
to escape for a fuw days from her
crowded and muddy streets.
Now. Mr. Editor, since we have said
something about our home prosperity
about the favorable season for farm
ing let us turn for a moment to on r
commerce, especially that class of
commerce which has naturally spi trig
up on account of the locating of so
many Texas cattle hi our vicinity, and '
nun MSii; viciiiiiy we mean w mini
a radius of twenty-five miles, for many
of "those gentlemen holding stock
within that circle drive their wagons.
We believe, that distance to honor US
..,.,.., ., . , , j
With theil trade; then, if WC take a ,
tu-miff viou- nf ill tlino r-..in.r.,.t in.r '
pi Opt 1 MCW OI all tllCsC connecting
links in business relating to our gen- t
eral prosperity, we cannot fail to sCe '
1 ' i
how they connect all our interests with
the interests of the mother city; her
interests are our interests, and her ,
prosperity, inoiigii iu a less tiegrec, is
also our prosperity ; when we guard
our own, we cherish and adtance all '
her material interests. I
Tlii etttb. trnili- ti. ivbw.li wn i-..f..i- '
lilt taitie trade to WHICH WC' lC'Iel ,
is about to assume other aspects; in-
' . ,
sieau oi grazing, selling am, sjpppmg
begin to be the order of the day, and
give new life and new vigor to all in
terested. We cannot fail to Fee that
the success of that trade for the next
three or four mouths is closely eon- '
ncet ed with all our loeal trade and com
mercial interests, it i now even more
than iu early Miiiiincr, deirable to
foter that trade in connection with
Wichita. Ellbrts are being made in
several quarters to carry oil", by pre- i
senting fale attratious, no incoiisider- '
able portion of that trade, for which
she has spent her means liberally.
While oppo-ition lay mainly between
your city and Ellsworth, the season '
favored the former. Recently the ex- ,
tension of the A., T. & S. F. U. R. to
Raymond ami Rig Bend creates a new
rivalship, and one from which Wichita I
need expect no mercy. a it is but na
tural that that road will open new
shipping points wherever opportunity '
offers. Still we think it both fair ami
reasonable that the A., T. & S. F. R.R.
should remain at lcat neutral in refer
ence to her own shipping poii t. al
lowing, in all cases, the Texaiis, who
arc undoubtedly the bct judge, to
decide for themselves from which
point to ship. I). 1
A Grant ilub ha been foniicdin the
22dwanl. of New York. It enrolled
150 members at it tirt meeting all
, ,
A. T. Stetvat t. although not fl ietldly '
to Grant, says he shall support him. as
llllinc men cannot afford the risk of
The New York Journal of Com-
vicrce. a democratic paper, repre-ent-
ing the buiucs men of New York,
especially, refuc to support Greeley.
The Linn (Mo.) Democrat refuse to
be delivered to its life-long opponent.
For itself it say : Mr. August 1'clmont
is reported to have said the democracy p
must take tireeley or die. then we
propose to die a little, as- it is but
death, anyhow.
Whenever, during the war. the rebels
essaved to at tart: Grant, they began to
march to the tune of -DixK' Ther
did the same thing at IJaltimore,
After the atuick, they invariably re
treated without music It .rill be o
in November.
One of our ;oll ta-inoncu ciemocrat,
was quite indignant the other day
One of our old fa-moncd democrats
when aecu-el of bein;r a Greeley man
"Do vou think,. d n von." -aid the an-
cient"ruraltt thatfwould vote for a
mm ,hat cyv'u thc ,l-,l nigger won't
uttport? Not inuch." "
It fc ihc opiiuon of the Lawrence '
Journal thai Dr. McdlicOtt wiU be re-
lcaed from confinement. The supreme
! dcrcd Uuth, yet he goes scot free be-
cause of a technicality. At the present
rate of adviuccmciit it will not be
twenty-five years before conviction lor
murder will" be an impossibility.
; ;
1 Deniornitj. claim live per cent, of the
1 wvw iiore , inn cast in iooo,
J a,ul I,is majority w.ll be 1,220.000,
Al,1 thla is t1"' resl,u of t,,cir ow" G'
, "rCs- Wti arc content.
. . rr r,-r r. ...
i Stato and Territorial Elections this
,, , .
North Coroliua. A us. 1 : Kentucky.
