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The Wichita city eagle. (Wichita, Kan.) 1872-1883, August 30, 1877, Image 3

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$e liititit OEagk.
feporting Nimrods vv 111 tlo vv cli to read Tign
lere's special.
Jno. K. Maddox & Co. want to
Seo "Notice to Farmeri."
Yriiion Purdy adverth-era 1,200 sheep and
S00 latnbs fer file elsewhere.
3Iore announcements lor a place upon tlic
Hepubliean ticket, this week.
J. U. VanZandt is just now very busy witb
his plow and srain drill trade.
Jlr. L N Woodcock ttaitslu a few daje
tWt bci childhood's home In Ohio.
OurfcTOceij uiei cbktis are vcrj busy. That
line tl trade at lca-l tbows plenty ol life.
The third bunday ha been fixed lor the
dedication ot l be new l'rebyterian Chapel.
Anotbei fiiw i smvejlng Wichita with a
view to erecting a fonudry and machine shop.
The per tent of haj being put up lUIi seu
ecii falls coni-iderably under that of pat years.
The roads lekdin,; into town from the wct
and cavt must be repaired, the soener the
Squire Mitchell's ufflce Is one ofthellvelieil
place in the city, being seldom without Its
Tho old frames ncM to r 'raker & Ilackct's
have been hauled out to wake room for the
JlcPhcrton Mock.
The Republican Central Committee has
wade an addition to Its call, vv hicb will be
found iu the proper place.
Mr. J. O. l)aldson, who has been absent
levsral months in the Northern States, re
turned home hut Friday.
A tnenty-fivc-pound melon was rolled in
upon u this w ok, but tho donor would not
allow his name announced.
Ihero has been much sickness during tho
lait month among the children ot this city
and au unusual number ot deaths.
Jlany larmcrs arc unking calculations to
feed hags and cattle this fall and winter, llog
feeding should commence at once.
The unien picnic, held at Jameaburg last
Saturday, we are told by several who wore
present, was a very pleasant aQair.
John Dunscouib, as will be seen by specials
this week, propoe to mika it warm for tho
refct of the firms in the city on low prices.
Charles rancher, of this city, has received
notice that he has been remembered in a will
In the mug sum of three thousand dollars.
James L. Dyer, the Iteccivor of tho AVlchi
ta land office, ban improved greatly in health
and will be home about the tilth ol September.
James Dagncr will occupy one ol the rooms
iu his block as a coiainiailon and auction
house, which fact he has announced through
card and posters.
A pocket diary containing papers of some
importance and with a few notes entered,
was found and left at Ibis office, which the
owner can hare by calling.
ilrs. Newcomer, of Polo, Illinois, mother ol
llrs. aillton Stewart and Mrs J. T. McMillen,
islu the city, Uniting her daughters. She
will remain several weeks.
airs. II. F. Fisher, who has been confined
to her homo lor almost two years, by the
rheumatism, was oat on Tuesday and yester
day, ealling upon her Iriendi.
The new luuk corporation goes into eflect
to-c'a) and the new building will be moved
into. Col. liewn was having photos taken of
it Uir lilhojraphlng and cngrav Inj purposes.
air. Ulram Ini'toden, wuo ban bean dan
gerouly ill In" some vekpat, is improv
ing, cud great hopes are euiei tained lor her
ipeedy recovery by lier anxious husband and
fr end".
Tho pcuplr ol Oxford. Wellington, Arkan
sas City, V ir.lii Id, Augusta and Eldorado can
count tach mi a rare musical treat from the
dub thilt will vidt them In a few days from
this point.
The great low amom; de cullud population
Tuci-day night, became a great calm as soon a-.
the btudderin and sUlcrn became aware of
the soothiu presence of Hick Codell. the
CHy aiarsbal.
News was leccivcd here the other day that
J. C. Fraker was seriously ill at Leavenworth.
His wife was summoned by telegraph to go
aud see Lim without delay. We have heard
no particulars.
Hon. Thomas Cavanaugb, Secretary ol
State, was iu the city on la.t Friday. He
came down for his little daughter, who had
been slLk, but who was well enough to return
homo with her father.
It. P. aiurdoek, of this oilicc, is attending
the Knight Templars celebration at Cleve
land, Ohio, this week. Quito a party of
Kausans lclt Topcka on Friday last, on m ex
cursion train for the abov e point.
The eastern end of Douglas avenue, in the
vicinity of the depot, elevators ;and mills, is
on of the liveliest business centers in the
State. The hotels arc full and traders, buy
en?, shippers and merchants all seem busy.
Col. E. C Slannirg has withdrawn from the
editorial conduct of the Wintiel J Courier and
the paper goes into the bauds of a company.
Ho has made a splendid paper ol it and we
hope it will lose none of its force or charaeler.
Thero ft a great deal ol needless alarm, or
pretended alarm, with reference to tho new
branch railroad running to Eldorado, aud its
effect upon Wichita. Wo have it from the
highest authority that no discrimination will
be made against Wichita.
During the thundor storm last week a tele
graph polo near tho northern limits of the
city, was shattered, and commercial operator,
air. Ferrell, as also ths boys at the depot,
vvero treated to more electricity than they
knew well what to do with.
L. I). Dobbs lost a check for ?f0, drawn by
Cowperthvvait & Co., In favorpl his order
and endorsed by hlni'clf and O. r alcKim.
Payment on the samo has been stopped.
Should any one find it they will please leave
il at Steele Jc Levy's office.
L. D. Iobb, agent for Cowperthvvait &
Co.'s educational works, spennt a portion of
this week in Wichita. Hoajstbo teachers'
institute, now being held at this place, has
ouly been excelled in thorough work by two
Institutes held in the State this summer.
Deputy United States aiarsnal, Charley
Jone, picked up a prie in tho fourth ward
tho other dav , lu the shape of a pocket book.
Fi cm the number ol bu and luiU'rAies it
containrd he thought il mu-t belong to Prof.
UcKim. The owner ran bate it on applica
tion. The. bird resolutions passed by Attica and
Pratilo Gem Grange-, of this county, and
published in the Eir.LK, are being published
in many pnpirs throughout tho SUtc. Both
r luilun were net only unique and picy,
but hit the mark so tqiure in the center that
thfj uke wherever rcaj.
Mr. and airs. Phillip Dcitcr buried iheir
little girl lt Friday, their only remaining
child. These parents have been peculiarly
unlortunate, having Iot three children. The
little one laid away Iat week was a bright
and interesting little girl, and tho parents are
deeply sympathized with.
ilatk Tilsworlh, the old and popular gro
ceryman and solid citizen, puts lu sn amateur
h'tud In the peach line. He bays when it
comes to fruit no farmer shall get away with
him. Wc never saw liner or larger peaches
than bang from the tree surrounding bis
home, lor a dozen or two of which he will,
pieae accept our thanks.
The lawn Fncial held ou tho grounds of air.
Furlong on Tuesday cveulng was a delightful
affair, in wblch the Baptist society and their
friends made merry until a late hour. Creams
cake, etc., were luriushcd in abundance by
the hospitable entertainer Mr. and Mrs. Fur
long. The comsiondent who belled our city
through the columns ol the Topcka Mladt is
no fccnt'oman, and there is not a reader ol that
paper Hut knows anj thing ol Wichita that
don't know ha lalslfied about the business of
tho town aid Its appearance.
Another Big Yisld.
air. J. B. Carroll, whoe farm is ou the
Cowskin, section 10, town 28, range 1 wctt,
we guess will probably carry oil the prizo lor
large wheat yield this .year. He harvested
quite a large field, but ten acres of Gennc-ee
turned off, machine measure, three hundred
and fifty bushel, or thtrty-flvo bushels to tho
acre of extra No. 2. Fifty additional acres of
UarlyMay averaged a littlorislns ol twenty
bujhels. For a falluro year such a showing
is truly encouraging, air. Carroll is an enter
prising, pushing, Industrious farmer. lie
has put up one of the finest, il not altogether
the fin? 6t granary in tho county this summer
Into which he ha already emptied 2,500 bush
els of grain of his own raising. Hard limes
will not strike John for a year or two yet
County Sabbath School Convention.
At a meeting oi representatives ol the va
rious Sabbath Schools in the city on Tuesday
evening, August 21st, it was unanimously
agreed to hold a County Sabbath School Con
vention at tho Presbyterian Church in this
city, commencing on V,'cdneday, October
21th, an I continuing over TtiurHiay, tbo2"th.
