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Office of Observation, Signal Sendee, U. S. A.
3Iktkoroloocii. Rcror.T
Doner. Cirr, ICaxsas, July 2, ISiG.
l'or weekending July ! Is76.
Jlcnn wceklv Barometer 29.512 In.
' " Thermometer 71 ."Odes.
" " Humidity f.9.7 percent.
HlirlipstlLiromctcr 29.772 In. al 7:C0 a. ra.
Lowest 29.200 in. ot 3:0! It. ra.
lUnrc of " 0 572 In.
Highest Tcmiicrnturc Oi ilcg. on the 23fh.
lowest S3 deg. on the 1st.
llangeof 35dcg.
Prevailing wind north.
Velocity during week 2,IS mile '
Maximum velocity 5mlle at 8-39 a.m. on tlic ."
Hain-fell during week, 2.30 Incites.
No. clear and lair days 2
No. rloudy dy 1
No. day rain It'll 4
Wind ttonnon the 23th, 2Gth, 28lll, ."Mill, 1st.
Disastrous rain and thunder tonu on the 31th.
Solar halos on the 33th.
Electricity on the 25th. 27th, 33th. 1st.
Lunar Corona n the 27th and 3th .
Jerome J. Wri.vr.nr.o.
Sergeant Signal Service U.S.A., in charj-c.
Wc notice omo
very line cabbage in the
1H1. Jowctt la;
come back to his first lore,
"Lre Nixon ami his bride went cast on a
wedding tour.
, If you want lo get married, hire out to
Morris Kohn.
S. 31. Ford, or tbe Kansas
lingers around Wichita.
City Timet, still
D. It. Einmert lias opened up bis la;v onice.
Ills card will appear next wcr k.
Steclo has cut o a' Ills in ustachc.
Stewart's is ail tho flrni can stand.
He thinks
Green peaches only five apiece, their flavor
equal to that of a cottonwooiTcblp.
Eddie Sullivan was thrown from a cirrlage
ami had 1th left shoulder dislocated.
Quite a number of Wichita folks went
the railroad to dlfierent points Tuesday.
There are at present ten old bachelors, or
single gentlemen, occupying rooms in Eagle
Block. ;
The mlH whistle ushered m tho Fourth by
screaming twenty minutes without taking
Wc hojve to give a full report of thc James
burg celebration, which was immense, in our
next issue.
1). S. Y. I.ttkens lias opened a eoal yard near
thc depot, and solicits a share ot thc public
W. IS. Mead Is In thc dry goods house or
W. J. Hobson. He has the latest Centennial
styles out
That aggravated ease ol small pox reported
a few days ago, turned out to be a light case
of measles.
The Odd FcWows of the State are going to
excurt to Philadelphia in September at $25 lor
thc round trip.
The lrama work to one ol the new elevators
Is being elevated, while another has already
been enclosed.
Col. Jenkins' family basarrlvcd. The Colu'
ntl will build soon and become a resident of
our city again.
Thirty-one applications have been nude to
tho city selieo! board for tho superintend eucy
of our seooete.
M. Kohn & Co. are juit as patriotic as their
neighbors, and they, too, have swung out a
Tliig on their building.
Whenever Col. 'Parlton's horkos arc brought
on the street they never fail to attract a crowd
thev are beauties.
TieasurerWoodeackha? been to thc capi
tal and settled with the Stato Treasurer
paying him over 11,090.
II. J. Itelmers h3 maved from Main street
to Douglas 'Avenue, Centennial Mock, two
doors wost ol Market street.
There will lie a camp meeting commenced
at Jameeutirg Grovo on Friday, August 4!h,
1S7G. All arc cordially invited.
Texas must be going Itcpublican. We hoar
the Texas cattle men ob-ervcrl tut Fourth by
hoisting thc Sag in tlieir camps.
Amos lloiick has gene oast to absent a few
days only. Mrs. llouok will roturn with him.
She is anxians to get back home again.
Centennial sermon at the Baptist Church on
Sunday evening, July Otb. All are invited.
W. F. File, Pastor.
Yo shall soek for a sign and find one of thc
handsomest in America swung out in lrout ot
C. 21. Garrison's Saddle shop, iu the Steele
Tho entire oily was In full star-spangled
dress on the Fourth. Something less than a
thousand flags were flying at full mast during
the day.
Thc City Marshal Urns had good success iu
tho last lew days slaughtering dogs. Hope he
will continue the work till there won't bo a
dog left in the city.
Sueli an endorsement as tho Attica Grango
gave tho Eaqlk is a good thing. "Words fit
ly spoken are l(ke apples or gold la p'teture
ol silver. FlrnM JTtrald.
Wichita has pot the marrying fever, bad.
Ten weddings have occurred within a short
time, and wcguoss the number will Incrcaic
to a dozen within a low weeks.
Tho ooniKcrclnl telegraph olHcc which lias
been located lor some tftas past Su tho Occi
dental, has bcoa roinoved to L. U, Fcrrcll'
three tieors north of tho post ollleo.
A full baud of minstrel sereuadcrs, nine in
number, will ive an entertainment lu this
city on the 10th Inst., which promises to be
first-class and worthy of patrouage.
Tho Junction City Tribune issued a Centen
nial Illustrated edition. It contains pictures
sf Grant and Washington, which are said, by
these who have scan them, to be correct like
nesses, Tho Wichita post office has been designated
as a Canadian international money-order of
fice. Money orders are Issued at this office,
payable at pest oillces in all parts of the do
minion of Canada.
The plenloers at GrilTenstein's grove had a
jolly time boat Tiding, swinging, calms,
drinking, listening to an address by Judge
Baldwin, otr. Jud. Horringtoa, as a Fourth
of Julyest, Is a success.
Judge Amos Harris worried the American
Eagle at Clearwater on Tuesday, to a largo
crowd. The Judge thinks there wcro more
pretty womeu down in that couutry than ho
has seen lately.
Mr. St. John, son of Hon. II, 0. St. John
ono of the prominent candidates (or Governor
ol this State, with Ins Tamily, has taxen up
his rftldence in tho city, having accepted a
position in tho United States land office.
Ucv. J. P. Hareen will bo absent next Sab
bath at Newton to asit in the dedication or
a new church at that place. There wilt cot,
be any morning service. In thc evening Ucv.
Edward Scofield, jr., will fill his pulpit.
"W. J. Cameron was over from Eldorado,
Saturday. He was in high glee over the
latest railroad news, which Is to thc effect
that contracts for building have becu let and
Eldorado will have a road touu, without
Lightning struck thc residence ol Mr. Hol
combe, near Wellington, last week, while
tho family were absent, and tho house, which
was one o! thc best in tho valley, with all IU
contents was totally destroyed ln a lew mo
ments. Tho firemen's ball was a very happy affair.
Tho boys can beat everybody else getting up
entertainments. The boys with thoir uni
forms on black pants and red shirts furnish
a marked contrast dancing with the ladies in
full dress.
Bordcau says he is tho only onu in the city
that ha a regular, thoroughbred Republican
flag. It is nicely Axed; a large flag, a stream
er and a jack, with a double back action pole
rigged with pulleys so that It can bo raised
and lowered at will.
ifcarly all thc married ladies who went cast
from this city, with a very few exceptions,
have expressed a desitc to return home im
mediately. Their husbands think it very
strange that they should want to return so
soon. We don't sec anything straugo about
it. Thc secret is, somebody is keeping them
Sjt II
-H'ne large number of thrcshlhg machines-
horsc-powcrand some steatnengincs attached,
which have been adorning different parts of!
our city, nave commenced to move. Their .
music and din can already be heard In the I
' ailty.
Hob Torlngtou, superintendent or the tele- , corincs (0 previous announcement thc l'rcs
graph Jinc spent a couplo of days with us last bylenan Sabbath School assembled at Eagle
week superintending the erection of poles and j jian at J0 O'clock and formed afprocessiou tin
arranging tho new ofllcc. llobert is a jolly, i jor tlic 0jrect supervision of John G. Dans
good boy, and all the boys from Atchison to comb, wijCn the procession, headed by the
l'ueblo, know hlin.
