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The Wichita city eagle. (Wichita, Kan.) 1872-1883, February 05, 1874, Image 1

Image and text provided by Kansas State Historical Society; Topeka, KS

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t S&icjpts (Ragle.
. J.I-I.I.OCK. " T r. -CHDOCK.
VUItMSIIKItS AM) lMiorniETons.
nvo dollaus vat year, is auvasce.
iTitiinsj satk kam crew c intxcin
Tin' HATFS vr have established for adrjr
ihicwTnbe.tricUylhrrMto la eeery In-
?f the, .a, in the West, indu loV",. llti?'.
. fur.,i.hc.l on Arm, -pA , bJ-L S
jjir-r circulation, win u u""11', " ; .iL
hSimcneaii'ret value received by KertU-
mr with in We ask no one to paironua us w v.
'? v."" . . .. - ...,, money unless
iliarlty. alio uo no. "",'.""t ""-,., ...iiv
.? "7.e 1M Ll!,2S.,ra' vcrtisements.
legiuarraies i" ''i -; " ,.nf,a
romiK-lle-I to do ao. solium; .u - - -;vt.
town aim tbeentcri
anil prosjierity as I
liiun aim ir'e-' "---, il.- local i
1.1 !.... unjil I, T Illl'll-IWh""'"
, ,,mMrr.y-a?. or . ;.- r Wme
tiu mirfi wiui iiuiiiT .-..-- ,.
nmnmiw"- --. , ...
stublisifd rates o u. .. . - - - -,..,
taiAri.nl rale: No di..yVI J-r "
Ilea win lie '"', ",". r.T"T.i. .imtratlDiis be
will ruts, or niacK mi nu3i"j
adniitted'into this paper.
"intern Mail fsla Wichita So'",,n,MU
K J Mall and Kxpreas So -.'departa 1.19 a . 31.,
I Wnr So. i depart, daily at 3M
A Exiirri.' So 1 uirive. daily at 12:i. a. M , 1 a
aeiiKer So. 3 arnvet daily at I ;15 r. u.
"hSreka. Eldorado "d AuK,,,t-Arnrra Mon
data Wedneadaya and Fridaya at 6 r.u. Ie
?ru Tileadayauradaj. and S.turdaja at r.
Atkaniaa City (via Winfleld, Ileuplaa ajJAtt-rirta)-Arri
dailr at 8 r. . Departa daily at
WellWon-Arrite. dail; at fl r.u. Ieart.
daily t7 A.M. i..i., V.nnrlarall. Or-
foftanTK Wo -Arrida. Thurlay,
and haturdaya at 6 r. . Depart. Mondaja,
WedneadayaandFridayaatjA. M.
Caldwelf (Via Clilunakft. Wellington and Ilelle
riaine)-Arrive, lueadaya. Thurtava and bat
iiUva at6 r. M. Imparts Monday, Wednewlaya
"SilTa:1 and Sewtonj-Arrlre.
Saturday it 9:45 r. m. Dej.arU Saturday at :0S
A umner City-Airive. Tueadaya. l"1"'"? ,nJ
Saturdaya at 1 r. M. Departa Mondaya, V, ednrs-
and depart Wedncsdaya, once a week.
On aid "nerdate th'e portoffiee will be ojien i for
the delivery oflettera aud the aale of itampi from
' 'hemftcrcne offlri will he ortn on Sunday rrom
"Maiuioifijeaat and louth cloae prompt at 7
f U ICa I " atST( I !
firat PreaUylerlan Church I V ''. P":
tor. "ervlceiln Eale Hall every Sabbath at 11
M'ChUrch-HWa"..", pastor. Service,
iery Sabbath at 10",' o'clock A. M. and , r. u.
I'raVer meeting on Thur.day evening. ,
llantlat amrch I C. 1'0T. pastor. '""'"J
at the new church on Market .tr-et every Sabbath
it 10'i o'cloct a. . and7r. . Trayer meet
ting Wednewl ettnlng ..,. v
St. Aloyaius' Catholic Cluirch-Itev. t tut I .
Hwebmbkbou. paator. Services on 2nd and 4th
Sundays of every month; flrrt mass atHn clock
A .. high mass at 10X a. m., ver.era at . r, M.
Kpiicopal Church-Uev. A T. 1 ieUT(;lix, rec
tor. Servicer every Sunday at old court house
building, on Main street, at ln; o'clock a. m.
and 7:3d o'clock p. in. Scats free.
Judge Thirteenth Judicial District W. T.
jroard iifCoiinty Commissioners . T. CanrKN
Tlit. W. ;. Jlomis, J. . Yohk.
,unty Treasurer S. C. Johmok.
Count v ;ierk Jons 1 ickm.
Pherllf-1'. II. MiKSEV
Clerk District Court (. W . IttEVES.
Probate Judge .t. i.irn.a.
Superintendent I'ubllc Instruction A.
lteglster of Deeds Milo II. Katxoua.
County Attorney II. C. M.r.
CVinnty Surveyor II I.. Iackm)''.
Mayor I. O. IIor.
Police Judge.). M. Aiwooo.
City Treaurer Ciii-s A. I'ntLUr.
Marshal M. Mraoiian.
City Attorney Wis. IUi.dwix.
Cltv Clerk f V. XBHt.
Jflstlces of the IVare-D. A. MlTCiiaLL, E. H.
Mnstahles I. W. MoCart.net and Geo. W.
Council First Ward Dr. Owkns. Chaklm
bc:HATTr.R. Second Ward Ia, .A. Stkvrnso.s,
114VI.KV. 1I111U ..win ". - .1
A J l.AVfwniinr. Kourlh W a.n J . C. t rakick. (
A II Kabiliqi-k .,
Itoiird or IWueatioti r irsi ssani m. . ---kii,
Sal-soN McCLr.aa beeund J ard 1;. Jl.
(ianniaoN, W. C. Wooiimas. Third V ard
U W Itr.r.VKa. It S. Wn,i ruiirth Ward A.
II Paiiiiwi'k, W A. Thomas.
IO. O. r -Wichita Lodge, No. 1, meets ev
ery Saturday night, t " o'clock, at heir
.11. over the Firt Sntlnnal bank. All brothers
In Kix.dstan.ling are invited to attend.
J. M. S 1 r.l'.l.l., is.o.
II W Vim-. R. S.
AF. A A. M- M
; Mi)iidJsofeach
M. Meets m the first and third
Muiiuam Cux, W. M.
TheM E. sabbath school. W. E. Stanley, su
pirlnteiidf lit, nii-ets at the church at aSo clock
''The Presbytem Sabbath school, F C. Martsolf,
U.erinlciident, meets at Eagle hall at S o clock
PThe Itaptlst Sabbath school. J. C. Post Biip.rln
Umlent, m'ets at the school house every Sunday
morning at U o'clock. "
MAIS STItllKT, next door to Creen Front.
IV S. JMKis, Register; J. C. RauuaLli.
iwr. onlce hours Ironi U to 12 a. si. anil
from 1 to 3 r. v.
county, Kansas.
u. c su 1)VEK
A 1TORSEYS-AT-LAW, Wichita, Kansas.
OlIORUi: SALlSlll'RY".
TTORNKY-AT-LAW, Wichita, Kansas
J. K. LAIV.-K.
ATTORNKY-AT-I.AW, llrstdoor south of II.
S LandOtllce, Main street, Wichita, Kas.
prcial attention given to all kinds of business
connected with tho 0. 8. I.aud OBlce. 15-tf
" "wTh. KNaPP.
-TIORSKY-AT-LAW, Ind Agent and No
tary 1'utiitc, uxioro, nn. 11
A TTORNKYS AT LAW. Wichita Kansas.
A Will practice In all the courts of the state
and In the United Statrs I .aud Office. K-lf
james Mcculloch,
ATTORSEY-AT-LAW, Wichita, Sedgwick
county, Kanaaa.
Office on Main street, Wichita, Kan. -ly
I. j webb. ' C- 'oB-
ATTORNF.YS AT LAW, Winfleld, Kansas.
N'ewa DeKt, Main street. -"
Wichita, Kansas.
Main street,
Uraduate of X. Y. Caliersity. Secialty-
a .si i. t .Tr..- t San aiiih a a ( II
rfii.onl of all kinU- or deformities uch atUub-
sr.... ll.Irlls, i'tsjistsaVr. rtr. A Wo
UMI, (iitsij .sv-..-- ,
Mrs. L.M.CRAY.
ibtetricUn. ami disease . of women nd ch.W-
y-s . A '. ..-ii.t ,f....
