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There is no "let up"' t busincnx in 'Wichita.
The man who was ctruek ly lightning will
recov it.
The cattle chute at the it end ofthe bridge
In finished.
J. O. Hope has been putting up two new
room for rent.
Every hotel in the
fullct enpa.-ity.
city is crowded to it
The great bulk ofthe cattle are now crossed
below the bridge. .
J. M. Copeland has our thank for a basket
of choice roaming cars.
The thermometer stood at 101 in the xhadc
m Wichita last Saturday.
A toll-house for the bridge lias been erected
and the toll master are happy.
Judge Lauck has moved lib. office up on
Main street, next door to the U. S. land office.
Vic learn that arrangements are Iwing made
for the erection or an opera house in Wichita.
Sheriff Meagher transported two prisoner
to the Kmporia jail last week from this county.
The concrete chimneys of Mlllis & Stem arc
lery neal, cheap, and arc attracting consider
able attention.
For n statement of last month's business of
the Wichita land office we are indebted to Mr.
Frank Shannon.
Next week we will publish the soldiers' new
homestead l.i w, together with the commission'
er' instructions.
During the storm Tuesday night a horse was
killed by lightning, about foilr miles nbovc.
town on Little river.
See statement of the business of the U. S.
land office at this place for the month ending
July ."1st. In another column.
The Southwestern Land Office, of Slus.
Ueevos and Rouse, has been removed two
doors north of their old place.
Our bearty. popular and successful land
agent, J. M. Steele, starts to-day for a trip up
the alley as far as Ft. Lamed.
' Sec interesting communication from our cor
respondent at Wiufield, which contains an ac
count of the judicial convention.
It. 1. Murdock is authorized to receive sub
scriptions, advertisements .and money, and to
transact any business pertaining to this office.
The ltev. Father Paul, Catholic, of the Osage
mission, will hold religious services at the
school house, next Sunday, at 8 and 11 o'clock
a. m.
A geiitlemau cauio up from Arkansas City
on foot this week, and ho sa)s in ever' house
which he stopped he found the Wichita
K r. i.k.
The proceedings of the county commission
er at their last meeting w ill be found in an
other column. Much important vv ork was dis
posed of.
S. C. Johnson, county treasurer, has gone to
Topeka to straighten some financial matters
pertaining to the county school tund, with the
state treasurer.
Jtr. Pride, our street commissioner, exhib
ited to us a specimen lot of ilean, coarse
era el, which he sa. ran be obtained in inex
haustible quantities in a bed or bank very
close to town, and which Is entinlv accessible.
This street grading is becoming a prions and
important question to our property holders.
j It affects not only the present, but the future
weuare oi me place, in mat in wet weather
strangers are apt to be unfavorably impressed
w ith the location of the tow n. The amount of
rain iall has been extremely great this sum
mer, and we hav c but little doubt in fact, we
know that c vera! capitalist pointed to the
con Jition of Main street as the only reason for
not investing. We can hardly hope that the
present exceedingly flush times will always
continue. Then even- one must admit the
necessity or wisdom of getting the largest pos
sible number or substantial capitalists inter
ested in Wichita, to the end that when slack
times do come vve may have such to stand by
us for the ake of their own investments and
interests. We are satisfied that our drainage
is sufficient, and that at a comparativ ely tri
fling cost all mi h objection" might be removed.
We all understand how little it often takes to
disgust a stranger seeking a location for per
manent inv estment. Our ow n conv ict Ions are
for the curbing and flag-stone guttering or
Main street its entire length from the Empire
House to Douglas av enue. With suth an im
provement a dirt and gravel grade will serve
every purpose mr jears to come; without it
our mud gutters vv ill fill up and the street at
times become almost impassable. We throw
out these suggestions for the consideration of
our council, whom vve have evcrv reason to
believe desire to act for the v err best present
and future interests of our citv.
Last week we noticed that one Samuel Teats
had been arrested by Mike Meagher, upon a
telegram from Alleghany City, Pcpn. Within
a day or two after the arrest, a man represent
ing himself as II. F. Clark, chief of police of
the above dty, made his appearance, provided
witli a requisition from the governor of Pcnn
sv Iv ania. The night of Clark's arriv al Teats,
with other prisoners, was furnished tools, and,
but for timely discovery, would have made
his escape in a few minutes. The next night
Clark hand-cuffed Teats and put him aboard
the north-bound train. While lie was procur
ing his tickets his prisoner walked .out of the
car and out into the dark and liberty. The
pretended chief made no attempt to recapture
his bird, but took the train and left. There is
a strong suspicion that all is not as it should
be. A thousand dollars had been offered for
the arrest of Teats, a per cent, of which Clark
forked ov er to Mr. Meagher. We believ e the
latter officer has addressed the city authorities
of Alleghany upon the subject.