Something less than five thousand men,
women and children assembled on the corner
of Main street and Douglas avenue on the
evening ofthc Fourth to sec tho display of
fireworks. They were very good and seemed
to give entire satisfaction.
We were asketl by one ol the untcrrilied,
tho other day, who was nominated at St. Lou
is. On being informed that it was Tiidcn, of
New York, he quietly remarked that ho bad,
not had any use for him since ho that scrape
with Mr. Iteechcr.
Green Thompson, agent forthc quartcnnas
tei'ij department, who has been heto (or about
two years, has been ordered west to Elmore.
Mr. Thompson Is a gentleman oi culture and
large experience and will bo missed by a num
ber ol our citizens.
Wc understand that there Is now uo doubt
ol the cditerlal excursion to Fliiladclphia.some
time in September. Tho arrangements aie
nude from Kansas to Chicago, and from Pitts
burgh to Philadelphia, and no doubt exists
but transportation will be secured from Chi
cago to Pittsburgh.
It has been intimated that one of the causes
of so many recent marriages is owing to the
fact that quite a number of the young people
addressed letters to their posterity a hundred
years hence and deposited them in the Centen
nial box which was placed in tho corner
stone ofthc new church.
An unusual amount of complaint oomes up
from the travelers on the Doiujlas road. The
bottom, or tho place whore there ought to be
bottom, on botli sides ot Lower Chishoim
crcok bridge, is in a very bad condition.
Would it not be well lor the township trustco
to call the attention ot the road overseer to
the fact?
T. J. Anderson, General Passenger Agent
of tho Atchison, Topcka & Santa Fo railroad,
came m on a special car Saturday evening In
company with tonic capitalists. They dropped
in off tho main line to got something to cat.
After wiping thoir chins with Occidental tea
napkins they left, feeling much rofreshed.
D. L. Brownlec gave us a paper which was
published at Marion, Iowa, about twenty-one
years since. It contains a letter giving tiie
situation oi affairs iu Kansas at that time. It
carries ti3 back iu our recollection to our boy
hood days, when wc used to see John Brown,
Aaron D. Steams, and other prominent Free
State mon pass through Topcka, (which was
on thc underground railroad route) with Mis
souri negroes, en route to Canada.
There is a Pawnee Indian down here tho
csactae simile of .Noble Prentiss, who is un
doubtedly the homeliest newspaper man iu
Kansas. Ariantat Ctty Trane.tr.
When Noble Prentiss is fixed up got his
fctoro clothes on there is not a bettor looking
editor In the Stato ol ICanas, than he is, ex
cepting Scott, of the Tiaieltr; and wc will
make no exceptions when we talk about
A young mau by the name ol Easton, for
merly in the employ of the Stage Company,
but who has been running i meat market in
Douglas for a few weeks past, shot himseli at
his room In thc Douglas House. Uo did not
succeed in killing himseli outright, but still
lives, yet without hope of recover'. The ball
entered the body just below the heart. He
assigns no reason lor the rash act, further
than that he waB "tired of living."
Cyrus Webb, ol Sedgwick county, shows a
sample bunch of English blue jerass, which
measures pluinp four (eet. Mr. ebb ia satis
fied that above all others it Is the variety that
will flourish in the Arkansas Valley. I VfofitU
Bro. Manning, take another look at your
specimen, examine it closely. Cy. i loud of
a joke.
Scarcely any interest was taken by our citi
zens in tho St. Louis Convention. Thc feel
ing was not to be compared with that mani
lested In tho result df thc Cincinnati Conven
tion. Thc norainntions made at Cincinnati
wcro such as to satisfy all intelligent men that
thc full strength of tho Itcpublleans would be
polled in thc November election, and a solid
Itepublican vote means a Republican victory.
Thc Fourth was ushered in by rinsing of
the diflercut bells Iii the city, shooting or an
vils, shot guns, muskets, pistols, popguns and
f andwtehed with shooting off of mouths. Tho
racket commenced about three o'clock a. m.
and was kept up successfully during the day.
Wc presume the folksat Philadelphia thought
they made a (uss, but they ought to have
boenlu Wichita.
Ed. Eagle : Tho southwest ought ti be
represented on the electoral ticket. Iu case
the honor shoulu fall to Sedgwick county, per
mit me to suggest Jno. M. Steele as a suitable
man ler the place: He is well known to our
people, U a thorough Republican, and in ca
pacity for aflah , is perhaps inferior to none
iu tho Valley. Should he be nominated by
the Convention he will carry the full vote of
tke district. Very respectfully,
' Sedgwick.
Judge Adams, or Wichita, culled on us last
Monday on his way home from Wellington,
where ho had been to deliver thc address for
the masonic celebration. lie subscribed tor
our paper, which made tia feel about two inch
es taller and a great deal more important. Wo
belicvo thc Judge Is a candidate far judge of
the 18th judicial district. Don't know, but
think he woufd look real well on the bench
'sposo wc try him. Oxford Indepundtnl.
Nell Wilkie, of the State ol Butler, a gen
tlemen who has 500 acres of wheat, come to
Wichita on Thursday, bought ol HonckBros.
a heading machine, and on Friday morning
commeneod cutting and threshing. At tun
down he had thirty -ffvc acres or wheit cut,
threshed and saeked, and the next day he
hauled It to WIehita,a distance of thirty miles,
and sold it for one dollar per bushel. Sam.
Houck says that beats killing a steer, tanning
hie hido and making a pair of boots and put
ting them on the same day. Mr. Wilkio ought
to have taken three more steps.viz: had some
of it ground and given his lurvest hands bis
cuit from thc wheat for supper.
There Is at last a chance for the fellows
who have long desired to bo postmaster pure
ly through patriotic motives. Tho Confeder
ate House, without sense or reason, has ru
ined tho salaries of second an d third-class of
fices. The Postmaster General says the mail
service will bo badly crippled, ; and nof only
that, but thousands ol good, careful .aiid effi
cient postmasters now in service will resign,
only to hare thc offices fall into Incompetent
hands. The new law completely cripples thc
Wichita office which handles the malls of one
hundred and six post offices. After the clerk
hire and expenses aro paid there will not be
enough left to pay a mau for tho responsibili
ty ol so important a poit!on, let atono thc
labor and vexation.
Charles Clark, money order clerk of the
Wichita post office, addresses his successor in
lOTCas lollows:
To Hit Honey Ordtr Cleri vf ie&Ua 1'ett
Office ; Deak Sik Long before this cornc3 to
your hands I, who am now full ot life and ac
tivity, will be goao lo my long home. This
cltcr, with others, we place in the founda
tion ofthc Prcsbytctiau church now about to
be erected, forporsons whom wo suppose will
meet one hundred years from this datename
ly thc second anniversary of American inde
pendence. My name is Charles W. Clark,
and accompanying this letter you will find a
photograph of mysell. Homely looking chap,
alntlr Well, I can't help it. I have lived
twenty-six years and this photo is tho best
thc artist could produce with your humble
servant before his camera. There Is no need
of my giving you any details of thc money
order system, or its workings at tho preseut
time, lor, in all probability you will peruse
the records of tho office and discover how wc
did bttsiucss lu 1S7C. 1 should like very much
to bo loafing around when you (whoever you
may be) open and read this letter. Our town
is now a flourishing little burg or about 3,803
Inhabitants, and we have thc best town in thc
Southwest. Well, successor, "pull down your
vest" and keep your nose clean, and take
good care of the office. I am at present,
Yours very respectfully,
Ciur.Lns W. Clahk.M. 0. Clerk.
Wichita, July 4,1870,
j Laying the Ccrncr-Stcnc of the Presbyterian
Qno 0, ie mostnt anJ ,ntcresting
OCMb,on3lhnt hascvcr occllrrcd ln Wichita,
tJw , ofthc corncr.Uollo 0, thc
! T'rpshvterl.in Church on the 4th oi Julv.
band, marched up Main street to First, down
First street to comer of First and Lawrence
Avenue tho site lor tho now church where
tho large tent or tabernacle had been previ
ously erected and furnished with comfortable
On the arrival of the procession, tho follow
ing programme was carried out: FJjst, an
oponing chorus by thc church choir, "Hail
Cur Country's Natal Morn." 3Ir. Harscn, the
pastor, then made a few introductory remarks.
