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The Wichita city eagle. (Wichita, Kan.) 1872-1883, April 12, 1883, Image 1

Image and text provided by Kansas State Historical Society; Topeka, KS

Persistent link: http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn85032573/1883-04-12/ed-1/seq-1/

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Airrsrayj 2ate: juii a;:T csiin::ATj:3.
Proposals for Indian Supplies
and Transportation.
of IixlUn AITnln. WarlilntoD, .Marclj 13,
JtvU. Sralnl liropoxAU, Jintirpcl "l'roioul
lor ucer, " (iiu lor iw M nwr suumuiij iu
tnirate finelojiti,) Itarrni, Flour, Olotlilng,
or Tritnrttlon, Ac , (rut the cut mar lx,)
and dlrectnl to the Cnmnilnfloner f r Indian
Affalri, Ao. C5 atidG! M'ootltr ttreet, A'nr 'ort
Will be rt-cellfl until 1 1'. H jf Tvrtday, April
Sl.liMS, for furnltlilng fur tlie Indian eertice
utKiut fV)ltXiO irfundn ItJicon, 40,UMj(ooo jtoundt
lleefon the hoof, lSl.tmo Kiumls Jleanr, 43,ii0j
lioniid Haling Ponder. a,iOU jiounds Corn,
ZO,(XIioiind Coffee, C.Wj,(w(i jKjunJs Flour,
tiO.uil )oi:di1 Feed, ITO.Kjh ninds Han II read.
1.2IM lurrrln inex lairk. fiAffi iioand Itlor,
M,ir iniuioil "f tnf i'P""" -,
B.OUO i)iiiii Tea, 1J, iound lohaero, 170,-
u Hound ."-alt
Ki0,tiuu ifiiin'U bcaj, U,(xi0
lionmla soda, 7Si,wn juad -Susar, an
nu iuu,uiKj
AIM), lUankU, Woolra find Cotton ;oo1,
(coDUtlnff In irl ol llcklnjc. 35 "JO yanl:
Marxlanl Callco.lUJ.l'Mivhrda; Irillltifr, SO.duD
vanli Inck, lr from nil Hzm, K)tiyanJt ;
brnim, i: (wo jardu; .lfrliatii fi0 yanJ ;
Kentucly Jehim, h,() jnnl ChevIoU. 5 .art
j anl t llrown rbM-tItiR, ,) j anl : llleacliril
ShrUiifc, SOnw rani Jlickt.n bhlrtlmr. I0,w
jardit; calico S'lilrtinp, .;,()(i ;, nnU; U'lnwy,
J.titKt fcnln:) CIoUiIrr', iMcrria( Nolioiii,
llanluflrp Mrillrai huiii'llei, S;tioil Itobkff,
lc.,anl along lUt'.f iiilwtllanKMin article,
Mich tin Ilaruffif, rjoun, IULe. KurUa. Ac,
ami for about 7S U'pmn rmulreJ for tlie rv
Ici' In Ari ji.na, Colorado, HaW, Milti, Indian
TarrlUiy, Mlunpota.3lJntAii4Mbra)air N
vada, and U Jeconsln, lu 1p dclifrr-d at i lit
rapit Kadkah City ainl Souk ity Alo for
ftnrli Wryonfiaa may ! drMrrd, adaptnl tolhe
cllmale or the r&rffic (4mtt, with Calironda
hraLffl. dplUerel at Jniii Krmirisco
AIau, traiiHjortatloti for fiuchd tlieartIfJpj,
froodi, and fHiMilleN tlut limy i"l 1r xntnicti
fortolplHheredalllie Arcnrj
Srlieinlfti nhottlnx' the kinds m.d ijuaittitli
of nubHlittrnr' ujipllr reinlr-d for fsult
.Agency, and the JJmU and qtiautltiP4 lnrik
orallbtlirr K'hmIn and articles, together with
ldank r0)0Malt condition t l olrrvH by
bidders, time and i-lare or delivery, tfnimof
rontrart and imyment, lramirlMini routes,
and nil other necertary ln.tmctfori. Mill be
fumUJil tijn Mitl.ratiou to the Indian Oflioe
In Washington, or Aoi. r3 ant iM WvotttrtUett,
Xftr York U'm 11 J.)on( No Mi Itrunduay,
Nw York j tlie Coimniarieit cf SnlHlenre,
IJ. H. A , at Chej-nne, i hlrago, Iratenworth.
ifmalia, nlut IxmiIi, Saint 1'aul, fcan Kraurlhcu
and VanLtnn ; the rotlu.itter At louCHy,
and to thr rofdinaktersat the rotloulng-nainea
i!areitln Kana ArLanus Citv, ItnrllngUMi,
;allwpi:, Hodge City, l.mria, Kurrka, r-at
Itend, Jlownrd, llutrhlitMiti, Ijrnt-I, Mrdlrlne
ltlge, Mcl'liersou, Clarion, Nei1on( Outire
nty, fcdn Merlfng, loiiela, WlIlngton.
WlcldUand WtuHeM
Itldi will he onenM at tlt hour and day
'altotp idalei, and bidder- are i mi led o )
lrfut at the njienlng.
Oniiriti C'iiKho
AH hid liiUKt l4 nrronipanletl by cTtilld
cbecka iixn Mtne I'ultiil Matt- letiltory for
at leattljiJrf jeroent of the amount of the pro
posal. 1-3 II I'JttCKt CoihTnltmloner.
Proposals for Stock Cattlo.
iiepaktment of mi: iMi:i:mii,
; iMi:i:mii, )
h 31. ISO S
AiiiNriToN. .Marrh
Sealtl iroMMiU, lndnrted "ProitogaU for
Ktick Cattle," and directed to llie)(HimtIoii.
-r or Indian Aflalra, koh. r. and G7 U'ooster
etreet. New York, will Ite-wMjeived tmtll 1 1 m,
- of I'newlay, Aiiril SI, l, fur furnishing for
the Imllnii eenlce alHnt l.mu headnf etork cat
tle, hair cows and half bUera, and 1.7) liulli,
ItllM MteT l:F UAtlt OtT f tX i.OVKHNMKNT
x-hednleg fehowlnfr the iimnlier and kind re
jnlred ut IhedinVrent amende will le ftimUh
1 iiton nillcatlifi to the Indian Ofijce In
U'athlntrton, or No. land i7 VoMter etreet.
New York j Win. II l.yon. No. Is3 Ilroadnay,
New York the dommiHfturte of Sub-I.lence,
II .S. A.,at;hHjenne, ( hlcago, l-aenwortli,
Omaha, Halnt luU, alut Paul, an FraiM-ls-C4,
and Yankton, and the lv,,tmnslr nt.-loux
Itld will lieotene4l til the hour and daraboie
stateil, atxl lihhterA are I nvlted to lie prefent nt
ttieeDlnr. .
1'r.iiTiriri) Checks.
All bUU niiist le Mccomnanled li)' certitlel
checks iiki Mme Fnlletl htales lejif,flltofj for
at teatti live iM-r rent ot ineanionnioi iiieiro
II piiici:.
2-3 CommUfouer.
Tht following ruin govern Hit rat ft of adrertll-
in; in the II icnffa i ily l-oglf.
All tronttrnt advrrtuetntnll twtntyfive cens
pn line Jor tht JIM Insertion,- JI real, per
line joi eacniuoirovrni tnaeruorui
F.very drtcrljitlov of lorol, Inrtudlrtit commer
cial odrrrfiemrals, are euljed toiptciol rontracl,
depending vion epat e and It ntjth vf tine Jot Khicb
tLtn run.
All legal adrtrtiltmtntl. intlud'mq thote of
Hate, county, city or totcwiritp, alo ihrryT alfl
and publication noticet, the rate preurturd by
tht ttatvlet.
All advertliementt .re counted at thovgh tel t'n
tolid nonpareil, the body type utrit and ten fines oj
vhich tor.t'ituten tcuare.
Notice for Publication.
nt Wichita. Knock., .March 27th, 11. (
Notice Is hereby cien that the following
named eettler ha filed uollcenf bis intention
to make final proof In supiort of his clslm : and
said proof will be made before Henry A. Troe
ger, anotarr public, of llden IowiimiIji, Mini
nercminty, Kansas, on f-atnrdny, Maj Stli, ltt's ;
and secure final entrvtheieof nt the ekplrntinu
or thirty ilarafroiu the dste of this notice, li
BenlK-n ll llrown, l. 8 Nn.a,S, for the
lots 3 and 4 and e; mv sec. 31, Inp. MHitli,
range 4 west or C.th P. M , and names the
follow lug as bis witnesses, i John F. Hills,
John .1. Cloud, Patrick Mclilernan and James
McKlcrtmi, all of Milton, Mimner comity,
Kansas. It. 1. WALKKIt,
1. 1 IlegUter.
r t ' Assignee's Notica.