A warm friend of the Chappaqua philoso
pher, in cam assing for a new enterprise that
promised to forward the political fortunes of
Uncle Horace, dropped into the well-known
grot cry hou-c of Todd & Uov al, the other day,
v here he found eight or ten gentlemen quietlv
ciijoviug themelves. The occasion was all
his own. the moment propitious, and our
friend sailed in, first with a statement of what
he was going to do, and secondly with a prop
osition to tet the political sentiment of his
audience. The result w as solid : but it takes
Uncle Todd to describe the lugubrious voice
with which our friend gave his one, single,
lonely vote for Greeley and Brown.
Mr. Marsh, the principal freight and passen
ger agent at this place for the A. T. & S F. R.
It., informs us that their is rest neither night
or day, for him or his assistants, so great is the
rush of business. Some confuion is necesa
lily consequent upon su.h a ruh, which our
business men will please licar in mind. Char
Icy Marsh desires to do the proper thing, in a
businesslike manner, as docs Mr. Kenedy, his
principal assistant, and when anv thing fs not
right he hopes jwrsonal application will be
made to secure a projier adjustment.
LastTuesdav afternoon a cook in the employ
of Mr. Bums, a Texas cattle man, got into an
altercation witli a Mexican about the cooking
of some dinner, when the Mexican shot the
cook through the left breat. The man was
living an hour or two after the shooting, but
there was no chance for him to recov er. W
did not learn the name of either party. The
Mexican immediately left on a horse for parts
unknown, and Mr. Bums came to town for
medical assistance.
Card. We would respectfully call the at
tention of economists, consumers and pur
chasers, either at wholesale or retail, to our
new, fresh and complete stock of staple and
fancy dry good, dress goods, ho-iery. trim
mings, boots, shoes, slippers, hats, bonnets,
choice and select family groceries, prov iion,
crockery, stone and wooden ware, lining, sid
ing and rootling paper, and general supphes,
which, purchased under the favor of long exi
perience and unsurpassed facilities, we shall
sell to caeli purchatere below the current mar
ket rates. With the railroad comes a new dis
pensation to Wichita. Our motto shall be
final! profit ami ouiclsale.
ap2C-tf W. C Woopmix.
pwuce. STUBBLE $
CZECHS, -w. --iiai,. REAL &STA1
Inadvertently the name or Win. Baldwin,
city attorney, has lteen heretofore left out or
the city directory. This vv cck it w ill be round
in its proper place.
George Salisbtirj, 0sq., contemplates the im
mediate erection or a two story business house
on his lot near the comer or Main street and
Douglas avenue.
That a grand rally in bchairof thegrcat nation
al republican party and its nominees vv ill be
held in Wichita oil the evening of tlie 10th of
August, is now pretty well determined upon.
The meeting will be addresCJ b. seveial em
inent men orators of acknowledged abili
ty anion? whom are Hon. I. S. KallocU. m
C V. E-kridge, and Senator S. C Pomeroy.
We will have an enthusiastic time and a glo
rious meeting, no doubt. Let every one Inter
ested in his country 's weal turn out and hear
the vital issues or the hour discussed in sober
earnestness, that w e may dispassionately judge
or the merits or the men and principles offered
for our suffrages. This is no time to discuss
mere personal Inclination or griev eances, but
the duties and responsibilities or the campaign
must be met In a spirit 0r manliness, div tStcd
or every appearance or demogogucry. We
hope t see men from ev ery section or the
county present. Bills vv 111 be out in season, or
as soon a the Republican Club designates the
hour and place.
We had the pleasure or eating and smacking
our lips over a couple or juicy peaches from
the garden of our rellow townsman. D. S.
Munger. They w ere prcduced by three v car
old trees. This is the firt j ear that this v al
ley has produced this luscious fruit, but or the
fruit prodm ing qualities or this climate and
soil the profusion or wild fruits and berries
abundantly attests. Mr. M. will 'accept our
Mr. Geo. II. Smith and vv ire, vv ho hav e been
spending sev era! w eeks in Marshalltown, Iowa,
among old friends, returned home on last Sat
urday. Mr. Smith's health is very materially
improv ed bv his northern trip, but he says he
could not possibly stand it to remain away
from Wichita a single week longer. Wc wel
come them home.
As was briefly noted last week the city au
thorities have purchased a hook and ladder
apparatus for the safety or the town against
fire. Theoutfit was procured through James
G. Hope, the agent, at a cost or SfiOO. It is
represented as the most complete invention in
that line.
Julv Sid. by Rev. Mr. Ashler. Dr. E. Gaine,
or the Sedgwick Gazette, to Miss Jane Wid
does, all orScdgw ick
Our brother quill will accept our congratu
lations in that he "Gaines" a wire and pro
cures the "Widdoes" a husband.
July 15th, John Edward, son or Margaret
McAdams, aged 21 months.
Mrs. McAdams has the sj mpathy or many
or our people in this sad bereavement. But
the bright little rellow has gone to a fairer and
brighter home, the mother should remember.