UD.ce; eti iue ui aiuPMc.. ?,'
1st ami -no, nimiw, '-.
"" P. A. MUDL1N,
Main street, Wichita, Kas
af t
OCSce No. 30
no I-S4-Iy
(U. S. Kxaminlng Surgeon)
C street, two doora north of lirst National
bank. "
Dlt. C. K. McADAMS,
jf Main street, Wichita, Kan. is.
-pillYSlCIAN AND Sl'ltGKON. will do a gen-
eral practice, but has made chronic diseases
of everv kind a specialty for more than iS years.
Ofllce on Malu street, three doors aou.h or Chica
go drug store. -''"
rm. W. I DOYLE.
ENTIST Ofllce oppOflte Woodman' Hank.
on. H. OWENS.
J1HVSICIAV AND Sl'ntJKON. Strict ...ten
tion to business and ehararea reaMnable.
fflci Main atreet, Wichita. Kan. gt-Iy
B. . SLUS, M. D. A. 11. rABSHOl-, M. D.
P. Allan's drm atoro. Main strcel. s ichita.
"mhs. w. t. baker.
... ... .,... 111.1.1.. l.'.HBd.
at., iteisseen isi aousii, .. icnua. ivao..-.
liBormUliatvyU(sdsalwyiQiuid. 34
AlU DIlESSEU-All kinds or hair drestlnp
- . a - . .IA mt..l In tha Is.f .fetal
done on me snones. ounce u' . ,, V
style. Uooms on jiaia sircei, upi...... ....v-
Uolel. '-"
BKAI.KIl IS BOOKS, STATIO.Nfc..l , wraji
pine paper, twine, periodical!, etc., pot-or-buitdiii.-.
Wichita, liansaa.
Clerk of the District Court)
at. KCTATK. IN.SUHANCEanaivoiicciii.;
rmr. Wichlu. Kansas. Collection made
and taxes pain, ah mnnon tun .... ;
care will receive prompt attention. "'
f F . 11 a .....1 .... Hfvfialail In ml
JUSTICE of the peace, notary public, real estate
and collecting agent, Keimanto. hansas. Col--.
. a .-. ..:.! ft II l.iuinc.a (!
lrci.ona mae nu ixt iiJiiu. .. ,... ...-
icciH.m lnvie " "" l"'- "-----
,rlled to rar care will receive prom,.. a,.........
KICK in any quantity for aale at my yards, on
Little Arkana liirer, norm m nn.n.
of brick work done onine anonem iio-
ri'2-tfj j. . i nii.i.1' .
Comer of First and Maui Sit.
Authorized Capital, - - $250,000
Capital Paid In and Suxrlus, - - 83,000
J. It. MEAD,
J. C. fKAhhli.
Vice President.
Will do a geneial banking business. (.OIJ
sell COUNTY SCRIP and other local aecuriUes.
Tnlerest allowed on time depoiits.
Collection promptly attended to.
I'n.i.olni. ami.lr fni-Hllles for the advantageous
rnmlurt ot our business, we promise to bII
customers the most
.- . si . -.. . fm. ....! . m- iata,ss Ulll
ratea and the
promptest intention
CAPITAL, $100,000!
A. M. CLARK, af Clark A Co., Lar-
Vice President, SOL. II. KOI1N, of Wichita.
Cathitr, A. A. HYDE, formerly with Clark ACo.
Organized Under the Late oj the State.
Einleni ind Foreign Exchinge Bought nd Sold.
Douglai A venue, comer Market Street,
Bonner StaUos and Stcck Yards!
Comer First and Water Sts..
Best turn-outs in the city and No. 1 saddle
horses, l'aasengers carried to all part of the
Particular attention paid to horses left in oar
charge. 3"13r
Will turnlsh
In larje and small nuantities, at the lowest
nrices for ca.h, or on thirty days
to food parties,
c s. .v.tur.v
-n Oaaj Cief, Otss eonoty. Kas.
Burlington, ---------- Kansas.
rLOL'K at Wholesale and Retail.
So. 51 Main Street, opposite First NaUonal Bank.
wichita, :k:.a.:n"S-S.
TL. J- K' -B I JUL J fc
Keeps coartantly on hand a full line of
A full line of
Constantly on hand.
(Successor to ARMEXT i C01TOS.)
Dealers in all kinds cf
"W-AXjIj papbb.
house and sign' pak1ing, glaang,
Granninj, PapfT Hanging and Cdltomining.
. 11 i i j. r ....;nt:.i trmiiiinf. and uaiier
hanging done, in a practical and artistic manner.
Carpenters, Designers and Builders,
Xo. 15 .'foil Slrttt, nrar corntr l)oug!a Av.
All work executed in themoktduralile and mod
ern stsle, ami warranted to give satisfaction.
l'lans and speclllcations furnished. Jobbing ol
all kinds done to order. myJI-Iy
The Mibsrriber begs lcae to inform the public
generally th.it lie has opened a simp lor the piir
pose of leiioialing clothing. All kinds of woolen
goods, coats pants, vests, etc., cleaned of grease
and dirt and given the tlniah of a new ganuent
s.i Tisr.tfTios a ua rastekd.
My room is on Min stieet, west sine, nexi
door to Johnny Thompon' barber shop.
On Main St, two doors north of New York Store.
A larfje mid well selected stock of Foil
nnd Winter Goods jvifct opened.
53-MUs Jennie Soult has charge of the dress
making department, and will guarauty satisfac
tion in all cases. ""
:mi. ti. mosbb,
wagon, carriage and plow
t3-Sign of the Ilig Wheel, south of Douglas
atenue -
a?, c zi2:3vrEE-nA.ir3sr,
DODCi: CITY, - - PorJ County, - - KANSAS.
Dealer In
hassxa:: i rr.:xi:2, ni n itii :.' rj:ni:r Articis:.
j:t for ti ceiibrilfd Slirp't InjroTel Srortuj k.!c.
I ban-on bind a large btock of harii's improved
tlnee bandeil rifles and all sixes of sh:iii' Im
iroved aportins rifles also it lure assortment of
other impruiedbieerli-loadlugllre arin, which 1
w ill aell nt re.imiable tlgnres seud in your or
ilers, which will be promptly attended to. All
repairing done promptly ana In a workmanlike
manner. .TI-13
S. F. Craig's Drive Well Tube,
Patintfd Junt 11, 1S07.
I o oil irnor i, i-iuv ti.iii'.- .-.wi.v .- ....-.-.-
.. . it .,.. ll'.ll n'.il... !., l..rn n imv
given llisi nil lirnr 11 rn um nui t.. . v .....
screen or gaue plucl and ecuiely lantened over
.. . .- .. -.i 1...1.... I.. u ...I in!... t: ii. Ilio minwu.
of keeping th.- sand, -lc , out of said tube and
r.... 1..1.1.. .Ip.un in i 11ui,ti!h thi tube to the
iiiniii wheii in ue. are Infringements uixin patent
letter No. ia,r,44 and niwu my exclusiic rights
. .1.1 .. . . .I ,! ....1.11 nFA h.r.h.
miner hum pairiu, m m (. ........ ... ..i....
... i .i .. ...:..... .1 Hn, ,.. i.iipiili.i. neiiaennv
w arneu anu t miiiui" i"i " i-..iv....- .. .. - "j
Drive Well Tube constructed u above des-cribeil
without mv consent, a the use of said well tubes
is an infringement on m p.itenl, and the uer Is
liable nnd will be prosecuted for infringement, a.
I am determined to stop unlawful piracy of my
Is the ONLY AITIIOKIZCD person for the sale
of mv patent Well Tillies at WICHITA, from
whom all purchases mu.-t be made ill order to ob
tain title
Wichita, Kansas, July 2., 187.1,
.SAMl'KL K. CIl.MG, Initntcr,
li-tf North Topeka, Kansas.
Life Insurance Company!
Cash Income, 1S72, - - - $313,294 43
Pa!dPolicj-Ho!dersinlS72, - - 50,287 49
Init ml Rrceifti fur 1S72. ?S.000 it nctn
Kiamine enr jdans and rates before ln-uricr
elsewhere. The nwl inilr and adsantayes
forms and fa-roruble terms for iauraace pre
sented. ,
All policies non-lorleitauie alter me seeonu
-' annust paiment. Itltideiuls arc declared anna
j ally alter ihe Orstpajroec:. available immediate-
lv as cith in ltaynient of premium.