Kali Sabbath School in the county it rcqu :it
cd toend two delegate-", to this Convention,
and st U hoped that a permanent organization
will be effected at this meeting. The Super
intendents of the various schools In the coun
ty are requested to confer or correspond with
the unccl'iicd, giving etatiillcs, list of olli
ccr, and any other Information that may be
available and of general intercut. A cordial
invitation Is extended to all officers, teachers
and friends ot the cause in the county. Come
prepared to take some part in the work of the
Convention, and by making it a success, give
a new impetus to the Sabbath School work in
our new and rapidly growing county.
C. S. Caldwell,
Committee on Correpondcncc.
"Had the number other days
Keen as complete as was Iter praic,
Nature und Fate bad hadjio strife
In giving limit tohtr life."
The people ol this city and Yicinlty we're
startled, on Monday morning list, by the an
nouncement ol the snddeu death ol airs, llat
tlo IStatty Jewctt, wife ol W. T. Jewett, and
mother ol Judge Jcwett. She had been ail
ing but a week when, at eight o'clock Sab
bath evening, thero appeared to be a general
suspension ol her v Ital force, with the njnip.
toms ol a congestiv e chill, and In a few mo
ments her spirit had taken its everlasting
flight The funeral sermon was preached by
Itev. J. P. Harden, on aionday, at tho Pres
byterian church, of which she was a member,
and in the evoning her remains were followed
by many friends to their silent home ou the
hill. Jlrs. Jcwett was born in New Lisbon,
Ohio, in 1S27; was married to W. T. Jcwett
in Stubenville, Tho family moved to Kansas
and to this valley nearly seven years ago, be
ing among Its very earliest settlers. Her
youngest child is nine years old, her eldest is
Judge Jcwett. Tho family lived in our city
lor some time, and airs. Jcwett, by her amia
bility and gentle life, won the love and rc
spoct ol all with whom sho became accquvint
ancc. Sho was a wile and mother, true, pure
and perlect In all that goes to make up these
two most sacred characters. To the stricken
husband and mourning children ne extend
our sympathy, lor each and all seem broken
up. A mother's loss cannot bo estimated nor
can any one take her place.
"Would, mother, thou couldst hear mc tell
llowolt, amid my brief carter,
fur sins and lollies loved too well
Hath fallen the free ripcutaat tear,
nnu m me aj waruness 01 yoilUl
How bctu.r thoughts have given torn
Cuctempt for error, love for truth,
'itld twee remembrances of thee."
It has been recently published in the Wich
ita papers, and oxtecsivclj copied by othors,
including this paper that the freight on
wheat from that place to Kansas City was
twenty cents per bushel. Wo now learn
from Dr. Arnold, who his just been shipping
to Kan. .it City, thit in Wichita they offered
to ship his wheat lor fifteen cents per bushel
or a car holding 21,000 pounds at ?30, or a
trifle over thirteen certs per bushel. Ozfr&
The Kaoi.i: never published any such thing
but, on the contrary, corrected onw or twice
iai h a notice, lour Dr. Arnold Is correet-l
in his report, and was wise In making the
shipment of rejected wheat which em be done
nlt.o tunes out of ton, in our jjdgment, with
lite favorable results.
From telegraph a, well as newspaper
sources we sec that hoppers, Iu limited num
bers only, have been flying over portions of
aiinncsota and Western Nebraska, but in no
instance have they come down or done auy
damage, unless wc except A'crmont and New
Hampshire, where they liavciu localities done
much. Whether thoy are the Kocky Moun
tain locu-t the papers do not stite. Wc are
In receipt of Prof. Itilaj's report of the work
of the comniUsion, which U a very neatly
printed book containing maps, statistics, etc.
The book contains 230 pages, and the plague
anJ all his roviugs, his ravages, his species,
chronological history, native home, habits,
power lor injury, and many other things, per
taining to him is extensively treated upon.
The natural enemies of the hopper arc given
in detail and soma of II. cm Illustrated by cms.
The work is an exceedingly Interesting one.
W. L. aicCIure our Billy returned from
an extensive trip through aiexieo, this week.
William wouldn't Interview worth a cent, but
from a sententious speech wc had no difficul
ty in gathering that he held no very exalted
opinion of the land of cactus and cayotes, the
home of graylucks and greasers. Tho festlv e
grasshopper has taken all tho valleys of north
era New Mexico, aud there u no interest thore
except that pertaining to the mines. South
orn Colorado, he says, has good wheat, what
there is of it, but it's scattering. He met the
Wichita excursionists, or many of them, who
were enjoying thcm-elves Harry Arrow
smith will return with the crowd. From
William's looks we half suspected that he had
fouud no place the cqu il of live Wichita in
ail respects. He informs us that he will go
cast in a few days, in Iho meantime there are
lots ol us who hope he may ultimilely coma
back, marry, and settle down with a people
who know how to appreciate him.
The premium list of the Sedgwick County
Fair will be ready for distribution this woek.
Arrangements have been completed whereby
they cau be speedily put iuto every man's
hands inthe county, aud Into hundreds of
those of adjoiulng counties. Tho Secretary
inlorrasus that he has applications on flic f
vey and other counties for premium lit.,wh
say they expect to ho present. Also from
stockmen of Eastern Kansas and Missouri.
President Hanson, the directors and Superin
tendent Hargts aro leaving no stone untnrned.
There is no longer any doubt that it will
prove a Uir worthy of the name. Every
township and neighborhood in the couuty
will be fully represented. Keniembcr, it is
but four or live weeks before the fair com
mences. There's lots ol people coming to Kansas
tills fall from cv ery portion of the east. Hard
times are driving fanners, mechanics, miners
and day-laborers from the over-crowdud dis
tricts. Already the currant bus headed in
this direction and many strangers can be een
upon our streets daily. It Is judged by ma
ny of the more obssivant that the fall of 177
will witness the lirgest Immigration ever re
ceived In one J car by this State. Let them
come. Wc have plenty of room, plentj of
oil, and avenues for industry without num
ber. In fact wo have a great county to make
or develop. Sedgwick county alone has room
lor ten to twenty thousand more people while
some of the counties west of us have liardlv
commenced to settle up yet.
Wichita, August 20, 1S77.
Mr. Editou : There is that on my mind
which must have vent, so please excuc the
intrusion: 1 believe there is a law protect
ing dumb animals from cruelty. Is there
none protecting orphan children against the
cruel treatment sometimes Imposed upon
them by those who have them In charge? I
am incensed at the brutal treatment or a little
fatherless boy in our own neighborhood.
Baby-boy I came near av Ing, for he can't be
more than five. Will the vvleldcrs of tho rod
n1a,n rlnctct title .At aca nn n I. t. m. b . -. J
l...-,v . .., cv.. ..u.su.ueui, reuiem- ,
ueiing mai as incy ucai wuu mis utile clilld
so will tho "Father of tho latherless" deal
with them?
II. B. Cullum, Receiver of tho First Na
tional, was one of tho parties that went from
Kansas to attend the great celebration at
Cloveland. air. C. will meet his wile at that
point, who, It will be remembered, went east
last spring to attend her fathers luueral.
Six red Bermuda sweet potatoes, weighing
twelve pounds, dug on the 22d of August,
reach us from the farm of our friend, S. L.
Devcr, of Gypsum township. The largest
pulled down the scales at two pounds and
John Iluffbaucr may his shadow never
grow less toted Into our oCiec the other day
a half bushel of choice peaches raised on bis
home place. Peaches and cream and a kind
ly remembrance of tho donor was what hap
pened up whero w keep tho young eaglets.
From tho now well-known peach orchard
of E. Pierpoint, Jllnnelia .township, we re
ceived tho other day a present of two or three
dozen double peaches aud one specimen of
quadruple fruit, all finely developed. Thero
U no longer any doubt that this portion of
the Arkansas Valley will become famous for
its peaches.
Tho managers ol the Kansas City Exposi
tion will aceept our thanks for a reserved
seat ticket to witness the trot of Goldsmith
Maid lor ?2,Q30, on Wednesday, the, 19th of
September. Tho greatest horse in the world
will be there certain. IC.uiui Cliy, in tho
matter efher fair, as In many things else, is
eiiiin 'all the ;;reat dies ol the watt.
Wc hasten to acknowledge tho receipt of a
very cordial Inv Station from the President and
Board oi Directors or the Intern itional Ex
hibition Compauj to be present at the recep
tion ceremonies to the Governors of the Uni
States, w bleb au-plcious occasion will be on
August ill tli, in the Exhibition building at the
Centennial Grounds, Philadelphia.
