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The Wichita city eagle. (Wichita, Kan.) 1872-1883, February 12, 1874, Image 1

Image and text provided by Kansas State Historical Society; Topeka, KS

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61 P
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Wj Ui tig
Cc Sfticijiia iaglc.
jirisuou: a, uKonrrit,
l'LUMSHKKS AM) ''"fl
t.w doi.i-aus ri.it YKAU,JXAm.ou:.
l-tzzzizsz zlz i:i:: s: ca irn::ic:r.T.
Till. KATl'S m have -tablisheJ r adv. r
t,t,in;rwillle strictly ailhcrel to -in every 111
e s.ncc They are as low ah . harSertt a majority
I Ih jininTB in the W . st, and at low n an) l'
..ertiirntshedonatlrn. a1-! lactins basis. with a
1 e circulation, will lo l.ustne-s we think.
.- nr-s men can pel value receiv. 1 y aaivertu
ag Hii u W e aW no oik to palr'iniM m "! "I
.hiritv, and H not want a man';, nion.-j mil m
i.e. Kie him value rt.-elwd We coJ,I1,l,',,1l,
1 ,,ur columns with forupn "'''"'"'"''"i
..ambuss, patent mem, iw-, t. ., atl.-wt ha . .lie
i rgiuar I ites Hut we Hope Hint we iit- ,111 .be
loi-elled to do so. VotliiiKC .peak ","", '",u
tow A and the enterprise of its ciU""?J?"
utt'l nro'ieritv as (lie column ol Hie local Paper
well1 miVvrlth hon.e "rt''7""'tyif ?"'
tu.l-eiid biiini-?s Wo shall .liarirc all alike,
l..ricn Mid local, and .hull not devi.it.- lroiil j.ur
i.EtXled rate. No display tjpe iWT than
Pica will U t.eil in tlirrf columns, and in no
ill cuts, or black and unsecnly illustrations be
admitted into this paper
Eaatern Hail rThTtTielilti A Southweatem It
It.; Mail rr.d Kxpret. No J depart 1 4u a M ,
ra.enger.No .U parts daily at 3 301- -Mail
ftUiprtf-No UnninUilj at 12 25a u , 1 a
eencerNo Sarrma dailj at 1 13 v. M
1 ureka, Lldorjrio and AUffUtta Arrives Jb.n
da, U'edne.days and KlidayB at 6 r !-p-trta
Tuedat, Tliursdaya and Satunlays at 0
X U-'kaniti Citv (via Wlnlb-ld, l)oKIa and Au
piista) Arriiei daily nt Or. m. Depart-dmly at
wililnirlun AiTltei dsll.' t C "' a- IrH
dully a 7 a u . , . .,
Arkauan t. ity (via Mttletowii, Nenuei-cili, IX
ford and Kl I'ii)-Arrnf liiefdayi, Tliuri.da)9
and haturdayk at 6 r. u. Departs iloudaja,
WrilneidajsaiidKridaisatfiA m
LaldwillOtaOiluntka, Willliiirlon and ltellc
P!aine)-Arriie Tueadaja, l!mrsdaii and t
"la. at ti r. M Departs Xlondays, W e-lnedy
and rrldavat a. i. , .
nMi-a (via ke,J-wick and .Vewton;-Arriei
Saturday at 9 ' r. a. Departs .Saturday at i OS
Aumner City-Arrives Tueatiava, Tliarsdaysand
Sfttirdavs at 1 r u Departs .Momlays, Widms
UaTsau"t l"ridaat 1 M ,
rJUdonand Vellln?ton-Arrives lue-dajs and
Fridavs Departs Wednesdays and -atnnlay
Vrv treek, tiarion and ('lear Water-Arrive
and Oeparl WeJnebdays, onee a week
On and after Jate tbe poMotlice will be open for
the delliery of letteia and tbe salt of stamps from
' llereafte" ibe o'fllce will be open on Sunday from
ilaili'ioinxeiat and .uth eloss '.prompt at 7
First rre-tirterianniurrh .1 1 Hariibv, pu
li.r S r ices m Lagle Hall every hablwili at 11
o'cloek M and 7Sr . . .
M K ( ImrUi-H ! Wai-itm, pastor errlcr;
every .Sabbath at JO'S o'clock a n and . r. M
lTajerm-etiixronlliuriid.iy evening.
HaptUt tlmrcli 1'"T. pa-tor Strum
at the m w church on .Market tdrect r Sabb th
at 10'i o'clock A. M and7r i '"abbath school
Ii'aA m It Anueut "npiriiitendant
M Ab.J sins' Catholic Churcli-lter In 111.
KwravuknGii, pastor fcerilcet on 2nd itud 4tli
Sumlat of every montlij Out mars at Jo lock
a M ."hlcii ma" at lo, a. M . erpersat . r. I.
i,-pipcopal Uiuri li It. v A T. '1 cli-c in i.. rec
tor ervicc even hundav at old court bouse
ttulldlnc, on ilain alreet, at 10, o'clock.! in.
and 7:10 o'clock ii. in seats fiee
county orricKits.
Jnrtr Thirteenth Judicial Dutrict W. 1'
ltoardtf ountTU'inmissioners J T. CARrLX-
IKK, W. (( JIOI'IL, ' H- J"K
Jnunty1rraurer - I . .ioiixso".
taunts. ( lerk lonxl itkik
herltr V 11 Mam-
Clerk District Court (i. w. I'.EKvns.
1'robatc.iuiiRe im v. i.iinr..
tiierinter.dcrt Public Instiuction A.
Itexister of Deeds MlLO 15 Kuluxjg.
tenuity Attorney H . ?li-
trtUllty Mlivejyr II I, JAfl.bOV
Km Eli!
city orrici:ns.
Mayor I. llorp.
I'ofire .llldjte .1 M At'ViiOH.
itv Treasurer t'liAKLts A. I'uiLLlr.
.tlnishal M Miaoiich
t lly Attornev Wm Ital nmv
(itvflerk y Nc-SLY
.Insures of the reacc-D A Mitchell, I.
'tn'stable'-J. W MuCsniNcr and Uro V.
touneil 1'irst Ward Dn Own, rnAiiLEn
PciiATTKr. Second Wnnl .Iai A . tin kfoN,
'.avle. 'Ihird Wanl) M Maktin,
A J I.AM.Mionr. KoRrth Wanl .1 C 1"iiiklh.
A 11 I'AIIHKJtl,
Hoard of Lducatiou-1 ir;t ard-M It. M
Pin, .SkLaov Mtr seiond Ward t M
OAiirtsov, W C. WootiJUN Third Ward
U. W. Itktvrs. It S H'L'i Fourth W aid A
II 1'iriKIo.l n, W A Tiiomai.
ID o F Wichita ImIrc, No. til, meets c
ery Saturday niicht, at 7 o'clm k, at tlnir
ball, over the firet National bank All brother
in rood ptaiiiliiie are lnited to attend
W. J. llolisox, N t
(' . 1:'KAI1HT. It t.
K A A H Meet, on the Hist an.l llilitl
Jrloiidataof earlnno'itli . ,,
Aloni)A Cox, W II
"'7he M l: "abbath school, W K Mauley, su
perintendent, imets at the chmrli at J', o'tloik
''tIic I'resbvtern abbath scliod, V C Mirtsolf,
euj)erintendent, ni'el at r.ayle hall at 3 o'clock
'''The Ilaptiet Sabbath school,.! C Post euperm
taudent, meets at the school liouse eery Sunday
inorninaratH o'clock
v. 5. land ornci:.
Ma.IV STIttKI', next door to (Jreen I'ront
W . .Itvkns, ItcRlstcri.l t Itctii iEt.t.
ier OClca hours lroiil 9 to U a m and
Horn 1 to 3 r. it
.i m nAi.ii:it-iN,
TTOItNKV-AT-l.AW, Wichita, Pedk-wirk
County, nansas ur..j
c suss. JA. l. ntn:.
TTUUNK.s-AT-I.AW, Wichita, Kansas.
i.Kdlir.U sM.IsuritY,
TTOUNE1-AT-I.AW, Wichita, Kansas
,J V l,sl-( k,
A IT)USF.r-T-I.AW , tlrstdoor south of l'
A S l.andomce. Main atieet, W icfaita. Kas.
fnecial attention given to all kinds of Ioniums
connerted with tlia I I.andlfni' li-tf
AnOltVEV.lTd.AW, Li
tar Public, Oxford, ha
TIOKVKY-AT-I.AtV, l.aud Afeut and Vo-
ansas mjt-iy
sjm aatuwix vr e sra.NLKT.
