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The Wichita city eagle. (Wichita, Kan.) 1872-1883, February 26, 1874, Image 1

Image and text provided by Kansas State Historical Society; Topeka, KS

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CIjc SfHitjjiia (Sagk :
m. . miinocK. ". r. Mi-imocK.
rnnusiinns and risorKiin-oits. j
a:teeti:;3 zizzs xizz zszttj cs Ai-nrn:.'. (
Till: HATI'.S we liavc rsulillslitil Tor wlirr-tisingwilllie-Btrictlv
Hdhrrcdto in every In
b aiicr ,IliryaiP.islo'aharRP'lliy a majority
,f tht- papers in the Wret, aii'l as low as any iia
lurliiriiishsdonafirm and laotins laii', willia
lit r circulation, will io busim-. Wo tniiiK
i i.-uipi- lmn ran Rrt value rrcrived ly ail?rtl
Injr w ith u W c ask no one to palromre m out of
tlianlv, ami Jg not want a niau' inoni-r unlps
we civr him value received. W- could ae ly
11 ovir columns with lun-lRn r.dvcrtiaeineiit,
litiiiibiiCK, patent niediriiirs, itc, at lent than our
r-irular rales Hut wt liuiw Uiat we "iver ?' ,,e
iiiiwlledtadoM. .NolliiUBlLso well lor a
1 1 i .t -niv; il.e ilui Hi r iiie luralWr
"' Ilm fft i.Tom-. "i er.isemen.s of Une
, I 1,, ni Ve shall chrKc all nliWe.
lorri and local, and shall, not dewate w
vstaiillsiieu raies. -o ii"j ' ,....,. ...V '
Mca w ill he used in these columns, and in no use ,
willruf, or I.U.L. ai.d iiiiseenly illastratiom be j
adunttrd into this paper I
I.astmiMail fvU Wicliita s-outhwi stern U.
i: I Mail and KxpnssNo 2 departs 1 tl l ,
l'arnjter No. 4 t partii daily at 3.a r M Mall
AKxnref"No 1 arrivis daily at U.il a m., !' i
nenser No 3 arrtp dull at !.!' r. M.
KureVa, Kldorarto and AiiRUsta Arniri Mon
days, edneodayt and Kridays at 6 p.m. !
parts Tuesdays, Thursdays and fcatunlajs at 0
AArkansaiCitv(via WinfSdd, IJouglas and Au
tusta) Arrive, dailjr itCr.n. Departs dally at
Wellington Arrires daily at C P. . Hearts
dailvat? M.
Arkansas titvf via I.ittletown, Vnnciecali, Ox
for.land 1.1 I'asoj Arrives lue'days, lliiiredays
and featnnlas-s at 6 P. M. Departs Moii'lajs,
Wednedas and Fridays atC .
(.aldwilUsiaCliiunsLa, WellliiRton and Iicllc
name) Arrhes Tue.dajs. Tliursdavs and J-al-ii'dat
atS r. a Departs Mondays, Wednesdays
amlf ridaysatC A. M . . ...
osliia (via edKick and Newton) Arrives
Saturday at 9: P. m. Departs ratunlay at 3.U5
Sumner Citr At rives TiirvlaTf, Tliursdaj fand
SMunlats atl r M. Departs Moudays, Wednen
davs am'l Fridays at 1 p. u
f-ondon and Wellington Arrives Tuesdays and
Fridays. Departs Wednesdays and .turds)S
Drv Creek. Clarion and t lear Water Airive
and depart Wednesdays, once a week.
On and after dato the Hi-toni- will be-open Kir
tl.f ilelisery of lettprt and Hit salt of stamps Irom
7S a. M. to'T'Jr. m. ...
Hereafter the ortlce will be open on Sunday Irom
I to Id a. m. . . .
Malls rolnr east and south cloe prompt at .
r. m. It- I'. WrT, 1". M.
rirst 1're-i.Tteriaii Clmrch-I. V 1 1 AUfctv, pas
tor .'crvirei in I".aKle Hall every habbath at 11
u'rlock a i and 7', P, M
M K Chiirch-11 .1 WAl.tticn, pa-tor Service'
eviry abllallltlo' o'clock a m and . p. h.
Praver ineeliui on 1 lnirday evenlnj.
Jtaiitist Cliurcli 1 " riT, palor Services
at thr ix-w c liurcli on Market ttiei t every Sabbath
at 10', o'rlockA.M nd7P r
M. Abu slu' Catholic Church ltev pkiix r.
MtEKMiKiiuu, pastor Services on "Jn J ami 4th
Sundays or every inmilh; flrot mu at 8 o'clock
A M , hljjh mass at lo'i a m . eipers at7 p. .m.
KpUcopul tliurrl! Iter A T Is.fTwiiPL, rec
tor. erle!leer Sunday at old court house
building, on Main "street, at 10'. o'clock a in.
hn.17.J-) o'clot k ii. m. heats free.
JudKe Thlrtrenlh Judiriat Dutrirt W. 1.
( AUrllKM.. ,
Hoard ol (ii'nlv Commissioners .1 . 1 . Cap.pes
i.n, i Honiis, .1 11. 1K.
'county Treasurer S .Jnui'u.'i.
Count v Ink Ioiin 'IllKER.
Sherid 1' II MasMlV
leik District Ciurt(i. W. Km.VLs.
Probate. iMdge W m C l.iTrLK.
Mi-erlnl ndent i'libllc Instruction A. l.ur.nj
n.-glilcrorDtoU MiLoIt. luxumo.
(jiimt) Attorney II. 5-ns
tounty Mirseyor II I. .Iack-ov.
-rrv ornci:i:s.
Mavor I J. Horn.
r.iflie .IildRe J M Atoo.
t ily Trsssurer CitAkt.rs A ITIillip.
Miishal-U. .Mr.Ar.nin.
( ilv Attomev Wm ISalpwi.
ilvleik f F Nesslv
.luslices or the Peace D. A. MlTriiut-L, h. II.
JcvoTr . ...
(onstables J W. Mot Ar.TNrr and U 11.LIAM
Council I'll t Wiird Dn Oives, (iiaiii.ks
m ntTT.xnt. .seennd Ward 1. A srt lmsii-v,
Haviev. 'Ililid Waiil .1 M. Minnv,
A .1 Uam.Mhiki. Fourih Waul .I.C Fhakeh.
Hoard of l.ilucatioli First Ward M. It. M
hvn, ..i.uv MiLi:s fecund Ward C M.
(,tiir.i-u, W t Uooiimsn Tlilrd Wnnl
I, W. llKFVfc". I: N ttiht l'ouith Waid A
TO. O. ' Wichita Lodgp. No ill, meets ev
ery .satmdsv night, at 7 o'clock, at their
hall, orr the Find National bank All brothers
iu i:oud ftaudmg are invited to attend
W. .1. IIoiisi.n, N. C
C li KfKAiUir, It .
F A A M Meets on the Hut and third
Mondays vf each mouth
Morua Coi, W. M.
TheM i: Salibalh school, W. i: Manlcv, u
perinteudrnt, meets nt Hip chinch at , o'clock
The Piesbvlerlnabliatli school, II C. Waid,
siiperlntendenl, iiieel nt Kaglp hall at 3 o'clock
p m
Iht Baptist Sabballi school, A II Arment, su
parlutcutlrnt, meets nt the new church every sun
day inorningaty", o'clock.
MAIN STRIXT, over Hills A Krani'i's store
W h. JitNKtxs, KerUtcr; .1 C ltrnrirLii.
Kecelvcr UHlct homn from V to 13 a. w. and
fiom 1 to 3 p. M.
