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Wichita eagle. (Wichita, Kan.) 1883-1888, July 05, 1883, Image 3

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Tlie following Ii tlie programme for "tbe
Jay we celebrate :"
U. L. Walker, Marshal of-tlie Day.
rrocoslon form on Kourtli avenue, on
eitt side of Douglas avenue.
Line of March: From Fourth avenue
wrxt along Douglas avenue to Main street,
north on Main Direct to Central avenue,
wct on Central avenue to Park.
Mounted Police.
Timet Band.
Speaker and City Authorities.
Gmldeos ol Liberty, supported by Soldier
and Sailor.
Tbirty-elgbt Young Ladies on Horebark,
Representing State.
lloyt on Horseback.
Ctrvtitij (loddess and Girls Representing
Federal Union.
Stearns' Band.
Martial Hand.
Wichita Guard..
Garfield Pout, Jfo. 25, (i. A. It.
Ex-Soldtera on loot.
ilu?liie Men Display, beaded by NelTa
Township Delegations.
Caletbumplant consisting of llrotber .lona-
than. Congress of Nations, Congress of
Celebrities, Columbus Discovering
America, etc., etc,
l'rocessioii vtlll more at 10:30 o'clock,
AT KIVKItftlllK 1-AItK.
lion. M. M. Murdock, President of the
Heading of the Declaration of Independ
ence, by l'rof. It. D. Hammond.
Prayer, Hev. Ii. Kelly.
Muticby tbe Hand.
Onitlon, Col. Henry T. Sumner.
Song, by Double Quartette.
Toast, "Kansas." lCcspouse by Gov. A.
A. Glenn.
Soug, by Prof. Ward's clan of children.
Toat "Our Kducators." Itcspon'-c by
Hon. E. W". Stanley.
Song, Double Quartette.
Oration, by llrotber Jonathan.
Old song, by Prof. Ward's class ol chil
dren. Music by Hand.
Dancing, boat riding and other amusements
balance of the day.
Fire-works, beginning at 83 p. m.
Dancing at Kagle Hall and Opera House.
Mr. Thomas Holmes is the happy father
of a line boy.
The i:oi.K is Issued one day In advance
on account of the Fourth.
S. A. Yauklrk, county superintendent
Harper county, called Tuesday.
Mrs. llradt, of Newton, spent Saturday
In on r city shogplng and visiting.
Itev. Mr. HepBon, ofl'cabody, brother-in-law
of M. 1.. Garver, called Tuesday.
Innes X Co.' show window display Is
very tasty and exceedingly patriotic.
Tbe Itock Island Is now running through
without Irausferiug and making schedule
Tbe lire works bavo beau inspected and
found to be varied, artistic and in good
Dr. Conroy, sister of Frank Hollenbcrg,
is in tbe city visiting her brother and
fi lends.
The greatest watchfulness should prevail
to-day, and especially to-night, to prevent
fires breaking out.
Mr. U. W". Crouch and wife are off this
week for a visit to Warsaw, Indiana to be
gone at least a month.
Mr. Thoa. McCampbell has told that por
tion ol bis (arm lying on tbe east side of
Chlsholni to Jona. Fisher.
Excavating for tbe big bank building on
the comer of Main ttrect and Douglas ave
nue commenced yesterday.
Hev. Noah Harper, uncle of Hev. W. F.
Harper, from Colnmbus, Indiana, preached
In tbe Baptist church Monday evening.
Tbe Atrblsou Champion pertinently re
marks, after quoting our figures of Inst
week, that "Sedgwick It a booming
Tbe first passenger train over the Ft.
Scott & Wichita railway arrived Saturday,
Juue 30tb, st 7 p. m., bringing thirty pas
sengers. A miserable lie has been circulated to the
effect that an admission fee will be charged
at the Park ou the Fourth. Tbe Park will
be free to all.
Mllo B. Kellogg, came over from Cedar
vale Saturday, returning on Sunday. He
stayed just loug enough to say "howdy" all
around and was off again.
A mechanic In this city is an cx-memher
or Congress. He it a good workman and
so modest and retiring withal that not a
dozen men are aware who tbe man is.
Win. Kassell, the jeweler, bat Just got
iu a very fine and valuable stock of jewelry
for tbe mid summer trade, including dia
mond settings, fine watches and silver
skt. Itcuben Huffman, of New York, has
purchased tbe well-known sheep (arm of
Fox i Askew, eight miles east of this city
on the bead of Four Mile. Messrs F. .V A.
still remain owners of the sbeep.
Itev. T. W. Woodrow (Universalis!) will
preach In the school bouse, at Valley Cen
ter, next Saturday evening, and Sunday
morning and evening, July 7th and tab, at
tbe usual hours of service. A cordial In
Ou Capt. J. M. tlaldcrstou and Charles S.
Hatton Esq. probably more than any other
two men have tbe burthens and responsi
bilities ol to-day's success rested They
have devoted tbe most of their time for
three weeks to the details.
y. W. Itossart, tbe superintendent of the
consolidated telephoue syndicate, was here
on Saturday. He said in a abort time be
would have tbe towus of Wellington, Wln
iield, Caldwell, Ilunnewell and Oxford all
united by telephone.
The professional card ot W. W. Pierce,
M. I)., a gentleman who comes to Wichita
to permanently locate, will be fouud else
where. The doctor belongs to tbe regular
school, is a graduate, and we should Judge
by his appearance, has had a number of
years experience.
Mr. John Fisher has become a partner of
11. 1L. llutler in tbe hardware buslnesa,
having purchased one-baft of the stock in
tore. J no. Fisher it a careful, honest and
popular business man, and the Dew firm
will be one of the most solid of our city.
Mr, Wolf, formerly of tbe Augusta AtU
rente, spent Friday in our city. Mr. W. Is
a ready and forcible writer. He it a Dem
ocrat and bat made arrangements to start a
paper of bis own political complexion at
flreat Bend In a few weeks.
Hev. Ii. S. Belgle, pastor or Sedgwick
.church of tbe United Brethren In Christ,
will pieacb at Eagle Hall next Sabbath at
30) a. m., and at 8 p. m. Also, in two weeks
from that time, at the tame place.
Messrs Bunnell & Boys have a new list
or fine bargains In lands which will appear
uext week, together with tome other im
portant matters connected with their real
estate and insurance butlnett.
The card of Dr. E. Knder will be founil
In this Issue. He is the German physician
wbo took off Lout Gorbman's leg a short
time s'lnce. Loul was able to be carried
out of tbe house on Xondsy, which, con
sidering tbe very warm weather, Is a mat
ter of wender.
