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M. M. MURDOCK, Editor.
irillTA.THUKSDAY. AUGUST 30, 1377.
Cill for Kepullieia County Convention.
The County Contention will be held at Esgle
Ball, In Wichita, Saturday, October Mb, 1S77, at
loMock j. in., and Uie prlmaiicsat tbc usual
votlug places In the respective precincts onSatur
daj. September 23tb, 1:177.
Tli hou fixed by the Ceu'ral Committee arc
from 3 to iu the country, anil from 2 to 0 la the
v lt ol Wichita.
., Tbut-c who Jo not desire the success of tbe men
ml nieurt of tbe llepublican party, are re
quested not to participate In tbe primary elec
tions of Ihe party.
' Tbe County Convention will nominate cnudi
iateiforlhe following oaicei:
, Sheriff.
Keflfteroi' Deeds.
Comity Clerk. "
Commissioners for the 1st, 2.1 ami 3.1 Districts.
The County Convention will alio u).oint a ntv
Connty Central Committee for the ensuing year.
The townships will be represented by di legates
M follows:
WisfciU .
Mmneba ..
Crpmin ....
KecM ....
Grant ..... .
TAlt . .. .
Lincoln ...
3 Ifockford.
3 Union
3 Kagle
2 Xinnescjh
2 Girtlen Plain.. . .
2 Afton .
2 Grand Kiicr
3 Morton
2 Viola.
2 fherman
2 Wlcblta, !' ward
3 ' 2.1 ward
3 " M wa'd
2 ' th ward
JI. W. LEVY, Chairman.
n. K. I.awhenc, Secretary.
' To thi Vettri of Shsrn&n Townsaip.
T!ie Itrpublican primaries will be held on tbe
prmlMU of A. lleckwith Esq, on Saturday, Sept.
tb, 1877, between the lioura of and 6 o'clock
SI. IV. LEVY, Chairman.
TI Silw Question.
There is at least one man in the cast j
who is not crazy on the gold question. (
For the Kagle.
The County Fir.
Eacilk: Yourself
TilJea Was Counted In.
Iu it round-about-way a supposed in
terview has been reported with Jus
tice Field who, it is said, don't nor
won't deny that Bradley read an opin
ion ponding the count, giving Florida
to Tildon and Hendricks. At the timo
the count wai progressing the same
etory was afloat about the capitol
building in Washington. The revival
of the rumor and its incorporation in
the telegraphic reports is cheeky, to
jay the least. Neither Field or Brad
ny are fools.
Tea Great Stttccaan's Illnsii.
Senator Morton still lies in a critical
c-rrlitioa at his homo in Richmond,
Indiana. The dispatches this (Wednos-'-,)
morning speak hopefully; still,
thu fact is apparent that there has been
r-o material change for the better. His
kih would be a misfortune to the
The Awful War.:
nch succeeding day's reports hut
show the terrible savagery of Russia
aud Turkey. Both sides arc daily
coniinitting outrages of nameless atroc
ity and brutality. The Turks are
worse thau the Russians and the lat
ter are not restrained in tho least in
the work of murder. Tho latest re
ports say that Germany threatens to
put n stop to the terrible work by tak
ing a hand against the Turk?. It Ger
many goes into the war all Europe
will become immediately involved,
nnlchi England back? down.
It is the venerable Thurlow Weed, tho
ablest man we cvor had in (he Repub
lican party. In a communication in
the New York Tribune of thc22d lust,
he argues the question at length.
In regard to the law of '73 and the
position of this eastern press, Mr.
Weed ys : "The law of 1873 demon
etising silrer wb (juietly but skillful
ly worked through Congress. The
purpose and effect were not uiidcr
fttood by one out of fivo who voted
lor it. Nor, until this discussion com
menced, was the cxisteuco ot such ti
law known to any considerable num
ber of our citizens. It was passed
imply to promote the interests of tins
bondholders, usurers and speculators
iu gold. Its effect has been to cripple
industry and oppress labor. There
seems to be in the mind's of the advo
cates of the gold standard but one in
terest entitled to public consideration.
Everything mut yield to the bond
holders. No matter what amount ol
loss or suffeting reaches other inter
cuts and other classes, the bondholder
must be protected. Tho bondholders
are not only-wards ol tho Government
but enjoy the sympathy of the press.
Every other department and branch
of business may suffer. Labor may
seek in vain for employment, but the
bondholder mutt have his interest iu
gold, which he immediately converts
into greenbacks at a premium.
Of the gold and silver standard this
able and experienced man ha the fol
lowing to say:
Tho one standard advocates, until
positions had been ventilated, carried
everything by storm. I have careful
ly examined their side of the question.
The argument Is narrowed down to
two points, viz: the Latin Govern
ments insist that a double standard is
inconvenient; and second, that Amer
ica produces too much silrer. For
these reasons Northern Europo re
quires tho adoption of a gold standard
In the dawn of civilization, and for
many succeeding centuries, there was
but a single standard, and that stand
ard was silver. "Silver has been a
standard," in the lauguagcof a distin
guished statesman, "since the days of
Abraham." It during the last thous
and years a single standard had been
deemed advisable,that standard would
have been silver.
Tho misfortui.es of our country
were the harvest of European capitalists.
and your
readers havo a right to inquire what
is being done for tho coining fair. Ev
ery man, woman and child who ex
pects to make Sedgwick county their
future home, must, directly or indi
rectly, have some interest in this in
stitution. The minutes of our meet
ing, which have been published from
time to time, show iu part what the
malingers are doing. W'c had hoped,
ere this, to have been able to send to
the home of every farmer and busi
ness man iu the county a premium list,
showing another important part of
the work, and also enabling those who
desire to lend a helping to see how
they can best cooperate withu. That
list, we are assured, will be ready for
circulation during the coming week.
In addition to the above I will say
that my co-workers and Tfiyself have,
within the hist six weeks, talked with
hundreds of farmers on this subject,
and with but two exceptions find ev
erybody iu a favorable mood. Those
two exceptions have some of the best
stock iu the county and we hope they
may vet conclude to add their mite to
wards building tip a home institution,
aud thus enable Kechi to take the pre
mium tor the best display of live stock.
W. II. Ranson.
The Statue of Sumner.
Thomas Ball, the sculptor, is at
work iu Florence, Italy, upon the
model of the proposed fclatuo of
Charles Sumner, to bo erected in Bos
ton. The model will bo shipped to
tho United States th'u fall.
Great preparations am being made
in Philadelphia for tho reception cer
emonies to tho Governor of tho Unit
ed States, iu the Exhibition building,
Centennial grounds, August 3d.
The Star, the new St. Louis papor
of tho workingmen, pays its type set
ters only twenty cents per thousand
cms, while the other papers pay forty
Thz Pahty Have Returned to "Washwgtox.
Three prisoners broke out of the
Topeka jail last Saturday while some
workmen who had been making re
pairs were gone to dinner.
Sawed (Iff.
Colonel Bill Phillips, the Congress
man from the northern district ot
KMia, it appears from the papers,
bad a lively setto with Sccretarj
Sihtirtz the other dav, over an ap
pointment in a laud office at Concor
dir or Salina, wo believe. It appear'
that the Secretary told Mr. Phillip'
that, under the rules he had adopted
for civil service, ho had determined to
send out clerks from his department
to fill the various offices. Any one
that knows Phillips knows there
would naturally follow a lively scone.
Scotch and Tueton had it, but who
came out ahead advices do not inti
mate, further than Schurz was given
to understand that he couldn't run
uorthern Kansas.
Time to Stop It.
Colonel Tom Scott's "Texas & Pa
cific Railroad" people have boen hold
ing an annual meeting, and settled up
on what they are going to ask Con
gress for at the next session. They
ask only for the 1,400 miles of main
roadway from Fort Worth to San
Diego. The form of the grant desired
is $35,000 per mile in government
bonds of fivo per cent., $5,000 per milo
to remain in the treasury as a sinking
fund and surety, besides which a first
mortgage will be given on the road
aud its 18,000,000 acres of land; the
limit of the Government's liability to
!-,500,000 a year, aud this so secured
as to forbid any ultimate loss. Tho
shamclcssuess of the job is made ap
parent by the fact that on its present
resources of lands received from the
Government, this company built 110
miles of road during the past year,
making 4S0 miles in all, which are
now earning running ; expenses. At
the same timo the Southern Pacific
company of California iuiis regular
rains between San Francisco and
Fort Yuma, on the Arizona frontier,
ind ha contracted for building 1C0
miles of track by the first of January.
At the most, only COO or 00 miles
will remain between the eastern and
western sections ol the road. This
.rap can be built without any subsidy
besides the lands already granted.
Unsafe Banlriiff.
Tho Public raises a note of warning
in regard to the New York city banks.
