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The Wichita city eagle. [volume] (Wichita, Kan.) 1872-1883, April 16, 1874, Image 3

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See notice to township trustees meeting.
,s Tuc Arkansas river still continues very- low.
te" Thirty arrivals at the Occidental last Satur
day. Sec special notice of a small
grocery store for tale.
goods and
r raker a x cyioa nave jul rccciveu a car
load ot cooking torc.
. . .-.. i- . i i -
See proceediiii of the Agricultural society,
irinted on the second page.
Judge Peyton and wife, or Emporia, are in
the city visiting their children.
Four car loads of cattle wer shipped on
Tuesday the first of the season.
The Eagle is again back to her normal con
dition, full of matter inside and out.
Parents, read the pretty lines upon the out
side, "Try the Viss before the blow."
An official canas of the votes cast at the
spring election will be found cluewhere.
The oath of office was duly administered to
the new board of councilmen last Friday
The name of Watson township has been
changed to that of Salem township. In this
PM180XAI- Mrs. Bogardusol Springfield,
Illinois daughter or W. B.Smith, is in the city
The meeting of the Eastern Star lodge was
postponed one week. Will meet next Tues
day night.
The Baptist Sunday school has changed the
hour of meeting from half alter nine a. m. to
half alter two p. m.
Mead's & Matbewson's Fort Silt train went
out loaded with 20,000 pounds of flour and
other stores last. Saturday.
Several prominent citizens have been sum
moned as witnesses before the 17. S. diitrirt
court which is now in session at Topeka.
Col. English, r Leavenworth, brother to
our fellow townsman, X. A. English, spent two
or three days or the past week jc our city.
Little Oese can be round by bis many
friends at the new and magnificent Parlor bil
liard rooms lately opened by James Dagncr.
Ilobbs & Went are making an unusual stir
in the grocery trade this spring. They areas
substantial and reliable as our city can boast.
Ceo. Salisbury, cmi., has purchased a ten
acre tract or land outside of the city limits,
upon which he isbuildiuga nice frame cottage.
See offer or twenty-five Douglas avenue lots
and eight Main street lots for sale, elsewhere,
cheap for cash ; alo eight quarter sections of
The Valley house has again, been opened
Jackson Boland has returned and trill be found
ready again to accommodate the hungry and
The proceedings or the county commission
err, round elsewhere, contain matteas or im
portance and In teret to several parties of this
Miss Markham has just received a fresh in
voice of goods or the very latest stylet. MII
liuery of every description can b found In her
We arc under obligations to Messrs. Cald
well & Titsworth for a loar or pure maple
sugar, than which, for making lyrup or candy,
nothing is finer.
The government advertises an additional
number of mall routes for the state ot Kansas
In this issue or the Eagle, which will be round
In another column.
Caldwell A Titsworth are filling their im
mense hales room this spring with all kind of
goods pertaining to their line. They arc pleas
ant men to deal with.
The western bound trains ou the A. T. & S.
F. are tilled with emigrants. The Arkansas
valley is receiving about four-fifths of the en
tire emigration to the state.
A sermon will be preached at the Baptist
' church by the pastor next Sabbath evening on
"Tl-e Bible and scirnce" with respect to cre
ation AH are cordially iuvittd.
Win. Booth, general agent or the North
western life insurance company, is iu the city,
and will remain a few days for the purpose of
loaning money and taking life policies.
Wc have added to our grange directory the
names and addresses of the officers of the na
tional and state grange, for the convenience
or the officers of the subordinate granges.
Parties holding certificates or stock in the
Agricultural society will please present them
to the secretary before the next meotiug.
It. L. West, Secretary.
The special terra of court called for this coun
ty in May, will be an important one. There
arc several criminal cases on the docket. Win
ner and McNutt will be tried for the murder
or Sevier.
Mr. Hichard Stcv enson, one or the prominent
citizens of Sumner county, county commis
sioner, and to forth, was in our town this week.
Sumner Is getting more than her share, al
most, of the spring emigration.
The ten tons or cotton seed purchased by
the comity commissioners and city council for
gratuitous distribution will be found at the
ttorc ofllobbs it West, on Main street, where
all parties cau be supplied free of cost.
Dr. A. U. Fabrlqiie's wile has gone to Mem
phis on a visit to friends and to answer to hrr
interests in a large estate. We saw Doc.
round the other evening bunting for a small
child to take to tee the animals at Grady's cir
The real estate business must be picking up
lively at the office or Jno. E. Martin, judging
from the number or fine blanks and other work
ordered during the week. Mr. Martin tt a
square business man and all matters left In hit
elands will be promptly attended to.
A lodge or the independent order of Odd
Fellows has been successfully organized at EI
Paso. Tbt installation or officers will Uke
rlacc to-night under the direction or Grand
secretary S. F. Burdctt, an occount of which
will be furnished this paper next wtek.
At the solicitations ot secretaries and treas
urers or the order ot the P. or II. in Sedgwick
county, we have printed a lot of secretary's
and treasurer's blank quarterly reports. We
printed enough to supply each grange in the
county with a dozen or two ot each kind.
Parties out for an evening ride w outd do well
to .drive out northeast and view the improve
ments lately made upon the Fenton and Bishop
place, one-hair mile from the city limits. Real
skill and taste has been shown In laying off the
grouuds and in making surrounding improve
ment?. Noticably among the many new residences
In town for stv le and commodiousness, now In
course orconstruction, arc the new bouses or
Col. Jenkins and W. C. West. Both of these
residences comform to strict architectural rules
and will prove valuable property to the res
pective owners.
Sev eral new turn-outs hav e been noticed up
on our streets of late, among others a buggy
driven by Mr. C. F. Gilbert, manufactured by
M. U. Mescr, or Wichita, and another from the
stables or Mr. Thompson, manufactured by
Miller, of Quincy. Both of these establish
ments are tine and attract attention.
Ksratof.ky has fitted up a little the inoii ex
pensive and gorgeo"iis show windows ever at
tempted in the city. Things or extravagant
texture and brilliant colors are festooned in
the most bewitching manner, with a thousand
little brilliant notions thrown carelessly in
to higbten the effect. Jake it going to do a
big trade if it busts him.
On last evening Samuel F. Burdctt, S. D.
G. M., officially visited Wichita lodge No. 03
for the purpose of instructing them In the
secret work or the order. To-day he goes to
El Paso to institute a lodge ol Odd Fellows at
that place. From there he goes to Windtield
and other places in the valley for the purpose
of making official visits to the different lodges.
C. U. Taylor, the Lawrence nurseryman,
who told tuch a large number of tree in thit
valley last year with tuch general satisfaction,
received thrio car load of trees thit week, and
commenced delivering the tame yesterday.
The trectcaa be found oa Douglas avenue
near the comer of Emporia. Those conttu-
kfeting plantinj fruit treat yet tits spring
Chas. Hill has purchased a fine marble and
glass aquariam. which, when supplied with
representatives of the Any trlbe.will go to dec
orate tbt show window of bis new business
house on Douglas avenue.
That stylish white hat was presented to us
by Geo. E. Harris. Ills a "bent quality Chris
ty's London make," and resembles in color
and texture the character of the donor. Mr.
Harris came out second best In the mayoralty
race, but be will come off second no man of
our city In business He is as lull of life, en
ergy and push as old Vanderbilt himself and
knows no such word as rail, even when con
flicting three separate lines of business, as he
IrTrHil Hst slimmer arid will tills. 'Harris make"
f - "-
is a sufficient passport in this city when it
comes to a matter or stylinb suits and tastes.
Geo. E. Harris is or the kind of men that win
in the race ot life, nnd his admirers iu Wichita
are numbered by the score.
James Bryden or Corpus Clirlntl, the well
known and cxtenthe Texas cattle dealer, ar
rived in town this week. His herds are on
the trail between here and the southern line or
the Indian tenHxSrr, moving north as rapidly
as the backward spring and grass will permit,
and will be shipped from this point. Mr. Bry
den is a thorough gentleman, a successful bu
siness man and a fast friend or Wichita.
Grady's circus has come and gone, and,
much to the surprize or all, turned out far bet
ter thau was expected or even ndvcrtUed.
The balloon was duly inflated and shot up into
the air, about sundown, with its dariugtraiieze
performer dangling-at its tail, mid loud buzzas
from the meneTeams from women, and cry
ing of frightened children. That inflation
process and tho bedizzened, mcdaled and
smutty gentleman that had charge of the fire
works were immense the biggest thing that
ecr struck this valley.
P. G. Ilalberg, the great Emporia nursery
man, was in town the other day with a carload
of select fruit trees and plant1) for Winfield and
vicinity. He brought down the two century
plants which were ou exhibition at the
state fair last fall, nnd which bad been pur
chased by William GriffiniHein of this city, for
the sum ot thirty dollars. They aro magnifi
cent specimens and can be seen by lovers of
plants and flowers iu a few days in Mr. G's.
front yard. Mr. U. has in his greenhouse at
Emporia, nearly every variety of plants and
roses, which cau be ordered by freight or ex
press. We have heard but little complaint this
spring as jet, about the lost of cattle, yet we
are very certain that our Sedgwick county far
mers must have suffered more or less, as also
those who have wintered Texas stock on con
tract. The fatality among tba cattle of the
state this soring is very largely attributable.of
course, to the late cold storms and backward
season. Despite our mild winter, the grasi is
nearly a month behind. Cattle, unless strong
ly fed upon upopjiutricious food, readily sue
cumb to cold spring rains, lbe late severe
storms north and east, although they did not
reach hern, vet they effected tho temperature
of our winds and raius to such an extent as to
render the month juit gone very disagreeable
and, we should judge, diaitrous to their cat
tle. The rain last Sunday night, while it was
not cold, .must have proved very severe ou
cows with young calves, uulcsn they had shel
ter, which is tho exception.