(101'XTY Sl'i: VINOUS I.ae your orders at
Ihecountt cleik'sotliie, or call at the vc.t
V ichil.1 poMoliico. b'"'?
.1 M. UAI.DKKslo.V,
ATTOUNHY-AT-I.AW, Wichita, Sedgwick
comity, Kansas. ap'Jii-Iy
jas. l nvrii.
Sl.l'SS A DYl'.It,
nOUNKYS-AT-l.AW, Wkhita, Kas.
;i:oi:(iF. SAi.iT.fHY,
nOKNEY-AT-LAW, Wichita, Kansas.
A TTOKXET-AT-LAW, llrst door south of I'
A S I.snd Oluce, Main street, Wichita, Kas.
spec is attention given to all kinds of business
connected with tht IT Land offlce. 15-tf
-noiiNHY nh corv-i:i.i.oi: at law.
J:V W ichita. Kansas VI ill practice in fulled
Malcsoud state com ts Iliukitiptcj a s'Cialil)
40 l
W. 11 KNAPP,
A TIOUNKY-AT-I.AW, Land Agent and No-
tarv Public. Oxford. Kansas in)4-ly
srjl BALHW11 W E ST.M.ET.
and in t
noiIXHYS AT LAW, Wichita. Kansas
fill practict In all the counsel mo siaie
the United States Ijind Oince. S7-tf
james Mcculloch,
TIOKNF.Y-AT-LAW, Wichita, Sedcnick
couuty, Kausas.
ntiiLMiv ami corN?Ki.i.on at law.
OBlce on Main stieet, VA Ichtta, Kan. O-iy
I.l'.l, VXD. I Wl'.llll,
ATTOKXKY AT LAW, WlnCeld, Kansas.
News Depot, Main stieet U-tf
Tl'OUXF.Y AT LAW, Xc SS Msin street,
Wichita, Kansas i"
PII-KIAX AM'Kt.KOX SO years practice
liraduateofX Y Crnersity pecialt) the
removal of all kinds or deformities, such as Club
foot, Hairlip, Crosse e, etc Also
Mrs L. M. CnAY,
Obstetrician, and diseases of women and child
ren O.tlce Wet side or Main street, betw.
1st and Sad, Wichita, Kansas 37 tf
U . Kxaminin-: urgeon)
street, two doors north of First National
bank i:-tr
Dlt C. i:. McADAMs,
Mam street, Wichita, Kansas 4-ly
T5HYSICUX AXD SrKCnoX, will lu acen
r eral prartice, but has made chronic dUcase
ofevcrv kind Especially for mure than 25 ears.
Onice on Main street, three doors souih ofChioa
po drus store. W-ly
TvEXTlST OQce o)'islIe Woodman's Back.
tion to bnsiness and cliarges reasonable.
Office Main street, Wichita, Kan. J-ly
. n. ALtE, ii v. a. it rAimifltx, v. n
1'. Allen' drug store, Main street, Wichita.
Ml'3. V.T UAXEn,
.. lift ivirn 1st ami 21. Wichita. Kansas.
lull line of mlllintrygoods always onhanJ. Si
iiAiit ii:i:n.
TJ AIIS IH!1SKI. All Vimls of hair ilrcsoirjt
I-! done on the slmrtcst notice ami in the lati-'l
tylr. Ilmmu on Main etrett, ojisili- Unci,
llotil jaiiin-.,m
I'liri! iv f.dOKS. sTAl lON'KUY. wrr.li-
JjiiiiK paper, twine, iH-riwlicals, vie, iit-or-x
hiuhliiis, Wichita. Kansas.
uuai.. i:stati:.
c. w reeves,
(ClrrL of the Distrirt Court)
I "D KAI. !:yr.TK. INsL'IIANCI: and Collecting
H ARent, WletaU . Itai U.IU-ctions made
'and taxes pad. All business entrusted to my
HAI. KyTATK. INsiriJANCi: and Collecting
I care tt ill receive roiupt attention.
"O KICK in an v quantity for nale at my yards, on
D the I.lttle Arkansas l!ii r, north of Wichita.
ATI kinds or brick- work done on the hhortet no
tice n-'-tf ' rmu.irs.
Corner of First amMfain S7.
Authorized Capital, - - $250,000
Capital Paid In and Surplus, - 83,000
W. A. illOJIA's. W. J. IKIIISON",
jno. w. i:i.Di:iDin:, j. it. mkad,
j. u. ii:.ki:i:.
.1 c. i'uak'i.t:
.1. U. MKAD
Vice President.
Will do a Kciicral lianLlnir biiilness. COI.D
CHA.M.i: liOFiHir AND sOl.D. Will bu) aud
sell COUM Y SCltlP and other local Eecunties.
Interest ulloircd on time deposits.
Collections promptly attended to.
Possessing ample f icillties for the advantageous
conduct ol our biisiioss, we promise to alt our
customers the mot laornblo rales and the
piomptest attention. lly
CAPITAL, $100,000!
Piesiileut, A. M. CLAUK, of Clark A Co., I.cav
worth, Vice President, SOL. 11. KOii.V, of Wichita,
Cashier, A. A. II VDi:, formerly wilh Clark A Co.
Organized Wider the Jaiw oj the State.
Eastern and Foreign Exchange Bought and Sold.
Douglas J venue, corner Market .Street,
Bonner Stables and St::k Yards!
Corner First and Water Stt..
lte&i tnrn.outs m the citv and No. I saddle
horei Passengers carried to all parts of the
Particular attention paid to horses left in our
charts. 43-ly
Will turnlsh
In large nd snwil quintitits, at the lowest
prices for cssb, or on thirty dsjs
to good irties
r. s maktjx.
it in Ossfv Cii-, O.sjrs county, Kts.
Ilurlins'.oa, ---------- Kanu,
FLOL'B t Wbcsale 4I Ktf.H.
No. 41 Min street, snjjsHitc rirst Xa'.IsSsil r.k.
WICITEIT-ft., SC-ft.'IJrSJi.S. ;
Keeps constantly uu l.snd a rull line of
A full line or
Constantly on h.ir.d.
(sue,w,or to AII.MKX r A COT! OX.)
Dealers in all kinds of
Granning, 1'ajur llannin.j and Caltctnining.
jTii.lo x a ,
Jtj-AIl kinds or pamtins, praini.'is and paper
lianKiii'doue in tt jirjctical and ailUtic manner.
Carpenters. Designers and Builders,
.Vt 15 Vuir. 'tltctl, n'an ntr Dvuglat Av.
All TfoiL f iiTiited us tlit ni"tditr.ible nnd mod
em stxle. ami urranliul loirie satisfaction.
Plans anitpeciiicaihinsj ruruiilicd. Jubbini
all kinds done to n.der. mrSl-ly
Hie siibsrrilicr be:r leaie to inform the public
generally that he litis op'iieI a chop for (lie jiur-
pne ol renovating I'jomtii .vn kiiiusoi women
goods .coats p.inti, ve-ts, tc , cleaned ol gre.w
and dirtaud givtn the llni-h o la lien garment.
s.msr.icro.v c.uAn.t.Ti:r.iK
My room is on Miln stieet, nest side, next
door to Johnny Thoinp-ou'x baibtr shop
On Slain St, two doors north of New York Store.
A lurvie mid woll t-eleotod stock of Fiill
nnd Winter Goods just opened
STJ-Mis Jennie ult l.a- i liarie of the dress-
m.ikinsdip.irtio.iit, and Ytill giurunt e.dUlac
tion In all casts itl
3&. JEl. MOSBR,
gexi:i:ae p.i.ACKfeMrnnxo !
