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The Wichita city eagle. (Wichita, Kan.) 1872-1883, February 12, 1874, Image 2

Image and text provided by Kansas State Historical Society; Topeka, KS

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III ir 1 I.S ..
I . r
.Tlin..n wnii
Wit (Kagk
M. V.. MURDOCIC, Editor
v;ci:nA. TinittDAY. n:n. is. z.;4.
WliiTt-Mj.-VoiI.,Jn-pwit reformer,
when il.c !iii::i v. .to f.ir n'lulur was
lllkfll? l-.llO JIII-WlT- Wtll'IC?
No '.rift-hit ive ii"W thi v. I'i'K ovviii";
to the fart tint tlfli'i-latnre lia not
hr-wi in -cfiiin fr almut si weirk.
There ! Wile fellow hit in Coiv
Irv 4-oiint v wo r-hotihl juilifo lid n nun'
-tomm-li. from ''"' W!,J' '' ffth"at the
iMul f hi- little fiber.
T. I!. MunloA. editor of tin; Walnut
.-'.I!ev Tiiiies. has relunisi: to Kiiloratlo
from an c?t-w!il triji -r.M. hriiiriiir,
with hi:n Mr--. MitnUck.
T!n' Suimi-r county folks are very
nutrii elated over thcdiM-overy of coal
war Wellington. We. loo, rejoice
with them, for what i- their prosperity
is ours, and what h their joy U our
Th': democratic papers of the t-tatc
do not airc with thu Kana City
'J'ihtcn about liarvcy'f. 'election. The
Timi's claim his election as a demo
cratic victory while the Atchison Pa
triot and Lawrence Standard admits
that it ,v.i; si straight out lepublican
A number of tegular army ofiicers
arc now in Washington protesting
ajrain't a farther reduction of the army
at has been propo-cd by foiiic thought
Ices and inexperienced persons. It is
souicthinjr of a new departure for army
olliccrs iu any wise to interfere with
legislative matters, but in this instance
wc arc confident the people of the en
tire wc-tcrn or frontier Mate will cn-dor-c
their action. Formerly politics
had but little to do with the army, but
now that the latter is sensibly affected
by the former, :iriny ofiicers are faiily
compellcd at limes to do more than
take cognizance of what if. pas'-inp in
the political world, by way of solf de
feu'c. At to the propriety of coHtinuiii";
the army at its present strength there
can be no doubt. All the troops that
can he spared are needed at the fron
tier postn to guard pettier trom the in
carcions by tlie indians. The Quaker
policv that has been experimented
with oflatu hr. failed to secure the
protection net tied, and shown that the
army is most to be relied upon. The
cozzening red devil-, of the mountains
and plain-, have neither love nor fear
for the Qurkci-i or their policy. (Jen.
Sherman's suggestion ohould 1)3 caricd
OMt.aud Indian aflairs placed in charge
ef the Avar department. The Indian
problem would then -tand, some 'how
of a speedy solution, peace and .securi
ty would be guaranteed to the bolder
and the frontiersmen, and an equally
hiiiuiue though more rigid policy be
adopted towards the iiidiaii-.
Treasury Matters.
Payment' made from the treasury by
warrants during January were on ac
count of civil or miscellaneous .$7,2-20,-Cai5.U,
war.il.7,"13.(ll, n.ivy S:l,922.
032.9.) interior. Indians aud pensions,
!011,27.-.O7 total 11,181,77:1.11. The
above does not include payments on
account ( interest on principal of
public debt. Thedisbuiuuients for De
cember were over 19,000,003. It is
thought they will exceed that amount
for February.
Hardships and Privations of Buffalo
Xkai: Wichita, Feb. 7th, 1871.
The 7th day of January, 1871, my-v-clf.
in company with live companions
Blurted for the pl.iius iu starch of
game. The firt night out we pitched
our tent on the north fork of the Xin
nocah. After a good night's sleep we
awoke at an early hour, and after
breakfast our tent wa-soonMnuk and
on the wagon aud soon was under way
with light hearts, plenn of grub and
bound we knew not where. Nothing
transpired that day wot thy of note
aud struck camp the following night
at what is known ar. Head's ranch. We
found that worthy in the midst of his
numeioit" insects scralchaing and
writhing in a terrible way. So seeing
the situation of allairs we did not con
sider it safe to Mop loo clos-o so we
look rell'nge at a safe distance where
weputinthe night without molesta
tion. On Ihe following morning at an
early hour we were moving on to the
Southwest where we had expected to
liud the butl'alo. At last night over
took ns once more and we struck camp
on Kim creek. The morning follow ing
was a cold dismal one. it -uoned and
Mowed at a terrible rate and wo were
obliged to p-.s the day there, s we
aititikcd our-elves as best wc could and
finally the day pai-ed oil and the night
approached at last, and that night was
a terrible one. one long to be remember
ed by many a poor creature upon the
plains with scant lood and clothing.
At la-1 dav dawned and with rather
less of spirit than tuual we aroc and
found the w ind blow ing steady and the
storm somewhat abated. We immedi
ately prepared for a start and was oon
under way, we reached Medicine Lodge
river in due time and camped for the
night, still no bulf-lo worthy of note
had been discovered. The morning
following was line, and we pulled out
for Mule creek. On arriving there aud
feeing no butl'alo we concluded to take
one team and light wagon and drive
out Southwest in search of them. We
drove all day and still saw none, we
camped that night upon a little stream
near the Cimeron. the following morn
ing we thought to take a ramble around
in search of game which wo failed to
discover after which we bent our steps
towards camp, on striking the creek a
little below camp aud following up to
ward camp until within a hundred
yards of camp when a sad scene met
our eye; ! There was the ruins of a
camp, plundered by the Indians, the
wagon burned to tubes, shirts, boots
and shoes, lut, vest etc. were upon the
ground, blood was visable in many
places the ground was btrcwu with
needle-gun caps showing that th'-re
had been a desperate resistance made
by the hunters. We searched for the
bodies or some clue to their names but
did not succeed in finding any. After
caininciiig the ruins and seeing nu
merous things that did not speak well
for our safety we headed for our old
camp on mule creek where wo arrived
that night then comnieuced the icarci
ty of grub for wc had been out longer
than wo had expected, aud as one of
our party expressed himself saying
-'that it was mighty hard to live on pan
cake straight and we were all of the
same opinion but could not help the
cause. The next monrn we etartcd
forborne, and after much trouble and '
hard drivingatid bad wcathrr we reach-'
cd the Ninncscah which afforded very
bad crossing, in crossing wc broke H I
, Majjce'b wafron ami h.ul to take it out
j in liic-K which Ieurnc.l us to be more
careful and 7itl1 our little party name
ly : M. Mavc, Mr. Kor.s,J. Kaljih, U 111.
Ilool, .1. Hoilffeis anil myself, we coon
partly union let, the other wagons and
run them across by band. -t noon
wc reached settlements and Mio.-.iK'i! -il
Mr. John M.I-'Cts for dinner, lor whli.l
we all n:t.i:ncil maul:- tor ni
ne, and wo alio apireeiate the
ne-s ot hii biotliei
ri'tiu-i. than!.- likei
Near Ten
Attica Towssmr, Sedgwick Co.
Kdjtok Kacji.k: I'rcsumiiig that
partial delineation re-pecting the
social Mil-rounding- would not be out
of order; hence the following: The
past month has been one oi uuiutu
ruptcd bocial attttt&ciiieut. without it
glad to age. sex, high and low, rich and
poor, the silver headed ape. aud tliu
bloom of youth, all would join in 'iic
united and happy throng. The enter
tainments given wvru lirt a choice
baud of instrumental music well timed
with the light tipped toe and the heavy
bioad heel which would continue until
they would become weary and worn,
with eye-lids heavy ud red in the
dull January light. The rcene was
changed with the sudden sensation at
Jamesbiirg, the fourth grand rallying
of the so called fraternity of the 1. of
II., iu the way of al'a-neg-y-rtis a long
tablu extending from wall waited on
by gentlemen and ladies of exquisite
taste and lare culture, which present
ed a grotsijue appearance. All went
oil' iu harmony, owing to the great
good of the P. of II. For a time all
wan quiet until the evening ofthc2tth,
the shades of evening were drawing
near, iow distant tumbling could be
heard, approaching nearer and still
nearer anil the sounds were btill in
creasing uutill as it were the thunder
ing of the roaring billows. Upon a
nearer approach they were discovered
to be vehicles of almost all descrip
tions loaded with human forms going
at lightning speed with eyes penetrat
ing to the distant object and all con
verging to the same focus or combinat
iug point. llccoming alarmed we
wended our way to the concentrated
spot (the Attica school house) was en
vironed on every side with vehicle and
teams of every description leaving but
a narrow pass to the entrance or door.