-.. . , ... , . x- .r
Montana and L tab. Aug. o; New Mex-
ieo, Sept. 1 : Cal:fornia. Sept. 2: Ver-
Kansas, Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware,
Floiida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana,
' ;' ;'J' -V,s?i,H,,u:u":: J"-iiijpiii,
4 veinbero,
Presidential electors arc chosen in
all the states on the oth of November.
j "Come, Rob," said an indulgent
j father to his hopeful son the other
. 1l,!y','I,J;' "'?'"i"ber it is the early
bird that catches the worms. '
.,wiia, ,, jCare for worms?" replied
the young hopeful ; "mother won't let
I me go fishing."
CAPITAL, $100,000!
I'rcii.liiit, A. M. C'r.AKK, of Cl.irk A Co., Leav
worth, Vice I'niidint, SOI.. II. KOIIX, of Wichita,
Ci-hit r, A. A. II VIH', fonrn rly with Chirk A Co.
Organized Under the Law of the State.
fc and Foreign Exchange Bought and Soli
1 take tlm meam to inform mr old iatrons and
friends of Ctiitral, .southern and southwestern
Kuns.n tint we are still on the "war pith" and
"rt" V' I'"" fnniinh anj and rtery tiling in
urlim.a.ic!HHi.asliecht.tcst. Our stock is
, . , , . , .. ...
And warr.intid as pood as is in the in.irkit. I
lute ri-ciniij boncht out
Tn lhe v!c;nity f Topcka,
Which adds ninth to my facilitits in mikin-ruii
tamtin. Our
.re acknowledged to i- tin- l.e-t in the tatc
'' ' -Newton, J. S. AltlKitt, Janus .Saiiil-rs
,, ,, tl tlirk, mineral canta.-.singap-nt-'ror
V.ltl1Jiyr.l,irvn,,?-m.1!s-, . , , , ...
ItKrKIM.M I. The hundreds -aha hat r )Mu-;ht
til ti:Lr.s
nt'f ojfn to M pMie, anil fitful up in the
lat(tt and rnott imprvltd ttyle.
.sami tsofthc difllrcnt tiilllics of
Imported and Domsctic Liquors ,
Maj ! obtained at a!! time- at mirkct quotations.
fiEXF.U ti. IlEI'OT OK
Ilrandon ( Kirmeyer's eclehrnted
..,.. , ,. , ,
Are in full bUt, mikin? soothinzlfrae for
the thintv nnblic. and are prepared to fnpplrth-
country tor tlfty mile amuml
wp.-m uiii m resnUr cm a tv to Kid-
rado, Aupi'ta and WinSeld; I-ot nIVeriIn,
Wellington ami Oxfonl
0r,,pr. ,,anctniiij .ttendcl to. iicBorv..
Information Wanted.
j- liberally 'fitr Informal
"of im Jarais opener,
... In VuTrmtirr. lsTo. in
I irill par liberally 'for lnfnrmtloD. t ttr ,
nherealwot'of on-Jam opener, wboleft La
rence. Kns, In "vem!r, Ke, In the employ
.r (I'm Wrlpht, a tranWrr, awl w lai hearrt
of Wichita, at which plave be leH Wrifht' em--.lnr
Vr virnrr iu lurnirrlr in mr emi'Soy at
awreDce, ami I nenl him . a wupes ia a irrj
important e-e
noli vrijjJtS.
l(V3t Junction tlty, Kmos
tn irk .tnnr In is l-t minorr and ti"fw-
tion paaraoteed leare "order. t..".nr. of
streIeMnitb lH-ljl - " KLMlT
Who Wants a Home?
James H- Mea I will 11 twohojvlred Ur-re re-
to jrtir w ho win iu, or improee mybvrr
J r LkClK,
A TTDtaiET-AT-LAW, ant .iwr west oft .
QfiSSZ ljK" rfTO "urf
coon-e'M with hw r i.tM ifiee i-f
U yon are, don't (ail to try
j tion, requiring iioi.il,
' u mEi &!' "
This paint U prepareil ftr immeiliatr applica-
. thinner or urier. ami com
5 and 10 iralloaj. This paint
nsoriuuiseii lor
Dries in six hours, with hanl, rich, fflo&iy sur
Ifuce; tinea not run from seam or sail holes'; will
not chalk, crack, or peal off; corrrs more surface
with the unit bud); U cheaper, more lasting,
and better in every respect, than any other paint.
$3Gir , a trial ant tatitfj yourjr.IC3
Agent for Sedgwick Connty,
W ichita, Kaunas.
Manufacturers of
Machinert repaired iiroiniitly aud uu the most
reasonable terms.