Tbo spirit of home improvements and adorn
ments has fairly taken possession or our peo
ple. To fix up has almost become a tnauia.
Husbands, wives, brothers and sisters, all ap
pear to be taking a hand at gardening, plant
ingflowcrs, and better than all, setting out
trees and shrubbery. It is well. Each tree
successfully transplanted not only adds to the
value or each single lot, but to the comfort and
value or the ntir city. The mistake made
by turec-fourfliat the new town In Kansas
was the neglect to plant trees. Wichita is ev
idently profiting by the result or these failures.
It is not to late yet to put out trees providing
it is done carefully followed by mulching. If
there is an owner of a home in the town that
has neglected to put out trees let him do it be
fore Saturday night. Uuder our laws no hogs,
cattle or horses, are allowed to run at large, so
it is the easiest matter in the world to succes
fully grow trees, without boxing them, which
process ruins so many trees.
Our farmers arc getting fifty cents per buxbel
for corn iu the ear upon our street.", wbicli
fact Is noted with pleasure. We only vv ish we
could make it a dollar. Thero are thousands
of rich, productive quarter sections iu this val
ley, owned and tilled by broad-guaged, enter
prising farmers uho only lack a few hundred
dollars each to render themselves and families
not only independent of panics, but prosperous
and happy. A little money to stock up with,
a little more to liuiljl and rxprov e with, and in
a rew years thh valley will rival in product
iveness that ofthe historic Mile, while its
fame, and that of its commercial metropolis,
Wichita, will reach the uttermost limits oft tie
continent. '-Fifty cents per bushel for corn,"
or a round or even a square price for the
thousand and one things that the warm soil of
this valley so readily and abundantly produces,
and money will be five per cent, per year, in
stead of so'much per mouth. With no fences to
build except as they are grown, with no forests
to clear away, with a climate that challenges
the world for health; water in abundance and
pure; the finest natural roads in the world, and
fifty cents (or com, and a good market for other
things, is all the people of this valley ask.
Now a few word about Wichita, tier past,
present and future an item or two sustaining
assertions or the Eagle, heretofore made,
touching our city government under the ad
ministration or James G. Hope, written for
the consolation or tax-payers, and for the ed
ification of all who take any intcrcs in the af
fairs and growth of this four-year-old city.
While the growth of Wichita for the year 1872
stands almost unparalleled In the history ef
towns in the west, yet last spring round us in
debt $1,000 and upwards, principally Tor street
improvement). The teasou opened up pros
ptrously and continued lively throughout
1S73. Even during the past winter, commer
cial agents and others visiting our town were
want to remark that Wichita led all towns in
the state for real solid business and general
evidences of prosperity. Starting in last spring,
with an indebtedness of l,3oOrths police force
was increased, over three miles of sidewalk
were built, two streets were traded, nine
stone crossings were built, and about 1 4,000
was expended In the cattle trade. Now, we
find from official sources, that we have cash in
the treasury f 1,6.11.78, besides as assets 11,500
expended in sidewalks, which individuali
mutt refund to tbt city, and not ouc cent of
city tax was levied last season, and we don't
owe one dollar. With all this prosperity and
financial success, we have bad as orderly and
well governed city as can be found anywhere.
V.'c challenge this state, or any other, for a
parallel, white we sincerely congratulate the
out-going board and the new mayor upon the
favorable showing.
Many or our citizens are beiug now, and
have been in the past, put to a great deal uf
unnecessary trouble and expense iu determin
ing the boundaries of their lots. Many of the
improvements on the resident streets do not
line, offering anything but a pleasing effect to
the close observer. These blunders mar the
appearace of Main street even, and or Douglas
avenue. Anew survey of Emporia avenue
last week whether ofbeial or not we know
not if correct, damages the property holders
upon that thoroughfare to the tune of tbou
sauds or dollars. The lines made out by the
last survey differ from two to twelve red from
original surveys. This is perfectly inexplica
ble to us, and we would counsel the property
owners upon that avenue to bring the matter
at once before the city authorities and not
move their fences and improvements, as some
are doing, until lines have been properly and
legally determined, with the variations, plats
and field notes all recorded. The law prov ides
for the recording of every hue officially run,
together with the variation. It further pro
vides that the surveyor shall correct this vari
ation by actual observation, at least twice a
year. t this has been doue there should arise
no trouble. We ask the new council to take
immediate steps for the proper establishing ot
lines within our city, and to the establishing
of the permanent grade of the two principal
business streets, as the longer the matter is J
pottpoued the more expensive and perplexing
will it become. In the mean lime, we would
suggest to citizens employing private parties
to hunt up lines, that there is a government
section corner stone in the centre of Lawreuce
avenue, near Mr. Mead's residence, and an
other on Green way street at Its intersection
with the above named avenue. By setting a
transit at one of these corners and a staff at the
otber, the variation can be determined very
readily at any time, upon which surveys made
will come out correct. If this whole matter is
not right tpetvdily settled it will be fauna a
fruitful source of perplexity and expense here-
alter which say in turn lead to litigation and
The tint quarterly meeting of the M. E.
church in Wichita for the year will be held on
the 25th Inst. The election ot trustees will
take place on Saturday between S and 4
o'clock. The new presiding elder. Dr. Buck-
ner, will preach on both dart. The Lord't
supper will be administered on Sabbath.
J. W. Phillips has recciv ed his two brick ma
chine, one of which is being put in position.
They are Hall's pateut and are manufactured
by. B. C. Taylor,igtMyton, Ohio. The ma
chines are light and simple, with a capacity of
about 15,000 brick each per day, and should
the weather prove favorable, Mr. P. will be
able to fully supply the urgent demand lor sub
stantial building material.
That cotton seed has been heard from. It
left St. Lonis on the 7th, and will no doubt be
ou hand before this Issue of the Eagle it out.
It was purchased at Memphis. There are 191
sacks ofit, or 20,000 pounds, enough to supply
all who desire to try their bands. It will be
distributed gratuitously. A letter which left
Memphis at the same time ssys that the
planters even that far south bad not yet put in
their cotton, owing to the backward spring.
But it should be got in the ground as soon at
The new Occidental hotel at this place Is
getting up a wide-spread reputation for its
unexceptional management and choice bill of
fare. It Is the largest and most complete ho.
tel building in the state scutb ol the Kansas
river. Mr. W. P. Rouse, the proprietor, it
not only immensely popular with our citizens
but deservedly so with the traveling public,
Mr. Richard Dines, the successful and experi
enced Caterer, never makes a mistake in pre
paring his dishes. At wc print their bill of
fare at this office, wc will copy that for last
Sunday's dinncr,wblch may serve to convince
outsiders that people don't live in this valley
to starv e :
1st. Soup, mock turtle, Boiled whitefish
with egg sauce; Boiled corn beer, bam, beet,
tongue, leg or mutton, loin or veal,
stuffed chicken with dressing; cold ham,
pressed corn beer tongue. Entrees Calf's
brains breaded round of Veal, larded, potted,
duck with green turnips, boa's btad with sa
vory jelly, fillets of mutton with fine herb
sauce, calves feet, German style, spict beet
tongue, picky sauce, calf sweet bread al a St.
Cloud, AnW sugar-cured hams, champagne
sauce, boned turkey, cranberry sauce, crumbs
or chicken, cream sauce, calf's head, American
sauce, pilot ot turkey, turkisb style, chicken
giblettt, wine sauce, stuffed brant with apple
jelley. Relishes Worcester sauce, Halford
sauce, tomato catsup, cucumber pickles, wal
nut catup, cheese, French mustard, cold tlaw.
Pastry and Puddings Lemon pies, currant
pudding, brandy sauce, cranberry pit, Boston
cream cakes, blackberry pie, blanch mange.
Dessert Currant cake,French cake jelly cake,
silv er cake, raisins, apples, almonds. '1 ea and
coffee, Bannana Ice cream, Roman punch.
The hotel it three ttories high, one hundred
feet front by eighty feet deep, with a court.
A fine billiard room is connected, with a stair
way to the office. Nothwithstauding its im
mense size and capacity, the house Is filled all
tbo time. In fine, the Occidental is the pride
or the city.
Iu this city ou Tuesday .March 31st, 1674, by
the Rev. J. P. Uarton, William C. Melxtell to
Miss Annie KInbrough. both or Wellington,
Sumner county.
In this city.at the Southern hotel, on Friday,
April 10th, 1874, by the Rev. J. P. Ilarsen, Ja
cob II. Ailed. orSuinner county, to Mary M.
Sullivan, of Sedgwick county.
In this city, on Saturday, April 11th, 1874.of
acute meningitis.CLBO, infant daughter or Dr.
C. C. and Mary B. Furley, aged sev en month!
and six days.
The burial services were held Sabbath after
noon and were attended by a large concourse
of the friends of the bereaved parents. At the
day slowly faded out, loving hands tenderly
consigned to rest the little wearied form
around which had clung the heart-love of the
now lonely parents. Beneath the tod on the
bill-side where the wild flowers will soon
bloom in beauty, and the birds of spring ting
in gladness,thc casket was only bid away from
loving.cyes; the jewel, the bright, blue-eyed
Cleo, released from pain and the sorrows ot
earth, is now upon the evergreen shore with
sister spirits, happy.