Jj-ign of Hie lilg Wheel, south of Douglas
nwniie Jt,-iy
S1. C- ZX3.i:22JZl& J.HT2r,
ItI)Bi:tITY, - - 1'orJ Coiuty, - - KANSAS.
Drain in
,--1 .- r .. 4 .m w-4-.r ...i. JLrtiCS,
l;est br lit celilratsd Stirp'i Im;ntJ Spertm; 'Lies.
I liav e on liiiid a large slot k of sluni'j Improv d
thrie bandil rifles and all sites ol -harp's im
looved siHirtiug rilles; also .1 large asorlmint of
otbir iinprovid bimch-londingllii'iiriiis, u Inch I
will si 11 al reasoilalile llgures enu in your or
dus, which will be promptly attended to All
iep.ituug iioioi prompii .mil 211 u worMiuuiiKt
nuniier. si-u
S. F. Craig's Drive Well Tube,
Patented June 11. ImJT.
i.ri:ixii:.in:M xotici:.
To ell ik6!n 1 man concern: Notice is hereby
givenlh.it .ill I)rie Wvinul.es that base a win
screen or gtuic plie il and securely lusttned over
the perforatnl hole In .ud tubes, lur the purwe
ot kieping the sand, tc , out of sanl tube and
from In nig drawn up through the time to tne
pump when 111 H-c, are infringement upon patent
letter No. GTi.rda and msin mj eclunc rights
mulrr said pttiut, and the public are hereby
warned and esiitiomd not to purchi-e ortlseiinj
Drive Well Tube eon-tnicted as alniie described
without lnv eon-ent, a the u-c of said well tubes
is an iiifiingementon my piteut, and the uer is
liable and will be proheculedlor intnngement, a
1 amdeteiinlnesl lo slop unlawful piracy of my
-W-;m:. CE,k.IC3-
IsthcOMA APTJIOUIZi:!) person for the sail
or mv latent Well Tubt at H'rinr.!, from
whoiu nil Kireluies nm-t be made 111 order to ob
tain title
icblLs, Kansas, July i', ls73,
SAMUKI. I". CIIAIC. Interior,
l.-tf North lopeka, ICana9.
mssouai vallsy
Life insurance Company!
I.KAVrsXWOP.TH, kas.
Gash Inamt, 1372, - - - $31S3 43
PaHPuJfcj-HiHwsinlST - - 50,267 49
httrrt Untiftifor IST2. ?S,0i)0 in crte- f
r.varatsK ear ritesM uwt ntes bcfre insuring
rlwuhrrT. TJW BSSat snifUr ami advsntapts
farms and faronMe nns tar lasarascc pre-
i sswlrd.
. AH judlesM Bon-torfsiUvblf atlt-r ths second
sHtsskd fsswiirat lUvidsrlKls ar d'Clsrrd innu
I allv after tbr Brst paynrsrt. available lnmi-dlatr-'
ly isevshinjsaysieMaf jfremtem.
' (.ssntmets dure! w ft Ik ooHqtaoy nil! ) rr.sje
I In all atrtf Isss comstrr witfc ewrirat and re
name ntfn niw provw-c "? jrrui; .vi
live Insur-incr.
UtetHre Cbtmalttet:
. i;
ntssswr 0mitWrr:
J. t. iO.VES,
ll53ite.T,AIjIST.,o for fuel? We can't settle here, aud
Come, let Us look at it clo'elr ;
It'e a very ugly world.
And one that make Die shudder
Whenever it is heard.
It way not be always wicked ;
It must be aHvaj.- sad ;
And speaks if .-in and suffering
I'nou;h to make one mad.
They say it is a compound word.
And tiiat is very true ;
And then they do compose it,
And that th'ej're free to do.
Jf of the dozen "letters
We take off the first three,
We have the nine remaining.
As ad as sad can lie.
l'or though it seems to in ike it less,
In fact it makes it more;
For it takes the brute creation iu
That was left out before.
Instead of three and nine.
Let u make it four and eight ;
You'd say it inakei no difference,
At least none cry great.
15ut oulv sec tiie consequence,
"Ha all tint need- he none
To change this mass of sadness
To uu mitigated fun.
Jt clears s,wurds and pistols,
KevoUern, bowie knives,
And all tho-c horrid weapons
lly which men loose their lives.
It wakes nations' voices ;
And ino-l joyfully is heard
The native sound of gladness,
Compressed into one word.
Yes, four and eight, my friends
Let that be yours and mine;
l'or .ill the hosts of demands
Kijoice iu Hi ice and nine.
l'ortlic L'auu:.
From Remanto.
Sujinkh County, Feb. Ctli, 1871.
Kuitoi: Kaoli:: The very mild
winter wc arc having seems to make
folks cheerful and hopeful, plowing
has commenced and folks seem to be
making calculations for turning much
of the vcrgin soil to the un thN sea--on,
and well they may for much of the
old ground being iu wheat orinlcitded
ior oats the main dependance will be
on sotl corn for a supply. So turn all
that is possible of the new soil to the
It would seem as though coal has
been found near Wellington, in thi'
county, a few days ago we had a ru
mor to thai effect, and now it appears
to be confirmed, it wtia found at a
depth of two hundred and fifty feet
and the vein is three feet eight inches
iu thickness. Well this will do very
well and removes at once all fears as
to fuel in rfumticr county. Other bor
ings will no doubt be made immedi
ately. John McLay, of our place, has
been waiting very patiently for the
machinery in use at AVcllingtoii, he
will now remove it to his place and
commence operation again, he has un
dertaken the bu-ines- twice before but
cea-cd on account of inadequate ma
chinery. He has assistance promised
and no doubt his effort this time will
be a success which he richly deserves,
John never gives up.
The new school house having been
completed we have a good school in
operation, there has been regular
preaching every Sunday during the
winter 1 Uaptists and .Methodists we
have had a;i excelent lycetim iu opera
tion during the winter which still con
tinues in a flourishing condition, also
another very good school house has
been built two miles west of us, we
now begin to feel as though we were
once more in the bounds of civiliza
tion and il wo could only get a favora
ble enactment with refeicnce to time
on our hind, we would show the world
what industries and perseverenec can
do iu a short time but we must give
Congiessmen Phillips a compliment
for the views expressed by him in his
ten minutes speech, he seems to be the j
right man in the right place and to un
lerstand this land business in its true
,'ht, he talks as republicans used to
..ilk when wc first gained the party
Hid when it was strong and healthy,
would that we, hail more like him. Wc
-ee with regret, however, that he has
been beaten by ex-Governor Harvey
for L S. senator, yet we hope the cx
governor will be as good a man for the
rlace but wc fear not his connection
with a party to secure what is known
i the religious amemdment to the
constitution of the United States will
cause us to look with suspicion on his
acts all the while, we do not want lo
any old worn out exploded theo-ji'ig
ries fastened on our government, there
i plenty of roo.a to go ahead, to pro
gress, instead of going backwards. We
hope for the best however, and pa
tiently wait the result.
We have read Air. Woodman's article
on finances, but not bcin a financier
u-i ni.t-iinvvlnili' our inability to See
clearlv what the practicable operation I ctcrs arc useless. St. LouU had chang
wouhi be. In the meantime however, j cd to a greut extent since my previous
we wait with patience the complete j vi-.it there several years ago. Having
development of the grange system
when the products in one part of the
country cau be exchanged ior the por
ducts or commodities of another with
out the ,use of much money or bank
checks or drafts, and wc think in that
day money will not be worth as much
as it is to-dav.