Upon entering we were completely
taken by surprise at seeing so many
people comprising both bexes of all
ages and sizes, while the ear wa met
with a chit chat here and a laugh
laugh there, width here a squawk and
a it is no use, words will not portray-
to you any idea of the happiness mani
fested at such a gathering. While all
this merriment was rife on every
tongue. To the farther side of the
house was a long table extending from
one end of the house to the other wait
ed upon by ladies aud gentlemen ol the
vicinity, with cultivated tastes aud of
congenial endowments. It fairly gio.m-
cd under the georgeous luxuries and
the rich and rare dainties of Iruit-,
viands, trls, dessert, etc. Indeed the
whole catalogue of the culinary de
partment would scarce sullice giving
you any idea of iu ln.ignilicent graud
uic. Imagine to yourself a dense
crowd of people with strong gas.lrou.i
mieal propeiisaties awaiting to hear
the strong shrill voice of "forward
march to supper." Time glided away
at an unusual rapid rate. When the
cpic.it cans had all become satisfied,
order was again restored and an elab
arate address was delivered by one Mr.
Iiond, followed by toast--. One given
by Mr. Ly man, of Jamc-burg-, he said
he had long been puzzled to know' the
meaning of tiic word "!)ro," but now
he thought he knew. It means, said
he, big caters, as great men were said
to be big caters, he thoug'il that there
were surely great men present. After
which beautitul strains of music fell on
our cars, which was conducted by
your "Cow Skinner" correspondent ,
and was immediately followed with
installation of olliccrs in the order ofi
the P. of II.
Not yet being content the idea of a
literarv mill was nut in motion. Ilav-
1. .. . 1 .1 ... 11. v.. ..,.,,,,,..,..-.. ,w
ing- discovered that there aieimmeioiis
fountains of gas profllSt'lv distributed
. i .
arouiul a stocK company was organicii
to take htock, tho fc-harcS arc milllUlttU
at Iwetlty-ilVe cciltSC-irh. AitCI UClllJ,'
lllllv UP'l'llirzed tiic mill Win put III
motion: February 3d 187 K The mo
. i i i i 11
tlOIl WA-5 lUt excellent in it butcrucll- I
tieal moving its ia
i,.ii nfn i.nt.it.lol i1i.iiinntt..liiin. lie-
. ...
ing a COUlblliatloU of Wind and Steam,
., V , . . . . .1 . . i .1:11:
It IS ready to gllllit Ollt the most Ullll-
..nil ..ml .leetitii iirnlilcinf -ml :iiiillv7t
cult .Hill .ILLtlli. proillillls nu .lil.iiy.c
and tiller down to their original and
. .
COIIIJlOlieilt parts. All business UOIie
1 , 1 1 .. i,i, ..:. ..
111 order and short notice. 1 leas give
us your patronage.
I'm' tlie liri'Npnt
we preclude a farther succinct.
More anon, A. M. A
l'or tho L'agi.k
Sheep Raisiiier.
Fot'K Milk, Feb. 1th, 74
Kditoh Kaiii.i:
I'oliuvill" till columns
of your paper are ever open to the dis
cussion ol every subject that is of in
terest to the farmers, and seeing that
the corn question is laid in the shade
, . .
tor the present at least, the question Ot
... . . i ... i .. i: i . .
cattle raising hav lllg been discussed to
some extent. While VCrr little has been
said concerning the raising ot sheep.
It is an evident fact that many of our
farmers are not so situated as to take
care of cattle while they are growing
their hedge fences, while if they could
get sheep they would be easily Jiered
through the summer, and easily cared
for during our short winters. Thou
sands of sheep could be kept in our
county, which would yield a large in
come. This would, of course, call for
a woolen factory at Wichita, where
the farmer could sell his wool for cash
or exchange it for cloth. Xow how
can this be accomplished? Many of
our farmers who could keep sheep have
not the means to go east and buy them.
Would it not be a good investment for
some of our moneyed men to go east
in the spring aud bring out a lew thou
sand, aud let them out to the farmers
on the shares; that is, let the farmer
take one or two hundred for one. two
or three years, demanding of him half
the wool and half the increase. I think
this would be a good investment for
both parties. Think of this. Under
stand that sheep can be bought at vcry
low prices in Illinois. W. C.
dissolution Notice.
Tlie co-prtneihip heretofore existing under
dav diMolieduy mutual consent HxsIeyA March !
will continue th- Wdmg business at the lUma.r ,
T,'."-,""V.."- '.L"'"'" ...-7.."v ,: ",Vr;,..
-.Ilarvj Majrec arr :3rE PriJ " " - ;! "
...".....",... ,. -'-"7 ..... ...... .'L. ""10a TTiur.ly. the lmh day of xarca. A D
ui lit iu lnrasi jii auu prvitr uj'ns uuvv
A IIAM.1.1 ,
Assignee's Sale.
The nn Jeriied- asaienee of the nronertv ol H.
C. itann, hereby offers for aale the entire stock I
of Hardware, situated in the toir lately occupied
w'uh a.iprotrd security, iu quantities to suit pur
Kor particulars inquire of me at my office, o.
41 Maui street
I A. MITCHELL. Assignee.
Wichita, January h, U7I. 10-tf
UT llllil. lis: wvi. ,.l. 1 wi ...i sac. inn? .
Procec-dhrs of-tha Bsard cf County
" Conmirsionsrc.
F ;v iSltf left nd Cuu'Ai' I
Tim liaiard if- ...unit.- rnmmiftinn.rd mt .,ii-
siunt lr. atltoiiritmeiiT.
.................. ... ...... ........... .. - . ..
ice luiiowiue mtiiicrs
were prima, viz J II York, TV. J. Hobbs, I
mill.) 1 Carpenter Lhanman
'Ihe. board prociedid lo open and examine Ihe
lll LIITU'IMH, I II Cll UIMJlll4lll.il I.UIIVI illll
eounl U..W. e. on n...ion Ihe bid 1 eta. fcK..h.
touii.ltil.lrltsi.eot ttlc.l0uu9hil. waBiiiiiroed
L. re liutioti ol (ifo VV rrtMlce. cuiislable ol I
V iclnti Ci.y lovtnthHi wiu accepted I
On ill )tl:i W in Mllllll Wil alUK.i.lIrd cuiiatab'e I
ol VV iUii:.i ,it tov.11 hip, to hll Hie i-iciiucy oc- !
i.Muiii-ii 1.,. iiieTesijniaun 01 1. 11 i-rennc-e.
i).iirul bond ol V. in smith, cuntub!e ol W ichi-
t (.111 toHlllhll, M.t? airrJJltd
Ihe'iKtitlon ol Olty-tlirtr ItKul lotirs of tMiin
fi.!.i:zs, iugei it-fei, jirajinj lor Ihe foiinttion
ot a mil 1ov.ii-.hiii, I10M11 s. IHinoU tounshiji,
ttu- taLn up tiau ulitr doe deiiln ration ejidjjeii
lion itsi pra.tted and the towilr-hlp election Mas
ordrr.l in l hild at the i. xt gu. i3lf),rili-ek-c-lloli
Iu be held in April.
'Ihe fi.llo-.iiiibiii. utie thmUIoiud :
.In-lilakel; oneilii coion'ejuryaiidmtla
.So ill Himi "
Mnrui Holm "
John Vrpe "
1'eiei Mm .hi, iv.roner's fc-,
1. li.iiuelt,JUatireKri,
.1 I llolinei, ftatioiury ttc,
.Mm lii.j'jj, wltnim In-.,
I. VV I'lentiM, uiHht Ruarding prison,
0-rr.oril. wiliii-tit Iee,
IS Uidlmi, t.ro it as dirt of election,
. IlilotlbM, one '
OJ la.lmon, " " " "
Joint Miesnuan, Md-e. to county,
l.eui Ilj), Ebalenunt county tax,
ltCs-nith. " '
Ilobh .1 Wrtt. Jhw. to county.