"As the bird to its sheltering nest,
When the storm on the hills It abroad,
So her spirit hath flown from this world of
To repose on the bosom of God."
Uncalled for April lath, 1874 :
gkntj.xiiitn'h list.
Adkins J J
Avvit P M
Gordon W It Preuitt P E
Heimlich VVm
Piatt W S
Briggs I M
Retntey J M
Rohn J
Kamford R
Smith E
Stevenson W A
Taylor LM
ChauwickGeo llelbrick Win
Cox H G
Hauison Alex
Dorsey J W
Du Bois F
Early W U 3
Elston E
Ezra J D
Field A G
FctcrB WS
Fairchild C II
Freemau 11 L
Gleesou M
Gray Chas
Hudspeth S
Jor Jon G M
Johnson C E
Killis John
vvaru a u
Leuiiuond R W Woodbury F 11
Lucas F Williams H W
Merrill C II 2 Williams J W
McaderWmD Ward G W
Miller Jas U Winn U C
Norris L Winn M
Osborn M
Arnell Miss A Morris Mrs M SmIUison Mrs O
Jones Mrs F C Sizcinan Marv Smith Mrs L
LavcerMrsM SkimerMrsvV Wilson M E
Merrill Mrs E
Ask for advertised letters.
R. L. West, postmaster.
J. F. Reese, dealer in grain.
Maple sugar at Caldwell & Titsworth't. 2-i
Cracked wheat,forsoups,atUcssAGetto't. t.
More new carpets and oil cloths Just re
ceived at J. Karatotsky's, Eagle block.
A George Stcck piano lor tale cheap. In
quire at Calwell & Tittswortb. 51-tf
Limburg cheese and Hellaud herring, good
and fresh, at Hess & Gctto't. M-tf
A large line of silk bats just received at J.
Ksratofsky't. ' 2-
Caldwell & Tittsworth have just received a
fine supply of maple sugar from New York. 2-2
Sugar-loaf syrup, the finest thing out at
Hess A Gctto's. 51-tf
Philadelphia baud-made boots and shoes can
be found iu all styles at Eagle block. 3-
Flowcr pol,. flower puts, at Caldwell V
Titsworth's. 27-tf
Barker's chocolade wagon grease and citron,
alt at Hess & Getto's. M-tf
Highest market price paid for corn at Whee
ler's. 41-tr
Plain and figured grenddines, in all colors,
at J. Karatorsky's. 2-
Take your bides to C. M. Garrison, the old
est hide buyer in Wichita. 27-tf
Coal Oil By the car load, or barrel, or
gallon, at Caldwell & Titswoktu'. 21
Good black kid gloves for seventy-five cents,
at Hills 4 Kramer's. 52-3
Salt At w bolesatc or retail, by
32-tt Caldwell Jt Tittsworth.
Japanese cloth for spring dresses can now
be found at a,;le block. i-
Cholc- teas .vnd sugars at Caldwell A Tits
worth's. 17-tr
Two button kids at Hills Kramer's for
tl.00. 52-3
The largest and most attractive stock of
brocaletcver brought to this market can be
found at J. Karatofsky's. 2-
If you want to make your wife smile, buy a
tack or the Excelsior mills flour at J. A.
Sroufe't. 31 tl
Tbt laigest stock ot kid gloves In the city Is
at Hills Kramer's. Over forty dozen, at
from 75 ceuts to $2.00. 52-3
Rare and elegant patterns in Irish and Japa
nese poplins can be seen by dropping in at the
dry goods emporium of J. Karatofrky. 2-
Tbe largest stock of queensware and glass
ware In Southwestern Kansas at Caldwell It
Titsworth's. 17-tf
Wanted to trade, ten shares or Occidents
Hotel stock for country or city property. For
further information inquire at this office. 48-tf
The anest and most attractive stock of dress
goods ever brought to Wichita can be found
at J. Karatofsky't Eagle block. 2-
More business added to the firm of C. M.
Garrison who is now wholesaling leather and
taddlery hardware. Orders by mail promptly
attended to. 51-
Fok Sale. Twenty yoke of fine work oxen
for tale or trade, for cash, atlow figures. The
cattle will be on tale at the Bonner tUblea,
Bailey A March, on or about the 38th iasL
Partita desiring a bargain ia oxen will take
OftlKftic'. M
One ot the prominent features of Karatof
sky't dry goods store It the new and endless
variety of fancy articles, and a great treat to
drop in and take a look at them. 2-
Patents on all lands entered prior to March
15th, 1873, are now ready at the land office. It
would be well for the partiet to whom the
patents belong to get them and bave them duly
recorded, which may tava a long and tedious
litigation at tome future time. 44-tf
Fob SaU. A amall dry goods and grocery
store' fir tale, doing a good business, In a
country town not far frot i Wichita. Satisfac
tory reasons given for telling. Will give time
on one-half or it. Enquire or Geo. Salisbury,
attorney at law, Main street, Wichita. 2-2t
Trotting C. G. Thompson, of the Star
stables has secured the services of Prof. Thot.
T. Coward, the well-known horse trainer, to
break and train horses, and is ready for busi
ness. C. G. TiioxrsON, proprietor.
Wichita, Kansas, March 18. 1674. 50-
FokSale Cheap. My residence, corner
Lawrence avenue and Waterman street. A
large house with ten rooms, closets, pantry,
cistern and well ; lot 100x140 feet, fence, shade
trees and shrubbery, all in good condition.
For further particulars inquire of Jud Her
riugton. 51-tf
Respectful Axmouxcemest. To pre
vent disappointment to partiet at a distance,
the closing and adjustment of our first quar
ter's loan to March 31st, will prevent our ex
ecuting any new loans for a few days. Mean
while those desiring can comply by letter.
1-tf Wm. C. Woodman & Son.
We beg leave to announce through your
columns to numerous readers that we have re
organized our commercial department, devot
ing it exclusively to dry goods, clothing, btots
and shoes, hits and caps, and Rock river build
ing paper. The increased demands of the
country now warrant the carrying of compe
tent stock, and the organizing at business on
strictly commercial principles. To thit end
our energies shall be directed, and goods sold
at low at they are placed in the hands of con
sumers in any market. We are now telling
04x64 full madder prints at eight cents, and
full standard blown muslin at 12$ cents.
l-w Wm. C. Woodman,
33 an 135 Main street, Wichita.
Notice. I wish to notify all my old cus
tomers and the public generally ,that I am now
located at the well-known stand, the " Star
Livery Stable," on Douglas avenue, east or
Main street, and am still engaged in the livery
and feed business. I keep always on hand the
best horses and carriages, buggies and outfits,
generally kept in a first-class livery business.
Passengers wishing to go into any part of the
country can bo accommodated with the very
best orteams,accompanied with a driver, if de
sired, at reasonable rates. Particular atten
tion paid to all stock left in my care.
Mr. O. C. Daisy ia engaged at this stable in
the purchase and selling of horses, mules, and
other property. C. G. Thomson, prop.
Go East By way or St. Louib. In these
days of competition the wise traveler selects
bit route before leaving home. In almost ev
ery instance he desires to reach hit destina
tion at speedily at possible, and for the ac
complishment or that purpose the Missouri
Pacific through line from the west to the cast,
via Kansat City and St. Louis, offers induce
ments unsurpassed by any other line in the
country. Everything connected with the Mis
souri Pacific railroad is first class, and the
adoption of the Miller platform and Westing
bouse air brake, together with its Pullman
sleepers, and reclining chair coaches, render a
trip over the lino perfectly safe and pleasant.
Passengers from all Kansas City, Leavenworth,
Atchison and other prominent cities, are land
ed in St. Louis at seasonable hours morning
and evening, and in ample time to make direct
connection with all railroads -for every point
in the north, cast and south. Particular in
formation with maps, time tablet, etc., may be
had at the various "through ticket" offices in
the west, or upon personal or written applica
tion to G. II. Baxter, western passenger agent,
Kansas City, Mo., or E. A. Ford, general pas
senger agent, St. Louis, Mo. 45-tf
J. Karatofsky hat just received the largest
stock ol staple and fancy dry goods, carpets,
and Yankee notions to bo found In Wichita.
He tells goods in every county in the South,
west. New goods received every day, new
stylet of dress goods in fact, all the newest
novelties to be found in the New York and
Boston markets Hamburg embroideries.
Gulpuro and real laees, novelties in ladies'
collars and cuffs, ruchingt, belts, Jfec.; women's.
misses', and children's fancy striped and plain
hose; very stylish and desirable green Alex
ander kid gloves, every pair warranted. All
kinds of goods, all in very desirable styles, an
entire change from last season, dress goods,
muslins, linens, flannels, clothes and cassimert,
He makes a specialty of laces and embroideries
and invites particular attention to that depart
ment. The largest line of corsets In the city,
curtain laces, etc. Trunks and vaheses of all
kinds. He it constantly receiving the latest
novelties in new dress goods, comprising the
newett styles from the looms of France and
England. Ladiet will always find in hit stock
a complete assortment of dry goods of every
description, which will be sold close to cost, in
order to attract the trade from neighboring
cities and villages. 2
The Public endorse it. The efforts of
the managers of the St. Louis, Kansas City and
Northern short line, to meet the requirements
of tba traveling public, hat resulted in a large
increase in through passenger business, which
'tas kept up admirably, notwithstanding the
dull timet, mainly attributable to the extensive
improvements made in the last two yean, cost
ing over two millions dollars besides earnings.