Hymn by thc choir, "I Love Thy Kingdom,
Prayer by tho Rev. Mr. Garrison of the
Newton Presbyterian Church.
Reading the Scriptures by the pastor, third
chapter of Corinthians.
Song "On Brothers, On."
Address by Rev. J. T. Hamia, pastor or the
Methodist Church.
Address by Rev. J. S. Turnbull, or the Uni
ted Presbyterian Church.
Sons Centennial Song, composed by Whit
tier, the same that was sung atjhc opening ot
thc Exposition.
Address by W. S. Tingley, pastor or the
Cnristian Church.
Address by Rev. Garrison, or Newton.
Collection taken charge of by tho chauipicu
dunncr or tho Arkansas Valloy--Bro. Allan
Song "America."
Mr. Harscn then look the stand and con
ducted the furtiicr ceremonies, by first display
ing a small zinc box in which the centennial
mail was to bcMcposited. The contents of the
box wcro :
1. A plain bible with leather cover.
2. A confession of faith of the Presbyterian
3. History of the church in this place.
1. A list or thc names or the members or
tho church January 1st, 1S70.
5. The names ol the church building com
mittee. C. Tho names or the contributors for tho
erection of the church, in all 150.
7. Tlic names of thc members of the Bap
tist Church.
8. The names of the members of fhe United
Presbyterian ilburcli.
9. A package of letters written, by different
parties, addjessed to their posterity.
10. Two copies ot the Eagli: one of our
Centennial edition and one of thc issue of
June 29th. Also a copy of the Mejfcn.
M. W. Levy put In two silver half dollars.
The lid wis then placed on auJ soldered, to be
removed July -1th, 1970.
Singing by the choir.
The box was then deposited in tho hole
made for it in the corner-stone, cement spread
and the top stouc placed upon it, after whiih
the entire audience joined heartily in singing
thc long-metre Doxology, and the benediction
The ladies ol tho church had prepared re
freshments for thc hungry multitude there as
sembled, and a large number of them ate
and were filled. Tke whole concluded with a
grand promenade concert in thc evening,
which was participated in by a great number
of the elite of tho city. Upon the whole, It
was a grand success, and tho 4th of July ,1870,
will bo remembered by those who attended
these exercises with pleasant recollections.
A description oi the church cdilice, etc., we
will give at some futuro time.
The wedding ceremony of Mis Jessie Mc
Quiddy, ot this city, and Mr. B. II. Hardi
tuau, of Wichita, took place at the Presbyte
rian church, Tuesday evening. The church
v, as well tilled by an audience composed of
the elite of the city. Tho 'windows, chande
liers and cntranco were decorated with green
shrubbery. Tiiero were two handsome bou
quets on tho organ and on Iho table directly
in front or the altar were three beautiful bou
quets, the one in the center being In the
shape ot a cros-s. A new carpet was spread
in the broad aisle from the cntranca to the
altar. At half past seven tho bridal patty
entered -and wore met at the altar by Rev. A.
E. Garrison, who performed tho ceremony in
an improssive manner. APier receiving the
congratulations of their many friends, the
young couplo wcro driven to tho Santa Fe
depot auu iook me train ior ivicmia. ine
bride's dress was lavender and white silk
trimmed with green colored gros grain rib
bon, and shejwore natural flowers, white ole
ander and white roses iu Iter corsage. The
bridesmaid, Miss York, of Wichita, and Mi
Mollic McQuiddy, sister of the bride, were
tastily dressed to correspond with tlic .bride's
trousseau. The groom aud groomsmen,
Messrs. Stem and Clark, wcro in lull evening
dress. Tho whole allair was stylish and
pleasant. The newly married couplo leavo
with tbe best wishes of a large circle of
friends for their futuro happiness and pros
perity. We hope they will be happy always;
they have our sinccrest felicitations. Haruy
County Jievt.
Mr. llardiman is ono ofthc best young men
In our city, aud Is most highly spoken of by
all who kuow him. The young couple start
on life's journey with every prospect of a
pleasant voyage' in which the Eagle earnest
ly hopes they may nut be disappointed, and
that at its end they may attain the haveu of
eternal rest:
The authorities or the M. E. Church of El
dorado, having tendored the use or the church
building to tho Presbyterian pastor and so
ciety for tho mouths ol July aud August at
preaching hours, aud tho tender being ac
cepted, it cives the undersigned the much
needed opportunity for rost and recreation.
Our official board kiudly granted me this
privilege, which I propose to use to the best
ofniy ability and hope to return with re
newed vigor to my pulpit and pastoral work,
September first, Walter Oaklev,
Pastor of M. E. Church.
Eldorado, June 2J, 1S7I. Eldorado Timet.
Wo don't wonder at all at tho authorities
or tho 31. E. Church at Eldorado tendering
the use of their church to another congrega
tion and minister. Tho only thing that does
surprise us is, that they did not make it for
thc remaining portion o: the conrcrcnce year,
if the sermons of their pastor have been like
the one "dished up" to a largo and intelligent
audience at Ihc 21. E. church in (his city last
Sabbath morning. Folly minutes were con
sumed in trying to explain what Brother
Ilanna did at tho close in less than one minute
with less than a dozen word.
Tho question has been asked us several
titno3 during tho past week, whoso business
it Is to fix the approaches to the frco bridge.
They nre reported in a very bad condition.
Wc don't know, but to guess at It, wo should
say the road overseer or Delano should keep
the west end of tho bridge fixed, and for the
cast or north end of the bridge, the road over
seer of Wichita township begins. But be
that as it may, the road ought to bo fixed.
And while wo are talking about roads, wc will
call the attention or tho proper authorities lo
tho road al thc Chishohn creek, near 31c
Campbell's. It Is almost impassable, the
bridge is in a dangerous condition and should
have a railing on each side.
A couplo from Reno county no; since wo
coino to think about it, there icre three of
them, viz : an old gentleman sixty-four.an old
lady Torty-two, and a young man twenty-one
years or age drove into our city late one
evening last week. They pulled up at Treas
urer Woodcock's office, and in an excited and
breathless manner the old gentleman rushed
in and asked ir ho was tho Iiccnc judge.
Upon being told of thc Probate Judge's
whereabouts, he told 3Ir. Woodcock to lay
low and not say any thing, lor something was
going to happen, which ho would undoubted
ly hear or next morning. The three proceed
ed to Judge Little's office and were joined in
the bonds or holy wedlock then and there in a
very solemn and impressive manner by the
grave and sedate license man. The bride was
attired in a rich and costly calico withi only
two widths in the dress. It was nemo of your
pull-backs with over skirt and under skirt,
panicr and polonaise and trail not a bit of it,
no roolishness about it. Tho groom's ward
robe was plain and unpretentious; it consist
ed or a blue Denims shirt and buckskin-colored
corduroy pants, tan-colored shoes,
flesh-colored socks. The groomsman, the sou
of the old msn, (ror he was supposed to be a
widower.) was dressed a la Arkansas sand
lappcr check shirt, Dcuims pants and bare
footed. Woodcock acted as usher and bride's
maid. After thc ceremony was performed,
aud the usual salutations from tho party pres
ent, including the honorable judge, the groom
drew himself up in a diguiiicd manner, aud
told the lricnds present that ho and the old la
dy had farms adjoining and ho did not see
any reason why they could not put their
things together and keep house, whereupon
she kindly consented. He then borrowed
some matches from the uaher.stalmg thai they
would camp out that night, and took their
The Horse Fair.
The races Monday and Tuesday were toler
ably well attended. Tuesday quite a large
crowd was present at thc afternoon races.
The programme was well arranged, tbcjraces
pleasantly and satisfactorily conducted, and
all thc horsemen present expressed themselves
satisfied with thc conduct of affairs. Thc fol
lowing is a general outline of thc races Mon
day: Trotting race; open to horses that had not
made a mile In three minutes. Tho following
horses wcro entered : Chief, by B. 31. Ter
rell; Bashaw JIaid. by T. 31. Lane; Pat, by
Sam. Adams. Chief won first money, Ba
shaw Maid second. Time 3:3.