Im.iI. '...". V..." '"''.1 .." ... :"... :. J r. or--dznictLoui.tr. K.tna. on Hie SlnltUyof "
" . mm- 1 w mciHl) uam nunc iu iKiur ,YJ.,J-. . n lari .ni,, tip lmlnn.nl .. ..I V- h'n e'n f. ehnir. !b CQfil -20 1 COal CO
AIM-. &.W.IJ. ,.u.n-,..M.lo.,-ulLr0Ic,. "r""n"nVaXu,rron,,Le Jn ' .'.iSSSi SS 1 Z a
1 t. 1..1 ..r int.. ...... ...i.:.. -... n..i.... .i ,i ' Jlt.i tla ol .ini, .. 1. I?.-, utio.1 a lirominori , .i.i..i...
Ail Pnrt- t .. ..!.., ii.. rn il 1. tuU .! i harlri M llile. ' note made by you on the iltli loy ot Aiinl, .. ... v-v" -,-,-j.
Hlie x"OCC. ' liuliun ll:e ..uciai iuinii oi Lnanea n i.ne-, , ,..i.i- ,,,.., ,i.-..f .... -..i u-.n:.... . Kio. i lb SJ336
tl .V,
2 4J
2 ifl
2 10
S .".)
4 t:,
Sla 05
17 ru
i ()
1 SI)
4 !)
i l
t t
-.' W
lu ;o
2 sa
2 W
2 '.)
1 15
7 71)
7 Ci
n i-i
z at
1 (X)
2 00
8 4 00
1) J)
IlllsMini, rcpalrinjbeil,
" ile.-k,
Henry shores, one daj ioa.1 wetting,
Ulh not altoueit :
John Niiii!t,
j- 1. .iackso:i.
' in notion the
.curd oiljouined until Keb. :td,
10 a m.
JNO. TUCKi:it, County Cierk.
Wichita, Feb. Sd, 1-74. j
1 he boird of county commi'"ionera met pur
suant to adjournment, the member- all present
J T Onntir, VV G Hohbs and J It York. 'Ihe
inmates of I.ut Meeting, Feb -id, -.tcre. read and
Ihc folloMiit bills Mere Ihen alloMcd
Citvof Wichitii, rent ot calaboose one half ve-ir
ndinR January 1st, 1-71. 3 5 (X)
.sc.lohnson money drshurMu
larjran t lcttcinuejl keeius paupeis
A 'I' MilsseJ theliaflees
bchlichli r A Hu.-ill merchandise
'I' .VI &hore one day clerk of election
John lucker ten days coroner's Jurv
C 11 Ludlam "
Jim Anderson
Geo A. smith "
1) 1' Alexander "
John llrajr "
Chas Hnttou recordiiv tutiinony
Alice Johnson one dav wittiesa
Mrs it Albaugh
Mike Meagher one day uitiusj
J It Colman 1 itjy coro.ier'a jury A. milage
J Anderson "
II C Iiist cash dUburid
VV 11 Mead one day witness
KLWifttnii "
Martin McUralh one day guard
1 hos JohiiAOn two diys iluess
mith t ritlenscr coal to rounly
130 S7
22 SI
2 00
IU ')
10 O)
U w
10 00
lu 00
lu 00
1 IW
1 00
1 l
$2 70
2 )
3 0)
1 0)
2 00
2 OJ
2 01
17 (M
S .V)
21 31
W'ni .smith, .irvtU Mrs McNutt, nud milage, 75 7r
Morris K0I111 1 Co., ni'iie to county, 2 .'0
On motion the board adjourned until 1.30 p. in.
l.:Wji m. Members all preent.
'Ihe lolloniu bills were allowed and ordered
Kilty Hanly, 1 day vi itness,
Iii::hi K Johuaou "
.s.-iulh llobb-, "
lielilm l-olt, 2 '
John Fan i, 1 "
Mis Melino Gray "
S Can oil, "
L VV shoultz, "
.sLl'o-t, "
John Itowir-, "
UFMreit, "
Winllean, "
G vv Arnutroiii?, "
VV J llroiui, "
Anna I' idy. 2 "
J l'Alteii. 1 "
I A Mi dim, '
Mr V siieis, ne of room ami damage,
Charles rordliam, 'a day iruard,
II (. Cresuell, 21",
llenrj OiM-ns, rumiier'a fie-,
II NeuiiMlii 2.1 d lis i;uard,
Aldruh .; II10M11! merchandise to coiiuti'
I O0
1 in
1 00
2 0.1
1 10
1 CO
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 t
1 00
1 00
2 00
1 00
2 IV)
1 0
1 no
10 oj
41 0)
44 7.1
40 Oi
I S3
4 a.-,
'." IS
7 "Jo
-2 to
23 Ol
-:! Ii
10 (M
.-ii On
2") 00
!ll IN,
3 25
3 3.
3 00
4 no
Is 20
11) !K)
W C Woodnian, "
John I ui-ki r, county clirk fees,
1" II .Mus-iy, nhellll lees,
A I .llassel,
T T "Miiilli, "
Munlnck . tiro., piintin;,
Clns W Hill, merchandise lo couiity,
11 ii
.1 .1 Mis., clerk ofeliction and iiturn.,
John lucker, counti elcik feoi",
Wm smith, she.ia' lees.
p I111011 eallms for the mailer or olinjr on u
boi.niy on In dp-s lo b- Mibmitted at the spring
ch'clinii was lluu pie-eutid i.ud on motion was
laid i.M-r until neM meilinc.
petition of tin" county jupcriuteudent and
stal meiit atti st'1 uniUr oath tini. the soulhuest
ipi'iitei of section luenly-one, tounhip tuenly
senn, and range 1 ea-ti Was uormou-lr placed
and aset-id in di-lrict No. 2, the school lax was
On a roid pelilion of Vm smith and others, tiic
lolhmitiKpirson-' weie uppoinhd ieers:
II ( Dai, l.io II .S'wiet and Wm Newton.
Ihe llruri sale hen I. ordered lo meet at Hie
Fmpire lloiue, Wirhila Kausip, at 10 o'clock a.
111 . ol Fill 2i.th, A 1). 1-74, mid proceed to 1 1
oul Ihe ro'td aspetil.oned for
Onlerid Hut the coui.I) clerk procudloadd Ihe
amount of the tin per lent penalty nud that Hie
tr usurer leceiie 110 luis meannhile
Dnlired tliat Uiei-otinty elerk procure a blank
book of mortgage "I " lor register ofdeeds.
Ordeied that the county treasurer stay Ihe col
lection oftaxes on Ihe personal property of Kgan
Ilro-., ol Watson CiHiiship, until alter the netl
Inei ling of the board. Man h 2d
Ordend the count clerk procure 11 book of
county orders in blank p ly.ible to in tier.
, ........ . 1 .
i.rilernt mat inecoumv eierK procure indexes
! looooks ill rouniy cierk-soiacein-iireoiiireineiii
0ru i,-.i tiit ihe .ounty clerk difcouimuc the
' l'ookcnlltled cash accounts again.st Ihe county,
1 mid hueallir ii"eanl bookasajournal and hue
ll lirooerlv ili-slmi it d.
I. . . ..i .. .1 t:i... 1. t t
' wr, ( hn-tnn Hock, .1 L VaiiMartrr'aml Jnmei
tunit1)iM.t..WWo ih consUttition exemption
fSiOJ onpirMiual liropcrty ahialiun ami tint
I h lift ittiKMiPt v;ji ti't lUauctPil h tne ast'Mnr
; is prantV! to Hint amount
t infill 4i ii i .nullum itvcunti-aiiicvi uv nnnrn
"li.mii "il WJfi4'i"i" ni" .nonuiiiviiiuiniii'i.
, i.,,!.,.,..,,! ijidiuU.t Let don. lor abatement.
i . ..1 .. ...--,..... 1 1 ... ..-.!,.-. .1
not allowed
I Abituuent of Lewis Ha; s granted tctheamount
of enmity ta, und thatun al.atunent be drawn iu
, his faior for . ss. the amount of his count tax
The appeals from various school districts were
1 'a1'1 over until lh.-regulsrmei ting in April,
ivtilionsofC V l.onr.md others toilisconttniir
' u certain ro id was Uid over. -
1 Ordered, that the county clerk corre-pond with
pailus ulu. mike a specialty of building jail-,
1 wiih a 1 lew to obtain plan and prices
Approved-ivtition or M s. ih.iheiie and ten
otheis is presenteil, showing that it 1- inipractic
I ;ilil. to mi... n rosil mi Hint n.trf iifH.eltnn
line be-
: . -' - " :.- r . . . --.
betwein sections Is and 1.1 in town-hiii 27.
range 1 wist Onlenl thit lh- mad overseer of
di-tiietNo 2 tski three dismli rested freiholders
of said di-trict ami view tlie said line, and lay the
snitl mad a- near the said section line as practica
ble, and riiirt in writing under oath lollie board
of county comini-stonris the amount of danugis,
it an, which maj be claimed by per-ons owning
land'on said hue
Ordired. that the rountv clerk make an inten-
! ,or ofall proiKrtj bttongingto the C4untrin the
jHise io:i in eacn inncvr in me rouiiiy, an.l me
ch lk sh ill open, iu a proper book, an account
against each of said oflicirs of said countr pmp
i rty
Orderisl, that Ihe clerk ascertain from the pa
lters and rt cords in his ollice. and trom such oth r
inlormation as he may be able to obtain, what
dockets, statute-, books reconts. or other proper-
' ty have been furnished to the dilleient county and
i townhip ofiicers in the countv.