The ladies of the library association will
hold their rccular monthly meeting at the
residence ol airs, aiilo Kellogg, on Topcka
avenue, Saturday, Soptcniber 1st, at 2 p. in.
There will be an election ol officers lor the
ensuing year, and a lulltttcndance is greatly
to be desired. Jilts. Todd, Pros.
Hits. Taylor, V. P.
Ex-Commissioner John Carpenter will fin
isli nuttin-' down, tills week, one hundred
acres ol w heat, on his home place, near Val
ley Centre. He commenced sowiug on the
22d, probably the earliest of any grower in
tho county. It belli,; an established (act that
our falls, while lato and warm, aro always
dry, ho says there is no d-ingcr of Jointing.
His big field will be watched with interest.
air. J W. Neal, of ilorton township, brings
to our office the queerest specimen of a petri
faction that we ever saw. No one yet has
been abls to Uccvnhcr the strange looking af
fair. He picked it up in tho bed ol the Chi
kaska river alter the Good. It is very evi
dently bone, and weighs threo pounds and
Bis ounces probably the portion of tho jaw
of some amphibous animal.
Prof. II. Winslow Abbott returned from
Kentucky on Saturday night, accompanied
by his accomplished wife. Wc welcome
them to our city and valley. Coming as they
do to establish an educational institution ol
high order iu our midst. The Professor.wlth
an co to the mam chance wc suppose, and
following the example of our other profes
sional men, bought two choice quarter sec
tions of land, which he cau fall back upon
for suro returns in case of hard ti mes or dis
aster. The wile of D. S. Freeman, general agent
of the Fort Scott nurseries, came up to see
her husband and will stop a short time.
From air. Frcemon's fruit farm she brcught
specimens of the fine fruit which he repre
sents. De laid upon our table a Lurabard
plum weighing two ounces, from a tree
planted on his farm in 1S72, also two pears
weighing over a pound. If the trees air.
rrecmau represents produce such fruit there
would be no risk iu buj ing.
air. J. C. aicCadden, tho agent iu this city
for the Evpre-s Company, has, by his strict
attention to his office and by his affable and
accoinniod itlng way, thoroughly established
himself in the good graces of our business
men. With his predecessors parties having
business with the compony were subjected to
all kinds ol annoyances andsupercillious airs,
but not so Mr. aieC, who is no le-s the gen
tlemiu than thorough business m in. aiay he
stay with us long.
The excursion party to the llocky aioun
taln, that left Wichita a week ago .last aion
day night, coium back to-nuht. It went oft
In a raiu storm, but e ich and eveiy one ap
peared ov erllow in; In spirits and full ol
pleasant anticipations. When we left them
at Ncvvtou nothing could have added to their
contentment unlsss, peruaps, a sleeper or
two,, jln the li-t ot names given li-t week
the name of Mrs. William Hemlrickson ap
pealed. That was a mistako of the printer
as Mr-. Cash Henderson was meant.
Old Settlers.
There will be a meeting of all settlers ol
Sedgwick who settled In the eounty in 1871,
r previous, at the the Fair ground on the
last day of tho Fair, at 10 o'elock a. in., to or
ganize an Old Settlers Association. Come all,
men women and children, let's have a -rood
time. D. K. II. Grckxli:i:.
At a special meeting of the Baard of Edu
cation, held oil Saturday evening last, it was
decided to orcct another school building in
additition to the one already contracted for,
in the first ward. This new building is to be
located in the second ward, and Is to contain
but one room at present, but be so construct
ed that additions can be made when required.
The building w ill ;probab!y cost about flv e
hundred dollars. Monday, tho 17th ot Sep
tember, was appointed tor the opening of the
city schools.
F. A. Sowers favors us with the following
antidote, or cure for dypthena, which was
furnished by a graduate ai. D. of Harvard,
who, although now a practical farmer,assured
air. Sowers of its efficacy in the most malig
nant case. It is so simple thai it cau do no
harm : Tako of gum myrh a piece the sizo of
a hazel nut and dissolve in one-half piut of
vinegar, put iuto a vessel with spout and
heat it until steam is thrown off, which let
th'' pa ticnt breathe or inhale as hot as he cau
stand it.
Upon the recommendation of JIajor Miles,
the Govcrnm ent has supplied the Indians of
the Cheyenne aud Arrapaboe agencies with
wagons and harnesses with which to haul
their own supplies from this city. Tho ar
rangement seems to vvork nicely. The In
dians pleased with the trust und responsibili
ty, and the head men come up ifgul.arly with
their wivos and llttlo ones, spending three
orfoUr aars eacU trip ln Ia)im,
in private
upplicH and getting acquainted with the
ways of civilization. They are all warm
frionds of William Griffenstein, who spent
many v ears with them in trading.
Quite a number of our citizens will avail
thsmsclves of the cheap railroad ride to Eldo
rado next Tuesday. Our understanding is
that excursionists leavo here at r:13 Wed
nesday morning, breakfast at Florence, reach
Eldorado about ten o'elock, and return in
time for the regular train in the evening,
reaching home at 11:1.1 p. in., or can go up
ou the regular train Tuesday, remain over
night and return Wednesday. Round trip
tickets fl.00.' There will be many of the.
foremost men of tho Stale present, a big din
ner and a jolly time generally. Whole num
ber of miles to be traveled. ISO.
The follow ing little cpi-oilc of life's Irregu
larities was handed us by a citizen of Garden
''Abaut two years since a you; married
man, living iu Illinois, conscnte I i let his
better hali go her way rejoicKi . while he
would tako the lato II. C, ' al , go west
und grow up with the ni.itrj oiniui to
Sedgwick county, he has shire n pursu
ing the avocation of an houesi; . mean
time securing a divorce from his f . iner wife.
During the present summer he courted one
of the fair daughters of the land. A week
ago last Sunday was tbeday set when they
two should be made man and wife. Tho day
previous tho young man took the train for
parts unknown, leaving his affianced tofinisn
tho prcaaratlons and solvo the mystery of his
It is now almost a settled fact that the
Osage county coal miners will go to work on
tlip firsl. nf spnlpnihr M. nn mK iMr. w.M,h
,hoy 6tr,Jck for Ioar weeks as, T,,e minins
companies want them to agree to work at
those prices lor the next five months is now
tho only issue. Charley aiarsh returned
from the above mines yesterday, h iv lng first
visited Fort Scott. He says within three
days after tho strike ends coal will again bo
run iuto Wichita.
Holders, at Post Office Uullduig.
Pens and
Uncalled for August 20th, 1877.
To obtain any of these letters, tho appli
cant must call lo "Advertised Letters," and
give tho date of this list.
If not called for within one month they will
be sent to the dcaiT letter office.
Letters are not advertised until they have
remained in tho office one week.
ladies' list.
Allison airs S
Booker Miss H
Carpenter aim L E
Collins airis E
Howard airs M 3
Jordan airs G
Parsons Jlrs E 2
Piley airs E
Schreiler airs D
Sellers airs II
Simmons Mrs M F
fehaler Mrs T
Williams Miss C
While ailss L
Bryan airs A E
Crlpps Mrs C
Clark Mrs S
Griudlo airs A
Hathaway Mrs ai 2
Slarsh airs E ai
Morgan Mrs U
Pusle Mis P J
Bose Miss S A
Samson airs E J
bhaughnessey K
Stewart Miss N D
Vail Mrs A
Williamson airs G
Yanko aiiss E
Benedict C
Buson JL2
Bucbau O G 3
Baine W 11
Campbfll C
Clark J
Cook M
Cook It B
Campbell D B
Carter F
Davenport C
Dewoy D
Fulton G W
Freeland J B
Greeny ai
Green G T
Hodgson A
Harper F W
Uesmere J ai
Hennessey J
llopp M
Hibhard K A
Hart Wm 2
Johnson J H
Jordan O M
Keller & aicUilban
Lee Sing
aiatthevvsG of Miss L
aicCuco F
aiiller II Z
Artcr W
Uaunon F
Bruce L G F
Bostick S
Otiase C S
Colt J W
Gushing ai P
C.ibb JI S
Clark W II A
Coiner I) C
Dodger J It
Dodge K N
Frost II A
Filgan J
Fisher S
Gunn Uev E
Gav nor J
Hoiiser E A
Harrat D A
Hlocy J
Haves J
Harlan L M
Hatfield G
Johnson A U
Joslin It
Lukcr L
Mayer F
McFarland E
aiarshall U O
aicKiuney J H
McFanclin J
McKeynolds L A
aiartin W W
Ncsbct T
Osburn P. F
Kogcrs A
Koutli E N
ltarick F D
Signor C F
Sturdevanl 11
Sanders G T
ai (.collogue ai
aicGrae It It
Newton J W
Norm in W S A
1'anecost A S
Heed C
Itosebroug G
lteovcs il
Hobiuson T
Snvdcr C W
Smith G
Simmons J F
L It Stickel and Pi II Elder
Sandusky W H
Snodgrass W
vaunurcn r.