There is a very prevalent Impression that
tbe reduction of letter pottage to two cent
ahsif ounce com into efect on tbe 1st of
July. The Urns Is the 1st of October A
freat many letters will undoubtedly be
held for postage In consequence of betas
iatuaelently prepaid by senders who hare
carelessly mistaken the ties for the ebaafe.
an. L. X. Provost, or Watbiftna, ac
eempasded by Miss Xlatvie HeK, ot Dever.
Delaware, nephew and ateee stKr.Jst.
arrlTed la lUt etty leet ftetaraay
aad are now, eajeylaf thetr tut
'VitkjjpSnCSssW HI sB Wrw SWsHsv WOTsWcH vvW
Very many, if not all of our old readers
will be surprised in the announcement that
Jno. 31. Steele has determined to go to I'u
get Sound, or the country adjacent. He
hat tucb a flattering offer that be thinks it
a simple duty to bis family and himself to
accept. Probably no citizen would be
given up more regretfully. John M. Steele
hat been one of the great factors In the
settlement of thin valley and the building
of this city. No tingle individual has been
so prominent or so effective. He was
among tbe very first settlers here, a young
mau Jutt out of the Normal school. He
was tbe first justice of the peace, and as a
beardless boy performed the first marriage
ceremony ever pronounced in the county,
He was tbe first legitimate Iteprcscntativc
Irora the county to the Legislature. For
thirteen yeart or more he has been con
tinually in the sen Ice of this people. No
task was ever too hard, no burthen ever to
large, no sacrifice ever too great for blm to
make in the interest of this city and coun
ty. Always willing and never desponding,
those in trouble went to blm at naturally
and as straight as one lost to a friendly
light. It hat often been said, and it it a
fact known to many, that he hat giveu
away enough In charity In the last ten
years to haye made him one of our heaviest
capitalists. Here be found and married the
woman of bis choice, and a true and loviug
wife she has been; and here has all bit
children been born and, alas, most of them
buricdf However great his future pros
perity and honors iu his new abode may
prove and thousands will wish tbctn rich
and full he no doubt will look back upon
Wichita as his home. We part with him
with deep regret and the wish that it were
not so. To tbe people to whom be goes we
say that they will find John M. Steele a
man In all respects honorable, enterprising
and the possessor of a heart and mind
swayed alono by the best of human Im
pulses. Mr. M. Block, who as a money loaner
has had his office with Mr. Steele lor years,
goes with him. Mr". Block knows the coun
ty to which they are going, well, and en
tertains no doubt of their suece-s. And so
both good bye V
When the editor of the Augusta Alliance
desires to lie, effectively, he would do well
to remember that it Is necctary to sail
somewhere within sight of the line of pro
babilities. This shutting bis eyes to all
truth, aud, like a tangle-haired escape from
an lusanc asylum, plunging Into the depths
of wild, nonsensical falsity, is only to make
spectacle ol hlmelf. Probably no pre
varicator since the day Annanlus fell dead
has ever sat cooly down and, in the absence
of strychnine whiskey or Its concomitants,
delivered himself of such a miserable mess
of inlsrcprcscntstion and shallow nastlness
as did the editor of the AJrauci last week
in an article on Wichita, her water, health
and people. He may have thought It
smart. We don't : and, wc dou't believe
bis readers If ho has auy do cither. Wo
were asked by a number of citizens to
answer the foul foolisbncs, but shall not
for It answers itself.
The Winflcld Ttltgram deuleu that the
people of Winflcld offered any objections
to the posting of Wichita's Fourth of July
bills, saying among other lively things :
"If the Earle wants to light, come down
and we will fight, any w ay you sav. from
'single leap' to 'catch as you can,' or 'side
holds to one mile and repeat,' you great
big, overgrown Palingenesis." Think of
such a dare as that and the thermometer
100 iu the shade. Our informant was the
bill poster himself, who, as we stated, saw
the mayor from whom the necessary per
mission to do the work was received. Wc
bad no Idea that a majority or even a re
spectable minority Interposed so foolish
an objection, but that there were at least
two pcoplo or the 40.12 who did try to stop
him it not denied by our beligcrant co tem
porary. Wlnfield is a mighty nice city
made up of extraordinary good people, but
we hope the TtUgram knows too much to
claim that in a population or 4032 there arc
not at least two mean men. As to tbe
camion question we just asked a polite
question, and arc satisfied with the Ttlr
gram'i pointed answer.
The Commonutalth says the St. Louis,
Ft, Scott & Wichita road is to be extended
one hundred miles west of Wichita imme
diately, but that paper deigns no authority
for Its insertion. It is very evident Uiat
great changes wero effected last week in
the status of several western roads, some
or which changes materially concern the
future of Wichita, but If there lives a man
who comprehends what is to follow we
haven't struck blm. Anthony counts on
getting the Ft. Scott & Wichita road, while
there has been serious talk of It ruuning
from here to Lamed or Great Bend aud on
up the Walnut river and west. The pro
posed cxtcntion, or cut off, from Wichita
to Kingman and to Dodge by the Santa Fe,
Is said to have been abandoned, and that
the road will go west from Sedgwick City;
aud that tbe 'Frisio will be operated that
way Instead of via Haletcad. There are
others who have information to the effect
that the Santa Fe will build southwest from
Sedgwick and the 'Frisco west front Wich
ita to form a junction some sixteen or
twenty mllct west or Wichita. Auother
rumor hat It that the Santa Fc will extend
her short line road from Burlington to
Wichita and to Dodge, making It the
through main line. For ourself we never
believe much about railroad, or what they
will or won't do until they have actually
did it or railed to. For a solemn fret wc
don't believe that railroad magnates them
selves know one day what they will pro
bably do the next.
The county commissioners are cutitled to
the sympathies or the public, those u nl or.
lunate gentleman being this hot weather
engaged In settling tome school district ap
peals. For the benefit or those not posted
it might be proper to say that a school dis
trict appeal is a case where about twenty
or tbe longest winded talkers or a distract
ed neighborhood assemble bclore tbe board,
take off their coats, and proceed to "argy"
the case. Pending the determination or
the matter it is usual Tor about hair on each
side to get fighting hot, at which stage or
tbe proceedings a commissioner is as liable
to get a volume or compiled laws smashed
over his head as any way. The superin
tendent or public instruction, who is gen
erally tbe innocent cause or tbe row, in
tbe meantime has an unexpected call to
the country, or otherwise he sits behind a
convenient stove or table and tremblingly
listens to estimates ot liim-elf which would
mike an average sbeep thief a brilliant and
honest character In comparison.
The committee of arrangements far the
Fourth, have, without so much as "by
your leave, sir," or "permit us to conler
tlie honor," made tbe editor of tbe Eagle
"President of the Day," and so put it on
the programme which was the first lutima-
tlon that we had of tbe distinguished con
sideration. It has only been a few years
tince we did fill that place, or tried to, and
it should have beeu somebodyelse't turn.