It is estimated that there are not less than
four thousand people in Wichita. This esti
mate, ofcourse, includes Texans and all the
buvers from other states.
The Arkansas still maintains a high stage.
It is now about seven weeks since the arrival
of the June rise, since which time tire river
has not at any time been fordablc.
A marriage notice handed in was mislaid,
qut no doubt the parties interested fully real
ize the trvlng situation this hot weather, even
in the absence ora publication or it.
Me are in receipt or a communication from
the commissioners of Reno county warning
drovers from driving cattle through that coun
ty, except upon the established trail.
The vegetation of the valley Is extremely
rank and heavy. Let every one for the next
six weeks use extreme care in the matter or
diet, mid sanitary precautions generally.
Fred. Srhattner, county clerk, starts upon a
visit to his parents this week. He will com
mence the arduous and perplexing duty or
figuring out the tax roll in about Tour weeks.
Uncle Johnny Pev ton sold his lot and house
on Douglas avenue last week In Mr. Broik,
who paid for the premises $8ft1. The house
amounts to nothing, but the lot is worth the
Mr. John Ward's store at Park City was
forcibly entered one night l.it w eek and a large
lot of choice goods taken, tos-ether with some
money. No clue to the robber or robbers was
Mrs. James Dagner, who has hccii spending
several weeks visiting with her parents in
Law rence, returned home Wednesday even
ing and Jim Is hunting around Tor something
nice to cook.
Mrs. Waterman Informs us that E. P. Wa
terman, our rellow townsman, and his sons,
had readied Ft. L)on. The party were all
well and enjoving themselves, and were bound
Tor Los Vegas.
Col. Knapp, or OxTord, one or the truly
livest men in Southern Kansas, and Judge J.
S. Abbott, another prominent lawyer or Sum
ner county, were in town yesterday and hon
ored us witli a ealL
Another large freight train was loaded at
tills place for Ft. Sill tlie other day. Each wag
on was drawn by six joke of choice heavy cat
tle, and eai li wagon contained about three ami
n hair tons or supplies.
W. B. Hutchinson, who has for two or three
weeks been in charge of a survev ing party on
the proposed line or the Augusta and South
western raitroid, returned home with his
party yesterday evening.
There vv ill be a meeting or tlie Republican
Club or Wichita township, on Monday even
ing. August Mh, at the school house. Let ev
ery member be present, as Important business
is to be transacted. By order rthe president.
An extension or forty or fifty fret is being
made to the depot at this place. It Is already
ofthe dimensions or the one at Emporia, and
with the new addition will Itc the largest on
the line, excepting the general offices at To
peka. Wc are sorry to leant or the death of Rev.
W. K. Boggs, who died at his home in Oxford,
last Friday, ora con;;estiv c chill. Mr. Boggs
was the Tomier pastor or the Presbyterian so
ciety of this place and was accounted an earn
est and faithful christian.
We heard detailed the incidents of a shame
ful scene th.it occurred at the races on last Sat
urday. Two bedizened and perfumed demi
reps, wrought up with wine and the exciting
surroundings, let loose their ranting tongues
in cnmfuatfngcach other. A rough and tum
ble fight ensued. Down, under the sweltering
heat ora broiling sun, down In the dut or the
track, surrounded by a formed ring of sev oral
hundred brutish men who would allow no in
tci Terence, with burning brain and eves start
ing fro n their sockets, rolled and screamed,
kh ked, bit aud scratched these poor girN. until
nothing but shreds oT depirted linen vv ere left
clinging to their soiled and vv .niton Tonus. Im
precations and drunken oaths upon every
hand from those who viewed these poor un
fortunates only in the light of lust-gratirv ing
creatures, or amizoiK to be incited into a me
lee to satiate cowardly instincts, but no hand
orvoice was there tosave those frail ones ftom
that terrible ordeal. i
Our bovsare in earnest about their brass
band. Something like $IM lias beensiihcril
cd toward procuring the instruments, winch
they intend shall be firt class In ev erv partic
ular, with the most approved valves and of the
neatest patterned bells. A teai her of m ce
Tul experience and culture, a Mr. Bench, lias
ocen cngageii. r.vcry mcmiier i a good mu
sician, some of them professionals, and their
progress vv ill be rapid it vv ill be muic from
theverv start. Every citizen that take the
least pride in our lively town can well afford
to contribute somethiu; In aid of this lauda
ble enterprise. The expense oTa teacher and
rent will be burthen enough Tor the bovs, ami
our citizens should see them through with tlie
flrt cost oT the instruments which will not be
miuli in excess or .".00. Let u have the echoes
orthisvailev awakened bv tliestirringmusicor
a good bras band, by all means.
From Messrs. Pieice and Crane, who have
charge of the shipping yards here, vv e gain
the Tollovv ing figures touching the number oT
car loads oT cattle shipped this season from
Wichita. The figures arc taken from their
books, w hlch giv e the name oT each shipper
and the date aud number or his shipment.