We have now another ciiteriiiisc :
started here, Mr. S. Huff Jfc Bro. arc 1S '" magnificent streets quite ex
getting their tamicrv iu operation, I cceded my highest anticipation. Evcn
Ihcir proec-s is a late patent of which ' '? eal a"1 -c"- for "cW York- ,il'
Mr. S. Huff is a sole owner of this ? over several hours at the world re
state, thev are now working it on buf- ' "owned Niagara Fall., I arrived there
falo hides' which makes robes and gives on Sept. Mill, making the trip from
excellent satisfaction, the robes being Wichita to Xcw York in sir das, ,,,
soft spongv an.l ..table and not likclv ' -l'g all stoppages. Took my quar
to beenmo'hard alter rctliii!' wet. and 1 al tJlc Metropolitan Hotel, cept.
i...:.,.. .i-i,t : .i,;-t, ,!.. -M.n. n.u
T,,n,i nf l,o.i.i.r in ii so fiinnnn- tlm
Indian:-, as an evidence of which they
are receiviug Osage Indian robes to be
ipf inn i-il niwl it minrrtvp; Ilir-m vrv i
much thev haic been working at a
great disadvantage
ace for the want ot
miviic imt .-.ortain imrlip.. 1ms fitTrrfHl
...v...., ... ... ...... , -
them assistance and thev will get along,
l....!rr now. their i.I.ice ot business is
two miles west of s.tlt springs.
Kor tte Kaolc.
From Clearwater.
r,niiOK r..i(iii;: -u ui uicme
. .- . ... . -
re is j
no lourrcr anv doubt as to the ex
ance af a coal doposit uu
section of country, it ma
iderlavin" this
v not be otu
i of place just now, to call attention to
j the subject. Xo doubt this country hotel, as per invitation. M?thau:j l do not kcow that he ir the great
has settled up and improved with ' are due to Mr. M. aud W. HershticH, ' est knave, but I do know that be h the
... .... ... ... .. ! - c ,.,..,.. -.m. T ereatest fool." said the tnavor.
astouisiiittg ra,.ui.iT f.i -uie .ast inrce
I or tour vcars, but no oue will deny
. - -
jthat the settlement of the country has
!... .,. 1. - ., -,!.! k ti. ni.:n.
' of a Plentiful supply of fuel. Ihave
' seen many au emigrant looking with
inreviTiiv longing eves upon oar beautiful rich
vVc'i-rV.Writrands.onr abusdence of pure water,
I ami Sc healthv climate. But says
H. l. M5iM.,. ; they, j-on have no limber to last any
I louth" of time, what are rM going" lo
not having enough faith in the bounty
of providence, have turned their steps
towards more uncongeniel climes
where there was wood or coal enough
to insure a future supply. Now, their
question can be answered satisfactori
ly. Coal has been reached on high
ground, twenty miles south of this
place, at a depth of 210 feet, the vein
being three feet eight inches iu thick
ness, and if we may judge from the lay
of the formation, it can be reached iu
the valley one hundred feet nearer the
Having had many years experience
in connection with bituminous coal
mines, and the overlaying strata, I was
satisfied upon my first settlcing in this
valley of the existaucc of coal, and
made numerous searches at points
where the coal would be most likely
to "crop out," but no outcropings be
ing found, and from the evenness and
extent of the carboniferous formation,
wc may infer that the coal deposit ex
tends and is easy acccssable over a
vast scope of country. Xow, situated
as we are, midway between the north
and the south, and can grow the pro
ducts of both sections, corn, wheat,
oats, rye, barley, cotton, caster beans,
tobacco, hemp, flax, sorghum, sweet
potatoes, Irish potatoes, turnips and
all kinds ot vegetables with equal fa
cility bi&idcs our fine grazing advan
tages, add to this a plcntyful supply of
coal and the developments of our re
sources as a manufacturing and ag
ricultural country is only a question
of time. I! read and meat aud libcrous
materials, arc very essential to feed aud
cloth the hungry, but in this fast ago
when time and distance arc being an
nihilated by that great motive power,
steam, when steam is being applied to
almost ovcry branch ot industry from
sending the irom horse with lightning
speed from Atlantic to the Pacific
down to doing household chores, that
country that has not an abundance of
coal has to labor under many disad
vantages. Wm. Uoss.
Kor the LUCkX.
European Correspondence.
Wt;i:itznui:(!, .Tan. 18th, 1871.
KniTon E.voi.r.: As it seems to be
customary for Wicliita travelers to
write for your excellent paper, 1 also
claim the privilege: more on account
of having promised my friends there
to apprise them immediately of my
safe arrival in this city. By doing this
through your paper it will answer the
same as to write to each friend such
promise was given. Three months has
elapsed since I arrived home still I hope
these lines, though late, will yet be
kindly accepted.
A desire to see home after an ab
sence of a little more than eight years
combined with doctor') advice to trav
el to recruit my badly debilitated
health, induced me to enter on this voy
age. Started from Wichita on Sept. l'Jth,
'73, met Mr. Oliver on the car, who
said he was bound for Hannibal to
purchase lumber, but I was already
better informed. Madame Gossipp had
had whispered long before my depart
ure, this lumber gentleman was about
to take a better half unto htmself.
This report is verified iu one of the
EArsi.r.s sent me through the kindness
of my former principle, J. Karatofsky.
Supper in Xewtou was a meagre affair.
Just as the conductor called all on
board I espied the llou. M. M. Mur
dock ; through his geniality and n
game ca-ino with my lumber friend,
the time to Acthison was made pleas
ant. Arriving at the latter city at 4:30
a. in., remained till 2 p. in. In the in
terval, Mr. Herman, a clothing mer
chant formerly from your town, kind
ly volunteered to show me around.
Atchison appears very busy, and has
sonic good substantial buildings, but
is hilly like all Missouri river cities.
Having apeascd my grumbling stom
achy with a square meal, I started to
catch the M. P. train for St. Louis, a
patent bee hive inventor, just return-
to his home somewhere in Mis
souri, ii om tne ivansas siaie iiur, nun
a blue ribbon attached to his machine,
trying to impress every one in the car
with the importance of the article,
made it for some time very uncomfort
able. Ity the divine expression of my
fellow travelers, I infered, they com
bined in wishing him where thcrmom-
i yet seen uiei.aKe t...y, . i...-
cd a ticket for "ew York, via the Chi
cago and Alton, Missouri Central and
Erie railroad. Komaining in St. Louis
two days, second evening launched out
on the first mentioned railroad to Chica
go, arrived there next morning iu time
for breakfast. During the day viewed
I . . . ..
llial cu j ,l5
business, uperb build-
! '-3th. went to Newark to
visit some
relatives living there.
intended to re-
, turn the afternoon, as I iutcuded to
sail with the "Ismailia" for Liverpool
j Sept. IKlth, ott urgent request I stayed
j three days with my relatives It i
j l m-v J,r aUie..cain...ip "..mania
has never been heard from since.
it left
' . . ,
, ,.i., r l i
-w ior..; ffMpi.u)..uuW!
i o" ice bergs. I must remark: here.
! that Mr. Karatofsky gave tne large or
aucv- drv goods, etc, which I
, " , , .- ,
' ders for faucv-
filled here
I there was no end. The girls please re -
j member me kindly for this ; estvecially
1 :....i i..... j.i...., it-n ,m
' '
iTl.l. T . M..rt a ..-...
sen uiem again ai same rates.
Met Mr. Leo Hays, of the firm Hays
! Rro., who had just returned from Eu-
' rope with a "Frau." Time did not al-
, . ..... , , i ....
' low mc to visit him ucd lady at the
, sv..s . . u. ..,,. .,- ....
-.....- v
llershfccUl, (with u..y uro.j ior rnanj
favors shown me, during my stay in
th inetronoli..