Thayer B F
Threads J
Tanner H
Walker G G
Whalen J
Please ask
Tunpltu U li
Tuders G
Trowbridge J
Whitaker Lieut
Waltman J
"White W
for "advertised'' letters.
ai. M. aiur.nocic. Postmaster.
In Covington, Indiana, at the residence ol
the bride's lather Mr. aiorgau Davis, on Tues
day evening, August 21, 1S77. by ltev. Barr,
of Frankfort, Indiana, Mr. Walters. Dulloir,
or Wichita, Kansas, to aiis Annio Davis, ol
this place.
"We congratulate Walter on his choice, as
we know that happiness will be a plenty in
his home as in God's blessed sunshine that so
lrcely is lavished upon earth. Though there
may be an occasional dark cloud to rullle the
serenity ol their life's travel, there will al
wav s be a bright sky following. We all must
have our share of jo) sand sorrows and should
not murmur at the dispensation at the hands
of Him who has thought wisely to give both
in order that we may appreciate more fully
the blessing bestowed upon us.
The cake was magnificent and nbundautly
supplied to all from tho editor to the devil.
A beautiful boquet accompanied the cakc,a fit
emblem of life with all Its sweets there was
concealed a thorn and in order to enjoy it,
must partake of both. May God prosper this
happy young couple and prosperity always
abound with them and theirs. ropUS J'aptr
In this city, on ThuisJay, August 2J, 1377,
Mary Mossalme, daughter of John P. and
Anna Dieter, aged clcreu months and twenty-three
In this city, on Fri'Uy, Augu-t 21, 1S77.
Patllo Belle, infant daughter ot Samuel and
alary I. Stewart, aged twelve days.
Notice to Farmers.
John E. aiaddox i. Co. will pay the highest
market price for hogs and cattle. Our office
is at the Valley House where the farmers will
find plenty cat and at rea-onablc rates. Far
mers will find It their interest to consult lis
befote disposing of their stock el-evvhcre.
2 J-ti John E. aiAMiox A Co.
Sheep for Sale.
1 have for sale 1,200 ewes and S00 lamb3,
good healthy sheep in good order and accli
m ited. Were wintered ou the range without
receiving feod of any kind. Will be sold
cheap. Auy one wishing to go into the sheep
business, this is a good chance. Address
Wilson Pokdv,
Care of G. Barrett, Hutchison, Reno coun
ty, Kansas. 22-St
Cheap Boot3 and Shoes.
Can be bought at Dunscomb's, Eagle Block,
who has just purchased an immoHse stock ol
bankrupt goods, comprising soma of the best
Philadelphia make ot Ladies', '.Misses' and
Children's shoes and Western hand made
boots for men aud boys. All .sizes, ail kinds
and prices to suit any one.
22-tf J. G. DUNSCOMB.
air A. Tignlere, Gunsmith, Douglas ave
nue, has just received a new stock of ammu
nition and also a lot of Breech Loading and
Muzzle Loading Guns. Repairs done Iu the
best and most sub'tantial manner. Please
give us a call. Sign of Golden Gun.
22-lt A .TIGNIEKE.
The Advantage of Early Purchases.
.My stock of plain and Taney all wool Flauels
and WaterProofs having been purchased bo
loro tha advanco in Woolens and Freights
will be sold low, of w hich early purchasers
willreceivo tha benefit.
22-tf J. G. DuN'SCOMli.
Go to Fraker Si Hacker's for cheap grain
drills. 'Ihey are Uo-ing out their stock of
drills ut cost, freight added. For the next
thirty days will sell drills for $30, cost ?B0
each, on one ear's time, purchaser making
good notes. FniKElt & Hackeii.
22 Jt
Coffcc, 4 pounds 100
Tea, 4 pounds 1 00
Sugar, "A" 7 pound 1 00
Sugar, "C"S pounds 1 00
And all other goods in proportion at Duns
comb's, Eagle Block, Douglas Arc. 22-tf
The boss hncu suit $2.50 at the Star Cloth
ing House, 2d door south ol the post office.
A Card.
Thanking the public for their patronage in
the past, 1 take pleasure in informing you
that I have just received an immense stock
of boots and shoes at bankrupt prices, and
they will be sold very low. This includes
stotk of the finest ladies' misses and children's
goods of the best manufacture in the United
States. Call and examine goods and prices
before purchasing aud wo willconvir.ee )ou
that you cau save money by buying at Dun
seomb's. 22-tf
Singer Sewing Machine.
I will sell for cash a sixty-live dollar Singer
sewing machine for thirty-live, seventy dollar
machine for forty, eighty for fort -fiv e, eighty
fiv e for fifty. Wm. ai ason,
General Agent.
Office 110 Main St., few doors north of the
Occidental. 14-3ni
Ice 1 Ice 1 Clkak, Crystal Pure Icn.
nenry Schweiter takes this method of in
forming his old cmstomers that he will be on
hand during the heated term with the first
qualilv of ice every morning, without fail.
Baths, Hot and Cold! Price reduced to
thirty-five cents. Four tickets for one dollar.
Rosms have lately been entirely refurnished.
Douglas avenue, No. Ill, next door 'to Hess
17-tf Dieter A Katskb, Prop.
aiiscellaneous books, blank books, pocket
pass books and all kinds of books and memo
randums at Relmcrs bookstore. 9-tf
The one dollar Marseilles check coat at the
Star Clothing House, 2d door south ol tho
post office. 12-ti
Please announce mc as a candidate for tho
position of Register of Deeds, subject to tho
choice of the Republican Convention.
B. A. Neelt.
ETl'aso, August 27, 1877.
Please announco tho name of It. L. O'ilcaly
as a candidate for the office of Register of
Deeds, subject to the decision of ,tho Repub
lican County Convention.
Thinking that the candidates for Register
of Deeds should be scattered a little more, 1
announce myself a candidate for that office,
subject to the usual trials and suffering.
Gr.o. A. White.
W. B. nutchinson, of Viola township, is a
candidate for Register of Deeds, subject to
the Republican Convention.
S. Duckin, ol Salem township, will be a
candidate for the office of County Clerk, sub
ject to the decision of the Republican County
We arc authorized to announce the natno
of E. A. Dorsey as a candidate tor tho office
ol County Clerk, subject to tho decision of
the regular Republican Convention.
U. L. Jackson, the present incumbent, will
be a candidate for County Surveyor, subject
to the decision of tho Republican County
Pleaso announco the name of U. E. Van
Trees as a candidato before Republican Con
vcntlon for County Clerk.
yielding to the earnest solicitations of nu
merous friends throughout tho county, I have
consented to become a candidate for the office
ol County Treasurer, and will faithfully abide
by the decision of tho Republican County
Convention. ailLTOM Stevvaut.
I hereby respectfullyannouncc myself as a
candidate for the office o! Register of Deeds,
subject to the decision ot tho Republican
County Convention.
D. ai. V. Stuart.
John Tucker will be a candidato for the of
fice of County Treasurer EUbjcct to tho decis
ion of the Republican Convention.
Please announce that I am a candidate for
tho office ol Register of Deeds ol Sedgwick
county, subject to the decision of the Repub
lican Convention. H. C. aiAKN.
Please announco uie as a candidate for the
office of Register of Deeds of Sedgwick coun
ty,, subject to the decision ot the Republican
Cotuity fco'uv ention. D. S. MuNCEit.
El Paso, August 8, 1877.
Editoh Eagle Please announce my name
as a candidate lor the office ol County Treas
urer, subject to the decision of the Republi
can county convention, and oblige
A. G. Bur.n.
Editoi: Eagle : Yielding to tho solicita
tion of many earnest friends, I ask you to an
nounce my name as a candidato for the posi
tion of Clerk of Sedgwick county, subject to
the action of the Regulir Republican County
Convention. Very rospcctlully,
Wakhek B. Mead.