A TIOUMirs AT l.UV, Wichita, Kansas.
A Will ptactic. In all the courts uf tlia state
and In the I'lilteJ Mates iJind Olflce. 27-tf
james Mcculloch,
TIOKNKY-AT-I.AW, Wichita, Sedgwick
county, Kansas.
it S ADAMs.
nOR.VI.Y AM) XrNi:i.l.OIt AT LAW.
Omca on Main street, t ichtta, ian. c-iy
L.J wm J-C atiion:
ATTORNEYS AT I..W, Wlnlleld, Kansas
Nera Depot, Main street. 18-tf
TTOltNF.T ATI.tW, No !- Main street.
Wichita, Kansas 19 II
V M OrtAY, M D ,
PIIWCIAN A Sl'ltl.EON S9 jesrs ptaetice
t.raduateof N. 1 L'anersitv Seeialt the
removal of all kind, ordeforimliea, such as Club
toot, lUirlip, t rcs,ejr, etc Also
Obstetrician, and diseases of women and child
ren ORlre Wet side of Main Mrett, betw
1st andiud, W ichlta, lvanai 37 tf
HlYItIAN AND si;hi;eoV O Sic No K
Matnatnrt, Wichita, Kas noi-24-l
V S. Kxaminlu scrpeon)
P1IMCIAN AND sl'ltrtKON. Office. Main
street, two dooia north of Tirst National
Hit t E McADAMs,
Piivsiri N and 'ritnr.o.v oa.ee N"o. so.
Main street, W ichlta, Kansas t-ly
THYsIClAV AND sl'KC.EHN'. will do pn-
eral i'ractlc-, but has made chronic dieaes
ofevery kind a speclalts for more than 23 years
OClce on Mam street, three doors sou li oft hica
odrutoie SS-ly
KNTIsf OCIce oplite Woodman's Hank
TMIYsICIAN AND Sl'ItuEON". Mrlet atten-
T tion to buainrs and chan:c icaonabIe
Office Main atieet, Wichita, ban.
r.. n. alle'v, . P. a II rsnmofE, it. P.
1" AUa"adrna: store. Main tn-et. Wiehitn
mrs. w t baker,
II.NINEU AND Mil -MAIElt. a Mariet
Mt leturenl ' and - 1 Witiiita. Kaiuu.s
lltll line oVnulllBcr. good! alwa ouhaad 5-
iiaii: i)i:i:snn.
. It
t t.tiivrn n l.i,U nf liofr ilrtmnlmr
done cm the thortedt notice and in the
loom on .Main fctrvci, ono-iie i-nc.
fj.nl (J-Sm
, l,.w...i. i-- j,w.,j, "- , V
IpiiiK paper, twine, jtriodicali, etc , pt-or-buiblin;,
t.'iiliita. Kan.aa
,, , , tv- iir.it'c (.T 'l ImVITI-V. irra...
i:i:ai. jitati:.
c. w heeves,
fClerk of Hie litrict Court)
KAI. 1STATK, ISeL'ItAXCi: and CoHextiBST
Apen:, Wiclnta. Kaunas Collectlonit nildt
and tae5 pain. All Iusl.iesa cainisieu m ij
caie Mill leoeive prompt attntlon. 11-tf
lUr.Tici:"' or Tin: PKAcr.
E. A nCl.MANN',
Tl'Sl ICi: of the eace, rotary publie, real eMtr
uail colleetiiiK jent,Iirnaiit". Kiuwa. Col
leitloiiK made and taTHpabl AH businuwa
trustfd to my rare will rerelie prompt attention.
nnicic nnicK'
SKICIC In aiiynuantit for fale at my yards, on
the I.itlle rtansa( Hiver, north ot Wichita,
kinds of brick work done on the ebortit uo
Hee IMfl .'. W. riIIU.II'3.
W 1 C 11 1 T A , K A N S A S,
Corner of r'irst and.Vnin .S"f.
Authorizad Capital, - - $250,003
Capital Paid In and Surplus, - - 83,000
J.NO. W. KLDltlDOE, J. It. MKAD,
J. 0. ntAicint.
J. J. l'UAICint
. . ice 1'refident.
Will do a general linnkins business. fiOMi
CIIANUi: HOlIClir AND sf),D. Will buv and
sll COUNT V SCItU' and other local ticinties.
lateral allowed on time ds-posits.
Collections proMptly attended to.
I'otse.alhj; utupl. facibuea for the cdrantareoaa
conduct ot our huine, we prontlae to all our
customers the most faiorable rati a and tin;
ptompust attention 1-ly
CAPITAL, $100,000!
l'rcsidcnt, A.-SI. CI.KK, of Clark A Co., l.av
worth. Vice Presld.nt, SOI,. II. KUIIN, of WFcilU,
Cashier, A. A. HYDE, fat met y with Clark A Co.
Organiteil Under the Ixuv oj the State
Ltstern ani Foreign Excainga Bought and SaH.
Douglas Jvcmie, corner Jtarket Street.
vrXCi-BZXTJ-, SZ-A.3Nr.
S:nn2r Stables and Stcck Yards!
Oonin- First arZ ))'attr Sts..
Wctl turn-outs m tfep city and i. 1 (.-asMl xht t,s - -- -- llwn-ill-c
unuv. rrtJ all rr- thtwtwrc. Tlw Httoftt futar am) aintm-r-
Tartfcular ieEtin pM to lr?t If n to oar
AasHVa. 4t.ll '
Witl turntsh
In larje aad trnaH quantities, at tlre"kswt
prices lor i-a-u, m , uiiij a. a
to good sarttrs-
c .s, .s, A i k 1 ... J
St-Am 0aj Ctv , 0.c county, Kas. .
llutHnlon, ... -
tl.OL'K at WlHe.sle and J'etail
Xo. Si Main .-tree:, opposite first N'altooal IIibV.
Sl-tf IKKilS v.A'sU.
Keeps coMtaaily oa hand u lull line or
A full line of
T.TnO-AX) 1Bj-J-1TZS
Conitantly on haod
lasotmin to ARilENT COITON.)
Deaden in all kinds of
"W A T ,T . PAPSB.
Granning, Paptr Hanging oiul Cchot:iniag.
5J"AH kisrt of jiBintinx, rraii.in; anil jiajnr
ImnKinc done in a inractiiut and urti'tic manner
Carpenters, Designers and Builders,
.Vo 15M4Ja.rI, war torr.tr l)oigat Av.
All work t if cutcd in the mostdurablc and n.od
cm htyte, and warranted So jrue satufactiou
Plana and biiecincabons furnished. Jobbing of
all kinds done lo order. tny3I-lj
TheBHb-e.'il.er be,-,leas.c to inform tin- public
gtnerallj that he liarf ojtened a -hoji lot the pur
Imiic of rVnn j'ing clolhn:).' All kinds of Aoulcn
Koods, coats pantK, est, tc i leaned of Rresse
nnd dlrlandgneii tbe Onisb uf a mw garment
My room is on M-U eircet, west bid", nci-.
dosr to -lohmiy TTwnrpson'i barber shop.
On Mab St, two doors north of New York Store.
A lrfe an 1 well sa'ected stock of Fll
and Wjrj'er- t-ojis just oj.cned
tf"Miss Jeuii'a "-o'.l,' Iu- Ciarse of the dress
niaktns; de)rtjncnt, and Will guaranty atititc
tiou in lilt caa a -tl
3& a ittj :fa.co?tt:h,:e:r.,
tJ-Stga of ta BJg Whel, aouth vf Doujlas
uMiine. .V'-ly
2 c. ?:xM:aiass,jt:A.3NriNr, i
DOWSE CITY, - - ForJ :t-uary, - - KANSAS, j
Ocal'r in ,
EilSITiBIASararAJS, ul Z Mail :.' Z-:rz a:ti::e-
Agsit be Hi w'.itoud Siixj'i l3frota bporbsf ILSn. !