The company is now running five or those mag
nificent day coaches, fitted with Buck's reclin
ing and adjustable chairs, and dressing rooms
with every desn.i !e toilet convenience, with
out any extra charge. Ten more or these su
perb coaches, to supplant ordinary cars, are in
process of construction, each or which will
be finer than the preceding ones. Great at
tention is given to safety, the coaches being
supplied with Blackstone't platforms and coup
lers, to prevent telescoping and oscillation.
Watchmen patrol the line day and night, be
fore and after the passage of each train, to see
that everything it in good order. This system
of watchmen gives this road extraordinary ex
emption from accidents, and especially that the
impaired iron has been replaced this season by
the best quality or new steel and iron rails,
laid on broad, new tiet. This road continues
to run six fast express trains, two more than
any other road between the Missouri and Mis
sissippi rivers. Any ticket agent selling
through tickets to the east, north or south,
ells tickets over this excellent road. For map,
circulars, and time tables, address either Ly
mau McCarty, Kansas City, Mo., or P. B.
Groat, St. Loui t. Mo. 40-tf
Notice to Township Trustees.
Notice is hereby given to the township trus
tees elected or Sedgwick county, Kanaas, who,
by virtue of their office are the ascessors in the
several townships of said cauntv, to meet at
the office of the untv clerk on Saturday, the
25th day of April. 1874, atlO o'clock a.m., then
and there to agree upon an equal and just ba
sis of valuation for said county, of all property
that you may be called upon to assess. Done
by order of the board of couutv commissioners.
John Caki-entek, John Tucker,
Chairman. Countr Clerk.
Publication Notice.
Sedgwick County. "
In the District Court of the county ol Sedg
wick, state of Kansas.
James II. Todd and Thomas Royal, 1
partners in trade, by the Ann name I
or Todd and Reyal, plaintiffs. )
W. T. Given, defendant. J
The above named defendant, W. T. Given,
will lake notice that be has been rued by James
H. Todd and' Thomas Roval, partuers in
trade by the firm name and style of Todd
and Royal, the aid plaintiffs ; that said
flaintiffs, on the 31t day of December, a. I.
873, filed in the office of the clerk of the
district court of the county of Sedgwick,
state of Kansas, a petition in the above enti
tled action against him, said plaintiffs demand
in? a iudfement araintt him. said W.T. Given.
for the sum or one hundred and ninety-four)
dollars and twrntr cents and interest tccreon;
that, on the 3lst day or December, A. D. 1673.
an order or attachment was issued out ot the
said court In said action against him. the said
defendant, which order or attachment was, on
the 31st day of December, a. r. 1S73. bv the
sheriff of the cennty ofSedgwick, state ol Kan
sas, levied upon the following described real
estate, to-wit:
Lots one and two, and the northwest quar
ter of section number nineteen, in township
number twenty-nine, range number one east.
in the county ofSedgwick, state or Kansas, and
that unlet you. the said W. T. Given, answer
the said plaintiffs' petition by the 30th day or
April, 18.4, the said petition will be taken as
true, and judgment rendered against you ac
cording to the deessnd of said petition as afore
said aad the above deecribed real estate will
be teJd u satisfy such judgment.
Wichita, Kattaet, MarchlSta, 1874.
Aw' """'
PooTomcx Department,
Washington, March 31, 1S74.
Proposals will be received at the contract of
fice ot thit department until 3 o'clock, p. m. of
May 30tb, 1874, (tobe decided by the 16th or
June), for carrvIng-TJie- Cnlted States mail
from July 1st, 1874 to June 30 1878, on the fol
lowing route in the state of Kansas,and by the
schedule or departure! and arrivals herein
specified, v iz :
33173. From TontzviUe to Hillsdale, 31 miles
and back, once a week, by a schedule of de
partures and arrivals to be satisfactory to the
postmaster ai loniavuie.
33181. From Lost Creek to Fort Lincoln. 44
miles and back, once a week, by a schedule of
departures and arrivals to oe under toe con
trol of the postmaster at Lost Creek.
33192. From Cherokee to Monmontb,7t milet
and back, three timet a week.
Leave Cherokee Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday at 9 o'clock a. m.;
Arrive at Monmouth by 11 a. m.;
Leave Monmouth Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday alp. m.;
Arrive at Cherokee by 3 p. m.
33232. From Park City to Wichita, 13 milet
and back, once a week, by a schedule or de
partures and arrivals under the control of the
postmaster at Park City.
33240. From Sumner to Wellington, 9 miles
and back, once a week, by a schedule or de
partures and arrivals to ba under the control
or the postmaster at Sumner.
33241. From Caplona to Sabetha, 10 milet
and back, twice a week.
Leave Capiona Tuesday and Saturday at 8 a.
Arrive at Sabetha by 11 a. m.
Leave Sabetha Tuetday and Saturday at 1 p.
Arrive at Capoina at 4 p. m.
33242. From New Scandinavia, by Delta,
Arcons, Jewell Centre, Etbon, Ibaton, Por
ter's ranch, and Crystal Plain, to Gaylord, 60
miles and back, once a week.
Leave New Scandinavia Monday at 7 a. m;
Arrived at Gaylord Tuesday by 5 p. m.
Leave Gaylord Wednesday at f p. m;
Arrive at New Scandinavia Tuesday by 5 p.
33243. From Clyde, by Areenda and Kim
ball City (n. o.) to Cuba, 18 miles and back,
once a week.
Leave Clyde Saturday at C a. m;
Arrive at Cuba at 12 m.;
Leave Cuba Saturday at 1 p. m.;
Arrive at Clyde by 7 p. m.
33244. From Park's Fort to Norton, seventy
miles and back, once a week.
Leave Park's Fort Monday at 7 a. m;
Arrive at Norton Tuesday by 7 p. m;
Leave Norton Wednesday at 7 a. m.;
Arriv e at Park's Fort Thursday by 7 p. m.
33245. From Dodgo City, bv Ford C. II.,
Clarke C. H., Comanche C. H.. and Small
wood, to Medicine Lodge, 110 miles and back.
once a week.
Leave Dodge City Monday at 7 a. m.;
Arrive at Medicine Lodge Wednesday by 7
p. in.:
Leave Medicine Lodge Thursday a 7 a.m.;
Arrive at Dodge City Saturday by 7 p. m.
33246. From Great Bend, by Belfield, Rush
Centre, and Alexander, to Neil, 70 milet and
back, once a week.
Leave Great send i uetday at 7 a. m.:
Arrive at Nest Wednesday at 7 a. m.i o
Leave Nats Thursday at 7 a. m.;
Arrive at Great Bend Friday by 7 p. m.
33247. From Hutchison, by Reno Centre, to
Leonville, 18 milet and back, once a week.
Leave Hutchinson Saturday at 0 a. m.i
Arrive at Leonville by 12 m.;
Leave Leonville Saturday at 1 p. m.;
Arrive at Hutchinson by 7 p. m.
33248. From nutchlton, by Salt Creek, to
Westminster, 18 milet and back, once a week.
Leave Hutchison Saturday at 6 a. m.;
Arrive at Westminster by 12 m.;
Leave Westminster Saturday at 1 p. m.;
Arrive at Hutchison at 7 p. m.;
33249. From Empire, by Farms, to Crooked
Creek, 11 milet and back, once a week.
Leave Empire Friday at 8 a. m.;
Arrive at Crooked Creek by 11 a. ni.;
Leave Crooked Creek Fn Jay at 1 p. m.;
Arrive at Empire by 4 p. m.
33250. From Peabody, by Swope'it Mills' (n.
o.) Plum Grove, and Cariboo, to Towauda, 2
miles and back once a week.
Leave Peabody Friday at 8 a. m.;
Arrive at To wanda at 5 p. m.;
Leave To wanda Saturday at 8 a. m.;
Arrive at Peabody at 5 p. m.
33251. From Wellington.by Rome and South
Haven, to Kickapoo Agency (n.o.),2J milet
and back, once a week.
Leave Wellington Friday at 7 a. m.;
Arrive at Kickapoo Agency by o p. in.;
Leave Kickapoo Agency Saturday at 7 a.
Arrive at Wellington by 5 p.m.
33252. From Eldorado, by Calias (n. o.),
Robinston (n. o.l. Ferry, (n. o.) Britton. and
Floral, to Tisdale, 38 milet and back, once a
Leave Eldorado Friday at 7 a. m..
Arrive at Tisdale by 7 p. m.;
Leave Tisdale Saturday at 7 a. in.;
Arrive at Eldorado by 7 p. m.
33253. From Longton, by Indian Creek, to
Charleston, 24 miles and back, once a week.
Leave Longton Friday at 8 a. in.;
Arrive at Charlcaton'.by 4 p. m.;
Leave Charleston Saturday at 8 a. m.;
Arrive at Longton by 4 p. m.
33254. From Parker to Coffeyville, 3 miles
and back, six times a week, by a schedule or
departures and arrivals to be under the con
trol of the postmaster at Parker, and making
connection with morning and evening tralus
at Coffeyville.
For forms or proposals, guarantee, and cer
tificate, and also for instructions as to the con
ditions to be embraced in the contract, c.,see
advertisement or October 1st, 1873, inviting
proposals for male service in Kansat, to be
found at the principal postoffices, Bids should
be tent in sealed envelopes, superscribed
'Mall proposals, state of Kansas," and ad
dressed to the second-assistant postmaster
general. Jno. A. J. Creswell,
Postmaster General.