It says they must havo at this time
loans on stocks aud bonds exceeding
in amount $GG,000,000 and probably
$70,000,000, while other banks doubt
le havo similar loans in their usual
proportion. From $80,000,000 to $S5,
000.000, abeut tho entire reserve de
posited in New York by banks from
til parts of the country, must now be
tied up in loans on stocks which no
body but tho speculator will buy, and
which may fall ten or twenty per cent.
t.tiy day, possibly becoming absolutely
untalcablc for tho time.
At Clevelaud extensive preparations
were made for the reception and
visit of the Knights Templar. The
grand procession took place Tues
day, August 28th. Triumphal arches
were erected in different parts of
the city and handsomely decorotcd,
and the programme, as published, for
the procession, includes thirteen divi
sions and seventeen bands of music.
Many large buildings were rent
ed entire, and fitted up by commande
rics from distant cities for the accom
modation of themselves and friends.
John Morrisscy, the bruiser, gam
bler aud Democratic politician of New
York City, wants to join the "Work
ingmen's party."
The Truth "Will Out.
A Portland, Oregon, dispatch says
that W. B. Higby, who is under in
dictment for subornation of perjury,
and iu jail in default of bonds, has
just made tho following affidavit in
regard to the Government investiga
tion: I, W. B. Higby, being duly sworn,
would state that A. V. Waters, Unit
ed States Marshal, aud John D. Kolley,
collector of rcvenuo customs, hired
and iuducod W. II. Stiles to make tho
affidavit that ho did; that I was pres
ent at tho Cosmopolitan Hotel, in
Portlaud, and heard and saw tho abovo
done; that Kellcy paid Stiles' way
from Junction to Portland, and that
he paid his way at the St. Cinrles Ho
tel while ho was there; aud that John
Kellcy induced me, W. B. Iligbv, to
procure tho affidavit of E. A. Lake;
that Morrison C. Athey wrote tho af
fidavit of E. A. Lake; that he knows
all about the transaction; that it was
lone iu David Goodsell's office; that
I never induced or tried to induct! any
one to swear to what lie did: that iii
payment to Lake for the above I gave
an order on Waters in accordance
with John Kelley's orders. The ob
ject of tho whole" thing wa6 to destroy
any influence that Grover might havo
..nil aUo to affect the next June elec
tion. I was introduced to Morton at
Hen Ilnlliday's, iu Portlaud, aud ill
formed him of tho facts and that if 1
was put on the stand my testimony
would be iu accordance therewith.
He .aid for motiot to come before tiie
investigating committee in Oregon,
but to coma to Washington; that m
mileage and lees should be paid; aud
I kept out of the way under Mortou's
Tho following is the President's
speech delivered on his arrival at Wor
cester, August, 21th:
Fellow-Citizens of Worctsler:
I need not say to you that this is a
great reception and very gratifying to
us. The Government of tho United
States is of interest to you all, aud it
is because of your interest iu that
Government that you have turned out
as you havo, iu such vast numbers, to
welcomo thoso to whose charge the
administration of this Government
has been committed. We understand
perfectly well that this is no personal
compliment to us. You entertain very
decided opinions as to the course the
Government shall pursue and as to
who shall administer it. There is a
wide diversity of opinion as to the
precise measures ol Government. But
there are a few things I have acquired
a habit of saying since our trip
through New England began, upon
which tho whole people of the United
States arc substantially agreed.
Cheers. We are all agreed that here
after anil for all time tho territory of
tho United States, embracing as it does
the best part of this continent, extend
ing from the torrid zone on the south
to the frigid zone on the north, trom
the Atlantic on the east to the Pacific
on the west, is forever to belong to
oue Nation, aud to one Nation only.
Wo are all agreed that all the States of
the Luion shall have equal rights;
that every State is equal to each other,';
that all citizens of the United States,
black or white, native-born or natural
ized, capitalists or laborers, shall havo
equal rights before tho law; and oer
all the Government by tho people shall
continue to be forever supreme. These
arc the general ideas entertained about
tho Government. There are differ
ences as to the methods, aud whatever
errors may be made you will remem
ber that it. is our purposo honestly to
pursue a course in support of the prop
ositions I havo sffered you. And now
having already spoken too long, I
must give way to ono who, although
he has not always been with us in sup
port of tho ideas I have given you, is
now as souud as you and 1. I now
have tho pleasure of introducing
Judge Key, of Tennessee.
Mr. Key responded in a short speech
and was followed by General Devcus
and Secretary Evarts. The party were
then driven to the residenco of Sena
tor Hoar, whero were gathered the
members of the city government aud
a large number of Invited guests. Af
ter the reception at SenatorIoar's,
the visitors were escorted to the" depot
tho streets being ablaze with red, green
and bluo fire, Rsman candles and Chi
nese lanterns.
Repudiation in Kansas.
The Communists.
How the Yankees Fel Over It.
-a interview -with Senator Ed
en .ids, of Vermont.on the President's
ord-r te office holders and the feeling
: ermont Republicans thereon, is
7 ibdshcd in Boston. The Senator
v : "I have not seen one Vermont
Republican who does not think the
order a mistake, and while it is found
ed on correct notions, it is not advan
tsgteus to the public interest."
A Big Qame.
A terrible revelation has just been
made in Maryland. An official report
upon the condition and treatment of
the insane poor in the charitable in
stitutions of the State, discloses a re
volting state of affairs. The insane
and idiotic of both sexes, and of all
colors, are permitted to live together
indiscriminately in the alms-houses,
and idiotic children arc born of idiot
ic mothers, while the sanitary arc even
worse than the moral surroundings of
the inmates.
They have in Philadelphia a widow
. known as Mrs. Wallingford who is
creating no little sensation. She is ac
cnted of levying blackmail to tho ex
tent of $1,000 upon a prominent citi
zen of that place,and one of hor claims
to notoriety is the fact that she at one
time completely captivated the heart
of Sain Tilden while at Capo May,
where. sh ercatcd quite a furor. She
has a claim against the Government
for $800,000, for property destroyed
during the rebellion, near Dalton,
Geojgis. Had Governor Tildcn been
made President, undoubtedly the
dat-hing widow of Capo May would
have presented herself at the White
House, desired to renew the acquaint
ance made in the waves of 1875, aud
solir.ted his aid in pushing through
the Court of Claims her little bill of
nearly a million. Mrs. Wallingford
has letters and documents from Gen
eral James B. Stcadman, nnd nearly
every officer of his command, attest
ing to the genuineness of her claim.
A bright idea has struck "the lead
ins? srrain mcrcants and shippers" of
New York. They think they could
send grain enough from this country
to arrest the famine in Iudia, the ves
sels carrying it to go by way of the
Suez Canal. The British people have
only to furnish the money, and the
thing is done. Annual and wide
spread famines in Europo and Asia
would be tho making of Brother Jonathan.
The National Board of Trade, in
session at Milwaukee,last week adopt
ed a resolution recommending the
funding of greenbacks in bonds of the
United States, bearing four per cent
interest, and running forty years.
They expicss -the opinion that the
present law for the resumption of spe
cie payments is insufficient.
Last Saturday a hurricane cyclone,
or other destructive storm struck the
Omaha bridge over the Missouri river
aud tore the cast cud off dropping in
to tho river. The damage is estimat
ed $10,000, and all trains will have to
be transferred on ferry boats for three
The New York World sums up the
platform of the Communists as : ''A
loaf for every loafer, with every priv
ilege of loafing." Theso worthies held
a meeting iu Chicago recently. There
were only a thousand present, but
they had tho impudence to call it "a
mass meeting of the workingmen."
Tho Chicago papers say that there
was hardly a man in the crowd who
ever did an honest day's work in his
life. The speakers were brawling,
lazy demagogues, and the crowd wa3
composed mostly of Poles, Bohemi
ans and Germans. They adopted a
platform, which the Tribune sums up
as follows:
The whole scheme of the Commun
ists, as we gather from tho separate
plauKs ot tlicir piatiorm, is the aboli
tion of property. They are deter
mined that no man shall own any
thing. Thoy want the Government to
take possession of cvervthiuir tho
banks, railroads, telegraph lines, all
routes of transportation and commu
nication, every wagon, dray, stago
coach, all means of locomotion iu cit
ies aud towns. As the Government
cannot buy them, they would have it
coufisicato them. Iu other words,
thoy have a vague, ill-formed idea
that in some way this whole nation of
50,000,000 can be thrown into one gi
gantic corporation, with tho power to
own all property, furnish labor, man
age private affairs, take care ot all
idlers and loafers, and give every one
the opportunity to live without labor
if he is so disposed. They aro striv
ing to establish a condition of society
that would strike at self-respect and
individual independence, remove
every incentive to progress, suppress
everv ambition and aspiration, destroy
all human industry, rcmovo all im
provements and inventions bv which
more work can be done and more
wants supplied in the same time,
quench all the glories and science of
art, relegate the human race back to
the old status of barbarism, and re
duce the individual to the condition
of the oyster. If the chief end of man
is to becomo a lazy lout, a shiftless
vagabond, a pestilent petrifaction, a
brawling, long-haired idiot, a public
nuisance, aud an enemy of his race,
let him turn communist.