IliBveonhaiidalarrfrsUick of Sharp's iniprovni
tfcrw banded nibs and all aixraof MiupS ini
lirwvKliairtlnarillPi'i also .i larer aortmi tit of i
ollm!- tBifovcd br-lMting tire nrnu, which
will dl at rrasonable thxiiua sei"! iu otir or-
dm which will be prompily 3tlndi-l to All
repavttiBa; italic UMRpUy and in a uorkuunlike
j-i-i ,-
S. F. Craig's Drive Well Tube,
1 'a1tltd Jvn 11, 1S67.
vxrnisGTHT.-s r notice.
To all & oa 'I mij cotur n. NNrtice is hereby
gireatbat alt l)risVHl Tutivsthat hac a "in
croenxr galuf placed and securely Uatened oi l
the urrforaud hs.lr- in -.aid tnle. for the purine
of ki-cOiiy tilt and. i tr . out ol ail lubciud
Irom bouifc diawn up thu.oph Ihe lube to the
pUfii whin 1.1 ue, are intrlni: inent. upon patoit
tetter So &,' and upon in xclu-ie riKht-s
vn4er said tatcnt. ami Ihe pulillo arc heriby
warned and eauUooed not lo purchase or u-e an
111 i Well Taitie coufsrrsu i d abose described
Witisout injTMIiienl, . the use of said well tube
Is an inCriiurement in mt patent, and the u-er is
liable and w ill he irxweut-l for tHfrinsement, as
1 am determined to atop unlaw fill pnacyol my
V3i4:- CEAIG
IstbeOM.Y M'TJIoRIZKD person for the sale
f my iwatent Well lube at IIWCHfri,' frotp
whi all Hm-h'3 must be made in order to ob
Uui litle
WieluU, Kaiu, July 2, le7s,
SAMUEL K. OKAIO, Iittnter.
18-tf NirfhTopcka, Kansa.
Life JnBttrancD Company !
Cash Imxm, !S, - - - $313,2M 4S
hHMay-HlBlS?5,. - 50,267 49
l rrti'l y
A '
tena tor ittrfntisfe pie-
asaoal )avmcnt luipkasi ar declared anna
atbr avfter tbe iliyt jjajoirat, available IntiiietUate
ty w ctn Mremeait ef prilsMna
Coatraeu direct wisi tbe runsnany s, ID be n:ade
lmaataattr It vSBrry sritk csieieat and re
UaMc bcb tiho propow to canraaa ateraaaaliy far
. ,T A'BjrjIA.V.
naaatf CmttfMlttt
E. 8. &&;'. r. KltllAKDs,
4tlt. WEt-JlTlNC. -
i '
& -- St,
f J. I. WB. H IkEWXAN-.
Actiashtrtir. Trea-arer.
u ....... j ,, T a. m-KD.
-It "i -" '.n. AtP-str ArrBTECT.
Ilon-dv. Davy! light an' hitch ; tlnr's no one
Iiome but rae ;
Tharnin't a man alivln, Ir, I'd sooner like ter
Tor "ance and Lidiiy'.- one to see a sick ruin
on the hill,
An Hiram's jmc to get his ;;rist at Jason Tur
ner's mill.
I was in town I.iV Sunday, an' my heart an' me
Togo tomeetin' tf ;im'll wait I'll teli jou
what I M-nl:
Tlie htV.i wor tollm' lit tly on the balmy morn-
in' air.
An' folk-, wor in a liurry, like the rushin' to a
The meetin'-Iiotise was built of i.tone,t!.e (dec
ide iintcd liiIi,
The window - tln-y wor painted all the colors
ov the tk ;"
An' ruimin' up the Fteiplc was a great long
Iijrhtiiiii' rod
I kinder thought the members Licked a conli
ilcncc inUod.
The bU 1oI1 -ortcr Itulied him-clf an then hit
rung ome more.
An' people tome iu carriaifc- an' got out at tlie
The w immin lixed llieirdre-'cslikc they meant
to make a call
Thar fai.es showed they waru't athinkin' o
the'r oul at all."
Well, I'aty, tliar I stood an' thought, 'twa
wUlTcti I Mippo-e,
Some ,'( to thurch to cloe their cyca, an' some
to cje their cloe:
I overhcapl olu Mijus Sweet to Misstis Stcli-
bins tay,
"Jlv darter "litckj's dress wa'nt done, he
won't be here to-d.iy."
I stood tharhcsitatln' like wlut sort ov mote to
make ;
I ftlt that I should go inside for mv salvation's
I started meekly in Uie hou-e, I knew it wan t
no harm,"
Willi my old broad-brim hat in han' an jeans
cut on tm arm.
I went along, 'bout hall way up the tchct car
pit He.
Tlie men an' w immin -hut thar gate?, an' they
begin to mule;
I -ee' one open ju-t a lilt, went in and pulled
it to,
AVlien lirovui, the banker, rU an' e.tid, "This
it's a rented pew."'
I got out ot hi- "rented pew'" an' tot down
near the door,
l'peetin' for 'ome mm tersay "This cre's a
rented floor,"'
A llne-ilres-ed -tranucr heeum in the mem
bers didn't wait,
IStft cterj feller jumped at him an' opened
wide his gate.
Tlie parson riz an' rai-cd hi haii, with cold
an' hauty air.
An' cwTjbod in the Iiotisc stood up an heard
his'praj cr.
I don't know how it is with them, somehow I
.dwajs fuel
I'm doin' God injustice wlicn I get too proud
to kneel.
Then all sat down an tared -lbout, then at the
parson's laee,
Willie lie put on Ids spee an' ted, "I,tt"s ting
Amazin' Grace.
An organ bu-ted loose up-stairs the inu-iek
Hit wa gay.
Hit tiiklvd them as couldn't sing, an' them wot
had to pay.
Tlie milsick unit, the parson riz, they passed
the hats 'roun' next,
An' when the deekins sot them down the
parson took Ids te.t.
He prtached about two hours 'bout tlie faith
in God to keep
Tlie wininiin folM were noddin' while thar
husbands wor asleep.
One gal eil to another, "Hevou seed my bow-to-day
She'd nod lier lied an' llicn say back, "'i he
party lilt was gay."
One whispered loud enough behind her fan
lur me to hear,
"That bonnet Soly Ta'n cot on i one site had
last j ear."
Tlie par-on quit aipl then sat down tlie orgin
plat cd agin ;
I thongiit ifth.it was sen in' God the tunes
they plajeil was thin ;
I'te hcarii tliu'bands at circuses jest play the
self-same air.
The paison, when the organ quit, dismissed
'em -ill with prayer."
Now, l)a, if the anels reed what I did, I
behei e
Thar warn't a one, among 'cm ail, but what
1 tiled in their lees e;
i'or God don't smile on christians who his
hles-in'i will abue;
He hain't no u-c lor urging, an' he don' like
rented pew.
.le rings no bells lo till 'em that the Sabbath's
come onee more ;
The angels had no carriages to drive up to lus
Such christians might as will look up to God,
an' sweetly mile
An say. "1 send my soul, dear Lord ; I'm
cumin' altera while."
.iurMa-terupin Ile.it rn, Davy, sees hears
-mt tiling;
He likes to -ce his children kneel an' loves to
hear un sin-' ;
""or wh ir he lio the amrcl sing an' christians
get their dues
His niii-ic eo-ts him nothin', an' he has no
rented pews.
fhar ain't no use o ioolin' long tlie road down
to tlie grate;
Thar W no wj o' dod,'in' when ou'c got
our soul to s.ic
rlnc ehurilies, organs, carriages, clothes, rent
ed piw-, an' "pelf,"
brn't count that di it lays between er
Maker an' rrself.
For the KaC.li:.
From Reno County.
Hi'hton. Ki:no County, Feb. t.