Assignee's Sale.
Notice is hereby given, that on Thursday,
April 16th, 1874, at 10 o'clock a. in., at my of
fice. No. 44 Main street. Wichita, Sedgwick
county, Kansas, I will oflcr for sale at public
auction the following real estate, situated in
Sedgwick county, Kansas, to-wit :
The south half of the northwest quarter
and the north half or the southwest quarter or
section number twenty-one (21), in township
number twenty-nine (2D), south or range num
ber twn (2) west, containing one hundred and
sixty aireoriand,subjectto a mortgage of four
hundred and fifty dollars, made by H. C Mann
and wife to J. A. Sobn,due March 1st, 1874.
Assignee of 11. C. Mann.
Wichita, March 12tb, 1874. 50-
For Sale or Rett.
A first class farm containing 100 acres, 1 year
d orchard, conuinins about J0O fruit trees. SO
acres under cultivation, srate red hy the little Ar
kansat, good log and frame bouse, stabls, corn
crib, a good well of water Also a brick yard
with Dccessary machinery for manufacturing
bretd. Also M cords of wood. Possession riven
immediately. For terms, etc., apply to
Kt, ni.W.SE.U,
Ont mile north of town.
Ctunty Treasurer's Sale ef School-Lands.
Notice is berebr trivta that the undersigned.
treasurer of Sedgwick county, state of Kansas,
will on Saturday, the 16th day efMay, A. D. 174.
between the hour of 9 o'clock a. ia. and 4 o'clock
p m , sell at public sale at aty offlec, within ths
city of Wichita, Sedgwick county, Kansas, to the
highest bidder, lbs following described school
land, In legal subdivisions, situated in the county
of Sedgwick, statt ef Kansas, ta-wif
Section 10, Township 27. South ef Rang 2 West.
nw .V, ofnw.V,
sw i4 nw .V
ne . nw s
.appraised at S3 00 per acre
do 1 00 da
do J 00 do
do 3 00 do
do J 00 do
rio 3 00 do
do 3 00 do
do 3 00 do
du 3 OS do
do 3 00 lo
do 3 Or) do
do 3 0) do
do 3 00 do
do 3 00 do
do 3 0) do
do 3 00 do
Si nw.v.
ne V of ne ii
nw . ae V
sw , ne a
se U at
tw .Vuftw .V
se ! sw V
nw !i sw i
se .' sw V
se V of se .';
ne ' V
sw H se
nw se
8 C JOHNSON. Treasurer,
Sedgwick county, Kansas
Reduced Prices for Railroad Lands.
In order to rjpidly dispose of Its Load Grant.
and for the
Settlement lutd rapid Development of its Country,
the Atchison, Topeka A Santa Fe lUilrosd Com
pany herewith makes special offers for the sale ol
lU l-and at special caah prices here given The
lands will be sold under special t-rms in blocks
as jciven belcw, as no culling of lands wilt be al
Township S3 ranee i east: all 1; w ', 12; all 13:
all IT: ne. nUH 19: all 21: ne andshf mSi all
15; all T., all S3; all 31; ne and s hf.ee 33; n baif
ana se 15; tJ.il per acre
Township X ranre I raat nw and t hf 1: Hi:
se.shfsw-rce; w); all II: all 13; ne 13; all IT:
war 1M; ceil; a hfsndswS; M.Mjwr vn.
Township ranre 2 east all 1 : all 3; all S; n hf
sethtsWKcT: all ; all II; all U; all IS, all IT;
all ID; alt 21: all 13; all IS; all S7: n hf and k rc
; all 33; all 33; S3 00 per acre
Towabip Si range J east nhfl; allj; all J; all
7; all 9; n hf 13; all 13; all 17; ne ; ne 21; '.
per acre
Township 23 range I west all 1: all 3; al! 3: all
7: shfnw. ahrne. aw arc D: atl 13: all IT: all It:
all 21; nw, . ehftwsecS; w ht ne. whfae; w
Bisrcz;; all zt; a hair an.l isuj. . i, s. s. 1. is,
sec II; all 33; nw and a hf wc SJ; S4.-o pr acre
Township X ranre-1 west lots 5, T, 9; sw we J;
lot I, 3. 3. aw sec IS; tw 17; all II; e hf. e hf sw
avc 21; lots I and 2, w hf ne, nw, ae, e half sw sec
s; 4. per acre.
t .k.:. . a. kb. ..,. .11- .11 . .it. -ii '
all 9; all II; all 13: all IS: a and s half IT; all '
WW ItNJIU , AUr . r, 4, ., . , ,, M, ,
Totcaahlp U ranre 1 Tea: all 1; 3; S
.; T: t; li; ,
j at; iJ.w
U; U; IT; U; 31; 3; S; S; 9; it; K
per acre
Tosrasbip X raafe 1 srrsl
a af. a hf e, asr sec J; all J
19; tl; 4 Ti per acre
Half and HSHl!
T; ; ii; U; IJ; 17;
Morisj Bailiias, CiaaTictiig, ikMSiIssf
All srark dotst la last bs snstswr aasl tatltfas?.
19; all if; all a; all as; all jT; alt -it; all si; ail ' vauev ranging' from pcveu to twelve miles! in width. Other stream of W miifnittnlr. ucli a Ihe Little A rUsu..
a; lots, t, t. 9, swsraecu; asjo per acre tVene'tcab 'Walnut aud Whitewater river. State. ISIufl, Sprin?. Gvp.iuu. Cli'fliolin ami (.-wt.iii crtL, iSlver-ifr ibe
jTLd.iliaaTmi .iu.-Vinl.af! ! eountrr with fertile valley. ThcViI of the valley and upland t a rich .udr ham. Tr-ral ft iu i.ri.th. Vt-ta-whrjj:
at ootsrracrt. ' ' tn cf' all kinds ia iminrta-scd. Climate temperate, equable and ht-idtiiv. Thousand of aeie-. t,t bmf arc sttraji lo
j(uStJ c 'sttWSl-.1
(Successors to Steele & Smith)
Real Estate Brokers and Insurance Agents!
Northeast Corner of Main Street and Douglas Avenue,
(Opposite the Eagle Block)
WTIOIIIT-, SIEDG-WICIK COUjNT, tt a -ixrct a f?.
Below will be found a partial list of lands that we have for sale, and which is changed each week. Parties wislitn;
to examine or purchase lands will find a conveyance on haud to anv of them, free of charge. All property purchases
for parties at a distance is carefully selected and personally examined. In connection with the real estate uumucs w.
have an Abstract of Title office, showing all transfers by deed or mortgage, liens, judgments, or defects in title to 'am
lauds or lots in Sedgwick county, and therefore guaranty the title to anv property purchased through this office,
ty Collecting rents and paying taxes attended to promptly.
jyA faithful adherence to duty in the interest of our patrons involves continual office work and precludes out
nping at the gate" of every new building to solicit. If von want insurance that will not fail von in the "tryini
r" favor us with a call. V c represent the following cominnics :
Continental, of New York, Capital $2,500,000
American Central, St. Louis, Mo., u $1,375,000
Home, of Columbus, Ohio, " 850,000
National, of Hannibal, Mo., " 236,000
TsTn.Tisnci nf T.pn.vpnivnrfli
. ,, v v,v..vxvu,
In connection with the following list
we have for sale several tracts of land,
ranging from 1 to 20 acres, adjacent to
the city, suitable for suburban resi
dences, and choice residence lots in all
parts of the city. We also have the ex
clusive agency of several of the best
business lots in the business center of
the eity. Call at our office for infor
mation as to price and location.
SO. S(-1C0 acres, 19 miles cast of Wichita,
watered by lhing springs and running
stream of water comfortable bouse
ana 6 acres In cultivation. Price 1,000.
NO. 368 160 acres, 12 miles northeast of town,
the soutbeast quarter of section 22,
township 26, range 2 east, 15 acres in
cultivation and comfortable bouse,
l'rice 550.
KO. 369153 acres. 3 miles northwest of Wich
ita, some timber, 20 acres in cultiva
tion, watered by Arkansas river, log
house 1GX20, outhouses, stables, etc.
l'rice 1200.
NO. 370160 acres, 4 miles southwest of town,
northwest quarter of section 18, town
ship 28, range 1 east, 16 acres in culti
vation, good log bouse 16x20. l'rice
NO. 871160 acres, northeast quarter section
3, township 28, 1 west, unimproved.
Trice 900.
NO. 373160 acret, northeast quarter section
19, townsbip 28, 1 west. Price 500.
NO. 874160 acres, southeast quarter ot sec
tion 29. township 26, 1 west, some im
provements. Price 750.
NO. 377160 acres, 10 miles east or Wichita,
watered by Four Mile creek, 15 acres
of hard-wood timber, 10 acres in cuiti
v atlon, 35 acres enclosed by good board
and post fence, and good frame dwel
ling, situated iu a good neighborhood
and within half a mile ot Midland post
ofhee. Price 1600.
NO. 332 0 acres, half mile from West Wich
ita, on the rner, first class bottom
land. Price $ 12 per acre.
NO. 333 Southeast quarter or section 18,
township 27, range 1 cast, 139 acres ;
half mile north of Wichita ; has 30
acres of timber, 50 ai-rcs in culth ation,
14x24 1J story frame bouse In good
condition, watered by the Little Ar
kansas rhcr. Price $J,5U0.
NO. 334 1C0 acres, northwest quarter of sec
tion 14, township 27, range 1 west, 3
miles west of Wichita; 100 acres in
cultivation, 12x14 pine house in good
condition, three-quarters or a mile in
hedge. Price 20u0. part ca-.li and
balance ou time.