On the plea that misery lovos com
pany, tho repudiating counties of this
State will doubtless bo glad to hear
that the infection of repudiation is
rapidly spreading, aud that, as if to
show that dishonesty knows no party
limits, tho Republican counties of
Kansas are as deep iu the mud as the
Democratic counties of Missouri aro
in iho mire. Tho old disgraceful his
tory is ropcating itself everywhere.
Counties and townships that rashly
and stupidly voted away their credit
aro now voting away their honor;
officors sworn to execute tho law are
refusing to levy tho tax to meet the
lust debts ol the counties, auu tho
honest crcuitors are nrsi swinuieu
and then insulted by those who have
rot their monev. Uud now propose to
"iuinii" their obligations. What ren
ders the situation all the more un
pleasant is that, while one-half of the
counties are Irving to cheat their cred
itor out ot money advanced on rail
road bonds, other counties are tning
hard to get a chance to cheat some
body, by advertising their willingness
to vote a subscription to any railroad
.-.harper who will go iu with them.
The movement toward repudiation
is advancing so rapidly that it. dis
credits the whole State, the lair infer
ence being that the counties which
refuse to swindle their creditors iu
the interest of reform aud good gov
ernment, only do so because the debt
is not large enough to tempt them. It
seems to be recognized a9 a principle
that when a county debt is small the
county can afford to be honest, but
that after the debt reaches a certain
fraction of the assesenieut, then pub
lic morality demands that the credit
ors should be swindled. This is es
tablishing a new basis of morals, and
a remarkably easy one as long as it
lasts: but it would bo very uncom
fortable it the highly bonded counties
should turn around and say that if it
was right to defraud honest creditors
of a million dollars it could not bo
wrong to repudiate a trifling debt of
a hundred thousand or so. One of tho
inconveniences of dishonesty is that
when once it is made the rule of life
its" unpleasant consequences crop up
on every side to spoil its profitable
If wo had any thought that words of
honest advice would be listened to by
thoso who arc running tho repudia
tion movement in Kansas, we would
advise them to go slow in the path of
dishonesty. Kansas is a State favored
iu many ways by nature, and it has
commanded" respect on all sides by
the rapid growth of its prosperity and
the high character of its people. Tho
long and bitter conflict by which it
was rescued from the blight of slavery
had the effect of identifying the State
with the cause ot trccuom aim ot en-
linhtenmont. and it would be a sad
blow to tho best interests of the coun
try if, under auy pretext whatover,its
people should desccud to that dishon
estv which disgraces Georgia and Vir
ginia. Tho public faith of a people is
a possession more highly to be prized
than all their material wealth, and
once lost, it can never bo replaced.
Even from tho pecuniary point of view
it would be better lor Kansas to con
tinue paving tho promised interest on
the local debts than to advertise to
the world that the faith ot her people
is merely tho bait of a swindler, and
that her" prosperity has been misused
only to defraud" those who trusted
aud aided her with their means.
Investigating the 'Hopper.
Professor C. A7". Riley, of tho United
States Entomological Commission,
who arrived hero on Friday, has been
to the extreme western part of Hen
nepin county. Tieiug desirous of as
certaining the exact eastern limit of
the injury, he drove through tho
country with Mr. R. J. Mendeuhall.
He doc's not intend to spend much
time iu the State, which belongs to
the .territory allotted to Professor
Thomas, but leaves this Iraorning for
Fort Garry, whence he intends to ex
plore the Sascatchewan country as far
as timo will permit this seasou. The
vast plain regions of British America,
to the northwest oi us. are believed by
the Professor to be the principal
sourco of the more disastrous swarm
that overrun our country. For the
past three months he has been in tin
field in Texas, Kansas, Missouri and
Iowa, and his views are well worth
To the question so repeatedly asked
"What has become of tiie flying grass
hoppers? Professor Riley replied that
they have, for tho most part, been
lost to view in the northern, littlo in
habited part ol the State, and that
they have been dropping in scattering
numbers all over the country .diseased
parasitic and dying. Events have
fully justified what ho wrote last
spring as to what would be the des
tiny ot the winged insots, which ap
pears as follows in his ninth report of
the State of Missouri :
"Tho Winged insects, on tho con
trary, will tako their departure in a
northerly or northwesterly direction
at least this will bu tho prevailing
direction of those which rise during
the months ol May uud June. Tho
course of those which rise later may
iial be so constant. Those that ccupn
from tho many vicissitudes that will
befall them in tho Mississippi valley,
and which arc free from disease or
parasites when they start, will, iu all
probability, eventually reach tho ex
treme northwest, andbe largely lost
to view beyond our northern bouu
dary. They will not fly eastward so
as to do any serious damage beyond
the line."
as to tins danger ol lurther injury
this fall'from fresh flyers, Professor
Kiley re-iterates what he has on vari
ous occasions written duritig the sum
mer. There are, from all tho facts
yot gathered, no insects of any conse
quence to tho northwest to fall upon
us as they did last year, and those
that left Minnesota lately toward the
south, passed over Iowa, and are now
passing over Kansas, dropping thinly
on tho way and doing no particular
harm. To quoto from his recent let
ter to tho Colorado Farmer :
"There is a constant strugglo for
supremacy between the plant feeder
and its carnivorous enemies. The
Rocky Mountain locust got tho upper
hand during the excessively dry sea
sons of the early part of the present
decade, and has been so numerous for
the past three or four years that its
enemies havo rioted iu plenty, aud at
last, in their turn, have increased in
ordinately. Nature maintains
hor avorago in the long run, and a few
seasons of drouth and locusts are apt
to bo followed by a period of more
rainy seasons and locust decreaso."
Tho Professor says that the com
mission havo accumulated a vast
amount of interesting and valuable
information, aud that their report
will bo ready by the end of tho year.
While it will be impossible to accom
plish all that is uccussary the present
season with the limited appropriation
at their disposal, iliev aro determined
to do work that shall bo creditable
and useful, even if the investigation
should not be con tinned by tho iifxt
Congress. Tho Professor expressed
him-elfiu terms of praise ot Governor
Pillsbury, and considers that ho h.is
not only done much to eucour.igi) ami
relievo tho farmers ol" the Statu, but
that the creation of this commission
of investigation was largely due to hi-,
efforts. Ut. Paul Pre.
(Correspondents CorbJn Banking Company, New York City.)
Money to Loan onFIYE Years time as per Certificate below. 3
Established )
The kcareroJ thU certificate, without regard to liiiualionalitT, relicion or colitlcs whn iImhh
io Dorrow money anu ioi3C3f a an enduring faun in the Tlrgln.il toll of sonth-xestern Kansas, to
siu.t lumenucu, rata jau"aia" to inc acre man any oilier tana onthc wee oftlirirlobi" on
ireetiUtion of the aarac. Is enutlcil to a private anilicncc oloiic hour, more or Icsa. In our sanc
wmsauctorum. in ulncliU Jucinsalo.inua his Unit in Sedgwick or Snmner Cuuntx, Konsaj
on live years time, at a vrv K,v rale ufaimual inUn-et, Willi tl.c i.riwl.-g ur imuIbe off loan at
any lime, Oonitnis-.ijj reasonable. .u charges ir abstracts or execution of ijrrs.
Look cr voim Iitu: I'.u-ies HASKiS &. HARRIS.
JCcar U.S. Land UUice
XS7-i. 5
3ST. 3. -
We have also some very desirable (ructeoflatfilf&rs.'iie forcishorori arcyeara time,
and see us before yo.i borr jw money or buy land.
Sear XT. S. Land Of.u, Wichita.
iir- i. i .. -"- - .--
i e navu receiveu a copy oi a circu
lar issued bv the State Historical So
ciety, which shows not only that tho
Society has undertaken a work of
great magnitude, but one which ought
to engage tho co-operation of everv
person in Kansas who has a just ap
preciation ot the duty ot tho present
generation to gather up and preserve
tuo scattered materials ot tlic eventful
period of our early history. The cir
cular mentions the following among
the objects of collection relative to
Kansas desired by the Society, and the
contribution of which is earnestly so
1. Travels and uxploratious , citv di
rectories; copies ot the earlier laws
and journals of Legislature: ordi
nances of cities; and in short, every
book, on any euliicct, printed iu tho
Stuto or el-ewhere, relating to it.
Pamphlets ot all kinds; cntu-
Jogues of Kansas colleges and other
iiiMituiiiius oi learning; annual re
ports of societies; ermons and ad
dresses delivered iu the State: min
utes of church cohventions, synods, or
other ecclesiastical bodies of Kansas;
pulitical aililre?se.s ; railroad mid boird
of tr.ulo reports; pamphlets relutiug
to thU StHtes'.
3 Idea of Kansas newspapers and
magazine, especially complete vol
umes of pni.1. years, or singlu numbers
even. Publishers are earnestly re
quested to contribute their publica
tions regul irly, all of which will be
carefully preserved aud bound.