We don't know what tbe committee were
thinking about. Tbe proper pivot about
which tbe Declaration, orators flags, fire
workt, and twenty thousand people should
revolve would be a roaring-mouthed, deep
chested, broad-shouldered gentleman with
rotund bread bakct, and a unique view of
whose swallow tails would at once forcibly
remind the congregated patriots or the
compass of a Daniel Webster or David
Davis. Dapper little gentlemen do well
enough to swell tbe procession, or in a
pinch to twirl the old bird a time or two,
but for the head of an august dignidcation
of flourish and glory, never.
Col. S. E. Jocelyn and W. A. Thomas,
under the Arm name and style of Jocelyn
Thomas, have bought out the real estate,
loan and Insurance business, together with
tbe sale, books and furniture of J.U.Steele,
smmtA a!t1 onftnna tka tirllisia sit tltA tli
gUBd Md for tue oWcn,UBers. These
gentlemen need no introduction to our
borne people. Tbey stand high as men or
Integrity and business experience andtbelr
large personal acquaintance will enable
tbem not only to keep up tbe business al
ready established, but to enlarge the ssme.
Tbe new arm retains tbe old stand or oatee,
next door to tbe Eagle Printing House,
where they Invite all wbo auy desire to sell
or purchase leads or bouses, and all who
desire lavesUaeats made, taxes paid, etc.
The mrst term of the United States dis
trict cMrtftxed by tbe law fer Wichita
aext September, will he. the most impor
ts term ! ay United States court ever
heU la br8tet,thti there wflibe the
i lukalkM jeekssassB aataaltAAA aCOsT
plMBII SWsssWvr 4W tstjj uuinvMim mn
hearlat- TTaHed Mates Attorney HeHoweH
AgWau MtmAm aslstofBat sUssat aftoHsBsssstS fmAarssssVft .
vsOT MPV smsasV ""a-" sss
atVltsstr tmrntfmt :aW tit' SMrtso, ssasaat ef
T. II. Stevens, of Anthony, was up on
Tuesday. He gives a glowing account of
crops and matters In Harper county. lie
says tbe wheat harvest is entirely oyer, and
there are but few fields in the entire conn
ty that will fall short of twenty bnsbels to
the acre. Corn looks very promising, and
the people of Harper and at her county
scat are happy.
The head-quarters for the gas works has
been established on Main street, opposite
tbe county building, where two rooms are
occupied in holding supplies, fittings, etc,
necessary to furnishing gas, While a num
ber or men arc engaged in plumbing resi
dences. The building for the manufacture
is being bulltas rapidly as possible, and tbe
pit is being pushed to completion at a rate
entirely satisfactory to tbe proprietors.
The McComb Brothers are spreading out,
not only In their trade but In manufactur
ing facilities. Tbey are now potting up a
two story addition to their building 25xM
feet. Tbe room below is much needed, as
it hat been almost Impossible to get around
or through their immense stock of manu
factured goods. Tbe additional upper
rooms are needed for their workmen.
Dr. McAdams and A. A. Hyde, who went
west together, returned home last week,
both having enjoyed their two or three
weeks' run. Dr. McA. thinks Denrer and
Las Vegas very nice cities, but was cot
carried away with the tumble down ruins
or Ssnla Fe, or the civilization which
seems only a survival or tbe Aztec and
The trade dollars are no longer good.
The government having repudiated tbem
as a legal tender, the Merchants Exchange,
of New York, last Saturday fixed their
price at 85 ccntt bullion. Following this
action the AVicbita banks and tbe postoffice
threw them out. Merchants will probably
toon follow suit.
Of course everybody now knows that the
city made a mistake in allowing the use of
magncsian lime stone in guttering and
curbing. It is a signal failure. When first
put in our best Judges thought it would
staud, but tbe gutters along Main street,
put iu but five or six yeart ago, are nearly
played out, and one half of the curb stones
spilt and crumbled. The city should allow
no more of this stone put in for tbe pur
poses named.
The bondt for tbe Ft. Scott road are be
ing printed by the Eagle office. It it a
job that few offices in the State would at
tempt. For tbe two National Banks of
thit city this office hat been doing an im
mense amount or tinted check and draft
printing lately, by our patent lithographic
aud tinting process which not only com
pared favorably with tbe best specimens ol
work from New York and Philadelphia, but
the prices of which were duplicated by
the Eagle.
A certain statesman is to give a Fourth
of July oration in Wichita, Kansas. Why
cheat her 7 Lotion Daily Gaitttt.
The nub of that joke will not materialize
lor the average reader, but it lies in the
point that Boston people pronounce Wich
ita Wy-chca-ty. Outside or the ramifica
tions that cluster about the almighty dol
lar, Boston people are slow, tbe above be
Ing a f air sample of their brightest wit.
itev. Jno. Kirby, formerly of this city,
addressed the Masons of California on St.
John's Day. The address, which is full of
new thoughts and new beauties pertaining
to this most ancient order, is published in
full in the Dally Stockton Jnitptndtnt. The
address takes the ground that the influence
or masonry for good is just begun to be
felt, that while it already embraces crown
ed heads and potentates or all lands, its
greater mission lies in the future.
The nest of house-breakers and sneak-
thieves, who commenced their work some
two or three months ago, are still with us.
There is no doubt but that they belong
here, and the police ought not to rest until
they have been spotted. Attempts to enter
two or three bouses have been made with
in the week. The best protection against
such robbeis is to keep a dog. In the house
at night, no matter how small only so it
makes a lively noise. Next to a dog is a
convenient revolver. When a man is dis
covered fooling with door or window after
midnight never stop to ask questions but
whang away.
Mr. W. W.'Smlth, of Nappa Valley, Cal
ifornia, an old subscriber to the Eag lk and
an extensive land owner In this county,
came down upou us all unexpected tbe
other morning from the western slopes of
the Sierras. He was on his way cast, but
he said he thought he would stop over long
enough to Inquire the meaning of "palin
genesis." We told him we supposed every
body kuew that it was exprcssivo of the
process of hatching a live minnow from a
dead mackerel. He evidently thought as
much from the way he looked at us.
.V connection, for fire purposes, having
been made between the water-works and
the Little Hivcr, the engineer made a test
of the capacity or supply last week. He
says, If necessary, be could run six or eight
firc-uozzlcs at full capacity for two days and
nights or any length of time. But it is
thought with the greater capacity and
greater depth being made tothe well that it
is very doubtful I fever tbe valve oT the river
connection will be opened. A large num
ber or additional points are being put down
at the bottom ot the well for tbq purpose
of getting the purest waler to be had.