And ordered fnrlhir. that tfieclerk makerenort
aHheiirxt ; meeting of the toard what proKTtyof
....J ..,... ..... 1, i-vi .J'l.uil IA lUUfe. IV ill. VUI1UI .
Motion carried.
On motion the Iminl ailjourned tnmoet uoudav,
March 2.1. at loo'clook a
JOHN 1 Lt KKK, County Clerk
Sheriff's Sale.
DMrirt Couit 13th Judicial District of the stile
of Kan-ai, iu and forsedirwick (. ounty, Kansas.
The Wichita Savinrs Rank, plaintiff, V
James C Morgan and Presei
ilia Mor- f
gin, oil u.lanls
Pv virtic of an order of sale issued out of the
district court of the 13th judicial ditrict. ittinir
in and for Sedgwick Count), Kansas, wherein
The Wichita Savings Rank Is plaintiff anil James
C M.irican ind l"recill Morgan are defendant. I
will, on saSiirila), the 21t day of March. A D.
1-74, at 2o'eIock p m , at the court house door
in the city of VV icluta, slgw lck County, Kansas,
offer for sale at public auction to the highest bid
der, for cash in hand all the right, title and inter
est of the drfen.lants Jame-C Morgan and Pre
seilla Morgan, in and to the following described
real property, to-wit
Ihe cast one half iV of the southwest iruartcr
C,)ot section number six (;;, ia township num
ber twentyeven C-'7 south, of range one (1) east
of the sixth (6th) principal meridian in the coun
ty of sedgw lck, state ot Kansas
"said real proper! will be -old as the propertv
ot the defendants James ( Morgan and Pre-ella
Morgan. losatisfv said rder of sale
sheriff's off.ee, Wichita, February the 10th, A.
D. Is7
P II. MAEY, sheriff.
Sedgwick County, Kansas
Raldwin ,t Stanley, pl'ffs attorneys
l'r f. SD U) ' 45-4
Sheriff's Sale.
Di-trjrt court 13th jndietal district of the state
of Kansas, In an.l for Sedgwick county, Kac-a'.
W C Woodman, plaintiff,-)
v I
Thorns Ilresr and Ellen f
Rrcw , defendants 1 -
P.y virtue of an order of sale isned oat of the
thirteenth Jndlcial district,
, , f -.-Icwici cunntr, Kan-a,
whrrn v,,- c Woodman is plaintiff, ind Thomvs
Rrew and Ellen Ilrrw arr delendants, I will
1 on Tliumlay. the lwa day or xarch. A D 1-71,
at 2 o'clock" p m., at the court noose door ia the
' city or Wichita, -edgwick cimntv, Kansas, offer
j for sale at public auction, to the highest bidder for
1 uiu iu U3HU, .i uit- iiiui. line aw interest Ol
. the defendants Thomas Hrew- and Ellen Brew
1 In and tir te following desenbrd mt propcrtv t
o-w it " ;
Lou number fonrty-three (4S). fonrty-ffie (45)
and r,mr:v-wieQ (r on Wter sWet j the town I
of W ichiU, it Teeatr of sUwict, aa.1 Hats ,
fjl IVQaS
said n"at proiert w ill Ik- sold as the proi-erty of
tne .leirauanis inoints lirew anu ruiea iirew
tosvtlw.i.d order of 'Ie
P II JIV5-EY Sheriff.
.ssslwick coustv-, Kansis
Sluts Dyer Jd'ffs atioroeys. " IS-4 S.i
j Publication Notice.
, Jl"' I
' lD'nTlihtrkt'coort of ihe 13th judicial district
... ...'V . . ..... . . i " .
miaul aictiecs anu-ciroii I
,!.. ,.i.,ffri
jicCIrcs, plaintiffs,
iX C Hickmin, !i f mUnt. j
X. C. Hickmin. the above named defendant.
will take notice tint lie h is been tiled by VllUm
u'l .... . .,... ..f .... -.. ti..i !.:- ......
", ,?"T,, ,..7",he '.. I iSS
jnd Nelron xcClees
And for the foreclosure cf a certain mortf :e riv-
1 n byjou to the faid V lllljmi Net-on ncUmiin
1 the loilouiiigilescribnlrpiil i-Utesitiute in sedfr
' i icL county, Kan&jto.wit . '1 he uonhenet quart r
i ofeectiou buniber thirti-tKo, in ton i.? hip number
lureiity-eipht Muih, rjnpc number one east, to se
cure tne -urn of inonej mined in the said promU
ory note and the interest thereon, and for the fur
ther turn of flily dollarii, the mn stipulated in
said mortjrige as an atloni.y 's fee in ca-e of fori-clo-ure
and costs of suit
And that uulest jou, the giid ?.'. C llickiiun,
nnwerthe sud p!eiFititf' iwt.Iion on or before the
Jblh dav of March, A 1. 1-71, Ihe jietilionof the
aid p'.aintitfs will betikenas trneund judjrmeut
rendered as prand for. and said aboe de-(.ribe.i
real propirty sold to sati-fy such judgment, attor
neTi feeJ and c-t of tint
NL1XJ.V McLLKha, I'laiuliffi.
Atteft U. W. i:eees, llerk.
J u. lialilerston, jit'lta attorney. -.-1 $U.M
District Court 13th Judicial district of Ihe etate
of Kansas, in and for hedtrvrick county, K.1U3.IA.
i: A. ltarbir. p!aintin. 1
Christian Ilory, llarbara Kory and
smtin Daws, ueieuuanis.
lly virtue of an orderol sale issued out of Ihe
District court ot Ihc 13th Judicial district, sitting
in and for Aedgwlck county, Kansas, wheriin
i; A Ilarber is plaintiff and christian liory, liar
barn llory and smith Davis are defendant, I
will, on Monday, the 23lh day of March, A. D.
Is74, at 2 o'clock 1' M ., at the court hou-e door
in the citj of Wichita olfer for sale at public auc
tion, to the highest bidder for cash in hand, all
Ihc right, title and intticst of the defendants
Christian Itory, Barbara Ilory and Smith Daiii
in and to the following descrided leal proptrly
10 wit
Ihesoutliwestiiuarterf'i) of the southeast one
juarter (V), and the south half (J.) of the south
west quarter ('), aud lots number four (I), live
(5), six (f) and seven, alt of section number ten
(101 . in tow nshin number tw entv -eight (2S) . south
ot range nuinbir one (1) east, in Ihe county of
.seugwica, imirui jvniisas.
i?id real property will Ih; sold as the property
of the defuidauU Chri-liaii llory, llarbara ilory
and smith Davis to satisly said order of sale.
sheriff' oflice, Wichita, February the loth, A.
1' It MAS.sKV, Shirirr.
41-4 l'r fs-S'J.j.) Sedgw ick County, Kansas,
sluss X Der, pl'ffs attorneys.
Sheriff's Sale.
District court 13th Judical District of the state
of Kansas, in and for .Sedgwick county.