Pouy race, hair mile dash, won by Kansas
marc. Also another pony race.half mile dash,
six entries, won by spotted pouy.
Pacing race. Horses entered : Honest
John, by J. T. 3Ic3Iillcn; Bay Unknown, by
Cantain Davis: Sleepy Kate, by Frank b as
set. Won In t;vo straight heats by Honest
John. Next was half mile dash by Sleepy
Tom, Sleepy Jim, Button, Pogwood, Spot
and Rattler. Button won first money, Rat
tler second; timeuOJ.
A now feature was then introduced in the
programme, which consisted ol .a foot race.
Nine men entered for a purse of five dollars;
distance kixty yards; won by Jasper Kyle .
The most exciting auU the race that created
the most Interest and excited a great deal of
enthusiasm was a pacing race by Limber Jim,
entered by Dr. Owens, and Wichita Charley,
rntered by By Terrell; threo best in five.
Both horses being iu tolerable good condition
neither had tho advantage in that respect.
First heat was won by Wichita Charley; tiino
2:55. Second heat by same; time 2:50.
Third heat by same; time 2: 13. Between the
second and third heats of tho pacing race a
pony race occurred. Onc-rourth mile dash.
Won by bay pony.
Premiums were offered abo on stallions ot
two classes, dralt aud blooded Frank Fasset
had three horses .entered, viz: Phil Sheri
dan, which took the Jirst premium for draft
horses, aud Tim Line, which took secoud.
The exhibition oi blooded horses was good.
Captain Tarlton exhibited two young horses
which were perfect pictures for horsemen. It
is a feast to look on them. Mr. Tariton's
horse, Oram I!oy, wo will venture to say.cau
not be beaten iu the State; also his horse,
Blue Grass, a two-year-old, is a fine specimen
or horse flesh. B. F. Jones' horse, Lawrence
jr., Is a very lino horse and shoves his "jioou.
He took tho second premium.
Upon the whole thu exhibition and races
were good, and great credit Is due to tho di
rectors, who, under such adverso circum
stances, conducted tho two-days fair so suc
cessrully. The premiums will all be prompt
ly paid, and it won't be many years before
the society will be able to oiler larger premi
ums, and Wichita will be the fast horse cen
ter not only of tbe Arkausas Valley, but or
the whole Southwest.
"Dodgi: Crry, June 21, 1S70,
"El)ITon Eagli: Pull down yo'ur vest,
wipe off your chin aud show your colors."
Wc presume tiiat the party who sent the
above request is some string beau who had to
leave Wichita on account or not having any
visible means of support, and went to Dodge,
of course. In order to show colars "to eom
peto with Dodge wc whould have to have
dance-houses, gambling halls and garroting
shops and such like, but we are happy to in
form him that that species of barbarism aud
wickedness has long since departed from our
city, and Wichita stands to-day, morally, as
well as any town iu the State, aud physically
ad commercially she has no competitors in
the west, outstripping them all. Her pros
perity to-day is greater than it over was be
fore, and in throe years from now she will be
a city of six thousand inhabitants. These arc
our colors. If you have any allusion to the
Texas cattle trade, wo have all that wo asked
for. The trail has been kept open and a
number of choice herds aro on the grazing
grounds west of the city. As to the chin and
vest bu-iucs3, that Is old.
Sedgwick county is tha banner county of
thi Stato in whent. The St. I.ouls Hesuhlt-
can, of June 20th, in speaking of the sale of
new wheat in the market, says : "Alter call,
was offered at auction tho first car of Kansas
wheat, of the new crop, received in this .city.
This lot, which was in gocd condition and
grad.'d No. 4, was shipped from Wichita by
N. II. Heath to F. Sivartz, and sold to J. W.
Adams & Co. at 1.23. A car of thc new crop
of Kentucky, grading No. 2, wa al.o sold
immediately following to Tcasdale & Harri
son at $1.12." Thc aforesaid car load of
Kansas new wheat was bought of I). D. Carl
ton by N. U. Heath and shipped on thc 2Jth
ol June, and it arrived in St. Louis on the
29th. Mr. Iloath, having a desire to ship tho
first car of the season, went into tho field and
helped thresh it and gave it his undivided
personal attention until the car was started
oil its way to market. It jou will observe
the article closely you will sec that Kansas
new wheat, No. i, sold at 81.23 per bushel,
while Kentucky now wheat. No. 2, only
brought 1.12 per bushel. Sedgwick is not
only Hie first In thc market, but sends a bet
ter quality or wheat.
J. L. Kimmcrman, Esq., County Superin
tendent of Schools, at Wichita, Kansas, spent
Saturday and Sunday last, in this ciiy visiting
his brother. He has been in Kansas six years,
anil is now on his way to the Centennial and
expects to spend about two month cast ot
the Allcghanie. HoMjw.xtry C'ounii(JU.) Dem
ocrat. MARRIED.
At the residence of tho bride's mother, on
Wednesday evening, Juno 23th, by Rev. J. P.
Harscn, Mr. T. L. Nixon to Miss Cora Mat
thews, all ol Wichita.
At the residence of the bride's parents, on
Wednesday. June 28th, by the Rev. J. P.IIar
scn, 31r. George II. Gardiner, of Sedgwick
county, and 31iss Laura V. Pope.
At Pleasant View, Sedgwick county, on
Saturday, June 21th, by tho Rev. Edward
tscoheid. jr., ot Uhieairo,
Mr. Thomas F. Hall
and Miss Xarissa Webb.
Thirteen sacks coffee tor sale, at Duns
comb's, at less than St. Louis prices, freight
added. 11-lt
Farmers Take Holice I
The undersigned aro prepared to buy your
grain or ship it to any market you may desig
nate, and advance three-fourths the cash val
ue on shipment, for i reasonable commission.
Wo have just finished putting up ono cr
Howe's Improved grain scales, with which wc
have a United States Government Tester.that
they may be tested at any moment to know ir
they arc correct. These scales will bo in tho
exclusive charge of a sworn weighman,whoso
duty it shall be to weigh all grain honestly
aud correctly without favor to cither buyer or
Hoping to rcccivo a liberal share of your
patrouage, wo aro rcspcctlully yours,
Smith & Pittengku.
Wichita, July 1, 1S7C. 11-tr
Ohio Stoneware, by tho car load, at Allen is
Tucker's. 5-tr
Stkay. Came into Ihc inclosuro of tho
subscriber, one berkshlrc pig about eight
weeks old. J. W.PliiLLirs.
Bo sure and buy the White Lily Baking
Powder. Wheeler keeps it. 35-tf
Buckwheat cakes and maple
them at Wheeler's.
syrup. Buy
Take your hides to C. 31. Garrison, the old
est hide buyer in Wichita. 27-tf
Grange, Odd Fellows and Masonic manuals
at thc post office book store. -12-tf
Turn over a new lea: an go to G. H. Her
rington's and get a new ledger. 42-tf
Puro spices ol all kinds to be had at Wheel
er's, Douglas Avenue. 35-tf
Buy your qncenswaro at Allen & Tucker's.
Patents on all lauds entered prlorto April
1st, 1S71, aro now ready at the land office. It
would be well for the parties to "whom tho
patents belong to get them and have them duly
recorded, which may save a long and tedious
litigation at somo future time. 41-tf
If you try Wheelers spices and don't find
them puro and a first-class article he will re
fund your money. 35-tf
Mrs. F. G. Smyth, late or 3iadion, Wis
consin, will give lessons on the Piano Forto
at her own house, corner of Wichita avenue
and' Second street. Terms, $15 per quarter, 1
including use of instrument, one-hall payable
in advance, 9-Ct
Tho Singer Sowinar Machine. "
Over ono million and a lirjlf In use. Thc
most durable and lightest running-machine in
tho world. As an evidence, the Singer, Rem
ington 'and Wheeler & Wilson wcro invented
about tho same time and put Into market," and
at tho present day tho Siugor has over one
million and a iiairiu use, the Wheeler .t Wil-.
son has about five hundred thousand aud the
Remington has the small, Insignificant num
ber of five thousand nine hundred ami firty-
threc, which can he seen on the tmper end of
the needle burr, which makes the Remington
the last cnoico of the people, and they would
not have sold one quarter that number had
they not sold them under a fictitious name.