Embarked oa the .lea-.Up "Cim-
, bna, tor Hamburg, Uct. -J. seasic. -
. ties- set in before we were fairly oat
'on sea. Oct. 3d, a strong eastern
wind rase which gave geutiemeu an
' oportanity to show their gallantry to
the ladies. Indeed little service, like
holding tifir crowiu over the railinff
while they poured fourth their deli
cate eatables, relished but a few min
utes previous were always rewarded
with a most naive "much obliged.'
From the 4th till the 7th wc had very
Sue weather; almost all the passen
gers promenaded on deck, though I
must confess, wc looked rather sallow.
Towards nest morning the sea rau ter
ribly high, it was an awful sight to be
hold. The ship tossed about on waves
of uamcless hight, appeared a mere
play of the elements. This continued
three days, large bodies of water swept
the deck iu rapid succession. Those
passengers preferring this wild scene,
to the mouotony of tiie cabin, received
a good ducking ; of course, my hum
ble self, received his share. On the
afternoon of Oct. 12th, we saw the
renowned light house "Eddysteiic," it
stands yet iu the sea, built on a rock
about two miles from the Silly Island.
On account of the dangerous locality,
there are many light-houses along this
coast. All ships trying to make for
Plymouth must pass this island. Iu
stormy weather mauy a vessel already
foundered here ou the rocks which are
sometimes ouly concealed by a fow
feet of water. Same evening at 10
o'clock, dropped anchor oil' Plymouth,
stopped long enough to trausfcr pas
sengers, specie and mail-bags to a lit
tle .schooner scut out for this purpose.
Next morning at 10 o'clock wc camo
in sight of the French coast, an hour
later of Cherbourg. France has better
harbor, fortifications there than any
other nation can boast of. Again pas
sengers, specie and unloaded. For
quite a distance, the coast offers a good
view aud appears very picturesque,
especially so to a seafarer. Another
run of eighty-four hours brought us to
the mouth of the Elbe, from whence
wc made on a smaller steamer, the
balance of the way to Hamburg (sixty
miles) in three hours. You can all
imagine how glad I was iu being ahead
of what may be termed, with right, a
tedious and dangerous voyage. The
distance from New York to Hamburg
Is 3,800 miles. Ilainbcrg is a misera
ble old city, the streets arc so narrow
and crooked that a man with one
Daly's Sunday dinners iu him could
not manage to get through. After a
short rest of three hours, I continued
my journey, arriving safe in this city
on Oct. 17th. My health has improved
considerable; hope to be as strongand
healthy as ever by next spring if I
don't take any backslides. Of course
it is needless to say my life is a con
stant round of pleasure now, concerts,
theatres, balls etc. croud each othci,
giving me hardly timo to rest. When
you see this here chap strutting alon;:
the ball room with a swallow tail on
and a blue eyed blondiue by his side,
you would not recognize the Eagle
block dry goods clerk ; nevertheless,
when 1 return, you may look for me
alone. ut now I will not occupy
your time any longer, and close with
my respectful compliments to till
friends, hoping that lines may find you
in good spirits. Yours,
Hhnhv Li:vi.
A Religious Card Player.
A private soldier by the name of
Richard Lee was taken before the mag
istrate of Glasgow for plaving cards
during divine services. This account
of it was given in an English journal :
The sergeant commanded the soldier
at the church, and when the par.-ou
had read the prayer he took the text.
Those who had liibles took them out;
but the soldier had neither bible or
prayer book; but pulling out a pack
of cards, he spread them before him.
He first looked at one and then ot an
other. The sergeant of the company
saw him and saitl :
'Richard, put up the cards; this is
no place for them. '
'Xcvcr mind that,' said Richard,
When the services were over, the
constable took Kirharda prisoner, and
broituht him before the inavor.
"Well, what have you brought the
soldier here for?" said the mayor.
'For playing cards iu church."
"Well, soldier what have you to say
for yourself V
"Much, sir. I have."
"Very good ; if not I will punish you
"I have been," said the soldier, "on
the march about six weeks. I have
neither bible or prayer book ; 1 have
nothing but a Hack of cards, and I
liope to satify your worship of the j
purity ot my intention."'
Then spreading the cards before the
mayor, he began with the ace. j
"When I see the ace it remitids mci
that there is but one God. When I see ,
the ducc it reminds me of the Father
anil on. When I see the trey it re-'
minds me of the Father. Son and Holy .
Ghost. When I see the four it reminds
me of the four Evangelists that preach- j
cd Mathew, Mark," Luke and .lohn.
When I "ec the live it reminds me of
the five wise virgins that trimmed their
lamps. There were ten, but live were
wise and five were foolish and were
shut out. When 1 see the ii it re-
minds me that iu 'ix days God made .
the heavens and earth. When 1 'ee ,
the seven It reminds me that on the
seventh day -rod rested from the great
work he hid made and hallowed it. '
When I see the ci'.'ht it remind mc
of the cteht rizhteous persons who
were saved when God destroyed the i
world, viz: Noah and his wife, hie
three son and their wives. When I '
see the nine it reminds me of the nine
lepers that were cleansed by our av-
ior. There were nine or ten that never !
returned thanks. When I see the ten
it reminds me of the ten command-
menu which God handed down to'
Mosrs on the tables ofMonc. When 1
spe the kins it reminds me of the great
Kinsr f heaven, which is Gxl al
mighty. Wh")i I seethe queen it re-:
minds me of the queen ofSheba, who
i vi-itcd Mtloman, lor she was as wi9 a
woman as he was a man. She brought
! with ,l,:r "ft" 1.V' aml ,1fty -ir5" 1
' dresed in boys' nppearl, for King -i-ol-
() teJ,
whicli were boy awi
rls. The girl- washed
I whlch ,verc "iris.
to their elbows, aud the bor to the
wrl-l :"' King Sotoimn tohf by that "
"Weil," said the tnavor. "you have
, , , j tb fe Uat
. oae''
1 What is that ?"
i '-The knave." said the mavor.
-I rrilt sirs vnnr Isounr a (lescrin-'
. ,. ,,. , ,.- m .. . a--.-
' ..-...-- . ... .
, . j -jij uo jf vo ,j0 ,-. term me to
he the knave," said the nnyor.
"The greatest knave that I know of;
is the constable who brought medawii
r ., '
-..-,,. 1 conDt how mauv srts there
,re Jn ..,-k 0f car-.h. i find 5, a
. man j. s ,iavi ja a rKir. I tiad that
' there are tivelve picture card In a
1 trjet, r fiaif sj,irSe.. the nnrnber f
ks in a quarter. So, voa ee. a paek
:of card serve for a MWe. aimsnac
and wratan prayer boo..
pj,, wa? 3,. ttrtt .
, cbin arris. the mtt ralit f all IrringS
ir.cc it almost always travel in cojt.
Cotton Growing in Kansas.
The disposition to make Southern
Kansas a cotton growing country is
taking possession of many of the resi
dents of that section. We have receiv
ed the following letter on the subject
from the proprietor of the Girard
Press, printed at Girard. Kansas. For
tunately we cau supply most of the
information required, and will be glad
to have any one else furnish whatever
mar be lacking:
Gikakd. Kansas. Feb. 13th. 1S74.
Editou Demockat: I desire toob
tain some information about the cotton
business. Our people in Southern
Kansas are turning their attention to
the raising of cotton, but as they are
mostly northern people, and know very
little about the business, they need in
formation. This it is my desire to
give through the columns of tho Press.