In the matter of the assignment of .1
I. Car-
others a. iirmner
Te ell irsora II doth, or nay, loncern ;
Notice Is herebvglien that the undersigned
assignee will, n Wednesday, the first day of
August, A. I l!K!, beglnuliigat ntneo'rlock
A. m. on said day. at the olllce c.r the clerk of the
District Court In and ror Sedgw Ick county, Knti
saa, proceed to adjust ami allow claims against
the estate of said J I,. Carotliers A ltro. ."aid
assignee w III continue In adjust and allow claims
rorthreeida!, lclniilng Atymjt 1st, Uil, at
Witness my band Mardi sal, A . 1). 13.
:a-1i i: A. IIOHSKY, Assignee.
Nottco for Publication.
l.ASIi OFFll K j
at Wlclilta, Kansas, Apt II 3d, lslt i
Notice Is hereby given that the followlng-
bamed settler lias fllel uoliceol his Intention
to make final proof In Mipiwrt of bis claim,
..iiihst sstit nniaf will be hiKle bclore the
II. 8? l-andilnlce. at Wichita Kansas, on .May-)
lltb, 18oS, via: John 11. t.reeniear, ii . -a,-301,
for lot B, sec IB, ami lot n ecu: 1. tw p. VT,
range I east I and lot 4. we. 13, and lot 2, wc.
SI, twp. 27, range I west, all in Island No. 3.
lie names the following witnesses to prove
bis continuous residence uin, and cultivation
or, said land, lit John M. Martin. II. A. Mil
ler, t.eorge Minion and Icl nibble, nil or
Wichita, Kansas
.S It I,. WAl.KUIi. Bcgtsler.
Snle of School Land.
County Titrusrnru's Orrtcg,
snlgwlck lAiuuty, Kansas,
Wichita. Ai.rll id 1-Sl
Voilce uilierebv iriicn tlrat n .Monday, tli
Juih dsycr-iirll. ,$BIliall oner at publiii
sale to lhe-1iig!ie.t bidder the lollowlng-de-scrlbed
tracts of school land, lielng a pattol
section rut, toinshlp2. rangeSwrst.
Ne'i ne, appralscti at en i er acre.
,t :
SeV '
Sw.'' "
Se'4 1IW'
,-w; '
Ne'i sp4
N'X "
3 TB "
3 75 '
STi "
3T3 "
4 .V) '
4 !
U Ml '
5 01
'4 -"
.1 0(1 '
NwV ",
Se'i "
Tbale will tM!n for bids at liio'clock a.m
, and
cioeeai jo'cjci. r. m.oi saiuony oi eaie
I.. N. 'WO(lli(0'ir, Tr'eastirer'.
' ' Salo of School Land.
TKKASnti:U'S offick. i
WirntTA, Kansas, April al, luss. j
Public notice It hereby given that I will, on
the 30tli dor of April, 18S3. offer for sale, aud
sell to the b'lghest bidder, the following tracts
or school land, to wit
Tlie se.V sec IS, twp. Sk nnsf 2 wet.
Ne e'i.'-.apiirhlsrt nr33.t l-rcrew
Nw.'isej; " "WM " "
Se.'ei ' " M.t" " '
Sw.'i se, 3 0 " "
Sale will oien forbids at lOo'cloci a. v., and
close at 3 o'clock r. M of said day or sale.
i.. n. wooncocir.
e-4 Treasurer of Se.lgwlc k county, Kansas.
"Tew rich bloTd".
RLOOD. nd will pntailettly -oticge the
ood III the entire STjtftn lu three months.
Any person who will take 1 pill each night Horn
1 to lz weeks may be restored to sound health,
If aucha thing be possible. Sibl everywhere,
or sent by mall fur-tight IMter stamps. fBl
forclrcnlar 1.8 JOHNSON X CO . Boston,
Mass. old In Wichita by Aldrlcli A Brown.
An l-nr-ll&li Veterlnarr Snrreon and Cliemlst.
now traveling In this conntry. says that most of I
the none anu jiaiue rownrs fom mrr
worthless-train. HeVays that Shertdan'a Con
dition Powders are absolutely pure and Im
mensely valuable. A'olhlcgoa rth wlUroste
hens lay like .Mierldan'a Condition Powders.
Oosst, teasponuro.1 to-sflw plnrtif fml. Sold
veryherfortnt ij.rrnIi.'ar eight letter
stamns. I.S. JOHNSON A CO.. ltoston. Mass.
BoldlnWIchlUbyAldrlcliAHrewne -M J
will positively prevent this terrible disease,
suid wilt positively cnrenlne cases out of ten.
Information that will ear many lires sent .free
tivmall. Don't delaj-a moment. Prevention
i.hstur than rnre. I S, JOHNSON CO..
sasaasi.i Mats, iraasaalti icimArtVB asxJ
roaa?iie--tlcliblo0.1. MH1n--Wlcnn-by
Aldrlch A Brown. -o-
(to acre In sec. Sl.twp.as, r. 2e,yjwam twp, I
IS acres In eee. S.W-vatr A"!
1(0 acres In sec. 18, twp S3,
MO acres In see. Sg. twp. 29,
. lw, Ohio iwp
usumi In see. SO. twil. 9b. r.
. iwStia tw,. j
surih above lands will be said tori
.oatftsM at 8 per cent interest orrpmyweni I
In UiiieyesrisSBsajtve
Ii. P. SirKDOCK.
J -s - " ! tall.S. per cents
!""&f. eaaejeM) on tbe Interest.
rWz,j4 - f A msasslmtJsM
An euetcsuc roan can invesi vus ,
Alfs - ,Msee earn. J!! mth a2W! t.WJnXS22BX2-:. ' TT?V 7'ga teSmmi;-mtvis DomsriW Atsmi. I ZlsIV
,K'i, . s-sv ssIJs.WVSB)la ma,a I eaeaw- IV " snwejs e. ---- .1.
tve?. 5n''a'"""rv.?.,7'-SLTrTi
. jr - rvijf a t. tm.mrnif a. ta7-rtMiJ m ..-iiii'.j.m. . "t:: zr77r." v -i, . ,t .". .i2'.Tsrriri-- v is'-
sKV?t . r y . . ,.-v -V! v '-"v-rss 'T "Trsiv4s& :- -vt: .. isrc's ?7st. v. z-:-fw&si?mfi..ii.'i'i
South Hide Douglas avenue, sear the
l.iridgp. TreaU all kinds of Heasea anl
main are nuliject to. Come and tee me.
Contractor. Carpenter and Joiner,
Will do all klndi of Carpenter and Joiner
work on abort notice. SUira, 8Uir Balllnci,
Saa .Doora, BUndi, Door and Window Frame
nu ocreena,
CT Shop, 113 Main Street; Kealdenee on
Iwrence Atemie near Cenrtal j Poet-offlee
AUartlei detlrlig work In mrllneirlU
eatea.dereat J P. 'Allen '(Urog store,
US' Country Work Solicited.
Well Boring and Drilling
otutitlr done In Sedrwlck and iarronndlna
counties. Artesian wells made and prospecting
done. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Twelrerears'
terieuce. outfits ror sale. Address
Orieave onlers with JL A. Sarles. dealer In
jKimi!,,lc, Doufrlss Avenne tflchlu,1 Kan-
I. if ' - '-
(J70 weekjnade at home by the Industrious.
J3 c. Best business now before the public. Cap
llal not needed. We will start yon. Men, wom
en, bors ami glrla wasted, everywhere to work
torn.' ,iaw in in, un. i ou can irora in spare
nine, orpitc your wuoie lime 10 ine unsinese.
No other iHvslness will ay you nearly as well.
No one can fall to make enormous pay by engas;
Int.' at once. Costlr outfit anil terms free. Montr
mule made rast, easily and honorably. Address
riivy. X CO., Augusta, Maine. 11-3G-52
D COT n0, '""' ' 'weeping bv, go and dare
n CO I before you die, something mighty and
sublime leave behind to conquer time.'' Cfla
week In your own town. (5outfltfree. No risk.
Krerythlnguew. Capital not requlred.JWe will
furnfult yott everything. 'Many are making for
tunes. lAdles make as much as men. anu bora
and girls make great pay. Header, If you want
business at which yon can make great pay Ibe
time, write ror particulars ton. HALI.ETT
CO., Portland, Maine
IAf I Q C leople are always on the lookout for
Iff iuuo
liances to Increase thslraarnlnira. and
in time become wealthy those who do not lm-
ineir opionuniiies;remain in jioTerty.
offer a great chance to make money, hi
want many men, women, girls and boys to work
for us right lu their own localities. Anyone can
do the work properly from the first start. The
buslneos will pay more than ten times ordinary
wages. Exensie outfit furnished free. No one
who enzaifes falls to make raoner ranldtv Yon
can devote your whole time to the work, or only
your spare moments Full Inlormatlon and all
that Is needed eent free. AddretSTIxo X Co.,
Portland, Maine. 1I-SC-S2
S3- Oflice at bis Sai.li, Door and Blind Msnu
factorv. on the west side of Main street, north
or tlie Occidental Hotel, Wichita, Kansas. 46-
llllKKDKlt OF
Berkshire Hogs:
Major $lirltcnharut tlie headi
Choice Pigs for sale.