Window Caps and SilU. Sah Weight, Iron
Fencing, and all kinilsof light and heavj castings
in iron or brass, l'articular attention given to
Shafting, Pnlleys, etc. Shops near 31. K. Jt T.
deot, Kinjioria, Kansas.
JCj'The highest price paid for old iron, brass
and copiier. Jril-im
rtTr.it CETTO.
93 Main Street, Wichita, Kansas.
Dealers in Fresh
JC3"Ncar Corner of Third and Main."C3
Wholesale and IJital Dealers in
Frcth intoicft of thr Choitttt Family Groetrirt
recfietit Jailif.
Wc uy cah and htiy at the lowest flgiireF,
lit nc wc can offi r
Superior Inducements to Customers and Dealers.
JCJCall and see us.
No charjfe for pricing our
Manufacturer of and di alcr in all kinds of
Parlor, Chamber, Dwelling and Kitchen
A Full Line of Undertaker's Goods.
Undertaking done on hrt notice and Iu the inot
airtn! "trie.
Ialer ia all the latet Aljle of
31 ATTK !..- ES,
j3T'.ty 'y' "f r'r wl to oritr.JEX
UN'IIKKTAKING in all U branche" (y-Mn
rtntantle on luuvl
Those .tcirr-o of orrhJJinjc hmld call and
xamiif the Uris-t fock In !srtbTn lunw.
Anrthinr not kept there can b nt from my To
pka bouse Kenwrober the plc.
Corner Douglas Aeenue and Mani St,
Wholesale Itealer ia
. U. bt jb-j-w sj-o;- ,
IDOISPT B-F1AT) 'i-M iff
The Largest and Best Mock of
iisr the west.
Broadway Fashions Duplicated.
Mtaures taken and rt'tiirnsuit't imnt by KxprcM.
In Wichita, so clu ap at to surpriie "Hie btiyt r.
In all new tarictio and patterns on hind or made
to ordei .
No. 77 Main Stroat
Cut or rough rhea r thin nstixe rtone In
f-tdRW Irk fount.
fort Srrjtt, Ofay City thaft, CttrfanJiiU ami
Jiiirliwjtimf Coil.
ami ci:ki;i.n; a spkcialtv.
We are prepared to furnih Ashler faeinjrs, wa
ter tables, window silU, window ra, slral-rht,
se-rnient or circle, corner blocks, i!M,rIII, cor
nire, strinK courses, column., sldeHalk tlsirirlnir,
all sites, wall ropinr, key stone, hearth tones,
impii-lni stone., pilaster brackets and parini;
bio. ks on the horte.t notice and on the ni'et
reasfnable term..
Office with Shellabarjrer A I-idt-rh, near lh
Kurlu.i.e atrent at Wirhila
! -
-. -r- t --r a -rra t t-fz
76. r I A A rrj ' Vt.
Lttt cf 27trw 7erk Stjltc Zhplicatdd !
Come, and -c-' Atk and price! I
kriotc the rtU
r I .e Jwt rea.tel s larre, rscpl 1 well
! e-,.t,t tck of harwiere, Jket aa-1
! lo-rtiW., Valrtrtdwae.. Oaay ! Tfcrrast
! Ijkei , Jaarteille Trtmmiaf - IlatsJsanr hilt-
JZZZt 7uxu
47 '
The Ut ttrU uX t- CJJr ad a fall a-
31, M. KM .vrEU
Attachment Notice.
In tte I)i-trict Court ..f the Tblrtetnth Judicial
IHstnct of tii state of Kn-.-, miuc su aud tor
the connty ot stslgrrark. In said state:
j i in. .n. i oik, laiimn, l
aiintt J-Attachmect.
tonr snarj'. defrndant, )
ThealstT named defendant, Georgertan1, who
,1 a Uviu-rr-lit nt oftCe state of KaiLsas, mil take
notice that W in. it l'olk, of the county orsj.
