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Wichita eagle. (Wichita, Kan.) 1883-1888, April 26, 1883, Image 1

Image and text provided by Kansas State Historical Society; Topeka, KS

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.A - f
$to af lsi
itnsnasj ux xux ib:ts :h Airunznsi.
Mall ill. A..T. AS V. rallrnul, from Hie
north, rrlvn at 00 a. m. , departa at 9 20)
from the south, arriT at S 40 p. in , drarta
at 5 C
Mall via St. Loula A fun I'rancltoo rallmail,
arriCMatC 4Sp m. and ileparta at 8 4Sa m.
llariT, Anlhonr, Ilnbr, i-rj, arrivMTnu-
lay, ThnriJ7 and .Saturday; depart Monday,
rdnrtday and Friday
klDpnan, Afton. Marshall and St MarLa ar
rltf Monday, rdnrwlay and Friday ; drpart
Tnday, Thurwlay and !atnrday
Donjilati. luwavlllf and Kilt latli arrive at
Itxa , Tjiewlay, Tuurnday and t-atnrday; df
parta I p. in. Monday, ednmday and Friday
Lldorado, loanda and Ilrnton anivr at S
p. m , Monday, rdnfdav and Friday; de
parta at 9 a m , 1 uewlay, Thnrmlay and satnr
day. Ilutckluton, Mt. lln; and tayrtlr arrlv at
11 a. in MondayandThntday,dfiaiUattp.in
llavuvllla, KolllnKbrrrn and Clfarwater ar
ril Turtday and hatanlay; drj aru at V a. in
Monday and Thursday.
Malta KOlnn at and aouth clo promptly at 9
. m. and all other lualU half hour Uforr de
part ore.
lVntofflce oen for delli ery of lettera mul-ale
of atampa from 7 a. m. to i p. m.
Money orler department ojien rrom 8 a m to
4 p. in.
Major Win orellfecalrlii.
Utr Attorney W. F. Walker
I'olle Judne A. A. f,lenn.
Cty Treasurer C. Kliiuuerle
MarvUal Jamea Kalrua.
Llty Clerk Fred Schattnei
Juitloea of Ute Peace Jnllu limlkeriuaiiti and
V. . Thoniae
Conata'ilrn rrauL Tliiriua
Council, Hrt ward M Jiumeily an I N A
Crfiuncllficondivard ) GettoandF.f, mylli
Oonucll, Third -fiard C K MrAlam ai.
John M. Allen
Council, Fourth ward J. I, HjerandJ I
Hoard of Education, tint ward Kos llarrU
and II. It liutler. Second warl A Wrlxlil
and Third ward C A. an
Nru and M. W. I-evj. Fontth wanl Jjnh
I lihersnd A.J I onmdorf
lodge or the Klgliteeuth Judicial DUtrlrt
Anion Ilarria.
btate senator II C SIumh
ItelirMenUtlvea 1. It Allen. John Ituetl
Hoard orcouniyixnumiiionero.
ter. G. bteennol and J M Steele
(iomily Treasurer I. N Wowlcuck
County LlerkL. A. Itoreej.
herllT 11 It alt. Deputy V. S Marshal
Clerk or District Court C. A an Ne
Probata Judge I. II, Jenett
Sup'tor Public Instruction I! II Hammond
Iteglsteror I)ee,l II 1 llelsennau
County Attorney 1 M Dale
Conntybnrvejor . I. K. Hamilton
Coroner.! "A . W Ingnrd.
. . a L.ll .. im ..,. . .
I7. --.I-. ..r.Ui,!,, lr...mi..ll, .t.rr
Thursday at 7)i o'clock, p. m
M E. Chunh II Kelts. ltr 'en lies
e, ery Sabbath at W o'clock a m and I1-,",)) in
l'ra)er meeting on Thursday evening
St. Aluysi-sCalholli. Church ltev MrCall.
pastor. Services ou the 2d and 4th Sunday of
every month, high nia at lu a m .vesper al7!
p. in.
Methodist, tiennxu Bc.Johii llaller, tai
lor. Itegular .ervlces at the church hutlului
at loJ a m and7t p iu Praterineetlngob
W xlnewlay night at7. p i
l-'riends'lfleeltnireacliFlrstdat llioruliu. until
further notice, at Ui. o'clock, on north aideof
Douglas aienue, lietween irrmoui anil i,ioue
House, entrance thinl doorea.tor Globe House
hrlstlan ( liurcli -ervlcseierT Ixird's iaj
at 11 o'clock, A. M , in Miller llall Minda)
f-rhoolat lOo'rlock, A. M.
Baptist 4 hutch-Be, . V. IIarr, pastor
-irvlces at 10 WA M wiilT J) P il.. -iindaj
school llliliinllately aflrr morning eerllce
I layermeetlug ihurs'iav evening
nt. John's I placoal church l(e
Chamberlain, rccUir services on Sunday at
ItV X M. and7,P M ; ediicsday evening
bt?1 seats trie
M K Cliurch Bei M Uootoo, past.ir
tinier Water and t liurch streets
tlr.t (Udored) Mlolonary B tlt Bev
Frank Durdru, uslnr. Betnreu central aie
nue and him street.
The 31. K. Sabbath school, A II Nortzger
Superintendent, meets at the chunh at il,
o'clock p.'m
The;Preabytcrinu Sabbath ediuvl, J. I) Hew
itt, superintendent, meets at the Pre.bjterlan
church at 13 lu.
German 31. E Si.uda) school, mrets at the
churcli at2) o'Jo-k, p in Herman Mueller,
l-plscopal Sabbath Khoul, K S Maglll.Super- '
.' a ". . ..., ...an a..jr ....
luteu tent, meets In Kplscu al Chun h nti.
r '
Mr. OLnaTCoKMAMiLLVNo IJ. k.1.Ile,-u-lar
ironrlavellrst trlda) or every month.
0 V WALarn, E. C
s. TrxtLit. Beca.nler
WlOIITA KscAMrxtMNo, 21,1 O.O.F.meet
on the second and fourth rhureda) or each
month. M 11. MATTlirvvsoH, C. I'
A J Salu, Scribe.
I O. O. F Wiriillal-odgeNo lO.ineets ever)
Friday night at Mi cliw-k. at their hall, Tni le
Block. All brothers In good alandlug are In
itlrd tJ attend.
k. B. Jlrktt, N (
ok) W Fntxn It. s
A. F. As A. 31 3Ieete on the firsthand third
Monday of each month Jlrmbers visiting the
city arc cordially Invited
J. II ALr. W. M.
J. 31. Bnovso, fecrrtar).
tiAiunLiPiT, No 43, ! A. It Meets on the
lint and third Tuesdavs or each month
.M M1.WART, Csrinmander
J A Wallack, Aiajiitant.
WlCHlTACllAI-TCU.n A. 31
ond Flida) In each month
J I"
RorM soil., Secretar)
-3Ieetson the sec
Atttv, II P
Ksicin-a or Hoion, meet at Odd Fellows Hall
every first mid third W ednesilay orearii mouth
J . W imiaru, lllcutor
Itoa'r Jacks, Beturter.
IvStanTaorlTTUIAS, arwlck IKlj.r .No 41.
3letson 3luuda) or each weekatOdd Felluwe
hail cns ii.vrroN.t.c.
II. ssTCART, K It s.
A O. IT. W. 1 e.ls ever) Mouda) idg t at
Miller's Hall. L F
Ubo Caliiolx, Brrorder.
Douglas Avenue, Commen.lal Block R. I.
Walker, Register, J L D)er, Receiver Ofllce
hoars Iroro violin lu and rrom I toSp tn.
- i
lonal Bank
in,. ,ii.rl,in..n.
Ofl.ce oierhau-R-.Nn-
A1TOR.MTS at Law, W IchlU, Kansas
over Blstantx A Butler.
Attormkvs, WlchlU, Kansas, ofllie lu Eagle
Block,, -
. O. RUtiULF.3. "'"
ATTORXKr at Law, W Iclilla, Kausiw 47-
AMOAiiAHais aos UAmis
Attorneys at Law, W IchlU, Kausas Ofllce
tulhebulldlngoccup!edbytl.eU. " lAndOOce
Loans negotlalol on Improved lands In bodg
w Irk and etuuner counties. S3-
Attokvst at Law, Wichita, Kausas.
No l Douglas Aienue.
, J. 31. UALUKK5TON,
ATTOkTAT law, Wichita. Sedgwick count)
Kansas Office lu Centennial Block, over Aley's
Shoe Store. P-W-
Arroaaar at Law, first door north of l S.
Land Oat, In Commercial Block, WlchlU,
Kansas. Special attention giieu to all kinds of
bnsimM connected with the U. d I-tuid Office.
Law and collection office over Kansas Na
tional Bank W IchlU. Kansas. Kcrers to l.ao
aaa National Bank. 24-
Attohscy-at-Law, WlchlU, Kansas.
over llernnglou-a uooaatore.