I "Csmtracts direct ith the company will be made
' in all part- of the country with r&cient and re
j liable men who propore to caar -erBally for
' Htc insurance.
iremlire Cs-iUJ;
T. A. HUliD.
S. K
r.ss Ce
It T V
E. 11
J. F. r.lCHAKDS,
D. 11. SWAN.
J. I. JONEf.
Actiof secretary.
J. L.
Vice I're.ident.
E. IIAI.VKT, St. IHiis, T. A
.Voi.Ur.2J Acitaxr.
Could we but Vnow
The land that end? our dark, uncertain travel.
Where lie those happier hills and meadows
Ah. if beyond the tpint's inmost catil,
Aught of that country could we turcly know,
Who would not go?
Might we hut hear
The hovering angel's high Imagined choru,
Or catcb, betimes, with watchful eyes, and
One radlent vista oi the realm before us
With one rapt moment, given to aee and.hear
Ah, who would fear?
Were we ijuite sure
To find the peerlccs friend who left in lonely
Or there, bv some celestial stream as pure.
To gaze in eye that here were loe-lit only
'1 lii wearv mortal coil, wero we quite sure,
Who would endure?
The i-outh winds Mngi of happy springs,
And aummew hastening on their way;
ti... ...i.l. .1 lii.l cmott. iif fnrlitl ItolN.
And blooins.spanglcil mcad of May ;
Hut sweeter is her red. red mouth
Thau all the ki.ses of tho south.
The west wind breathe of nitet heart.",
And vcllow pride of wood grown old ;
Tiic west v;ind flies from autumn skier,
And sun-ciouus ovcr-iaiu mm goiu ,
itnt tin, mililfn lofks I love the best
Outshine the glories of the west.
The north winds aweep from crystal deep
And arctic halls of endless night ;
The north wind blow o'er drifted fnows,
And mountains robed in lrgin white;
Hut purer far her maiden's fou!
Than all the snows, that shroud the pole.
The east winds thrills o'er dosert bill
And dreary coasts ho barren saud ;
The cast wind tnoani of ca-blanched bones,
Ami ships that sink in sight ofland;
Hut the cold, cold east may rave and moan,
For her suit warm heart is all my own.
Chamfitrt' Journal.
From "Tiie Gilded Age," by Mark Twain
Slid Charles I). Warner.
,t illicit the boat fonrctl on tlirausli
the deep solitudes of tho river, hardly
ever discovering a light to testify to a
human presence nine ancr iuuu
league alter league tno v.ui uqhu
were guarded bj' the unbroken walls
of forest that had never been disturb
ed bv the voice or the foot-fall ot a
iiianj or left the edge of his sacrilegi
ous ax.
An hour after supper the moon came
up, and Clay aud Washington (two
bovs) ascended to the hurricane deck
to revel again in their new realm of
enchantment. Thoy ran races up and
down the deck; climbing about the
bell ; made friouds with a passenger
dog chained under the life-boat; tried
to make friends with a passenger-bear
r.ictniioil tn tlip verire staff, but were
not encouraged; "skinned a cat" on
! iin,r.elininar inn. word, exhausted
the amusement possibililies of deck.
Thou fh.pv lrioknd wistltillv lit) at the
pilot-house, nud finally, little by little,
Clav ventured up there, followed dilli
dcn'tlv by Washington. The pilot turn
ed present lv to ",'et his stem marks,"
saw the lads, and invited them in.
This co7.v little house built entirely ol
glass, and commanding a marvelous
prospect in every direction, was a
magician's throne to them, nnd their
enjoyment of the place was simply
Thev sat them down on a high bench
and looked miles ahead, nnd saw the
wooded capes fold back and reveal the
bends bevond ; aud they looked miles
to the rear and saw the silvery high
way diminisbiiig its breadth by de
grees nnd eloso itself together in the
distance. Prescntlv the pilot said :
"Uy George, yonder comes the Ama
ranth !"
A spark appeared, close lo the wa
ter, several miles down the river. The
pilot took his glass and looked at it
steady for a minute, nnd said, chiefly
to himself:
"It can't be the Hlue AN nig. She
couldn't pick us up this way. It's the
Amaranth, sure."
lie bent over a speaking-tube, anil
s:vd ;
'Who's on watch down there?"
A hollow, inhuman voice rumbled up
through tho type in answer :
"I am. Second engineer."
"Good ! You want to stir your
stumps, now, Harry the Amaranth's
ist turned the point and she's jut a
. imping herself too '."
The pilot took hold of a rope that
c i....t nlit.il nut ieu-:iril. ierked it twice.
i id two mellow strokes of tho big bell
r -ponded. A voice out on tlie hcck
"Stand by. down there, with that
lubboard Ic.id 1"'
"Xo, I don't want the lead," said the
pilot, "I want von. Hoiue out the old
,,,:,,, ieU him "the Amaranth's coming.
And go and call Jim tell him."
-Ave, ac, sir!"
The "old man" was the captain he
is alwavs called so on steamboats ami
!iiph; "".lini" was the other pilot.
Within two minutes both of these men
were Hying tip the pilot-house ntair-u-.iv.
tli'm- stciis at a iumii. Jim was
in his shirt-slei-.p'8. with his coat and
vest on liis arm. ilu said:
"I was just tinning in. Where's the
Iln tiwtL- it find lrwV.pd-
"Don't appear to be any night-hawk
on the jack-stair it's the Amaranth,
dead biire!
The captain took a long look, and
onlv cursed.
George Davis, the pilot on watch,
h'louted to the night watchman on
.leek :
"How's she loaded?"
"Two inches bv the head, sir."
"Thin enough !"
The captain shouted now :
"Call the mate. Tell him to call all
hands and get a lot of that sugar for
ward put her ten inches by the head.
I.ivelv now!"
i ovp sir'"
-'--. -t ,. .
A riot of shouting and trampling
floated up from below present , aim - wi,iTe the shfieks of women and
Sowrrwelliowr jc&loared above the intolerable
UtS , nVie men in the ..Hot-house Ue- "fMffi
gan to take in short, sharp sentences, 0VVtA loose from their
low aud earnestly As their exc te. -V na ', jncS,lc, ,BSS aw
incut rose., their voices wentdon.j' , thefirc J0or of the Boreas
As fast as one of them put down the , WXVI, 0,)C. and tho mcil began
,nv.,.u.3 mnilipi- took it nn: but al-1 V LI. . . ' , t .t. .".
irsvj th a stulVil air of calmness.
Ecarh time the erdict was:
"She's a gaining :
She captain spoke through the tube:
"What steam arc you carrying?"
"A hundred and lortv-two, sir : inn
he's getting hotter and hotter all the
huu.ihu ..,.,.., .. ,,.,.... - - - -
. s )
time. . . .
IM. . I . .- MA;..;n,v ...il irrnnil.
aka aii nais i utMA rtf ii vrnpc . wiin
U1I-C Wll V-WS Q a,i- vm ....- -. .... ,
tUS,r.f?.!" ":"' r'.i.i.. : -
.inn coiiai s .. .c v.j.t.., .. ...- ,-. -
.lira i ion floiyiiif down their faces.
auu uic iti-
i'ii... Ti-pn Iinliliin the bote to close to
the shore that the willows swept the
truards almost from stem to Mem.
"Stand bv!" whispered George.
"All ready '." saiu Jim. under his
"Let her come?"
The boat sprang away from the
batik like a deer, and darted in a long
lionnnal rl-iril tllP Other sllOfC. She
eloped in again ami tnrasneu ncr umc
! way along the willow as before. The
i captain put down he gla., :
1 1 VSU2C J' !p0LV.' V P
! I iU hate to be beat . .
iiicuu.i-;.u .,, ...... b.-..;. ; s.i.anele-5-. ruin, with the great chim
ing, end quivering like a monster in riJeroUcd on the top of it, and
pain. Boil, pilot werc at work now ! ne . Ij '? c . y . im.
llcuu'hl VS' 1 1 car, IpriVo ned voice -aying;
Y Z " nVnmmei?in: ''Ion leave u Don't deert
i -... .. L.-t ..i -it ;. .1.. t irv
wiin me t iicci, in... .-
Munfcrcr.. Unite r
.... -..
MC1I, its-Its taking cnauccs.
land thi morning;" . .. --ke, please, y .Iy'fd "!
Water iut touching the roots.'"