v. let. in the state of Kjii-iu did. on the SRevnih
U ot .lul , A 11 l?72, ille his ainendetl etitlon
in.the Uistnct Court tvithtn and fur the ronntv of
Setlrwick. in thj ?tate of Han.., aptint'the
' saiil George han. iletsnilanl. Mtt.ui; birth that
the aid Itrorgt. Miarp l Justly tmlebteil to the
said Wm. M. I'olk, plainuir, inthe sum of two
hundred and one and Utt-ltio dollant on a writtrii
armemeut heretofore made, to-wit. on th eiifc
tetnth day or February. A I). I7i, be ami be
tween the said Win Jt. IVlk and the aiil t.(s.nre
Shan, ud that on the tweuty-itltb ilaj vt Mat,
A 1. IsTa. the clerk of said court UmdmI an or
derof utt.iclinirnt directed tu nir nhetritT of xatd
sssljw Uk count , in th- tte of kana. return
' able on th? fnurttetith day of June, A. O IsTS;
1 thnt on the tenth of June, A. I. I7i. the said
sheritfreturntil said onltmf attachment, harintr
atucned the lutlouln,; decrtlxil real estate 1 ln,
, and bcin;; in the count crtiUwick, and state of
1 Knu-as, to-wit The north hill (S) ol'tlie -smth-east
quarter (; of the uorthe i-t quarter (j of
settinu ei.-ht (s), tonhlp tweuty-seren fS),
ranjrc one (1) east of the Uth (Mh) principal
mrllilltin; that oil the t t nt -el;htti fsih) da of
Iay, A H. IsTi, sabl pnierty was raluett at ttte
hundrnl dollars (5-Vkl) acconline to law
1 Now unlet yon, the said t'eorpe !harp, shall,
on or before the ttfth day of ?epi,. ml-er. A. I
ls7i, answer the ietition and order of attachment
of the said Wm. M. I'olk the salit petition will be
taken a.- true and jiidinient will lc teii.tr rd
against tou and. said real rittte will lnsolt cm
ttie said order of attachment, debarring Ton from
i all riRht, title or interest in the above described
, real estate, and that you, the said (leoi-jre Sharp,
, tt ill forcter be enjoined and restrained tmm erer
claiming any estate or Interest to the almte de
scribeil lamt, or any part theretif; and for such
' other jnd further relief as he. the aid plalntlS,
, mat be entitled to and for cost of uit.
WM M Itll.lv.
M jrse .": Kirltsttrlck, attornevs lor platntta'.
IK-JtlValeeSlI W
Publication Notice.
C W Allen, defendant, a non-residrut of Kan
sas, I hereb iiotiihd thtt h- ha lieeit sitetl in
the Ili'trirt Court within and for the countr of
Seilsttlek. in the Mat- ot Kan-t.. br J.".
(Weeks, pUintilT, l n-Ci'tcr l-eteiitj dollars.
nun inirresi intrcon iromine iiiniiseoi orem
Iter, V 1 s;o, due the said plaiutla on apnmiis
miry note made bt ttie said ilefeudant, and paya
ble to the order of J V Wek, the plaintiff, on
demand, and skid defiiidant, Insecure the par
Hunt oT said note, executed and endorsed at thn
siuiie time and place a morKi,. ,m (hr follow lii(t
describtd real estate to-wit l.nt ntimlter one (I),
on (.liiiroh strert, in the town of Wichita, eiljt
wick count, Knnin, and that he mut answer
said t Ittion lib d bt snid ialntitT In the thirteenth
dinlritt, In the atute stule of hausas, llbsl the l.'illi
day of Jul , V II 1-7J, ur -aid stlllou will be
taken a true and judgment rtndrreil acronllnitly
In firor of pl.iltilill artiii-t ilefeudant for the sunt
or s,-M lit dollars, with Interest and costs of
said action, and sale of said pruis-rtt to pay inch
iudtbttdiicss. J WKKKs.
lly I. T. Weeks.
Atttst John 5 Mcltor, tlerk,
lt-.tt f'r's fre rei
Publication Notice.
tm ntt or M:Wiuu k
In llistrlct I oiirt, Ihirteenth Judicitl Ilistrict,
sitting in and tor X-tU iek count , state of Kan
sas Marjraret McAd.uiUi, plalntlS,
Thomas J Mcdam, defendant
The ilettndant, 'Ihoiuas J McAdamt, will take
notice that on the -llti day of Jul, A. It lCi,
M iritarit Mc "uliimt libit her petition in the oltlee
ot the tlerk of the Illitrl.t Court tilthlu and lor
the count of s(.li;xiek, and state of Kaiin4.
cli'irsm; him with hating nillfull) abandiird
and di srrttd her lor njmr lat pi-t. and prut Inn
that she 111 i) lie ditnrreI from the said'lliotnas J
Mc tilnnn, 'and that he be ! burred rrnni an in
lenst iii her properl , and that iinle he answer
to said petition on or In fore 'lie, JNt day of Alt
KUt, A It I-"'.', said pititlnn will be taken as
true and a ileirte riniKKi'd In accordance with
the pr.it rr of said petition
M K;l:KT Mi VOAMs, IMalntltr.