?- A few
Comer of Emporia avenue and William street,
souiiior iiougiaa avenue
' ' J f s
Foi full particulars Inquire at Conservatory.
Douglas Ave.' Steam Laundry,
All Woik lUe In Order it KmGaahle Rates.
E3 Two doors east of Douglas Avenue Hotel.
Harness, Sad (Lies,
Bridles, Collars, Whips,
And everything kept In a well stocked Harness
1 anisel Hug good s as low as the lowest for cash ,
r -'Or- - Itepalrlm? promptly done.
1870. 1883,
In the city to bny
Where will also be round a
, . Jkriyc Stock.qf .i.'.
We also keep on hand a
"VSr "trm T "4f
Large- StoSt oj-
TIHIITTlltTimS,"" PttnilKT,-
SPMOE&VJW, Ttl'SSB, Etc, Etc.
.1 . ---.. s.T te " A
llrv.'asii ieoelri sJJrect-lWtfsUUaanmeaiireve
the iwost
o ,PiitenttAlBdicines.
. 71t.-l Vl
Yo will therefore ft m eooaUrfsHa or leal-
rations sn sssthk n-esat i
' ,-,.. j- '.. ,u ,tf JJii(i,L
, mMewaaay ftlssjeai wlihsiissswienwts
Lm. ...---- - r
!. )t
AtWi itiu a i
ii AOd 9tfO iiiur.
o rr
'-iAt'.- '.
l !
i' i,ii
Clocks, the Best Selection) and Lowest Prices
The Finest Stock of
1 keep the best slork of . , -
.Spectacles, in Gold, Silver, Celluloid. and Steel
Repairing of Watches, Clocks and
George G. Matthews,
1 I H 5 3DOTi.Q-xiA.i5
(" I keep everything in the
E. P. HOVET & CO.,
- IN
-. r , -..r-Eptciatty will this be
c.imLA lYtr
M;!A:M:Aa ti:h
In this
..): : I
lilHi ti
The Stock is Complete,
lo a
flit! -..
And Id Pricw we are prepared
crhcioiJ $ii4himuH 'ainsO
.-.u. ii. vs .s.i7j-! ft-'WiU'ht Ht titpt.rthtW JawTjiii vaii 7i
jjioavuvu auu "tvnu w,V""ti,(-i : grthul. tW VSW1 Will sa.
, x ribf 'Diittns, Etc., Etc.,
t s0 7ii--s,47iYy4M4(iViiL.JsM vJ I
GkiH.1T 0?S" AV ill
.ClUliUf JJIJ. .iOAiliU
Lmndried and
or I. MtasjU Jetfc tfciNlfL
HgJ Brut
5rrrtS:j?id '. kZ$8&8if5&&:
1 1. - few! -J.&,kmmm:um vm, ummmm
T.-r ..--T ." LTL JJr' ''sV',sjjm'---sjh---a T -m. i B ZZ- m." --.-"- '
jr: . t -jl," tsis--M as!. --
, St'icfil
jit aid
- Tivj
ui V7
Silverware in the City.
Jewelry a specialty, at
,-. . . fN67i88 Douglas Avenue,
Hardware Line. Come and see me.
ifsiO'l-lil '!
found true in thc-Uneo. r-i
; : -llUeJ 'JtrttJtl T V'lV ', r-
irirllR. 'dffOTOfM
Department -
-it iti
i ileum it t "v
, . JUnusually,1Eleganti.inflvt;si,
I ii lucid J.ff into - i;
to give you actual Bargains.
s,,i -. I
fSW.tiSy?il'40moii UUt
a3C&kJ iiiHIJCX DltLfcUaiVIwholoafa
, (fhJcio G to-have V crematiotTIsAcietj',
with a capital of SlOO.WKi.
Judge Uayja Davis did belong to the In
dependents. But he got married.
In Kansas City there are 250 Mkon, and
each pays $250 into the city treasury.
m '"
In the United States one person in 285 is
Slid to be a pauper, in England one in 33.
, T$5 lAaQwiFrentlliiJstiti'A wom
an is like an army she is lost if she has no
Gov. OHck receives many telegraph con
gratulations over the way Kansas Is going
to the devil. T , ' .
til s
The Mexican ex-1'resldent Diaz, pro
nounces his name as if spelled Dee-ath, the
a sounded as in far.
Thomas Jefferson wrple that great cities
vere'"petilenHal Wtiie bonds, the'healtn,
and the liberties bfman."
The Illinois supreme court lias rendered
a decision declaringOte Pullman Palace Car
Company a common carrier.
Mr. Glidstone would utilize wet lands by
growing water cresses and Improve railway
embankments by planting fruit trees.
The Atchison Champion says' that Hop
kins and Humphrey, two of the railroad
comtni'slonersi are natives of Kngland.
Chicken business is not a small concern
when It Is estimated that $;6,000,000 is the
value or the eggs of .this country each year.
The President haa'appolnted Walter O.
Gresham, of Indiana, to be Postmaster
General, lie l now I'tiltcd States circuit
Judge. ,
The first through train on the Utah ex
tension of the Denver & Hlo Grande: car
ried 200 Mormon converts to the Land of
I i S I '
A report comes from -Montreal, Canada,
that the right of a nun to take off ths .veil
and re-enter society "will soon be tried in
the law courts there-
Col. Bob. Iugersbll and Jliss Dodge, bet
ter known as "Gall Hamilton," are said to
be great friends, ami a lively war. of witty
word marks their meetings.
i:.v-Govcriior Samuel J. Tilden Is spend-'
ing the winter at his country residence on
the Hudson, and' its enjoying an uniiMial
measure of health and strength.
Far in the Minny South she lingers,
Yet slowly coming along,
With fairy garlands in her fingers.
With snatches of sweet song.
"A lady living In Athens, Georgia, uot on
ly has has a number of love letters written
to her by John Howard Payne, but the orig
inal nranuscrlpt or "Home, Sweet Home."
The star-route trial has lasted eighteen
weeks, with no prospect of an immediate
conclusion. It is about as tough on the
jury as the verdict will be upon the defend
ants. The words' "Asleep In Jestis," on the
monument of "George hlliot," are now
nearly illegible. They were strangely out
of place over the grave of theprlestessofra
tionalism. .
Senator Vest, of Missouri, has declared
himself for JIcDonald as the Democratic
candidate for President. That makes two
for McDonald Vatterson and Vest. On
with the boom!
Out of 200 Susscxdbwn lambs lately arriv
ing In an English llock, there were fifty-
seven pairs of twins. Tliee were out of
149 evc. This is a flock record which 1
pretty bard to get over.
A Philadelphia editor thinks the enemies
of General Grant ought not to object to
having him put ou the two-cent postage
stamp, as that, is the only way ever con
trived of getting him licked.
Anti-prohibition won a victory in Empo
ria; where it ba always been thought that
prohibition was enthroned the strongest.
Is this slgulflcant that prohibition Is stead
il)'iIoslng its grip in Kansas
Joliu llrown is dead, Victoria's man,
We ne'er shall see him more
And come to think, we never had
Seen Mr. llrown before.
WW. HYWrr.
Gen. llutlcr I expected to run again for
governor. Kx-Gov. Talbott is talked of as
the Republican candidate against him. He
resides near Lowell.'is a manufacturer, and
he and General llutler are warm personal
The Chinese are said to be, very fond pt
horned toads which has led4 an enterpris
ing Texas man to start a horned-toad can
nery. Ho says all he wants1 is a little more
money and some good "toad slabbers'1 to
make a million.
'fehcrp culture' Is no longer a matter or
doubt or experiment in Arkansas. mucr
oils streams of clear running water, tame
and wild grasses, cheap food, and market
facilities, present great Inducements to
sheep owners.
Hon. Geo. D. Orner, of Barber county,
has been appointed temporary special agent
of the Interior Department, lor examina
tion into fraudulent entries of public lands.
He Is assigned to duties in California, With
headquarters at Los Angeles.
.Secretary Lincoln, in the new War De
partment building, has a beautiful oflice,
the most artistic and luxurious in Wash-
Ington, compared with which thcexecutire
chamber is shabby. Mr1. Lincoln Is a good
looking .man, and will look well iu a hand
some frame?
Governor Gitck, on Monday, reappointed
.1. 11. Anderson and Mr. Hammond on the
board of State House Commissioners, and
appointed .1. M. Hood, of the Hanover Dem
ocrat, Washington county, for third mem
ber of the board. The two members re-appointed
arc Republicans.