, (, is ..- s-.- - -
' uckle it!" aicaalue the Amaraatfa.
In another !nstancc the Boreas plung
ed into what seemed a crooked creek,
and Amarauth's approaching lights
were shut out in a moment. Xot a
whisper was uttered now, but the three
nnii clurAil .ilii-,,1 llltn tllO &ltnflntvfi
and two of them spun the wheel back
aim iortu witn anxious naiciuuiucss,
ivliilo Hia etpniiipr torn alon"-. The
chut seemed to come to an end every
fiftv varus, but alwavs opened out tn
time." Now the head of it was at hand.
George tapped the big bell three times,
two leadsmen sprang to their posts,
and in a moment their weird cries rang
on the night air, and were caught up
and repeated by two men on the upper
deck :
"Xo-o bottom !"
"De-e-p four !"
"Half three!"
"Quarter three!"
"Mark under wa-a-tcr three !"
"Quarter twain!"
n-iv-ic tmllnil n pnnnl. of rnrios tlipi-f
was a jingling of small bell far below,
tl.o l.nit'i stiooil alarkpnnd. and the
spent steam began to whistle aud the
gauge cocks scream:
"lir the mark twain!"
"Kight and a half!"
"Eight feet !"
"Seven-and-a-half! "
Another jingling of little bells aud
fl... ,,-lii.nlc f,n;.iil turtiino- nil tntrntlipr.
nv i. ,.1,1.. vv;w i- - --o"
The whistling of the steam was some
thing frightful now it almost urown
ed all other noises.
"Stand by to meet her!"
George hid the wheel hard down and
was standing on the spoke.
"All ready?"
The boat "hesitated, seemed to hold
her breath, as did the captain and pi
lots, and then she began to full away
to starboard, and every eye lightened.
"Xiw, then! meet her! meet her!
Snatch her!"
The wheel flew to port so fast that
tl,n cnnl'ns lilpiill.lll llltil a SllllloP Web.
the splng of the boat subsided, she
sieauicu nerscn,
"acv six and a lau :"
"Six feet ! Six f "
Bang! She hit the bottom ! George
shouted through the tube:
"Spread her wide open ! Whale it at
her !"
Pow wow chow! The escape pipes
belched snowy pillows of steam afloat,
the boat aground, and surged, and
trembled and slid over into
"Tap! tap! tap!" (to signify "Lay
in the leads").
And away she went, flying up the
willow shore, with the whole silver sea
of the Mississippi stretching abroad on
everv hand.
No Amaranth in sight !
"Ha-ha, boys, we took a couple of
tricks that time!" said the captain.
Ami just at that moment a red glare
appeared in the head of the chut, and
the Amaranth came springing after
them !
"U'pll I sieanr!''
"Jim, 'what is the the meaning of
I'll tll .-fin whnt'a ilip nipfiTiin' nf it.
That hai'l we had at Xapolcon was
Wash Hastings, wanting to come to
Cairo, and we didn't stop. He's in
that pilot-house, now, showing those
mud-turtles how to hunt for easy wa
ter. "That's it ! I thought it wasn't any
slouch that was running that middle
bar in Ilog-eyc Hend. If it's Wash
Hastings well, what he don't know
about the river aint worth knowing
a regular gold-leaf, kid-glove, dia-inond-breast-piu
pilot, Wash Hastings
il-llvnn. j...- ,. ...... .. ."
s. We won t take any trick-son mm,
old man !"
"I wish I'd a stopped for him that's
The Amaranth was within 300 yards
of the Boreas, and still gaining. Tho
"old man" spoke, through the tube:
"What is she carrying now ?"
"A hundred and sixty-live, sir!"
"How's your wood?"
"Pine all out c.vpress half gone eat
"..., . . t,
ing up cottouwood use pine :
Break into that rosin on the main
deck pile itin, the boat can pay for
it!' ,
Soon the boat was plunging, and
quivering, and screaming more madly
than ever. But the Amarauth's head
was almost abreast the Boreas' stern.
"How's vour steam, Harry?"
"Hundred and eighty-two, sir!"
"Break up the casks of bacon in the
forrard hold ! Pile it in! Levy ou that
turpentine in the fantail drench every
stick of wood with it!"
The boat was a moving earthquake
bv this time.
""How is she now?"
"A hundred aud ninety-six and still
swelling water below the middle
gauge co'eks carrying every pound she
can statid niggcrroosiing on the safe
ty valve!"
"Good! How's your draft?"
"Bully I Every time a nigger heaves a
stick of wood into the furnale he goes
out the ch'nnnev with it!"
The Amaranth drew steadily up till
her iaekstaff breasted the Boreas'
wheel house climbed along men by
inch till her chimney breasted it crept
alon.'. further and further, till the
boats were wheel to wheel aud then
thev closed up with a heavy jolt and
locked together tight and tart in the
middle of the big river, under the
flooding moonlight? A roar and a
hurrah went up from the crowded
decks of both steamers all hands rush
ed to the guards to look and shout and
gesticulate the weight careened the
vessels over toward each other olll
ccrs flew hither and thither, cursing
and storming, trying to drive the peo
ple amidships both captains were lean
ing over their railings, .-baking their
fists, swearing and threatening black
...itiiMu.s nf .nifite milled uo and cauo-
..;..,! i,p cpup delivcrm!? a
he scene, delivering a rain 01
1 sparks upon the vessels two pistol
!"1- ." ""-' - -":.:...':".;.
- i(,ir - cii unhurt ami me pacKcu masst-s
. ''""f;1'?. s stir-a-d back and tell '
"a-"l"r' ul."'tl , , , ,. i..
naee for it would have been death
. . . .
aud destruction to stop the engine ja.i expressed a curiosity to know who
with such a bead of steam on. j am w)lftI the strange being- were.
As soon as possible the Horace drop-: Tne 0j,i ,nan laughed, aud said :
ped down to the floating wreck, and: ..-rho-e are mv children. William and
- ;,. 0-,., .,.,, ,,.-, i niift tiip imniiri
, lu."'' V' n i.; Vn.ii.i i.c ,t. for the
I SL.aJ sais n... ---tT-r
i,io r.,e-T.-ii liilf nf the boat was
'iHwn iw. - --- ..
i . ...
. While men with axes working with
i . f these noor fel
. . f , r le.
' ",,'"1 ?""'"""., . . .,
Imri llip I'.nn.fts' boats WClll aOOtil.
picking up the stragglers from the
And now a new harror presented it
self. The wreck took fire lrom the dis.
i mantled iuruacc. Xecr did men
iel- ,i-itl, n LofirtiiT will than UIU
those stalwart braves with axe.
i.v.n i..,i i.i....-- ...
it was ot no u-e. The tire ate its
iMriiniimn.. Thi. fire ate its way
stcadilv. de-ni-in-the bucket brigade
that fought it. It'scorched the clothe,,
.. : r. .,. l.:. f il. -v,en it
, --- - - --- , axlnelU
. JjVolhem bnck foo bv foot-inch by
I 1, ." .1 struck a final blow
! "' c of cra-v' and nrren
..Ij...,i i,i ., ,(,..- Wl lact thev
a tut i-iii. luinrin un ?aiu.
And one poor fellow said:
j . ..... .frib nf lhr.
, -'-'.""'-"" t.:
slant ana never .nn ..-. - -
I slant and never Knew wiut unri 'c
i . . -i. , m
list aa.vway !"
The Boreas stood away out of dan
ger, and the ruined steamer went unlt
Fuir down the stream an island of
wreathing aud climbing flames that
TVTeaiumg itnu cuiliuili;; llliuius uui
vomited clouds of smoke from time to
time, and gltired more fiercely snd sent
the luminous tongues higherand high-'
Lri eraiuiiii"!!-
er after each mission. A shriek at in- i
tcrvals told of a captive that had met i
his doom. The wreck lodged on a !
sand-bar, aud wheu the Boreas turned)
me neii noiui on iiur uu aiu uuiiici
:. .. .. ...til V... .. I. . ...i t V. f . pAole nltnt 1
it was still burning with scarcely abat
ed furv.
When the boys came down into the
main saloon of the Boreas, they saw
pilliui Slguts, aim iioaru nuim ui
pitiful souuds. Eleven poor captives
lay dead, and forty more lay moaning
or" pleading, or screaming, while a score
nf frnnrl u till eitn tic mflirpi! nninilfe thpfll
11. 0Wt .71.11.11 ..!-. . .. .....u.. ...-y-
doing wat they could to relieve their
sufferings ; bathing their skinless faces
and bodies with linseed oil and lime
water, and covering the places with
bulging masses of raw cotton that gave
to every face and form a dreadful and
inhuman aspect.