J. It. Askew, plaintiff, 1
vs. I
J. W. Davashcr, Folly Ann Dav- I
nn Dav-I
r (ireell, f
ane ami I
mts. )
asher. F M Green. Mollie J
Charles II.. Snyder, u G Lane
James .viciuiiocn, ueientunis
lly virtue of an oriUrof sale issued out of the
district court of the 13th judicial district, silting
in and for Sedgwick county, Kansas, wherein J
K. Askew is plaintiff ami J VV UavaMiir, 1'olly
Anu D.iva-her, FM Grieu, Mollie J Gr.eu, Char
les F sniler, M G lnc and James McCulloch are
defendants, 1 will, on rridav, the 2oth day of
March A. D. 1-74, ut 2 o'clock" p in., at the court
house door, in the city of Wichiti, offer for sale
at public auction, to the highest bidder lor cash m
hand, all the right, title ami mti rest of the de
IcndantsJ VV Dav asher. Folly Ann Darasher, K
M Green, Mollie J Grenn, Charles F snjder, M
G Iue and James McCullich, in and to the fol
lowing described real property, to-wit:
Hut tract of 1 ind situattd iu Sedgwick county,
mid stile of Kansas, bounded as follows, to-wit.
lleginuing at u point seven hundred and thirt
oue aud one hall (731 9J feet west and one hundred
aud fourteen (111) leet south ol the northeast cor
ner ot the southwest qiurtir (M of friction num
ber twenty-one (21), township number tweuty
seven (27), south ol lunge number one (1) east;
and running thuicc west one hundred (loo) leet,
thence south two hundrid and eighty-six (2&)
fet, thence cast one hundred (loo) leet, thence
north two hundred aud eighty-sK (JsCj feit to
the place of beginning.
Said real propi rtj will be "old as the property
of Ihe defendants J W Daiashir, l'olly Ann Dav
ashcr, I'll Grim, Mollie J Green, Charles Fsny
der, M G Lane and James vcCullocli, to satisfy
said order of sale.
sheriff's office, Wichita, Knnsaa, KibruirylO,
A. I). 1S71.
1. II. MAS5LY, sheriff,
Selwii.k county, Kansts
Slttss .t Dyir, pl'lTs attorneys. 15-1 Fr fs-SU 25
Assignee's Notice.
Tlie undersigned, assignee of IL 0. Mann, here
by give notue to the creditors ol the assignor
that on Wednesday, Die 20th day of May ls74, at
his office. No 41 Main street, in Wichua, iu the
county of Sedgwick, and state of Kansas, the as
signee will uimmc tire publicly to adjust and allow
ciaims aud demands against "the tstate of said II
C. Mann, at the hour ol !l o'clock a. rn , ami con
tinue in session until .ri o'clock p. m. of said diy,
and ou the two surfeiting das between the same
hours; and all persous having claims against said
estate ale notihcd to present said claims on one of
tho-e ilavs, or they may be precluded fromanv
benillt ol'said state.
D A. MITCHELL, Assignee.
Wichiti, January 12th, lo74. 41-tf
Kiep Hour, ratal and all kinds of mill feed
cutler wholesale or retail. All order promptly
lllled. Cu-tom work done on short notice
!- Wichita, Kansas.
50,000 ACRES
for sale for
o .a. s hh: i
on one to live veais'
O 12 E ID I T I
at a low rate of interest.
Time, Price, Quantity, Location,
at option of
They embrace Ihe mo-t EARLY and CHOICE
watered by
timbered with
and rich deposits of
11 I
in tracts to suit
aad th;
of the
A lt K A N S A S V A L L E Y.
These Titles have tea acquired Uironi:h the i
natcrityof rtfairs which the financial eonvall 1
sion has rendered the mrVajs nsable to pay.
and are sold rranl!rss of uieir value to re-imlzre
j a nioaeys .avaacec opsva thera. asd wm he said
'is and ia accordance with the facts herein set
forth, be app!ics.tios to
P"t,u0- lo
rj Patties liTtna; at a ii afxace caa C3fer by
Utters describing the ehxter of tacds they tl.
aire, when partlc lars Ut st faniia-etl them
-ivr a -T?,Tr-Fyrgs.
Wichita Wholesale aud Retail Fricea
(The flret column if the price by the package,
th it e..!iimn ihe reuil priee. I'rieef ot all ar
Uclet lifbl to Chang ev-ery day )
Ground Coffee ,
Ntvv Orleans, -v lb
New irk C ...
White Coffee A
Powdered and Crushed
Corn ileal, per cwt
Golden syrup, f gl
New Orleans Molasses
Manilla, -p lb
I leiup l'acking
Natural Leaf, lb
.. 11 W
15 S'
4 73
4 25
...3 'C'il lu
...2tOS3 25
...1 Oodl U
.1 M
. CO
1 24
.... IS 25
1 25
1 00
736) U5
lOi.1 70
star, j tb .
Tallow . .
22 30
.n .
lilaefc I'lpiicr, t1 Hj a :
Fiincnto 20 40
NutmiRNo. 1 140 1 so
Ginger, pure ground 3") 50
Mustard 35 50
Cassia . . 53 39
Cloves 40 50
Feaches, 2 doi. in cose, ? case 5 S3 CJ
Hemes, etc 5C0 30
Portland Sugar Corn, 2 tb cans, V case..6 25 33
Apples 2lesVSO0
lumips 10 W)
Heels 49 1
Cabbage, V head 5 H
New Potatoes, "pV bushel 75 125
spring Chickens, dozen 2 00(j2 75
Ilutler, V tb, choice 25 35
hggs.tdozen . 10 lJi
Onions, V bushel 150 2 50
Navy lleans .. . 3 50 4 CO
liuaiilo dried 10 12
Lard 10 12
Turkeys, dressed 12i 15
Ducks J 1-'.'.'
ll'.ack and apeckleil bass, 16 25
W hie fish and Chicago trout IK.'
Cat to uy.
Green Hides 18 5
sail hides . . .... it 'J
Drvniut hides 12?1
Dry salt ( !)
Dam.igid, rijiff.
Deer skins, lall and winter, each . .. 1V& 20
Sheep pelts, green and city slaughter .. 2.Vsl 55
sheij. pelts, drv. .. 531100
Tallow 0,
liecswax. 25
lleef cattle cross 2 Wfil 00
Pork, live 3 Mlgtl O)
iheei 2 004 00
Veal calf, each 5 00457 00
Wheal, Fall 1 CO
Corn, iter bushel 31 43
Oats . IS M)
Hay, per ton 4 Mg5 CO
Palm, 'H lb 7; 10
Shaffer's Extra Family 8 12S
Castile, genuine IS 3o
do American 18 25
Dry Cod, V lo 3 '-
No 1 Makerel, large 10 50 11
No. 2 do do. t" hf bid 5 75 10
No. 3 do. do. Vkit 2 10 2 50
Family do do. 1 10
Pickled Salmon. 23
do. Herring, V bid 3 50
do do. Vlil. bbl 4 50
smoked do. V box 50
Whiteiish, -yu.r.bbi 900 12 X
Oysters, 2 doen in case, y case 5 50 3J
Surdines, qr. box, V box 21 SO
Raisins, seedless, f lb 73 25
do layers 3 25 25
Currants, V lb, new In l!j
Prunes. 17 25
Cherries 35 40
Raspirries 41 60
Illarkbeines 19 25
Apples 13X 15
Peaches 14 1GS
Almonds, Tairagon, soft shell-, lb 25 35
llrazil 15 30
Filberts 3 30
English Walnuts 25 30
Pecans 23 3)
I iln.n- 45 50
Figs 20 30
Common, V bushel 1 25
English 1 40
Sea Island
Lumber, 1-t clear di'd -p m MOO
' 2.1 ' " 55 00
" 3.1 " " 50 Oi)
Flooring, dres-ed match, 1-1, 2d
and 3d class . .52 50, 47 50, 42 50
siding, diesed, 1st and 2d class . . 32 50, 27 50
stocks, dressed, A, It and C b5 00, 55 00, 42 50
Itourh barn .. . 33 00
sheiting . 35 00
Fencing 35 00
Dimension, lOleit and under 35 00
' 13 unit 20 feet 1.. S7 50
Shingles, A, and No. 1, cash
perm .. l 00(55 0
Lutli, Chicago and river, m 7 00
Rrooms, common to extra, f dozen 2 50&3 10
salt, "f bbl 4 00
" V bushel 1 On
Ohio River Salt 3 70g,l 20
Rice, Ib ll(H2l;
Indigo, common So I 20
do good . I 5 2 00
Soda, In carb , Delimits II lii
do Delauds, in papers Hftl2),
sal Sod.v 6.' 10
Cream Tartar, prime 35 60
do pur 50 70
Powder.-? keg 9 00
Horseshoes S 53
Nails 6 03rate.
Ohio lime in bulk
Kankakee lime, in bulk, per bushel. . CO
Iiouisville cement
Uo-enda! cement 5 00
L'ttica cement
Akron cement
Michigan stucco 150
New S'ork stucco 3 50
Lam! piaster - . .j.