4. Materials lor Ivau-ai history ; old
letters, journals aud manuscript nar
ratives of the pioneers of Kansas;
original papers on the early history
ind settlement ot the Territory: ad
ventures aud conflicts diu-ini: the early
settlement, the Indian troubles or the
late rebellion ; biographies of tho pio
neers of every county, either Iivinir or
deceased, together with their portraits
and autographs ; a sketch of the set
tlement ot every township, village and
neighborhood iu the State, with names
of the first settlers. "Wo solicit arti
cles on every subject connected with
Kansas history.
r. Alap3 ot towns, cities or counties.
of any date; views and engravings of
buildings or historic places, drawings
or photographs of scenery, paintings,
portraits, etc., connected with Kansas
C. Curiosities of all kinds, coins.
medals, paintings, portraits, cmrrav- T5 DmirrMc' T tt3T3t t ttt fnrM "Dr a TrTrr''C e
iligs, statues, war relics, autograph let- VV in o xivxjtjtvv-' v Lu v-j.n i unn lijiw
tcrs oi distinguished persons, etc.
7. Facts illustrative of our Indian
tribes; their history, characteristics,
religion, etc.; sketches of our promi
nent chiefs, orators, and warriors, to
gether with contributions of Indian
weapons, costumes, ornaments, curi
osities and implements, also stouo axes
spears, arrow heads, pottery, or other
relics of the pre-historic races.
In brief everything, that by the
most liberal construction, can illus
trate the history of Kansas, its early
settlement, its progress or present
condition, all will be of value or in
terest to succeeding generations.
Communications or gifts may be ad
dressed to P. G. .Adams, Secretary of
the Society at Topeka, who will
promptly answer all correspondence,
and make due acknowledgment of ev
erything deposited iu the collection of
the Society.
Buckeye 'Plow Sulkies,
Another Horrible AUu&cre.
New Yokic, August 24. The Turk
ish Minister of Foreign Affairs iutoriiis
his diplomatic agents abroad that the
Russians on entering Eki Saghra dis
armed the Mus&uluieii and employed
Mokdurs to fetch Mussulmeu out ot
their houses, and they were massa
cred ; 1,100 wero put to death, the
Russians entered Lovatz. aud fifteen
women ami children, llceiug trom the
invaders wero killed. The others, to
escape outrage or death, had to aban
don everything, even their children.
Every Mussulman's house iu LovuU
was pillaged. Alter the recaptura of
tho town the Ilussiaus carried devas
tation and carnage into the ueigti bor
ing districts. The Russians drove out
all Mussulmeu inhabitants of the vil
lage of llerste, and burned all the men
and some ol the women, uniy one
woman escaped. Seventy Mussuliuen
and Imaum of Yuklum were shut up
in a barn, which was tired. Forty-four
other Mussulmeu wero massacred, and
all Mussuliuen wonicu outraged. Eight
young girls who resisted wero killed
and two burned with the men. A
greater part of the other women uud
children were taken outside tho village
and with their children by their sides
were slaughtered. Twenty women
and children who escaped the massa
cre were rescued by tho Ottoman
troops. An English military attache
himself witnessed all these horrors.
The Russians disarmed the Mussul
iuen of Eski, Saghra, Kezeulik, and
tho neighboring viilagcs, and distrib
uted the arms among the Bulgarians,
who drove down 400 Mussuliuen to the
river Tuudga and massacred them. At
Eski Saghra tho Bulgarians continue
the massacre of the Mussulman popu
lation. The atrocities committed by
the Cossacks and Bulgarians continue.
The women and children who had
sought refuge iu Khir'tcr-Kcni were
massacred, and other families shut up
iu the granary were delivered by our
troops, among them several women
aud children wounded. Tho Bulgari
ans put to lire and sword the Mussel
man villago of Sofcdji, aud several
others after having carried off the wo
men and girls, whom they outraged,
killed and mutilated horribly. One
woman and her two sous were" the on
ly persons saved.
Attacked by Isdians.
Dkadwood, August 23. Tho party
of two hundred persons who left hero
two weeks ago for tho Littlo Missouri
river returned to-day. They state that
last Tuesday afternoon thepartv dis
covered Indians close to them. They
selected high u round and dugriflle pits
l'hey had been digging about twenty
minute.-, when near the hundred Indian-
appeared on a blulf about 40-J
ardi off, and commenced tiring. Tnu
lig'it la-ted uearlv four hours. Tho.
H. Carr. quartz recorder of tho Dead
wood mining di-triei, va- shot
through the head and killed. Twout
seven hoies belonging to the miners
were also killed. Alter dark the In
dians withdrew aud the miners e-caped
being obliged to walk lo0 miles back
to this city.
A Tssis Dsspuraio Cajturoi.
Whiting, Ala., August 21. To-day
a a train was leaving Pensacola, the
sheriff, with a posse, boarded the cars
to assist Texan officers to arrest the
notorious John Wesley Hardin, who
is said to have committed twonty--even
murders, and for whoso bodv
$1,000 reward has been offered by an
act of the Legislature of Texas. His
la-t murder iu Texas was tho killing
of tho sheriff of Comaucho county.
He has lived in Florida for several
years under the name of John Swain.
About twenty 3hots were fired iu
making the arrest, and Hardin's com
panion, named Maun, who had a pistol
in his hand, was killed.
Avery's Spiral Knife Stalk Cutters,
Haiti's Celebrated Farm and Spring Wagons, Schutllcr's Celebrated Wagons
Buckeye Grain Drills, llcapcrs, Mowers, Harvesters.
13777''"'littl'ilr earned in til f time", but
iP itcanljfcirnlliilhrteminth-l.iiir
(ineof ..iincr:, ln.mr lursnnii oun.itrj wIm
m willing t. work :-.liiv it t!n? uyl n a
tfiat we lurnuh. 'pi.j r wee in yourivf trn i
u ner'l utt lwnv.iv Irum limner mTiiUu.t Van
cn ncyour whoir n.'ii 'i.)!1!.: u.irk i,rinl j ur
bprv m-imenU. V. liu. .ri'iit- iv.i trcunk-
iugovr $Ji peril ly Ml ihi ri.iri(r- t onto i
c in m ike immey fi-; t tilt u fill tmiir niuiiey .
cannot be in iIc ot .si v .i.il i'ip.Ui .v in; 'tier
bniities-l. It co.it uot'im i try the liu-im s '
ierm, untl $, uuiilr iree. .VUlns.-i.ut one, II.
IIallkit AUi , I'urtltul, Mine. ls-ly
Shorm'c Sale.
Chicago, August 24. The Inter
Ocean having addressed a circular let
ter to the various members of Con
gress, asking them to indicate their
position on the subject of rcmonetiz
ing silver, has received replies from
ISO of thee, 131 favor repealing tho
law of 1873 and restoring tho dollar of
the fathers to its old place in tho coin
age, 15 remonctizing with conditions
attached. 18 opposo remonetizing, HI
are undecided, and two decline to an
swer. These answers represent every
Sfatc, and include 31 Senators and 16G
Kepresentatives. Of tho latter 113
advocate tho measure and 13 oppose it.
Riverviav Academy.
PoUfjhkeepSie, Mew York.
A viile-iivuki'.t!ionnili-oiii school forlwiys
Cl.i'slctt. Oiiumerci.il, Jlilitiry. In ima bwt.
Sc I'rosiw elm . 1 i-Zm .
Bridffo Petition.
Notice ulierHiv iiirm ilu n petition will lie
prt M-nleil to ihe bonl of county iuiiiisal.iiitrrs
uf the county of seiljSWicW. sine of Kuti.-i m, ut
their resnLir session in October, next ensiun?.
Hiking lor an appropriation oreeii-n liun.lreil
ilollurs (37iW), to aiil in biuMwir abrnlpe neros,
th north Ninnc-cih river on section itnebetvtn
sections sin (fl) ami MVen ' in Grand Iliwr
township. Urtimilatl cost of jh1 bridge, one
l'iiouJ!it Curat llnwl nl .iml eventy-it dol
lars (SlaTG). length o bridge from hank to bank,
two hundred and sixty-fonr leet.
10-1 Many Petitioner.
In the Frobate Court of Sedgn ick county Kan-
lii the mutter of the estate of Charles Williams,
atierson ol imsound mind.
V..tlml.h.rrliF i-lrenthnt M. W. I-CVV VT3S
dulv appointed guardian of the estate nt the said i
. .... t,'in:n...r. 1... l.n IfiM.....!.!.. Prnliati. r
Courtors.iid county, on the lath day or July,
A. 1. 1377. 31- VT- LE .
ig.it (juaruian.
Personal Tax Notice.
Distrlrt Cuts. I3lh -Judicial DiitTict. Sodsveick
wnntv, IChikoa.