Lditoi: Ka i u: As your worthily
edited paper is seen and lead by so
many families in its llight from Wichi
ta, and at its destination, which number-
multitudes, I piopose to send you
a few jotting- as I trat el ot er the beau
tiful, bouudle-s prairies of the wct,
and as I charge you nothing to insert
my article in our paper, and neither
epcct to give you ant thing but the
current new s faithfully deliuiatcd. So
1 claim, Mil. Lagi.i;, that this propo
sition is fair, inasmuch a it furnishes
you some "grub," even though it may
be as coarse and as indigestible as wolf;
As sensations arc the ruling order of
thing-, conccp
anceptiuns and actions of men
of tho prc-cut age
I give vou some of
H . '. T, . .
this class of
news. A trouble lias
..... .,. ,.,-., .liir-reneeofoninionas
, V il U"' s.. . -t
,-,.,,.,,.,!- t?io rio-iit, ,if n. coiinlc of men
to the northwest quarter of section
... ' ,,. ti,,. .,,
twenty-lour, town twenty-three south
and range tour west, and as nearly a- I
can learn, the facts of the case are as
-of last March
thelsthdav of .Mareti, tue next ttaj
. . ... . ., ...
after giving power ot attorney to
Ilrown t ni"4r Fcnttimorc with his
Ilrown li, j.CT. t eiiminorc " '',m
own hands dug a well down six fret
for the purpose of driving a tube-well
' ...-. .. .
-nbiectiou. whiclt they did. be all tnc
ccitou, tv men inns uw, ov ... ...s
merand fall being tu corresnd-
: with hi- attorneys, his brother C.
' - - .
W. Fennimore ami Mr.
Woodrow, ad
follow-: On t' 17llldav
.! .1 r- Fennimorc cm- ' conclusion was tins: i im ii i m. Henry : 30 romt, i. Wau;v , ,. w, rral the
nloted Erown A: I'iggor, of Mntchin-
son, anil gave litem power oi aiioinc unman existence, :,"-" car con .m.u --.. ... ...-,,- .- -. -. , , r-,...... and was en- iIt,awl,o were Joined at the Isip. Sue as Set WK w Irtch n e utt w
to carrv lorward a conte-ted claim more years tin- globe, v men, win -n , ,!e,i at u an I a pin 7 tn abled to --ive moner to the njll!and- amI rvho are on rxfc.bit-oh la Par... ,,,s rriaHshH-.. ht rltl . .at i.,
.;.,, , M Davcnnort on the ' fult-. we lo.c w well, would be - ,rom V . A. McLtnan; $2 from 'CV and hat c hi wooi acl for Chan-awl Kng ha-I grosn uglier a thrr-l $: tt$. oir otHs-ilskd lln-as-
case against J. M. Datciport, on ue ,itatct, 5nt0 the un , . Johnson, porter, of the '1'epmg car: , .nfl ' - UltawowJ..aw . i fcul grown oide?. the UiW '- ofUsalr Awl hot. u,,W y,o ,ke ..
afore mentioned tract of land At the It fcCem. that Donati had in vain ,s,0 fro,,, the tram loy. ' I J"; pay, alt , Jijbeiog wrinkled, thin aU'ttt that eWfceb tWr.l aMstail, w.ite.i
-.ime time Fennimorc paid to his attor- tried to bring this matter before the mo. They took m watrb but the ?c rwau . ,,, th, L. f '?, were ,oarcl, aad th-y Intwlat?
nevs the land offic fees, and signed in Italian government (.hoping through it hagpgc man aid, , "for God t ake. I l" V locking. Oor little boy qaaxreled VfrtJi mcJ. other ran-lauUy AtitvrMt tMhitim, tuu
it.; Tudiei'ion for certificates and he ' to reac" ,!,p "atio,!! Tl lure'tcd , "" his watch, it ws, a JTC'etit ( r bank., and aki ' ,et bad gained greatls i iBtlllg-'. . 6n- ! w .Utrii. And l.i
theaiplicsisiou for certt c.tte , anu I c ( te,cjrral,n,)t but that war ,ohim,d the captain ordcrt-d them! d nd.t . , so. J,t W-i lowVrer, tnd rre ore wilT to , Aettfml. . pi T . os-l, st
now Iras the receipts for the same. Oni.. n-ii,!,. hs. nretcuteil auv notice ! m e-ive it back. Th'v seemesl to be i Ior ri'- inu "' "". . . . " J - , .... t..,.,. ..,.. a v ti, it . .- sVh.s,
in it ; he aIo, on the same nay, en- liaiure, wouiu si.ee.....' "" - i - u.- ........... - . ..... , 0.f.e. awl rae.f. out iwenty-aT."
LI ,Me. Voodrow and his -on to 1 to.be thing of the pik-t. onr train., w1h.c -on ' wa.th.g f0 r i 1.1, U.-toy bad found L ku I
' ' .. .... I itis lailure miiucen mm io im"- mm at i.au-iiui. ne .- u ... ",,... ww,i ,. ttiu th, w raM w
re-break anil cultivate ti:e ncuge row ; p,iva,c cnt cr,,ri,c, and several wealthy when he got there, awt 1 uon t know . - - ' ?n.UhecoufifJitJ.adke..l j
rntimi i.f unit, to Keen vcL's'iauuii in ; imiiani. ninatcurs oi ciui.s: vuiuuunu , anri er lie ui " "- .. ,
visin- them from time to time ot his cnt. Donati' instruments quiciy , bus thej told Btmn 10? ." '""r, ' n tnebrl-t mt little white back. 1 ide t.f cpara!log tberm by a sargieai - n.tiej it. or uoe of '
, " V . ,i . i.,..i . -bowed that the easth wa, Hearing it his bead ami mind Ins own bnstnc. A? ,n"",,J "',-' ,ut' ofrtioo Usui hn otWtt broieitsl, . ihv ritlten f that twst eolflc,l tit
determinate to occupy the land a, H(;l ,he brfiak . WM w, bu,, . ,t r T.db ,Sr , d forriWr r. lUsv
soon as po-sible m persoti, ami of the uiMv rci,a-red, and once more the -1 think so, ami so did he, bat thev lcomc and "-"" "f.0"" xl it ro-M Idl thsrm. Tlicrtfore ' scJtm tUtt U Uk Fall. eu.ed tUtti
additional improvement- he wi'hcd earth "coairacncesi its tniiiiitc spiral , ,lidnt scent to agree with him. lie ,T'.i;'"t.indirtt rlcj, wt bantd by eircad of Mz to their rlty 11illtg lint txifttr
made ou the l.tud. H5 had his brother 'jonrney to the fiamc! a.kcl them to rotore the prppty T"". left tsmtvl t b d-vl brwtW, wt f the office tr-tiM oHs. iU lt.
made on tlie i.ii.,u u ,H.-lI(iinJ Doniti's health gave way. Aceand they hsd taken. but they stored ! pt- and lf. Wm and altnost ctan,l of d,,g rlcr s ty tok mitKr. W iU-r ow
dig a cellar, preparatorj to bull din , ,,- 5nUn,nt aa.tced his disjoin- to! under bis nose .ml oni.rcd him to pa t Jnjatfof Sf ktpt l aerrr V.i Uom tb- corpM- Utd. TJ.c muh r.iaUi.ll a rnmift
his house, which cellar was dug aboat , xX x few lavi ,,cforc h5i death he keep quiet. When they took tbe rnon- MeOtbed htm ' ??; ' ,.'" While tn !"ari. - J1, tbv -' "-t' Htv-t'd J"- J"" '"
the fir-t of la-t December. On the 9th 'carefully -calcd up all his tnannjeripl-.-cr from ithc express car one of them '''utua tb ti,st etaiucst pfcT-feaw'avl Vo-te.l let try yj it
dav of December the Davenivort entry 'with directions that they should not be a.kesl the agent for the rewipt book- l '"B?'!T5fJ 1 l?'ZYZtn.O nil, r.dMUVi uV iUwnnU lo nrer . 1.. !,
dat of December the t'reu.wr c , , u b, , Qth wcapaat and '"; " flaVr,Sr:-5 txiam. Tbr Isssv riotens mndttct, tb- .tlsrr sswrobsrss of
ciio,i-i.ws, -.. -jo ,ach for mv corrc-pontfent. iir. it. -robbed st tjao'nm. jsi" , '"'",' ,.tI7tr.Wfs.eard .id
slat-of December, a man bv the name Kn MakcofVimsncltufeas-eera think I have had the hoaor of writing warmly with ' sioettjr. ana at.
of L S.Stone wf.it to Wichita, and, ou' bc to vou. I am sours reiecff,Hy, in this lok belorr. The agent lus "Gosd 'J''
Moadai.tUIithdajofDccciabcr.filcd. ' i. B. Leoesisbs. been robbed Sve titntf, ud be tbink wUat it is to I drunk.
a hoincsteatl entry ou the above tract
of land. The same day Fcnniinorc's
filing v.'tts in transmission through the
land office. Fouunimorc was notified
at Lawrence of the state of affairs at
his claim, and he came on to Wichita
January 20th, bringing- a part of his
family and household effects with him.