The shipping season has but really beun, but
we give the entire number: Up to the it of
July there had been 11!) car loads sent out;
between the 1st and 18th, M car loads; and
from the 18th to the .list, inclusive, 100 car
loads ; making in all SC2 cars, or about 7,240
head uf cattle. The largest shipment made in
one day was on the 27th, at which time L. X.
Hunter sent out Tort v -two car. The shij
mentsor.vestcrd.iy and the day before w ere
not as heavy as they would have been had
ears sufficient been furnished.
You ! and all your relations ; your vv ife and
all her relation, (iTjou haven't got a wire the
sooner you get one the bCiter), are respectful
ly invited to call at Hill & Kramer's before all
those goods at cost are gone. Our summer
goods must be sold to make room forourlargo
Tall stock. jy.t
D. G. Phalau, surgeon dentist, from Junc
tion City, will be in our city on Slonday, Au
gust 13th, and remain at the Douglas Avenue
Hotel, when; he will be happy to attend to all
those vv ishlnj; his sen ices. i7-.it
''Ol.l RKI.IAIU.E." MCC'I-UKK ic CO., the
"v ett ran p!,,e board UaUrt," bought last vv cck
100 car loads oT lumber at Hannibal and Chi
i ago Tor their vards at Wichita and branch
vardsat Wellington and Wintield. We buj
largely oT first hands Tor cash and ship by con
tract. We have no old stock that was bought
at high fimires and shipped at high rates. Our
lumber has been run off at low rates, which
lias enabled u to keep pace with the declining
iii.ii kets cast. Our lumber is graded in Chi
cago bv T. W. Harvey, esq., and is as good as
can be round east oT Chicago. We ak parties
w ishing lumber to call and see u. mid get our
figures. Examine our grades, and iT vve do
not sell vou as cheap as others don't huv otu.
Parties w ihmg to purchase flour, groceries,
hardware, drj goods ami notions will find
large stocks m Wichita, at liv ing prices, and
good sooial gentlemen to deal them out.
McCl.uni: & Co.
Lumber v al ds and office on Douglas av enue,
near the bridge. i.vtf
" How to fio Est." By the Kansas City,
St. Joseph and Burlington route. '-Though
last not least," is an adage as tnie as it is old,
and its tnitli is again exemplified bv the com
pletion oT the new line to the eat via Creston
and Burlington, which, though the last, maybe
called the best route in tlie west.
Tlie line consists or the Kanas City, Saint
Joseph and Council Bluffs railroad, with two
daily trains from Kanas City, through Atchi
son. Leavenworth and St. Joeph to the Mis
souri state line, there connecting with the
Burlington route, which leads direct to Chica
go, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Logansport and
Columbus through car? arc being run to ail
these points.
This line in well built, thoroughly equipped
with even- modern improvement, including
Pullman's sleeping and dining car, and no
where cNc can the passenger so completely
depend on a speedy, saTe and comTortable
The Burlington route has admirably answer
ed the query, '-How to go East," by the publi
cation or an interesting and truthful document
containing a valuable and correct map, which
can be obtained free or charge by addressing
General Passenger agent B. & M. R. R. K.?
Burlington, Iowa. l-tr
Barnes ha a good assortment oT new goods.
Call and see, and leave vour measure Tor one
oTthose nobby suits he gets up. Remember
the old saying, that clothes do not make the
man, but they help the looks oT him mightily
after he is made. 15-tT
If oil wish to buy boot and shoe of the
latest stlesgo to Alev 's, Xo. 90 Main street.
With goods of the finest material, witli every
stvleand variety, he can suit vou to a hann
vv ith perfect fits at prices that defy competition.
Give him a call. 9-tr
A Cutp. I would respectfully announce to
my mail friends and tlie public gem-rail that
I can be found at all hours, day or night, at
the dmg -tore or Cha. W. Hill, where I
shall be pleased to see all those vv ho require
my sen lees. J. R. Askew,
Prescription Clerk,
Formerly with Geo. Matthews & Co.
Clomm: Oirr at Cost. Sol. 11. Kohn &
Bro., oT the Xevv York Store, will commence
selling off their entire stock oT clothing, do
goods, boots and shoes, hats and caps, at cost,
July 1st. Look out Tor big bargains. n-tr
Skllisg Out at Cot. Sol. II. Kohn &
Bro., oT the Xevv York Store, w ill commence
selling off their entire stock or clothing, dry
goods, boot and shpe-s, hats and caps, at cost,
July 1st. l.ook out Tor big bargains. 11-tT
Money to Le.np, in sums oT.'iOO to $1500,
on Improved Tarai, Tor one ear. Address
Box lo, Emporia, giv ing particular descrip
tion oT property. 13.tr
Skllino Out at Covr. Sol. H. Kohn A
Bro.. oT the Xevv York Store, will commence
selling off their entire stock oT clothimr. drv
goods, boots and shoes, hats and caps, at cost,
July 1st. Look out fur big bargains, 11-tT
Goods at tlie depot Tor La Fctra Bros. 7-tf
Land Warrants and Military Scrip Tor sale at
Steele & Smith's. ni 31-tT
Ladies' kid and morocco slips at 75 cents ;
Misses' Congress gaiters at 75 cents, at Sutton
t Dav idson's. 8-tr
" 1 '
Fred. A. Sowers is agent Tor the Phanix In
surance Company, oTHartTonl, Conn., nd the
State Insurance Company, of Hannibal, Mo.