A little wee French midshipman, of
fourteen lay fearfully injured, but nev
er uttered a sound till a physician of
Afptnuliis svpiit tn tit-pas I113. wniinds.
'Tan I fit well? You need not be
afraid to tell me."
"Xo I I am afraid you cannot. '
"Thpn tin unt w.-nte vonr time with
me help those who can get well."
"Help those that can get well ! It is
not for me to be a girl. 1 carry the
blood ot eleven generations of soldiers
in my veins 1"
The physician himself a man who
had seen" service in the navy in his
time touched his hat to this little hero
and passed on.
The head engineer of the Amaranth,
a grand specimen of physical manhood,
struggled to his feet a ghastly spectacle,
and strode towards his brother, tho
second engineer, who was unhurt, lie
said :
"You were on watch. You were
boss. You would not listen to me
when I begged von to rcduco your
steam. Take that take it to my wife,
nii.l tnll line il pmnp frnlil imp bv the
hands of my murderer ! Take it ! and
take mv curse with it to blister your
heart a'hundred years and may yon
live so long!"
And he tore a ring from his linger,
stripping flesh and skin with it, threw
it down and fell dead !
But these things must not be dwelt
upon. The Boreas landed her dreadful
cargo at the next large town aud de
livered to a multitude of eager hands
and worm southern hearts a cargo
amounting by this time to thirty-nine
wounded persons and twenty-two dead
bodies. And with these she delivered
a list of ninety-six persons that had
drowned or othcrsisc perished at the
time of the disaster.
A jury of imuicst was impaneled,
and after due deliberation and inquiry,
they returned the inevitable American
vi'i'dict, which has been so familiar to
our cars all tlie tiavs ototir mes .
bodv to blame."
From the New York Herald.
History of a Wild Human Family
January 11th, IsTI. f
AVilliam Parks. .iL'cd about twenty
one vears, has been lodged in jail at
in lau ni
.. .-- .ii ,t I., fit-,.
this place for repeated alien p to t. ikt '
,i. i;f.. - liU r.itli.T. Steuben Well
Parks, of the town of Monroe, in this
counts. This bringv into prominence
the historv of the Parks family, known
as "the "Wild Family of Monroe,"
which, without exceeding the bounds
of truth in the least, is one of the most
singular on record.
In the fall of 1871 a party froiiil'itts
!.,, i.ii7iii'u ptniiitv. were hunting in
tlwi inmiiit-iilia nf tins couutv. In a
It, i
...ii.l ln.,..lt- sunt, miles from anv lnbi-
,,....,...-.. r. ,..--.- . . , i in lenincr. ne m:nn- .-i-.i-iiu uciim.
tation, one ot them, hearing a riis.ling ; ,,, ,,; tw nw f;l,lel..
in the leaves and. bu-heso.i one s (le ol . i!)(iiths aftcr t(ir n.)mi M().
him, was astonished to see a joung ',.ma ,)..Ii (() fl ,.,,.,,,, ,,.,lis chJ,,
woman, perfectly nude, digging among, ie(lIjnk.1I((l .n tic wo()U .m(1
the leaves, apparently lorl.eeeli ''";; torc it to ,)5,.COs. Xot long afterwards
She was on her hands and knee-, and , ,aPi'.,.ii i,!s si.-ter and killed her
was not aware ot tlieliunter s piesencuj..,.. t,lfl, ,,.irk. ,,,,,, (
tor some time. V, lien Mie s.iw h
-i... nttfirnil a liai-.-h crv and stalled (
r.. .....v... --.
like a deer through he woods and was
soon out of sight. Determineil, i po-
cil.i.i tiiul nut siiinething more
1 1U IC-
gard to this singular apparation, tne
hunter summoned bis coiupaniou- to
"elher, told them what he had seen,
and propo-ed that they follow in the
direction she had taken, and endeavor
to learn where she came from.
The party walked tor about a mile
through the wood, and came to a
small clearing. Im one corner of this
clearing was a miserable hovel, built ol
logo and with a roof of straw. They
went towards it. Before they reached
it, the girl who had been seen by their
companion came out of the door, and
following after her was a boy, also en
tirely naked. They jumped about the
door", asifplavlng.onall fours, picking
up souicthlng'froin the ground occa
sionally and eating it. The hunters
stood lor a moment speechless with
surprise at the most singular spectacle,
and then approached ucaiei. - ".
were soon seen by the wild beings lot
:i.i 1 1.1,1. cmi-pIv u-sri' wlio tit once
ran swilt'lv off and hid in the woods.
Comingup to the tloor of the hut the
hunters looked in. On a bench in the
middle of the room sat an old man.
reading from a large book which rest
ed on his knees. His clothing was
scant and ragged, and evidently made
bv himself. A long white beard rcach
,i ,i,. t,, liis waste, ami. like Ins
hair, was matted and unkempt. 1 here ,
was no furniture in tne room om mu
bench. In one comer some straw was
scattered about, as if for a bed. Hie
bare ground formed the floor. Xear
one end of the room a hole wa dug, in
which there was a lire. Over this wa
an iron kettle in which "oinething was
boiling. Everytinng ociokciicii mj
most abject wretchedness: tilth and
dirt was on every side.
Tin nlil man arose when the
e-amp in thpdoor. He wa below
i 1.1. i-....- .- ,
,i. ...... Ibim liirrlit nnd had a iliart).
I w.y ...v... ...... ..-..--.. -- -- ; .
bright eye, and an intelligent fare itt
invited the geniieincn inio ms huu - v -
" tl, r,lT. erhuut":
,wen, at lo at hrt to p,n ou
- - "
i I.I1..II, ... ..... -.. - ....
t-iiiiiv inin hip nm ni;wi .. n.i. "
... the woods and about his door,
......... - - - ,
i i:.. i..niKni- .nil iuinr i lei
, :,"J"" . . " iu: ,n'ti..Wrs. nodoubt.
' tlllllVtbl l.vv.. - r- -
a i.,.. im piI tn Vin. Cloihc are ol
',- i; ,".;..':H"LTr; ?r.,"
UU...111 .-.. - .- -
' T w. cTlU(lrc ,vas geell emerge
- ' r .. ,.-.li r.,,,1 mmten tin V to
from thc woodiau.l came steaiinuy to
ward- the house. getiriiunatn.g an.
chattering a .twiisre eiow-n-u. am.
now and then laughing In.oueally.
TtiPt- pame come eiioiii:u to auoru
tnevcame come i-iiu..,-.. v .,..,.. ,,,,.-.
antlieient -orutiny. Both were wrll stl.tHi.oii.
- ; ,iiit,i -uriiiiriv- liotli were Wi-
formed with the exception of the low
i l.ml.i iThirh wert. illtortCl. iH
,".' , ..'--- --
inir.iii.vnfi' ' not uunrop"msr.
,-ir. 1ALTT. 1. II. 1,1. .- "..'. . -r-
i-i e .1,l..i,.S. l.fiLtti'e anv Sl'll
The i. feature were repulsive.
rj-beir head were small, their fore-
L.-i-,. :-c.Url- Un mttl
..-: ...,et.!.lart fr.m dirt and ex
P"""- 'hrt thc Jtr4!,Fer4
!.,n... . t),sm. the bov. with 1
-.su "--"--.- -. .......
tiasurc. While mc stranger wcrr
l.toklug at them, the boy, with no ap
" pare0r?rovoeat,oo, struck hi clMer a
l L I?he face, ntten.g recu .;
t provocation, struck hi Mier a
ii.thefaec. uttener a peculiar
Sbe.ni aeros the clearing and
,,-r, i, -.. -i - - - -
. the bov fallowed her. em-d
n iieis ii?iiue.f i--. -..,... -.--
. atieir
' that lav on the ground. The faib
I.r.ft.r il..m. shOQtin-. "let
l"'f( lU L; dt - ictic -
- ici.i, . r,- a
, - - " ...- .,1 , t,:. ,.,.
- k -i-isja un mtn rf-;urnrti id uiv uut-.-
5, 1874.