He at once filed a declaratory statement
in the land office, claiming: said tract
under the iire-eniption act of 1841, and
basing his scttlci9nt on his improve
ments and efforts to hold and occupy
said tract of land ever since the 17th
day of last March. Fcnniinorc's attor
neys ordered J. 5. Stone not to build
on or occupy said land. Hut Stone
built and occupied with his family, di
rectly over Fcnniinorc's cellar, and
still continues to do so. Fennimorc
commenced improving again on the
24th day of January by digging three
feet in a well on another part of the
claim, and on the 30th day of January
J. S. Stone and his father, Andrew
Stone, John IScatty, Jesse Dean, a Mr.
Voss, and a Mr. Mirchcss and Lcn. Bal
lincr presented thcmsclvc where
Fennimorc was building his house, the
aforesaid J. S. Stone and his father
being spokesmen for the party, Stone
threatening, with oaths, to throw Fen
nimorc and the house off the land, and
his parly, three besides himself, also a
Mr, Woodrow was standing by as a
spectator, not at work nor able to work
on the house, but he shared the male
diction of J. S. Stone, being shamefully
treated in words by Stone. They called
on Fennimorc to sec his certificate from
the land office, which he showed them.
They stepped to one side, took coun
sel and then left, Stone threatening if
the house was completed the hoti-'c
anil effects and Fennimorc should all
be thrown off the laud, they all the
time claiming that the law should net
tle the matter, Fennimorc all the time
agreeing thereto. Fennimorc built his
house and motcd into it J.m. ."50th and
occupied it till the 2d daj of February,
when the house and effects of Fenni
morc were forcibly seized and taken
oil the land. Stone and his party arc,
if their words arc of heavy weight,
some on the light, although they cry
so loudly, "we'll settle it by law!"
(Query: Mob law?) Fennimorc is said
to be willing and anxious to settle the
difficulty by the law of right and jus
tice, but is as determined as Stone is
to have his rights in the case. What
mar come out of the case is not known,
but Stone got his entry registered first,
and a residence on the land with his
family, but Fennimorc got the first im
provement", and has the best of ccrtif
ficates to his improvements and his
doing everything to try to make the
land his home, having forwarded incaua
from Lawrence to hi? attorneys, in
care of the receiver at AVichita, at two
different times; and he is now put
off by a mob, and it seems, to a casual
observer, that Fennimorc is certainly
entitled to the laud. What the ruling
of the register and receiver, and the
authorities at Wa-hington, may be, we
cannot tell, but we sincerely hope that
offender of the civil law may be
brought to tealizu that we live in a
land where civil and religious liberties
under our law.- are vouchsafed to all
our citizens. More anon.
J. Douglass.
A Sciontiflc Sensation.
To the Kditor of the Kansas City Times :
A friend of mine rciidin!; in Flor
ence, an Ameiican man of science
traveling for the sake of his health,
latelj wrote to tnc as follows:
"I have attended the meetings of one
the numerous scientific coteries with
w hicli Italy is blessed. In one of them
a htibj'ect was broached which if gen
erally known would .-tartle the whole
civilized woild. One of the members,
a man whose name is known in both
hemispheres, averted that the cele
brated Donati (who lately tlicd. much
regie! ted by scientific men) had been
a victim, not to disease nor to time,
although he was in a "green old age,'
but to nervous excitement or fright,
caused by a discovery which he had
made ol great and even agonizing Im
portance to the human race.
Donati had for many tear- been em
ploying his unbounded "energy in ex
ploring some of the "hidden things in
astronomy." Of these investigations
he kept a'strict record, of soUr phe
nomena especially. lie constructed an
instrument bv which he could calcu
late the earth's exact place in the gieat
ellipse that it travels around the Min.
and also, iu his own estimation, its
distance from the sun, although iu this
latter point he was not universally
credited bv his scientific colleagues.
He never (ailed to make minute daily
records of the results of his observa
tions, and to this custom he owed hi
fresh discovery. On the very day that
the cable was laid, his instruments
j showed him that the earth, like some
vast sinp
w,tl, ni'icr ilir- fiKieli its distance wa-
troceitiblv lessened, as shown by hiilv was relieved of three poekct-hand-
IIIUIi.N . . .....,- --
' iu-truments, i
much more delicate than
, tele-cope-or tnc nuuiaii use.
i When the French cable was laid,
,. ....nlnivitirni verv mnrked
"..:.,... .:.. ... ,). .,. n,.,.nt
l, , ....l ,....,, .......v... ..-
j, l. UtllilWtlOH IV - ..... .......
tin. iouiiii
1 1 imiif'h that this movement wa
vas iu-
! creasing ma geometrical ratio (.')
i He expained this alarming fact by
. ,:.. t)rvs.j ,r the con -
...-tion between gravitation and mag-
.-,irTiii rtfmmuii''s u:isru un iiiu ivi
nelism, which 1 suspect my friend was
l .... j-
hardly able to lonow.
Hi, conclusion wa, mi.: ttiat n.
b?,e " ST fU'unfi Mo"
"" ,ts.v.... 1 - -- ----
- '
. . . .... -...-.:
being taken ot ills rcpre-cniawou-.
uc uiuiikiu . .. ..
land could l-e induced to examine his
Uta and proof-, they, seeing the tre-
, ,ou. coll;enucnce of man's tain -
II. at I. ll.nl ll .1 tlia-ria-aA f I f 1 t-t'T-
! j,tfring too far with the machinery of
' :. ' . ." . i !.:.,..., ..-...--
togciner.cnsrierc. a u. .. f ,.... ...
...;.,..,- ,,,1 f- irieir nairio.ic tai-
.,w....,.. .-- -
tJS ..jffi?
c,yorti j,ro,lueci the first t
their patriotic al-
a name
t,-:i,f .,i.i. l.i.l t.i tlif. tJrrat Ka-t-
. it... 3 ..U.l, --- . v.- - -
'Hallo ! Alford. Where can a fellow
hitch his horse?"'
".Right here. Hold on, 111 fix it.
Come iu,' and the long-legged con
ductor on a western railroau welcom
ed the Globe domicile.
"Lie down, Kate!" said he to a large
Xew Foundland lut, who manifested
iiKjuisitiveness as to the pregnant hing
es of our reportorial knee, and Kate,
an elegant specimen of her species,
tlopped down behind the stove' wink
ing at the Globe with both her eyes.
Alford is the conductor of the Iron
Mountain train robbed on Saturday,
and the Globe had driven to his resi
dence at Carondelet, on Third, between
Oliver and Nebraska streets.
"Tell me all about this thing, new."
said the Globe. "Commence at the
start from St. Louis and relate the cir-cum-tanccs
in detail."
'Well. I ran out train Xo. 7. the Lit
tle Uock express, and started from
Plum street at 10 minutes to 10 Satur
day morning. We got behind, and
when we reached Gadshill, one hun
dred and twenty miles front St. Louis,
we were an hour late. Gadshill is a
regular stopping place, though there is
no station there only a platform. It
is a small place of "no account, and
there arc but a few houses. There
used to be a mill there'.."
"A grist mill 5"
"Gristmill? Xo. They'll never have
a grist mill there in the world, a saw
mill. The country around there is
heavy timbered, and it is just the place
for a'saw mill, or a robber.
'Of what was vour train compos
ed?" "Four cars ; a mail, baggage and ex
press ear, all in one, two coaches and
a sleeper. I reckon we had twenty-five
passengers in all, five of them ladies.
We were due at Gadshill at six min
utes past four, but we didn't get there
until a ijuarter of five. As we ap
proached the town, the engineer no
ticed a red flag and whistled down. I
went to the car and saw the tlag, and
jumped off before the train had fully
stopped. for I thought the track was
torn up, or there was some other dif
ficulty, because a red tlag means dan
ger. As I struck the platform, I no
ticed tlie train running on the side
track. The northern switch had been
open and so had the southern, and
when we got on the side track wc
were stuck, for had wc started for
ward or back, we would have run of
tlie track. Just as I jumped offa man
grabbed me by the collar and jammed
a pistol in my face. He was a huge
six footer, anil his face was covered
with a mask made of white cloth, with
holes cut for his eyes and mouth. Heic
I'll show you, anil taking the Globe's
handkerchief, Alford put it oer hi
face tucked the corners in his vest.