An eminent French physician, who has
known Prince Bismarck well for nearly a
quarter of a century, says that all talk about
the Chancellor's health breaking down Is
sheer nonsense. His nerves and general
constitution areln an admirable condition,
anil, bid fair lo remain so, for twenty years
to come.
Probably the largest sale ol pigs ror breed
ing purposes that has ever been made west
or the Mississippi river, was recently effect
ed by .1. V. Randolph, or Emporia, who
sold to James A. Yoe, or Montana Territo
ry, fifty-three spring pigs (fifty sows and
three boars) for 9500. Tbese.pJgs are or
Ibe Poland-China breed, and arVtd bWhlp-'
ped about the first or Jnne.
Abiil was Introduced Into the isewTork
Senate, and, Immediately .ordered upon third,
reading, to prevent "any attempt to person
ate or represent Jesus Christ by any abow,
play or dramatic representation, whether
free' or for admission 'fee, and' declares the
violation or its provisions a misdemeanor,
punishable by a fine of not Jess than 8100,
and Imprisonment not less than six months.
or the 200,000 Indiana in the United States
about 100,000 in the West, Northwest and
Soutuwettreqnlre more or less military sur
veillance. One fourth or them or ,50,000
in round numbers arc adnlta capoHe'Wt
bearing arms, but there are seldom more
'than from 100 to 1,000 Indians on the war
pstIi.(Yi we Jsato aa tha border a Ceretf
or 17,500 men for purposes of repression
and suppression.
- .rtWTTlr
i"lI . 1 . . -if.H
To the credit of Secretary
y Lincoln be it
said that .he cannot be dragooned by the so
cUl,iBHae in Washington Into, recom
mending for the vacant places in the quar
tern&eterV corps any man who by service
and merit Is not entitled to he appolat-
menu He proposes to select oncers who
hasre? sasfaied hardships and privation oa
SJtot?hr ,B,lcad oflhe nt might.
"aronnti Wiuhlngton."
a a lecture before the Harvard Flaswea
CsW-fsafcielfter eveavlnsj, Edward AsUmm
preeeated jsome isterestlac ttatlaWet' re
sdtfijf ire aa a factor la ear aaMal tax
alsss.)-rjhsj valae ofaroperty dsMreyed by
areola the Cattesl, States sjarisvf th
yWt Wjs9 tpsWlsVlPaNaU ttOiCMWVsVsV' CVB
wed M the x 6M jm4 &
f. ssL.I sVs.JsV. JAJL J r " "'-l -
Ia sasVasni mkVWfn amVV WWHKtl ssaVsl jkWWfiWUfi
sJJsjsslUlssBlSBt serf Ws -VsssAsm asssafstaaasBsm'lBsV
ssTasTWsmWPmf" MV sfaWB HPr .
i.L K4TS?S : r?: l-TiMl-'. -.
.. J.?.-it .-J:.'t esrf- - yv-r-'.nv!
hYT'i&zm rni urmii
. -s ubsuI mjVj
J& k-fc?
1 tht following lines from one of ibe- boyk
who captured Oklahoma may give some
faint idea of how they felt over the Inva
statu Weltarted ont for the silvery strands
Of-what Is known as the Oklahoma lands.
Our hearts were light ror we hoped to take
The Garden of Eden without the make ;
We expected to find a land or flowers,
With trout-lined streams and sylvan bowers
Where UieUaels-uneadier and the frisky
Watched droves of wolves as they barked
at the Boon ;
Wild turkeys and grouse and antelope.
And bBsTalo lining the gentle slope ;
Wl'h bearer and otter; and muskrat and
And water too pure for angels to drink.
Wc had teams and wagons and plenty to
'AVer loaded with flour add canned goods
and meat,
And a jolly lot of good fellows together;
The only drawback General Pope and the
AVe found, when we stntck the promised
The soil neither good nor the climate bland;
But worse than rain or cold or sleet,
Was the cavalry force we had to meet ;
And astf to add to cold andgrlef and l.hame,
f, u ICIIWWB SI UU nciibUHUGi mym, a j,ii.
"Had to surrender t aroop of niggers
without once daring to pan our triggers.
Aud now we are marching to Reno orSmitb,
And what next will happen is as much a
As why we were fools enongb to embark on
A scheme like this and leave McPherson ;
If ever we get back to family's bosom,
We'll stay there, no more to leave 'em,
Nor Oklahoma, nor Captain Payne,
Will start us on such a goose-chase again,
McPhtrion Independent,
It was about 12 o'clock on a dark, cold
February night ; the rain bad been pour
ing down steadily for several days. One
could hardly imagine a more bleak, deso
late station than Elmwood on that night,'
with one lamp making darkness visible, the
platform an Inch deep in rain, and a sleepy
station-master and porter giving the only
indication of life.
Mr. Hugh Lambert, as be got out of the
train aud went, to look alter his luggage,
felt very thankful that he had only a mile
to drive before reaching home. He waa a
man or about forty, old ror bis years, and
slightly gray; in figure he waa tall and well
made, and bis face had an expression of
As a rule, few passengers alighted at
Elmwood by that late train ; but on this
night there were two besides Hugh Lam
berta young lady and her maid, with a
goodly pile of luggage. Hugh was wonder
ing a little as to where they could be going,
when he heard the girl ask the station-master
If there was a carriage waiting from
Mrs. Newton, of Priarton.
Why, the road hat bin blocked since six
o'clock, miss. There's bin a big land-slip,
and they're working all night to get it
cleared. 1 don't think you'll get to Priar
ton this week, what with the slip and the
"What am I to do?" exclaimed the girl,
with a lace or blank despair. "Is there no
other road to get to Priarton?"
Hugh Lambert was listening with some
interest. Mrs. Newton was bis nearest
neighbor, and a great friend of his ; this
must be ber niece, of whom be had often
heard. He approached.the lady and raised
his hat courteously.
"I am sorry to say there is no other road
to Priarton, nor Is there any way or getting
there to-night. I heard or the land-slide
only about an hour ago, and know that the
road is completely blockaded."
"What can I do?" the girl asked. ''Is
there an inn here, or must I take the next
train back to the nearest town?"
"The last train's gone an hour ; and there
hain't no inn in tbe country side save pub
lic" this from the porter.
"You must let me arrange this matter ror
you," said Hugh Lambert. "I think I
must be speaking to Mrs. Newton's niece,
Miss Nayton?"
"You have guessed rightly." And Dor
thy Nayton looked up eagerly, delighted to
find some one to whom she was known, if
only by name
She was a bright little body, pleasant
looking, though she could not lay claim to
great beauty a brunette, with a clear,
olhe complexion, dark eyes and straight
nose. She bad crossed from Ireland that
afternoon, she told her new acquaintance ;
aud so, of course, her aunt might not have
expected her to arrive so early.
"You must let me take care or you,"
Lambert said. "My place Is close by; I
will take you there, and send a messenger
to your aunt as soon as possible, to let her
know that you are safe."
Just at that minute a horse was beard
galloping up the dark road, and presently
a man came hurrying into tbe station.
"Is there a young lady here for Priar
ton ?" he asked.
Dorthy went forward eagerly.
"If you please, miss, here's a note from
Mrs. Newton. I've been four hours getting
here ; I bad to ride twelve miles round, for
the road's blocked, and the floods are out.
I bad to get a boat at the low meadows, and
borrow another horse on this side, and that
has delayed me In getting here."
Hardly waiting to listen to this long ex
planation from the old coachman, Dorthy
tore open tbe note and read :
"My Dearest Child: 1 am in great
distress. The road between here and tbe
station has been blocked by a tremendous
land-slide, so it is impossible to send the
carriage to meet you. I have, therefore,
forwarded a note to my great Mend, Hugh
Lambert, asking bim to send ror you and
give you and your maid shelter for tbe night
till we see what is to be done. He is tbe
only neighbor on that side or the land-slip,
and Is so charming that you need not mind
going to him; it is, Indeed, the only thing
te be done.
"In great haste, your loving aunt,
"Mary Nkwtos."
The coachman had also given Hugh Lam
bert a note.
"I was to have left it at Leyton, sir," he
said; "but T heard you was coming by
this train."
Lambert glanced at the conteuts, and then
turned to Dorthy.
"Your aunt has kindly trusted you to me
now; so you won't mind accompanying
me home, will you?" he asked.
"I think it Is you who ought to mind,"
was Dortby.'s iaswer. "I am afraid we shall
be giving you too much trouble. It's very
good of you."
A minute later, the waa seated beside
bim in .the. dog-cart, spinning along the
dark roads into what waa to her an un
known! country. i ..
