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WICHITA. TIlUlisDAY, fcKPT . 3,ls,r74.
Republican County Conventions.
That tlic county nominating convention shall br
lie J at the Jingle hall, in the city or Wichita, on
the 12th day of Seplrmber, liSTt, at 11 o'clock a.
in of bald day, unci that the primary flection
therefor shall be held on Saturday, the Mb day of
September, lfTl, at the usual places of voting In
the several presincts oftlie county, at which each
municipal township shall be entitled to chose two
delegates, except the township of the city of
Wichita, which (hall be cniilled to four, one
from each w ard of said city.
lhe following oOieer are tu be put in nomina
tion viz:
Clerk ot the district court.
Probate Judge,
Suerintndant of Public Instruction,
County attorney,
It. I.. Jacs-sox, Chairman.
U. I.. Uewinir. Sec'jr.
Convention 25th
A rcimlilican convention for the purpose of
putting in nomination a candidate lor state
senator, for the 2."th senatorial district trill be
heM in Wichita on Tuesday, the 15th day
of September, at 12 o'clock, in. 1874. The fol
lowing is the basis of representation, i.e.,
each county will be entitled to the the num
ber of delegates named :
Howard six; Coiey file; Duller five ;
Sedgwick hc; Sumner live; Harvey lour;
Keno lour; Pawnee three; Harbour tno;
Ford tvto.
Delegates from the counties of Harper and
Coninianehc wilt not be admitted, except by
action of the above delegates.
On the pari of the committee
J. M. ISaldcrston, Wichita.
T. 11. Murilock, Kld'jrado,
II. C. St. Clair, telle l'laln.
C. C. Hutchinson, Hutchinson.
G. II. KitglMi has been quite tick for sev
eral days, but Is mending slowly.
Commissioner York's wiTc and children
started (or a v. iit to 1 llinois la-t night.
It is reported that a heavy rain lell in the
northern part of the county yesterday morn-
Itcmember the primary elections next Sat
unlay, and the county convention Saturday a
Mr. Cogshcl! Is building a two story resi
dence on Lawrence avenue near Douglas
Major Thos. 1. Fletcher, of Howard county,
I announced by his friends as a candidate for
senator Irom this district.
Over two thousand stock hogs have been
shipped from this point in the past month,
which could illy be spared.
Our correspondent "Cagle" writes us a val
uable ami practical letter which will appear
next week on the first page.
"One of the Macs" letter came too late.
We were almost ready lor press, but it will
appear next week on the first page.
The concert came ell" as was announced in
our last isuc. The entertainment was highly
fpokn of by a number that were present.
Thirty-live bushels of wheat to the acre
weighing sixty-live pounds to the bushel i
the rvlurns (S. A. Lyon has from his crop of
winter wheat.
Several school district clerks have failed to
make their annual report in accordance with
law. lira notice they are still given to the
loth of this month.
Horn, on Wednesday, August 2fith, to M. It.
and Celcstia Coreiino, a son. And nint the
captain, who is getting ready to start to the
Hlack Hills, happy.
The niothor and foster sister of John Stan
ari! esq., paid that gentleman a isit last w cek.
His mother and sister had been touring it in
the Koeky mountains.
Mrs. ,l. C. Frakcr, who is with her mother
at Kmporia, is very much lower, aud her
friends have di'spaired o her life. Her hus
band is w ith her.
"Hurricane Hill" was discharged from cus
tody yesterday morning. He proposes to take
a hand in the Indian war as a spout and guide
if a regiment is rni-ed.
Tlie total assessment of Sedgwick county,
as corrected and equalized, amounts to
SUlO.Nri.W), Irom which $IIl.!'J."iO is deduct
ed as legitimate abatements.
Sheriff Masscy seldom it ever fails to get
his mill when be goes tor him. Ho returned
a lew days since with Long, who will have
justice mected out to lilm wo trut.
One thousand, two hundred and twenty
dollars was returned to Judge Jewett in the
way of fines for the last month. The income
mi licenses amounted to a htttc more.
C. F. Gilbert has sold his horse Smuggler. Jr.
to M. It. Moser,w ho first brought thai splsndid
animal to this country aud who now says that
he will never part with him again.
The trustees of the several townships of
Sedgwick county will find an order of the
hoard of county commissioners published
elsewhere which will prove of interest to
themselves and others.
The hoppers have been moving south for
several davs. Their Hight is ciyhigh. A
gentleman from the gulf says they were still
going south into or across the gulf. Hut few
are left in this county.
An Interesting letter from Florida, written
by an old citizen of this county, will be found
upon the first page. Next week w e shall pub
lish a letter from the San Juan mines, written
by one of Wichita's boys.
From W. I'. Stanley, the clerk of the board,
wc learn that the late enumeration of school
children in this city shows 231 males and 259
females, a total ot 41C, against 2.11 males and
21S females or total of 440 last ear. .
Sheriff Masscy, who for the pist three weeks
has beeu continuously 011 the track ol crimnalt
in this and other states is again at home. Our
boy, Tence, as deputy makes a splendid of
ficer. He is prompt, affective and makes 110
A yeung man, formerly Irom Denmark, was
stricken down with sunstroke while at work
on the straw stack at the time our lolks were
threshing. Dr. McKinncy, Irom Jamcsburg,
was called, and he soon rce-overcd. So writes
Mrs. King.
A box ol very line cigars was found upon
our tabic with a note leading, "As you enjoy
thesc forget the troubles and vexatious inci
dent to lite. .1. It. M." Alter perplexing our
knowledge box wc have settled upou our old
and tried friend, Hon. J. It. Mead, as the don
or. The injunction will bo obeyed. Many
The agricultural, horticultural and stock as
sociation ol this county have about concluded,
for reasons ub ious to all, not to hold a fair
this fall. The premium list in the shape of a
fifty page pamphlet was well along, but taking
all things into consideration, together with
the chances of a failure, a postponement was
thought best. Over one-half of the county
fairs of the state have been postponed. The
stockholders will endeavor to get up a stock
fair lor two or three days, which no uoubt
will be well attended and well patronized.
The city schools will commence on next
Monday, September 7th. The superintendent
desires to have any otic that expects to attend
school this fall and winter, to report If possi
ble on Monday, whether they can commence
regular attendance from that day or not.
The latest agony In tha serenading line is to
employ a negro quartette to do the singing
and playing while the "feller" places himself
near the window to catch the coquet as it is
gently dropped by his fair one.
The report of Custer's expedition in the
Hlack Hills published by us last week created
no little Interest among our readers, especially
licre iu Wichita, aud last Sunday night New
ton Warren, all alone, started for the wonder
lul land ot Cowers and gold. He intended to
go by nti-to Sioux City, from thence to Yank
ton by boat, and then join some company
overland. Gen. Sheridan has issued an or
ders notifying parties now reported organlz-
in; it var ou- po nts on the borders, to visit
the Back liil'a In search of gold, that they'
w ill so be permitted to go unit ss under the !
authority of the secretary ol the Interior or of j
congnM. '
For the past two weeks wc bae been mak
ing dilligcnt Inqury as to the condition of the
corn crop in Sedgwick and adjoining counties.
From letters, exchanges and talks with men
Irom various sections wc have come to the
conclusion tliat the counties of Sedgwick.
Sumner, Butler, Cowley, Howard and Harvey
will all have considerable corn, enough for the
horses and hog, and enough for corn meal
and seed. We figure it that about one-half ol
tha fields are a total failure, anothcr'lourth
will tuni oft a quarter ol a crop, while one
cropincery four will yield from a half to
throe-fourths ol a crop, making an average of
Irom a fotinli to a third ol a crop. Much fod
der has been saved, a larger amount than
many arc an arc of, while there has never
been such quantities ot liar put up any sea
son before. There are townships in this
county that will have over one thousand tons
each of good merchantable hay. From our
mill men and others who have been over the
ground we arc satisfied that the counties
above named will have something over two
hundred thousand bushels of wheat for sale,
a large proportion of which will Cud Its way
to this market. As the cloud that was can
over us by the grasshoppers begins to lift
there is a great deal if cheering light break
ing through. True, there arc those, and their
numbers are not inconsiderable, that will
need aid. but tl.cy are people who have been
in the county only a short time and who
brought nothing with them. To these a help
ing hand must be extended. Not only a
helping hand, but cheering or smpathclio
words as the case uuy be. The legislature in
appropriating relief w ill go as far as in their
widom in urgent necessity will warrant.
