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Office of Observation, Signal Service, U. S. A.
Podge City, Kansas, August 13, lb7G
For week ending August 14. 1b7i.
Mean weekly Karomettr 29.5r.lin.
Tiermnnietcr 75.6 deg.
" Humldilj W.O percent.
lIlchestBiiroracter".-.K!9in. at li:0i a. m.7.
lowest " aa.131 in. at 3:04 p. m. 9.
Itange of " 0.67S in.
Higliest Temperature 95 deg. on the 8.
Ixwe.t " 53 deg. on the lOtu, Jl)h.
lUngeor " 42 deg.
Prevailing wind uthcast.
Velocity Utiring week 2,319 miles
Maximum velocity 3G miles at 12:13p.ra.on the 12
Itain-rall during week, 0.00 inches.
Xo. clear and lair days C
Xo. cloudy days 0
No. days rain lull 1 ., , ....
Wind norm on the Mb, 1Kb, 10, 11th and 12th.
Klcctricily on the Ctb, 9th and 10th.
Mirage onttlic 5th.
Shooting stars and meteors on the 10th una nth.
Heavy logon the 10th nnd 11th.
Jerouc J. WmxiiKitfi.
Sergeant Signal Service U.S.A.. in charge.
The Public School and School House Question.
Circumstances lorced upon our attention,
last wcekx soine of the needs ol the Wichita
public school and the embarrassments under
which the board of education are laboring.
Something ol each we laid before our readers.
A day or two following teveral gentlemen
ol tho board invited U9 to a conference, hav
ing under advisement the perplexing prob
lem ol "what to do." Tho question was
then, and still remains, unanswered. Until
made fully cognizant of the matters which
weio developed in the conversation alluded
to, we entertained no proper estimate of the
almost unsurmountablo difficulties that aro
and have been staring the board in the face.
The average parent is as much in the dark, no
doubt, as we have been, therefore this second
article. Succinctlj-and briefly then, wo set
forth a few existing facts together with a
proposition that seems the wisest and most
feasible with which to surmount the diffi
culties. Nearly two hundred scholars more aro re
ported this year than last, with one rom less
In which to crowd them. The total number
of children desiring school privileges this fall
and winter iu Wichita is but a lew short of
one thousand. Last year the board was com
pelled to pay, Iu way of rents, for poorly
lighted and illy ventilated small rooms the
urn of f S00. This year not one cent less will
secure the additional necessary rooms, if in
deed they can be had at any price. This
rent for extra rooms, then, would be a griev
ous burthen In and ol itself. Hcsidcs, the
rooms would be scattered, inconvenient, ex
posed to and annoyed by too great publicity.
To build up any nore additions to tho pres
ent frame building would prove dangerous
and unwise, a lact conceded by all. The rents
paid for tho use of two or three shells of
houses would have purchased both houses
and lots outright. The amounts paid for rent
would be considerable more than necessary
to meet the interest on bonds in an amount
sufficient to build rooms or buildings com
mensurate to the demands of the largely in
creased number of scholars. Again : any ef
fort to rent is but a present make-shilt and
will relieve the cities' wants but for a short
time. And still lurther : tho bonds of the
"Wichita city school district are worth dollar
for dollar, at least the outstanding bonds can
only be purchased at a round premium.
Tutting all these facts together, tho board
concluded, and wisely wo have no doubt,
that the only thing left for them to do in the
premises was to build, or, iu disgrace to
themselves and the city, close its public
As to the matter of building, but two em
barrassments confronted them, viz : time and
money. That the building should be a plain
large and cheap one, in accordance with the
Eagle's suggestion of last week, such an
ono as could be disposed of or used lor other
purposes in future was fully agreed upon, a
building that would be warm, solid and com
fortable, containing all the extra room that
would be desired for several years, still a
building without such ornamentation and
architectural outlines as cost only money
and adds nothing to utility. To think of
building a permanent city school building,
such as would meet the future requirement
and future pride and possibilities of the city
of Wichita was a proposition that could not
be entertained. From figures in the posses
sion of the committee it was very evident
that for the sum of f 5,000 or 50,000 a build
ing containing four large school rooms two
above and two below with necessary halls
and vestibules could be built. The interest
upon such au amount of bonds would be only
about one-half or what would have to
to be paid for the rent of poor, shabby rooms.
Upon the other hand, tho proposition sought
be submitted by the board would furnish
for a scries of years a building, though plain in
materials and proportions, yet roomy and
As to the question of time, if the board
will submit their proposition to a special
election and then if every uwn and woman
who is interested in having their children
properly schooled will go to work, the bonds
can be voted, negotiated and the building up
and our children into it by the middle of Oc
tober or first day of November. -
Unpalatable as some of these statements
may prove, they arc, nevertheless", plain, un
varnished facts, and the quicker we meet and
dispose of them, liku plucky and enterpris
ing men nnd women, the sooner our con
sciences ,will bo at rest, and the sooner will
we have erased what would soon become a
stigma upon the name of our fair young city.
Key. J. C. Tost camo down from Hutchin
son yesterday.
George Y. Smith arrived in the city yes
terday morning.
Apples by the wagon load are being offered
on the street market.
The city will take in tho town on the east
side of the railroad next week.
The place for voting, in Illinois township,;!
at school district No. 81 instead ol No. 01.
II. M. Demmlng is going to move the Em
pire House to the corner of Emporia and
Douglas avenue.
G. F. Ilargis, ol the Wichita City Elevator
and Mills, left for the cast last Monday and
will be absent several days.
Announcements aro now in order as will be
seen under the proper bead. The fall cam
paign is opened in this county.
Captain Mahanahan came up from the trail
a few day since, thoroughly sunburned, but
in the enjoymant of superb spirits.
Tho Methodist Church will hold a festival
soon probably a lawn affair which it is pro
posed to make a very pleasant one
Mr. George Itoss was surprised by his
friends the other ovening, who took posses
sion of his bouse in honor of his birth day.
Mrs. Samuel U. Pate left in our office a
etocV of Dutch millet that for size rivals a
sugar cane, and tho head of which is as large
as an ordinary oar of corn.
From our cotemporary wo learn that x
Mayor Harris saved tho life of a little boy
named Tucker last Tuesday who had got m
. to water beyond his depth.
A. Wostlakc is about ready with his corn
Midlers in his elevator to commence opera
tions. When he gets agoing ho will be pre
pared to take all the corn in Sedgwick county.
Couch & Gclcy, who have jut got in their
ninth car load of large horses and mules for
this market, have now thirty-five head for
sale, at the Valley Stables, so says their last
"Who marked that sunset last Saturday
evening? It was gorgoously beautiful be
yond powers of brush or pen, yet wera we
not compelled to go alter steak for supper we
should try it a whack.
C. T. K. rrenticc, agent and correspon
dent of the Kansas City Journal of Commerce,
that honest and honorable Republican paper
so largely read in this portion of tho State,
was in town yesterday.
Tho star exhibition, or meteor show, ad
vertised by the astronomers to take place last
Thursday night, like other rapidly traveling
allied and combined concerns, proved a bum
bug. Not a single hair of the tall ol the
Great Bear even wiggled. The startling
wonders of that November night f 1833
failed to come to time. Wo shall never get
any thing for our puff.
The City of Wichita Financially ,and Its Pres
ent Administration.
No editorial labor is so genial as that of ten
dering deserved commendation, especially of
acknowledging worthiness upon tuo pari oi
public officers. A week since In looking over
Uie affairs of the county as controlled by the
Board or County Commissioners, wo found
much worthy of praise and laudation. Wc
found officers not only trying to do their du
ty, but succeeding, which was better. A spare
hour with the affairs of the present adminis
tration ol our city proved equally satisfac
tory. Everything appeared fair and honest
and much that was particularly encouraging.
At the time our present Mayor, James a.