ArroiPrKr at Law, WlehlU, Kansas
attohitt atLaw. W'lchlU. Kansai
t t A, W. McCOY.
mroetaUt A3n Sossox. Also U. P. lam
lalac Bwtacn for pensloaa. UBes over Barnas
Bom'aDrufWira, Kosldanc on Lamrraea ave
sa In tfclrd Uk north or Methodist ehrMi.
e l-m
Or. Vn4 le sot aHle to Visit ltlenU, awl
Mae 4m dotting but aa otBce boslaese I
av ban, and am now, auocmil)itreatlng
fMMt eotaplaliiU'ln all "their rarioos forms.
CknakfaMaMSM a jvlilty. omcr, i Main
w, -r y-
OMeaorarHnsalCbari ton's. All operation.)
W" ' . . tw, n.iiai,
Dcoglai aTea
J? Wla.
:U !!. W. L.DOTLK." - !
an ilk T ""T " JtSos'adrac
aliai.Oaatasalal eekKWlaWf llJ "
"-'-t. '-"l
airlaf.'lllOW'K. u
''alwaV ajapw
4SHvt1VkaW V- a,aayW tW
F '
1. - - "c , -',?
Contractor. Carpenter and Joiner.
Will do all ktnda of Carpenter and Joiner
miggugri nonce. Blair. HUlr ttaiiinga.
Saa. Doors, Bllnda, Door and Window Frame'
CI Shop, 153 Main Street; Ueeldenee on
lawrir Avenue near Onrtal ; Poit-offlce
box M7 8-tf
Well Boring and Drilling.
conntlea Artetian well made and protpectlngr
dona. SatlafactlonOuaranteed. Twelve years'
eiirltnce. lJulflK for tale Addreaa
JUELL liliWi.,
puiujm, etc , Donglaa Avenue, Ichlta, Kan
sas. 45-1
(tTO a week made at home by tl e Indnstrlons.
D . Beat bntlneM now before the tinblle CaD-
IU1 not needed. e will Hart you. Men, wom
an, boy and irlrla wante-1 everywhere to work
form. Now la the time Ton can woik in spare
time, or give your whole time to the business.
No other builneaswill pay you nearly aa well.
No one can fall tn make enomion pay by engag
ing at onre Costly outfit and terme free Money
made made fatt, easily and honorably Addresa
TKLK& CO., Augusta, Maine 11-M-S2
DCQT i. Ilfelaaweerlng by; go and dare
ML.O I before jou die. aomelhiuirraifrhlrand
sublime leave behind to conquer time " $Ota
week In your own town (5 outfit free 'o rl,k
Kverythlngnew. (apltal not reiinlreil JM'e will
furnuh yen eterythlng. Many are maklne for-
tanea I jvlles malem much as men, and boy,
and glrla make gTeat pay ICeader, If yon want
uu.ioer.3 mi wiucu you can make great jay toe f
time, writ for particular to It
C,, Portland, Maine,
liAl.LbTT A'
VQP iwople are alwaya on the lookout for
VI lOLchanc tolucreaethelreamlnga. and '
In time become wealthy ; those w ho do not Im-
proi their opportiinltlca remain in poverty.
U roller a great chance Ut imke money. We
want man) men, women , glrla and boys to work
for uarl&rht In their own localities Anvonecin
do the work projierly fritau the first Mart The
uusiueaa win pay more man ten iimea ordinary
wage. FXfnlve outfit furnlihrtl free Voone
who engages fall? to make money rapidly ; 1 ou
can devote your whole (Ime to the work, oronly
) onr spare momenta lull lnlomiatlon and all
that la needi-d eentfrre ddrea-TIs0N A Co ,
Portland, Maine. ll-V.',i
BLOOD, anl will rnmiiletelr chance the i
blood in the oil re syalcin In three months
An peronTtliollltakeI pill each night fiom
1 to 12 veekamay be retrpired to sound health,
ireuch a thing be liosslble ld etervnhere.
or sentb) mall ffir eight letti r tamp Send
forclrcnlar I s, JnUNtON .Cl o . Boston,
Mas. Hold In Wlrhlta by Aldrb h .t Brown.
An hnclUli drlnnry nr,rfuu nntl tfaeinUt,
now trhlhifr In tliUrmiotrj', that moat of
I lit llorfv ul utile I'ow.ler sold Jiere are
-AoriMif.A ti-nj.Ii He fcflv tliat Shertilftn' Con-
U edition rowlern are aWlutely pure nt Im-
hens lay like MierlUn 1rdltfoa Towtlera.
Don, one le&9(oonrul tuont i intof fwwl. Hold
(rtri j Yiiiric, ui rruk i limit ti rmp,u irmi
etamna. I.-5..fO!l.NM 4( O , lloston, llaii
i .
Sold In W Ichlta by Aldrlch i Brown. 2S-'2
will iosltlieIy prevent this terrible dieae, j
i aud vllliwsltfvel cure nine cases out of ten.
information that win save man n.esseut free
hy man. iion'nieiay aiiinmeni rrevention
H better than cure. I P JOHNSON A III
1 IlQSlOn. 31SSS
Pardon's ixhiiativk tills 1
I lUla eW HCtl UlOO.1
-ol.l In Wlrhlta by
Aldrlch A Brown t M
0HOncrfiliii.ec 3l,twp is, r Se,(,yi sum twp
10 seres in sec. Si, twp 2, r 3r, Artontnp
lCOacrosln sec 1C, twu ?S,r '.'e, (,yiLnitwlt
1C0 acres lu sec. a, tw p. ', r In, Ohio twp
100 acres In sec 30. tv.j is, r 4n Bile twp
All of the above lands u III be sold forcai.i,,oi
on time at 8 pt-r cent Intereat on pa) meut of one
third cash. A tazy manvill ttnrreon any of thim.
An cnrrgeltoninn can luvist ihe; roceeilsof his
crops In U.s & per cents In three) earsand live
(a spell) ou the lute est
Harris Si Harris.
Office same building wllh t' s. Ij.n,l oilier )
Salo of School Land.
iciiita, luvm, April 2il. ISO (
Jiibllc notice Is hereby given that I will, ou
the snthdovor April, ItetS.oRir lor sale, and
pell to the highest bidder, the rdlowlng tracts
or school laud, to nit.
The se sec 10, twp. tM, ranije S west
Nei, se', appraised at 1 on ; eracre.
.Ni-seU " JtJ " "
set. scj. ' " 3 ID " "
Sw)'seV " 8100
sale w 111 oi eii for bids at inn'clock a. m., tr.d
close at S o'clock r. M or said day or sale
i-l 1 rea surer or Se-lgwlck rountv, Kansas.
Assignee's Notics.
In the matter or thaslgnmentor I I. (ar-
others at Brother
Tai ell whom it doth, or ma ft tonecrn:
Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned
ns.lgnee will, on Hednesda), the tlrst- flay or
Allgut, A. I. 1M3, lieglnniiigat fiine o'clock
District Court In and Tor Sedgwick county, Ivan
... ain..aul Ira ail In. I anil (lll.na. lttiina mHlna
M.n salituay fll llieouireoi iuecieri.01 me
sas, pmceeil to ndjnst and allow claims agalnat
the estate or aald J L. Carothers & Bio Slid
assignee will continue to adjust and allow claims
ror three uajs, iieginning Aiigut isi, ie, ai
a Lille o'llliCk A Ma
' Ultne.oinrhaul March .3d. D lvl
J-ll K A. DOItsEV, Assignee.
Notice for Publication.
al W Irhlla, Kansas, April 3d, lttES. ,
Notice Is hereb) given that the following
Lamed set Her has tileil notice or his Intentijn
to make final i roor In fnnjrort or his claim,
and that laid proof will be made belore Ihe
V. s. Land Office, at H ichlls l.an.as, ou May
llth. 18t3, vlr. John II. Orcenlenf, D. s 43,
304. ror lot , sec IS, and lot , sec. 11. twp S7,
range I east; aud lot 4, tec 13, and lot i, see.
21, iwp 27, range 1 west, all In Island No. 3
tie names the rdlowlng witnesses to prove
Discontinuous roldeuce ti.ion, and cultivation
or, eaid land, viz. Juhu 31. Martin, K. A. 3111
ler, t,eorge ptinison and Levi Dibble, all or
Y ichlta, kana-i
"J K. L. WALKER, Register.
Legal Notice.
In the District Court of Sedgwlrk count),
state f r Kansas
ilargaret Pose), plaintiff, 1
O II. Posey. derendant J
the nbnve-named derendant Is hereby noti
fied that lie has bten sued by the aald plaintiff
In the District Court of -edgwlek county, Kan
sas, and that unless he answer the petition In
said case, filed In the ofllce of the clerk of said
court, by theillh day or Alay, A. I). 1S3, said
ietltloii will lie taken aa trus, and Judgment
will lie rendered in said action against said de
fendant, dlrorclug plaintiff from defendant on
these, (ml grounds alleged In raid petition,
and In acoordmre wtth the prayer or plaintiff's
said iietltlon
3-4 Attorneys for Plaintiff
Notico for Publication.
al W Ichlta. Kansas, April litis. 13
Notice II hereby given that the rollnnlng-
nameil settler has filed notice or his Intention
to make final proor In support or his claim, and
that utd umof will Imi matte beriiio the Register
or Receiver or the II. S. Land Ofiice at W ichlta,
Kansas, on Ihursdar. .Inne 7th. 1SS1. viz:
William 1 . ilerchant, bis I. S No SB,!?!, ror
the nJior theswor see. 8, twp. SO south, or
range s west.