JI 31. A Tux toiler. 1
J. IS. i.'ohrrls and f
L ic Kohvrtd )
1) virile ul a:i oidcr of nale iMiied out of the
. iiaUic..urloi the Milt .Jtidioiul I'lDlncr. elt
ItiijCii. and inr -!.: ice cotiuty, Kain.fi, wiieie
'iuJI .11 Alrtu,iileriiilMiiitiauint J U. Roberts
j and Liuru I; ittcrls, dcieud.iutd, 1 will, oa
I Sitvniiy, Ihr sA day of r,te.iiber, A D. Ie77.
j between the hours S and 4 o'clock p m.,u:iht
cvuriboii-e ooor. bcln a' the 1'ioiit of Iluildiujr
! Juimii.. Kiirle Ul.uk. ou Dimirlas aienue. in
Ihr cn of Wichita. Kansuj. inferior sale ut pun-
,10 uuci.uu 10 we. mnesi niiiuir iorca.-ii in ii.icil.
.1. ilio right, t tie -mil interest of the delendants
.1. 11 lioOeru and Lain-1 Itobetli., in and to Ihe
loltuitliiir described real Property, situated in
Ihei-ouiity ofttdg-.yict.btateor hjinsaj, to wit:
The duelling house and lot .Vi one hundred
and -eeu iloj) on Marker street in Ihe cily of
Wichita, mid Ihe business home and lot Xo. Ally
Hi eon Jinn street in Ihe city or Wichita, nil be
ing in the connty of Sedgwick and state of Kan
sas. s.ud real property it levied upon as theproper
tv ot defendants. J It IMljert jml Linn, ir..ii
ertrt, mill w.u be sold los.itUiysuidomerornale.
1 l...l-. .1 'I ...II.... 1, '..I. . I . . . a
county, Kanus, August ;, A. I. lo77.
ii. n . itussixti.
Sheriff of Sntgwicfc Uonnty, Kjn-iaj.
Sinn, atuoley & Ilalton, riaintiu"a Attorney
a id
railway from Bclolt, in Mitchell connty, state of
Kansaj, through the counties orilitchell.Uoud,
Ottawa, Saline, ilcriierjon, Harrer, Sedgwick
and humner, and: thence east to the eastern
boundary of tho state of Kansaa, In Cherokee
county, with n branch from some- point in Sum
ner county down the valley ol the Arkansas riv-
21 1 .ihe.n".TiSaWe waters of said stream, at k ort
Smith, Arkansas. And,
-LJ'?reas' U U ProPosed by said railway com
,PiSl '"on?1 ,"t their said rallwoy throusU the
Kansas' rMU SeJ'wick eoun'r. State oj
th?n7iihfmrorc,'.t?c un'lerslgneil. betn5 more
l.mSrM0r,fihV.f thc tax-payers resident in said
tonwship, would most respectfully ititin your
hr mH'Vi1 ,0 snbmi' to the qiialiUed voters
ff ,t0"9,hi,P'a' pecil election to be held
L" fa"Ll0,In,,,'IVJUM,layUl fourth day or
sernember, A. I 1-77 rorthat purple, iu pro
vided lor ia.an act entitled ".S act to ruiblo
counties, townships and cities to aid In the cn
strtit tion of railroad, and to reiieal section eicti
of chapter thirty-nine of the law or IS7. ap
proved February 25, IS73," and acts ainaMtorr
lliereol, a proportion, si provided fori&ua.d
acw. to aid in the construction ofr-jid rail r,
by subscribing to the capital s octoruie sulu.u a
Arkansas alley & Kaiicrn Ujilwuy O nipa.. . t j
tuo imoaut of eighteen ul.iujnd .I.Ulars. ,ni' h
pay therefor by inning and delivering ti sa. I
jxiilwaV company or In ir assiu, ilu b .11 j 1
su.l toiiub ,iof3Iort..u ti an eipi..i ..mourn. 1
eighteen tho i-.nd iljll.ii,.; l-njoi-UJ, . a.u a
wuoieamonnror le bonds of s id lo'V.-ti.t
mil it mm delivend to mid r.ulwa.- compa f
niiinotcxeeed uf een lh ju. and dolLi- ami 11 o
iierobt.aUnitiuu.i,,! ,,. ani value .f t"
,..o,irrty 01 tor i.i) .,i ownhii. .. hwn
.y Ihe a -meni l.t nude prior t the de
i.er, or II.,- U,t ot s..id bond t . the s in 1-
VJL'?i,'.".?J ot. ''"'' --.iM in ih- r. -e-01..I
at jt.c times hereinafter t forth ; .. . j. n
jliil. ootids shll mature aim be tmjat.v ti y
ycara alit r the date upoiuhien t.V. are 1- . .
...Ill tat. .11 luu In ...v. . a . . a. . . '.
...... -... Uv -iKici , nit rate 01 ten p
per annum, payable semi-annually ou (!.
diys of January and July of -. ach j ear a id
have semi-annual inlerest coupons; sttat'
both principal and interna Mull te p '
the liscal ajrency of the utile or Kansas " 1
of New York, the principal of Ihe b.inil.. 1
by said tonwshin in aid nrihi. n.i-;.,i
?aid railay, shall bo paid by the payment of an
eipu il proportion thereof in each of tho last tin of
"'"""; j Hiiicusiiii uoniisiiare to run v o
ridtJ, bowoer, tbatsaid township sh.i.1 re c. a
the riyhtor paying the whole or any part of d
bonds at any tunc alter the expiration r en
years from the date thereor by giving n-tco
thereof Tor the period of twelve months pi no
such proponed payment.
aaid bonds shall be issued In snch denomina
tions aa said railway company or their On-iir'u
may designate.
'1 he subscription, by said to-xnship, to the c.t
ital stock or said company shali be made npoa
the condition that said railway company eho... a
provided for in section eijht or said first named
act, in exchange for said towi3hip bond, deliv
er to the treasurer of said township stock in t ic Ir
said road emul 111 amount with tho bond-, author
ized to be issued, dollar lor dollar, rroriii J,
Always that no such township bomls shall t-c s
tucil anddclitcred tosatd company or their as
signs until said railway is built and the cars roj
ninj; thereon through saidtownahip or Mo.t..i
nnd a station established therein and that s .1
railway shall be contracted thronz.i sai l towa
ship within one ear from the day upon wh.ca
majority or those voting on this prouojiuou hall
yotttin lavor thereof. When said n-.ilway su.l
have been constructed an bo in operat. n
through said township and a station estahi shed
therein and not sooner, then Uwre shall be !. a. d
aud delivered to said railway company or iut r
assigns inoxchange for an enual amount oft o
paid up capital stocn. of said company the bonxs
ofiaid township tothcamountof lifleenthou. .tad
dollars (ilj.wy) and at such tline or turn t-er -after
as Bald railway company or Uiciras. urn
shall designate, there shall be delivered t- ra d
company or their iryigna In exchange for cnnit
amoimtsor thc paid upcapitalstockof saldcjni
pouy the bonds of said township to such n
amount or amounts which, with the bonds p.-ci -ously
delivered ti said company, shall amc unt .n
thea?ETe,atc to eighteen thousand drill it i"i-
said eiccttonto bo hold in said township aft r
thirty days notice thereof shall have been given
in tiie lekita weekly Ettcon it uewspiiper pub
lished at Wichita the county seat ot Sedgwick
connty, State of Kansaj, and having a general
circulation in said township of Morton.
At such election as your honorable body may
order m said township, those voting In favor of
the foregoiug proposition shall have written or
printed on their ballots "For extending aid to
the Solomon, Arkansas Valley A Eastern "Hail
way Company," and nil such baUots und only
suciishaU be counted in favor ofthe proposi
tion set forth in this petition. And those Vo.mg
at such election agatnst the foregoing proposi
tion shall have written or printed on there bal
lats "Against extending aid to the Solomon,
Arkansas Valley A Kastem Hallway Company,''
and all such ballots and onlysuchshall be count
ed against the jrojosition set forth in U113 peti
Oeo W Walter
G VT Itostick
C XV Hank3
D M llevcrly
David Bostick
J II Sanders
J 11 Ilrickhouss
John Campbell
Thomas Garwood
James G'arwood
And whereas it hoa been shown inilulij ..
tion of said board of county coiium n.uers nd
tho said board 30 finds tdjudeaatul e .m
tint said p.tilion ha been tigued by uuii 1
tains tbe names of more than iiti.-i!f.., ... .
tax-payers actually residing in s.idt... 1 1 f
jiorion aiiuio oe regular mi.t legal iu 10. m
XoW therefore li.irnu.mt to ine i.mi r ..
I eluloa una thenialu'e lit audi ca.-e ja ic 1 4
provided 11 is utri-O) ordered Iij ine ou.