Main St., nearly oj)j. Fobtopcc,
The Laryet and lUt Stock of
Pure Drugs and Medicines
Met Articles, Perfumery, Patent Medicines, Etc
EaThytietatu Prescriptions carcjjll'j compounded.
Also keep on h-ind the best and pnrot Winn
and Lienors for medicinal purposes. jc21-tt
i i
La Fctra Bros., j
;rocers, Xo. 15 Main street,
93 Main Street, Wichita, Kansas.
Dialers in Krt-h
We buy tnd ell Land and Town Property, colleitsBcnt, pay Taxes," and1
Dealer .n'-
iTTi kjt t- -m.-a t
-1 J W -l-VL. C-3 JCJ CV I
He Ice)? the larpesfaml bctt assorted
stock of lumbtr in Wichita.-
A specialty made oT investing
select Tor capitalists.
Tor non-residents. Carefully cvuuim: and personal!)
-s " - tf
The larytxt and must varied lint of
In the Counties of Sedgwick, Marion, Butler, Cowlev and Stunner.
Ourcxrr(rncr tietast thire jtw In Ui).ly
hiK the wants i.MMs art nTlne !Ute ranvlnrrsus
wc can still jcivr iu g tlfactlt,n to our ciw
tomrnt iu hi-rrtofiirr.
OurgrwU-s. are wrll known to lw the brut In the
market. We .hall Mick U our irrwlm, and ho
to arc all our old ciulunun.
Jj-Xcar Corner of Third ami JI.1in.-t5
Wantei Iiyxw fee t of Walnut Lumber at
Hav wood's Furniture Store, corner Douglas
avenue and Main street. apliMf
For. S vi.e A jroud Fire-Proor SaTe, at eoit.
Impure or 1-tf) Stkkle .V Smith.
Steele & Smith represent r liable iiisiinuice
compaiiies. IT vou want a polk) for tire in
surance call upon them. mv 31-tT
Fkuit Tiieks, etc., at Wichita. I will
deliver at Wichita, this Tall, apple trees, two
or three 1 ai old, three to live fret, Tor ten
cents each: peach, apricot and nectarine, in
bud, 1 Torli; Concord jrrapc vines. Hough
ton gooseberries, and most kinds oTblack and
raspberries, 75 cents for 1 all good plants.
Can furnish amthiug in the hue, either this
fall or net spring. I am about making ar
rangements to start a tirt-elass nursery at
Wichita. Those vv ishing to buy, send orders
early. B.v the 100 or 1,(XH at reduced rates.
j) IM111 Ainerif lis, Lv on Co., Kan.
Kverbod) can find a large stock of dress
goods, pant good, shirtings, denims, stripes. 1
vv bite goods, and the larget stock of notions 1
in Nmthvv'cst Kansas at Hills & Kramer's, cor
ner Main and Second streets. l7-2t
Foi'M) The
anil no mi-t.ikc-
bc-st place to buv groceries,
-La Fetra Bros. 7-tf
M'hole-sale and 1J tat Dealt rs in
X-" -f
Freth invoice of th Choieett Family Groceriet
riieired daily.
Mr. Harris, who is Mippl) ing the city with
such ijuantities ot ice and soda water, had the
mislortuuo to loose some valuable papers last
Friday, together w ith some money. The find
er will be liberally rewarded by leaving it at
his place or at this office.
Col. P. B. Plumb, of Kmporia. one of the
leading law ers of the Southwest, rpeut last
Sabbath in the Queen City. Col. Plumb serv-
J. C. ltcdtield, tlie ncvvl) appointed receiver
ofthe U.S. land ottice at this place, arrived
upon the ground last Tuesday, and he and
W. S. Jenkins, the register, took formal poss
ession eterday. Both of the.-e gentlemen
are competent and well mialitied Tor the on
erous positions vv hlch they hav e accepted, Tully
understanding the demands that will be made
upon their judgment and patience, but they
come determined to ghe satisfaction as far as
lic in their power. The othco is being re
moved from it former location to the build
ing heretofore occupied by the Southwestern
I.and Agency, on Main street. The register's
ofhee vv ill be up tairs. and that ofthe Beech er
and reporter or contests on the ground floor.