He names the following witnesses to urove
HU continuous resilience upon, ami cuiuvniion
(1, .,,,,,. w . Adams, Irwin 3toor,
,Ii:w Miller and William lingenjieel, all or
his continuous residence ujion, and cultivation
l eoione. aeiKwicaa muuij, n.u.M.
R I.. WALKER, Register.
I.. W Crouch, Attorney ror Claimant.
Legal Notice.
In the District Court of edgwlck county,
J A. Orroll plaintiff,
Annie Carroll, defendant. J
The above-iiaiueil defendaut, Annie Carroll,
la hereby notified tliat she lias been sued by the
above-named 1 lalntl.T In the District Court or
Sedgwick conntr, Kansas, and that unless she
answrr the trillion filed against her to said
action lu the ofllce or theclerkor said district
court b) IheSiUi day or 3Iay, A. D !, wld
i.elltlon will he taken as true and Judgment will
lie rendered In aald action, divorcing the plain
tiff from derendant and granting the plaintiff
thecire and custody or StelU 31 Carroll, on
the grounds alleged In aald Ktltlou, and In
acconlai c wph the praverorsald ietltlon
S-4 Attorneys rur Plaintiff,
Sale of School Land.
Oicktt TngAStaan's Ornca,
Sedgwick County, Kansas,
3 Ichlta. Atirll Kd I81
V..ilaa I. herehr rlren that on Monilar. tha
SOth day or Aprll,J8S3.I shall offer atpnulic
tale to the highest bidder the following-described
trscts or school land, being a part or
section 30, township . range 3 west.
Xef na.'i, aprralsed at i M per acre.
Nw " V xm "
Se " "3 73
NeU se
NK "
Kas swy
N'wjf "
s 7.1
3 73 " "
3 73 "
4 60 " "
4 50 " "
Stfl ' "
3 00 "
4 03 " "
Sal will or
:n for bids at 10 o'clock A. M , and
close at 3 o'clock r. M. of said day or sale
1 L. ?r. WOODCOCK. Treasurer.
2 Herd Law.
Jit the regular meeting or th Boanl of County
Commissioner or the County of Sedgwick,
SUte or Kansas, begun on Ihe 10th day of April.
A.B 13, the followlcg order waa mad by
aald Board ol County Onmmlasloaers. and n
teredopoo thercordsciratd Board of County
reflating the maniac at laix f animals.
Onlerfti, tflmrBovm'tf Cenary Cemmiulmurt of
tk Cmti ef Sfvrtc. Sfale o JTsans:
Tkat Ik lollowlac animal ahalt ot b al
lowed to run at large within the bounds or ths
CoMty, rv64swiek. at ot Kansas, vU:
Hon, nana, mule, aaat caul, shsep,
"la oal. j-.... . .
m order shall take on h 1 llh day of
an A.B MS. Tils idr shall b pub
HMMd tot law BOWaalT.wk prior to the
data UM mtmi la ta Tn Kacw.a nw
HMr paUlakol In aald eonty. and proor or
SaMtli)artsaUbnWrd anon the )rnr
aal oftfc ftoftanm ot this boanl .
of 4cwtk. a C JCaaaaa. 4a ken? tn-
By her who In this month la bom .
o gems save garnets should be worn ;
They will Insure her constancy.
True friendship and fidelity.
The February born will find
Sincerity and peace of mind,
Freedom from passion and from care.
If they the amethyst will wear.
ho on this world of ours their eyes
In March first open shall b wise;
In days of peril firm and brave,
And wear a bloodstone to their gra.e
She who In "April dates her years
Diamonds should wear, lest bitter tears
For vain repentance. Ho ; this atone
Kmblem or Innocence is known
Who first beholds the light or day
lu sj ring's sweet flowery month of May,
And wears and emerald all her life,
hall be a loved and happy wife.
S ho comes with summer to this earth.
And owes to Jane her day or klrth.
With rlnsoragateon her hand,
Can health, wraith, Ionic life command.
So. 8S Douglas Aienue,
... , u, i r , it i.
Our cilv is growlii"; more raiiidjy than ccr before in its hutorj,
aud. in order not to bo clt bfliiutt the
tiom than epr before lur tlic Spriujr
am now 2repnred to show a Complete Line of
:p a. u? :e :r, siA.nsra-insrc3-S!
For Public and Private lioomi of all kinds.
11 loug eiperieuco aud careful study, as a specialty, of artistic decora
linjf, anil w Itli the aid of an experienced wall-paper mail from New York, I
nni confident of being able to do better work than can be (lone in this part
of the Stale.
(3T One Fiice, and alwajs the Lowest, at Jtcill not be undersold.
George G. Matthews,
&3 1 Keep everything in the
(jy Cor. Douglas and Lawrcuce Ares., opposite Smith & Keatiug's, in the
Roys Block.
SOL. II. KOU.N, Pnsidtnt.
A. W. Ol.n EB, lc-lre't.
xiiia-ECxoias :
feOL. 11,
Bo a General Banking, Collecting d. Brokerage Business.
Eastern and Foreign Kxchange bought and sold.
II. sV. Bonds, of all denominations, bought and sold.
46-tf County, Township and Municipal Bonds bought
-Dealer in
Metallic Burial Cases, Caskets and Coffins.
CaIU promptly attended at all hour day or Right, with elegant hearse Also
wholesale aad retail
Furniture, Mattresses. Picture Frames, etc., etc.
Repairing done to order or short Botice.
10-21-tf 10 Douglas Atcbrs.
B. LOMBARD. Jr . rmldtat,
JAS. L. LOMBARD, Vlc-Pr't,
Kansas State BaxiL
Paid-up Capital, - - - - $52,000
rr" te" i. .-"r""i
tutautrnm mimm'mmmmKjpisis?ltSf' Fi. f "' :-issai,,w
. 'J "rZ 9. -w F I aalllllW Ma1! HI II H , " T-. 1. ' ! 1,
The glowing ruby should adorn
Those who la warm July are born ;
Than will they be exempt and free
From love's doubt, and anxiety.
Wear a sardonyx, or ror thee
No conjugal felicity ;
The August born, without this stone,
'TIs said, must lire unloved and lone.
A maiden born when autumn leaves
Are rustling In September's breeie,
A sapphire on her brow should bind
'Twill cure diseases or the mind.
October's child Is born for woe,
And life's vicissitudes mnst know ;
k But lay an opal on her breast.
And hope will lull those words to rest.
Who first comes to this world below
With drear November's fog end snow,
Miould prize the topaz'a amber hue
r lulilrin of friends and lovers too
. If wild De'ember gave yon birth
The month of snow and Ice and mirth
Flare on your hand a turquoise blue ;
uccess will bless whate'er yon do
Wichita, Kamas.
times. 1 have maile greater Brcinra-
Hardware Line. Come and sec me.
II. W. LEVY. Cashier.
WALKER, Asst. Cahir.
C. A
51. BLOCU,
L D. SKIXXER. Cashier,
GEO. E. 8PALTON, Ass't Caskssr.
' inuiitm T
4" , a.sjdSo,
.t, is. v. mumnmii.
sr, . , Srwis-i
$&& tZs$8&
.iklfi ,
wt i...li...Tr' k. -m . i".j.r. . . ' . . . ....- .n ? ..
-aajaaa, mmmmmmm-um aSSSaaaaaaaaaa. T aaaaaaaaS BaSaaaW aaaSaSaaaST aaaBa aaaaaa aaaaS aaaa
Tliefollovtiagls the newest thing com
posed for, and sung by, Tom Anderson's
famous Modoc Club at Topeka. The local
hits are immense :
This country or oars Is the greatest and best.
The Modocs can conquer the Apaches oat west
A moss-agat eje and an Easter-egg nose
Are the principal ftatures or onr Indian roe
Upon hearing n chant thej would die, I ta
pose. We boast a tine climate, and sometime a drouth ;
Prohibition Is parching the soil and the mouth.
Politician, by hundreds, are raised every year,
Together with chinch hugs and corn In the ear;
The crop never falls; they ar sore to appear.
Young Kansas Is trying to beat all the land.
Iu the very front row, with th bald heads,
she'll stand.
St. John Is going east to get In his work.
The ladles all color their ey-brows with cork.
To male mashes on Carran'a young rriend rrom
Xew York.
The lallroad commission's been fixed by the
It took them tea days to Bonebrak the slate,
To Legate and i rands 'twas very sad news
Aad to Uhoderlck Whangdoodle Pllgarllc Mnse
It gave an unbearable fit of th bines .
Toka's the center for culture and wealth .
Dr. ftob) 's returned to look alter your health
Marriage aid lor the young. Is a good thing they
In assessments you freely your money can pay,
And when It come back it will be a cold day.
Our poitofflce building will some time b don;
Like the famous "Black Crook" It has had a
long ran
Holler-skating Is run; very pleasant It reels.