Hut it seems to us that the best and most
practical relief is that that comes from gener
ous hearts and neighborly hands. If there is
as much food and grain in the country as we
estimate above, no family should sutler, no
little ones cry for bread. 'Ihcy must cot.
Wither the man or woman and blasted be all
their crops lor years to come who would re
fuse to divide with hungry children. As to
clothing, we expect and know that the legis
lature and county commissioners can relieve
all wants in that direction.
Kiiitoh Eagi.k : Hy jour permission I will
furnish you a statement of our stock trado
here up to dale. We hac shipped 1,012 cars;
number r head, 20,240. Same time last year
we shipped CIO cars; total number of cattle.
12,NW; showing an increase or 472 cars and
an increase of number of cattle shipped to
date of 7.440. And wc had located on our
grazing grounds hei e last year, September 1st,
about '.13.000 against about 4'O00 this car,
showing a falling off ol ."1,000 here, while at
Kllsworth last year they had about 80.000
against J,000 this year, showing a falling off
in number of cattle on hand at this date in
thsse two markets of one hundred and twenty-six
thousand which the above figures will
show and I jet fall to see why wc won't have
a fair market here notwithstanding the scare
of the drouth and the grasshoppers.
Your.s, John Clink.
Wichita, September 1st, 1871.
The cheering news comes to us from every
portion of the valley that farmers arc indus
triously sowing their fall wheat. In our own
county a large acreage lias already been sown
and before anotl-er week hundreds or aires
more will have been seeded down. That's
right. Sow your wheat and that immediately,
cvcnil you sow it in dust. It will then be
ready lor the first rain that does come. All
experience In this state proves that the latter
part of August or the first week or two in
September, at the latest, is the time to sow-
wheat. Drill it in well and deep or cover
with a plow II possible, but at any rate put it
in immediately.
lVESTWilil) THIt St.vii. ETC. Mr. A. H.
Whiteomb took his departure ou Wednesday
last for Wicliita. Kansas, where he has located
permanently, and proposes opening an ab
stract, conveyancing and general land otliee.
Mr. Whiteomb has bad several years experi
ence in similar pursuit" in this city, and has
achieved a fine reputation as an expert and
thorough workman in Ids line of business
Wc bespeak for him a prosperous life in his
new home Champaign County (111.) Gazcttr.
Mr. Whiteomb has taken up his residence
in our city and commenced operations. Any
body who comes to this conuuty and works
faithfully will succeed.
Col.. MtmitocK : I present vott with a spec
imen of George Dadi'sman's corn. He has
fifty-live acres which will go thirty bushels to
the acre. He has also twenty-live hogs which
he is fattening and thirty tons of hay to sell.
lie came to edgniek county two years ago
ami located five miles north ol here in the
vallej-. He says he made $"00 clear farming
last jear. Mr. Dadisman was from one of the
finest sections of Illinois, but thinks it's noth
ing to compare with Sedgwick cotintj-.
M.'lt. K.
Milburn Alexander, while out hunting one
day week before Iat, lost his bird dog, said
dog was a speckled dog, about one year old;
when last seen was about seven miles north
east ot this place. Milburn wants his dog
very much and will give a liberal reward to
anyone that will return him to the count
clerk's office. The purp his u collar 011 an-l
attached to said collar is a lag with the letters
'T. P." stamped thereon.
Mxty-five cars more cattle shipped in Au
gust than in the c rrespotiding month for 1S73,
so we learn from the agent's report. A large
number estimated at forty thousand head re
miin on the range yet, many of which arc
still in first hand. The market is very flat
owing to the failure of crops and grass in the
states east of us. Nothing but fat beeves are
in demand aud the city markets arc overrun
witli these.
The young men's bible class ol tho Picsby
terian Sunday school will be re-organized
next Sabbath afternoon at half past 2 o'cloik,
and will hereafter be conducted by the pastor
of the church. The office of the county clerk
has been .secured as a class room. A cordial
invitation is extended to all young men not
otherwise engaged to meet at Kaglo Hall at
the above mentioned hour.
C0W8KIN Giiove, August 21st, 1874.
L'MTOIt Kaci.g: Permit me to say through
the columns ot the LaOI.e that I do not de
sire to be a candidate for any political posi
tion. I prefer supportingmy friends to being
a candidate myself. I believe it wrong, how
ever, to seek or decline any honorable post
tion when tendered by our fellow citizens.
Your obedient servant,
John Kli.i.v.
A small colored boy about seven or eight
years old by the name of Koblnson, living in
the north side of town, on Friday lat while
carelessly handling a revolver, shot himself in
one of his eyes the ball coming out at the tem
ple. Hevolvcrs are nice play things for chil
dren. The prcccci'inss of the conventions, politi
cal and educational matters, have taken up
almost our entire space this w eek. Icav ing but
a meager showing for the local column".
Judging that the fanner would prove more
interesting than the latter, we governed our
selves accordingly.
In this city, ou Monday, Augu-t .list, 1S7I.
br the Kev. J. P. Harden, is.unucl 31. Khodcs
to 31ary J. llott, all of Wichita.
Sodrfwick County Toftchora' Insti
tute. Monday, AiijfU't 24, 1S74.
Inttittitc called to order at 1:45 p. m.. Prof.
Ward called to chair; 31. K. CImiir chosen
secretary ; 3lU (Sray appointed intie. An
eerereie in muIc was then eiven bv Prof.
Uul.c, after which -Mr. Wilkinson pic a le- t
sou in numbers.
A rcces-ol tiftecn minutes was then taken
when the subject ol primaiy reading was pre
sented by 3Iia Mary Grey. The subject ot
object teaching was then presented by Prof.
After reading of critic'a report a program
for next day's execises was made out. when
the institute adjourned to meet Tuesday
morning at i) o'clock.
Tuesday, August 25, ls74.
3Iet at 9 o'clock. Opened by calling roll,
followed by reading riptures snd prayer by
l'rof. Ward.
First exercise primary geography, lollowcd
by discubign of same subject.
Some attention was then given to the theary
and practice ot teaching bT Prof. Ward, after j
which the subject of U. S. history was taken
A short recess was then given, after which i
the subject of tDelliur was considered. An
esssy on the subject by Mm. Todd.
Next a lesson In language was conducted
by Mrs. West.
Miss Fool then gave her p'an of teaching
drawing to little children.
A lesson in i.istcry by Prof. Ward was a
conjnuaoce of hit p an o: the day before.
Institute adjourned at 12 o'clock
Called to order at 1:40. After calling of
roll Mr. Wilkinson led the convention in ting
ing from the joy, alter which lie continued his
lessons in primary arithmetic. Mrs. Fees
then conducted a class in mental airtlimctic
After a recess of half an hour the question
box was opened The subject of numbers
f was then taken up by l'rof. Ward. After
hearing of critic's report the institute ad
Wednesday, August 2C, 1874.
Institute called to order at !) o'clock. After
calling roll religious exercises were conducted
by Iter. Mr. Ilauna. Critic was then appoint
ed, when the subject ot school organization
was discussed, followed by a short lecture on
objects of recitation, by Kcv. Mr. Hanna.
Map drawing was then taken up, Mrs. Fees
presenting her plan followed by Mrs. West
and M. K. McClunaf.
After a rccc-s of fifteen miuutcs etymology
was introduced by Prof. Ward.
Miss Foot then continued her primary les
sons in draw ing. After reading of critic's re
port institute adjourned to meet at 1:30.
Institute met at appointed hour. Alter
roll call Mr. Wilkinson conducted an exercise
in singing. An hour was then given to Mr.
Hear in which lie presented the subject of
soiids. After hearing critic's report institute
Thursday. August 27, 1S74.
Institute opened at y o'clock. After calling
of roll religious exercises were conducted by
Kcv. Mr. Harcn.
l'rof. Ward presented his method of teach
ing decimals. Physical geography was pre
sented by the sat le.
School government was discussed at length
by teachers. Adjourned at 12 o'clock.
Called to order at 1:30. After roll call phys
ical geography was again taken up by Prof.