Hope, took charge of the city affairs, in con
junction with the present Board of Council
men, the city had a total indebtedness of two
thousand, nine hundred and twelve dollars
hanging over It, with several street improve
ments to finish, the expenses incident to the
cattle trade to be met, and the ordinary city
government to be carried on. To-day the
city is not only clear of all debt of whatever
character, the expenses of the cattle business
met and settled, but on the first of tho month
there was over one thousand dollars in the
treasury. And this is hardly the best of it.
Mr. Hope is satislied that by the same rigid
economy and care, and the same amount of
forecast there will be no need of making any
levy of city taxes whatever for this year. In
accomplishing this, no paramount interest has
been neglected. The police force has been
adequate for all emergencies, and over eight
hundred dollars paid out iu the cattle busi
ness. With our scrip worth its faco, with all
needed improvements kept up and no taxes
to pay, whether the officers be Democrats
or Republicans, honor and commendation for
responsible duties conscientiously met and
performed shall not go unheralded by us, and
wc take pleasure in calling the attcntiou of
the people to tho facts herein setforth.
A very arbitrary circular was issued by the
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fc railroad, to
shippers and freighters, under date of Au.
gust 7th, which provides that all cars must be
loaded up to 23,000 pounds, and not over 21,
000. The railroad reserves the right to scud
any or all of its own cars loaded with bulk
gram to elevators at Kansas City or Atchison,
where It will bo transferred at the expense of
the shippers, to the cars of the other roads.
Wc cannot see the justico of that, nor any ex
cuse, unless tho road is so short of cars that
it cannot do otherwise, and then it should
load only foreign cars for their respective
reads. Another requirement of the circular
will work a hardship to small dealers and to
farmers who may want to ship their own
grain, and it is this that preference must be
given to those having elevators or warehouses
and that cars will only be supplied which aro
to be loaded for tho next regularly out-going
train. One cent per bushel is charged for
transferring grain through au elevator and
two cents per bushel, with storage free, for
shelling, cleaning and weighing corn. Wo
suppose there have been abuses upon both
sides, but a great corporation like the Atchi
son, Topeka & Santa Fe railroad should at
least favor the farmer, in reaching the main
markets direct, should favor them to the ex
clusion ol even elevators and grain dealers.
We may not lully understand the full pur
pose of the circular, but wc well understand
that it is to the road's host interest to encour
age the small grain raisers of this valley to its
utmost, as elevators and grain buyers will
take care of theniselres.
Henry Shuman, that kind hearted farmer
friend whose neat place on Chlsholm is an
eye sore to all slovenly tillers, and who never
fails iu a semi-annual ollcring to his favorite
paper, came up yesterday with a basket of
the largest, juciest and ripest Kittatiny black
berries all garnished with fresh green leaves
that ever grew anywhere. They would have
mado even a West Jersey farmer turn red
with envy. Mr S. says they havo been bear
ing heavily and in great abundance for six
weeks and still tho vines are full ol green ber
ries. Iu the sauio basket were a lot of green
gauge tomatoes, if anybody knows what.they
arc like we never saw any before. In thank
ing Mr. and Mrs. S. for their good wishes so
delicately expressed, wo must say that one
great need of our people is small fruit. In a
year or two more indications arc that wo will
have apples, peaches, plums and cherries in
abundance, but the show for berries and
small fruits is not so encouraging. Strawber
ries, then raspberries, then blackberries, how
splendid ,aud wholesome they aro, and how
deliciously and closely they follow each other
when cultivated. This paying restaurants
forty or fifty cents a box for them is ridicu
lous when they grow so prolific In our home
soil. Let our larmer wives and daughters stir
up this 'berry question.
Wichita boasts as many superior workmen
and artistic mechanics as any city, large or
small, In tho State. To excel is the spirit
that seems to underlie her every production
and enterprise.howeversmallorgreat. These
out-croppings are what so universally and
quickly attract the attention of stram-ers.
Moscr's wagons, for instance, have a valley
wide reputation. Bordcau & Carter, of the
Champion paint shop, turned out one of his
wagons this week, tho painting and orna
mentation of which will be noticed wherever
its wheels may roll it. Not only is the orna
mentation attractive, but upon either side
and in front of the box ara very pretty paint
ings. The front is a marine scene with light
house. Upon ono side is a steam tug, of the
screw-propeller paltcrn,making for tho oiling.
Upon tho other is a beautiful yacht, under
full sail, and flying-from its main-mast is a
pennant bearing the name of the editor of the
Eagle. The farmer or frcightor who gets
that wagon will meet with no accidents wo
warrant. With other citizens wo aro proud
of tho work of our Wichita mechanics.
The largest, most brilliant and probably
the most successful party that ever whiled
away tho hours of a summer evening in
Wichita, assembled at the residence of J. E.
Caldwell last Friday night. The affair, which
was purely impromptu, was gotten up and
engineered by some twenty-five young ladies
who represented a majority ol the best homes
of the city. At the splendidly illuminated
lawn and croquet grounds an equal or greater
number of previously invited young men
made an early appearance, when, with lively
repartee, bright music, jest and song, that
corner of tho town was made to distinctly re
sound. An abundance of delicate refresh
ments disposod of and a moonlight home
stroll by pairs, and, at midnight, all except
tho bright dreams of fair maidens, was as
though nothing had been. As to the delicate
note of compliment accompanying the pretty
bouquet and rich abundance ol cake.designcd
for and tailing into the hands of ye Junior,
our silence shall be their loudest praise.
The Kansas City Exposition, which is ad
vertised elsewhere in the Eagle, for Sep
tember 18th to tho 23d inclusive, will eclipse
all others ever attempted by that high-pres-suro,
lightning-express city. For both vis
itors and exhibitors the attractions will bo
greater, as tho premium list is full of new and
pleasant features, and the amount of award
money reaches OTcr twenty thousand dollars.
There will be a big shooting tournament, a
bigger dog show and the biggest baby show,
with running and trotting races every day.
When money Is not given, gold and silvor
medals will be awarded. Tho racing premi
ums aggregate over five thousand dollars.
The railroads aro to make liberal reductions.
Mike Meagher, our City Marshal, trigged
out in his elaborately beaded and ornamented
scout's buckskin suit, would be tho envy of
Jumping-Squaw, Sitting-Short-Horn, tho Calf-witb-no-tail
and all the other leading chiefs of
the Black Hills, should they catch a sight of
his fantastic rig. Dave Lcwers, interpreter
of the Kiowa and Comanche tribes of "Indians
at Fort Sill, who was on hi way to his home
in St. Joseph, brought up this fantastic suit
and presented it to our City Marshal as a
tribute to his bravery and coolness. The
outside seams of the leggins are fringed with
the long, black top-knots of several defunct
red men.
Old Dick Farmer went swaggering up
street last Sunday with a shot gun on his
shoulder. When he was stopped by the City
Attorney and asked what was tho matter ho
answered immediately that he had just shot a
Texan over the river, and said it there was
any chanco he would like to ro-Ioad with
heavier shot and giro himscll up.
Mr. Stanloy, an attorney from Wichita, came
over last week and took poscssioh of the books
and paper of the old Butler County Bank.
Alvin Gossard has left tho Stale. Further
than this we have no news regarding this la
mentable affair. Eldorado Timet,
State University.
!HIV7HHrwFB'' E3e-i
The above is a true picture of-the Kansas
State University, located at Lawrence, Kan
sas. The fall session commences Sept. Gil).
Lawrence as to moral, refinement and cul
ture is a city surpassed by none in Kansas.
The University ,under the control of its scho
lastic President-, J. Marvin, a gentleman than
whom In generous manhood and princely men
tal attainments few can be found cqual,nonc to
excel, is ranking high as a university in the
true sense. Those desiring full Information
should send lor a catalogue. We never insert
cuts in our advertising columns, but as a com
pliment to the school and to give our readers
an idea ol tho splendid structure built by the
city of Lawrence, principally, wc insert it
here. An advertisement of the institution
will be found elsewhere.
Notice is hereby given that there will be a
mass meeting of the Republicans of Wichita
township, at tho brick school house, on Sat
urday, August 19, 1870, at one o'clock p. m.,
to electa Republican township contral com
mittee. Major Hood has probably led all other deal
ers in this market in the magnitude and suc
cessful cattle operations this season. His sales
of through eattle havo reached eleven thou
sand three hundred two thousand of which
were purchased by Major Denman last week.