When tha whole popnlatlon turns ont on their
To make a bad break and go head over heels
The city election caused something to drop;
The returns seem to show that sea roam's ou
The bold colore 1 troopers fought nobly all day;
Uncle Chester was crazy to have It his way,
Rut North Topeka, at last, took a hand In tiie
David Davis Is married, he is ru'er no more
Those star route farces are an awful big bore
A short horse la soon curried, so people decluie
But It takes a long time to carry our mayor.
Another two years Wilson holds down the
Tliat champion whist gne is s'lll dragging
Judge Webb tars that Dillon plays n game very
With Sheldon and partner the chance lo win
Sam Kadgra has 1-arued, with disgust and ur-
That rouraces will always get away with ronr
Or doctors aud law) era we have our full share,
The first gives you physic, the last gives yon
Mnck sickness and truuLle tbey all Ilk to see;
And when 51m pull through and they tell jou
the fee.
Paralyzed In both cases yon are quite sure to br.
How Flo and Flora got the Best of the
Ily Ada C. Stoddard.
"It's too bad!" declared little Flo Stet
son, pulling offlierliat. She bad come to
spend the Minny half-holiday with her
cousin, who'e name was the same as her
own. but who didn't begin to be so rosy
and dimpled. "I don't call such things as
that fun."
U'liaU" asked Hon, glancing up list
lessly from a lapful of cam ass and worsted.
And Flo told her. It was at school the
day before, whLh had been the last day of
.March, that the boys had been recounting
the tricks they had played in other 1 cars,
and little Micky Lanahan asked In his tun
ny nay, ''Sure, an' who bees April fool?"
Micky was a new boj. lie stood leaning
against the school-) anl fence as he spoke,
with his small red hands in his pockets and
an anxious look on his face as ho gazed
down at his boots. Those boots were a
sad trouble to Micky; they were very
large, and the toes turned up and gaped
woftilly, and (hey were all he'fiad.
A shout arose in answer to Micky's
question from that merry thoughtless
"He don't know April fool, boys."
"Oh, Boots I"
"We've been acquainted with him eTer
so long."
"Aud we'll ghcvoii an introduction
when the time comes," laughed Fred
"Won't we, boys?"
"And they're going to,' said Flo ''Fred
and Teddy Blake and I don't think It's
fair. His folks arc real poor, and his
mother's sick almost all the time. They
make fun of his boots, jou know they are
dreadful things, really and so they arc go
ing to hang one of the boxes that new
shoes come lu ou the door, with a bundle
of papers in it, aud 'April Fool' printed on
the inside piece. And they're going to
look In the window and see Micky when he
gets it. Fred's fooled me lots of times to
day, but I don't care for that. I don't
think it's much fun, though, and it's mean
to fool that little Sticky Lanahan. .So 1"
Flo's cheeks glowed cherry red, and she
talked rapidlv. FI01 a listened with kind
ling eyes.
'Flo' she cried, "I'll tell you what to
do. AJ1 the lime my ankle's been sprained
you know I haien't spent my pocket money.
I've get two dollars now, and I was going
to buy you a birthday present, but I'll
spend it for a pair oi shoes for Micky in
stead, If you are willing."
Was Flo willing f She almost screamed
with delight.
"Oh, yon dear Flora'' she cried, "And
I'll change the boxes 1 Oh, Flora Millings
what lunl Such a joke on Fred and Ted.
dy ! And Fred said he wouldn't be fooled
once this April. Oh, oh !''
Flo could not wait, fehe put on her hat
and almost flew down to the shoe store and
back again. Frcd'a box neatly tied up was
on the table in the hall waiting for night,
and it was only the work of a moment to re
place the little bundle of papers with a
pair of stout shoes.
"Such fun 1" said Flo to herself, and she
almost burst out laughing when, after tea,
Fred took the box from tbr ball table and
went of with Teddy Blake.
"After all I don't hair like this," he said
to Teddy. "If it was another fellow I
wouldn't care a snap. But of course it
was only lutt. I told him we'd introduce
"Of course," laughed Teddy ; and so
they made their nay down a cross street
and through the alley to the little tumble
down house that Micky Lanahan called
Fred put the box down quietly at the
door and rapped. They had plenty of
time to dodge around the corner of the
bouse to a window ; and there they were
looking In even before Micky had bis hand
on the latch.
It was such a poor little room, bare-walled,
bare-floertd and scantily furnished ! A
thin-faced woman sat bolstered up la the
only rocking-chair it contained, and a lamp
burned dimly on the rickety table. The
big boots stood in a corner, and when Fred's
gaze fell upon then be suddenly turned it
the other way.
"Ted," be whispered, "I wbisb we
hadn't. I do wish we hadn't, Ted."
There waa a shrill cry of joy from Micky
then. He bad opened the door and dis
covered the box, and bis freckled face was
beaming with delighted surprise when be
came back Into the room.
"Ocb, mother, tl do be shoes I" he tried.
The this, white Uce in the rockla-ckair
was turned eagerly toward the boy.
"Sure It can't be the truth, Micky."
"'Deed it is, mother r cried Micky tag
ging at the string. "What else should It be
Fred at the window groaned iawardly.
"Such a miserable tblag to do 1" he eaM.
"I'd glre a dollar to be oat of It, Ted. I
dea'tsee ,
"Ton did it jotmetr," tald Teddr, a
very good-aataredly. Tm llMfjfkt ef K,
aad H; bat I'd glTe smother date If wr
bada't, that's a fceC Let's .
V?WaJV' aaMTNd. "Well MfcelMs
fqt-BaR.!' Why,TW-TedBtakrV "-
- WekyhadgettheliialHssims tsrMwtv
rariaet, aadjmdj:
. -ara j-."
.. iJC
j foulne ould gentleman he fg. Ob, mother.
it's cryiu' ror gladness I am surer 'twas
April-fool fetched 'em till me."
"Then April-fool neTer did a better piece
or workf' said Teddy, feeling not a bit
ashamed of the tears that filled his eyes
almost to overflowing. "But I say, old
felle" and he began to laugh.
I think yon cannot imagine two more
astonished boys than those who slid softly
away, from Mrs. Lanaban's window, and
hastened off home in the darkness.
"Such a good joke!" laughed Fred. "I
never was so glad of anything tn my life."
"We'll pay for those shoes, anyhow,"
said Teddy. "Can't you guess who did It,
"I think 'twas Flo and Flora,' Fred ans
wered. "Anyhow i'm almost sure Flo bad
a finger in the pie."
He was quite sure of it when, a little la
ter, he opened the hall door at home. For
a plump little form glided up to bim, a
dimpled little hand tucked Itself under bis
arm, a rosy little mouth wis placed close to
his ear, and a soft little voice whispered,
"April fool!" lUrprrU Young FtopU.
Biographical Sketch of the Great Philan
Peter Cooper was born in New York,
February 12, 1791. His maternal grandfa
ther,! John Campbell, was an alderman of
New fork, and Deputy Quartermaster-General
during the Revolutionary war, and ex
pended a considerable private fortune In
the service of his country. His tatber was
a Lieutenant in the War of thcRevolutiou,
after the close ol which he established a
bat manufactory. This periou of Peter
Cooper's life wai one of great anxiety and
bard labor, as bis father n a- not successful
in his undertakings, and had a large family
to provide for. He attended school onlj
half of each month for a single year, and
beyond the knowledge thus gained his ac
quisitions were ctilire'y his own. At the
age of seventeen, be was apprenticed to
the trade of coach-making, and served out
his time so much to the satisfaction of his
master, that the latter offered to set hint up
in business, w hlcb he declined. He follow
ed his trade for some time; next engaged
n the manufacture of patent machines for
shearing cloth, which were in great de
mand during the war of 1S12, but lo-t all
value, ou the declaration of peace ; then
in the manufacture of cabinet ware ; then
in the grocery business, In the city of New
York; and finally in the manufacture of
glue and linglas, which he carried on for
fifty years.
His attention was early called to the
great resources of this country for the man
ufacture of iron, and in lS-IO be creeled ex
tensive works at Canton, near Baltimore.
Disposing of them, he subsequently built a
rolling and wire mill in the city ol New
York, in which be first successful!) ap
plied anthracite to the puddling of irou.
In 1345, be removed the machinery to Tren
ton, New Jersey, where he erected the
largest rolling mill at that time In the Uni
ted States for the manufacture of railroad
Irou, and at which subsequently he was
the first to roll wrought iron beam, for
fire-proof buildings. These mills have
grown to be very extensive, Including
mines, blast furnaces aud water power. :ud
are now tarried on by Mr. Cooper's family.
While in Baltimore, he built after bis own
designs the first locomotive engine ever
constructed on this continent, and it was
used successfully on the Baltimore .V Ohio
road. He took great interest in the exten
sion of the electric telegraph, in which be
invested a large capital.
He served in both branches of the New
York common council, and was aprouiinctit
advocate of the construction of the Croton
aqueduct. His great object was to educate
aud elevate the industrial classes ol Hie
community. He early became a trustee ol
the Public School Society, and at the time
of its becoming merged iu the ISojuI of
Education, was its President. He subse
quently became a School Commissioner,
but feeling that no common school system
could supply a technological education, be
determined to establish in bis native city
an institution In which the working elates
could secure that instruction which be,
when young and ambitious, sought In vaiu.