The Augusta Oazttte says that tbe 'Frisco
Company are putting in a switch, west of
the Whitewater, lor the benefit of the
ltogcrs Coal Company, which has secured
the privilege of working the fine stone on
the Scully land. With any quantity of fine
building stone within twenty miles of this
city Wichita has been unable to get stone
for cither building, foundations or side
walks at anything like a reasonable price.
Now that the Ft. Scott railroad runs right
through the same quarries that the 'Frisco
does we may expect stone at reasonable
prices. The first freight brought into
Wichita by tbe Ft. Scott & Wichita, was a
car load or flagging stone.
Sabina Sbufcldt, or Afton in this county,
writes tlie Fulton (111.) Journal, an amusing
account of a day's shopping by heiself and
husband, Lijab, in Wichita during tbe late
rainy spell, and how they failed to getback
home where they bad left Patty, for whom
she bad bought a new styled poke bonnet,
aud the chickens, pigs and setting hens.
Sabina winds up the account with some
verses of which the following is a fair sam
ple: "The night was dark, the wind did moan,
I thought of Patty all alone,
Poor girl, her heart was almost broke
Until she saw her lovely poke."
Mr. George M. King, of the Eagle force,
was united by marriage to Miss Bessie B.
Stirling, at Parsons, last Thursday, June
28th. Tbe ceremony took place at the res
idence of tbe bride's uncle, A. O. Brown,
and was performed by Elder King, the
groom's father, assisted by Iter. Chaffee, of
Parsons. George found and wooed Bessie
in the years when his father was sUtioned
at Parsons, and having proved true to their
earlier plighted faith, we predict for them
a long and happy life or mutual trust and
forbearance. The new made husband and
wife arrived in Wichita Saturday and wlU
go to house-keeping immediately ; in me
meantime George has gone back to bis
"case" cheerful and happy enough.
"Xatnr, la seal for human amity.
Denies or damps an undivided joy,
And lovt Is ths bond ot property."
The boy stood on tbe back yard fence,
whence all but blm bad fled. The flames
that lit his father's barn shone just above
the shed. One bunch of crackers In bis
band, two others tn bis hat; with piteous
accent loud be cried, "I never thought ot
that!" A bunch or crackers to the tail or
one small dog be tied. The sparks flew
wide and red and hot, tbey lit upon the
brat; they tired the crackers la hlabsad
and lit those In bis bat. Thsa came a bant
of rattling sound tbe boy, where was he
gone? Ask tbe winds that far arouad
strewed bits of meat and bone and scraps
of clothes and balls and tops and nails and
books and yarn ; the relies of that dreadful
boy that burned bis father's ban.
The races at the old Fair Grounds last
week are reported as being Tery flee. Trees
the associated dispatches we gather the
following particulars f the principal con
tests: First day : la the aoTsKy nee there
were Ave entries. Baeoxer weatheflrst.
second and fourth quarters.
In the tretUag nee, fer the 4 eases,
there were Ave entries: Wast by WetTs
Governor Aatheay; Light MH,
B6GMfeV 'flJWjT XA fjsatw sssfM Wtm'mtk WM)
Va TasahsasBaBBs" fjateaja aTatMSMVatl
XINt 4VtsjJ WW ViVfsVI 4m
GoTsraer Aatheay, ,l(MMt
' paA' i
law :bm! star tats ate,
stsrt rs,sacr aiibl,;
Commsssloners Sleenrod and Walter and
County Clerk Dorsey, la tendering the ap
pointment of county commissioner to A.
W. Olivrr, tn place of J. M. Steele, resign
ed, did a very wise and acceptable act.
Probably tbe appointment of no business
man In city could bare given such universal
satisfaction. Mr. Oliver Is tbe bead oftbe
City Mills and Elevator firm, and president
of tbe board of trade. He Is a clear-beaded
and wide-awake business man of strictly
business methods and Is not easily misled.
Not only tbe interests of bis constituents In
this city, but the interests ot tbe tax-psyers
oftbe entire county, will be faithfully look
ed after by blm, for be is tbe kind of a man
that always studies first to know what bis
duties are and then does them. Mr. Oliver
objected to accepting the place, but his con
sent will insure bis nomination and elec
tion so that the time and pains necessary to
familiarize himself with the business of tbe
county will not be wasted.
On motion the following resolutions were
unanimously, carried and the county clerk
instructed to record Ibe same at length on
the journal of tbe board.
Be it resolved by the board of county
commissioners of Sedgwick tounty,Kansas,
that the resignation of J. M. Steele, as a
member of this board be accepted with re
grets. fitiolttd, Tbst by the removal of J. M.
Steele Sedgwick county loses an efficient,
honest and faithful officer and respected
RttoUtd, That to bim the thanks of this
board are due for bis uniformly conscien
tious and courteous conduct while a mem
ber of this board.
Mr. W. B. Williams and bis good wife
celebrated their "linen wedding" at their
home last Sunday, when they invited a
number of their friends In to partake of
their bounteous spread. Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liams were married on Sunday, July 1, 1848,
just thirty-five years ago. Both are still J
bale and hearty, and we know tbe many
congratulations tendered tbem on this 35th
anniversary of their uniou, were sincere,as
ours is.
Of tbe big sales noted lately in these col
umns as made by old settlers, that of J. T.
Leslie, of last week, Is worthy of remaik.
He sold bis two quarters Tor tbe sum of $9,
600, or $30 an acre. Ed. Bloom also made a
sale which helps to bring our prophecy still
nearer realization. Bloom got $4,000 for
an unimproved 80 acres raw prairie adjoin
ing bis improvements.
There will be a meeting of tbe Bepubli
can Central Committee, of Sedgwick coun
ty, Kansas, at tbo office or Stanley & Wall,
in the city of Wichita on Saturday, July
23th, 1SS3. A full attendance is desired.
W. E. Stanley, Chairman.
Jno. Kelly, Secretary.
The two-cent letter postage is to take
effect on tbe first of October.
Postal notes of less than five dollars will
be issued on or after October first.
Letters and postal cards only can be Tor
warded Trom one office to another without
additional postage.
A change in tbe money-order business
went into effect the second day of July.
On and alter that date the Tees on orders
or $10 will be eight cents Instead or teu
cents. Orders will now be Issued to the
amount of 100, Instead of $30. Tbe fees
on a $100 order Is 45 cents.
On all papers, magazines and packages
or every description postage must be fully
paid at tbe first mailing, and again Tully
paid if forwarded. If not fully prepaid,
tbey will be returned to the person mailing
them, if known ; it not known, valuable
packages will be advertised, and papers
will be sold as waste-paper.
Rent on all postoffice boxes must be paid
within ten days after the beginning of tbe
quarter, or vacated. By a late ruling of
the Department, ail renters of lock boxes
must, in addition to the regular fee, de
posit with the postmaster 50 cents for; the
safety ot the key, which amount will be
refunded on the return of the key.