1 want somo short and easily under
stood directions for the planting and
care of the crop. The kind of seed to
use : the kind of soil best adapted ; the
best machinery for planting and culti
vating, etc- Also, the cost of seed in
St. Louit; the cost of implements
(such as arc necessarv); the cost of
cotton gin and press, and the address
of dealers where thc-e things ma be
As St. Louis will be the natural mar
ket for all cotton raised iu this county,
it will be to her interest to encourage
its culture. I therefore come to you
as a newspaper man (believing that all
newspaper men are willing to do any
thing in their power for the advantage
ot their own cities), asking for this in
formation. It you cannot afford me
any light on this subject, will you be
so'kiud as to hand this to some person
who will do so, and much obliged.
Yours, very truly, A. P. ItiimtE.
1. S. Pamphlets on the cotton busi
ness, or directions where to procure
pamphlets or books, will lie acceptable.
A. P. R.
Any good corn-growing soil in
Southern Kansas will do for cotton.
It needs putting into the same thor
ough preparation, as for corn, by plow
ing and harrowing. Then throw the
field into ridjjes; ridges to be three
and a half feet apart. The cotton i
then very thickly planted along the
center ofthese ridges, either by a drill
or by hand, to about the same depth as
corn" is. As soon as the cotton opines
up the plants are cut out with a hoe,
so that they will stand about eight
inches apart. As soon as the grass be
gins to appear the cotton scraper i
used. It is run along on each side of
the ridge and scrape off the grass and
weeds without disturbing the cotton
plant. Itnmediateh following the
scraper shoul come the cotton sweep.
This is a shovel plow, sixteen to tw en
ty inches wide, and is ti-ed to throw
dirt to the riitgo along the track ot the
scraper. In grasy and weedy fields
cotton needs scraping twice. After
that time it will bear plowing, ami the
oftener the soil between the ridge is
stirred by the plow the better for the
cotton. The cotton 11111-1 be kept clean
or it will not succeed. The planting
should take place between the 1st ami
10th ot may. About three bushels of
seed me Used per acre. The rule for
plowing after the scraper is over, is at
least once in each until the middle of
Amriist. Seed ran ha obtained nt a
trilling expense at an place wherccot
ton is ginned. Some point in Arkan
sas, Texas orSouthwest Mis-ouri from
whence cotton is shipped, is the prop
er place to apply to. For iniptovcd
seed, such as "Peeler" or "Dixon," ap
ply to the New Orleans Cotton Ex
change. Cotton gins, prcsso-, semper-.,
sweeps, planters, ploughs, etc , arc
kept for .-ale in this city, and any St.
Louis commission merchant will fill
orders for them. Cotton gins vary in
price from $200 to I00. They are val
ued by the "saw" at $l..r0 to .."..:0 per
aw,:iud have from -10 to bO saws each.
Cotton presses co-t about .'7.1 each;
cotton sweeps ' to ? : cotton scrap
crs.; to 7, and cotton planters $15 to
$35. For plowing the ordinary corn
plow is used, and for hoeing any sharp
corn hoe will do, though the planters
of the south generally adhere to the
old-1'a-hioued, clumsy hoe, with an eve
in for the insertion of the handle.
Cotton, like corn, does well, 011 rich,
warm soil. It will stand more dr
weather than corn, and cannot be
plowed too often. To ripen at all iu
this northern climate, it imi-t be
kept absolutely tree from wcds, so
that the sun may have a fair chanci' at
it. It will prove the bi-st ca-h-pav iug
crop that can be grown, where the
farm is any distance from the railwai,
for a ton of it will biing"200 in cash,
or more, whereas a ton of forn will not
bring more than -SIO. Therefore sup
pose the farmer has a haul ot tun miles
to make, he must haul twcuti loads of
corn to obtain the amo money that one
load of cotton will bring. Suppose
every farmer iu Southern Kansas, who
can do so, puts iu five acres of cotton
this s. ear and gives it a thorough trial.
Five' acrc, well tended and picked
clean, ought to produce one ton of cut
ton. Wc presume if lutiitv-Iive or
thirty farmers in any ncighboihood
will do this they can find pb-ntv of ieo
plc who will bring around a gin and
press and put their rotton in merchant
able condition. In fact, it would pat
a couple of enterprising voting men
well to buy a gin and pre-, and send
their card's into various new cotton
district-next fall, that al such a time
thev would operate at a given place so
many di -. Then each cotton grower
would bring hie cotton to be ginnwl
and baled at thencarest of these point.
Money could be made iu an enterprise
of tin- kind, beyond a doubt. Jttsiot'
rt Ijemocrnt.
Sanford Ilrown, a resident of the
town ot Huntington, wa the latest as
pirant for the four thousand dollar
reward offered for the iiiifortuiiatr
Charlet (;. Kelcy. Sanford is a man
ot herculean proportion, tandirt?
about 'ix feet two 111 bi stockings, and
has evinrwl considerable iiitcre-U in
the Kel-ey ca-e. While, visiting N-w I
York one tiny last week, ami ja.nig
through Catharine street, he beheM a
per-on that immediately caned fewr
tbou-and dollar visions. He riljsi
up to the individual, laid a "wigsilt
hand" on hU honer, ami arti'-ulats-rf
in no dovo-llfcc ton" : "Vu are Ctimrls.
G. Ivley. and mv pHHr." Th l
dividwvf thti ruiiffy ccoteI l-t oat
from thr shoulder. td .-aMford w-tt
to gra. Saaforti came toltlme," ami
rem-wed th attack. Imt spun ro.
urn! six feH two. on hi back. Th
valiant Saaford U now Uid op fur re
pair, with two black eye as iivme
tocs of hU ciwottnter. A a wqi.i.
iwr of lle Catharine rwrk-t ,lw'
v ihe nrxv time's.; i taken for Kei-
tv Kj Tt-5!l hits n tar !nrV-t in rtnili-
The orunumzi si iuTt5ia i, -
!., i. e that r.,--!. tht sriJ.
Im"",;""" .f . . , T-sssBlr.
"" ,,': - 1 r: . "
tniiini that .imuwri Ue wtol
system ot popular trvcace. ., jm,
wjj xo av hwbpj
tie as w
for whleJi
brk-k air
wptlng me ow war? i r&tnmi
!l 9 in larf itnwsoirsssrsvdi-i. "-" -,,, ., " 1 maa a- 'l Wfssfjt 'nnpjn :, 1,
itortstrtts" TMxnlejTt. tsalh..." ' " -''"' raoa. a mwurr mow ufi ,
1! tiuniM e.tativ- tsl. t' i mT m ------ 1 utrvw Kn axsii w nswsjto ,
11 op are aMMy . . Tt s-rtUs' isnss w devtsts! tw ' 1 . ... . :...a ..
1" -s 1 T isws issiftsfrsi FSSHSrSBS .. -...
ciosaF--. -t"i ' 7 iy ""--;t " ; Ha tb trnb TT(-a.
rlap't artiele tfcat ran Jse emptor.!, j v f fH ,W, of thm .j,, ,
To ar BOthifg alsit U grwt j-.-- iJ paWlsfc., , titK tom.
oritj to cH other h.tsrtss, iiK mmrr .rhrifisjf .- pr-jre It.
there of aiwsrv im, ,hj Ur tn , y ws -nwt.. jt it
cheapest- UemnaberthtfactaasUaT jv,,, tbrk the present week.
tainy dollar every year. QT.ieKtoUh-
Oo the Walrjai rir Titt-ia about
jjvc tnile above ai below Ui pfcwe.
for w!.fjKB(r estde sUsn; tlrfc rsra
t .!(.... i.,,.r...uUktk'
UUuCotcIey Cesnt-f TU$rttwu
there are teiny wiiir otMe aneen ta: ibiv, mws Be ewc, mc, wy hmt;im ; cu
trlwtvUiu8dssidofT'SBc irt lwr tOajUMelfcUwiBtrr. Mr. UXt'flrmthf-.
tie. iwek mew say that the faeiHtk: Martta i j?imt a4 iMrtijt Mshtef lh fiiflil ' . -
IiOtter from Kansas.