NO. 340160 acres, 3 miles north west or town,
30 acres iu cultivation. Price per
NO. 341 SO acrcs.lj miles southwest of town;
20 acres In cultivation, good bottom
land. Price 12 per acre.
NO. 345160 acres, southeast quarter or sec
tion 7, township 28, range 1 wot, .3
acres under cultivation, 10 acres In
rail wheat, frame dwelling 22x32, good
stable and outhouses, hedge rows
broke, good welt ot water and fruit
trees planted, 8 miles west of this city.
Price $1,000.
NO. 346160 acres, the southwest quarter ol
section 3, township 27, range 2 west,
10 acres in cultivation and hedge rows
broke. Price for short time, 500.
NO. 347160 54-100 acre-, northwest quarter
or section 2. township 27, range 2 w est,
unimproved, l'rice $."00.
NO 3i0 160 acres, 41 miles soutliwc-t of this
city, bottom land. Price 750.
NO J50Sortheast quarter of section 12, town
ship 28, range 1 west, 100 acres, good
bottom land, l'rice 850.
NO. 352160 acres, 1 miles south of town, 30
acres in cultivation, good houe and
stable, watered by Chl-holm creek and
two living spriugs. Price 3,000.
NO. 355100 acres, 6 miles southvvt-t or town,
watered by the Cowskin. Price $550.
NO. 31220 acres, 1J miles north or town,
l'rice $550.
NO. 314160 acres, 7 miles northeast or town ;
12 acres in cultivation, and hedge
rows broke. Price $550.
NO. 315 40 acres. 1J miles east or town, a
splendid resilience location. Price
$800, part cash and balance on time.
NO. 31C 160 acres good land, 5 miles north
west of Wichita; some improvements.
Price $600.
NO. JIT A good stock or agricultural farm
1120 acres, with 300 acres or timber;
entire tract watered by the Little Ar
kansas and enclosed with wire fence ;
100 acres in cultivation ; 5 miles north
of Wichita. Price $18 per acre, part
cash and balance on time, secured on
NO. SIS 160 acres, C miles northeast or town,
10 acres under cultivation and houe
12x14. Price $00.
NO. 3195 acres adjoining the rify or Wichita,
40 rods east or depot. Price $750.
NO. J20'orthwet quarter of the northeast
quarter and northeast quarter or the
northwest quarter or section 21. totvn
thlp 28, range 1 east, containing 80
acres. Price 350.
NO. 324 160 acret, nrth'at quarter or se
Vlon 9, township 27, range 1 wet, 20
acres In cultivation, 12x14 frame liou
five miles northwet or town. Price
SO. 306160 acres, southwest quarter or sec
tion 12, township 29. range 1 exst. 40
acres in cultivation, bouse, stable and
well, 100 choice fruit trees In good con
dition. CJ miles northea.t or Wichita.
Price $lt0.
NO. S29 10 acres, 3 miles north of town. .
acres of timber, hou', 'table ani: well,
and watered by the Arkansas river.
Price $K00: one-half cash and bal
ance in two and rour months time.
NO 331 East half of section .. township 27.
range 1 wet. 5 acres in cultivation,
hedge row broke. 7 miles wet ot
Wichita. Price $1200.
NO. 273168 56-100 acres Brt bottom ; 30 acres
broke; 2 miles from this city; r.ortb
eat quarter of section 6, town 27, 1
east. Price $2500.
NO 18. 160 acres rtrt bottom land, lo seres
broke. 3 milt from this city. South
east quarter or section 33, town 26. 1
...r Prii-r ill ner aire.
269 160 acres flrt bottra.l2 arre broke.
houe 12X14, lt mnes irm un- nij , ,
aoiilhwet quarttfi of -ection 23, ton n i
:. range 1 eat. Price G.
-- jo) sres second bottom. 10. ac re
broke, with good water. 17 miles from i
this city. 5 miles irom rj ra. ince
600. Southeast quarter of section 21.
town 29. range 2 ea-t.
tfn jj; jco vrrrs rl bottom. 10 acre broke, j
" " boue 12x11, four roilrs from thi city :
southwest quarter of section 11, t wn
2. 1 west. Prlc ).
NO J5;Korthwetquarteroftion5.towi-
' ship 27, ranre 1 wot, all bott.m UmL
7 milea from this city Price .Vsl .
NO 51 160 acres: 12 acre or planted timlxr. i
C3cre undrrctiltivation: pine frame
houwith cellar: milk hou.- 12x4:
hl:e rows all around ; good bank
stable: 3"3 fruit tree; n CbUbota
creek; good sprinr creek running j
through said lind: being the soutb
eat nuirtcror section 14. toDhlp:N,
rang 1 east. C miles from this dty (
Trice 1)
The counties of csMl!erw''Css Sumner,
. 11
XltSIISlPPl vaue.
settlement uuder the pre-emption law for the ale of the OstKe Indian land,
gfjQj, of the itate, aud tu no other part can cheap home be purebae.l with
' Ma WSUCr.
culture and
Is nssr vrit
Uar people are enierpnin;r. sou iuaue uji ui iqr j,"-ai"-' ami u;s " num sue stieS4tsi jhhih i
society, arc "qual to anr of the older communities of other stale. The voting ami xrowln-' rity o: Icii
h a oonulatiuii of 3.003 inhabitants, and properlr called the Out-en Citv f the VVt. tirescn: afuio.t uwe-
iqoaJed inducement for money investment to all business enterprise, and more
i Tl-X
:r:e.a.d tbcis.
IMPROVED FARM 160 acres, first bottom !
land, with 50 acres iu cultivation; good '
house 14x20. pine, story and a half; '
good stable 12x26 ; 150 rods of grow- '
lng hedge; a good well; three and a
hair miles from Wichita, being the
northwest quarter of section 33, town- '
ship 26, 1 east. Price $1500. ;
NO. 75 160 acres second bottom; southwest j
quarter section 30, township 26, range j
2 east; 7J miles from Wichita. Price ,
$600. '
t3Tlt you cannot find anvthingin thee col
umns that suits you call at our office, corner
of Main street and Douglas avenue.
NO. 90160 acres first bottom ; southeast !
quarter section 33, township 27, range
1 east; 45 acres under cultivation; .
pine frame house 12x10, with kitchen; I
l j mues rroiu Wichita. Prico $2,650.
209 160 acres first bottom; southcat
quarter section 8, tow nship 27, range i
i west, race wo.
NO. 41 80 acres first bottom; 6 acres or tlm-
AV have a large number of pieces or lands
in tracts or from one to twenty acres, adjoin
ing the city or Wichita, suitable for suburban
NO. 229 A first class httel Tor sale, situated
on the corner of Water street and
Douglas avenue. In the citv of Wichi
ta,, being 50xK, with wing 43x0,
three stories high, containing tiftr-one
rooms. This house was built" this
summer, and is doing a good bu-ir.ess.
This property can be bought for $15,
000, on eay terms. For full parlicii
lar.s pleae address us. Ground 50x120.
NO. 289 160 acres ; southwest quarter of ec
tion34, tonnsliiti28, niligo 3cat; 50
acres under cultivation; 8 acres under
fence; hedgo rows broke; pine houc
12x14; watered by Eight Mile creek.
Price $1300.
NO. 290 160 acres ; 25 acres of timber, itn.l
30 under cultivation; corral or 5 acres
fenced; watered by Arkansas river;
8 miles from Wichita. Price $1500;
oue-third caih, and batancc to suit
purchaser, secured on land.
291 SO acres; east half or southwet
quarter or section 2iS, range 1 cit;
20 acres in cultivation; house, stable
and pump; 1 miles or Vallev Center,
l'rice $1,000: oiie-balrcasli, balance In
six months time, secured.
NO. 296 Eat halfor northeast quarter of sec
tion 29, townhip 26, range 2 eat, con
taining N) acres, l'rice 350. .
NO. 298-0 acres; the south half or the south
west quarter or section 10, township
26, range 1 oa.-t ; li! acres under cultiv a
tion ; 81 miles north or Wichita, in the
valley ol the Little Alkausas. Price
Do you icaul gvoJ land aJjointng toicn, try this.
NO. 299160 acres ; northeast quarter or sec
tion 21. township 27, range 1 eat. ad
joining tho lity if Wichita. Price.
$53.25 per acre. Will sell the above
iu tract" of 40 acres.
NO. 301 320 acres ; southeast quarter of sec
tion 15, and northeast quarter of sec
tion 22, township 27, range 1 west; 25
acres iu cultivation; 21 miles west of
Wichita. Price 2IKK.I.
NO. 302 10 acres; northwot quarter or the
northwest quarter of scition 2.1, town
ship 27, range 1 east; 1 miles cast of
Wichita ; a splendid rcsidrnie. site.
Price NW.
NO. 304 240 acres ; the northeast quartcraud
the north half oftlic southeast quarter
or section 4, township 2ii, range 1 east;
has 25 acres broke, house anil stable,
and hedge rows bioke; 8 miles north
or Wichita. Price lino.
NO. 305 162 61-100 acres; northeast quartrr
ol scition 1, township 27, rouge 2 east;
10 nines ea-l ol vv leinta. Price 500.