The prices realized by Major II. have- been
entirely satisfactory.
Jacob Heil, manufacturer ol cigars and
dealer in chewing and smoking tobacco of the
"best brands, as also in snuff, pipes and all
else that pertain, to tho consumption of the
weed, who lately opened up on Main street,
just north of the post office, comes before our
readers this week iu au advertisement. Mr.
Heil had gained a State-wide reputation be
fore he came here for tho excellent quality of
his cigars, and we havo no doubt will keep
up his reputation in this livo town.
Captain Tarlton left last Monday for a short
trip to Louisville, Kentucky, his old home.
We made no inquiries, but suspect more lino
thoroughbred horses is tho trouble. His
stable is the point now around which the
longings of good judges ol finely bred horse
linger. Captain T. said that he intended to
get us a half dozen of regular old up and
down,square,Kentucky Democratic subscrib
ers, just that they might see how mean a
Kansas Republican can write any how. Wo
fear tho result will be that his old frltnds will
not only forswear their allegiance to hard
soft Tilden, but leave old "Kaintuck" for a
home in tho Arkansas Valley. The Eagi.k is
"bad medicine" for eastern people, unles3
they arc extremely well situated.
Tho attention of our readers is called to the
advertisement of Messrs. Mcllardy & Co.,
who will oiler an unusually fine herd of Short
Horn cattlo at public sale on the fair grounds,
at Topeka, Kansas, September 0th. It is a
fact long sinco demonstrated beyond dispute,
that the grading up of our common stock is
absolutely necessary for profit. In the mar
kets of the country there is always a sale for
good stock, while inferior ard scrubby cattlo
arc sold at a loS3. Let our farmer give this
subject their attention, as we lully believe it
will pay them.
Two companies of the U. S. Infantry en
camped here last Friday. They were from Ft.
Reno, to which post they had been scut but a
few months ago, and were en route tor the
Black Hills, via the Yellow Stone route. A
large number of the members were old veter
ans, and, of course, employed the day hero in
getting glorious. Sitting Bull as well as all the
miner chicls were duly captured and scalped
before tattoo that evening, at which time sev
eral blue coats found their hair intact, but
themselves on the wrong side oi tho strong
bars of the vile Wichita cooler. A fow dol
lars in addition to those already expended for
fire-water, made all things square with the
city and by next morning every brass button
had vanished.
John Camnbcll. whilom ink sltnsrist, later
manipulator of dry goods in the great Neosho
Valley, accompanied by his wife, is paying
our city a visit. As an earnest of how bright
lv he keeps the lenses of his peepers, he de
clares that Wichita stands unrivaled.
Mr. John Exton returned from the Cen
tennial last Sunday night, accompanied by
his wife, both well and both having becu de
lighted with tho trip. Business cut short his
sight-seeing a week or two, but as he didn't
lorget to bring back four subscriptions for
the Eagle, he has our permission to go again
in tho fall.
A subscriber in Jackson, Michigan, in a
long funny letter says ho has bet a new over
coat that Kansas will give Hayes eight thou
sand majority, and asks our opinion. We
have no desire to encourage betting, but our
readers can take all tho overcoats offered at
three times eight thousand.
Notice Is hereby given that tho voting pre
cinct of Grant township Is changed from the
Hoss school house to tho Wright school house.
By order or G. K. Aykes, Trustee.
M. E. Goodell, Justice.
The camp meeting at Cowskin grove closed
last Sabbath evening after a season of refresh
ing under very happy circumstances. A largo
number experienced religion and joinod the
church, old members wcro renewed in
strength and the ministers encouraged. So
wo loam from Rev. J. F. Nessly.
Councilman Kimpinsky started yesterday
morning via Nebraska City and Omaha for tho
cast. He will be gone two or three weeks
visiting the World's Exposition and taking a
respite generally from the fatigues and ardu
ous labors ol his ever increasing business.
Mayor Hope took tho balance left over ol
the monoy raised for Uncle Dick's funeral ex
penses, and had a square little monument cut
out bearing tho simple inscription, "Uncle
Dick, died Juno 21, 1S70." A kind thought
well carried out.
A very alllicting mortality has lallen upon the
canary birds of tho town, and many arc the
lamentations over the sudden demise of sweet
Some particular friend who must appre
ciate the needs of an editor's table, and who
signs himself "Auothor Granger," loft iu our
office an armful of green corn, attached to
which was a note asking us to beat it in qual
ity ir wc dared. "Another Granger" is as
sured that it was delicious, rich, tender and
hesbould keep some ol tho soed by all moans.
McMillcu led us into his furniture establish
ment the other day to note a set of parlor
furniture, of gray hair-cloth, and of very
unique but fashionable design, which ho
wished to sell us cheap. It was very nice,
but impecuniosity was too much for our
pride. Whoever gels that set will get a very
nice outfit.
A lamentable accident occurred just cast of
tne city this, Wednesday, morning. A boy
belonging to an emigrant train, In attempt
ing to pull a shot gun lrora ono of the wagons,
discharged tho same into his left breast be
tween the breast and shoulder. He was liv
ing two hours after the accident.
Ancui.tSd.bv Rev. J. F. Nessly. Samuel
H. Haldennan and Miss Ida Smith, all of
Sedgwick county, Kansas.
A Good Bargain.
A piano a fino toned instrument, for sale
or trade. For particulars inquire of W. L.
Johnson at the Valley House. 20-3t
Ask Mr. Brinley and Mr. McCormick on the
west side ol tho river how they like their
crops. Put in with the Roller drill 6 to 7
bushels more to the acre than their neighbors.
Smyth & Sons havo this drill for sale. 20-tf
Vinegar Factory.
Kull & Gcrber No. 77, Douglas Avcune,
Wichita.Kansas, would rcspectlully announce
to the people of Wichita and vicinity that they
arc manufacturing a pure strong vinegar, (re
of all acids other than that developed by the
product itself, which they will sell at reason
able prices, and hope to receive a liberal pat,
ronage lrom the public, 2Wt
Uncalled for August 17, 1S7C.
BeurerMissL, Burdick Mrs A
Brown-Miss C Cox Mrs M U
Uaydcn. Miss J Hodsrm, Mrs E W
Johnston Miss E McAllister Miss V
Moore Miss L Mitchell Mrs M
Robertson Mrs M Starnes Miss S
Schicndt Tlss A Tracy Mrs K
Tracy Mrs L Watmley Mrs C
Wilson. Miss F
Bouth U
Becker x (2)
Barfield J
Bowers D V
Canada L
Curd J V
DerthickJ S
Dewitt E L (2)
Edwards M C
Flatt J W
Graham M P
Gregg W
Hobson Dr
Huse J R & Co
Untchins II J
Hollis F
Holfoweli A II
Johnson J F
Kooglcr W A
Kindle J
Kellogg H
Lawson T
Lightburn J F
Mitchell W W
McMooncy T
McConal I G W
Martin D T
Pickens O
Peck J M
Pattcnt J
Robertson W C
Spencer R
Scott E N C
Staley 11 F
Simpson G
Stout E
Wikert & Co
Wills S F
Baugness R G
Beach J C
Bangs F
Coons W
Carr J A
Cawthorn J H P
Dodgo II R
Earnest W II (SI D)
Finn J W
GodleyJE (21
Guard F
Holcsmb W O
Hathcld T J
Hobcrt J
Holbrook G E
Hudson C (care Henry
Hendersou A R
J union J
Kinkade J
Kingsland J L
Keohlin F
LaFctra M H
Matson W (2)
Moore S A
McGinty E H (2)
Marshall F B
Pcarcy O F
Popp J,
Pierce C
Rlchey M
Shannon L J
Spencer M
Stalcv II
Stam'birdD E
Stout F
Ask Tor advertised letters.
M. M. MuitDOCK, Postmaster.
Hats made as good as new at 32 Main street.