While sand 1 50
1 01
2 00
5 50
2 On
2 00
3 50
4 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
5 CO
1 00
3 00
S 50
7 50
10 00
13 CO
00 03
30 00
45 (
Plasterer's hair (5 bush sacks) per sack
nrcciay. ? uri
Kankakee stone, foot
Marble Dust, r brl
Itch's patent sheet iron rooting, so,. .
Rrick, common, V m
Florence stone (nibble) t cord
.3 50
lire brick, "f m
Philadelphia pressed brick
Ohio prcscd brick
st Louis pressed brick
Oak grained, f lb 7
Walnut grained 7
R'ueetriped, blue tint ground 7
Huff striped, buff tint ground 7
Plain blue tint 7
Plain buff tint 7
Ceiling, light blue 7
Aluminous, lire and damp proof 3
Plain board . . 3
Tarred boaid 4
Tarred wool sheatlng 4
Tarred roofing paper 4
Carpet lining 5'.
Paper oil cloth nd carpelin j 10
stair carpeting 10
Double winted paer tacks .
Wood moulding, lOCOfeet
Chicago made men's French calf prKd
Men' dvm'ic calf pegged boota
French kip boots
Vesl kip noots
Farmers kip boots
Hft or stora kip
Grain ttoga Lip ....
Hoy's flne kip
Youths stoga kip . ...
Women's buff tiatraoralt
W'omen'i goat balmoral
Women's calf baImoral ... .
Mics' calf bai .orals . . ..
Mises' buff bslmoral"
Children' buff and calf balm'ls
Kip plow shoes .. ..
Kip bilmorsls
Men's heaty overs and sacdali . .. .
ladies' overs and sandals, heavy . .. .
.Vies' overs and sandals, heaiy
Mn's over and sandals .elf-aeiin;
Ladles' overs and saadali, lf.acuc;
6 lO
5 75
5 00
3 50
4 CO
2 50
5 io
3 00
2 25
2 50
2 5-3
S 50
2 50
1 75
1 21
Alcohol. ? jallon IH
Cdorne spirit' ... 1 50
l"ur- spinu. proof . HI
Old rye whiskies 1 V)
Old Uonrbou whiskies 100
3 00
J "I
Call fornix wines. . ..
2 0 f"J
Und, raw . f falloa
sperm, VV B
Carbon oil. standard, 110 Are test
Vnxne white, 120 2rt teat. . .
water white.
1 25
I 30
t 03
Deodorized Recline
Lard oil. extra wtater
Palm Oil .. .
West Virginia tcbricatln f
Nealsioot oil, strictly pure
Pnm Hee gte, ft
No. J. slightly raixrd
No 1 .
. IS
.1 00
.11 V
. 75
-1 00
1 25
1 50
Indian Head
Appletoa. A
twreac, LL.
KS ' Ans,aj;
16S Otia. Bn
U', 1 Willow Ban
18 , Hay maker.
13 S'
Prpperell- K IS
Peppertll.X HH
AnVHkrar. A C A 30
Araoskta;. B !
An tosirtsT. D . .Is
Manchester, A C A X
CalVm li
tnoa Yara JiX:
, New York IU S
IWaawraa. .S3
FaTarst. . ..U
EedZUak . . ..
,Caaoe . . . f
i race m.
i Cocheca . H
Cordis SJ
l-JisSeW ,
AroosLea 193
CoeasTi'ie ii
Aterica I
sAroericaa. IIS
.-prsuree's .IIS
Prreraaas l1.
Ws aaSas S
' cis4Maa ,
t Laseaar . 53 I
The town of Et Paso is located on the east bank
of the gTeat Arkansas River, in the southeastern
part of Sedgwick county, Kaasas. It has many
advantages, among which are iu beautiful and
bealtby location, situated on a high, gently tlop-
inpr prairie, surrounded by one of the largest bod
ies of the mo: fertile land in tlie state, which is
all taken up by actual settlers, who arc energetic,
industrious and practical farmers. They are at
work in earnest, opening up their fanna and mak
ing thiinselves good, comfortable and permanent
There is a rock bottom in the river, extending
about three tmarters of a mile up and down the
stream. On the east bink the rocks are about fif
teen feet above low water mark, and on the West
bank about twelve feet below the surface of the
A good substantial bridge, two hundred and
seventy-Are feet long, spans the Arkansas Riv-r
at this place, thereby giving the farmers on the
west side ol the river access to the town at any
stage ot water and at all seasons or the rt ar. The
bridge rests on stone abutments on either bank,
and on two iron piers, which stand llrrcly on the
beil rock in the river It la naturally the beat
place on the river in this state for a railroad bridge
across iha great Arkans&s River.
Two railroads have already been surveyed to
this place; one from the northeast, via Eureka and
Augusta, crossing the river at this rock bottom,
(he other from the city of Wichita to Arkansas
City, which proved to be almost an air line, and a
very favorable route. No doubt, both roads will
soon be completed.
There is- not the least doubt that here is the best
water privilege in the state of Kansas The great
Arkansas River, its source in the Rocky Moun
lains, is supplied with water in summer by the
melting snows in the mountains, by rain and Its
many tributaries in winter The water is alwav s
highest from spring until fall, yet It has nver
been known to overflow its banks at this pi:. it.
There is an abundance of water during Ihe w hole
year to ran all the machinery that can be placed
on the bank for several miles below.
The feasibility of a dam across the river U not
questioned, a solid rock bottom all the w ay across
to build upon, the width only two hundred and
seventy-live foet from shore to shore, a high bank
of clay and rock on the east side, and on the w t
side a bed of tongh clay covered with samt ex
tending for some ways up the river above the rock
bottom. This water priv ilege must and will short
ly be improved. Kl Paso will lie a manufacturing
town. The experiments last csason in rais'rg
cotton demonstrated that this soil and climxte are
adopted to cotton growing; then why not manu
facture it here where the corner stone and found
ation have betn naturally laid.
tiu: town.
The town is new, the buildings are subsM' !,
erected for permanent business houses an.l Loines
It contains one dry goods store, a drug store, tvro
grocery stores, one Hotel, a w.igon maker and
blacksmith shop, one shoe store, a meat market,
two feed stables, a good school house, and a num
ber of dwellings.
There is a good school from seven to nine months
each ycir. A Sabbath-school has been organized
and is now in a flourishing condition.
Two church organizations have been effected,
viz: the Methodist ami United Presbyterian, each
having regular servlers.
By recent arrangtments the Town Company has
suceeded in obtaining at this place a Junction of
the stages of the Southwi stern Stage Company. A
daily stage runs from here to Wichita, a tri-weekly
from here lo Fort sill, a tri-weekly to Welling
ton, a dally, via Winneld, to Arkansas City.
The timber in this vicinitv consists of Cotton
wood, oak, ah, hickory, walnut, mulberry and
elm. Cord wood is delivered in town at four dol
lars wr cord.
There is here a good opening for business men
of all kinds, mechanics of all trades ; honest, in
dustrious, temperate and energetic men are re
spectfully Invited
The policy of the town company heretofore has
been to donate lots to those who built houses on
them Now, for the Hrot time, they advertise lot
for sale
Per-ons seeking homes or wishing to engage in
business of any kind, or desiring to locate in a
healthy, pleasant and prosperous new place,
among a good clasa of society, would do well to
piy this place a visit before settling elsewhere.
For further particulars addrtss
St, Louis Hardware Store.
Wholesale nd Betsll Dealers In
H -A. IR, ID "W I? S ,
Agricultural Implements,
N 0. 34 MA 1 1 STR EET,
The four leading tirnis above having taken possession of the entire magni
ficent New Hotel Block, on the corner of Main and Second streets, all repie
senting diiferetit lines of staples, are iletcrmed to make it an object for the
people of Southwestern Kansas to trade at the above point.
. 3T See Their Individual Advertisements Below.
Hate just opened a large aud well .ell selected
Which they will sell at Prices that defy competition.
Call and Examine Our Goods and
W. .A.. THIOl
W II O l;K.M A I.K
a- ir,
WICHITA, - - -
WA.R. W-A..R. WAB.