306 r2i) acres; south hair section 32,
townhip 27, range 2 ea-t; six miles
from Wichita. Price 1400. v
ISTStrele A Levy arc the exclusive agents
or over 30,000 acres or railroad lai.ds. compris
ing the lands belonging to the A , T. & S. K.
lailroad, in township No. 2'J, ranges Nis. I and
2 east and 1,2 and 3 west. These are by tar
the best railroad lands in tin Arkansas Valley,
convenient to tht city or Wichita, the largest
and most enterprising city west or Topeka.
The lands adjoining those of the railroad com
pany are well improved. Townships and
school districts are organized, school houses
built, and schools supported In nearly all of
NO. 379 640 acres ; being the whole of section
3, township 26, range 1 west; good
house and stable; lt" acres In cultiv a.
tion. 23 acre In timber and watered
b the Arkansas river; It miles from
postotHic and ihurch. l'rice 10 per
acre, will trade for cattle.
NO. 380 Northeast quarter of section 4, town
ship 25, range 1 west; 20 acres In cul
tivation; 400 finest and 40 fruit trees
planted; hou'r 12x11. Prie $10 per
NO. 3J 160 a re on Cow skin creek ; 25 acres
timber, 28 in mltiv atlon, nnd well wa
tered. Price l.V).
NO. 394 Northwest quarter of section 12,
to s nship 28, range 1 west; lli acres
unimproved. Price 050.
NO.385 1C6 aires at the mouth o( Spring
creek; 70 arres timber, 22 iu tiiltiva
tion, and watered by ?inng creek; a
good stock farm. 1'Vlre 9 per a-re.
3S6 100 acre", the southeast quarter of
ection 2. tow nship 2c, range 2 west ;
unltnproveu. l'rice .iJ.
&' Northeast quarter or rclloti 4. town
NO. :
ship 2, range I west; IS aeres tn -m.
tivation. Price V.
miles southeast ot Wichiu. Price Hf).
NO. 392320 acres 6 miles wetof Wichita, br
ing the soutlira't quarterol -rtlon2U,
and northra't quarter or M-rtion 2T.
township 27, range 1 west. Prfc IOs).
NO. 304 160 acre-, the southwest quarter of
section 12, fcjwiistiip 27, range 1 we-t;
splendid land. 21 mile norttiwe-t of
town. Price 8 per acre.
NO. 305 Northeastqiurterofsertlon II, town- ;
ship 27, range 1 West; tin- bottom '
laiid,3 miles northwest of town. Prfe
NO. 3M 10 acres, southeast quartrr of cs J
lion 14. townships?, ranye 1 west; 44
teres broke, ltg !lwisr. Z mllrs rt 1
of Wichita. Price ISSu.
NO. 397 oiithwet quarter of ! 3f, j
tmtnshtp 27. range 1 east: nitirs j
v)iithwet of town. Prtrr 1S.VJ
3fr$ 16s llwlfs) arres, lHng isftrthroat '
quarterof rtninC,towDHlp27,range i
1 cast, 2j miles nortb of bs u ; 25arres
timber. Si In rulltvatkyo; 15x21 Cram- '
hoiw. good stMbte and watered by
Ijltlr Arkansas. Price fortfcer.eit m
days fur land with crop I2.i p r aerr;
401 100 acre; northea.t r,u-sr of
llou 14, township 27, raiize 1 eit: t
miles northeast of town; t'Bttoprwtsl j
njdaud Price 1W "t
4T3 10) acres; northwest quarter f see,.
tion 32, townsbip 2.-. ralifr 1 we4; ,
0 arr in rullli atloo ; 12 H Mstrtlf
w.-t of Wichita. PriVe 5l. :
NO. 40t liw acre. 9 raHr-"i!b ot town; 21 ,
sere broke. 15 arres timber i'sd wjUN-
ed by iheGosr.Uu ; gd stent, firm.
Prirr SCO.
NO. 405s 111 scre; flutlrai quartrr ' see. '
Uon21.town-fclp2.s, ransr 2 tat: )2
acre and brilje rows broke; gnoil
v eli of water I'rlcr H.
Coley antl IJuUrr eompris an 3rria of
ocr on cuisnoim creek. ; tlie north halt I townhln l mm- " -t ..,.,,! ,1.,.
ol the northwest quarte'r of section 27, 1 w wwT-l .tober ' "-
1600 this city. Price aroun.l entire tract, watered 1 by A,
llic Arkaiia nrer run iisjr''u3tiy ittrotijrii tnc rouiiJirs
NO. 410 163 acres, in section 33. townUp 2f
range 1 east; 30 acres timber. 00 u
cultivation; 16x24 pine house; vvatel
ed by the Arkan.is river; 3 n lie
south ortown. Price 3200.
NO. 411 160 acrc; southeast quarter or sci
tion 27. tow nship 27, range 2 east; 2
acres broke ; living stream or vv ater ;
mues southeast ot Wichita. Price 7Uu
412146 acres, 4 miles mirth or the citv
Little Arkansas river bottom land; 3"
acresin cultivation; house 12x16; goo
well orvvatcr. Price $10 per acre.
NO. 413 160 acres ; northeast quarter of sec
tion 11. township 27. range 2 west
unimprov ed. l'rice tH).
NO. 414 80auc: south halfof the otitlioa
qUartcrofsectioii4.townshiii26.raii; 1 cast ; ) acres iu cultivation ; 8 mile
rortli of Wichita, l'rice 55rt.
NO. 417 Southeast quarter orseitiou 17, town
snip 5. range I west; tills land ha
some timber and living water; 9 mile
southvv est or tow n. Price 000.
NO. 418 100 acres; west hair r west hair o
section 35, township 29, range 2 west
10 acres timber, 10 acres in cultiv ation
house, and watered bv the Nluncscah
i nee nuo.
Tin.fiifU.'.. 1? ktiH.ia ...(!... Ar Iff .i.SSS
ita. Price 1100.
NO. 421 160 acres ; northeast quarter of sec
tion 23, tow uslilj, ;, ranjrp j w ,. . la.
65 aires iu cultivation, good II sturv
frame house well finished ; .-, splcndt!
location, 21 miles westoftown. 1'rin
NO. 424 160 acres; east hair ot south wen
quarter or section 3.1 and vvcl half o,
southwest quarter ol section 34, town
ship 29, range 2 east ; 22 acres uiidei
cultivation, watered bv living stream
and timber stitliilent for good stock
shelter; 6 miles southeast or El Paso
Price 700.
NO. 426 Southwest quartir of section 17
towuhip 2, range 1 west; ten acre
limber and watered by strcamofliviui.
water. Price 7W.
NO. 427 Northeast quarter section 3, town
ship 27, range 1 west; six miles north
westoftown; unimproved. Price (IMF
NO. 428 Northe.it quarter of section 1.
township 27, range I wi-.t; goodhousi
12x14, outhouse same size. 200 pcael
trees planted; ft, miles west o. Wich
ita. PrjieNs).
NO. 429 12NJ acres, being section 21 nil. I 22
tow n-hlp 27, range 3 west; claim im
provemcuts upon each quarter section
watered by clear creek, and Vcn
cheap at ."Jim.
NO. 430 Northeast quarter of mi tion 21
township 28, range 2 ra-t ; unimprov
ed: 12 miles southenstortown. Prlci
NO. 432 150 acres, I miles south of town,
watered by Uil-liolni i-eek; hi noun
timber; 40 acre m cultivation,
mile or growing iiedge, good tain'
hoii-e witli basement. Price 20 pel
NO. 4.13 southw et quarli r of scition 6, town
ship 27. range I west; unimproved.
Price (0.
NO. 436160 acres; 0 miles southwest ol
Wiihtla, being the northeast qilattei
of section 13, township 28. ranur 1
west, unimproved. Price next'.sjdavs.
NO. 437 160 acres ; 4uncre ineiiltivationaiul
lelicedwfth rai, good 11 st0r
hou-e.gooil Well and stable; llirsoiltli
east quarter settioli 8, towii.hlp
range I east, .'liulle south of Wklilla.
Price I.VXI.
NO. 439 iwt aeres; northwest quarter of sec
tion y, townsbip -J7, range 2 west; has
couitortahlclioiiseallil 12 n res III ell!
tivation. l'rice 450.
NO. 440 210 acres; In section SJ, tnwulup2t.
range 1 west, unimproved. Prlirtxv
NO. 412 11-) acre; Ing between thu lllguu.l
Little Arkansr rivers, 7 mile nortl.
ot Wlihita. The northeast quarter oi
er, tion 13, township 26, raujie 1 west
'I wuity-tive acres Iu cultivation
dwelling house 1 1x22. good ell. hedgr
lows broke, loootrult and Insj oie-trt-cs
planted, and s hool house bull,
on the laud Price liss); ouebalfiasl
and the balance ou time to suit Hie
purchaser at 10 per rent.
NO. 444 253 aeres; school land. I) lng on tin
llig Arkansas river; has le acres i,i
tlinlier, sebuol vviihln on halt mil.
and 6 miles wtt of s.rdgwh k 11
Price fl.50 per arte.
NO. 447 160 acres; southeast qliaiter of Mo
tion 3. town-hlp 2, rsngi' 2 wc. ; It
acres broke uudagood well. Priirts-si
NO. 449 .-otlthvvest quarter of rrfloti 17.
township 28, rangi2 eii.t, . ontslnltij.
l'ji) acre; tl acres ii, cultivation, ptu,
house 1UII with kltihen, ouo ball
mile of hed;;e planted and hedge rows
broke, good well, and 30 apple and
IH-ach tries tn food crowing eomtl
tlon, lielti? N mile, southeast.,! Wichi
ta nnd 5 mills northeast of El Paso
I'rire 12l.