"How many men were there in the
party ?'
"There were only live ; anil the fun
niest thing was that they captured the
town first, and pulled every man. wo
man and child out of the houses. They
had built a big bon-firc near the plat
form, and there were the inhabitants
crowded around trying to keep warm.
The robber.-, stood over them, on guard
all armed with from two to three na
vv revolvers, and three of them had
double-barreled bhot-gtin. When the
fellow grabbed me I didn't know what
to make of it."'
"Weren't ou frightened?"
"Well, I icckoti I was somewhat
frightened ; but he put me right at my
ease he comforted me."
"What did he sav ?"
"Stand still, or I'll shave the top of
your d d head oil ' I stood ntill. I
saw two of the gang jump on the en
gine, and they made the engineer and
liremaii got down, i ncy were nrougiii
to where I stood, and the lobber cov
ered us with a pistol. lie spoke to
those who looked out at the windows,
and told them if a shot fired he would
kill the conductor. That was me. One
of them stood on the other side of the
train and as the passengers put their
heads out, he told them to take those
heads back or the'd loc 'em. He had
adoublc-barreli-d -hot-gun, and I don't
tliink he wa- looliiiLranr. Two of them
went into the baggage car and hauled
out tho baggage-man anil a hrakcm.iu.
These they put under the same guard
thathad nic. There was anotherbrakc
maii, but begot into the sleeping car
and staved there. They then went into
the mail apartment and demanded the
registered packages of the mail agent.
They rummaged through the letters
and picked out tho-e that had been
registered, and brought the agent out
unto tlie platform ami handed him over
to the guard. The express messenger
was the next man, anil as they went
into his room he covered them with a
pi-tol, but another drew a bead on him
with a gun, and instructed him to lay
that pistol down gently. He ditl so.
Then thev demanded his ke, opened
the safe and took out the mouet package-.
They took out one marked
"watch," btit when they opened it and
found it to be a silver watch they drop
ped it. They put the other packages
into bags nnil then went through the
bagjraze boxes. Thet opened my
satchel ami took out my pistnl. Afier
that exploit they went through the
train. They weren't careful with the
passengers. They punched them in the
ribs with pistols, and pointed their
eliootintr iroin. in their faces. Not a
man escaped litem. lit cry one was
robbed, although they took but one
gold watch. Several had lino watches,
but the thieves passed them over
There were three ladies in the ladies'
coach, and two in the sleopcr : oiif of
the latter, Mrs. Scott, of Pennsylvania,
bound from St. Louis to Hot .-springs
with her son, was robbed of .llJ,leav-
I inn bor iiilv ton rrnts
Uuc otiier la
...n ..,. ...- .--
kerchief-, but that was ail. She had a
magniiiceni com nmru aim hi
chain, but thev didn't take it. They
' ,l.1,.t com tn "-nre fnr watches. The
i,,.,,,.,-....... .v....... ---. - .- -
lone Iliev IOOK ueioiiceu io a man who
i .i- i.!.,.,l in ,, ,el,n
, m- tnc lU-IR miiuiij,l . . ....... ....v
wotildu t give in name.
, '!) ton know t
1 who were robbed a
. L-n ?
the names of those I
the amount ta-
, L-on r
I "Thev got $1.01"0 in moncv packages
' froni the first car, Adams' express;,
(. .-a rar J a n f t a'l t
i ,..-u irom Mies l crry ; : .irom i.
i. iienrv : yjo rom it, i, uw;v
? iSr""", " W Xr;-3 1 : . ec S
-- - - - .-
.... A...l,t .. 1 . , msnd , nnrr -i.
ear iu n iiiiot r" h.ji. . , . .-. ....
, ., . . ..r ..... .,.i. . - .i
; tinner tnc roiiinn o. mc . .iU, mm
I ..-.. 4 x rsr f j t . -tvli-L- Ta" ITlP
, i,.! .... -..-
-.u.d thev get a'.th...g from any of
,he citircns of Gadshill :
' "They took -s aud a nfle from on-
; man. but I hid not bear of airy otber.
. t,
"Did they ttrnrh any baggage r
or rai. ... .
''ii..! inev lonrn ah. usi:.sr .
"n. thev iliitn r, Hon sor inat-
itorn , mir rinc. rBjiuiri, - ... --
tmn snd hr exirOstalatCtt with tnMH.
..-....-. .--..-, -
, nui ItlCs mill uliu iu sis uun u iui. -- ,
Audacious Hobery on the
Mountain Train.
this fellow had something to do with
it. I shouldn't wonder if he had. 1
think they were all old at the business.
When I thought they had got quito
through I asked them if I might go.
They said t es, and I sent a man to shut
the northern switch, and went myself
to shut the southern. They had bcut
the rod so that I had to get a board to
straighten it. This took me some time,
and in the meantime thev made oil.
They went in westerly direction to
where their horses stood, and they
shook hands with the engineer, anil
told him always to stop when he saw a
red flag. He told them he alwavs did.
The engineer's name is Wm. Wetton.
and the fireman's name is Campbell. I
do not know his first name. One thing
I forgot, before their departure thet
wrote out a telegram to the St. Loufs
Dispatch, and gave it to a passenger to
send through. They said that paper
had misrepresented them ou one occa
sion, and they wanted to put it in pos-eeS-ion
of all the facts. I telegraphed
the dispatch to the railroad office in St.
Louis, and the operator took it off the
wire and scut iu to the Republican and
Times as a special.
"How long had they been waiting
there for you V
"About two hours. It took them
forty minutes to go through us, and iu
that time they made about $2,:W0, be
sides the money packages and the $300
they took trout the Gadshill man."
"1 have heard that Maudcrville had
about $10,000 on the train, and that
the robbers got it ; do you know anything-
about that ?"
"No; 1 never heard that before. He
might have had it iu a trunk, but I
don't think he did."
"Have you any clue to the identity
of the robbers any theory of who they
"I think they arc the same gang that
robbed the Hot Springs stage about
two weeks ago, and the Iowa train
some time past. They took dinner at
Moark on Tuesday, and at Hot Springs
ou Friday. That is the ouly trace we
have of them now."
"When did you come back ?"
"I went ou to Piedmont and tele
graphed there, and then went to the
state line, and come back this after
noon." Alford is a iitiict man, with a humor
ous style of describing what he sees,
ami told his story to the Globe iu a
quaint but straightway manner. He is
a man of nerve, and a man of strong
common sense. He evidently has rea
son to bclievethose who attacked him to
be the Iowa train robbers. Iu his nar
rative there was no bragging. He
seemed to accept the iuavitable situa
tion and makat the best of it.
And so these bands of thieves seem
to make .Miasoiui their home; intend
to stay here. Perhaps some effort
will bu'madc to catch and punish them,
and perhaps not. In the meantime
the traveling public are to rejoice
at the prospect ot aomc culivcumcut
of an otherwise monotonous railroad
trip. St. Louis Globe.
A Cleveland Romance.
Very few, if any, of the passengers
in the'Dctroit street car bound for the
cast side at 9 o'clock Thursday even
ing, understood the matter we will
"rise to explain." The girl wa to
blame, there can bo no doubt about
that. Xo fellow, much less our heio.
who stepped on the rear platform of
the car in winch she was sitting at the
Courtland street crossing, u the even
ing iu question, could have withstood
the temptation to do jiut a he did.
She al in one corner endravoring to
read a publie library book by the faint
light of the lamp above, when the
toting man entered, she raised her
eves such eyes! from the volume,
and before the gentleman could take a
seat, precipitated herself forward, with
both arms extended, and hugged and
ki.-i-ed him, shouting, "O! cousin
John!" It is needless for us to sav
that the youth was not the fair maiden'-
cousin, and had never seen her
before iu his life, hut he did not deem
it polite to contradict her, and there
fore, recovering from the surprise and
emotion with which the suddennces of
the assault had iti-jiiied linn, he gained
courage and printed a couple of smacks
upon her damask cheek iu return, hue
did not scream, but smiled loviuglv
upon him a smile that smote the youth
ti theutmostdepthsofhis soul. "W by,
when ditl you arrive in the city?" said
she, at length releasing her hold anil
seating herself, the stranger doing the
same. "To-night," answered tlie bo-gii-Johit
at random. "Theuyoti must
come down and sec me at once; wc
will get oil the car at Franklin trct.