The hotels at Wichit.-t are thronged with
live stock growers and Teedirs, who hail from
the great corn producing districts or tlie west
ern tate. The mot or these gentlemen arc
in the possession oTa large surplus oT filthy
lucre, are a jolly set rT big, round-bellied Tei
lows who, but Tor the heat, would be supreme
ly happy. We met among them, this week,
Mr. I). A. Brown, oT Springfield. 111., who is
president oTthe state agricultural society. The
lSth annual fair will be held at Ottawa.andto
Mr. B. we are indebted Tor a complimentary
card of invitation.
Subscriptions from the country arc rapidlv
upon the increase for the past' two weeks.
This is v ery gratiT) ing to u.. Our object is to
make a paper that will be a wi lcome visitor to
the homo aud cabins oT the settler and home
steaders. They are licrmancnt: null ihm
HKY C.oulS
siirupie's andMerriniack jirlnts .
n amsiitta prints
Murk. A anil Indian head shtttmpt.
I.min-ihilf anil liltnilml mii-lms ,
1'ucilio 1 tra tinlikachid
Indian hiail nnlib-aihed . . .
Denims and Miirtm; t)triie
Dtliums all wool. . ..
Hunm-ls, best all wool
Factory .leans, best
! Duintstic Uinhams
Ifooji skirts . .
YounHjson Tea . . ...
j Imptri il . .
' Oolong and Japan
Uio Collie
Java old white-
' Cru-licil ami puhrriztil
1 ." Orleans hi own
I Virginia natural U af tobacco .
I Hold l.ar
avv ami graie juice
, Jinecut
Sorghum molasses . .
.s-ucar house
(tolclin jri
tiilir incgar.
Mackeri 1
White Kish
OmI Kish
Dried AmIe nd I'eachi s
have ' tiirrants and Illacklwrries
ciiiiiiu i-eacnes
Canned Cherries and .-straw hemes.
Ojslirs ..... . . .. ,.
Lob-ttr and Sardines . , .
I het-se
(SoodlaiiJer, Currie .t Co.. and De-land A
Bacon, oT Fort Scott, proprietors oTtwo id the
best flouring mills west oT St. Loui.
opened a wholesale flour More on Main street,
opposite Firt National bank, where the) have
the largest and jhoicest lot oT flours ever
brought to Wichita, which they are selling to
dealers oT this and adjoining towns at prices
which (hallange competition. These enter
prising gentlemen are handling flour exten
sively, and intend making Wichita a perma
nent business point, and are deerving oT the
patronage or our merchants. ld-tf
Theverv best oT ice cream, lemonade and
soda water can be procured at O.Martin.on A
Co.'s Xo. 02 Main treet. ieU-tf
Notice to JcrsTiCEs.Kach justice oT the
peace in Sedgwick county is requested
to report to me the amount oT money re
ceived from the proceed oT fines and etrays
during the siv mouths last past and belonging
to the school Tund oT the county, and at flic '
time ormaking said report promptly pav all ot
sain procerus 10 Hie county treasurer, to be I.C.MllKi:
at the ne.t msiiimr M-mi-nniia! , a"T"" -"'nn and Oak, y M
Nutter .
Ksbs ...
-vlt .
1 Lard
Hams t
MiouMers . ..
, Clear Miles
' Potato s
Kannh soiji .
1 Kcrtxcne Oil
1 Klonr, TV
Hour, AA sprlnjr wheat
1 l-orn Meal
10 (a,
.10 (.1,
70 (o
7U to
00 Qrl (0
1 20 (31 SO
1 -.M Cti HJ
1 .V) !l Hi
I -JO (ai
J3 0 -SI
is (,t,
11 (a. 1."
V. (ill M
1 i! (a.
75 fr
1 JO wl IO
75 (u
60 fa I 20
1 JO (i
10 do
We par cah and buy at the lowest llgurts,
henc we can offer
Superior Inducements to Customers and Dealers.
Hi icillj tnuleUUral iHiliu-rmerttt to euA trad:
Several Trntfs or Iand. oT live, ten and twenty acres each, mar and aiili'lnlng'town,
tonvcnicnt for residences, and at reasonable prices.
lorreetly done. Abtr.nts tiirni-hijl to nil proper!)
AI-o to all lawyers and real i-tjti-.'mun "doing lui-im-i
I onve-vaiiiimr nronititlv .-mil
bought in our olllie free of charge.
in s-eiivvitk County at.reaon ible
Kj"CalI and see- us.
Xo charpe for )rlcliiK our
2 '.'(?
12 H
15 U
9 W
I .V)
Manufactun r of and ileab r in all kind of
Parlor, Chamber, Dwelling and Kitchen
Wholesale rul rHall
Keep thr largrtt rtorV. of
In South treat Kansas.
In the Counties of Snlijiricl, Sumner, t if arion, IJoitl'f and ITatltr.
Call an.t rvatnln- onr irradr., Wf will notji
uii.l-rtl. f.umlfr d-lirrrd lu'Ulr rity limits
without t lr rhargr.
AFull Line of Undertaker's Goods.