NO. 450 Iii acre iu snlloii 28 and 29: town
ship 26, raiiae 4 east. In liutler county.
35 aire of good limber. 5ti acres In
cultiv atlon, bouse with four room, and
between 3l and 4.St ril. on the
jilare. watered by U'hftrv.ater. 7S
bearing -ach trees, and 35 of other
Varieties orimlt. 'Ihlsfarmi 17 mile
ofWielilta.9 miles from Eldorado, &
mils from Augusta and 3 miles frou.
Tnwanda dood school hoii-e. ,
and grist mill nlihlu one half mile
Prirr 12.50 lr acre.
NO. 451 Thr southeast quarter of rtflon II,
township 2i, range 1 west; 12arrii.
cultivation, house 12x11, all bottom
land. Prircft"0.
Si). 453 flu- southeast quarter of trrttcn 2.
township 2?-. ratufc 1 wrt ; r inilr,
southwest of Ul.lilta, unimproved
Price 450.
NO. 45J West ball ef Mrtlisst qusrtrr. ras
half of imrthwrst quarter t-e-tt32,
township 27, range I west; loO jure.
Matrrel by l owskili rrrek. trf.
ill rHUIvatlon. ami h'sltrr r broke
7 mMs southwest of U'MiUs. Prtr
NO. 456-. If) acres, in section 7, towrxMji 29,
range 3 east, terncc !2xJi. Jl mtr
southeast r vVls-btla, ami A mites ran
of r3 Pas.,, watered by Xante rrrek.
Prirr Sti.
.. 411 Sotuf. half ol stW.i garter i
sertnn , township 25, range I eust,
ami tho luwth 1st If Of Ike rmrthcast
fuartrr of errttetii. trntisbfp27 rioer
I t ; rentalsrinr; m swrr, ami i
terrd Jy a stream at Mving water; 4
mW wwfnra.t of Wirltlfa. Prtr k
NO. 411 ssMttf4 half of III ix,rtbe.t quartn
of srrttsss at. towrlijr 27 rang .,
rHil4r W jerrs; - Wtkr ssstltlieti.t
ef Wlrtst... t-Hioui lata,. ftU- If"'.
NO. 102 Smlb tusK ef wststlsrast quarter "
srrfcMi27. towssslsrp 27, raft east.
Hi arte., 1 artie isoMtbea.t of WUMta
and all gfted littHR land. Prter ltf,
NO. 463 XoetsVasi pr!rrri Mirtetes 2, ton o.
l2. rMsttrlrasLICs'laere.; water.
r4 iy tsyjsssws rrk. lucres of Hos
ier. I M4ir .osttbnst Ot Wfebtta
Prk 54X.
NO. 4J4 JUst 7a4ff ritt .t rfttartrr ot
Uan S. tftwiMblp 57, rsogel si; m
ers. asae Isalfruil north of WlsiMt'.
A spb-wWd Iswsatsssa. I'rf-e IfV'i.
SO. Ce .VssrOsws..; fortrr M sssetltn li.
to waaH, 2-. raofe-i rt; Tit arses
t4iitsrr.aaernsnra)rsst()n. tNattsg
Is-. nst-s WWb .f lY Wstti.
Prlre t.
NO. tWfmtrthsrr.t jssarier ,f tr.lvn 14,
levtw.tilji 27. rsjfr 1 west : VH re.
2insirswr(fUtetiiu, botlou 1&J.
Prtcr Ot
the lecst a-.TW-ullural JsihI rrt ttflhf j
natnesi, lonnttr oi itaii an riir,nrr i
whteh srr tmtjrjasrd in frrfllit Juaw)
all the ad van t ! of ijwhI H, ctlutalr-
especially tu manufactories.
, NO. 420 North lialfof north half irirtlnn.T.
-siuui-sciui; si mues irom I iriirwui
Tnc town of El Paso U located oa ike east babk
f the great Arkansas Rlvrr, in the southeastern
art of Sedgwick county, Kansas. It baa many
drantarrs, arsons; which are its beautiful and
ealthy location, sitsated on a high, atntly lop
na; prairie, surrounded br one of the Urrtst bol
es of the roost fertile land in the state, which is
dl taken up by actual settlers, who are energetic,
ndustrious and practical fanner. TTarr are at
vork in earnest, oiwnlngup their farms ami roak
ax themselves Mod, comfortable and permanent
There la a rock bottom In the river, extending
ibout three quarters of a mile up and down the
rrrara. On the east bank the rocks arc about fif
eca feet above low water mark, and on the west
sask about twelve feet below the surface ot the
A cooJ substantial bridge, two hundred and
evrnty-Uve feet Iodic, spans the Arkansas Rivtr
it this place, thereby rliia; the farmers on the
vest side ot the river access to the town at any
tajre ol water and at all seasons of thr year The
ridge rests on ttoue abutments on either bank,
'ml ou two Iron piers, which stand flnr.tr on the
srd rock tn the river It Is naturally the best
jlace on the rirrr in this state far a railroad bridge
serosa ths srrtat Arkansas Itive r.
Two railroads have already been anrvryrd to
'his place ; one from the northeast, via Kurrka and
ugusta, crossing the rtrrr at this rock bottom,
he other from the city of Wichita to Arkansas
City, which proved to be almost an air tine and a
very favorable route JSo doubt, both roads will
-oon lie completed.
There Is not the least dohbt thst hire is the best
eater privilege in the state of Kansas Thr gnat
Vrkansu Klvrr, Its sourer tn the UiwVy Muun
alns. Is supplied with water In stnnmer by the
netting snows in the ntonnuina, by rain and Its
nany tributaries In winter Thr water Is always
ilghrst from spring until fall, yet It h never
.ern known to overflow its hanks at this point
rhere is an abundance of water during Ihe whole
ear to run alt the machinery that can be, placed
n the bank for several miles below.
The feasibility of a dam across the river Is not
mestlonrd, a solid rock bottom all the way across
o build upon, Ihe width only two bundrnt and
cTcnty-tlve fret from shore to shore, a high bank
if cUy and ruck on the east side, and on the west
dde a bed of tough clay covered with ssnd, e
ending for me ways up the river alwjve Ihe rock
.ottom This water prlv ilege must and will short
y be ImproTeU Kl Paso will lie a manufacturing
Utwn. The experiments last season In raising
'Alton demonstrated that this soil and climate are
idoptcd to cotton growing; then why not manu
facture It here where the corner stone and fuiind
lion have been naturally laid.
Ihe town Is new, the buildings are substastial,
erected for srrmaneut business timises and homes
it contains one dry pood store, a drug store, two
rroccry stores, on Hotel, a wifon maker and
Macksmith shop, one hc store, a meat market,
wo feed stables, a good school h.iUse, ami a nam
her of dwellings
school i'itiviLi:niLS.
There Is a good school from seven to nine months
each year. A 8abbalh-ch'ol has been organif e.l
ind la now In a flourishing condition.
Two church nrgaulsallnua have been euecle.l,
'It. the Methodist and Polled Presbyterian, cacti
having regular service,
Hy recent arrangements thr Town Company has
siirrvdrd In obtaining at this place a June lion of
he stagraof the soullin stern Mar Company A
(ally stage runs from here to Wichita, a trl-wcetlj
from hrr lo Kurt Silt, a Iri.wrekly to Vv elllnjf
ton, a dally, via VV lullcM, to Arkansas I Itj
TIM lllllt.
The timber in thl vicinity consists of colt .j
wood, oak, ash, hickory, walnut, mulbcrrr and
elm Cord wood Is delivered In town at fuiir '
tars perron!
1 tic re Is hrrr a good opening for business mm
of all kinds, ui chanirsof all trades honest. In
ditstrloiis, temperate and rnergrtt men are tr
"1-ecirully Invited
Hie liry of Hie town csmipiuy heretofore In
crn to donate lots to thse who built hon.e- tn.
Ihem Now, fur Ihe first Mine, ll.ey advertise 1.
fur aide
Person seek log liorne r u Ishtng tu riigjpe in
business of Kiiy kind, nr desiring liliul in
health), ptea,ar.t and proisroii 'new tsce
among a good class of society, would do wet' I ,
pay this place a slslt I fsire settling rl.eul.erc
I'or further particulars address
JOHN llt'l'IIAIKIt, Ol
10-IV J. IIOCT s.tl.VNii-11
VhollI t'rM.trtt In
Tocacca and Cigars !
Main Street, Wichita, Kansas.
(Ilrstdoor siltif tiitiern lUlil J
Hlpg o-ftrd l!rwer In YvTchit se mr
rr-N.i.. t sojtplf the i-ils arxl rstOnlry trs.1.
lrh lh l.st Ale aied IWer.on short softer SIM.
Ilottlr.l lleer and Ate for family nee.
;:: oi:ror,xo.?o maixst
ZJ-U II t stork ol 1 obart abd I leaia
4fiuntly o btset a2tcly
Soda Water Manufacturers!
VV holr.,le aod Iirt beaters Is.
lla'ior Jasrtslut tssetr farsMl.sl foe stj4?s i-r
sty s tormsimWur ssasssstrf wtHs Its 4hr.
efrs, serif sssss lSnr srajftsax torts)! tu
awl .VE.VTOV
EJ"Astor!lss j-twuciy ita!dv Att's
llAltltli t CO .
sMf Lot ls li
k.V ssstls; feetet a tat. a
V. A Lie I'AI'E!.,
IjssasTjKtle - k4r.1j

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