Call and sec., 20-tf
Buy no drill until you havo seen and ex
amined the celebrated Roller drill. Smyth A
Sons keep them ror sale. 20-tf
For good board and clean beds call at the
Chicago Restaurant, on Douglas Avenue.
Three kinds of drills for sale by Smyth &,
Sous 75 Douglas Avenue, 20-tf
Team for Sale.
Two horses, buggy and harness for sale by
W. F. Green. 20-lt
Notice Extraordinary.
All parties knowing themselves indebted
to Smith & Pittenger will please call and set
tle before the 1st day of September or their
accounts will be placed iu tho hanus of a jus
tice of the peace for settlement.
20-lt SMIT1I.& PlTTENGElt.
For anything you need iu the agricultural
line, call atSmvth ASons 75 Douglas Avenue.
A full line of notions, hosiery etc., at Mrs.
Kramer's Bazaar. 20-2t
Gang, sulky and stirring plows ror sale by
Smvth & Sons. 2C-tr
For plain and fancy card board, embroidery
silk, Railroad, French and Java canvas slip
per patterns, hair and Jute switches, Friz
tttcs, and every thing needed for ladies orna
mental and fancy work, goto Mrs. Kramer's
Bazaar. 20-2t
Enquire of Judgo Lauck how ho likes the
Roller drill. Six bushel more of wheat to the
acre than his neighbors. For sale by siuyth
A. Sons. 20-tf
New goods at tho Dollar Store, also big lot
fancy stationery. 20-lt
Why don't you go to the Dollar store and
see what they keep. 20-lt
Zephyrs of all shades. The largest stock
in the city just received at Mrs. Kramer's Ba
zaar. 20-2t
Dr. J. Hill, tho celebrated specialist, from
Cincinnati, Ohio, will visit Wichita Monday,
August 21st and remain one week only. He
will stop at the Wichita House. Examina
tion and consultation frco of charge. Spe
cial attention paid to all classes of chronic
diseases. Give the Doctor a call, as it costs
you nothing for his opinion. 20-lt
Milch Cows.
I havo fifteen fresh milch cows, three two-year-old
heilers, one yearling hcilcr and one
full-blooded Durham bull which 1 want to sell
Immediately. 31. It. Clakk,
Residence north side ol town.
Wichita, Kans., Aug. 1, 1S7C. lS-tf
Attention Farmers !
1 have just built a Grain Warehouse at
Valley Center, and am now prepared to pay
the highest cash price for all kinds of grain.
Farmers will do well by calling before selling
Dickey's fan mills, at new implement store,
by J. R. Van Zandt, opposite post office,
Farmers Take Notice !
The undersigned are prepared to buy your
grain or ship it to any market you may desig
nate, and advance three-fourths the cash val
ue on shipment, for reasonable commission.
Wo havo just finished putting up one of
Howe's Improved grain scales, witlrwhich wc
have a United States Government Tostcr.that
they may be tested at any moment to know if
they are correct. These scales will ho in the
exclusive charge of a sworn wcighman.whoso
duty it shall be to weigh all grain honestly
and correctly without favor to cither buyer or
Hoping to receive a liberal share of your
patronage, wo arc rcspectlully yours,
Smith & Pittexgeu.
Wichita, July 1, 1S70. 11-tf
To the Public.
I would respectfully announce to the people
of Wichita and vicinity, that I have secured
rooms with Chas. W. Hill, druggist, and that
I am prepared to do any anil all work in the
watch and jewelry line. Long experience iu
the business en 1 to feel warranted in
asserting that I can give satisfaction. Solicit
ing a share of tho patronage of the public, 1
am, very respectfully, Alex Fchmann.
Late of Warsaw, Illinois. 7-tr
Teachers and students will find it to their
advantage to call at tho post office book store
and examine the largo stocks, which havo been
selected with special reference to the wants ef
schools. 33-tf
Buckwheat cakes and maple syrup. Buy
them at Wheeler's. 35-tf
Take your hides to C. M. Garrison, the old
est hide buyer in Wichita. 27-tr
You will never make a complete success in
baking biscuits until you use the White Lily
Baking Powder you can get it at Wheeler's.
Agents wanted to sell the Singer Sewing
Machine. For further information inquire of
W. Mason, general agent for the west. 3-tf
Blank books fn endless variety at Herring
ton's. 12-tf
Subscriptions taken lor all the periodicals
and all kinds ct newspapers at pnblisher's
rates at Reimers' book store. 35-tf
Pure and unadulterated sweet cider at II.
A. Wheeler's. 35-tf
There is nothing in tho grocery line that you
want but what you can buy at Wheeler's
grocery. 35-tf
Two or three harness makers wanted at
Ford's immediately. Hexhy P. Foud.
Wiufilcd, Kansas, May 3, 1870. C-tf
Latest styles or queensware at Allen t
Tucker's C2-tf
Honey in the honey comb, at H. A. Wheel
er's. 35-tr
Turn over a new leaf an go to G. H. Her
rington's and get a new ledger. 42-tr
Stages leave and arrive daily to and from all
points in the south at the Richey House.
Down, down goes the price or Coal at the
Blue Scales, SG.00 per ton on the cars.
10-tf J. A. GUAYSOX, Agent.
Editor Eagle : Please announce that I
am a candidate for tho office or Probate Judge
or Sedgwiek County. Subject to the decision
of the Republican Convention,
W. R. Kirkiatricjc.
I hereby announce royselr as candidate for
Probate Judge. Subject to the decision of tho
Republican Convention.
E. B. Jkweyt.
Emtok Eagle ; Plcasc.announcothatl am
a candidate for re-election to the office of Pro
bate Judge. Subject to the decision of the
Republican Convention. Yours,
W. O. Little.
Editok Eagle : Please announce through
your columns to the Republican electors of
Sedgwick county, that George W. Reeves
will be a candidate for re-election to tho olllco
of Cleric of the District Court, at the Novem
ber election. Subject to the decision of the
Republican Convention.
To the ioters of Sedjuick County:
I hereby announce myself as a candidate for
Representative from the 92d District. Subject
to tho decision ol the Republican Nominating
Convention. W. S. Jexkixs.
Ta the Republican Voters of the 'did District :
I am a candidate for Representative of tho
92d District, composed of the townships of
Kcchi, ichita, Grant, Lincoln, Payne, Min
neh'i and the City of Wichita. Subject to the
decision of the delegates of the above town
ships in the Republican County Convention of
Sedgwick County, Kansas, to be held on the
0th of September, 187C. Respectfully,
Yin. Baldwin.
Furst Bradley and Eagle sulky rakes and
revolving rakes, at new implement store,
Buffalo Pitts threshers and reapers, at new
implement store, opposite post office, Wichita.
C. M. Garrison makes all harnesses out of
Indiana Oak Tanned Leather, direct from
tho tannery. 17-tf
Ruin and Schuttlcr wagon", Buckcyo grain
drills, Buckeye plow sulkies, at J. R. Van
Zandt's new implement store, Wichita.
The Wabash Line.
Pullman Palace Siccp'iig Cars and Day
Coaches from Kansas City and Atchison to Ft.
Wayne and Cleveland without change, via tho
Wabash Lino. ,
Connecting at Ft. Wayne with Through
Sleepers to Philadelphia, and at Cleveland
with Through Sleepers to New York and Bos
ton, making but ono chango ol cars from the
Missouri River to the "Centennial," or New
York and Boston.
The Wabash Line is also the most comfort
able route to Indianapolis, Cincinnati and
other eastern cities.
Passengers taking this line have choice of
routes either via Quincy or St. Louis, aud can
visit all principal cities, watering places and
prominent resorts throughout the country
without extra charge.
W. L. Malcolm, J. S. Lazarus,
Gen'l Pass. Agent. Gen. West. Agt.,
10-tf St. Louis.
Completed June 10, IS7G.