For many years tho Remington machine com
pany have attempted to foreo their machines
on tho market as the Remington, but failed,
which reminds mo of soveral occurrences.
Fifteen years ago the third day of July, I was
in Bloomington Illinois, stopping with a
friend by the name orD. II. Horner. There
were two agents at the place, tho Wheeler &
Wilson and the Remington. Tho Wheeler &
Wilson agent had confidence enough iu his
machine to sell it on its owii reputation, but
the Remington agent's confidence failed him,
and he attempted to sell it as the improved
Weed. Some five years ago, while I was sell
ing the Uowo, I happened to meet an agent
that wa3 soiling the Remington. Ho had as
little confidence in his machino as tho first
one I met, and he attempted to sell it as the
Improved Howe, and 1 have becu creditably
informed that the Remington agents aro sell
ing their machines here as' the improved
Singer, which is false. There Is no improved
Singer except thc original one, which cannot
be sold in the Southwest except by or
through me. Those who wish to bay the
Remington aro welcome to, but I deem it my
duty to inform tho good people of tho South
west, through the columns of your paper, so
they will not be imposed upon iu buying ma
chines. A machine that cannot be sold on
its own reputation should not be sold on the
merits of a machine that has been long tried
aud proved, without doubt, tha best in the
world. The impositions offered are of the
deepest dye. W. 3I.S0K,
General Agent for the Southwest.
Wichita, June 27, 1370. 11-Gm
Personal Card.
On the first ef July I will open :i office in
Commercial Block, for the purpose of prac
tice in thc local land office and the Depart
ments at Washington. I have had an official
experience or naarly five years, and, an ex
tended private experience. Iu addition, I
will attend to such Ibusiucss as tuny be en
trusted to me, iu the way or buying and sell
ing real estate, collections, payment of taxes,
drawing instruments of writing, cte. I have
a commission as Notary Public A complete
plat of Sedgwick and adjoining counties will
bo found in ray office, but not for purposes of
transcripts, which cau only be secured at the
land office.
12-tf D. B. Emsickt.
Centennial Exhibition, Philadelphia.
This great International Exhibition, design
ed to commemorate thc one hundrcth anni
versary of American Independence, will open
3Iay 10th and close November 10th, 1S70. All
the Nations of the world and all the Stales and
Territories of the Union will participate,
bringing together the most comprehensive
collection of art treasures, mechanical inven
tions' scientific discoveries, manuracturiiig
achicvcmcnst, mineral specimens, aud agricul
tural products ever exhibited. The grounds
devoted to thc Exhibition are situated on tho
line of thc Pcnn'ylrama railroad, and embrace
150 acres of Fairniount Park, all highly im
proved and ornamented, on which are erected
tlic largest buildings ever constructed five ol
these covering an area ol fifty acres and cost
ing $5,000,000. The total number of buildings
erected for the purposes cr the Exhibition, is
over one hundred.
The Pennsylvania Railroail.lhe Great Trunk
line and fast mail route or thc United States,
will bo the most direct, convenient and eco
nomical way of reaching Philadelphia and this
great Exhibition from all sections of the
country, It3 trains to and Irom Philadelphia
will pass through a Grand Centennial Depot,
which the Company have erected at the main
entrance to the Exhibition grounds Tor the ac
commodation ofpaasengers Ivho wish to stop
at or start from the numerous large hotels con
tiguous to this station and tho Exhibition a
convenience of tho greatest value to visitors,
and afforded oxcIuMvcly by the Pennsylvania
Railroad, which Is the only line running direct
to the Centennial buildings. Excursion trains
will also stop at tho Encampment of tho Pa
trons of Husbandry, at E!m Station, on this
Tho Pennsylvania Railroad is tho grandest
Railway organization in the world. It con
trols 7,000 miles of roadway, forming continu
ous lines to Philadelphia, New York, Balti
more, and Washington, over which luxurious
day and night Coaches an run from Chicago,
St. Louis, LouiSTillc, Cincinnati, Indianapolis,
Columbus, Toledo, Cleveland and Eric, with
out change.
Its main line is laid with double and third
tracks of heavy steel rails upon a deep bed of
broken stouc ballast, and its bridges are all of
iron or stone. It3 passenger trains are equip
ped with every known improvement for com
fort and safety, aud aro run at faster speed for
greater distances than the trains of any line
on the continent. The coapany has largely
increased its equipment for Centennial travel,
and will be prepared to ouild In its own shops
locomotives and passenger cars at short no
tice sufficient to fully accommodate any extra
demand. The tuioqualed resources at tho
command of tha company guarantee the most
perfect accomtnodotions for all its patrons
during the Centennial Exhibition.
The magnificent scenery for which the
Pennsylvania railroad is so justly celebrated
presents to tho traveler over its perfect road
way an cvcr-changiii2 panorama of rivor,
mountain, and landscape views uuequaled iu
The eating siatious on this line aro unsur
passed. 31cals will be furnisded at suitable
hours and ample titue allowed for enjoying
Excursion tickets, at reduced rates, will be
sold at all principal railroad ticket offices in
West. Northwest, Southwest. .
Be sure that your tickets read via the Great
Pennsylvania Route to the Centennial.
Fit.sNK Thompson, D. 31. Boyd, Jk.,
General 3Ianager. Gen. Pass. Ag't.
A Big Bargain.
A good threshing machine for sale. Only
been run about four weeks. Will give par
tics purchasing same two seasons to pay for
Ir. Inquire of C. G. Thompson. Star Livery
Stables. "
Monoy Card.
Contemplated changes in the icerest ot our
many patrons since the commencement ol tho
year arc over ruled by continued financial
disasters, in view of which wc havo deter
mined tho even tenor or our ways till ether no
tice, and beg herein to adiite our numerous
friends and waiting applicants, that en demand
wo will now furnish them money, c vtual, as
they may require, oflcring sat'sfaclory collat
tcrals. on Fivo Years' time.
JlKUCiLixmsn in conformity with the de
clining prices oteach day.
Lands at steadily enhancing prices.
Baxkixg as in our usual Conservative cus
tom. To all ofwhich we respectfully invite pat
ronage and correspondence.
8-tf W. C. Woodmax . Sox.
To the Public.
I would respectfully announce to tho people
of Wichita and vicinity, that I havo secured
rooms with Chas. W. Hill, druggist, and that
I am prepared lo do any and all work in the
watch and jewelry line. Long experience in
the business en :b : to feel warranted in
asserting that I can give satisfaction. Solicit
ing a share of the patronage of the public, 1
am, very respectfully, Alex Fuhsian-n.
Late of Warsaw, Illinois. 7-tf
You will never make a complete success in
baking biscuits until you use the Yv'hite Lily
Baking Powder you can get it at Wheeler's.
Subscriptions taken lor all thc periodicals
and all kinds it newspapers at publisher's
rales at Ileimcrs' book store. 35-tf
The undersigned announces to tho public
that he has purchased the well known "Bald
win Art Gallery,"' on Douglas Avenue, and
hopes by strict attention to business to merit
a liberal share of tlnj public patronage. First
class facilities for all kinds ol work. Give me
a call. T. II. STEVEN'S.
At George Y. Smith's, Eagle Block.
Through late advantageous purchases by
our resident buyer in New York, we are en
abled to mark down prices on some leading
staple and other goods. We aro also up to
thc times on the latest Centennial novelties,
and have on exhibition the latest eastern sen
sation in ladies' belts, children's Centennial
collars, etc. Wc give our customers every
possible advantage in prices, and, through
our facilities (or purchasing good?, can guar
antee entire satisfaction iu every line. Wo
are this week in receipt ora good assortment
of Merrimack and other standard prints, in
light colors and late styles; also a splendid
lino of Polonaise Suit patterns, and to each
purchaser of these suits wo present a paper
pattern ttdatcst style. Geo. Y. Smith.