Dorthy was very tired, and was thankrul
to reach 'the bouse arid be handed over to
the care of the house-keeper. Very soon
the waa rait asleep in an old-fashioned room
that would hare seemed very ghostly to her
only that the was too fatigued to take much
heed or ber surrounding; and besides, ber
maid was in tbe dressing-room, aad within
. vTbe aet morning, Dorthy waa down lor
O-aO'bre'akTtst, and was shown Into a bright
little morning room. Mr. Lambert met ber
aad waa to kind aad anxlout to make her
happy aad at home, that ahevery tooa ftjssad
herself talking to him aa If the had known
him ror y tart, Instead or being aa aetraala
ttBeeca'ftirbote.Hly. She trai rather
aa unconventional little person, aad. by ao
meant tUff or cold. She bad warm-hearted
frith' manners, aad looked at the world la a
tnutrol way, belitrvlaf aooafe aau tnieUaK
la them Irmly., unlets tbe foaad that they
were" not to be oVpeadei' ew latteaefof
proYiBg before ts-saUafjee jeosjesMtsweg
aad, peraast, witer folks do. Sbe'avadbeea
bronfht tip by aa aid welr,1sw' whom her
elder, titter kept beote. .They had bro-
Mf JlrttKnt1tWl tmohet
tttter-Ia-law, bat her basbaad had ejaarrel-
d with sew twTa tmiat1 wi kwrnMrntltr.
Sanaa : a it waaatst MH amw,tM that o
lite ltttia)itaa DwrsstyTa
beea aHowaet tt am its lraertam. Saw, haw-
V rnVVsM . ,4sWsbI aBttJt -OT
'; 'tat tM waa;larssVT'i
-JiwyeflalJs1fJffsB .'!. Ptl--frc.i:-; .
&?:,' i"s355.si?saxs .v-f?jxif'iCf"srBv' ?-"5- .i3f,-,rri z-: . js j
ty-ieven, tad exceedingly placid and seast
ble; but she took things so quietly that
Dorthy was always allowed to go her own
way and do whatever ake .liked; .conse
quently at twenty-Uree, ah bad leaned to
think and act for henelf, and aa her. nature
waa Impulsive and wsjrat-htarted, she lsti
dulged in a great saaiy theoriet ot her 6wn,
hated conventiosralllieV, believed Irmly in
PUtoaic frifjsdaUBt, aad aet uareqaesTtly
got into trouble la eeaaeqasMoe.
Jt very aooastrack Hugh Lambert that
she waa difcrest from aaoat of the girl's he
had met, and she Interested hi aceordiaf-
It waa with feeling ot relief that, be
found, the road would be ifflBaaeiblefor
several days ; so be wrote to Mrs. Xewtosty
begging her to let Dorthy remain with him
instead of returning home, and asked an
elderly cousin who lived a few stations' off,
to come and act as chaperon.
The old lady accepted the Invitation and
the post alloted to her ; but, aa she -was
great invalid, Dorthy and Hugh were con
stantly left together. He liked to sit In the
dusk and hear her sweet voice singing to
to him, to watch ber arranging flowers, and
to consult her about the garden. The girt
felt supremely happy be waa to kind to
her, such an agreeable companion in every
way, that she thoroughly enjoyed his socio
A fortnight went by. and the road was
pronounced perfecUy .if,, u.e floods
had subsided. So Hugh had do excuse for
detaining hit fair guest longer, and, though
very reluctant to part with her, he drove
her over to Priarton..
She was standing fn the hail ai he left that
night, after dinner, and held out ber hand
to tay good bye.
"I can't thank you enough for all your
kindness," she said, sottly.
"Nay, my child, I cannot tell you what a
a pleaiure it baa been to me ; but, perhaps,
you will know tome day," be replied ; aad
tho went up ttairt wondering what he
She believed to firmly In Platonic friend
ship that the would not let henelf think
that her feeling toward Hugh Lambert was
anything else, and although the knew he
disbelieved In her theory In the abstract
for they had argued the subject very warm
ly still she thought that bit sentiments
were well defined In ber case,
Hugh Lambert felt that tometbing very
bright had come into bis life since be had
known Dorthy. She was so quaint and
naive in speech, new and fresh with her
ideas and theories, ao free and unaffected
In manner, and yet so womanly withal,
that during those few days they had spent
together, the bad completely won bit heart,
But be wat not likely to act on the tpur of
the, moment ; he waa to much older than
the, bow could he.ever expect that bright
little body to regard him at anything but a
steady-going friend?
But still, day after day, be would ride
over to tee her at Prairton, and when he
returned, be would tit and think of how
she used to look in tbe rooms that now
seemed to desolate. How be longed in the
evenings for the sound or her Voice tinging
to bim, "The Land o' the Leal," or" A tild
Robin Gray."
And Dortby began to watch for hit com
ing, and U by chance something' detained
bim at home, bow long the day teemed,
and how uninteresting everything was. At
first tbe justified itto herself by the thought
of her friendship lor' him a friendship
which had ripened quickly in the peculiar
circumstances or their meeting, but little
by little, as time passed, and she had been
at Prairton nearly three months, it dawned
upon the girl that the reeling she entertain,
ed for Hugh Lambert was tometbing
more than mere friendship. She fought
against herself with all the strength of her
nature ; she could not bear to prove false to
her own theoriet and traitor to her favorite
cause; but finally she fell the struggle was
hopeless, and made up hermind to keep her
secret securely locked In her own bosom.
While gathering primroses one tweet
spring afternoon, Dorthy heard a step crush
tbe dead leaves, and saw Hugh coming to
ward her.
"I want to speak to you," be said. "Will
you walk with me a little ?"
Frscntly be turned sharply, and took both
her hands, looking more in earnest than
she bad ever teen him look.
"I can't stand this any longer," be cried
out. "I must know my fate one way or the
other. It is true that I am years older, but
no one will ever care for you better than I
do. II you cannot love me la return, I will
go away and never worry you any more, I
give you my word. Am I to go, Dortby?"
"Go! oh, no!" the. gasped out, hardly
able to realize what tbe was saying, only
feeling as if the could not breathe, ber
heart beat to wildly.
Not long afterward there waa a happy
wedding at the dear old Irish home ; and
then Dortby came back to brighten up tbe
the bouse at Leyton.
Hugh Lambert would have been lets, or
more than a man If he could have resisted
triumphing over her a little, and, as they
went into tbe library, where be and she
bad bravely defended theories, he turned
and said :
"By-the-by, Dortby, who was right, after
all, abont Platonic friendthlps?"
Tbe more tbe subject of railway traffic
rates is examined the more apparent, says
the Railroad Indicator. It will become tbat
competition and the desire to meet the pn
lie demand for cheap transportation hat re
sulted In bringing down freight rates on tbe
trunk lines to a degree tbat t'ocs not leave
areatonableprofittotfaestockholdera. Div
idends may be paid at regular stated peri
ods on shares, yet there are but few of these
roads that are not forced to increase their
indebtedness on every call for unusual ex
penditure. To the most successful compa
nies an end mutt come to thla continual en
largement of capital account. Tbla cannot
go on forever, and on many roads it cannot
be continued much longer without resum
ing in irreparable disaster. On the rail
roads of tbe United States, and especially
on what are known as trunk roads, traffic
Is conducted at a lower price than on tbe
railroads of any other country where this
means or transportation Is In use. It is too
low In proportion to the cost or conducting
operations. On tbe English railways tbe
average ratio of expenses to earnlsgs is
about SZ per cent, and on American roads
the average is about 00 per cent., while the
average earnings per ton per mile are In fa
vor of the English roads. In but very few
easet do any European road carry freight
at the rate of one cent per ton and mlltv
In Holland potatoes in open trucks are car
ried 240 miles at tha rate tQM ccat per ton
and mile; in Saxony tbe tame service costs
1.25 cent ; in Ireland about 1.4 cent. Grain
is carried from Glasgow to Newcastle 166
miles, for about 1.6 cent per ton aad mile.
In the United States grain la carried from
Chicago to New York for about 0.83 cent
per ton and mile, aad provisions for about
OS ceat per ton aad mile. This rate, with
an average amount of tonnage to be moved,
is found on the trunk roads to be 'sufficient 1
to pay working expeaset, axed eluufes.aa
a fair dividend annually oa shares, but to
fall short of maiataiaiasTthe load bar com-
plete efficiency, aad of paying far improve
ments aad larger facilities for increased
traffic Aa a - aaeMslty. arWHIreasil capital
must be soaftH lW was tAlswgsais'at oflhe
working capacity of the several roads.
Here Is a boy's eeaaposetleaoa fad : jThto
uMf, sMttel4MboasrseaeWsih
year. Leave fan, tee, as weH at Uermoat
eters, sutdtstearteeet straw hat. Old to
pers, who alga tte pledge la asjraater, are
liable to m when iaH -"r-rrTlBc
tor rfrtw show wWeh way the t4isiir4
Huskies eerst ie oa ol the ateeaart of IhB,
bat piesstttr iasr't g fs boys,'l sja,t
ttiak. Bat old asea wssrtalMle foa; let
istetBitMtftS IMn'IMJ
through a goad ileal of cent
Digtlag tatera to assether fear faR
meat. The way I Hk to Hc to te
.t .-it .. svv. it- j t4.iamtiwnewanwii us it tci uwimrm oi
7"?T?T-!?yaT''!f1Jg,JrL. ff??ir -
JJ sWlel Vans sWu ajsmmmm tmmsBBBBBBBBBa ,gffijpffiJBJrL
iatsWsUL The sstst'wtsttsr
I wstosUh'tTa asstH tsaristr.
eass raesassistavmsmsaaasBissse.sjsjBaajsw eeB
atrsr. SB's 'rtr mtf hraa' wat' jesftta1 aw
. ij.fr
a te."2'fi
You wonder why my eye are Ulmwlth.