Tho extension of the St. Louis, Kansas City
,t Northern Railway rrom Ferguson Station
to the St. Louis Union Depot, (eleven miles)
was completed Juno 10th. All passenger
trains now arrive and depart to and from the
Union Depot, where connections are made
with all Eastern and Southern lines. This
new extension passes through the beautiful
Forest Park; also, the most interesting and
picturesque portion of suburban St. Louis
and surrounding country.
This company has just published a beauti
fully colored engraving, entitled "A Bird,?
Eye View of St. Louis," showing the new
Union Depot, the entrance to the tunnel uu
ifcr the city, tho bridge over the Mississippi
river, and tho Relay House, East St. Louis.
For copbs of lhi3 engraving, free, address
C. K. Lord, Gen- Passenger Agent, St. Louis.
Monoy Card.
Contemplated changes in the incrcst ol our
many patrons since tho commencement ol the
year are over ruled by continued financial
disasters, iu view of which wo havo deter
mined the even tenor of our ways till other no
tice, and beg herein to adcise our numerous
friends and waiting applicants, that on demand
wo will now furnish them money, as usual, as
they may requ're, offering sat'sfaciory collat
tcrals. on Five Years' nine.
Merchandise: in conformity with tho de
clining prices of : day.
Lands at steadily enhancing prices.
Banking as in our usual Conservative cus
tom. To all of which wo respectfully invite pat
ronage and correspondence.
S-tf W. C. WooDJiAN & Son.
For Sale. One ten-horse Thresher. Cash,
time or trade. For particulars enquire orrc
tcr Watts, five miles northwest or town, west
side ol Big River. 10-tf
Notice One Four-ton Scale for sale at a
bargain. Enquire of J. T. Holmes, at the.
Avenue Book Store. 15-tf
W. S. Jenkins, late Register U. S. Land Of
fice, Wichita, Kansas Attorney at Law and
Solicitor of Claims. Office second door north
of Post Office, Wichita, Kansas. Having re
turned home after an absence of several
months in Washington, D. C, in the practice
before the General Land Office and other de
partments there, I am prepared to prosecute
all claims to lands arising under the pre-emp
tion, homestead, town-site, fiinber-culture and
miuiug laws. Parties having claims in con
test before the Local Land Office or tho De
partmental Washington, will find it to their
advantaso to consult me, as I give special at
tention to that class or business.
Collections made in this and adjoining coun
ties and monies promptly remitted. 10-tr
Mill feed cheap, at the Wichita City Mills
and Elevator. See our price list :
Shipping stuff, per 100 lbs 50c.
Bran, per hundred lbs 30c.
Bran, delivered in 500 lb. quantities 20c.
Leave your orders, they will be filled
17-tf IlARGIS, lMBODEN & CO.
If vou trv Wheelers spices and don't find
them pure and a first-class article he will re
fund vour money. o-tr
Anv nun wishing a horse or mule pastured
should nnnlr to A. T. Lonnsbury beforo go
ing clsewhcsc. He has 120 acres, well fenced
with plenty or timber and good water, turce
miles northeast of Wichita. S-tf
Office books and diaries at Herrington's'.way
down awful cheap. 42.tf
The undersigned announces to thb public
that ho has purchased the well known "Bald
win Art Gallery," on Douglas Avenue, and
hopes by strict attention to business to merit
a liberal share of the public patronage. First
class facilities for all kinds of work. Givo me
a call. T. H. STEVENS.
Pure spices of all kinds to be had at Wheel
er's, Douglas Avenue. 35-tf
For Sale or Trade.
One of tho most desirable residences In tho
city is for sale or trade for improved land near
the city. Inquire atthis office. 15-11
Bought Cheap for Cash.
Since the last decline and opened on Slay
first, a beautiful stock of Dry Goods, Notions,
Hosiery, White Goods, Lawns, Tarletons,
Swiss and Hamburg Edgings and Laces. The
cheapest stock of Muslins and Fancy and
Standard Prints ever brought to Wichita.;
W. J. Hobson.
Main street, next door to postoffice. 5-tf
Grange, Odd Fellows and Masonic manuals
at the post office book store. 12-tf
Invoice books at the post office book store,
G. II. Hcrrington. 42-tf
Try tho Old Government Java, already
ground and ready for use. Warranted to be
strictly pure. You can get it at Wheeler's.
Ohio Stoneware, by the car load, at Allen &
Tucker's. 5-tf
Patents on all lands entered priorto April
1st, 1871, are now ready at the land office. It
would be well for the parties to whom tho
patents belong to get them and have them duly
recorded, which may save a long aud tcdiou3
litigation at some future time. 41-tf
Centennial Exhibition, Philadelphia.
This great International Exhibition, design
ed to commemorate the ono hundrcth anni
versary or American Independence, will open
May 10th and close November 10th, 187C. All
the Nations or the world and all tho States and
Territories of the Union will participate,
bringing together tho most comprehensive
collection of art treasures, mechanical Inven
tions' scientific discoveries, manufacturing
achieveinenst, mineral specimens, and agricul
tural products over exhibited. The grounds
devoted to the Exhibition arc situated on the
lino of the Pennsylvania railroad, and embrace
450 acres or Fairmount Park, all highly im
proved and ornamented, on which arc erected
the largest buildings ever constructed live of
these covering an area of fifty acres ond cost
ing $5,000,000. The total number of buildings
erected for the" purposes of the Exhibition, is
over one hundred.
The Pennsylvania RaiIroad,the Great Trunk
lino and fast mail route of the United States,
will be the most direct, convenient and eco
nomical way of reaching Philadelphia and this
great .Exhibition from all sections of the
country, Its trains to and from Philadelphia
will pass through a Grand Centennial Depot,
which tho Company have erected at the main
entrance to tho Exhibition grounds for tho ac
commodation of passengers who wish to stop
at or start from the numerous large hotels con
tiguous to this station and the Exhibition a
convenience ol the greatest value to visitors,
and afforded exclusively by the Pennsylvania
Railroad, which is the only line running direct
to the Centennial buildings. Excursion trains
will also stop at the Encampment of the Pa
trons of Husbandry,, at Elm Station, on this
Tho Pennsylvania Railroad is tho grandest
Railway organization In the world. It con
trols 7,000 miles of roadway, forming continu
ous lines to Philadelphia, New York, Balti
more, and Washington, over which luxurious
day and night Coaches aro run from Chicago,
St. Louis', Louisville, Cincinnati, Indianapolis,
Columbus, Toledo, Cleveland and Eric, with
out chango.
Its main line is laid with double and third
tracks of heavy steel rails upon a deep boil of
broken stone ballast, and its bridges are all of
iron or stoue. Its passenger trains arc equip
ped with every known improvement for com
fort and safety, and are run at faster speed for
greater distances than the trains of any lino
on the continent. The coiapany has largely
increased its equipment for Centennial travel,
and will bo prepared to ouild iu its own shops
locomotives and passenger cars at short no
tice sufficient to fully accommodate any extra
demand. The uncqiuled rosources at tho
command of the company guarantee the most
perfect accommodotions for all its patrons
during tho Centennial Exhibition.
The magnificent scenery for which tho
Pennsylvania railroad is so justly celebrated
presents to the traveler over its perfect road
way an cver-changin- panorama of river,
mountain, and landscape views uneqtialcd in
The eating stations on this line aro unsur
passed. Meals will bo furnisded at suitable
hours and ample time allowed for enjoying
Excursion tickets, at reduced rates, will bo
sold at all principal railroad ticket offices in
West. Northwest. Southwest.
Bo sure that your tickets read via the Great
Pennsylvania Route to the Centennial.
Frank Thompson, D. M. Boyd, Jr.,
General Manager. Gen. Pass. Ag't.
Tho SiDger Sewing Machine.
Over one million and a half in use. The
most durable and lightest running machine iu
tho world. As an evidence, tho Singer, Rem
iugton and Wheeler & Wilson were invented
about the same time and put into market, and
at the present day the Singer has over one
million and a half in use, tho Wheeler & Wil
son has about livo hundr;d thousand anil the
Remington has the small, insignificant num
ber of five thou-and nine hundred and tifty
thrce, which can be seen on the upper end .of
the needle burr, which makes tho Reiniugton
the last ctoico ol the people, and they would
not havo sold one quarter that number had
they not sold them under a fictitious name.