Tbe Eagle's table of last week showing
the aggregate acreage, assessed valuation
and population, by townships, omitted
several items of interest. We now give
some grand totals In a shape that will be
readily understood, and In which shape
they will be more bandy for reference, for
the county as a whole. This table shows
that Sedgwick county stands far in advance
of many agricultural counties in the older
States in number of acres under cultiva
tion, and that, if it is notalready, it soon
will be the leading county of Kansas :
Kind of Crop. 1883. xo. of Aerts.
Wheat 69,38S
Rye .1,079
Corn 137JKI1
Oats 25,159
Irish Potatoes 1,524
Sweet Potatoes 40
Sorghum 455
Broom Corn
vaO t cr ,
Other tame grasses
Fenced pasture
Artificial Forest Walnut
" " Maple
" " Honey Locust...
" Cottonwood
" " Mixed
Total number of acres tn farms ..
From the books of the County Cierk made
up from the assessors returns, we also
gather some other interesting figures which
cannot fail to interest.
Number of bushels of old corn on
hand.... ............... 747,733
No. tons prairie hay cut last year... 41,780
Value of garden products $25,218
" ' Poultry raised $29,633
Pounds of cheese made .17,542
" butter " 479,753
Creamery butter made 18,720
Value of milk sold 18,000
No. of Horses assessed 8,823
" Mules " 13M
II" Cows " 8,240
" other cattle assessed 29,8G0
" Sheep assessed 31,600
Swine " M.984
Value of animals sold .' $850,000
No. of pounds of wool 120,280
" apple trees bearing 41,800
" pear " " 1,150
" peach " " 304,000
piumb " " 0,031
" cherrv" " 20.121
" apple trees not bearing 99,695
" pear o,io
" neaeh " " " 1C9.747
" p'umb " " 12,868
" cherry" " " 22,780
Value ofhortlcultural products sold $32,303
Taking the Items and aggregates of tbe
above tables and the world Is challenged
for a county that has been organized less
than thirteen years to show Its equal
On the 24th of Jnne, at the residence of
the brides' parents, by 'Squire J. D. Wolf,
Mr. Edgar Koran, of Grand River Town
ship, and Miss Lydia M. Barlow, or same
A large variety of choicest roses for sale.
C. A. Parsons,
15-tf Mosley avenue, north of First at.
One hundred graded weanling calves and
fifty yearlings, for which the highest price
willbepsld. ' DR. Hugh Smith,
15-6t Occidental Hotel.
Harness, Saddles,
Bridle, OolUra, Whips,
Aad vrytUkna a well stocked Harases
i aetUac feeds as low as Uw lowast tor cask.
Globe Iron Works.
kvtjt Mse!msaer.lMfUamst
... : ..
mmmf tsaVmsVswS HX HrvS L
We would call Imperial Attention to our
It ii tbo Largest aad Best
At the Season U Rapidly Advancing,
We Are Offering
Examine Our
Our $10.00 All-wool Cassimere Suit.
Remaining Uncaixxd ob at th Post-
Orrics at Wichita.
WicniTA.KAN., June 26th 1883.
To obtain any ol these the applicant must
call for "Advertised Letters," and give the
date ol this list.
It not called for in one month they will be
sent to the Dead Letter Office.
Letters are not advertised until they have
remained in this office one week.
G. G. Matthews is selling Boston Belt
ing, waranted the best made. 14-2t
G. G. Matthews has tbe largest stock of
Belting in tbe city, of tbe best brands nude
floo. fi. Matthews is rlllnir nuantitles of
leather and rubber belting because he keeps
the best brands. 14-2t
At Geo. G. Matthews you can find all
kinds of Belting and belt findings. 14-2t
A thorough competent and respectable
girl to do general housework. Highest
wages paid. References required.
Mrs. John Exton.
14-tf Emporia Avenue.
Ts Osatratt Carasitsn.
TheM. E. Church of Kechl township,
having made preliminary arrangements lor
the building of a house of worship in said
township, call for bids for work and mate
rial for the whole structure, except the
Flans and specifications msy be consulted
by calling on Rev. J. W. Anderson at the
parsonage, next door north of Frank
Smith's new residence on Emporia Avenue
where any and all bids may be lelt between
this and July 20th.
Wv. H. Ranson,
Secretary of Board of Trustees.
- One hundred snd ten head of yonng cat
tle at four cents per pound, or by the bead.
Call on or add ress J. R. Patterson,
It Beaumont, Kansas.
Far Sals.
Twenty acres desirable land near the citf
limits. For price and particular call A.
H. Gostard Co., 109 Douglas Avenue.
By UHlveraal Accord,
Atxs's Cathartic Pills are the best
of all purgative for family ase. They
are the product of long, laborious, and
scceatnd chemical Investigation, and
their extensive use, by physicians la
their practice, and by all civilized na
tSonc, prove them the beat aad most
eatctaal purgative Fin that medical
acieace can devise. Being partly veg
etable bo harm can arte from their
sae, aad being aagar-coated, they are
pleasant to take. Ia intrinsic Take
aad curative powers bo other Ptua
caabecoeaparedwiU theaa; aad every
person, knowing- their rlrtaes, wlH
ejBsloy them, when seeded. They
keep the system la Barnes order, aad
mslalsla la healthy action the whom
BMchmeryofS. MM, esarralac and
efcctaal. they an wniiiaiy adapted
to the needs of the digestive aafanla,
denmgemeata of which they prevent
aad can. If timer taken. They am
tbe beat ami aaftat physic to employ
for ibMria ami wiahwii coastiu-
tloaa, when a
cathartic It
Tor sale by aB
AOM fun
Km BtmasaAM lar ssata,
Mr. Was. Orailaasjtsla oftera for sale am
MaabletenssaadfairBiees,a amaher
f rsatdeat lets, eaeh eeamialac a fltH aero
orgTwsad. Fs perttenlarteaH. maimer
J.M.Stsei. -U
VH stand far service at "Msnssweed
ia" eae half mtts ssathwsst Arfcaa-
sne ffllver seMce, jTmam, nue lavmneaty
atsMsfstM. AltfttsyBsm;Pae
of Bsagwtsr," at the
H.MsamMefssrvse. wmaajsasmm.aasisBa simsaaiisrses a
-- , jr., .wswasasjwnafwemeej. -
S' l Istamstm wA ' ee meeeaeeel asssl - ''- - -- - -
.Mm weaaavM aanas ees-ejeww, enes. ee aMBBnvBaBHi,siSBBBn saw BnBeVBaaava Beans
im (AaBBassam 'JastBR'ssafaalBBa - '- -" --' r.'...-.. -. - !, '" ".
amsmajs asasBaasenmsy, -wwe aaaw ws r assaa SAL waaaa m ems, aaasatsBi eaa bbbb. - . i.?,
imeabaessjieaTmMOsalsBmM JsiMa'aesslaiaig'sR'sawm '-'aaaeaaw
-yiii i is hai laW ii la H am liar Waatat . aaaiisrV'-l."""j. JsaHuami
amaattmsjataMlliil'iVai aml Mm. ?"--
sM j . --' j -.---- i .- . . - . . . - ---i . -. I, , i ma r isnTTi j rtiSi - - im iSa, nn, r-" " -i intis ii n n i - ' it - - -- t. ..