In furtherance of this object, the "L'nioti
for the Advancement ol Science and Art,"
commonly called the "Cooper Institute."
was erected in New York, at the junction
ol Third and Fourth avenues, betweeu
Seventh and Eighth Streets, covering the
entire block, -at a cost of over f 050,000, to
which Mr. Cooper has since added nu en
dowment of $150,000 iu cisli. This build
ing is devoted by a deed of trust, with all
its rents, issues and profit', to the instruc
tion and education of the working cl-ts-es
of the city ol New York. The plan in
cludes regular courses of instruction jl
night, free to all who choo-c to attend, on
social and political science, ou the applica
tion ol science to the useful occupation? of
life, and on such other branches of know I
edge as will tend to improve aud elevate
the workiug classes. It includes also a
school ol design for females, now attended
by -00 pupils, a free rcadltig-rooni and
library, resorted to by about 1,500 readers,
galleries ol art, collections of model Inven
tion, and a polytechnic school. The even
ing schools are attended by 2,0u0 pupils,
mostly young mechanic", who study min
ing, metallurgy, engineering, analytical
and synthetic chemistry, architectural
drawing and practical building. There
are also, for women, a school of telegraphy
which, in four years, has sent out 300 oper
ators, a school of wood engraving, and a
school of photography, all ol which are
free, and well attended. These schools
employ upward of thirty instructors.
Mr. Cooper took no acthepart lu politics,
but nevertheless became the Greenback
candidate for the Presidency, in 187(1. Not
withstanding bis great age, he retained bis
mental and physical faculties until neatly
the close or bis life, and on the 12th of last
February, his 92nd birth-day, received un
ovation at Cooper Institute, and made a
brief speech. During his long life he ac
cumulated great wealth, which was dev ot
ed to ameliorating the condition of his fel
low men.
A White Oak letter to the New Orleans
Dtnceral says :
Bring In the house of Mr. Frankliu, In
Titus county, mention was made of the
Texas giant, and I learned that be was a
near neighbor of mine host. Mr. Franklin
kindly consented to accompany me to his
house. Alter entering I observed windows
as well as doors were as low or lower than
usual, but the loft was quite high, bcln
laid cruss-wiso with the floor, the ends of
the planks resting upon the side plates of
the room and two joists, which rested upon
the end plates, the bouse having the gables
weatherboarded. The giant sat smoking
hit pipe. While I ruminated on the mode
of approaching bim I took notice that he
did not appear very tall as he sat, yet my
friend who sat next to bim, a man of usual
height, seemed only as a half-grown boy.
Pencil ia band, I said to bim :
"Mr. Franklin said you woulJ be willing
to give me items of Interest in regard to
yourself la which the public will take an
"Oh, certainly. I was born iu South Car-
oHaa, Greenville district, May 5, 1830. My
father removed to Missouri, Morgan coun
ty, la Wt- Ia lotO I went to California by
the overland route. I returned from Call-
fseclaby water from Chagres to Xew Or-
leans oa the Falcon. From .New Orleans
I TCtaraed to Missouri, aad was busy farm
lag mostly till the war broke out. March
8, mi, I married Miss Mary T. Thurston,
my Brat cottsia. She hae borne are four
ehUdrea, at) boys. Oalyoae is living. One
lived ta be aver tweaty-oae. He was six
feet sevea Inches high. My father was only
ate feet two I ache. Mother was a little
ever average height. Mytather was twice
seamed. Bsa Hteea ehtldrea were tea
hmn aad a re alrlr. The beya were eH over
sht.hsu Iatsi est aeaatawhowtusix
ftUMeea; as tVwt tsrhirteea teebe
mast ia dl wear a . ;v
&mtmttiiMrgr-. v t
". Blii Sr 3yJ. ' 4ac-'I -'''.'ft v jr "I -- -. . .. . . . -' ' - T'-T"- tmmim nT,uTm aMsa aVaTia. rxr?, -I- - .- . a
i. ..1 rsjj.T ptv-k-h- -. s-.. ir s BBaaSai saasasaaBi aasaaasassssi AaaHBASasarATavasasar emmsm swmaa.. saaAVaBsvaw - - assa mmm a ar -c a. . - a amamaBHamar axmrnmssar . -. f ill. . - atirs-ri -v ssbbbbbbbe sbbbb sbbbbbbbt amBBBBBBBaaaaamBBB) ABBsrsmBBBa rmmma awmBBBBBBBW
aaamaTssmajmamamBB.-' iBBiiia.-ys; - .. - r ..-z-zr- . ""TJJJ sjiy. 'SzZIZ awsaTaasjsBBBwaaaaaBBV ttmm aaaaaBaBBBitaBTsssi maa ha sksaaaa. '
f&&km&&-&i&j: . a TTJMWrm smK'J' l,iJekS&,- .T5c7..5uTav vfk-s&s
Are the contractor engaged ia pulling
down the burnt Palaeeof the Tuller.es,
aware that they are also laying a ghost f
It Is doubtful, for the legent of the Bed
Spectre who haunted aad may still haunt
the building is now almost forgotten. Yet
it is not so long ago that the goblin, who
showed himself on the eve of great'disas-
ters, was mentioned with bated breath, not
only tn the palace, but by many of the in
habitants of the Louvre Quarter. There Is
no record to show when he first took up
his lodging at the Tuileries, but It is affirm
ed that be disclosed bis existence there
most unmistakably, during the great revo
lutionary period. A few days before the
terrible 10th of August, 'l 793 so the story
goes Marie Antoinette's women wereslt.
ting In the Salle des Gardes, wbcu they be
came suddenly aware or the presence of a
small man clothed from crown to heel la
scarlet, who looked at them with such un
earthly eyes that they were frozen with
terror. They rushed to the apartment of
Madame Ia Dauphine. and related their ad
venture. The next apparition of the Ued Man was
in 1814, In the presence of the little King of
Rome and his attendants ; and the red flg.
ure was again teen, according to reporta
little before the death ot Louis XVIII.
this time InltheOalerie du Louvre. In
1815. however, much discredit was ;thrown
upon'tbe ghost's existence by the practical
joking of some art stuilentsattached to
firoa's studio at the Louvre.Some ot the
Louvre apartments bad been placed at the
disposal of ruined emlgrauts who haJ re
turned to France and found a protectress
in the Duchesse d'Augouleme. JAtnong
these were two old malden'ladles and a
Knight of St. Louis, who were dining
together, one evening, when, to their su
preme astonishment, a "grand dlable
rouge" came down the chimney, and
snatching "a leg of niuttou from.the table,
disappeared with it by the way he came.
The incldeut was reported to the Duchess,
who -ought the presence of the King, and
with tears pouring down her face, declared
her conviction that some great misfortune
was Impending. The King laughed at bis
niece's fears, and sent for a chimney-sweeper.
A boy who went up the chimney to
look for the "diable rouge" did not return.
A man was then sent up, but nothing more
was seen or heard of bim. The greatest
excitement reigned in the palace, and at
length a fireman undertook to explore the
haunted chimney. He returned and ex
plained the mystery. It appeared that the
chimney passed by Uros's studio, and that
his pupils, by making a hole In the wall,
were enabled to play these pranks upon
illustrious personages. Tbey had made the
two sweeps their confederates, but the lire
man was not to be bribed. A writer In one
of the Paris papers, who recalls this anec
dote, relates in all seflousnesa the circum
stances under which the genuine goblin ot
the Tuileries made bis final appearance. It
wis in 1871, during the last days of the
Commune. The journalist had the story,
he says, fiom the lips of the witness, who
trembled while he 4toKl It. He was a con
citrgi at the Louvre, and while making bis
accustomed round, one night, lantern in
hand, through the silent galleries, he oL
served in the Galcrie d'Apotlon a human
form, standing against a window, with
crossed arms an 1 drooping head, In an at
titude of profound affliction. Believing he
had surprised a robber, the concitriit nsii
toward the intruder, who thereupon dis
appeared in a most mysterious fashion. He
tried to persuade himself that his senses
had deceived bim, when ou reaching the
Grande Galerie he saw the same figure
again, in the same melancholy posture. On
being challenged the form vanished. The
ofliclal then remembered the legend of the
Ifommt Rov.t, and lost no time In regaining
thu street. Presently he returned with
some or his comrades, to whom he had re
lated what be bad seen ; but this time the
search for the goblin was fruitless, and was
cut short by an other kind of apparition a
lurid glare in the sky. The Communists
hid beguu their iucendiary work, and the
next day the flames shot out of every win
dow of the Tuileries. It will be seen that
the Red Man not only haunt- the palace
with which his name is associated, but also
the adjoining building of the Louv re. So
it is doubtful ir be will quit the precincts
lo which be Is linked by so many associa
tions, even when there is not a stone left
to tell where the Tuileries once stood.
M. Jama Gaztite.
Trior, Kas., April lltb. Judge Nalban
Price was found about 8 o'clock this even
ing, sitting in his office dead, apparently as
If he had died while asleep. His friends
inis-ed htm and went In search of him.