For many years the Remington machine com
pany have attempted to force their machines
on tho market as the Remington, but failed,
which reminds mo of several occurrences,
Fifteen years ago the third day ol July, I was
iu Blootniugton Illiuois, stopping with a
friend by tho name of D. II. Horner. There
were two agonts at the place, the Wheeler &
Wilson and the Remington. Tho Wheeler A
Wilson agent had confidence enough in his
machine to sell it on its own reputation, but
the Remington agent's confidence failed him,
and he attempted to sell it as the improved
Weed. Some five years ago, while I was sell
ing the Howe, I happened to meet an agent
that was selling tha Remington. He had as
little confidence in his machino as tho first
one I met, and he attempted to sell it as the
improved Howe, and 1 havo been creditably
informed that the Remington agents are sell
ing their machines here as the improved
Singer, which is fal-c. There i3 no improved
Singer except the original one, which cannot
be sold in the Southwest except by or
through me. Those who wish to buy tho
Remington are welcome to, but I deem it my
duty to inform the good people of thi ' South
west, through the columns of your paper, so
they will not be imposed upon in buying ma
chines. A machino that cannot be sold on
its own reputation should not be sold on the
merits of a machino that has been long tried
and proved, without doubt, the best in the
world. The impositions oilered are ol the
deepest dye. W. Mason,
General Agent for the Southwest,
Wichita, June 2 i, isiii.
Tho house formerly run by Bob Short will,
in ruture, be conducted by Short & Jewett,
but shall bo known as Bob Short's pool-room,
at which place is to be found all kind ofdrinks
in the latest styles. Also Seltzer in jugs BIuo
Lick in bottles, Vichy water, ginger ale and
fine imported India pale ale. No. 103 Douglas
Free lunch twice a day 10 a. m. and at 10
p. m.
Buy your queensware at Allen & Tucker's.
A Big Bargain.
A i-ood throsuhnr machine for sale. Onir
been run about four weeks. Will give par
ties purchasing same two seasons to pay lor
it. Inquire of C. G.Thompson. Star Livery
Stable3. i-
Every ono that buys goods of Brlckhouse
are sstisficd .with the quality, quantity and
price. --tt
Notice Extraordinary.
: i .Inlininii. nl the old cstabli'hed and
reliable house or Ed ward Mead & Co.. St.
Louis, has opened at the Star Clothing House
with R. Jack3 & Co., Main street, Wichita,
Kansas, a largo aud well-selected stock of
Fiuo Waiches, Ladles' and Gents' Chains,
Ladies' Necklaces and Lockets, Chain Brace
lets, Ladies' Fine Sets Pius and Ear Rings,
t. Tlmsn wishin-r auvthins in this line will
profit by an early inspection of this beautiful
new stock. Prices as closo as good goous can
be sold. 10-21 S. T. JonNSTON.
New Coal Depot. Prices to suit tho times.
10-tf J. A. GRAYSON, Agent.
Go to tho Blue Scales lor the best Osage
Shalt Coal. J. A. GraYsON,
10-tf Agent.
Appreciating tbo financial cmbarra-nicnt
of the people ot our region from past vicissi
tudes, a also tlio necessities consentient up
on a gentle ami comfortable subsistence, -vq
bave extended almost broadcast an open
band of credit. To deserving necessity it lias
never been closed. Time, Season and Cir
cuiDstance3 have now arrived for hettleraeut.
A Dollar in Credit U worth Tens of Dollars in
Silver or Gold. A Response in tlie early
passing days by ourLedser Record of patron
will be accepted as a test to.tbe character, in
tegrity and condition of their lntu'- credit,
which we are now so extensively preparing
ourselves" to accommodate and extend.
18-lt AV. O. Woohmax.
"Wagon and Carriage Shop.
I wish to miorra my iiientU and tbe jiablie.
generally that 1 consider mjsclf pcnrmiieutly
located in Wichita, ami am prepared to do all
kind of Wason and Carriage work iu the'be-t
style. Shop in connection with Yitei Grauscr'a
Blacl-snillh Shop, on Water Street.
45-tf A. Ai.
Good, reliable men are wanted by The Alliance
Life Assurance Society of the United Mate, to
act as agents and solicitors In tho State ot Kansas
Kor terms of contract, and all other lufonnation
apply to the undersigned at Lc -venworth1, Kan-
' 13-3t J. X. 1'ATIOX, Secretary,
Centennial Block.
Jewelry, Drags, Hardware, Boots L- Shoes.
Dealer in
Leather and Findings!
Goods Sold at Lonut cash price and warranted
la give Satitfaetion.
' Heywood's Standard thiol: Boots,
Constantly on band. Warranteil for six month".
Sell at Kansas City Prices.
Silver Plated Waro and Spectacles,
Zbricatiag Oil, Fare Wirta, Whislsty, Brandy
and Styart.
Prescriptions Carefully Prepared in
tho Day Timo.
C3" Do not send off t 1uit your Je-volrj",
Clocts or Watches, we j-rlll sell to you u low as
can get buy tbo same Gooii3 any where, I-
St. Louis Hardware Store.
llrown .orn Planter-, .
uiu ueuauie ijutKC e lanugo w ,...
Original Haines' Header, Kldwanl Harvester
for two or three Binders, Isnc"ieye and
Hoosler Gniia Drills and the
J-5J All pricts odjutted en a gold lasts. Solh
iny can qtt below that.
Real Estate and Insurance Agents
South. Side DoasIas Avenue, East of Saglo Block,
Agents for the 'KEDSTAtt and AMEWCAX Line of Steamships. Tickets
sold at lowest rates to and from all points in EUItOrE to and
from all points in KANSAS.
CgT'A faithful adherence to duty in the interest of our patrons involves
continual office work and precludes our 'cainpin:' at the gate" of every new
buildiu" to solicit. If vou -want insurance that will not lail yon in the "trr-
inj-hour'' favor us with a call. Wc represent the followiti'' companies z
iETXA, Hartford Connecticut, AbsoUu
Pihexkc of Brooklyn, "
Xoictii British & Mercantile, G.B. "
Homu. Xew York, . "
A MBit i can Central, St. Louis, Mo." -i'llcuNLX,
Jlarlfonl Conn., . '
GEroiAX-AsiBiucAi, New York, " -Ixsckaxcr
Co. --fXorth Amor'n "
Fiihoian's Fusij. SanFraiieisco "
CoxTiNiiLNTAL, of .New York,
We arc Agents
Stock Farms,
Improved Favms,
TJulmproved Farms,
O3ago Trust Lands,
Railroad Lands,
Hdmoatoad Lands,
In connection with tlic following list
wc havo for sale several tracts of land,
ranging from I to 20 acres, adjacent to
the city, suitable for bitbiirban resi
dences, aud clfoice residunco lots iu all
parts of the city. We also Have the ex
clusive agency of several of the hast
business lots in the business eentcr of
the city. Call at our oflice for infor
mation a3 to price and location.
XO. Sti 180 aere T mile nertheast of town ;
12 acres In cultivation, ami hedge
rows broke. Priee fjoO.
XO. 310 100 acre, j-ood land, 5 nRe north
west ef Wichita ; some Iraprovercwuts.
. l'rice600.
XO. 3Ut 1C0 aere. nftrthcast uarterot sec
tion 9, towiu-Mp 7, range 1 wet. Su
acre in ctrtti vatton, 12x11 frame hou.s,
the mites northwest of town. Trioo
83pSteefe.-l.pry are th-; esehi.iUo agent
ef over (y)O0 acres of railroad lauds, coraprw
in tiie lands belonging to tb- A., T. tsb. T.
railroad, hi twp Xo. 25 A 20, ranges Xos. 1 ami
2 ea't ami 1. 2 aud 3 west. These are by far
the bet niBroail "anda in the Arkansas valley,
convenient to tlw city ot Wichita, the hireeft
and most cut-arprislug city vot of Topeka.