J. C. Redj-iexd, 3lanager. 12-
Hotel to Let.
A Hotel in the city of Winfield which has
been lately repaired, lathed and plastered,and
painted throughout. Will lease on reason
able terms to a good tenant.
13-2 Cuiins & Manser.
Blank books lit endless variety at Herring
ton's. 42-tf
Teachers aud students will find it to their
ailvantago to call at tho post office book store
and examine the large stocks, which have been
selected with special reference to the wants ef
schools. 33-tr
Latest styles
or queensware at
For. Salu. About thirty head of domestic
cows and heifers, must all sell together. For
particulars inquire of L.N. Woodcock. 11-tf
Honey in tho honey comb, at II. A.
Invoice books at the post office book store,
G. H. Hcrrington. 42-tf
Try the Old Govcrnuieut Java, already
ground and ready ror use. Warranted to be
strictly pure. Yon can get it at Wheeler's.
Pure and unadulterated
A. Wheeler's.
sweet cider at II.
There is nothing lu the grocery line that you
want but what you can buy at Wheeler's
grocery. 35-tl
Stages leave and arrive daily to and from all
points in thc south at thc Richey House.
Every ono that buys goods ol Brickhoue
arc sstislied with the quality, quantity and
price. 21-tt
Lovers of tbo Weed.
Go to the Avenue Book Store and get three
ortho "Big Blue Cigars" for twenty-five cunts;
also the celebrated "Robert Burns" cigar,
two for twenty-live cent-, and a Rig Bonanza
cigar for live cents. 11-tf
Bought Cheap for Cash.
Since the last decline and opened on May
first, a beautiful stock of Dry Goods, Notions,
Hosiery, White Goods, Lawns, Tarletons,
Swiss and Hamburg Edgings and Laces. The
cheapest stock of 3Iuslins and Fancy and
Standard Prints ever brought to Wichita.
W. J. Ilonsos.
31ain street, next door to postoffice. 5-tf
Brick 1 Brick 1 At five dollars per thou
sand, fn quantities and qualities to ;suit pur
chasers. Yard on Little river, north of the
city. 0-t( J. W. Phillips.
Two or three harness makers wanted at
Ford's immediately." Meshy P. Fokd.
Winded, Kansas, Jlay 3, 1870. C-tf-
Any one wishing a horse or mulo pastured
should apply to A. T. Lonnsbury before go
in;f elsswhcse. He has 120 acres, Well fenced
with plenty of timber and good water, throe
miles northeast of Wichita. S-tf
Rubber and Leather Belling at C. 31. Gar
rieon'n, 105 Douglas Avenue, Wichita, Kan
sas. 13-1 1
Rubber and Leather Belting at C. 31. Ga
rison's, 105 Douglas Avenue, Wichita, Kan
sas. 13-lt
Car just in, Caldwell S TitUworh. 4-tl
Office books and diaries at Ilerrington'.way
down awful cheap. 42.11
Wichita, Kansas, June 23, 1S7C. J
Complaint having been entered at this ofiice by
Asa M. Itabinsnn against Robert Latham fur
abandoning his homestead entry, No. Sfty, dated
April:M, 1S73, upon the southwest quarter, sec
tion 21, township -0 south, range 1 west, in Reno
county, Kansas, with a view to thc cancellation
of said entry: thc said parties ure hereby sum
moned to npnear at this ofiice on thc 31st day of
Jiuy, ism, ai m o'ctocK A.-.U., io respond aau
furnish testimony concerning said nltejred aban
donment. H. L.TAYLOIJ,
lMw Register.
Administrator's Notice
ecugwtcii t;ounty.
In thc Probate Court in aud for said county.
In the matter of the estate of Samuel JIacrcdie,
Xotice i3 hereby given that letters of adminis
tration have been granted to the undersigned on
the estate of Samuel JIacredic, late of said coun
ty, deceased, by the honorable the l'rbbato Court
of thc county aud State aforesaid, datud tie 3d
day of .July, A. 1). 1S7G.
Now all ersons havinf; claims against the said
estate arc hereby notilied that they mnst present
tlic same to Uio undersigned for allowance within
one yar from the date of said letters, or they
may be precluded from any benefit of sucii estate
anil that If such claims ba not exhibited within
three years after the date of eaid letters, they
shall be forever barred.
Administrator of thc estate or Samuel ilacre
die. deceased.
Wichita, .July 3, lt-70. H-."t
United States Land Office,
Wichita, Kansas, Julys, lsTC. J
Complaint bavins been entered at this olSce by
Jame3 Sherman against Asa it. Robinson for
abandoning his homestead entry, No. 1S9L dated
April 1, 1S7-5, upon thc southwest quarter section
twenty, township 2i, range l.west, in Reno coun
ty, JCansas, with n view to the cancellation of
said entry: thc said parties are hereby summoned
to appear at this office on the 5th day of August,
1S70, at 0 o'clock n. m., to respond and furnish
testimony concerning said alleged abandonment.
ll-lt II. L. TAYLOR, Jtegister.
Notics of Final Settlement.
ScdgwicK County. J
Ia the Probate Court, in ami for said county.
In the matter of the estate of John W. Magcc,
Creditors and all other person j interested in the
aforesaid estate, are hereby notilied, that on tho
31st day or July, A. D. JsTlJ, I shall apply tj the
l'robatc Court of said county for a full and flnal
settlement of saidestate.
-Admisistratrlxofthe estate or John W. 31agce,
Wichita, Kansas, July 3, A. 1. 1S7C. 11-1
Wichita, Kansas, June 2!), ls7G. J
Complaint having been cnleied at this office by
William Robinson ngainst Chailes W. Schumcl,
for abandoning his homestead entry. No. 1000,
dated May 15, 1871, upon the southeast quarter'!
section s, township Si, sown, range i wesi,
in Reno County, Kansas, with a Ucw to the
cancellation of said entry, the said parties are
hereby summoned to appear at this office on the
17th day of July, 17G, at !) o'clock a. m., to re
spond and furnish testimony concerning said al
leged abadonment.
12-1 Register.
Dongla3 Avenue, East of Main Street, Wichita
Kansas. 12-U
Real Estate Brokers and Insurance Agents
S outh. Side of Douglas Avenue, East of Eagle Block,
Agents for tho RED STAR aud AMERICAN Lino of Steamships. Tickets soltl at lowest rates to and from all r-mis
in EUROPE to and from all points in KANSAS.
Below will be found n partial list of lands tliat vrc have for sale, and which is changed each week. Parties wishing
to examine or purchase lands will find a conveyance on hand to any of them, free of charge. All property purchased
forpartic3 at a distance i3 carefully selected and personally examined. In connection with the real estate business, we
havo an Abstract of Title office, showing all transfers by deed or niortjrajrc, liens, indsrmciils, or defects in title rn mw
lands or lots in Sedgwick county, and therefore guaranty the title to any property purchased through this office.
("Collecting rents and paying taxes attended to promptly.
(3TA faithful adherence to duty in the interest of our patrons involves continnal office work and precludes our
"camping at the gate" of every new building to solicit. If yon want insurance that will not fail von in the "tryiii"
hour" favor us with a call. "Wc represent the following companies: "
JEtxa, Hartford Connecticut, Assctts
Piicknix of Brooklyn, "
No utii British & Mercantile, G.B. " -Home,
New York. "
Ameuican Central, St. Louis, Mo. " -Pikknix,
Hartford Conn., "
Gr.nJiAN-AMKKiCAN, New York, " -Insurance
Co. of North Amcr'a "
In connection with the followinglist
wc have for sale several tracts of land,
ranging from 1 to 20 acres, adjacent to
thc city, suitable for suburban resi
dences, and choice residence lots in all
parts of the city. Wc also have the ex
clusive agency of several of tho best
business lots in the business center of
tho city. Call at our office for infor
mation as to price and location.
NO. 371 ICO acres, southeast quarter of sec
tion "JJ. township m, l wesi, some im
provements. Price GOO
NO. 333 Southeast quarter or section IS,
township 27, range l cat, wj acres ;
hall mile north of Wichita ; ha3 30
acres of timber, 50 acres in cultivation,
Uxil lj story irame uouse mguuu
condition, watered by tho Little Ar
kansas river. Price 3,500.