The old man, without any hesitation
told them the historv of himself and
the wild children. llis name, he said,
was Stephen Wells Parks. He was
was cicuucu urns iuiixi. nc
' bom in Luzern county. Pennsylvania,
land was fifty years of age. When he
was twenty-five years of age he marri-
was ini'iiivuic icaiaviLu nu uiaiii-
eil. and moved to the tarm where the
hunters found him. His wife's health.
he said. wa poor, and her mind very
weak. His daughter Mclvtna was born
in icwu. cuciicn-i i"" ani uic
ill 1CV. IlTIII- in.. 1.1 i.i... i.i. ...... ..v....
her mother after she could walk, and no
clothing except a wrapper about her
when it was eold. William was born
tiv-n -pftrc nftnrrrnrds mil! vfis treatpa
I.... .., !.. ft elm f,,1jt ,
in the same way. rarKS antt tn wne te
lieveti that it was useless to clothe their
pliildrpn nut m the wilderness where
(they lived. Xeithcr of the children
ever sjioKea word ocyonu tneir strauge
gibberish, which they apparently un-
tlerf tood. i ncp run wnu in tne woous,
livinr on roots, beech-nuts, berries.
and some times killing and eating
snakes and toads. alknig so much
ou theirhands and knees, hunting their
food occasioned the distortion of their
legs. Mclvina had always been of a
ilAntln trpiitlp iliciMWltintt mill PAsilv
l.W. 111., 1..... ....j.w. ... - - .- ,
managed. William was ouite the i-oii-
irary. ne was viuiuus aim hi nnm
tlie time he could creep, and. at tho
time tlie hunters discovered the fami-
1- "! "oMiinr units, liniiinnsirfnlilo-
ii, .. u t ..-.--, -i -r, ;
The "farm ' was used uterelv to raise ;
enoSgh potatoes and pumpkins to fur-
. . ry ', . .i i r-.i 1
lllSIl IOOI1 lor inu mouicr ami uuiier.
The children seldom ate at. home, and
slept in the woods when the weather
was not too cold sometimes oeing
gone for davs at a time.
In 1868 tlie wife of Parks left him,
stating as a reason that "Bill" was get
ting so unmanageable aud tigly that
she was afraid of him. She took with
her another child, a baby, and never
returned. Up to the time of the visit
ol tho hunters, Parks had lived alone
with liis wild, mute idiotic children.
If he had occasion to go away he al
wavs tied Bill up in the house with a
strong rope, for fear he would killMal
vina. Parks said he found them a great
burden, and their care interfered with
his studies, burrouniteit by wretcn
cdncss and lil'h, the father of these
brute-like offspring had learned the
lllblc almost, uy neari, ucmg nun: in
repeat whole chapters at will from
anv portion of it. lie was alo well
versed in history and inaineinaiies, ami
l.o.l invmitnil n srktpin nt sliort-haiiil
writing which lie "used with wonderful
dexterity, lie exniuiicu specimens oi
penmanship executed bv himself which
were really elegant, lie also recited
selections from Shakespeare in a man
ner that astonished his hearers.
The hunters left, finding it difficult
to credit even what they had seen and
heard. When the now. of the exist
ence of the "wild family" became
known the "farm" was beseiged with
callers, and two enterprising individ
uals conceived the idea of securing he
famil v and exhibiting the "wild mutes"
about tho country. Parks was willing
to engage in the cntcrprip. and leased
his unfortunate offspring for the pur
pose. He accompanied theexhibition,
"lecturing upon tne circiiuiniiures
attending the lives of himself and chil
dren. The "mutes" were taken around
the countrv for a few weeks, but the
speculation proved a failure, and they
were returned to the wihlerne-s. Uo-mni-pil
from restraint thev tore to
. , .. , ., . ... ... ,.. i
I s neils tne cioiniug 111:11 iwu .-.
. A .,,,,, 3S00 ns .,. ha,,
reached home.
After the first excitement created
nv the discovery ot this family had
died away they "were forgotten. The
finest anil incarceration of one of tliriu
ha- again brought them forward, and
revealed a still more sickening chap
ter in their history.
Parke, the father says that after thcii
return home from the exhibition tout
ILHII" lining ilu. w .....- -
: '.'"" '""" ",'" ' " ,'..' ' ' , .,
pumpkins with l'ark buried
I . . , ',..." t ,t :.....
,,s (I'liiglliei ami et--r "inn- mm mi"
. Ky u (,(,n(llv M )fUU MU1
, . - . ..... nttnr.!.,.,l M
I ,. .. ,.,..J, ,!,:, ,, .Imri i .villi n rllllt
The old man got away from him, how
ever, and came to this place for an offi
cer to arrest him. Two nit-ii went to
Parks' place and succeeded, after a
struggle, in capturing him. They put
a suit of clothing on him and brought
him to Ttinkhannock and lodged him
in jail. As soon a- he was placed in
his cell he torc oil' his clothing, and i
now perfectly naked. Hundreds have
flocked to tliefjail to see him. Parks
returned hotni-, and is now living en
tirely alone, and probably finds ample
time for his studies. The wild, mute,
maniac son, will doubtless be sent to
an insane asylum to spend the rest ol
his dav.
It seem incredible that in this cn
lightcued age, within the sound, a it
were, of a populous town, stub a ca
of utter depravity and wietchcdiifs
could exist. (But the above are faet-u-irir-h
ran he' substantiated bv plent
i of reliable witnesses.
MyBtorlous Girl.
Thes.au Ernncisco papers tell about
a .nung woman out there who in
known as "the mysterious deaf and
dumb girl," nnd one of the reporter
went around to interview her a few
dav-. ago. While he was standing by
her. taking note of the Intelligenc
conveved to him by signs, be happened
. - ...?.... l.nt n l.lel t.-llfl llfltl
10 3 COIlll.lIUU!l III. II . .' ......
surh a noc as thai ought to be deal
and dumb, a a puui-hmmt for lending
h-rc!f to such an outrage. He had
onlv time to wonder why Ills compaii
int.'aliil ilnwn the banister 'o auddrnly.
M-I.A.t tn. u.4t sttrrtrlst'l
I to tint! iinnse i
'i,;., ni it,n lint idin nf the stair with
! t'lo- foal-scuttle ou him, and the girl
""""., r. '".: i i..,.. ...!
i ..naa I n ir ri Ti.maa hi tin ;ii aa. liiiist.
i,,.r,in eil I iiii"-iiiii ill ijii.- iiiiin !
.. .... T ... . - i- .I.I..I-. I.
I bed-slat in IW oilier, n
. mvJ,(.riolls Jct
He think hr
, .. , . ,
A clerk in a city book atore. think
, - ... j ..... . s.niisT- it iin
. " freih froln ,he
. , i ..-t--.
countrv. handetl him a volume, -.ariag
Ilcrei an excellent eay on the roar-in-of
calve." "The had better pc
cnt it to thy mother, young man,"
was the spenlaneons rr tort of the Qua
ker. A colored man applied to a Ifostoi.
; '"'"-ifeisl; "hT.is
wiinura. -si '-. ., ... ,n .,,1
f.,r a ff w inomeot and lHf raid : "sar.
- , ,.J, ." Tlse three
- i lor a If. mwncflis.iinar.
iii .t .1. ru. ,l..n.ri " rise three
,""; . , , kim whfB .,
'""-', ( . '..Vow. Mr. it von ei.
?"V-,t- "i, ,. ...Ifesr. -Lb -
M --" r. . , .,
. m v a. IM...1 ..... ....a. . ...... - --
T-v sniriiinl wa dll'v re-
-.; """,-, . . t. J
i.i. '
- ; crista. .. tJ
: """? ""T' ". . ' , . i .-.
j.-f. . tit- uriu.
, ami watkesl away
. w . . -.
i .'""".
A Pari jennul .Ml " ""r w
torr of
Inrgsrar wm .pre-. ' "'""&
ar r St eff'!n mnre Htm's im
- allow me. cettil'-iisfB. .! 'v'"
. .ui- ,.,A,.f Tf "tn iV ltt
nim. ..- v. .- . . .
- , am. oT..y "; -m '-' " wy.." "
, icr g.T.s - - -, . - - --- . --
- von th- announce of It.fetiiBg w m
Everyone fr " - H
id the moslVian
, .v..r- -- -
i i-t.nr,r.
- r;w
f.i ..... I IiaI.b.4.
i-Ls .
ZMnr evening in
, P I .ion. At U;t. one ryetong. a you
ijfj pruiR.ui". V,-.-r.-
n - Uive tbem a tune. goo-J or Ud.