lit William II Itoarke, hr attoniev,
Wichita. :iuly at, !-:. ID-It I'r'a fee t.bt
MIlUHll K ,OI STt,
Iii the Dlntrict t ourt of the 11th JudicLl DU-trit-t
Ann II. LUi, )
ts 'Ditorce
Jenmiah Kill )
n i... .1. r. ...I...., i.l.1.1. vill I- l...-..!. ..il-
' tied that on the -r.lli il.i of .Inly, A It. U't, An-
nit II Kill tiled her l' lit Iu the oltice of the
, (lerkorihe District ourt wltliin lhe (oiinlyof
M dipt Irk, s.tte of Kansas, eliur-tliiK him Willi
Jiro-s lit j;it tl oi nun unit etin lot- rriirii; , mt
pnijlnv- that the mi'd Aon II I.IIU may lie dl
tonid Irniu thesiiid Irtriiilnh hilts, and pra-rluK
Hint h-may Im- ullotttd whateter alimony th"
said court limy trruiit to her; Unit utiles, you, tli
nuld Ji r.'lillnli Mil, shall auswrr or iltln Ir said
(etilion on or In fore tin- sixth dat of jept inber,
A It H7i, said pollllnll will be taken aa true and
a ib trie limb led In aecitrilaiiee mllb the imijer
ut .aid jwtlti.ni ANN' It r'M.fl,
11 Wm llaldtrlii, her altorney.
liJ-.-!t IT'S n e " -.-J
In XnUn li k Coiuitt IlMrlrt lourt, 1 11 It Judicial
llltrlet, snte ot Kaunas
Mary Miianl, pl.liiitlir,
' Williiim -lu trd, drfenduiit
Tin- defendant. M tlllnm suai.l. I berebv notl-
llrd that ou the I tit da of July, If". Mary sin-
I aril tiled her JiethliMi Iu the oftlee of the Clerk of
I the llistrict toiirt within and for the county nf
Miltt Iek, and slate of Kaii.a. clinrj-hiit bltii
ttith hatluc ullfully Hbundoiird her lor more
llnini enr lost pii-l. and praviiijr lh.it she may Iw
dltorcril from Ihn said W illiaiti snianl, and Ihut
mills, he nnstti r to said petilloii on or lieTnre th-i
Sl.t dat of AilKUst. I ;-', said - titlou will te Iu-
' km au'lrue and a ib cree rendered In aeoinlune"
ttlth the prater of a.ild m tltlon
MUV sir ltl). I'latntltr,
lly Tucker A Klher, tier atlnrtiet s
Wichita, Jul Ulli, I'll lo-11-rr'a fee I.W
I. ton llrtK r. '
WitniTt Kjiii. Juh I'J. KiT.'. i
omnlaillt Imvlll bertt entrn d at llli. iiBfe by
sn.-nurl r. Il-ll suln.t I II Miillh lor f-
terse O.ae flllnj; .No -.", lilted NoV It, Kl,
tijHin lhe northeast iiurter of section .1, touti-
i ship 'r Mititli, rsiiite west, In "rili"wlrk cjrtinty,
i hoii-n. wllh a vlevi to the cancellation of sld
fllln-f, the said partle. are herebt miriifnoneil l
aMiear at lhi olllre on lhe Cith day of Aui-n-t,
ls,t at t o'clock a in . to re.n. slid furnl.h
testimony 'ncernlnif isld alleged abundoninent.
ASttltl W AMN, Itr-fl.tcr
W SIJt(,s, llecelrer llt
I S I.tirn Ovnur-, I
W) IllTt, l.aii.as, July IV Kt )
Oinipiaint hatlllK lieen entered t tfil lifllre liy
Abraham ltiident!ue sk'ulii't It t Oulnn tor
abttiidoulnir Ids honiesteait entry .o lifst, tinted
June 21, 1-T1, uism the southeast ittarter of
section t, towri.hlp V. south, ranre 3 east, in
Duller ion n(), hsiifH". Mlth a rl.w to lhe can
cellation of laid entry, the said partK-s are bsfrby
miiiimiin-il to apear at thla uHtrenthsZMdaruf
Anil"t, l7i. at 'J o'clock a rn , to rs,itd awl
fiiruUh totliuoiir coneeriilntr said albifl alun
donmerit Wl'lihW Akl.S, Itel.ter
A Hintirt lleeelrcr. IS-lt
Attachment Notice.