-. jrs-ti
Assorts! Stssk ii tat City.
Extra Inducements.
Great Bargain
j. KATZ.
. W. Lissms
All BasliigBalMB. A OtrUii Omrs Fsr
Scalds, burns, croup, kidney-complaint,
cuts, bolls, bunions, carbuncles, chapped
bands, scratches, calks, kleka and all old
At the earnest solicitation of many friends
and acquaintances, who have made a thor
ough and satisfactory trial of my "All Heal
lag Balsam," I take this method or Intro
ducing it to the public atlarge, that the ben
efits to be derived from its use msy be enjoy
ed by all who are afflicted with any of the
ailments above enumerated, or who have
stock In such way as to demand treatment
for any of the above named afflictions. It
will be found on sale at the drug store of J.
P. Allen, Douglas avenue, WicblU, Kansas,
and by my traveling agents. Full directions
with every bottle. Price, CO cents per bottle.
43tf E. W. Lassxll.
Have the contract to furnish Garfield
Post No. 25, Grand Army of the Republic,
Wichita, Kansas, with uniforms and para
phernalia. Members of tbe Post desiring
to uniform sre requested to call at the
above clothing bouse, on Douglas ave., be
tween Smith's and Wallace's Implement
bouses, to examine the goods and leave
orders If desiring uniforms. 5-tf
A Carl Uttsfanasn.
I purchased a Minneapolis Binder from
the Arkansas River Lumber Company and
must say It Is the grain ssver lor tbe farm
er. Light draft, easy to manage aad tblght
bundles. I cut long sidsot aMcCormlea
they stopping for adjustments, I need
none on the Minnie Binder. Consider it
far superior to tbe MeCormlck or any oth
?sifrMi Sasrt-hsra Ball far Sals.
Having concluded not to show my cattle
this year, I will sell, at a bargain, my year
ling bull, Washington Duke Snd. Dam an
an extra milker. Sire, Snd Duke of Harvey
35118. Also a nice lot ol Poland China pigs,
descended from good breeders andsuek
iers. J. C. Hyde.
I wish to call the attention of all ladles
or WicblU and vicinity to the closing out
sale or my fall stock or goods. Call and
see me before purchasing elsewhere. Yon
can buy long plumes Irom $1.25 to S6.00.
Bunch flowers from 5 cents to 93.00. Hats
from 15 cents to $20.00. Laeet.ties, collars,
embroidered hose, corsets, ribbons, em
broidery material, yarn underwear, Jewel
ry, felling, etc., rail to reduced prices until
tbe 1st or .July. Call aad see for yourself.
Thanking tbe public for past patronage, 1
am, Yours respectfully,
Mart Klkictz.
Between Woodman's Bank and the Tarr
ed Store. 0-K
The American Farm aad Home Cyclopae
dia Just what tbe farmer, stock raiser,
gardener and fruit raiser need eaa be seen
and examined at my offlee sad, it desired,
purchased. M. C. McLadt,
State Agent.
Offlee la U.Laad Offlee Building, Wich
ita, Kaasas. t-tf
Mr. Edward LAaewx: Ihavsaodtt-
pceitiea to boast of the mertta of aay pa
tent msdiciae, bat three wlatsrs ago I Croae
my feet aadaave sagas s J a great deal I
have tried a great many Jhtitsat Mads of
medietas, hat of no am. Tear AB-Heal-
lag Balma has been a saeesm. g
' Cora X. XcClamr.
Xareh Ma, Hat. - ?tr
& nomas Jen,
er; else wis, deer asvdhHadmanafcrvarsr,
MsmstSamsS slssSSttm msst SmM StkA isslStlAsMmissl
Hotel, WIeatta, Kansas. s-ly
Deart fstawt the aVamaard
ssmavsaee. Tetwas, sa saw sew.: AassanraeseiesB at mm,
aravrsMnK. lsaliasaB)avBSBBnw.w smf " e
- ------ - - . .- ansaswea sasar
WHamaUB, Tiw dTilited world will Bever forget G. Washington, Fonrth of July, aud Wichita'a Grttt
The Lowing
DtIttMWMarytoeailWmttratioL that it bchoooTes them all, both great aad small, to ffr o this festive oeoask fat tho
the latest rammer attire, u told down ia the justly celebrated Domestic Fashions, aud procured at
, . fc .
N. Xi Ti P:6.'INNES & R OSS, N. X. TgR-O;
t; The Mamniotfr Dry Goods Establishment of the Arkansas Valley.
It la expected that out of regard for the great G. W-, F. O. J., aud
darned glorea on, darned shoes OB,'or anything old or worn
Everything is expected
And worthy of the Great Railroad Center of Kansas, and the Biggest Blow-out
the great aad only place where everything needful for so great an occasion can
At LOWER PRICES than any other house in town. They are offering t v
'! vr J ! f p
15 per cent. Lower than elsewhere. Remember it will be Red Hot ; yon mnst supply yourself with - -
Fans! Fans! Fans! Fans!
A ; We are prepared with an nnlimited number, from a nickel to any price you wast.
New Lawns, Just Received, from 5 cents up.
A Beautiful Line of Buntings and Summer Dress Goods!
"' .
Is?" BBMBMBBR Don't forget
ront of the Horseshoes. They all buy
Fourth Day
Be it known unto all the inhabitants
of Sedgwick and surrounding counties
that Wichita will celebrate the 4th
with such splendor as will eclipse any
thing ever witnessed in this State.
ladies' races.
1. For the finest assortment of
ladies' gold watches, go to Katscl's.
, 2. For diamond and gold rings, car-1 ,
ringa and lace plus, go to Kasiel's.
men's races.
3. Goi-as-you-please race to Kassel's
for a gold watch. v
4. Walking race to Kassel'a for a
ailver watch.
boys' races.
6. For a good, cheap watcli, gold or
silver, go to Kassel'a.
6. Ask to see tlio Climax Watch
Case. It is the very latest, and, nt
usual) Kassel has it first.
Sports will be held at 88 Douglas
ave., next door to the New York Store.'
Music will be furnished by Setlr
Thomas and'other first-class clocks.