I ofr my larg aid compUta . of Dry (JoJs for the nest twenty days at esl. Iacludlp( la pad
Print, MttJ'uu, Cut-.!-, Jhm, rasstls, W.Urjrool, Eliaket. Shawli. Ac
Milt complete atoelc of DRESS GOODS In the cilr.
rr my prteas (.Itaaa call at my 1
ef. Imaaabaalaaas. Tha Gosxia mast ta sold, as
vTIcklut. Eaaaaa. Deeiir laid, 1171
.,'--aJ.J . U. -- -
rRAKritPETTO.V r ow ratai'laf tta lafsst shKk af
A fall Has of -
cook: aist3d sea-othstg- stoyes i
Wahaee U ti rsar of oar atar aTLV SHOP raifar aur -a Bawara. Larln- la
aajjiay aa eifriestl tlaiar, w t oaraaUa Eoafjj. AH siais f Jvtt War k eWaa wkk sxa-jtsss
W bayoirxs-li airsct freai a rats tetsuers, ttarsVvy aia(f JVr's 'jtn,i, s. tit k
saab.es as U sB a! IrtilUss ars.
W( ! carry a j" tta af
4b t frus. fartsri't, kajtil i task fares, a d
m i ... . . .. .
4l ataw. irea wr mmj n a- .-j-
. , , .
t&MlZf uTer. s r aa.r a ao9 Nii.a.&.i r if
Vft iars rt sitftriTt tsi. f wsttm ssvl
CS a4 rtandar r slack a4 ftttrt
slock of -j,-
Prices Before Purchasing Elsewhere.
S. E. HOWITT & S035TS,
door south of Hills A Kramer Wichita, Kansas
- A - S &c CO.,
A N 1) It ETA 1 Ijj
S !
will ! y t"r prleas thaa yirti ka r hard
I 4 a4 nst ka? nvrasy.
j-. o-r.5C Dvv:x)sorr,
tsa Sr a ;!! r Yuttft OaU. W,J,
m .. ....
. .. - s - fwai ta wr Hi" wtai swir par
. ,
B1 V, aii, t ,-5 Tr-j. tv.aai.Hlt lr"
ys.JKiE:2. ac 2r:xo2a'.
CountyTreasurer's Sale of Schoollands.
Xotice is herebr given that the ttaderiaeit,
trawarer of sedg'wick conaly. state! of Kansas,
will, on the U day of February. A. JD t7. be
tween the hours ota o'clock a m. and I o'clock p.
m., sell at public ale, at my office, within the
city of Wichita, Sedgwick, county. Kansas, to tho
hlfbest bidder, the Tidluwinc described aca-wt-lana-.
ia legal subdivision, aitaated la the county
or sedjwtck, an.l stale ur Kaoisaa, tu-w it
Section K, Township 2), Range 1 weal
1 w
1 w
I w
fc Apprieds3 s.s
aw V 01 ne '
e ' or n r '
w 'j of a '
1 SO
H W l
s in
t e sfnKs
w ' of IV w '
n e of a e '.
1 w
1 w
n w of e
' of r '
s w a ot e u
iK'.ulm i I lii I J 1 I 1 U f
u, w of w , I is I a- i 1 w 1 I
lsktK' 1 tit 1 S I 1 W IJ j
a w '. svf w V. ( ll W 0 I
J. JOHNsON, Treasnrer
uf?JwlckCo , Kansas
Sheriff's Sale.
Di-trirt court IJth JmUil ailrlc4. of th state
of Kansas, In ami lor sig;-tct. ciMiaiy
-hellalunter A i.eiiiisn. riaiunos.
June Mel ulliwh. a.lminlitrsloe .
,. .. I..1.. v .1. .-a.I liint. T.
II it uiuii.,"-' '" ........ ,
t.lndsav, Robert Llndsxy, Janwa I
Armenl. dlen.tnt
Bv virtue of au writer of sale Usueil out of Hit
dl.t'rlct cs.nrt of Ihe tab JvidMul district. sitLsin
aa.1 for edwick roam t. Nan, whtrr.n :bI
lalurcrr ami I eldigh are plsiatiffs. and Jam
McCnll.h adinla'-lraliir of II ll lands- de
ceased. Anal L I.mdiav Ralierl I.IBOaav
James rm-ntdefrn.lintlilt.i)ivThui.ly th
10th dav or March, 1 ts", at lo clirfVp
III .at the esuiit house door In the city of W ichlta,
eslgwick eminty, Kan isnerlor aaleal pobl o
auction. I the hi, best Sudds l.r rssh l hand,
all the right, title and Interest of the defendants
June. Mcoilloch, a.l.-ulnllrt.e of It H Undsay
deceased. Annie I. Lindsay. Rnbrt Lln.laay and
James Aituent, in and IivlUe follow int described
real proiwtty. to-wit
the north half t'.J af the aoulheast uturler .
ofaeellon number seven ('). In tiwnbl,nanibr
twentr-neveh ) . aouih of range onrober tww ' .
east; andlou pamber thlrtv-two (Ji thirty f.ur
(ll), thlrtT-sl (1!, and ihlrly.rUht .jsi ou VV a
ter .liest "in thctoxiiof W lehila, toualy ofsedt
wick, and state of Kan.as
sl.l real pnijrty will b ssjld as the pr ':ertT
of d.frn.Unl J neaMeV-ulloih. .tlutnltf!ir tf
11. II. tJndisr, dee'd. Anule I. tjndsay IUbrt
Liudsay and James Artnent. to Jitufv; stid order
of sate
sheriff !Cv, WltlaU. Kansas, Jan ab Is t
P II 5ts.s.y Sheriff
-S -cdska csui.ty. Ksna-s
Sheriff's Sale.
District court 1-tlh JodieUI lU.trift (.fthattsl
of konsss, lu and tr se.lfwlc. CKr.l
lieore II Mteel, ilaialiu.
mtilt. -j
lf.H..Kf V'.ll..ta.l I
li. liar ilcff-ndinU I
Bv virtue of an oriteriif ssle lassued nut of the
district ciiurtof th tub. Judicial dlstr.rl of tb
stale nrKans.s. mitts; lu awl for shsIchi. lr tun
It, oherrlu lienl-re It sneet is .llillff, an.l Hsu
n'ah M Walker and llo'lt. Day are itfMilsu's
I will, unruesiUy the liMh day ol Mar. I. D
1-T, al 2 o'clock p III .at the court house d. r
in the city of Wichiti. s,djwlck esiunly offer
fur sale at public auction In the highest til t.let
for cash In hand all lh right, title and Interests
of Ihe delmiUnt Hannah M Walker. In au.t lis
Ihe follow IRZ described real properly I wit
Che north half ( of the uorUnsejl iptattcr I
cf sction nuiuber lienty-lw Ml) In tnt
number twenty-seven ( 1, in lanne niiruuer
(I) east. In the county of esl)rlek and Lil of
Kansas s.i.i real property nf d.fendaat Hannah
l W alker la satisfy said order of sale
rhrria'amre,Wlhlta, Kaitms.Jsn 31 v tl l"l
P II M lU. sheriff
. snlwirk count) Kauasa
Sheriff's Sale.
District Court Ulh Judiclat IH.lilcl, se.!-wck
Counly. Kansas
llollls Diy, ptainllff,
George l.ray and Sarah i.ray. drfend I
It? virtue . I an order of aale mus out of Ih
district rsiurt or Ihr l-in Jwllclal dutfiel. slllln
tn and fur feduwlek ISHiiity. Kansas, vil.rrein
ItollicDav is plaitilin stid i.sime l.rsv sndsarsli
l.ray are il.f.ii.latil- Inili ou xnndav', ll. lh
day of Matin. A l ls.'l. al o'clock a m
at the coiiit hi.us d.r tn Ihe eily nl W lehlM
s.ffer for sal. al ptlldie am'livil lis the highest bid
iter, fur i.li in hand, all the lUhl. Iilleai.diiiler
est of the defendant l.riirjte dray and Marishlilar,
III ami 1.1 Ihe fullowinn lrerlbei r-l propr t ,
'lhe nor.hwrst qaarirr ..f setllon num'r Mae
Id), in tuHti.tilp nniiiber tiwni; ..l.n rr.i, sonlli
or rang number lu CI east, situated In sril
nlek eotuilj, Kansas
Sal.l 1. si i.rulty will b audi a the r peril
,.f defrii.Untalieoieliray aiid?jirahlrsTo is
f said i.nlerrste
ShertlTa office, Wirhila. Jan 1Mb. V l 1 I
r 11 iivsm:i, hrllI
ij-U se,i(HMt, ( .Hinly Kan a
n.ii.i-tn.t su!.j. n.intifi'a Aiioin...
Sheriffs Sale.