Win OreUTeti.teln, ptaintln',
It ( llaekttt, defendant
Ib-rore II K anTre J ! , of tin- cUy of
Wichita, 'eiJifWIck county, kau.as
1b- atove nanted deterelant will take iw,tlr
that said Ju.tjrr did, on lit- FAh day of June, A.
It Ki, lue ail order of attachment In ttie sleite
eulilletl action Tor lhe sum of I.V tl, and that
proiierly of the drfendajit h" been taken tlererti,
ami that said es-e iivl for trial on the It day of
Au,ru.t, A It K.t J Mtcwxom,
AtbriH-for I'lalnljff
JrJl-Jt I'r's fe M 2S
l li -ii, on,, ,
W. iiit. !, July I, ITJ )
Complaint haiii2 le entered at this uXr- by
Wm J Thomas a-alnt Win fKyle sod I'Mlf-i
Carroll Iht alandoninaf lhlf h-rnetBI miy ".
iTe tmd , ite Wt.f., U7i.ne i.rt
lutlfof lliesiUeal quarter sod ntsCltalf of th
the soutbea.t ti-tarter fit serllon . to" n.hJp
ZJ south, raoe A !. In ltto ttAiUly, hai-
, w ilh a KieW Xi th eanrUlb-n of said entry ,
the said parties are tfir tnatmnnA tn apj-ar
at this ofLre- im fbr fist day of wpt , l"Tl.
ii'rlisti rn ,I rirtM ni mraua wsiioumy
coiierrln,r III aU--rel abaRn'it
ftlii. AKI, lUrltu-T
W II M--M7-. Ite.rtter JylI-I
I t t, is Orra,
W irur. Kan. Joly . 171 '
(ntiiplslat barlnjf ln tereil st this h)
; II W 1)UU K?afn.l I mm, Uglier tur I.Si-bIl-Irf
kl. Jrtr.e.el try C dair.1 Mj
II, lTI,tieo tb ftorinwct natrUf of -llim
f, t-,n.hlp U utb. ri I !, la
llarrer eatr. Kana. with a tlew U. Of f
r'lltofWti!rr. nwtM fartlt r fcersby
ssironvft.1 I- iVr J tM um lh h da
of ,, I7i alllo'ajoeka tb ,Ut tr"v aoel
' fcrnlfl te.tlti TttrvrtAni d llrI abstt-'de-xl
MiKK AKI, !-
Vt A st, citr Jyll'M
I S.htf Orrna, I
Jjrwrr luaawa., Jaty , l7S '
I -i4aijt ! I entered l tKI off-Vr
V I llal araifat TVma T Jooea t-r
Aitlt bi iRfs td etfrr t !!. dalel May W.
, Kl, Uf h lf t!e brf1hal ttuartef ut
' ettn. tiali$ Zi "OlIi, rf i -M, I
' lUrtrrrtMiAy kanas lti a lt Ut ft" eaa,
e)Istk r4 Bt-1 esrffT. & "M pr!j lsef,y
tamimr4 U ytt at Wae tm ti llrh 4y
if Amtwt, t. mX v rAntk. a . Ut re-!
ayl farntsli frtjwy rtortxlt J4 lUtw
ilaMicmo.1 VS'HltKW AVIS, !riW
W V -n.?-0 lUtritrr ijlt't
A Farm for Sale.
4mr halrni uxl .liTy-sl ft$ '4
ir , tire Ule Vely.l!rf Vt'effciU, M V'
torn. 7 e- lr&k a l ennl".
acre. In ckner M OmssOi?. ; fruit ir
Kiz: - a iaif sry ' tSxll-jtu
fW4Gll(. "lib " tUi hijr S rlb.j
ew aJl trua. "1A Il'ssae fur IWlsw tyij t
tta. vAtm y-mt
J r Uw' m1 rUHl"' attwrawyst-
xjuCndijH" Aj-baii ..asMftru.rii'i
tbr tai.l J.artJ.T.fc'P r Val ttTXX t K,
I X rilfU.1-
Vk ji J Jtw K- - tt
- n
. i
a J
"T"""""-",""Jli iJVP sij'l1 ' " '
I.Sa.B.IBJ. .JiaiilfJ II IJI SI
mm i iJw;jjpiiMwrasgy-y

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