.siuTi' comintsoiucia ul td-rwiek cu 1. :-
of Kansas, iR it aicial elecllau be Me .1 a 3
fouutihipoi Uonou lu riaid county .1 1
tultiig pia 1 ner 'ii 011 u.e
4.11 lAi ur .sr:ilr..UDfc.i:, A. D IS 7
at which said elei tion 'he followiDg p ;., n
.lail be nitamillt'i to Hie le'al toler, i. i
lowu-uiip li.r their decioioii by ballot to wu
snail ine uoaru 01 cnuntv eniumi- .jne 4tf
-edzwick County. State of Kan., to 1 .1 ,
co b ruction of the Solomon, Arxo.m- 5
1. iriera i.uiiwi.y i-ompaay lunnmgii u
-.tup of Mortou in -'iid county unit siai. .
county clerk of said coumy, as pro(.i. . 1
an act of the Legislature of ihe state ol K
entitled "Alt act to eu.ble counties, t .
aud cities to aid in the c uslrueiton ot ia
audio repeal section eight chapter thut -
the laws of 1S71 approved t ebmary si, is;
els amendatory tnereol," for aud on
and In the name of said township ot II -i n
subscribe to (or tor) the capital stock i .
omoi, Arkansas Valley A ho-s:eni Kailw
puny to the amount of elghtetn 111 ,iunul "ia.
said capital stock to be paid lor by sat.t U
county commiBJioncriHEUmg and delivn c,
said railway company the bonds of said tw
A U Wheeler
WN" Myers
Win II Vaniluren
Samuel Unit
Albert Kimball
Albert Jeter
P II Kessler
I, l" Max&m
J W I'hlllips
T I) Fouts
It 31 Montgomery
W Gilbert
W M Bond
In the District Conrtof Sedgwick County, State
ot Kansas.
Geo. II. Sweet and F. It. Stone,
partners as Sweet & stone,
James G. Harnwell.C J. Kcmn
tou and Mary A. llarnweli.
Defendants. J
Corn i1 Pork,
PoBlraa6ter General Key is iu the
center of about as animated a hornet's
ucst as has been stirred up lately. His
quiet allusion to the "erring southern
brethren" in his speech at Bennington
tho other day, has made the soutn
madder thau anything since Blaine'
answer to Hill. Mr. Key is callad all
ortaot names, from a traitor aud a
coward to a jackass, and the President
is advised to kick him out of thc Cab
inet end look for some other person if
Jtiodeiires a representative iouthom
Bi&n ov au ftdrisor.
Professor Hall, of thc National Ob
servatory at 'Washington, has discov
ered a satclitc to the planet Mars, lie
thinks there are two, but is only posi
tively Biire as to one. This is one of
thc most important discoveries of
modern times, iu astronamical science.
The German singing societies of
Kansas have been holding a grand and
successful sangcrfest at Atchison.clos
ing up on Tuesday. The city for a
day or two was full of singers from
Missouri aud Kansas towns.
The Washington correspondent of
thc Cincinnati Gazette says that if tho
Republicans carry the Ohio Legisla
ture, Secretary Sherman will bo a can
didate for tho Scnatorship against
both Garfield aud Matthews.
One result of i.,t i eline iu the price
of corn will be to very largely check
shipments. The mass of the old corn
is in the hands of men who are able to
hold it, aud they will not sell at much
less than thirty cents. A much larger
amount than usual will be fed tohogs,
aud thus turned into pork. The coun
try is full of hogs, and our farmers
will push them to tho utmost. A
pound of pork weighs no more thau a
a pou 11 a ot corn, ana is worth about
ten limes as much. The result will be
that tho railroad companies will have
about one-tenth as many pounds of
freight to carry. Our advice to fann
ers is to sell just as little corn as pos
sible, and instead feed it to their hogs
and cattle. For farmers of small
means pork affords the speediest and
surest returns. Tho next two months
is the best timo of tho wholo year for
fattening hogs. Put the surplus corn
into pork and be ready to turn it off
at an early day. Lawrence Journal.
Chicago Times: The recent rains
havo discouraged Southern Kansas far
mers. Their corn crop will be so large
they expect groat uifQculty iu obtain
ing sufilciont lumber to build cribs,
Secretary Sherman's Definiton of Resumption.
Although tho qucstiou of resump
tion has been discussed for years,
there is still irreat confusion of
thought in regard to it. Quite a large
part of tho people have an idea that it
means the total disuse of a paper cur
rency and thc substitution therefor of
coin." A still larger number believe
that it means the retirement of all tho
Secretary Sherman has a few words
on this subject iu his speech recently
made at Mansfield, Ohio, which ought
to dissipate some of these erroneous,
notion'. He savs:
"What do wo mean by tho phrase a
resumption of specie payments f l
it that wc are to have no paper monoy
in circulation? If so, I am as mucli
opposed to it as any of you. Is it
that wc are to retire our greenback
circulation ? If so, I am opposed to
it, and have often said so. What I
mean bv snecie payments is simply
that paper money ought to be made
equal to coin, eo that when you re
ceive it it will buy as much beef, corn
or clothing as coin. A return to spe
cie payments does not mean that there
is to bo no paper incirculation, nor
that greenbacks are to be retired, but
that paper money shall bo made equal
to coin."
According to Secretary Sherman's
interpretation, and he is doubtless cor
rect, the resumption act contemplates
that, in addition to gold, silver and
bank notes, thc forms of circulation
we had before the passage of thc Le
sral Tender act, wc shall havo perma
nently not less than $300,000,000 of
Government paper, lawful money
which wc did not then have. Our
joint coin and paper legal tender
will be about three times inc amount
of" lawful money used in ante-war
times, affording a vastly broader basis
for baukino-, and our bank circulation
also will be much larger thau then.
The Indian War.
SATr Lake, August 25. The fol
lowing is the statement of Capt. Bain
bridge, commanding at Fort Hall :
I left this post at 2 p. in. on the 19th
inst., lor Gen. Howard' command,
with an escort of Ion solniers and lifly
B.inuork Shoshone scouts, authorized
by Gon. Sheridan, and reached Gen.
Howard at 1 a. m. ou the 22d iui.,
haviusr marched 150 miles. Hovvaid
-was directly ou the ho-.tiies' trail, one
(lay's inarch in the rear. I inarciivd
wi'tli oue day aud left him fifteen miles
south of Henry's hike, which place he
intended to reach the samo day. The
hostiles are badly demoralized. There
are not to exceed 200 lightinir men of
them. L found tho freighters and
ranche men along tho mountain stage
road in a very demoralized condition.
The freighters who were ou the road
between Sand Hule uud Pleasant Val
ley at the time the hostiles struck it,
hud left their wagons where they hap
pened to he. in most instances loaded
with valuable freight, aud had taken
their stock to a place of safety. Iu
one instanco I found wagons,, one load
ed with metallic cartridges and pow
der,but the hostiles had not disturbed
them. As soon as I had passed over
the road tho freighters commenced
moving again. Tho hostiles had dis
turbed no freiitht on the road. How
ard was pleased to get tho Indian
scouts, and thinks they will do him
good service. Gen. Howard aud his
command are having a severe cam
paign, but are all iu good spirits, hop
ing to titiish tho hostiles iu a short
II is understood that one of thc
questions put to all applicants for life
insurauco iu Mississippi is as follows:
"Aro you ruptured, subject to heart
disease, of an appoplcctic habit, a Re
publican, or in any other manner like
ly to die suddenly."
Ihe abovo named J.uno3 G. llarnweli anil Mary
a . ...... .-..ir -.(-.ii,.!.. :......... .. i. -
All persons Indebted to the county on personal sn"ed by the above named plaintiffs intliedis,ricl
ux win pikiso wu i'tu.im uvi imj w o.w t cjun oi -euswiCi county, state ofiuiuaas.
to the sheriff and sae further CMb
Ihe under-signed would respectfully inform thr
publicthat they have formed a partnership Tor
the purpose of inanufacturiii(j Artificial atone
lirlcc, also all kinds of ornamental work for line
buildings, such as brackets cornices, arches lor
doors, windows .tc Chimneys oi an siyies,
which we can funiUli at less coitthan brick
Tho.-e intending to build will do well to give us
a call. Our works are situated south of Mr
Woodman's residence on the Little Kiver, where
you will alwats find oome one iu attendance to
wait ou Ihosc that may fin or us Willi a call .
Bridge tho Slouffh.
Notice is hereby given that a petition will be
presented to thc board of county commissioners
of Sedgwick county, Kansas, nt their regular
meeting in October asking lor an appropriation
of two hundred dollirs, for tho purpo-c of bridg
ing the bigblough, west of the city of Wichita,
til estimated cost of which is 8100, between
sec. -2 nnd 23 nnd 27 and 6, Township 27, 1 west.
1 Mc Donald. J. W. Keith.
Win, II. King. XV IS. Dreman.
S. V. Chapman. A. Ilogcboon.
S.L. l'spe. 21-3
Wichita. Kans. Ang 20Si 1S77.
Complaint having been entered at this Onicc
by James II. Anderson aeaiint Charles T. Dixon
for abandlcg his Untry, No. Ml, d iteil July it,
1S71, upon the south west U, Section!, lown
ohipSlijoulh, Itungcl l.nl, iu "edgwickCountv,
Ka s.is, with a view to the cancellation of said
entry : the said parties are hereby summoned to
appeirut this uilicc outhe21tli dav nf sept , 1S77
at'Jo'cIock A. X , tore-pond and furnish le-ti-inony
concerning Slid alleged Tailure to comply
Willi Ihe liiiibert-ullure Act
2.M II. I. TVVI.OIt. tlcgister.