E. W. Lassxll, Dkak Sia :-It affords
me great pleasure to spesk la the highest
terms of the value of your All-Heallag Bal
sam as a medietas that should be laevery
family. Being afflicted with pala In my
back and having tbe kidney complaint, I
wuladK'edbyyourBgeaLE. Vaagaady,
to purchase and try a boTUe of your All
Haaling Balsam. I took the medicine ac
cording to directions, and now, having us
ed it for the past three or four weeks, I lad
myself relieved entirely from the pala la
my back, aad my kidneys so longer afford
me aay trouble. I have no hesitation in
saying that one bettls ofssedleise, for
which I paid lftyeats,lse best lavett
meat I ever made ia my Um. , I heartily
comssead your Aa-neaaag sstssm w we
puWle, as being Just what yea represent It
to be. aad good fer aH the aumeate sst
forth w year mreatars. Years, Ac,
Gaoaen farbv
CLAMOH.KAJra., April Ktb, JaW. 7tf
aarriaoa snakas the best team! harases
made latae euro wisaHa. . s-u
0. 0. JACOBS,
;- i f , i
DXROP ' - ' l
Berkshire H8gs,
Til, MMM.
"Btorl wmi
H ' t. Cti
I am aew emmtfam a yanf lea Jim Aeat
w ?yisvw-
, r-rygfn- $
sm.Lj -ZTJB- ..MT 'ST .-J . -V , t- .. !. aakl . SB L
'"jVt-. . -emmat aaSemV BaaieT akaaaaak. m1aaaBaB aaeaasBL.
j. ! j i,ii i. um i hieru -4 -. ,m, -4; tsjatmaamVAIaBBL1
Dry Goods House of the
A Special Chit in
lhat the Martial Warriors, the Beautiful Young Ladies, etc., etc., of the Grand Procession can be seen' best
their goods from
, -:NXTPO:-
- )N - X -
Undsr tha
j.arnljp.cn ' 1
i ;:
of July!,
,! - S-
1 i . ' .
Onwaaea af Waatea aad OhttctrlM a
At oSce day and night, on Main street, oier
Kansas national isann, n units, jtan.su. u
Contractor.. Carpenter and Joiner.
Will do U kinds of Carpenter end Joiner
wort on snort notice. SUirs. Htair Railings,
Sa. Doors, Blinds, IHrar and Window Frame
aid Screens.
Kf Shop, US Main Street ; ReeMeae oa
Lawnnic Atau near Onrtel i Poet-oflU
boxSff iP-tf
;Well Boririrand Drilling
Feoniptl don loaedgwlck and snrronndlng
eoaaties. ' Artesian wells made and prupeetUg
done. Sstls&etloaGuaraalsad. Twelre years
experUaee. Outfits for sal. Addraas
.Or leave orders with M, A. Sayle, dealer la
emajeK.,.Doae ATVwue.'.WJckKa, Kan-
BISHOP COLE, Proprietors.
fc "W i I kaCaiato.4aaam-k 1 1 .
serlac.t te mrJtoewlH
aav o.ders at J. r. Allen's Drag Store,'
CtHmtriiWark; SojicJUil.
assiaatit laaw.m.twk.m.'rM.Omiami twa.
tamVsByMal Ish M0e msV lC 9WsmMmm W,
MS sere U e. H, twa.m, r. a. Seassmtwat
N strata see. m,twvm, r.lw, OMatwr. ?
MSaerlae.m,tw.m. r.ew. W tn
sssa. ' A aasf aaaav
OsmsawlssWMsjh swaslOamltotBtmewaa
aBaaajaajei aaaw aaai eweaa aawaaaasea
asses taTT J. a sew mam ia Uras ysart sssa avs
msfM) sa bV msa.sg. . . '.
5. k - -ynfT-fr "rM-'
(v - --- -flllisilll nit ' '. ..-
W. G. C, that no one will appear with darned dresses on, darsedJiose.pB,
to be "Bang Up New,"
that was ever blown. Be it tacwa
be found. Their stock is full to overflowing with
T - P - 0( -
Notice for Publication.
at Wichita, Kansas, Jons nta.imt.
HoUee Is hmby Jrtren that U Allowing
named ssttlsr bat ail notice or his taUntlon
to make final proor In support of his claim, aad
that said proof will tw mads bsfbra ths Kaaistsr
or KclTr or the D. 8. Land O flies, at Wleli
Ita, Kaasas, onJalrJSth, 1883. vts: OllrsrW.
LtttU, D. 8. No. 11.837, for Um wK nw,' and
ni nw.1 of see. 14, twp.ss south, of nag 3
wast eth P. M-, containing-1 acrts.
II nanus Um following: wlmsatM to prois his
contlnnoa residence upon, and cultivation of,
said land, viz: Levi McLanihlln and Thur
walsdon J. MeLaaahUn, of Clearwater P.O.;
8. r. Klnert.of Afton, and George B. Taylor,
orPeotone ; all of Sedgwick county, Kansas.
12-S B. L. WALKffB, Register.
Notice for Publication.
land orncEi
Wichita, Kansas. June tb, 1883. i
Notice Is hereby glren that the following
named settler hat filed notice of his Intention
to make final proof In support or his claim, and
that said proof will be mad before the IT. 8.
Land Offlee at Wichita, Kansas, on Saturday,
August 4th, 1883, Til : Daniel Sloeser, D. 8. No.
22,705, for tbe nwXof sec 10, twp. 29 south,
rang 3 west.
He names the following witnesses to prore hi
continuous residence upon, andcultUatlon of,
said land, vis: S. P. Klnnert, J. W. Nelson
and O. Z. Smith, of Peotone, Sedgwick county,
Kansas ; Charles Uleeeler, or Wichita, Sedg
wick county, Kansas.
lt-6 B. L. WALKKB, Register.
Notice for Publication.
land orncE (
at Wichita, Kansas, June 11th, 18S3.
Vntlc la herebv liven that the followlnc-
named settler ha filed notice of his Intention
to make final proor in support or nit claim, aau
that said proof will be made before taU. 8.
Land Office tt WicblU, Kaasas. on Jolysoth,
Hi. . 21.711 . for the lot one and two and tha K
of nwKof see. SO. townsblpJ9,raogwettof
etn r. at.
lie names tbe following witnesses to proTe
bis continuous residence upen, andeultrralloa
of, said land.Tlx: Robert Little aad Oilier
Utile, or Peotone, and James Hasten ana
Charles IS. Colrer, of Clearwater; all of Sedg
wick county, Kansas.
12-S K. L. WALKER, Register.
Proposals for Grading: Road.