Undertaking done on :-hort notir and ic the mot
provett st) le-.
6-4 "IVE A-"N" STEEET,
M (g
Kali Wheat
r. on
2 mi
s 00
1 V)
1 ll
Choice leef-ti
Kresh fork
1 turkevs
g -
10 (.
) to
1 00 tj,
Dealer In all th' latent tjles A
Also have the only and complete -tl of nhtrcl uf title, to
We are dailv receiving birpdns In IjihI and Town Property,
may mit, hut examine our li-t to-morrow.
"All parties wi-hin to look at any property on our IIt will be
real 1 Mati In fcVdswicL
Vou my not find vv hat
liow 11 the same fr of
f s
'rr !, fj.ir,! nil Ihmfjt.it ncnye, near I'tfrtf
No. 24.V
div idi ml
ensuing seiui-aiiuiial
Wm. C. Little.
V. (
3. rt)
County .superintendent.
1 Native Cattle
We wish to call the attention of the gentle- Tj"5 t-cnlr
... r.'V.-'"""
i. Ulil ,U'
Ilrj Hides
men that vve are positively closin
tire st(KK- ,,f hats and boots at cot, and invite i,Trvn "I'd
iu ue-vu 01 wice anicie to call and exam
ine our coeds and prices.
17- Hills .t Kkvmeh.
The lioard of education ofthe city of Wich
ita will meet Monday evening, Atunit 4th. at
S. o'clock, at the olhce oT W. Jt X. .McCIees.
ALnritT Eviehmix, Clerk.
tj,0 ID
TST.lny itjle of tcrrj made to order. jrj
lNtKi:TAKtN'G in all it- LraRches. ColUns
coiutantlr on baml.
ed with distinction in the 11th Kansas, ban , rests the TutureoTthis great vallev andwith-
ini tnetrapproval and nijiiKirt we cannot hope
to be oT much benefit.
been a member oT the legislature two terms,
and was speaker ofthe houo in I$6T.
.1. W. Hear, of whom mention was made
last week, purchased an entire section or land
in this count), which he will Improve imme
diately in a substantial manner. Mr. U. I
from Decatur, 111., where he ban disponed of I pan weok-, wc are inTomW. .1,
a larjreanu vaiuauie property preparatory to
il removal to Sedgwick county.
a. szo.P'Ej,
Whole-ale Dealer in
kO ! itiertfr,ii.t-w .. e ...... i . .
-""vl-itna-ianinvwilirQ j --- -.. iui(,miuj, , wh u us
"ron their horses. Tor there are manykewe "A'w"11 no,ir f the amount they owe. and
fhkjves now in the country. Severafhorses ' w!'s'duo, through the columns oT this paper.
bavc been stolen Trom thi viciuitv within the ' Vcn" fopwtfullv,
"IVICHITA, Kansas, June 24.
To the Pcnuc ln Gentkvu You are
hereby potiiieil that vve intend closing out our
business a soon xs io-ilih- mol-ir,. iiMr 1
fore offerins indue ments that hav e never been
offered lien- lieTorc. We would like to have
ou all call and sec us a, soo aner lie M oT WINSS, LIftU02S, TOSACCO
Jul) as pos.ihle, o a to yet a chance at our
stock. We vv ill M-li .trietly Tor cash without
any exceptions, and wc alc all those indebted
to us to come forward and settle in some war
immediately. Those Tonrettinr to call on us i
Those lelrt.u of purehainr honId call and
examinr th laryt Tock In sonjh-fj, Kama
An; thing not kept there cu ! m- from my To
peka houjK- ltemember th ptarr.
Corner Douglas Avenue and Mam St.
C. Fraker
tad valuable hore taken Tram town on li.t
SubAv night. Keep do-c watch. (
Scl H. Koiin- &. Rko.
Our friends would do well to get to go to Ij
Fetra Uros. for j things to eaL T-tr '
JIirmfirMirr-rn of
Hftrw Power. Tnraln? LaJhe, anrn sheller,
and all kinds of neir ami repair rl for Cfir
milN, cotton aw! wonlrn null, priatic-boc-,
coal mine, rle.
sprtor, and eterj trrejiluaii A?rim!mrl '
Machinery rrjuUred promptlj aat oa tnt: hk1
rra--oaable ternss
Window- Can list 11I. s.K VVViira fmn
CnTO t W A TNr g' I ' ;;'' ! J'eBclnjr. anialltiad.soriijrtitn-Uw-arTfatiir
"" """, in iron r lra P.rticMLr anmUoa jtj"m to
lf!2 aere bottom land, adjoining the Arkansas river, two and a half mlfc from
ciiy. i-nce ?10jxracre.
Xo. 24."i "0 acrc, one and threc-pjsrtrr miles from tbi city. Price "f HW.