Please announce my name as a candidate
for the office or County Surveyor, subject to
the action ot the Republican County Conven
tion. Respectfully, John W. Beak.
Please announce G. B. aicCampbell as a
candidate for the office of Register of Deeds,
subject to tho decision of th Republican
II. W. Dunning, the present incumbent,
will be a candidate for Sheriff, subject to tho
decisiou of the Republican County Conven
tion. We are authorized to announco the name
of W. F. Green as a candidate for Register of
Deeds, subject to the decision of tho Repub
lican County Convention.
Please announce me as a candidate for
County Survryor, subject to tha decisiou of
the Republican County Convention.
T. L. NlXOX.
Ed. Eagle : Please announce C. S. Cald
well as a candidate for the office of Register
of Deeds of Sedgwick county, subject to the
decisionof the Republican County Conven
tion. Piea-c announce the name of M. E. Goo Jell,
of Grant township, as a candidate ror the of
fice of SheriH. subject to thu decision of the
Republicsn County Convention.
I have- bcon informed that tlicro are parties
in Wichita, Kansas, that are dealing in all
kindsofsewiugmachii.es, If s0 tl.ey are old
ones and made to look like new, bought by
parlies from tho regular agrnt and sold to
dcalers'livlng'ii Chlcao.Minon. Some may be
paid for and some not, if not tho regular agent
cau take liicm by law whenever so required
by the company, or whenever seen by agent.
A fow words from Divid Cook ol Chicago,
Illinois, who buys old machines and makes
them look like new and wholesales them to
parties who wihes to buy old machines and
impose them on the people. I have on hand
all kinds of sew ing machines, among others I
will sell you the Singer new family box cov
er, drop leal and two drawers, eighty dollars.
Rebuilt for new furniture and all look exactly
the same as new, lor twenty-five dollars, and
others In the same proportion. To the good
people of the Southwest please bear in mind
that a new singer sowing machine cannot be
sold in the Southwest except through or by
me audi have no agent In Wichita.
Wm. aiASON, General Agent.
Office 11 0 aiain Street, few doors north oi
the Occidental. H-3m
At Hess A Getto's you can get tha host; of
Rio Coffee,
Java Coffee,
Mocca Coffee.
Lcghoru Citron.
French Peas,
Salt dry Peaches,
California Canned Goods,
And all, even the
Best Quality of Tca. 47-tf
Wanted To exchange town lots for a good
work horso r mule. Inquire al the residence
of B. A. Watson, three miles northeast of
Wichita. 20-3t
Excursions to the Rocky Mountains.
The Atchison, Topeka & santa F railroad
has arranged with the various railroad lines
in tho country for special round trip rates to
the Rocky Mountains, and has sefe-ed the
following rates to Denver, Colorado Tipring",
Canon City, Pueblo and return : From Kan
sas City and Atchison, 15; St. Louis, SjO;
Chicago, ?Co; Quincy, 50; Cincinnati, SCI;
Buffalo, 75, and correspondingly low rates
from all points cast, north and south. These
tickets are good for 90 da)s and to stop at .all
stations west ot tLe Missouri river. Tickets
are on sale at all principal "stations through
out the country. This Is the new route to
Deliver through the girden of Kansas and
Colorado. Send for maps, circulars, time
tables, etc , to J T. Anderson,
19-tf Gen. Pass. Agent. Topeka, Kan.
A few choice violins, violin bows, strings
and instruction books tor sale at Rcimer's
bookstore. 9-tl
You can make from live to ten dollars a day
clear, traveling with Target Rifle. Send for
price list to Novelty Company, Paola, Kansas.
Wanted. Applicants for $100,000 on
farm mortgages, at low rates aud on short
notice. 19-tQ Emvizrt & HovcY.
Snoop For Sale.
I have 700 sheep for sale, in lots to suit pur
chasers, Il you want good, sound, acclimat
ed sheep come and sec me.
19-tl Pink Fouts.
M.R.Clark, living in Wichita, has 103
acres of land, one three year old colt and one
span of horses to trade for city property.
Stages leavoand arrive daily to and from all
points in the south at the RIchcy House.
Pfgs Fop Sale.
I have now a fewpairof full blooded Poland
China pigs for sale out ot stock imported from
the well known pens of Shepbard Jfc Alexan
der, Charleston, Illinois. Price 12 a piece,
or 20 per pair, delivered at Wichita. Ad
dress "William Jones, Wichita, or Union
township, Sedgwick county, Kansas. 20-0t
Wanted a situation as book-keeper or salesman
in the grocery or dry goeds business by a young
man of experience. Apply to Wright & Shnman
For Sale.
A drug business at Wintield, Kansas. Cap
ital required, ?l,20O or $1,500, hall down, the
remainder at sis months if desired. Good
opening for a competent druggist. Oldest
drug store and best location in town. Pro
fessional duties require tho attention of the
proprietor. Address
20-3t Dr. aiANSFIELD.
Kor Rent Dwelling honse with four rooms on
Central Avenue.
Also one room Intended for cigar stand in a
splendid location .
Also one good suit of rooms for any kind of an
oCice. Room large und pleasant. Apply to
Wrisht AShuman. 20-tf
ell's for five ceuts per glass. 19-tf
Soaps 52.50 per box ; fiv e bars for 23c ; soft
soap 10c per gallon at the soap factory.
Hot and cold baths 2j cents, opposite the
post office. lS-tl
Shampooing 35 cents opposite P. O. lS-tf
Seines, hoop nets and a variety of other
fishiug tacklo for sale at Clark's fishery.
Pleasuro boats to let at Clark's boat houso,
on Llttlo River. " lS-tf
Look at This 1
Having secured the services of a machincist
of nine years experience in the different sew
ing machine adjusting rooms, I am prepared
to adjust and repair all kinds ol machines and
warrant them. Bring along the worst one
and I will make It run as new.
J. T. Holmim, Agent,
40-tf Weeclcr & Wil-on aiTg. Co.
W. S. Jenkins, late Register U. S. Land Of
fice, Wichita, Kansas, Attorney at Law aud
Solicitor of Claims. Office second door north
or Post Office, Wichita, Kansas. Having re
turned home after an absence of several
months in 'Washington, D. C, in the practice
before tho General Land Office and other de
partments there, I am prepared to prosecute
all claims to lands arising under the pre-emption,
homestead, town-site, fimber-culture and
mining laws. Parties having claims iu con
test before the Local Land Office or the De
partment at Washington, will find it to their
advantage to consult mc, a3 I give special at
tention to that class of business.
Collections made in this and ailjoining coun
ties and monies promptly remitted, 15-tf
Headquarters Star Clothing House, 2d door
south of post post office. 12-U
Wall Paper at Pot Office Buildinj. 8-lt
Ladies, have vour hats re-shaped ln the
latest style at Jlrs. L. JI. Taylor's, down cast
ol the W'ichlta House, Douglas Av enue. 9-tl
Nine Thousand Dollars worth of wall
paper at tho Postoflico Building for sale, lltf
Light-weight sack coats, just the thing for
this warm weather, at tho Star Clothing
tlou-e. 12-"
LEAVENWOR I'll BEER at Short & Jew
cll'3 for fiv e cents per glass. 19-tf
Legal blanks a specialty at Reimers book
store. 'Jtf
A Card to the Publis.
Having determined to continue In the nur
sery business, we wish to call tho attention
of those planting fruit and ornamental trees
to our mammoth nursery stock, for the fall of
1S77 and spring of 1S7S. We desire to em
ploy only responsible agents, aud eur cus
tomers will confer a lasting favor upon us by
reporting any agent who misrepre-cnts our
Interests or the interests of our cu-tomers in
any particular. Wc are determined lo bring
the tree trade in the west to a higher stand
ard of excellence, that parties oidering trees
may reel confident they aro being dealt with
honorably. All responsible nurseries arc
now selling their trees by subscription. We
are confidont, with our experience in the
nursery business, that trees can be shipped
with safety almost any distance, and that the
advantages in buying froi old and reliable
nurseries arc worthy tho consideration ot the
planter. Parties ordering trees by letter
should address all letters to D. T. Freeman,
Superintendent Ft. Scott Nursery Co., Fort
Scott, Kansas. 1W
Patents on all lands entered priorto April
1st, 1&7G, are now ready at the land office It
would be well for the parties to whom the
patents belong to get them and have them duly
recorded, which may save a long and tedious
litigation at some future time.
Emmert.t Hovey have improved and ua
improved Real L'sUte lor sale cheap and on
easy terni3. Loans a specialty.