Such an invitation from such lips was
too much for tho supposed John, and,
although he quaked to the bottoms of
his fa-hionablv made Xo. ten gaiters,
it was impossible for him to resUt the
beauty's urgent entreaties; and when
the place was reached he stopped the
car. and assisting her out, follovvrd hrrl
to her home, which he discovered to
be one of the most imposing iu that
portion of the city. He was immedi
Htely ushered into the parlor, when
the girl departed in search of her moth
er, whom our hero inwardlv vvi-hed iu
Texas. Fortunately, how uvcr, she wa
not at home, and he was permitted an
hour of pure happiness, only marred
by the fear that soincof the lad'rel-n( Eng five. Of these children four
alive would enter the apartment and llcv,.r heard nor pokc, although in alt
detect the impo-turc. Hut at the end 0tl,cr respect all were strong and not
of that period he found himself sitting d'formed. Eight are-llring, the old
very clo-o to the maiden on the sofa, irt, a daughter of seventeen, having
and some way or other, how the reader J latelv been married to Ihe ess-c of a
can best tell, he explained very gentl j neighboring plantation. About eight
that he was not John at all, but that years ago Chang became convertcslin
the abort hour in whirh he had b'is , rrligiou, and Eng also embracing
acquainted with her had inspired an the belief. Ihey Joined the Itaplist
intense feeling of love within hi soul c,Urch. '1 hey wore regular iu their
which could only be gratified at the ' attendance thereafter, and retailed
altar. Our tale would not be truthful their standing as good rlirisUast
did uc not record that she at !irt Their temper, however, irerr not im-
screamcii aim nccame very reu in in-
face, especially on learning her mis-
tako, but she at lat silbsiued, and.
. j.i. ...... , i i.t .... i...
' " "r" ",r. K'-",'cmaii leu tnc Jiou-r, ii.
ii- nun K'"v lily llCJUVi s "
countenance. ina)ni'ch as tho wicked
" " . i . i i Jit Z h V
ntrement. at least, bv inviting nlm to
(,..:;,. ,., i ..; t.;... . ..........
' '?a'1 3sa'"-
7Z7,'7, . .
STrSk-.. f trrr T .tttlrt -tT? A ttT fllTl
, ina.uvw --.
n.,e of onr -rood little bots read the
W about that other good little boy
, i , i.s(Mtints lti a nana; nu or-
t ' i,w- - ......- -.-.--
, . ,
- iore r.e cos
, - . , jfJ
Unt the
a )- -----, .
ca-hier who saw hitn, tbougtil ft wa
. 0'i,w 0 thT .rArr
!hlp Mtiin- and collared the gosxl
.""'"-I'.jt ,,:,. alHi (il
awJ fiojHj. tirosigh
.ICC Otis imw '". ."" . "
.,--......,.,... A m' unrrswi
! little boy savs he think in a ts-w year
ihe can lick tnc man uuww, w'"3
' ..- . .-. t .. t.i .v.. ...
. ... ., I .,.., J... tnr-
about tnc oincr gouu mssv -j "
. '"-' "-,,., -
1J .M. ,...w., .w '
Tbe Dead Siamese Twins.
The death of the Siamese twins iu
Mout Aiery, near Salisbury, X. C., on
the 17th of' this mouth, ended one of
the most remarkable of natural phe
nomena. They came to this country
in 1739. when they were only eighteen
years old, having'previously been ex
hibited in Europe. They were born
on the coast of "siama, and their ti.tr
cnts lived by fishing. Xonc of their
fifteen brother and sister-i were de
formed, although many of them were
twins. They made the tour of the
United States, and, excepting Tom
Thumb, were the greatest objects ot
wondcrmeut to the people. .Nor was
the curiosity regarding them confined
to gaping rtiralists. To many men of
science thev were the first specimen of
joined and living human beings. The
tleshy ligature wincii nuked mem was
about a foot in length, two inches
broad, and four thick, and through it
ran a large aitery and manv veins,
making their circulation identical.
Their breathing, too. was simultane
ous when they wcro asleep. They
were not so entirely one, however, but
that each had an entirely separate ex
istence. Their senses were totally dis
connected. One could not feel a" hurt
inflicted on the other, the ligature be
ing the only part in which they were
sensitive in common. Much scientific
discussion arose concerning them,
mainly bearing upon the question of
possible separation.
ISaruum got the twins iu 18.M), and
for several years they were show n iu
his old museum. At that time thev
spoke Engli-h very imperfectly. They
were below the iiiediitm size. Chang
was larger than ling, and looked sev
eral years younger; he was, too, the
mental superior f his brother, al
though both were ignorant, and had
intelligence that scarcely rose above
low cunning. Their faces were pe
culiarly repelling, jellow in hue. and
closely'rcsenibliug those of the Chiue-e
cigar seller of Chatham street. Chang
was the most robust and good natureil.
ring was often sick, and always morosr
aim peetish. They had a sleeping
room in the museum as did the other
curiosities, and one night a rumpus
was heard iu it. Ou breaking open
tlie door, the twins were found light
ing. Eng was ou the floor, underneath
Chang, who was clucking him. As a
rule, howctcr, Chang was more for
bearing than the irritable disposition
of his brother warranted. The pl.-vjed
checkers together sometimes, and took
les-ons in lluglitli with slow- results.
Their pay was $100 a week, which thev
cquitiiblv divided and put into sav
ings banks. They net er idled their
home, and seemed to have no care for
their family. When Lug was sick
Chang nursed him ; but did soperhan
from selllsh motive-, a- the seriou ill
ness of one mailo it iircpary for the
well one also to go to bed. Chang had
something ol nn appreciative tent of
fun, and likud to give senseless answer-,
in his broken Iluglish, to the
numberless questions of viitor. Thev
remained with Itanium until IS.'j.'i, and
it is believed that they had then saved
about $10,000 each. t. rowing tlrrd of
show life, they decided to nettle down
in a warmer pint of the United Mutes.
Iu their travels they had been in
Xorth Carolina and its climate pleased
them, ho I hey bought out two plan,
tations, and secured wives to complete
their domestic establishment. Here
thev took the Mir-uaiiie of Hunker.
They were then bachelors of fortt
four". They married English sisters,
aged twenty-six and twenty-eight. The
girls had been servunls, and II is said
that a Lancashire dialect still flings to
tlieiti. The making of the double
match involved mti'di trouble, for al
though the twin- weie not tindtilv tx
acting, it was haul to find women who
were both willing ami at all desirable
Theie was no love-making before t la
the engagement, Ihe courting was done
by proxy and corie-pondenee, and ihe
ladies hud only seen their future hus
bands at a rliovv in Loudon when they
accepted the oiler of man Inge. The
twins based their choice iiponTlkrueaa
r forwarded by their agent, who gave
n.nr:itif i uf tin rcs1ccl:ihfllt v ot thr
girls. All having been arranged the) j
were brought to America, uiu twins
pa) iug their ejpetn.es, and the mar
riage was quietly soIemni7cd in i-ulis-btiry.
The wives were not beautiful,
but'were strong, healthy English work
ing girls. The domestic liven of the
couples were peculiar. Hndi fumilv
had Its own house, servant and dome-
tic establishment. I lie plantations
were owned and managed separately,
although in matters of consequence
Chang was generally master The
wives lived entirely at their rcepeetlte
homes, and the husbands alternatcd
stav ing one week at (. hang's house
and the next week at Eng'a Each
looked after hi plantation and other
bil-incss during the weeks of living at
his own place, and the visiting brother
was not MtitpO'ed to interfere Thr
W,V(.S did not agree tery well, and
the strangely tied families quarreled
o scrioual) that the ilrr frequently
had period of complete estrangement
for weeks at a time.
ro, although Chang and ling were
rich, they did not live happily Mr.