Ward. Next the subject of history by the
Percentage was presented, several teachers
going to the boa:d and giving their different
J. G. Valentine then proposed the organiza
tion of a teachers' association in the county,
to meet at different points throughout the
count-. A motion to call a meeting for Fri
day morning at eight o'clock, for the pourpose
of taking some steps toward such an organiza
tion, was carried, after which the institute
adjourned. M. K. SIcC'LUNC, Sec.
Sedgwick County Teacher's Asso
ciation. 'lhe teachers of Sedgwick county in con
vention assembled iu the city of Wicliita pro
ceeded to organize a county teacher's associa
tion by adopting the following preamble, con
stitution and by-laws :
Wiikueas, Wc the teachers and friends of
the common schools in Sedgwick county, feel
ing the needs of a thorough mental culture
and the opportunities for obtaining the same
hereby resolve to organize ourselves into a so
ciety whose purpose shall be as above stated,
by adopting the following constitutions aud
by-laws :
Si:c. 1. This association shall be known as
the "Sedgwick County Teacher's Associa
tion," whose members shall consist of the
teachers and friends of education in this coun
ty. StC. 2. The officers of this association shall
bg a president, a vice-president, secretary and
an executive committee of three.
Slc. 3. It shall be the duty of tUc president
to preside at all the meetings of the society,
appoint all committees aud perform such oth
er duties us pertains to the office.
Sr.C. 1. It shall be the duty of tin; vice-president
to perform the duties of the president
in his absence.
Sec. 5 It shall be the duty of the secretary
to keep a correct record of the the proceedings
of tlie association, and report the same when
called for by the society.
Si:c. (5 Tlie executive committee shall fur
nish a programme at each meeting of the so
ciety for the succeeding meeting and report
the same before the close of the session.
Sec. 7 Tho association shall hold its regu
lar meetings on tne first Saturday of each
month. Session to commence at 10 o'clock a.
m. First session to be ou the first Saturday
iu October of the prcent ear.
Si:c. 1 Any person ol goad moral character
miy become a member of this association by
subscribing their names to this constitution
and bv-liws.
Sr.C. 2. It shall be the duties of the mem
bers to attend the regular meetings of the as
sociation, and perform such duties as may be
assigned them, and by failure to do the same
shall subject them toexpul-iou from tho socie
ty. Six. :!. These by-laws may be amended at
any regular meeting of tlie association, by two
thiids vote of the number present, in favor of
the amendment.
Win N Woodruff Frank Dale
Wm It Karri A Kuinicrson
K A Hall It C War.l
W J Collier Mis, Llleii Hull
I. II Palmer .Miss .Viatic .VUChiug
J J Yaple Miss Nellie Valentine
J ISeinaugli Mis Annie Pope
Geo A Hooker Miss Laurie Pope
N H Smith Miss Jessie Skinner
C A Curlvvright Mis Laurie Davis
A W Hellion Mi-sLCGray
J W Flood Miss .Mary luibler
A MAuld Miss Majuiie K Gra.
J G Valentine
Programme of exercises for the first meet
ing of the association to be held at the school
house in the citv ot Wicliita on the first Satur
day iu October, 1874.
Committee on music Miss Inez. Skinner,
Mis- i.iHic Cov.
10 o'clock a. 111. music.
10:15 Prayer by Uev. Hanna.
10.30 Select reading Miss Mary Gray.
10:l.' Class exercise in reading by Miss M
E. MeClung.
11:05 Itudinients of written arithmetic; class
excrcie by J. G. Valentine.
11:25 Cl.i-s eerci-c in intellectual arithme
tic by A W Heliton.
11:40 Filst lessons in physical geography by
It C Ward.
12 m. Adjourment.
1:30 Class c.crcic in modern geography by
Miss Laurie Pope.
I p. m. Essay by Miss Nellie Valentine.
2:20 Firt lessons in lauguage by Mrs. 1.
II. West.
2:50 Class sxercisc in spelling by Miss K.
3:20 Oration by John Flood.
3:35 School discipline General discussion.
4:10: Hel.ilioii of parent and teacher bj
Judge Emerson.
5 Essay by Miss Mary ImMcr
H. C. Wai:i, President.
J. G. VAI.r.NTINE. Secretary.
Uncalled for September 3, ls74.
urn w i:
HarlMur .V I
Fuller - G
.lohn B I)
John K
Kent II I,
l.asaler t 31 (-)
I.inxX (31
Mver K
.Mills J C
Armour J
Adams I X
Apt C I"
llerrr J K
Hans C A
llunibry C
Itenbttn G W
Itell.l W
ItUtcldev J
ltunlck X
Itntm K C
llerrr J
Uowiu J W
Carter A JncV-on (2)
Civile 1)
Chnmplin I. J
Con mt 1. T
Murphy J
McMillan J
Mnwirtv F.
MclSride !
MrriG W
Xel-oa U l
Xoble A
Powell J
Porter U F
Preston C W
l.n-d G
Uubinson G
!!-t;rsdale J
Kogrrs I.
ISiser I. rt
-wars U1
Mewirt .1 J
a:hii Jz It
C rlev J N
Croner J II
1 Cramlal V i:
' DilUrd II
! 1) nton J
' Ilenton .1 I'
1 Debois C T
Dice .1
! KjrrVVT
; Kinrrson C
rosier J It
' I'lebler V
Karnam V. C
I Franklin K
FoclcC I".
Frailer K 1
GrwoiHl IV
Green F
1 Gl4 J is
i Cclkert"
' limit F II
Hopper J F
I lUcberleJ
, Hamlv W J)
, Hall U II
: Harger J
, Hodses G W
chemmerb.irn W
Minmons C (2)
.-hiu V W
Tuttle .
Tucker K W
Tijerna 1"
Ttioiuis 1"
Thorn II fj)
Thurmond F (4)
WrliUn K K (2)
Wilev C
Williams s E
Broker C 7.
lteruker A
Cohen J
rsi.-.-.. f:..
Long L J
Locklin M I"
McCormick R A
M.Jcr C
Mt. Generr SI
Parsons E
I'lunket L.
itoselle Mrs
s-cmndlc J
-Stewart C L
White B
Walker D
cook B
1 - oxt:
Groth M II
Uodd It
Hou:oq W I
Hall K
Inirle L
Jackson A
Kruc, M (2)
Led be tier 1.
Ask for advertised letters.
K. L. Wist, postmaster.
At the earnest solicitation of a large number
of the voters of the 25th senatorial district,
the name ot Major Thomas P. Fletcher, of
Howard county, is announced as a candidate
for the position of state senator for this dis
trict, subject to the decision of the republican
convention to be held at Wichita on the 15th
day of September, 1874.
We arc authorized to announce the name ol
Geo. Salisbury as a candidate for the office of
county attorney, subject to the decision of the
republican county convention.
Ml:. MUBDOCK: Please announce the name
of Mr. James M. Traecy.as a candidate for the
office ot county supcrintendant of public in
struction. Mr. Traeey is a gentleman well
qualified to fill the otliee acceptably to the pub
lic. Hy wish of his many friends.
Your's very truly, J.vo. G. Dl'SSComb.
Editor Eaglk: l'lea-e announce through
the medium of your valuable paper that W. k.
Kirkpatrick's name will be submitted to the
delegates of the republican county convention
by the action of which he expects to abide,
lor the otliee of county attorney.
Editoi: Eagle: Please announce the name
of G. W Iteeves, present encumbent, as a can
didate for re-election to the otliee of clerk of
the district court of Sedgwick count-, subject
to the decision of the republican nomination
by the republican county convention.
We arc authorized to announce the name
of J. F. Ncssiy, of Illinois township, as a can
didate lor clerk oftlie district court, subject
to the decision of the republican county con
vention. Wc are authorized to announce the name of
Wm. Haldvvin as candidate for county attor
ney, of Sedgwick county, at the November
election, subject to the action of the republi
can convention.
1 hereby announce myself as a candidate
for the office of county superintended of pub
lic instruction, subject to the decision of the
people of Sedgwick, ltespectfully,
Mlts. M. H. West.
EniTCn Eagle : Please announce the name
of W. E. Stanley. a a candidate for county
attorney at the ensuing election, subject to tlie
republican convention.
Eeitok Eagle : Please announce the name
of W. C. Little as candidate for the office of
Probate Judge, subject to the decision oftlie
republican convention.