Proposals will b reeelred at tb Couatj
Clerk's nSee. In WicblU. for ditching ami
grading tbe road commencing at tbe north-east
corner of taction number nine (8) In towatblp
twentT-f en (B), range one (1) east, la Sedg
wick county, Kansas; thence south oa (1)
mil t thence west fortr (J rods, more or leas,
to Chlsholni creek.
mas will be reeeirea up to noon iu mji
Jnlr. Ilea
Bids will be ror so ranch per cable
ror so rancn p
Me af Coaatv
ram. nee pronie at ue oi
eeor coastycierz
1 reserve the right to reject any or all bids
Trustee Wichita Towasbfp.
Kansas. Jnne Sad, lata. li-t
v n UAasif tM
Bridge Notice-
Notice I hereby glren that at the regular
meeting of Ue Bosrdor County Commissioner
of Sedgwick county. Kansas, to be held on U
., linnrfftv in Jniv. ia. there will be a netl-
first Monday In July, US, there will be a petl-
tlon presented, asking for an appropriation of
preseaieu, aaaiog lor an nppnipnuon ui
two nnndrrd (300) dollars to am la Dtuiauga
hrirfm inon Drr creek when said creek
erase Ue section Hues at Ue north-west cor
ner of section No. 17. township 17, nag two
west. Estimated cost, ..
and B others.
Wichita. May SOU, 18m. H-
Dissolution Notice.
Notice 1 hereby given that Ue partnership
heretofore existing between U aaderslgaed.
aad carried on nader u vi aa-t arm aaea oi
Tn Bnn. la alleaalead hT mataal content,
Tb nrai-mrchaalls baslaea carried oa
by said arm at Clearwater, Kaasas, win ue ws-
Hnuedby JsatMBl
Tracy, to whom all deM
owing to Ibe late firm will be paid
Dated June th, 13
PUIO, 01611 V BallOIT.
Thtery sai Seme Wees, TeaeJsaaj.Sa.B.
'. --., smsAm mtmtsaWdasaam 1b .
vamaaam neBaaass, aaaswaajnaj, p. m.
.' " rv s
I Met! It
Celebratloa, we
Great West!
to all people that Iaaes Rosa's is
Unequaled Fast Time!
Ohio & Miss. Railway
Fram St. La aw to AH Pamta East.
Tb O.AM. R'T is now running Palac Sleep
ing Cars Wluout Chang fr m 81. Loul la
10 Hoars to Louisville,
10 Hours to Cincinnati,
30 Hours to WaahinaTton,
31 Hoars to Baltimore,
36rHburs to New York.
hours the Quickest to LoulsTllle and Cin
7 hour tb quickest to Washington.
4 hoar tbe quickest to Baltimore.
Equal fast time with other line to New York,
and without change of cars.
With thorough day cars, parlor ears and pal
ace sleeping coacjea.
Is now running a
Palace Sleepls? Coaches
From St. Louis to New York without change.
Leaving oa Morning Kzpres Tin the R. a
K.,asu on Evening Express, vian
KTenlns: Kxnreee. via It. 1
Y. I..
K. W. R. R.
X3" Xo change of ear for any rises of psten
ger. First and second-class paeseagars are all
ace sleeping cart, elegant parlor coaches and
eomfiirtable day coaches, ail raaalag Urough
itaoui enaage.
The only line br which roa can t Urouzh
car from St. Louis to Cincinnati without psj
lag extra far In addition to money paid lor
ror tickets, rale, or any particular lalbrma
tloa. call on ticket ageale of eoaaectlag linos.
West. North-weet and South-west, la St. Loul
at 101 103 N. rourta Street.
Cea'l Manager, Gm'l rass'r Agt,
ClaclaaaU, Ohio.
G. D. BACON, Gea'l Weetera raas'r Agt.,
lt-13 8t.lMls.Mo.
la the DUtrict Court of UeElgnteeaU Judic
ial uutnet. silling wiuis ana tor ue county
or Beogwica, in we ntw ot nan.
Central Bank of Kansas, pialatlsT,
David Morehouse sad Charles B. More
" bnoee. defeadaat.
Re eirtna of aa order of sale) lieneil to me out
ottaM district court In U above-eatltled ac
tios, I will, oa
ilnAm, la tkt 9M see JrUf, A. D IMS.
st It o'eleek a. w. of said day, at tha front door
of U eoart-noase, belag as Us front of the
building on Mala Street known aa MePhersoB
Mloek.MUsltyof WleMta.laUW esaaty of
Sedgwick, la the State of Kaasas. oStr st uab
llo s, aad seU to taw klgbest aad beat bidder.
tor esahj head. aU tha tellowlag-deeerlbed
real estate, to wit : , .
Tn aorta eaatmrtgOaaslaVOBth-east
quarter (X) orseettoa naiiher tweaty-oa (ill
la township a amber twenty-nine 01 aaaU. of
range anmber tour (I) west of She slxU princi
pal nsertdlaa, lying aad attaaM la tb county
ofSedgwJek. la Us State of Kaasas.
tl einire iiniheil seal aetata' le taken a
lb property of said defendants, aad Is directed
by said order of sals to be sold . aad wttl be sold
Wltaons B??raueBBne, w aauesy eava iifwi
Skerir or Sedgwick county, Kansas.
MeTarlaad, a? Tosafca, Kaaoae, At-
J. D.
nlililnl Taenia sai fiar SaSa-wllBTf
sas. atstsad to adjart sad agew elsHais agajaet
le eelate nf 111 f I rsmslirs W Bre.MM
w anstaa a , "- -K.
A. DOStUY, Asetgae.
. . .h - sst
Mssamaaaaacha naaatsa. 8 tiBete.
StMMWIIIWtraw I msswrwm.
AsaMt'S XMn. , f r
la teasatter ofmssislfsmmtof J.L Car
oars a Brother.
T eel eMeettfAett.er stag, isaeens.-
Notice U erebygtrea that tha aajdershraad
ssslgaee will, oa Wi miliar, aw ftrst day af
Aagaet. A. D. am, bjftaaasa alaeo'cloek
ITS Ksi mmlA Osrr. at aaaaSaeaai' BBS eiark Of law
tm aCrea days, beemwafaw Aagast Tel. Mm, at
alaaeeeaeKA.au... .
Aa bbsS si
aaw tsaisMsstaaaii iiBtarT.safnB
Ska jlsssw sawl casam gwamsm ssm saww sws
ftw. .
a j abbbsbw as anamm ffaVSI
yiv&."' '. -.J' .-: lJ '- r
r V- -"'- 7-',-.- j..
.'!. - ".wasi- '"- - --3KI
- - --- -
'.-V v V -v-j.-. . 4 ujiA
'&&? "
- st
L . , - -r f 5-7' -ii - .' ---,
K..? .
X.Si$- '-- '
'IK zLu3b
j s-v- v
gmjeeAeaaeaav aam asm.
;15mT a. . ; t i- ; -
ft ...,.;

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