.ini'.u np PAur-EXTUR AXll JOIN'Eli WOKK
in the city of Wichita and surrounding country.
Farmers' jobs n specialty. All work lom with
neatness aud dispatch. I guarantee to do all
work at 20 per cent, below present price', for
cash. I reside in the fourth block south of Dong
las avenne, on Main street, east side, last house
in the block. Day work furnished at lowest
rates. 2u-lyl n. U. LAWISKXCE.
-u-.. w - '-v-.n ,e-u. vuuutj j. SMtb W llillHai. 41111
that unless they answer the petition of said plain-
..- ...iu.. uim jjk-u III lll llbllOil III me Ol"
llceortliL olerk ofwiid court, by the22dday of
Septemher, 1S77, suid petition will be taken as
true and juugment will be renderedm said action
in favor of said plaintiffs and-against said James
U. Ikirnwell lor thc sum of J00with interest
thereon from October So, ls7B, at 7 percent, per
annum, and Ibr the sale of all the right, title and
inttrstof each anu all of the above named de-
feniuints, in lots la, -M and 50, on Douglas ave-
noe in J. I. Mead's addition to the city of
icuii.1, .-eugrvicK county, Kansas, nnder a
mechanic's lien to satisly said sums of mney,
interest and cost uf said action.
siass, sTAXLi;v n.vrro.v,
M-l l'laintiff's Attorneys.
From the undersigned one red Texa3 cow,
branded on right side, I). A. I.. Al3o one roan
yearling native hclffer with left car split. A
liberal reward will bo paid for uny information
Icadiug to recovery of the same.
Butchers, o. 10 Main street, Wichita. Kan.
August lib, 1377. la-3
Fall session commences September 5th, 177.
Full course of instruction In collegiate and pre
paratory departments. Special course In Natu
ral History, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, and
Modern Literature. A higher normal course.
Open nlikc lo all youlh.
Tuition free. Contingent fee $5 per session.
Send for catalogue to I'rof. D. II. Robinson, Sec
retary of Faculty, Lawrence, Kansas.
Wichita, Kans., Aug. 24, 13771
Complaint having been entered at this olhce by
Christopher Foxuguu't James Carter lor ablu
tion ngni llomesieid entry Xo Gltt, dated Dec
9th, 1!7C upon the .Niiuh West V Section b. Town
ship -(! south, Kange I West, in Kcno County,
Kansas, with i ic to the caiiLell.ition or said
entry ; thestld parties -ire hereby summoned to
ippear at this OUicc on the th d ty of Septem
ber, ls77, utS o'elock, A M.. to respond and
furiu-h testimony concerning said alleged ab in
donment. ill II-L. TAYLOR, Register.
Treasurer's Notice of Sale of School Lands.
CoL-.vrr TncAstjiiER's OrrtcE, t
Wichita, Kansas, August flth, liu )
Xotice is hereby gii en tli it I will, on atiirday,
the bth day of-tptimber, 1S77, st my olilce, offer
lor sale and sell to the highest bidder, in legal
sub liviamns tin- loilowiui? tU'cribid school
Ik'u Mtiuted in -su.lgiviek county , state of Kan
sas, to-wit:
cction.5o, town ii, range 1 east.
rer icrc.
Votorinary Surgeon,
Ofilceat.I. I'. Reese's brick stable on Douglas
Avenne, Wichita, Kansas.
Calls promptly attended at all hours of the day
or night by telegraph or letter.
Veterinary medicines carefully compounded,
and for sale, skillful treatment of cattle nnd
logs as well .13 horses. 3-tf
ot Morton, to an emial amjunt of eghtecn
auuuonars; jTonara, macule wnole am r
the bonds of sml township so issued atni i ei
ered to said railway company, shall not e
llltcenl2ionanl dollars, and live nr rent. ...
tlonal of the ases:sed value of thc proper! i f,
(or in) said township, as shown bytlieoesc s
mcutlast made, prior to the delivery of tin. st
of said bonds, to said railway company o. ih ir
assigns in the manner and at Uie times hereinaf
ter bet foita. baidtownship bono shall maUro
und be payable thirty years after thedate tij in
ihicli they are issued and shall bear inte.est
at the rate of ten per cent, per annum, para lo
semi-annually, ou tho lirst day3 of Jannary aad
Jnlyofearh year, and shall haver s-ral-annal
interest coupons attached and both prim ipal a il
IntercstshallbcpayableatthelUcalugencv ot he
State of Kansas in Ihe city of Xcw Voit. T,.a
principal of tbe bonds iwued by said toyn 1: i,
in aid of the construction of sain railway sha. I ,ia
paid by tho payment of an cpa.il pnpoit a
thereof in each of the last ten of the tlnrt e- s
which said bonds have to run: Pjtvidet, U .,-.
ever, tiiat said township shall reserve the r t it
p.i uisrlhc whole or any iKiriiou ot said uon i nt
any time alter the expiration of ten years from
(he date thereof by giving notice thereor for ae
period of twelve mouths prior to such propos. it
said bonds shall be issued In such denomina
tions as nid railroad company or their assigns
may designate.
Ihe subscription by said township tolhecaxdal
stock of said company shall be made npoii tae
condition that said railway company shall, as
provided tor in section eight ot said lirst named
act in exchange for said township bonds, ile1, -crt
thc treasurer of said township stock in their
said road equal In amount with the bonds authc e
ized to be laoued dollar for dollar : PrasidtJ,
always, that no such township bonds shall b is
sued and delivered to said company or their as
signs until said railway i3 built and the cars run
ning thereon though said township of Morton,
and a station established therein uud that said
railway shall bo constructed through said town
ship within one year from the day upon which a
majority of those volingon this proposition 1l. 11
vote in lavor thereof.
When said railway shall have been constructed
and be in operation through said township and a
station shall have been established therein and
not fooccr then there shall be Issued and deliv
ered to said railway company or their assigns in
exchange for an eiiual amount of the i-uid np cap
ital stock of said company the bonds of Ja.d
PnlrJ Ureat chance to m ike money Ifyo.ican't
UUIUii-t gold you can get greenbacks. Wc,
need u person iu every town to tiikeubcnp
tionstbrlhelirgest, cheapest and bmt Illustrat
ed funily publication in Hi.: world. Any one
can become a successlul agent. Ihe most elegant
norks ofart given free to subscribers. The price
is so low that almost everybody subscribes. One
agent reports making ocr S1.W lu a week. A
ludy agent reports taking over ViO subscribers in
ten days All who eugigc mute m ney fast.
You cm devote nil jour time to the business or
only jour spare time. You nrd not be awaj
trom home over night. You can do it as w 11 as
others. F"ll pirticulars, directions aud terms
Ir-c- Flegam and expeiiaiieouult free. If you
want protluble work tend us your address at
once. It costs nothing to try the business. Xo
oue who engages fails to make great pay. Ad
dress 'Thel,eop'.e'sJournal,"l'ortIaad, Maine.
Xe ' of ne U
Xw 'i of lie '
e U of lie 'i ..
ow U of ne !i...
Ne.' of nw M ..
Xw 'i of nw '
sc U ol liu ,'i. . .
sw 'i of uw '4 .
Xe qr of m; qr ..
Xwqrot seqr
-eqroi seqr. ...
Xwqrof sw qr..
Seqrofswqr .
sedal 31 oa
:; vO
.; Jo
3 j
4 50
3 50
3 a,
4 01
a 0O
4 W
"Wagon and Carriage ihop.
I wish to Iniorni my iriends and tho public
frenerally that I consider myself permanently
ocited in Wichita, nnd am prepared to do afl
kinds of Wagon und Carr I ago work In tbe best
style, shop in connection with Y'ike A Granger's
blacksmith hhop, onAValerotrect.
10- a. Avrr.
Tartlcs wislimjr to train horses for the
fpeedrinjrat the coming si-tlwick count)
lair will require permit 10 tho giouads Train
l. K. Hari-, General tuiperiiiiendent
ISy order ol IV. 11. ili.vio.v. t'res.
V. I'. sTtM. Secretary. tT-.'it
Gcu. Grunt arrived in
last Saturday morning.
Loudon ou
Gold Going Down.
It is worthy of notice that ever since
Secretary Sherman's 6pecch at Mans
field jjold has steadily declined. For
the last threo days we have quoted
greenbacks at less than four cents on
the dollar below srold in the New
York market. The lirst thing wo
shall know, we shall find the gold pre
mium gouo entiroly. Lawrence Journal,
Wichita, Kansas, August, 17, 1377. j
Complaint having btn entered at this office by
Joseph II. liurson against William II. Bishop,
I for abandoning his us ige filing Xo. 77:3, dated
April 15, 1S.3 upon the northwest quarter section
2S. town 2U south, range two west in s'edewiek
county, Kansas, with a view to the cancellation ot
said entry: the said pirties are hereby summoned
toappearat this ollice on the 15th day of.'Sep
teniber, 1j77, at 0 o'clock a. m., to respond and
fitrn'Sh testimony concerning said alledgcd
abandonment. 1'iaintiffgiles notice that he will
upply to enter s.ud tract upon cancellation of
ssidadirseD. s. under his tiling Xo. 12KM, for
said land. ...