Fijuit! Fruit! Fruit!! Wholesale or
retail at Caldwell X Titsvvorth's. 21tf
Flower pots, flower pots, at
Caldwell &
Another car load of stoneware it Caldwell
& Titsvvorth's. 4-tf
Ten thousand gallons stoneware at Caldwell
.t Titsvvorth's. 4-tf
Two hundred pairs fine
just received at Oak Hall.
Take our hides to C. M. Garrison, the old
est hide buyer iu Wicliita. 27-tf
Coal Oil, Flour, Salt: At wholesale or
retail, by Caldwell & Titsvvonn 4-tf
COAI. OlI-Hv the ear load, or barrel, or
gallon, at C.w.nwEM, .t Titswouth's. 32
The "Pride of Wicliita" is tbc latct thins
out in the cigarline. Wlieclerkeeps them. lOtf
If you arc bound to sell your lands; call on
Jno. Edwin Martin at the red oral frigii. So.
Tfi Main -trect. '20-j
Wanted to trade, ten share-; of Occidental
Hotel stock for country or city property. Tor
further inlornutioii inquire at tlih ollice. 48-tt
The largest stock ot juecnware and gla.--warc
in Southwestern Kansas at Caldwell &
TitsworthV. 17-tf
Wanted. To exchange a well improved
tarm of 100 acres near ltutler. Hates county.
Missouri, lor Tcta e.ittle. Addrce O. M.
Wilson, Itiiller, .Miseouii. 22-tf
More business added to the tirm of C. M.
liarriion who is now wholesalers leather and
saddlery hardware. Orders by mail promptly
attended to. M-
Smitlut Pittcngcr Iuc a large supply of
ood coal on hand that can be bad at bottom
pi ices. Older-, left at I). A. 31itcln.H's ollice
on .Main street will be promptly lillcd. !Mt
A neat anil complete cottage residence, con
taining live room-, all furnished and ready for
Iioiisf keeping, and two lot- lencrd. occupjing
.m ellcgible situation, lor sale. Enquire ol
I9tf I C. Mart-OKI".
TiiarriXG U. (5. Thoiiip-on, of the Mar
stables has secured the services of Prof. riio.
T. Coward, the well-known hor-e trainer, to
break and train horses, and is ready for busi
ness, C. G. TllOMP.-ON, proprietor.
Wichita, Kansas, March IS. 1S74. !)-
Patents on all lands entered prior to March
'Mb. 1S73, are now ready at the land ollice. It
would be well for the parties to whom the
patents belong to get them and ha c them duly
ecordeil, which may sac a long and tedious
litigation at some future time. 44-tf
llob-on ,V Cox. at Oak Hall. haf just re
ceived a new and splendid stock ot clothing
'litable for both Texas and local trade, which
.. ill be sold nt prices in accordance with the
haul times. They arc constantly receiving
oods manulactiircd to their own order, cs
peiially for this market. 20
The next term of the Agricultural College
begins August C "i, 1S7I. A Iree, thorough,
direct and prac... .U education gixen to those
who intend to be farmers, mechanics or busi
ness men or womcii. The mind and hand ed
ucated together, and lor the uc w hich is in
tended to be made of them. For information,
address, J. A. ANPEI.SOX. Prcs.,
1C-? 3Ianbattan. Kansas.
Two hundred sct of w. g. teas,
Fifty sets of w. g. cutTec.
Six dozen of w. ir. ewer aud basins,
Fifty dozen ol goblet-.
Six dozen of glas set,
Plated ware, iory and rubber handled
kniies, and best a-sortment of cutlery in
Southwestern Kansas, at Caldwell ,fc Tits-worth-!.
Owing to the discouraging events ol the
-eason, I have determined to leave Wichita,
and to reduce my stock as much as posible
before packing up I offer the same, either at
retail, wholesale or in lots, at original Crt co-t
unlit the first day of September, at which
time I will most positively close my doors.
This is no cost farce as his been so repeatedly
palmed oST upon the public, as there ha been
no general stoik of dry goods sold at cost in
tliN place in the lat two year, which you
will discover as you make your purchases lor
the next ten days at 3ivon, 24 3Iain street.
Irar this iiotU- .i mind as the probabilities
arc that jnu wib have no uch opportunity
lor year to come for the Icat competition
there is in business the higher the goods are.
TitK PlTBMC cnook-e IT. The efforts of
the manarersol the St. Louis. Kansas City and
Northern short line, to meet the reijuirements
of the traveling public, has resulted in a large
increase in through pa-engcr business, which
has kept up adimra'jly. notwithstanding thu
dull times, mainly attributable to tbc extensive
improvements made :n the !at two year-, cost
ing over two millions dollar beside- earning-.
The company i- now runnincfiv e of those mag
nificent day coaches. Sited with tluck- reclin
ing and adju-table chairs, and dressing rooms
with every de-irable toilet convenience, with
out any extra charge. Ten more of these su- j
pcrb coachc, to supplant ordinary car, arc In j
process ol con-tnution. each of whirb will
be finer than the preceding ones. Great at-)
tentionis given to Sifcty, the coaches telng
supplied with Blacks-one's platforms and coup
lers, to prevent telescoping and oscillation.
j Watchmen patrol the line day and night, be- i
; fore and after the passage of each train, to see
! thai everything, is in good order. This system 1
i ot watchmen gi. thi road extraordinary ex- ;
j eraptlon Irora acci Jet.t, and especially that the S
Impaired iron has been replaced this season by i
, the best quality of new steel and Iron rail-.
' laid on broad, new tie;. This road coztinces '
( to run six fast express train., two more .San j
j any other road between the 31isouri and 311 !
sis-ippi rivers. Any ticket agent selling J
through ticket.- to the east, north er -outi.
sells tickets over this excellent rood. For ma y.
i circulars, and time tables address cither Ly
man McCarty, Kiiuai City, Mo or P. B. I
Groat, St. Lcuii,3f0, 40-tf
Go East By way of St. Louis. In these
days of competition the wise traveler selects
his route before leaving borne. Iu almost ev
ery instance he desires to reach hit destina
tion as speedily as possible, and for the ac
complishment of that purpose the Missouri
Pacific through line from the west to the east,
via Kansas City and St. Louis, offers induce
ments unsurpassed by any other line in the
country. Everything connected with the Mis
souri Pacific railroad is first class, and the
adoption of the Miller platform and Westing-
hou-e air brake, together with its Pullman
sleepers, and reclining chair coaches, render a
trip over the line perfectly safe and pleasant.
Passengers from all Kansas City, Leavenworth,
Atchison and other prominent cities, are land
ed in St. Louis at seasonable hours morning
and evening, and in ample time to make direct
connection with all railroads for every point
in the north, cast and south. Particular in
formation with maps, time tables, etc., maybe
had at the various "through ticket" offices in
the west, or upon personal or written applica
tion to G. U. Haxter, western passenger agent,
Kansas City, Mo., or E. A. Ford, general pas
senger agent, St. Louis. Mo. 45-tf
There will always be found with us miss
and women's and children's boots and shoes,
men's and children's hats and caps, men's and
children's ready made clothing, tmnks and
valises, dry goods, staple and fancy; Itoek
river building paper; a full, general and sea
sonable assortment of fresh and new styles in
their respective lines, all purchased with care
and especial regard to the absolute require
ments of a frontier people, of the best makes
and brands, as cheap as long experience and
money can purchase, and sold at a small ad
vance on counter cost. Our stock and build
ing belong to us, business chiefly done within
ourselves, thus avoiding the necessity of charg
ing consumers the expense, waste and shrink
age often incident to the requirement of mid
dle men. To see is to believe. Gallon Wm.
C. Woodman, 33 and 35 Main street, Wichita,
N. B. Money to loan by mortgage in sums
to suit borrowers, on one to five years' time.
First Arkansas Valley bank.
ll-tf Wm. C. Woodman & Son.
:xsto:e:miaIj school
Empokia, Kansas.
C. It. FOMEltOY, rr.KsiDKXT.
Fall Urm commences St'ittmher 9lli; close
December lctli; ezmninatioD for admission,
Septtember (th.
Tuition ami use nt text-books in Normal De
artmentr. Incidental fee for term $i 00.