I .m . rerv toor flayer. anJ l nve
Tm i vs-rr ooor tdarer. and 1 bv
- w.. ieitrnramt.' "o JMtl
,rl. y.. ....-...---..
for that; 1 "'!:?- .. ', ;
tJ?, J'Id
lT,t u . ,
eil.v "
Mr. Beechor's idea of Luclc, of Sigma,
and of Some of the Vagaries of
"Some people," said Mr. Beccher in .
lis last night's sermon, "if they get out J
Is sis liicf t i"Vi ""a inrlllnTI "if fllflt fTsSat i
of bed on the wrong side, or" see the j
ncw moon over the wrong shoulder, j
or put ou a stocking wrong1 side out, j
interpret it as a sign ot someunng or
other. hen 1 was a lau aim wcni
chestnuttingyou couldn't have indurcd
mo to crawl t'hrough the bars, because
that was a siu that 1 wouldn't get
,... Aeincttinta T.nPS rinil 1pPT1 ATI
Friday? Why. if 1 should call up all If you wish to hear anything further
these superstitions that cling to you, j from the Virginins drop her a line.
it would make you blush. Xow, I do! z : r
not deny that even these superstitions j ,u minols man ha inveuted a steam
are better than cold skepticism. I had j jackass. As If a .team one were nce-
rathcrrub of the uneatable parts ofJe-.-arv.
corn with mv hand, as the deciples I ' - -.-. .
did, than to have no corn to rub. But j "Elbow shots, is the head for "mis-
' . - . .. ... . I ... M t.. ! I .. .1 tr. iidSi.slli. Vltajfaff
my conception of "luck ' mean tne i
right operation of caucs to produce
good effects. That little devil calle-d
"luck" doesn't go flying about bliudlv
dropping gold on some people ana
pewferon others." Speakingof dreams
and their significance, he said : "I im
agine that many of the dreams to which
men attach t..e"niot importance come
from overeating or overdrinking. I
do not believe, either, that a man's
dream is a reflection of his real nature.
I liAf.t l,(SA.Issii i-.ti.rtt.. mnrn lmtifi4 fifHI
",t "" r- " - "'" ,
olen more money in &? iV'be
I (iver Miioct to see awaKe: et I ue-
:. . -, ,' ..:, . ,i,., ,-,,i i
lvo I bad a e r d e h e. J. I
and started up trembling out of a vain
eflbrt to hide the body. My idea is
that when the upper, higher part of
the brain is aMccp. the lower, bosilar
part i awake unrestrained and your
dreams are a report from your animal
.. ... ...i .,. ,. e
in.,.. in..i. i. ...... .... .- - ---
tacuilics. lieu tne lower pari ui
vour brain i asleep, and the upper
part active, you dream iich dreatn
that when vo'u awake you try to go to
sleep again to finish them. All thi
stuff about dreams, luck and omens I
clas as outgrowths of conscience not
guided bv clear preccptiott."
This brought him to a discussion of
conscience. "I know men." he said,
"who wouldn't shave on Sunday, but
would black, their boot. Then I know
snmp wlin would snavo on snniiav. inn
ivniililn't Mark their boots. And !
know others who couldn't do either
on Siindav, but would shave llieir
neighbors awfully on Monday. When
I went to school I boarded with a Dr.
Langbein, and he was a good man. for
an iolc can be good. I could hook it
down his back stairs, go off hunting.
return, ami recne mv ie.suii inun
slip in my hat. Xow", the bread that
was left over at the communion service
in church was sent over for Dr. Lang
bein's table, and, while I could deceive
him as I have told you, I couldn't eat
a morsel of that bread because it had
been used a holy symbol." lie con
sidered the precepts of tho Uiblo tin
exact and reliable guide tor the con
science, although, as he said. "Theie
wasn't oneot the patriarch who didn't
.. .. ,t.-. . !.. .1 .-...!.. I.I
live such a iiio us in ir"! " a "
put him in the penitentiary." -Yc.e
York Sun.
Fashion Notes.
The "Bachelors' (Jerinan-" are the
mo-t attractable and enjoy able feat ti res
of the present season in Washington,
nnd are given fortnightly.
Austrian bent-wood furniture is be
coming very fashionable. The mail)
specimens exhibited in the Vienna re
position have been greatly admired.
l.'nso bud ''arlaml- are the fa-hiona-
bb garniture for young ladies' even
ing dresses, and tlie linquet of mil urn I
flowers carried in the hunil must cor
respond. Chinchilla i- far more generally and
pxletisivelv tt-eil tor trinnniiigoiit-dnor
costumes this winter tlinii eer. Xotli
ing ran be handsomer or more elegant
tli.iu a black velvet suit trimmed with
chinchilla mid Ince.
sjtar buttons arc the latest. 1 lie)
..e.l'..l,..iit tl.r. .im nf ii bilvpr tllllllll.
ami made ofbone, the star being ritlaed
(In the ledingolc these new nullou
are expected to show to a great ailvm
tage. Large funs are gradually being folded
and laid asiile, prnlmbly tor seven
xears, wl.e i fiihloii reiient theiils-li-es
like hisKiiy. Mrnitwhile, tint iiimpa
tl.iur fan i- the mo-t fa.liioimbli'. It is
mtv odd, ninl. lor that reason, the la
dies consider It ver) pretty.
At a wedding in New York City lat
week the organ! si failed Input in an
appeiirame, and at the iilnteiilh hour
the bride's sister, who is a line pe rf.irm
er. went up to the loft, and seating her
.elf at the organ struck up thr iue.it
..lit.. "Wi.tlilin-j- Mnreh." Itiat aa tb
bridal party arrivwl.
The rage for buckles, arrows, and
other ornaments of jet and -teel con
tinue. Mother-of-pearl is also begin
ning to be iinployed In this matter.,
not onlv for hat and boiuieta but for
looping up trail and fastening mid
ami bow.
There is but little change in hut and
bonnet bitterly, but ther i a light
difference in the way of putting tln-m
ou. Thev are no longer placed o vrn
lar back on head a it was the custom
to wear them during the summer.
Atuitciir theatricals are a lending
feature ot the season in Xow York Cltv.
l'titi-rt.-iiimipiits under this h-il are
given aImot evrrv night. Hie majority :
at W'Jiijou theaire'of tin Cnlon I-itagtie
rub." It is pleasant to rccvnl that tn
almost every in-tance these entertain
ment arc given for a charitable object.
The fashionable season began later
1 1,;-, ..it-ili-.ii nstinl hut that wa in
ronieqtienee of the autumn panic onil
the depression iwioivinif. .ieirpn
tan soeiet. Uowe.er, ! eomiKHol ol
. maiiv eirerveseent and reviving isv
-rrilieiiu thHl protrartwldullnee-i ae
during Ue snninier motieb, S impos
slblf. ninl with the revival of Imsine-
etiim-- the revival of RTrti-. That
the winter will be a reiwarkaWy ga
one is ahead etidenl. Tlf nnoii
are obvlou ami appreciated lr all. m
UPTerth'lr- llit will m a mlritswl
routidof festWity to ajkti.ry the fahh
MtnaWes, sumI pk-aitlv while away
tlie time ktteii ikk awl lot.
A rertaiii larnv r, Uavlng tiMfMiy at
.lion r, wa- ambition to make, it as
pear that he was Mnneisody. A4f
i Wa boy be aid: "Have yo drtrssit
.tL- -isi ts. -Yfs. lir." "Are
Mre ym drove th-m all ia r " Vj.
ir: I sw Win lumtt ov-r lit" r.
lie kwl bt one.
A Bedfonl. Pa., newapaper tell ef
j-irl wbouwlo lf tM-"l tsvuasure
aosl yraevfaHr onaer wrr- wu.n
i . l,, t1 . Arxsbtlnif mlilrSr in B
iii.n rummty. lit MwMMr j we
'W. us "' "- -. " . , . .
... .s. r-t ,t..i .in i a uraantv
... fest tbr lft lonsHOM'?: taT
tt r gravity i bndrel and iw-
l,.ftir ponrKla.SMs.! IliM Of on .
f an. eniilor In l.a,b".a s(sr
. . . . m ...
I On ibeeteaiBK train lrom JT'
Isei-fOtlv, Wa WOttMN loil tu w "!-
1 ii-i.t i.o eil.iMl in rswnssstjnz tbc
I .. . . . ..e . 1... T.'ls.rai
a ? e5slir ewtHsasrao "- ' 7-
" rf . . mt!)(i, K ,iw(. rbe
l "l"1" tkr lhZ ""
" " ...i i.i,. ilil.., Oil rnr
"i"", .m .. ,.. wi iuUcas'
- .'jsitnna .- .--- ;..,..