!!- U. L. TATLQJt, Rcsistr,
llids on the iboie describe I land may be nude
between the hours ol IU o'clock a m and .1 p. in.
onnaiduay of sale. L. X WOODCOCK,
20-4 County treasurer.
SainiTs Sale.
J. It.A'kew, )
It. L. West & It. L. We't. jr J-
minorheirof Loulsi Uest,
deceased. J
District Court, Thirteenth Judicial District,
sedgwiee. County, Kansas.
ISy wrtueot 1111 order of :ile issue I out of the
District Court of Ihe HUi Judicial District, sit
tingiu and for Sedgwick couuty . Kan, as, where
in J.lt. Askew is plaintiff, anil It. L. West et a!.
ueienuauis, 1 will.
On Saturday, the loth dvj of Seplenl'r, A. D. Ia77,
between the hours of 2 mid 1 p. m. , at tho Court
House door, being in front of the building known
as Kagle lilock, on Douglas avenue, in thc city of
Wichita, Kansas, offer tor sale at public auction,
to the highest bidder for cash In hand, all the
right, titte and interest of thc defendants. IS. L.
Ucst und i: I,. West jr., minor heir or Louisa
West deceased, in nnd to the following describi-d
real proierty,Mtuated in the county of Sedg
wick, state of Kansas, to witi
The northwest ci uarter of the northeast quarter
and tho southeast quarter of the northwest quar
ter and northeast quarter of the soutuwe-t quar
ter or section Xo. thirty-three (XI), in township
Xo. twenty-nine (JU), rang. No two (2) west.
Said real propcrt is levied upon as the prop
erty of defendant!!. L. West, and It. L. Uest,
Jr , minor heir of Louisa West, deceased, and
will be sold to satisly S'lid order of sale.
sheriff's ollice. ichita, Jedgwick Connty,
Kansas, August 13, A. D. IS.i.
SberiffScdgwldk County, Kansas.
Slass, Stanley ii lUttou, 1'lainUff'sAlt.
' 39-3t
Teachers Examination.
There w II be an examination of icachers for
Sedgwick county at Ifcctchool hou. eiu Wichita,
1.11 d.tut'laj, ihe lirst day of September, com
nieiiciiigai'Jo'i.lock, a. in. M if. ItilUcrJ,
-l-i County superintend, nt.
Administrator's Notic9.
In the Probate Court ol sedgwick County, Stale
of Kansas.
In th nutter orthe Kstate of John W Ilastett.
10 Ainuii.l. Il.ulett, J. It. llaslett, Mollie llas-
lett, Maggie I'ost, A. F llaslett aud Anna
Y'oii uud each of you are herebv notified that on
tho Itth dayor August, A. 1). 1S77, the untler
"Igneil, Adiuiulatratorof Ihecsluleof John W.
llaslett, deceased, tiled in Ihe l'rubate Court of
Ihe County of onLnwck nnd stiteof Kansas, :
petition for the sale ol Ihe real estate situated in
me County of Sedgwick and ''ale of Kansas, to
ll I!: Lots -No. CI and 05, on f.mporia avenue, In
the City ..rWicmu. in X. A. Lagluli's aldiiion
to said city, :i shown by tile reoorde . plat there
ol, at the properly of J'dui W. Hasletl, to pay
thedebtsol the said John W. Il.ilell. deeeoseilr
that the applieali.ui upon said pcUtiou will be
heard ou the 2'et day of August, A. D. Isl77, by
the said Probate Court, at hi-sofllce In said City
ot Wichita, state of Kansas, uh re and when yon
may apnear and defend against Mid application.
2i M. W.LfcVi-.
Sheriff 'o Election Proclamation.
OX the Bnt tlay of July, A D. H77. the
Itoard of County Commissioners or sedg
wick county, state of Kansas, being duly con
vened in special sessional the cltyef Wichita,
thc county seat of said county, made and entered
on record tho following order, to-wit.
Whereas, a petition signed bj' A. I. Wheeler
and 2i ntlvr, being more than Iwo-fllths ofthe
rosident tax-payers of thc municipal township of
Morton, in (he counly of "-eilgwics. StateofKan-
sas, wo on tho am day or July, 1377, presented
to the boird of connty commissfnner3 ofScdj
wiek county, Sfciteof Kansas, which said peti
tion is in the words and figures following, to wit:
rirrmox roi: special election'.
To tho Honorable Hoard of Count- Commission
ers of Sedgwick count". State o'f Kansas:
Whereas, The Solomon, Arkansas Valley i
Kostern Kailway cooipoay prujuc to conatiucc a
townshio to Hie amount of fifteen thousand d 1 1-
lars and at such time or times thereafter aasaid
railway company or Uiclr assigns shall designate
there shall be delivered tosiul rall-vay coinpi.ny
or their assigns in exchange for equal amount of
thc paid up capital stock of said compnny the
bonds of said township to sneh an amount or
amounts which with the bonds previously dehv-
crcii to sain company or lneir assigns snail
amount in the aggregate to eighteen thousand
Said election shall be held In said township a'
tcrthlrty days notice tiieceofshall hive, been giv
en in a newspaper publis?iedat ichita the co.ut
ly seat of Sedgwick county suto uf Kansas aiul
h.iTinga general circulation in said township of
Atsaid election, those voting; in favor cr 'Is
foregoing j.roiiositlon shall have writt 11 orru 1 -ed
on iheir ballots ''For extending milt ,,.e
olomon. Arkanas allcr A Kuslern u. r
0'inipnny," andailsuch iialloLs und only ,,
shall be coutiledin lavor ofthe r-ji-.sltio . h ic
inset forth. And thiue toting ulsnd b 1
analnstthe iorcgoinprooo.iiou sn.111 na e t
ten or printed ou lneir biillut'S "A-.aliui ex
logaiil ro the rolonion, ArkaiisaV alle X t, - -
em railway coiupauy." suduli siitn lu.l t
only such snail be counted ugainst the uoo .
lion hireiubefiire set forth.
Alt the fortgolug lobe tit accordance w fh
petition of toa alorecHld result ut tax j'Ui . . f
said ti,nn!iip abich said petltttu la m. lle'aart
ot llils order.
And it U further ordered thatthesherilfor- i
county of Sedgwick, make due promairmfivc j
the votersof said ta 'r.shlpo! the holding o t .1
eiecilu.i Ul U'c uiiieaim il iceu(..res:i.l. u ,
lishuig Ihe -auir lor tinny da . or more '.
precclmg the diy of holding ?aidtlfctn 11 ' -quiredby
law, and that in said pfchui.!.." o -sv-.
forth at lsngtli aud lu full in the f..i
oiilei. t
Iu witness whereof we tiie undersign' del
nun and members of Ihe Iloard of Conn .- i , -niHSioneta
of edgick comity, state 01 ii
have hereunto set oar h mils at enrll ch 1 i
and members as afores-iid at the oil of W .
tb county seat of said roncty tbfci 21 1I1 t
July, A. O. H77.
J- 31. STKBr.B,Cbij-mua.
seal 1 County Clerk.
Sedgwick County, i"
1, John 'tucker, connty clerk of said con ' ,
hereby certify mat Ihe above and foregoinj- 1- a
luu complete ami correct copy in every pari -a-lar
of thc order nude by the Hoard of torn'
Comm ssloners of said county, at a special -c
siou of said board duly convened and Leld a' ihe
city of Wichita the county sest;of said county ra
Uic23d dayor July, A. 1). 1V77, whichorde ji
duly entered and recorded at length and in fu 1
on pages to inclusive of journal of re -
ord of proDeedings of Ihe Hoard f count C' 'n
misaiouers of Sedgwick county, State of Jvani-x-
la testimony wliereof I liac herennto set m7
as county cleik and alllvedmyoClcIal fealat
my ofllceintliacily of Wichita, In said count,
and State, this 2Jd day of July, 177.
fSeal County; Clerk.
Xow therefore. I. II. XV. Dunning, Sheriff of
Sedgwick county. SuxteorKansas.do hereby pro
claim and make kuown that on the lib day of
September, A I 1S77. there will be held . spc
clal election at the usual place of voting in V
mnnlclpal township of Morten in said oonnry of
Serlgvick, for the proposition ronJaincl in da
abo e on'er.ln the manner and form therein pro
vided and set forth. . .
Sheriff'soffloe. Wichita, Kansas. .Tnly 27th, A.
V. 1377 il- W. DUXXLVO,
15-3 Sheriff of Sedjwici county, KwiUi

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