State op Kas-sv".
bedcwick Comity. V .
sfotice is hereby piven to all School District
Clerks that our fix rolls arc now ready to receive
the School District levy lor the year 1577, and
that after August 25th our books will be c osed.
und hchonl District taxes cannot be collected
this year unless the tax levies are on Me at that
time. Itcspectfullv, ie.,
nn.-vv County Clerk.
Wichita Mound Nursery.
Halt plthure in informing the vtopltofthit and
lurroundina countitt, that th fruit treit,
ttc, etht abotf Xuricry is note
in tpUr.did condition.
I IV (numerate.
Small Fruits too numerous mention. ill fill
orders this fall for those who prefer full p anting
J. II &TL"i:N':s, Prounelor.
Two and one half mile) ivutheait of if hit" on
he IVlitffld road -tf
Bridao Petition.
Marshall, July 171b, 1377.
Wc, the undersigned l'etitloners, would re
spectfully petition to the Hon. Connty Board of
Commissioners, of Seilgw ick County, Kansas,
thatthey appropriite the sum or eicht hundred
dollars ($ftrtij for the purposeorbiilldiuabridge
orone hundred and seventy-five (ITS) feet across
the North Ninnescah on the Upper Medicine
Lodge trill between Sec 21 and 2d, Town 27,
Kane 4 west, for which your Petitioners will
ever pray.
James Moran. 1 A. Janes.
W. A. Kog-ra and thirty others. 22-3
Bridge Notice.
Xitlce Is hereby given that a petition will be
presented to the board of county commissioners
ot the county of Sedgwick state of Kansas, at
their reRUlar mediae in October, next cnsuiDfr.
atfcing Ton an appropriation of fifty dollar, to aid
In rebuilding a bridge across the Cowsktu creek
on section Fine between sections 20 and 29, In
Del .no township, known ai the McDonald crosa
lue. Estimated cost of said bridge hemr three
hundred dollarj. cost ofrc-building one hundred
dollars . .
A. E. Dodze.
vvm il. King.
1. McDonald,
1). I). W-lck.
it. J.Kazey.
W. B. Drecncn.
T. Willie. 22-3
Chester E. Winy.
H. V. Pipkin.
J VV. Keith.
!. II. 'lymeson
N. Nelson
Office of
Dealer in
Attachment, Parts, Needles Etc
WicniTA, Ks,, Atien3t23. 1377.
There has been a report in circulation that 1 ara
selling old machine. I m ike the iollotring off
er: 1 will give 923 rcwirtl to any one that will
find where 1 have ever sold an old machine for
new, and I will give S2j if I cannot Und where
old machines hive been sold for new by the same
ngcntthatls circulating the report, lam sell
ing all kinds of machines and will warrant them
to be Just what! represent them or money re
funded. I sell no machine for new that bas'been
sold o.ico and taken boct since the decline in
prices. I am dealing in all kinds of machine
and will sell the N. F. falnger.the latest improv
ed, or any other machines notwithstanding what
any agent may say about It, and will sell as
cheap. As I am nowon the war-path I will not
be undersold. Call and see me before buying,
shuttles, Coggs, Check'prlngsand Rubbers kept
on hand for Singer ; also Parts, Needles, oil Ac,
fur other machines.
OITuce South Jfain Street, Wichita, Kans.
Sealed Proposals.
Scaled proposals miy be addressed to C.C.
Muninger, Alton P. O., until Sept. 11th, at 2 p.
m., for the purpose of building a school house in
district No. S5, the plans and specifications of
which can be seen at this offlce or with C. C.
Jlnnmgcr. The bourd reserve the right to reject
any or all bids.
lsy order of the board .
i!-i C. C. MUNINGIilt. DIs. Clerk.
io,ooogka.i'i:s or all varietur.
25,000 Al'l'LE T!thE3-STADAi:D
10.000 1'L'ACUT KEEs-IIEST FltUIT.
Real Estate and Insurance Agents, Douglas Avenue,
South Side, East of the Eagle Block,
Agenti for the RED STAR aud AMERICAN Line of Steamships. Tickets sold t lowest rates to and from all points
in EUROPE to and from all points in KANSAS.
J"A faithful adherence to duty in the interest of our patrons involves continual office work and precludes our
"camping at the gate" of every new building to solicit. If yon want insurance that will not fail you in the "trying
hour" favor us with a call. "We represent the following companies :
iETXA, Hartford Connecticut, Assetta
Pikenix of Brooklyn, "
NoitTirCritish &Mcrcautile, G.B. " -Home,
New York, "
Amekican' Central, St. Louis, Mo. " -PnosNix,
Hartford Conn., "
Geumax-Amekicax, New York, " -Insurance
Co. of North Amcr'a "
.Fireman's Fund, SauFrauclsco " -
Stock Farm,
Improved Farms,
Unimproved Farms,
n :onnei ti sn with tho following list
wo h ivc for sale several tracts of land,
ranging from 1 to 20 acres, adjacent to
the city, suitable for suburban resi
dences, and choice residence lots in all
parts of th- city. Wc also have the ex
clusive agency of several of the best
business let3 in the business center of
tho city. Call at our office for infor
mation as lo price aud location.
o tbose vrlio want to sell lands. Leare your
land witUStoele & Levy. Tney have made
arrangement- to advertize extensively in the
East and expect to make things lively the
coming sprinf ln the way ol ale of land.
HO. 3(M 210 acres; the northeast quarter aud
the north half ofthe southeast quarter
ofscetion i, township 26, ranjre 1 east ;
has2 acres broke, and heilj;e rows
broke: 8 miles north of Wichita.
Vricc 1500.
HO. 461 South hair of the northeast quarter
of section 34, township 27 range least,
containing an.; '.Smiles southeast
ol "Wichita, bottom land. Trice 1500.
J2TStccle a Levy are the exclusive agents
of over 80,000 acres of railroad lands, compris
ing the lands belonging to the A., T. & b.
railroad, in t wi No. 25 .t 2G, ranges J os. 1 and
2 east and 1, 2 and 3 west. These are by far
the Lest railroad land') in the Arkansas valley,
convenient to the city of "Wichita, the largest
and most enterpriiing city vvet of lopeka.
The lands adjoining tho'e of the railroad com
pany arc wen improveu. ioii'""in ""
school di-tricts arc organized, school houses
built, and schools supported in nearly all ot
NO 57! Sec 17, town 21, range i cast In Itut
Ier co. Price, 3.&0, cash, per acre
NO 5S0 Sec 3, town 25, range 4 cat iu Cutler
co. Price, 3.50 per acre, cash
NO 6S1 Sec 22, town 23, range 3 east 111 Cut
ler co. The above section U ail good
and cheap at 3.50 per acre, cash.
NO 582 South half of sec IS, town 28, rang 1
west; 320 acres; 10 acres timbcrl
watered by Dry creek ; 0 milci south
west ol town. I'rice, 1,000
"We have a large number ot pieces oriand1!
in tracts rfiom one to twenty acre, adjoin
ing the city cf Wichita, suitable for suburban
595 Northwest J, section 19, township
;i, rvnijc a cast, u i.uugi ,.".
line, 10 miles east of Wichita.
596 E.'thalfof southeast quarter see
tion 14, township 28, rango lvvcst
80 acres. Price ?400.
599 Northeast quirter of section fl
town 20, rangcl west; 25 acres in
cultivation, -...
Price ?1100.
NO. 606 Ni-rtli half of Northwest quarter of
secti iu 12, and south hair of the south
west quarter of sec 1, township 3.i,
ram..' 3 west, adjoining the town ol
Calb veil, in Sumner county. Water
ed bv Pall creet.anda good bargain.
Price 750
NO. 615 NVrthlnst qr sec 2G, town 20. range
2 ea-1. 12 miles nortbeaU of Wichita
Pric- 750.
NO 619 Northwest J sec 4 town 27. range 1
cast 21 miles north of Wichita, small
hou-a and 25 acres in cultivation.
Prii 13,000.
NO. 403 10) acres 4 miles SoutheaNt of
Wic aita. lias 15 acres timber, Hv ing
stream of water. 50 acres in culliv a-
tion. Price 82,500.
NO. 516 16 acres, three miles north of city,
has 70 acres in cultivation. All good
first-bottom laud. Trice 2,400.
NO. 534 SO acres in sec 31. t 28 2 cat. two
milt north of EI Paso. Prico ?400.