Tho lands adjoining tfioe ol the railroad coni
pny are well improved. Tovnliip and
school district?- arc organied. school house
built, and school supported in nearly alt o(
Do yvu tmmi g-od land adjotnlny town, frg tiU.
XO. 301 20 acres: the northeast quarter and
the north iwlfot the southeast ("unrter
uf eetiiin 4, tovnhip 2, range 1 east;
Ins.- .S aeres brol.e. and iietlpa rows
hi oke ; 8 milej tiotlli of V.'iehita.
Priee 150O.
NO. S03 102 W-1Q0 aero : northeast quarter
of section I, tovnrtiip27, rouge 2 east;
10 miles east of Wichita. Price 890.
XO. SSC 100 aere.-, the soutbeaft (-natter ot
section 2, township 28, range 2iret;
unimproved. Price 700.
NO. 410163 acres, in section SO. towushlp S3,
ratu-e 1 east ; SO acres timlier, 50 iu
cultivation ; 18x21 pino house; water
ed hv, the Arkansai river; 3 a'iles
so nth" of town. Priee 3200.
jgrifyou cannot find aiiytlfiu-; in these column-
that mU you onll at our office, corner
of ilain street and Douglas avenue.
N'O 32u S acres, m Bntlrrenunty Kan-,lieiatr
sec 0, town 21, Itone east. A goodatock
l'ann I' te3ieraere
VTc have a lat--e number ol pieces of ImhU
in tracts of from one to twenty aen-s, atfjoin
uig tho city or AVicMta, suitable for -uburban
NO. 180 South half ot oul!ttail quarter of
-.ection 35, township 2B. range 1 east,
anil the north half of the northeast
quarter of section 2. township, range
1 eat ; rontaining itSO seres, and wa
teriHlby a 'trcaui ot living water; 4j
milt's n-jrtheM of Wichita. Priee 1300.
H0.4&1 south half of the northeast tftiartet
of section 31, town-hip 27 range lt,
eontaininpr 80acrp: 2 miles x.irtheasi
of Wiehita, bottom kind. Price 1600.
XO. 63 Xortlu-ast quart r of seiticn 2, town-
snip J. range l eaal, iwi ai-xes ; wier
cil by Uypum creek. 15 acres of tim
ber, i inllea Koutheat ot Wichita.
Prtcu 3K.
XO. l(JlKast half of soutbra-t quarter ol sec
tion A, township 27, range 1 e:it; SO
su-res, one half mite north of Wichita.
A upk'ii.i id location. Xrice 1&W-2
XO. 492 outhwet quarter ot section 28,
townnip 27, rangt least; sceomiuoi
toui; commands good view of town
and valley ; 2 mile, southeast of town;
c-lalia improvements. Priee Sli-00.
XO W0 2S0 acres, betas the northeast qn.irter-nl
suiiui nan oi souuioui quarter oi sue n,
iovvn27, range 1 eaft; bine nit It-4 e-t of
V.'iehita; h.u C9 itciv- in cultivation,
frtme house HSrS m story, two rooms
Flitstwed wilb a good cvlljir, watered bv
'oar "lih' ererk, -ool u u au, good
upriDz; 1'ootoAee within U, mite oi furm
lrki,50l). 41.SOU eah and hat. cntie.
X'0. 301 Northwest quarter of section 18.
township 27. run-e 2 eat ; 1$ mttes
northeast of Wichita. Prle $1:100.
NO. 510 160 acres; the sotithwft quarter of
section 33. town-hip 28, range 1 east,
3 miles north of Wichita ; ha 70 acres
in cultivation, all soud bottom land,
ood bouse and well of W4ter. Price
XO S30 Xorthwet X of see 18, town X, range S
rt. C'oBoiderable tmpruYemtiiU.
Price l,aw
IU. Price !S
SO 85B 160 afrvs : nw if of --e ifi, town 2ft, ronxe
2eutiiuulenebf Wichita. 1'rieeSW
KQSM IS acres, being the north H of sw K or
sea .T-' ami c:it i oft-e M of ei'C :;i, town
8, nunre 1 esat, ha GT acres in cultiva
tion, ll.v: frame bouse, zood well with 18
ft ox water, tl miles or Wichita; iinlitw
north trEl Huso. Irice 1500. two-third
c-it.li jmi balance on one year' time
XO 8 Sorthwest J see 28, town as, range 2 w
28 acres under euHivot'on: ten mile." north
cast of Vi icldta . Price 750
XOotE Sec 16 town !, range 3 ratt, containing
CtQsarea, !i.i-'JO mo in erutivaton, ff
aeres in wber, 8 aei- rye ; 3 room frame
house unliuidhed 1. bturv, Rood baaetnent
-odweltol water, 309 ira-li amlappl
tree in pood condition, Is miles acttlliKtst
or Wichita, ftHirralle from Doaf-Ia2i
miles of timber. Price $ per ncie,can
beuudfurrurtcafthand bat. on time.
XO fI fcouttseart quarter et 3, town 27, reuse
3 cnat; a good piece or land. Iu.- living
water. I'rieeSlOper we.
NO o8S Xorthwe-t quarter fee 21, town 23, 1 wet
laacnntin oattiTation, l'ine house liib
UrlBg water, Ixm'leulhweetot Wich
ita. Price S1.3)
XO DG7 XortliWMt quarter section 21, town
29, range lweV, has 25 aere under
cultivation; -.; house. 14x15. encfe;
good woil of w'xr ; 2 mile of Ohio
Center. A bargain. Prkc, SOSO
X0 571 Xorihwest qaar of sec 20, town 27.
niBge 1 west: watered by Cowsltin
Creek; some improteuient!'.
Price, 1,080
XO 57S Soufkea't quar or 'cc 28, town 27.
range2eat- lias 40 acres under cul
tivation; 1 mile of Iiedjo planted;
pood orchard: 0 miles of wleuiia.
Pritc, 1.100 ; -rtni and parton time
XO 571 Northeast quar or see 0. town 30;
rang 1 tre-t; 18 mile south of Wish
ia ; 2 mile f Howling Green ; ha (SJ
aere of imr-rwood timber ; 50 acre
under cultivation; Ids fcoiwa: good
stable; watered by the Xinneteah
river. I'JicV. 10 per aere
XO &77 East half of sec 13, town 25. range 3
caet, in liiuler co., containing 900
ceres; waters! by Wild Cat creel:
3 mtte from Clarion P. O.; 17 miles
northeast ol Wichita.
Priee. 4.25 per aere
The counties of bedg-vrick, Sumner, Co-vley aud Uutlcr comprise an area of
the bear agricultural land west of tliu Mississippi vaHoj-. Tho Arkansas rir
r?r rnnit diaconallv through the cuunties named, forming of itself an exte-.-he
vallov ran'-insr rbtu ?evn to twelc
. ,J .' , r ..., .
magnitude, aucn as inc j
rivi-r-s. .Slate, illuff. Sririn:
ti. .nnnirr with 1'i-rtilft Vallfevst. The
sawlv loaui, several feet in depth. Vegetation of all kinds w unsurp:i--cl.
Climate temperate, equable and healthy. 'Ihottsands of acies of land no
open to settlement under tho pre-emption laws for the sale of the Osige Iru'.
aitlands, which arc unsurpassed infertility in any section of tho State, aitd in
no other part can cheap homes bo purchased with all the advantages of rood
soil, climate and water. Our people are enterpri-iug, and mado up of the 'o-
ahead anil oest ei"i"s'.-oiii uie ra. mm m puuik oi Luimiu isnu uhj,.iii.
equal to any of the older communities of other btales. The young aud grow
ing citv of Wichita, now Avith a population of 1,500 inhabitants, and prop- re
called the Queen City of the West, presents almost miequalcd inducements
for money investments to all business enterprises, and more cspcciallj to
for the Sale ol
Fofrwln Lands,
Business Lots,
Kesldonco Lots.
i XO 5TO See 17, town 21, range i ca-t in Rrt-
ier to. rnee, s.w, easn, per am-
XO 5SO See 8, town 25. ranse 4 east in II jt : r
co. Price, 3.50 per acre, c a.-u
"0 531 See 23, town 28, rango .1 ea-t in V. .