Ills office door was locked, but be could be
seen through the crack of the partition,
sitting in bis chair. The door waa broken
In and he was found to be dead. At this
writing It is thought to be suicide. He
complained in the morning of being in
great distress and that he should have to
take something. In the afternoon he pro
cured some corn meal, saying he wished to
poison mice in his office. This meal was
found ou his lingers, face and clothing, and
scattered on the floor. He must have been
dead several hours when found. The cor
oner is now preparing to bold an Inquest,
when further particulir may be develop
ed. Judge Price was one of Ihe oldest res
idents aud a lawyer of high standing.
W. II. Rosslngton Esq., In the following
words, written for the Vommontmltk payi
a just tribute to the man, who has bad
much to do with all that pertains lo the
proud legal and political State of Kansas
in the past:
'The sad news from Doniphan county
will be read with pain by tbo great number
of warm friends and admirers of the late
Nathan Price, all over the State, who. we
arc sure, will remember him at his best and
always think of him with tender regret.
The writer of this especially feels it incum
bent upon him to testify a debt of grati
tude he owes Judge Price for the help and
encouragement be received from him at the
outset of his professional career. Nathan
Price was a man of Wcbsterian mould. He
was endowed with a great, active brain,
backed by a warm, brave and generous
heart. He did not fear the face of man.
He would go any length for his Ir lends, and
a was shown on a memorable oecaaion, he
would stand alone lu their defense when
everyoue else bad deserted them. His very
virtues of heart and mind were the pars-nta
of his only fault, and that fault Injured on
ly himself. We, who remember him In bis
intellectual prime, who have beard bim
with a masterly clearness, conciseness and
force arguing abstruse questions of taw to
the court, can only regret the eclipse of bis
faculties, but shall not forget their exis
tence, nor cease to recall with admiration
and ..flection their possessor. Judge Price
was not a tralced lawyer, lie took to the
profession late in life aad without aay
systematic preperatioB for tbe bar. Bad
he not been a man of singular aud wonder
ful powers of mlad he could aot with such
apparent ease aad la so short a lime, have
attained the proficiency as a lawyer that
all conceded to bim. He stepped readily
and confidently to Ike front ef el profess
ion at once, aad with marvcloa ease sus
tained bis position there. Ladcr a bright
er star and under tadasaee which weald
bave compelled greater seH-restraiet, Xa
tban could aad wovrtd have become a aaaa
ol Natloaal eatlaeaee. Be had bralae
enough to go ta the making ef a dsasa
average coegrtumeti, with the coarage ef
Agamemaoa besides. We shaHmtsathe
Judge at onr aataertac at Leaveaworth
aad Topeka, bat weehaM tats ef bias at
bis noblest aad beet, aadoaly wtshaad
hope It Is well with hlaa where be legeae."
of a bright intle bey, waa tsdUagtahtai
the other alcht, jaataaafea TMBAasaihsm
to -bed, abesst the ssMaaay tt faayei, smd
told bia that tf haweaM asftsMtWaany
tMHsMf (w W LWmt0mWK9f
ao stessbi jam laaawat ;hsrsAtB.
L 1 taSfS aaaffaal Ml aMaaaaWM MsaW flHaVasaMsWAXaW ' &?J-'e'. l. wvaaamaBaaBaaaaaBBaaBaBaaBBaaaaaBaaBaaaBaaar ..a X- .w
-i--?f, f" r ; v- a maraBarsmar aajamm BBTsBTsTrsmar aBBBBBBBBBBBBBkW xamar ammmr mmmmmw. - eaAWaaAaf YaasmaBBaBBBBBaaBBBBt mmmmWhmmWL sbbbbbb mamfam- sbbbb mam - ' s."1 r t. swmAmx -sr-w 1 ma -- a
agav,a--. --,' ' i k&3i&&.'2t2&E&&l&&&r N.' :mjiamLismimwaiAj!sriiKmr -sw-.t- j-a icih njmntr mm
sessjs saaaaa ajSaras
Ob, dose sblldren, dose shlldrea, dey hod-
dher mlae life !
Vhy doa'd dey keep quit, like (sretcke n.tuy
Vot makes des so shock full of mischief, I
A-sbumplog der room round uiltnol'lke
Hear dot? Vadere any ding make sooco
a noise
As Herman und Otto.mlne lwo leedle poy ?
Yen I dake up mine pipe for a good, qultt
Dey crawl me all over, uud dink ll a shoke
To go droo mine bockets to see vol dey find, I
Und If mit der latch-key my vatrb dey can j
Iddakesnomeding more as dhelr fadder
und muder
To quiet dot Otto und his leetle broder.
Dey shtub out ilheir irools, und vrar holes
in der knees
OT dhelr drousera, und shtoekiag, und
sooch ding as dese.
I dink if dot Croesus waa lifltog to-lay.
Dose poy make more bills as dot Kaiser
could pay ;
I find me gwick ond dot some riches dake
Yen each goople atays I must buy deni new
I pring dose two sharers some toy (fry lay,
Pecause "Shonoy ScwarU" ba sooch nice
dings" dey say,
"Und Sboony Schwartz' barrntsva poorer
a ve"
Dot's vor der young rashkells vas saying to
OotOldt Santa Klaus uilt a shltlxh fool off
Don't gif satisfactions to dose greedy poy.
Dey kick der clothes off v en aahleep In dhelr
Und get so mooch croup dot dey almosdt
vas dead ;
Budt id don'd make no different: before id
vas light
Dey vas oop in der morning mit billow to
Idinkldvasbeddberynudon'd got some
Yen dey blay "Ho'd der Fort," und deuglf
dree cheers.
Ob, dose sblldren, dose sblldren. dey bod-
.lh min lir.t
Budtshtop shust a leetle. If Orelcheu. I
mine vlfe,
Und dose leedle sblldren dey don'd peen
arrfilinil I
Uud all droo der house dtre va uefer a
""-""- ,
Yell, poys, vy you look oupdotvay mit sur
brise? I guess dey see tears in dhelr oldt fader's
Harfir't Mjgiuixifor My.
State Senator Long said to a reporter that
there will be some v ery strong combinations
formed to defeat John J. Ingalls for a re
election to the United States Senate one
year from next wiuter. He thinks the op-,
position candidates will be John A. Ander-
son, Judge A. II. Horton, Major Ben Slnip
son, ami possiuiy ome aeuaior ii. ... alas...
We quote from ihe interview wun senaior
"Well, who do you predict ha Ihe pole
in tnc racer
In my opinion Ingalls starta out with the
lead, and Is three or four laps ahead, but
you remember what a close call he had tbe
last time. That fight will not lie a circum-
stance to tbe one now approaching. No
such man as Ingalls can last long n a
lie servant in Kansas."
,,u '"
"What'alhc. matter with fieorira T.An
thony, that he Isn't going to lie a eandi-1
dale?' .
"The politicians killed Anthony ntTwbrn
he tried to be nominated tbe second time !
for governor. Or, rather, he acted foolish
and let them do it. Anthony though, has
the best head on bim, and 1 tbe smartest
man tbe State ever produced. No doubt
Anderson is the strongest of anybody when
you go north of the haw river. There Is
no man in his district who can stand a ghost
of a show against bim for Congress. Un
less something very strange and startling
occurs between now and one year from now
be will be re-elected to Congress without
opposition. He has the people with him
almost solid."
"Why do you think Slus wants to figure
for Ingalls' place ! He can nev er make that
living where be does."
"No, I don't know that be can; butblus
will get there some time, sure, if be lives."
"Won't the prohibitionists put up St.
I expect o. but he wouldn't cut any I
kind of a figure. St. John and prohibition t
have bad their day. and are dead." ,
ui ....rri him . restAe.),. tl.nu.-l.. that
........, j j,
75percent.oftheBepubllean parly , 1 i
favor ol prohibition." J
he would have hi Appnmatox. yet.
That's what I did:
..nr.n i.-.. .. -...i... i. ... ....
.real dee. of aonarent swiftness, is h,!
Why I judge tbe Deinocnt will have up a
candidate. They arc apparently getting lo
the front in good shape now and if on. of
some fellows continue to act the fool as they
have been doing, they will elect everything t Brougham did not say a word lo Mr, Clay.
tbe next time. I expect Gllek, A.S. Ever.norSIr-CUr l0 Lo', Broujhara." Smith
eat and Tom Fenlon will be the most popti- and Webster soon took their leave, and a
lar candidate, for tbe Senate. C.W.Blair tbey were crowing St. Jarne. Park, the for-
may figure quite lively, but Somehow or mer all at once b.cne silent.. nd then a.k
other be seems to have dropped out of the f ed : f ,,,, , .j ,.
ring entirely. Everest Is a good one, and ir
fa, SI a . -. fi.aiit.aat aainlll.1 VAlhad atATsa
L M .. I. ll,. O...I. IK.. ,nr Alh.pn.sln
UIUJ gU W SUC ! U.M .MJ .... H.
the party.
And next to bim no oae would
or could represent Kansas better than Tom
Fenlon. Probably he is as solid a man as
the Democrats bave. He is one of tbe
brightest In the SUte, eay way."