NO. 643 sn , sec 2, 25, 1 east, well Improv
ed 6 miles cast ot Sedgwick City. Wo
also Uave a number of choice pieces of
lailroad land adjoining and in the vi
cinity of this land. Price of farm
N0.1C45 1C0 acres five miles from Wichita,
splendid farming land, 105 acres in
cultivation. Hedce around farm.
House 12x12, good wellj. fine peach
orchard, land smooth and all tillable.
Price 52,200.
NO. 646 Another good farm or 1C0 acres and
very cheap. lias hCCacrcs m culti
vation, two-Mory eute 16x30, five
rooms, two good wells, one solt and
tho Cher hard water, 3 miles from
Wichita. Prico 82,800,
NO.;47 160 acres, 12 miles lrom Wichita,
SO acres In cultivation. House 16v20
2,000 forest trees, 10 acres hedged for
pasture, good well thirty feet de e
walled, nearly all inds of s mail e
in abundance,inrhdiugstrawl up,
Price 1.S00. w c Inc ludecrne
acres of wheat.
NO. 649160 acre near Clear Water. Has
50 acres in cultivation, stone bou.e
17x19 with cellar, hedge one year old
around farm, good well of water, and
good orchard of peaches and other
fruit tree. Seventeen miles from
Wichita. Price l.COO.
NO. 650 174 acres 4 miles east of El Paso and
15 miles from Wicnita. Good well of
water; 17 acres in cultivation, well
laying and smooth land. I'rice S00.
NO. 652 1C0 acres SJ miles from Valley Ccn
ter'tation, 40 aercs in cultivation.
Small log house lor 81,250.
NO. 04 1C3 acres with 50 acres In cultiva
tion. House 12x14. 11 mile ot hed'a
gol well. 100 peach trees bearing,
100 .jrapes.gooscbf rry anil other small
fruus, 15 miles from Wichita, i'rict
NO. 656 A well improved farm of IfiO acres,
with 90 acres ln cultivation, house 15
x26 2 story and out-bause, li mile of
hede, good well, also a number of
fruit and forest trees in good condi
tion. 10 miles lrom Wlceita. Price
The counties ofSedirwick, Sumner.
the Mississippi valley. The Arkansas
valley ran jiiiff lrom seven to twelve mile
V.i.naQnli IVqlnnt ntwl VhitanTAfnp v.vtavq klnta i
the countt y with fertile valleys. The soil of the valley and uplands is a rich sandy loam, several feet in depth. Veg
etation ot' all kinds is unsurpassed. Climate temperate, equable and healthy. Thousands of acics of laud ara
open to settlement under the pre-emption
tility in any section of the State, and in no other part can cheap homes he purchased with all the advantages of goo
soil, climate and water. Our people are enterprising, and made up ofthe go-ahead and best classes from the east, and
in point of culture and society, are equal to any of the older communities of other States. The young and grow
ing city of Wichita, now with a population of 4,500 inhabitants, and propcr'v called the Queen City ofthe West, pre
sents almost uncqualed inducements for money investments to all business enterprises, and more especially t(t
Real Estate Agents,
We are Agents for the Sale of
Osage Trust Lauds,'
Railroad Lands,
Homestead Lands,
JfO. 658 CO acrc. S miles from Scdgvvic
City, good land, 40 acres in culttva
tion.hrdse rows broke, well 22 feet,
good water, some fruit and forest
tree. I'rico 81200. 300 cash and
balance ou 1, 2 and .7 years time at
7 per cent, interest. v"e have rail
road liud adjoining this farm.
NO. 6C0 1G0 acres of 3 miles from Valley
Center. 49 teres in cultivation, small
frame house, 'vatered by branch of
living water. Price SS per acre
NO. C62 ICO acres of good unooth land, 12
miles from Wichita, 40 acres In cul
tivation, hedgen on threo sides of
farm. Price $1,100.
SO. 6C4 a i nwj and e sw, sec 7, 1 29 r 3
east; unimproved. I'rice 84 per
NO. 66S A. good farm of 320 acre forfl.UOO
with some timber. 75 acres in culti
vation. Hedge rows broke living wa
ter on the farm 1, miles ol Clear
Water. AU good farm land.
NO. 6C0 se I sec 10, town 30, range 2 wcit.
unimproved, nuoote farming laud,
sloping to the south. Price COO.
NO. 672 seqr 14, 20 2 west. 1 1 acres in cul
tivation. Good I'ind. Price 1,000.
NO. 07G tie qr of of 7, 20, 1 wet good farm
land unimproved pricu SOU.
NO. 677 nc 24. 29 2 east about 6 miles from
1 Paso, good land, some improve
ments, Prce S00.
NO. 679 1C0 12 miles northwe-tt of Wichita
the ne qr sec 17, t26 r 1 west, some
breaking. Cheap at 850.
700 nw qr sec 27, 1 21 3 west good farm
land. Price 550.
NO. 701-C0 acres 2 miles south of Wichita,
41) acres in cultivation, good hedge
watered by the Chiiholm creek. Price
NO. 704 A farm that Is a farm. 320 acres 4
miles frem Elpaso. l'O acres In cul
tivation, 70 acres tn wheat and look
ing well. 2 dwellings one 14x24 plas
tered, the 12x24 unfinished. Entire
farm hedged and cross hedged, two
and three years old. AIo good cor
ral ol 16 acres fenced with post and
board fence. A No 500 4 and 5 year old
fruit trees bearing, 1,500 one year old,
1500 lorest trees, watered by Doc
creek and good wells- Price S3.0OO,
15C0 hundred of which can run Tor
threo year.
NO. 705320 acre 7J miles sw of Wichita, 15
acres of timber, and watered by the
Cowskin. This Is a good stock or
agricultural farm. Price 10,25 per
NO. 706 1C0 7 miles cast of twn, 75 acres in
cultivation, house 14x23, stable 10x16
watered by springs, 10O forest trees.
Price 1500 of vvhUh 420 may be Lad
on 2 years lime.
NO. 707 ISO acres 4 miles from Wichita, 75
acres in cultivation, watered by
stream of living water, 1$ mile of
timber along the creek making good
stock shelter, part bottom and part
upland. Price 15,00 per acre.
NO. 708320 acre. 5 miles from Wiehltv 100
acrcf in cuItivation,smaII Irame houxe
good well, one qr watered by stream
or living water, 50 acres in wheat.
Price 3600 with two-ilfthes ot the
NO. 709320 acres of good smooth firm hnd
6J mile from Wichita, unimproved.
Price 7,25 per acre.
NO. 710 1C0 acres t miles from Wichita 2nd
bottom, all good farm land, 40 acres in
cultivation. Price 8 per acre.
NO. 711 A splendid rarra one mite from city,
nearly all ln cultivation, well watered,
fair buildings,can be bad at a bargain,
for 'particulars and price call ou
Steele .t Levy,
N()..712-ne, 29, 30, 1 w. 25 acre in cultiva
tion, good well, 60 peach trees, school
bouse near se corner. All good Tarm
land. Price 1,000
NO. 713320 acres, 3 miles east of EI Paao.
All good farm land, 30 acres In culti
vation, house 12x14, good well. Prleo
NO. 714 sw 23. 2S, 2,'c, ten acres in cultiva
tion. Prico 850
NO. 716 320 acr-.-son Cowskin, 7 milei from
Wiehita, nicely watered and wall
timbered, will make a good stock or
agricultural farm. Call on Steele &
Levy for price, will bo sold cheap.
NO. 717 160 acres of nice, smooth, rich farm
land in a well improved section of the
country, ten miles from Wichita.
I'rice 1,000, one-third cash and balenco
nn long time at 10 per cent, interest.
NO. 71S-se32, 29, 2 w. 20 acres in cultiva
tion, cheap at CO0.
NO. 719 sw 26, 25. 4 w. 35 acres in cultiva
tion, good farm land. Price 600.
XO. "il ICO acres two and a half miles from
Augusta, 17 niilrseast or Wichita, haa SJ
acres in cultivation, 10 arres timber, wa
tered by stheam of living water, honu
ICxit one aud a httf stories, stable Mill,
150 grapes 3 year aid, peach orchard
bearing, good corral. Price S.'.IOO.
NO. 72310 acres one and a half miles from town
all In good cullivatIon,hedge on ou aids.
Price 91,250.
NO. 714 ICO acres. 15 miles west or Wichita, all
good farm land, 40 acres in cultivation,
house 14x20, good well of water 14 feet
deep, with nine fet of water, school
house on the place. Price 91,300, half
cash and balccce on time to sui t purcbar.