- lerco. The aljoro s.eettouiiai')..a
and cheap at 3..10 per aere, cah.
: XO 582 South half of -ee 18, town i. r.ir 1
weft; 520 acres; 10 acres tun?.-. .
watered by Dry crct k"; 9 miles s.u ,
west o( town. Price. t,."
XO 5&0 Kast naif of !.oatlieatol 're '.', , x.i !
w-st hadf of southwest of s :;t, .m I
northwest of southeast and north- i -t
ot southwi-t of ec :ii(. town 2. rirto
- 'at. cuiiraiiiitn.- 210 acres, 2 mi
ea.-t of E! Paso, and all good land.
Prite,. per a- r.-
XO. 595 N&rtbwtt J, section 19. t-v.:,tu ,.
27, raiijw ', f-a-t, on Uuth-r counf.
liw. 10 miles i :.-t of WWiita. Pi ; .
XO. 59 Kitthn!f in n uti.fact qtiaiti.
tbm T, f'.-Ai.-bip j, ranvri !;
W iere.s. Price ;j ,i .
XQ. 500 Xorthea-t quarttr of ,-i-n'on o
town 2C. range 1 wt; 2." am .it
Piri.. ":(
XO. ROI West hall otei!i..n 2o, tv-r,-' u
28, range I east; o' railn ( uili
Wieaita. Some improvements r j
splendid piece of land. 320 a.risf.r
9IU00, part cash and balance or i &,..
XO. 501 cO acres. Went rulfof thp Xi. :..
wel quarter of srition 22. iov.i. p
SO, range 1 est; 0 miles iion: vt
Wiehitaaud a sqdtnd'd pieu l - .
or.d bottom laud. Priee ."i. ,.
XO. 592 120 aeres in i-itions 4 and '.. i
shin 59, range 2 ea.-t ; ha- : .., r. - ?
timber, (io acres umbr cutl..t . i, .
14S2S log hous-e nithl rooms. L-.
cellar, well of wut'T nad - . ' . r .
!?Iring Creek. iKpsre in k.. . f,. .
tion around entite piece; a!-o.
on hard ol cherry, plom a -id ; r
tree in good -p-oning eiiiit:,n. .
mile ol hi l-ao. Price ifitiH
XO. 594 138 acres, bfini- Xorthea-f qu.-" .
of seetion It township 29, rar .- i
a-t. 10 aeris t Imbi r,50 aert s m , ;
tivatlon, a stood well, 5 arri'S un . r
r.id fePffc.:iO apple tne8. Three : s
r.l farm under hedge, anil watered ty
tho Arkansas river. Situated li ii"
.toutii ol Wichita and one u-ile r.i-r.
El Paso. I'rke ...
XO. 003 Xortbcast quarter of tectum i7.
township 2, ran::' 2 we-4 ; 1" e s
noithwe;t ot Wii-biU. Ila.s50 atri
uixNcrruitivation acd ..-atered by )
tivrkin. Prie.- 7
XO !04 Southwest quarter of nitn'ti
township 27. rai ?p 2 ejt; eight m.
ea-t of Wichita, 3';re under iu.' -v
alien, fnun-.- hou.c 11x20 1 J stoi
liMiijr stream am! pood well of pr.t r,
2hJ apple, tut peaeli andalar-ji- n ::i.
her of -oft ii..,j.ic, peur and I.. ,tj
li-f.'s all in sowl condition.
Price, ii old soon, gll . .
XO. 000-North half ol Xorthwest quart rot
K.'tionl2,and outh half of the si, ',;;,
West quarter oi see 1, town-hip uj,
ranee 3 west, adjoinlrKrthc town ot
Caldwell, in Summer county. W.i'' -ed
by Pall creek, and s good baru-m
Price '.'
XO. OX'S Southwest quar. of action J, tonn
shipSO, ramje 1 ea-t; lSroilc-ea-r, ol
Wichita. Allu&u'ir iiiltivafion, lix
If! frame hou-e with shed kitchr -,.',!
oeres of timber' Price $l't.
XO. CIO 2Kacre- in -eelinn ".3, towuship o2
raree2 eat. Ou arri s m cultliatio i, 2
lrame houses with ood cellar", Ip t.r
living .stock watir, 4 aeres offorc-t
tcees 300 poach,."-) apple trtf",,, i J
different vanc-tit ot small frui. Ii
mnes ot a school 'lioo-e.
Price s-i' .
XO 015- Northeast J nee. 2. town 2H, r:'h 2
ea-t. Is miles nortneattot V.'kbit i
Puce 750.
XO 017 Northeast ee. 4, town 20, ran .
ut, containing 222 aere?. od : is
under etiltiv jticn, 25 In wheat, fr w
dwelling lix22, piod corral, wx'l
n.ill, slable. j,ranery and other ir.j-
' provements, 1 1 milci lrom .S'dvik
City, 34 lni.V from V.'iehita. Wiiltako
a tiin in tride. Price ISOO
NO CIS Sottthwesl - ?ec 4, town 20, ran; 3
West, 21 acre-, iu cultivation. Price .'j
NO 019 Northwest J set 1 luWn 27. r.i. 'o 1
east. 2" uuifs north of Wichita, sua.1
house and 25 acre iu cultivation.
Priee 3,000.
XO,C21 0 acres, north halt of nw i e . . .:,
town Sfi, range 1 east, ood hou i.x
24, If story. hiEh pliistered.good st.i.
10-:2t, 25 acres iu cultivation. I . ..
wheat, 3 tiiiica north of town. Pi.
XO 025 Xorthwest i see 2, toin 30, ran.c -t
west, improved. Price 000.
XO C20 Sotltiwest J sec 9, town 29, rar. :
wef,'"pliTidid pieco of land. Pi
020. Al0 the 8 J M5 IT, town 21
;ange 1 went, 10 acres broke. Pri. . u
XO 027 Southwest ec 2, town 25. r.i,i- .
east, ha 35 acres in cultivation, : ..
dwelling 11x1$ w;the!U2xl2p!a-f r.
ceilarfril! size of house, good w i' ol
water, 29 tm-iu-u tiees in good cn
uilion. Price 1,2'JO.
XO C2S Xorthcas I see 27, town 27, raiire 1
e?t, unimproved, s-jvea milt cast ol
Wichita. Price 750.
XO C30 LoU 5, C and 7, in sec 6, and lot 1 in
see 7, town 29, range 3 east. Prirc '."0
XO C32 A bargain- Southeast J -ec 2, town
2?, rroee 1 ea-t, 4 miles southeast ol
toitvi. Pnea sfl
XG 033-""20 acres, east J sec 03, towii2a,nu.,e
2 coot. Price 1,400.
XO CW Xorthwest J sec 2, town 20, range 1
west. Priee Wf).
XO 035 Sonthwe-t J sec 33, town IS, ran-c 1
west. Price 600.
XO OSC Bast i swl sic 35, town 27, ranc 1
west. M) acres. Price JBO.
XO C37 Xorthwc-t J stc 2, town 2S, ran ,c 2
wart. Prict 000.
X0 938 Southeast i see 21, town 29, ran 2
cast. Priee 50o.
K0CS9 Southeast; sec 9, town 20, ranoS
west. Price 690.
XO 010 Southeast J se 8, town 29, ranc 1
cast. Piiee JO-JO.
XO OilSouth i ne 1 sec 11, town 22, 2 we-1.
Price 350.
miles in width. Other streams of lf-s
-T AAn1b
soil of the vailcv and uplands
jS sd xi:e. v : ,
-tr.,1.... n..rI ln.tln nlr.i.
I-.H.UI .j&rjKUUSub, ...IHIUI'SCUll, l iwim. ,iim i "iiii.."
'. GvTisurn. Clusliolm and Cowskin creeks, divi i -il
ls a rir h

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