From the WiDtcrsct, Iowa, News.
Wichita. Kan., Jau. Co, 1374.
Mk. Editou: As 110 correspondence
has appeared iu the Wiutersct Setcs
from our locality lately, I thought I
would let you and all" of my friends
know that 1 am living iu the laud of
plenty, ami as beautiful climate as ever
laid o'ut doors. The holidays were en
joyed here hugely by the young people
--.. - - w . - - -
(anil oiu ones, too.). 1 o nave seen some 1 at four arc ,iolng. wcll.
of the ladies those evenings, with their j !! . .
cheeks glowing with the bloom of it js pronounced an 0111111011 sign
outh, health, and pleasure, would do , n hen a man. wno has been married
you good. The Valley grauge was or-j scared v twelve months, begins to be
gnmzed about six months ago, and the , trav an abnormal iutcn-st In the causes
Gem grange about four months ago. j f foek-jaw.
The majority of the people of this vi- ',
cinity are graugers.both ladies audgen- j An cmbrvo poet, who is certainly a
tlcmcn. L would like to give you a dc-1 ciot. observer nt hiim.111 nature, re
scription of Southwestern Kansas marks: Time inarches on with the
through your columns, a, I have many , sj0w, measured triad of a man work
friends in Wiutersct who would wish (m; by the day.
to hear from me. This would bo much , '
shorter, and less trouble than to write j Andrew Jackou was accused of bad
to them all. The Arkansas valley, its , spelling, but .lohn Randolph defended
fertile soil, ami genial climate is not ,, bv declaring that "a man must bo
surpassed by any state iu the Union iu , a fool "who could not spell word more
regard to soil, water, coal, rack, clay,, wavs than one."
gypsum, and climate, and the best cat-, "
He country in the world. That por-t A good brother in Dcckertown,X..I..
tiou of the valley of which we have advertises in the local paper that he
been more particularly speaking, an ( didn't et out his trees for hitehlng
arca of fifty by one hundred milc, 1 posts for tho'o who attend the Moth-
boasts of many line nnd nourishing
towns, where mechanics or tradesmen
may liud splendid locations, and where
all "may find churches, school houses,
printing presses, and refined ami intel
ligent society. We may mention
Hutchinson, "the county seat of Reno
couuty: Xewton, the county (seat of
Harve'v; Wichita, the county seat of
Sedgwick ; Wellington, the county seat
of Sunnier; Eldorado, the county seat
of ltutlcr eountv; aud Wintield, tho
cotintv scat of Cowlcv; besides Ar
kansas City, Oxford. iteHe Plain, El
Paso, Caldwell. Sedgwick City, Medi
cine Lodge, and others, all of them
growing and doing an active business.
The soil is deep black loam, resting on
a lighter colored subsoil of loam, clay
and gravel, both soil and subsoil being
so portis that surface water readily
through thein, and in no cue is there
any diiliculty experienced in crossing
with horses and wagons or stock any
water courses or beds of streams. I
know of no part ot the country pos
sessing a more attractive soil lor the
farmer than this. This is the natural
home for cattle. From early spring
until the middle of October or the first
of November the herd of farmers and
stock raisers wander leiturly through
the green, nutritious grasses that brush
their sides in open meadows that are
boundless, growing fut and producing
their kind. Tim abundant grasses,
pure waters, and warm climate render
this portion of Kansas the linet stock
country probably hi thu known world.
Thousands of tons of hay can l had
for the cutting, at tho cost of seventy
live to eighty-live cents per ton, which
can be used for making sheds for cat
tle lor shelter during our short win
ters of two or three months. Fortunes
are being made anil will be made in
the raising of slock lit this valley. For
est and fruit trees grow with surpris
ing rapidity in this valley. The lack
of timber, ii ith our held law. Is but
little felt, but c'cii that want will be
removed Iu a few years. All that is
necossarv i to keep down the prairie
lire-, anil the putting iu of seeds, and
with ordinary cultivation atl kind- of
tines grow w'lth such astonishing rap
idity as to test the credulity of er.-teru
men. Il has been widely supposed
that central and western, if not east
ern Kansas, Buffered fiom a drv cli
mate, like many othcridcas 1 dative 10
the western partsof the great Missouri
valley. In fart, after all that ha) bfen
written of the Arkansas river. It is al
most siiperiltious to say that tho water
of thl! valley region is abundant and
pure. It iswithout doubt, the best
watered portion of Kansas. On the
bottoms drive wells or tube wells are
universally u-c-d. They consist of a
tube of galvanized iron, with n steel
point, the lower end of the tube having
holes In the side, around it hich Is
w raiiped a piece of wire gtiae for a
strainer; this pipe is iltevcn iu the
ground through a hole in the kitchen
lloor if desired, or wherever Indira.
tioiin dictate, and water is reached nt
a depth of from six to fifteen feet. A
pump is placed upon tht- pipe, mid in
mi hour's time a boiindlc-s s:t ply ol
pure, roIJ, healthy water in obtained.
Here is a country In which malnrbi
finds no conditions favorable to its
existence, stagnant water is nut to be
found, either on or beneath the sur
face. The air, too, is iu eonntaiit mo
tion, afreh breeze constant) funs the
check aud brings health to the lungs.
Here i a climate which exactly meet
the requirements of the agriculturist,
whether he bo farmer, orchardUt,
stock man or shepherd. In the carl)
spring, when the soil U fieed from the
slender gra.p of what Utile frost It is
subject to during the short winter, it
is in admirable condition for plowing
and preparation for crops. Then comes
a season of rains and shower, which
last until July, when only occasional
showeis occur to interfere with lmr-ve-ting
William IUmhkv.
Tho Strtto Grange.
The olllrerg anil member of the Ki-s-vs
slate grange met nt Union halt yes
terday morning, pursuant to adjourn
ment The morning neioji wai occupied
in the presentation, discussion suxt
adoption of resolution, among which
were Ihe following : Rmiiietins; the
legislature to pa a prohibitory liquor
law ; declaring that 110 prniM who r
tnils liquur hall be admitted to Un
order; that the grqatfct good and
highest !ufiplfi of an vitiight.fictt,
virtuous anil prwprroii priple ar
the legitimate results of a lhsrott)rtt
ami practical ediicatioB diffuses! among
the maf.
The afternoon sw.siosi was deret!
to the "!sclion of olTiesrr. The (of
lowing vsere chosen: Mnlr. SI. K
Hudson, f!$iirbo4ieMty : or"rsr,
W. Sim, "shnwnc roiiHty; lwtrer.
John Coyd. l!idepetlsef Mmrt(ot
ery coat,i ; tsward, K. i. hiHtib.
ItAreM county : asvs4iant steward, J.
IS Rich., Fraattdii cohmt : -b.ulin.
W, h. Ilantta, (ilia n-.Krsikllti ownty :
trnrer. I? H. Aj--il. "therms City,
rtsersikee cHUr ; srrs-tary, . W
SpirKeon. Jnetvilki, SrtHo eoUN
ty : gatffcsjMT, W. I Kipfsr-v, Uf4
phtu rssrtttt : CW.. Mr Mails. l!r
rt; IToralL II. rjV: Iim. aM
utit lewssrd. JIr. Jnf It ttiriii:
Vetmowt. Jfrs. Amaissta II tiiM : rt'
rraHvv fmmmHlB, K. JL JarMlssvM,
! JartsxtntlHs. . V. I'sso. loiiet.
j vswl J It -hager.(.rslvyfw-rFa :
1 .,..-. Ax.i it... ; oiu 'ru-..