Coat of boAril in private families, from $3 00 to
SI.W) per week. Cost of hoarding S'lf, from
$1.75 to $.'.15 ix-r week. Furnished ro- ms 111
boarding hall for ladies, Sl.iiO per month. Ap
plication for these rooms bhould be made in
advance. Fur further information, address the
Aluminous & Ornamental Paper Board.
MI1.1.1S A STEM hate Jtut rcccircd a complete
stock of this paper bo ml, the best known nuosti
tute for plastering '1 litre is u saving of about 9
cents a square ynrd in favor of the ornamental
board oter plitin board and Wull paper, and
ttventv-llve to thirttr cents less than plastering.
Wc hae now on band the following; varieties of
iirnamemai iscarci:
(k Grained (imitation wainscoting).
IlirdH Kye Maple (grained).
Stripe Illue Ground.
Oil Cloth Carpeting.
Call and examine it at the MICHIGAN Lumber
Van! .mlh of Kat-le Hall. 7-
:e st.a.cic:mla:lt,
No. 54 Main Street.
3" A fall assortment of IliebeJt French and
Kuglisb Cloths, Cassimercs aud Vestings ou hand
and made iu tlie lattst styles. 9-ly
A. WIZGAND & CO., Proprietors.
Hating opened a ftrewery in Wichita we are
prepared to supply the city and country trade
with the best Ale anil lieer.nn short notice. Also
Itottled Deer and Ale for family ue.
Jlehceen Main and Water Street,
W. G Hod.1,
J .O. Wbt.
Wholesale and rsUll dealers in
Wk aku Cox.-taxti.y Ueceivixg
Dlrr,. f7e1 tu.rTn -a-keu. aad or jHKie
enable c to offer cp-rtor lndseeraeats la
ttw tawuS' "T"
Corner J'irrt td Jlaus street, oyjwalte tie Tint
'jTatiotx: Biak
f. J. Hobsoa.
llorjan Cox.
(Successor to Hays Brothers)
in the
A full Hue of
Commercial Block ; Wichita, Kansas.
Are now receirlng the largest stock of
A full line of
We have in the rear of our store a TIX SHOP.
We manufacture oar own tinware having In osr
employ an experienced tinner, we can jruaraate
Kooflnp. All kinds of Job Work done with neat
ness and dispatch
Wr lnr onr goods direct from tt manufactur
ers, thereby saTing the jober's commission, which
enables us to itll at bottom Spires .
We alssi carry a full Hot of
Direct Irora l-u.rles, bwsht at cub Srr-r... aaa
can o?er a special Cpirt tu I'arnvrClab We do
oot blow, but wfll say It will be to tb- adranutre
of all wba need goods la cr Has, to call twfurt
purcaaals tbxwhrre.
Wc hate also sad krraacesMxU for tit
JX. "W-A-C30IT
VTt iaTt Use exelarlte nU tf tAes-t wtjni aast I
wtlt Ve able to sell ties at titj rrastjaM Cfm.
CaZt sai ezaixise osr itsxx uvJ -.neet.
Fp.akep. a Petto.v,
(Successors to Steele t Smith)
Real Estate Brokers and Insurance Agents
Northeast Corner of Main Street and Douglas Avenue,
' (Opposite the Eagle Block)
Agents for the RED STAR ami AMERICAN Line of Steamships. Tickets sold at lowe-st rates to ami from all iiotnt
in ECROTE to aud from all poiuts in KANSAS.
Below will be found a partial list of
U.ikrlo SNa 1nt2 t CiWiitiinla nminvt
10 cisiiiiue or puraiase lanus win una a conveyance on nanu 10 any 01 ineni, ircc ot cliargc. All property purchased
for parties at a distance is carefully selected and personally examined. In connection with the real estate uui:ics wa
""; Auaiiau u aihu wiuic, eiiutwui; uit u;hsjlt5 uv uucu or luuriiruirr. J.cu. lllll.l.t'llis. or iinittl in litlii f.
gy Collecting rents and paying- taxes attended to promptly.
TA faithful adherence to duty in the interest of our patrons involve coutitiu.il office work and precludes our
"camping at the gate" of every new building to solicit. If you want iusurancc that will not fail von iu the "tniti"
hour" favor us with a call. We represent the following companies: "
Continental, of New York, Capital $2,500,000 .
Phoenix, of Hartford, Conn.,
American Central, St. Louis, Mo.,
Brewer's Fire, Milwaukee, Wis.,
Globe, Chicago, Illinois,
Kansas, of Leavenworth,
In connection with the following list
we have for sale several tracts of laud,
ranging from 1 to 20 acres, adjacent to
the city, suitable-for suburban resi
dences, aud choice residence lots in all
parts of the city. VTt also have the ex
clusive agency of several of the best
business lots in the business center of
theity. Call at our ofllce for infor
mation as to price aud location.
NO. 365160 acres, 10 miles east or Wichita,
watered br living springs and running
stream of water comfortable house
and C acres in cultivation. Price 1,000.
NO. 153 acres, 3 miles northwest of Wich
ita, some timber, 20 acres in cultiva
tion, watered by Arkansas river, log
bouse lGx'JO, outhouses, stables, etc
Price &50.
NO. 370 1G0 acres, 4 miles southwest of town,
northwest quarter of section IS, town
ship 2S, range I cast, 10 acres iu culti
vation, good lo house ltix'id. Price
NO. 373100 acres, northeast quarter section
19, township 28, 1 wc-t. Price 000.
NO. 874 ISO acres, southeast quarter of sec
tion 'jy. township UC, 1 west, some 1m
provements. Price 5X).
NO. 377 1C0 acres, 10 miles east of Wichita,
watered by Four Jllle creek, 15 acres
of hard-wood timber, 10 acres In culli
v ation,3T acres enclosed by good board
and post fence, and good frame dwel
ling, situated iu a good neighborhood
and within half a mile ot Midland post
office. Price 1100.
SO. 333 Southeast quarter of section IS,
township 27, range 1 cast. 13!) acres ;
half mile north of Wicliita; lias So
acres of timber, .V) acres in cultivation,
Hi.24 11 story frame bouse In good
condition, watered by the Little Ar
kansas river. Price $-W).
NO. 334 1G0 acres, northwest quarter id sec
tion 14. township 27, range I west, :i J
miles west of Wichita: UM acres in
cultivation. 12x11 pine house in good
condition, three-quarters or a mile in
hedge. Price fcioOO. part cash and
balance ou time.
NO. 340100 acre-, 3 miles northwest of town,
30 acres in cultivation. Price $U per
NO. 34 100 acres, 4) miles southwest orthis
city, bottom laud. Price $750.
NO. J50 Northeast quarter or section 12, tow n
ship "-, range 1 west, 1W acre-, good
bottom land. Price J850.
NO. 352 1C0 acres, 1J mile- suuth or town, 30
acres in cultivation, good house and
stable, watered by Chl-liulm creek ami
two Uv Ing springs. Price . 1,000.
NO. 355 100 acres, C miles southwest ot town,
watered by the Cov, skin. Price 8550.
NO. 311 100 acres, 7 miles northeast or town ;
12 acres in eiiltivati and hedge
rows broke. Price -?5."y).
NO. 310100 acres good land, f miles north
west or Wichita ; sonic Improvements.
Price iVM).
317 A good stock or agricultural rarin
1120 acres, with 300 acres or timber;
entire tract watered by the Mttle Ar
kansas and enclosed with wire Tence;
100 acre" in cultivation ; 5 miles north
of Wichita. Price H per acre, part
eah and balance on tune, secured on
O. 3195 acres adjoining the clly of Wichita,
40 rods east of depot. Price 7M.
321 100 acres, nartheast quarter oi ec
ilnn '). town-bin 27. ranife 1 west. 20
acres in cultiv ation. 12x 14 frame bouse,
live miles northwest or town. Price
NO. 273108 5C-100 acres first bottom ; 30 s res
broke : 2 miles from thi city ; north
east quarter of section 5, town 27, I
east. Price $2500.
NO. 2CS 1C0 acres first bottom land, 15 acre
broke, 2 milts from this city, boi.tli
east quarter or section 33, town 20, 1
ea-t. Price fl2 per acre.
NO. 2C9 100 acres first bottom. 12 acres broke,
house 12x14, J mile- from thl city ;
northwest quartei of section ', tow n
2S, range 1 east. Price 050.