NO. 726 SirS.S, 2 west and ne 2C, 27,
for91,7W, or either farm fors).
NO. 727 240 acres 22 miles sonthwestof Wichita,
four miles from Gooil ltler P. O..1J0
acres in culivatiun, all good farm land.
Price I, COO. .
NO. 72S-Ne2G, 29, Seatt. unimproved, Price 00.
HO. 7J0 lCJ acres in Lincoln township, has 43
acres la cultivation, hedged on two sides,
watered by prairie branch, 400 fruit tract
ofdiffsrujt varieties, 14 miles lrom Wichi
ta. rrieal.lKM.
NO. 711 Also 30 acres In Lincoln township, 63
acres In cultivation, dwelling 16x20 with
cellar, kitchen ttxli. plastered, hedge ou
3 aides, good well. 400 peach trees bear
ing. ISO forrest and caerry trees. Price
l,0uO, 4Wof which can be Ladonlyaara
Cowlcv and Butler comprise an area
river ruus diagonally through the counties
in width. Other streams of less
1,M Un,.i,. Cm......
laws for the sale ofthe Osasre Indian
2,500 Ott)
- 800,000
Rti3iuis Ltg
Residence Lots.
NO. TJi-lSOacre 11 miles southwest of ITIehiU
MxW, good well ofwatir and all rood
SSrU VSoId??n can be had fjrSl 0MJ,
half csjli and bslence on tunr, '
NO. 7SJ liO acres 3( miles northwutof Kl Paso
coodland. Price fSperacrc. '
NO. 734 1C0 acres nine mile lonth of W coJU
li. acres in timber, U4a.;rea in cultivI
k?t'l,.,.?0i"'tw roon"' luu "'" hl
in,'. P1"1-; ;orn crib and oihar out
teYt. r"" "m " 1Jp" n-
N0.7AV-2Waprof?0od land. Z2 m,0nth
writ or lehitK. 52 &! tn ..(.
watered by . .treTm of llnB w. e r, all
good agricultural Und 1'rlc. w loo
cnjih nnil Info,,.- ' V -. -
Interest. " "" "" a8"'
NO. 7;
VV lchita, unimproTed. Price ;w.
XO. JM-Nwijnarterece. 11, 2J, 1 west,
proved but a bargain t w.
KO.7J0-outh.'of nwM, and south o.ao
?? wc.5t :0acr broke on fatter PrEa
NO. 740-'!outheat sec. 7. 2S. 2 eoit, Onimprov.!
and very cheap at ;w. '
NO. 712 1G0 acres 13 milest or Wljhlta. r retr
root good smooth farm land, slopes to the
southeast. Prlca two.
T.i I P in,li4 MCllon t"03"-). all HH
able land 14 miles west. Can be had ata
reasonable price by calling on SUela A
744-320 acre 12 miles west, good r-m land
unimproved, i'rice 9UJ.W:
713 XortheistT, 2S. 3 west, all i-.,., ?..i
20 acres in culiiratian. Price :ep.
NO. 74&-1CO acres 8 miles southwest on the Cow
skin, six acres Umber, mostly walnut. 70
acres under cultivation, IK story frlma
house 11x20, good well of water, a "hie!
corn crib and other outbuildings, loo frni:
'?" ",mT Coring, watered by tli i
skin. Price $3,000, u"
NO. 74U ICO acres 15 miles w st ror X.
NO.743-SeMl,23,4west,30 acre, under enf
tivation. good .table 14-30. all good whaat
orcornlaad. Price 97oO. uvv"'a"
cultivation, good stream ntllylax water.
Price, rorarewdays, tliOO.
NO 731-320 acres 7 mile, west of town. 34
acres under cultivation. Prica tl.VJo!
NO. 732-1C0 acres 1 mile sonth of Valltr canter
well timbered, so acres undereultiTat'on
good bam, corn-enbn, granerr, small
house watered by the little AraaV.a.TiT-er-
Price J2.2J0, Ifsold soou.
NO. 755-160 acres, 13 miles ne, 33 acres nne'er
wa'tVr""?." "0l" 1-;-"' E3 '-
(J leach orchard bearing Prica
NO. 75J-240 1 acres four miles tastor Valley Cen
ter station, all good rann land, W acrts In
Price"""""'11 "0U'C' l "Si!
NO. 733 1C0 acres nine rullo northe-ut or Wich
ita, unimproved. Price 9050.
NO. e31$.W. 3 west, improved good Hnd.
N0.757-Se2I,23,2cast. Pries 9700.
NO. 71S-32J acres 11 miles southwest or Wichita
all smooth land, 33 acres old brcaklna!
Priceroraahorttimc9f,300 "",D'
N0.733-Sw32,2S, 2 west, unimproved, ha
stream ofhving water. Price 9u0.
NO. 700-340 acres 2.'.' miles from Wichita, all
good bottom land, 170 acres under culti
vation, fairhouse, plenty or itrane. her.
nes anu other frail Tin..
Peach an.1
ciierry trees bearing, loo apple tree. 4
years old, a splended farm for .Vgrlcul
He0' ilOCk- .,y,,eJ hy the Arkanaaa
Fil Spme timber. For price and
terms call on Steele A Levy
NO. 701 Se
, 20, 1 east Unimproved. Trice
NO. 762-1) cre in Sumner Co. all good land,
sw ,, ,, le. I'rice 5fifl.
NO. 763 VV ;. ne and ej;, nw 10, 37. lw lu
mHes nw of town. Unimproved. PrioS
NO. 7CS--1C0 acres w ithtW acres under culllTatlon
10 1 acres timber. Well watered by tha
Llttie Arkansas Elver. Fair dwelling,
stable and some cribs. y. miles rro,u
1 -all road station. Very cheap at 92,100.
X? V.7?1-,130 a"? 8 mlIc5 aor,h of Wichita near
S..iF?wk,n cr,tek- 33 acres In corn. Price 7W
with 13 acres or corn.
NO. 767 ICO acres near Clear Water, and Watered
by the -enneecah river. 40 acres In cul-
i'Sk0"- ,. 1?-,"x-i0 ""e with shad
kitchen, hedge on one side, small or
chard, 100 aares good bottom land. Ona
mile from Good river 1". O: Price 9350. J
NO. 76S-1C0 acres 1); miles rromK. R. station.
.3 acres under cultivation- 40 acres
tirnuer. Watered by the Little Arkansas
J;lT.- ?," n ,1JX. fn kitchen
1SX20, all painted. Good agricultural
or stock fann . Price 92,000
NO. 7D-Ne 30. 2S, 3 east, improved, all good
farm land, 15 miles southeast or Wichita.
Price 600.
NO. 770 1C0 acre in sec. S, 20, 1 east, nine mile
south of Wichita. About 10 acres or tim
ber. So acres under cultivation, small lor
house, watered by the Cowskin, handy ta
jiostoCIce and school hoina. All od
bottom land. Price Tor a short time 1,109
NO. 771--150 acres near El Taso. 120 acres nndar
cultivation, good dwelling 16x24 with
kitchen ell 14x16, good well or water, S9
apple and 130 bearing peach trees, 300
peach seedlings will be sold cheap. In
quire of Ste-le A Lew
NO. 772--320 acres. A line Block or agricultural
rami with ICSaeres under cultivation, t
acres or good timber, watered by tha
finest stream in the west. Two good
dwelling bouaea.handy to railroad station
and in a goud neighborhood. Prlea 4,000.
Now Torma of Salo of R. R. Lands,
The lollowing new term or sale for Hallroad
LauJ will be iu rorce from and atlsr July 2d, '77.
No.l. Sameas heretofore In use.
No. 2 Old terms No. 2 Is dlscontlnned and tha
new terms will bo ou 6 years time, with H
or principal and 7 per cent. Interest paid
at time of purchase. The2nd pavment will
l only Interest at 7 pee cent. ''IbtreafUr
or the principal and 7 per cant. in-,
terest on the remainder will be paid annual
ly. On this terms ofsile we dltconnt 29
percent, from the appraised price.
NO. Tha same as heretofore la nse only will
discount 50 per cent, from tha appraised
4 Cash sales for which we discount 33 K nor
On five years time, at 10 per cant, interest.
of the best aarrinnltiiral l.anl teoaint
named, formine' of itsMf ah i-tIphs!
mairnitudc, such as the Little Arkansjf,
nLl.L.l 1 t l." l. .1;
lands, which arc unsurpassed in fer

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