. ( efJtrt(- na K ismn;
- ! THt-M :Je -fortmt tetH m
- im ?. be Ha! eaf atw
"" . r . ;b.Wr
rr airavi ssstsssss -- s- ,,-.- ,- ,
Zr r-M- --?
w.iii. ,-- .-.--- ---,, .
. .!l it tlM ear Jer. i se irasss SJ-
" i .- --.- . ..
r'Z iTlZT
. ttovri b g wp J
,.rtA tl Ubf eetle.r tlinl
r' JtUt
itve a ! riat, ami, T.
"Welt, ! -I'm ret sis' T -w "
a . twa. "Z.7r-. ,, M..ri
r .i-rf.t.vfci-e t Ls-- .i&fia
-SihMir. -,
,. -
A blacksmith is nlway
staiktn; for
When is a Thief like a reporter?
hen is a tr.tet
When he take notes
Mrs. Sue Xewtou is the pioneer lady
editor in Texas.
a .n-einn a e-iilivav- train mav
11 l.lllrtr,V vi ...... .'-.- ,
propcrlv lc termed a railroad tie.
Xcver kick a man when lie i down,
unless you are sttro lie can't get up.
cenaneous in uu- iiuiinuoi'v.w ........-
hi pocket-plrkiug. as in everything
else, a man never succeed until he getc
his hand in.
"Time cuts down nil, both jjroat and
small." How about the provision and
grocery bills ?
The Detroit Free l'reff occupies a
column in detailing it- ".scoops" on
other local journals of the town.
A newspaper, published in a west
ern state, speaks of telegraph operators
as "jerking the forked lightning."
"Came to liU death while being hit
ou thu head with a long-handled teu
pau in tho hands of Id wife," was the
verdict in a recent case In Illinois.
"Closed ou account of a debt in the
family," is the communicative, an
nouncement on me noor u II lugllisi;
tradesman In a neighboring city.
The Missouri Jarrisoninn advertis
es I'-M cow-bells iorsaie, ami riiau
that it took them from a hardware man
in paxmcut forjnb ork.
A printer remarks that he ha never
been able to give a proof of the pud
ding till it was locked up in his form.
Or the "pi" eithc. perhap..
An editor of many word charantqr
izes a elf-pu.rmg"popuh.r ballad sing
er," as "a large-ailed fraud, a penuri
ous, putl'ed-up lug of ga-sy cgothm."
Tho Cincinnati Imjuirer remarks:
"A gentle stream ot Christmas cham
pagne seemed to meander through the
editorial column of the Uufttr yes
It is stated that a new weekly paper.
called the ,ltm nnd I'Ailn .faurnttl, ba
been started in Mlilppl. .Mm and
Ella are supposed to be theedltorand
his wife. m
Tlie wickedest bov in tho went U
now reported in Ohio, whine ho out
oil' three of his toe in order that ho
might not reieivo the benefits of the
Miuihiy school instruction.
Be v. gent." Hut you reall) can have
no serious rea-ou to wish to bo parted
troui vour wife." Uusl'n-. "Well. no.
,ir, i like my wife well euoiigh.bui,
you pec, she don't please mother."
News is scarce in Miuupotn. In tho
ellort lo present something froth, n
Lane.bin-o paper ha found it iiea
iv to pvhllsh the ten riilutiiKudliluliU.
under an epne ol "a utuie ieiuiiuir
now ninl then."
A young; gentleman at ICatinau L'U)
ut sevtinly-tlve et-iit" to Sew York,
reeoutl) , for a in. thtnl of writing wills
out p.n'i ir ink. lie re.- veil tti ltd
lowing iueripfioo written .hi a ewrtl :
-Write with pohell."
I am wen ry ot lift Mr. mo lMi
in tho liill'sslr," wrote a j..iiiic limn in
lllllUIHO; b th"y pfi,e I Ii . its Mill,
and that unit nljtht lie went t tlMfii
ru nud langtsed till he ri-d m' Hie aw
tle ot tint ti-iek innlea.
Could untitling iw neatei (linn th
dd darkey's reply ton lseiiiiui.il Mtng
lady whoi'u tin olinred ! till ' f tin'
stutter, and w!m iltetl that .In wa
loo hnirvi! "Ior, oiin." snd h.
l'se intcs. tt lining barrel, nf ur."
A liarhtlsir saynil sou hand a lady a
.i.n.iiniiisr wllh' a isuratfraltli ml will
of It, not a line of II will i nnl. but
nverv bit ef iis! frit In th- paper
hv tfietadjf wH fttn- in tiu.llirg (Kit
wltal theiiiitwlwg paragraph nnlatiiwl.
A fanner rsHstltng a journal to bU
wife in Which Ike n.tiie "Tlie
prsflslfoit wm reSve. with thres
iiiwi-," prioiMSfl the Ui wonl
"hiile." "Hor hwie f"i turn. '
claitHSMi the iwligitaitt and .-iidaliMd
"WIh-ii I thliist t the Ittinrii- tkt
left li.Mlott In tsi) t' fl'"t "'r (or
tunes In California, and i.. l.ccu Brei"
llarte call Viw Argniit." il fM-tts-man
after th.r tore. - imi.t nward
to Bret th rrertit of r. tlmnx wlmtvrr
he terhsj.
'llio (Irand lUplti. Ml. ,
is Killing ''-OMoHlieal and
mls-r f.r H lslghl -dn
latnllsig lb tswl-lifs mm
ibe ilvfnsVsllon f rebli
aimI oiileiaat arn ree-nrded
st. Atlwsts. Vi., 'Prantrriyf
, l)n,,4trrnl
It.s. given
r l fcsp
le. Vrttlrh
m sffa tHr
A wa!liy famer at TUo N. .
hn ! liotle ista-d up m l.i f tM
If an tiMMt' ft wsmai ' r n
'Xit In thNalir ., t.a r ! ltl
M fas' etil wll. aa tbe etas- liv fce A
oatl eye . aol ! ' ta. K.I -ft.iHilMsB
1 UW li" !"' l'l-rt-ler
ml tO"f " ev."
A noted hnr.s Wk'. -!,vi. '
Wk SWltliene 1 Hit li)7.l I'. 'Stl
hsodr t"fn Ua-io? "'" " ' t"
Id, h- sw'Ae . i' '" -'Vtlf
wiff ! do son stitifwsss tb tl-, t.f t sdtf
WPt.1 bs eottve '"' "' - "' '"t.'
w b aflV'-li-nair r.h i.-w na
Je slur of ;iil.-ei . n th
l Un'i
itisr:' '
srbiie nil t . a' tf
rff. o.,r ." ,' i-i stflyt
, ltoWi i v r mi.'!'
'll 'I anW-s-iti -. 'til
; bf ltv.is're tt.e lb-r
bi atd al..st"st.
1 e.s top' fstMSsf
SsW-k '" --t tu- fni
!!. nt.-.
'...! I.s
r.s. im i
".llt fr
lsjrd. Its. a.
-Is a'ntg '
HV-iHrsait t'as '
wbil tHe
ij- t T: '
m1 i '"
ts issl r'. !
i !.r ...
of .'
!" I5.k-. '
- 1., sf tiff.
... IS '
(I ,(Hi
- sfe a i'l i.
. "'
IV fr.s U.i-
liat"n !. f '
ieni'il pr-f-ns
W e, ' '
er1s. ef
n9. tti ' '
nv s
f bf dr ' S
oi, fl . .
,tt ""
t) " .
a." r"tl
( Ms- '
K .
, t Is,...
,i4 !.. is i'l -Wi:--.n !
lustre hint aUise '.Vtv-ss I jff.sa
M aws ttm fKeft tor SV He-n
tMt Mm J wit r
' Ij rrprr. " I"
!(-, ltffc. Mstise. -
i 7Ll wlrfc t'sirts-c. Je-iis. -.'t'
I..IOT .- .. . - -
lsjmrel 1st lis Orntlemtn ll-t"'
.. , . t- -lih TJ. 1. t m
vA, hsit-Hf tisJpfstaWtls ases't.. '
Tf tit spfee tbe tnr' - r
fjlathtm Jttaklat ever ut.1 a'.f m-
i 'I

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