In tbe following letter extracted from i
i-!nu1lnA"f.llau! Letters" of Willliam
Cullen Brysat, the poet describee his mar-1
... -ht.h ....re.H Jon. ll. IBM. at
Great Barrlagtoa, Mass., la tbe house of! desire to avoid display and ceremony, th.
the bride', sister, a Mrs. Henderson : PPe very wbrr. would have been de-
Dkar Mornaa : I butts to send you tbe , "l61""1 ' U,M boBor' d how h,m'
melaaeholyaewsof what ha lately hap-lT eeery 'os In their power, that they
penedtome.E.rtylatbeevealngortbellth w" "I". ot " the leader ol I a parly,
day of tbe present moatb.l was at aaeigb the chief maa.slraie of ..Nation of
boring bouse In tbe village. Several peopl, , l we are all proud lo form a pari, and
of both sexes'were assembled In oae apart- h"" ae.d we regard holding
meat, and three or foar others.wlth myself, 5 e "lla posl'loa to which a maa
-., in ...,.., at l..i,.n...inil..l..eaa obtain upon this e.rtu. If the Pre.!-
derly g.nUemaa-pale, thla, with a oolema
eou.tenance. ptearttic voice, booked nose
aad hollow eyed. It was aot leag before I '" vcr..
we wereumasoBedt.tldlalhealiarUfoWre,lf P .' ealhaslaam for
ment where be aad the rest ef the enmaeay
were gathered. We weal la aad took oar
eats ; the little elderly geatlemaa with tae
booked mote prayed aad we all stoew ap.
Wbea he had finished meet ef a. eat dewa.
The geatlemaa with tbe booked aoee thea
attend certala cabaHstical expressions,
which I was toe save frighteaed to re
member, bat I reeeUect that at the eoaela
slon I waa givea to aderetaad that I waa
married to a yoaag lady of the aaasa at
Fraae Fairchlld, wheat 1 perceived stead-
lng by my side, aad I bee ia the coarse ef
a fear meathi to have the e4easjre ef la-
trodaclag to yea a year daafhter-ia-tow,
which U a matter of soar., letemt to tha
peer girl, srh baa aelther father aer
atother la tha world.
I bev. B0tB4sye4tJtotetMeed married
aa Sthiep (er the jewel la her ear." I
leaked oaty far yotdB.se el heart, aa lav
BBBBBBabBBBTaan . nBTaiaiBf siBTiaitBS elsAdsBBBBBBB'aftle,aB sm
VsbtHVVMI BtaavW aawCvHaTrlaWw Wa'pPJWaTWWaWf a)
gaad isadersslaasMag, etc., aad the eajvae
tar of my wife U toe firaak aad ssatple
hearted to sawerase totewthat Isaey be
BMeappelated- I da myself wreag; I did
aot leek far tawee aer aay ether ejaaMtse,
saa . aaasra t waa aware
aa tl teew A- aaa bbbttios! hi epeta a asyaais.
Tarns ae.esrTea,ef asssseawneea. , "araer . Ivseed at reaCa. lea. U i il.Vi.llih -Z. 't St
' ' -" amma-aaam. -mew, a-.,.
AABBaBaBkaaT sflBBTasm aBBTaTsaBmaBB. fasBasTal WaBTaBBBB bbbbbbT am bbbbbbI
fjraeamajjma rsjajaax jajaBBBBajmajm mar aTWaTaTaWaaTnTaai majrQ.a7BTA mff
taaam ahMt Cat wm .kahf malW tJhsflmi lm H-W "- a -" - V- IX v .a - .. . . Iu , . a..
f.ate...M. wj-wv,tf-w- -mmmwmmmr , :r w ppf m Wmmm mwmmmmm mmm
" " - . - -- - " - ,rr.. . il.jm m-
Here I mud Kit story, which 1 believe
to be true, for it 1- so characteristic of Tern
Marshall. Mr. Clay waa to atMre tha
people of Lexington ou a specified day aad
Marshall had promised the Democrat to
answer bim. Tuey all aneinbled in full cx
pectation of baviug rare sport- "When Mr.!11? r
Clay finished bia speech, in-lead of reply
log to it Marshall walked away froelthe
crowd smoking a cigar. Several Democrat
followed him and asked the reason he bad
not compiled with hl proaiir. Looking
them square in tbe face he ald :
Did you hear Mr Clay .pen h "
"We did."
"What did sou think or it r"
"U'e thought It a Very Hoe speech."
"You did, ha ! Well, suppose I had gut
up there and gaffed him and he bad come
back at me, what du you think it would
bave been then?"
It cannot be gainsaid thst be Wat vain ol
hi intellectual gifts. A Krntiickfan gave
me this evidence ol that fact: Marshall,
after making a great i-rt-u at Frankfort in
a law case, took a walk with a friend, aud
asked him what he thought of II. Ill
friend, kuowing that he waalUblugfora
compliment, replied with a smile: "Well.
I think it was pretty passable '
"Now, you know better," said Marshall.
"You know that it was one of the best
speeches you ever beard la your life; I
wrote that speech thirteen year ago, and
thi Is the first time that I ever had aa op
portunity of delivering ll."
A gentleman (topped bis horse at a toll
gate, and not seeing Ihe gatekeeper went
into the house. Finding no one be began
to search, and finally discovered the gate
keeper out in the field at work. Attbougb
the old man was quite a distance away, the
gentleman went Into the field, approached
the ob!t-:s.idald:
"i vi re the follgsbs keeper, I believe?"
"Yes, sir." ttn old man aald, turning and
leaning upon bis hoe handle.
"Well, I want Ut ia through tbe gate."
"Ain't the gste open ?"
"Well, why don't you go through? ll s
my business to be there."
"Because I want to pay you."
"And you came all the way out here to
pay me five cents?"
Yes, sir," said the gentleman, proudly
I l..l !.. .k. l.l h. In ,1,. ..
'u"" """-" '"'"'
ttsVrtistsiM't trnrt lisva fjf tliutY
money on th (
t table?"
"Yea, but I wanted you lu know that
1 i
ion are an nooesi man.
-Yes, sir." replied the gentleman, while
a pleased expression spread over bis face.
"You would have walked three time as
far to have paid me that five rents, wouldn't
"Yes, sir. I ould."
"Here, John," tbe old man called lu boy
that lay in tbe shade, "call tbe dog and go
along and watch this feller till he gets away.
Bet a hundred dollors he steal something
'fore he leaves this place!" irkmun
Aral, literature i full of anecdote of
Ue nj Mbtr ,,, w10 have reproved
..,.,, ... .. ,, ,, of
the kind: A certain king went in visit a
mjMi.houi. aml follni, ,u.re . Bielllgat-
looking youth, who, alter replying sensibly
to a number or question, put to him by lb. j
bim by Ihe
the latter,
sovereign, at length addressed
saying :
"You bave asked me many things
I will
. now ask vou nns. At what neriod does a 1
sleeper enjoy bis sleep most?"
I Tbe king reflected a while, ami said :
'f r
"While he is actually sleeping."
"That cannot be," said the madma n, -
I., has nn nereenlton while) aaleftn."
..TBell. hrfore i, ve. to sleep." said Ihe 1
"How can one enjoy anything," asked the
madman, "before It couus?"
"Then," said tbe king, "after he has lieen I
'Nay" said the madman, "a man cannot
be said lo enjoy a tiling that has paa-ed
So pleased was the king wllh the other's
,?..,. , ,. .
wltthat he determined to make a compan-)""'"
I.- r l.t S...I . ,.1.1. --. I c...... r t. t
:. .' : z,::: ,7.;;.,:; ,.;.,; .:,.;
tendants band a cup of wMne to blnvelf and
one to bis mad friend.
"Y'oudilnk your cup," said the latter.
"that you may become like; but ir 1 drink '
i i ii t ., nt i
mine, whom shall I tie like?"
The Ita,. on hearing, hisspeecb s---,;
away his cup, and remained a total abstvln-1
' r'
rr forevermore.
-" " ' - -
and some of bis reminiscence of hi. visit'
,.rf.i-i- nsiODa ine ircainwntui in uhit; ibscici,
to England were .er) -entertaining. One next morning: th.
morning la London, after a bre,kfa.t wl b
--'-"-""""' "r.rrri.lTL'l
auuumry naaseu coo uoor oi i.oru imiusu-
..' .. . .. . r. i
tam. Smith oroDosed a call, to whleb Mr.
Webster assented. On entering. Smith in-
trodticed Mr. Webslera "Mr. Clay." Now,
wT i'tsaw Kaa.l tin I trior tvfrr laanitllsfBsl
Lord Brougham In the United States Sen-
ate; so, tn use Mr. vt ebsler's words, "Lord
,jr ijt.
replied Mr. W.b-
No wot. was said ou Ihe subject, but I
Smith soon excused himself. That aft. -noon
Mr. Webster found a card from Lord
Brougham. Inscribed "For Mr, Webster."
aad tbey became Intlmvte friend. "r J
Th. visit of President Arthur will be a,
Iaulne source ol gratification to every
t cltUen of Florida. But for his expressed
t - " " " "
tours. It would have given Floridlana
what It migat laea in tae pomp aaa etream
Uace of numbers and wealth. A. it 1.
we hope hi excellency will uaderslaad
that the naobtru.iveae. aad informality
ef each elvlltles ss may be exteaded lo bim
daring bl stay amonfusareilae'notto
aay Jack of cordiality, bat to the genera!
kaowledge that be bas come to Florid ex
pressly to escape Ibe cares of oalclal sta
tloa, aad to obtala quiet aad recreation.