'zzzzjz:r..tr?r'v. " T. .
.' "' T. " '
i ,'WV "
J iiemten, nr lis riweo. 01 iiss-vir "T. aW h
f y, , w hm, reft Zf. I '
, VJ) ,ntill4 viills wfJiai" ' al
,tJfc3fla ofliesr d ctifer
, , .,
Mr. W.Mri.wir'ajtsUrfrM
wfae vutimtmU Umrtt
flua- wiiu itsMv kuts. xtiMtLl llml
as Uev Coli if Otoit Tc'tsrax.
.- "infia,t..iPmism,nMHaim.mA tmtiUiU "-" T" ", T" .T-"' ' '
When a bit of ostrich feather is found
by a wife iu her husband's beard uo
otic can blame her for being down on
A western paper i dead. In its last
gasp it faintly whispered. -'Two hun
tlns. subscribers, and only thirty-one
of them paid up."
A Detroit female of just twenty-live
was married to her fifth husband lately.
All tlics foiitlrmeti nri slive. and the
....... .,...,...... .l.. .v .-.- - .
odist meetin'-house.
Judge Jeffreys pointing with hl
cane at a prisoner before hltn, observed,
"There is a great rogue at the end of
this stick." Tho man replied, "At
which end. my lord?'
Ati Iowa editor wrote; During the
mist week wc have becu visiting tho
bolons of the country ;"' and his con
stant subscriber think that U a funny
way to spell "saloon."
Scotch keeper (to voting sportsman)
"Ye has shot a boy!' Young sports
man "Good heavens t It it possible?"'
What shall I do?" Keeper (immova
ble) "Gio him a sliulliii."
A liostoti man was riii'slugaii editor
the other day when ho fell dead. 'Sev
eral similar instances have been lately
reported. Men should be careful in
speaking of au thing sacred.
Quite a number of voting men In thU
city arc attending u night school whero
Latin is taught. At least we judge so,
as we saw a partv the other evening
who had got as far as "Hick."
"Building e..fle; in SpTiln. Mr. S.?'
said the landlady to Spiecr, who was
thoughtfully reading hU breakfast cup.
''So. ma'am,'" said rplcer. "only look
ing over inv grounds in Java.""
Dmnestie voting lady (making plc)
"Frank, the kitchen's no place lor
boys. Has dough such an attraction
for j, 011?" "Clever youth "tt isn't
the dough, cousin : It the dear."
The impulsive clerk wuoaecldentil
ly deposits a shovel full of snow dow 11
the back of the rural pedestrian, was,
iu the drug store, Saturday evening,
negotiating for a buttle of Hultunnt.
A sophomore k.ivs he cannot iiudrt
stand how anv one pQiliig what i
generally known n coHttleucst ran
countertult a live rent piece, and put
011 (he back of II, "Iu God wo tniat.''
The "world" naver Isurutt a chris
tian so long a he keep It out ef his
heart. Temptation i nevor danger
ous until it hui ati uit ouidf'o. oili
within btstuiv th heart lo ihsj uInlo
In a California oblluurj it Is) stalwl
that "the dcieansil wis prou of
romantic nature. He jitneed I tie breech
of his gnu in thy tire, and, lonkitl do w 11
the muzzle, departed lienw iiintutttn
lieotuly." "If thin jury convict mv etienl," Jnld
a MistMitiri lawyer, roiling up hi
leevo and di-plnyhiK his ponderous
lilt, "I shall ftvl counselled to tncel
each one and hammer Jii.tie Into hU
soul thiough hl head.
Whan Audiiver t biological MHitiitary
called Moses .stimrt rrom the ) rule
at New Haven, the loud cry of the
church w, "He cannot In spared."
Ir. Portei repiitul, "A mat vrVvo ran
be spnrd we don't whih."
The Danhury .Yew itatcti that n
N'ew llnroii wltmr iitit hwt Sjinla
iu SlawMMi ami uttedi church. When
thu contribution wx cam nmun! he
wa in a do but, on befog HUdjseil.
hastjiy exclaimed, "I hv a p.
A ipiarroUome couple wsn llro
illg the ubjet of cpiUfoV and tomb
stones, 11 ixl thu hiisbssttd tttttl "Mv
dear, what kind of a wtotia doyM i.
pisselhey will give tn when" I He f '
"I'.rtiii-Niim, my lore," wm tK
t lunate repl.
A viiioniH wiHttrmr mijhi that "OH
Irleuds are like old Isoftta. W naver
renlle how pssrfistl.y tti wr lltl'xl
to lis till they ate euwt n , nnd tth
eri. liner awl ihsiib a4yU( psjrfaapt,
but crntnpUi, smmI pitteisstrg Us errt)
aorutir, ar voltittll.
The IihIsAim 1bi yot a xrw tisMhrr
When they nro Ut - ty, trWrt miWIIo
Im jii Ir0mUv , tfcey jr Itite a m-
Ikimssh V T hti aluavw M-tac WW drtnl .
a lb MttKWi. keoper U tsssnud ( U
Mtj thev ar brtHM.
A "miMii-r" for a Mttwi.B- Ji-hm-,
wat. a lrw lr a, h l t .. ant-
to) Id t JN5COW tint rits-r -to f I ( Ice,
but ss loM it WH iisnjrrou tie
got onbi AMH'v J.ttnnl r.iflsil
aero, haarlSfir a ikiff "n !. ic art
iM in rtts His Ire hr'iks Ififf
had rraw lrl aleiKi hi it m rs.
aixi wa !i lif'd ! ili-tsiri.4, t
IxMrtJ noise r.-!fJHi hm a 'el tlsN,
itss; tbe - wv t.rraklny. . jrot h
ttsr. JHI S 1 1 r.f f! rjll, ef U(
Ix-hia! hifji T f " tool ?t,
ZWl sofisc other a'r t.syi jiUicsl it
a htm II" ! 'af-eUiif f.,, tis ftU
wM iM i..ni tt- U" itiii,
Ofr"ir l,"iritu i r'' jin-j
Ivi i of tar Alsraur h.'ii
(ss-ih-H inrtug 1Kb fvg, "I w) c
vrotlli ,b-i, g Wii!-fr.-:
-a i
tui4 ! ii -.( t Cjmr.r.g (Jt&
iftsJt M tt tic -linHjjibHt
ttf-r tomjiri' ( hisuuif. Iltarrjvt
ltiy tm W"1 . It !.(,;! iiif tmt
kica td bf Kv wts p -vf, RHtil l.
t-umt bis'f isMflns.is; om at
On ttvssr tup a jtiiin; 'I fmi
.caH ,-), VM aowiny typ' 1
t. .. . .. . j It '
"" f? lMM -" ?' "' ; ." ' " '
eotatstswpUcc uui -n-Jti !-.!,
is uVf Ivtmlty pejtifittsti br a
tsos-t vf CI lsto. rrtvo w it.
, lafonneA that iUsiasv . -, .
tboubSfalJy IkiHi a i " I
cir a lsr laiI at I'ruris M
of the eta sir ! - "J 'w
lirSaUOtt l Ms MSstr t,i, i.
, dlauJr lrt into Ut ixt
tL'cIfraTf Trj -t ir.
eow-tnty we.MW
and tit 80s mmA f,
' in ifcc gtair of U bm1. a
l I-Sarwll.. Ia Siltt. f.ttlif Skf
1 ;.?. ! 'W, nS YV4i . .

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