Then shall I i'ell you? Long, and long
0 . r .
So long' ago.! years piled on weary years
mere wat a utile cnuai used to Know. ,
Aad every day aad alghtand every houn
We took life's gift together sua and ahsde
And saw the rainbow .shining .through tbe
shower,, r
And beard the talk that building robins
We thought the world' was ours, In- come
aad go
About the highways, finding treasures
We thought all heaven wasonrs, and fash
ioned to
Grand castle after cattle high in air.
Ah ! now! find the world a desert wild ;
o room In all the sky for tower or mine.
But most ol alt I miss my comrade child;
Her brave true courage aad her faith di
Dead? Changed? I know not, tweet; ,1 on
ly know
That sometimes from the mirror 'ushinipg
In my own features, worn ami laded so,
I catch a glimmer of 'the bright lot face.
You will no longer wonder that I werp,
My little girl wltk eyes so grave and clear;
Whatever treasure we may hold or keep,,
To lose one' happy self is saddest, dear!
Cirittiari I'nitn.
State Aftit Crassfara's Explaatita.
We are in receipt of a copy or tbe briet
filed In the Interior department In relation
to the alleged excess or lands certified to
the Atchison, Topeka A Santa Fe Railroad
Company in this State. Tbe brier was pre
pared by non. S. J. 'Crawford, agent for
tbe State at Washington, and shows that
on the lltb or January the commissioner
of tbe general land office stated In on offi
cial communication to the secretary of the
Interior tbat an excess of Indemnity lands
bad been approved lor the Santa Ke Com
The act or congress by, which tbe grant
or lands was made to the Santa Fe road
was passed in 1883, Tbe length or this line
In Kansas is 469.5 miles, but the. length of
road for which grants vs; ere made is for 100
miles less, as tbe first hundred miles of this
road was through lands urauted the other
railroads and Indian lands, with Ibe excep
tion of a few tracts., These. Indian lands
were excepted, and would have, been had
no express reservation been made.
Mr. Crawford In the pamphlet goes on to
say that if" every odd section within tbe
ten-mile granted limits had been a frill sec
tion, and every acre vacant and unappro
priated, the total amount of land that
have inured to the company under this
grant, would have been 3,000 sections, or
2f 1,600 acres. There hare been approved
and certeded to the company up to the pres
ent date, 2,743,938.47 acres,to Which amount
is to be added 189,000 acres still remaining
uncertified within granted limits (lists of
which are now pending before the depart:
ment ol the interior for certification), mak
ing a foil total or 2,934,933 acres', or 572,338
acres more than was granted by congress
for this road.
But all tbe land on tho line of tbe road
was not vacant land. For more than 40
miles beyand the 100-mile limit above men
tioned, tbe land bad beea largely taken up
by prior disposals and appropriation?, and
on the remainder or the line a considerable
amount had also beeu disposed .or or ap
propriated by valid claims prcvioua-to the
grant. Tbe amount or exeeat is 5i2,33S
acres, to which added tbe amount, disposed
or prior, to tbe date ol the grant to home
stead and pre-emption scltlcrt-, etc., being.
150,000, tbe total is.723,338 acres. If there
had been no prior disposal of lands tbe ex
cess would' still be 532,338 acres.
Tbe questions submitted by the com
missioner are at to whether railroad in
demnity is allowable under this grant in
any of tbe following particulars :
1. For lands embraced in Indian reser
vations at date or railroad grant, or for In
dian lands within said reservations where
the .same bad previously been disposed or
for the benefit or the Indians.
2. For lands selected by tbe State for
school purposes, or covered by valid claims
at tbe date of tbe grant.
3. For lands previously' granted to an
other railroad company.
4. For lands within tbe grant for the A,
T S. F. road which have been relinquish
ed by this road to a company having a sub
sequent grant.
Mr. Crawford' takes the general ground
that tbe first, third and fourth' questions do
not exist in this case, and quotes decisions
of tbe supreme court ol the United States
to' fortify his position. At to the second
question', be says tbat upon tbe plain, stat
utory lawbf the'ease there Is, andean be,
no manner ol doubt. He further says t
Now only public lands In tbe statutory
sense or the public land lawi were granted.
Lands to which the title of tbe United
Statct bad already passed coald not be
granted. Congress cannot grant what the
United States does net possess.- The Unit
ed States doe not possets what It bat al
ready sold or conveyed. Such laads are not
public land In any sense. Tbey have
ceased to be lands or tbe United States, and
have become private property. Cosgesa
could not, .without a breach of public faitb,.'
grant any lands it bad contracted to sell, or
convey. It did. net intend to graut such
laads. It had contracted to sell tad-eouvey.
lands oceupied by homettead and pre-emption
settlements. It had made other pro
visions In respect toother lands which bad
beea appropriated in the same manner un
der such provisions. The fattb or tbe
United States had been pledged iu respect
to such lands.--IttJBWlgatioos were en.
cumbent upon tbe. title'. It .was not legally
competent for congress to grant these land
away from those wbo bad a prior legal or
equitable claim to them. Tbat its purpose
might not, be misunderstood it expressly
excepted tuch lands, from the grant and de
clared it did not grant them.
Tbe point at Issue in, the wbole matter is
not an application to the interior depart
ment to forfeit any.of tbe land grant of the
Santa Fe road or of any other road. Tbe
legislature at its recent cession pasted a
resolution, which, In a general way, direct
ed an inquiry, to be made on behalf of tie
State as to any.'landi.tyblcb might not have
been .properly earned.by .railroad compan
ies, and therefore still properly public do
main, wltbla, the. State, from the proctitis
of the sale of which ibe State would, be
entitled to five per cent. The claim In this
case,, as can, readily be, seen, la ujat tbe
Santa, Fe roailbaa already. received an ex
cess ofjaovU wjtbin the Indemnity limit,
sad tbat for this reason a. portion at least
of, tbe.landt claimed, within, the but sec
tion, of.tweoty miles should, bewilbaeld
front th compaay.and regarded as public
domain. Therefore, tbe issue i one of
computation simply, and not as to the le
gality of the .rraat orJU forfeitable aatare.
The point to be ascertained , u a matter
oftadt, wlber la xlew of, the aatounl otl
bustl. which; the company, has received
wltbla thelBdemaity.UmlU.lt to entitled to
the "fall sUBoaat to. which. It otherwise
aoaidr,UyItois,.Owlac to UelHaeasof
AsitotoJst, AUomey; General McC'aswaoa
ssd Beerttsvry Xuler.belag very, busy at tht
sytfatttmetth smstter baa gone over for
.-: i - 4 -n
Lift says ltrtordmow-othc- S that
jsttwiiisa ussnsissc-jieuat.e sh ssib ctubicbsv
eoort, Seaator of ttw'arted Mat,- and
etork of ite sTlth-aeatse" hotel' rWt:a
esfasT;raprs4ei',JNexi eosae
aWSeyey pfwe mfarwrffp ui sHree bravef
msBftsmam mmtsBnsaAUksB taMsmsm mkataattJLtmmnBsmte smtr ssasaMsmsBtmmi '
jjmBm;jjBj aVawSBBV Wmwm) yWWwmsmWKW aass, taam; an, "';
amgjVl 'MWfBMrwT I M
".-"E--T-iizi . ici--r.t e"I nl. jrtm
iu."iJeaiafatlT 40ft -mCna -StfT JS,
. el's?
vMf til4.