NO. 202 Northwest quarter ofsection 5, town
ship 27, range i we-i, an whupui uim.
7 miles from this city
Price 500
IMPROVED r ARM 10) acrr, llrsi bottom
land, w Ith 50 acres Iu eultlv allr.n ; good
hou-e 11x20. pine, story and a half;
rood stable 12x20 ; 130 rods of grow
ing hedge; a good well; three and
hair miles from Wicliita, being the
northwest quarter of section 33, town
ship 20. 1 east. Price 1 1 'J0.
NO. 90 100 acres first bottom; southeast
quarter section 33, township 27, range
1 east; Nl acrc under cultivation;
pine frame houe 12M0. with kitchen:
I miles from Wicliita. Prl.c Jt.Om).
NO. J90 100 acre: 25 acres of timber, and
30 under eultlv ation ; corral of 5 acre
rnced; watered tir Arkansas river;
8 miles from Wichita. Price tjIVW;
one-third cash, and batance to suit
purchar, secured on land.
NO. 229 A first class hstel ror sale, situated
on the ci.mer or Flr-t and Water
street. In the city ut Wichita, being 2
stories high, containing tw ritty rooms.
This boils? was built three years a,-o.
and I- doing a good business. This
property can be Iwuebt ror ?W0O. ou
i ar terms. For full particulars !
CSTStcele A- Lery are the -xelu.ive asent
orover "sO.oCiO acres or railroad la.d. compris
ing the land, belonging to the A . T. A ". K.
railroad. In twp No. 25 Xt 2fi. range &s . I ami
east and 1. 2 and 3 west. These are by fr
tlie bt railroad lands in tbt Arkansas valley,
convenient to the city or Wiehl'a, the Urgct
and most enterpri-lne city west of Foptks.
The lands adjoining llwe ol the railroad com
pany are well improved. TownhIp and
Ubool district are organized. eho hou-e
built, and schools supported In nearly all ol
I -w.ii pr acre;. ' in oi ." -. j
1 In tracts of Waeres.
INC. 302 0 acre; cortbwest qnartrr f t '
1 corthwet quarter of seeiioq 3, town- '
shin "T. ranre 1 east: II rolle ea.t sl
, u'hita ; a srDdkt rrWeaee slw. i
J J'rjee HPI.
j ' nrui.t .saarJeransl
.A .- tl'tll - -M !-. 1--- a-
1 tbe norm aaii u : siiiid -ja-...-. 1
of srtioE - twi"b'r -. rauge 1 et ;
I ba 25aere-) broke. hm- and titf. '
and be-lce row lt.ke: miles avwrtli
! of Wichita. PneeJtfO.
I NO 305 li ''4-1" rrt ' -rtbet jirier
I " ot section 1. township 27, mors-1 ra
10 odV eat of v Ktuia. I'ne JJ.
NO. 805333 acr: MWJth balf -ea.-3 32.
townhiri 27. ranee 2 tat; six salle .
j frota Wjfiita, Price 1VO.
i ry If tou cannot Snd an ytliiar In these es
i tuna that ost yon eH at our oate, eorrxr
1 of Waia street and DougUs atecue.
Dt vn uani 9rti UA timntrnj Uiti, try ill's. 1 f, 472--JO are, soMbrast qinr f se
i. . .--.,. r -' tinl.tmnh4i.tsi, r;e I ...
NO. 233-100 acre ; noribea.t qu-rter of f e-. t iutu ., vfwta. Prfce STsW.
tton al townhf27. ranre 1 ral. ad-1
TOII1UIC W S...J . -..---.--. - -- ,
1 Tb' eountira of Setljrwirl:. .s-un:.ner, Cw!r -""1 Batlrr coniir: an area of thfj bzl atfrirssaorai in4 tieit tU
iMisslssitiil rali-T. The Arkan r.Tr nan aiagnrullj- llirfuirh lbr ruutjr. nmtl. forssiisij; f 'f .1 -)tttrisft
1 1 :Ji frnm Inst, to twelre raJIesiin sridth Otb-r stream of !.- mIrn''. H- ! l.UUv Arktsssrts-
Naecab',''vValDat ad TjitsrvTater rircr,
' cxiuatrr with fertile rallers. I fie .on oi
. -t '-Ti vt-,.1. U riTii.nrr.xi.rrf- I litnat
1 '.stUerofrDt nud-r the pre-ttnptioa U for the tab? of the 0;e lodiaa lndt. which xx a7i8q.stsl ja frrUitr ial-Mj
i sssctlon of th tK, and in no other prt on chat hotatt be purchased -arith all the Mlvantaaf-s of eikx! aoJl, elkMsW
ftaJ -aratCi
. qualwl
r Our tstODlc are caTerTinsin. jou ium-: j. u. : 4- -' - ..... .M .-.,;... ,,t jxswfi
and societr, arcrtBai o ot 01 ine ocj-t.jiiuuuui.j7 j w.H-r iic. . .uub i ,isj aj vi mh,
With A POptSlStlOa OI 5 JailiUHiiJS-, i.'i k..wjei. iie... . vm. .. . ... .....- ....-., (., .- .t swvitn
Snilacetneou ior ta-saey jnTesiiusrui-- --.-.v--...-. .. --.-,. s..v -.-,.--.-.., .,....... .,......, . .
lands that we have for sale, and which
1 au. .. . 1. .. 2 1 A n ........ . ..
HO. 379 CtO acres; bcinp tilt? whole ol section ;
5, township 2C, rantfe I wot; Rood
bou.se and uble ; ICu acre in cultha- ,
non, ;o acrpi in limner ami watrrni
bj the Arkansas, rher; H milei from
i mile's from
1'rice 10 jut
po-totSce and church.
acre, will trade ror cattle
NO. 3!0 Northeast quarter or section 4. town- .
ship 2i, range 1 west ; 20 acres in cut- I
tu ation; 400 foiest and 40 rruit tree- ;
planted; house 12x11. Price StOper
NO. 3S6 1(50 acres, the southeast quarter of '
section 2, township 23. range 2 west ;
unimproi en. rnce too
" ,
we-t quarter of
., ranjc I west
es northwest of
NO. 304 100 acres, the south
section 12, town.Iiln
splendid land. 3 mile
tow n. Prire b per acre,
NO. 397 Southwe-t quarter of section 31, ,
township 27. range 1 east; 3 miles '
southwest of tow n. PriieSV). '
NO. SOS UW lo-lOO acres, being northeast
quarter of section (. township 27, range i
1 eat,2J miles north or town; 25 acres
timber, 25 in cultivation; 16x24 frame i
hotl-c, good stable and watered by
Little Arkansas. Price for the next 00
days for land willi crop !'.00 per acre, i
NO. 401 100 acres; northeast i.ualcr of sec
tion 14, township 27, range I evst; 2) ;
miles northeast of town; unimproved j
upland. Price IWv. !
NO. 410103 acres, in section 33. town-Lip 2s,
range 1 east; 30 acre timber, M in
cultivation; 10x24 pine house; water
ed by the Arkansas river; 3 it lies
south of town. Price .'!2is).
NO. 412 14G acres, 4 miles north or the city;
Little Arkansas river bottom land; .'
acre-in cultivation; house 12x1(1; good
well or water, Prue $10 per acre.
NO. 411 SO acres; south half of the southeast
quarlcrof section 4, tnW Iiliip20.range
1 east; 20 acres In cultiv ation ; $ miles
forth or Wirhlta. Price 550.
NO. 4 17 Southeast quarterof rert ion 17, tow n
sbip 2-J, range I we-t ; this laud has
some timber and living water; 1) miles
sf.tithwet of town. Price WW.
NO. 421 ICO acre-; northeast qti-irternf sec
tion 23, tow n-lilp 27, range I west; has
i-'i acres iu cultivation, good 11 story
frame hou-e well liiil-lu-it ; it splendid
location, 2J miles w est or tow n. Prii e
NO. 420 Southwest quarter ot section 17,
township 2M, range I we-t; ten acres
timber ami w alered by stream of liv Ing
water. Pilce7iJ.
NO. 42. Northeast quarter sicllon 3, town- I
ship 27, range 1 west; six mile north
westortt.wn; unimproved. PrliiMi-Vl.