Xo. 510 arri- of tine botbm land, on th Little ArkanT river, with tlmlx-r, and alxdit
iiJ wonh tf Improvement., aihoinin? the town oT Hamilton, on the Wlehlta A-
Nuthwetern Itallroad, arid fiurten miles, rrom th! rity. 'j-fif plee l one of
the lim-t dock farm-in this etmti of country. Price j IU jwr acre. TermmadT
No. 2T1 40 acres lotVm land, with living water mmifng through, oi--2ht'l of a mile from
thNcitv. Price itST, p.-r acre.
Xo. 2T.T 10 arrc of laud adjoining thl city. Price per acre
No. 2(.T 10 acre- of Jami adjoining thin rtty. Price ?.V p-r acre
No. 247 191 acres bottom land, with fiO am- of finite r, I" 1-2 arms under rtiltivation, slmut
)') fruit tree all alitr. two miles. fnm 11 Pa,j, fnirteen mile from ibl ritr.
Price t ) ; "Ol diie .-r ptt-mlM-r 1. 1 72.
No. S4S 44H acre of tln bottom land, aitil V) acres of timlwr. pnndpatly oak and walnut.
and about W) acres under cultivation, z building; one mile fn,m 3 !',
thirtessii miles from tbl- city. Pric f li jer aexr.
No. 2! lW acrr of l-.ttoin bind, on the Little Arkaca riTer, inn mil" fnm tW elty. with
i gere. under rultitatiort and 1WI arrr-ii uii'Jj-n-wl wirr (rw. 1'riee- ltt.
Term. Ij'iu down. tUy in ! month-, atid fli"i iu twelve unmlb; dfrrol j
ja) ments ilramng 12 p-r cent, per year. j
y. l.'iC ) acre- Imttom UikJ. three ami a iulfmhW frr.ra lhi dtv. PrJe ZUfri. Tnn. j
I.i:t ilow-n. t01 Ieercmlr3I, I72. '
No. VitfAO Hrrtr. -eror.d lo:tbin land, fise niflos Trtttn ibis ritr. TH. ...- f. . r.n. f-.. ..e
bnd and can be bought on long time. Pot ti-rrn apjy al tur ttttien.
No. I2Tk 020 acre of eoMid UotVtta, tea mil- from thisrfty. Price flf2fJ. Trrvt'Baile:rrr
eay. -
o. !." .120 acre, second lwttom. &xr mtV from thi dJy. VrU- $I-0.
No. 1.T2 520 acre Caf ltsom Uml. rtt-tiieen mile- trom ihU dir, two mUr from CVar W
tr ilone. g'oJ fiimr water running through. Prie-. fijut.
No. 151 lfiO acre, half Sr-t iHjttom. latauee- tfnd Iwtfotn. witli ii'"fl Hvlnc vzUir nmditj'"
tbroB:h. four and 3 half mile trtm tbi "ity. Price ?L "
No. 134 10 acres ermJ bottom, fits mIJe from tiil city. Price i,tff.
No. 13T ltl am Sn bt:tm. with 7n aerr-s -y! fltr.!-r 1.ut "Ti ur .i., ,l,l,,l.
and Kxlbur. the entire piece timJer fecer-rfyht-en JttSe tf'Hu tiiU eiir ami t
onr ai.d a half mlh-s tma cW Watr. Price H. J
M ;lkic,
NwUry I'ul.lte-
W. & 2S'. M-GLJ2K-.-3.
JlI()0Er.-j YOU SALK" OitKEXT-
r "
, Shafting, rnlleje. etc ?h,i near V
uefvoi, roasria. fvan-ta
CjKnw fcirtw-t pric paid for .!.. jroo iiras
Wr bare the Urset ami mrwt tarie-J lUioIUntl t-f aT ar-!Mrr 4 ih-?jMh-xt.t . nmA.i,
Ins of over on- iiumSretl Impnnej UnaSiXfi Vttt ar- of B&!sjprr"!j iitnU, iuijrr. et
comimr " Kan.a. arc wotj".! invito you IouvmsxA v th fin ffultiira' UrA 1?V Ata
xic la ss-drwiclc county. -
We make a fpeciaUy in maUtr; lavcxttneuU for punlm at d"t5c tfBy M-fa-t fcd
erw.naUy examine.
"IW jt- have j J lot inr -li, tyjti'ltUxtg fti ebs4r Irtj-Itve. ami ck-lrbr rrJJ3MT3 .
Jot- in all rirt- of tb- ri:.
Tle aLsve K-t I trot a -TOili portion ofthe pn?erty n- lute f"r . an-J w. ajc rtrl
Id5 new n ery iiy.
He it retaerabcrpil thit e hare- to .naela wft 4J- vfScc JJ o&Jy rotay ?t rt f V
rati 10 real oiau: m -rKi" cwtaiy-
" A5-rfiJS' yf...
tier, adwi utt'I ef2irIiKtt f IaMn4 a4
- -- - -. . . -
ojatorraTeil urn tisn e or tfj
I- ?
i -e

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