NO. 310 1C0 acrcs,3 miles northwest oftown,
30 acres iu cultivation. Price C per
NO. J50 Northeast quarter of section 12, town
ship 23, range 1 west, 100 acres, good
bottom land. Price S50.
14IC0 acres, 7 miles northeast oftown ;
12 acres in cultivation, aim ueuSu
rows broke. Price 5550.
NO. SIC 1C0 acres good land, o miles north
west or Wichita ; some improvements.
Tries $C00.
NO. 321 160 acres, nertheast quarter ot sec
tion 9, township 27, range 1 west, 20
acres in cultivation. 12x14 rramchouse,
live miles northwest of town. Price
SO. 273 1GS 50-100 acres first bottom ; CO acres
broke; 2 miles from this city? north
east quarter or section 5, town 27, 1
cast. Price 82500.
NO C2 Northwestquartcr of (section 5, town
ship 27, range 1 west, all bottom laud,
7 miles from this city. Price 500.
:r:e3.a-D this.
NO. 00 1G0 acres first bottom; southeast
quarter section 33, town-hip 27, range
1 cast; SO acres under cultivation;
pine frame hou-e 12X1C, with kitchen;
1 miles from Wichita. Price ?3,000.
NO. 220 A first class hotel for sale, situated
on the corner ol Firt and Water
Street, in thecitvof AYiehita, being 2
stories high, containing twenty rooms.
This house was built three years ago,
and is doing a good business. This
property caii be bought for 55000, on
easy terms. For full particulars please
address U3.
I2rsteele & Lew are tho exclusive agents
orover K0,000 acres'of railroad lands, compris
ing the lands belonging to the A., 'I. Aib.i.
ratlroad, in twp No. 25 &2C, ranges .vos.land
2 eat aud 1, 2 and 3 west. These are by far
the best railroad lands n tho Arkan-as valley,
convenient to the city of Wichita, the (largest
and most cntcrprisin',' city west or lopeka.
Tho lands adioining those ol tho railroad com
pany are w:ell improved. Township and
school districts are organized, school houses
built, aud schools supported in nearly all ol
Do you icanl good land adjoining town, try thii.
NO. 301240 acres; the northeast quartcrand
the north half orthc southeast quarter
of section 1, township 20, range 1 cast;
has 25 acres broke, and hedge rows
bioko ; 8 miles north of Wichita.
Price 1500.
305102 04-100 acres ; northeast qnarter
ol section 1, township 27, ronge 2 cast;
10 miles cast of Wichita. Price SOO.
3S8 1C0 acres, the southeast quarter oi
section 2, township 2S, range 2 west;
unimproved, l'rice 700.
331 160 acres, the southwest quarterof
section 12, township 27, range 1 west;
splendid land, 3J miles northwest of
town. Price S per acre.
401 1C0 acres ; northeast quarter of sec
tion 11, townsnip2i,rangoicist; .
miles northeast of town ; unimproved
upland. Price 1C0O.
NO. 410 1C3 acres, iu section 33, townsUp 2S,
range 1 cast; 30 acres timber, 50 iu
cultivation: 10x21 ptne House ; water
Cu ly me jvrKaua.13 un,
south oftown. PricoS200.
$3Tir vou cannot find anythingin these col
umns that suits you call at our office, corner
or .Main street aud Douglas avenue.
NO 523 C33 acres, in Rntlcrcounty Kansas, being
sec ti, town 21, Range 8 cast. A good Stock
farm lcc 3 per aero
Wc have a largo number of pieces or lands
in tracts of from one to twenty acres, adjoin
ing the city of Wichita, suitable for suburban
The countic3,of Sedgwick, Sumner, Cowley ami Butler comprise an area of the host ngricultnral lam! wcat of thu
Mississippi valley. The Arkansas river runs diagonally through the counties named, forming of itself an extcnsiv.i
valley ranging from seven to twelve milc3 in width. Other streams of less magnitude, such as thc Little Arkansas
.Ncncscah, Walnut and Whitewater rivers, Slate, BlttlT, Spring, Gypsum, Chisholm and Cowskin creeks, diversify tl.o
countrvwith fertile valleys. The soil of the valley and uplands it a rich sandy loam, several feet in depth. Vegeta
tion of'all kinds is unsurpassed. Climate temperate, equable and healthy. Thousands of acics of I.tnd arc open to
settlement under thc pre-emption laws for thc sale ofthc Osage Indian lands, which arc unsurpassed in fertility in an r
section ofthc state, ami in no other part can cheap homes be purchased Avith all the advantages of good soil, d'rnat 3
and water. Our people arc enterprising, and made up ofthc go-ahead and best classes from tho cast, ami in joint cf
culture and socictv, are equal to any ofthc older communities of other states.
ita noAV with a population of 4,500 inhabitants, anil proper'v called thc Queen City of thc West, presents almost tmi
qnaled inducements for money investments to all business terpriscs, and more especially to manufactories.
NO. 1C0 South half of southeast quarter of
section 35, township 2'J, range 1 cast,
and the north half of thc northeast
quarter of scction2, township27,rangc
1 cat ; containing ICO acres, ' and wa
tered by a stream of living water; 4J
miles northeast of Wichita. Pricc.1200.
N0.4C1 South half of the northeast qitarlcl
of section 31, township 27 range 1 ca-t.
containing 0 acres; 2 miles southeast
of Wichita, bottom land. Price 1500.
NO. 1G3 Northeast quarterof section 2, town
ship 23, range 1 east, 1G0 acres ; water
ed by Gypsum creek, 15 acres of tim
ber. 4 miles southeast ol Wichita.
Price 2000.
NO. 4CI Eat hall ofsoutlienst quarter ol sec
tion 5. township 27, range 1 east; SO
acres, nno half mile north of Wichita.
A splendid location. Price 1500.
NO. 492 Southwest quarter ol section 25,
township 27, range 1 east ; second bot
tom; commands good view of town
and valley; 2 miles southeast oftown;
claim improvements. Price S1S00.
NO 0U0 2 to acres, being the northeast quarter and
north kill of southeast quarter or seo II,
town'."?, range 2 east; nine miles east of
Wichita; lias Gi acres in cultivation,
frame house 102tt Hi story, two rooms
plastered with a good cellar, watered by
Four M lie creek, good wcil and good
spring; 1'ottofflce within 1,, mile orfarm.
l'riccS-'.MO. 81,500 cash anil b.d. on time.
NO. 501 Northwest quarter or section IS,
township 27. range 2 cast ; 4$ miles
northeast or Wichita. Price 1200.
NO. 51C 1C0 acres; tho southwest quarterof
section 33, township 2d, range I east,
3 miles north of Wichita ; has 70 acres
in cultivation, all good bottom land,
good house and well of water. Price
NO 530 Northwest i of sec ID, town 20, range 3
erst. Considerable improvements.
ITicc 1,200
ita. l'rice i:0O
NO 533 100 acres: nw U of sec iK, town 20. range
2 cast; 10 miles ne of Wichita. Price SCO
NO 531 ICO acres, being the north Jior sw-iT of
scc32andeast;jorse,'4 or seo 31, town
2rf, range 1 east, has CS acres in cultiva
tion, 1.2S frame house, good well with IS
ii ui rer, iiimiesEcoi M lcliitu; .nmes
north oflll Paso. Price 15C0, two-thirds
cash and Lalancc ou one yejr'3 time
NO 552 Northwest U sec 23, town 20, range 2 w
20 acres under cultivation : ten mlleanorth
east of Wichita, l'rice 7JD
NO 302 Sec 15 town, range 3 east, containing
CM acres, has SO acres in eultivaton, W)
acres in wheat, S acres rye; 5 room frame
house nnflnished Hi story, good basement
mnes ot tunlier. l'rice is per acre, can
be had forpart cash and bal. on time.
N05G3 Sonti.cavtquartcrscc29, town 27, range
3 east; a good piece of land, has Ihing
water. l'rice S10 per acre.