,-r r-u-slf t
ntr sSwf MdJjrrrt-Hlnsfj-wlaM' Tt
i a ssaas; was twivsaax rstytstry ot se
) "Wflf Wflsrrl'slsiswriiacitw'
.raWssSWlwaatm. Bj JWsW BfmjIVF.y .-f atf ft
"OM Jswt took a tfvmmeMrf
lt tli r.rit., tifii. r.,nL.:'- - a
In reading the WarCfcfoi Msrcb,td,,f
find an article written' by one' W. iiffoacb.
oi uougias, tinner county, risn.sf, con
cerning Payne1! an-est lb Oklahoma: WH
suseu mat ne tonugm rayne wa in vne
right and Osburn In the wrong ;baVl"ifsy
Payne did not da 'ir he stated In a speech' to
the' colonists', one evening W eamji ' otrthe
Cimmaroh river. Payne said hei'wwrtd
suffer to bare both of disarms taken off
willingly, and his throat cutfromeir to ear
ir he was iaken oirtof Oklahoma, and If wc
should meet the' soldiers', he wdotdf be "the'
bravest matt In "the colony;, an j'tbe'-toVdiert'
must tie hhn and bant' hint our. -Tbe "nexi
morning we broke up camp aad started' for
the- Canadian. Along- in- the afternoon,
traveling down Cofiee-creekl-'we met f.lcutl'
Stevens with five ucgro soldier. The'
Lieutenant passed the front wagons, to'
wher Opt. Payne- was riding a little sop
rel mare behind tbe 23d' wagon. At'sootr a
they reached It; and taw Payne, theyttrrn'-'
ed, arid Lieut! Stevens sainted Payne; and
told him "that he must conslderhlmself un
der arrest. The -wagon train did not stop
moving-. Soon'after Payne' left the train
with Stevens and bis negro soldiers, and 1
galloped ahead out of sight. Travellngabout
one hour.wecame'to tbe soldiers camp eoa-
tittlngof oneslx-mute team, one negro drl-
ver.the Lieutenant andtevea negro soldiers.
Stevens had hit tf.nt.sek. upland here wc
found Pajiro,' in UaqUwjeaat;tAtent
smoking a fine Havana eigar. The colonist
all camped up andtlawnf iald creek for over
two miles. Stevens had It alt fixed up with
Payne for us to stay here otkthls creek tin
Capt. Carroll could come up from Reno with
the balance of the soldiers, and have agood.
showing to disorganize the colony j.but the,
determined men would not listen to Stevens
and Payne, and concluded to start in the
morning for the North Canadian river val
ley. When morning came tbe colonists
were al on the road, with Payne and Lieut.
Stevens following up tbe rear, till, we reach
ed Deep Fork. Here a crossing had to be
made. Alter the crossing was made, Payne,
Stevens and six nezro soldiers crossed, and
started ahead of the colony agsln. The next
we saw or Payne was on me camp-ground
of surrender, on the banks of the North
Cauadlan river. The next ilay nobody was
allowed to leave camp. Along In the even
ing, Capt- Carroll arrived on the ground
with ninety-one negro soldiers, pitching
camp in Iront ol us. As soon as 'their camp
was staked, Capt. Carroll sent Lieut. Ste
vens to Payne, requesting him to come over
to Capt.Carroll's tent,and also tent afterMr.
W. II. Osburn. Mr. Oj'buru refused to go,
saying, that If Carroll had any business with
him, be should come to bU'tcnt. Payne
marched ofl with Stevens to Carroll's tent.
Arriving there, the Uavanas were pasted
arouud, and a general smoke of peace and
a good time was bad at the tent. That was
tbe last of Payne ; he never appeared be
fore the colony again ; bis bravery was gone,
and be gave no Instructions to do anything
to keeD the colonists together, till In tbe
morning a man coming to the camp,, report
ed tbat Capt Carroll bad received a tele
gram to let the colonists remain ihrce days
till further orders. Shortly after that, Stev
ens, coming over to me camp, gave orucrt
that all who wished to return home could re
turn on that day unmolested, and thote that
would not go, would be taken, back th
next day. So I went oyer to tell to Capt.
Carroll, that It was reported in camp tbat
wc had three days to rest up our teams.
He said no, that lie. never gare any
such order, never gave Payne any time,
And I say, tbat tbl Ave days time given to
Payne,, as. stated by Couch, is not the. case
at all. It is a scheme of Payne and his
whisky boomers to blindfold innocent peo
ple, and draw them on to be fooled again.
I made up my mind it was understood be
tween Couch. Payne and Cameron, Payne's
attorncy.at-law, to disorganize the colony,
because in a speech made by Cameron In
tbe evening, he said, that the government
bad a right to contiscato all our property.
This speech did more to disorganize the
colony than any other 'thing, and 'Cameron
was the roan that Payne employed to do it.
So I conclude the colony was completely
sold out. Respectfully, H. F. lUfiMnV.
Objection to the Exposure of That Fact
mat Are uniyurn riirtauea.
There Is an outcry against legs. We are
told that'Wc baVci too much or tbem at the
aters. We' do ! and I lay this not'becaus'c
tbe exhibition or them Is Indecenr, hot be
cause It Is ugly. What a woman Is expect
ed to hide and expected loshowls purely a
question or convention. I remember once
passing an afternoon lounglng.alioiit at tbe
Sweet Waters of Aslaon'mo Bosphorus.
Princesses and other lights or tbe harem,
were being dragged about-In bullock carts.
Sooo some of them got out of their convey
ances and 'sat down on the grass. Among
tbem waia girl whom I felt coavlaeed wat
pretty, and I tat down near' ber. Her face
waa covered witb a1 thin veil. Nothing
would have: lndneed her to raise it, but
slowly sbepulleahcrwidetronsersupabove
ber knee and proceeded to aerate Is her bare
leg. This was her Idea of a mild, flirtation
witb a Frank. And why notr Her Eng
lish sister would go to a ball witb neck aad
arms bare ; or, to-put It more correctly.wltb
about a quarter, of ber bosly concealed only
by shonWer straps. Am I not right, there
fore, In saying that the role aa to what por
tion of the female form dlvlaemayiwltb
propriety, be submitted to the eyes or man
kind Is local and not general ? Here' faces,
necks, backs, shoulders anU arms may be
shown; In the east lega-niar be tbowa;
white Inulitland, according to all accoiintSr
the ladles walkabout like Kve belore tb
Rut even In England tbe rule It different
in theatres and in ball rooms. If a girl
were to amiear at th latter In a dress only
reaeb'ing'dewcHo her'i knees; the Jtrbalal sej
regarded as a peculiar girl, whereas she
might do this on the stage without advene
comment. I make Ihcse preliminary
marks In order to prove that I approach tbe
solemn subject without prejudice.
Ten or twelvc.years ago the .ballet girls
used, to wear skirts which came down a Ut
ile below theknee. These skirt were made
or muslin, and there were, to many or them
that when their wearers were dancing tbey
looked like a cloud-, The effect was pretty
and graceful. .But. of late Ihjs cloud of
skirts has disappeared, and' has been re
placed 'by a piece .or' silk fitting tightly to
the figure, like the '-tmoks" of .an acrobat,
anil which tfo not coyer any part or the leg.
To emulate this display tbe principal
dancers eschew everything except one mus
lin petticoat, and this it a very, short one.
What js. the result? Exceeding uinesa.
suppose It may be taken aa x rule that
when a girl lias smal thin arms, she gener
ally has small, tbfn. legs. Anyone, how
ever, has only to look at tbe modern ballet
girl to perccivl- that, although ber arras may
be sticks her Jezs arc elephantine in their
proportion. Tbl ft because, she pads the
latter, and cannot pad the former. This I
bow it I done : Tbe girl goes to a tbestri
rieai hosier; the shape of ber leg is taken,
and then a pair of.tighis'Umade, with wool
woven into them, as the case, may require.
A girt with, her legs done up In cotton wool
with a small piece or silk drawn tightly In
by band", and with naked arm and shonlV
ders. cannot lie said to be maklec an inde
cent exhibition out o.hVraelf, bat, she I
ungainly. She shocks no.morslity. but she
does shock good taste.-, .In me name, there
fore, Of goon taste, mm us go isex to mo
days or cloudy mailiu.luJtt-Ttmti.
s, -.,
' 'rtt those cakes newj mnlejt8gari;' he
sslteiL as lie balled before'a s'ta'd oai.WaU
tlX -""r'W -J ?.-" d C .'l
if ji-
i&&irmW n. .-,
s "S ,".
-"tp.? - . ,. ., --,
. ;:i;;.'- l .ise'- t. ' " '""
i . i '".i -. T i ' iIlTT E PTCFl TMrj r
Jf'iiz-. T.rna; TTTa;i"T"",s. . .cvTcrjn,
JksUl mCUh ' H-J.'ri.-at.-'-'-rar mL'
t" rr"T - t ' - .. .- -"
sWsssstwsnt RfsJ ,!? sWawl,stT.ssBsVsaV mwaWmwQ asMsV
,ej(iMito4'sstjat;i Bajtsfeatt astMM)
W9&.f!f'ftt-3!'t. t', . sffT L: T. .. vi-:...i le ,J.-t- rt-
t Harried the behMr bat: thtjslrtyye
ago, when the t hreshtagl ttstshhse w ery
beard at rare' IivWrtiHTsSBTbeTsonest for
mer spread his glavy&tiniift' oa the clew
barn floor and flalletlawav with. tuch. tcm-
pere'i) htow.ufcst'aTkratU'wi' brkaK
T,he mu,who had Itaatdetja ea. oaaaflsa.
ojnciie in tbe ph.Th ra4b ft stma,
an anici nailed evtjryueMsrtjw .
man had 'to kepexpllba( qveasideve.