NO. 430 Northeast quarter or section 21.
township 28, raiige2 eust; uiiiii)irv
cd; 12 miles southeast ur town. Price
NO. 433 Southw est quarter of section 6, tiev n
shlp 27. range I West; unimproved.
Price is"J.
NO. 437 ICO acres ; 40 acre In cultiv ation and
fenced nilli rail", good 1 -tory log
house, good Well undstable; tliesouth
east quarter section 8, town-hip 2.-,
range I ea-t, 3 miles south ol Wiihlta.
Price 1500.
NO. 412 100 at rrs ; I) Ing brtw ecu the Itit, and
Little Arkanr rivers. 7 mile north
ol Wichita. The northeast ipinrlir id
section 13, towublp20, raiiKe I west.
Twenty-live acre Iu ciiltivall'.ii,
itwillitighouslI22. good well. Iiet'ge
tows broke, JfKKI iruit and UHSi lrre-1
trees planted, and st bind lnme built
on the laud. Priee2nCs); one half e-i-h
and the halani e on time to suit Hie
purchaser at 10 per cent.
Wc have a larire number ot niece or land
ill tracts or from one to twenty arre.. adjoin
ing tin- city of Wichita, suitable fur suburban
NO. 414 253 acres; schwd land, lying on the
lllg Arkansas river; has In a.-re. ul
timber, sthrxd Willi mie hsll mile
autlii miles west of ."-edgwlek Cll.
Price 5.f-0 per arre.
NO. 419 Southwest quarter or section 17,
township 2is, range 2 east, containing
100 acn ; 41 acre In cultivation, pine
bouse 14x14 with klteheu, nne half
mile ofhrdge planted and ln-de row
broke, good well, and 30 apple and
peaeh trees "In good cruwing riimil.
tlon.lwlngS mile "mith'.i.tut Wlehl.
t.t and 5 mile northeast or El Pasn.
Price 120i).
NO. 450 I iV) icre In section 2") and 29; town
ship 20, range 4 eat, in Hutler coiitity,
35 ai-res of good tliuber, M acre In
between SW and 4'JI nil mi m
place, watered by Whitewater. 75
bearing ieaeh tree, and 35 i.f other
varieties urirull. 1hlfarmi 17 mile.
r Wichita. !) tulles rroin i:h.irjif), 5
miles from Augusta and 3 miles from
Towanda (imwl sthwd boU'e, saw
and grist mill within one ball mile.
Price 12.50 per acre.
NO. 456--100 acres. In s.-itlou 7, fiwn-blp ;&.
ranse 3 ea-t. house 12x14, II mile-sotllhet-t
of Wichita, and 5 miles r.a-t
ori3 Paso, watered by Maple treek.
Price CM.
NO. 40) South hair ot southeast quarter of
section 35, township 20, range ) east,
and the north half of the northeast
quarter ! cciltm 2. town. Iilp27. range
1 ea.t . containing ISO are. and wa
tered by a "ttesni ol Using water: 4j
miles northeast or Wichita. Prire SM.
NO. 401 Sfiilll. half of the northeast quartet
of "cellon 2 1, tow nbin 27 range I ei.
rotit.slnintr so 4rre-, 5 rules Mtutbeast
or WlchiU. bottom land. Price l&XX
NO. 4 .North hair or southeast, quarter l
eecllon 27, tnwn.hlp 27, range I eat.
W ers. I ml'e -oiitheasl of tVlrtelia
ami all ;rI Ik.Uoih laud. Pre 1500.
NO. 403 Norttieast qiurter.r setilim S. tavrn.
iblp2). ranet "at. Iliaee: vsalsjr- i
csi uj ijiiiii eres. irt 4 re ui hiu.
ber, 4 mile, south's'l ol S VehHa.
NO. 404 East half of mki Use. .t iurlr a j
.1. . ..- ..- a . .- -
tiifo . j.ATnsui, .,, ranse j eai; rs
aensr. tint half (olle I.brtfi of U'IchHs.
A splendid lortrtmfi. Prlc lfif,
NO. ICs Nortbwe.t quarter (.1 Mctlon l.
Inttr.-Mn 7H. range I east : 30 ure '.
tliuber, Soasrre In cultitatlou. t-stinr j
iiosi.e.. aj unu- mum of vi itiM
Priee I2.
NO. '50 jsirtliiiM'. quarter r e-tlio tl, i
ttiwn.MprT, rsr I west; Ij asw, ;
mil" ntH of tVit-Mta, L-aiUMn host.
Jl'iu 32. Jn-iss ZH. we? 2 nts
e ssd besliT' nssrt larake; " mm f
iirtbat of rtes. Prtsse eMst. j
NO. 44setss- sjitanes- Of serrssB Is), j
tnvruthtp 57. raws 2 "a.!; )f t '
rfstovidssB ; heOa" mki tsnske; ra-;
inl by )W Mat, es'.t-: Ut fnssl
lte hi y-vej KTomufKHnKtsVeu. 'lU
NO. 4- Nwrtbws-.t yurtrr 4 " tft.
tssmt-4y US, tmfire t 'I ; I -- su
euBSsustiot- , ssatrr tsvs-t ut tase tss,
.NO. 4'JW en.Winr'Mtai,tUCr'itm ;
5, UHS.tp3-. rassfe t eI ; t t-sste-s-sttsV
f kfc , -ri tr As
kali's. rhr. Ila Vi arre M Uiol-er-fi()
acre In t-tia)Hatf . KtoSJ. outto
rj fratne btois-e; Utt fnell trr ; 4"
grsj-e slues. I-eriog. Ilss So )IUW
l.y site; -SU nisle a stecsj-l 'U
r anienltaral Urm. Yrrr for s
isrxsOOtiajs lltirt jracre
Slt. lHaff, pri-. Grpstsru, Q.JvJrn ! (.ow-Un rreei.. dlitr.-tfji
xwc Taney au riiii it . .aimt . -jf n--. n uej,if -,
teruwrxte. aab!e sod healthy. Tboasao.!- of aatr of Uud te at
is changed each week. Parties wi-diln-r
a t . .1 . .a .
Is5 Northwest quarter sections, town
ship 2y, range 2 we.t; Imnrmeil: Jo
miles -outlaw c-t ot Wichita. Price fotsj
4W Northwest quarter -eetlon 27. iunI
ships.. range2eis . u; nrrx:, . s m
northwe-t r Wichita. Price JIM
NO. ?7 -ciiithctrt quarter or stctlon 7
.own.hp2s..raii2et west; ha. 40 acre-!
small house, and tine well; fine land
nine miles southwe-t of Wichita Price
(or a Tew davs, JiVs.
N0.4.N-Northcastquarterof section I, tun ii-ship2-.ranse2wet;
J miles south,
vve-tof Ichlta: bottom laud; lo acres
broke. Price r"4.V-
NO. 4-ss-32)acrr; 7 miles southeast olWIrh.
. bl.lnff , w ol JJ
,.,,, rilhpe 2 ,, i.r " ia "
Stf. ftuM-ne-Ti quarter ot se. on 5
lownsnip. ranjre I ea.t; so rod, north
ut fair ground-. 1 ,. aM)t ,-, ,.,,, ()f
timber; watered by the Little Arkais.
sasrivcr; N)acrrs in cultivation, price
fl.i per acre.
NO. 431 Northeast quarter ol section 27
town-hip 27. rage ; ea-t; i miles'
,.,.'tl,(i,ll0' u'W'lta: allbttom land.
1 rice ?2tsil.
NO. 4!r2-Southwe.t lujaiter ol section 2d
township 27. range t eajt; c,-,1,dbi.t.
torn; cfinuiiauds food l-ir r .......
...... uu ...., .-' "
'l .nuej I i nines. I
lie KUitbeastol town;
rtlt.. l'rler) 4lsl.l
ilaim Improvement.
. ,IL1",!', 'I'rtTof section 7. tv n.
ship 2,, range2 east; 15 acres In cillll
vnlinii ; ,.t mPe iiiittheait ot Wichita.