Chang had the first child, and It was a
deal mule. The families, increased
ra,,idlr. until CIuul' hud aix children
, tiroveu in tlie sptntwai ruaiige. ami
before the emancipation their Mare
were the most tsliipj-! iu the region
The rebellion freed thir slave awl
othrwlc eriouly impalfd lheir
wealth. To retwir their loe thot
again exhibited them-ln through
the country, and at Wood' muew
in Ifci city ; but thy wer only mu
I eratelr successful, owing partially
I n ratiaeitv wliir-h lircverne-il ioang-r
iroUl liaVIIlg Bliy .lllllg .O"" saro
A greater rurioslty in their line h
j M,nlu, UJ, too, I. th, t.oWgsr.
lining up. too, III tbe tTo-he.vj gtr
-two negro children from South Car
, HoiT.c, here Uey b.a!esl, tfa-y -
raited a lew y.lr. v sk isy
,mpUiBtl of Ot Be,itr whid. f.l
, drreU them bad t Ww life Tt?
. , rfI,ul trar ec.o jsrsbv-
,t,r. During these lri Jlirtr witsr
maoagesl tls; liiaiKi. i -; .
lb chiMrcti wlo Tr turt W1 mt-
erf TJt to rht)'A, awl are wii
i-drjcatesl, VtvTf their lat wWiion
1..,. !, 1 !... oil !- 1'ilu IK J..-
l""v " -,
raust oi mr morosnri a .
tbe-y grw ok!r is bensed l$ tare
Iressn tit' probability of tt fatai effrrt
oi on' death apon lb" other, Tb"
tssr w HsaTesJ sssstiH D rtrc- j It xtuAt lJog rllMs. Of '
tkut VWtfsJ bit-wessss iktrasi tall were acquitted atwl tb- Mf lxsl
j-idL Esx S4Xu filstlt-d, ad retsvYtllBp to tbe county- W7jseW l'--rtrr
of the compress was necessary to pre
vent death. This proved that neither
could sustain a separate circulation of
the blood, and to havo cut the ligature
would hate killed both. With this
knowledge thev returned to their
homes andlivcd'a they had done be
fore. Later the health of Eng grcw
worsc, and Chang was frequently
obliged, although w ell him-elf. to keep
lo his bed wit'i hi, sick brother. lut
about a ear ago Chang suffered a par
alytic stroke, from which time his
health was the worr of the two. He
took to drink as a relief front sntlering,
and ihelitesot tho twins grew wretch
ed indeed.
The details of their death aro meager.
Chang died first, and a few moment
afterward Eng, who had for a few days
been well, became delirious and raved
wildlv. This may have resulted from
the mental shock" and apprehcusioit as
to his ov ti fate.
"An intimate friend of tlte Siamese
Twins" write to the Sun that they did
not marry English servant girls, but
daughters of a Xorth Carolina planter
named Yatc. Each. ay tho writer,
had twelve children one ten btrvs and
two girl.s. and the other ten girls and
two bo) s. Many of their children havo
died, and these bereavement bore
ery heavily upon Chang and Euff.
who were christian and members in
good standing of the IUptist church.
I'hey were recognized in the neighbor
hood a men of social standing, and
their daughters associated with those
of the othsir planters, some of them
contracting very desirable marriage.
They were not of weak intellect, but
strong partisan in politics and shrewd
iu business.
Story of u Seed.
Once upon it time, away down Iu
Georgia, a man planted a little seed.
The aun shono warm on It, and the
rain canto and softened it, and it soon
began to sprout. Day and night It
grew, till it was high as n man' head.
Units formed all over it, and one night
they burst into bloom. Slcatitlful cream
colored flowers they were, something
like a iuoruiug-s.lory.
Ity noon the kuii was too warm. The
beautiful blos-oms shut their leaves
and hung their head, and before night
each cream-colored flower dropped off
Where each one had been was it little
This little green germ gic wand grew
till it was a big as an egg, when ft
but at open and threw out u long beau
tiful Hull of cotton several inches long
It was a cottonseed, ot course.
Then a man a negro camo and tore
the cotton fioiii it boll, put it Into a
basket with others like it, and carried
it tu ti loom where were hundred of
pounds of cotton. In the room was a
bust machine, and into that machine
the cotton was thrown.
Thi cotton, you iiiut know, I full
of seed. Very" troublesome llttbi fel
lows the) aic, too, lor the hate no
idea of leaving their cotillorubln home,
and its ver) haul to get them out.
I'll tell vou how l lie machine does
it. Ac Ihe cotton goc In It tome to
a roller covered Willi w lie teeth. Thc
teeth eie the cotton and draw It
through a soil of grating. o line ihut
lhr mtiU CMli'l gel thiough, an the)
jtut stay oil the outside.
A the udler goe around it eoiiira
to a brush toilet, width britshe the
cotlon oil a nicely as mi) brush can
do it. 'I hcu the cotton I packed in a
bale, and sent to the cotton nulls.
.Now tho cotton that camo from the
little sctdttwuv oil In ('col-gin 1 by
this time very dirt), and what do you
suppose comes next'f A bath!" So,
what's good for but lli t e good lur
cotton. It get a bentllig. It is laid
on a sort uf net-wuik, am. beaten Willi
bundle,, of ttv ig. I'll)) dirt fall tilt otlgh
the net-work, and then the rotlon is
culled "batting.-'
Hut the cotton from the ceod I'm t II
ing about don't stop at batting. It l
very line nnd nin ninl It ge lo the
cardiiig-iimchiue '1 hi machine lav
all the I bread one way b) drawing It
through cl.s of wire teeth.
It conic out un toller, anil is taken
oil bv still another roller, on which It
it look like a wide lleeey nhhli. Itul
It don't keep that pretty look trrv
long. It i drawn thiough a funnel
which makes it smaller and mii'lt
firmer. It Un't flue enough )et, how
ever, and it goe between another set
of rollers. I wonder If there' nnv
thing that rnn't be done with rIIi "
When It come nit irisml quite
firm ft- if rall.-d roving, and i ready to
be spun.
You'll hardlt belinvc me, but the)
.pinning 1 done on a mule.
It' a very peculiar mule, I must ad
init, made of wood mid iron, and nr
r)lng twenty-two hundred spindles
So it plu t went) -t w hundred thread
ittotne. and i a wonderful inaihirlr
It it has a funny name.
It spins the loose roving Into a iiitidi
finer thread, slightly tllcl 'fin
thread next run through a gn ilanie
to born oil the little (ttr, tliei, ovtr a
brtih to tak" off the nhe, and then
through a bote iu a brasa plate jutt th'
Ire of the thr'id.
Then it is wound ih skeins and pni
up in five or tn (hmiimI bundles
After all these travels tlMr thread
has a little re.t before- It atari Ibnuir'i
tliq lit machine- the ohm that makes
the; ott cotton into thr tolld strong
thread we buy on pools to sett with
The skeina nr wound oh ti boli!.i,
and put on the inu'lune Six of iU
fine thread start lisgeths-r.
Look ou n spool, and von'll read.
"bt ix-rord cotton." That iiis-an,
a 1 mid. that ix of t"e thread urn
unlitij. to mst otw sen ln5j.tlire.ot
lint I mt tell rssti mw lhv go
First over a gfa rsxl, and through
little tritiigb f water; then brtvseni
rollers to pr thews tightly taigeiher
I,es.viitg the ndtar. hr down
twisting a tv . whero a pol
mv stowly j l down a if wind,
m at t mak regular Ur of it
Nfsvt lh fruatof lb- little eotloH wd
ba become , tit )fu! ;tool of thread,
feadr for sse'fMl iWr. Iif'ir it goe
out iMlo the w rial it ornamented at
ejaeh end by a m1 paper, guuilon!
awl stork 1st mHH rMisi 'Jltr Jal
! r-IT la (M( r-r threw! of tkrl
IU kne-js is imm K"-,"',IJ "ew.nu stasis
tt Jrtit
Into jse,ay of a sioeii
1 unit H'ttH U IbfraMl
her ha p
that win laW ti jTa Si4 w t U
.est-nao .i v
, Y .th. b- krje a rssl af W
, Us,g i. Wrfl, It .. U e.nri.ie ot
a a U, tr tiw llssd SB.:.
lorg. Tlsat t lr-.rf Zf.
i it '"ru vm -mun-i - rn
; but many fitksis ureoleaj Uy j..
, Xw story wrjwr are tt SMtt
, dcrfsl a tor rem,wn (Mg tht:
eterv air Ml BMSI 'ijr Ul.wr. lLHili
. i,
Abst a fg.l a prw-el.ig a it
Lave h'rd tf JsMv U fWal fcf iU Hi
j irtit ot Botn, Ik Howard wtsrty A

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