"U;VUhLaeaisiUast thli,Bxt;
falfaad Underths'htwouibecaaUe
to flail ""em ouL The Jurdware, aua told:
me that be haiUoJteniLto ;eiaojit(far1Itr
i reity soon aioog. came, a CQuaixyauav
and when fie ssw'lhjt .akTh4-4eokeif tea
lyesrs yoiateriaIJToRQA3H 03S
'1 bandied tbat for-over ten year, he
said, as hepfked"it-Iup anil "'qntoa'al
bands. Seem- like 'old timesta get hold
of this hickory gala ' ' ''-
"Cas'l you ne itr Inquired 'one oflhe
crowd. - '
"Whyjercoarw. If you boys want' W
Me how. our fathers -ot their wheat to milt
Ji'tt give ybu'a IIHIeexhlbitidtf: -TIerVybnb,
bold my bat, - '
He buttoned his' coat and began work.
The first blow nearlyjbnrireajman's knee ;
and'a'dhV tbWtneffl gffid'mi top
ot,hia head and at ifcswa wttb a tribdned
look.! a th corner of hi mouth. .
"Well. I gueea.PU be joggia, sloag,"
said, the .owner of the-flail a he rose up.
"ll'aalllngatllnf tbeklokoriti A rellei
wbo makes twists aad wobWe a special
study, won't set hi head broke over lw Ire
a day, bat a arson band might a weir tit
down under a brick kiln tttwln a tornader.
Day, gentlemen."
The 'most' lnterettlhs: ol all alchta la the
grand' old mission church, of San Say itr.
nine mites' from Tucson, on the Pspago
reservation. Thl mission was founded In
1634, when' the Papago (or Pirns) Indiana
Were supposed to have accepted the Chris
tian religion.. -Therchttreh- of-San Xavier
was begustbOVItthe'yeir'le na"anlthed
In 1798, excepting one or tbe towen, which
is yet unfinished. Tbe style or architecture
Is Moorish. The lines are wonderfully per
ICct, It li In tbe torm of a crot,. 70 xll3
feet, and ba a well formed dome. A bal
ustrade surmounts all tbe walls. The front
I covered with tcroll. work, Intricate, ln
terestlng and partly decayed. Over th
front it a Ilfe-tlie bust of St. .Xavier. Th
Interior Is literally covered with frescoes
The alter Is adorned with gilded tcroll
work. "
The statues are as numerous as tbe paint
ings. The tiling on tho floor I much de
faced and but little la left. That ol th
roof ft nerly an as perfect as when laid.
II manufacture Is one .of the lost artt.
There is a chime of four good sized bells in,
the tower that" hate a sofL, sweet sound.
Ascending to the roof, you walk up long,
narrow itatnt JiLtolld wills. .. But one can
go at a time, ; The sataejt jwjiogolng to
the gallery 6T the"churcb!
It Is marvelous-that so long ago, and In
tuch a place, iueb architecture, ornamenu,
palntiag and sculpture were to well exe
cuted. You are admitted by two or tbe
Papago tignlori, who have It In charge.
The admitlancB foe It 50 cent for each per
son, I'm ttr .TrOunt.
A dalnly little girl or eight or nine, with
dangerous big. eyes, appeared In the libra.
iry of the White Hbuis the other.day when
it was roil or great men or one sort and an
other, and quietly waited her turn to speak
with tbe tall, dignified gentleman with tb
gray whiskers abd hair, and the sober fac
and courteous manner down by tbe bow
window In tbe south end of th room. By
anil by her opportunity came. She tripped
forward inodeaUyr but bravely, and with a
,,Koqarfsrjri,rg3r4'rsuin,ttltoUJ ber
name and proffered her request. She was
a niece of General Winfleld Scott Hancock,
and tbe wanted a few tweet flower from
tbe executive conservatory for'the Easter
decoration or a little Episcopal, church.
She smiled'arcblyat sbe told her errand, a
though the wa quite ture of a favorable
response. The pretldent' tired race bright
ened with smiles at be turned' from the
tiresome politicians to tha sweet little faes
before bim. It was like a cooling zephyr
from th Chesapeake on a hot summer's
day. He told ber honestly (bat be wat very
glad to see her, and then be gave her carte
Uanclt In tbe conservatory and dismissed
ber witb a pleasant word or two about hi
own Utile girl, who docs so much to lighten
bis life at the WbJteiHotitei Her hand
some uncle could not nave done more for
ber bad be been standing In Arthur's
A person who ha made the feminin
month the subject or much study, volun
teers his conclusions to male wtb sweet
hearts. The sre a follows :"
ir ber mouth Is very small, there is not
much mind, but. overmuch- shallow senti
ment. If thhssy. very; trz; mouth, she
will possess a good braiobut tbe trouble is
In kissing-It. Large mouths put a man to
an artistic test; he will' be driven to his
wit's end whether to begin at' One corner
and conclude at the other, or to make a he
roic dash at the middle,' and endeavor to
reach both corner. But Ir you are a kiss.
Ing artletr It can be covered nicely enough.
It your swestbeart has a coarsely-formeit
mouth, tb wilt be seosnal.snd mil bfstron;
coarse point of character, and will raise a
row In the family,
If sh' ba a delicately-formed mouth;
witb rounded Up, and of a velvety color,
sbe will have sensibility and perfection ol
character, but will not astonish by ber nrll
limey or conception erexectiUon. It Is a
good mouth, because It Is kltsable and sub
missive. Shun blue-llMied or tblri-tipped women ,
they will bor you to death with llteratur
or women's rights, theorize while you want
your dinner, orspollyour tern per with their
red-hot, scolding tongue.
Ins recent sciloitffclcclure Professor C
A, Young, the. astrOBomer of Princeton
College, used tbe following language; "Do
not understand me at;aH.a itying tbat
there ,l.ee mystery about, the piaBeto'mo
tloat. There t Just the oae tingle mystery
gravitation and It U a very- profound
one.. How Iti tbat n atom of mature
attract, another atomy ao matter bow great
lbeuiiitorbance; no matter what latervn- '
I Ing tubttaae there may be; bow It wilt act
isptrn it, or at least behave as If it acted up-,
oa its-Id not anew, I cannot toll. Wbeth
cr-lhef art pushed together by mesa of si
launeatax ether, or what I the action, I
caaaot uadcrsUtHt, It stands with ni
aJoag with the fact mat when 1 will tbat my
ana shalt-ri, iti rite. It- it iBterutablei
AH the explanation! that bate been given
of It seem tome merely 1o, darken, coantel
with? wwsj.l.hdurifujlaf' Tbey
do not remove the .difficulty at.aH. If J
were to say what I, really txlleve, it would .,
be that, the motloa of lhe,phre..of th
material, uni verse stand n some Melt, rebt-.
tion'to Him in whom alHbiaf exlst,:thC
evcr-pretent aisd omnlpoteatGod, tkejt
mottons of my body do tojay WIU-7I donoj
know bow. aad never expect to kaow.'J x-
Those who expected tbat ex-Seaatof- De-t
ey woaltHosehl 'temper a'ats-' 'ittSir
while on the wlmwstaWd'lwve Tstei'iiW-
prfeedaad dltasspatel,'s'ssr; m
sraoy aave
tBUelatrtbem upoar
neipea saier case py tsjetr ewa
sad the .dswiraw expermieat ;T
'ti.M :j-aa.i tui-'t
4?i)l j)k -riif,
prerea ttsceestfttt. " -
i 'szj la e,H
1: "Ye,ridiHi
lcetssuaty slid at epetahsmsm slstitasl tha 9
w swe siuiy'jiiiiijmr.'ts'a
Jdejate,le'tili1efc:svs .
wmsMtjt' Btvissg; myaeiTstsway ry-iBsiBf w
that I mega la mmetf J s-(r?a ui
si sshest Bwey.
iQtiK&ZJ'&'H jsi'X'ts-Vwo? ,
4,L.. - - ' a- - - - - --. !'
assnsmBrmr tsmar sssttBstissr -ssttia mama mmnam sassmmmmssmmmatmmsTsami r
swam rV1 ttmrnmrn fPassasr jib .smsjam . - rf
BsaMssH sWiM PsV "ssw'ssWW,sVWsJ-i
wzZrifrAs. - -sw c: i:.Hikm?m
. tr-5?-, :c-mey:4J4&St -v-fc- t&3m& $ 'W-lZKHJ&Slr'' v&JSfr'' -. st
"Sfe-i?- -a '-' KA rPffiTf S&t ;'.--",, .H- ' " f'1' tr ' - 1 " ".'-- ' f' "r" " ---- i- t-iS'- - - twir' , t,? "., v - &t
i)lZJmmatJWVZMmmmammSiMVB7SSe.'3BkT riSsssWaTTriTSaT sal SaTss ssTsTTITsl Iff I TT1 " TnTTTsaSjllsf 1 ss1

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