I'll-M sum
NO 4!i5-Nortliwcst quarter of .evllou 17
town-hip 2,. range 1 we,t; S-ut. In
riiltUatinn; siiiallpini.bi.iisii with eel
lr; g(-, well; ug ro, ,roIB. rt
mile west o town. Pn, c fisV)
NO. 4'.h: -ssoiitheast quarter o irttlun 21,
tOWllship 27, nn ;, j
west of Wichita. Pil... jii
NO. 49.-3.1) acre, for tJIOOO ; being tb'c ((,.
ea-t olsc-tb.nirt.a.,,, uw ,ouIv,.t
of section 25, lunnsliip 20. rair-o I
west; I2acie, of tl.nln-r ;!?" re
brn.' S wTf by lhe Arka,,,, river.
v,v sra,"v '.""''' ""r,,, "' "Ichlta.
N O. 4&S-- N orthesl qu, ter of sc, tt., 31, tow ii.
-hip 2 range 1 vve.t; ha. -,m,Mrra.
,v'!,',T:!U',u?,u" '' ft '""' "will est
4l.s-s,..ithen.t quarter of section t,
tmv isbip 2, range-1 ,..-. 10 , r ,,
cultivation; walcre.l by Cowsl.
creek ; splendid bottom Uml; T nnica
soutlnve..rt,mii. Price sJiVsi
.MI .Northwest fjuirtrr nf serllou Is
township 27. miixe ,tiLU
nntlhra.t r U ichlta. p, ""
Wrl- isoiubea.t niiarter ..( .... -..
SOUIIlArst of Ulna ; rp, ,
tlvatlon: gumi well, Pn.cri!
NO. 5IO-.0:eres, being smilhwe.li.I ,Aeto
2S mid lli.iriliwe.t or section XS, to,,,,.
sl.l.. ranttn I west ; 25 H.re and
lii-dfc row broke. II mile. ,t,,ve.
eiau-Jl ' ''U'"1"1 '" I'nci
NO. 520--oiijhwe.t quarter mw.Ihii -i. ,.
'ii". i. " ."'. fl mile
or Ichlta; splendid luid.
NO.i2I-l2M)cre. orKKl farm nd gn,.,
land, .10 mile, west i.l Ulihlla I"
mile iron, WdliiiB,,, n"tZ,i t,Z
''!'' "''""'k' ""' -s'l- creek. Prle
si.ViSMi cash.
N0.5I7 Ksiaere. uortlnvpst quarter i.f -r.
tinny.!, limi,.!,!,, x-.. lai,, .,..,
clllllvaP.,1,. IniiHe. hoifr litlll plas,
tired. tfo,., ,wll everl fruit rs...r
j 'I tree. In ,,. , ,.,Mlnlt)II s,, t
lHHtl.lll ,! Mrt ,,,,. , MlffJ,l
.NO. .ilH-lMI atrea B u(WI. t am, ,, ,
ship a. range i ,.., u. .4t acV-. f
limber. ,o.-re in .iiliiiau..ii, mmr
h..ils 2ttvJi,. ,4t,e, ri,. rwnirnli.
watereil iy n... Aikaiwa. rive. i
tulles ...II 1 1, ( Wirhlta. .'.mile n...th
rttl i.f llnll, Plm,, Km, ,,,Hlk
nitrleuitlirul rnrti). I'n,-, fsi
NO. .'a-210 aere. ; the northwe-t iiua'rtrrnr
tinn 17 and soul), U ol suglhtut
.rii.lowii.,l,., t4ii8. ,, Hear
Ibe town ol l.oi. t smMwrvun
ly.aii Igo.isuun.llilaii,l. Pilic tllisj
NO. Wlia,rr.. iinhwe.t quarter scllon
20, t.mn.hip 20. r.,Xe .1 ,,. lr ,uU
lereoiinty, ll,t, S iiule.,.f IIttf rl
TiHt. 4 mil.-. f l)iiiiij.. .ijir.u74jt.
ley .saw mill; I... II acrm . uhll.
linn, and a ko.s.1 w. II nf -!t r 1.,.,
NO-VaV-l! M acres; i...nii,e.t .,iuilr ,,
linn SI. t..wi,.ij, i. ,-..,,.,,' , rj,, ."
aer UfMler etUMsallon, p,-,-
.,, .. 'rr-;:,'",t, J'r" - " -y .lajrtwkW-
M). yiHMlhes).t quaiter e.ll..n f wlK
-hip 23, rjKe west, J j u,,. jfom
.Vwtni.; Ia.c,,, bii. Willi ifoo,
aril tHar. burn jmn,, k, ,t sj ,
wlr. . acre. Ii,. miUsm. Ij -Jerrs,
xr-. Ih s.hi cn.i,t...... Pr)v
: wMHa,lefr r.iib Jdriss
llsTver Ijjisii .,r se.ei, ,t l.e .,
NO. .Viej n.irf lial qll jrlof u-rl,.,i, jt)fct
'hip i. lane I e..r i j; ,.,. , , ,mutfi
a. !! ere. Ill .,.,.) i.ai , . .,) , w,4?
Isl r In !ii..ii... k.0kI ir.-jrt
JswiiM. IHxas Hid .Hi.,, u.i W
Isarn wlthrnrii .HI. a...l ,l.i,k. fen
arr-sMsd u'h Int . ttaiere t ,-, ueihn
riser; h. ,Vs fruit ire.. i Mrtw
tarfellr. Isyartttr. I f , ,1, ftf jj
Creel p.i , rtmrrii ot s. ho.4i .eu
mile -witti nt iHtU l'fi. WIj
.ns-l-i.fUi ea-b, tfl l.4ine rured
on kuxl A.tlee.. Itihard Ws-I,
lisrlOwt P.O. lio. ,,f i. ti. Ot
lsr. WiehH,. ,. ,ri"v
NO.t-.sltrsJ mt J, tMtis4.l.. s. f.nee
2 !. Ilijpf.sesl. !,.. ,, rf,ft
eaeU-iK fcvskj sn.1 tri , .i wlrb.
NO 5I N-trtaiwr-H seto, ( ,...(,,, 54,
rsrsfe2wei: f. elK Kmiv -tv0 3
fer HMI, t-askj (.,.., , ,
ruUitatUu, : rl Ui-I f'r. lp&)
NO. 511 tm efs.. n m nnrfh of VTi. i,4
tin lhe Llt-le Asi-s me, I 11
-!' l KsrUe, ,4 ,-A .., I
MNS-nl t an fmrts-sk-j; ft, rw- I
, I nse r ,!!,, 1 ,. ts,,
bs fraane t.u ... s sl is--. ,, ,t.
s-4wl it,- 1..,,.. ,fcvasw,rt,.,
mxfs.h-j'.r -s) Akiiss,.
sssaeli .aserrse. a- I . 1 ,, . . 1 ,,, ,
a-s-osl esl)t.-i )', ,- f , ,01
.N'O, Jtt A f.re ej... . ,1
4l . rsss.-e ! . 1 i
trts Mt I !. f . s
!.' MetVi.!i
WjJIlJ.- 'is., ltt.
f I
fV W If sl e . t
Sf') -"-... Jf fa.j r, s
' Jv...
Tdi .
' IT
tm 1 1
e-J SSI-lr
i'r-i ..r
4 -,,.
. ...... ,
A r s s,. .
J' .. J-
fcs- Irsn
if. '' s.. .
I -". mtw,l ,
-S j1.
. I
ft .r
Is s-S
: sr-a. ...
J 1
u en...
w aVf
- 3Srf7
v-r .
ar-s- se
srrf si tfl). I' . . : ,
wtrb t3 ... .et. 0
0. 5 IS" sr; Its - , ;, .
! .".SI 3w Jo..- j
IsssS.-. s-si . e k . ., , .
SSI elSwK Mr . , t .
ff-ri . e vt , 1
.rlef . f
ft "
NO. 517 is si.. 1 t ,jfcj
I . .H V . I j.' . eesSt, S' .
fi K-i el . -MlfeHm3t.Urt
tsv. mm- 1 -i, ri ts-sstow ,j
rstart as-tMsst: . t ,,
wm. tt Mom tm '.itfj fr.t,ir-i .
s fcf SUM. ! . .j-j ,e ,, SW p.l.
. v-rf l.U.I!s!
sl-l tfi tar fcext JJ !fV
It S
3F& Ml
j.sjS--v t
LmjmMm m
.fc"tts'-f"sSsri't"' e-v'-
"S-;s,Vy r3f,iw
STMtli Vi - T" Jl W -
SS-S -....f. ...Tf-fcJ

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