NO 504 Northwest quarter seo 2 1 . town 23, 1 west
4p acres in cultivation, I'ine house llx2S
w .iii-i, (ji.Mmiea&ouuiwectoi ICil-
Price $1,300
NO 507 Northwest quarter section 21, town
29, range 1 nt' , has 25 acres muter
cultivation ; 6g houses, 1 IxlC, each ;
good well of wv.cr; 2 miles or Ohio
Center. A bargain. Price, $C50
NO 571 Northwest quar of sec 20. town 27,
range 1 west; watered by Cowskin
Creek; somo improvements.
Price, 1,000
NO 573 Southeast quar of sec 2S, town 27,
range2cat; lias 40 acres under cul
tivation; 1 mile of hedge planted;
good orchard ; GJ miles of Wichita.
Price, 1,100 ; part cash and part on time
NO 571 Northeast quar or sec 0, town 30;
range 1 wct ; IS miles south of AVicli
ita; 2 miles or Bowling Green; has(S
acres of hardwood timber ; 50 acre
under cultivation; log house; good
stable; watered by the NInnescah
river. Piice, 10 per acre
NO 5, i East half ol sec IS, town 25, range 3
east, in Butler co., containing" SOO
acres ; watered by AVild Cat creek
3 miles from Clarion P. O. ; 17 miles
northeast ot AViebita.
Price, 4.2S per acre
570 Sec 17, town 21, range 4 cast in But
ler co. Price, 3.50, cash, per acre
NO 5S0 Sec 8, town 25, range -1 cast ir. Butler
co. Price, 3.50 per acre, csh
NO 581 Sec 22, town 23, range 3 east in But
ler co. The abovo section i all good
and cheap at 3.50 per acre, cash.
NO 5S2 South half of sec IS, town 2S, range 1
west; 320 acres; 10 acres timber;
watcrctl by Dry creek ; 9 miles south
west ol town. Price, 1,500
N0 5S3 Easthalfor southeast of sec 33. aud
west half or southwest of sec 3J, and
northwest of southeast and northeast
01 southwest of sec 33, town 28, range
2 cast, containing 210 acres, 2 miles
east of El Paso, and all good land.
Price, 0 per acre
NO. 505 Northwest 4, section 10, township
27, range 3 cast, on Butler county
line, 10 miles cast of AViebita. Price
NO. 50S nat halfof southeast quarter sec
tion 11, township 2S, range 1 west
SO acres. Price 400.
NO. 500 Northeast quarter of section C
town 20. range 1 west ; 25 acres in
Trice $11C0.
601 West halt ot section 20, township
25,. range 1 cast; 51 miles south ot
IV ichita. Some improvements and :i
splendid piece oriand. 320 acres lor
51000, part cash and balance on time.
NO. 50I-S0 acre. V"ct half or thc North
west quarter of section 22, town nip
20, range 1 east; O miles north ot
Wichita anil a splendid pieeo or sec
ond bo. torn land. Price $525.
NO.;.-.f)2 120 acres iu sections I and 5, town
Ship 20, range 2 cast ; ha 5 acre of
timber. C.1 acres under cultivation:
14x28 log house with S rooms good
cellar, well or water and watered by
Spring Creek. Hopgc iu good condi
tion around entire piece; also, a tinu
orchard ol cherry, plum and pear
trees in good growing condition. 2
miles ol LI Paso. Price S2W0.
NO. 001 133 acres, being .Northeast quarter
of section 11 township 2tf, range 1
cast. 10 acres timber, to acres in cul
tivation, a good well. 35 acre under
rail fcnce,30applo trees. Three sides
of Tarm under hedge, and watered by
tho Arkana river. Situated 12 mile
.'south or AYiehita and ono mile catof
.El Paso. Price 1500.
NO. COS Northeast quarter of scefk-n 27,
township 20, rnnsc 2 west ; 12 inlic
northwest of AViebita. Has 50 acre
under cultivation and watered bv tiio
Cowskin. Fncc 1d0.
NO. 004 Southwest quarter of section 2J
township27, range 2 east ; eight nnlo
east or AViebita. 23 acre tinder viilu
vaiton, frame house 14x20 li storlc
living stream and good weil of wtcr,
200 apple, 100 peach and a large num
ber of soft maple, pear and ch ny
trees all-in good condition.
Price, II sold soon, 51I-',0.
NO. COG North half ol ;Norlhwest quarterof
section 12, and south halfof the south
west quarter or sec I, township 05,
range 3 west, adjoining thc town ot
Caldwell, in Sumner county. AVatr
ed by Fall creek, and a good bartnn
Price $. a
NO. COS Southwest quar. of section 4, tov n
fhip 20, range 1 cast; 10 miles cast, ut
-AViebita. All tinder cultivation. Mr'.
10 framo house with shed kiti-hcn, 2
acrcs ot timber; Price 1500.
NO. CIO 210 seres iu section C3, township so,
rangc2east,60 acres in cultlvat.on. 2
frame houses witli good cellars, living
living stock water,! acres ofibrst
tcees, 500 peach, 50 apple trees, CO
diilerent varieties ot small fruit, li
miles era schdolihouse.
Prices:.. .7.
NO CIS Northeast i sec. 2C, town 2(1, r r, ; 2
cast. 12 miles northeostof Wicl;u.
Price 750.
NOG17 Northeast J sec. 4. town 20, r-nioS
west, containing 222 acres, 00 acre
undor cultivation, 25 in wheat, framo
dwelling 10x22, good corral, w.n I
mill, stable, grancry and other improvements-.
11 mite from Sedjwitk
City, 21 miles from Wichita. Wfllt !.c
a team In trade. Price IS0O
-South wostl. see 4, town 20, r..n. ,".
west. 21 acres in cultivation. Price .
NO 610 Northwest 4; see 1 town 27. rap e 1
east. 2J milts north or Wiehita, small
house and 25 acres Ir. cultiration.
Price 3,000.
NO 020 110 acres in seo 3 and 10, town ,
range t cat. Firo mlltH south
AvtchHa anil watered by Hie ArU.
sasljiver. Price SOO.
NOJ124 SO acres, north halt or nw i st ,,
town 2(?, range 1 east, good house lh
2l,lisfory. bighpla-icred.guoilsi rlc
16x20, 25 acres in cultivation,!."! .
whsat.3 miles north ol tewn. p.iec
NO (35 Northw.t sea 2. town 30, n '. . i
wct, improved, pfico COO.
NO C26 Southwest 5 too 9. (own 20, r
west, splendid pleee of laud. Pr,
620. Also the scjscc 11, town 2
range 1 west. 10 aeres broktf. Pr;L" f.
NO 027 Southwest I sec 2, town 25, ranc
cast, has 35 acre in cultivation, 5 '
dwelling 14x13 with ell 12x12 pla,tT re '
cellarful! sizo of house, good w. 1
water, 2'J peach trees m good rn
dttion. Prico 1,200.
NO 623 Nortueas i sec 27, town 27, ran,-e 1
east, unimproved, seven miles east 1
AV ichita. Price 750.
NO C30 Lots 5, C and 7, in tcoC, and
sec 7, town S, range 3 east. 1
I itt 1 .
'rici- 5o.
NO C32 A bargain- Southeast ; sec 2, tow..
23, rangn least. i miles southeast tl
town. PncaS50
NO 033320 acres, east J sec J
2 east. Price 1,400.
, town 23, ran,;'
NO 034 Northwest! sec 2, town 20, rai"
west. Price fltf).
NO 635 Soiithwct J sec 35, town 18, ran ',
west. PriecOOO.
NO CSC East -.swi sec 35, town 27, ran?-c 1
west. SO acres. - l'rice 350.
NO C37 Northwest J scc2, town 28, rare 2
west, l'rice COO.
NO SOS Southcasti scc21, town 20, range 2
cast. Price 550.
NO C33 Southeast J see. s; town 2C, range S
west. Price COO.
NO C40 Southeast J sec S, town 3, range I
cast. Prico 1000.
NO C41 South'.i nc J sec 11, town 2S, 2 west.
Price 351.
Thc young and growing citv ofViul -
-tff. J$r- 1.
T, . .

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