In dlatrlKt 0ort 1Mb Judicial Hlslriet ("
lata af Kansas, In and far s.liwiek eon 11 It
John r Mrwart, an lufsnt. by his 1
next friend, MirfrW W l-y, iiPfJ. )
vs f
M (. Lane tran V l.vne ' I
James ilflolbeti le(.itilans
lly rirtne uf an MNlsr .r alr i..i. .t t
di-lrlelrs.iirli.rtb lh jud.i-ial disiii. f 1
In ami for said riisali, of Kansas where is
JahuT Mlewail. an (iifsnt In In li.vl f) en.1
HorrisVVIvr Is plainttir. awl M l lne M.ral,
A lnr awl Jmo. -jtrl t.lto. h ate d'f'ht.a.s I
wttl, in'lu.iUy Hi I ah !) J Alar, h A J 1
at I a'dsK-k t. ni at lb evtrl Ihi it k 11 u
Hy af W lehila. sd;wi..W eoMltlt Kansas fr
Mr al al Slldlr aueUim to Ih. bl'i. t t. 1
dr for cash 1b basnl all h nW till ant .
Irresl of Ih .l.f.iMlHl. M It I n. .arah V
losnr and Jatnea Met nlloeh in and l. r t
limine drlbd ral iirly I" wil
l.t nmiitier 11H1.tj-.I3hI (W; .mi lwi.
nae In J K Mra.1 a ddlll.m l lb ru vt VV !: 'a
situate In srdnoltl ralj, Kansas
said r! ptlrty will b "bt Oi i" '
of .l.trndsnia t i Latt. stsrab A I an an I Jan. s
Mr( iilloch i .stiurr id rdr .f ir
sheriff's mr,Wifciu,KaBsaa,J.n 11 V I' 1-' I
P II M HKT. ah.r IT
dir"Uh Hiiitv Kna
J M lut.l.ritan. PlalHIIlt'a !l..rti.y 44 4
Publication Notice.
hedtiwtrk esitintf
Pall.r.on laylar. Plaintiff,
l.vsl.l L Pal, .tanarbsn 'a-
twrne. VV I ItrtlrMiia, N (
lr .llsl-l. MMI.rl.hs.tH.er,
A T Ijimtlmry ami I' MHrh
ell. Drfrii'lsala
Tli atnst lianed ilfSHia,U, (las I t I Path
Jostslhsti .ltfH aasl W I I Hm.i s.ji M.
notlr thai lliey hate la ass! fey t'n.lers. n la
lor, Ihr bl iJ.lMiff Iksl ..lit pl.ir.nn '!
Ilthdayeif "flwfc.r V I Kl Olnl in Itl ftV r
Ih elrk i.ril'lstrit eomtiif ue.itaf f
f!k, arl atal of Kasia a tSiltun In lii '.
rfltlUeil rail. aaatnal tlatlH L lra .1 -tis'hsl
Dsly.rh VV I IK.lim.. M VI.ValUol MM
I eehbetriM-r. V 1 looahtiri and ll 1 1 kt
aas.1 pialntltt dnaal a uslatoit a-iastiKfta I
I a ss I I. Paya on a rritalrt ptaim. r- n 4 I i
Ih aafii f hi biattsl nw4 .IslF.ala d- ars ai t
stlty-aix r,ttta wHli inter! as, aal-t m m !
IMiday of Jl, A l IsCI al lo.l.a r . .. f '
anssfsi asai t a jfs.tirtnM f. i.s,a ftt r
matt' Kls.it V lit ahl lim-l I I ite r ,
bahk'aK h. f llrsas Ib-fitfe . f s s;
Kasaaa, an tb fnl's!a' 4flkl tal a -So-wli
Ih rKtrtlMMi! qwsrter vf aeetiwr, nam' tr
tlirrty-rts In tonis. aarntwr ta.' 7 0 a an V
of raas-. Isti at i. ar tfc. M,rtM.ir e c t
amm af sohsv tsatl'ad im aa.4 t.,! r t J
ami Ot latr. ih.', ast4 for Ui furr- t a
af lea lHSt.lr4 .tAtUra aa a t.awhalrl- atbrff.. a
fe firr rirrWifts: at4 man aat f.,, a (u if
ni.ttt derlsriaa- l Msorfctr I, fc a yt ur i -n
aatfl real ratal ai IImI Ja J e ' tr
id I. Pays., JaiMttisa IMiri awl C. r. a.
nix, aowr Us MitH iJalatiff it,w 1 tt
day af Msr.b. V IMTI. Ih ealtt t-KV-n
takeft aa Ira atal a )sSVrr mi rrlr sjra
in aeeanis artli lb ilfnawl af aaid t a
afafMitl, sn4 lbM als. 4rserib4 ra. et'
II k- U lo Mttf ak Wxmot
vri.u.. Kaaaa, J.aa.rr rJih,
.M a kIJHrttl . n. A
AH-4 t. W IttlKVstsj, frk 4 4
Marshal's Sale.
Ixelrjej af lvaaa (
In Km- Itsrt I . af tk t'M1 ta)c r
.lr4 af Ksmii
Jns lxtr ali) 1st ksakrvH.' .
f BaM is Mrllr b.alrtrs;. sskrtatiS'
frrt 1
PaM4 hn Wat it k.V l.. Nm a-lss ., a
slrswa of Hr raiHl tAf In tfc.
Ott"t utHm to 4t t slKa!.!.'.
af an itt4sasi sa4 a sat4asS4ta( ' f -flsl
tn4 d-IM.f.
I will at) 14ar. tSw illli .. Yf raa"
A It ITt, tils rrk Mi tk- afWiw-l ' ' r '
4f at ifc -irt kH) la t stf ,fn ... ia
ts Ok- aat af ..JsfS. awt !' .It'
trn. aff.r t ii. .rkt fe44r r4 a.l 0 1
la hM tM taliaiala 4ss ifc4 trw f ,
tsiii4, iriaa ol Wm la 4 ..sry f
wtt wl'iil. srf Kabaa 1 4 riM aa I
lasts l I h HrO(.4 sraarl af ttl sstrf-irt-isst4r
of assxtsHt maUf lj-4 'ti wswVtH
t-ty-ts art). mtslnt,ii. i s( . i
lb al aaK'wf IS tnrrvw etart't f ".'.;
tT.ro.aJf S", raej I t, vatassr.i' 'J a
mr t tta
al !. fta-st saal twlo kaa k-ia ' - -S a. -4
k aU ai IA tr.t-.,r af Ska b tMti
tfsja-r1 as-t 1 t tA, A Ms ystrraaa- f
Ih 4rnft arat 4t tisatr4 afar a
vr 1flfs.ll V a Msr.,t.
t-4.w ir iwio j"
l" Msrtkl'a Cr. Iairta t .
Jatwary fe Kl
we Jt tiawnntiry, .rwannaa 'Jif ah.m
AtUcfiment P.bricatioa.
TAT:,r kvf, 1 .
tsn f .j-t i
as" - fa a4 fa Vlitt4atr , ,
4rwrk s mm) . krti
A5krt teVM 4 J H -v.ra y41t )
AlasWr Mikia 444al V
t V.liyjrs b M u W t: f
Jaoaary. A It 154 r. K Ja4 a r " I
t pa, la aad tm M lafcsla tjj w-.,.,
kaJrwMk taraafr Mat s t.s s, laa4 .. -fi
4 at4ajUa t aanrt atK- ' -
M-. waaf t UttMi al . iu '-ar I
s B CAb 4f af r .arvars ittir.t.Ut. s:
a. aa f aaM j
JM ULrJtTV. 4 '-
t t.Aivfr nrru r.
Wt, K-a, rka-y I iri v
Jt IkttvMf i-si aMVf sa :-r
tosalii i-VUrd, w.ihtJ ba CS... ..-' f..
ka4wr 1st pestrtt.) tsr S yt ,j.4
i "rw". lt " ar-J Tartf
I atsi 4, Ifrasfitp 35 ufsi f ar. I v.4
1 B- rt.y Ksta wts,k( Vt Xr.a. .a
Hvm vf .
aJ r!eT Ua a4 rtl as kft--
j att-uSM- Ia ipi-.f as Cat so a. m, z,r
n xarrk Jt.t, rittttyi
A M W rrlftr2 a.. 4
;a us minua; MJnlr m oi.(..2
V Jt-tikfsra Ji.i.s-
J 4 Kr-Irittl b.., r
i Ur-i
tsmiii&atp,CKAnxa Ujttg. Zxjlzz
! AB war Uaa u, V w( aaarr tad ai a V
' 'ia. r t4 I ra at - asr at
. Wert aUt. rt'-lTj t XjuMflUV.

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