JtttUU Timts Union.
Dowa at the lUasheH House, fast Suaday.
oae ef the party ft marked :
' I tee that Oath has dfeeeverrd the cori
eaa tact that at the end ef Ihe metoWeeery
war hTaere were bat very lew malee la thte
"ts that tor" asked ia old es-Ceafrder.
-fa It say here la a paper.', ,,,.,
-Wea.ajw,deyemkaewtaat I'dieeev
efsjdlasjasaaaeerteftblac at Ylehsatiey,
aba the time the eleye waa are? V
MI baKeve jet had to
uT.aad that wee aaa ef the weeet
aHsffJrw.sV'farar saTdaawat ar sBr"soVaBvVaaTs JswBBT"B,JIv1i
- "Why ear
" 'Caaaa them taaie steafce eswadaasaaJ
tfeC UHMbtV aaMsrW- WafrWlal MTsAwTSaVflMi If law
V aVVVat BftaWsiWSsMMspJmWdTFfl! are aaWarm wsTsT
af aatae,toe.'f' " s z ;
p . - -r "j &Z
V1 . 2 e '
"1J m?'2m. ;'Caaaatawaisasatesliaklitoiadahssl aVssMma .3,
The latest malbrnuUcaLqucstiaa run as
, follows : Two girj metthrerr ether girls.
anil all kisel. How maay klstea were x
chaaged? Tbe average age of a hoc; is only atVa
year. This always console when we tee
a nuu spread himself over four seats lu
Oscar WHde' recent statement that be
"feed on himself." reminds us that ibis I
about the right tim? of the year for eillnj
greens. .; Cittom.
"I think." aald a fond parent, "that little
( Jimmy i- going to be a poet when bo crow
ti. He don't eat. ami be aits allday hv the
fire and tuiek, and thinks."
1 ..V-.... !.! !..- . l.l. .11 ..--- .-.
immnrrriwi ivai uius srrr,
said Aunt Jerusha "Ho's gclnsr lo bave
the measles. That what all JIaimy !
Johnnie, how many bone are tbrre ia
the human IkxIv"
"Whose human body, uilne.?'-
Ye, Tour for Instance.""
"Can't tell You aee I've beeneatlo
shad lor breakfast and that upsets the ana
tomical estimate at once. Yetlm tfattllt.
Probably Ibe most remarkable sens rf
humor ever known was that ofaUermaa
soldier who laughed uproariously all the
Urn be wa luing flogged, and when the
officer, at Ihe end. inquired the eausr ol hi
I mirth, broke out Into a frrb fit f laughter,
and rried:
"Why. I'm the wrong man?"
A definition: Scene, Highland polire of
fice. Superintended lo policeman " What
mean you. Tonal, by entering Juba AlcLti
lh 'tramp in tbe-bovks ol taotlls?What
is a tramp?"
Policeman "A tiamp, yer bnuor, la a
man wna traltels aboot and seeks for work
Superintendent is satisfied.
A boy was one day examined by bis teach
er In arithmetic He was asked:
"Suppose you bad 100, and gate away
ISO, bow would you ascertain bow much
you had remaining?"
His reply set both teacher aud scholars In
a rosr ot laughter, for with bis own pecul
iar drawling tons be replied :
"Well, air, I-I'd Just count ll."
If I knew a poet who sang of spring
(Says I to myself, says I.)
I'd grab his muse and I'd break her wlui.
(Sav I tn myself, say I.)
i., cIllB hIm down , a ipIe ,n, floor-
, Make him eat his meal through a hoi la
tbe door.
Till he'd swear to sing of spring no more.
(says I to myself, says I )
WtlUarntport Ertutfjil TalU.
The dear child has seen a visitor open and
shut his patent bat, and fired with a noble
emulation pusses- himself of his uncle
new ind rigid stovepipe, which, when tbe
old gentleman l ubout to take bis leave, is
produced somewhat resembling a disrepu
table acenrdeon.
'Tsin't a lilt riiliuv. sour bat ain't.'1
jsaya the young malefactor, sorntully ; "I
. sat down no ll Hirer limes and I couldn't
A home Ihru-I . "Pis. I wish vnu would
buy me a little pony," said Johuuy.
"I hate n't got any money lo buy ynu
pony, my sou. You should go to s hool
regularly, my son, study bard and bec in a
smart man, aud some of these days, wbta
,i, .rant' lln mil still liavt. mmm (if Yltlir
- ,e, w
"Then, I suppose, p. yon iildn I study
much when you were a little boy like ma,
or else you would have money tn buy ponies
wllh, wouldn't you, pa?"
Misplaced : A German nobleman bad two
sons, who were reported tn bo rather fast
Iiot. One of them waa a rlcrk tn a bank
.....I sir nil.r w is nnir.r nf Ih. arm,.
"How are ronr sons.-oniln on?" asked
a friend.
"Had enough I The one in the hank, who
ought to be drawing draft, spend all bla
time In hunting, and tbe one in the army,
who ought tn lie busy shooting, is always
iirawiug drafts ou me for tnouey. Texts
....... ..A....I.. II A I.V I.AP awI.... .fl..lrA
, "" "7 "" "" ." ,
marm."sa daboy, "masentmeoverlobor-
. "
.w .w... .... .........
-r -w .. h. Mr
i "why, your mother has my wash-boiler now
and I was just wondering why she dlwii'l
send It home 1'
'-Is that so? We thought Ibat was Mrs.
, "",. ,V ,,-. milk
Jones' boiler all tbe time. Anyway, a milk
,. .. , .' k .,
'.. i . ,,.. ..
'hare ie klnnlsb around and borrow aa-
.. ,.
a doctor I called to prescribe for a sick
child, and having examined Ibe patient.
t prescription and leave Instruc
.". ." ., ...
"MypoorchlM?" sob the. mother, "X
- - ..... , , , .,
never Ihoua-at Ihit be would have, died of
Of croup 1" echoes the doctor; "do you
mean to say tbe child had croup? Why
dlda't yoajdlmeT
Two old zentlemen. over whose heads ths
,ef f nteen-year locust have passed repeal-
,uirBre walking along a public promenade
whlch they bave frequented Tor many and
It' rather runoti, says tbe first, "but
thing seem to br chaoglng here. Doa't
you remember bnw, ever ao long agn. w.
used to er lots of old, old men crjwllog up
and down here lu tbe sun ? V hat's becom
of them all ? I uerrr meet any of thrm jJ
"My friend.' trjoin hi companion, "we
are the old, old men that wfiiswl to see."
T, nlucu moderation s Bill Blount was
selerted by th Austin dcbMlng society t
delivrr addles oa Ibe subject of "Mod-
erallon." Bill ha enjoyed classical edu-
cation and l a gnod-brartrd fellow, but I
s little hot-headed. I tils t in. way n. Be
gs o hi addr:
Ladies anil grntlrmen Moderation In
all things Shut that dour, will you?
Moderation. I idle and the door! I say
shut that door. Moderation lu all thing 1.
will you ir will yu not. ynu blank, ad
dle pated fool, shut that door? Xodersiioa
in all things Is a virtue."
Just ihea another late rooter opened lb.
door and wr shot out. Trxji bijtitg:
citizea of Detroit, who bad here lo
Laaslag on business, was returning the
other day, when an old farnur going east
with bl. wife, look tbe next seat back and
opeaed a conversation, which lated almost
Into Ihe arlty Thea be happened to mea
tlon a.mrthlBi aboat Europe, which the
farmer doubted, aad tbe eillsra proUsteJ j
"But I base ixreo there aad know."
"What! JTodblate-Yanipr'
"By cracky. Maria !' said tbe old maa, a
he taraed to his wife, "here, erenow
who' beea H over Yarup aad ridee Wrth
us a ban baK dy before he lete aa a ward
Why. the Bixby s didn't ge ao farther thea
Beetoa. aad the laet night they get heme
they kept tbe bun towa ep IrHtwe o'elaea"
ta tha asoralag, lo t.H atea ptcaar
aad opera hestses! WaM! waHC'Wa to
Yaraw aad Bet brrca' inM.0rH
- receedsag to the ffeaale, my atleassea
waa at aaee arreeted by a eelee that tjeeased
ltaswaBBaIeertheswh4ree, K
atoMaeef a tan, wettdarsard aasavwrnh
wtdasBea4h,attahtaeye,aad a eeaate-:
atatea that revested every i
yhaWlt aaat iter
lataampH fmHaVa j& C "
" ahaaaat MMaTIf TaaaMMi ftHal Saaaat )"' aaa
H. t -ai'
aaasaiiJS' JEa&&&lmXSmmmmEmmtlJAB&&&itXtt.mtb8.
bbb ttw
sarTjirn aarr jm-ii-iiiraasMnaaaaiSTiiaasrsariasaisSBaiASBaiasii
-1 -4J-m- - 1
.-.; 1
w?i":Mfeji. V
b .2ib

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